World Renowned Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente: “America Is A Collapsing Third World Country”

by | May 20, 2015 | Gerald Celente, Headline News | 154 comments

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    “This is the way police behave in third-world nations”

    Gerald Celente – Trends Research Institute

    (Watch both parts of this interview)

    Gerald Celente is one of world’s most renowned trend forecasters and in his latest interview he explains, among other things, why the United States is seeing such a heavy militarization of its police forces. The trend, according to Celente who predicted an increase in police brutality in the 1990’s, will continue because America as we have come to know it is in the midst of an epic collapse, and one that will soon require all of those heavily armed law enforcement and military personnel to take to the streets to subdue a population that has been impoverished and forced into an existence of indentured servitude:

    It’s cops gone wild because the nation has gone wild… the nation can only think of war and slaughter…

    The militarization of America… When you bring it all together it’s a collapsing third world country… That’s the way police behave in third world nations…

    The government of the USA obviously sees the writing on the wall. They know the system will soon come unhinged. And that’s why Celente makes it clear that those who want to thrive while everything around them falls apart need to be focusing on physical asset acquisition. And while some investors out there are focusing on how to make money on their next trade, Celente says forget about short-term trading, and focus instead on value and long-term investments.

    I never dreamt of anything called quantitative easing… how would i know? They made it up… So that’s the manipulation… You get them wrong in the short-term, sometimes, but the total picture doesn’t change…

    On the grander scale you can see where it’s going and you prepare for it accordingly.

    So, I don’t trade gold. I buy gold.

    I don’t flip real estate. I buy real estate. 

    So I’m not a trader. I’m a long-term investor.

    Food and water [are the biggest trends of the next decade.]

    As the global debt bubble bursts and economies collapse the thing that have real value – physical assets – will skyrocket in value. Food, resource-rich land, and gold will be in high demand, as has always been the case during times of crisis.

    That’s why well known investors like strategic analyst Marin Katusa have spent the last decade directing investors and those concerned with the future global landscape to such assets. Katusa, formerly of Casey Research and now the Chief Executive of his own investment firm with over a billion dollars raised in the resource sector alone, explains that despite the challenges we face going forward, there is serious opportunity for those who are willing to look at investments that are often ignored by mainstream firms:

    It’s not sexy like Silicone Valley… But look, the reality is the world needs stuff… It may not meet our immediate attention deficit disorder portfolios… but I am very bullish.

    Katusa, known for his positive outlook even in times of distress, shares his well informed insights, strategies and recommendations in the following interview with Future Money Trends.

    If the trend is that our nation is being fundamentally transformed into third-world status, then it’s time to prepare accordingly:

    (Watch at Future Money Trends)


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      1. I’ve got enough ammo…when the 3rd worlders come looking…they won’t get far.

        • We are on the verge of a Global cascading banking failure.

          Venezuela had a 73% devaluation in their currency and the grocery store shelves were bare. All indications are we will see a series of currency devaluations that will meet or exceed that level

          • How many times in the last 5 years has this clown predicted the end. His dates have come and gone. But because he was “right” once that makes him credible? Even a broken clock is right twice a day which is more than I can say for this guy. Hey Gerald, how’s your paper gold doing these days????

            Please provide your sources to support your claim that, “we will see a series of currency devaluations that will meet or exceed that level” (73%)

            • “ of world’s most renowned trend forecasters..” [Celente] — is also “one of the world’s foremost DIS-info agents..!!”

              • How much did Geo. Sore-azz pay you for that post, leftie?

                BTW, for those of you that didn’t know… Learjet leftist Soros is contesting a $7 **billion** dollar tax bill.

                Turns out those leftists just want YOU to pay taxes… not them. Go ask Hillary if you don’t believe me (but you will need to get through her cadre of flying monkeys first!)

                • No Kidding. All you here these days is propaganda..
                  For example the kids of some friends of ours wanted to do a summer walk across south America with a bunch of friends. We talked some of them out of it saying how dangerous it was. So half of them decided to walk across the USA instead. The ones who went to south America had zero problems and lots of good memories. The kids who walked across the USA were beat up twice, robbed, harassed, threatened at gunpoint, all by police. They gave up after a month when they were arrested just for walking down the street. All sorts of charges were filed but nothing made it to court. So they just came home. So much for South America being a dangerous place.

                  • stop lying

              • Enough, with Celente. I was going to use the broken clock idea. Throw enough mud some will stick. If playing poker for more then 5 minutes, if you don’t know who the sucker is, its you. The danger is real, Celente is not.

                • “We Corzined some folks”. The theft was real and Celente lost millions. He paid dearly for his comment. Leave him to heal, heel.

                • I wouldn’t subscribe to his newsletter because I can read the handwriting on the wall myself; but any voice that is raised against lack of opportunity, financial inequality, and the police state, is a voice that deserves to be heard.

                  Markets are manipulated and the game is rigged. The table is tilted in favor of the Uber Rich.

                  The PTB are engaging in treasonous, unConstitutional actions against the wishes of the American people, and their Oath of Office.

                  Death to Traitors, its totally Constitutional. 🙂

            • I believe he also stated that he did not foresee the QE trick that they had up their sleeves. None of us did. He also states essentially that the timing is impossible to predict, but that the system WILL come apart. Not much different than most on here say.

            • Many have expected a collapse. The willingness of this regime to illegally manipulate global markets has allowed them to keep the show on the road.

              There are international currency wars happening right now. There is a race to inflate our way out of debt, but when every other nation on Earth does it too, this regimes efforts to inflate the dollar are blocked.

              The Chinese and Russians want the US destroyed, but they seek to unravel themselves from the US dollar before they force it.

              The Middle East is exploding into a regional war, in the end, the winner will hold all the oil and see the US as their number one enemy.

              The crash is coming, it will be the biggest crash the world has ever seen, it will not start easily, but it will start. A bigger Titanic, just requires a bigger iceberg to sink it.

              • Well said…
                “The crash is coming, it will be the biggest crash the world has ever seen, it will not start easily, but it will start. A bigger Titanic, just requires a bigger iceberg to sink it.”

              • Obama’s War on the Middle Class
                “…One of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the is the absence of an independent middle class. From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.

                Political theorists from Aristotle to Locke understood that a truly INDEPENDENT AND PROSPEROUS MIDDLE CLASS WAS ESSENTIAL TO THE COLLECTIVE WELL-BEING OF ANY SOCIETY.

                The middle class has always, in every society, been characterized by qualities of social restraint and economic realism — a shrewd and skeptical conservatism that serves to restrain the grandiose plans of utopian revolutionaries and embittered reactionaries alike.”

                “It is an ominous sign that the political left, with the loyal support of more than a third of our population, is intent on its destruction.”
                -American Thinker

                ‘Record gap’ between rich and poor
                “The gap between the rich and poor in most of the world’s advanced economies is at record levels, according to an OECD study that also found glaring differences between men and women.

