With Terror and Rape Spreading, “Self-Defense Weapons Permits Hit Record Highs” in Germany

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 153 comments

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    Where firearms and guns have been taken away, people are desperate to turn to whatever means of self-defense they can find.

    And in the wake of a total crisis from aggressive migrants and lone wolf terrorists, the people of Germany are lining up in droves for permits to carry non-lethal guns that fire flares, shoot blanks or release gas.

    Of course, the purchase of pepper spray and tasers have skyrocketed in the past several years, but with recent events, things have reached a whole new level.

    While the governments of Europe continue to invite in unlimited numbers, the people of Germany are not about to stand idly by and risk getting raped, or worse.

    via RT:

    Requests in Germany for self-defense weapons permits are hitting record highs in 2016, police data reveals. Firearms ownership experts say people wanting to purchase non-lethal weapons come from all sections of society, “be it workers or professors.”

    The new police data shows that Germans are feeling increasingly unsafe in the wake of recent lone-wolf attacks and shootings, which has sparked a demand for non-lethal self-defense weapons.

    “As of June 2016, there were 402,301 small arms carry permits in the National Weapons Register,” the Interior Ministry said, as cited by Die Welt.

    This figure is almost 50 percent higher than last year when there were just fewer than 270,000 requests for permits in the first half of 2015.

    Small arms carry permits or “Kleiner Waffenschein” in German, are restricted to non-lethal self-defense weapons, such as blank-firing and gas pistols, and flare guns.

    The political realities may not change overnight, but there is a huge wave of anger against the mass migration that has brought with it the blowback of war and destruction in the Middle East. It cannot be denied that there is a culture war going on in Europe, and its people are preparing to resist whatever attacks may come their way.

    As Zero Hedge previously reported, the rise of rapes and other unfriendly clashes between recent arrivals and native Europeans has fueled a backlash of fear and a move to take up arms for personal protection – particularly as governments have made clear they have no intention of stopping the worst of what’s going on:

    Despite occasional videos of angry Germans protesting at what has become the biggest “foreign invasion” of Europe since World War II, the German popular response to the wave of migrants, which is now expected to top 1 million in 2015 has been relatively calm. Fear (and anger), however, are building beneath the otherwise calm surface.

    According to a report by Focus, following a 600% surge in sales over the past two months, Germany has run out of pepper spray, and the irritating substance can now only be purchased after weeks of waiting. Focus says that according to pepper spray manufacturers, “frightened Germans” have bought out all the available inventory. The alleged reason, according to the German publication: “die Flüchtlingskrise“, or the refugee crisis.


    “There is fear” explains Kai Prase, managing director of DEF-TEC Defense Technology GmbH in Frankfurt, one of the major producers of repellents. “For the past six to seven weeks we have been practically sold out.” […] The waiting period has already reached about five weeks.

    The invasion of Western civilization is giving rising to nationalism, complete with calls to restrict borders and carefully screen immigrants to filter out those who are the most dangerous.

    It is sad that Europeans have been so disarmed that they must literally ask their government for permission to defend themselves; but that reality will not stop people from doing what it takes to protect themselves and their community.

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    Sweden Covered-Up Systematic Rape During Festival Because Migrants “Awkward to Write About”

    Germany In Shock After “Monstrous” Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men “Of Arab Or North African Origin”


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      1. Meanwhile in Amerika the Democrats are demanding more gun control. Can we call this the Democrats, make that Hillary’s, War on Women’s safety????????????

        • Permission to defend yourself, LOL

          • Menzo, I’ve always taken self-defense seriously. Ever since Waco I carry certain ‘non-lethal’ defense items in the truck with me wherever I go. Probably illegal but I don’t care. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense and I don’t need anyone’s permission for it, either. I don’t care what they pass. I’m not following it.

            • Poor ole Europeans at the mercy of the islamic savages. I can’t believe people think that a government actually has any kind of right to permit any self defense items. I have bought everything I own on the black market and will continue to. I know people that are just giddy with pride at their ccw permission slip from their masters. I call them fools.

              • Here in Arizona, there is no need for any of that.. I carry either open or concealed and it is no ones business but my own. that goes for knives too, up in the less free states, like massachusetts, there are laws that limit what kind of blade you can have…absolutely shameful, the people let this happen. it is our own fault.

            • why would any “non lethal” defense items be illegal???

              • Nunchakus are illegal where I live…

                • It’s only illegal if you get caught. Or are a moron and call the cops. Why are people so freaking stupid they think they need to call the cops for help? The cops are NOT on your side fools! Just stab or shoot or whatever and shut the fook up about it….

                  • Exactly, laws that make the right to self defense illegal including infringing on gun rights are unjust laws, you still have the right to self defense, and if the government is infringing on that right, then the government in violating those rights is acting outside its authority and there is no moral requirement to obey that law.

                    If the police are going to choose to enforce laws to infringe and violate the people’s rights then they are best left out of the equation.

                    Just shoot the Jihadugee Rapeugees dead and walk away.

            • Our Founding Fathers were presented (by the States) with The Second Amendment, and essentially stated that if “they” did not include it “as was written” (to help support The 1st and other Amendments), then NONE of the States would have ratified it. Therefore, it becomes perfectly clear exactly who The Second Amendment refers to when it say Militia. The Militia by law (yes, even today), IS THE PEOPLE.

              It is a FACT that “the people ARE THE MILITIA! PERIOD! YES – even TODAY-Tomorrow and ???, we WILL BE THE MILITIA.

              The wife and I have TWO Insurance Companies that provide “dedicated legal assistance like no others in the event we are forced to use deadly force, giving us nearly 2 million in coverage for about $50 a month (combined).” (Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network out of Seattle area, and The USCCA (US Concealed Carry Association). They BOTH have established, from the many times they’ve been to court due to the use of a firearm for self-defense and deadly force, that ‘we the people’ are MOST CERTAINLY The Militia – – not to mention The Militia is SUPPOSED to be supplied with identical gear as that of a modern soldier, (full auto weapons, grenades, grenade launchers), and yet the government is already “extremely out-of-order” in obeying that part of it. (*Like: if you have a full auto you’ll do 10 years in a federal prison, and yet you, by every right, HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO OWN A FULLY AUTOMATIC “machine gun” (because our soldiers do, and so do police). In order to “match” the weapons they “MIGHT” use against us, we are SUPPOSED to have the very same capabilities of a US Soldier or LEO, so that THEY do not end up “out-arming” us (which of course is exactly where we now stand) …with many politicians trying like hell to get rid of the “bump-fire” add-ons for AR’s and such that imitate full auto’s (without near the dependability).

              However, they number about (including police) about 1.5 million. We the people (with weapons ON us) number about 150 million (not counting 50 million ex-combat veterans). And I believe those number are a tad low since ALL OF AMERICA seemingly bought a pistol this year …millions of them! hahah….

              We were given the right to protect our life by God, and The Second Amendment guarantees that IF our government becomes so bloated and tyrannical that circumstances reach what they have (now, TOTAL CORRUPTION IN OUR FACES AS IF WE ARE POWERLESS AGAINST THEM “ATTITUDES”), then these “arms” that we have the right to carry “levels the playing field” just a bit as it gives us “carte blanche” to “tear down” the government who has (and who did exactly as our ‘founders’ THOUGHT they’d do), turned both treasonous, full of corrupt politicians and liars, and NOW we NEED THE SECOND AMENDMENT to keep the bastards (and every country our PowersThatBe has screwed over, pissed off and pissed on), from filling us with holes, or lopping off our heads. (By ISIS, a US ‘created machine’ meant to: (who knows for sure)?

