Will The U.S. Use Virus-Spreading Mosquitoes To Attack Russia?

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Headline News

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    Kremlin military police are starting to get concerned about the possibility of the U.S. releasing virus-spreading mosquitoes on them. Bill Gates and his globalist partners could be planning to attack Moscow, the Russian capital (and try to assassinate Putin in the process), with genetically mutated mosquitoes equipped with gain-of-function viruses concocted in laboratories.

    It’s a fact that a Columbian mosquito factory not only exists but is funded by the insidious Bill Gates. At this factory, scientists are breeding at least 30 million virus-infected mosquitoes every week. Using the infected mosquitoes like weapons of mass destruction, the United States and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) could release them from drones or catapult them from the western border of Ukraine, into Russia, and literally wipe out millions of Russians in a matter of weeks or months.

    But, if they can do that to Russia, where else could infected mosquitoes be released in order to depopulate or infect millions if not billions of human beings?

    Bill Gates-Backed BioTech GMO Mosquitoes to be Released In Florida

    The Kissinger Report: US Government’s Policy To Depopulate The World

    Bill Gates has already invested a couple hundred million to erect the mosquito factory at the epicenter of his WMP (World Mosquito Program). Gates likes to infect third-world countries and nations, like India, Brazil, and Africa, with his genocide experiments, while pretending to be trying to save them from famine, disease, and runaway fertility. Remember the Zika, Swine, and (nasal spray) Polio vaccines?

    We already know that Bill “Population Reduction” Gates gave his WMP operation synopsis of how he would breed and release Wolbachia-bacteria-infected mosquitoes to kill other wild mosquitoes that may be carrying viruses, which makes about as much sense as throwing gasoline on a fire to try to put it out. Sure, create a new deadly mosquito population to try to reduce a different deadly mosquito population.-Natural News

    Bill Gates Helps Create A Vaccine That Will Help Prevent Polio Caused By Vaccines

    Keep using discernment because it’s likely another “incident” could occur and the ruling class will be able to mentally enslave even more humans than they did last time.



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