Will You Survive Being Sent To A FEMA Camp?

by | Jun 21, 2014 | Headline News | 280 comments

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      1. The Unprepared will gladly surrender their souls for 3 squares a day, However the Prepared have their “I ain’t going to No FEMA Camp Bug Out Bag” already to go at a moments notice.

        • By the time it gets down to being hauled off to
          fema camps, I would assume the entire country
          would rise up revolting in rage knowing they may
          very well be next.

          If this is not the case, then we are only worrying
          over the inevitable, helplessly hoping.

          • I’m not going because I’m rich! Because it’s a target rich environment!

            • “Imagine how a man who is deprived of everyone he has ever cared about, and at the same time this man has lost his house and all of his possessions, how will he survive?”

              I saw this happen first hand. My friend Bob Lursen was afflicted with a kidney blockage at 72 years old. He owned his family home free and clear. He had thousands in the bank and lived off of his inheritance.

              The State of Oregon, Dept. of Human Services moved in while he was in the hospital. He survived the medical condition, only to be seized from his hospital bed and placed in a “nursing home” with coded locks on all of the exits.

              His home was taken from him, as well as every dollar he had. His family photo albums and every piece of personal property he owned was sold for pennies on the dollar. His home was sold. The Social Security Administration, the “fiduciary” and her attorney, divvied up what was left of everything Bob had.

              They then banned virtually everyone Bob knew and cared about, and who cared about him, from visiting him in his new “home”.

              When they imprisoned him, they said he wouldn’t last a year…they were right. He curled up and died of loneliness ans sorrow approximately 16 months later.

              They already put people in “concentration camps” to die. It’s just that nobody cares to see it for what it is. In fact, some people actually ASK FOR IT.

              Welcome to the reality of “If you let them do it to HIM, they’ll be back for YOU later.”

              • When they imprisoned him, they said he wouldn’t last a year…they were right. He curled up and died of loneliness ans sorrow approximately 16 months later.
                Did i miss something?

                • Apparently. They took everything away from him that he ever knew, ever loved and that ever offered him any comfort. ISOLATION and DEPRESSION killed him.

                  I believe, with absolutely nothing left to hold on to, HE JUST GAVE UP and died.


                  • “When gun confiscation comes, it’s time for people like you and me to run for the hills.” Wrong Dave! When gun confiscation comes its time to lock and load, stand your ground, and blow away the first three NWO government thugs that come to your door demanding your weapon.

                    Kill more of them than three if you can kill them first. The numbers are with US. Let a NWO Thug die at every house in America where a Patriot lives. Make the NWO pay and pay dearly for their TREASON. They can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Patriots in the original colonies have the biggest burden because their States are Blue States.

                    I support LEO’s. I believe that the vast majority of LEO’s are good, and decent and patriotic Americans just like me. I believe that these officers will resign or refuse to enforce an Executive Order for gun confiscation. Most States would nullify an UN Constitutional Executive Order. Arizona will. New York, not so much.

                    If O’Bummer releases an Executive Order for gun confiscation, its time to take executive action. 🙂

                    If you take that FEMA bus ride you have made your first major mistake. Probably your last. I have no doubt that the O’Bummer Horde in the major metro areas will be the primary FEMA Camp profile after they start rioting when their rations are gone. If you want to be incarcerated with these types of people by all means ride the bus.

                    Some things are worse than death, and some things are worth dying for. Some things are also worth killing another human being over.

                    Freedom is one of them. Engage. 🙂

                  • And the boot licking enabler of empire says: “I support LEO’s. I believe that the vast majority of LEO’s are good, and decent and patriotic Americans just like me.”

                    Don’t read the news much, do ya?

                  • The durango kidd is already in a FEMA camp; it’s know as “The Valley.”

                    All they have to do is close the 17 at New River, the 10 at Casa Grande, the 60 at Wickenburg and Gold Canyon, and 87 outside Fountain Hills, and no one is going anywhere! One could attempt to “sneak” out, but the desert has no cover. You would be detected easily and quickly.

                    The Phoenix area has got to be one of the worst places to be when the SHTF.

                    DK’s bankster buddies will have no need to come for him, he’s already put himself in a camp, and willingly.

                    BTW, Dave Hodges lives in the Wickenburg area.

                  • I wonder how many of “them” will survive trying to put certain types of individuals in FEMA camps.

                    And how many of “them” will survive the rescue attempts? I believe that patriots will want to find these camps and burn them to the ground and terminate those running them. Hopefully by then, those that are in those camps that were sheeple before, won’t be any more.

                  • If you expect to die in a FEMA camp then you should try to do as much damage/harm to the fema camp guards as you can before you die/are killed.

                  • Helot/Clark: I try to read articles from 30 – 50 different websites a day, but its summer and I am not in the “Valley YMWW.

                    Every LEO is not paladin for the NWO. Americans will need every patriotic LEO and military personnel when the shooting starts. It will be a Marine that stands between YOU and the New World Order.

                    Yes there are a few bad apples in very bunch, WE even have them here. LMAO!!! 🙂

                  • @DK:

                    Why do you persist in calling me Clark?

                    Are you really that delusional, or are you being deliberately obtuse?

                    It’s one or the other.

                    BTW… no comment on my observation that the Phoenix area is one giant open air FEMA camp containing 4.3 million people?

                  • YMWW…..he is an obtuse douchebag!

                • You’re an asshole!

              • They call that nothing left to lose,
                Most dangerous kinda people in my opinion.

                • Durango, I have been reading this site for five years. I rarely comment but like to read them all. That comment above inspired me Thank you.

                • I don’t think we’ll get to the point of “nothing to lose”. Rounding up Patriots (let’s face it, white middle class) would destroy the country. The economy would go into a tailspin and crash. With many of white middle class not purchasing things, unemployment would skyrocket. The illegal aliens would have on be reckoned with eventually too. They’re not going to sit and do nothing without work. We’ll see violent crimes of all kinds explode. Really, the country would unravel if much of the populace wonders if they’re next. So if a good portion of white middle class is locked away, who is gonna buy the new iPhone? The new chevys? American beef and produce? Don’t forget about the economics of “putting us in fema camps”. Corporate America won’t stand for it.

                  • I prefer suicide by army goons to total slavery.

                    At least I will get one or two or three (more if I am a little lucky) extra credits at the Pearly Gates for having removed some of Satans servants in exchange for my one way pass back home.

                    When the internet goes down, or the FIRST gun confiscation occurs, whichever comes first, the war has begun.

                    Don’t wait for the FEMA bus to come to your neighborhood. Go to where it is and make the sacrifice required so there are fewer goons to round up the rest.

                    After a million such sacrifices have been made, there will be no one left to drive the buses, much less load them.

                  • The question should read “Will anyone survive trying to send me to a FEMA Camp?”

              • “Human Services”. Right up there with CPS.

                What astounds me and never ceases to astound me, is the fact that if this is how these people operate (and this certainly can’t be the first case of this, if they were that efficient at it)… how is it they don’t have to watch their backs every single day for the rest of their lives?

                Try to imagine you personally did that to someone. I’d put your life expectancy at something like 2 and a half years, tops.

                • Simple, just look at what happen to the Jews in Nazi Germany. The “educated” Jews WAITED and WATCHED as the Nazis went after the “undesirables”. They would say to themselves:
                  “We are not going to be attacked. We are educated and CONTRIBUTE to this society. We are “educated”, “sing”, “teach”.”

                  When the Nazis were done with the “undesirables” they immediately turned their attention on the Jews and slaughtered them like dogs in the street.

                  You THINK they wont last long but they WILL have HELP from IDIOTS who ALSO believe they are “SPECIAL” and NOT the focus of the strict crackdown. Why do you think they are asking people to call the GOVT when “SEE” someone who is “CRAZY”. Ever heard of “Nazi collaborators”?? Trust me these GOONS will have help from your fellow “American” Judas.

            • Better bring a lunch to my neighborhood…

          • “Acquiescing to authority, while one carves out a life under very dire circumstances, provides the best chance for survival. ”

            UHHH , Me thinks otherwise .
            Why so defeatist Dave?
            If your in a desperate situation , then desperate measures are needed.
            Go down swingin, Damit !

            • Hammerhead, braveheart believes as you do. Before anyone can do anything me, they would have to take me alive and that’s not happening. If it’s my time to go, then at least I’m not going alone.

              • Die on your feet or live on your knees…. Your choice!

                • Hate to harp on this, but get isolated as possible and away from the anti-gunner slave states. These free states, like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and a few others still have the possibility that FEMA will not come to places like this. Wyoming for example is the most armed state there is, 63% of the population own at least one firearm. Those in the government that want to BORG everyone and chip them up in some FEMA camp would have a hell of a time taking on hundreds of thousands of people well schooled in firearms and tough as nails from the harsh weather in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho.

                  There are some southern states and I suppose Alaska that would be hard pressed for the tyranny government to come in without the most horrible fight imaginable. Now the anti-gunner states are a different story and will be the first ones to fall. The population will welcome FEMA and other concentration camps with open arms and glee. ANY freedom cherishing person needs to to get out of these places because the government won’t have to come get these people, the masses will turn them in and even help round them out.

                  There is such a day and night difference between the population of say Idaho and a place like Connecticut. The people enjoy a totally different life style, almost like a different country. The altitude towards self protection is amazing. People from Idaho will defend themselves with anything available and people from Connecticut are afraid to harm the criminal and a place where non lethal stun device are illegal. Enough said.

                  In the end times it has been said that people will migrate to where they belong for the final battles between good and bad. The free states are those areas where the good freedom loving people belong.

                  • You’re living in a dream world. People are talking gorillas everywhere you go. There will be no epic battle between good and evil. What there will be is chaos. You will do whatever the government tells you to do. Preppers are about 8% of the population.

                  • @ Acid Etch. You are the one living in a dream world if you willingly go into one of these concentration camps. NO, not everyone will just do what the government tells them. I hope you will not just happily go and do what the government says. Freedom is worth way more than living the rest of your life hooked up to some mind probing device like BO wants to map the entire brain.

                    Whether you believe in some form of God or not, there is an epic battle between negative and positive energy. Throughout the universe there is evidence of this. Good has gradually become stronger and bad has become that much more horrible. There is less and less sitting on the wall anymore. A person is either good with morality and a conscience, or they are a POS and an evil cancer to everything around them. The middle ground is becoming narrower and narrower.

                    One word you should live by is CONVICTION. Most preppers/survivalists thankfully have this excellent quaility in excess supply.

                  • Acid Etch: im betting you live in NJ, Conn., NY or the Chicongo area. It is understandable yhat you have that view. The midwest and west are like a totally different country with only pockets of Europeanism whereas the in the eastern part of the us that ratio is flipped. …especially in the northeast.

                    In and around large metro areas they lean this way. The rural areas do not. If the USFC thinks they are going to confiscate guns from rural America, they are uneducated and miscalculating fools. Ruralies dont care about government because out there government is irrelavent.

                    If the USFC shows up at my door to take my guns that will be the first time in the 40 years ive lived here that agents have been here for anything.

                    I have my doubts that theyll be able to find the place nor will they have a clue if crap goes down like Hodges says.

                    Frankly, Hodges is selling doom.

                    The USFC ( or as GC calls them: The Corporation ) passes these fake laws to convince the weak minded of the USFCs right to take your rights. The laws are fake. The signers are fake. Ignore them. …until they sow up at the door. See, the weak minds are on both sides of this equation.

                    If there is widespread round ups or confiscation, it will be time to take the advice of Mike Vanderbough. In the meantime, prep for it, be sensitive to the possibility but dont fret abt it.