              DO NOT turn in any weapons EVER. “TPTB” have NO LEGAL RIGHTS OR RECOURSE in forcing Americans to do such a thing, and if you do it anyway, you’ve purposely turned yourself into a “soon to be slave, sex-toy or harvested for body organs.”

              NO LAW that disagrees with The Constitution in any manner is a law at all (and there are many ‘recognized’ as law that truly have no teeth when challenged, but unscrupulous attorneys make use of ‘loopholes’ all the time to illegally “push things through” (and of course NOT ONE of ‘we the people’ have ANY WAY to file a grievance against such things without having every ABC Agency surrounding your home …armed to the teeth.

              The bottom line is that we simply do not have an option of relinquishing our weapons into the hands of our tyrannical government, or we’ll be as good as dead by this time next year, if not already six-feet under.

              Other “very interesting articles” written by these “Insurers” written by Massad Ayoob or Marty Hayes or any number of “the nation’s best” people for pro-gun causes, are also pointing (between the lines) that “tacticial” has become the definitive difference in what is selling (and what you want). Why? Because both companies fully-feel that we are indeed going to have to “take up our arms” (perhaps before the end of this year, if not going into the next, which is just a few months distant.

              As Braveheart1776 has declared, so have millions of others. It matters NOT what TPTB stipulate for further restrictions or outright bans (like, Hillary intends to “suspend” The 2nd A” (good luck as no other president(s) has been able to ‘budge’ The Constitution or Amendments in such a radical way.

              The Elitists, the “rich and famous” and all others who feel that because they have more money makes them more important (and especially “better than you” and thus able to stipulate what you can and cannot do during your life …umm, who gave these idiots the right to think they are in control of anything other than themselves)? NOBODY! *That where news media comes in with repetitive-teaching and subliminal suggestion.

              Most importantly, both “magazines” from both ‘insurers’ sent out ‘electronic PDF magazines” monthly. Both are stating, between the lines, that we are on, or already falling off, the ‘cusp’ (the onset and beginning), and what will a never-ending chain of horrors beset upon us by our own government, and that it will ultimately be We The People who WILL have to step in at some point, like it or not, or …I suppose just stand around doing nothing and watch everyone like you, and including you, get “mowed down” by enemy fire or beheading at The Town Square.

              This is the first time in history we’ve been “pushed to the wall” and just a ‘tad’ more pressure will cause We The People to “explode ourselves INTO all parts of our government” so that it becomes non-existent inside of a month. All offices closed that are not needed to keep us “up and running” (and our military can do that much easily …and NOT with Martial Law).

              Damn. It’s one hell of a choice to HAVE to make isn’t it?

              So; MOLON LABE (it shall be and we will be the victors, easily).

              • The founding fathers Used Regulated and Trained interchangabile. A well Regulated Milita refered to a well trained person.

                • I was only (basically) repeated what was discussed in the last newsletter on the subject of Who Is The Militia – Even Today? As for who is The Militia, it’s not up for argument with me. WE are. Period. Veterans are Trained. Civilians, untrained. Still, Militia.

                  Answer: We The People no matter WHO tells you differently. You may feel free to argue with Massad Ayoob, yet I feel you’d be on the losing end of the stick, with respect to “hands on experience in all of these things, attorney, ex-LEO, training instructor for Special Forces segments “by invitation/demand”. I’d love to moon-light for that kind of pay…

          • the middle east owns germany it was traded to them for oil an a pipe line/china got the gold ,i think they got the best part of the deal

          • Are the Islamic goatfuckers lined up to get their permits too? If not, then why should the general population be required to?

            • No aka, WHAT permits? We don’t need no stinking permits!

          • Here, in Canadastan, if someone broke into my house, by law, I am to, call the police.
            If I shot and killed, the intruder, I would be charged with murder.
            And that, is a true story

            • Unless you put a knife in the intruder’s hand and say you feared for your life. You may still get charged but a conviction would be unlikely. Best to just shoot, shovel and shut the fuck up.

              • Thanks for sharing James. Unfortunately any use of force will still need to be justified and in the middle of a physical altercation, trying to interpret this confusing law as to whether what you are doing is justified will be next to impossible. Best to shoot, shovel and shut the fuck up.

          • I believe a HUGE “Red Flag” to pay attention to, is when all of the sudden Gold and Silver takes off for the moon. That is a signal that something BIG is, or about to happen, either here in the States or Globally.

            What I am saying here, is that when the (In the Know Crowd) Pros stop shorting Gold and Silver to suppress it, and they go ALL IN with massive long positions, something BIG could or is about to happen, like multiple Big False Flag Attacks. I believe they have been suppressing the PM’s on Paper these last few years, so they can accumulate large positions in Physical Metals at a cheaper price.. And when they feel comfortable in their positions, that is when they pull the plug on the shorting positions, and let PM’s slingshot up, to make a lot of money, and in coordination with some HUGE World Event (False Fag) etc situation, because PM’s will go to the moon, in unstable times, as the masses also flee to safety in PM’s. It may just be, the attack or event will be a Stock Market Crash, or could be a Terror Attack with a lot of death. Who knows? But watch this Big “Red Flag” in PM’s/ Precious Metals, when they take off for no reason all of the sudden before an event.

            We may get all excited the PM’s are increasing, but at the same time, be more cautious, and be ready, that some EVIL enterprise is about to unleash their false flag devastation.

            The same thing happened in the Stock Market Prior to 9-11 when some insiders shorted American Airlines bigtime prior to, and profited Bigtime when the Planes hit along with many other stocks that tumbled along with the Twin Towers. And every time, they will keep increasing their devastation on a larger scale. Example: Like 3 Million Muslims go on a coordinated shooting spree in every major city in America. So then Our ZOG Government, can install martial law and begin gun confiscation. This may be their last try before Trump is elected. You better be ready too. I read where the UN Blue Helmets are training in a FEMA Camp in Michigan. (Known for Demolition Training) Pay attention to that as they position troops for Martial Law around major cities, and set up road blocks, search your vehicles and take all your stuff and weapons and ammo, and throw you in their FEMA Camp (You know till its all sorted out) Yeah right. So prepare, like have a few of your guns already at your BOL location in position, incase your others are stolen.

            So look at both sides of this issue to see the good and bad when PM’s Take off all the sudden for no real reason. I say this, because………

            Silver again over night was up to $20.84 like a rocket ship. We may see this punching through $21, $22, $23 like a Hot Knife though butter in the days ahead. This could also mean something BIG is about to happen.

            So heads up, Stay alert, and get ready. Situational Awareness Folks. Stay Safe..

            ~WWTI… Make sure your weapons are sighted in, greased, loaded and locked, mags full and carry them in your vehicles under a towel or something. Where you can access them in a second. I’m now going to start carrying my AR15 Pistol in my vehicle, and extra Mags, with my 2 other side arm pistols. 60 round AR Sure Fire Magazine filled with green tips. OK who wants to play?