                In most of the 34 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development the income gap is at its highest level in three decades, with the richest 10 percent of the population earning 9.6 times the income of the poorest 10 percent.

                In the 1980s this ratio stood at 7 to 1, the OECD said in a report.

                The wealth gap is even larger, with the top 1 percent owning 18 percent and the 40 percent only 3 percent of household wealth in 2012.”

                “An increase in part-time and temporary work contracts as well as self-employment was seen as an important driver of increased inequality, with half of all jobs created in OECD countries between 1995 and 2013 falling into these categories.”
                -Business Insider dot com

                • KY M, right on the money.

                  It’s one of the reasons Obama opened the border to tens of millions of Illegal Aliens. Because of their illegal status they are forced to live on the fringes of society. Normal work and education opportunity are limited. It’s unlikely they will assimilate, not even their next generation, they become a permanent underclass perfect for continued exploitation by their Democrat Party slave masters!

                  The liberal agenda includes a multilingual America that breeds racism and distrust. Thus the school systems make no effort to require English. There are many schools in America now where an English speaking child, is now an outcast, and may be REQUIRED to learn in Spanish. This is by design!

            • @Wilson,

              You obviously had no idea early Thursday Morning a week ago the global credit system collapsed and the world banks rushed in and propped it back up with fiat currency. look it up yourself.

              Instead of hassling people, you need to pay attention too what is happening outside your own bubble.

      2. R u Marc? Lay off the police. Try calling a thug!

        • Mac how about an Article on what’s happening pertaining to the Patriot Act, and Bulk Data Gathering. People better get busy and contact their Congress Vermin and tell them to get Big Brother Out of Our Business, while they’re pursuing so called, Terrorist. I just watched Rand Paul on the Senate Floor telling how NSA and the Intelligency Agencies require these Tech Companies to build weakness into their systems so that BB can more easily tap in on peoples communications. Trekker Out. Enough Zombies, Cannibals and Clowns.

          • M.T. Thats because were all considered terrorist’s!! Just sayin!!

          • M.T. that’s because were’r all considered terrorist’s!!! Just sayin!!!

          • MT I

            • HUH ?
              Didnt let me finish and posted .
              Anyway , MT , Rand is still on the floor at 6:40 est.

              • Hammer good to hear from you, ain’t seen you on here for a while. Sure would like to hear a comment on knives. You know, anything other than fantasy! I have a good friend that is a custom knifemaker, rates right up at the top. Trekker Out.(Corbin Knives)

          • MT:

            I agree. Nothing going on in this world that deserves our attention more than how to flavor up your soup when you cook up your next door neighbor? ERG!

            • POG, I can truthfully say I love all of my neighbors, but they really don’t suit my taste. If you know what I mean. Trekker Out.

      3. Celente is right… only a coming collapse could possibly explain why they are doing this.

        We know the middle class will be eliminated so they’ll need alot of heavy armor to put the proles down when they revolt.

        • A CME could push it all over the edge.
          One easy prep for an EM flare are some tinfoil rolls, ready to wrap up items and nest in a steel can or box, there are about 30 hours between flare and hit, pay attention to pulse ETAs on the news & have your stuff unplugged, stay away from all ‘long line’ wires at least 8 feet.
          If it’s the big one, prepare to fight fires that may occur…
          in the dark.

          • Galvanized garbage cans with cardboard insulation also is a good expedient Faraday cage.

            We were just two weeks behind in our orbit a couple years ago, or we would have hit a giant CME… and perhaps none of us would be online right now!

            I get it that people don’t have a zillion dollars to prep. But really! A galvanized garbage can is 20 bucks or so. People need to do what they can, with what they have.

            Our forebears on Guadalcanal, or on the Lewis and Clark expedition, as a couple examples, would be utterly disgusted with the utter laziness and fecklessness of people today….

      4. I refer to it as the doucheing of america. It needs to happen.

        • OUT OF TIME,
          WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IS THIS , all the politicians need to be removed and tried for treason and the hung on public display! THEY are the ones who allowed all this to happen! while the sheeple slept!

          • I could not agree more!!!

            • Ditto..!!

          • Please don’t excuse the sheeple for failing to live up to their responsibilities. Our politicians are merely a reflection of the population. Think our current pols would have fared so well if they tried any of this in say 1800?

            No. They would’ve been tarred, feathered, and chased out of town. Today the stupid, fat, lazy, and helpless people barely even yawn at overt violations of the constitution.

            They can’t be saved and deserve what’s coming.

      5. Celente’s predictions are only so-so.

        Only about a third of them are accurate at all and most are overstated, particularly in the time frame he projects them.

        They’re worth considering, but not exactly something you should be taking action on by themselves.

        • Well put. In short, I definitely review what he says,and appreciate and respect him, but he isn’t foolproof, and he has barked up more than one tree where there was no squirrel. By the same token, I never ignore what he says, either…

        • This “the collapse is coming” shit has been going on for years. The same assbites have been recycling their articles because they have something to sell. Rickards gave a actual date for a april collapse. He has Not commented on his false prediction, but is still selling doom porn. Now IM going to make another prediction (I was wrong o the last one.. april also) I predict the collapse will happen when Greece defaults, then Portugal, followed by Spain and finally Italy. When that happens, too many cards will have been removed from the house and Japan will bring it all down. As for the severity of it, I don’t see Mad Max, as other countries have gone through this before. I do see some type of socialism system and no middle class. As for a date? it could go on for decades as no currency is backed by anything but a lie.

      6. I am just wondering how the financial collaspe affects life insurance policies. Is the policy going to be honored even though the dollar isn’t going to have value? Or is that going to be worthless?

        • If an insurer goes belly up everything he has is liquidated and the proceeds are distributed accordingly to his creditors.

          That means your policy is worthless since there is no money to give you.

          Hope you didn’t get suckered into “whole life” stuff expecting it to develop actual cash value, if you did and have cash value established in it you can borrow against it’s cash value -and not have to pay it back since you own it- so plan on cashing out as soon as you see things things start going south for the company.

          If I’m understanding your question right.

        • It depends on the nature of the collapse. Hyperinflation makes a $500,000 policy payout worth only a few thousand dollars. Or a few hundred, or even less, in buying power.

          A currency change would do the same thing. $500,000 Dollars = $1,000 New Dollars.

          A banking collapse means the policy vendors no longer exist, there is no one to pay, regardless of the value of the policy.

      7. If the USG removed everyone from the safety nets (welfare, food stamps, free medical & housing etc) then we would look worse than the Crash of ’29.

        The safety nets are the last few things keeping Americans from revolution.

        • Ohio River

          No doubt, its funding, fiat debt can’t possibly last for ever although its lasted a lot longer than most thought a few years ago.

          One wonders about jobs of the future. I believe there will be a large market converting, as efficiently as possible, the 4000-5000 sq ft McMansions into 1000 sq/ft townhouses and gating housing developments that were not originally designed as such.