                  • Connecticut gun owners are calling the state’s anti-gun bluff. The state recently passed a slew of anti-gun legislation, including a gun registration program for so called “assault rifles” that has been received with less enthusiasm than Obamacare. In fact, many gun owners in Connecticut have elected to ignore the patently unconstitutional law in the same way that Millennials have ignored the IRS requirement for health insurance. And now, as the state issues threatening letters and increased confiscation rhetoric, citizens are telling the state: “Come and take them.”

                  • Your figure on 63% of Wyo people having guns is not quite right.. 1. You should not count people under the age of 5 or 6. 2. The non gun owning “37” is not % it’s individuals. 35 of them lost their guns in boating accidents.. House fires got the other 2.

                  • @ Paranoid. 🙂

                  • I can tell you that for California, Acid Etch is exactly 100% correct.

                    These guys go 2 days without food around here they’ll be begging to go wherever.

                • I want to die in my sleep like Granpa, not screaming and crying like all of his passengers. Trekker Out.

              • Renegade -Make sure you take a dozen or 2 out first, before you go. As the best defense is an outstanding clever offense. Know your opponents weaknesses and draw them into a honey hole, like a Venus fly trap.

                • Acid Etch, you sound like the one who is not facing reality. how the hell do you know what I’ll do when confronted by gun grabbers, gangbangers, etc.? I will resist, period! I may not survive the encounter, but at least some of the mofos who come after me will die before I go down. I’ll die standing up, NOT ON MY FUCKING KNEES! No FEMA camp for braveheart! Yes there will be chaos, but there will also be good and evil fighting each other. What movies have you been watching?

                • WWTI, I will take out as many as I can.

              • if you need ammo or help I’ll be either setting out front or in the weeds, just look around

                • Para I never heard. Did you go out to the big shoot last weekend? If so, how about a report. Trekker Out.

                  • Yup, was a little small this year, only about a dozen cannons and a few mortars. Bulk Black powder was $12.00 a #, that’s ugly. Lucky I have all I need. I didn’t shoot. Machine gun shoot shortly. Not much to report all’s well here. West side Wal-Mart has started carrying N-Pac food in “Housewares” that’s good. A few years ago when it looked bad I bought a bunch of canned stuff. Now I am eating it and replacing with N-Pac. P-Nut butter was 99C now $3.49. Differance now pays for new. BUT THERE’S NO INFLATION.

              • I agree with you both…

                When I think about how I’ve already exceeded my life expectancy… hell… let’s send a few of them there…

                The part that Dave leaves out is that these camps are for the survivors of the main event, among other happenings consider, pandemic… nuclear war or big rock/comet fragments(my personal favorite).

                These all have the capability of being an ELE…

                For many three squares and a cot might not be so bad in that eventuality…

                Of course… they’ll have to work for it… 🙂

              • Something I heard a long time keeps popping into my head reading the comments. Someone once said “the most dangerous man is the one with nothing to lose”. I think the “we’re from the government, we’re here to help” (R. Reagan) would put me and many others into nothing to lose territory.

            • FEMA camps are for slaves, on only [some of] those willing to be slaves will survive it.

              So no.

            • DK, you sound exactly right with that post and I agree wholeheartedly. I’m sorry for any differences we’ve had previously, but nothing can sell me on the idea of saving the present system we live under. This system will die and there’s no preventing it. There has to be a ‘reset’. It’s the only hope I see for this nation.

              • How do we get to reset and keep our current Constitution? Our founding documents are the shortest, plainest, common sense, longest surviving documents in the world. Any reset will be teotwawki. I believe that is exactly what all the NO crowd is hoping for. As for me , I aim to misbehave.

            • Gentlemen, gentlemen…we can end this discussion right here. Who said it better than Patrick Henry?

              “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

              March 23, 1775

              This is the beginning and end of the issue. Let them take your liberty or make them pay with their life for their insolence. Steel yourselves, boys…make it count.

          • No offense, but its all bullshit. Civil disobedience would be at a epic purportions if that where ever to arise. Not only the 2nd amendment protects us from such atrocities. but the declaration of independence itself. There is a reason that this country revolted from the tyranny of England back then, and if the US. ever gets to that point, (Which it is coming very close) we will again! Fema Camps. Pssh! it would be Civil War before it comes to that!


          • To paraphrase Ernest Hemingway’s response to a bankruptcy question:

            How did your country die? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.

            We are heading into the “suddenly” part.

        • Not going to the fucking camp is what I have been preparing for. I see dead people that try to take me there.

          • @FP How’s that tune go: Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8-sMJZTYf0 I think the scariest thing in the world is, running out of Ammo. Let R’ Rip!!

        • There is nothing LEGAL about it. Its a bullshit idea to believe that the government can flip a switch and we all just say here ya go, here is my life and here is my country, do with us as you please…

          It is NOT going to happen. The Government and their loyalist are at a severe disadvantage in their ability to convince enough people who actually know how to use their weapons systems to follow unconstitutional orders.

          The day that they try to do this, martial law, NDAA or whatever EO they come up with next, gives every American LEGAL license to kill them wherever they are found.

          • After Katrina the gun owners in New Orleans didn’t know what was coming. Communications were down and when you met the Law… they were many and well armed. Not much to do but get in line.

            • Katrina should serve as a lesson learned. We now know what they are going to do when they ask, “Do you have any guns?” So, be prepared to answer “accordingly” if you don’t want them confiscating “ALL” your firearms.

              I’ll let you use your own imagination as to what “accordingly” implies. I wouldn’t want to give any bad guys, i.e. anti-2nd amendment types what the possibilities might be, but I hear tell back in the swamp bad guys can fetch an awfully huge mess of crawfish in a properly baited trap.

              p.s. learn how to make the traps and lay in the supplies needed to make them before needed.

            • Brome, if I’d been in New Orleans at that time, I would’ve opened up on them. No way I would’ve surrendered anything.

            • Lesson learned,
              Be proactive

            • I was there. Not everyone knocking on your door were bad guys. It is one thing to talk big when times are good and communications are available but when you are starving, thirsty, half-naked, that Fema bus is awfully inviting, especially when you are many miles away from home and and essentially destitute. Curfews and Marshall law stack up against an honest citizen making it illegal even to be ‘in your own backyard’ so to speak. DK, BI, BH, I love you guys to death but situations are not going to present Iin a clear cut manner where the bad guys are going to be dressed like little red devils with pitch forks asking for your guns. Perhaps the best advice would be, “Live, do whatever you have to do to survive, but, live to fight another day, at a place, time, and circumstances of your own choosing.” Remember, “Where there is life, there is hope!” As the good Sgt is fond of saying, ASMS! Engage your employees while you can!

              • The bravado you speak of is just that. The USFC (United States Federal Corporation) will do all within its power to lie and beguile you into giving up your guns or getting on the FEMA bus. They want as little resistance as possible.

                We will be shocked at what will be done to the people to get this to happen.

                My theory is this: if you are inside and they come knocking tell them you do not consent and lay down on the floor. Tell your entire family and guests to do the same. Offer no active resistance. There will be members of the confiscation team that do the same.

                Why? Because when the sniper team turns on the lead warmers you want to be as far below the flow as possible. We swore an oath. We will be faithful. Foreign and domestic.

                2FBTF – 2 Feet Below The Flow

            • No one knew what was really coming post Katrina. I had a feeling there would be gun confiscation.

              I don’t know, I don’t want to speak for the people there who were caught off guard or ill prepared. But I know that if they came to round me up, I’ll die before being put in that dome to get gang raped or killed.

              Read an article about some Aussies who were traveling abroad and caught in that storm. They went to the dome and the men said they had to literally form a circle around their women folk, and stand there to protect them so they would be safe. The women said, they heard screams from women in the darkness and muffled cries from areas of the stadium that was dark.

              I’d rather die then go out like that.

              • Men, if you are men, read what was done not just to women but to young girls during WWII by the Slavic fascists. Rape would be a welcome alternative to the staggering brutality and orgiastic violence visited on females by the subhumans who walk among us.

                If you have any stones AT ALL, you will be between your women and those animals and will do everything you can to stop every one of them…buy bullet, by blade, by broken bottle,by hand. If you surrender and turn your women over to them, may God punish you for all time for your cowardice and betrayal.

          • Now this “There is nothing LEGAL about it. Its a bullshit idea to believe that the government can flip a switch and we all just say here ya go, here is my life and here is my country, do with us as you please” is the fact that I have been and do base my life on. whether or not some lame ass politician says to do this or that or else just because he’s black, green, purple, white or brown and cheated, stole, lied his/her way into pussy government job does not make it legal. The United States Constitution enacted by our founding fathers is the only law there is. folks who say otherwise are the criminals and they will be punished… pray, prep and protect.

            • “”” The United States Constitution enacted by our founding fathers is the only law there is.”””

              God’s Law is the ONLY law there is. The US Constitution is the Law for the corp, an any deviation removes the legitimacy of the law and the corp that passed it.

              Don’t fight for the Constitution, as it is mans law. Fight for Gods Law, and God will assist you in the fight.

          • Mr. West, welcome aboard. Good points, but you’re missing one thing. You already have a natural, God-given right to self-defense against evildoers. forget what anyone’s law, etc. say. Government has no business tampering with self-defense. You don’t need anyone’s permission for it.

        • I only got half way thru this, i will live free or die trying to stay free. I will not run Molan Labe!

        • I’ve been in a couple FEMA camps. Average Joe isn’t getting in. They are as nice as modern college dorms and there is only enough room for the elite.

      2. HELL NO! I won’t go!

        • It’s easy to say now. They might just kick in your door at 3 AM.

          • True. They may knock down my door and enter but unless they have level 4+ armor for their FACES, they won’t be leaving under their own bipedal mobility either. I have yet to see goggles, or face shields that can stop the extreme physical forces I (and others) have at their command. After enough of the jack booted thugs endure closed casket funerals, the others will leave ranks quickly.

            Like the good Sgt. Dale says: AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL

            • I just saw a show on tv about new weapons being developed for the future. The show was from a few years ago, so the future might be here already.

              The weapons the military is developing include such things as lasers that can produce heat a thousand times hotter than the sun, microwaves that can cook you in a fraction of a second without ever getting close to you…..

              I am thinking they might not kick down our doors at 3 am. They might just aim one of their star wars weapons at our house from a safe distance.

              It is scary what weapons they have to use against us and we have AR-15’s. I am afraid it is going to be like revolvers against cannons. Or spears against nuclear warheads.

              The ones they will come for are those of us who post on these websites or buy emergency food, or aren’t on any welfare programs. They have a database already and I don’t know how to get off of it.

              • I think the only way we can get off their database is to die…therefore contributing nothing more to it.

                • That’s what makes us so dangerous…

                  We have nothing left to loose but our lives…

                  Those of us who took “the oath,” and believe in it…
                  Will never surrender our Honor.

                  And they know it.

              • I suffer from the ‘Mark of the Beast’. Many/most/all(?) have it, via chemtrails nanotechnology (the military has tech several years ahead of what is admitted). The Bible says the mark is FORCED upon all.

                Those who suffer from the mark and do NOT consent suffer from government-banker sponsored “gang stalking and electronic harassment”. Google it. Gang stalking is mobbing by people in your community (who I understand to be mind-controlled zombies unaware of their actions).

                The electronic harassment is the worst. It is 24/7. I have a computerized voice commenting on my actions, and should I have a non-government sanctioned thought, I get sirens blaring in my auditory cortex along with voices shouting abuse at me. It is brainwashing/thought reform of the highest order. I did not suffer from this until I questioned the financial crisis in the UK in London at the highest levels. I am a med student, so I know of psychiatry being used on me, for what I suffer is classical conditioning, with psychic driving and an intermittent pattern of reinforcement.This is the mark of the beast in the head.