          • Personally I feel sorry for the folks who are forced to live in EU states and cannot have firearms for defense. Here in 10aC one in 4 adults has a handgun carry permit and 1000s more folks carry w/o permits. Safest places in th state? Gun Shows and Shooting ranges!

        • you know will have sherea law in germany first then the rest eu before 2030

          • Haven’t you been keeping up with the news? BREXIT just happened…25 other so called EU countries all have referendums to leave the silly political Union .
            Sharia law you say by 2030? Did the UN send you over here to give us a update?
            Do you think Russia is gonna stand by and watch it’s most immediate neighbor turn into sand niggers without a plan to arm freedom and liberty patriots in Europe?
            Germany is a shit storm of mindless confusion and betrayal. To bad they are so intimidated by their own pass to believe that arming themselves is a right and not a permission.

            Live Free or Die…put that lederhosen on and strap a glock with it.

            • I got the moderation blues

            • talon1776, you are right about Brexit being a Declaration of Independence. But you forget that the Declaration of Independence was followed by the War for Independence. Talk is easy. Shedding blood for your beliefs is not.

              • I live in LA…I am on the front line…don’t know where you are…but shedding of blood is necessary to preserve liberty and Freedom…I am not afraid are you?

      2. I heard Germany has ran out of broom handles, mop handles and baseball bats.

        • Germany should get rid of their government as that’s what’s causing the problem

      3. Use whatever it take to protect yourself even if it is a nail file . Just never travel alone if you can help it. Take the nail file and poke it in their eye if you have to. It is you or them. After all most of these invaders are carry diseases also.

        • F That. Get a fire arm by what ever means necessary.
          Save your country!!!! we are not going to save you this time!!! Start with your politicians!!!

      4. Hillary is another Merkle. Zionist controlled to destroy their perspective countries from within.

        Got news for that witch. Not on my watch.

        ~WWTI… No comments from crybaby today, must be drinking some courage. Watch the bozo stumble in later tonight slurring his words again, and screaming everybody’s after me. lol

        • “..And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

          as for me and mine, i will bless Israel any way we can…
          And f$#@ the anti-constitution, communist, progressives…

          • Vocal:

            Who are the creators and leaders of Communism?


            • Oh certainly not the chosen ones 😮

        • Here in Arizona, there is no need for any of that.. I carry either open or concealed and it is no ones business but my own. that goes for knives too, up in the less free states, like massachusetts, there are laws that limit what kind of blade you can have…absolutely shameful, the people let this happen. it is our own fault.

          • Vocalpatriot, they can take such laws and stuff them. I’m a knife collector and I’ll own whatever the hell I choose.

      5. Flare guns as a self defense weapon.

        I mentioned that back awhile ago about the 12 gage Orion Marine Flare Pistol.

        On Utube

        • Anon,
          YUP, flare guns are very deadly when used properly, also works great on bears!

        • I’m curious. I just bought a 26.5 mm polish flare pistol with green star bursts, for use during emergencies. Would that actually hurt someone if I shot them in the face at say 7 meters?

          • are cross bows ok to have in germany

            • I think the Pope still says not to use them against Christians….

              OK, we’re fine with that.

          • relic

            The projectile travels approx. 100 meters before the star burst.

            Seven meters would injure and possibly kill.

            If you do it, remember you still will have to put the fire out.

            • rellik

              Orion marine flares are already burning leaving the barrel. Instant burn on contact and are like road flare residue which sticks to the skin. I got some of that stuff on me once and you will know right away it’s there. Left me with a burn scare.

              • Rellik

                One more thing.

                If you put one inside a marauding vehicle it has a 3 second burn time but is hot enough to start the insides on fire. The “drive by shooter’s” won’t be moving so slow after you burn a few of their vehicle’s to the ground.

                The illumination flare burn for 10 seconds after ignition. Almost as good as Dragon’s Breath.

                Welcome to the World of the Multi Use Flare Gun.

                • Instead of a flare “gun”, why not a “Striker-Flare” (‘strike’ it like a match on tar or gravel and they light. The tip ONLY burns a ‘hot’ bright red and allow you to hold the other end, or just leave it laying in the road horizontally.

                  That would be scarier than a blade to most folks (fire burns and burns hurt the worst right?). That alone might get rid of their “intent” if not outright removes their ability to otherwise hurt you.

                  I only say this because we’ve a few flares on ship, and I’d hate to have to depend upon the accuracy of any one of them in a self-defense situation. (I seriously doubt you could make a head shot at 10 feet because once it has left the barrel it basically out of control and was only meant to “smoke & climb” & explode” …never to fire with accuracy. (It is easy for most with a flare gun to “hit the sky”). lol…

                  *In fact, we once saw a man test a new flare-gun and flares, and the first one fired ignited when he pulled the trigger, then exited the barrel and went straight down into the ocean “like an instant 90-degree turn and down”)! Just saying…

                  When you say broomsticks are scant in Germany, perhaps they saw them in half then ‘rebind’ them with duct tape or whatever would make for one “insane club” with which to beat hell out of the bastards with …otherwise, a single bit of wood like a broomstick, (like Hillary’s) could be used to whack you to death …with a million ‘whacks’? How’s your upper-body endurance these days? Or perhaps they are making spears of the broomsticks. Either way, I’d rather carry just the right ‘club’ of wood found IN the woods (and it isn’t hard to find just what will work great right)? (Whittle to fine-tune your club….heheh).

          • You think? It’s just about the equivalent of a white phosphorus blast, as far as your body is going to be concerned.

            Maiming and blinding someone might not be a legally sound self-defense concept, if you choose not to carry a firearm.

            • Smokey

              Good point. Will it matter if you are in a RESET condition where life and death is involved? We still think of the legal ramifications during, Without Rule Of Law. Worried that after some resemblance of order returns, that a Goodie Two Shoes who feels you have still broken the law defending your life. Turns you into the police or the idiot who attacks you brings charges against you.

              • For what it’s worth, there are several writings that proclaim “there will be no law in the streets” (thus, by man’s laws there will be NO LAW on the streets, therefore nothing will be illegal until matters resume to normality again). God’s Law will prevail, but only half the troops will be believers, many of the opposing side will be screaming shit in Arabic, yet their religion hasn’t shed half the blood that Christianity has spilled over the centuries …and mostly always victorious as well.

                Though it is rarely mentioned, it will be the non-believers, in some way, that will somehow end up bearing the greatest ‘brunt’ of all that is to be. (Both kinds of non-believers. Folks who do not believe there is any danger of ANYTHING being imminent that is “bad” and NEVVA “prep” …they eat out every night they can afford to, and if armed with plastic eat out when they can’t afford to).

                I have no doubts that God will take care of His own in the tribulations that are heralded to befall us …and it certainly appears (globally) that there are many, many ‘things’ that could be dropped in our laps, thanks to our psychotic government. (Things are bad when both Russia and China get together to compare notes on The USA and how they can combine efforts to put US UNDER SANCTIONS (that’s we’ll never live to see the end of, or far, far worse consequences, such as a first strike of devastating proportions ….every city, both coasts and cripple the Fleet to uselessness). China is next matching us with sea power right now, and will surpass us at the rate they are building (with strong intentions of using them to fully control the waters not belonging to them …yet why do we need to have a militaristic interest in that, at this time? (We don’t, but we have ships and subs zig-zagging all over that area of that sea …to what end? There’s a huge oil reserve under that area. China has none and that oil would enrich the hell out of their economies. And so it becomes a fight over “land” in the almighty name of The $$$$$$ (now I wonder who would be most likely to end up with that oil reserve …tap tap tap)?