        • A war is when your government tells you who the enemy is…
          A revolution is when you figure it out for yourself…

          • Cant tell you how many times Ive said this or typed it

        • Dont forget DWTS. Today’s version of Huxley’s soma

        • Without these ‘safety nets’, the economy would already be destroyed.
          Stop those and see Great Depression on steroids.

      8. Sorry for the repost:

        Folks the way I see is this: We are already in a Dictatorship the dictator is the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Who we VOTE for, what we PROTEST against, how we express our WISH’S, etc. make absolutely no difference for they fall on deaf ears of a DICTATORSHIP. Most dictatorship’s has but one dictator, but we are truly lucky for we have, Three: EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE, and JUDICIAL each and everyone a dictator in their self or as a collective. Who could want more.. The end approaches quickly. IMHO!!!

      9. I respect Mr. Celente. The only problem I have is that he keeps saying the say thing over and over again. He will not put a time frame on anything.

        Police have become more militarized because the Thugs have become more militarized. Look at the FBI Florida shot out the FBI was out gunned, Mini 14’s Vs. 38 Revolvers Look at The Texas Tower shooting the Cops were out gunned, High power Rifles Vs. Shotguns, Look at the LA shoot out the Cops where out gunned AK47’s Vs. 9mm Berettas. This is just to name a few.
        I’m not saying that there isn’t a limit as to what LEO’s need because there is. We don’t need tanks We need maybe one armed car just incase of some using a 50.Cal. or small arms AP ammo.

        • I agree with the statement that ole Gerald keeps repeating himself. Many here do the exact same thing.

          Unfortunately, the repeaters may have finally predicted themselves right up to the swinging doors of the collapse this time.

          What I am talking about is the same thing others have, just in the last couple years, been predicting lately. It is the middle Sept; into the late October, time frame of planned events.
          Those systematic events will encapsulate the minds of the masses to the point of panic. They are so shaken, that they see no way out of the chaos.
          The banking systems have a backdoor security net this time around, whether for a pre-planned event, or as a consequential after effect from some other events.

          Those safety nets, to the informed, are called bank bail-ins.
          In the laymen’s terms, “The bastards have stole my damned money”.

          Well they may have stolen it, if you left it with them for safe keeping, and you can’t get to it or can’t transfer it.
          It’s called SOL. Spelled out…shit-out-of-luck.

          Pensions …..gone
          Money Market Fund ….gone

          And, btw, good luck on getting anything out of that safety deposit box.

          Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as all that, but I’m not betting on that either.

          • As a wise sage of the 60’s once said “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”).

            You shall know the Banks and the Banks shall set you free.

          • I agree that Celente repeats himself. And that he has made some failed – if not predictions, then at least “suggestions.”

            But, I still think he is right, just timing off. I still find it helpful to review him.

            You know, it’s a little bit like your brother in law telling you to stop smoking, or perhaps do business with the Lord and experience a real and true “come to Jesus” (literally) moment. You blow him off and off and off… after all, you’ve been smoking or living a dissolute life for decades, and look! NOTHING has happened.

            Yet, everyone who wakes up with cancer, or in Hell, will be surprised and shocked, thinking they always had another day, another month, another year. Time does run out.

            Besides, as Porter Stansberry said about people that pooh-pooh this stuff, call it doomer porn etc: If you were told in 2005 that GM, AIG, Lehman, Bear Stearns would be bankrupt, you would NEVER have believed me. If you were told that housing prices would go down across the US – which has never happened before, and Bernanke assured us couldn’t happen – you would not have believe me. If I told you that Obungler would get the food stamp numbers from 30mm to 50mm, you would have told me I was nuts. The truth is, the collapse ALREADY has occurred. They are just stringing it out with paper, and the newspapers (gullible? Easily led? Don’t miss your daily edition of the Bluffington Post, ABC (the All Barack Channel), CBS (Constantly Broadcasting (bear) Scat and MSNBC (Nuthin’ but Barack Channel)

            • Test says: “The truth is, the collapse ALREADY has occurred. They are just stringing it out with paper..”

              they keep rearranging the deckchairs, with rehypothication, banks required to have 2 sets of books, bank bail-ins and a handful of other tricks/manipulated markets
              …the whole system is fraud to the core via legalized fraud (which is the bell-weather of a collapsed system, it’s just that we collectively refuse to accept…)

              Agenda 21 and the USA property grab by China et al, is the principal reason the Central bank/fed/treasury system keeps the ‘wonderland’ economy afloat & running on debt (fiat debt at that) unless secret negotiations were made to surrender actual assets to the debt holders of the world —
              ever wonder why we still do not exploit north slope oil and national parks are not immune from being used as corporate entities, the list is exhausting !

        • You might want to review those instances you cite for accuracy.

          • “A”
            I did all of these fire fights started with the LEO’s being out gunned. The FL. shoot out ended because there were more LEO’s that showed up, a little too late. The Texas Tower was ended by the Good Old boys showing up with their long Range hunting rifles keeping him pinned down. The Shoot out At LA the bad guys had AK 47’s the cops had 9mm. They got Ar15 from a gun shop in the area and that change the out come of the shoot out. This is what I know of these shoot out.
            If you have more and better INFO please enlighten me.

            • Sgt. My neighbor and good buddy is a recently retired senior Illinois state trooper. Good man, strong Christian, strong constitutionalist. Slightly off topic, but I asked him about the MRAP purchases (he is senior enough where he would have been one of the decision makers), and he told me that *maybe* Chicago, where he was base, might be able to use one or two. Implication being that Podunct Jct of Pisgy Switch didn’t need any.

              Always appreciate your posts. I know being a policeman is tough work, but I hope you don’t retire anytime soon. We desperately require people like you, both for you work as well as to teach the newbies how to be **peace** officers that both protect the public AND the constitutional rights of the citizenry. A very tough, fine line to walk!!

              May God bless and protect you in your work.

            • Your problem isn’t that you’re outgunned. It’s that a large percentage of the population hates your guts and much of the rest is indifferent.

              When was the last time anyone looked in the rearview miror, saw a cop, and thought “thank goodness the police are behind me, I’m safe now?”

              You want to make this country safer and better? Start getting the cops to hold themselves accountable for violating citizens rights. When the cops start prosecuting their own and stop violating our rights and stealing from us they just might start to win back some of the people.

              I saw that US police killed more people in the month of March 2015 alone than the British police have killed in the last 100 years. German police often go whole years without killing anyone either. Most of the British police aren’t even armed, much less wearing armor. Just try to imagine the US gestapo going a whole year without killing anyone.

              • RiI
                That would be great if we could go for ever without having to kill someone.

                Please tell me how many British, and German cops have been killed by Thugs in the last few years. In the US 133 of my Brothers and Sisters where killed. I can tell you if 1 was killed it was too DAMN many!

                Population of Germany and Great Britain?
                Germany around 82,000,000 Great Britain 64,000,000
                The USA over 325,000,000 not counting all the illegals.
                So we have over twice the population of the two countries combine.