                • “and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. “ Revelation 13:17

                  “The Bible says the mark is FORCED upon all.” hmmm, not really. Now, if you are addicted to buying and selling, and can’t wean yourself from that tit; then yeah it might seem forced upon you. But, the choice will be yours to accept or reject it. Just not many will reject it, but many will be accepting it willingly and they will hate you for not accepting it.
                  It will be particularly easy to accept if you belong to denominations like Presbyterian USA or Episcopal, and several others. They will tell you it is the right thing to do as they continue to call good evil and evil good as prophesied in Isaiah. Just check out the news from Presbyterian USA’s 2014 General Assembly

                  If anyone wants a chance to avoid receiving the mark of the beast they need to take to heart Matthew 10:28, Matthew 24:4-13, and Ephesians 6:13

                  If you’re banking on a pre-trib rapture sparing you from this decision to accept or reject the mark, then your bet is similar to the atheist saying “there is no God”. Boy, is he going to have a rude awakening after he’s dead and finds out just how wrong he was.

                  So, is the Mark of the Beast really 666 or might it be χξς? …or chemtrails nanotechnology like you say which is btw things we have no control over. But, you will have control over whether or not you accept or reject the mark of the beast spoken of in the Bible. Yeah, it will seem like the worse rock and a hard place most have ever been in if they are not prepped and ready to reject it. Unless, of course they already worship it like PCUSA et al., then it won’t be such a rock and a hard place for them.

                  • the Wild Goose,

                    I believe at first they will chip the most vulnerable – the elderly and children. They will say it is for safety or some other reason.

                    Financial and medical access will rely on the chip.

                    Then, they will offer incentives to entice people to willingly take the mark. I’m sure they have already thought of numerous incentives. Here are a few incentives they might use – extra $$ on the EBT card, higher welfare or social security payment, free or lower insurance premiums, etc.

                    Next, they could say they will withhold payments to all who do NOT have the chip.

                    Lastly, I believe the mark will be FORCED on those who don’t willing comply.

                  • The point of contact allows control.

                    Remember the recent research with mice at MIT?


                    “The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing brain chips that will implant or remove specific memories from a subject, a prospect some may deem chilling given DARPA’s previous advocacy of authentication microchips.

                    Neuroscientists foresee a brave new world where minds can be programmed using lasers, drugs and microchips in order to create false memories, a technology that has already been used on mice.

                    “DARPA [the U.S. military’s R&D agency] seems to be going full steam ahead on these kinds of technologies,” neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux told MIT Review.

                    “What they plan to do is put chips in [the brain]. It would be like a prosthesis—instead of moving your arm, you’re fixing memory. I have no idea how they would achieve that.”

                  • @WildGoose

                    “4 [b]And Jesus answered, and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

                    5 For many shall come in my Name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many.

                    6 And ye shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the [c]end is not yet.

                    7 For nation shall rise against nation, and realm against realm, and there shall be famine, and pestilence, and earthquakes in [d]divers places.

                    8 All these are but the beginning of [e]sorrows.

                    9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you, and ye shall be hated of all nations for my Name’s sake.

                    10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

                    11 And many false prophets shall arise, and shall deceive many.

                    12 And because iniquity shall be increased, the love of many shall be cold.

                    13 [f]But he that endureth to the end, he shall be saved.”


                    When I just read this, one thing that popped into my head in relation to this conversation about FEMA camps, that we so frequently discuss here. And that is this; the biggest target won’t be preppers in general…but more specifically Christains.

                    Just a thought I feel obliged to say.

                  • @ BJ
                    Exactly right!
                    verse 13 is most important: “But he that endureth to the end, he shall be saved.”
                    This is meant for and spoken to ALL true disciples of Jesus.

                    @Ky Mom
                    While I value the input I have seen you post previously, sadly this contribution you have made is not valuable. I believe the fixation on RFID chips being the mark of the beast seriously misses the mark of the true essence of what the mark of the beast will entail. If someone wants to RFID me, simply put it anywhere except my right hand or my forehead. The RFID chip by itself is similar to firearms, i.e. technology that can be used for good or evil depending on those who control it.
                    As far as incentive to accept the mark, not being allowed to buy or to sell seems sufficient incentive in and of itself without anything else being necessary besides the fact that those who reject it will also be hated, ridiculed, and demonized by those who worship the beast.
                    KY Mom If you want real insight into the insidiousness of the real mark of the beast look through this brief webpage: Mark of the Beast – What is The Mark OF THE Beast and this brief website: the mark of the beast of 7 small pages.

                    One more comment about RFID chips. Except for those who have the technology to know whether or not a person has an RFID, chip nobody will know whether or not you have one. The beast wants to be worshiped, and the beast wants it to be obvious and readily visible as to who does worship and who does not worship this beast.

                    p.s. I know a handful of Kentucky Moms that love the Lord from around the central part of the state. I wish you the best in all that’s coming down the pike. Keep your spiritual preps up!

              • Keep watching that tv bs. They would have you believe they have God powers. Same goes for all the forensics used in crime dramas. If you ever sat through a real trail you would laugh you ass off how the technology is kicked to the curb.

                Smoke and mirrors from a dysfunctional empire full of EEOC hires. Yep, the hard drive crashed…..

                • The entire purpose of certain types of television programming are to indoctrinate the masses into believing that resistance to tyranny is futile. Have you ever noticed how the individual cases for virtually all of these crime/police dramas are convincingly solved within the 45 minutes of total broadcast time? Have you ever noticed how the LEO’s on the popular television show “COPS” always catch “the bad guys”? The producers of such programming conveniently leave out the incidents where the suspect(s) actually evade arrest and successfully make their escape. Virtually every case is quickly “solved” and all suspects are guilty until proven innocent.

                  This television “programming” is by design, and it is all part of a deliberate and intentional propaganda campaign against the American people with the goal of reducing the level of resistance and civil disobedience towards law enforcement….especially for when the SHTF.

                  You will be assimilated if you allow yourself to be assimilated. Resistance is futile unless you are willing to kill them before they can kill you.

                  • It’s just like Game of Thrones. The whole purpose of that show seems to be to convince everyone that being good is pointless because evil always wins. It’s really sad that so many people like that violent and horrific show.

              • Daisy: Don’t be afraid. Every time they come up and advertise their new weapon, I google how to counteract it. Microwaves can be reflected…lasers can be deflected. Look up everything you are afraid that will happen and see what you can do to counteract it. It’s actually kinda rewarding to have the knowledge.

                Also, check out pending patents on your topic. This was kind of an interesting patent application title from patentdocs: “OPTICAL SCANNING APPARATUS CONFIGURED TO DEFLECT AND SCAN LASER BEAM BY USING MEMS MIRROR”


              • I wonder how long those weapons will last if there is no power, from either an emp, or the sun??

                Not suggesting anything, just thinking out loud.

              • @DaisyK

                Yes, I am familiar with several ‘modern’ weapon systems and like anything else, if you know about it ahead of time, you can counter most of them. The problem lies with the systems we don’t know about. 😉

                The ones on the second link are def geared towards extreme rang and crowd ‘control’

                Some high tech weapons here, many already science fact and not fiction by any means.

                h t tp://blog.koldcast.tv/2010/show-news/15-futuristic-weapons-that-will-certainly-make-a-mess/

                h t tp://blog.koldcast.tv/2011/koldcast-news/15-more-futuristic-weapons-that-will-certainly-make-a-mess/

              • DaisyK,
                People don’t realize, we have the same or similar tech available, we just have to utilize it. Faraday cage your house and micro/radio/light/ultraviolet/x ray waves all will be stopped (‘energy sinks’.)

                Given a number of microwave ovens and a long enough waveguide, a MW weapon could be made to go 200-300ft, producing millions of watts of power.

                Vomit lights are simple and effective when unexpected.

                Loyal animals are a force multipiler.

                Flashes from digital or cheap cameras can be used as a basis for stun guns. Stun gun grenade anyone? Stun net – force a change in armor: make them waste money and time.

                Back in the dark ages, they used to use dead (and diseased) bodies for biological warfare. No reason we can’t do that!

                Cast Iron/Steel Cannons can be built from lots of scrap and black powder can be put together in most any home.

                Ever hear of catapults and trebuchets? With only natural materials, plain stone can become a deadly hail at a distance.

                Hydrogen can be made in even the simplest of situations if you know how, as long as there is water. It’s both a fuel and weapon. Or Use it for transportation and lift for anti-radar/IR devices. Pop up a few large air balloons with foil and other materials coating them – have switches/pulleys to release all sorts of stuff. Use cloth/wood balloons as aerials (make painted covers for top of machines) or just to move troops.

                Drones. What is a drone but a large remote controlled plane. Weaponize it.

                Guerrilla tactics can be used to fight a war of attrition.

            • Socrates
              You’d love the 1/3rd size molded skull I have to practice head shots with..they actually sell them at Cabelas and other sporting / shooting stores
              it really helps prefect your head shot capability

              it is smaller then a human skull by about 2-3rds..I went from 5 out of 8 shots
              to 7 out of 8 shots within a few days of using it as my target

              if I can hit that..than I can dot some eyes within the length of my house

              my .45 loves it

          • doesn’t matter what time it is if they are breaking down my door, there will allot less of them than when they started!! amen to that!!

            • exactly, and that in and of itself helps you fellow man, less of them..will soon mean more of us

            • @ apache54 –

              There are approximately 350,000 Citizens of the United States, living is the State of Connecticut, who are currently in a state of OPEN REVOLT against the state government. These are the folks who have refused to comply by registering or disposing of their ‘so-called’ assault rifles and standard capacity magazines. Instead they are collectively offering their state goobermint the middle finger.

              You would think that goobermint, at all levels, would be looking at incidents like this and realize that they have totally and completely lost the respect of their own citizens. Not many believe what they say anymore or that they any longer act in our ‘best-interest’; if they ever did. It get’s increasingly hard to govern as you loose creditability with those that are governed.

              As the ‘goobermint’ grows ever increasingly fearful of their OWN civilian populace; they will lash out ever more violently and frequently against said civilian populace. Get ready; it’s coming our way!

              I have absolutely no idea of what the ‘trigger-event’ will be or when it will occur; but it can’t be far off now. Soon boys & girls ……. very soon I fear. God Bless & good luck; we’re going to need it.

          • They might all go up in the explosion that follows too,

      3. If you look at History, In 1933 Hitlers big push and rise to power began when he hatched a plan /False Flag to Burn down the German Parliament in which he loudly blamed the Communist party. Source: http://dalje.com/en-world/reichstag-burned-down-hitler-begins-his-rise/238277
        Our Government with its power and reach will again do the same thing, but to create more mass death they will release a dirty bomb or something similar, then blame the terrorists to frighten the public to give away the rest of our freedoms for their full control and Martial Law. I just find these False flags similar to 9-11 and all the other events in history. So how did building #7 Fall all on it own self on 9-11? The Sheeple of this country better wake the hell up and in a hurry. Since the MSM Media is owned by the same tribe they control the Propaganda message, except for the Internet and Ham Radio and word on the street. And they sure as Hell don’t control me.

        • Bat Puckey.

        • WhoWudda ThunkIt… How did building 7 fall? Well, it was wired for demolition. The twin towers were nuked and the pentagon took a missle hit. The evidence is out there if anyone cares to know the truth. Many don’t want to know the truth and will never accept the truth. If the treasonous bastards have got this far with the evisceration of our constitutional rights, what’s to stop them from total tyranny? Do you see a backlash from the citizens that is meaningful? I don’t expect it as people are only interested in their own survival. When it comes to pushback against the evil usurpers the people are scared and afraid to die. Talk about 9-11 in public and see the reaction. It is very nearly a lost cause. The time for citizen reaction grows dim.

      4. You will hear about the round-up before it gets to your neighborhood. Have you already devised an accurate list of things to accomplish to remedy anyone or agency that tries to steal your “Life, Liberty, or Pursuit of Happiness”?