              • Anon, damn good point. Once the balloon goes up it’s definitely Without Rule Of Law. All the rules we live by at this time will go straight down the tubes with the rest of the nation. It will be “no holds barred” and “anything goes”. the only ‘rule of engagement’ to be concerned with is FIGHT TO KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES ALIVE AND TO WIN. I don’t give a shit about any ‘legal ramifications’ or whatever is ‘legally sound’.

        • AmeriGeddon the Movie – If you want to go see this movie, go to this site as they will list the theaters near you. Mostly playing in August. Its about Martial Law and Gun confiscation. A must see Movie.

          ht tp://amerigeddonthemovie.com/theaters/

          This site will show the theaters on a map and then they are asking that you sign up, so it will demand the local theater to show the movie.

          This process circumvents the Hollywood Moguls from not showing the movie and keeps the control local which local demand.

          I bought a couple of tickets.


          • i am waiting to order it on ROKU

        • Flares can bounce off of the target. Bad choice of weapons…

          • I wonder if you could add some gas and disolved styrofoam to a flare shell? That would make it stick lol.

      6. This is just a shame for a country that makes the best rifles, MGs and SMGs in the world to ask for permit to defend self or someone against the foot soldier savages of their Zionist occupying government.

        Same goes for the US of A, I don’t need a CCW to defend myself and my loved ones just because a fucking law made by our own zionist occupiers and their so called supreme court.

        Self defense is a God given right.

        C’mon Germans… rise and show the world how to evaporate these ISIS barbarians and then start with your occupying government.


        • Sulphur, Saltpeter and Charcoal will be around way beyond 2 years

          • Just try and manufacture some gunpowder from scratch today? I mean you yourself gather & process the raw materials from nature. Maybe one person in 10,000 would be able to do it. Much simpler to flint knapp a spear point.

            • I read an article once that stated you could use match heads (strike anywhere matches work best ,iirc) in place of gunpowder. Velocity is reduced but if there’s nothing else it’s better than a spear…

          • Hey but what is the reload time on that ?
            You can use spears, and arrows over and over again ….
            Asked the ZOOLOOSE……

        • Yes after the SHTF and the hoarded supplies run out. It will become a stone age existence. After there is no longer any electricity flowing it will not take very long.

      8. Wont be long before the German people have enough of these sand dwelling animals and take matters into their own hands .
        Its gonna happen all over Europe.

        • I do hope they kill them instead of just deporting. They’ll come here.

        • When that happens, i’ll be staying up late every night trying to watch live coverage shouting “Take that you freakin’ Muzzie !” many times.

          Sorry, but when a religion okays by its own majority’s silence the rape of women and killing of innocent people and innocent animals; I will entitle myself for enjoyment of vengeance and ask God for forgiveness on Sunday.

      9. The opposition wants to bring that here.

      10. Back in the 50’s/60’s the gangs of the day made guns out of rubber bands with a nail for a firing pin. They were called “Zip Guns”.

        Watch out fur them Hogs!

        • Then Hogs

          Thats an interesting point as the 1950s gun laws were far less strict. A NYC teen hoodlum resorts to making a home made handgun while today he has a Glock. What has changed? Funds to purchase. Drugs weren’t mainstream fashionable hence a lot smaller market that the major organized crime groups controlled. Non opiate street drugs, cocaine, marijuana, Meth, ecstasy became fashionable. One should address why? Was it aided by TPTB to disrupt society for a multitude of reasons or just a natural progression in society? I know that two of the band members in the Four Seasons had to hide their criminal background least the press ostracize them. Fat forward three decades and Vanilla Ice had to fabricate a false criminal persona to be acceptable to the market. Not knowing either way I tend to lean towards the, “aided by TPTB”.

          • “Not knowing either way I tend to lean towards the, “aided by TPTB”.

            Expanding on the above idea the Syrian Immigration is ostensible in its intent. The true purpose is to create chaos and its working very well. Therefore their respective governments have no intent on truly protecting their citizens, quite to the contrary they’re creating the problem.

      11. I am shocked ! Shocked I tell you that people would use their own measures to protect themselves after their own government would not.

      12. “Small arms carry permits or “Kleiner Waffenschein” in German, are restricted to non-lethal self-defense weapons, such as blank-firing and gas pistols, and flare guns.”

        A blank firing pistol for self defense and a permit needed to boot.


        • They can stuff those bloody ‘permits’. I carry what I choose when I choose.

        • That should be “Kleiner WTFenstein”

      13. Why are we talking about this instead of the fact that Trump does not know Putin is in in the Ukraine and wants to cede Crimea?

        • Rebecca

          The choices are someone who don’t know what is going on against someone that is part of a globalist criminal cabal that creates false flags that are bought line hook and sinker. We have been trying the latter for some time. I would prefer a better choice like Rand Paul but that’s not the case. In his absence I’ll take the ignorance over deceptive. The first is curable with education, the second is unfixable.

        • Because talking about the Russians in the Crimea is a non-issue. They already have it and are not going to give it back.

          If you want to start a regional war in Europe, then go ahead and keep on trying to heat up the issue, but sometimes you just have to let situations you don’t like continue.

          The Dems are way out of line on this one. Kind of like cutting oil exports in 1941 to Japan over their China war and precipitating death and destruction over the rest of Asia.

        • Rebecca – I’m not sure what you mean with that statement. Are you suggesting the Russia invaded Crimea and took it by force? If that is the case, I hate to say that you would be mistaken. Crimea was part of Russia for centuries up until Krustev gave Crimea to Ukraine to please his Ukrainian wife, whom I would assume increased his frequency of BJs. When the US Government and Mr. Soreass orchestrated a coup of a democratically elected government, Crimea wanted nothing to do with the new Nazi – US installed dictator and followed all of the UN rules to first have a referendum to secede, which passed in a landslide. Once they had independence, they petitioned the Russian Federation to join them. Remember, a vast majority of the people of Crimea are Russian speaking and of Russian decent. It should have never been ceded to Ukraine in the first place.

          • Firestorm, that’s correct. There has been a Russian community in Crimea going back to the 18th century. They do have more of a claim to that land than Ukraine ever did.

      14. I love everyone here so hard. I’m not scared of the NWO. Never will be. Loving you loving me.

        • I’ll have what he’s having…

          • Make mind a double..and BTW Brave..thanks for those comments…JWR is on another planet.

            • Talon, my pleasure. I’ve always been skeptical of JWR.

        • Way to go Brave… Lovin’ it, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

        • Nurse, nurse, he’s out of bed again!!!

      15. ••••••••••. Duke 4 Senate . com ••••••••

        In order to be allowed into the debates, Duke must
        Raise $200 Thousand within ten days.

        If you support truth and are willing, please send a donation
        NOW of any amount no matter how small.

        Thank You. And God Bless America.

