Woman Fired For Refusing to Accept EBT Card as Payment for Cigarettes *Video Commentary*

by | Jul 9, 2012 | Headline News | 272 comments

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    Sixty five year old Jackie Whiton, a cashier at a local convenience store, was in hot water with her boss recently. Apparently, she refused to sell cigarettes to an individual who attempted to pay for them with his Electronic Benefits Transfer card (the government’s preferred method of nutritional food assistance). Ms. Whiton didn’t realize that EBT allowed card holders to not only purchase food, but cigarettes and alcohol as well. When she was made aware of the law by her boss, she held fast to her position, telling her boss that she would refuse to sell cigarettes to anyone attempting to make payment with EBT/Food Stamps.

    She was promptly terminated.

    Ms. Whiton maintains that she’s all for the government’s nutritional food assistance program – when it’s used to for essential goods… like food:

    “This is what the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars are going toward,” she said. “There are a few people of course who are against me, and they are probably card holders.”

    “I am not against the EBT (food stamp) grocery cards. I am not,” she said. “But a woman can’t even buy toilet paper or tampons with those.”

    Source: Union Leader

    Bob, of Drinking with Bob, passionately explains the general sentiment and outrage of the majority of Americans who have their hard earned income confiscated on a weekly basis so that those ‘less fortunate’ among us are able to buy smokes and booze:

    She can’t believe it. She says “I don’t care, I’m not sellin’ cigarettes to some kid and then letting him pay for them with his friggin’ food stamp money. I don’t care if it is legal.”

    She winds up getting fired.

    Are you friggin’ kidding me?

    I don’t think anybody in this country is against food stamps. We realize, people fall on hard times. You want to help those people. But you want to help them with milk, you want to help them with eggs, you want to help them with bread.

    Are you seriously telling me we go to work everyday, bust our freakin’ balls, the government takes money out of our checks and they’re giving it to some guy so he can sit in a room with a bottle of Old Grand Dad, a carton of Pall Malls, playing video poker all day – and it’s legal?

    Are you insane?!?

    If our forefathers were alive today, you know what they’d be doing on the fourth of July?

    They’d be blowin’ their freakin’ brains out.

    Are you freakin kidding me?!

    Nearly 50 million Americans are currently receiving food stamp benefits, with roughly half of them being approved for assistance during President Obama’s term. And, if the government has its way, even more people will be added, as recently evidenced by the Department of Agriculture’s new Eat Right and Get Fit food stamp advertising campaign (which has cost tax payers at least $3 million).

    In other news, the US national debt as of this writing is officially estimated at $15.7 Trillion (unofficially it’s closer to $75.9 Trillion, with some estimates as high as $200 Trillion).

    Your share of that debt is $246,000.


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      1. SK: I never use my EBT card for cigarettes. Just saying! 🙂

        • Give the guy a break. I imagine his three year old throws a pretty mean tantrum when she doesn’t get her morning Malborough with the Whiskey chaser to wash down that sweet nicotine.

          Kids can be so unreasonable.

          • The welfare and food stamp program should be overhauled to help the unfortunate bridge a gap on their way back to productivity. As part of this help, they should be required to be part of a program wherein they work (as trade for the benefit) somewhere in the public sector to help offset the taxes that are being taken from the private sector to pay for their benefits. This would lend an atmosphere of accomplishment and suppress the addictive nature of the entitlement welfare sucking “I’m owed everything” mentality that is currently being inadvertently cultivated by “hand-outs for votes” politicians. It would also promote self-esteem in accomplishment and help make this country great again.

            • Thank you and well put Sterling Silver!

              Now just get a polotician understand this. Oh wait! They do understand. It’s called buying votes. We are on our way down my friend.

            • There will never be another “way back to productivity”. We are heading towards the NWO, the parasites are paving the way with EBT cards. What you are seeing is one big diversion, the people getting cigs and alcohol with EBT will be all for the changeover.

              What’s next? The UN Small Arms Treaty will take your final option out of this mess. But then, truthfully, I no longer believe there enough people with courage left to stop what’s coming…

            • Agreed!…except I dont believe its being done “inadvertently” they(TPTB and the ones getting the bennies)know full well whats in the plan…destroying American inititive,pride,productivity and so on…

            • There is nothing inadvertant about it.

            • The EBT card ALSO may contain funds other than food stamps—you cannot purchase anything but food with SNAP funds, regardless of what the cashier thinks, it’s all IN THE COMPUTER that will not complete the transaction unless there is CASH on the card.

              I’m a disabled construction carpenter who gets Social Security Disability benefits that I EARNED AND PAYED IN TO…who is gonna tell me what I spend MY CASH on? I pay my rent and bills and spend the rest as I see fit.


              This article was misleading, the worker was in the wrong for second-guessing the benefits on the card and was fired properly for overriding the computer. It was NOT her decision at any rate.

              • Finally! Someone who has a clue as to what they’re talking about!

                To everyone else: You’re just stupid. You’re more of a drain on society than the people receiving SNAP benefits. Please do some research before showing the world how ignorant you are.

                Although, I’d like to add that some stores will accept a SNAP payment on a purchase that includes non-food items; however, it will NOT cover those, so you will still have a balance due. But, the main point is “No, it’s not possible to pay for non-food items with SNAP (food stamp) benefits.

            • They ARE required to participate in GAIN (Here in CA anyway, it’s a “welfare to work” program), unless they provide PROOF of why he/she cannot work. It must be a legitimate health reason. Anyone who is getting the state benefits is REQUIRED to go through the GAIN program, or go through TONS of red tape to get exempt (usually means that person has proven some sort of physical or mental disability).
              How do I know this? I used benefits to support myself and 2 kids, while going to school. I asked about this VERY thing. I wanted to make sure that they were not allowing just any lazy booze-drinking, smoking person out there to make the rest of us look bad. The thing is, people going through the program still drink and smoke. Does that mean they still didn’t have to go through the same red tape as everyone else? NOPE! Even KEEPING the benefits going for as long as you need them is NOT easy! There’s soooooo much ppw, it’s a JOKE! Trying to even GET state benefits is NOOOOO joy ride, trust me!

            • Some of us ARE already working. And with two kids I dont have time for a second job. If i did I would do that instead of ask for assistance. BUT i do believe that you should have to pass a drug test to get assistance. If you cant pass a drug test its probably why you dont have a job. Dont give drug addicts free food, give them a pass to a detox center.

          • Hey I have a EBT card, I had to get one to feed our kids after my husband was fired from work, and that same day he got fired we started looking for jobs. It wasn’t until a month later we decided to get help. Its not an easy thing like people are saying it is, buying cigarettes and whiskey etc. I buy nothing but groceries with my card, and I still get treated like I’m dirt. We didn’t ask to become poor over night. We also have to jump threw hoops to get that money, we have to go to ready to work class 7 hours a day for two weeks, then after that if you still haven’t found a job they make you volunteer 7 hours a day until you find a job which leaves you with no time to look for one and no time to be with your kids, because on off hours you better look for work, what you get on the EBT card is nothing for all the free work your doing. Looking for work now and days is not easy it took my husband 4 months before he was able to find work thank god. We were on the edge of being homeless and hungry if it wasn’t for the EBT card. What are people suppose to do let their children starve and go homeless. I do agree that there are people just using the government EBT cards because of laziness, but then there are others like my family who would be out on the streets if we didn’t get the assistants.

            • People want to lump everyone in need together and paint them with the same brush, “useless leaches” when the truth is that it is only by the grace of God that they are not in that situation. If mom and dad were not rich or well educated and could help you our along the way, what do you do. When people say “they oughta work for this” the truth is they have been some for many years and when they get back on their feet they will be pumping money into the program for others. ALL POLITICIANS AND COMPLAINERS SHOULD HAVE TO WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE FOR 1 YEAR AND LIVE ON WHAT THEY MAKE. They would change their tune in a heartbeat.

            • Jump “through”. Not threw

        • My store accepts EBT (SNAP) and I have NEVER sold cigs or beer on them. If it’s legal I say BS.

          Now I have to go check the USDA website and find out if this is true. Will let everyone know.

          • From the USDA wbsite——

            “Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco”

            This woman needs to sue the ex employer and turn his ass in to USDA!

            Eligible Food Items
            Households CAN use SNAP benefits to buy:

            Foods for the household to eat, such as:
            — breads and cereals;
            — fruits and vegetables;
            — meats, fish and poultry; and
            — dairy products.
            Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat.

            In some areas, restaurants can be authorized to accept SNAP benefits from qualified homeless, elderly, or disabled people in exchange for low-cost meals.

            Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy:

            Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco;
            Any nonfood items, such as:

            — pet foods;
            — soaps, paper products; and
            — household supplies.
            Vitamins and medicines.

            Food that will be eaten in the store.

            Hot foods.

            Additional Information

            “Junk Food” & Luxury Items
            The Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 (the Act) defines eligible food as any food or food product for home consumption and also includes seeds and plants which produce food for consumption by SNAP households. The Act precludes the following items from being purchased with SNAP benefits: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, hot food and any food sold for on-premises consumption. Nonfood items such as pet foods, soaps, paper products, medicines and vitamins, household supplies, grooming items, and cosmetics, also are ineligible for purchase with SNAP benefits.

            Soft drinks, candy, cookies, snack crackers, and ice cream are food items and are therefore eligible items
            Seafood, steak, and bakery cakes are also food items and are therefore eligible items

            Since the current definition of food is a specific part of the Act, any change to this definition would require action by a member of Congress. Several times in the history of SNAP, Congress had considered placing limits on the types of food that could be purchased with program benefits. However, they concluded that designating foods as luxury or non-nutritious would be administratively costly and burdensome. Further detailed information about the challenges of restricting the use of SNAP benefits can be found here:

            Report — Implications of Restricting the use of
            Food Stamp Benefits

            Energy Drinks
            When considering the eligibility of energy drinks, and other branded products, the primary determinant is the type of product label chosen by the manufacturer to conform to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines:

            Energy drinks that have a nutrition facts label are eligible foods
            Energy drinks that have a supplement facts label are classified by the FDA as supplements, and are therefore not eligible

            Live Animals
            Live animals may not be purchased with SNAP benefits.

            Pumpkins, Holiday Gift Baskets, and Special Occasion Cakes
            Pumpkins are edible and eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits. However, inedible gourds and pumpkins that are used solely for ornamental purposes are not eligible items.

            Gift baskets that contain both food and non-food items, are not eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits if the value of the non-food items exceeds 50 percent of the purchase price.

            Items such as birthday and other special occasion cakes are eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits as long as the value of non-edible decorations does not exceed 50 percent of the purchase price of the cake.

            • Funny, this is what the web site said

              “Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy:
              Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco;

              However, there are other benefits that may be put on the same card as SNAP payments. Some of them can be used for anything, even cigs and a brew.

              Yet you encourage this woman to sue the employer? For what, insisting that she follow the corp regulations concerning it’s welfare payments? The customer would have a better chance of winning the lawsuit because his/her legal tender offer, backed by the corp, was refused.

              Neither you or the woman in question understand what you are trying to stop. If that was not the case you would understand how the system works and what can be purchased on those cards.

              One of the biggest problems we face is people making decisions about such things when they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

              The womans job was to take care of the owners business, not her own misguided attempts at stopping legitimate business transactions. Legitimate within the corp, at least.

            • GC, it’s not a legitimate business sale. I understand your stance and agree with you on the corp but even within the said corp there are some rules and the rules state no tabacco.

              • But ebt cards also have a cash option. Most people get a couple hundred dollars cash on the cards too along with a few hundred for food stamps. Unless you have had ebt or worked at a store that takes it you should shut up and not talk about something you have no clue on morons

                • Thank u…I was going to post that, but now it isn’t necessary.

            • Hey Gods Creation, I think they do understand what they are trying to stop: People using government benefit cards to buy cigarettes and booze. Working folks don’t mind helping people have access to food. However many of us do resent our tax money being used for cigarettes and booze. If it is just a matter of bad rules being in place — so be it. Those rules need to change and an angry population can facilitate that.


              • So everyone who requires assistance–and don’t forget those EBT cards can include cash as well as food stamps, no longer qualifies as a full American citizen? They no longer have the right to decide what to eat, what to drink, what to do with their spare time? Remember a lot of people recieving benefits are people with full-time jobs! They don’t deserve a drink after a long day at work? If you are going to require anyone recieving benefits to quit smoking then why would anyone have the right to smoke? If you are going to dictate what they can eat then you are saying the government has the right to tell everyone what they can and can’t eat. Isn’t that what you are saying? I thought most people didn’t WANT the government poking their noses into our private business…Or does anyone who recieves benefits have to show that well, this dollar is from the government so it’s going for milk, but I earned this dollar from my crappy minimum wage job so I can legally buy a 6 pack of beer. Should they carry 2 wallets? Hide that SNAP card and use cash to make sure they’re paying out of wages (remember SNAP can include money) or at least appear that they’re paying out wages?…Is that what you’re saying? Or lets say they’re disabled–maybe a veteran in a wheelchair, missing his right arm who can’t work anymore–are you saying HE’s not entitled to a cigarette or a beer once in awhile? Is THAT what you’re saying? No? How about a working mother who would maybe like a glass of wine with her dinner? No? That woman wasn’t fired for refusing to take foodstamps for cigarettes. That would be illegal. You can’t use foodstamps for cigarettes, or alcohol, or…she was fired because she refused to learn her job. SNAP CAN ALSO CARRY CASH BENEFITS separate from foodstamps. I’m sure her boss explained that to her. Probably repeatedly. Just as it’s been explained HERE. REPEATEDLY. Now ask yourself, aside from the whole “fired-for-not-doing-her-job-and breaking-the-law-thing” (since it’s ILLEGAL to discriminate against government benefits, just because they are government benefits)–just how much do you REALLY want the government butting into YOUR private life?

            • >>Live animals may not be purchased with SNAP benefits.

              Darn it! I really wanted to buy a Bear with my Cigarettes!

            • AZ, you apparently missed the paragraph that says SOME cards do have benefits without restrictions. I have some friends on food stamps that also get cash through Families First??? that can be spent on non food items. I have seen one swipe the card and there is a food/nonfood option for the user to select. Only food is regulated as to what can be purchased.

              An EBT card is no longer just Food Stamps. It has replaced the welfare check and in many cases SS checks. If the card machine accepts the purchase, this woman has no call to question it. If she was asked to lie about what was being purchased, that’s another story.

              That kids foster parent was not spending food stamp money on cigarettes. She was spending welfare money delivered to her through the ebt card. One form of funding can be used for anything, the other only food.

              Either way, if the machine accepts the payment method for the product, the woman has no call to refuse to do her job. She was not taking a stand for morality because she lacked the specific information about the woman’s card required before such a decision could be made.

