Woman Who Flipped Off Trump’s Motorcade Was Fired For Her Behavior

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 47 comments

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    The woman made infamous for flipping off president Donald Trump’s motorcade says she was fired from her job for her childish behavior. Juli Briskman said the marketing company bosses called her in and gave her the boot.

    But, nonetheless, the 50-year-old says she has no regrets about flipping off the president’s motorcade. Briskman was cycling in Virginia last month when she offered the gesture in what she described as a “gut reaction” to Donald Trump’s policies. “He was passing by and my blood just started to boil,” she told the Huffington Post. “I’m thinking, DACA (aka, “dreamers,” children of illegal immigrants who were allowed to stay in the United States) recipients are getting kicked out. He pulled ads for open enrollment in Obamacare. Only one-third of Puerto Rico has power. I’m thinking, he’s at the damn golf course again.”

    A photographer traveling with the presidential motorcade snapped Briskman’s picture and the image quickly spread across news outlets and social media. Many hailed Briskman as a hero, with some saying she should run in the 2020 election; while others called her disrespectful, emotionally driven, and childish.

    “I flipped off the motorcade a number of times,” Briskman added. But her bosses didn’t find her little stunt all that entertaining, or in accordance with how the company perceives the manner in which an employee should conduct themselves in or out of the workplace.

    Briskman had been working as a marketing and communications specialist for a Virginia-based federal contractor, Akima, for six months. She thought it best detail to the human resources department that she was now infamous for being emotionally unstable and flipping off the president. With all of the online fuss around her actions, the company would have likely found out about her antics anyway.

    Bosses called her into a meeting after she ratted herself out, she said. “They said, ‘We’re separating from you,’” Briskman told the Huffington Post. “‘Basically, you cannot have lewd or obscene things in your social media.’ So they were calling flipping him off obscene.” Unfortunately for Briskman, that’s fairly common among companies. Most want their employees to behave in a manner befitting the company (including on social media), and flipping off the president probably didn’t make Akima look all that great. One would expect the exact same reaction from a boss should a person have been fired for flipping off President Obama’s motorcade.

    She said the company was displeased she had used the image as her profile picture on Twitter and Facebook and the bosses told her that using the image violated social media policy and could hurt the company’s reputation as a government contractor. Briskman said she pointed out that her social media pages do not mention her employer. She also tried to shift blame when she said another employee had written a profane insult about someone on Facebook, but had been allowed to keep his job after deleting the post and being reprimanded. Unfortunately, Briskman cannot simply “delete” what she did considering the photo went viral; but it’s oddly amusing she tried to throw a fellow employee under the bus for her misdeeds.

    Virginia, however, has “at will” employment laws, meaning private-sector employers can fire anyone for any reason. Suddenly, the emotionally unstable 50-year-old mother of two found herself looking for a new job. Briskman, who votes Democratic (big surprise), said she planned to look for a new job with an advocacy group she believes in, such as Planned Parenthood or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

    That seems about right for a Democrat. Advocate for the slaughter of innocent human beings while saving all the animals.


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      1. Kudos to that company for giving the boot to that stupid libturd bitch. Obama/Hillary supporter. So she thinks President Trump and his supporters are disgusting? Well I say she and all other libturds are disgusting so that makes us even.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Sorry but your making my case for me. If it was Hillary in the motorcade the political statement would be acceptable and should be protected?

          Freedom is messy.

          • You are right Kev. Good point. Of course, if the situation were reversed, who knows but that the “flipper” would have ended up like Seth Rich, or all those other strange, Clinton deaths by “slipping on a banana peel in the shower.”

            The issue here is if a company has the right to fire based on personal conduct. That, too, is a long, messy issue that I won’t solve here. For me. tho, the issue is the HYPOCRISY. H8TE is wrong, stop bullying, no to nastiness… then the biggest haters on the planet is the left. And what she did was just plain STUPID, hate-filled and arrogant. And hers is just a microcosm of the HATE that ultimately animated the left to MURDER over 100 MILLION last century. Overstatement? No, not really. Out of little hate-filled leftist acorns grown evil, murderous leftist murdering monoliths.

