Will Hillary Go Down Like Nixon? Watergate Journalist: “What’s On Emails? Probably Not Pretty”

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Headline News | 182 comments

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    Is Hillary being set up for the greatest fail of her entire career?

    The clearing process for her controversial secret emails means that there will be a slow dribble of sensational and damning emails throughout the entire campaign for 2016. What is uncovered, and used as ammo against a dynastic candidate that many see as ‘inevitable’ and ‘selected,’ could even be enough to ruin her chances.

    It is grueling gauntlet that every candidate should have to run – answering to details of their shady past and questions about their exploits on the public dime during their “public service.” How else can the worst people be kept from attaining the highest office?

    Investigative journalist Bob Woodward, infamous for his role in bringing down Nixon in the Watergate scandal, says it is reminiscent of President Nixon, who was ultimately brought down by damning information revealed by his own recordings taped secretly in the White House.

    Today, Hillary finds herself in a similar position. With her hand finally caught in the cookie jar, is her own secret email server what will at last stop her in her tracks during her quest for power?

    Here’s what Bob Woodward told MSNBC:

    According to the Daily Mail:

    ‘It, in a way, reminds me of the Nixon tapes’,’ Woodward said on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ program, referring to ‘thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that Nixon thought were exclusively his.’

    ‘Hillary Clinton initially took that position: “I’m not turning this over, there’ll be no cooperation.” Now they’re cooperating.’

    He said Monday that the story of how more than 30,000 of Clinton’s emails were made to disappear – the former secretary of state insists they were all personal in nature and not work-related – ‘has to go on a long, long time. And the answers are probably not going to be pretty.

    Oh, and it could get even more dramatic – and go the way of Lois Lerner, whose cache of deleted IRS emails were ultimately recovered.
    An IT contractor just admitted that another copy of the data exists and may surface.

    Over the weeked an IT contractor who took possession of Clinton’s private email server in 2013, which held all her official State Department correspondence, conceded that it’s likely a second copy of all the data exists somewhere on a backup device. 

    Follow the trail here,’ he said during the MSNBC broadcast. ‘You know, there are all of these e-mails. Well, they were sent to someone or someone sent them to her. So if things have been erased here, there’s a way to go back to who originated these e-mails or who received them from Hillary Clinton.’

    And here’s the kicker: if there’s any justice in this world, the emails could finally reveal Hillary for who she really is.
    Hillary’s own hand could give her away:

    ‘The big question about Hillary Clinton is: Who is she? Is she this secretive hidden person or is she this valiant public servant? Look at those 60,000 emails and you’re going to get some answers.’

    Politics are beyond corrupt. Elections are just spectacles and pomp and circumstance. The leaders are selected, and anyone paying attention can see them pledging loyalty and bending over backwards for their real owners, the only ones they really serve.
    A vast political machine has shaken off every accusation thrown at the Clintons in their quest for power… but honestly, the corruption shows plainly on her face. All can see it, for the emperor is naked.
    Or is she just in line for the throne?


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      1. She’s a great candidate and I hope the party keeps her.
        Americans love being lied to and more than that we all want a female president regardless of the facts

        yes its fuckin satire !!! or you dont know me that well

        • Nicely done!

          Hillary should be wearing an orange jumpsuit with numbers on the front. Maybe if she knuckles under to the pressure-who knows maybe Barry will be joining her? I mean, it’s only fair-we won’t be racist-we’re only going to arrest the white half.

          • She needs to stick her pistol in her mouth and do the world a big favor.

            • This should be good enough for a long prison term. Hang the Bitch !!! 🙂

            • Zero, nice thought but it won’t happen. I’d love to hear about both Clintons getting ‘suicided’. It would be poetic justice for all the innocent people who died at their hands. I don’t see anything serious happening to Hitlery unless a globalist more powerful than she is has his own kind of dispute with her.

            • I kind of like watching her twist in the wind.

          • Yeah, who exactly is Hillary?
            Incompetent or Treasonous Traitor?
            Sloppy and ineffective or cold, calculated and intentional.
            Isn’t that the same old blabber of all the talking heads re state of mind of lefty Obots in charge when they fuck up…
            They say they’re stupid or incompetent or unqualified,
            in reality they are assaulting our Country, Intentionally, Blatantly and Against the People’s Will’.
            Through racism, civil rights, pick yerown lib agenda, they’ll use it.
            Don’t let a good tragedy go to waste right?
            And now the scary part is they’re doing it IN OUR Faces.

            Hillary, the jig is up this time, you’re toast, get fitted for a full orange fashion statement. And quick.
            I’m betting the old granny w/ the grudge is totally exposed by end of this week.
            The only question will be- how BAD did she F.U.
            Was she and HUMA making side dealings w/ really bad animals?
            Chickens are coming home to roost on Miss Clinton.

            (Liberalism IS a mental disorder, and should be fixed)

          • No, she should be swinging on the end of a rope.

            • nobama,
              and don’t leave out her hubby would be a good twofer!!! maybe use the same rope?

              • Tie each to the ends of the same rope and throw them over a stout tree limb.

            • http://money.cnn.com/2015/08/17/news/companies/donald-trump-mark-zuckerberg-immigration/index.html

              Here is why Donald Trump needs to be President.

              Another statement he says if Ford manufacture came to him and said hey I want to build a plant in Mexico. Id tell Ford not to, but if he did I would slap a $25K import tax on every car brought into the US. Wanna make America Great again with good paying jobs? Then Vote Trump. Hes nobodys puppet.

          • Here’sanother Muslim ya’ll should think about ;

            Huma Abedin, Pillary’s top aid…

            Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) catching heat from John McCain for including Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, among those she has noted for having Muslim Brotherhood ties in her recent call for government agencies to investigate the Brotherhood ‘s penetration of Washington. Robert Spencer’s article in this issue crystallizes why McCain is wrong, and Bachmann is right, on this matter.

          • So leave Acid!

            • Jim, it’s time for Mommy to put acid back in bed and get him back on his meds.

              • Acid is cranky,needs his diaper changed….should have stayed out west.

            • no he is right. The internet is nothing but evil.

