Will Globalists Sacrifice The Dollar To Get Their ‘New World Order’?

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com

    Trade is a fundamental element of human survival. No one person can produce every single product or service necessary for a comfortable life, no matter how Spartan their attitude. Unless your goal is to desperately scratch an existence from your local terrain with no chance of progress in the future, you are going to need a network of other producers. For most of the history of human civilization, production was the basis for economy. All other elements were secondary.

    At some point, as trade grows and thrives, a society is going to start looking for a store of value; something that represents the man-hours and effort and ingenuity a person put into their day. Something that is universally accepted within barter networks, something highly prized, that is tangible, that can be held in our hands and is impossible to replicate artificially. Enter precious metals.

    Thus, the concept of “money” was born, and for the most part it functioned quite well for thousands of years. Unfortunately, there are people in our world that see economy as a tool for control rather than a vital process that should be left alone to develop naturally.

    The idea of “fiat money”, money which has no tangibility and that can be created on a whim by a central source or authority, is rather new in the grand scheme of things. It is a bastardization of the original and much more stable money system that existed before that was anchored in hard commodities. While it claims to offer a more “liquid” store of value, the truth is that it is no store of value at all.

    Purveyors of fiat, central banks and globalists, use ever increasing debt as a means to feed fiat, not to mention the hidden tax of price inflation. When central bankers get a hold of money, it is no longer a representation of work or value, but a system of enslavement that crushes our ability to produce effectively and to receive fair returns for our labor.

    There are many people today in the liberty movement that understand this dynamic, but even in alternative economic circles there are some that do not understand the full picture when it comes to central banks and fiat mechanisms. There is a false notion that paper currencies are the life blood of the establishment and that they will seek to protect these currencies at all costs. This might have been true 20 years ago or more, but it is not true today. Things change.

    The king of this delusion is the US dollar. As the world reserve currency it is thought by some to be “untouchable”, a pillar of the globalist structure that will be defended for many decades to come. The reality, however, is that the dollar is nothing more than another con game on paper to the globalists; a farce that they are happy to sacrifice in order to further their goals of complete centralization of world trade and therefore the complete centralization of control over human survival.

    That is to say, the dollar is a stepping stone for them, nothing more.

    The real goal of the globalists is an economic system in which they can monitor every transaction no matter how small; a system in which there is eventually only one currency, a currency that can be tracked, granted or taken away at a moment’s notice. Imagine a world in which your “store of value” is subject to constant scrutiny by a bureaucratic monstrosity, and there is no way to hide from them by using private trade as a backstop. Imagine a world in which you cannot hold your money in your hand, and access to your money can be denied with the push of a button if you step out of line. This is what the globalists really desire.

    Some people might claim that this kind of system already exists, but they would be fooling themselves. Even though fiat currencies like the dollar are a cancer on free markets and true production, they still offer privacy to a point, and they can still be physically allocated and held in your hand making them harder to confiscate. The globalists want to take a bad thing and make it even worse.

    So, the question arises – How do they plan to make the shift from the current fiat paper system to their “new world order” economy?

    First and foremost, they will seek a controlled demolition of the dollar as the world reserve currency. They have accomplished this in the past with other reserve currencies, such as the Pound Sterling, which was carefully diminished over a period of two decades just after WWII through the use of treasury bond dumps by France and the US, as well as the forced removal of the sterling as the petro-currency. This was done to make way for the US dollar as a replacement after the Bretton Woods agreement in 1944.

    The dollar did not achieve true world reserve status, though, until after the gold standard was completely abandoned by Nixon in the early 1970’s, at which point a deal was struck with Saudi Arabia making the dollar the petro-currency. Once the dollar was no longer anchored to gold and the world’s energy market was made dependent on it, the fate of the US economy was sealed.

    Unlike Britain and the sterling, the US economy is hyper-dependent on the dollar’s world reserve status. While Britain suffered declining conditions for decades after the loss, including inflation and high interest rates, the US will experience far more acute pain. A complete lack of adequate manufacturing capability within US borders has turned our nation into a consumer based society rather than a society of producers. Meaning, we are dependent on the demand for our currency as a reserve in order to enjoy affordable goods from outside sources (i.e. other manufacturing based countries).

    Add to this lack of production ability the fact that for the past decade the Federal Reserve has been pumping trillions of dollars into financial markets around the globe. This means trillions of dollar held overseas only on the promise that those dollars will be accepted by major exporters as a universal store of value. If faith in that promise is lost, those trillions could come flooding back into the US through various channels, and the buying power of the currency would crumble.

