Word of the Day: “Civil Unrest” ; It’ Here and It’s Spreading

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    It already happened in Greece. It’s happening in Italy and Spain, and the contagion of unrest is spreading rapidly. The German Supreme Court may have solidified a future for Europe plagued with violence and riots with their decision today to allow lawmakers to move forward with bailout packages for the EU. The Germans, who are by all measures the richest of the union and have the strongest economy (at a whopping 0.1% GDP growth), are now the backstop for the entire $16 Trillion European Union economy – and they’re not happy about it.

    While protests outside of Germany will flame because of proposed austerity measures and a destruction in the quality of life of the people in places like Italy, Spain, the rest of the PIIGS and piglets, the Germans will be in the streets for another reason. They, like Americans circa 2008/2009, will be calling in droves for lawmakers to withdraw any support for bailouts, because they, like the American people, know it isn’t going to work and the only result with be further indebtedness and economic malaise. Like the US Congress, however, chances are that elected representatives in Germany will buckle to the will of the European parliament. You can be assured that a lot of angry Germans, historically a very nationalistic culture, will hit the streets – and hard.

    Whatever the case with Germand, however, just as has been in the case for the last three years, there is nothing lawmakers in Europe or back here at home can do to stop the sovereign debt collapse of the largest economies on the planet.

    We’re going down and over a billion people in Europe and North America are about to get a huge wake up call. Charlie McGrath provides his perspective, and one we happen to agree with:

    In 2010 I said the word of the year in 2011 is “austerity” and it is here. Now I’m telling you the word is “civil unrest.” It is here and it is spreading. It is spreading because people around the globe see their leadership buckling under the pressure of these too-big-to-fail banksters, none of them offering a solution, only promises. More and more debt.

    If you think it’s different here, it’s time to wake up. The reality of it is this. We have all this drama to increase the debt ceiling, what did we get out of it? Another almost $2 Trillion in debt, and more importantly, the creation of the apparatus in order to implement austerity onto you, the American people. This Super Congress, this body of twelve, that will be able to slash and burn the middle class in this economy in the name of saving this economy.

    But when say ‘saving the economy’ we better point out who the economy is. You’re not the economy. You’re nothing more than a debt slave in this economy. The economy are the same above mentioned too-big-to-fails, to date, who have not faced one day of prosecution. Not one day in prison for the crimes they committed not only against this country, but around the planet.

    Source: Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News via Jeff Rense

    As we’ve opined previously, Europe’s banks will go first, and as Porter Stansberry recently pointed out, the ensuing panic will likely result in tons of capital flows from around the world heading into US Bonds, still believed by many to be one of the last (paper) safe havens on Earth:

    The next stage in the ongoing global financial crisis will feature the collapse of both the Spanish and the Italian economies. This should occur within the next six months. Concurrently, I believe the “Chinese miracle” will be unmasked as mostly a fraud powered by a huge increase in bad lending from state-controlled banks.

    Ironically, the coming wave of financial trouble will probably force people back into U.S. dollars. Gold will also do well. In the currency markets, I believe the euro will collapse in the second half of this year, as will the Australian dollar, which serves as a proxy for the Chinese economy.

    I expect this next “down leg” in the world’s markets to be more severe than the crisis of 2008, because the balance sheets of the Western democracies are now less prepared to manage the losses

    Source: The Daily Crux

    Take special note of that assessment. Money will flow to the US when the panic in financial markets goes full force, but it will certainly not be safe. Three years ago the US committed in excess of $20 Trillion in bailouts, stimulus, and emergency funds for banks and financial institutions domestically and abroad. If it comes to that again, and it will, America will be in serious trouble. You think it’s bad now? What about when we throw another $20 Trillion at the problem with similar (non) results?

    The Euro, as Mr. Stansberry noted, may very well take a steep dive before the end of the year. And the US dollar will be right behind it, when the sovereign debt collapse of the largest global economy in history becomes the daily talking point in mainstream media. The likelihood is we will not outright default on our debt, leaving massive, unprecedented monetary easing (alternatively defined for our purposes as monetary and price inflation) as the only viable option.

    Americans, who already number in the tens of millions, depending on government to provide assistance, will see their buying power destroyed as prices rise and subsistence checks don’t keep up due to manipulated cost-of-living adjustments. They will have no choice but to take to the streets, just as Europeans are doing.

    We are watching the collapse of entire nations. This wasn’t supposed to happen in centrally planned and managed economies. But it is.

    Civil unrest in the form of violent protests, food riots, grocery store flash mobs, bank runs, and vigilante justice isn’t supposed to happen in advanced economies either.

    But it will.


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        • KY Mom: I read the link. Porter Stansberry is selling fear in the form of a monthly subscription to the SHEEPLE he can find who will buy it. Just Celente with a little more technical education.

          The EU will emerge stronger and more centralized under the Geman central bank lead. It will do exactly what Uncle Ben has done, once it has the power and authority.

          It will use the same process to strengthen european banks that Bernanke used. And remember, Bernanke printed $18 trillion over 2.5 years.

          The european banks need $5-6 trillion? Chicken feed for a $16 trillion dollar economy.

          I see a lot of sheeple here afraid of their own shadow. Its bad, but it is NOT teotwawki. Get a grip on reality people. 80% of Americans are working.

          If employment drops to 60% I will get concerned. And if a loaf of bread goes to $1,000? I will open a bakery! LMAO 🙂

          • LMAO,most of your comments on here are fear based. Did you have a change of heart?

            EU stronger? EU is finished.

            • Big E: If many of my comments are fear based its because I differentiate between reality and fear mongering. And see much fear mongering here. Diesel at $1,000 a gal? Insanity. Bread for $1,000 a loaf? Ignorance or propaganda. LMAO!

              There are many here deliberately looking to spread fear, to discourage and dishearten US; saying the US is going to break apart or collapse, or that martial law is just around the corner and they, whoever they are; are coming for US.

              Bullshit. they will come for the looters and gangs that develop after major earth changes etc that are poised to happen. United WE are invincible. WE have many enemies. Some are here spreading lies; using the forum to push propaganda, like “FREE TRADE” when WE know that it is not free and that it is not a freedom.

              These same people support illegal immigration, suggesting that “people are not illegal” or that borders do not exist, or that fairness is not a principle upon which civilized societies base their rules and regulations.

              They look at the problems in the economy and make wild assertions about the banking business or real estate and have no education, experience, or expertise; lacking even a basic understanding of the mechanisms under which these industries operate.

              Yet they make outlandish claims about ‘hyper-flation’ or the “collapse of the dollar” when these thing are NOT imminent.

              Yes times are hard and they are going to get harder as purchasing power declines with the value of the dollar at a double digit rate of inflation.

              That is the PLAN of the GB’s and it may feel like teotwawki for those without education, skills,experience, and a plan who do not prep and prepare themselves for the Changes that will ultimately arrive.

              there is time to adapt, to change, to organize, to make a difference in OUR lives and in the lives of those around and about US as there has always been. There is no difference now. It is a little more difficult than WE are use to but WE are strong, resilient, and adaptable.

            • Big E: The EU finished? Not a chance. Bible prophecy says the EU will be a major power on the earth in the Last Days. The EU is just getting started, with a call now for a United States of Europe with a central government and central banking system like OURS.

              Organization out of chaos? Principalities and Powers moving in OUR lives.


            • Durango kidd, smart you are

          • Sorry DK but I don’t believe ( even though I like to) what you are saying will hold true. I do believe we might have five years at the most, “IF” we don’t lose the dollar as the world’s currency. For one, don’t count out Soros. That common bastard has pulled out his Arkansas whetstone and is sharpening his pecker on it waiting for the cutting moment. I also believe that Germany will abandoned the EU within the next two years. We are shedding jobs at a blinding rate. How many 400K unemployment filing weeks do we have left before we hit 60 percent. How ironic that Pelosi stated that “unemployment checks are a boon to the economy”, not her exact words, but the same intent. Well that might indeed hold true as more and more restaurants are lobbying to be allowed to accept food stamps. I believe that between 2005 and 2010, the number of establishments that have been allowed to accept food stamps have grown by 30 percent. I know that wheels of the government turn slow, but they do turn and events have indeed accelerated. JM2CW.

            • POP: Five years would be plenty of time and would mean two elections to change things.

              We didn’t get into this overnight and We won’t get out of it over night. It will take time and there will be pain enough to go around for those who have not prepared for these Changes.

              And I am not counting on Mr. Schwartz for anything; but if he is symbol of the PTB elite, GB’s and Bush/Bilderberg Alliance I do expect them to inflate OUR way out of this.

              That is the intent. It has always been the intent, but it is hard to do that when everyone wants OUR money. That process will be very painful for the majority of Americans who do not own gold.

              What surprises me most about some of the people on this site (not veterans)is the lack of backbone they seem to have; their willingness to give up, roll over and play dead, opt out, cop out, etc, etc. These ARE the SHEEPLE they rail against. LMAO!

              That psychology is ALIEN to my thinking.