          • Acid. if you mess with my internet porn, you’ll have to answer to my ventilation team, and they pack hot lead.

            • Why, to hell, would I deprive somebody of their porno? You must have confused.

        • What happens if there is a “technical glitch” at your bank and you cant get your fucking money?

          This is why we prep.

          • Good to see that the MASTER is back… Acid rocks.

            • Someone else is off his meds.

              • Braveheart, take it easy on Acid. You may not agree with him but he has some very interesting, out of the box ideas.

                • he’s a moron. always posting crap that has nothing to do with the thread, lying about going on fake ass adventures, eating poo out of his boyfriends butthole, or insulting people on here for no reason. every time you think he might be growing up, he does it again. eat shit and die ass itch.

                  • Dunjun. Your post has nothing to do with the thread. First you tell Acid to stop eating shit, then you tell him to go eat shit. You 2 dunjuns Sounds a little scitzophrenic (sp) to me.

                  • Dunjun. Your post has nothing to do with the thread. First you tell Acid to stop eating shit, then you tell him to go eat shit. You 2 dunjuns Sounds a little scitzophrenic (sp) to me.

                    You can say that again

                    You can say that again..lol

            • Damn straight. No credit cards for Acid, he can always use cash for preps. I can buy alot more preps at one time than I could otherwise. Anybody comes at me with bad intentions, they’re going to have to answer to my ventilation team. Book of Acid chapter 12 ga. verses 22LR, 380ACP, and 30 Carbine. Hillary needs to have an “accident”.I think I’ll go get a drink of the best tasting water ever using my sawyer in the creek. I’ll be making another supply run to my cousin’s BOL in GA soon, but I may have to make it the final bugout judging by the way things are going. Bla bla bla bla

              • Acid Etcher, that’ way too funny! You’ve condensed years of braindeads comments into one paragraph, well done!

          • Banks Close & No Money

            Question is Acid – who in their right mind is going to tend the stores and cash registers for a non-compliant populace?

            Money is no good, when people start entering stores taking what they want.
            If some people are not prepared, then for their own safety, they should stay home and away from the chaos when the SHTF.

            • http://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html?sitetype=fullsite

              Got to love the Silver manipulators. They drive silver up from $14.90 to $15.23 just before the trading session opens up today Wed. Then watch them drive it down shorting mid session. Just like clock work these manipulators. I would love to day trade silver. However dont want my money tied up in an institution right now before SHTF and physical in my hand is a pretty safe bet. Just stock up on the dips.

          • Acid. What idiot even keeps his money in a bank these days?


          • Water Wars to me is basically a Western part of the United States problem.
            From where I reside, Water is clean and plentiful.

            Sorry, but I don’t feel for those who live in a environment where they lack resources and or live in places where earthquakes/tornadoes/hurricanes/forest fires/mud slides are frequent events.

            It’s not as if these people are not aware of the dangers that they may face. These are “choices”. They chose to live in this environment, and they have a choice to relocate if they feel their livelihood is at stake.

            • News for RT Cops gang up on homeless man– video

              14 San Francisco cops gang up on homeless man ‘armed’ with crutches (VIDEO) — RT USA

            • FUCKUS MAXIMUS,

              Where do you think these people will go when the entire south fucking west becomes a desert?

              Don’t you understand that the global water reserves are being strained b/c there are too many fucking people?

              • AE

                They move to New Jersey.

            • FTW, spot on. I just got back from the BOL where the water is clean and plentiful. No water issues in the eastern US.

              • not yet…

                • Thats the word to watch,,,
                  we all have our yets,
                  And throughout history sure things have turned into oh shit moments

            • FTW.

              Rich people build lavish homes on the coast on the beach. Then when the storms come, the money/cost to rebuild these monster homes is spread out all over Florida. They choke off access to the beaches and we pay for the damage. Yes they pay insurance but when they want the taxpayer to pay for beach erosion that is damaging their home. Screw them. The should have built further on inland.

              • Exactly right.

              • Slingshot. Its tje Rich that build near ciastlines, then cut down all the mangrove protective barriers, then wonder why their house washed away, and give the rest of us their disaster tab.

                At my BOL I am self insured, Have no home owners ins or flood Ins. Saving me about $3K a year. My New Buildings have metal roofs rated at 140 mph winds. And soon to pick up a few water pressured fire extinguishers. Water in lake and creek just 50 yards and 150 yds away. Even if my place caught fire it would burn to the ground anyway, even if the FD came by the time they would arrive from miles away, and get through my 2 locked gates. Ha.

            • FTW- EXACTLY!! Choose a great place to live, mild temps, plenty of water and wild life. We’ve had about 10 inches of rain in the last few weeks. Im thinking of setting up a rain barrel system and filtration just a s a back up. Would be good for showers, washing hands, laundry, etc. And purify it more for cooking and drinking. Off the grid here and love it. Debt free, little bills and steady monthly cash inflows. Still too young to fully retire though.. the older geezera in my country hood, tell me Im Lucky. Luck has nothing to do with it. Its the thousands of daily smart decisions day after day, that got me to my goals. Get out of the cities, sell your over priced house on a 60 x 80 lot, pay off all your debt and go buy some cheap country acres a tenth of the price and go off grid, fresh air and sunshine, clean living, nature, peace and quiet. Its all about quality of life… This is simple stuff people. Get busy living, or get busy dying… the choice is yours.

          • Fuck their water wars
            I have my own source
            I just need to keep them away from it

        • Where is the fucking video in the Zachary Hammond case?


            “Peculiarities of Russian National Character”

          • Ass-id-itch, we don’t like the people getting killed, so it’s okay with us. When a nation is at war, EVERYBODY in the countries involved sees the other as “the enemy”. You’ll have to get over it…

        • Do you consider a bolt 30.06 acceptable as a battle rifle?

          It seems a bolt can afford you a much bigger caliber and more velocity than a semi auto can.

          • In relatively short order in a total SHTF situation whatever weapon you start with might not be the weapon you end up with. Its called “Battlefield Pickups”.

            See the movie Defiance.