    There is a delusion within the American mainstream that even if such an event were to occur, the transition could be handled with ease. It’s fantastical, I know, but never underestimate the cognitive dissonance of people blinded by bias.

    The rebuilding of a production base within the US to offset the crisis of losing the world reserve currency would take many years; perhaps decades. And this is in the best case scenario. With a plummeting currency and extreme price inflation, the cost of establishing new production on a large scale would be immense. While local labor might become cheap (in comparison with inflation), all other elements of the economy would become very expensive.

    In the worst case scenario there would be complete societal breakdown likely followed by an attempted totalitarian response by government. In which case, forget any domestically funded economic recovery. Any future recovery would have to be funded and managed from outside the US. And here is where we see the globalist plan taking shape.

    The banking elites have hinted in the past how they might try to “reset” the global economy. As I’ve mentioned in many articles, the globalist run magazine The Economist in 1988 discussed the removal of the dollar to make way for a global currency, a currency which would be introduced to the masses by 2018. This introduction did in fact take place as The Economist declared it would. Blockchain and digital currency systems, the intended foundation of the next globalist monetary structure, received unprecedented coverage the past two years.  They are now a part of the public consciousness.

    Here is how I believe the process will unfold:

    The 2008 crash in credit and housing markets led to unprecedented stimulus by central banks, with the Federal Reserve leading the pack as the greatest source of inflation. This program of bailouts and QE stimulus conjured an even bigger bubble, which many alternative analysts have dubbed “the everything bubble”.

    The growing “everything bubble” encompasses not just stock markets or housing, but auto markets, credit markets, bond markets, and the dollar itself. All of these elements are now tied directly to Fed policy. The US economy is not only addicted to stimulus measures and near-zero interest rates; it will die without them.

    The Fed knows this well. Chairman Jerome Powell hinted at the crisis that would evolve if the Fed ever cut off stimulus, unwound its balance sheet and hiked rates in the October 2012 Fed minutes.

    Without constant and ever expanding stimulus measures, the false economy will implode. We are already seeing the effects as the Fed cuts tens-of-billions per month in assets from its balance sheet and hikes interest rates to their “neutral rate of inflation”. Auto markets, housing markets, and credit markets are in reversal, and stocks are witnessing the most instability since the 2008 crash. All of this was triggered by the Fed simply exerting incremental rate hikes and balance sheet cuts.

    It is also important to note that almost every US stock market rally the past several months has taken place while the Fed’s balance sheet cuts were frozen.  For example, for the past two-and-a-half weeks the Fed’s assets have only dropped by around $8 billion; this is basically a flatline in the balance sheet.  It should not be surprising given this pause in cuts (in tandem with convenient stimulus measures by China) that stocks spiked through early to mid-January.

    That said, Fed tightening will start again, either by rate hikes, asset cuts, or both at the same time. The Fed’s purpose is to create a crisis. The Fed’s goal is to cause a crash. The Fed is a suicide bomber that does not care what happens to the US system.

    But what about the dollar, specifically?

    The Fed’s tightening policies do not only translate to crisis for US stocks or other markets. I see three primary ways in which the dollar can be dethroned as the world reserve.

    1) Emerging economies have become addicted to Fed liquidity over the past ten years. Without continued access to the Fed’s easy money, nations like China and India are beginning to seek out alternatives to the dollar as a world reserve. Contrary to the popular belief that these countries would “never” be able to decouple from the US, the process has already begun. And, it is the Fed that has actually created the necessity for emerging markets to seek out other sources of liquidity besides the dollar.

    2) Donald Trump’s trade war is yet another cover event for the loss of reserve status. I would note that the primary rationale for tariffs was to balance the trade deficit.  The trade deficit with China has done the opposite and is continually expanding each month.  This suggests much higher tariffs on China would be required to reduce the imbalance.

    It must also be understood that the trade deficit with China has long been part of a larger agreement.  China is one of the largest buyers of US debt in the world and has continued to utilize the dollar as the world reserve currency.  If the trade war continues through this year, it is only a matter of time before China, already seeking dollar alternatives as the Fed tightens liquidity, will start using its US treasury and dollar holdings as leverage against us.

    Bilateral agreements between multiple nations that cut out the dollar are being established regularly today. If China, the largest exporter/importer in the world, stops accepting the dollar as the world reserve, or if they start accepting other currencies in competition, then numerous other nations will follow their lead.