          • DK I have to disagree with you. There is no political will in Europe to turn it into a federation. This would be the ideal outcome for EU, but it is also most difficult to achieve. It requires nations to set aside their sovereignty and their cultural differences. Euro-skeptics and nationalists push back citing sovereignty and democracy. This will be further hampered by historical animosity, and ethnic diversity.The probability of this outcome as extremely LOW (some in Europe would say non-existent). So it seems that the likely outcome will be the demise of the Euro and the end of the currency union. I do not see a smooth finale to the Euro experiment. Europeans are very nationalistic and will not cede power to Germany. The Germans do not want federalization. The US we share a common language,history,and culture. In Europe there is different nations with histories stretch back to thousands of years and they are not united by a single language. The euro is collapsing and the union will face a harsh breakup in the next couple of years. There is not time or political will to federalize the union. I’m sorry but the EU will not exist because it was and is a failure.

            • MA: I agree totally with your analysis. But I will bet on Bible prophecy. Time will tell. It always does.

              As you say the probability is extremely low and I would agree, except events have a funny way of working out like God wants them too, not the way We analyze them, expect them too, or even want them too.

              The Bible says the EU gets stronger not weaker, and this crisis is the catalyst for that change.

              I am sure that you bet on the Vikings against the Jets in the first Super Bowl too! 🙂 (That was a suer thing too!)

          • DK:

            You’re assuming the German central bank will be allowed to lead. I lived in Germany for five years. They’re:
            a) afraid to death of inflation. They learn all about the Weimar era in school and how it took a wheel barrel full of money to buy a loaf of bread. If the German people SMELL inflation, they’ll bolt the other way.
            b) In their opinion, right or wrong, they feel like they’re subsidizing ‘lazy’ Europeans. There are quite a few CDU/CSU politicians in the Bundestag that may refuse to back Merkel’s plan. If she loses a confidence vote in the Bundestag, the government falls and there must be elections. If anti-EU politicians win in that election, the Euro, and the EU, will collapse.
            We’ll see how it plays out. It’s going to be a wild and crazy few months.


            • Mal: I have no idea how the EU will process, or whether the German central bank will lead. The EU is in the process of re-inventing itself, not unlike the Continental Congress did.

              I do believe that at the end of the day, whatever happens, the EU gets stronger, more centralized, and more more powerful. I believe that this crisis is the catalyst for that change. That is what bible prophecy predicts. And that prediction is common knowledge.

              We will see.

          • “It will use the same process to strengthen european banks that Bernanke used. And remember, Bernanke printed $18 trillion over 2.5 years.”

            We bailed out Bank of American and they are about to topple again. Freddie and Fannie? Are they “stronger” now?
            Sorry, try again.

            • Wicked One: We have never stopped bailing out bank of America and the other banks. It didn’t happen in 2008, it has been a continuing process, and continues to this day.

              Check the archives. I have explained the mechansims ad nauseum.

          • You arrogantly talk down to others,while your own post is nothing but mediocre cliches and unsubstantiated sloganeering. Product of a totally shallow, unoriginal, average mind. Its hardly fearmongering for the watchmen to signal danger when danger is near.

            Durango “kidd” is right. “When I was a child, I thought like a child..” You’ve never intellectually left infancy. Even the top analysts and investors (not to mention those govt wonks who MAKE the policies we then see come to fruition) are in agreement that a foundational- not cyclical- collapse is close.
            Yet you- with your trite phrases and studpity- know more than all these, including the insiders? You’re an a$$.

            • BTO: You got the $$ right. You are new here. Check the archives. I have explained the mechanisms of the FED over and over and over again.

              When Bernake printed 2.7 trillion dollars last year, all of the “top anaylsts” said “hyper-iflation is just around the corner. Check the archives.

              Note also, that all of the “top analysts” are using the crisis to try to sell you their monthly newsletter so that you can be privy to their special information and avoid the fate of everyone else.

              Have I asked for so much as one thin dime?

              Last year NIA and “top anaylsts” whoever they are, claimed there would be hyper-inflation by this summer. Summer has come and gone. No hyper inflation.

              Now NIA is saying hyperinflation in ten years. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think so.

              At the time when NIA and the “top analysts” whoever they are, were screaming “Hyper-inflation”, We had NO idea that uncle ben was actually printing an additional $16 trillion.

              That info was only disclosed after the audit of the FED released on June 20th, 2011. Still, WE have no hyper-inflation even though Helicopter Ben printed 6 times the money the “top anaylysts” said would create hyperinflation.

              Where is it? Where is the hyper-inflation?

              Maybe the “top analysts” need to take a refresher cource on the economic operations and mechanisms of the FED. Its a sophmore level university Economics class. You obviously have never taken that basic course or YOU would not be displaying your ignorance.

              I appreciate the “watchmen”. But there is a real difference between pointing out the dangers (which are real), and succumbing to hysteria. $1,000 a gallon diesal is hysteria. $1,000 for a loaf of bread is propaganda.

              I have nothing but contempt for hysteria or propaganda. Get a grip on the facts people. And be a little more discerning about the gibberish that you accept as economic analysis.

          • sheeple? Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black. The only reason 80% (which is horrible considering 1 in 5 are jobless) is because of their bailouts, later named to stimulus, later named to quantitative easoning version 1, then 2 and now soon to be 3. It’s a bit like trying to douse flames with gasoline.

            • Wisefool: Unemployment in this country is due to NAFTA and GATT. The economy was stolen, shipped offshore by the GB’s, and 42,400 factories were built in China and India using American depositor funds.

              It began as treason in a Conspiracy by GHWB, Congress, the GB’s, and the Chinese Communist Party under the slogan of FREE TRADE: which is neither free or fair, but managed trade and managed to the benefit of the GB’s.

              The bailout, the stimulus, and QE 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, ……
              are merely symptoms, the results of this TREASON.

          • “Get a grip on reality people. 80% of Americans are working”

            How many of that 80% (I say maybe 78% and many of those underemployed) are working for federal, state and municipal governments? How many are working to make a buck off of the wealth creators? How many are actually creating wealth?

            DK, I know you are a smart and educated person but I see what is going on and I just can’t share your optimism. The only thing that makes me think you might have yer head on straight is that I keep looking on Craigslist for property in Nebraska. I am one shiver away from loading the truck and a trailer with ammo, food, ammo, clothes, ammo, gold, ammo, seeds, ammo, silver and the kids and some extra ammo and heading out to see if we can survive on a nice little 40 acre place in nowheresville.

            • POA: I don’t recommend Nebraska. IF you really are thinking about relocating, I highly recommend Arizona, for many reasons. We have many lifestyles here, and there are opportunities here depending upon what you are seeking, and how you relate.

              After October 1st, the weather will be very mild in Phoenix so that is a good time to relocate and a good place to start; before weather sets in everywhere else.

              And WE have many 40 acre places in nowheresville. So after you get here and familiarize yourself better with the options available to you, you could migrate to another part of the state that resonates with you.

              There are a number of people who post here like AZReady and others who live in different parts of the state who could give you some info on their particular area, too.

              If you need additional info about how your particular situation could integrate in the opportunities here you can reach me at durangokidd2095 at yahoo dot com

              Google Earth is a great tool for browsing too. Use it.

            • DK I disagree, having lived in Nebraska…other than that occasional white stuff in winter, it was a pretty great place to have a home in the country,( just too hot and muggy in summer, Phoenix is too damn hot in summer so that would not work for me as well)all the water I ever needed, plenty of game and a kick ass garden, cool neighbors and such…relocated to the cool south coast of oregon, again, plenty of water, much cooler weather to my liking. Personally cant stand heat, but have a nice place, few neighbors, plenty of seafood to harvest, chickens a clucking and a big ass garden…neighbors pretty like minded most working real jobs, most with gardens, lots of game here as well, elk and deer…living in county, leo’s are pretty mellow, and being a volunteer firefighter keeps me in the loop…not bad all in all. Only drawback, can’t grow decent tomatoes, but my greens and berries more than make up for it.


      1. from my di8ctionary——civil unrest= 1. protesting food prices due to money printing.
        2. protesting taxes from governments who represent bankers, not the people
        3. people who want to get rid of leaders, who are corrupt crooks, and “leaders who want to stay in power, and keep the “wealth” they have stolen

        • I like kevin’s definition of civil unrest. Makes sense. Much more sense that what’s happening in the financial world.

        • Sell all the blacks to the Chinese to settle the debts. ha

      2. And now ladies and genlemen Ostupidretardedidiot proposes 300 billion in stimulus, sure it worked so well last time, HERE IT COMES PEOPLE!

        • Yes, but President Obungle’s plan is so much cheaper than the plan that Maxine Waters wants; Maxine wants one trillion $ while Barkie Obungle only wants a lousy 300 billion $. I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around some of the figures that these people throw around like it was so much ‘chump-change’.

          We had a bunch of the “free-shit-crowd” out in the streets here in Miami, FL on the news last night demanding that the goberment create jobs for them …….. IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner!!! Good luck with that one homies!