          • I have a Browning Semi Auto 30-06, Only holds 4 +1 rounds. It would be my longer range big game or sniping rifle. It is not a battle rifle by any means. My AR-15 semi auto with large capacity mags 60 & 40 rounds filled with greentips are my battle rifles. Bolt actions are good for one purpose. Long range stationary targets for sniping or game hunting only. Just my opinion.


        • I still see morons with stickers on their cars that say, “Ready for Hitlery”. People are that dumb.

        • we’ll be amazingly lucky to see her fall for this !

        • She is toast. Obama has the full power of the US Government leaking stuff on her.

      2. Hillary will go down on Huma. I heard Huma is a “squirter”. If they try to get my emails, they will have to answer to my ventilation team.

        • Will Hillary go down on Barry while Barry is going down on Michelle? Maybe while Michelle is going down on Hillary?

      3. “Politics are beyond corrupt. Elections are just spectacles and pomp and circumstance. The leaders are selected, and anyone paying attention can see them pledging loyalty and bending over backwards for their real owners, the only ones they really serve.

        Yes….yes….and yes. Very well put and accurate!

        Political Figures (especially career politicians) are really no different then the Mafia.

        The Mafia will at least eliminate those who do not play along or if they decide to go outside of the guidelines of Mafia Rules.

        In Politics, career politicians have their corrupted/scandalous behavior covered up, or in this case of Hillary, a failed cover up.

        Feed the public with Political Theatrics like the Hillary story, just so the Sheep can stay entertained. None of these treasonous politicians will ever see and spend time in Prison, which is clearly where they belong.

        The Benghazi fiasco itself was enough to put her ass and her collaborators in Prison. Yet, nothing happens and they leave the story unresolved as if the incident never happened. As I’ve mentioned before about Hillary … she shouldn’t even be considered to be running for the Office of Presidency.

        Whether a person is a sole supporter of the Republican or Democrat Party, they should be enraged with this garbage that is being allowed to take place. Maybe it is true about most Americans being dumb?

        This is an absolute disgrace in modern politics to allow this kind of shit to go on. As an American, how can I be proud of a nation of known liars, thugs, and thieves?

        • Even if you get elected to Congress, unless you go along with the power players agenda they will never put you on any committee to make any changes. Thus they become discouraged and resort to more self endulging full time campaigning and shaking down donors for money.


          • WWTI, pretty much sums it up.
            This is where “extortion” & “black mail” gets used a lot to enforce those who are not willing to play along.

          • WhoWuddaThunkit, Yes, unless they possess the integrity of a Joe McCarthy who, trying to find allies among the whores of Washington DC in the early 50’s, died a drunk, knowing that his country was doomed by the communist infiltration of the U.S. government. God bless his ageless spirit and God damn the jewish infestation of America!!!

            • Hey auery, ya forgot the sig heil! Wtf kind of Nazi are you anyway?

      4. Nothing will be do to Helliry. And if she goes down it will be on her girlfriend!

        Ugly bitch should be in JAIL along with her husband!!!!

        Can you tell that I don’t like her!!!


        • Should say.
          “be done”

          • JAIL is too good for her

            Now life in PRISON , now were talking

            and I don’t mean Martha Stewart’s cell
            I mean Charles Manson’s cell

            • How about Obama and Hillary sharing a cell together. They can hold up Rainbow Pride signs together in their prison cell.

              • Freeslave, I don’t think that would work out to well for them. It appears Obama prefers Shaft, and Hillary desires Muff.
                As you said, they have their colorful rainbow signs to enjoy.

                • That means they would each have to do something impossible to themselves.

            • Her and bill should have been there before He ever got in the Whitehouse, but they were protected and covered up by the Bush/Cia regime at the time.

              That same regime has grown into the USA equivalent of the NWO through the UN. She will never spend a day behind bars in this life. She has too many wealthy and influential people pulling strings for her.

              She may not become the Prez, but she will damn sure stack the benjamins in trying to do so.

              Trump and the owners of Fox News Network have given/donated millions to her and bill over the years, and that is a flag up.
              A warning flag that has too many ifs and maybes attached to it.

              The liberals have run the weak kneed Christians into the woods, which allowed the sins and crimes against humanity to prevail in what was once a KJV Bible based believing, society.

              Those same sins caused God to remove His protections, so we now get the results of a Nation…no longer..under God.
              But; one that caters to the secular minded, self serving, God-less leaders of the day. Nothing good will come out of the liberal mindset that has taken over policy and leadership.

              Look for the chastisement that my Grandfather used to call, “a gourd thumping”, coming upon all of America. The only escapees are those of us that have divine protections in place, as well as provisions and security. It doesn’t matter who is the Prickster in Charge, they can’t change what is coming. The parable spoken of about the 10 virgins is a good barometer of the modern day church. the Virgins signify the Church/Christians. The lamps filled with oil signifies truth and true followers carrying them. How many true Christians were allowed in at the door, and how many were turned away by Christ?
              That is where we are at people.

              The World has not a clue as to what is coming, except the true Christians that have followed and studied for these times. All countries are at war of some kind. In America, the true Christians are at war with the secular minded liberals, and their hand picked leaders. Soon that will expand to include a war against all evil doers and the evil spirits that dwell in dark places.

              Many dumb people scoff and ridicule us for speaking our minds about how important it is to be spiritually prepared. A year from now, those same naysayers will be too busy trying to save their own sorry asses, that they will not care about lashing out at Christians anymore. In fact, most of them will be “seeking” out true Christians to try and get some help and relief, from their torment and suffering of all that is still to come. Sadly, many of those will be too late, because the true Christians have gone underground, and the door has been shut.
              All reap what they have sown.

              • I’m sure the world be ok without you 1 year, 2 years, 20 years, 100 or whatever years from now. Maybe all the stuff you typed is what YOU believe but I seriously doubt that anybody who doesn’t believe you will somehow wind up any worse off than anybody else. If I had a dollar for every time some true believer said everybody who didn’t think exactly as they did would suffer for ever and ever, I’d have enough to buy a new car. Maybe there are many people who think that you are dumb also and none of your predictions will ever come to pass. I guess we’ll all find out for sure 1 year from now won’t we.