              She reacted in blind anger to what she THOUGHT was happening, and has found herself unemployed for the trouble.

              Welcome to the corp.

              • And perhaps now that SHE’S unemployed, she’llhave the opportunity to experience what it’s like to have someone try to dictate what she can’t and can buy with an EBT card.

                • AIDS carrying primates are such funny little creatures.

            • Welcome to the Corp? Sorry, I thought you meant funhouse.

            • @AZ READY— THANK YOU! Someone should proof these stupid articles. This is a waste of space. If anyone had half a brain they would have known this was a bogus article.

            • @ GC————– CASH CARDS are NOT EBT. That is a whole different program. YOU need to read up… and get your head out of your ass.

              • Sorry Inon, YOU need to do some research cash benefits from the government are issued on EBT cards just like SNAP benefits.

                Although, thank you for changing my stance on abortion.

            • Anyone attempting to have a differnet opinion as GC is wasting there time’ from what I can gather he is never wrong.

            • Inon says:
              July 9, 2012 at 6:30 pm

              @ GC————– CASH CARDS are NOT EBT. That is a whole different program. YOU need to read up… and get your head out of your ass.

              Inon, the cards can and often do carry multiple sources of funding, from welfare payments to child support to families first and yes, food stamps, ALL on the same card.

              The content of your comment, already proven wrong by many others here, says the rest of what needs be said about it.

            • My post elsewhere in these comments includes the link to the California state web page confirming ‘Yes We Can’!

            • Too bad you didn’t have the brains to look up that EBT cards can contain funds other than just SNAP benefits. *sigh*

              Like assistance for disabled people. SNAP won’t pay for things people might still need to live, like heat in winter, pharmacy supplies, feminine hygene products, toilet paper, etc.

            • there is also cash benefits on EBT cards…that is what the person was using for cigarettes.

            • there is cash benefits on the ebt card also..this is what the person used.

            • Read again, there is a $10.00 CASH allotment that can be used for ANYTHING the PURCHASER WANTS/NEEDS!! @ THEIR discretion!

            • I tried to buy vegetable and herb seeds at kmart and they would not let me…

          • Your store is correct. If the owner of this store is selling cig and alcohol and the EBT card isn’t giving any alarm it’s because the owner has those items coded wrong and he can get in serious trouble.

            • This is what I know, EBT is for food only, some cards also contain monies from aid for dependent children, & SSI. People utilize the benefits 1 a month. I do work in housekeeping, Serious labor. I have Fibromyalgia, a serious muscle disease, I qualify for disability in my terms, but, realized it’s a lot of red tape, and not enough to live on. So I work and live in serious pain 24/7. I don’t take the drugs prescribed, to many side effects & addicting, so I exercise, pray a lot, mind over matter. I feel for the clerk who lost her job, if whatever the sale was went through in the system, should have been a done deal. Take it up anonymous with proper authorities. Personally, if one is on SSI, government money should be spent on necessities, mouthwash, toothpaste, TP, deodorant, cleaning supplies, things like that. If one is disable, you should not want cigs or alcohol, these vices cannot help your health , to a maybe road of healing. However, if there were limitations, example, if I’am only allowed to buy $20. In toilet paper, I could sell that purchase for, let’s say $10. I still can purchase cigs&booze. There will always be loop holes and ways around the system. It’s to weak. And sick people like myself, has to keep clocking in, and prove to myself, if I’m able to rise from my bed, and open a beer, I can take my ass to work!

              • Right… so you’ve taken it upon yourself to decide what people can and can’t buy with money from their Disability Insurance, which they probably have been paying into their whole life.

                What else are you going to do? Open up their toilet paper at the register, fell it and tell them “No, this is too soft for you”?

                You’re a self-righteous piece of garbage who actually deserves to be disabled.

                How DARE someone who’s on SSI want to taste Breyers Ice Cream???? You get the crappy store brand!

          • It is NOT true.

        • Wow.

          Lookit… I smoke. I occasionally enjoy a glass of good wine, or a snort of fine whiskey with friends (though the latter is extremely rare.)

          OTOH, during those times of my life when things were rotten and money was tight? I did without. I was too effing busy trying to survive to worry about anything other than keeping a roof over my head and food on the table.


          All that said, I got to see entitlement first-hand just last week. I had to pick up a few things on the way home from the occasional commute, and I was in the big city anyway. So, I was standing in line at the store (those in the PNW will know what a Fred Meyer is. Otherwise, picture a mini Wal-Mart).

          Here’s the deal: Woman in front of me racks up around $280 in groceries… a few decent food items like milk and celery (to be fair), but mostly crap (chips, soda, etc).

          Now, here’s the fun part. When it came time to pay, she used two different EBT cards: She went to use one, then shouted at the cashier to wait a second! She then slipped out a second EBT card and used that one instead. The EBT purchases covered around $90 of the bill, and she paid the remaining $190 or so out of the ample wad of cash she had sitting in her purse (I got a full view of the roughly $800 or so in cash sitting in there).

          Oh, and did I mention she was asking the cashier about the return policy/warranty for the new “Kindle tablet” she bought the day before?

          I’m guessing she must’ve figured out what I was thinking, because she shot me one hell of a crusty look as she was leaving with her cart… I returned the favor, and she turned and waddled away.

          I asked the cashier if it was actually legal to be toting around two different EBT cards like that. In spite of being just a kid (she looked 16-17), she just shrugged like she’d seen it ten thousand times before.

          I figure someone like our story subject may not survive for long post-collapse, though. She was as physically fit as a beached walrus, and about as smart as one… just enough brains to milk the system, but not enough to practice any OPSEC about it.

          OTOH, get a horde of ’em together? I wouldn’t want to be in their way.


          You know? I’m half tempted to get a hidden video camera, and a fake badge of some sort. Pretend I’m some made-up name with the Oregon Health and Human Services Division. Go into the stores, film shit like that in action, then put it up on YouTube just to shame those who have it coming.


          Okay, rant off.

          Thing is, as much as the leeches of society deserve to be named and shamed, and as much as the asshats who stand to profit off their misery deserve to be flogged? Well, fact is, civilization is swirling the bowl. I am convinced that soon and very soon, Darwin’s theories will do what human nature cannot. Just that it’s too bad the innocent among us all are going to have to suffer pretty damned hard. 🙁

          • All you guys every day seem to see people in Escalades and with “wads of cash” using EBT cards. I think you are all full of shit. Is it abused? Sure, but not like you morons want everyone to believe…

            • My girlfriend and I are both dentists. We work in separate clinics which accept Medicaid. Every day I see at least 2 families on Medicaid leave the office in nicer cars than I have. They always have designer purses and clothes to boot. My girlfriend sees the same in her office. I would estimate that over 10% of the Medicaid families in our offices fall into this category.

              • yes i do drive a nice car that i purchased myself before i was injured and have not worked in 6 months and do not qualify for unemployment or workmans comp because i was a private contractor…i do receive snap and medical assistance and am appalled thats what professionals as yourself think…why dont you stop taking medicaid if you are taking such a close survey of people with nicer things than you on welfare…

            • So how about we make it a loan instead of a gift? Let’s see how many Escalades get put up as collateral….

              They lease the new rigs so it doesn’t turn up as an asset.

            • Hiya Inon…

              Let me introduce you to my small community. Roughly 30% of the houses in it have been foreclosed on. Jobs are almost non-existent. The average income for most folks is around $35k/yr, if both families work. Call it around $10-15/hr wages. I make a whole lot more than that, by an order of magnitude.

              I make a very healthy salary, and yet I drive a used GM vehicle (it gets excellent gas mileage, but it does have some bits and bobs that are broken, including the cracked windshield). OTOH, I can count at least two families in our small town that I personally know of, who drive some rather expensive pickup trucks (usually an F-250 or greater). At least one has a rather expensive fishing boat, yet they happily accept and use EBT.

              Does everyone abuse it? Of course not. No one said that was the case – you made that assumption up.

              However, I can tell you that it is abused heavily enough to be quite a systemic problem.

              Tell you what – spend some time in Portland. Get to know folks living out along E 82nd st. I’m willing to wager that you will pick up more tips and tricks for working the system, than you will in how to write a good resume’.

              But yeah, according to you we should ignore the abuses, huh?

            • This comment was rated low because its true! As a BLACK FEMALE who receives EBT benefits monthly, I know exactly what its like to go through the system and it’s nothing like you guys THINK it is. I’m a work-at-home, self-employed mom who pays Uncle Sam just like most of you. My children receive Medicaid, but I can’t because I make “too much money” — which equates to more than $500 a month, so I don’t have health insurance at all because I can’t afford it.

              The system is very strict on who gets assistance who doesn’t. And most of the people who are getting food assistance really need it. But of course there is abuse, like in anything else. All of these stories about money-wad-toting, Escalade-driving, designer-clothes-wearing folk that y’all claim to see are bogus. Those are very, very few and far between.

              When I was working outside my home, making around $30k a year, I did not qualify for food stamps, even though I was a single parent with bills. I quit that job so I could work from home and finish my degree (which I have done) and so I could be at home raising my children, making much less than $30k.

              I drive a 2010 Nissan Sentra that actually belongs to my father. I love nice clothing for me and my children, but I also have become known as the thrift store queen! I’ve managed to get my children almost everything they’ve asked for this Christmas without breaking the bank or going into debt because I use financial responsibility.

              If you do see these people with all these designer clothes, I guarantee you its fake. And all these nice cars and trucks either come from boyfriends with money or from places like Carmax.

              The story about the woman with the wad of $800 cash, Kindle question and $90 in foodstamps strikes me as phony. But even if it is true, I want to understand why you were so attentive to the amount of cash she had to be able to count it. And so what if her kid got a new Kindle tablet, are her children not allowed to have anything nice?

              I really don’t get you guys’ mindset that recipients of government assistance can only get the low-ball, scrape of the barrel lifestyle or nothing at all. The government issues EBT card funds anywhere from $16 to nearly $1000. Someone receiving foodstamps doesn’t mean that they are all on welfare living in the projects and don’t deserve help. I have a close friend who is living with me after an unfortunate turn of events. She’s a laid off teacher who is on unemployment and only gets $16 a month in foodstamps, and she needs it.

              I’d also be outraged if I found out people were allowed to purchase alcohol and cigarettes on food stamps, but it simply isn’t true. It was an error in coding on Wal-Mart’s part. The same Wal-Mart who a few years ago was encouraging its workers to go on medicaid and other gov’t programs to supplement the low wages they were paying their employees. I wasn’t even allowed to purchase cold medicine for my children. After researching the regulations and policy, I also saw that alcohol and cigarettes are strictly prohibited, so don’t be fooled.

          • bullshit. NO ‘entitlement’ hands out that kind of cash to anyone. Either she was shopping for someone else too, was secretly dealing drugs for extra cash, or came into some kind of legal windfall and failed to report it, or she illegally possessed someone else’s card or cash, whatever it was, it wasn’t because ‘entitlements” as such lucrative income. Do you always jump to conclusions without any facts?

            • jumping to conclusion?? what if it was her disabled mother’s card whom she cares for…or what if the money was both of their ssi benefits that she just cashed for the both of them….what if she was carrying that much cash to pay her bills…what if she wouldve sprayed him with mace for looking into her bag..nosey mofo

          • That young girl, her mom could have asked her to go get groceries for the house. Someone else could have bought her a kindle. You shouldn’t be so judging especially if you don’t know the story. I’m not saying what you thought was wrong, it could very well be right, but it could also be wrong.
            Also, what kind of food item that goes into someones mouth is none of your concern. Its their life and their body. If they want to put garbage in their mouth so be it, as long as they are eating to live.

        • I’m against free anything for freeloaders. The sooner the shallow end of the gene pool dries up the better. ” Feed the children in Africa ” ? Well we have seen those comercials for 40 years. How’s that been working out. I guess you American a**holes just haven’t been doing enough. Kids needs should be met by parents PERIOD!!! They don’t have parents? Well they have incubators and sperm donors at the least. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN DAMN KIDS YOU SORRY BUMS!!! I have my own kids to take care of. Where I live it’s free public schools because kids from the hood don’t have parents that pay Property taxes. Coats for kids, school supplies for kids, free lunch for kids, CHIP for kids, more welfare for your mama if she pops out another kid from another sperm donor. WTF!!! When does it end? When the working class ends and we are no more. I’m mean? I don’t care about kids? Why don’t we take them away from the trash they came from and cancel all “programs” and spend the money on military type schools where these kids can get some tough love, an education, some real self worth ( not fake self esteem ) and break this cycle of Bullsh*t!!!

          • Echo Mike for Prez

            • Thanks bro!!

          • Right, Mike! And who cares about the disabled people?? They should just curl up and die and make this country a better place! We don’t care if they’re disabled because the were injured apprehending the serial rapist who was stalking your daughter! He probably didn’t know you wanted to “take care of your own damn kid”.

            Oh, and let’s not forget the orphans, they have parents SOMEWHERE, right? Why don’t you pick up little Susie after school and tell her to go to the cemetary, dig up mommy and daddy who died in Afghanistan and tell them to get their butt in gear and take care of her! I hear The Walking Dead are always looking for Extras.

            I’m sorry, but you’d make an even worse President than Barack Hussein Obama. You’re even less American than he is.

            • Don’t forget the “national welfare” programs like those free public schools he’s complaining about(so that we can educate the people that help keep this country going–or do only the wealthy get to have an education and decent jobs?); the freeways and public roads he drives on, the tax credits and refunds you can bet he takes; the safe food, water, drugs and air he consumes thanks to the government programs that our there for OUR WELFARE; you can promise yourself that this guy is against the new Affordable Care Act (universal health care coverage); and naturally he wouldn’t dream of participating in the Medicare program, let alone Social Security. And of course if he becomes disabled, and can’t work or pay for his health insurance, there’s no way he would expect anyone else to help him out. He’s got it all taken care of. Though, truthfully, though
              most people are not only one paycheck away from homelessness and one major illness away from bankruptcy–that CAN’T be this guy. NEVER. Parent’s take care of their own? It takes a village you dolt. No one gets where they are by themselves. ALL of us, rich and poor benefit from the system, yet it’s always the poor that get kicked for it–and the rich that pay far less than their fair share (include the major corporations in that). It’s the great American myth that we can all acheive greatness and posterity through hard work alone.

        • That would be unethical. Cigars are perfectly OK.

        • Everyone is really getting crazy on here… Do you realize that when the food stamps are issued they Also give you a cash at the same time if you are getting cash assistance..you can not buy cigerrets or alcohol or cooked food/hot with food stamps!! If you do not have cash on your card you can only get food with your foods stamps

        • Lol…I’m sure they were paying with ebt cash and not ebt food.

