World Order Shifts, Yuan-Based SDR Launches: “The Most Important Story You Didn’t See This Week”

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 23 comments

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    October 1st, 2016 marked a historic day – and one that signals the death of the dollar.

    It was China’s national holiday, and the official launch of the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies – which is now denominated partly in the yuan, making China a major part of the world reserve currency.

    The new world order is officially here, though it isn’t fully phased in.

    As James Corbett of the Corbett Report discusses:

    The yuan was officially added to the IMF’s SDR basket today, which may not be world-shattering in and of itself. But when combined with the revival of SDR-denominated bonds there can be no doubt that the central bankers are making their play for a global currency. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what SDRs are, let alone the role they are going to play in the formation of the global government. Get up to speed with The Corbett Report’s latest article, “SDR World Order.”

    The news of these financial moves are intensified by the huge leverage that China will hold in SDR-denominated bonds, as China floats development loans to countries throughout the globe, and it builds upon the balance of power. According to James Corbett:

    And if it was just the inclusion of one more currency in the global reserve basket (and only 10% of the basket at that), then this wouldn’t be significant all by itself. But while you were sleeping another development came along that gestures to the potentially transformative nature of this SDR makeover.

    In August the World Bank announced to relatively little fanfare an historic bond issue: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IRBD), one of the five institutions under the World Bank umbrella, would sell nearly $3 billion worth of SDR-denominated bonds. And the currency of settlement? The Chinese yuan.

    Global government is here, and the death of the American empire is upon us.

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      1. what happens now?
        is the party over?

        • No…but a day closer to it being over. Once the “SDR” becomes the defacto reserve currency, our advantage in buying foreign goods (like oil, food, etc) is gone, as well as the willingness of foreigners to buy US debt.

          THEN the party is over, and we get to see what much of the rest of the world lives like.

          • sounds like a new kind of party-a pity party!

            • I’ve got the dip!

              • I thought the dip lived in the White House.


                Son of Liberty

                • And why I just picked up another 100 Oz of silver on this dip. The Big reward will be post election when they raise interest rates sending the dollar into the burn barrel. Then what ya Got? Better be holding onto to something Tangible and spendable like PM’s- the New Universal World Currency. I could travel to any country in the world and they would accept Silver for payment.

                  ~WWTI.. Keep stacking.

          • @TnAndy….

            Yep…..because once our debt becomes less attractive, then interest rates on those debt instruments will skyrocket…..which will further increase our debt. Of course, the Fed will then resort to the generation of more fiat dollars in response…..then we will be on our way to being the next Zimbabwe.

            At that point, you can put all those $10 bills in #10 cans to their only practical use…….toilet paper.

            This end result is what has happened to every fiat currency in history.

        • “there can be no doubt that the central bankers are making their play for a global currency”


          The Central Bankers already have a global currency: gold. And they don’t use it; at least not much. The global currency markets are BY FAR the largest and most profitable market segment for the major banks. To move to one global currency would eliminate a major profit center: currency trading.

          That’s not gonna happen. $3 BILLION worth of bonds (in Yuan) is nothing more than parking meter money. I am a fan of James Corbett and the Corbett Report, but Corbett like so many others have missed it.

          By adding another currency and now NINE trading pairs of currency, (not including bonds) the Central Bankers have increased the number of avenues to front run currency trading.

          Follow the money. The Dollar is King and IMF voting control is STILL in the hands of the USA. USA USA !!! 🙂

          • 4 years after the day the economy collapsed in the fall of 2012, we get this silent but deadly event. Now that the Yuan is in, we should start to see the percentages of the pound sterling, yen, dollar, and euro decrease again next year.

            For those that didn’t notice, in the fall of 2012, with the advent of QE3, the economy collapsed. it’s visible effect has been somewhat negligable but the economy has transformed into an opened ended economy.