                • You didn’t hear, “everybody who didn’t think exactly as they did would suffer for ever and ever”, from me.

                  That is you trying to put words in my mouth. Liar.

                  I have never said anyone would suffer for ever and ever because even the lost and demonic will not suffer for ever and ever.
                  In fact, after the Great White Throne Judgment, all who are judged to death by God Himself, will die a final and spiritual death in the Lake of Fire. That means they are “blotted” out of existence, to never be, nor be remembered, ever again.

                  That is the thing about people like you and wwti, you always try to twist words and make derogatory comments towards us that want to help others. If you are so dead set against Christianity, why do you spend so much time and effort trying to blame, and accuse us? Are you trying to make yourself sound smart? Because it ain’t working, friend.

                  To set the record straight, the predictions are those of God; but the timing is what I have predicted. I could be off on the timing of some events, but when they start, it doesn’t ever get any better for the lost and liberal. It will be a continual downhill spiral right up until their god comes to earth with his demonic forces. Sure, they will have a short rally, with their satanic leader, but it won’t last long enough to take down us true Christians.
                  Read it and weep.

                  • Pardon me, but you DID say one year from now all the naysayers will be busy ” trying to save their own asses”. Now you’re trying to fudge your timeline? You seem to have said this with such confidence before I said we’ll all find out who’s right in one year from now, so in order to cover your claims you NOW say your timeline could be a little “off” on some events? This is exactly the type of nonsense that makes people like you unbelievable. It’s nice to always be able to move your apocalypse date around whenever you need to, it helps avoid being factual in your claims. Who said I was against Christianity? It wasn’t me, Liar. That’s YOU trying to put words in my mouth. I said what you wrote is what you believe, not everybody has to agree with you. But, it’s always guys like you who have to twist words to be derogatory towards people who disagree with your views, so by all means let us set the record STRAIGHT.

                    • Liar again.

                      I never said there would be an apocalypse this time next year.
                      Go back and read what I said. I just predicted that the USSAG will be in a severe economic downfall, which includes some type of warfare, and those scoffers will be the ones too busy to worry what we Christians are doing. I do believe that.
                      If everything is rosey and warm and fuzzy, then great, I missed it. So freakin what?

                      Timelines are not set in stone until the events unfold that signal the next event and it is given in months..biblically.

                      I could really give a rats ass about your position this time next year. Hopefully you and others will be ready for the events coming that consummate the end of this age. The end of the age is when the apocalypse is in full swing.

                      I don’t see those chains of events for many years, possibly fifteen or so if the Lord continues to tarry. But, then again I am not a date setter for the Lord’s return. Maybe you read that in my words also.

                      Get a life man, and quit being so argumentative.

              • I just saw a sign in front of a church:

                If God had a wallet, would your photo be in it?

                • Probably not, I am perfectly content with that. “God” has never done anything for me or anyone I know, other than allow all of us to suffer.

                  Tell your “God” respect and admiration are a two way street and I have not seen a thing from him.

            • You know what they say, “birds of a feather”

            • This video is unbelievable!!
              News for RT Cops gang up on homeless man– video

              14 San Francisco cops gang up on homeless man ‘armed’ with crutches (VIDEO) — RT USA

              – 16 hours ago

            • Prison…uh, no. Hang ’em high. These people are murderous demons. There is only one place for them after a swift conviction.

            • EOS how about life in the electric chair? Have Bill sitting in her lap.

          • Sarge, I say let bill and hillary both get ‘suicided’ and get it over with. Look at how many were killed by them.

        • Lois Lerner’s emails were found, but NOTHING was done to her. The same will happen with Hillary, I’m afraid. How anyone could want this pathological liar and monster of greed and ambition to “lead” this country is beyond me. I am also afraid of just who will fill the vacuum if Hillary has to pack it in. Do we have to fight off Kerry and the loathsome Gore all over again? It would be wonderful if Hillary had to pay, and would be a tremendous “moral” lesson to the country. Now, if we could just get all of D.C. to abdicate and leave us alone, we might recover.

          • There is no recovery available, we are too far gone. Unless there is some new energy form revealed and a new system put into place that dumps debt based money, humans are going to devolve after a mass die off if not to extinction. Davine hope is all we have, humans have failed.

            • Davine = divine

              • Pwtw, I am the only Christian out of my family of 6 people the youngest of 4 brothers. Mother, father and all three brothers, atheists. The reason they hate us is because we have hope of everlasting life in paradise and they have ..this.. This shithole of a polluted planet populated by shitty people with shitty Chinese made garbage trying desperately to fill the void with worthless materialism. . In a nutshell, misery loves company.

                • I know what you mean, .02.

                  I feel about the same way. My Dad and brother in law are the only two out of a family of four brothers, their wives and children, a sister and her daughter, that actually call themselves Christian and go to a Church.

                  Even those two live for the almighty dollar all week long. They covet anyone with money and stuff. Sad.

                  We do the holiday things with the family, but abstain from anything having to do with prepping foodstuffs, or preparing the mind and spirit, with them…why?

                  They don’t do either. They all live for stuff. It is like someone told them that whomever dies with the most stuff…wins.

                  About twenty years ago, I prayed for truth. As it flowed like a stream through the Holy Spirit, I desired less and less material things. Now, I desire death of the body to get out of this shithole world.

                  Until then, a good fire in the winter with vittles on the top of the wood heater cooking is about as good as it gets.
                  In the summer, when it is not too hot and the A/c is not my only option; a good pond,lake,river, or the ocean where I can do some fishing is pretty darn good also.

                  Killing deer or rabbits is now just a way to extend our meat reserves. I don’t enjoy the killing, but the waiting and watching is really nice while i am having a little talk with Jesus.

                  • “If he’d come today he would reached the whole nation.
                    Israel in 4 B.C. had no mass communication.”

                    Jesus Christ Superstar.
                    But don’t get wrong.

                • I am an atheist and I have no issue with either you or PWTW, in fact I find your post to be interesting. I do not hate Christians at all, however I do find them to be extremely hypocritical and narrow minded. I have friends who are Christians and we get along fine.