          • MM: Born and raised there, and am glad i am out, wish i could get my mom to leave! As far as the article goes the COUNTRY IS BROKE, GOD IS NOT!

          • The “Gimme Crowd” does’nt want jobs, they just want a pay check. This is the attitude that got us into this mess, “They Owes Me My Share of the FREE MONEY”, Don’t make me ax you again just gives it to me. If they have to WORK and take a DRUG TEST they start screaming “RACISM”.

            • Don’t point the finger at each other. The criminals are those who bankrupted their business by bad management, then pushed it over the cliff to collect the insurance for it from US; while stealing the American economy and transferring it offshore using American depositor funds to build the 42,400 factories THERE, that they closed HERE.

              Thats treason!

            • Whoa, now who is to blame? The drug pusher who gives out freebies or the druggie who is addicted and refuses to quit and kills robs and steals to get more??? I say BOTH, and it is time they both get a shot of reality.. The corrupt bastards throwing our tax money away and the welfare teet suckers who actually can work but only work the system.

            • MMF: I agree that there are those who are generational “teet suckers’ and sent an unbelieveable article to Mac exampling that very thing, which he chose not to post. The woman in the article happend to be black and a Katrina victim.

              But there is NO comparsion between the teet suckers on welfare and the astronomical level of funds siphoned from the American worker, taxpayer and family by the GB’s.

              The teet suckers are just a symptom paid for by the taxes of the middle class, to suppress social unrest, and promote class and racial conflict, to hide the treason and the ENORMOUS theft of the American economy offshore, by and for the benefit of the uber rich.

              Teet suckers are a distraction. Remember who the enemy really is and that is the croney corruption that passes for capitalism in this country by the GB’s and Congress.

              Don’t get distracted by your neighbor living on welfare. Welfare was designed to be paid by working Americans while investing Americans, public corporations, and managers get a free ride on the taxpayer.

              Its called fascism for corporations and socialism for the poor. WE are stuck with picking up the tab for each.

            • I live in a county that is 98% white, and I see the same kind of attitude and bellyaching, only with a french canadian accent. I’ll bet that some here are some of the same that are sucking the country dry because they feel ‘priviliged’. Someone else was saying sell the blacks to the chinese? Come to my door to try that and you leave in a ziplock bag.

        • I’ll bet we don’t hear ” shovel ready ” this time, and it won’t be stated but only union contracts will be awarded.

      3. Hijack the protests and use them to rid us of the globalist/marxist enemies. Coup d’etat! Coup d’etat! Lock and load! Lock and load!

        • I can see that or civil war happening. Did you ever think you would see times like this? God help the grand children.

          • Re the song by the Carpenters: “Bless the beasts and the children, for in this world they have no choice…they have no voice.” All we can hope for WTSHTF is that their caretakers really do TAKE CARE of them.

      4. Also, the shooting in Nevada yesterday was committed by a Mexican who may have been urged on by an article in examiner.com written by Miguel Perez. In the article Perez urges all Mexicans to fight a civil war with Americans for the southwest within 5 years. He urges all Mexicans to choose sides now. Apparently one did.

        • google search- ted kennedy singing the star spangled banner in spanish. If you want a laughcry

          • I thought spanish was his native language. With just a touch of alcohol-induced slur for accent.

          • kevin: Funny i remember a friend from church saying the day Ted kennedy died, he said, man isnt that sad about Ted Kennedy, I looked at him and said do you have any idea what type of man he was, he killed a woman due to drunk driving and never served a day in prison, he was a globalist, elitist, i am better than the rest of you type of person, this is the mentality that we must overcome in this country, if, we ever plan on restoring the REPUBLIC!

            • Now that was shovel ready job.

            • May ted burn in hell!!

            • He also had direct dealings with ussr, Trying to undermine his political opponants(so I’ve heard) He is a trator!!(in my humble opinion). If there is a heaven, I hope Andrew Jackson is kicking his ASS up there right now!

            • Copout-I hate to admit it, but I squealed like a schoolgirl when old Teddy died. I hope that bastard rots in hell. I wanted nothing more than to slap that fat face of his. He ruined this country.

            • When JFK jr crashed his plane, someone remarked to me that the real tragedy was three empty seats.

            • I can think of a quite of a few more that could join him. The list would be long and joyful.

        • Homeland,
          I too saw that article by that punk-ass arrogant Perez. I was amazed that the little POS was allowed to print it. If it had been a whitey – we’d have been either censured or thrown in the slammer immediately….

      5. The icy wind howles cutting threw your parka you shiver, then tense all thoughts of the cold gone. A gang of thugs are coming your way. You think of your family safely huddled in the living room under old sleeping bags trying to stay warm. Food who would have known there would be no food. http://theharvesthouse.myefoods.com

        • Surrounded by an abundance of coconuts, mangos, papayas and pineapples, as lovely translucent waves reach up to gently rub up against soothing, soft balmy winds, while toasty white sands invoke an evening stroll. What a sunset!

          Not here in the South Pacific, Ray! Oh, except for the gang of porpoises headed this way.


          • Sure you have to worry about freezing. Remember “The Day After”? It was a “documentary” for sure.

      6. I’m going to Walmart to stock up on more survival items today. I have been doing this for the last couple of months now. My wife told me what a dump her IRA took these last few days. I told her to get out of it when she was close to her original high, but she did not listen. Forget about retirement,forget about job’s and forget about any sense of what used to be normal, that is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. When people are hungry and have kid’s to feed and no way of feeding them, look for unspeakable things to happen. It’s all falling apart, the center can not hold!

        • Don’t go to IHOP.

          • We saw the IHOP massacre on the news. Frightening. Too many people going postal these days and taking innocents with them.

            • All the more reason to be armed all the time. One CC Citizen could have stopped the carnage.

            • nope…family member part of the guard there…they never saw it coming and some were armed…crazy is still crazy…batshit happens..

      7. Mac, This is the best article I’ve read thus far that explains just what is happening in Europe! THANK YOU!! I’m going to show it to my two oldest boys…they are “awake”, how could they NOT be living in MY house, lol…. but being young men with a future ahead of them, I know it’s hard to grasp what is coming down the road! Now, if I could get the rest of my family on board!! I am finding that Normalcy Bias is a very prevalent in this country…and it’s going to get people killed!!

        • Thx for the comments. Europe is a powder keg, and we know what happened when it blew 100 years ago… Civil war (initially) is a real possibility in the eu, IMHO. Like Angelina merkel said, if the euro fails, the entire zone crumbles… After that it’s a whole new ball game…

          Most teachers of the great depression completely ignore the European debt default that caused it…. Looks like a similar situation is playing out now… This time, we’re (U.S.) also on the verge of default in one form or another… The economic destruction of the 30’s landed us in world war 2, which in my opinion was just an extension of ww1, and we are facing a repeat of that scenario now… Except now we all have nukes…. Bad news….

          • Exactly the words written by zerohedge.com today. Posted on Drudge. Collapse, civil war, totalitarianism.

          • Voltron, what are you 12? Its dipshits like you who will be standing on the corner waiting for your bus ride to the nearest statium. Have fun retard.

            • Yeah Voltron, your cheetos grow stale in mommy’s basement. You had enough moonlight now, time to return to the dark, dank basement where your screen light is your only savior.

      8. What is that old definition of insanity?

        Looks like it could crazy sooner rather than later. Finalize bug out plans and preps. Or, make sure your bed at the nearest FEMA Camp is reserved.


      9. Kevin..Ted Kennedy didnt get to heaven..I have it from a good source that peoiple like him arent welcome there

      10. I remember a speech Bill Clinton gave at some college in Portland, Oregon when he was President. He bragged that he was going to prove to the world that America could function as a non-white country. Why would he want my country to become non-white? That was probably over 12 years ago. Regardless if the administration is Republican or Democratic they are all members of the CFR. The goal is no white countries permitted, anywhere. Weird, ain’t it? Freaky bastards. Real sick idiology they have. We really have to snuff all of them.

        • HS: See If you can find and watch the Clinton Chronicles, A prominent Doctor who had treated bill 5 times for his nasal passages collasping due to Cocaine inhalation. His brother Roger stated hey i have to get some for my brother (bill) he has a nose like a vacumm cleaner! You cant make rational decisions when your brain is fried!

          • I did not have sex with that woman.

            • No. Bill did.

              You been drinking?

        • Interesting comments HS. I’ve been wondering about that myself. My theory is: nearly all of the high-level gangsters are white or mostly white. Yet they do seem hell bent to ‘multi-culturalize’ every western(white) nation. I believe they think they can control the nations easier if the citizens are all mixed breed peoples. A brief check of history leads me to conclude that the biggest and worst of the struggles for the PTB is when they are fighting among their own kind (one western nation vs another) Evidently the next phase is to eliminate all the majority white nations by breeding or invading them out of existence with darker people. Plus, another benefit is that during the transition to multiculturalism, the sheeple automatically divide along race/ethnic lines and fight among themselves. Makes that whole New World Order thing easier to achieve. Is this a reasonable theory or am I just having an okie moment?

          • Maxine Waters for President!

            • Of ?