        • When the roundup begins, Get rid of your cell phone. They are just like a Parole’s GPS Ankle Bracelet. They will use all of their technology, like “Stingray” Cell Ph signal tracking to know where every one is at and what they are talking and texting about. They will use trickery, like twitter out “Free Food at the Train Depot.” And you all know where that train is going.

          • Before the round up, they will cut off internet access, television, radio, and cell service. They will keep enough of the cell service to track you, but you won’t be able to make or receive calls.

            Don’t forget that you also need to get rid of anything that has an RFID chip in it, such as your driver’s license, concealed carry permit, credit cards, passport…..

            Darn, my dog is chipped!!!!!

            • @DaisyK: Everything is defeatable. For entertainment purposes only, try a strong magnet over the area, or microwave oven for about 10 seconds. Most electronic gadgets will fry. They even have RFID chips in car tires. A good series to watch is UTuber “Catch Me If You Can” Goes over all of this Tracking BS and how to defeat it. Like delete all your data on your cell phone and leave your phone at a bus stop. Send them on a Goose chase. Today there are red light cameras at major intersections, bridges, highway on/off ramps and traffic choke points, that track all vehicles going through that area, sent the data to DHS Fusion Centers, for all L-E Agencies to data mine. So I suggest a Bugout Bicycle and trailer. As you drive today look for these intersection cameras and avoid these areas. Some Counties out there use license plate scanners to catch people who are late on property taxes, or library fines and place a Boot Lock on their car wheels. No kidding. Leave it on till the people pay their fines etc.

              • No busses here; no bus stops. I also don’t think they have installed license place readers. There are 3.7 people per square mile here, 5 man police force, only one light — zero lights in the county seat, which is the next town to the south. Population: town — 1,823, county — about 11,000. Quite a few more sheriff’s deputies because the jail in the next town houses inmates from all over and they need lots of deputies to guard the jail. But try to get a Summons served and there is never a deputy available.

                You had some good advise, though. I would need a tricycle; too old for a bike.

              • “delete all your data on your cell phone and leave your phone at a bus stop.” — I’d leave mine down the last seat on a moving bus…let them follow that all day…in a trash can on garbage day. In a passerby’s bag or pocket.

                Let them fish it out of a mine shaft.

                • Im packing mine with meat and feeding it to a wolf up here..

                  lol good luck tracing that

                  • VRF dang this is going to get complicated, I’m shooting the wolf and taking the collar the Feds put on it, and hanging the collar on a tourists car bumper. Sorry! I know wolves are not as hated in other States as they are in Wyoming. Trekker Out.

              • WhoWTI:

                Link please….can’t find….

          • As DaisyK says… When the modes of media go dark… Game on! They want to play? Everyone needs a HAM radio with a way to recharge it with solar.

          • Cops use this CELL Phone Tracking system called Stingrays, also known as IMSI catchers, simulate a cellphone tower and trick any nearby mobile devices into connecting with them, thereby revealing their location. When mobile phones—and other wireless communication devices—connect to the stingray, the device can see and record their unique ID numbers and traffic data, as well as information that points to the device’s location. By moving the stingray around, authorities can triangulate the device’s location with greater precision than they can using data obtained from a fixed tower location.

      5. If the feds as you for an I.D. show them a mini mirror. They will think your one of them.

      6. Ok,great story, what happened to the Japinese we locked up in WW2 ?
        Did they escape,resist,die in mass ?
        Please give us more facts ,like who will run this place,locals or our undocumented worker visa holders. Are the chinese going to convert walmarts to fema camps? to get thier money back from hillary ? I think there will be time and good people to revolt and enought people like Cliven Bundy supporters to mount a regional enclave to not allow the GOVT to come in and dodo on my rug’s. or shoot my dog or wife or steal my grand kids from day care.while I work my ass off at 73yrs old to pay for guest workers health care.y

        • This is a big spook job. They; who ever they are don’t and will never have the numbers and resources to encamp 319 million people. Even 20 million. The very second the population hears about people being rounded up and encamped, everything with a official uniform will be an instant target. Period!

          • Yea, try telling that to “Super Dave” Hodges ! LOL

            • I normally enjoy Dave Hodges’ site, but this is one article I have to disagree with, especially when he says to submit to the enemy. I’ll never look at him the same way again! Do what govt. officials say to do and you’re signing your own death warrant. No, that’s not my cup of tea. I’ve never been anyone’s ‘good little Nazi” anyway.

              • You only do as they say if you are caught and incarcerated. And only until there is opportunity for escape. The best way is to not get caught.

          • never know, that might be part of their plan

          • Here is Obama’s Plan, Flood the boarders with illegals so some Contractor can build a bunch more FEMA Camps. Watch this Video. The Government is Busted, Orchestrating this Busing of illegals to our boarders. They set this up last January. It is a set up. Pass this on.. Watch this video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJrQx8iQA0s

          • I was thinking the same thing. Anyone in a government uniform would be a target.

        • “Ok,great story, what happened to the Japinese we locked up in WW2? Did they escape,resist,die in mass?”

          If you mean the Japanese citizens we forced into internment camps, as I recall, the ones who survived left the camps with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

          Their homes and all of their possessions, shops and businesses and former jobs, ALL GONE. Everything, all of their assets were conveniently GONE. They started over with nothing… again.

          With not even a sincere apology.


          • Right. They auctioned off their property. But one island community in Washington State bought a Japanese family’s home and held it for them until they came back.

            • At least ONE community had some decency. I don’t hold my breath these days.

      7. If its “roundup” time in my neighborhood , then it will be a good day to take a few with me.
        I wont live in a cage, cant do it , wont do it.
        The first POS to lay a hand on my family …………
        well , you get what i mean , right ?

        • 10-4

      8. When that day comes and they pull up to take me, only one thought comes to my mind; TODAY IS A GOOD TO DIE!!

        River Rat at the ready!!!

      9. The objective is not to survive in a FEMA camp. The objective is to avoid going there in the first place. The tool that tops my list to achieve that goal is a battle rifle and a good supply of ammunition, then food, water, etc.

        Back in post Katrina, the folks to banded together into armed communities were the ones who were able to avoid the nightmarish conditions found at the Superdome.

        • …until they came for their guns…

          • sixpack,

            >>”…until they came for their guns…”<<

            That is part of the problem. Never, absolutely never allow them to take your weapons away especially in a survival situation like post-Katrina. I don't care how many SWAT members show up at my door. In my opinion, gun confiscation is the equivalent of a death sentence in a disaster zone, so I'll take my chances and keep my guns using any means necessary or die trying. That's my bottom line.

            • agreed.

              We had all better get it fixed in our minds, how we will react when the SHTF. There will most likely be no internet blogs to confer with. There will probably be few, if any like-minded people around to consort with when it all goes down. We will be on our own, when it comes to our line of thought.

              I’m trying to prepare myself to follow through with the views I have obtained when the alternative media is finally silenced. I will not be swayed by post-shtf propaganda.

              The sheeple will be most vulnerable when communications are cut off. They’ll probably accept ANY BS handed to them as gospel.


          • As I recall, there was one neighborhood that had banded together after the hurricane passed and was armed to the teeth. The bad guys, and the cops (but I repeat myself) wouldn’t go there. I DO remember following the trials of the cops that decided to gun down unarmed citizens on a bridge as well.

            • Cops also ran in packs like wild dogs, kicking doors and serving themselves. One thing worse than a wild dog, is a wild dog in body armor…

      10. Quite an article. My question is this– Are the temporary fema camps still up and running as reported on Nov 12, 2012. Still being manned, stocked equiped? The govenment has proven that they will round up anyone on the list. Trail of tears, Japanoneze Americans,etc, for the cause of progression.(propoganda)It is known that other lists are already being formed. But before we get caught up in sensationalism more current facts are really needed. Current intel would help. Watch your national guard facilities for unusual activity.

        • @muleskinner: The Only thing FEMA Camps are stocked up on are Caskets that hold 5 people deep. “Rather Die a free man on your feet, than a slave on your knees.” Watch some of those Iraqi ISIS Firing Squad videos. You think those guys from the Iraqi Army on their knees thought about if they had the chance to do it all over again, they would have fought harder?

          • Have watched a couple of the u tubes, shared them with a couple of family members. Family history, culture will not allow to be lead, dragged, trucked to any place not wanting to be any longer. Great grandmother was on trail of tears, heard those stories, genelogy showed we were kicked out of england for being rebels, line is drawn in sand so to speak.Nothing but happy trails here on out.

            • @Muleskinner I hear ya about Trail of tears. Its disgusting. Its America’s History of Genocide against Native Americans. I have a slice of Mohawk in me. Mohawk- Translation = Man Eaters. After killing their enemy they would rip the heart out of their victims and eat it. That should put the fear in the oppressors.

              • Before Russell Means died, he made a series of videos about how tptb are turning the U.S. into one big reservation. You can find these on you tube. Very interesting perspective he has. For anyone who doesn’t remember Means, he was in some films like Last of the Mohicans and was leading the AIM at Wounded Knee II in the 70’s.

      11. I don’t know. Here is my thought: As things begin to disintegrate they will TRY mass round ups ect. But that move will only serve to accelerate the collapses . TPTB will be overwhelmed- most L.E.O’s will be ” NO-SHOW” because they will lay low to protect their own families. The same with rank and file Federal employees. By the time its all said in done the folks ending up in the FEMA camps will be bankers, politicians, and elite media CFR book licking collaborators .

      12. Realistically, the whole world is a detention camp! There literally is no place to run or hide anymore! Guess where they are storing the illegal invaders – yeah camps and military bases. They really thought it was going to be better here – LOL!!

        Since the government wants to share so much of (our) wealth, perhaps some of them will be living with us? In communistic countries you own nothing, so others would be sharing your space, and there wasn’t a thing they could do about it. Just make a list of names and addresses of all the progressives out there, and send the invaders there!!

        • “Guess where they are storing the illegal invaders – yeah camps and military bases.”

          That is what’s known as a ‘dry run’ exercise. Gives the troops time to work out any kinks in their herding plans and pens. Plus, they are ‘undocumented’ people, so who will notice if some vanish into the night? They have been practicing all this crap for months now, but guess what? WE have been practicing too!

          Remember it doesn’t matter how you die…what matters is how you lived!

          • One problem with their “test”
            these undocumented people arnt armed , I am!

            changes the game big time

          • Socrates, I’ll die standing on my feet. “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” braveheart

          • Today,
            I am living well,,,

            • Howdy Kalua, I hope all is good your way..You know I was fired from a job that I was on the way out of anyhow, a team of four came to tell me, after the one that drawed the short straw told me I was fired I said ok now ya’ll can go crawl back in your hole now. I pitty the one that draws the short straw from fema..The out come for him will be much Different..

              • I just need to add I didnt just lose my job this happen years ago..

      13. If you’re in the city, you have
        48 HR to get out. Stay off the streets
        At night. The streets will be swept and people
        Loaded onto trains. There are underground
        facilities in remote areas. You won’t be found.
        GET OUT OF THE CITY. When it hits the fan
        The cities are a death trap!!

      14. Well braveheart, it looks like you’re free to do whatever you like here. It seems good old mac slavo has decided you’re not man enough to fight your own battles so he’s decided to step in and fight them for you via censorship. It’s ok, this site has become so pussified anyway I doubt he has the balls to post this reply.

        • Anonymous — describe pussified for me.

          I don’t understand. I’m screaming my guts out
          to anyone who will lend me an ear and Mac has
          never censored me once. I come out with both
          barrels firing as many others here do also.

          As the saying goes, I don’t give a shit, I
          don’t take no shit, and I don’t talk to assholes.

          • Hey defiant, why the fuck are you talking to me if you claim you don’t talk to assholes? Could be you’re full of bullshit?

        • You are an A-Hole; Brave’s only real problem is he seems fixated on Buckshot. (30-M2 AP is much better) You on the other hand are just a childish churl.

