With Disaster on the Horizon, Elites Busy Building Luxury Bunkers: “Panic, Anxiety, Aftermath”

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 50 comments

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    It may well be that the end of the world is nigh.

    But as the masses panic, riot, fight or line up for meager handouts, many of the elite will still be living the high life – albeit underground.

    And there must be a reason why they are getting so prepared.

    via Hollywood Reporter:

    Given the increased frequency of terrorist bombings and mass shootings and an under-lying sense of havoc fed by divisive election politics, it’s no surprise that home security is going over the top and hitting luxurious new heights. Or, rather, new lows, as the average depth of a new breed of safe haven that occupies thousands of square feet is 10 feet under or more. Those who can afford to pull out all the stops for so-called self-preservation are doing so …

    Gary Lynch, GM at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services scores of Los Angeles residences, says that sales at the most upscale end of the market … have increased 700 percent this year compared with 2015, and overall sales have risen 150 percent. “Any time there is a turbulent political landscape, we see a spike in our sales.”

    Adds Mike Peters, owner of Utah-based Ultimate Bunker, which builds high-end versions in California, Texas and Minnesota: “People are going for luxury [to] live underground because they see the future is going to be rough. Everyone I’ve talked to thinks we are doomed, no matter who is elected.”

    It’s in the news on a daily basis. The potential for widespread disasters is huge and ranges from from economic meltdown, natural disaster, pandemic, civil unrest and martial law and also includes many other dark scenarios.

    Most will be too overwhelmed to build and get ready ahead of time, and those who remain unprepared will be at the mercy of the worst of what falls upon this country.

    Here’s a look at some of the typical set-ups for luxury underground bunkers:

    As the Hollywood Reporter noted:

    Rising S Bunkers installed a 37-room, 9,000-square-foot complex in Napa Valley for an Academy Award-winning client that rang in at $10.28 million, with a bowling alley, sauna, jacuzzi, shooting range and an ultra-large home theater. Swimming pools, greenhouses, game rooms and gyms are other amenities offered. This year, on another Napa Valley property, the company constructed a $9 million, 7,600-square-foot compound with horse stables and accommodations for 12, along with four escape tunnels leading to outlets on the estate, multiple hidden rooms — in case “you let someone in whom you do not fully trust,” says Lynch — and an aboveground safe house “disguised as a horse barn.” The company also is designing a $3 million bunker for “a major sports figure from Southern California.”

    The company’s best-selling bunkers for L.A. are 10 by 50 feet, start at $112,000 and have their own power sources, water supplies and air-filtration systems: “These complexes accommodate families of four or five and are self-sustaining,” says Roberson, adding: “You can pretty much put a palace underground anywhere there is physically enough room.”

    Those who are constructing fancy hideaways and elite retreats are sort of aware of the irony, as the primary motivation for building luxury underground bunkers and emergency shelters-in-style centers around the political turmoil and building unrest that has been triggered and stirred up by agenda that trickles down from the top and infects the masses.

    Still, their back up plan could provide some inspiration even for those on a modest budget.

    For the diligent, some adequate underground shelters could even be DIY projects, but the pros have it worked out pretty nice for those who can afford it.

    On top of all the basic supplies and essentials, these bunkers typically include lots of room for entertainment and diversion, rooms for exercise and even swimming, bowling and mini-movie theaters. It might almost be enough to forget you are stuck underground in a limited space. With underground greenhouses, they can even raise fresh food to supplement their storable eats.

    The air is filtered, power and water supplies are in place, and many of the most powerful people in the world are bracing for the apocalypse (so to speak).

    Are you?

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      1. Let them live in their holes. Can’t hide forever.

        • Agreed … they’ll all enjoy each others smell.

          Hitler Rants – Farts

          Duration: 3:47


          • LMAO

        • Sooner or later, they will also, of a certainty, face God.

          Just saying.

        • Humph… Ever heard of the saying ?? You can run, but you can’t hide ???

          • Solar Storms Reportedly Heading Towards Earth

            “A solar storm is predicted to hit earth anytime between today and Friday. The said solar storm may greatly affect earth’s technology, particularly the satellites in orbit. Once hit by a solar storm, this could lead to lack of GPS navigation, satellite TV, and mobile phone signals.