        • Or maybe it’s a cointel pro. Lock and Load!

      16. Can the Germans carry wasp spray?

          • THANKS, Boyo! I’ve always believed this myth…

            • You can buy rechargeable aerosol cans and fill them with whatever you want (sulphuric acid) home made pepper spray, chlorine and ammonia, the list goes on. You just unscrew the cap, fill it, replace the cap, pressurize it with a bicycle pump. Makes great booby traps too lol.

      17. Hillary released Bill on the German people?

        William ist ein Vergewaltigen Maschine.

        • English is:

          William is a rape machine

      18. You can make a weapon from anything and you can defend yourself no matter your physical size or sex. The issue is psychological: are you prepared to call BS on anyone abusing you or assaulting you? And this is particularly important for women, since they are the main victims of Muslim assaults.

        It is possible for women to learn how to defend themselves, especially with Israeli self-defence techniques. Women can also build strength by running and doing strength exercises. I think it is worth it to keep a Muslim out of your pants.

        • I remember a scene from a film called ‘Cellular’, with Kim Basinger. She is being held captive by thugs. One thug comes up to the attic where she is and she takes a blade of some kind she had hidden in her hand and slices him under the arm–below the armpit on the ‘inner’ arm, slicing the artery there. After that, she apologizes. Totally small movement and no combat involved, and he looks dumbfounded, then bleeds out. I’m not a doctor, but this seems like it would work.

          • Good point! Women do not need much, just to know the vulnerable points to target. Getting the Muslim assailant to bleed out is very effective.

            Excellent target points that can be punctured with a knitting needle or similar thing:

            1) Eyes
            2) Jugular on neck
            3) Femoral artery
            4) Front of throat: take out the wind pipe and they can’t breath: plus point: no more annoying ‘Aloha Snackbar!!’
            5) We used to do this all the time in the special forces when we captured somebody. Just get a good grip on their nut sack and squeeze and twist. They tend not to resist after that.
            6) The German Bell Ringer: developed by the British in WWII, just slam as hard as you can with your fists or open hands both ears at the side of the head. Instantly disorients a person no matter how ‘big the n#g’.
            7) The nose ‘plow’: just jam their nose from below as hard as you can with the bottom of your palm and don’t stop. Imagine your hammering right though the head to the other side. Not too many ‘Tahrir Rush’ rapists will be doing it again after that experience.
            8) The ankle cracker: Another good one that humbles even the biggest 7-foot BLM monster. Just come down with all your weight on the side of the weakest point of the ankle to snap it.
            9) And finally, getting mugged by an annoying ‘gro in a hoodie while at the ATM? Use the hoodie to choke out the ‘gro by using an effective twisting move that uses the black thug’s favorite attire against them.

      19. I am surprised the German population has not reacted.

      20. Krav maga is the style the Israel’s practice. A very good style. I prefer SI LAT, bones break faster, and it bi passes all the fancy BS, and its brutal. SI Lat teaches you how to attack first, how to launch the attack. The next Russian soldier that comes up to me in Houston asking me for my computer, will get his lip busted open, his jaw broken, and will get a taste of the horrific effects of that technique. Watch the SI Lat Documentary and you will get some info on why I practice. They don’t call it warrior style for nothing. The Dutch invaded Indonisa, got their asses killed out and never went back. I hate getting beat up in front of women, it use to happen to me a lot when I was a kid, so I will not be loosing a fight in public. I hit very fucking hard.


        • I like Ti Kwan Leep.

          • I like Kajukenbo and aikido

            • Don’t forget gun foo!

              • Ohhh G!…gawd you made me laugh!

              • Bic lighter and ‘shine’ in a spray bottle. Sip, spray then light.

      21. CDC issues historic travel warning over Miami Zika outbreak

        h ttp://www.cnn.com/2016/08/01/health/cdc-miami-florida-zika-travel-warning/index.html

        ah hah !!!
        evil government plot exposed !!!

        “The new cases were found by door-to-door surveys of 200 people in their homes and businesses, and they were identified by urine and blood samples that tested positive for the virus or an antibody.”

        just good science and modern methods of preventing spread of disease

        Why Zika Is Totally Out of Control In Puerto Rico

        h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/why-zika-totally-control-puerto-192538716.html

        and keep in mind that it estimated that the cost,over a lifetime to care for a zika baby will be ten million dollars each

        • Satori:

          Spend ten million dollars to care for a vegtable. Then murder perfectly healthy babies. Can’t you see, this is not mercy. This is an orchestrated attack on the financial spiritual, and physical well being of the people.


          • B – you got that right.

            Sad ain’t it.

            So sad.

      22. My ‘non-lethal’ weapon of choice is my Sig .45 and the Ruger LCR I carry for backup. In the 3 times (over many years of carrying) that I had to pull it in self defense, it was a ‘non-lethal’ encounter. Just seeing the size of the hole it was going to make stopped the BG’s in their tracks (one is doing 8-15 in a state pen now). Hence it is my -‘non-lethal’ weapon of choice. However, if I had to pull my KaBar which I also carry every day, well, that would be my last ditch choice, so that would be my ‘lethal weapon’. And every female in my household carries and is well trained. There is an inherent right to self defense. Period. End of story. No pepper spray here. Flare gun would be pretty cool to see in action though… 🙂

      23. They will NEVER get my guns.

        Molon Labe

        Fair warning I will Sampson the Christ out of any fucker that starts feeling froggy.

      24. Maybe I’ll start growing cayenne peppers and sell them to Germany. Could be lucrative.

      25. Any thoughts on a Mosin Nagant rifle buried in a survival tube with a few rounds of ammo?

        • Swinging Richard

          If you have two rifles. I would put one in the ground in case they surprise you. The other at arms length. The time is now to pick a place for tubing it. I am waiting till the end of the election to see if I need to tube things. Things change and you don’t need to be digging it up if you need to quickly move. I would say if Hillary is elected, it’s time to hide a few.

          • anon, Thanks. Was thinking of a cheap rifle to hide so we are not caught flat-footed. Maybe coat in a thick grease to protect from the elements.

        • That old 762 X 54 with steel ammo will penetrate 1/2 inch steel. Don’t bury anything. When they try to take your not hidden weapons that’s the time to use all of them. What you do is let the best marks man shoot and some one else load for him. In Vietnam a chopper got shot down in the dark. The best shot was on top shooting and a injured guy was laying down loading for him. tossing the two guns between them. He shot the muzzle flashes and kept it up until daylight. Teach everyone to be able to load all your weapons in the dark. That’s why we only have one guage & type of shotgun Mossberg 500 12 guage. We don’t have anything automatic. Wheel type 44 cal hand guns. lever action bolt action or pump rifles & shotguns. I aint burying anything. Its handy and loaded. And No matter what in not calling any cops.

      26. Oven cleaner and wasp spray make a great substitute for pepper spray.

        • Really good point! There are zillions of common, every day items that can become excellent weapons and are perfectly legal to carry around. Examples include spray perfume (into the eyes of the attacker), drapers scissors, sharp pens, keys, sharp screw drivers, makeshift flame thrower with spray cans, use piano wire to choke but also to trip up, etc.

          There is no reason to be a victim to these Islamo-thugs.