          • Paranoid, anonymous is just another troll. I do have a ‘ventilation team’ with other items besides a shotgun.

          • Tell you what there paranoid, why don’t you take some of those 30=M2AP and shoot yourself with them? Trust me, the world will thank you for it.

            • Well because; I do not now, have not in the past, and am very unlikely in the future, give a damn what “The World” thinks, Almost half the people are dumber than average, and the rocks are as dumb as you are. So if it’s OK with you, why don’t we stop the name calling and either make cogent responses to the issues or just shut up. TaTa

        • Anonymous, how the f#$% do you know I can’t fight my own battles? Come to my home and try me if you want to find out the hard way, dildo. I don’t give a shit what you say about me, but you back off Mac Slavo and the rest of the good people of this community. Mac doesn’t practice censorship, nor are there any pussies at this site. Any one of us can take you on and turn you every which way but loose. Come on, mofo, bring it on. Let’s see what you’re made of.

          • Cuz your going to have to git out of that city for a while and come on over to North Georgia and let your hair down. You seem to be wound just a little bit to tight. Granma Bertha would wash your mouth out with soap for using all them bad words like f#$%, Mofo and dildo. You didn’t use to be like that. Maybe you need a big old bottle of Boones Farm. We Love You Man!

            • Ralph, I thought I done tole you not to be pesterin yer poor cousin any more? Ain’t no way to be treatin yer kin folk. Now come on back to bed; this p%$$y ain’t gon eat itself. I took a bath fer ya earlier so’s you’d better hurry and git on it, cause that’s the last of the soap for this month, an’ I said I ain’t gon be sleepin with no man who don’t treat his family rite!

          • Why don’t ask mac slavo about if he censors people or not? Go ahead and put the question to him right on this site, unless you’re afraid of the truth.

          • BH. You provide a necessary service here, as well as dropping some good points into the conversation. You hflush out the trolls. You are like honey to a fly, they can’t resist! The one thing I have found true bout all the trolls is that they always go personal. That is the last refuge of the vapid douche…

            Oh, and leave Mac alone, he’s a nice guy too.

            • Well legion, I can’t help but notice that absolutely NOBODY has put the question directly to mac slavo right here and now if he indulges in censorship or not. You don’t have to ask him, You’ve ALL answered the question beyond any doubt, so please don’t give me this bullshit about embracing the first amendment because it’s obvious it only applies to the group think prepper mentality. I also like the way you all refer to yourselves as ” good Christians”. Everybody knows to be a ” good Christian” Y’all gots to hate everone who ain’t southern Baptis’,and who don’t think like WE all do.

        • @anonymouse …mac doesn’t censor much, if ANYTHING. you’re WRONG!

          • All he has to do is read the first paragraph of the commenting policy.

      15. I will never go to a Fema camp. I would take down a couple of blue hats before that ever happens before they take me down

        • Yeah, an undercover FBI agent infiltrates this prepper group, and this guy brags about stuff he did not even have, well the FB and LEO’s All gang up in this guy and raid his house. He was being chased in his truck and he ditched his truck and ran into the woods for several days. The FBI Raids this guys house and all they find were some buried barrel caches of food and 5 perfectly legal firearms in his house safe. Well the Media Blows this all out or proportion, like the Guy is a Terrorist. Then the guy comes out of hiding with his daughter and drives to the FBI office with 2 Attys and turns himself in. The Local MSM claims this Guy was captured. The guy walks into the FBI office with Attys, hardly a manhunt capture. Like some big manhunt ends in success. The world has gone mad on steroids. This Guy should have been called the Santa Prepper, all his neighbors loved this guy and he never hurt anybody. Lesson of the Day- OPSEC- Keep your prepping Mouths shut, especially to strangers poking around trying to bait you into doing something illegal.

        • It seems like a message from TPTB to preppers and patriots. What he allegedly has done, is what many people have voiced a desire to do, almost word for word, if TSHTF. Maybe TPTB want us to think that “It’s ON” in hopes we’ll all start it up too, so they can crack down.

          Maybe for this guy, the shit has hit HIS fan one too many times. Everyone keeps talking about it, but he’s actually DOING IT. See their reaction?

          The message is: “Don’t even think about it”…this is what will happen to sheep who step out of line.

      16. I’m not going to any damn FEMA camp. Period. So the real question is, will they survive trying to send me to one?

      17. Who knows exactly how things will actually play out in the end, but I foresee it coming down to one of two possibilities: TPTB roll out a false-flag event the likes of wich America has yet to see, one that will garuntee the acceptance of gun confiscation/martial law and loss of general liberties, followed by an economic collapse that will disrupt food/gas/basic resource supplies that will leave the unprepared all too happy to waltz into FEMA’s arms. Finally, after all the useful idiots have been rounded up the Feds will target who ever is left. The second situation is similar to the first with the exception that the NSA has been collecting all posts(such as this one)/phone conversations/and internet activity (and purchases of “prepper supplies”) and have us all on tabs and once said false flag is triggered the militarized police/ATF/FBI ect. Will bust through our doors at zero dark thirty in a preemptive sting that would make Ruby Ridge–Wacko Texas look like child’s play.

        In other words those who prepare will either see the writing on the all before the FEMA bus rolls into town, or we’ll be totally blind sided.

      18. It looks like my first comment didn’t post for some reason, hmm. — in a nut shell I believe certain things will have to happen before FEMA camps can be come fully operational– a major false flag event, an economic crash and or some kind of major disruption in food/gas supply, and of course martial law. — under those circumstances the prepared will see the writing on the wall. The danger I see to those who prep aren’t so much the FEMA buses as the NSA spying/collecting our posts(such as this one) and the ATF/FBI/DHS conducting a massive preemptive strike at zero dark thirty in the morning nation wide that would make Ruby Ridge–Wacko Texas look insignificant in comparison.

        So we’ll either be blind-sided by the government or we should be able to recognize the signs of the times soon enough to enact our defenses.

      19. You think Bush was bad? Then came Obama. You think Obama is Bad? Wait till you see what Hitllary has up her sleeve. Hillary = NWO all the way. She calls armed Americans the minority terrorizing the majority. Here is Hillary’s Anti-Gun Rant Tuesday June 17th 2014 Washington Town Hall Meeting. “We cannot let a minority of people — and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people — hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people,” she said.

      20. Huh what happened what I miss??
        I’m going back to digging holes were gonna need em

        • I gotta post auger…that’ll loosen up the dirt for ya, or are you lucky enough to have a machine with a bucket attachment?

      21. I expect FEMA camps to be a place where the vast majority of people who enter it will never leave alive. I expect that some people will be kept alive for “re-education” purposes. Or as sex slaves.

        There’s going to be an incredible amount of death and destruction before we get a one world government. The most evil time in world history will be the Great Tribulation period. It won’t start until after the world leader makes a seven year peace treaty with Israel. The antichrist will most likely be the one who orders the Temple in Jerusalem to be rebuilt so he can enter it and declare himself to be God.

        (Daniel 9:27 NIV) He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

        As a side note, it’s amazing how Jerusalem went from being sparsely inhabited ruins to becoming the focus of the world.

        • Wait a darn minute! Sex slaves? Now I’m interested! Is there a pre-order sign up sheet?

      22. Dunno…….don’t plan on spending time in one.

      23. Finished my job site today, customer works for Ala. Power. He’s been with them since 78. Says that’s they just asked all Ala. Power higher up to work and retrain with FEMA. He expects something to happen before summers end.

      24. Just like your comments on this it is numbered and cataloged

        See comment i.d number

      25. If TPTB that controls the news and the internet kill switch is at the president’s hand than we could be cut off in an instant.
        In a suburban setting word would get out if duce and a halfs started bringing people out of their neighborhoods.
        Of course all you have to do is outlaw having a garden and collecting your rainwater and then in order to get your starving family fed you may have to surrender all your firearms for the safety of the collective and climb on board?
        Look at the twentieth century peoples that submitted to firearm confiscation and look at the stats. Do it now before the internet goes down and the history books are fully rewritten.

        People we elected and put into office are a hair’s breadth away from taking your life from you. The amazing thing is so many Americans will be surprised when the false flag event occurs and martial law is declared.
        If you are one of the ones waiting for the head of the department of homeland security to go on tv and brief you as to the reality of their plan you might just as well walk into oncoming traffic now and save them one of the 1.6 BILLION rounds they recently purchased to go with their fully automatic (real) assault rifles, armored vehicles and drones.

        I have lived a relatively long live and spent time in the airborne in my early years. I can’t imagine an “AMERICAN”: a God fearing, selfless man, willingly walking into a gas chamber or being executed: standing there helpless by some shallow grave waiting for his turn to eat a bullet. This is why AMERICANS died by the thousands in a single day storming the beaches in WWII: this was to save a peoples who one day woke up in this very predicament. Am I not half the man my father was? In WWII he was a private in the Corps and personally made many of beach landings.

        Make your peace with God, turn to the Christ for your salvation and stand upright and smell the air, see the sun hanging high in the sky! Nothing has changed! If my rights and freedoms guaranteed by our founding fathers hand are not relinquished by me than they are not negotiable and I am and will always be a free man.

        You may in the end have to pay a price to have your freedom but slavery has a price too? Best case scenario- go to the camps, loose contact with your family, and hope luck in the end allows you to survive and come out to finish your years without your wife??? without your child??? Is this what you hope for???

        Time to wake up.

      26. How can gov put millions in a camp ? They don’t have the man power to do it or the space.

        • They will cut your head off with GUILLOTINES!!

        • You don’t need much space when people are going there to be executed.

      27. I expect all those EBT card holders will be the first to be rounded up because they contribute nothing to the economy. Then older people,repubs,masons,religious organizations and independants will follow. Might be a good time to head for the hills or somewhere outside the U.S.

        • Yeah, If you are working and paying taxes they will leave you alone, as you help feed the beast. If you are a user of EBT or some other Government dependent program, you are worthless eaters and not worthy of life outside of a FEMA Camp and they will put you to work. Just my take.

          • Not so sure about that. Most ebtcard users vote for the status quo, I.e. liberal agenda. You don’t want to get rid of your voting base. That’s why tbere are so many illegal immigrants coming in now, with the current administrations “ya’all come” attitude. Make them legal and they vote massively liberal democratic. And now you have an unstoppable liberal voting bloc.

            • By the time they are rounding people up for the camps, they will have no need for votes. Dictators needn’t worry about re-election. They have what they want. Does that mean this will come down before the fall elections?

      28. As stated before, ‘they’ HAVE TO start somewhere, can’t possibly take us all in one fell swoop. After that, it’s ‘no holds barred’ and time to stand up just as our Forefathers did to an out of control Gov’t. Keep stacking high, stacking deep !!

      29. Sounds like it is time to start caching-weapons, mags ammo, food and water in a close by location…..

        That way if one has to flee their home in less than a minute you will have some supplies to resist with.

      30. Will I survive?No,or @ least probably not,will die fighting those trying to force me into camp,perhaps I will repel them,tis a nice thought but either way only way I will be taken into a death camp is as a corpse.

      31. off topic:

        You know you’re a homesteader when you fillet your finger open and the first thing you do is curse because your yarrow plants aren’t yet ready to use. Good thing I stocked up on duct tape and it’s also a good thing I recorded the last piece I was composing on my guitar, I wont be playing fingerstyle for the next month or so. Oh yeah, fuck obama care, I got shop rags, hydrogen peroxide and duct tape.

        • Well RickInOregon, have you had any type of evaluation regarding your mental state of mind in order to use that Duct Tape? Any competency skills tests on growing yarrow? Are you certified as a mechanic to even own shop rags? I’m sensing that you are not quite right in the head, and in saying so, I’ll bet you may have firearms; and even if you acquired them so called “legally”, are you in the right frame of mind to even own them? cut finger today, whats next? Active shooting?