                  Stop putting labels on people and judge the person, not what their belief in something that cannot be proven.

                  • OK! So you and wwti are atheist. I think Warchild dammit admitted it also. I have more respect for those that openly admit how they believe, or not, than to just attack and criticize, like Arizona does, and never admit anything.

                    That is fine with me, because you guys have plenty of company and like minded people on your side.

                    I will point out that there will come a day when you will bow down before that non-existent God and confess with your tongue, that He is Lord. When that day comes, and it will, just remember you had a warning, just like wwti did. You and he may have a change of heart and mind when that day comes, and I hope it will not be too late for either of you.

                    It is OK with me if you don’t believe, and i don’t hate you either. I just don’t like those atheist that think it is their duty to attack us and our beliefs. I see enough of that from the fake Christians.

                    Usually, an unrepentive heart and mind has a liberal mindset, and we know what a liberal mindset will allow and accept.

                    • Well, while you’re in an admitting mood, it’s time for you to admit that you’re using the handle oicu812 also, you may as well own up to it, it’s obvious it’s you, you made it so several articles back. To continue to deny it is a lie.

      5. Journalist 1: “Hello Bill, what was it like to be around Hillary in the days or weeks leading up to her announcement that she was withdrawing her candidacy from the 2016 Presidential Race?”

        Journalist 2: “Hello Chelsea, what’s your mother been like both right before and right after she announced that she’s withdrawing from the 2016 Presidential Race?”

      6. Bob Woodward has been milking the Nixon Watergate scandal for 40 years.

        Can you name one thing he has done since then?

        And fuck Hillary too……

        • “Fuck Hillary”?

          Oh that’s just nasty. I can’t imagine anyone would be so desperate to do that bitch.

      7. Nothing is going to happen to ‘evil with a smile.’ Her close inner-circle of other like-minded corrupt will protect her.

        There’s no shortage of politicians who are corrupt AND the corrupt usually protect each other… and it’s not out of the goodness of the hearts they don’t have — it’s because they know they may need protection one day.

        Since history speaks for itself, not only is she NOT going to take any responsibility, she is NOT going to be held responsible.

        • theres no honor among thieves .. if they feel the heat is too hot and too close they would roll over on her in a heart beat, or at least stay mute and unattached

          although I do agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said , but lately if the fear of them going down WITHOUT her , they will sing like a canary

          it all comes down to how the game is played , I’ve personally dealt with Shite ass hoes like Hitlery , so its all in how well you got em cornered

          • Oh yeah, I agree Enemy… I’ve stated exactly that here in other posts on other topics here, how they’ll eat each other alive. They only help each other if they think there’s something in it for them — there has to be a pay-off otherwise the backstabbers backstab each other… with a smile. But for now I think they’ve got her covered.

            These fkers have no conscience, as in NEVER, so that holds true for all of the time, 24/7, and with everyone. They just rally around each other and rig the system to their advantage when they know they stand to benefit, which is why I think they’ll pull her out of this… they’ve done it before.

            But then the day will come when there’s no gain or benefit or significant pay-off and then they’ll take care of their own asses and watch hers burn. Ha-ha. Just like you said, “No honor among thieves.”

        • You’re right CC….nothing will be done to her. She could murder someone on the Capitol steps in broad daylight and get away with it.

      8. Ding Dong, the witch is dead.

        Wait a minute.

        This Bitch has more lives than a bastard alley cat.

      9. Silver just dipped to $14.84… back up the truck and load up if you can. Stick to 1 OZ .999 Rounds.

        • I would still get silver dimes and quarters.

          • Good luck on the junk! I just bought some silver dimes. Shopped around. They are getting about a 30% premium on them. Oh, sure, they’ll tell you they’re wanting less premium but they just won’t ever be available.

        • Wudda what happened to 6$ silver? No wonder u arnt day trading wrong all the time

      10. Hey Genius, RE: Your BOL and being snowed in. Consider a snowmobile and a pull behind sled to haul extra gas, supplies, game etc. Everything is possible.


        • Here check these out

          • These you can just bolt on to your existing 4×4

      11. Look its over a year (if we make it till then) till the so called elections. All this will have run its coarse and all will be forgotten and or forgiven. She more than likely will still be your next POTUS. Have mercy on us all.

      12. Will Hillary go down like Nixon?


        Nixon had a rudimentary sense of right and wrong and what honor is deeply buried and hidden somewhere in his inner being.

        Hillary does not.

        Hillary will probably be much messier.

        • Anonymous.. You are saying Nixon was honest. I sure missed it. I guess that is why he was forced from office. He would have never been elected in 1968 without Bobby Kennedy being murdered. RFK was going to easily be elected president. If Nixon was alive he could tell you exactly who was responsible for that death. Multiple shooters were involved. Sirhan was only the patsy for that hit. Nixon was also involved in JFK’s murder, he had prior knowledge and was in Dallas during the murder. Nixon was just another warmongering murderer like the one he replaced, LBJ. Nixon beat McGovern in 1972 in a landslide. Go figure, McGovern wanted to give every American at least one thousand dollars and was against the Vietnam war. Evil won again, nothing has changed in 43 years except both sides are warmongers now. Nixon was part of the murders prior to his loss to JFK in 1960, being Eisenhower’s VP. If you are a peacemaker you stand no chance of being elected in this murderous empire that has developed.

        • I find it “interesting” that the Clinton Foundation has a great deal of money. All of it goes to Bill, if Hillary is convicted and in prison. Sounds about right.
          However, I don’t think Hillary will get indicted for squat. She’s cut too many deals and the Foundation has too much money for her to not “purchase” her freedom. She will quietly fade away until the Arkansas Mafia decides she needs to have an “accident”…like the last time when she “slipped and hit her head”. Obviously, that “accident” wasn’t hard enough, er…planned well enough. Hell, Arkansas is an accident waiting to happen.

        • Will Hillary go down? Not on Bill, but she would on a dyke.

          • That’s why she was so jealous of Bill over Monica. Hillary wanted Monica for herself but Bill got her instead.

            And Monica became a Republican because the Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth.

      13. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that some people still see the government as having some type of authority. government is a myth.