            In addition to effects on technology, the solar storm may cause a higher current in the earth’s magnetic field which would likely cause a surge in electric power lines. This in turn could blow out electrical transformers and power stations in the area, thus causing a power outage. However, this is only likely to occur in high altitude areas that could be hit by the solar storm.

            The predicted solar storm has said to open a coronal hole in the sun, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). These may cause a stream of solar particles to hurtle towards planet earth.”

            ht tp://www.natureworldnews.com/articles/29438/20160929/solar-storms-reportedly-heading-towards-earth.htm

            *I tried to go to the NASA website yesterday to get more information. As soon as I opened the website, it “locked up” the internet on my computer. Thankfully, my husband fixed my computer when he got home.

      2. This is like being dragged naked behind a pickup truck down a gravel road. The people most responsible for the disaster will live through it in a luxury bunker equipped with an entertainment center, wonderful food, fine quality liquors and wines, and several sex slaves! Most of humanity will be eating bugs, worms, and their neighbors pets and kids.

      3. I’m staying topside. In the middle of no where as my son calls it. Its a good place to die. If I’m lucky enough to be killed.

      4. These wealthy leftists are building these facilities because of climate change , lol .
        They are frothing at the mouth worried about getting off planet as well , read the leftist blogs , its all about chicken little and the sky is falling !
        Let em build in Cali. on fault lines and see how that all works out .
        And another thing , they can hide all they want , but the building plans are public record at the county building dept. , LOL !!!!!

        • Uhhhh…..don’t the builders of these fancy places know where they are and what they might contain? Unless they’re killed afterwords, won’t they just be a good secret target for them?

          • Yep , builders , laborers , electricians , plumbers , truck drivers , bean counters , inspectors , on and on .
            Nothing secret about these things except the size of the security force they can afford !

            • Lots of these shelter contracts, incudes confidentiality agreements. But like anything else in writing or printed on a piece of paper, it’s just an IOU promise, set for default. Like all the dopes selling out in Redoubt. Their OPSEC is totally blown, and will look like the Bronx in a few years, now that they have been infiltrated by the Zionists, taking over and inviting every race in the book up there. They are F*cked. besides living next to the Yellowstone Super Volcano.

              When I Bought my BOL, I did everything SOLO, except for a couple of young locals to put up a fence and stain buildings. Did not barely speak to any neighbors for at least 6 months until the excitement of me being there died down. I layed pretty low, and just small talk, until I got the feel of who I can trust. That’s called OPSEC. Live it or prepare to loose everything. Why would you want every yahoo in the area, stopping in daily up into your ass, spying on all your stuff?

              I did not bust in the area, bragging how great of a prepper I was, that’s I’m building a secure compound BOL, all my guns and ammo, and what I have a couple of years of food,…BS. Nope, I hear neighbors say that intel all the time. I just smile.

              All I said when I moved here, was that I sold my house in the City looking for a more quiet life in the country being semi-retired. And that worked out well, as all the people talk and gossip who’s the new guy in the area. Many came to me and Ratted on everybody else in the area. So they have nothing to gossip about now, about me, and I try to keep to myself, not getting to involved in the gossip or area squabbles, other than listening and smiling. 19 months later only a handful of people have even been on this side of the barbed wire fence, gate and no trespassing signs. F-em. My neighbors know I also have Cameras up, so they keep their distance. Works for me. A few neighbors have my phone number, if they need me they can reach me or text. Some say they don’t see me for weeks. I say yep no reason to have to go anywhere.


        • Does the tax assessor descend upon them?

      5. During the tribulation there will be nowhere to run or hide. Period.

      6. ready for a little social unrest ?

        LARRY SUMMERS: A third of men aged 25-54 will be out of work by 2050

        h ttp://www.businessinsider.com/larry-summers-a-third-of-men-aged-25-54-will-be-out-of-work-by-2050-2016-9

        Trump,nor ANYBODY else is gonna be able to fix this

        you don’t fix the Fourth Turning with duct tape and paper clips

        • Satori

          Inevitably a new economic system, neither communist nor capitalist, but some hybrid will have to be formed if machines do the work and manufacture the goods. I suspect, knowing human nature of those with power, it will come at the cost of violence as sharing, for the sake of sharing, is not their strongpoint.

          • or,….you could KILL 6 and a half billion people, and then everything’s all good again…..sarcasm off.