                Civil Right being violated. I can tell you when Civil Right are violated the cops get sued. So you wouldn’t protect your own. If you said no? You are going to make it very long when TSHTF.

                When you look in your mirror and see a Cop and say Oh Shit there is a Cop behind me. You are thinking back to when you broke the law and thinking, “Am I going to get caught this time”. Most people, and they know it break the law 10 to 20 times before they get caught.

                Most people hate people that have power over them. I bet most people hate their boss at work to, and when he or she is standing behind them they are thinking now what did I do wrong!

                • I cant even have a ham sandwich with out breaking a fuckin law!!!!

                  so yeah , im going to wonder when i see you in my rear view mirror , am i going to be made to pay the system my “fair share” of revenue today, and possibly be verbally abused by some hard ass cop

                  when that is more the norm then anything else , one would always wonder .. did i break the law this morning?, with the millions of laws on the dam books you cant even fart with out breaking a law

                  • Yes, yes, and yes, Enemy.

                    I too am gun shy when I see a patrol car of any agency. I have been screwed over by cops too many times over the past 40 years, that always ended up in costing me time and $$.

                    Only one of a half dozen of the times, was I actually speeding and deserved a ticket. 5/6ths of tickets being a flat out lie and fraud is not a good record for cops.

                    In four of the cases, I was set up as a “mark for scamming of money”. There was no explaining or getting out of a ticket. Three of the cases I was told that they had me on radar and had the speed locked in. They had someone’s speed locked in, but it wasn’t mine.

                    In a fender bender case, my wife and I had a valid explanation and we told the truth. The other vehicle’s driver had her grandson in the car and he was playing hurt for his grandmommy, and the whole time she was lying. The cops copuldn’t explain how her vehicle got most of the damage down the side and ours got a quartering shot in the front bumper. I explained she was exceeding a safe speed and actually hit us, because we were doing 10 mph. I got a ticket. Her car got fixed and their medical bills, which were bogus, because she was eventually exposed as a fraud that was hoping to sue for $$, all got paid.

                    None of our medical or vehicle repairs got paid. We are still having problems months later from the accident. I spent a half a day in court and eventually got the Asst. DA, to drop the case. The woman and her grandson were treated and released without finding anything wrong with them. She wanted to play the permanently injured back game but her daughter at the scene, that wasn’t in the wreck, screwed all that up for her when she said her momma was already partially disabled because of back problems. Momma was furious with her because it screwed up her planned scam against us.

                    The point is, it could all have been avoided if the cops either found no one at fault, or both at fault.

                    When cops need money, or need to produce money, someone is going to get ripped a new asshole. it happens everyday. A cop that will lie to produce $$ to keep a job, is a cop that will lie and possibly send an innocent person to prison.

                    That is how I see it. As far as physical abuse, “all” have the potential to cross the line. Sometimes it is required, but most times it isn’t.

                    I just prefer to be left alone and let someone else pay the costs of the courts and the other bills, for a while.

                    So, I will always be obeying the laws, but keeping my eyes open for the snakes to strike from the dark places.

                • Well folks, if this commentary by sgt dale doesn’t clue you as to what he’s all about, nothing ever will. And there will always be mindless douchebags who worship him because he simply wears a uniform and badge. Cops are no longer in the 10 most dangerous occupations any more either, but you never hear about guys who build bridges or climb 250 foot high cell phone towers piss and moan about ” how dangerous my job is!” or ” My wife always wonders if I’ll ever return whenever I walk out the door”. Truth is a lot more people have more dangerous occupations that old dale could ever do, he just focuses on you ” breaking the traffic laws, you damn criminals.”

                • Dale… Rebel is correct and you once again protect/excuse the LEO. Your statement above: Most people hate people that have POWER over them… shows your mindset. Most cops thrive on power and a lot of your posts reflect this. When 90% of the people see a cop in the rear view mirror, they think about what piss ass minor infraction am I going to be charged with in order for the revenue seekers(government) to tap my income. It is enforced by their snitches (cops). Since when does a 5-10 over the limit on a highway out in the country endanger anyone. The CHP hides behind trees on curves every morning from 5-9 am and 3-6 pm in order to catch the Working man and ticket him, rather than investigate or prevent a crime. Most are fat slobs, and the ones that are in shape often abuse their Given Authority. When a cop violates someones rights, they should be fined/sued and the cost deducted from the police retirement fund and the convicted officer check monthly.

                • Nonsense. Your response is typical of the attitude I despise in cops. Cops are public servants, not public masters or at least they’re supposed to be. Of course that’s not how cops see it at all.

                  You can’t have power over someone you serve. I serve my patients, I don’t have power over them and can’t make them do anything they don’t want to. Cops don’t protect or serve us at all and feel they have the power to make us do as they wish despite the constitution and laws to the contrary.

                  More Americans have been killed by cops this century than terrorist. Get your brain around this fact as it includes all the civilians killed on 911 (if you believe the government’s story). Why did we declare war on terror instead of cops? You’re more likely to get killed by a cop than a terrorist. Oh and those cops are less likely to get killed on the job than my garbageman or farmer neighbors, much less a really dangerous profession like logging or fishing.

                  At least my had earned money doesn’t pay the terrorists salaries and pensions.

                • “The LAW”…… What IS the “law” anyway? Once upon a time it was common sense, and “my rights end at the same place my neighbor’s begin”..
                  …. but now it is nothing but bright ideas, cum rules & regulations… policies that have been proposed by some other human being that goes to the bathroom just like I do, and agreed to by more life-time career politicians and bureaucrats (aka “lawmakers”)…. then it is left “on the books” for 30 days, and VOILA… NOW IT IS A LAW!!!!

                  And every stinking one of those parasitical politicians have an agenda that they enhance with their bright idea laws. The “laws” serve THEM not the people.

                  And YOU are the feller who enforced those “laws”.. for money without ever questioning them… YOU are the boot that is crushing down on our faces.. FOREVER. Doing the dirty work for “the man”.

                  You get PAID to do what the wimpy politicians and oligarchs don’t have the strength or the stomach to do…..
                  Hooray for you…. you are a brainwashed sucker and a traitor to your fellow man….. and your “brothers and sisters” have a carte blanche ticket to abuse and degrade their fellow men… and they are USING it every day.

                  All of the above is FACT, and no amount of rationale from you will ever cover up what is going on.
                  I am 76 years old.. caucasian.. grew up on a farm on the Canadian border.. saw a cop maybe once a year.. didn’t need one and didn’t miss one. Common sense and my father’s 30-06 was all I needed.
                  The nation has changed.. for the worse, and cops with “us versus everybody else” (witness your telling “my brothers and sisters” comment)are a BIG part of the system and the downfall of a nation.
                  There was I “civil” enough? I did not curse or use filthy language, which is more than I can say for the cops out there, I used proper spelling and direct verbiage.

                  Does it pass muster?

                  • Nancy… That’s the best post I have ever read in about 3 years here.