        The repubrocrate party means absolutely nothing to me as well as any candidate playing some childish game running for a dunce hat office. These humans only have power if you allow them too.

        There’s a couple ways to stop this foolishness, one is 20% of tax payers have to stop having their wealth/labor robbed by the threat of violence and socially redistributed by refusing to pay the tyrants for their own enslavement.

        Voting is an admission of slavery.

        • Oh yeah go ahead stop paying your income taxes and see what happens. Been there, done that, NOT pretty. The IRS has the authority to shoot you, your dog, your kids, the goat, the fish tank and rape your wife and daughters and will get a pat on the back and told “good job my true and faithful servant.” Take my advice for what it is worth and DONT FVK WITH THE IRS! They are the strong arm of the most ruthless mafia on the planet. P E R I O D.

          • .02 That is why I said 20%, that’s the percentage of tax slaves that would have to “not” comply for the I>R>S to lose it’s authority. As an individual (think Browns in N.H.)it would be a lost cause, although some have won in court.

      14. Napolitano said that if Clinton becomes president, she could actually pardon herself.

        we need to make sure this doesnt happen

        • Napolitano predicted that the announcement on whether there will be charges against Clinton will be made in five or six months, right around the time of the New Hampshire primary.

          this needs to be moved up.. to like right before any dam primary , and she needs to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit way before any dam S(E)lection

          • No need to wast money on a Orange Jumpsuit for Hillary.

            She has Two Choices:

            (A) Rope

            (B) Bullet

            That’s all this trifling cunt deserves and nothing more.

            • I’d rather see her very very uncomfortable for 20 plus years
              Death is too good for her kind
              Suffering is the only way

              • EOS
                This is one reason why a collapse or event that negates wealth and power and lays all men and women equal to what they have of real use and value beyond the imaginary value of PMs or fiat.
                Is the only way

                • 100% with you all the way on that one
                  I’d be worth way more than that Capetbagger and her beard

            • Blondes don’t look good in orange, it’s a fact. It’s just not their color. Although I’m sure if you turned her upside down she’s not so blonde, so there’s that to consider.

            • The rope is re-usable. There are many others that need to be standing in that line behind Hitlery.

      15. Such a horrid wretch.

        • And to think people actually think she would be a great president,
          Another good reason for an all out apocolyptic collapse

          • Si’.

      16. This was on MSNBC! One of the media outlets that has been licking Clinton backside since 1991! That probably means the democraps are going to drop her in a deep hole. Maybe an assassination to blame on the Tea Party, or some other patriot group.

        • Vince Foster is coming back and he’s pissed.

      17. She’s probably the reason our dogs are getting shot and killed

        • Eh? Mistaken identities?


          • Right on

      18. I bet the NSA has all her emails!!! With all the NSA spying on Americans – the NSA has to have the emails?? Wouldn’t that be a kick in Hillary’s pants if the NSA has her emails and takes her down!!! It would show she is a scumbag and so is the NSA for collecting American’s emails!! The perfect Scenario!!

      19. It is not the emails left on the server or the ‘paper’ printed out emails that will get Hillary. What will finish her is the act of wiping the server after she was requested to turn over her emails (obstruction of justice) or the finding of ANY important emails that she failed to turn in. I believe Trey Gowdy got 15 emails from a government source, that are NOT in the collection that Hillary provided. That means she deleted ‘official’ records, so if true, she is done. Even beyond appearances, she has to wake up every morning and be wondering if anyone who sent or received emails to or from her private server is going to drop the bombshell that finishes her campaign.

      20. You know she’s going to win.

        She could have eaten live human fetuses on National television and she’d still win.

        Come on, you know this as well as I do. Her supporters are like a religious cult about her.

      21. Hillary is not being ‘set up’, she set herself up by being both arrogant and stupid, two traits that go hand in hand.

        She’ll be lucky if she isn’t under indictment within a few weeks.

        • It won’t matter at all. Remember Marion Barry won re-election as mayor after being convicted, and caught on film doing it, of smoking crack with an underage hooker. He even said on camera he knew she was 16yo . . . and still he was re-elected.

          What’s a little email deletion compared to smoking crack with underage hookers?

      22. Nor Happy
        • 4 hours ago • 4 hours ago
        When I heard Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were guest preachers at a nearby black Houston church, I decided to check them out in person and see what it was all about.

        I sat down and Sharpton came up to me, I don’t know why, maybe it was because I was the only white person in the Church.
        He laid his hands on my hand and said: “By the will of Jesus the Lord All Mighty, and the will of God, you will walk today.”

        I told him I was not paralyzed.

        Then Jesse Jackson came by and said: “By the Grace of God, and his Son Jesus, the Lord All Mighty, you will walk today.”

        Again I told him there is nothing wrong with me.

        After the sermon I stepped outside and Lo and Behold, my #$%$ car had been stolen….

        • EOTS, this is one time I can’t laugh just because car theft happens so much.

        • My.moms car got.stolen from the.church parking lot….no Shit .

      23. TPTB won’t bring any charges against Clinton, at least until everyone in government that is connected is assured any investigations implicating them are forbidden. She is up to her neck in criminal deeds, if she goes down she goes down by herself. The rest will escape any mention. She and Bill have untold millions stacked away.

      24. Nixon was not entirely in the pocket of the ZIonists and that’s why they let him go down. On the other hand, Shillary is owned and operated by that tribe, which really means that there is now a chink in their armor, which indicates a rise in Consciousness on the planet, hence Trumps rise to power.

        Let’s hope that Hillary goes to the Big house as opposed to the WHite house, kicking and screaming, to the delight of those of us who know how vile and corrupt this demonic vampire is.

        Even though we are in the darkest of times, expect to see, and experience, great Light Beings to rise up and guide us out of the darkness. Whether Trump makes it past the Great Audition, is not relevant. What is important is that he’s a valuable tool, being used to expose, in his frank and truthful verbal mannerisms, how corrupt the present system is at its core. Many Americans are just beginning to “see the Light”, for the first time. Get enough on board and maybe the worst of the shit heading for the proverbial fan, will miss and the possibility of a downright medieval outcome can be avoided.