          • SS I’ve failed all ME’s. I’m independent, self sufficient, don’t follow the party line, a vet, canceled my cable, don’t own a smart phone or a smart car, I remember John Wayne and the Pledge of Allegiance and I expect more out of the elected ones than what we’ve been getting. I think the people need a huge ass roll of duct tape to wrap all around washington dc. Nothing else seems to be fixing it and that wound just keeps bleeding this country.

            I’m not a certified mechanic, I’m a shade tree mechanic and blue collar professional.

            It’s no secrete here, I’m not a gun person, I’m a pointy stick person, I’m into archery.

            SS, I like your humor, no thumbs down from me.

            • WOW you are some kind of nut case, I’ll bet you even know how to contour plow! (I don’t admit it to everyone but I know how to temper a log chain or a frying pan) You are definitely going on NSA’S list.

        • Hi Rick…just mentioned to my wife on our little walk thru the back 40 that the yarrow was looking prime.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          Any fishin stories? I am focused on my garden and fruit trees right now…a friend told me that I could have all her apples and serviceberries this year…her trees are fucking loaded.

          • Tomorrow I’m taking my boat down to saltwater moorage and if the seas are calm enough for my wife we’ll cross the bar and drop some crab traps and do some bottom fishing, maybe troll for some salmon. If the ocean is too snotty for my wife then we’ll stay inside and jig some herring. Anyways I should have a fishing report by monday.

            We live in elevation and our growing season starts a little later than the valley. Our cool weather spring plants are just now starting to ripen, turnips, bunching onions, sugar snap peas and strawberries. Our shitkins (cornish cross chickens) are just about ready for processing along with our aged flock of layer chickens. My wife is looking forward to making rooster soup, giving that mean old bastard a vegetable bath. Our new flock is looking good. We’re trying a new breed of turkeys this year, Bourbon Red, they’re an heirloom breed and I’m hoping they will produce fertile eggs. We also have some Breasted Whites, last years BW’s averaged forty pound hanging weight. The bourbon reds wont get as big but still a respectable size. The BR’s are suppose to have a better flavor and with the way they like to free range and forage I can see why.

            Post up on how your canning of the apples and service berries works out.

            • We are at about 4000’…apples are about 1″ and sb’s are forming nicely for this time of the year. Hopefully, we will have a bunch of juicy chokecherries this year. it was so dry last year that they just had a seed and a bright, beautiful skin…nothing else.

              The wild roses look like they are going to be loaded as well. Elderberries are flowering.

              Safe passage today brother. Always good to hear from you.

      32. When this article states ‘What will be the trigger event for the coming genocidal holocaust committed against American citizens?’ it certainly loses me.

      33. I won’t be going……..period.

        They will not get cheap exterminations like the Nazis did.

        It will cost them dearly.

      34. Actually, according to Edward Bernays (1925, US) and Lord Rothsmere (1927, UK), only 13% or less of the population at that time were capable of critical thinking. These studies formed the basis for Bernays book ‘Propaganda’, which became used by the US and UK governments. Most people do NOT think.

        In the modern era, mass mind control via 95% of the mass media being owned ultimately by 3 families does not help. In addition, exotic technologies such as silent spread sound system (DARPA patented) is used for mass mind control (no tinfoil hat required) that has been used to create perpetrators in the recent spate of shootings. This last point will be heavily debated, but it is true. It is the mark of the beast in the forehead, genetically encoded to DNA, 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. This was the real mark of the beast in Jesus’ day, but they claimed it was gematria (Satan is a deceiver). The shooters all had connections to psychiatric abuse, satanic Hollywood circles and were heavily mind controlled.

        How many righteous Christians are there in the US/UK and other western nations? More in the US than the UK, which is more a secular country, but only 1-2% righteous. The real saints are those Christians who die abroad for their faith in Christ in foreign lands; they suffer due to US foreign policy.

        By the way, guns WERE meant by the founding fathers as thee last line of resort to protect liberty. Having travelled a lot, I can surely say that the UK peoples have lost the war against their elite. The country is densely populated and monitored; they can only feed 30 million of a 90 million population (proven). They NEED ursurious banking to survive, yet that same system threatens to destroy and enslave those very same people. Welfarism, feminism (as opposed to female positivism which is good) and giving up guns has weakened the population and now they are doomed.

        REAL Christians who follow Christ are to be hunted and hated in the end times of the next few decades. There is no rapture (provibly false and introduced in the 1800s). We must ‘endure’ as the Bible says. I had studied all the major religions, and the Christian one is the most accurate, through that is not to say that the Satanists did not alter key passages. Christ indeed did exist (historically proven) and was of God. Interestingly, there is also archeological evidence for Satan worship, as 70000 years ago, the first thing worshipped by homo sapiens was a serpent. There is so much knowledge out there, but no one to hear the wisdom of truth. Babylon is the West, and its economic system. The US and UK will NOT survive and God had said that he wanted his people to LEAVE Babylon. Whether people have an ear to hear this is another matter.

      35. I survived it in the dream I had about it a decade or more ago.. always hoped that dream was just from sumthin I ate…. we’ll see.

      36. This guy is an idiot at BEST.

        Try it in a Country with ONE HUNDRED MILLION GUNS.

        Hodges is a moron. The article is another sensationalistic piece of crap.

        Imagine just ten million of those guns turned agaisnt them. And they KNOW it. It not happening Dave moron.

        The Wolverines scenario would look like a boy scout campout compared to what would happen.

        We are not a disarmed Country, and aint gonna be anytime soon.

        Anyone who aint giving up their guns gimme a thumbs up.

        This aint happenin here. We wont let me.

        Go home Hodges and count your ill earned money.

        • Rich98, welcome back. I didn’t care for the article either, especially when he suggested submitting to the enemy. However, there will be an attempt at gun confiscation. The only question is how many will surrender and how many will stand up and fight. I know that I, along with the others here, are going to fight, and we have all the reasons we need for doing so. I used to enjoy Hodges’ site, but not any more. when he suggested kowtowing to the enemy, that did it for me. BTW, I gave you a thumbs up.

          • Stand up and fight isn’t my bag, baby! I like the afghanistan style hit-and-run stuff myself. Only a few of us will go first. Others of us will then know what’s coming. They can’t hit every patriot (obama’s terrorists) at once.

        • First of all..it required over 1 thousand local,state,and federal law enforcement to search “unsuccessfully” for the Boston marathon suspect…and a local homeowner ‘found’ him hiding in his boat..again supposedly.at least that’s the ‘official’ story which I highly am suspect anyways..

          With all the technology, and whistle-blowers, out there one would think that just one person could actually document one of these fema camps..

          Just because the internet “says” they exist is not justification for their existence..again mind you, that I don’t doubt for one minute that they would construct such internment centers..but please show me the proof or otherwise..

          Also, surely many of us”usual suspects”are already tagged for possible roundups at some point..and that would be for those who would violently resist the authorities..hell, governments have done this for thousands of years..

          Surely, if the feds were going to eliminate the opposition they would likely have much more advanced schemes on the drawing board than busing us to a preferred location..


          • @possee

            One of the most important things to remember is this quote:

            “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy” – Carl Von Clausewitz

            I post this because THEY can have their plans to exterminate us, but they are going to discover very quickly that IMPLEMENTING those plans is going to be an entirely different animal.

            Your observations regarding Boston are very relevant here. They had a compliant population…. (East Coast liberals who think government is actually there to help them, and who don’t mind having their Constitutional rights shredded).

            “Fly-over” country is going to be a different story.

            And the following will NOT happen again…..at least for those of us who are determined to see that it does not:

            “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

            ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

            • Notice in the Solzhenitsyn quote above that……

              They did not have GUNS. They were reduced to farm tools.

              Of course, you can be sure the Stalinist thugs had guns.

              This is why we WILL NOT disarm. And why gun confiscation is ONE of my lines in the sand.

              Just TRY to confiscate the guns, and it’s on.

            • The Lockdown in Boston, and warrant-less searches forcing people out of their own homes at gun point with their hands up, is exactly what will happen all over America if they try to take our guns away or a FEMA Roundup. Too late is when they are knocking at your door. We all need to get out there ahead of that. If they are at your neighbors house have 50 rifles across the street aimed on the idiots. Send a message to these Prostitute Minions, “UTUD” “U Try-U Die” Everybody on my street is packing heat. Even that old 85 YO senile lady, is always talking about her pistol. lol

          • Not to mention the Chris Dorner clusterfuck.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      37. Will I survive being sent to a FEMA camp?

        No, because I wont go

        even if it has to be that I end up laying in a pile of brass!

        • I’m gonna use steel so the bastrds cant reload it!

      38. This will really twist your knickers,


        It won’t be long now , prep those evac bags , have a plan,
        Practice , Practice , Practice , be prepared to give everything up and leave behind to preserve your life.

        Mobility and stealth is the key, low footprint on egress, become a ghost , be that proverbial monkey wrench in the cogs of the regime.


        It’s no longer theoretical, it a reality and it’s coming soon.



        Semper Fi 8541

        • Not far from you. On the Delmarva Peninsula in the People’s Republic of MD.

          • We got the same shit here in Montanastan…just not as bad.

            From Arnaud Amalric…12th century…”kill them all and let God recognize his own”

            Revised by US Marines, Vietnam War…

            “kill’em all and let God sort’em out”

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      39. “If a bureaucrat, or a soldier sent by a bureaucrat, comes to knock down your door and take you someplace you do not want to go because of who you are or what you think — kill him. If you can, kill the politician who sent him. You will likely die anyway, and you will be saving someone else the same fate.”
        – Mike Vanderboegh

      40. …but….but….they have free wifi.

        ………….and cupcakes…..

        …be safe…..tween da eyes…..BA.

      41. “you, the American middle class, already are the targets of this tyrannical oppression”

        Well that leaves me out. I am in no way middle class.
        I am a check to pay check kinda gal.

        But if I were Dave, I would probably stop talking and leave all tracking devices behind and leave.

        His family is a target by his own definition.

        I do not even own a gun.
        I am NO body.


      42. I do not expect to survive. I’m no spring chicken anymore. Many years ago, the good Lord told me it was not yet my time To go. He said that one day, people would need to hear what I had to say. Since nobody has listened so far, I suspect my words may fall on the ears of those who will need to hear it in the possibly not so distant future. The road is narrow and few there be who find it. Perhaps I can be a candle to light the darkness. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

        • A friend was recently telling me how he’s been seeing these new police vehicals lately in Philadelphia and was wondering why they are black,and then I came across this on craigslist rants and raves, I read these post because there seems to be some like minded individuals that try to educate others on whats going on…and some are entertaining. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/rnr/4532260091.html .

        • I may not survive for long. I have a heart condition that requires medication that herbs and alternatives will not handle. Once my stock pile of meds are used up, I will more than likely die, if the Lord chooses to take me.

          Aside from this, I am still prepping and taking care of my family to give them the best possible chance. God Bless you!

          • Go see your MD. Get a list of possible substitutes for your drugs. Then go to the net and start looking for drugs in Canada and elsewhere, You may be surprised about how cheap and no prescription some things are.

          • Patriot Mom, He can heal you

        • @Concerned. You too can fight. Does your trigger finger still work? There you go!! Get that gun and a few hundred rounds of ammo for it.

        • I am in the same old boat as you are, Concerned. Already told my kids I am going to die in the revolution because I will not let my country fall without a fight. Enjoyed a good life and a good family so I have no regrets. Molon Labe!

      43. If it came to that, you literally have nothing left to lose by fighting to the end, to keep yourself out of these places.

        Take as many of them out with you as possible.