    3) Finally, if the war of words between Trump and the Fed becomes something more, then this could be used by the establishment to undermine faith in US credit.  If Trump seeks to shut down the Fed entirely, the globalists are handed yet another perfect distraction for the death of the dollar. I can see the headlines now – The “reset” could then be painted as a “rescue” of the global economy after the “destructive actions of populists” who “bumbled into fiscal destruction” because they were blinded by an “obsession with sovereignty” in a world that “requires centralization to survive”.

    The specifics of the shift to a global currency are less clear, but again, we have hints from the globalists. The Economist suggests that the US economy will have to be taken down a few pegs, and that the IMF would step in as the arbiter of forex markets through its SDR basket system. This plan was echoed recently by globalist Mohamed El-Erian in an article he wrote titled “New Life For The SDR?”. El-Erian also suggests that a global currency would help to combat the “rise of populism”.

    The Economist notes that the SDR would only act as a “bridge” to the new global currency. Paper currencies would still exist for a time, but they would be pegged to the SDR exchange rates. Currently, the dollar is only worth around .71 SDR’s. In the event of the loss of world reserve status, expect this exchange rate to drop significantly.

    As the global crisis deepens the IMF will suggest a “reset” to a more manageable monetary framework, and this framework will be based on blockchain technology and a cryptocurrencywhich the IMF has likely already developed. The IMF hints at this outcome in at least two separate white papers recently published which herald a new age in which crypto is the next phase of evolution for global trade.

    I predict according to the current pace of the trade war and Fed liquidity tightening that de-dollerization will hit the mainstream by 2020. The process of “resetting” the global monetary system would likely take at least another decade to complete. The globalist preoccupation with their “Agenda 2030” sustainable development initiatives suggests a decade long timeline.

    Without ample resistance, the introduction of the cashless society will be presented as a natural and even “heroic” response by the globalists to save humanity from the “selfishness” of destructive nationalists. They will strut across the world stage as if they are saviors, rather than the villains they really are.


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      1. Brandon, I wouldn’t put it past the globalists to hold back on anything at this point in order to reach their goals. The dollar is dying anyway so it’s possible they’ll sacrifice it. Get everything you can while you can before the dollar becomes toilet paper.

        • “That is to say, the dollar is a stepping stone for them, nothing more.”


          The dollar IS the currency of the NWO and it IS the the currency in which the Globalists hold, exchange, and multiply their wealth.

          That said, there ARE competing political interests within the NWO with divergent goals and separate Agendas; just like there are Globalists across the political spectrum on both the Right & Left. The IMF is the most visible opposing political interest to the FED, as it attempts to extend its boundaries and authority beyond its Charter and the original reason for existence.

          The size of the American Economy & the power of its MIC will keep the IMF in check and the dollar as the primary world currency for a very long time. Longer than most of the readers of this post will live, without a global emp, nuclear war, or Yellowstone blowing. 🙂

          • “The real goal of the globalists is an economic system in which they can monitor every transaction no matter how small; a system in which there is eventually only one currency, a currency that can be tracked, granted or taken away at a moment’s notice. Imagine a world in which your “store of value” ….. ”

            This is true. In part. But the dollar does not have to be replaced for every transaction to be monitored. On the contrary the Dollar System FACILITATES that goal already.

            Neither do the globalists want ONE CURRENCY.

            The Banksters do not want one currency. They want more global currencies (like the yuan) to reach global trading status as a trading currency. Why ??? Because there is enormous PROFIT in currency exchange (FX). FX is one of the largest profit centers for global banking and a person only need look at the history of the major currency pairs to recognize this obvious truth.

            When the Yuan is added to the list of global trading currencies, it doesn’t create one more profit center:it creates eight more. Only a fool would believe that the Banksters want to eliminate their largest profit opportunities by having a OWC.

            That said, a “digital OWC currency” will be developed, accepted, deployed, overlaid, and wedded to blockchain technology when quantum computers become ubiquitous and all major currency pairs will be be freely interchangeable and instantly converted one to the other in global trade, such that if you are traveling in Europe your credit card or phone pay system will instantly exchange and convert your purchase of goods & services in the local currency (euro or pound or others) and either deduct the cost or charge the cost to your personal account.

            That is the future of money. Like it or not. 🙂

          • “2) Donald Trump’s trade war is yet another cover event for the loss of reserve status. ”


            The TRUMP TARIFFS are simply a mechanism to renegotiate the trade relationship between the US & China and create a FAIR & LEVEL trading environment for American workers & companies. To read more into it than that is reaching for straws to support your own wacky theories. The Nation simply cannot exist for much longer if it continues to transfer its wealth to CHINA.