          • It appears the PTB think it will be easier if white folks are fewer or non-existent. They exclude themselves from that theory, though. Friends in California once wanted to have a white history month like everyone else. They got a congressman to propose it. He got back to them that he would never do that again, as his party leadership ripped him a new one. They told him he could propose a Polish month or Irish month or Italian month etc. but never a white month. Since I’m not a hyphenated American I don’t get a month.

            • HS
              I’m German American but was told I cannot put that down for race on the census form. What about African American? Well…ahem…uh…that’s differnt…

            • Since I am a man I don’t have any monthly problems.

          • Barney Frank for Vice President!

        • Just like Mayor Ray Naggin of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, he said he wanted New Orleans to be rebuilt as a “CHOCOLATE CITY”, looks like he got his wish.

      11. Great article Mac!!

      12. My opinion is that if riots occur, they will be of minimum importance to governments. The Greek and Spanish examples showed that it’s very easy to control 500.000 people, having 2.500 policemen.
        But i believe that something else will happen first.
        Governments can control crowds by installing them the fear of poverty, hunger, and unemployment.
        They can, and i assure you they have already, decrease salaries, reduce labor force, layoff people, and survive.
        By placing fear in the hearts and souls of people, at the end of the day each one of us tries to act for its own benefit.
        He/she will try to survive by any means, and with any salary in order to leave another day.
        And when human beings reach at this point, no revolution or revolt, or riot, passes through their minds.
        Time will tell and we will be here to see it. But only some cosmic event can change this shity condition.
        Pessimistic? Maybe.

        Stay alert. It’s coming to you my dear friends.

        • Well said Manos.. Σας παρακαλώ να προσέξουμε της οικογένειάς σας και μην ξεχάσετε ότι σας ανθρωπότητας.

        • Manos ~

          Just so I’m sure that I’m understanding you correctly….

          Are you saying that the citizens are so beaten down and cowed by the government that a revolt is unlikely? Are they at a point where it seems that discretion is more wise, if they want to remain employed and thus able to feed their families?

          I guess that’s certainly one way to turn regular working class people into slaves.

          I’m so sorry to hear about how bad things are there.

          Stay safe!

      13. Just recently the U.S. Democrat party “created” a anti-Israel demonstration in Israel. They made every effort to erase their fingerprints from the event but somehow their part in this was discovered. The Democrats/left have a history of ramping up the violence and demonstrations around election time. The Black Caucus has ramped up the anti-tea party anti-white rhetoric recently in a way that encourages violence. The unions have openly advocated for violence against the tea party and the Republicans. I don’t think you need a crystal ball to predict violence in the next 14 months.


          • Voltron, your slip is showing.

            • EA: Now thats funny!

            • Don’t worry, he’ll either get bored and go away, or his mom will make him get off the computer and go do his homework.

            • That was starting to look like “the other” Sam. Green eggs & ham.

          • TIME FOR YOUR MEDS

          • Voltron–

            GWTW is not paranoid. These things from the black caucus and unions are on video. Have not seen the evidence concerning the Israeli demonstration, but the Dimocrats are known to “rent a mob”.

            Your attack shows that you swallowed the public school indoctrination.

          • Who is this idiot

            • It could be our homie JANE using another alias. (?)

            • Probably Jane.

          • Voltron;
            It is you; and like minded people who absolutely reject; and refuse the obvious. It isn’t racist if its TRUE. It isn’t paranoid; fear or hate mongering if its TRUE. It isn’t religious BS if its TRUE. If all you have to defend your side of the arguement is a string of rants and curses; you are truly the proverbial dumbed down; clueless idiot. Alot of the people that post here; and the authors; present FACTS and a well crafted; rational debate. You dont even come close to doing that; like a ton of todays so called leaders. So; unless you’ve got something constructive to say; or can put up a sound defense of your particular views; shut your pie hole. Or go away. Better yet; why dont you do both? Seriously.

            • Thank you Dave. Well said.

          • Really Voltron. Your stupidity is showing.

          • I think you’re amusing votron (sam, the other pink meat) bring it.

          • Go away,troll!

        • I agree, when you consider the players on both sides of the issue….add a 10% unemployment stat….rising gas prices, food inflation….Obama sent packing in shame and his republican replacement throwing a few million more taxpayers under the corporate bus…..

          The only winning move is not to play….prep well, stay home and let it play itself out.

      14. YOU ARE NUTBAG! Please seek help, ALL OF YOU. You are a paranoid hack bullshit artist. STFU you stupid fucking screaming Mimi.

        • VOLTRAN: Dude or dudette, your GREENCARD HAS EXPIRED GO HOME, and while your at it, purchase some SOAP for your disgusting FOUL MOUTH! THERE ARE Real Ladies who comment on this site, and i can guarantee you, THEY DONT APPRECIATE IT! HAVE SOME CLASS IF THATS POSSIBLE.

          • VOLTRONS brain is empty just like his cupboards.., this will make him a slobbering fool when the SHTF.

            • EAGLEDOVE: Yeah i said voltran, thinking the poster was a transvestite, sorry my bad!

          • +1 and thank you.

            Hopefully the same will be done regarding Dr P – Men stepping up to the plate there to.

            • thats not the real dr. prepper. the real one’s last name is stevens. i’d like to see talmadge slap the snot out of the imposter.

          • Thank you for saying something to this…this…whatever

          • We need Voltran. He will become fresh meat for the dogs.

          • I think Voltran is probably a liberal dudette who is intimidated by the intelligence of the more conservative women who post here…Bless her heart, living in her mama’s basement,with only a minor grasp of the English language…who wouldn’t feel sorry for her?
            I mean seriously, have you ever really LOOKED at the “women libs”? Janet Napalitono? Hillary Clinton? Nancy Pig-losi?? Yes, if Voltran even slightly looks like a liberal woman, I think we can all find it in our hearts to overlook poor, little, lonely Voltran…and just ignore her…Bless her heart…

        • Its how children express fear, it can’t help it.

        • Voltron,
          Your beautiful use of the english language only prove the lack of matter between your ears. Soon you will be hungry, cold and homeless begging for food and you intense knowledge of the english language will again not fullfill your need.

        • Are you aware that it’s completely impossible to make a point when it is camoflauged in vulgarity and insults? Do you, perhaps, have an opinion that might be worth hearing?

          If so, consider addressing the group in a fashion in which people will actually read and comprehend what you have to say, instead of couching it in all caps and foul language. That just makes us cringe and move on to the next post.

          • even the “mushroom” and his ten dollar bills would tell voltron to man up or get lost.

        • Obama is not a natural born American and should be removed from office.

        • Obviously you graduated with honors.

          Didn’t know Wal Mart had a university…..goes to show what I know….sigh

      15. One point worth rementioning is the part about money fleeing Europe and seeking haven in the USD.

        I’ve watched the price of gold for decades and sorta paid attention to the USD Index (USDX). In the past, as I recall, when the USDX rose, gold dropped. Am I the only one that noticed the disconnect over the last several months?

        Many of the gold bears have poo-pooed the gold bulls due to the volatility of the gold market, yet the daily/hourly volatility of the gold market differs little from the Dow or S&P. This morning roughly a 4% drop on gold.

        First, the people will get thier money out. Once widespread civil unrest heats up, look for the people to repatriate themselves to where they moved thier money to.

        Been my observation that most people define themselves by thier wealth: house, car, job, affiliations, etc. That they will shift thier wealth towards the US is a given. Keep in mind that without investment, money declines in value aka purchasing power. Investment dollars seek the highest and safest returns. So please bring your money to the ole USA. Invest in business. And forget the finance/banking sector; this group is no different from where you came from.

        The small business sector continues to make modest amounts of money producing needed products and services. The decline of small businesses in the US is predominantly due to the decline of disposable incomes. Those businesses that failed are typically those dependant upon disposable incomes. Forget investing in businesses that produce stuff that is only on the want lists. Investment dollars should target the “feed the needs” business sectors.

        This impending economic decline (no Dorthy, it hasn’t happened yet) will share many of the same attributes of the depression of ’29 to mid-50’s.

        Not all wealth was destroyed and there will still be a market for some luxury goods. During the last big one, many depression-era families got highly needed monies by trapping, mining and producing high-end pretties for the wealthy class. It all depends on debt/income ratios carried by the so-called wealthy class. That happened in the last big one and will happen again.

        Stay away from the free-fire zones and develop your skill-sets. You will only need the basic tools in the beginning. The more specialized, read expensive, will be readily available at small cost. This is a given due to the propensity for people to buy super-whizbangs that they never learn to use as an income producing tool.

        Develop your network of fellow producers. Learn who has what that they don’t/can’t use or produces a surplus. Pressure and fear are not the same thing. Fear is when pressure to do something exceeds the person’s confidence level to accomplish it. Hunger, real or imagined, generates the fear mechanism. Look to Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” for guidance.

        Now I’ve got a spare 50# sack of taters, wanna get rid of that whizbang? BTW, my wife/GF sews and can patch up your clothing. (Don’tcha wish you had taken Home-Ec in high school now?)