      44. The FEMA camps are the city limits in each city. People likely to be rounded up for camps are those drawing moocher checks from the taxpayer. It is highly unlikely that they would round up working taxpayers, food producers or those that own their rural properties without mortgage. Since 80% of the population live in cities, it is highly unlikely that they will be rounding up any rural people during the first months. When the trucks stop shipping stuff in to the cities, I guess, the Government will fence-in entire cities to keep the Zombie population from overrunning the food producers in rural areas. 45 days after truck shipping ceases, our population in the USA will be cut in half, with nearly all the deaths occurring in the cities if FEMA walls off the cities.

        • @RED OCT- The Government has been consolidating power for some time now. Under Bush he started putting all of these agencies under DHS (Home Land Security). Today Obama just skips consulting with Congress and just goes strait to Executive Order. Like NDAA. With all of these Agencies at his disposal. This is what Dictatorships do when they seize all power. Hitler did this too. Castro, Saddam Hussein, Kadaffi… You get the point. Pay attention.

      45. >>”I find it laughable how the country has been conditioned to laugh at any kind of conspiracy theory, as if two evil men would never get together and conspire to do anything.<<"

        Folks, reading the above passage, I'm reminded of a quotation from a French poet:

        "the devil's best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist" -Baudelaire 1864

      46. 100’s of thousands of illegals are being sent to military bases for training to eventually put Americans in the 800+ FEMA camps that where built for the purpose of holding illegals prior to deportation. A force just as well funded, just as well equipped, just as powerful as the military. Now where the hell would a dictator get an army?
        They already tried having American kids pledging and singing to Obama, are they going to do it with all these kids looking for a life?
        A promise and a gun away from doing what Americans won’t do to Americans but foreigners, accustomed to a life of poverty, gangs, cartels and corrupt governments, now that’s the ticket.

        • Mike

          Gold Star for you.

          Already proven in Africa. Only difference they do not have to kidnap children. They will have willing participants. Some drugs from the DEA to hype them up.

        • Mike,

          If operation Fast and Furious is any indication of what the federal government is capable of doing, you might be very close to the truth.

        • @Mike
          May I suggest that you read John Whiteheads recent book titled “A Government of Wolves”. It’s endorsed by Ron Paul.

          In it the author, who has been a Washington insider for 30 years, explains how Red Barry has turned the DHS into his own private army. Thus your theory about the kids just adds fuel to the fire.

          God Bless

      47. What if LEO’s, military leader’s, and other’s that are expected to perform this round up of innocent patriots came to their senses and decided not to blindly follow orders? What if they rounded up TPTB and put them in the FEMA camps? What if the guillotines were used on them? What if we as decent human beings worked for the Lord and prayed for Him to fix this mess?

        • swinging Richard,

          I’ll hope for best, but plan for the worst. When the SHTF I will expect people to react as they did during post hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

          Historically,72 hours after the loss of basic utilities is when western civilization tends to crumble. At that point all bets are off. The few people who have preparedness plans in place will still be civilized, while the rest will descend into a desperate, savage, barbaric mob.

          God said he helps those who help themselves. I’ll help myself to another case of 1,000 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, thank you very much.

      48. One of the most successful experiments in ushering people to a detention camp in this country was not just the Japanese interment camps, but the year that DHS and Fema experimented with the people in Louisiana, a year after Katrina. They came on the news and said a large hurricane was coming, and told everyone that there was a mandatory evacuation… everyone had to go, and so people lined up and got on the bus like obedient children and were hauled out of there.

        This was one of the most frightening things to witness, as far as I’m concerned, because these people did what they were told and lined up, out of fear… out of obedience. That experiment was successful, as was the shelter in place in Boston last year. Ever since then, shelter in place exercises have been taking place, a most recent one on the border of Oakland and San Leandro Ca.

        I believe that all of these exercises are tests/experiments to see how citizens will react in certain situations and that this is eventually going to lead up to the real deal. And yes, there will be people lining up to get on the bus, without much hesitation, when fear is manufactured.

        And anything can be manufactured at this point.

        Let’s not forget the door to door gun confiscation that took place post Katrina. Some did try to stand their ground, but for the most part, everyone caved and did was they were told.

        They know that the majority will do as they are told. Like good obedient children.

        • Patriot Mom,

          Great points! Katrina is the shining example of what will happen during the next local or national crisis. If local police walk away from their posts, a posse of mercenaries will be formed from police departments all across the country, and they will not have any sympathy or mercy for the local citizenry as we clearly saw in Katrina and Boston.

          This mercenary posse will be brutal, ruthless, and highly motivated by large paychecks.

          This is worst case scenario I am bracing for.

      49. If the government checks & freebees like food stamps don’t arrive. Many that survive off of those checks will willingly give up everything to go to someplace where the promise of food & shelter. Look at how many already do so when their is a natural disaster. The sheeple are already conditioned. Whenever anything happens many folks will sign up for any thing the government proposes. Fema buyouts, Government flood insurance, Farmers kiss government ass to get crop insurance, subsudys, disaster payments, no interest loans and the list goes on. Time is on the side of the NWO. In ten years Most all of the baby boomers will be dead or infirm. the next generation are for the most part helpless tele tubbies. Fat & Obese worthless eater taking parasites. maby they need to be got rid of? Get their sorry parasite genes out of the population?

        • @Old Guy, That is one good thing for Preppers, as during a collapse, the Law Enforcers will be so busy dealing with 90% of the unprepared, the Preppers will easily slip out of town with their bug out bags. The Unprepared will line up in Masses like at the Superdome during Kartrina, eager to sign up for their FEMA Camp Bed assignment and 3 squares. They have been conditioned their entire lives to sign up for free stuff. Once in the FEMA Camp they will get to pick out their caskets too. The choices are: Black or Green all lined with 4 other dead bodies. On my way out of town I will be putting up road signs that read. “FREE FOOD AND WATER AT THE POLICE STATION !!” lol

      50. Do not have to worry about a FEAM camp since they are a figment of your deluded imagination. My community will not resist tyrrany because the community and its religious zealots will become tyranical. There are a lot of us non-religious people out here who are usually live and let live but are becomingly increasingly convinced that it is you religious nutjobs that are the greatest threat to us. More and more of us are laying in a stockpile of weapons and ammo to send you to your myhthological creator if/when SHTF. The great thing about it is, we know who you are and what you have because all we have to do is go to your assemblies, sing “How I love Jeebus” and rail against the liberals and others in Washington and you tell us exactly what you have and how you plan to exterminate groups of people that include non-christains in the event of SHTF. Yes, we are among you gathering intel. Think about that the next time you are holy rolling. The person next to you may very well be collecting intel to thwart you psychopathic plans to exterminate him.

        • @ Dazed and Confused
          Please provide for me evidence that there is no God. You seem to have very strong opinions on the subject, thus you have complete and total proof, don’t you?

          I’ll be standing by for you answer.

          • Religious nut-jobs like @ED Sinner. You prove that there is a God. Prove that there is a heaven or hell. Prove Noah’s Ark. If you believe it, you prove it. So why should you Prep at all if God will save you? bwhaaaahhaaaaaa Why wear your seat belts today if God will save you. The definition of “Faith” is: A set of beliefs absent of any facts. What a concept to focus all your time and energy to, your Faith. So please tell us what God is saving you for? Is there anybody else that has been saved that can give a testimonial of what it is like being saved? Prove it. Show us real live facts.

            • If you want to know if God exists, just take a look through the eye of the Hubble Telescope. His foot print is everywhere.

              Look through a microscope. His footprint is there too.

              Look in the Holy Bible. He speaks to you.

              It’s all there for you. Just look.


              As for the proof that there is a God: Jesus Christ, a historical fact. He came, (recorded in history), He lived, (recorded in history), He died on The Cross, and took up His Life again.

              The FACTS are, If you held a trial, used the same rules of evidence as any other trial. The Historical Record, along with countless EYE WITNESS accounts, and the death bed confessions of 12 Apostles, none of which recanted their belief of Christ.


        • You are dumber than a fucking brick. You will catch a bullet to the dome one day soon and you will burn in hell for the rest of eternity. Congratulations; you earned it.

          P.S. you don’t think liberty minded people know a rat when they see one? The stench gives you away.

        • dazed and confused,

          Only someone who is in the white zone on the mental color pyramid, someone who is completely disconnected with reality could possibly look at what the government has been doing, and is currently doing, and not take a stand against it.

          You think because you’re taking a “live and let live” attitude that somehow you’ll become invisible to the tyrants? That is laughable. That mentality didn’t help the 200 million people killed by their own tyrannical governments in the last century.

          How did you feel when the government rammed the unconstitutional Obamacare right down your throat after the Supreme Court decided it was unconstitutional in its original version as insurance?

          Did you feel good about it? Or did you feel violated?

          I could understand a foreigner or a very recent immigrant thinking the way you do, but for anyone who knows the meaning of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights it becomes very clear that Americans are increasingly becoming subjects of the President.

          As the saying goes, “If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

        • Dazed and Confused: You are preaching to the wrong choir. This site is dedicated to loopy conspiracy theorists. These cranks are a problem, but probably benign. These delusional paranoids can come here and enter Fantasy Land. My best guess is that there are not two Combat Infantry Badges, or its equivalent, in the entire crowd. The substantive articles are informative. However, there are fewer of them. There is no shortage of loonies. Their dominant silliness is an almost sexual attachment to their guns (calling Dr. Freud) and ranting about killing people. I still read their drivel for the amusement value.

          • Alphonse.

            I will be voting for Hillary for sure.

            • Slingshot @ Alphonse: Me too…and Obama is the greatest president ever! I just wish he would stay in the White House forever since he is soooooo good at his office. I just love how he said the other day that we are safer now than ever before.

              Boy, I’ll sleep good tonight knowing that we have a president who can masterfully steer America into the next few years….

              Oh, and gun owners are bad… 🙂


          • Well stated Alphonse! This site caters to fruit loops, mostly of the hillbilly variety. They can’t get enough from their pied piper of doom, mac slavo. Every day he tells them THE WORLD IS GOING TO END and they lap it up like the mindless assholes they are.

      51. Again the line from “Shooter”: It’s not about the Democrats and the Republicans it’s all about the HAVES and the HAVE NOT’S. Look at the approval ratings of our Government by the people; they are the LOWEST in history, all branches, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. If you think they are going to give up all that power you are very mistaken. No one outside of the HAVES will be elected (at least not enough to matter); the elections are rigged to support the HAVES and not the HAVE NOT’S. We the have not’s only have but one avenue left to go down and you all know what that is. Now is the Government reading this comment, I don’t care, am I on a list, I could care less, because I’m a FREE MAN TODAY and will be a FREE MAN when I die. We do not know the day or how we will die, but be assured we are going to die, so when the time comes be sure; you’re right with GOD, you’re standing for what you truly believe in, and a FREE MAN!
        Just my thoughts as I watch the River flow by.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI should we give-Molon Labe

      52. Go on now go walk out the door
        just turn around now
        ’cause you’re not welcome anymore
        weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
        Did you think I’d crumble
        Did you think I’d lay down and die
        Oh no, not I
        I will survive”

        • Additional information from the blogosphere


          Got plans , training , survival mindset , bug out gear ?

          The festivities may start sooner rather than later.
          Historically Despots only end their rule two ways , disposed or kinetically made irreverent, lets hope that cooler heads prevail. No one wants this , who ever does is insane.
          Hard choices must be made . On an individual level prepare for the worst hope for the best .
          Your best weapon is your mind, LISTEN ! UNDERSTAND ! KNOW ! ACT !
          It’s coming whether you are prepared or not .


          From Flintlock To M16 Liberty has prevailed because people have done what was necessary to preserve it.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Long Live the Republic, In God We Trust!

      53. The US is not sufficiently politically unified for something like this to happen without several states first breaking away and forming their own country. The likely states to do this are predominately rural with food and energy resources.