                    • Hi Nancy,

                      I replied to your comment and agreed with your position, but for some reason or another it was decided that it should be deleted, probably because sgt dale is a protected species her on

                    • Thank you for the support thoughts, Jonesy.

        • Sgt Dale

          The FBI had the firepower available at the time of the Miami shootout. Hell they had Thompson Sub Machine guns back in the Hoover days in the 1930s. They knew how well armed these guys were as they used these weapons previously. They weren’t caught off guard with their pants down, hell they didn’t put the pants on that they had.

          Dove and Gordon would have not been killed if they brought two Thompson’s to the show. Two 50 round drums poured (literally) into the passenger compartment of that vehicle and not a shot would have returned.

          • K2
            You are correct. The Guys at the FBI just want them to have a low profile. And that got them killed.

          • The FBI Miami Shootout was a “tactical failure” NOT a failure in bullet design or in weapons deployment. The rounds used did actually kill the two suspects as witnessed by the autopsies.
            That tactics deployed were outdated and deplorable and were not used then by most law enforcement agencies in the country, even back then.

        • Sgt. Dale, Celente is spot on with his analysis, and the only reason he can not put a time frame of the coming collapse is because the Feds keeps introducing funds to Wall Street. If we had an honest banking system, the collapse would of happened years ago, though the ponzi scheme of corrupted banking policies continue until the day other countries of the world has had enough of of our non productive country.

          All Celente can say is the same thing over and over. Anything as of lately in this World has the potential to pull the plug on this huge fiasco that the money changers have developed. Question I have, and will not get answered by these top dog executives – “why did the Glass/Steagall Act get pulled?”

          At least with that Bill being in the Financial Sector, it kept Bankers and Financial Institutions in CHECK to a certain degree, and made it harder for them to introduce a ponzi scheme. To be fair, America is not alone in this behavior, other Nations are doing the same ‘ol song and dance too.

          Yet, these assholes are going to make people like you and I responsible for paying the Debt that they themselves created …. well I say fuck the dumb shit, I’m done helping clean up after these losers.

        • Not so Sgt. If you search here and zerohedge and infowars for Celente you’ll see he has made some very specific predictions. For example he would predict the fourth quarter 2014. And he has been consistently wrong.

          • You are correct, Wilson. I also saw – and kept the link – for Celente’s late spring/early 2014 quasi-collapse (people usually make more generic predictions, so they can hedge their bets). And it did not come about.

            Yet, I enjoy and review Celente regularly. Why? His analysis is still spot-on, and better to be a year too early than a day too late. Ask your grandfather who lost everything in the Great Depression about that. I read today that global debt to GDP is somewhere around 238%. Rienhart and Rogoff’s well regarding book says anytime a country gets around 100%, there has NEVER been a good ending. I assume this means world-wide currency debasement. But again…. maybe they will be able to kick the can down the road for a few more years. Really, no one knows, as there are too many variables.

            Jim Rickards says there are 4 possible outcomes: 1.) Social chaos; 2.) A kumbayah resolution, where everyone agrees to play nice in the sandbox 3.) Return to some kind of gold standard 4.) Moving to IMF SDRs, a world wide “money” (to be used in intl trade, on the books of the Fortune 100, etc., not as cash in your pocket. The effect will be inflationary for dollar holders.

            Recall two things: Hyperinflation is not mass inflation (the latter we had under Carter); the rule of 72. Take inflation (or interest you are getting). Divide into 72. That’s how long it takes to halve your debt (or double your investment). So… if we owe $18 trillion on our failed idiot socialist mess, you can halve that obligation in roughly 7 yrs at 10% inflation. People will grumble, but like all good socialists, roll over and take it. As Keynes said, not one man in a thousand will diagnose what is going on (and not a single “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanter in a zillion will get it!!)

            “Socialism (lit., gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
            – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850. And yes, you ARE correct. Leftists STILL have no idea why the has never worked, will never work, and CAN never work. But I’m sure Hitlery and her flying monkeys will get it right if elected.

        • SGT. Those old videos of the FBI out gunned are from the 1970’s. We need to ban Cops from carrying guns and teach them again to serve and protect, not beat up and harass the populations. No victim, no crime… got it!!

          • WWTI
            We have carried firearms from the start of Law enforcement. That won’t change. The only thing will be they type of firearm.
            England Bobbies tried going with out side arms and that didn’t work they are now carrying.
            Protect and Serve is a feel good saying. A cop can’t do anything for you or help you until a crime is committed against you. They might be able to change a tire on your car if they have time, or get a cat out of a tree. but that is it.
            You have it backwards. No Crime, No Victim. You can’t have a victim with out a crime.

            • British pigs are not routinely armed. They rely on (AFO’s) Specially trained Authorised Firearms Officers to attend incidents where firearms might be needed.

              • A
                I know a couple of British Cops and they both carry firearms.
                By the way only a Jack Ass would call all police PIGs.
                Pride, Integrity, and Guts is how you spell PIG! “JACK ASS”!

                • “I know a couple of British Cops and they both carry firearms”
                  Well, well, well, lets see now… Two cops on gun duty does not equate to the British police being armed now does it pig. “INTEGRITY” You’ve gorra be having a laugh for sure.
                  PIG = Power, Intimidation and Guilt… Never trust a pig.

                  • Cops down in New Zealand aren’t armed. But when you consider the size and out right toughness of many Maori and Polynesians, you really have to ask why many Northern Hemisphere countries have armed Police?

              • Actually, those officers in Armed Response Vehicles, (ARV) are the USA equivalent of a mini-SWAT team, each officer has a Glock 17(now)or SIG226, at least one has an HK MP5, and the other has a shotgun or full-auto M4 type of carbine. At least they did last time I was over there on an inter-agency investigation I was working. Yes, MANY of the uniformed officers are indeed armed, they carry their handguns, (many still carry the S&W model 60 .38 Special) in their main hand side trousers pocket, into which has been sewed a handgun specific holster. Out of sight of the public, so that the infamous “unarmed Bobby” image is maintained. Plainclothes investigators can and ARE often armed, although they check their weapons out from the station to which they are assigned.

                • British cops carry guns… They just had 12 police cars, 6 SWAT snipers, and a helo, gun down a loose cow in town. (zerohedge)I guess a tranquilizer or net was out of the question.

            • no crime no victim

              but revenue for not using a blinker ?

        • Militarization of the police is like calling ar-15 assault rifles.

          Because swat officers wear black they have been militarized. They still carry the same guns they always have, they just look militarized.

          And as far as armored personal carriers, it helps when the thugs are shooting at you.

          While on this topic: There is a national push to make police wear body cameras. Here is the problem that nobody is considering:

          The videos are a matter of public record and are subject to open record requests.

          That means when a policeman comes to your house to take a theft report or stolen bicycle report and you invite them inside and the camera is going, people can get a video of the inside of your house through an open records request.

          And they do.