            But yeah, let her flip the bird, as you perspicaciously write. She looked like a junior high student doing so. In fact, I know very few leftists who have morally or intellectually grown past being a 13 yr old.

          • Kevin2, most likely if that had been Hillary in the motorcade the person might have been ‘disappeared’. Same if had been for Obama. My apologies. I wasn’t thinking clearly when I made that post. I should’ve avoided it. You’re right about freedom being messy. I love what you do and don’t want to have any dispute.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              We both desire for the USA to arrive at the same place, your a Libertarian too. Its just a minor difference of opinion buddy.

              I think of the intimidation the KGB did to dissidents losing their job for disagreeing with the system in the 1970s (dead in Stalin’s rein). I see it here too. The US keeps taking freedom away to preserve our freedom. Same line of bullshit nations did that we scorned. We’re becoming them, same cake, different icing.

              • Kevin2, you must’ve been reading my mind. My thoughts were along the same lines.

                • Well, K2 and DB,

                  What about the NFL protestors? The flag burners, the painting depicting the police as pigs being displayed in Congress? Etc, etc! Is There a line to be drawn? When do we become sanctimonious? When can we say, ‘Enough is enough’! As an old saying goes, ‘The village dogs bark but the Caravan moves on!’

                  Louisiana Eagle ?

            • So, I can curse my boss and my “speech” would be protected? Great, cannot wait to go to work tomorrow. The first amendment protects verbal dissent of the GOVERNMENT and you cannot be arrested. If a private company finds your remarks offensive they can fire your pathetic ass.

      2. ” in which an employee should conduct themselves in or out of the workplace.”

        Does anyone honesty believe that in the globalist increasingly competitive employment environment employers will not (or as of yet have not) stifled political speech on the employees on time. This is a glaring example of it occurring. So maybe attending a political rally out of favor with the the boss, who requires as little as I don’t like your brown shoes, affords termination. Why not just cut to the chase and completely abandon the political process and become the insect colony that is the end game.

        • she was fired for making a lewd gesture, then incorperating it into her social media profile, in violation of company policies she no doubt read and agreed to when she became employeed. She is a Marketing and Communications specialist- ie the company’s PR person: the last person you want displaying this sort of behavior in social media.

          seems like a good reason to fire her.

        • She didn’t get fired for “political speech”. She got fired for boorish behavior that reflected poorly on her employer… and rightly so.
          Sorry about your lack of discernment Kevin but the behavior you excuse is exactly the thing that has been promoting the “insect colony” for decades.

          • Stuart

            The US Supreme Court disagrees with you. That is protected as speech.

            “While the act of giving the finger does not involve “speech,” in that it is entirely non-verbal, it is considered “expressive conduct,” which the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled is entitled to the same protection as verbal expression.”

            You can’t politically protest on your time because it reflects upon your employer? You can’t honestly in your heart be an American and simultaneously support that position.

            • Sure you can protest on your time, but in an “at-will” state, the employer can fire you. He doesn’t have to give a reason. The same law allows you to quit without notice.

        • Apparently you’ve never worked for a large corporation. All of them have both business and internet standards and practices that all employees have to abide by. That includes union employees and employees in every state and country. They are a part of your employment contract.

          They are, in all cases, just basic common sense rules. This womyn was stupid and apparently thought those rules did not apply to her even though she had to agree to abide by them in order to get the job.

      3. Next time you wave to the President of the United States you’ll use “ALL” your fingers…
        Blah, Ha, Ha,,, Enjoy your unemployment check…

        • You can laugh but nothing prevents that employer or any from doing the same thing if Hillary was POTUS.

          “Although I may disagree with what you say I’ll fight to the death your right to say it”.

          Unfortunately Liberals and Conservatives largely believe that their opinion should be protected, not the other guy. Both wade through the Bill Of Rights cherry picking what they like, what they scorn and who and how its applied.

          I’m a Libertarian.