          Remember, the police will not be able to help in a crisis. London’s police couldn’t handle a load of black thugs attacking each other with machetes a few weeks ago as they fought in the streets of a major tourist area. Imagine if they actually had to deal with a real terrorist trained and motivated? You are on your own.

      27. Can anyone recommend a water filter? I’ve read Sgt dale and braveheart mention a different one from the Berkeley filter. Can y’all weigh in? Kentucky mom?

        • I bought an AlexaPure Pro. It filters about 2-2.25 gal/h with only one filter installed. There are spaces for 4 filters. Each filter is estimated to be good for up to 5000 gallons depending on local water quality.
          No need for priming but it does take about 10-15 flushes to get rid of the filter smell/taste after initial setup.
          It’s for potable water ( not filthy ) as most filtration systems are.
          You can buy a distiller or come up with a setup of stainless pots and lids to put together a makeshift water distiller. A distiller is probably superior for SHTF as it has no filters to clog, heats the water to kill pathogens and when properly done can yield almost perfectly pure water.

          So far so good. I like it.

          I don’t sell ’em


        • SOL

          Sawyer mini.

        • ht tps://sawyer.com/products/type/water-filtration/

          I like this model

          htt ps://sawyer.com/products/sawyer-pointone-one-filter/

          you can rig it up with a couple of 5 gallon buckets

          Walmart sells these now

        • Aqua Rain: made in USA (MO)

          • Read lab tests offered by a filter manufacturer or drop them a line and request lab test documentation.
            Some filtration systems may not budge removal of a specific compound. Zen Water systems apparently do not remove fluoride. Some systems may actually increase aluminum in your water….

      28. If your country is over run with immigrants and you feel you could be in grave danger would you apply for a permit for a blank gun. No you would get yor hands on a gun anyway you could and keep your mouth shut about it while going about you business. A cap gun will not deter battlehardened muzzies. They will figure it out and when they do they will surely kill you and your family. Germans have no common sense but can engineer things. How sad the smartest people will be killed by savages with a 3rd grade education because they didn’t have the sense to have the tools for the job.

      29. Funny, the criminals still have guns .. even in germany….If the bad guys come to do ME or MINE harm…i will shoot the deader than dead…if the illegal authorities come to punish me for defending myself, i would do the same.

        • But vocal, you said this “as for me and mine, we will bless isreal anyway we can” You can’t have it both ways man. Who do you think institutes this shit anyway?

      30. To SOL…Depends what USE the water filter is for. Top of line for bug out bag is Katadyne pocket ceramic water filter. $300+ or Sawyer good and cheap $17. Life straw is OK.$20. I have them all. 1 is none 2 is 1, and 3 is survival. Go to Ytube for the reviews. For Starter BOB’s, get 2+ Sawyers per person. Work up from there. For Bug Out Locations, there are many. Berkey. But see if they fixed their filter problems. Im going with a full reverse osmosis system for my BOL Cottage. Hope that helped.


      31. The situation in Turkey needs close monitoring by everyone in Europe right now. Take a look at the Amnesty International as to why. Turkey is acting as a geographically “plug” preventing the Golden Horde from crossing into Europe. If for any reason Turkey fails at this the results don’t bear thinking about.

        As to self defence – it’s NOT just those recent arrivals from elsewhere in the world that are increasing the need for situational awareness. Hate crimes in general are rising rapidly – that’s crimes against the old, disabled, racially motivated, LGBT – anyone who looks or behaves “differently” who finds themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. The lowest white trash thug’s day in the sun has arrived.

        Everyone needs to be much more careful as they go about their daily business than they did just a few years ago. Being able to spot the potential for serious trouble and getting the hell out the way before you are mugged, beaten up or raped is the smartest approach of all. The number of folks who lack any form of awareness of their surroundings as they roam around cluelessly playing pokemon Go just demonstrates how few have the remotest clue how to keep themselves even nominally safe.

        • This is true: historically, Turkey has always been the thing that blocks the ME and Africa from coming into Europe. The Turks hate Arabs and blacks and are some of the most un-PC people you will meet on the matter. If Turkey stops playing this role, then Europe will be defenceless to stop a flood of hundreds of millions of people from the third world. Europe would be economically wiped out within a year.

          As for situational awareness, this is true. Everywhere I travel, even places that never make it into the news and are considered boring places, have lots of ‘random’ attacks – stabbings, assaults. It is because the government has lost control of who is on the streets. From homeless bums to illegal migrants and terrorists, drug gangs etc. – all this violent trash are who now walk the streets in most cities. Most police forces rarely ever do foot patrols these days and so are clueless as to what is going on.

      32. There is a lot of bravado in these comments that seem to need a little focus. Think proactive, they do. htt //www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/08/01/un-troops-training-at-a-fema-camp-martial-law-readiness-drills/ …What is interesting is that when copying the link to Hodges web page Google search intervenes and links to the web site through them and thus the data center. Best go to Hodges “thecommonsense show directly to read this warning. One can actually hear them putting a finger to the trigger. Go here to see it. “United Nations peace keepers arrive and see action on American soil following the United States’ announcement of support for “a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts,” Martial law training at the Camp Grayling FEMA facility in Michigan and we all know about those training exercises coinciding with things that go BOOM. I say post election, at the latest.

        • Those UN blue helmets will not be warring against the americian citizens. They will be posted to protect the elete and their enclaves. The elete certainly know our own troops and LEOs would abandon them and go home to take care of their own. A troop stationed thousands of miles from home is stuck where they are at. Nope they will let the Race War, Ethnic Cleansing, Starvation ,Disease Ect. Reduce our numbers. Don’t be distracted Keep your eye on the ball. The countinuation of government cabal is the real enemy.

      33. You are Germans. Get a German Shepard. Girls walking their dog are unlikely to be molested.
        The dogs have twelve to fourteen pups. A high quality German Shepard with “papers” sells for quite a substantial amount. Keep them on a leash. Train them. You’ll have a devoted friend who will lay down his life to protect you.

        If starvation hits, dogs are considered part of the menu in China and elsewhere. The fur can be used to keep you warm in a winter crisis.


        • Whats black and brown and looks good on a muzzie?

          A german shepard 🙂

        • Muslims don’t like mans best friend.

          There are certain neighbourhoods in the UK were the Muslims are leafleting homes, telling Brits to keep their dogs indoors as Muslims find dogs offensive!

          These pricks are becoming more and more emboldened as their numbers rise.

          Gonna be gettin’ myself three Welsh Terriers pretty soon, any friggin’ Muslim try tellin’ me to keep my dogs indoors are gonna be gettin’ their stinkin’ halal ass chewed.

          Good doggy.

      34. I’m sorry, if you need to get a GOVERMENT PERMIT for a NON-LEATHAL self defense product, you are already toast.

        Over done, idiot, stupid, dead meat, hot dogs in a blanket, toast.

        • …with fries

      35. The German government wants the left and right to fight so that they can “Protect” us and give the police more powers.

        Every move you make
        Every step you take
        They will be watching you

        • ‘ello Mr Smith, it’s even worse than that. The right wingers are now having to take on the PC nanny state government, pro-immigration media,jihadists and their partners in crime, the Muslim sympathising leftists.

          Happy friggin’ days matey!

          Take care Smithy.

