Witches Accuse Make-Up Store Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    One of the most well-known makeup stores is now in the crosshairs of the social justice warriors and their ilk. Sephora is being accused of “cultural appropriation”  by witches because the company came out with a “starter witches kit.”

    Beauty brand Sephora is kicking off the season with its ‘witches starter kit’ made by Pinrose. The kit includes perfume, tarot cards, sage, and a rose quartz crystal. But witches, who identify with the pagan religion of Wicca (or simply practice witchcraft), are not happy with the French company making a quick buck out of their beliefs, according to Metro UK.

    Although Sephora declined to comment, they will still sell the witches kit. The starter kit will be available both in Sephora stores and online starting on October 5, according to Fast Company. Not only is that in plenty of time to get every little girl hexing by Halloween, but it’s more than enough time for “real Wiccans” to bemoan the mainstreaming of witchcraft and others to be upset and launch their own inevitable boycott over the pagan display.

    “Sephora is definitely guilty of culture appropriation,” said Indigo, who practices witchcraft, to the Metro.co.uk. “I don’t think they’re doing it to spread awareness about the craft, they’re doing it just for profit in my opinion. Although most witches do use what’s in the Sephora box, most of us feel that it’s wrong for just anyone to grab those things and be like “oh hey I’m a witch now” because it’s sacred to us,” Indigo continued.

    The packaging itself is a juvenile display of pinks and happy yellows that often are not as often associated with witchcraft as maybe the color black. But that hasn’t stopped witches from being offended and ramping up the blizzard of snowflakes seen in every aspect of everything.

    Siera, who identifies with Pagan Witchcraft, told Metro.co.uk,  “Sephora selling ‘witch kits’ actually makes me really upset. Witchcraft isn’t something you just throw around, people put their entire being into this way of life and work so hard at it. I’ve been made fun of way too much for being a witch for it to just become another trend.”

    Others, however, see the witches as the ones being guilty of the cultural appropriation they pretend to be offended by.

    Still others pointed out that it’s the Native Americans who should be upset about cultural appropriation too since white sage comes in the kit.


    Perhaps our society is just a bit over sensitive.  After all, no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy the kit, unlike Obamacare. Everyone is manufacturing their own anger.  Maybe people just want to be mad anymore.


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      1. “…women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.”
        — from 1Ti 2

        It deserves to be asked whether Christian women should use the makeup.

        “most witches do use what’s in the Sephora box”

        If they don’t use the store, or the advertising is not hitting it’s correct target audience, how do witches know what’s in the store. Why does it even occur to perpetually-offended people, to seek out what doesn’t pertain to them.

        Is some ‘dirty womyn’ (her words) allowed to hang around a public place and cause trouble, with no reason for being there.

        • The fallen angels shared knowledge about tinctures, and the painting of womens eyelids.
          They showed men how to make weapons.

          • Book of Enoch

            Speaking of the fallen angels sharing knowledge, where are all the inventions, witches?

        • Being married and divorced twice, I would say about half of the human population are witches. haha Now single free and loving it.

          Watch, soon this Witch crowd will be demanding their own separate bathrooms like the transgender “ITS / Nutjob” crowd.

          Nutjobs, literally..

      2. If people knew the long history of witchcraft, they would not fool around with it.

        Ladies wearing make up is dumb. It’s just a mask. I rarely think ladies are ugly, but to me…make up transforms a lady into something like a prostitute.

        It’s like the artifice of ladies coloring their hair. Why? It just is so FAKE. It never looks natural.

        No thank you. Imagine how ridiculous it would be if men wore make up? How bizarre.

        Real beauty radiates from the faith of Christian ladies. To me it’s like the glow in a Maxfield Parrish print. It’s wholesome.

        • Haven’t you seen the commercials with men wearing makeup trying to look like women?

      3. I’m offended that they are offended. Cripes, what a load!

      4. This is an advertisement disguised as an News article.

        A real news article would read something like this:

        Trump hounded by the [[[deep state]]], issues Tweets threatening Syria – when does the SHTF ??

        @ W A R

        USA killing Fields Forever

        We ain’t got no f’n Bananas

        Hillary Kicks The Bucket __ Bill Clinton Admits Waco Was Hillary’s Fault



      5. Witches should be burned to death for their devil worshiping practices.

        • Thanks, but we don’t worship the devil. The devil is a Christian construct.