          • who said anything about different standards for liberal vs conservative? who (besides you) mentioned Hillary?

            You and I disagreeing with someone over their opinion is considerably different than someone violating their companys terms of employment.

            You paint with a broad brush from atop your high horse.

          • Exactly. If she was at work and did it, ok, but on her own time. That means your employer owns you 24/7/365. Maybe next time it will be your libra boss that finds out you have guns or anything else we do on our own time that they think they can control.

            • You are all missing the point. She would have been just fine but she bragged about it on social media. She also had information about where she worked posted as well. It is the connection of the two that prompted her employer to take exception to having their good name drug through the mud by this boorish wench.

              • Stuart, good points about social media. Plus, I don’t see where it’s any employer’s business about what their people do on social media. They should only be concerned with their employee’s work performance, attendance record, attitude toward their job, appearance. I’m the only one who decides who can have whatever information they want about me.

              • Stuart

                So she is banned from putting her political protest on social media simply because she works for XYZ Corporation which happens to be known? Great, so you can have “free speech” in a closet but don’t brag about it or write a letter. You have say 3/5ths free speech. Its like Dredd Scott with the 1st Amendment.

                You have to be kidding me. As long as its legal and on her time its ABSOLUTELY none of their business, period.

                • great points kevin! thank you.

                • “You have to be kidding me. As long as its legal and on her time its ABSOLUTELY none of their business, period.”

                  right up until she signed the company social media policy, or professional ethics policy, or etc etc you get my drift.

                  She MADE it their business by directly agreeing to their terms in return for that paycheck. Period.

      4. Her government-contract system coming back on her.

      5. To quote, “stupid is and stupid does”… idiot woman just HAD to post the pic on Facebook as if anyone really care what she does with her fingers. Too, I note that federal contractors check those oh-so wonderful social media accounts now on an on-going basis just to ascertain none of their public servants swim against the current of political correctness.

      6. So, you appear to have stretched spandex over your 50y/o ass, and rode into a sort of military blockade, where everything is bulletproofed, to discuss the issues with your middle finger — some of which were legitimate issues.

        What is the strategy, again — playing the victim?

        • I believe that was a classic exercise of highly protected free speech being its in the political arena. You don’t have to agree with it. In reality speech that isn’t inflammatory requires no protection. Yes its as Constitutionally Protected as a verbal statement.

          “While the act of giving the finger does not involve “speech,” in that it is entirely non-verbal, it is considered “expressive conduct,” which the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled is entitled to the same protection as verbal expression.”

          The above has historically separated us from virtually every other nation.

          • Allowing an employer to dictate otherwise legal behavior, especially in the political spectrum, in hours that are not paid, may be legal but it flies in the face of being ethical. Certainly in this day of mass communication with no hiding it has a chilling effect upon an individuals input into the political process and thereby magnifies the political power of the employer. You cannot have this in a functioning Republic or Democracy which depends upon the unfettered participation of the body politic free from retribution. Norman Rockwell painted a fantastic dramatization of this with a gent, not well dressed, standing up expressing his views. Its UnAmerican not to agree that this is an absolute right far superseding any right of the employer to terminate at will.

            • bottom line is… she agreed to the standards of her employer.

              I have rights. If I give them up in return for a paycheck, I’ve given them up of my own free will. I can still act against those policies I agreed to, but I should expect said paycheck to be taken away.

            • It is clear you have never employed anyone who pissed in your boot while you are writing out their paycheck.

              In every one of your posts here you have demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of the issue. That is known as Ostentatious Ignorance. It is not an admirable quality.

              • Stuart

                You own the employee for the hours you pay them; thats it.

                I’m many things but ignorant isn’t one of them.

                • Apparently you are.
                  1- you dont own human beings, even for the hours you pay them.
                  2- She agreed to the terms of her employment, and her behavior is one of those terms.

      7. Wow, the tires on that bike were being strained, along with that piece of spandex! (grin)
        I’m sure she can get hired by ANTIFA or some such left wing radical organization where America haters gather.