            • Unfortunately that theory is no laughing matter its not beyond plausibility.

          • You say “neither communist”; you say this because you are confusing communism with state capitalism, which was the production system in Soviet Union, China, etc (state capitalismis is part of the current economy in all major countries, though). Communism as described scientifically by Marx and Engels never existed in the whole time span of the historical world. Anyway, in the form of primitive communism, it lasted hundreds thousands years in prehistorical ages, and it was the social framework during which the human DNA was under construction, and in this sense communism represent the natural tendence of human soul. The hybrid social structure you imagine, in reality is exactly what is described by scientific communism (you could take a look at project Venus for a naive glimpse of what it could be). About violence you’re right, that’s the counter-revolutionary violence exerted by the OLD CLASSES during revoultionary times to defend their undue privileges. As Engels describes in the Antiduhring, the economic revolutionary processes always without any violence by the revolutionary classes.

        • I would never live underground. Maybe short term like a few weeks. Thats it. Many would go nuts.

          You dont need to be rich or an elitest or whatever to have a BOL bugout location. Find a Great cheaper place in the country to live. Safe secure, hidden, off a private road. Woods and fresh water access. A place you can set up a homestead. Put up security fences and gates. Raise some animals, A few motion detectors at choke points. And go and enjoy life. Get out of the Cities.

          As far as an Investment, my BOL would be set up ready to sell anytime if I wanted, and find another place. Its all off the grid. Bingo! Fresh country air and sunshine. Plenty of Florida nature, fish, hunt, onsite target range. Prop taxes $100 an acre per year. Turkey deer bow season right now. Sitting on the front porch with my crossbow. They come like 10- 20 yrds from my porch. Its Thundering. A crack of lightening. The fire pit is all ready to go with plastic over the wood to keep it dry.

          A cigar, beer and no women bitchin.
          Ha. Its a good night.


        • The breaking of the world geopolitical order will happen before this event. So it is imperative people organize against this destruction, preparing for the revolution. The only way out for capitalistic bourgeoise would be to succeed in expanding the production system in outer space, but the capitalistic system is inadequate to finance and manage enormous tasks like this.

        • trump will not fix more than clinton, hte problem is not the presient you elect, it is the health of the system that is rotten to the core. poutting a brand new cherry on top of rotten cake never helped to sell it better, unfortunatly.

          the system is totally timered, crystal waters wrote about 8 month to 26 month for no modification, and up to almost 5 years if they change their finance policies, but at this time they will have to sell so much garbages bonds that it is virtually impossible to keep such long with this monetization amplitude. the money world is timered to en before 2020, whatever you do.

          it is not for nothing if they overrided obama veto for 911 suing saoudis, petro dollar is almost dead, no more reason to retain hits when the dominos are falling.

      7. The people that actually control the world 9and cause the mayhem) own countries. The guy with a $10 million dollar bunker is just very well off and prudent.

      8. If the elite do go under ground… do they really think the Russians , Chinese, Mexicans and Muslims will not divide up this country? They will be rooted out… their Spouses, Daughters will be put to work in the new Brothel… The men will be worked to death. Maybe that is what they deserve for dumping on their country. At least we as real Americans will go down fighting on our feet…

      9. A lot of billionaires are coming to my part of the world.
        If I were to become a billionaire I wouldn’t move very far
        from where I am.
        I would not want to live in a shelter.
        Even in the aftermath of an all out nuclear war,
        I will survive on my little piece of land in the
        middle of the Pacific ocean.
        My biggest threats are my fellow man and the
        bad men won’t last long here, no matter
        how “bad” they are.

        • we’re with you there rellik. Especially about the biggest threats.
          But we do have a pool table in the basement. One luxury.

        • Anywhere there are military bases, will be targets in a nuclear exchange. Being an island in the middle of the Pacific is no protection. Expect a dirty nuclear weapon for those locations, so they can’t be reopened.

          • Closest target is 60 miles away, on Haleakala, it would ruin Nail’s day, but just an irritation to me. The big bases are 120 miles away and I would take as a benefit if Honolulu were to be flattened.
            900,000 less Democrats on the earth is a good thing.

      10. Learn to embroider by hand with a dish towel and a metal loop. Using embroidery thread and an embroidery needle you, and your children, will sit happily engaged while others are nervously sulking around. Good practice for future homemakers, surgeons, and Preppers. The skill you learn can be used later to patch up torn tents, clothing, and to close the skin.