          Smiling store manager-

        • People are so fucking dumb. A
          Register won’t even allow food stamps to purchase tobacco or alcohol. The money the card was TANIF cash that they add to it. Cash that can be used for anything. The guy was using the cash allocated to his card to buy cigarettes, not fucking good stamps you retards. The cash that gets placed on there is paid back, not by taxes but by the father. TANIF is temporary assistance for needed families. Which means the father pays that money back when working. The only time try don’t pay it back is when it comes from a father who is with the family. In which CSR he would need a job to Even qualify for it. In other words, he is a tax payer paying for it. If he is paying fpr it than his family can use the cash howeer they fucking choose. You
          People are so fucking uneducated and retarded. The amont of money stolen from the economy by people who abuse the system is less than $150 million a year. Corrupt CEOs steal billions a year in tax loopholes and offshore laundering. Stop looking down at the problem and look
          Up. Poor people on assistance need it because executives outsource, hire machines to their job , or simply lay people off, all for bigger bonuses and higher share value. Microsoft, google, facebook and amazon have over 1 trillion dollars in working Capital and only employee 150,000 people. Where the money going? Certainly
          Not creating more jobs. The problem is at the top you fucking whine bags. Not poor people. If your poor and need welfare, go ahead and smoke a fucking cigarette. Drink some booze. Fuck man, you deserve it more than anyone.

      2. Feed the poor or they will feed on you!

        • That’s why I always donate Twinkies to the local food shelters. LOL. 🙂

          Just got down to Anchorage after losing myself in Denali for quite a bit and I find this poor story about Ms Whiton. I’m going off the grid again. The world hasn’t gotten any saner.


        • @durango I have no problem feeding the poor, but I’m tired of the “you owe me” types, sucking the life blood out of the Republic. They want to feed on me? Try digesting some lead. The woman in the story walks tall and I’m proud of her!

          • Swift, I agree, I am also tired of the “You owe me” types. I believe in giving “FOOD” stamps for “FOOD” to those who really need them. However, I view the fact that they can be legally used for booze and cig’s as the government acting as seducers in order to gain power over the weak people. I think they are no better then pedophiles.

            • when your talking about the “owe me types”

              does that include the banksters and Wall Street types
              who have bled the country dry ???

            • Guys I could tell you stories of the EBT types that come into my store. How much time do you have???

            • They cannot be legally used for booze and cig’s—or toilet paper or toothpaste or vitamins…etc…the computer that is the cash register these days, will NOT permit it. The old stamps in the booklets could be easily cashed in, but THE CARD cannot!

              This is a FACT! Stop listening to the bullshit…it is a LIE meant to divide people.

          • As a libertarian I feel food stamps should be only for handicapped/disabled and elderly, not able bodied people who should be out working even if they are mopping floors or washing windows. People need to quit breeding like cats if they can’t support kids. Animals (God bless ’em) feed their young without gov aid.

            • As a libertarian I agree with you but would add widows and orphans to the list.


            • Like the young widow who swings five guys a night?

            • Getting people to work for their government money is like getting the African peoples to stop fucking because they can’t feed the kids they already have. It ain’t happening.

          • Spot on Swift! I say kudos to anyone who defies a “law” that rewards the selfish and irresponsible at the expense of the honest and hard working. That woman is worth more than all the useless talkers out there bragging about how “independent” they are. It is a delusion to think that “independence” means hanging to the rear on every issue, so if everyone else goes under, they will still be afloat. As if TPTB will drown everyone else in a pool of shit, but somehow magically leave the rugged “independent” types alone!

            Either we all hang together, or we will surely hang separately

            stand strong until freedom dawns

          • SWIFT: I can appreciate that. Hard core, generational welfare types should be given an expiration date.

            But everyone is NOT in that category, including the elderly living on ss and medicare after a lifetime of work.

            A little compassion goes a long way.

            • Wake up! The help does not go to who needs it. The free lunch does go to who does not need it. SSDD!

            • so does a little ‘fact checking’…

        • I don’t think so…….

        • Durango Kidd: I believe in charity-the hand up not hand out kind. I believe it’s my duty, not your’s or anyone else’s, to help those who have fallen on hard times but not just give money or support to those who won’t help themselves. Now if I refuse to help the lazy ones and they get some foolish idea that they can take something from me-oh well. As a person who served in the military and retired as an LEO, I have the training and the means to stop these modern-day zombies in their tracks and I will do so if necessary to protect myself and my family. I will not be blackmailed or threatened into supporting them and neither should you nor anyone else.

          • Gregory8: Thanks for your response. I agree that the zombie hordes that will EVENTUALLY emerge from the cities should be dealt with …. punitively …. if OUR families are threatened.

            However, until that day arrives WE should remember that WE are in IT together as Americans and actively work to mitigate the hunger and suffering of the poor, the young, and the weak.

            What would Jesus do? 🙂

            • He would probably teach them to fish!

            • Well said durango kidd — never make an enemy when you could make an alliance instead.

        • If this one person I know comes over SHTF, I’ll tell him to eat his stereo and big screen.

      3. “We All have our own lil’ problems !”

        who died and made her Queen of the EBT ?

        just give him his damn fedgov ration of cigs bwiatch .

        “Thats the problem with AmeriKa today … everyone wants to be the Puckin “Chief” and no one wants to be the lil’ injun any more !”

        this mans cigs are just a .00000000000000000000000000001 %

        of the fiscal debt problems in AmeriKa today .

        AmeriKa is now $164,000,000,000.00 trillions dollars in debts TOTAL FEDERAL DEBT !

        theres a 600 trillion dollar trading derivities sink hole globally sucking us into global finance armagheddon .

        a $ 5 dolla pack of smokes isn’t gonna kill the fedgov fake fiat printed monopoly money budget … this is just about some nazi wanna be bwiatch having a power trip on a poor dude in need of a smoke .

        this country is full of this kinda wanna be in charge “Be da’ Big Chief” power tripping “small fry” bullsheeit and its just gonna get worse as the country is systematically destroyed intentionally by the globalist illuminati zionist bankers .

        a feeding frenzy upon the poor by the poor .

        neighbor vs. neighbor .

        plan accordingly .

        beware thy neighbor !

        • @cocopuffcrackhead The name fits and IMHO you remind me of the typical American that cuts someone down for taking a stand for what they believe in. You act like you know what’s ailing the US and throwing out figures of debt and who’s causing it and I’ve heard and read this bullshit all over the internet and every time I see it I can’t help but think how much of a chickenshit people like yourself must be. Because you see, myself as a Disabled Veteran, honorably took a lifetime oath and I swear this on my soul that I’m ready and willing to risk my life a second time to fix the problems by picking up a rifle just as the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence advises citizens to do to a corrupt government when the time comes. You would know that fact also if you read it before and it’s amazing you don’t know it because the 4th of July was just a few days ago. Anyway I’ll do it again for my children and grand children in a heartbeat and for other Americans who have the backbone to stand up to something but NOT for your kind of people, all they can do is cut others down, call people such things as Nazis, bitch and moan like little girls hiding from the coming boogeyman “global finance Armageddon” as you say, acting to know it all and spelling America with a “K” which pisses me right off! I see it in your words and it’s obvious…you’re a pussified man that’s ignorant about his own nations beginnings and you’re trying to give others useless info and advise. Here’s my advise to you…grow yourself a pair of balls under whatever it is you think you have now and grow the fuck up and learn what a man is supposed to do when his life and liberty along with his family’s and others are threatened. Maybe then you’ll gain some respect from others like me.

          • The Have’s are not afraid to let their silver spoon in their mouth garble their message.

            Why don’t all you rich folks who kept your bomb making job, or banker’s job, or whatever it is you do to KEEP a job when all us hard-working bastards are left in the street to die.

            You won’t understand until you are in the street, will you?

            With some idiots, that is what it will finally take. Wanna know what’s wrong with America? You are.

          • Amen!

        • She wasn’t taking a stand just on her belief system. It is fricken illegal, get it!

          • You cannot rely solely on the USDA web site because EBT cards are not solely for the distribution of SNAP (food stamps). At least in California, cash benefits are also loaded on the EBT and can be withdrawn at an ATM or used as a debit card.

            • Same in Colorado, PP.

            • @ PREPARED PASTOR—

              Right, but in the article they make you think it is a food stamp card person is using for cigarettes.

            • Who cares if it is legal? It is immoral! If more people would take a stand on things like this we wouldnt be in such a fugging mess!

            • What happened to the days when if you were on government assistance you got powdered milk and gubermint cheese. Now thats motivation to get off your ass and get to doing something to better your situation! Yes I am speaking from experience. Been there. Now I have something to show for my hard work. The American Dream IS still out there. The problem is most American born citizens born into poverty would rather stay in poverty while people from other countries come in to this country with an attitude to work for what they want.

            • same in Oregon

      4. Morning all

        I am not surprised at this, it’s the same over and over, everyone is protected except the tax payer.

        Take Care

        • Of course you realize that benefits recipient’s pay taxes on the booze and smokes they buy with the benefit cards… I suspect that is why they are able to use them that way. Insidious government corruption at work.

        • resistance is futile. You WILL be assimilated…

          • @legion7:

            ………..not me………….

            ………you can’t break Bad….just sayin’

          • not while I’m still breathing…

      5. I wish the crash would just hurry up. I am so sick of hearing about these kinds of things. I want my country back.

        This is the kind of crap that we are going to see more and more. The lady deserves a pay raise and a new job, maybe in congress or something. Shes got more balls than every congressman in the country.

        • I’d vote for her!

        • Post-collapse, fraud will certainly survive, and for quite awhile it will thrive.

          There’s a reason the phrase “caveat emptor” is in Latin, you know… 😉

        • @ Highspeed,
          I agree with you my tarheelin’ friend. However, I have come to face the reality of it all. That is this: I would have rather lived my adult life during the mid 1800’s. That is not where God wanted me so I’m stuck in the rat race of the 21st century. Our once great country is not coming back. We don’t get a do-over. There aren’t enough of us sane and like-minded people around to take it back. We can only prepare for the worst case scenario and have faith that God will see His faithful children thru it all. Have a good day and many blessings.

      6. The only recourse is for the people to stand up. In this case they need to refuse to shop at her employers store until she is rehired and all stores agree this crap is going to stop.

        This is my problem with the OWS movement. For some reason they think those paying for government should pay more so they can have more. Pathetic.

        • YEAH, Hey Mac, try to find out where this store is. I think a lot of us would love to go there and set this guy straight.

          • Cancel that, just found it. The Big Apple convenience store in Peterborough N.H.

        • Again, THE COMPUTERIZED CASH REGISTER WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO BUY ANYTHING OTHER THAN FOOD ON A FOOD ALLOTMENT CARD LIKE SNAP. It wasn’t up to this woman to decide what benefits were in the card—EBT cards have more than food stamps on them and she was interfering with a LEGAL purchase—she deserved to get fired for her stupidity and arrogance.

      7. I think you miss the point there crackhead. It’s not one pack of cigs, it’s the principle of the thing. Don’t call it EBT, call it food stamps because that’s what it is, not cigarette stamps, not beer stamps. Good for her. And, it’s not one pack of cigarettes, multiply that x 1-2 packs/day for everyone who is able to buy them on food stamps. Grow a pair and say fucking and bullshit, not pucking or bullsheeit.

        • spot on Lee from La!

        • You had me till the end… honestly I don’t care for the profanity.

          • Didn’t mean to offend you Earl. I believe if you’re going to poor mouth someone, look them in the eye when you do it. I believe if you’re going to state your opinion, use real words, not almost words or made up words. If you say PUCKING, I might fool around and think you are talking about hockey. But, if you come right out and say what’s on your mind, we don’t have to make believe or be confused on where each other stands.
            The use of the word “YOU” here is generic; it kept me from typing cocpuffcrackhead everytime.

        • Lee from La,

          I agree with you. It is the principle of the “misuse” of the food stamps that really upsets me.

          It makes me wonder how we got to this point.

          “Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.”
          -Margaret Thatcher

          Our country is headed toward a financial cliff. Instead of being fiscally responsible, TPTB are accelerating their spending.

          I believe this is intentional. They are following the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’. The plan calls for the “destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions,”


          • Yes, Ky. Mom..I do believe this is just one of the steps toward bringing this nation to its knees.
            They know with progressive unemployment, there won’t be enough tax payers to continue this ‘redestribution’.
            Then, they win..or you starve, if you didn’t see their plan and plan ahead.
            What makes me furious is seeing 3 in a household broke by every 2nd week of the month and receiving food stamps, SSI, and money from a deceased father; something like 5 checks.

            • 5 small checks, huh? No entitlement legally pays anyone wads of cash— none. Those families are below the poverty line even with assistance.

          • hiya Ky mom – don’t know if you saw the other message, but if you get time plz stop by daisy’s blog and drop her a line.

        • @ LEE from LA LA LAND—

          Get your head out of your ass. It WAS NOT A food stamp card she was ussing. The article is misleading and bullshit

          • Hang on. I’ll make it pop

            • The more I think about it, the more I’ve decided if that equals having my head up my ass, I’ll just leave it there and think about crap (I’ll give you a minute). You see, I didn’t know there were different kind of cards (Food Stamp vs EBT). Since I was 15 years old, I’ve worked– whether it was hauling hay, mowing yards, raking leaves, electrician helper, bull dozer operator, or cash register operator and patient transport as I worked my way through college, and now as a Cat Scan and X-ray Tech. It never occurred to me to apply for a handout. It never occurred to me to let someone else work so I could have something. So,Inon, you’ll forgive me if I didn’t know there were different kinds of handouts. How did you know there were different kinds?

      8. has anyone done any verification of the actual laws governing welfare food stamp purchases..?? is it still federally decided or have the purchase lists been turned over to state control..? that aside, i don’t blame her for standing her ground – it’s just plain wrong for welfare recipients to indulge their poor health habits and drunkenness at the working man’s expense…

        • I know the answer……

          The same card that has food stamps also has unrestricted welfare money put on it in some cases, that can be spent on anything.

          JP Morgan profits on the fees, so the more people that use the cards the more they profit. That’s why they are putting ALL benefits on cards, including SS retirement and anything else a fee can be extracted from.

          As for the woman, it is not for her to decide what her employer should and should not take as payment. Legal Tender MUST be taken by corp participants and her attitude would likely cause problems for him.

          And to those who say they are tired of paying welfare with their hard earned tax dollars, poppycock. Not a nickel of your tax dollars pays for anything other than the interest on your own slavery. If you make “wages” through a corp of the corp, you make interest payments to the banksters for the maintenance of your slavery agreement, and nothing else.