          • 1st never invite a cop into your home..its the same as not letting in a vampire ..they have to be invited either by the inhabitant or a warrant , and that warrant better have all its I’s dotted and T’s crossed with OATH and AFFIRMATION on what it is they say you have or have evidence of in your home

            dont fall for any bull shit “open” warrant ,, and step out side your locked door to READ it , and now today use your smart phone to take a picture of it and send it to your mouth piece (liar oops i ment lawyer )

      10. “Witnesses Now Claim All 9 Killed In Biker Gang War Actually Died By Police Shooting Into Crowd”

        * posted for the a.hole that challenged my post the other day that the already in place Lp/Op OverWatch police sniper teams killed the 9 waco bikers during the bar fight.

        … link

        • If this account proves true, it explains the million dollar bond for each arrest. If they got out and told their version of events, doesn’t bode well for the law .

          While I may come off mostly anti cop i assure you i am only anti ass hole cops, I feel bad for the police, cause those gang members will elevate their game to include hunting police.

          in that brotherhood if one bleeds they all bleed, not much different than the thin blue line gang

          • On CNN (commy network) today an interview with a lawyer for one of the bikers ABLE to post the $M dollar bail.

            His client has a bullet in his chest and is headed directly to the operating room of a hospital.

            My question is….how is this possible?

            If that was a colored guy who had supposedly committed a crime requiring a million dollar bail fee….and had a bullet in his chest….and his BROTHERS got word that he was not being taken care of immediately upon entering jail….we would have rioting in the streets. But us white BROTHERS just sit on our asses….hoping against hope “someone else” will do what is necessary.

            There is something phony happening around that whole event.

            I can tell you I would trust most bikers to have my back (even the outlaw ones) before I would trust anyone in the MSM or on the political scene today.

            • Yeah, that’s because I’m a white racist ya’ll, you see it in every one of my posts one way or t’other.

              • GPP:
                You live anywhere near Portland?

                • granny, we’s neighbors!

                  • Neighbors?… How close?
                    16 miles from El Paso…

      11. Marin Katusa really seems to know what he is talking about when it comes to resources. I’ve watched him going through an analysis of the world’s hydrocarbons and uranium reserves on CSPAN a few months ago when he was promoting his book.

        He seems to think the Russian Federation is in the driver’s seat for both.

      12. When you put too many Rats in one cage you get Baltimore.Ect.ect.ect.

      13. I’m upping my food production this year, just a feeling we’re gonna need it!

      14. It is interesting the difference between a shoot out in Waco and the events in Baltimore and Ferguson. In Waco the cops are milling about and the “perps” are siting on the curb using their smart phones while waiting to be processed. 9 people are dead, possibly most killed by cops, I don’t see any riots. I didn’t see cops getting shot at. It tells me Whites and Mexicans are better behaved than urban Blacks. That is the real third world. the Black inner city culture. As they are only 13% of the population and not all of them are butt stupid crazy, they will be easily identified and eliminated. My point is that the SWAT cops won’t have much to do, after the innercities are suppressed. Cops will be too busy taking care of their own to really screw with the rest of us.
        Keep prepping, keep your powder dry, and your heads down.

        • If there weren’t any blacks in my town we would only need one cop. And that would be so someone could go get the mail.

          But alas, we have a lot of blacks, so we have a very violent crime rate.

          But that is only because of white racism keeping blacks down, so says Al Sharpton.

      15. wholesome soup tip:

        * add ‘hot cereal’ natural non-gmo grounded grain and bean mix to your soups. i started to recently and it really satiates ones hunger by filling you up and tastes great.

        i usually add 2 TblSp of mix per a can of progresso soup.

        i even add it to my meatloaf and burgers.

        • I think I’m gonna puke…..

        • Why worry about non GMO? Progresso is loaded with MSG which is even worse.

          • sigh!

            why do i even f’in bother with you muppets anymore…

            ya’ know … some folks live on a tight food budget, soup is affordable and streeeetching it out by adding some good natural fiber is actually a f’in shtf prep tip ya’ ma’roons!

            • @snowflake,

              Kermit the frog here,

              check out walmart. they now carry organic canned soups/veg’s and very comparable in price to msg/gmo items. the namebrand is wild-oats. I have tried a few, and they taste pretty good.
              the most interesting thing I found was on the back label. compare the nutrition to another brand on say a ‘can of corn’. you will see they are different.
              can’t say it’s perfect, but it’s something, I will add though that the exp. dates don’t go as far.

          • Progresso has to be some of the worst tasting soups.

            • Learn to cook your own soups…how hard can it be to cook onions/beef stew meat(simmered), cabbage, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, tomato juice, lima beans(or your choice) and carrots.
              Geeze. Enough for one person to last 5/6 days’ lunch or dinner.
              Preservatives? Yes, but so is canned, commercial soups that are $2 to feed one meal.

              • Notsogreat:

                And you can stretch that soup to the point you can pressure can or freeze leftovers.

                I leave out the potatoes for the part I am canning or freezing.

                Once you make your own soups/stews you will never go back to the soup aisle in the store.

      16. Thought of the Day


        ht tp://

      17. I think it the world in general sliding down the tubes.

      18. and

        Quote of the Day

        “Robert Higgs, Neither Liberty nor Safety: Fear, Ideology, and the Growth of Government

        “H. L. Mencken famously said that “every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” By now, however, I am no longer ashamed, because I do not identify with the government under which I live. Rather, I view it as a criminal organization that without provocation has chosen to make war on my just rights—not only mine, of course, but everyone’s. Although this vile enterprise is my problem, because it robs and bullies me relentlessly and without mercy, it is not my responsibility: the nail is not the hammer.”

        hat tip The Burning Platform

      19. Oh yeah Jerry, keep on keepin on there brother, we never get tired of hearing it bro, music to our ears. It’s like a bedtime story for us, keep servin’ it up please, you’ve got a home here always brother.

        • No doubt you’ll be the first one lining up to get into your local equivalent of the New Orleans Superbowl when the time comes.

      20. Glad to be getting out of CT. In addition to a 2.4 billion retroactive tax increase, they are talking about a law that creates an exit tax. Basically if you leave the state permanently, you can’t take all that youve earned with you. I say things are simmering, for sure.

        • @Nopittypartyhere…

          The exit tax is what the Nazis did to the Jews in the 1930’s.

          Sure….you can leave the country. Just give us everything you’ve got.

          The Federal Government is a criminal enterprise, no better than the one governing the colonies prior to the Revolution. And many of the states are no better. Left unchecked, these criminal enterprises will become what the Nazis were….if they haven’t already. And they should be dealt with in the same way.

          I’d like to see a Nuremberg style trial in this country one day….and all those who say they “were just following orders” strung up from utility poles.

      21. Anyone else tired of the same predictions that seem to come and go every few years?

        • Just be thankful that so far they have come and gone. One day he will be right. I would rather not see it.

      22. “The White Shoe Boys”.

        Luv ya Gerald!

      23. I prepped like a mofo with all of Geralds,and others, predictions back on 2011 and 2012….then I gave up..

        Good God this shit is getting tired and now I’m just living life and enjoying every damned minute of it…

        Buy gold, buy silver,buy land,bug out,escape, run away the friggin world’s going to collapse any minute..