      25. A special goodbye to Hillary. Au revoir, vaya con dios, kwaheri, До свидания,وداعا, 再見. Had to put in a lot of foreign languages to cover my bases. She doesn’t seem to understand US English fer sure.
        The socialist’s replacement for Billary??? Biden. Life is good.

      26. What makes you think they have millions stacked away? Seems to me she just said they left the White House broke and you know they wouldn’t lie or would they?

        People in their circumstances wouldn’t know the truth if they fell over it, trying to make the public believe they are broke is one of the biggest jokes of all time. She may think people in Arkansas are going to vote for her if she runs not so the Clinton’s are not liked in Arkansas because they pulled so many shady deals when they so called ran the state. Red necks don’t forget quickly if ever.

        • As far as people ‘without conscience’ their whole life is one big lie.

      27. As the handle says: Look for numerous False Flags all over the country and one or two huge catastrophic False Flag to happen this Labor Day Weekend that is coming up. They will lead the Government to declare Martial Law and close the banks and stop all travel, it is coming for sure soon. If not; then look out for Thanksgiving weekend for it to hit the fan. With so many people away from home, winter coming, now the FEMA CAMPS to house all the displaced people. Friends we are being set up for the closing act of the play. All IMHO.

      28. Interestingly World Renown Remote Viewer Ed Dames, who works for the Luceferian Cabal, said in a video, that there is no 2016 election coming to America, that the person in the white house is the last president, that it’s calapse and war. The soldiers that are fighting, attacking us, will see something in the sky that will scare them, forcing them to lay down their arms, then flee the battlefield and then they will try to go home. This was his exact words. I am having difficulty finding it on youtube. If someone finds it, please post it, so that everyone can hear what he said.


        Nibiru? Its effects, something else? Possible Plejaren motherships?



        • howdy hIxS. yew ar SPescall . i like yur poSstS TheY aeR so reele. i like shTf like Yoo. bee redie FUr tHe bad trUbls hixs i no yew wIll bEE. thiR is suM bAd sTuf nere heer. buT WEE NO WOT to Bee wotchinG fuR. sTey safe hiX. ReDNecCK

      29. What’s great fun is, Clinton, as a young staffer on the House Judiciary Committee, actually worked on Nixon’s impeachment, way too aggressively according to her former boss, all of which swirled around the coverup with his tapes being his downfall, that and, of course, that some had been erased.

        Could not be any more of a well deserved karma moment, enjoy!

        – Shane

        • fact: hilary lucifer clinton was kicked off the investigation for unlawful ethic violations.

      30. We can’t know who they have in mind for the next puppet-of-state. Shrouded in mystery, so it is.

        They will trot out the fake polls and eventually the teevee talking heads will convince the dumbed down boot lickin’ sapheads who the truly anointed one will be. Cheers and chants from the braindead.

        There will be word wars and the Hannitys and the Maddows will be spitting on their mikes, but only the shareholders who pull the strings will determine which statist warmonger will be the new Chief Executive of the US corporation.

        No matter, when the financial system seizes up, all statist pigs will be hightailing it to their hidey holes. They could not care less about you or me and I don’t care about them.

        You should forget about these banker election games and get to preparing for a life resembling the 1800s. Growing food and securing water and shelter are all that matters. And no, I don’t mean stupid buckets of flavored salt shit with O2 absorbers. I mean real food you grow and raise yourself.

        If you didn’t have a garden and some livestock out this year, I afraid you are too late. It takes time to learn these skills and time just ran out.

        You should be canning, pickling, salting and smoking your food for the next year RIGHT NOW. Next season will be too late when your buckets are empty and you have no idea how to feed yourself from the dirt around you. It ain’t that hard, but it surely requires practice and a bit of luck.

        • We wont have a 1800,s life style. It will be almost stone age. if you don’t have a cave and the ability to become a nomadic hunter gatherer you wont survive. in the 1800,s most folks died young. a 40 year old was very a old person.

      31. HANG THE BITCH

      32. Needed a new car last year. Made sure I got it in a dark color so it could be used as a dehydrator after the crash.

      33. Hilary ‘Lucifer’ Clinton for Prison 2016

        *the secret service radio designated code word for hilary clinton is LUCIFER! after she physically attacked a ss agent after, because he refused to refill her glass of bourbon, she threw her bourdon glass at him and it shattered on the wall by his head. even the secret service hate her.

        *who is Vince Foster? why did the Clintons assassinate him?

        *why did the Clintons assassinate a oklahoma state trooper who was investigating them for cia drug trafficking?

        The Bill and Hilary Clinton leave a trail of bodies everywhere they go! Bodies of people who know to much about the Clintons Dixie Mafia Organized Crimes.

      34. Get Lois Lerner to investigate. Takes a crook to catch a crook

      35. Both Clinton’s are untouchable, by in this case the short arm of the law. They know too much about this entire government’s sleazy murderous criminal actions going back decades. They are the most vile creatures who cannot really be called humans. None of their dirty deeds will stick to them. Look at the lengthy death’s list associated with Bill Clinton, and by association Hillary. Come close to revealing their crimes and the proof is there that you wind up dead. She will be cleared and the lies will continue to be covered up.

      36. Hillarys gonna make us all shit sandwiches everyone will eat Em too. I’m so glad I get to vote for my oppressor either way that’s what your getting. Fuck this shithole brain dead boot licking collapsing shit hole Mercia. People are so dumb all they care is that they can get there beer cigs and weed. This is why tptb wants to legalize weed everywhere and feed pain killers to 10 year olds why not kids aren’t getting an education anyway. They don’t need one in the new America morons are easy to manipulate. America is finished.

        • Kick the tires and light the fires. Let get this baby flying!

          Vote Hillary.

      37. Armed Afro-Black Teen Gang Home Invasion: Attacks a White Father on his front porch, shoots him in both legs and then goes after his wife and children in the house.

        Black Lives Matter? Really?