        • I’ve noticed a disconnect also. Sometimes the dollar and gold or other commodities will go in the same direction. I suspect it’s hedge funds or other big guys just doing their thing at the same time. Some observers claim there is already a slow motion run on banks taking place in Europe. Look at the 10 year treasuries. They were returning only 1.94% a few days ago. I hear the Feds say that they will cause the 10 year and 30 year to go much lower. For whatever reason they want it to.

          • Where do you come from? You have common sense.

        • Edge: Yes there has been a disconnect. Its getting hard to devalue the dollar (inflate it according to PLAN) because everybody wants it.

          Every nation wants a cheap currency to protect their exporters and keep their people employed.

          Europe has problems BUT We know the outcome regardless of the process, which will be messy, and the PIIGS may become bacon in that process, with repercussions for the populace.

          A strong central european government and a stronger european political union WILL occur under Germany, not without it.

          Thats bibilical prophecy. That is happening right in front of OUR eyes.

        • “Investment dollars should target the “feed the needs” business sectors.”

          I have been thunking quite a bit on this point. Trying to get my kids to comprehend. They’re gonna be around a lot longer than me.

      16. JOIN OR DIE.

      17. There is little doubt this son of a bitch we unfortunately have leading this mess has no interest in what the American people want. That is not part of the plan. We as a free people had better wake our asses up and quick. Obiewan is not this smart, he is somebody’s lap dog and they have promised him a good life for ever after, all he has to do is f**k the rest of us. I can’t imagine how in the hell we got into this mess but, we have got them out numbered by a long shot. They can’t hide forever, look at Mommar Gadhafi, I bet he thought he could hide forever too. If this goes HOT, you will see a lot of Political leaders running for cover. They won’t dare show their faces in public that’s for sure. Bet on it!!

      18. I am finding each day more and more people are waking up to the fact that the world is quickly going to the crapper.Besides the economic disaster widening but the weather that has been happening all over the states is getting crazy. 3 months ago when a person said 2-3 inches of rain everyone went wow now that isn’t really considered anything special, it has been replaced with 4- 8 inches of rain getting the wild response.Could the reason that the pres wants to only leave 3,000 troops in iraq be because he knows the troops will be needed here?

        • when obama starts bringing troops in large numbers home you can bet your last dollar that he is planning a huge “rif”.

          • With the drawdown in Iraq that has Commanders upset, you can bet that two things will occur: 1) They’re (soldiers) are being made ready to go to Syria. 2) They’re going to be used here.

            • disagree with you…the family soldiers are telling me that they are rifting many already and are trying to lighten the load of the military…weaken it..pretty creepy if you ask me…break us then make us…

      19. What was that Roman phrase about “food and circus”?

        When the price of food really goes up watch them pour on the circus as a diversion. The “news” will be loaded with stuff to talk about around the water cooler that of course will be funny and interesting but in reality valueless. Janet Jackson where are you? It’s also a good time to “rally around the flag” with a diversion of attention to an outward threat. Martians, Klingons, AQ; I’s you guess. Anything to keep ones mind off of bills, jobs, layoffs and the like.

        It’s like a broken record that just won’t stop.

        • Turn it off–I did; November, 2008.

        • Brings to mind the talking dog (aka diversion) featured on the news last night. Our nation is on the precipice and what closed the evening news report? A husky who gargles out the words “I love you” to its owner. Cute? Yes. Up there with failing farms, crumbling EU, rising crime, collapsing dollar, and disintegrating middle class? In other words, REALITY??? Are you kidding? Tomorrow night they’ll probably feature a parrot who can recite the entire Gettysburg address. The circus is indeed in town.

        • reality tv, etc…turn the damn thing off…when our TV died this week, my daughter called me…well, what do you want us to do? your call, pay off the three remaining bills or buy a new set?….she gets it…Pay off bills and screw the set mom…we don’t really need it! Good girl…

          • Like mother, like daughter – good for you!

      20. Obama says He’s got a 300 billion jobs bill? Guess who he is going to throw that money at, to make sure they come out and vote for him in 2012?

        • I can only guess once.

      21. Marcus Tullius Cicero

        “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

        Does this sound like anybody we know???

        • Yes. Every POTUS since GHWBush, including Clinton, George Jr, and O’bummer.

          • AT LEAST all of those.

          • I’ll take my last few bucks and buy the rope. You have any carpenter skills? I think I would enjoy spending a couple of days working with you to build some gallows.

            There’s a lot of bastards that need hanging!

        • How many guesses do we get? 🙂

          • All you wish but only one will be correct…lol

            • Not really. The Great Conspiracy between the US Congress and the Chinese Communist Party began with GHWB, NAFTA was consumated by Clinton, George Jr completed the eviseration of the middle class by allowing 42,400 factories to be shipped offshore, while encouraging 30 million illegals into the US while he deployed American troops to extend crony capitalism for the Globalists. And Obummer? A complete twit who has spent US into oblivion.

              Traitors all, who should be arrested, indicted, tried, convicted, and hung.

      22. Hungry people do crazy stuff. Suddenly broke and hungry people do even crazier stuff. Be prepared now not to be broke and hungry when it all goes down so you don’t get photographed getting arrested in a melee in front of the local shuttered supermarket.

        Chaos is a good smokescreen for those one-percenters who want to start pogroms, race-wars, rob, rape and kill, carry out vendettas and loot consumer goods…

        try not to mistake these parasites for those who are legitemately protesting their grievances against a government that has allowed the country to be gutted by corporate-backed special interests.

        Stay at home, stay fed, feed others, stay informed and keep your finger off the bang-switch until you are 100% sure whom you’re shooting at.

        When the dust settles and everybody wakes up to a new reality, you’d hate to have to face trial forhaving sent a bullet where a bag of groceries would have been sufficient.

      23. Here it comes again. Another short notice storm coming into the Gulf. Get ready on the Gulf Coast, it’s another slow mover. Also another one in the Atlantic coming west. Not Katia.

      24. It’ll be a lot different than the Great Depression because so many people think the government owes them something. Public employee union members think they have a God-given right to a job that pays double what the private sector pays. They will be the first to be violent when cutbacks to their pay and benefits are suggested. Just look at how they acted in Wisconsin.

        • Bill S; The pay is not double. The criticism is correct but the amount is about 50%. Keep it real. Real is bad enoughj.

      25. Times a wastin’. Make a list of your needed preps. Prioritize them. And get on it. Quickly.

        Here’s a few of mine that I need to get to:
        Bikes (going yard sale-ing this weekend!)
        Bike repair parts
        Hand pump for our well (if one can be had for a 260 ft well).
        Figure out how to tap into the springs on our retreat land
        Get our cabin moved & set up on our retreat land (scheduled for later this week).
        Buy a real old diesel truck
        Buy an old diesel tractor with all necessary implements
        Store a few hundred gallons of diesel

        You can see why I’ve been putting them off. Most are quite pricy but need to be done. I’ve got years of food, plenty of weapons & ammo (as if you could ever have enough), plenty of precious metals……All set up (I think) except for the above items.

        Yes folks, time is running out. I can feel it in my bones!

        • Oh, and don’t forget medication and lots of anti-biotics. Worth their weight in gold!

        • Bikes are good. Alot of NVA humped supplies strapped on bycicles over the Ho Chi Minh trail.

        • Mr. Blutarsky – regarding the hand pump; Lehman’s sells deep well hand pumps.. but they are NOT cheap.. the old style pitcher pumps are only good for ~30 feet. Lehmans dot Com

        • Look into well buckets. The type I’m talking about are identical to the bailers used with the old churn drills. You can make one out of plastic pipe. Basically just a pipe with a home-made check valve at the bottom. Drop down the well casing, check valve opens and fills pipe, raise it and check valve closes. Low yield per minute, but you get water. At 260′ the only potential problem might be minerals in solution, but highly probable that water is potable. Water testing is cheap.

          The really handy folks can make a deep well cylinder pump. Add an air cylinder at the top and you have a deep well force pump. Just make sure you use a good sucker rod.

          Hope this helps. Can’t afford to repair my small rotary well drill, so as the ground starts to freeze in the next few weeks I get to hand dig 50′ for ground water. Not potable, but water can be filtered/distilled.

          Complete agreement on bikes. Even in rural Ak, it is my primary mode of transportation after walking. Plus it got me back (from 36″ this spring) to the same waist size (32″)I had in ’69 before the army had me bulk up (34″). Plus (drum roll please) no feeding the car for marginal utility. Get a bike repair book that covers adjusting the spokes for wheel trueness.

          • Gosh, I had a 32 inch waist when I was 35. Dang, that was a long time ago. If I had not spent so much time with a vascular surgeon I’d be back to a 34 myself.

        • I have a supply of gasoline for a while. Bought an antique Gibson garden tractor last weekend. Just like the one dad had when I was a young feller. I figure I can do whatever I need to do on less than five acres with it. Google Gibson tractors. Very simple.

      26. The Truth Is Extreme
        To Make It Moderate
        Is To Lie!

        Storm Clouds Gathering!