          • That’s funny, I could have sworn that I was getting paid to teach kids how to actually use a computer, and to learn algebra. And it sure seemed like my wife and I OWED friggin income taxes, since our kids are grown and the mortgage is paid off…no more deductions for us “greedy fatcats”. And I could have sworn that just yesterday that the two big hoop bandanna wearing jackasses in front of me at the checkout were pissed off that “their” cards were already so low this early in the month. That’s alright though, they still got their two cases of high fructose Sundrop. And its all perfectly fine, since as you pointed out, its not for the cashier or me or anybody to say anything to those two women. After all, she wouldn’t want to upset her lord and mast…oops, I meant to say, her employers. And her employers after all shouldn’t be bucking up against the government; after all, “orders are orders”!

            That woman cashier should have a parade in her honor, and she should be marching shoulder to shoulder with the woman bus monitor who got canned. And every REAL American should be applauding them, not making cheap potshots from the sidelines.

            stand strong until freedom dawns

            • Sam says

              “And it sure seemed like my wife and I OWED friggin income taxes,”

              I take it that you have actually seen a law that requires it? Perhaps you can show it to me. In your search, you will likely find that what seems to be is not what is. However, being a teacher you are already so wrapped up in the corp you will likely never find your way out until you are no longer a teacher.

              You seem to be confused as to what a REAL American is. A Free Sovereign with unlimited power to contract. Those who use corp numbers have given up that status voluntarily. You can’t do that then complain about the corp actions.

              A REAL American with a Social Security Number is an oxymoron. you can be a REAL American, or a corp member, but not both.

            • @Gods creation

              You mistake yourself sir: I became a teacher precisely BECAUSE I saw the whole educational establishment as rotten and corrupt, and I had no intention of allowing that to go unchallenged. I have spent every day of the last twelve years doing all in my power to show my students the layers of bullshit and propaganda that their education comes wrapped in; I help to articulate what they already know deep down. I have repeatedly risked my employment, and in fact, I have been “downsized” on two different occasions, theoretically because of “budgetary concerns” but mostly because I quietly defy their attempts at brainwashing yet another generation of children. What have YOU done, other to puff out your chest, rattle your fmj and boast of your “sovereign” status?

              Perhaps what our people need is more civil valor, not the kind that jingle jangles with medals or Rambo rhetoric.

              But lets get back to the point, shall we? The point is, you think that the woman cashier in question should have done nothing; she should have “followed orders”, just as her employer should “follow orders” from our all holy never to be questioned government “leaders”, just as they follow orders from a small, irresponsible clique of unelected and unaccountable bankers. Well its funny: not only does the “just following orders” have an all too ominous ring throughout history, but there are people in this country who are on record that they won’t just “follow orders”. Yes, I seem to recall meeting several members of the Oath Keepers in the past three years; and the first thing I admired about them was their willingness to say publicly that they would never follow or obey unconstitutional orders, that their allegiance was to our founding documents and our Republic, not to “orders” from on high. The second thing that struck me is that I and others like me are their civilian equivalent. Those of us who don’t boast of “he man” status, who are in fact balding, incredibly near sighted computer nerds who don’t have a “Sergeant Rock” physique nevertheless do our part. So do middle aged bus monitors and nameless clerks and cashiers apparently. WE ARE SICK OF THIS BULLSHIT SYSTEM, AND WE WILL RESIST. You wanna crouch in your man cave, babbling about your “sovereignty”, go right ahead: maybe you’ll someday finally have the courage to back up your brave words with action. Until then, you are a much lesser citizen than either that cashier or that bus monitor. They had the courage to act, while all you do is strut around and talk

              stand strong until freedom dawns

            • SOS say

              “she should have “followed orders”, just as her employer should “follow orders” from our all holy never to be questioned government “leaders”, just as they follow orders from a small, irresponsible clique of unelected and unaccountable bankers. Well its funny: not only does the “just following orders” have an all too ominous ring throughout history, ”

              We are talking about a small change transaction conducted through the corp, and regulated by the corp., conducted in it’s own private currency, by a business under its license using it’s funds. If you are working within that system, you MUST follow the rules of the corp.

              Your tone tries to liken this insignificant commercial transaction in the fiat money system to what the Germans supposedly did called the Holocaust. That is, at best a leap for the moon.

              The solution does not lie in people standing up against a single fiat money transaction. The people must reject EVERY fiat money transaction. Not because the funds are stored on a government card, but because the funds DO NOT exist at all.

              You seem to want to make a National hero out of this woman because she got mad at something she did not understand. She should have a ticker-tape parade for her heroism and be declared the savior of us all? All we need is a few more people like that and we will have a small group of idiots.

              Maybe that is some of the problem. An idiot gets mad and makes a statement, based on personal anger rather than thoughtful logic, and other angry people support the anger regardless of what the facts or situation may be.

              In her mind, she stood up against food stamp fraud, but that is not the truth, only her belief. The facts do not support her stand or refusal to do her job.

              Does the corp do stupid things? You bet it does. And so do the “people” working within that system. Now this woman is free to find another job. My bet is she will choose the corp again, rather than trying to create income on her own.

            • Sounds like a seasoned lawyer who can defend away any crime .

              You should have become an attorney. You would have done great, and wouldn’t have to suffer the ‘idiots’ in this site.

            • GC,

              You’re talking a foreign language to most people. I can tell by all the thumbs down you’re getting. They don’t understand.

              …which is EXACTLY WHY this stuff happens.

              Its find for this woman to complain but this is no different if the woman knew the customer just did a drug deal and refused to take cash for the cigs because it was “illegal money”. She is stepping out of line. Its not her call. Certainly, it is her call to complain but not to the customer.

              The good thing about it is that its getting people all riled up and their talking about people wasting, er uh, spending government money on stuff that it should not be. Luxury items, more or less. Certainly not staples.

              I agree with her sentiments but I disagree with her delivery. Its not her choice. As for her firing, well, employers like obedient drones. If you can’t play one for 8 hours a day, better you be self employed.

            • Ranger,

              A few thumbs down don’t bother me. I can tell that most are not ready for the truth, but I am somewhat shocked that so many are so unable to accept facts after they are presented.

              It’s much easier to attack the messenger bringing new facts than it is to admit you reacted without sufficient knowledge to start with.

              Most seem content to pay half of their production to a third party. Even the Roman slaves only had to pay 1/3 of their production to the master.

              Yet, they can not see the truth of their condition. They will fight to the death to convince others they are not slaves, all the while giving half of their Labor away to the master they protect.

              My task is not to wake them all. Some can not be helped. But if I can reach one who makes a break for the common law and says enough, my time has not been wasted.

            • The Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution allows the Congress to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states or basing it on Census results. It has never been ruled unconstitutional. I’ve been involved with tax protestor cases and every one of them has went to prison as they should. Being part of a republic means submitting to the decisions of duly elected leaders whether or not one disagrees with those decisions.

          • Wow, Gods Creation…aren’t you a bitter person. I am an educator, trying my hardest to mold unique thinkers that apply and separate fact from opinion. For you to refer to me as a slave and that I am making interest payments to maintain my slavery? Should I quit and get food stamps so that I am no longer a “slave” to the corp? oh wait, then I am dependent on the corp and a slave yet again. Or should I keep my job and continue being one of the best, most effective teachers in North America, at the risk of remaining a “slave”? I am no man’s slave, ever.

            “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” – Jesus

            I think the argument is that many of us don’t like what “Caesar” is doing with our taxes.

            • kynase says

              “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” – Jesus

              I love it when people use that line to justify their paying of taxes. What do you think Jesus meant?

              There was no other answer he could give to the question posed or he would have been crucified a bit early, but Jesus knew that EVERYTHING was Gods, and NOTHING was Ceasers. I, also know that.

              Yes, give to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s. Which is NOTHING. Give to God what is God’s, which is EVERYTHING you have. Taking from God to give to Ceaser is a poor choice, at least for me.

              What everyone should try to do is learn to add value to things, to produce something. Many will work for the corp until it collapses and can no longer pay them. Almost all of them can see no other way and are practically forced to use corp numbers and submit to slavery just to survive.

              I am sorry, but it makes you no less a slave that it is occurring against your will, or disguised as law. If you pay “taxes” on your Labor (your very existence), you are a slave by definition. You work under the taxing authorities privilege, which it can only grant to those it owns and creates.

              It is those who still support “Ceaser” with Gods property that perpetuate the problems by providing financial support through the misguided donation of their Labor (ultimately Gods property) to the forces that work against Him.

              It has been said that the poorest souls on Earth are those who are slaves but can not see that they are slaves. They are many, and the facts have been laid before them to be found with little effort. Still many refuse to accept the reality of their lives, or look for answers.

              A slave in denial is more of a slave than a slave who realizes he is captive. At least the one who realizes they are captive will have an instinct to escape. The poor soul in denial will suffer for an eternity, not asking why they are slaves and how to free themselves, but asking for permission from their masters because they can’t imagine true freedom.

              Nobody wants to admit they are a slave, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from looking at the facts and making their own determination about it.

              Admitting your slavery is the first step to freedom.

            • Kynase, “gods” creation is not merely bitter, he’s ignorant. Even supposing that I stipulate to his having “retired” his social security number, the fact remains that he is simply crawling with numbers that are used to track him all the time. For example, every time he posts here, he is using a computer; that computer uses either an Ethernet card or a wireless card. In either case, they have what’s known as a Mac address — a unique series of NUMBERS which can be used to identify the very machine he is using. Every post he creates begins as a series of packets each of which also have unique identifying numbers which can — if someone wants to– be traced back to their point of origin.

              Additionally, he doesn’t connect to the Internet by using a string and two tin cans… he connects using an Internet Service provider, or ISP. That ISP is a business, and they don’t accept payment in krugerrands or deer hides, and they don’t take cash either: they want payments from a bank account or a credit card, which also have numbers.

              And oh yes, that bank account….yep, I’m really stretching credibility here, but I’ll stipulate that the bank somehow magically didn’t ask for his Social Security number, and accepted that he “retired” it. Am I really the only person here who thinks that THAT FACT ALONE wouldn’t be enough for someone to open up a file somewhere on “gods” creation? That rather than being “sovereign” and flying “below the radar”, that he has painted a giant bullseye on himself?

              This is to say nothing of whether or not he has a cellphone — again, a series of numbers, plus an account for that phone, also a series of numbers — or a house — which again, has a street address, a plot number, etc etc — or a car or truck, which — you got it, pilgrim! — also has a VIN number, a plate number, a registration number. To say nothing of the account number for his car insurance, a state issued account number for his car taxes, and so on and so forth.

              I would like to conclude this by stating the following:

              A) Everyone — including GC — is crawling with numbers. That’s a fact, there it is, deal with it; just don’t pretend that somehow you don’t have any. If that were truly the case, we would never have heard from him

              B) I would really like to admire GC. Anyone who’s read anything I have posted knows that I ask people for advice and good ideas all the time. NOT having a Social Security number sounds friggin fantastic — not sure how it would work in my case, but I am always willing to learn.

              However, it is not possible to admire anyone who looks down his nose in scorn at all of us who are “Not real Americans” because we are not as “independent” as he is, and still have “wage slave” jobs with Social Security number attached. That’s a totally unproductive attitude to take, and its totally un-necessary. Case in point: earlier this year, I bought my first shotgun. The shop owner who sold it to me took the time and trouble to show me how to load it with snap caps, how to dry fire, how to break it down and clean it; he even recommended low recoil slugs and 00 buck, in view of my general weakness due to a scorching case of arthritis, and the fact that I’m not exactly King Kong to begin with. The guy at the range I went to was also very helpful: he showed me to stand, how to hold the firearm and never made any snide remarks about the low recoil ammo I’d brought, despite the fact that he had arms the size of my legs and probably could run barefoot over razor wire while firing a 50 cal SMG

              We should be helping each other, citizen to citizen, shoulder to shoulder. Not taking cheap shots at people who have to take shitty jobs as cashiers, or are not sufficiently “American”

              stand strong until freedom dawns

            • SOS

              Let me start by saying I am neither bitter, nor ignorant.

              I have not retired any numbers, I just do not use them to contract. That individual identity is legally dead from non use for contract purposes. That is a simple choice anyone can and should make. If you choose to use the numbers, you choose to abide by the “laws” for their use. If you do not use the numbers, the corp has no claim or interest and you can remain protected in the Common Law.

              Sure, there are many ways the corp tracks both its subjects and non-subjects. However, there are simple ways to protect your privacy. You think the rich folks use their real individual names and identities? Protecting yourself involves creativity and the proper use of various legal entities anyone can create.

              A cell phone can be purchased for 10 bucks. Who on earth would want a bank account?

              “””or a car or truck, which — you got it, pilgrim! — also has a VIN number, a plate number, a registration number. To say nothing of the account number for his car insurance, a state issued account number for his car taxes, and so on and so forth.”””

              I do have a truck, with a VIN number. The State title has been scrapped, it has no state property physically attached and is not registered with the state. I travel under my Full Liability and the protection of God. I own it outright and see no reason to corrupt the Lawful Title by allowing the corporate state interest.

              “””However, it is not possible to admire anyone who looks down his nose in scorn at all of us who are “Not real Americans” because we are not as “independent” as he is, and still have “wage slave” jobs with Social Security number attached. “””

              I do not look down with scorn on anyone. I reach out with a helping hand and state the facts as I see them and live them to the best of my ability. I am different in only one way from anybody else here:


              I fight the little battles against my freedom when they are brought to me. I have learned a lot about the Law, read some crackpot theories by well meaning but misguided people, but most importantly I have come to the realization that I am, IN FACT, in charge of making ALL decisions concerning me and my family, without authorization or prior approval. My decisions are not reviewable by anyone, unless that decision causes them an injury.

              When, and only when, you can believe that and live it will you understand what freedom feels like. It’s not always easy, and rarely glorious. Sometimes it can be inconvenient, and challenging the unlawful use of force against you can be intimidating. Scary even, but in the end they are far more likely to leave you alone if you ask hard questions and put them on the defensive.

              Will I ever end up in jail? I highly doubt it, but the corp claims it can do anything to anybody anywhere in the world. It is far more likely that it will imprison those who will not ask the questions I and those like me will make them answer.

              “””We should be helping each other, citizen to citizen, shoulder to shoulder. Not taking cheap shots at people who have to take shitty jobs as cashiers,”””

              I agree in totality. I do not take cheap shots at the victims of they system. All I do is encourage acceptance of the plight they face and try to shine a light on the way out.

              However, it is not possible to come together in a state of slavery to fight for freedom. There must be enough people who have not only had enough, but are willing to stick their necks out every day by refusing to do what the “government” requires when it has no Lawful authority to put a requirement on you in the first place. When half the cars have no state license plate, the people will have won.

              You can wait til the cows come home for freedom to dawn. If it ever does, it will be because of people like myself who said screw the corp before it was acceptable to most minds to think of such a thing.