            If TRUMP TARIFFS are anything other than his attempt to create a fair & level trade environment, it is an attack on globalists as he is an avowed American Nationalist.

            As usual, Brandon’s warped mind twists the facts to fit his preconceived notions. As other here have noted before. 🙁

          • “…. China, already seeking dollar alternatives as the Fed tightens liquidity, will start using its US treasury and dollar holdings as leverage against us.”


            China’s US debt holdings, (+/- $1.2 Trillion) though large, is a drop in the bucket in the scheme of things and is a only a fraction of the outstanding debt. Brandon claimed that Russia would destroy the dollar by dumping it’s dollar reserves. Yeah, that’s in the archives.

            Nothing happened. Not a fucking thing happened. 🙂

        • “If China, the largest exporter/importer in the world, stops accepting the dollar as the world reserve, or if they start accepting other currencies in competition, then numerous other nations will follow their lead.”

          This is true. To an extent. When war comes, and it is coming, and the readers of this post know that, these other third world currencies traded between each other will become worthless faster than you can say “Zimbabwe”.

          The Chinese are smart. That’s why they WANT other nations to use the USD for purchases of their exports; particularly when China is going to be committed to purchasing TRILLIONS of dollars in US products as of the result of TRUMP TARIFFS, so CHINA will need USD to purchase American products.

          Wrong again Brandon. 🙂

        • “The Economist suggests that the US economy will have to be taken down a few pegs, and that the IMF would step in as the arbiter of forex markets through its SDR basket system.”

          This is to be expected from the Economist which is a propaganda tool for European Globalists competing for and seeking to wrest power from the FED, using the IMF to do it. That cannot happen without FED approval or it would have happened by now.

          Not gonna happen. The FED has carried Europe for 70 years. It is not going to give up power to European globalists. 🙂

        • “If Trump seeks to shut down the Fed entirely, the globalists are handed yet another perfect distraction for the death of the dollar.”

          TRUMP does not seek, neither does he have ANY desire to shut down the FED. Nor is there any evidence that he does. Another fantasy from Brandon.

          What I can safely predict, is that if the Globalists were to deliberately crash the economy as a pretext for a “reset”; meaning another financial crisis where the banks are broke:where the “too big to fail have failed”, TRUMP would nationalize the banks, seize all banking assets, and recapitalize the banks by selling them to new investors, rather than reimbursing current shareholders for their losses.

          If no investors would come forward, or not enough of them with enough cash to recapitalize the banks, TRUMP could simply issue shares to depositors and give shares to American Taxpayers to re-invigorate the new banking system.

          There is more than one way to skin a cat. The FED is not gonna play with fire while TRUMP is in office; that would just give TRUMP an excuse to exercise his EMERGENCY POWERS. No one in the Swamp or on Wall street wants that.

          Another twisted scenario from Brandon to support his preconceived notions for which he has NO formal economic or financial education. If he had such credentials he would publish them.

          He hasn’t. He doesn’t. End of story. Another self taught armchair financial guru without a clue, claiming to be an expert. 🙂

          • You make a lot of sense. So I have a question to ax you. Is palladium sold on the etf (if that’s the right way to put it) like gold and silver? You know, paper palladium

            • Yes there is “paper palladium” ETF’S. Several in fact. BTW I love to see the price of palladium soar as I own a mountain of palladium.

              Literally. 🙂

      2. They already did a real good job on the dollar. For example: if you went to a convenience store in 1970 and bought a soda it would cost about 15 cents. Today that same soda would be at least $1.50 in a convenience store. 10 times more. Any body earning 10 times more pay than they did in 1970? Maybe 5% of you. Probably fewer.

        • I’m earning %100 more than I was in 1970

          • You must be a table waiter. 100% is only double. Ten times more is 1000%, not 100%. As an engineer just before I retired in 1999 I was making 14 times as much as I was in 1970.

      3. Him, in 1970 I was only 13 but doing odd jobs at that time and before then so I already had a good work ethic and knew the value of a dollar. Times really have changed and not for the better.