      27. Just wait until after the first of next year, if we make it that long, until the extended unemployment benefits run out for everyone. When ALL the long term unemployed have run out of benefits and the numbers of newly unemployed keeps rising and their benefits are limited to 26 weeks total. When we reach this point and the economy still isn’t creating jobs ….. then the S will really HTF.

        The primary difference between the US and Europe is that US Citizens have lots and lots of firearms and the sheeple in the ‘nanny-states’ of Europe don’t.

        It isn’t just the knife & gun shows doing a brisk business anymore either. I dropped by my favorite Army/Navy Surplus Store in Davie, FL today. The number of people there for an early Wednesday afternoon was really surprising. Packs, web gear, ponchos, magazine pouches, boots, etc. were selling like crazy.

        The homies seem to be waking up to the fact that ‘something-is-in-the-wind’ in ever increasing numbers. Is that the sound thunder or the crackle of gunfire that we can hear in the distance?

        God Bless & good luck.

        • I don’t think the Euro will make it one year, then there’s a few more replays to kick the can of green peas a little further down the road.

      28. At what point do we (the human race) get to call ourselves stupid because we continue to do the same wrong things?

        • November 2008

      29. besides this website what other sites do you guys/gals recommend for real honest news of whats going on.

        • Check the links. Make your own evaluation.


      31. I certainly hope that the negro flashmobs that steal property from convenience stores and assault whites for fun aren’t being classified as “bread riots”…

        • Dave

          I agree, call them what they are – thieves and thugs. If you conceal carry – well do what you got to do – if not they should be ID’d, hate crime added to charges and get max prison sentences.

          By the way – negro’s aren’t the only folks feeding at the government trough. There are a hell of a lot of the majority equaling gorging themselves.

          • FYI

            I was shopping at a Whole Food grocery store (organic foods) and checking out. In the line ahead of me, was a couple of senior majority ladies. They paid for their groceries with food stamp cards.

            My mouth dropped open, didn’t know you could use food stamps there. When I went outside there was one of those shuttle type buses. Turns out those ladies and men were from a senior citizen high rise near by. Section 8 housing.

            Excluding me, not a minority in sight. Nice- No ghetto housing or food for those folks. Must be nice.

            • my 87 yr old mother lives in a senior retirement bldg..for independent living…there are 80 one bedroom apartments…all very nice and very modern…anyway, she has noticed over the past three or four years that folks moving in to her building are younger and younger…in other words, they could not afford to retire and keep their digs…their retirements are or have been wiped out, so they are quickly getting on the waiting lists for section 8 housing, food stamps and everything else they can get on a list for. this is in millington tenn. but it is happening else where too.

            • LH: America could afford to care for its aged and infirm if ALL of the illegals were shipped home and the $300 billion We spend every year on them were applied to SSI and health care.

          • I don’t see the connection between those who steal and assault for fun (black flashmobs) with those who are just poor and are utilizing the welfare available to them.

            • DK +1


              You are one of the few

            • You must be upset if they were buying real food and not malt liquor and junk food with a gun, going outside and not throwing their trash down. Not a minority in sight, aren’t you unlucky, so why are you shopping there. I thought you said they bought groceries. Did they speak English? You have such a chip on your brain. Don’t tell the minority’s, they might start shopping there, and that wouldn’t not be nice.

          • True, LH. Several years ago a young girl on welfare (white) lived next door to us. Claimed she couldn’t work because she fell down the steps and hurt her back. Uh-huh. You should have seen her haul bags of groceries AND her 2-year-old son up to 2nd floor apt. Must have had a problem getting credit, because she began using OUR last name and OUR address and OUR phone number. We found out when we received a letter from Sears and reported her. She went to jail. That type of welfare mentality is color-blind. Black, brown, white, sky-blue pink – doesn’t matter. They want what you have WITHOUT WORKING FOR IT.

            • We call that waht traisht in the slightly deeper South but I am right there with you. Who cloned these damned people?

      32. If the Germans had any doubt about the lack of representative government in their country, they just had that doubt removed. 90% of Germans were against further bailouts for the banks. Angela Merkel was even voted against by her own party in her own state. But the German National Court just ruled against the wishes of the people and ruled their government could continue to bancrupt Germany and continue the bailouts.

        • HS, then it won’t be long before Germans are in the streets.

        • HS: You are right about that. Still, I expect some changes to the system before Germany steps up to the plate to pick up the tab.

      33. Is it just me or do you folks notice how uncomfortable all politicians are with the idea of representative government? Even in Europe and Asia. The so called ruling elite aren’t much different then the Monarchies of old. Worse, we have to pay them good pensions and better medical than we get.

        • Bubba, the politicians are the new aristocracy. Simple solution; never re-elect anyone.

          And those of you who rant about voting is rigged, prove it or shut up. Don’t send me to website as your evidence. Any moron capable of finding thier way to a library can set up a website. Prove it or STFU.

          If you don’t feel like voting, fine. At least trot out all the anti-constitutional stuff the incumbant voted on. Tell everyone and have the evidence to prove your point. Tell everyone how this impacts thier life. Be pro-active.

          We may get stuck with civil unrest, but let’s try to make it only evident in the polling both. Send the dirt-bags to the unemployment line. Oops, the unemployment office doesn’t list politician jobs.

          Time to make all the incumbants migrant workers. Work em hard and then send them on thier way. If you don’t work, neither should you eat.

          • “The real revolution will come when people who work for a living refuse to support those who can but won’t.”
            (Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged)

            • tell me how..I am so damn tired of paying Uncle Sugars taxes to support the folks that don’t want to work, expect a free be…sister in law, never held a job, was a drunk for 30 years, hurt her leg in a drunk driving situation and now collects disability and full funding…has apt. paid for, all meds, and food…for life…and I will have to work till I am 70+…have worked all my adult life..retirement fund wiped out..company plan could not touch to change so it went down the tubes…so again, how can I get out from paying for those that won’t.

            • Re breadmomma’s comment below – we used to donate school supplies to a nearby church (not ours) who would pass them out to poor children at beg. of school year – thought we were doing “the Christian thing.” Last Aug. I went to distribution and saw mothers with salon manicures, hair extensions, gold jewelry, expensive cell phones, iPods and late-model SUVs. That was IT – and I mean IT – for me. Now we help (on the quiet) individuals who really need it through our church and word-of-mouth. A small step, maybe, but we are refusing to be taken advantage of (and that’s EXACTLY what was happening).

      34. Change is coming! Not much choice.

        I’m not afraid anymore!

        Cheer up! The Revolution has started –
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )


      35. Mad Max: I have been to YOUR site. I have read ALL about your “revolution”. It is a revolution of the proletariat. We have seen the model for that “revolution”.

        Communism is dead, with the exception of Cuba, or haven’t you noticed?

        • DK,whats your take on a timeline for an EU powerhouse, if and when Germany goes against its people, starts writing more checks for the bailouts, and gathers in it’s flock (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, etc.)

          • POP: I have no idea about a time line for the EU “powerhouse”, but I suspect the current crisis is the catalyst to put the “powerhouse” in place.

            Maybe this crisis is not. Maybe there is much more time to go with additional fits and starts, but when you put this up against other events happening and/or in place; it looks like the “moment” to me.

            America wasn’t designed right the first time out of the block because the right balance between states and a central government had to become acceptable to the States and the mind of men in those states.

            Problems associated with the formation of the EU have been pointed out since the beginning, but were accepted, understanding that “quirks” in an imperfect union would eventually, and gradually be worked out.

            No doubt “quirks” will be painful all around. In the end WE know the outcome.

            Personally I think two or three maybe all of the PIIGS exit, accept the pain, devalue their currency, restructure, regroup and rejoin at a later date. Thats just conjecture. 5-10 years maybe. How long did it take Russia and the CIS to regroup?

            In the end WE know the outcome. It will be interesting to see it plays out, especially after MA give such a convincing analysis and argument against it.

      36. There is a lot to be learned form the Nazis, from a sane point of view. I read from cover to cover a direct translated version of Mein Kampf / Adolf Hitler 40 odd years ago.
        Back then it was just some “interesting old book.” But lately (like the last 2 or 3 years) I have been hearing statements and references I have heard before. I was kind of puzzled for a while.
        Let’s take people like Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven. These people are nothing but cheap imitations and con artists aspiring to be some kind of new thinkers, or the enlightened ones leading us from the darkness with all of their new and free thought. Bullshit!
        If you read this book and change the dates and names you can easily see a direct correlation with what is going on in this country today. With what is happening politically, Unions and labor, class division, racism, hate mongering, political bickering, employment, finance, hunger, it’s all there.
        Just about everything that is going on in this country today of any importance can be directly related to the blueprint in the second book and how to steer it.
        The aforementioned con artists just were able to get to our kids and infect them. Hitler advocated the very same thing, exactly, get to the kids.
        The same thing is advocated about Unions and tradesmen, organize them, use them as an army to champion the cause. And I ask you, what’s happening today. Look at Richard Trumka and his “son of a bitch” cracks.
        Here is a link to one of the better translations, there are a lot of translations that have been played with and have deleted sections.
        What can be learned here are their mindset and their strategy. The people that are running this thing have at least heard of this book if not read it completely and adapting it’s strategic guidance’s.
        It’s a difficult read but you can pick through it enough to get the gist of it.