              If you do not stand up now and take back your freedom in any small way that you can, when will you start?

              Right now, there are thousands of people like me who do not carry the “state requirements”. We are ridiculed for striving to be free. When there are millions of us, and the corp officials are the subject of the ridicule, there is a chance that freedom can dawn.

              Til then, your time would be well invested at sedm.org. Knowledge is power, and the ultimate power is the knowledge of who you are and where you stand in the law.

            • Just as I told cococrackhead above. The fact of what’s being missed here is that there needs to be an immediate, swift response by good men & women willing to try to “fix” the problem. I hear mostly talk about the problems but no real solutions but the machine will need to be destroyed and rebuilt just as the advise given in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence concerning corrupt governments. If you know it then I don’t need to explain further. There will be no bankers or anything left! A complete clean up will solve the problem. It is what our founding fathers advised and the only real solution to America’s problems. I don’t know how people say they’re bugging in or they’re just going to defend their home but I for one am not waiting for men to come to my front door where my family is located. That’s unthinkable. I’m going to try but I hope it’s not in vain and many more see this as what needs to be done and have resolve to finish it. So there it is people! Your solution! It’s coming whether you like it or not and will need to be taken care of or we lose freedom forever.

            • A Free Sovereign is his own Caesar

        • PP, see my post above. Tabacco products are not allowed.

          • TANF funds which may also be loaded onto the EBT card are the purview of US Dept of Health and Human Services, Office of Family Assistance.

        • Last year Dems killed a bill in California that would have denied the use of welfare benefits for alcohol and tobacco. Click on my user name for the story.

          My state recently voted to allow the use of them to purchase diapers so it must be a state-by-state decision.

        • The woman in the article was in New Hampshire. Apparently in New Hampshire, the card can be used for cigarettes and alcohol. It can also be used for tanning beds, nail salons, strip clubs, and tattoos. Maybe this is part of the government’s plan to stimulate the economy.

          • These uses, have been de-regulated– for loss of a better term– by lobbyists of Walmart, cigarette manufacturers, beer manufacturers, even those mall owners, etc.
            When the economy became so bad that 45% of America was without employment monies, they figured the only way to continue in business was to get some of that money.
            Yep–go to CONgress. Make it legal.

        • Agreed. I found a similar link that seems to provide the similar limitations throughout many States. Tobacco and Alcohol is supposed to be prohibited:

          This appears to be a case where the the store owner does not know the rules, or is ignoring the rules in favor of this new sales and revenue source, coupled with a loophole in the system that allows pretty much any transaction with an EBT card to go through successfully, without checks and balances on the goods purchased. The result is a concerned citizen who tries to enforce the rules violation gets fired for it and the EBT card holder gets their carton of smokes because they all know the system is flawed.

          Another fine example of “You know you live in an upside down land when…. “

      9. Wait untill the checks stop there will be hell to pay. Buy plenty of ammo boys and girls your going to need it.

        • I kinda figure as much… that’s why I have a 12 gauge: its very versatile and ammo is plentiful. Plus you don’t have to be “DeadEye Dick” to be effective, just point and click

          • Kind of like a cheap camera. Point & shoot.

      10. I think maybe, we should all go out and get an EBT card and max it out ..if everyone did this it would break this fucked up system.

        • And then you can celebrate the mass death, and all the starving children you will pick up and prepare for your next meal. Right?

      11. Oh, come on. We had that say 20 years ago here in Europe. We pay the alcohol, pay the rent, we pay our “refugees” roundtrips to their homeland so they can keep “in touch” with their culture, we pay the phone bills, you get gender change (or is it called sex change, sorry for my english..) for “free”/taxpayer money, and, and, and..

        We even give our prisoners “prison vacation”, 4 weeks per year. No, that is not a joke.

        You still have a lot to learn from us (..laughter..)

        We will keep on doing this until we run out of other people’s money.

      12. wonder if you can buy .223 with one?

        • how’s about 12 gauge? Preferably in the managed recoil variety, for those of us who aren’t really “tough guys” and need a lil assist re-acquiring a target 🙂

      13. I’d like to think there was an original good idea behind everything; even if the outcome was not so great, the original idea had a good intention. But, what I wonder is this, were programs meant to last forever? Was “hey, bad luck can happen to anybody. Sometimes you just need a little help” the original good idea behind medicare, food stamps, government housing, and other entitlement programs? If so, does anybody know if there are time limits to be on these programs? Ok, you need help; you can be on the program for 6 months and then never again, or can you just be on the program forever? Anybody know?

        • @Lee What you are suggesting, around here, we call it a “hand up”, not a hand out. But, like any government program,it grew legs. I have posted before that these programs are meant to PLACATE those on the lower end of the economic scale; not really feed them. In the 60’s and 70’s, when 42 American cities were burning, congress and the administration were worried big time.So, they enacted these programs to sooth tensions. To answer your question, they can live on these programs forever and are actually encouraged to do so. The problem is growing at an unbelievable rate because 50% of the population cannot afford to feed, clothe and house the other 50%.

        • Lee, what the systems are and what they are sold to be are two different things.

          They were set up to make people dependent on government handouts. The number is now 47% on food stamps. Recent advertisements suggest that the corp is shooting to get MORE THAN HALF of the population on free government support. By doing that, the corp goons can always count on support of the majority by promising to support their “benefits”.

          Your logic of initiation by good intentions is reasonable. However, you fail to understand the nature of the evil upon us. White is black, good is bad.

          These programs were founded with bad intentions from the beginning, however, they do help those who use them. The main function of ALL corp programs is to gage and increase the amount of control it has over the participants.

          Almost 100% of the corps Social Security Trustees have voluntarily submitted to paying fiat money taxes and to take surety (responsibility) for a legal fiction they do not own.

          47% have accepted, or been forced to accept, even more stringent control through food stamps.

          Good intentions are only for Men. The corp minions NEVER have good intentions for a program of control. It is merely sold that way to hide the evil that will come from it down the road, long after the banksters are far from the scene of the crimes.

          • This is the same thing that killed off Rome: too many self seeking politicians buying the mob’s allegiance with bread and circuses, with money they ripped off of productive citizens. Anyone stupid enough to keep on buying into their system eventually said the hell with it, and did the ancient times equivalent of “going Galt”. That is why the barbarians were so easily able to conquer Rome: because there was no one left to give a shit about defending it. Why risk your life defending the indefensible?

            stand strong until freedom dawns

        • @ lee: I think you are mistaking the STATED intentions versus the REAL intentions. The “war on poverty” started in the year of my birth, 1965… the stated intention was to spend lots of other peoples money and eradicate poverty. Almost five decades later, we can see all too plainly the REAL intentions:

          A) create a gigantic federal government

          B) give lots of government jobs to useless POS upper class asshats, the “useless extras” of America’s ruling class who were too stupid even for some corporate drone job at GM or Citibank

          C) tax the living daylights out of the middle and working classes, so much so that “both parents working” became a necessity. Think about it this way: its estimated that if you throw in ALL taxes paid — income, both state and federal, social security and medicare taxes, property taxes on homes and cars, sales taxes, excise taxes, various “fees” to register your car, etc etc — that the average middle class family pays close to half their income in taxes. Soooooooo… its almost as if one parent is there to pay the bills, the other pays the taxes

          D) Proclaim “both parents working as a great social advance…liberating women, “I am woman, hear me roar”, blah blah blah. Never mind that most women are not working to “strike a blow against patriarchy”, they’re working so their families don’t run out of food or get evicted

          E) Make it super easy for these same families to get “easy credit” in the form of cards, equity loans, student loans, etc etc. This accomplishes two objectives: it keeps people from thinking about how little real money they have left over after paying and paying for a government that wastes their money on deadbeats, by allowing people to spend money they haven’t earned yet. AND, it enriches the big banks, who are right there to collect their fees and interest payments from us. Some of which goes into buying more politicians who will keep up the charade of “helping the poor”

          You see my friend? There’s the stated intentions, and the real intentions

          stand strong until freedom dawns

        • We are on foodstamps. to my knowledge if you meet the requirements you can be on them forever as long as you meet the qualifications. I am 100% disabled navy vet. My wife is a degreed critical care paramedic that cannot find any job in our area. She is going to school to become an RN and working at tacobell and homehealth for min. wage. We will be going to a local produce/meat market this week to buy 2 bushels of green beans to can.We buy rice, flour, beans, and use coupons to make our ebt stretch as far as we can.SNAP is supposed to give you double the benefits if you buy local produce at farm markets but none of them in our area accept ebt/SNAP. Some of us on ebt do use them as they were intended but not many.I am not one of the mindless hoards that are brainwashed by the likes of “the one” and am very conservative.We would never think of voting for any of the losers that call themselves democrats.I hate having to practically get a rectal exam every 6 months to qualify for food stamps but until she graduates we will do what we have to to be able to put food on the table and feed our two children.

          • Thank you for your service, glacialhills. And thank you for your insights from inside the “machine.”

          • Sir, you are the kind of man who totally deserves our thanks and our support. You stood a post and walked the line while I slept in my nice safe bed. The reason I get so enraged at able bodied people using their EBT to get cigs and such is that they are such a huge part of the problem. The reason that so many people like you are falling through the cracks in the safety net is because so many lazy selfish assholes are using the safety net as a friggin hammock! And on top of that, you get employers who won’t grow a pair, bankers who don’t give a shit as long as they get their fees and transaction charges and politicians who care even less as long they get re-elected.

            And of course, then you have “patriots” who would probably tell you that the solution to your problems is to get rid of your social security number and somehow magically be able to work again; otherwise, you’re not a “real American”

            Thank you sir for your service. I always try to appreciate everything that you and yours have done

            stand strong until freedom dawns

        • Lee from LA

          Yes, states have attempted to limit participation. There are several groups getting “welfare” Disable, seniors, adult homeless – the majority, the ones making it a generational lifestyle are the single moms.

          States attempted to get these women off the dole and into employment. It is called Workfare. Once the youngest child got into Headstart, the mother would receive job training and transition into a tax paying worker.

          Mothers pre-emptied that by just having another baby and getting more benefits. The states tried to get legislation that if the mothers had additional children the benefits amounts would not be increased.

          The loudest and biggest opposition came not only from the beneficiaries but the pastors and churches. WTF!!!

        • I just discussed this with my husband…okay, you are unemployed, no savings, bunches of kids, bills, you get food stamps and assistance.
          Why do they stay on the welfare or food stamps forever??
          Isn’t someone checking income, or income returns each year?
          This should be temporary and checked every 3 months…NOT ongoing till the end of time.

      14. America is gone. Food Stamps won’t be around much longer. I give them until November. This woman is absolutely RIGHT! Buy food you idiots. Bum cigarettes if you can’t afford ’em. Better yet, fucking quit!

        • Hoser, I do think like you.
          I have 3 in one family, sister, niece, and great-niece that will die. If I even made the effort to help feed them, they’d sell the food for crap from chinamart..sad, very sad.

      15. “”””Your share of that debt is $246,000.””””

        Prove it….

        • excactly..if anything they owe me 246,000..and I’d like it paid out ..NOW!

        • Odious debt-

          In international law, odious debt is a legal theory that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the nation, should not be enforceable. Such debts are, thus, considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. In some respects, the concept is analogous to the invalidity of contracts signed under coercion.

          “When a despotic regime contracts a debt, not for the needs or in the interests of the state, but rather to strengthen itself, to suppress a popular insurrection, etc, this debt is odious for the people of the entire state. This debt does not bind the nation; it is a debt of the regime, a personal debt contracted by the ruler, and consequently it falls with the demise of the regime. The reason why these odious debts cannot attach to the territory of the state is that they do not fulfil one of the conditions determining the lawfulness of State debts, namely that State debts must be incurred, and the proceeds used, for the needs and in the interests of the State. Odious debts, contracted and utilised for purposes which, to the lenders’ knowledge, are contrary to the needs and the interests of the nation, are not binding on the nation – when it succeeds in overthrowing the government that contracted them – unless the debt is within the limits of real advantages that these debts might have afforded. The lenders have committed a hostile act against the people, they cannot expect a nation which has freed itself of a despotic regime to assume these odious debts, which are the personal debts of the ruler.” – Alex Sack

          THEY owe the money.

          The MSM loves to tell me I OWE IT.

          F^CK THEM.

          I did not VOTE FOR, or APPROVE OF-

          Endless wars.
          Endless banker bailouts.
          Endless corporate welfare.
          Bailout of companies like GM(+ the 5 billion to MOVE plants to china)
          Endless forign aid(bribes)

          LAST but NOT least-

          PELOSI’S $100,000 LIQUOR BILL AND PLANE.

          Come to think of it

          I didnt approve of OR vote for this a$$ clown to get free smokes.


          EVERY congressman(former and present) OWE THE (so called) DEBT!!!!!!

          • YOu and I didn’t, but obviously the majority did vote for these idiots. I wept for the country I fought for on the 4th…no fireworks for me and mine, we didn’t have any “freedoms” to celebrate…

            • With the diebold machines, and missing paper balots through the years NO ONE can say with 100% curtainly that a “majority” voted for the a$$ clowns in power.

              Barbera Booxer??????
              Barney Frank????????
              Nancy Pelosi????????
              Chuck Shumer????????
              Shelly Berkley??????

              Google those faces and LOOK real hard and long.

              Would you associate with ANY of these examples???


        • TPTB don’t need proof, they’ll just take what they want unless we the people resist. Actual resistance.

          • They are free to take anything of mine they can find attached to their number. That would be nothing. And they know that is all they can take from Me.

            If you use the numbers your property has already been donated to a public purpose, for legal purposes. The corp can only take what you have already given it permission to take by donating it to the SS trust.

            If no number is attached, TPTB DO need proof even in the corrupted courts.

      16. I agree with VRF. We should all apply for this and every other program we can and some of us would be accepted, and then use every dollar received to prep for ourselves and our relatives/freinds who wont prep for themselves. I have never tried to get assistence but am seriously considering trying to game the system because I am so frustrated with the status quo. KF

      17. bullshit. I have family on SNAP. the coputers know the cods on UPC lables if they are food or not, and wont charge non food items. if its non food, it comes up AFTER as a balance due.

      18. AAAAHHH….Drinking with Bob. Always a breath of fresh air!

      19. the CLOSEST thing to even alcohol one can get on snap is cooking wine, it rings as a vinegar

      20. Why is this “news”? Thus was reported over a week ago. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

      21. When I was a boy, I thought like a boy..

      22. see this stoy is all whacked CUSTOMER DIDNT TRY TO USE FOOD STAMPS THEY USED THE CASH ASSISTANCE PART OF THE CARD…. its not the same thing. Just usesd same card

        You CANT get anything but food with the EBT part.

        more propaganda for ya

        • Who gives a rats rearend whether it was paid for with the front side of the card or the backside…we shouldnt be allowing people getting welfare/foodstamps/anything they didnt earn themselves to buy anything thats not absolutely nessesary to survive….regardless of the name attatched to some part of the card or the fiat it represents…its a moot point…it oughtnt be happening!