        Well the rest of you can live in paranoia and fear…me?hell no!!

        This bs has gone on for centuries..

        I choose to prepare accordingly within my means and thats it..

        Enjoy the day

        You’ll never get it back..

        There were snake oil charms men back in the day and now its become a lucrative industry..


        • Possee – I have to agree with you. They have been saying it for years and every morning we still wake up, go to work and pay our bills. So far the only thing they go right is the shrinking pay check..

          • But, the shrinking pay IS the central part of the gambit: As that rat Keynes once noted, “By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”

        • Damn straight. Just like Schiff, this “forecaster” has had the same forecast forever. Eventually he’ll be right, but he may not live long enough to gloat about it.

        • AMEN

        • Well said and very practical… what you can, enjoy every minute of it.

        • Possee,

          Right on the beam there man, I was a completely paranoid prepper myself until I learned the ” inevitable” end of the world kept on getting postponed for so many years that it was high time to shitcan the ” living for the end” mindset and enjoy life as best I possibly can. It’s a decision I’ll never regret, living in fear and paranoia is a loser’s game.

      24. Really Gerald? Your the same idiot that had gold in the Corzine MF Global scandal. I don’t trust guys who get scammed by other scammers.

      25. So I’ve always wondered what’s the thought on when SHTF and you decide to bug in, try your best by enacting a citadel plan at home, I can’t imagen it’s gonna matter that you owe a bank for a mortgage, or a loan on a vehicle……or CC debts…….as long ad you have good preps, all the debts you owe will just be a piece of paper to wipe your un flushable toilet seating tooll with?


      26. If some poor slob predicted events right every time some rich guy would claim the prediction. Celente is a rich guy true. Rich people always gonna claim the glory for things. I can sit down and look at the true facts of the direction of America and if trends continue I can forcast were we will be. All of us on this site believe the day of reckoning will come. We have to truly believe this or our plans and preparations will all be in vain and I know we didn’t put up $ time and energy for nothing. Even if things did somehow get better in the world I will always think the sht will htf someday. It doesn’t matter all the predictions and fear mongering they try to drive into our heads. The lies are out of control and even if they decided to start telling truth the shit will go down. The pissing over gmos in the food and msg and all the other stupid food issues will not matter when you open up a can with no label on it and there is beets in there you will eat the shit and like it because your hungry. If your hungry you will eat road kill. You gotta put food on the table in shtf your gluten free diet is out the window. Might as well get off eating premium food now. You will be better prepared. I know how I respond to not enough calories and I’ve eaten bad stuff just to see what I can get away with. People say they are prepared but I’d bet they don’t go without meals or eat possibly bad food. There are other things you can go without too. Building up your resilience to hardship is a prep. That’s right nobody wants to talk about that part of preparation it’s not as cool as talking about guns and bug out land. I can go on and on about putting up with misery. Start using your bucket toilet and going down to the creek to get water. Turn off the electric use candles eat only what you can find or grow. If you can live like this your more prepared than 90 percent of the folks out there. Now think about everybody around you doing the same thing reducing the little resources out there. I think it’s time to stop talking about the fear stories and getting real about hardship. I’m living rough on purpose I don’t have to but if the economy collapses and I lose everything i will be used to hardship. I’m even putting my family through it too. They will thank me later because they can make due with less. Anybody can live having $ that’s easy. Try it being broke. I’ve had to do everything the hard way so will everyone when shtf start getting used to it.

      27. I’m still waiting for the Blood to flow in the street from Gerald’s predictions. What a ass clown


        • If you lived in the Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, you would see blood in the streets every single day.

        • It’s the early 1930s, and some clown Hitler is sharing power with Bismark. We’re the most civilized, educated country in the world. All these predictions by Niemoller, Bonhoeffer, etc. are ridiculous doomer porn.

          Now it’s 1933. Yeah, Hitler took more power, but so what? Don’t be such an alarmist!

          It’s 1937. Maybe you are Jewish. Maybe you are a “bibleforscher” (yep, Hitler hated practicing Christians); maybe you are a gypsy or some other persona non grata. Yes, you know there are now problems, but this has to be the limit.

          Now, it’s 1938: Kristallnacht just occurred. Now you can’t get out. Besides, you have been lulled to sleep over the past decade of dire predictions that never came true.

          OK, we are now in 1941. Hitler has attacked the USSR. Dire predictions of over-reaching are absurd. The Wehrmacht has NEVER been defeated. Just doomer porn!

          I won’t take you to May, 1945. That’s because you were killed in a firebombing in Dresden.

          The point is, as Rickards states, all about chaos theory. Which snowflake starts the avalanche? We can’t know. But we do know that there is a HECK of a lot of snow up on that thar ridge. The point is, as Rienhart and Rogoff stated in their acclaimed book This Time is Different, there has NEVER been a good outcome once a country gets around debt/GDP of somewhere around 100% or so (I forget the exact numbers). The point is, do you think Mr. Papadoupolous the prepper in Greece is ruing his preps? No, Santorini didn’t blow, but his preparations still have utility. And more, Mr. P also has the self-respect he has from his own self reliance.

          I, too, am a working stiff, and have to keep a job, etc. But preparedness is not an either/or proposition. I do what I can, when I can. If nothing happens, then I will be just as disappointed as I am when I don’t “get” to use my car or house insurance…. namely, not at all. If I DO need it, however, I will be more than glad. It just might save my family and me.

          • When folks hit some degree of prepper fatigue, a good dose of Test’s excellent comments will snap you out of it!

            Great analysis, Test!!

            • Freeslave,

              I enjoy your commentary on most things but have to disagree with you here. Test is a classic doom porn fanatic who just can’t get enough, listen to his lame justifications for continuing to listening to Celente, he even admits to it, ” yeah, he’s wrong a lot on his timing but I like the way he talks about the direction the country is headed”. This is his justification for people to follow an obvious doom porn shill.

              If that’s what somebody wants to do, great, no problem, knock yourself out, but PLEASE, he shouldn’t be such a damned idiot as to think he can convince everybody about this obvious huckster’s credibility just because HE enjoys listening to it. There comes a time when somebody should just give up the fight trying to convince other people that obviously disagree with his analysis of Celente { and rightfully so I might add} that his opinion of ” NO, I’M THE ONLY ONE WHOSE RIGHT HERE!” is simply wasting everybody’s time, as well as making him look like a sanctimonious fool.

          • on the money

        • The national debt is now – $18,152,397,532,696.23 and growing. There’s another $127,000,000,000,000.00 in unfunded liabilities. There’s another $300,000,000,000,000.00 in worthless derivatives. The stock market is at all time highs, not on earnings, or growth, but cheap borrowed money being used for stock buy backs, and lame mergers. You do know what happened to end the roaring twenties? The market crashed and all that stock bought on margin (borrowed money) came due! Please explain the difference between QE money invested in a balloon stock market, and margin money invested in the market just prior to the great crash? Is there an insurance policy to cover it? Aside from our personal savings in our 401K and personal savings in banks, there is nothing left in America to cover these bad bets!