      37. Is it only me, but I can’t stand watching Charlie McGrath’s videos… He sits TOO F’N CLOSE TO THE CAMERA!!! He has great info and insight, but Charlie, will you PLEASE back up away from the camera? And, the bright lights accentuate your nose!!! C’mon, PLEASE??

      38. clear

        • c

      39. Saw O’reilly and Dick Morris on Fox last night. They were ridiculing any gold backed currency. They said it wouldn’t provide enough money to operate our economy. I think it would. The reason we went off the gold standard was because we were becoming a globalist empire. We can’t operate an empire on a gold standard. And it’s apparent we can’t operate an empire on a fiat currency, either. Solution? Go back to being a free constitutional republic.

        • Sometimes I’m so smart, I scare myself.

          • O’reilly……..is a fuck-en Douchebag! that dude is one self-righteous cocksucker!

            Years ago ……I will even admit that I kind of liked him, but now I can see right through that sun~of~a~bitch and he makes me want to puke, what a dirt bag!

            I like (Fox News) better then most all the other networks but, they have lost a lot of their credibility with me over last few years or so. Am I the only one who feels this way? I doubt it. Trust only in ourselves folks…there is so few we can trust in the media these days.

            “They serve their fellow American’s (shit-sandwitch’s) on a daily basis with a smile and the sheeple lap it up with their eyes glazed over. It really makes a man want to puke!!!”

            • Plus 2 Bf & HS.

            • It’s impossible to get news without spin on it. Reminds me of Tass and Pravda. Russians said they just had to read between the lines. That’s basically what I do now. Pretty sad situation when you think about it. We’re nearly at the point where the Russians said, they would pretend to work and the state would pretend to pay them.

            • The best way that POA can explain his agreement is to inform you that POA no longer owns a television. (or even a telescreen)

              I learn what I need from my library and the sharp minds here. (#10 can, crisp $10 bills)

            • I have to agree with you. He is like nancy Grace with a Valium (TM REG) and one less testicle that her.Except his hair looks more real.

        • Maybe they meant it wouldn’t provide enough to pay the debts of our economy!!!

      40. ….then you remember…as you awaken….the family is in the basement den, The generator running in the attci os muffeled very well by the insulation you added in the 80s. As you peek out through the crack in the window you see your neighbor JPhil, uncle marvin and your brother-in-law Roger all with melding minds sharing your common thought. “How aad that they are going to leave me no choice”. The expensive parkas freshly filched from what is left of the expensive mall…. L. L. Bean ain’t as nice a stuff as it used to be….the 200.00 tennis shoes glow red against the khaki-winter dead grass. You belch up a little flavor saver of the Hormel chili left from breakfast/lunch….to plain to merit “brunch” anymore but weatin’ is real and you again thank GOD thay you had the foresight to…..back to reality as you see 3 of the 6 separate from the group and start to corcle around Marvin house….the ubiquitous dov call 1 minute earlier answered by the ever more unbiquitpus crow call were the last nails for these guy..they just didn’t have enough sense to know it. A lifetime of being entitled don’t equate to worth dime’s worth of any entitlemant right now any more than those guys week before last in the rusty old 4X4 trucks from that old old trailer park, owened by the mayors brother and exempt from Health Dept regs for years were entitled. All muscles tense you wait for the first with your neighborhood’s procedures of “right to engage” to make the determination. It’s rapidly going to either go on or not. Just wait which way they turn. Ooops UP the driveway and toward the garage doors and the detached garage where marv’s grandkids, 18 and 27 yr old sons andf their wioves are maintaining and cooking on the old Hibachi with cast iron, not davey Crockett but doing well as the girls have gained a pund in the last week. Without any further cushion left you bring your leopold 6.5 X 20 X 50 m/m Long Range model Vari-X III knowing that 15.00 a box fior Federal Gold Medal match ammo 168 Gr BTHP was money well spent and not so painful at 1 box every 2 weeks. Yiou know the feeling of coppery dry tatse….they have now committed and have designated you as totally committed against your real wishes. Can’t lket them go bring back more from the cheap sectioj 8 apartments as you feel that 2.89 oz pull start to press back against you index finger. GOD I so did not want ti to come to this. I would’ve left for the boonies if I had the money and means to haul everything I would need…..as the pressure tightens in your finger you start to sweat in like 33 seconds and just before the sear slips you say again, ” Lord I sure didn’t wqnt this…I didn’t prepare for this…but as you see the front 2 pointing their cheapy made ans stocked SKSa you can see the rust ansd know these are the rigfles left in the trunk ot under the frame of a vehicle. Not exactly the NRA embership here. Boom! The big magnum of dave’s basement window roars…..stifly jerking the lead thug slowly spins and he collapses on his way down in wevery way one can approcah down, you Remiongton 700 PSS roars and another vertebrae shatters…at least it’s fast, Fatser that your family would feel if these guy got past you and your frends…..as you look

        • I wrote a similar story on the 912 website. A lady sort of chastised me for being so “dark.”

          It is what it is and will be what it will be.

          May god help us and guide us.

          • This story just “welled” up after sitting in a courthouse full of cisenfranchised manufactured victims all day who approach me as if I am their social worker or “case worker”. I clarify with extremee clarity that I am not….I am just there to put the ones who ack a fool in jail. I also see the inevitable resultas of all this manufacturing of entitled, illterate, inconceiveable vis-a-vis “responskability” and draggging some 4-5 kids-each 9 months and 6 weeks older than the last. It would take Helen Keller to be unable to extrapolate the factors vividly displayed so clearly to not easily see where it will end when the perfumed princes from foggy bottom finally tire of their dalliances and head of for switserland and other parts unknown. Forethought is paramount to recognizibng the very real possibilities and distinguishing them from the virtual imperatives resulting when ” foke check don’ be there”. For the nailve I will leave you to ponder that as to what the hell could he be talking about. For the forewarned is forearmed crowd…I will wit as your backside wiggles in total delight that you have found another kindred spririt who shares your perceptions and realities which are both as portents and are nightmares. I have been planning since my fireman daddy taught me circa 1960 how to escape a burning house. I have taught my self in the lat 340 yrs wearing a badge how to escape a totally collapsing societal unti/delieation ever-faster circling the drain. For those who hear and know not..it’s about time for …an “But-Obama-ain’t-responskible-for-that-he-ain’t-did-that-repulcatoras-had-did-that shill. uNLESS THSI COMMENT BOARD IS BLESSED WITH AN ABNORMAL NUMBER OF PERSONS OF “ABOVE PAR” PERCEPTIBILTY AND INTELLIGENCE. OPPS SORRY CAN’T TYPE WELL CAPLOCK WAS AN ACCIDENT…LIKE THE BAnK loan thing to he’p po foke buy a house that had messed up’ but Obama had fixed it.

      41. Homeland Security says:

        “It’s impossible to get news without spin on it. Reminds me of Tass and Pravda. Russians said they just had to read between the lines. That’s basically what I do now. Pretty sad situation when you think about it. (We’re nearly at the point where the Russians said, they would pretend to work and the state would pretend to pay them.”)

        Damn good point there! I like the way you put that.

      42. …cont….you see the smoke from a house 6 blocks away rising up to the late autumn sky. Yoi shudder as you think of the famlies that used to live there….all gone last time you and Zrog went on early AM recon to scope out the neighborhood asnd even folks you had known since 3rd grade were long gone…sometimes with a note of where to and sometimes without a trace. Twice you found gouts of dried bllod in the foyer on the carpet. It makes your pupiles constricted now to remember it. That ain’t good you think….gotta get thopse medical diagnosis books from Susans stash from nursing schoool and look that up. Maybe it’s stress and BP; from a remote contro;l world to this new construction revival of the Creek wars with everybody but the Creeks…..luckily the sterotypes ignored by the MSM as eveil and racist have served well to date with the fools using up thwe last of their limited battery-asssed personas and keep them from failing in their missions to look for food or if possible bling, drugs…mostly pot( the geek dealers, meth and oxycontin dealers were overwhenlmed first way early….CONT….