          • Any black art is contrary to God and Jesus and is of satan.

            • Black arts? Carved sticks? Stones? Thabks for the laugh. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed that hard. Seriously y’all, turn off the teeny bopper flicks, close the windows on the B’s websites you’re reading and talk to some actual Wiccans. Yes evil exists, and we oppose it in every way. While you are so very busy lecturing me about a religion you obviously know nothing about, maybe you should embrace your own. None but God may judge me. He who Judges commits the sin. The self rigeous are the least rigeous of all. Food for thought.

              • I’m a sinner yes but I haven’t rejected Christ. You have and it’s your funeral. I hope you can see that as I don’t want you to be damned.

              • w said, “…While you are so very busy lecturing me about a religion you obviously know nothing about…”

                My examples came from the Christian Bible — namely, the Old Testament.

          • The Devil has been around in various religions and beliefs -I can’t think of an exception- for thousands of years before the first Christian arrived on the scene.

            No matter how you look at it, Witchcraft is an evil practice and the Devil is the source of all evil in this world. Directly or indirectly, you serve the Devil when you practice or even accept witchcraft in any form.

            Christ brought a way to avoid and escape from the wages of sin, the eternal death that awaits all of us without him bearing that burden for us.

            It’s your fate in eternity, it’s your choice how it will be spent.

            • False. EVIL has been acknowledged by every religion since the dawn of time. Not every religion personified it. Several religions have multiple “bad guy” deities that exhibit different aspects of evil. Christianity has a centralized devil, as does a few others.

        • I’m not sure witches worship the devil.

        • — A black and white stone are pulled out of a sack, to tell the future.

          — The burning of incense.

          — Patterns are carved in sticks. Sticks are put in animals’ drinking trough. The offspring have patterns.

          Christian Bible or Satanic Bible?

          • Probably Holy Bible. A lot of evil shit went on in the Old Testament, especially before the flood.

            • The flood came because of the universal evil and corruption of the human race.

              It was to cleanse the Earth of the corrupted beings that had no place in God’s design.

            • The only differences between a sorcerer and a miracle worker are rhetorical.

              If anyone doesn’t believe in such things, you cannot be praying for me, in good faith.

              I have specifically instructed Christians never to support a charismatic pastor or faith leader, who they do not take for granted, in a deadpan, literal way.

      6. Witches don’t believe in the devil, so we certainly don’t worship him. Some of do worship the Horned God, which is where Western culture got the idea of a devil having horns. Anything that will make young women aware of alternative spiritual paths is fine with this witch.

        • There are no alternative paths???

          • Where are you going.

        • Bast is a false Egyptian cat goddess.

        • Which…is the devil in the many forms and disguises, fooling you into worship he and his ilk do not deserve.

      7. Witches can’t get pregnant because their husbands have Halloweenies.
        Then there’s Chelsea Clinton. Spawn of Satan.

      8. Menzo, this article is just like that article about ‘racist milk’. What is it I always say about libturds? That they can go f#$% themselves? Oh yeah, that’s it. [SARCASM] Agreed about burning witches. Same can go for all other libturds. Oh yeah, and even scum muslims, too.

        • My ancestors lived in Salem during the witch trials.

          The immaturity level at the hearings today was disgraceful.

          This must be stopped even if we have to suspend democracy.

          The upcoming Casio F30 smartwatch is good gear for preppers. It retails for $550 next Jan.

        • Every knee will bow and confess that Jesus is Lord. I have been and still am a sinner, but I’m trying to do better. I deserve to burn in hell and I’m surely thankful for the grace Jesus bought for us on the cross.

      9. OFF TOPIC: What is the best way to communicate in code on the radio in SHTF? I would think non verbal would be best.

        1. Come up with a specialized 10-? system designed for neighborhood security ect.? Ten-codes (also 10-codes) are the most well-know radio communication codes. The ten-codes are code phrases that can be used instead of common phrases in radio communications. The word ten is used to indicate that the next number is a code, which makes it easy to recognize these codes.

        2. Use a Clicker System (the kind used for animal training). The Allies used something similar on D-Day.

        3. Something else. Any ideas?

        I am experimenting with CB radio and two way walkie talkie communications.

        • A few code words in among a phrase then can be WHOLE STANDING ORDERS. A simple series of words can be coordinates.