          You are like the people on the titanic that even after the ship hit the iceberg, still thought the ship was unsinkable. The titanic took two hours forty minutes to sink, it’s sister ship hit a mine in the Mediterranean in WW2 and sank in 15 minutes?

          The crash is coming, but it will be delayed as long as the PTB can manage it, or until it suites their greater purpose!

          • I agree, some prepped early etc,, fine but it’s coming ok, I have watched economic stuff and yes we’ve had recessions etc, but cant you see the economy is slowing slipping away, we haven’t advanced, cheap money and credit , our forefathers didn’t run all this kind of debt, If you are prepped, good, don’t give up, because it will arrive, in not oct,, in 2016. live and don’t panic, but don’t be caught off guard , be well

            • Prepping takes time and planning, slow and steady. We are in it for the long haul. A financial collapse could last decades.

              Just planted several fruit trees. I put a lot of effort into the holes, so the trees should take off. These trees can produce for the next thirty years. If no disaster ever hits I still have the benefit of truly organic home grown food! Even if a store says its organic, it likely isn’t, if it comes from foreign sources!

              Nice thing about fruit trees, a raspberry patch, an asparagus bed, they can’t be carried off like a case of stored food could, and they can keep on giving for decades.

              The longer it takes for the inevitable, the more ready we all can be. I hear some say “bring it on already” I’d rather they didn’t.

              Here’s a thought for preppers, If anyone’s long term stored food starts to approach expiration, just donate it to the next major disaster relief effort for earthquake, flood, hurricane victims etc. and then replenish your supplies.

          • If by some miracle the Stupid Party candidate wins the election in 16 then the brown matter will hit the fan. Should Warren or Clinton win then they will keep piling on the debt.

          • Dr Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston Univ says total unfunded liabilities are around $222 trillion in the US, if you count everything. Number is probably a bit higher now, as this was year or so ago. You can simply google this for verification

      28. beware hubris

        people laughed at Noah every single sunny day

        and then…….

        • Indeed. And he prepped for decades – lots of time for people to tell him he was nuts.

      29. Gerald Celente’s interview was nothing but a bunch of rambling.

      30. Do you mean my degree from Socialist State U in 18th C Lesbian Women’s Musicology won’t get me a $100k/yr jobs?????

        Seriously, I read of a woman who graduated from NY University with $100k in debt and – while it wasn’t the fake degree above – was something not so different. She was whining to the press how she had been duped.

        Some people really aren’t university material. Perhaps they should just attend the local Marxist indoctrination camp and save some money.

      31. if a financial collapse doesn’t turn us into a third world country
        this might

        It May Be Right About Time for a Massive Solar Storm To Hit Earth

        ht tp://

        a bit of history

        Researcher points to Sun as likely source of eighth-century ‘Charlemagne event’

        ht tp://

        the Carrington event was a cake walk compared to the Charlemagne event

        • Since our insane immigration policies will soon have us a majority Turd World nation who will care if there is no electricity or running water. Shitting in the street is what they do.

          • Dude. I’ve even seen a woman changing her sanitary towel on the street! Mind-boggling.

          • A water park in Lawndale CA had to close because of immigration. The Hispanic women changed their baby’s Pampers in the wading pool, and left the old one’s floating. I knew a maintenance worker there who said the filters were clogged by mid afternoon every day. He was making $30 an hour to shovel shit.

        • Thanks for posting this.

          Why I come here, in part, for news rather than the lamestream media.

      32. what is all this hoopla about becoming a 3rd world country?… we are already there, the only reason we dont see it is because of our technology…. thats it, we are so screwed

        • No kidding. Just try to get some 30-year old working in a sandwich shop, who’s entire net worth is the precious metals used in his facial studs and rings and a $600 bike, wearing a hemp sweater and old Reeboks, and can barely count well enough to make change and is totally unable to tell you what the terms D-Day or Rule of 72 mean, face up to being uneducated and poor, as long as he has a smart phone.

      33. Watching the morning news and they are always talking safety tips like we need them to tell us how to be safe jeez what did people do before the media was giving tips. Seems our safety is paramount to them. Reporter on weather channel had a digital thermometer taking the temperature of the kids slide at the park the surface said 165 degrees in the direct sunlight then started talking about kids skin getting burned. Seems the kids can’t go to the playground without the safety police. What the hell is going on with all this. I got all banged up as a kid who cares you live and learn. I’m surprised they haven’t taken all the guns away in the name of safety. Someone might get killed. Take the bicycles away someone might fall off and scrape their knee. The kids are gonna become whiny adults with excuses not to do things in the name of safety. This pisses me off they need to keep their tips to themselves we are not stupid. I think we are gonna see a lot of practices being banned in the future because someone thinking it’s not safe. Gaaaay

        • LOL, Ass hat you say it as it is alright, witty too.

      34. The most important sentence in the article is that the author never dreamt of anything like QE. With our political and financial ‘leaders’ claiming omnipotent powers outside of any laws, you can be sure that the collapse of the US Empire will not go down without a fight. In many ways I fear this ‘fight’ more than the collapse itself. I can prepare for the collapse, but as the author points out regarding QE – you have no idea what crazy things our leaders will come up with to try to preserve the status quo. If the NSA hauls me away for posting on perhaps some future alien race will find my preps and wonder just what Twinkies were used for.

      35. Progresso soup is GMO ingredients, look it up. There is going to be worldwide demonstrations against Monsanto and the other GMO producers on this coming Saturday May 23. These corporations pushing GMO food are all about population reduction, with the approval and urging of nearly the entire u.s. government, including the wannabe politicians. It can be stopped if enough people voice their opposition, but as proven to date it will be a tough battle. These chemical companies are all about poisoning the people, with FDA approval.

      36. The sky is falling! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!

      37. I agree with much of what Celente said, but not all.

        A little too heavy-handed with the rhetoric, but the overall point is inescapable.

        Th America of the Ronald Reagan years is no longer.

      38. The reason Celente’s predictions have been wrong is that the efforts to finalize the NWO have fallen behind schedule. Despite the best efforts of Israel and the U.S., Assad is still clinging on in Syria. Nulandistan (formerly Ukraine) is incapable of crushing the rebellion in the Donbass. Some sources say over a million men have fled to Russia and the Donbass to avoid press-gang conscription into the Kiev regime’s army. Israel’s ally ISIS is operating on the slopes of the Golan, and only an idiot would bet they will not bite the hand that has fed them. Putin, like Stalin before him, has gone rogue. The banksters who own the Fed basically run a kiting scheme between the Fed and Treasury. Occasionally, they add another zero to the nominal national debt. The longer we go, the harder the crash will be.

      39. Gerald said for months the sodomite negro was going to be president, then changed his mind at the last moment and said Romney was going to be president.

        So his judgement is clouded with bias.

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