            This means that there is no such thing as “bankruptcies” for large institutions and governments. Going broke is no longer a function of numbers, it is only by the will of the global elite. There is now infinite amount of money…..if you are in favor of the banksters.

            Spend spend spend. No one gives a crap anymore. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pay it back.

            • The Euro was added to the IMF currency basket in 1999. Europe has almost twice as many people as the USA. 18 years later. Is Europe dominating the financial markets ???

              I didn’t think so.

              Yuan inclusion into the IMF basket means that China must play by US Rules. Everyone must put this into proper perspective.

              Let Iran counterfeit Yuan for a change. 🙂

          • Actually the addition of the Yuan into the trading pair scenario adds EIGHT new ways to profit from currencies for the Major Banks, when the Yuan is paired with each.

            My bad. 🙂

      2. Its about time,get it over with. Now, too late tho…..

      3. Have written on a post-it note on my desk from 8 months ago – “10/01/16 – Yuan becomes a world reserve currency”

        Unfortunately I do not remember the source, but following it says “China’s central bank announces yuan backed by gold – results in dollar instability.

        Keep your eyes open.

      4. And we thought our biggest worry was Nuclear war !!

        …S H I T


      5. You wonderfull police officers are aiding and abeading and protecting these evil rats that are destroying our civilization. So how do we deal with you? How?

      6. Is this a surprise? We knew they couldn’t kick the can forever. But what new tricks can they pull out to keep it going a little longer? No one can predict the day or the hour.? All we can do is be ready.another keep your lamps full thing ? At this time the non believers are probably loosing faith. And selling there lamps . Not me.

      7. They can’t take down the dollar without a replacement.

        The Globalists have a plan. It always includes lots of common folk becoming cannon fodder.

      8. Do you think these Satan worshiping globolists will go down with out a fight? They won’t fight but they will pay big money to get others to do there deeds. Would you take a big paycheck to do evil? How many do you think would? That’s how many we will be up against. Think about it.

      9. I would fear the yuan if it was allowed to freely float, and if the Chinese government would not be encouraging rampant speculation and debt. Traditionally, a strong currency comes from a positive trade balance and strong (profitable) manufacturing. China has these last two things, but has too much control to inspire enough confidence.

      10. Could this all be a plan to cull the non compliant? Kill the proud and spare the conquered? A race of obedient slaves? Start a war to systematically cull the aggressive males. They just won’t submit. They refuse to be slaves. Therefore they must be culled? They must keep some of us to keep the masses in line. Until they are so dumbed down that no enforsers are needed. Then the only threat are the enforsers. We will have to chip them first . So we can turn them off. When they are no longer needed. It’s all part of the plan.

      11. Woke up at 2:00 this morning and found that there was no internet and no cable tv. The logical conclusion was that Obama had declared martial law and taken over the media (which is already too close to the truth! I am spending too much time on the internet and in front of the tv. I gotta get a life

      12. This is only a small currency move. 80% of all international transactions are settled in the dollar. Only 3 or 4 percent are settled in yuan.

        The IMF and the World Bank were created by the US after WWII. Do you think they would cede control of these banks? They retain the majority vote in the IMF. In fact, when the currency basket was adjusted to accommodate the yuan, the percentage was taken from the Yen, the Euro and the pound Sterling shares. NONE was taken from the Dollar shares.

        Wake me up when the yuan captures 50% of international payment settlements and the US gives up it’s control of the IMF.

      13. Most of the world has been consumed by international banking controlled by the Federal Reserve. Through debt and the SWIFT system of payments, they control most of the governments.

        There are only a few majors they haven’t gotten their claws into permanently yet. Russia, China, and Iran are ones that come to mind. Most of the rest have been absorbed and neutered.

        Watch how Russia’s central bank RAISES the prime rate ala Paul Volcker while the rest of the Fed dominated banks lower theirs. They refuse to bail out the banks and corporations and will let them fail.

        Hmmm…sounds like they are truer capitalists than the US corporations. Looks like capitalism and communism have traded places…

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