      36. Ever wonder why everyone is allowing this to happen?

      37. Today’s History Lesson

        The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts

        h ttp://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/07/26/the-israeli-attack-on-the-uss-liberty-paul-craig-roberts/

      38. I just wonder how long it will take for all out civil war to break out in Germany?

        I read somewhere that the Nazi’s and other groups are growing like a wild fire.

        A friend of mine has family in Germany and he was told that his family members are joining up. He told me he fears that by the end of 2017 it will be blood in the streets. He told me that the news we are getting from Germany is only about 1/10th of what is happening there. He said they aren’t saying anything about the retaliation being done by the German people because they don’t want the movement to grow.

        A preview of what is to come here in the USA.


        • PEGIDA Sarge, It’s gathering momentum daily. And yes… There’s heavy censorship being applied!

        • This spring a buddy of mine in Holland said caches of 1945 weapons were coming out. Still don’t know the truth of that, but now I’m told the black market in firearms is becoming socially acceptable.

        • True, people will fight back. Right now, arrogant groups think they own the streets and they are badasses in their rapper gang gear. Mostly because, while ordinary people work for a living, they do the crimes and assaults, and it is easy to bulk up all day long if you do not hold down a job. But people can be pushed only so far. Once you threaten their wives and daughters, that is a line that makes the biggest wimp turn into Hulk Hogan. It just takes groups who once were well organized, the Red Army, the IRA, neo nazis etc., to come back out of the wood work, and the game changes.

      39. Time and time again, online friends of mine who are citizens of countries like Germany, Great Britain, etc. have admonished me that we must not let the American citizen’s right to keep and bear arms be taken away. This story is a perfect example of why I keep hearing that from them.

        A Scottish friend of mine told me that it was getting harder and harder for farmers to get a permit to own a simple, breach break shotgun there, and there is no way for a regular citizen to own a “real gun” much less ever dream of legally carrying it and protecting themselves. According to him, the typical mugging is an ambush attack where the victim gets little or no warning. They are simply attacked, usually with knives.

        I’ve lived all over the United States of America, and can tell you that in areas that prohibit concealed carry the criminals are much bolder. I shudder to imagine how bad Memphis, TN (already one of the most crime ridden, violent cities in the USA) would be if there was no legal means to carry a firearm. I think most of the thugs around here would laugh at the idea of good people being restricted to carrying non-lethal means of self defense.

        When I was with the Sheriff’s Department, I personally witnessed numerous incidents where a suspect/subject/prisoner would laugh off getting blasted in the face with pepper spray. It literally had almost no effect. Starter pistols? Really??? I just don’t see that doing more than possibly tricking an attacker into thinking you MIGHT have a real pistol and just suck at shooting it (because you obviously missed, right?).

        Many of my online friends from elsewhere tell me that the right to keep and bear arms in the United States of America actually helps them in their quest to gain access to firearms in their countries. Seems like they can do math too, and constantly use the statistics from the FBI that show whenever concealed carry becomes common, violent crime rates drop.

        Here though, it seems like eliminating 2A has been a top priority for decades, and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon. I don’t know what to think of Trump, and don’t want to engage in any back and forth, pro vs. con debates about him. I do know what I think of Clinton though, and I fear for my country should she win the presidency. Eliminating the Second Amendment is surely going to be one of her absolute top priorities, and I have no doubt whatsoever that she will not think anything at all of circumventing the legal process to do it.

        “God made man. Sam Colt made them equal” is an old saying I remember hearing back in my childhood. A firearm is the ONLY thing that a 90 pound senior citizen can have that levels the playing field when they’re facing a thug. As for the rest of us, where is it written that we should or must allow an attacker to hurt us, rob us, invade our homes, terrorize our families, etc? Eliminate the Second Amendment and that’s the only choice we will have; i.e.- to flee and let them take whatever they want, do whatever they want, etc., and hope we can get our families to a safe distance. Unless it’s our family they are really after. Then your choice appears to be only one thing… be a victim.

        There are states and municipalities with laws dictating that if your home is invaded, you are legally required to flee your own home without harming the invaders! WTH? Thank God I don’t live in one of them!!!

        One of the key issues in the article is that Germans are feeling unsafe is because of the lone wolf attacks, mostly from those poor, innocent “refugees” that are flooding their country.

        Our country is being flooded as well. It has been happening for years. I believe that most of the illegal immigrants are likely to vote democrat, as that seems to be the party of “take it away from those who earned it and give it away to those who didn’t”. They’re also the party less likely to do anything about the illegals in the first place. Although the republicans bear some of the blame as well, IMHO, it’s really the democrats who are the ones that really push to strip us of our inalienable rights.

        These are sad and frightening times.

        • Americans miss the main points about why mass gun ownership in a ‘peaceful’, civilian society is a bad idea. They are:

          1) The US is a highly violent society with widespread gun violence, from individuals popping each other to the most number of mass shootings, to accidents aplenty
          2) Mass gun ownership by its nature changes the game and makes your society more violent. Once people adopt a ‘we are at war with our neighbors’ mentality, it is downhill from there
          3) Wrongful or murky killings always lead to civil unrest as people argue the rights and wrongs of deaths. Just look at the BLM protests
          4) Nobody in a civilian society ever needs an AK47 or any military grade weapon. Yet, idiot gun lovers still advocate for this
          5) When mass gun ownership is ended, the police and the legal system have no choice but to engage with crime and violence and find creative ways to get levels down. This inevitably leads to community policing, which is the best solution to crime and violence. Having cops ride around in cars with shotguns slung in the doors does not work as a deterrent to violence, as can be seen in LA every day
          6) There are many ways to protect yourself without resorting to guns. Also, there has never been a case of a mass shooting in the US ending quickly as a result of many having open or concealed carry. The nature of such events is that they are a surprise and occur when people least expect it

          • excerpt:

            There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms. That is not disputed.

            What is never shown, though, is a breakdown of those deaths to put them in perspective, as compared to other causes of death. [CJF emphasis]

            • 65% of those deaths are by suicide, which would never be prevented by gun laws
            • 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and mostly justified
            • 17% are through criminal activity, gang and drug related or mentally ill persons
            • 3% are accidental discharge deaths

            So technically, “gun violence” is not 30,000 annually, but drops to 5,100 (0.17 x 30,000).

            Still too many? Well, first, how are those deaths spanned across the nation?

            • 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago
            • 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore
            • 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit
            • 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington DC (a 54% increase over prior years)

            So basically, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities. All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws, so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause.

            This basically leaves 3,825 for the entire rest of the nation or about 75 per state. That is an average because some states have much higher rates than others. [50 states + DC]


          • Potential mass shootings that were stopped….

            Can’t call it a “Mass Shooting” if it was stopped.


            July 19, 2009
            The details are murky but according to reports, a man entered a Golden Market in Virginia in 2009 and began firing a gun. He shot and wounded the clerk and then began firing at patrons inside. He ran out of ammo and was attempting to reload when he was shot, wounded, and then subdued by a permit holder who happened to be in the store.

          • Frank… get your head out of the anti-gunner’s butts and look at real statistics. While you’re at it, try to be smart enough to realize that we have all heard those lies many, many times; and we’re not buying them!