        • 1970,
          I was 15 and had over a thousand dollars in the bank.
          all from my working.
          1973, I was making $8 per hour, building boats.
          2009 I made over $90,000 as a very underpaid engineer.
          I keep in touch with my old aerospace buddies, had I stayed
          I’d be at the $145,000 range.
          Today I’m retired and make a lot less money, but
          I have no debt. I eat what I want, I buy what I want,
          and get medical care that I need, the only down side is
          I’m stuck on 5 acres in Hawaii, as I can’t afford to move.
          Him talks about buying power.
          To some degree he is correct,
          but life is not fair, and if
          your pay is not keeping up with inflation,
          then you need to get creative.
          This is America, as long as Democrats don’t stand in the way
          you can do almost anything.

          • A kid in the early seventies could make $50 a week easily mowing lawns in summer and then $35 a week delivering newspapers. You could make more if you sold papers by standing near stoplights as people got off work often bought an afternoon paper.

            Doing that regularly meant it was easy to buy even a foreign bicycle 10 speed like a Batavus or Nishiki as the frames were more robust that Schwinn. They cost $215-275 back then but lots of hardworking kids had them.

            Kids also put their bikes together or even bought a used bike and replaced the tires or brake pads or replaced the chain. Lots had attached bicycle pumps, carriers, a headlamp, etc.

            Doing that meant you could buy your own clothes and help your parents out and and buy some groceries like meat for the freezer too.

            Plus you could start saving for a used vehicle.

            They sure didn’t play videogames all day and night like most teenage boys do now. Most have no gumption at all. It’s sad.

            • That’s equal to $2400 in 1972 earned before taxes and that in 2018 is equal to $14,671!!! (12 weeks mowing grass and 52 weeks delivering newspapers)

              See how inflation robs us all!

            • My first 10 speed was an aluminum Austrian made frame with French brakes and Japanese Shimano gears.
              I paid $250 for it. That was a lot of money in the day as I grew up on a $100 Schwinn stingray.
              I mostly rode barefoot, even with the rattraps and steel serrated pedals. 6 miles per day for school, 2 miles per day for work and 16 miles to the boat-wright apprenticeship on the weekends. I once came upon on one of those guys in Spandex, bike shoes and a really fancy bike.
              It took me a few miles but I bested him. I think my best city travel was 16 miles in one hour through down town Long beach CA.
              In our day kids were allowed to grow and learn.
              We could run or ride bikes for hours, shoot guns, fight, and learn the hard way. Today boys are too Masculine, or for girls, not slutty enough.
              Democrats should have been all gassed at the end of the civil war.

              • 3rd and 4th graders took Hunter Safety in elemetary school in the sixties.

                When I think back to how wholesome teenagers used to be and look versus now, it’s scary. They were not innocent but the majority were not out of control promiscious or flat out immoral.

                There is a digusting video of a badly confused child with a homosexual that was encouraged by his mom. It’s so foul that I am flabberghasted that it exists and isn’t denounced and banned.

                How long can it be before Jesus returns? It’s worse than Sodom and Gomorrah now.

                These Millennials and Gen Z are hellbound unless we mentor them. You just have to help them even if disgusted. Think how Paul of Tarsus must have felt when visiting Rome and parts of Greece, gather stuck in there and made disciples.

                • I believe the present and future is where God wants us to be.
                  We are moving towards Armageddon. This electronic money system will be the sign of the beast.

                  Remember – If you can’t see or touch it do you really have it??
                  Who is in control of your money/life

              • Batavus was made in Holland. They were fine strong bikes with excellent gears. They ended up specializing in mopeds later. My buddy had a Nishiki with the special front frame placement for the pedals, but that was mostly for the racers to get better efficiency.

                Heck, I thought about building a recumbant bike which any engineering guys did for kicks in high school.
                htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recumbent_bicycle

                There were always guys hanging out at the bike store that also helped their dads work on cars. Lots of those guys ended up fixing up hot rods as soon as they were 15+.

              • Growing up in Western Kentucky, everybody regularly boxed and wrestled and the worst putdown was, “he’s a weak sister who can’t fight…”. You would be utterly humilated from grade school on up if you were such a pansy that you could’t fight. No girl would look at you twice if you were like that.

                If your brother or buddy couldn’t fight, you taught him…’cause that would be mortifying for him to be in that situation.

              • “My first 10 speed was an aluminum Austrian made frame with French brakes and Japanese Shimano gears.”

                you must have had a Puch

            • How true!

          • In 1970, I was 6 and didn’t have any money

          • What I would give to be stuck on five acres in Hawaii. My favorite place in the world!

            • Kauai was incredible and I sure liked the Kona Coast on the island of Hawaii. Oahu was like a faded beauty and a bit run down.