      23. I wonder if this lady is elegible for unemployment compensation?

        I would say-NO!!

        Sorry you got fired, no unemployment for you.

        If this lady can’t find work, I wonder if she will be eligible for food stamps?

        NO, sorry lady. You own a car.

        Lady asks while sitting in the food stamp office-

        WHY is there 200 cars in the parking lot?

        • I suspect that many here would qualify for food stamps if they tried. When I worked at a grocery store I saw many on food stamps going out to new cars.

          If you are working as a SSN slave, then you owe it to yourself to get ALL “benefits” such a slave is entitles to.

          There is nothing wrong with allowing the corp to help you prepare for what it is going to do to you in the future. If you are using it’s number, USE IT ALL THE WAY.

          For me, I prefer to let the corp keep its numbers. But if I still used one, I would sure take it up on EVERY benefit offered until it was crushed under its own debt.

          If you feel compelled to use a number, you should also feel compelled to extract the maximum benefit from those you believe are authorized to compel you to do anything in the first place.

          God does not issue food stamps, but has provided much in the way of food for those willing to go get it. If you get rid of the numbers and “benefits”, God will feed you if you work for it.

          • In my state they say if you own a car, you can sell it for food(so people just transfer their title over to family members).

            Over the years, driving past the food stamp office, that parking lot was almost ALWAYS full of cars.(I had family that worked there, so I always looked over at that building while driving by)

            I have to admit, that was 15 years ago so they probably have changed that law. They probably reinburse the cost of gas to get to the food stamp office(I wouldn’t put it past them)

            • @Kevin, In my state, we buy them a car too. I think the limit is $1,800 and it must pass inspection. Some scum, cross the border into Ohio, get jobs and collect welfare here. The system is FUBAR! and no one is working to right the wrongs. Guess what that will lead to?

          • GC…How does one “retire” their SSN? I’m assuming that at one point in your life you had one. I noticed when I was registering a gun that my SSN was asked for but not required.Do you just stop using it?

            • JRS, yes, just quit using it. Anything that is currently attached will continue to be until you change it. If someone asks for a number, just refuse.

              NO ONE CAN REQUIRE THE USE OF AN SSN. Not even the corp itself. To require the use of a number would render the system unlawful.

              Whether you use it is your CHOICE. Choose wisely.

          • @godscreation-

            You never got into that “wave the benefits” discussion.

            Please go into GREAT detail. The history/current interpritation of that law(not just the standard parking ticket bull$hit)

            I found the BRITISH common law ref,(it was abolished in britain) but not in american books.

            Years ago I worked in a corrupt law firms office years(20) ago(half of them went to jail for some land scam)so I have some very(very) limited skills at researching laws.

            You have any AMERICAN ref on that law/practice???

            • Kevin,

              Law comes in many forms, and it is YOUR job to choose your law. Here is the run down

              Natural Law (Gods Law)
              Common Law (derived by Man from Natural Law)
              Constitutional Law (the Constitutions, derived from the Common Law, law of the People to restrict governments/corps)
              Statutory Law (PRIVATE laws made by the government regulating ITSELF and its officers to ensure compliance with the Constitution)

              In Natural Law, it’s between you and God in the absence of injury to another.
              In Common Law, it is an injured Man against the Man who caused the injury.
              In Constitutional Law, it is an injured Man against the Government.
              In Statutory Law, it is the government against one of its officers.

              The courtroom default is statutory law. You are assumed to be an officer/employee of the state. A Trustee under the Social Security Administration. These corporate courts DO NOT recognize any jurisdiction or law above it. You must show it has no jurisdiction to hear the matter.

              Those who claim Common Law or the Constitution, or other Man Made laws, are fraudulently brought into the statutory jurisdiction of the court by the corrupted judge and his co conspirators in the Bar.

              For that reason, one should NEVER show up in a corporate court. However, you should answer any summons to the Clerk of Court with a request that the Principal be produced prior to any proceedings. By Praecipe, instruct the Clerk of Court to produce, or cause to be produced, the Principal in the court at the designated time, and to have your included dismissal Order signed by the Judge in the absence of an Appearance by the Principal.

              “Waiving the benefits” is one way to challenge the courts statutory jurisdiction AFTER you have already appeared, by claiming you are not an officer receiving benefits, ON THE RECORD. On the other hand, you showed up and granted jurisdiction. You have accepted the benefit of having your case heard in the court, and thus have defeated your own argument before you ever made it.

              God protects you through Natural Law. The corp steals from you by fraudulently removing you from the protection of Natural Law and placing you into ITS OWN statutory jurisdiction. This is done without knowledge or consent, and the VAST majority go silently without raising a question.

              The court MUST apply YOUR law. You must tell it what your choice is. You must NOT allow anyone acting in agency of any kind to file records, or speak on your business, or make the choice of Law for you.

              Corporations do not exist in Natural Law. Instead of waiving the benefits you have already accepted, demand that the Principal be produced in the court to make a claim against you.

              Force the issue. Either someone will produce a Drivers License identifying themselves as XYZ Corp, or the case MUST be dismissed for lack of an injured party. That will STOP 100% of all corporate actions against you. Only the principal can prove agency, and the principal does not exist.

              People win in court because they FORCE the court to address questions it can not address BEFORE it hears ANYTHING else about the case.

              Simple is better. You have a Natural Right to face your accuser, and a Constitutional protection guaranteeing it.

              If you are being attacked by any corp, even gov corps, FORCE the court to produce the Principal. It will NEVER be able to do that and must ALWAYS dismiss the case.

              It starts with learning who YOU are, what the corp is, and why you are superior in Law, and every other way.

            • GC…With a simple contract such as a traffic offense, would you qualify your signature on the ticket with “I do not consent and I waive the benefits” or refuse to sign.Even if you would sign, this would be an unprovable contract as there would be no injured party?

            • JRS,

              If you want to play the game, sign as John Public, agent.

              The corp goons are protected by agency, and it will also protect you. If everyone is an agent, there are no principals and no case.

              All of that is best settled and default created before the court date using Praecipes to the Clerk of Court to produce the Principal making the claim against you before proceeding further, and getting your dismissal order signed and sent to you by the Clerk when the Principal does not appear.

              You can demand the Principal is produced in court, but court of fraud is a tough situation in which to work. you have no assurances the Law will be followed or acknowledged.

              Always use the power of the Clerk of Court, a constitutional office in all states and counties. Accept their oath and bond in the matter and give them instructions on how you want them to handle whatever matter you present.

              You should always deal with the Clerk to maintain the constitutional integrity of your cause. The judges are there for a different, corporate purpose.

        • You can own a car and get foodstamps in fact we own 2. They just cant be worth more than a certain amount( I think 3-5 thousand combined). I have a 1991 truck and wife a 1999 escort. I have a problem when we go to the dhs office and see a family pull up with the bass pumping and are in a new black Lincoln with spinners. I know that car would disqualify us.

        • True story as was told to me.
          A 20 something was a dead beat. Her mother worked for social services in Ky.
          She told the daughter to get some clothes, a few things from the closet, put it in her car, go to the social services office, and apply for welfare.
          She got a check and food stamps…thanks to an employee of ‘our’ system.

          • In other words, she appeared to be homeless.

      24. OK so let me see if I have this straight: in cities across the country, they are enacting laws that forbid you from giving food to a hungry homeless person. Yet at the same time, TPTB can stripmine your paycheck so that THEY can give OUR hard earned money to deadbeats so they can buy booze and cigs? And on top of that, these EBT card transactions are serviced by….why the very same “too big to fail banks”, who are also living off of OUR tax dollars!!!

        the rich get bailouts
        the poor get handouts
        the rest of us pay for it all

        And Big Sis and the rest of the nanny state are all in a sweat that we might “distrust the government”? Really? Distrust? How’s about loath and despise? How’s about we’re all wondering what the fuck good are ANY of these tax fattened parasites!!!!

        stand strong until freedom dawns

        • SonOfSam says:

          “…OK so let me see if I have this straight: in cities across the country, they are enacting laws that forbid you from giving food to a hungry homeless person…”

          I do some as needed for an event work for a very large catering company. For years they donated their fabulous leftovers to the various local homeless shelters – I mean when they saw there would be extra, they called the shelter and a driver and van was ready and the food was transferred on the spot.

          You guessed it- some homeless a-hole sued the company in Small Claims court (fees are waived for low income) – the owner said no more and now we have to throw the leftovers in the garbage. Stores are doing the same for the same reasons.

          Greed – the homeless sometime screw themselves.

          • Truly un frigging believable! Just out of curiosity, what was the “basis” for the law suit? It doesn’t merely bother me that someone would literally bite the hand that feeds them, but on what grounds? Fer cryin’ out loud, its bad enough when big city mayors wanna sic the cops on you for giving a hobo a Big Mac, but when the bums start complaining about the food…wtf???

            • His claim was he got sick from the food – and thought he was entitled to pain and suffering. Didn’t fly with the judge.

          • She’s right–an employee of Kmart said they threw out food from their shelves with best by dates expired(I have shelves and shelves of those that will get eaten)and it was because they were afraid of sickness and being sued.
            True story.

      25. She gets fired for NOT selling cigarettes.

        The feds pass a law that gets 10,000 fired FOR selling roll your own cigarettes.

        It wouldn’t make sense in a free republic.

        In a nanny and fascist state?

        Perfect sense.

        Just another example of what our nation truly is.


        “land of the fee, home of the slave”- unknown

      26. There’s very few storys that have the ability to ruin my morning breakfast (pizza). But after reading this crap, I almost vomited out of rage!. What’s next, EBT cards being accepted for purchase of medical marijuna. Dammit, this shit is pissing me off. I don’t know what’s worst now, reading this type of behavior or going to work to support these crackheads!.

      27. We.. Who choose to work and live a better life.. Must accept the fact that we tied in to the rest of those who choose to take what they can get.. And not work.. Thus we work to keep them in that mind set..

        Until reform is set in and the cash embilical cord is cut.. Those who choose to work will have those who choose to not work ride on our coat tails..

        I say pull the rug out from under those leaching ass MF and let them fend for themselves!!

      28. Ok, I was a bit wrong. It happens more than I care to admit. In La, EBT and Food Stamps are not exactly the same thing; apparently, EBT is some sort of cash card (like a debit card) that, somehow, some people in our State are ENTITLED to. You cannot purchase alcohol or cigarettes with Food Stamps, but you can purcase alcohol, cigarettes, and even get cash to gamble with the EBT card.

        • Sorry Lee but EBT is not for alcohol, cigs etc. EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer and is a card issued by USDA under the SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) and is for food related items only. Some SNAP bennies do allow for cash withdrawl and I suppose one could use that cash for cigs or beer but they are not to use the card for those purchases.

          • AZ is right. Instead of the old style welfare checks – they put cash amount now on the EBT card. The cash amount was intended for rent, electric/gas, diapers etc. There is another amount deposited on the card for food only.

            So, when the mom’s check there EBT balances there are two types reported – one for cash and the other for food. They are not supposed to use the “card” for alcohol or cigs – bad press and prohibits threads like these.

            They get around that, for example by buying some food and if they have cash left on the card, they press the key for cash back. This saves them an ATM fee. Then they take that cash and buy the alcohol and cigs.

          • Semantics

      29. A few years ago I was bitching about things like this to an older fella at work. He chuckled and said “Just shut up and pay your taxes.” This is the mindset of the majority of elected representatives in this country.It’s not “your” money…It’s “their” money.

        • JRS, it is in fact NOT the peoples money. It is their money, with they being the banksters who print it up to buy fraudulent bonds.

          I have said often there is only one issue. Who’s money is it? So long as the criminals can counterfeit at will the Peoples Money and Power will not return.

          It really is that simple.

      30. this is my tax dollars,we need tougher regulations on foodstamps,no chips no pop and should only be allowed at grocery stores not gas station,mini marts or convient stores.
        this is a hand up not a way so you dont get your dead ass back to work because you refuse a job not paying 20 dollars an hour and up.
        this is charity and your not intitled to this because you live in america,you suposed to be embaressed because you need workers to support you like we have to do our kids,i didnt take these people to raise,drug testing and restricted places and foods is all maybe milk at the most for a drink not pop.
        when are we(the working class normal people that work or try there best to work)going to stand up and say no more.
        one comment was the banks and the 1 percent did this,well let me tell you the welfare,fake ssi,foodstamp people if you abuse this,your just as bad if not worse than the 1 percent because atleast the go to work.
        they put some money in the system,your just taking money,my money working peoples money…and for the record I DID NOT TAKE THESE PEOPLE TO RAISE….GET A JOB…ANY JOB..PAY YOUR WAY…FEED YOUR OWN KIDS,NOT ME FEED THEM

      31. Now that she got fired..she can get the EBT card too..
        wonder if she will only buy food with it? or if she will take up smoking?

        these systems always get abused..no wonder our governmental systems are such a joke..keep costing the beast more and more until its back is broken…than we can get down to the riots and civil war thats been getting held off due to all this bullshit funding of the “dont wanna do noting , but deserve everything they can take from you crowd”

        these EBT cars are why you dont see the deperation in this country..its these systems that are covering it up with your tax dollars..no bread lines, no blatent in your face proof we are on the edge..thats why most sheeple dont believe its coming..because these systems hide it from the un-educated eye..and its done on purpose to keep them in line and you in line.

        it wont last forever..will you be ready when the clock runs out?

        • sorry ..spelling errors..3rd paragraph..EBT cards..and Desperation..just incase some bored off their ass spelling cop might come along and want to discredit what ive said just ’cause i cant type.

          • LOL!!!

      32. VRF, I kind of get the impression that Jackie Whiton would use her EBT/food stamps for food and I’ll bet she shares some of that food with people she knows that are worse off then her.

        • I agree with you,,

          and the reason I agree with your statement is due to HER Character.

      33. Well here in Oklahoma, I was at the police station, picking up an accident report, and 2 women came walking out the door, and 1 said to the other, I’m glad MY money got put back on my EBT card last night, now I can bail my husband out of jail, and they wonder why we get pissed about stories like these.

      34. In Michigan the cash assistance is put on the same card as the food stamps. It is impossible for you to buy anything other than food with the foodstamp card because it has to be swiped at the card reader. When it is swiped the card holder has to select ebt cash or ebt food. Selecting food for cigs or beer or toilet paper the card will deny the purchase. Unfortunately you can buy anything with the cash part. So the store owner probably had to fire the employee or get a fine for refusing to process the ebt cash payment. Just saying.