      43. …CONT…..the slowly dronong soun d of the hip hop tape in the Cenali these guys got out of mocks them as they turn to run reaklizing that they have screwed themselves being do dependent o fhtier tunes. Somebody once said it was better to be quiet on recon but these guys missed that day of ranger schiool while they partied with 14 yr old curious little girls after luring them with free pot and gifts of cheap 18K electroplate bling. 2 go down with the rapid brutally shoving bark of the competition Hbar with a 3X9 X40 Leopold tactical
        scope. the last 2 think they have gained enough training to do raids from watching Falling Skies on TNT but these ain’t skitters they face. Wanda June and Leon both belch fresh fire from East Alton Illinois (gotta love that big green in #1 with 20 pellets per 3″ 12 ga shell)fire and screams and then the sopinning black nothingness from the azaleas and the Sudan grass ornamentals at the end of Mr. Murphys house wfrom where they snuck out the back door of Marivns house and watched just another lane of escape. Like automatons everybody moves like a clock on a fast spring. The Yukon Denali, blood on the front leather and less on the back carseats tells a tale you would rather not hear. You harden up and swallow it down. “I don’t have time to be human….(I got children who will not live ut the week if I don’t stay ice cold and numb) seat and a photo of a nice looking lady and 3 smiling children in a peaying hands frame look down from the visor and makes you cringe. Denali’s shot. Tires very low and probably got a few nails. Loo out where you drive idiots and marilyn manson……a little Biggie Smalls too. Pull the battery solar may pull it back up. Too easy to ID too easy to draw more troubl;e in. Trouble that will eventually connect back to a big antbed not far enough away and not yet depleted enough. Too many 1/2 ass soldier ants trying their little scouting forays. Only about 4 made it back to the great dungpile in the last month and they weren’t even able to tell who made them sol ther drawers or where….they just woudn’t go back out again….ever…..No antibiotics or demerol makes for a spooky recon element…..reefer won’t put you out to dig out that bullet and all what went for cocaine went up the big dawgs nose weks ago so everybody down at the crossroads apartment complex knew not to get wounded. Only with a little tequila left from the last raid on the last bar in the range that they were willing to explore was the fuel that seht these would-be Errol Flynns out for their last recon. Sadly they couldn’t spel Recconn.
        Boo! The quiet and swiftly cooling air was riven by the bark of the little Glck 27, the one with the 23 mag and spacer. Thankfully it fitted into the crago pocket opf a Tech 22 pants. The one lying on the back flooroboard didn’t know wheterh to attack or run….sadly he still had not decided when he jumped out clumsily without direction and just got a little too close to Maynard, the old army Sgt. who had retired after the ’03 opening pitch in Iraq. Convulsions ran down the chubby legs…..dirty and unwashedddd full of recent cuts showed some looter/raiders don’t know when to noty hide in the brush behind Marvin’s garage. Obnly one Cure 28 canned ahm and 2 cans of Hunts Snakpak left in the larger of the Denali. Ity would heve ben great to keep being al wheel steering and rive but this one was thrashed….old before they got it. Put them back in it roll it down so far, hok the f250 to it and drag it out near the old quarry road where they had dumped old cars since before the war. WW!!, ‘nam, Desert Joke, Iraqui Plunder, and nopw the war of the collapse. They ahd heard about normal ( there was no such thing as that anymore) people on Long Island and NYC or even upstate hunting down the very pols who malfeasence had visitied this on the people. Tose who were bored with the depression stories, the leftover buttered biscuits in a syrup bucket for lunch at school and rags over shoes in the sonw tales that seemed so far distant in time and concept back in the 60s.
        They now seemed to be staring us n our “grilles”. All the Wiis, Phones that did eveything but have sex with you were over. A few people had figured out how to pry those old crank phones off the walls in the anituque shops, old drugstores by the soda fountains and actually rig them up to wires leaving maybe 12-14 houses with primtive connections which when muted gave an unexpected alterante form of tom tom as it were. These guys wouldn’t be missed. They came and went just as irresposibly now as before the shooting started. With no trail or SUV of uh er pieces left. Nobody would attach any signifigance to their absence figuring they would just be out in the trailers with one of the party girls-who gave a lot more bang for the buck now that partie supplies were runing a little short. The oxycontins, demerols. fENTANYL PATCHES HAD RUN LOW WITH THE LORTABS GONE IN 2 WEEKS. nOT MANY WANTED TO RISK A VERY STUPID REAL AND SURPRISIONG DEATH PLAYING WITH THE FENTANYL PATCHES. tHE DOSAGES And (sorry caplock) larger volumes presstn taxed many of the minds that had not calculated anytging since they began the long slow march from 2nd grade social promotion in school to the magic quit age at 16. It had been quite a LONG TIME AND THEM

      44. Bob, do you do all that mindless typing while you are taking a dump? You must sit on that toilet a long time.

        • No I was reading your posts and it caused a seizure and I couldn’t stop. Hence the typoooo so so so so s .And since yo asked, I have been a little constipauted lately….probably need some Metaaamucil. Thanks for asking.

      45. All things as they are..the fall darkness began to come down like a curtain rapidly pulled won by a fat woman in a trailer park who had heard voice outside. In 7-10 minutes it would be blackdark. Time to button up. LPs manned, kiddie walkie talkies distrubted, all wiondows covered as tightly as an air raid wraden in 1942’s orders. The night was coing again. That black pulsepounding uncertainty that had long been forgotten since Edison pireced the night with his tungsten filaiment of hair size.
        Perimter alarsm to set. The old vibrational military alerts marketed heavily pre Y2K were out of the box and wired to the rwemaining D batteries. The broken light bulbs spread out on the front porches to crunch alert any itruders who had not fugured out where the other looters had ended up.
        Kids and women in the basement, men older teens and warrior women in the respective upstairs areas of the homes. Monofilament lines stretched 3 inches of the grounbd around the houses attached to hidden # 1 1/2 cans full of pebbles of rocks.
        The homemade “Lowes” fglame thrower-previously a garden sprayer now full of charcoal lighter at the ready at every house back door.
        The best and most important was the fireplace of each house was the round ductwork from each abandoned home spliaced togather and run conveniently to the creek behind 4 of the house which ran high enough to place the ends under the water where the suction of the water drew the smoke out under the surface of the creek water…..like the smartr of the old Tennessee mountain moonshiners did. The crank operated BayGen radio would be set up on the mantle with extra old speaker and lampcord wire salvaged from deserted houses taped to the aerial and wound around and around up in the attic around rafters and kingposts/queenposts to enhanve the signal that may come skiping thru the air at night when the radio waves are set loose by the density of the night air.
        The little group was thankful that while some remained armchair spetnazt for the last few years yet some in the area had made realisitic assessmetns fo the risk, the cost and pragmatism of relocationg to a too-small and hard to get to reteat of accumilating suffieicnet suppl;ies and equipment to shelter as long as possible. The less than perfect proximity to the laess desrieable parts of town were a factor bu thankfully so many from that nest f thugs had gone “a’viking” and not returned. The radio told a tale of nightmares, medievel in nature happeing. Sadly, all the country clubs were closed. The elected officials found their connections and power useless in the face of thsi new reality and sadly for them,at least…they found that the most expensive Beretta double barreled shotgun in the world useless when one had but 33 low brass # 9 Federal paperhul skeetloads for it when it happened. As the evening settled in the deepcycle batteries were unhokked for the solar panels and attached to the strings of tiny white christmans light strun thru the houses to provide sufficient light to walk around and see each other. The plywood, 3/4 exterior grade cut 1/8 inch oversize painted flat black and pounded into the window frame openings more that sealed the light from leaking out while providing the illusioon of a vacant or trashed and erelict house. Shut off at night, the generators still produced justa little more noise than the protectors were comfortabl with at night cause a lot of potential enemies stil stuck to the old sleep all day and roam allnight predatoy habits. They just were not as profitable or as safe a collection of habits as they had once been… Between those and the other radio, a scanner set on esearch very litle juice was needed to maintain suffiecent light to see and information gathering capabilties as well. The big pots were a comfort; luckily some had the foresight to pick up a few of the big 5 galllon aluminum pots from walmart and even a couple of 2-3 gallon iron washpots from fleamarkets. The smell of pinto deans, rice, spices and corned beef filled the houses. Most of the family, having been raised ina real middle to lower middle class income home had no troulbe adapting to different variations of basic one pot meals. Polk salad remained an option that as of yet had noot had to be tapped but it would work if it had too. After a blessing and quiet talking and a recp of the day ativities, trimphs and challenges the house began to settle down towared the time to sleep which was amazingly now only 20:45 instead the Conan/Leno/Kimmel dominated society of 3 months ago; even Squidbillies and AquaTeen hunger force had falen by the wayside-talking fast food products or components having little to offer vis-s-vis the weahering of the storm. As the light sounds on heavy steady breathing and faint snores began to pervade the home suddenly there was a very loud…..CONT….

        • Cue suspense music…

      46. Did you ever hear a fearmongering person who had nothing to
        sell? I haven’t! Not ever! I laugh when I hear their
        radio shows and their commercials. I make a cash register
        sound when their commercials come on “CHA-CHING!” I say.
        They plug their reports. They plug their books. They
        sell it, sell it, sell it just like any prostitute. But
        is there any truth in what they are saying? Sometimes.
        I’m laying all my faith in God, and yes, the Bible does
        tell us that troubled times will be here. Just be sure
        your true faith isn’t in all your preparations, but is
        solidly grounded in the Lord. That’s my 2 cents.

      47. I think many on here need to read Martin Armstrong – Armstrong Economics writings.

        He has predicted every up and down in the economy for years. And he sells nothing. It didnt stop the government from imprisoning him for telling the truth.

        Truth – good or bad – is better to know than be caught unaware.

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