      8. Yes, she did have the right to flip off Trump’s motorcade. However, actions do have consequences. Karma meet Bitch. Just because you can do some thing, does NOT mean doing it is a good idea. The bimbo’s employer also had the right to fire her. The Golden Rule (alternate version) applies here: He who has the gold, makes the rules. The NFL thugs…er…players do have the right to kneel in protest when the national anthem is being played. At the same time the owners have the right to fire them for doing so. And I have the right to protest them by not watching them play football.

        Of course one would never do that sort of thing had it been the Hillary motorcade. You would have been found a having committed suicide by shooting yourself in the back of the head 3 times.

        This is not a free speech issue. This is a civility issue. But I do appreciate the bimbo giving us that nice visual display of what her family tree looks like. By the way, had that been Obama’s motorcade, my position would still be the same. What makes the bimbo’s action all the more contemptible is her refusal to be responsible for her actions.

      9. Always remember, folks: H8TE, bullying and nastiness towards others is always wrong. That is, unless a LEFTIST does it. Then it is “understandable,” “justified” and even “good.”

        The fascist left. Always and ever freaking hypocrites – cf. Weinstein, Hilary’s scams, frauds and cronyism, Donna Brazile LYING about giving Hilary some debate questions ahead of time (I watched that one live, myself), the faux socialism of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists, you name it.

      10. Good point, Kev. May be best just to let her actions speak for themselves: She is a puerile, hate-filled child in an over-weight 50 something woman’s/harridan’s body. So yeah, publish the picture everywhere. And publish the latest fascist brownshirt Antifa book burnings, or whatever they are burning this time.

        To paraphrase their hero Lenin, let’s give them just enough hate-rope to hang themselves.

      11. Stuart, I’ve got to agree with Kevin2 on this subject matter. He makes some very valid points that I can’t dispute at all.

      12. This idiot Represented a Company. A Company she worked for, and was Employed by. On the clock or not, she represented the company. – Great call on the company.

        • “Represented A Company”

          How so on her time? I see no sign on her advertising her employer while riding that bicycle. I see no statement from her in the Company’s name falsely stating that they’re in agreement with her. She is an idiot because she had the audacity to express her displeasure in the system? Thank God such people exist. If she gave the finger against the Vietnam War 50 years ago or the get to the back of the bus 60 years ago she is muted because she “Represented A Company”?


          Freedom Is Messy But It Beats The Alternative

          • Kevin2, once again you make excellent points. Stuart seems to mean well but I can tell he has been drinking way too much of someone’s koolaid. I’ll still take freedom any day over the alternative.

          • @Keven2, A question to you, your being a libertarian (sp?), when did the employer give up their right to freely associate with who they want or don’t want too?

          • Yeah,yeah you’re not your

      13. If the stupid libturd mentioned her employees name,than the company has a right to fire her. Especially since it’s a government contractor. As a state employee myself,how I act off state time also matters to my employer. If I act stupid enough that the cops are called,I could be fired. Fair? Probably not. Life isn’t fair.

      14. To the author and/or editor: “President” needs to be capitalized every time it’s used. It’s not president Trump but President Trump.

      15. southside

        “how I act off state time also matters to my employer”

        If you operate within the confines of the law and don’t misrepresent your employer, especially in the political spectrum is under First Amendment protection (especially in your case) as your employer who happens to be the government is bound by it.

        If this woman in any way tried to suggest that she is speaking for her employer then her discharge is valid. Stating who you work for, without the aforementioned in no way implicates her employer.

        The primary purpose of the First Amendment is protection of political speech. Speech that ruffles no feathers requires no protection. You not only have a right but a duty in the US to non violently ruffle feathers, without ramifications.

        ” Fair? Probably not. Life isn’t fair.”


      16. So she wants illegals to stay, animals to be protected, and babies to be murdered. Yep, that’s a mental health disorder only associated with the left.

      17. I remember when Billy the Rapist-N-Thief Clinton saw a sign that read “Clinton doesn’t inhale he sucks” he had the secret service agent detain him. Probably still be harassed by the deep state IRS.

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