      35. Sadly but surely America has lowered itself to third world status.”the gimmee” because I have rights game” has
        run its course and continues with no end in sight. Unfortunately, the corporation WDC moves right along buying itself votes from the sweat off my back. Someone needs prison time in a “corporation” prison.

      36. Hard thing to determine , I agree with her convictions about that on one hand , but on the other hand ………unless you are self employed your employer has every right to can you if you refuse to do your job to their satisfaction .How many of us dont agree with all of our companies policies ? I would guess almost all of us . Pick your battles , are you going to make a difference or are you just screwing yourself while not making any difference to anybody whatsoever ? She should have ignored it and made a paycheck to buy preps with , if there is a full blown economic collaps , those people wont have the gooberments support to buy smokes anymore anyway …….problem solved .

        • Damn right she made a difference! That one small action on her part has hundreds of thousands of people talking about it!
          Snowball effect, doncha know!

          • Yes and no , we talk about it here and maybe people will talk and gripe about it elsewhere , ………but without action ……..talk is cheap . Thats why the commi mongrelizing liberals get things done . They are NOT the majority , they do NOT speak for the good of the nation , they do NOT care about your right to live life as you please , They do NOT want you to be free from the government …………but the ARE the most vocal ! thats why a lot of crap is happening right now that shouldn’t , the other side of the coin doesn’t come out to counter them and be just as vocal , so a politician who only sees and hears them scream thinks they are speaking for all of us because they are not being countered . Action talks , bullshit walks sorry to say .

      37. Until we say enough to the Roths child system of slavery, this will continue. The window of opportunity, IMO, is closing rapidly to take a stand against what is coming for us. There are more of us than them!

      38. from Bob:
        I don’t think anybody in this country is against food stamps. We realize, people fall on hard times. You want to help those people. But you want to help them with milk, you want to help them with eggs, you want to help them with bread.

        I’m against food stamps.

      39. A friend went to buy an air conditioner for his Mom during the recent midwest heat wave. When he got to the store he was told the units were all sold out. In disbelief he asked, how could this be? The clerk explained he was swamped with “folks from the inner city” who were given $500 vouchers for the air conditioners. Taxpayers picked up the tab so Democrats could be ensured of re-election. What a country.

      40. Socialite Denise Rich Dumps U.S. Passport

        By dumping her U.S. passport, Rich likely will save tens of millions of dollars or more in U.S. taxes over the long haul, tax lawyers say.

        Rich, who wrote songs recorded by Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige and Jessica Simpson, is the latest bold-faced name to join a wave of wealthy people renouncing their American citizenship. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin gave up his U.S. passport to become a citizen of Singapore, an offshore tax haven, before the company’s initial public offering in May.

        Nearly 1,800 citizens and permanent residents, a record since data was first compiled in 1998, expatriated last year, according to government figures.

        By Lynnley Browning | Reuters – 1 hour 44 minutes ago

        • This is happening a lot , Switzerland used to be a safe place for the super rich to put their money , then when they ( the Swiss ) made the decision to snitch them out , they then moved their money to Liechtenstein ,because it has purposefully made no such policy to any government . One thing that has been suggested is that the US government plans on requiring us to have paperwork to travel in our own country at some point .

          • “”””One thing that has been suggested is that the US government plans on requiring us to have paperwork to travel in our own country at some point .”””

            For most, they believe the requirement is already in place in the form of a drivers license. It is possible to stop the progression if enough people refuse to comply NOW.

            Most are too afraid to wield the power they hold, or fail to realize they hold it.

            Quit asking for permission to live and become your own King. That is, after all, what you really are regardless of what the banksters and their corp would have you believe.

            The alternative is to continue to request permission from your acknowledged Master to do things you have a Natural Right to do without their permission..

            • Well said .

      41. Ok,I read a few of these and the FACTS are the following: EBT cards can carry both cash and Food assistance on them. Many people on disability, child support, unemployment, and even disability ins. They paid for and is being paid out,etc. are required to put their funds on these EBT cards.If the store properly codes the items the machine will refuse any item being bought on the foodshare EBT’s that is not covered, not the clerk. I am very disappointed int his particular article and many of the comments. If we are not going to act like adults and consider critically , who will?

        • Quit pissing MY money away! I can’t afford to smoke and I work, now you are going to tell me to act like an adult when we have freeloaders loading up on smokes and booze on MY DIME!! BS!!

          • Stand in a line at Aldi’s at 8:50 p.m….behind a girl using an EBT card..with not enough balance to pay for her oysters…while she returns more and more, of the oysters…and with each return requiring a manager to assist the cashier…
            Some say this is a practice used by the moochers and usually gets an impatient customer to contribute money to get the transaction finished.

        • Owl, people think they pay for these programs and have some kind of stake in them. They speak from anger over their feeling of being abused, that the recipients are actually wasting THEIR money.

          The reality is the “benefits” are paid for by the printing press and deficit spending. Their money pays nothing but interest. They don’t like that message, true as it is.

          To some, this dumb woman is a hero who should be celebrated. Expecting critical thinking from someone with that mentality is not realistic.

          The comments on this thread show just how ignorant the masses remain about their plight, and how resistant they remain to the truth when they see it.

      42. another story today

        Roubini: My ‘Perfect Storm’ Is Unfolding Now

        “Dr. Doom” Nouriel Roubini, says the “perfect storm” scenario he forecast for the global economy earlier this year is unfolding right now as growth slows in the U.S., Europe as well as China.

        In May, Roubini predicted four elements – stalling growth in the U.S., debt troubles in Europe, a slowdown in emerging markets, particularly China, and military conflict in Iran – would come together in to create a storm for the global economy in 2013.

        “(The) 2013 perfect storm scenario I wrote on months ago is unfolding,” Roubini said on Twitter on Monday.

        Chinese inflation data released on Monday, suggested that the economy is cooling faster than expected, while employment data out of the U.S. on Friday indicated that jobs growth was tepid for a fourth straight month in June.

        Roubini said that unlike in 2008 when central banks had “policy bullets” to stimulate the global economy, this time around policymakers are “running out of rabbits to pull out of the hat.”

        from CNBC about 6 hrs. ago

        • In June, net 80,000 jobs created (if you believe .gov numbers). 85,000 new people added to SSID roles. How long can this keep happening?

      43. Hey heres a good one..how would you like to be driving down the road ,minding your own.. not even relizing you have a set of crosshairs on your vehicle.

        Drone operators training at New Mexico’s Holloman Air Force Base use civilian automobiles to practice surveillance techniques, according to a recent report in the New York Times Magazine.

        The bleak, stony desert terrain in that part of New Mexico offers a suitable training group for drone operators who will fly Predator and Reaper UAVs in Afghanistan. “When I visited the base earlier this year with a small group of reporters, we were taken into a command post where a large flat-screen television was broadcasting a video feed from a drone flying overhead,” recalls reporter Mark Mazzetti. “It took a few seconds to figure out exactly what we were looking at. A white S.U.V. traveling along a highway adjacent to the base came into the cross hairs in the center of the screen and was tracked as it headed south along the desert road. When the S.U.V. drove out of the picture, the drone began following another car.”

        “Wait, you guys practice tracking enemies by using civilian cars?” one incredulous reporter inquired. An Air Force officer “responded that this was only a training mission, and then the group was quickly hustled out of the room,” recounted Mazzetti.

        wonder when we will read the story line..”Oops trigger finger slipped on civilian mini van full of kids” 9 dead ..read about it?..or do something about it before it happens?!!!!

      44. sorry peeps..back on target..er i men subject..yes i ment subject

        in related news

        ‘Obama pays your bills’ scam claims more victims

        you just cant make this supidity up..why? because you dont have to..the ignorance of people these days is astounding..

        here is some of the story..im sure you can search its validity on line

        A multistate identity theft scam that claims President Barack Obama will pay your utility bills appears to have widened.

        According to MSNBC.com, more than 2,000 customers in Tampa, Fla., fell for the fake offer last week.

        The scheme was first reported in May, when Dallas-based Atmos Energy warned its 3 million customers in 12 states that scammers had been asking for Social Security numbers to enroll in the faux federal program. According to the pitch—distributed via email, Facebook, text message, phone and, in some cases, door-to-door sales—the government would pay a month of energy costs through credits offered by the Obama administration.

        PSE&G, the New Jersey gas and electric delivery utility, issued a similar warning the same month. According to MSNBC, there were 10,000 reported victims in New Jersey in recent weeks, and thousands more in North Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

        The offer even includes a fake Federal Reserve bank routing number for those who enroll, and solicits “success stories” to pass along to friends online.

        According to the Lehigh Valley Morning Call, some residents said that their duped neighbors were enlisted to spread the offer. “My neighbor comes running with a paper that had a routing and account number,” Caroline Morales of Bethlehem, Penn., told the paper. “She said Obama was helping people pay their utility bills, mortgage and any bills you had.”

      45. Hell I work full time and I can’t even afford to smoke, but people with MY money are buying things that I can’t afford. You bet your ass I’m pissed, and every other tax payer out there should be furious, this is absolute BS!!! Land of the free home of the brave my ass.

        • It’s a waste of time and energy to get mad over the irresponsible decisions of others.

      46. this article is misleading. you cant buy cigs with foods stamp funds. you can buy them with you welfare card which the cashier mistook for a food stamp card.

      47. While I applaud her recognition of the misuse of tax money, it’s not illegal to sell cigarettes against food stamps, therefore she was being insubordinate. If the boss was ordering her to break the law, that would be a whole other deal, but it wasn’t the case.

      48. i didn’t take the time to read all comments but thought i would say this:

        i don’t get foodstamps, but my mother does. she gets them on an EBT card. she is a smoker. when i read this i asked her if she could buy cigs with the card. she said “no.” I asked well how could someone be fired for not selling to someone trying to buy them with EBT card. She said you can load money onto the card and then buy cigs with it that way, but not with the foodstamp portion. this might be different in different states, but that is how it is here in alabama. i can understand her being fired if she refused to sell someone cigarettes when they were using their money that was loaded onto a card, but if it was actual foodstamps, no.

      49. I know what it’s like to use food stamps. Years ago, when our first child was sick with cancer and my wife had to stay home with her (our kid is fine now!) we had to apply for SNAP benefits which really helped us out and provided much nutritional value to our diet. It was embarrassing because I had a pretty good job at the time ( but still could not stem the tide of bills) and we lived in a gossipy small town and did not have a nice, discrete debit card to conduct transactions…it was actual food coupons. Six months later, thankfully, we were back on our feet and no longer needed assistance. When we told the SNAP peoples to take us off the roles they flipped and all but BEGGED us to reconsider! We thanked them for their services and asked that they kindly find someone else to assist. A decade later I bet we’d STILL be on assistance if it were up to them.

      50. In 1985, I was hungry, alone and broke. Rent was $200 a mo. and I made $6000 that yr. When I went in for some aide, I was told that I made too much money …but I should consider having a baby and then I would get LOTS of money.

        I was appalled! At 25, I certainly didn’t want a baby, I wanted to work, then get married and have a baby.
        I was given a grand total of $21 a month in food stamps …which was more like 1 wks worth of food.

        Even though I refused to play the system, in 1991, my 2 nieces decided that being teen moms was fun and cranked out 8 babies between them. They both have LOTS of govt aide.

        I certainly understand lean years, even in my marriage, but to deliberately jump on board when there are other options, knocks my kin down quite a few notches in my book. They’re just making it harder for you and me to make ends meet.

      51. That was pretty stupid on her part. You need to follow the rules at work even when you don’t agree with them.

        • She made her choice.

      52. This is exactly why the welfare system is so screwed up in this country. The old people that contributed to the country for decades and get a limited social security check each month, that usually goes to pay for all sorts of medication, are the ones that need food aid. Someone using food aid to buy cigarettes doesn’t sound right or fair to those that truly use the aid fairly to eat.

        Think of it this way. Let’s say someone uses this to go out and buy some hard liquor, and the clerk tries to stop them and in unsuccessful and is fired. The person that got the booze then goes out in a drunkard state, with a blood alcohol level 5 times the limit and goes out and kills a car load of dependable tax paying citizens. Big loss for everyone in this case. Food is food, let someone purchase liquor and cigarettes with their own money if they choose to, not with food aid. There are plenty of aluminum cans laying around if someone is that desperate for booze or cigarettes. Or just change the food stamps to partially include miscellaneous and be done with it.

      53. there are a few scub bag store owners who do this shit.
        and there are scum bag losers who use food cards to buy that shit.
        thanks to the dictator there are over 50 million on food stamps and by 2014 there will be another 30 million added all thanks to the dictator.

      54. If I could only figure out how to hack the Food Stamp Master Compooter and shut it down, I would do it in a heart beat. Let the loafers starve, or do without their cigs and Old Grand Dad. Let them riot in the streets and if they try to break into my house to look for cigs and Old Grand Dad they would soon “Assume Room Temperature” I for one am totally fed up with this crap and plan on voting OUT those who support these Taxpayere Funded give-aways to the LOAFERS. Just my 2 cents worth.

      55. Fast food restaurants accept the cards now also. Their lobbyists didn’t want them to get passed by all that government money.

        • In CA, the store that accepts EBT for hot prepared food has special qualifications and reporting requirements, and specific nutrition guidelines of what qualifies.

          This program was implemented to assist the homeless that have no way to prepare meals.

      56. Can we get this article updated updated to point out it is completely false? A simple Internet search turns up the fact that EBT cards do NOT allow tobacco or alcohol sales. Any business doing so is in violation of Federal Laws. Please, editor, do something to stop the spreading of lies.

        Otherwise this site is going to very quickly lose any creditability it has.

        • Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Do believe the State of California’s own web site (ebtproject) which clearly states under Frequently Asked Questions:

          15. Does the government know what I bought with my EBT card?
          No. There is no record kept of what you buy.

          19. What items am I allowed to purchase with my EBT card?
          For information on items that you are allowed to purchase with EBT food benefits. CASH AID may be used to purchase ANYTHING that can be legally purchased with currency (cash).


          State web site to follow upon approval by moderator. . .

          • Yes and if the store is found in violation of the federal rules, which get randomly checked (I’m not saying how much etc) they get a warning, second offense the government will deny the card at that store.

            Again, its stated that its NOT allowed and federal law supersedes state. A little less paranoia might do most people on this site a lot of good for mental health. I don’t think we’re coming out of this untouched, but the world is NOT ending. No matter how much psychopaths want it too. And yes, you are mentally unstable if you want the world to end, seriously. Drugs are required.

            Still, its highly irresponsible reporting on Macs part for NOT updating the article to state that the Federal Government does NOT allow those items to be sold to holders of the cards. What actually happens can be another issue but this lady will win any case she takes up against the store.