            I’d like to address your “bullet points”…

            1) Please advise what makes you think that the USA is a “highly violent” society. The rates of violent crime, especially in part of the United States of America are LOWER per capita than in many of those “metropolitan European cities” that don’t allow private firearm ownership or the carrying of same. In fact, if you remove cities like Chicago which has some of the STRICTEST anti-gun laws in the USA and yet has the highest crime rate, the overall crime rate in the USA drops to one of the lowest in the civilized world. Why would I say remove cities like Chicago? Because they are ultra anti-gun, just like you want all of the United States of America to be and yet, it doesn’t work. Look at cities and regions that embrace constitutional carry, concealed carry, etc., and our own FBI states the crime rates are lower. They also state that whenever a city or region that formerly prohibited concealed carry begins to allow it, crime rates drop sharply.

            2) You’re only right with part of your first statement on this one. Mass gun ownership does indeed change the game. It makes it safer for good people and much more risky for bad guys. That makes the bad guys think twice before attacking what appears to be an easy target. Criminals HATE gun ownership. They want to attack easy targets that they believe have little or no chance of fighting back and hurting them.

            However, you’re wrong again with your ascertation that it makes our society more violent. Again, I refer you to decades of crime statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I’ve owned firearms since I was 15, and have had countless neighbors (most of whom also owned firearms) and we’ve never been “at war” with each other.

            3) As for these wrongful or murky killings that lead to civil unrest, most of those involve law enforcement officers shooting suspects/subjects. And yes, I have looked at the BLM protests. They are exponentially more violent than what they are protesting. They openly call for the murder of police officers, riot, loot and burn the very parts of town they live in, etc. No logic there at all.

            4) I disagree. Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership (look them up) also disagrees, as do the MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of people murdered by their own governments and large factions such as the victims of the nazis, lenin and stalin, mao tse tung, the khmer rouge, castro and che guevara, and so many more.

            When the intended victims are armed and can inflict equal damage back upon their attackers, the intended attackers have always sought to disarm their victims first. Other than MURDERING MILLIONS of innocent men, women and children, what do those regimes have in common??? They were all very pro gun control. They worked to disarm their intended victims before victimizing them.

            The jews herded into the Warsaw Ghetto read the writing on the wall, secured weapons (incredibly hard to do after Hitler had disarmed everyone but the military and police) and fought for their lives! They could not have done that without guns- good ones, just as good and equal to the ones the military was using against them!

            The United States of America got it’s start when subjects of a tyrannical king took up arms and FOUGHT what was at the time the best, most well armed military on Earth. The colonist’s weapons were frequently as good as or better than the firearms of their military enemies.

            5) Not true. For proof, please look at crime in Chicago (where it’s almost impossible to own and carry a firearm legally), London, etc. You seems to contradict yourself. First you state that ending mass gun ownership will force the police to engage with crime and violence, but then you go on to say that having cops ride around with shotguns in their cars does not work as a deterrent to violence. So… which is it? I was with a Sheriff Department for a while, and can tell you that you are talking out of your rear end. Go be a cop for a while (not a ride along, princess- go train and be one!) then tell me what the hell they’re supposed to do. How exactly do you see cops engaging crime and violence without firearms? Are they supposed to start hugging the criminals? Hook arms with them around a campfire and sing kumbaya? Unarmed cops are nothing more that professional witnesses, noting descriptions and such so they can testify AFTER they witness the crime take place.

            Criminals are criminals not because they have access to guns. They’re criminals because that is their mindset.

            6) Yes, there are many means of self defense other than firearms. However, you apparently do not understand the mistake of bringing a knife to a gunfight. So what would you have people do? How would you recommend that a 150 pound, 60 year old woman defend herself against attack from a 230 pound, 20 year old man? Whatever you think is going to work in the land of spells and fairies, doesn’t. Here in the real world, when that 150 pound, 60 year old woman pulls out a firearm, she suddenly leveling the playing field. Heck, now she’s tilting the field in her favor! And that’s how it should be!

            As for no mass shootings being stopped, again, you are wrong. There have been several instances of attacks being stopped BEFORE THE FIRST SHOT WAS FIRED simply because good people were carrying firearms. Technically, the mass shooting didn’t happen, so I’ll give you a wee bit o’ credit there. However, there have been people stopped in their tracks by citizens legally carrying firearms who were later suspected as having planned to kill multiple people.

            I myself did not stop a mass shooting. However I DID stop a mass mugging and assault at a gas station. How? One of the attackers saw my legally carried firearm and literally screamed like a school girl “He’s strapped!, He’s strapped!!!” At that very moment all of the big bad thugs that were bracing 8 people at the gas pumps took off like leaves in a hurricane. I literally got a standing ovation from the intended victims. I didn’t scare them off with harsh words, there was no time to call the police (if you think that works, try walking through the nearest bad neighborhood with an i-pad in your hands and when YOU get mugged, call the police for help. The attack will be over and your attackers long gone before law enforcement can show up). The wind blew my jacket back and the criminal saw my sidearm. I never had to draw it, didn’t even have to put my hand on it. The mere presence of a firearm under the control of an intended victim (me) stopped the crime from taking place. The nature of the attack on us was a surprise and we certainly weren’t expecting it. Your argument is invalid.

            Math is math. You can’t change it. Private firearm ownership lowers crime and saves lives. The story these comments are under states that the disarmed people of Germany are desperately seeking permits to carry the best weapons they can. Go troll somewhere else.

          • Guess you need to read John Lott’s book,”More Guns,Less Crime” so you can find out just how many times every year lawfully armed Americans stop violent criminals in their tracks (if memory serves correctly, it’s about 5000 times). As far as whether anyone “needs”an AK-47 or not, I don’t think that the average criminal owns one, as they’re rather pricey. Your opinion of course, can influence what type of arms you own (or don’t), but please don’t think you’re going to influence anyone at this site. I like AK’s, and have owned a number of variants in my lifetime. They’re fun to shoot. Most of my friends also own or have owned AK’s (as well as AR’s, FN/Fals, M1A’s, H&K’s and many others). None of us have killed anyone at any point in our lives–except some in military service–and don’t plan to. That having been said, if a situation suddenly arises where a tactical weapon is needed for real world defense, we have them, and know how to use them…

      40. One English girl running through the weeds. Being chased be a ship load of horny Swedes. Pretty soon she will be liking a Viking!

      41. “It is sad that Europeans have been so disarmed that they must literally ask their government for permission to defend themselves; but that reality will not stop people from doing what it takes to protect themselves and their community.” …The people having to ask their enemy’s friend (i.e. government) to defend themselves. They’ll have to defend themselves from their governments as well as their governments’ accomplices, the petty criminals, the terrorists, and the invaders, for their emergency need to defend themselves with or without “their” governments’ permission. At least the Europeans are waking up, albeit the hard way. Would Americans even be that smart? So far, they’re not.

      42. Over the next twenty years, Germans need to replace their population. There are not enough German babies. Every German woman should have as many German babies as she can. The average now is less than two. It is 1.8. The Muslims average 8 children. Just to stay even, Germans need to have ten or twelve kids each. That’s to offset continued Muslim immigration and Germans who will undoubtedly migrate to the United States. I grew up next door to Germans and Dutch immigrants from Europe. They are Great neighbors and friends.


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