      54. Yep, another scare article about “FEMA CAMPS”.

        Just think about how many people it would take to truly guard one of these so-called “camps”. The detention ratio is usually 3:1 or more. So, the military and police would have to have 3 times as many people to guard these camps. As an example: if you have 3000 people in a camp you would need at least two Army brigades (9000) to man one small camp. The Army has about 35 brigades. So, an example would be one camp (of 3000 people) in every state equals 150,000 people. That means that the Army would need about 450,000 soldiers to guard just camps. Do you realize that is all of the active standing Army or all of the Army National Guard just to guard 150,000 people. DON’T THINK SO. Hell it would take an Army division to patrol (not control) a city the size of Atlanta. Now add in Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, SF, LA, San Diego, Detroit, Miami, Milwaukee, Dallas/Ft Worth, Minneapolis, Boston, Houston and so many others. Talk about an impossibility. THINK ABOUT WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE AND THINK FOR YOURSELF AND REASON IT OUT–IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

        • Scott: That’s why they won’t be guarding the living. They will dispatch the majority to a containable, manageable number. Many will die during a false flag, and those who riot will be shot. What do you think all the 1.6 Billion Hollow point bullets and stockpiling of mass coffins are for?

        • I don’t know where you got your figures. The average ratio for American prisons is 10 prisoners per staff member, with some prisons as high as 100 prisoners per staff member. And these figures include all staff, not just guards, and for 24/7, not just at one time. Based on these figures, one guard per thousand docile sheeple would not be far off.

          So it might take only 150 guards, not 450,000. That’s quite a difference.

          • You are correct if you are in a state-of-the art prison facility with high concrete walls and secure doors at every corner and alarms. These so-called camps are like a fence with a with a couple of guard towers and maybe some tents for temp hosing during and exercise.
            I have been on many of these so-called camps; Camp Shelby, Fort Indiantown Ga, Aliceville Alabama. The Aliceville, Alabama former WWII POW camp (in my old stopming grounds) has only a marker where it used to be. They list National Guard Camps that have training facilities for trainng soldiers in survival, evasion ,resistence and escape (S.E.R.E.). All a bunch of bunk.

      55. What can I add to all these comments? Well, I am too old to “bug out” and besides, I have no where to bug out to. So, I’m staying put in my city of 100,000 people and digging in. I suggest if you are digging in at home you must fortify your home against intruders. Thick wood coverings should be placed over doors and windows at ground level and all doors that lead to the outside should have something heavy blocking the doors. I’m going to roll my big refrigerator in front of my front door and line the floor in doorways with wood with 16 penny nails driven through it Ala “Charles Bronson’s Death Wish 3” movie. Anyone managing to gain entry will end up with 16 penny nails driven through their feet. Also, I intend to band with my neighbors and protect our neighborhood. I’ve spoken with many of them and they know what is coming. Even the liberals around me have gone out and purchased AR’s. When the libs buy guns you know it is going to get real ugly out there when the SHTF.

        • Best way to survive a FEMA camp is to not get sent to one. Remember the old saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well the squeaky wheel gets rounded up first.
          So find out who is the loudest anti obama ect guy you can find and keep track of him, the guy with the open carry bumper stickers and the nra stickers ect.
          IF he disappears its time to hunker down or hide.
          Also have supplies in 5 gallon buckets with those screw on lids, that way you can grab and run
          or you can bury them.
          A 5 gallon bucket you can put into it a change of clothes MRE a gun and ammo and some cash.

          Also vote out all democrats and support tea party candidates.

      56. What about Bobby Jindad? He has come out pretty strong against the feds. Could he possibly be a start of good leadership.

        • should be Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisana.

      57. I live out in the country north of Minneapolis. My neighbors are a mix of suburban types and farmers. One day a group of us got together and made a pact that said;”If ever we saw anyone trying to take a neighbor’s guns, they will have to take on every single man/woman here”.

        We love our Leo here in “Michelle Bachman territory”, but we love our Freedom/Country more!

        Yes ladies, in Minnesota the women own weapons, shoot, hunt, and know how to defend themselves.

        Down in “Al Franken Territory” they know how to do their nails, vote Demon-crap, and collect Welfare checks.

        • Educated Sinner

          Thanks for that comment.
          My Dad was born in Todd County in 1923.
          I asked him in what town was he born.
          He just said Todd County, there wasn’t
          any towns there back then.

          • Defiant

            Most of MN stands strong for The Republic.

            In God We Trust

          • There were towns there, but most people back then lived outside of town. And most babies were born at home. My generation is the first in my family that was born in town in a hospital. My parents, grandparents, etc. were all born out in the country on farms.

      58. I will be scorned by this comment, but my belief is that if a SHTF scenario hits, the government will let the masses die off, those with guns only, but no other preps will kill and plunder each other off, and very few will ever wind up in the FEMA camps, thus the theorectical “undercapacity” .In fact I would not be surprised if the FEMA camps are quickly and conveniently converted to storage and supply depots to supply the government forces if TSHTF.

        In other words, see which way the barb/concertina fences are facing: in- to keep prisoners, or out- to protect against any viable resistance remaining.

        Since when did the government ever care about providing for the citizens in an emergency? this is the same old ruse like claiming it is protecting the citizens from terrorism to justify the existence of the DHS and NSA.

      59. Thrust of this article aside, it may be far more relevant to pay attention to this military drill Russia began yesterday, involving 65,000 troops — including paratroopers — and across a north-to-south and east-to-west land area that roughly equates the size of the U.S.

        From the Volga River east into Siberia, and from the Kara Sea south to Kazakhstan. Look it up on a world atlas.

        So many puzzle pieces floating around now, with this, with the invasion of our southern border in a manner that completely tied the hands and monopolized the attention of our border patrol agents such that an easy 20,000 foreigners of other types could have slipped across — Russian infiltrators or anyone else, and with the numerous recent cyber attacks on everything from power companies to retail stores.

        Be alert and be an American. If you see something, say something.

        • Say something to whom?

          • If you can’t figure that out, then just keep moving….

        • You sound like Janet Napolitano! That see something say something is the new mantra for the Obamanation.

          With an openly Marxist ruling junta, five to seven million Muslims, millions of illegals and hundreds of thousands of gangbangers, should we be concerned about Russian invaders??? Even if Vladimir Putin is the only leader that is actively fighting the Muslim hordes in Central Asia.

          But if we do see a bunch of Russians coming into our supermarkets and sports bars, we will form our own squad of wolverines and head into the wilderness.

      60. ***OFF TOPIC***

        but still *very* relevant, if that makes sense.
        The following excellent article shows how ‘Nations Die’
        and should be required reading for all and to pass onto those relatives or friends ‘still asleep’. I know it’s easy to just let them be to suffer their fate, but those of us with compassion and conscience should *never* give up or surrender in any matter.

        How A Country Dies
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        A country dies slowly.

        Those living during the decline of Rome were likely unaware that anything was happening. The decline took over a couple of hundred years. Anyone living during the decline only saw a small part of what was happening and likely never noticed it as anything other than ordinary.

        Countries don’t have genetically determined life spans. Nor do they die quickly, unless the cataclysm of some great war does them in. Even in such extreme cases, there are usually warning signs, which are more obvious in hindsight than at the time.

        Few citizens of a dying nation recognize the signs. Most are too busy trying to live their lives, sometimes not an easy task. If death occupies their mind, it is with respect to themselves, a relative or a friend. Most cannot conceive of the death of a nation.

        Full story here:
        h t tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-06-22/how-country-dies

      61. Off Topic:
        Gov. Bobby Jindal of LA, speaking to a Conference in D.C., is quoted as saying “There is a hostile takeover of Washington D.C. brewing among the people”!


        • Why would anyone want to takeover DC? Move some of the buildings and cover the scum with 20 ft of swamp mud sure.

      62. The intent of FEMA camps has nothing to do with keeping prisoners alive. The only thing preventing full operation is a means to deal with all the bodies.

      63. My friend just bought a new phone, no new plan. He says he has to log in his email for everything. Sounds like the up to date way of the internets way of tracking what Color you poop. Its time for me to sign a new Contract with verizon, not sure if I want to be apart of the new internet, I sure will miss it.. Decisions, Decisions..

        • PA: Trac-Phone; no contract,no name, and no life history.

          Get one at your local Wal-Mart and have them activate it with their phone and above all pay with cash.

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

          • Thanks River Rat I will be looking into that today, its Insane that a person in America has to live like this..

      64. This has to be the worst fear I had in the beginning, when I learned about 9-11 and all the other horrendous things these monsters are doing and planning! I WILL do every thing in my power to protect my family! (Make no mistake about it!) (As Monster Boy Bush used to day.)

        Speaking just for myself I’d rather really just make em have to shoot me at home rather than be hauled off and get killed! Bring it on you BASTARDS! There are 300 Million People here in The United States of America and NOT ALL are damn Dumbed down and completely brain washed!

        I personally think we ARE living in the last days that the Bible speaks of, and it is the last days of this wicked corrupt Lust filled Babylonian brainwashed money and greed filled system, and right now Satan is krapping hot sauce trying to get all his evil plans in motion, as his time is almost up!!!

        Then, Yahweh God has a new system in store for those who seek him and a world of Righteousness, No more of this bull krap, and no more sickness and death.
        There has to be something better for ALL of us just up ahead.

      65. There ain’t nobody going to a FEMA camp. There ain’t nobody coming for your guns.

        The false flag will be the power grid going down totally. The rich bitches will be in they’re bunkers nice and safe. The rest of the poor slobs will be out there killing each other.

        In 6 months most of us will be dead, then they can come and do what they want with the rest. Oh yea, they won’t kill the survivors off, they will be the new slaves in the United States of Obama. King Obama needs the surviving white red necks to bow down and kiss his ass.

        Just my opinion.

      66. Hopefully, most of those ni99er street thugs and welfare ni99ers will be rounded up by the millions. Put them to work, sterilize them or just destroy the apes!

        • I was hoping they would get the ignorant crackers first!!!

          • Would that be the Ritz or Premium saltines.

      67. ITS ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL the fear and reprocussions they have to control you are # 1 death by being shot or #2 going to a fema camp to die or be reprogrammed so in turn you have to make the risk of their demise alot more substancial remember they have rules of engagement and the geneva convention to follow where as we would not so in turn grusome acts would be warrented to take the fight out of them or at least make them think twice in history people did things to send a message to the enemy thats why the romans would crusify and the dracula would impale enemy on poles they would do this along roads as a message sign remember the United States have telephone poles everywhere on every street road and highway be creative

      68. I plan on being dead before they can get me on the bus! Only question is how many “escorts” I will have when I meet St Peter!!!!

      69. I was talking to my neighbors who said they would love to buy supplies but they can’t afford it. Such crap. I see them go out to eat more than a few times a week. It’s all about priorities…my concern is my kids. This article would have been better if it explored the ways to NOT get caught instead of surviving a Fema camp. No such thing! Women in particular need to take heed…Every disaster scenerio is much more dangerous for women. Just think back to Katrina and the dome. I am currently learning basic self defense and started working out again to build up my endurance. So, while my over weight neighbors head out again to grab BBQ, I am heading to the local survival store for supplies!

        • As others have so eloquently suggested, the best way to herd a bunch of unprepared people into Hotel FEMA would be to start shutting off water, Internet and utilities first. And imagine Verizon/Sprint/AT&T-Mobile throttling their networks for the masses. This might be done before the SS goes door to door to relocate families by force.

          Those poor metrosexual hipsters living with their parents could not handle life without electricity for their devices or hot water for their showers. And the coffee shops may not be open, and if they are open, the WiFi may not work. And if you cannot update your Fleecebook or Twatter with a selfie every hour, it would be unbearable.


      71. The question that should be directed to anyone in law enforcement: “Will you survive trying to force heavily armed Americans into FEMA camps against their will?”

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