          The weakness of such a system is it is static and can be broken. A good system rotates based on one time codesheets but these are duplicated.

          The idea of transmitting is to do once at rare periods, not routinely. A burst transmission then is so fast, but you don’t know they received it.

          Simple chalk marks were used in history. Or a flag erected but slightly changed. The weakness is getting caught monitoring it.

          Hstorically one time messages were put in classified ads that looked innoculous.

          The enemy is often trainned to send a probe to specifically cause radio chatter to test response time.

          • Maranatha, thanks.

        • FWIW, SSB is easier to keep private and most CB radios, SSB and other, can be easily converted to operate on 6 meter as well as CB channels making ready eavesdropping by anyone listening more difficult on top of it.

          There are other fairly easy ways to convert a “walkie talkie” type radio to customized odd frequencies that sound like simple static to anyone not having the same modification on their unit.

          • Anonymous, thanks! I will look into this.

          • “6 Meters The Magic Band!” Wow I didn’t know this. Thanks again!

      10. From a Christian perspective, allowing things like this into your life and home is one more nail the enemy will use to put in your coffin. The culture is so desensitized to all of the evil and demonic marketing and products which are
        becoming more common every day. We have many people close to us who allow their elementary and middle school aged children to use crap like this, binge watch horror movies, and use phones and computers with weak restrictions…then, they complain when their kids act poorly and get suspended from school. The culture has become so perverse…everywhere.

      11. Pay homage to those so called gods and goddesses and Satan will claim you. There are no sheep in Hell for you to fleece only your ilk who will be tearing you apart as much as you try to tear them apart.

        Kiss beauty, love and Godly peace good bye if you enter there.

        Pray to the Father in Jesus name to lead you in the right direction and stop taking the baits of tarot cards, astrology, crystals etc.

      12. best thing satan did was to convince the peeps he doesn’t exist

      13. Lol, At best, the imbeciles on the left shriek just to hear their own voices. Malignant narcissists. At worst, they’re trying to collapse the country with anarchy and mob rule.

      14. I watch tv about ten times a year. I stream media, but mostly to investigate what Hollywierd is up to. The only commercials I ever see are the few that get throughmy ad blocker when watching youtube.

        That is mostly Jason A, Mark Dice, or a dog rescue video at Hope for Paws.

        If you study history and the demons masking as pagan gods, you will discover that such ideas of men dressing as women and vice versa and temple prostitution were elements of these religions.

        I know y’all don’t believe me. Be a great critical thinker and really read a book about these pagan religions to see how malevolent they are.

        They are not just idols. They are not the Greek and Roman myths you were taught…but Satanic.

        Postmodern Wicca came out of the neopagan revival. There was a big movement in the early 1900s where many began to reject Christianity, became atheists, and then adopted or created a revival of pagan gods. These occultists are outright evil. All yu have to do is read about the sexmagick they were invoking. See Blavatsky and Crowley.

        If you really want to get weirded out, look up Aleister Crowley and LA*M. He was conjuring up a demon. Just remove the asterix and look it up yourself. What does he look like? A classic grey alien.

        Now if you really want the scales from your eyes, read Jacques Vallee’s book on Celtic myths and religion. Because inside it he discusses fairies and changelings and guess what, they look just like grey aliens, and nothing like artistic representations of fairies. That book is called Passport to Magonia.

        Aliens and pagan gods are actually demons.

      15. I’m not real sure about what Trump is, but I’m 100% sure about what his opposition is. And they must be stopped. There is no other option. By any means necessary.

      16. Bad enough that the store still remains open after marketing this sh^t to children but why would the claim even be repeated or acknowledged, let alone made into an actual news story.

        Most of what is considered ‘news’ should just be ignored.

        The news media is such a cesspool. Anyone reporting a story such as this deserves to be hung op on. Any reporter that seeks it out should lose their job. Any editor who thinks this makes for ‘good filler’ should also lose their job.

        As long as we continue putting up with trash, the trash deliveries will continue.

      17. All you folks trying to communicate anonymously: ditch the codes; they are mathematically based and therefore easy for a computer to smash. Go with a constructed language instead. If you don’t know what that is, look it up on a Survivalblog article from a couple of years ago.

      18. “Everyone is manufacturing their own anger.”
        Is our being manufactured safely in an environmently sustainable way? Sounds like we need some regulations.

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