      57. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Do believe the State of California’s own web site which clearly states on their web site under Frequently Asked Questions:

        15. Does the government know what I bought with my EBT card?
        No. There is no record kept of what you buy.

        19. What items am I allowed to purchase with my EBT card?
        For information on items that you are allowed to purchase with EBT food benefits. CASH AID may be used to purchase ANYTHING that can be legally purchased with currency (cash).


        • LOL The irony with you is strong!

          Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, then provide an Internet site to back up your single state example, which is in violation of Federal Law. My wife, when she live in Cali was a manager at a Kroger’s, which had it in their employee handbook that they followed Federal regulations which didn’t allow anything but food (No TP, tampons, etc).

          But its pretty funny, you say not to believe things on the ‘net then quote a thing from the ‘net. Nice job, and even a government website. So don’t believe one, but believe the other. So only believe ones YOU approve of? haha, you’re awesome (sarcasm).

      58. Cash Assistance, or TANF, is intended to help the poor obtain gasoline, personal hygiene, and pay the bills. Like SNAP, or Food Stamps, the intended purposes are limited, or they would be if the taxpayer made the rules. The fact that it can be used to purchase tobacco, alcohol, junk food, etc., is a failure of the government to properly limit the program to its intended purposes. It’s gotten out of hand and turned into a giant pinata.

        It’s time to end the cash payments and return the program to food assistance only. Go to the grocery store and receive a box of selected staples, no choice what you get, you sign up for the program and choose your preferences from a list, then that’s what you get every time.

      59. In what state did this occur? In NC you can’t use your EBT card for cigarettes, or alcohol, or even some types of food. Such items are ineligible for purchase via EBT, and a cashier couldn’t accept the card as payment for cigarettes even if she wanted to.

      60. Never been in the Hood? You can buy anything with an EBT card. Just ring it up as food. Or better yet, sell the card for 50% face value. Wait a few days and report it stolen. A new one will be issued. Check it out. I know people who do this daily.

      61. Can’t do that in Missouri either .

      62. “They’d be blowin’ their freakin’ brains out.”

        That’s almost correct but it’s not “their” brains that would be a risk. I’ve got to believe that they would invoke the ‘reset’ button and try again.

      63. Just wanted to add, down here in Hidalgo County we have to have a job to get foodstamps. If you are not currently working you have like a month to get a job. Cigarettes on your foodstamps card?? I can’t even fathom this. My family is a recipient of lonestar, and I’m very thankful for it. I still think it should be required to take a nutrition course when approved. We’re not allowed to spend our food stamps on anything BUT food. I have a guilty enough conscience buying the boys an occasional candy or ice cream on it with all the hoopla everyone made over it. I think it’s the county though in the end, because they’re the ones who make the individual rules for people applying with them. But, I was able to lose 70lbs after receiving government help, so it’s not all bad. A lot of good can come of it if people knew what a gift they were receiving!

      64. as Kim implied I didnt even know that people able to make $5085 in four weeks on the internet. did you see this page makecash16. çom

      65. to GC
        While I agree with your statements about being a slave to the corp, that the fed owns us, I find it ironic that you depend on that money. I read that you are a disabled construction worker.
        I have a crushed lower lumbar that occured when I was in the military. Bad knees, tenitus, and severe hearing loss. You know what I get from the Gov? Nothing. Don’t want nothin’ either. I work for mine.
        I have worked since I was 10. I will work til the day I die. You may feel that you don’t owe the Government anything and you’re right: You owe me!
        So eat my dick.
        Earn your money.

      66. First let’s clarify something. I work for an IT contracotr that services the CA Department of Health and Human Services. The EBT card that is issued to welfare reicpients has two different accounts on the card. One account is for food items ONLY.

        The other CASH benefits portion of their account is for families that have children living at home to assist with living expenses such as rent, utilities, taxable items, and what ever else the recipient wants to spend the money on. The government cannot dictate what they spend these funds on and many do use these benefits for alcohol and cigarettes.

        It is unfortunate, but it is a reality. The down side is that this type of benefit can have unintended consequences like this. The up side is that adults that choose to spend their benefits in this manner are actually shortening their life spans and wont be ion assistance as long. ;o}

        • Let’s clarify something else. You work for an IT contractor (not contracotr).

          This means you really don’t have a clue what makes someone eligible for cash assistance.

          A lot of people get SNAP, but do NOT get cash assistance.

          You want to go and tell someone “I know you’ve been paying into the system for the past 30 years. Sorry to hear abut your accident. But, you’re not allowed to buy wine anymore, even for religious purposes. And if you want cigs, you’re going to have to steal them, because you’re not allowed to buy them anymore either.”

          It’s time to be honest about what you actually “know” and what you DON’T actually know.

          Thumbs up for knowing that EBT cards contain multiple benefit types.

          Thumbs down for making the ASSumption that people are abusing the system.

      67. I have personal experience with receiving EBT benefits, both food and cash. Let me tell you, there is nothing easy about it. I’m disabled and I feel like I work more than I should trying to keep my eligibility for benefits intact. I live in Los Angeles County, and every month, I have to report to my local Department of Social Services several times, explaining how and why I am still eligible for benefits. Keep in mind, I cannot afford to drive, so it takes a total of six busses to get to and from the DPSS office.

        The DPSS system is a complete bureaucratic mess; one hand never knows what the other is doing, so they are very aggravating to deal with. Everything gets lost in the mail, so you cannot send them anything and must visit the office regularly. Every time I visit the office, I have to wait in a lobby for eight hours, standing for most of the time because all the seats are taken, with a group of smelly homeless people, most of which are completely insane.

        General Relief, or cash benefits, provides a maximum of $221 per month, while food stamps provide a maximum of $200. I receive both maximums, because I am an independent adult with no income, and my expenses greatly outweigh my resources. The food stamps are great, but I have no grocery stores within walking distance, so I have to rely on frozen dinners from the local pharmacy most of the time. I am still grateful, though, because I would starve without the food stamp benefits.

        My biggest struggle with EBT is the General Relief part of it. I am disabled, but do not receive Social Security Income because my case is still pending, and has been pending for almost three years. I am cut off from my family, so I receive no assistance from them, but I still have rent and bills to pay. My rent is $750 per month, which is actually cheap for where I live, but extremely expensive in regard to the $221 I receive each month from GR.

        Each month, my housing expenses greatly exceed the amount I receive from GR, and each month, I get a letter from DPSS threatening to terminate my GR if I don’t explain how I’m getting the rent paid each month. In other words, they are threatening to terminate my cash benefits because it’s suspicious that I can still afford my housing costs when they only give me about 1/4th of my housing costs.

        But I look at it like, “So I’m completely broke and can’t even afford my rent, am on the verge of homelessness, can’t work because I’m disabled, but you’re still threatening to terminate my cash assistance because my expenses are TOO HIGH?!” I pay my rent in creative ways, which include selling just about every nonessential item I own on craigslist, along with obtaining terrible high interest loans, and also, my mother died and I received a couple thousand dollars from a life insurance policy benefit.

        At this point, I am completely out of money, in debt, and will probably end up homeless next month if I cannot improve my financial situation, yet the government still threatens to terminate my General Relief every month, and I have to go an appeal hearing every month to plead my case and fight for my benefits. It doesn’t feel like much of a “hand-out” at all, but it does help me out just enough to survive.

        I guess my point is that although EBT cards can be used to buy both food and non-food items, most of us cannot afford those non-food items. I cannot afford toiletries and other essential items. Every penny of that $221 grant goes to rent. Also, GR is a loan that must be paid back. Also there are two types of GR, one is for those who are able to work, and the other is for those who cannot work.

        If you are able to work and receive GR, you must participate in GROW, (General Relief Opportunities for Work) which is a job training program that is pretty much a full-time job in itself. Those of us who cannot work, such as myself, and receive GR, do not have to participate in GROW, but we do have to prove that we cannot work, and must have an opinion from a State Government Medical Professional who states we are unable to work, and we must participate in receiving medical treatment on a regular basis.

        If people receiving government assistance are able to afford tobacco and alcohol, while still being able to pay their bills, then good for them, but the odds are, their financial priorities are out of order due to their addictions, and instead of getting bills paid, they are wasting their money on non-essential items. Sooner or later that type of irresponsible spending will come back to haunt them, and they will end up homeless and lose everything.

        I can understand both points of view on this issue. The cashier did not want to contribute to irresponsible spending, but it was not her place to make that decision. If the person wants to screw up their own life, its their own responsibility. In this case, both the cashier and the EBT recipient will pay the ultimate price, as they are both losing in this situation. The cashier may even ironically end up receiving EBT benefits herself if she is unable to find another job.

      68. Pretty stupid for losing her job that way. The customer could have withdrawn cash from his EBT card, then bought cigarettes with cash…dih..I wonder if she would have refused to accept his cash that he withdrew from his EBT account…hmmm…dumbass.

      69. Let’s make something clear here…. the average recipient of ebt CASH benefits, not food stamps or snap, is receiving child support from the state which is then collected from the absentee parent. So our tax dollars sit there until some lame parent gets their wages attached. I don’t care what these people do with their money, as long as their kids fed, their rents paid, and their ex gets a job.

      70. There isn’t enough information in this article to deduce whether or not there was any illegal activity taking place.  As others have stated there are many different kinds of benefits one can receive with an EBT card aside from Food benefits which vary from state to state.  It’s impossible to use food benefits on an EBT card to make a legal purchase of items that are not considered food items.  It’s all automated and items scanned in will refer to a database to determine whether or not it qualifies for purchase with EBT food benefits.  If an item isn’t considered food in the database it will reflect this in the “food stamp balance” on the cashier’s register showing a lesser amount than the total amount due when using an EBT card’s food benefits to pay, the remaining amount must be payed with some other form of payment for the balance to return to 0.00.  So it’s impossible for a customer to use their foodstamp benefits on an EBT card illegally in this way.  If there were sales of non-food items that were payed for with EBT card food stamp benefits the fault would fall unto those running the store.  In other words one could ring up food items with an equivalent cost to, just as an example, a carton of cigarettes and a 5th of whiskey, while off the system in reality the food items are replaced with said cigarettes and whiskey and the food items remain in the store despite recorded as having been sold.  In order for something like this to occur all parties must be working together, folks running the store and the customer purchasing the items.  It can never work any other way.  If this was indeed taking place inside the store this woman was working at she would have been much better served playing it cool while gathering evidence to build a case against the manager.  A hot head will get you nowhere in these situations.  Also the man shown in the video commenting on this story…  He’s not helping anybody figure out how to actually do something about the problem of benefit abuse.  If a man like that got anywhere near my family and displayed that same behavior I would immediately put him down.

      71. You guys are mad because people are getting food assistance off taxpayer money? You should hear about how the government is spending your money!!!! Not a peep here about the Federal Reserve, the unconstitutional income tax or even obama phones. For what the government is spending to bomb far off countries we could all eat for the rest of our lives. But they have you right where they want you, in ignorance, bickering at each other out of jealousy and pride.

      72. Wow there’s A LOT of very hurtful judgemental people on here talking about a subject they know nothing about!! If you’re lucky enough not to rely on food stamps to feed yourself or your children COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS AND QUIT ARGUING ABOUT SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING OF!! Instead of judging people why not DO SOMETHING like donate food to shelters, help your neighbors, or volunteer somewhere and see first hand how blessed you really are!
        Having said that, when I was a cashier I can tell you that items such as cigarettes or alcohol could NOT be purchased under the food option but we are electronic now instead of receiving checks the cash IS now put on the card and that’s for their expenses!! There’s 2 options food purchase or cash purchase. I’ve seen many things when I cashiered this is just a few, I could go on and on but you get the idea, yes there are some who abuse it, there are some with extremely high balances (highest I saw was $1100.00) but that person also had a lot of children. I saw people buying cheap stuff that they could make last and would sell the rest of their stamps to someone for cash so they could buy neccesities like toilet paper etc.- because they literally had no money and did not receive cash on their card. I saw elderly people with very low balances on their card, pitiful actually not nearly enough to last a month especially with the way prices are and they all said that’s all they could get from the govt.
        Let me also say that food stamps affect ALL RACES ALL AGEES!! If you don’t have to first go through the drama to prove yourself poor in order to receive food stamps and you and your children can sleep easy because your bellies are nice and full you ought to take a minute and realize you are blessed and then say I need to DO something to help my fellow man….that USED to be the American way! I have learned over the years what goes around eventually comes around….what if your only means for food was relying on food stamps? And in this pitiful economy jobs are here today gone tomorrow…and YES I also saw that situation too, well off doing good financially people lost their job and their funds eventually run out…guess what food stamps! The saying jugde not lest ye be judged came to mind.
        My point is whether it’s food stamps or some other major crisis we not only as a country but as human beings NEED TO SOLVE PROBLEMS RATHER THAN LET IT GET SO OUT OF CONTROL TO THE POINT WHERE PEOPLE DO NOTHING BUT ARGUE!! Call me crazy but I honestly believe that if every “Christian” or -if you don’t believe in God- and every decent human being ALL came together and work together SOMETHING could get done to solve hunger! It’s food not rocket science!! Think about it…if every blessed person helped someone or every blessed family helped another family would anyone be hungry? There’s more people with food OR money than those without. Can we really watch babies, children, teens, adults and elderly people be hungry here in America and do nothing but argue over food stamps?!
        Judge not lest ye be judged, if they hunger feed them, if they’re without clothes clothed them, if they are widowed comfort and take care of them. So simple if someone is hungry feed them…that’s what JESUS said to do! If you’re a Christian we should obey…and if you don’t believe in the Bible but you want to DO something hey that’s just good truth…if they’re hungry feed them!
        OR- we can continue to argue and do nothing while human beings go hungry and more and more people turn to food stamps and are still hungry and still suffering!

      73. what state allows cigarettes on EBT? the cigarettes should have scanned as approved so i think this is a hoax or right wing propaganda.

      74. She deserved to be fiered. What in the h### was she thinking. Not all ebt holders are on welfare. Thats how child support and alimony is paid here. Although the odds of that guy hetting either is slim, he still has the right to buy what he wants as long as his children are provided for. This is a free country. As far as i am concerned that woman is no better than a taliban terrorist against freedom of choice. People like her need to be in North Korea, not the USA.

      75. Let me tell you what i know. I had to get on food stamps due to illness and when i return to work full time (my job is there when i get well)i will be cancelling it. In the intro video you watch it states you CAN NOT buy liquior or tobacco. Maybe thats just Oklahoma.

      76. This is the biggest BS I have read in a long time. One can NOT buy cigarettes and alcohol with FOODstamps for they are NOT FOOD. Although I don’t agree in doing so, one CAN use their CASH benefits to purchase these things or anything else they chose, spending their allotted cash any way they please.

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