        Not everything girly is as sweetness and lollipops as you might imagine.


        • Done. I’m actually a professional level seamstress specializing in hand embroidery and pattern drafting. I’m on the look out for a treadle sewing machine so I can sew without using my precious solar electricity. Hand tools are a must!

          • See, now that’s a hot woman! Off-grid, Off-Hand, Off-the-hook, but never, ever, Off-the-shelf.

      11. Last week of Oct. can’t come soon enough for me.

        • My bunker is bigger than his bunker; Mines called Wyoming.

          • right and when the ruskies nuke the icbm site in cheyene it will be great

      12. They may go in as Elites.
        But they will come out as survivalists.
        Now that’s going to be a steep learning curve.


      14. Find the air vents, seal them up with concrete.

        • Thats too quick and if they are close to homes then just dirvert the toilet drains to the air-vents and then listen each night as the beg to be let out.

          A life time of hate towards fellow mankind needs payback measured in weeks not hours.

      15. About 15 years ago my rich neighbor thought he was great ‘thinker and prepper’ and called me over to see what he built. His basement, like mine was 12 inch reinforced poured concrete and he bolted heavy steel plates to the ceiling beams, (which were the rafters for his first floor) . He then showed off his air purifier and water system as well as his 3 months of propane to cook and keep warm. He bragged about how ‘THEY’ could burn his house to the ground but would have no access to the basement and he could outlast whoever for 3 months.

        I told him that sounds good, but there is one major defect in his plan. He got indignant and said I was wrong. I replied, “Well, you may think your concrete and steel bunker is fireproof, but you bolted the steel plates to…wood beams”

        He hasn’t spoken to me for quite some time.

        • Sounds like he built a basement oven. People are stoopid. Funny story.

          Sounds like JJ who told bravehart to put 3 sandbags deep on the floor of the 2nd story in case someine tried to shoot bullets into the ceiling from the first floor.

          I said the weight of the sand would buckle the floor and BH would be calling for help from the basement as the house collapses from the weight. Sounds like another RedNeck invention like cooking tin foil dinner on your engine block and driving around in circles for 2 hours and wasting a tank of gas for a hot meal. That was eppes bright idea for prepping. Its in the archives. Every 20 mins he stops on the side of the road lifts the hood and flips dinner over and drives on. LMFAO!! Stoopid is..


          • I drove truck many years. And I cooked a lot of meals on the exhaust manifold. Truck have a pyrometer. That’s a exhaust temp guage. If you exhaust temp rises you get back out of it and cool it down. Ive seen trucks pulling the steep grades and the exhaust would be cherry red.

      16. ‘Them’s that dies will be the lucky ones.’

        Treasure Island

      17. We see these bunker articles every couple months – they might work for a month, if ‘civilization’ is restored. Over a longer period of time, if things are so bad, then who are they going to call to ‘fix’ a problem with the air filtration system? These elites will not know! Far better to stay above ground and have survival skills!

      18. They’ll come out of their bunkers to a dying world! What the hell are they going to spend their money on?
        What can they aggressively do to satiate their lust for domination, greed, and war?

        They’ll at that point then, understand empathy, humility, and human suffering! May they die a thousand deaths!

      19. I durn sure don’t want to be underground during a major earthquake. A leaf and stick shelter would be safer. If we have a pole shift Those under ground will be cooked. When tectonic plates slide the land becomes superheated. And they will simply cook. There are no safe places. The Crusader Castles in the holy land where built to with stand invasion. the people who laid siege simply tunneled under packed the tunnels with wood and set it afire. slow roasted the folks inside. Luck will be a big factor. Smarts & Know How add to your luck. low areas will fill with water. And that water will be heated to above boiling point. get at least 700 feet high. And don’t pin your hopes on any election.

      20. I’m not worried as “all dogs go to heaven”.

      21. locate their bunkers and start a landfill

      22. These multi-million $ bunkers are pretty nice. But what about trash disposal and where to put the bodies of people who might succumb to heart attack, etc?

      23. It’s interesting that the Bible says that when Jesus Comes again, the wicked will cry for the rocks and the mountains to hide them. Looks like they’re getting a head start. Too bad, but it won’t help!

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