      38. 02. Your right about materialism. People gotta have all this cheap consumer crap. It’s like a big competition who can buy the shiniest turds. Grown men and women playing dress up. Nobody cares if you wear $500 suits and drive a Cadillac. This is why I can’t stand society. Its almost expected of people to compete in this manner. No thanks I will keep my$ and take it out of the consumption game. I’m content with roughing it. I don’t have to prove shit to people I know what I can afford and live within my means. I’d rather be a good steward of what I have. Materialism is consumerism. I have a good salary but I live simply by choice.

      39. Not like Nixon. She’s headed for the big house.

      40. Bruin, I just listen ot that news report..i feel bad for the white guy who got shot..i do things differently. When the two black thugs came to my condo door kaf year November, I asked them kindly to leave, they refused. Since I am in Texas, we don’t dial 911, still being the nice law abiding tax paying, citizen slave that I am, I asked them to leave and they demanded that I open the door.

        Thugs- open the damn door now.

        Then I loaded the 590A1. Then proceed to call the cops, then they beat on my door again, I am sure you all saw me talk abut this in another post. I told them to leave or its a. .79 cal 3″ Acutip. They decide to leave.

        Metro sexual white dudes?? What the f…k is wrong with you idiots..you open the door to talk to 4 dred lock about fixing a tire..

        There are properties in my area with sign on them that states that if you come on the property you will be shot on site, no negotiations. Atlanta must be a little different than town.

        Why in hell is this guy I. The video opening the door talking to n..g..r thugs out them wanting to meet his wife and kids. What is wrong with some white guys. He must have been one of the upper scale metro sexual types. Any thugs try that one in Cypress or Katy, that is a career ending mistake that will rock the African American community.

        I forgot to read the headline topic, sorry. Oh I am going off on a tantrum now, f…k Billary.



      41. Hill’s don for, she’s a liability to lot’s of people in her circles. Look for a Breitbart type accident.
        Prison would be great but as guilty of all the things she’s guilty of, I kind of doubt it. But what a great example that would set. Like the rest of you, I’d like to see her rot in hell.

        • From the very start of the first leaking of what she had been doing with the private email server, it smelled like she had been simply substituting smuggling classified documents out of the building past the State Dept. guards for secret passage to a Communist handler, with sending/receiving classified material on a non-secured computer. Just a hi-tech method for the theft and passage of highly classified U.S. government secrets, plain and simple. Those who SENT her the classified emails were her loyal supporting minions who knew precisely what they were doing and why.

          If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck……..

          At this point, it’s just a matter of uncovering and identifying how bad the damage was.

          She will go down denying it all. As for her minions, it will be at least entertaining to see who breaks down on camera as they are perp-walked.

      42. Tropical Storm Danny in the Atlantic

        1008 mb. Winds 40 mph sustained. Moving West at 12 mph.

        This storm could get legs.

      43. Thanks Slingshot for the information. That is why I come here, to read all sorts of information. Thank you.

      44. Losing her political future is not the proper outcome if there is the sort of crime mentioned. What is on trial is the last vestiges of any sense of justice. She won’t go to jail. And the damage from that outcome will simply tip the US further towards a true banana republic.

      45. Bruin this guy that got shot in the legs failed to protect his family. I admire his effort though he didn’t just lay down and give into demands but in the end he failed they could’ve killed the mother and baby in the backyard at the gate for a cell phone. These thugs should’ve all been killed. They will get out of jail and do it to some other white family now. Maybe killing someone this time. If it was me I would’ve told them to go away if they didn’t I’d double tap each one right there on the spot then tell the court i felt threatened that a group of thugs came to my front door saying they needed a jack to change a tire. nobody needs a jack this is bullshit all cars have them. It looks like my neighborhood too nice area. Thugs in it is a sure sign they are up to no good. I got a security camera system installed on my house. Having one in this situation might of caused these thugs to move on to softer targets.


        And Let’s never Forget the Clinton Mafia blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building and Murdered 30+ children at a federal daycare center to cover up Bill Clinton getting a BJ from Monika Lewinsky in the White House.



        And Let’s never Forget the Clinton Mafia blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building and Murdered 30+ children at a federal daycare center to cover up Bill Clinton getting a BJ from Monika Lewinsky in the White House.

      48. Regardless of anything found or not found on your
        server. It’s a fiasco. Your trust is zero and so is your security clearance. (anyone giving that bitch vault/network access now is part of the PROBLEM)

        Having a server at home was not smart.
        Truth is we will never know the truth now.
        That ended the moment the server went live.
        There already were laws.

        Whining over if it was slackware or windows or if it was exim or sendmail really matters not. The forensics are not going to matter either.

        Those laws were broken, that’s my point, there needs to be a new wing for government corruption at ft leavenworth, I SUGGEST THEY BUILD IT DOWN, NOT UP..

        And when laws are broken these ass hats get whisked away INSTANTLY TO FT LEAVENWORTH.

        – imo

      49. The whole cabal of CFR NWO cockroaches needs to be arrested and held responsible for their crimes against the republic and the rest of the world.

        However, nothing will come of this. It is all an act. The Klinton’s like the commander and muzloid and the rest of the NWO gangsters are above the law.

      50. The OKC mini nuke bombing under Clinton was another inside job event to fan the flames of terrorism. An attack against the American people.

      51. Will Hillary go down like Nixon? Who knows. But its probably a safe bet that she goes down on Huma.

      52. Hillary will get my vote. Voting for the lesser evil for the last 50 years hasn’t worked. So now I will vote for the greater evil. That bitch will get it going. If its gonna happen lets get it started. Im getting older and want to see it started. If not now when?

      53. I will wait and see.

        If Obama’s purge was successful she will go free and perhaps even continue her campaign. They will then round up the remaining dissidents and break out the red flags.

        If she gets seriously punished they will simply go back to lying, cheating and chipping away at us.

      54. Hillary eats at the “Y”.

      55. Not asking the right questions. They should be at the door of Brent Allshouse and Treve Suavo!
        They should be inquiring about the disposition of the server from birth to abortion.
        Are the hard drives original? What are the time stamps on the current OS files? What method was used to erase the drives data in the event of OS reload/format? The list goes on….but don’t ask Hillary…Did you “wipe” the server? What did you expect her to say?


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