              The Hawaiian ladies were exceptionally pretty but apparently when they get old, genetically they favor being very overweight.

        • All politicians take bribes from foreign sources. What’s you point?

      4. Conflict of Interest is only one problem.

        “Critics argue that by asking a foreign government for valuable intellectual property rights, White House officials could open themselves to pressure in government negotiations. There is also concern that the family’s global trademark portfolio would open the way for lucrative business opportunities once Donald Trump leaves office.”

        “The sheer number of foreign trademarks Ivanka Trump has gotten while working in the White House would be troubling enough, but the fact that she just got one for charitable fundraising when her father’s namesake foundation — which she served as a board member for and is closing in scandal following a New York Attorney General investigation outlining numerous legal violations — is especially troubling,” Jordan Libowitz, a spokesman for watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said in an email.”

      5. I still insist money it self is only a means to transfer wealth and money itself is worthless and basically always has been.
        Read up on “denarii”, the pay Roman soldiers received. BTW part of their pay was salt.
        I will stand by cash or barter and never submit to a cashless system.

        • If we go to a barter system, it means we no longer have a country.

          • since when is a nation defined by its currency?

        • “denarii” are plural form of the silver coin of the Roman realm.
          They were the dollar of the time, as backed by silver.
          It wasn’t a method of pay (that was called salarium, the base of the word “salary”) , it was a currency. Roman soldiers made about 300 denarii per year.

          sesterius, bronze coin. denarius, silver coin, aureus, gold coin

          Being that it had significant value, at least as much as silver, salt was used for pay as well in the Roman Legion

      6. I’m betting the dollar won’t be sacrificed, it will just be merged into a larger one world single currency system.

        Like various European currencies were merged into and replaced by the euro and lost their individual identities.

      7. Fo about the last year, there have been rumors they will switch to some NWO currency that is backed by gold and slowly let go of the dollar. They then will equalize various currencies to get a buy in. The way the rumor goes, they will link debt forgiveness to that making it popular.

        If the do this, that will prepare the way to one world government.

      8. I will say it again….to get the proper prospective of where the elite want us to be…..may be summed up by watching the 1970 flick ‘Rollerball’ with James Caan. (It is hard to find). There may be two dozen companies in the world that own everything. You are part of the elite if you work for these corporations. If not, you don’t have squat….you are the little people, in mass. Poor and dependent, which is where we are headed today. The elite own the governments. Chilling.

        When they take our cash…..we lose our independence and anonymity. This concerns us all (cept the youngsters which consider it burdensome).

        My final college Speech exam was titled, We are the Last Generation. I aced it. I am no prophet, but you may want to get your ass in gear and make prudent decisions for you and your family.

      9. Rothschild established the Central Bank System and also the State of Israel. It doesn’t take a brainiac to figure out who is behind the plan to create one world currency, and to ditch the US dollar.


      10. Very Good article, very good. Money is time representation. You work for time and get money(time certificates) back.

        The commercial business, started from the days of feudalism. The Authorities could not build all, so they opened up family business for products. And a system started.

        Corporatism is a type of communism in a small packet. For top society, and top culture.
        The goal would be to have many, many small businesses. Each business would build a small part of the big. However, the small part would be compatable for external, internal outputs inputs and internal processes.
        THe buyer could then chose from many companies making the same part with different qualities. And then the buyer could interchange to the piece that met their needs the best.
        It would take many years.
        Once implemented, the society would reach the starts. Because it would allow for many companies to make compatable parts, the user could decide and upgrade to their needs. It would even allow the user to fabricate a new idea from the manufature

        companies are focused on monopoly. As it is good for them. It is not good for the whole, it is good for a monopoly.

        With a mind change, to many, many small companies, it would ensure quality, selective quality, and selective function. It would eliminate depressions in the economy because the problem would be approached differently, hard to understand for many. But, a town today with one company, could be replaced with the same town with 100 companies. This would assure work for those that have different personalities. It would allow for Paradigm Shifts, that is making a new part or product that would improve the function of the device, better, cheaper and faster.

        If a person does not get along with one boss, they will find another they do get along with, and thus, no black lists. People can find work locally, because the approach has been changed.

        It takes time to understand this concept, but one that is better at writing than I could take this idea and explain it better.

        It would open the country to the stars. It would eliminate financial woes for ever, it would allow work for the people.

      11. It’s actually simpler than that, and more sinister. All the ideas depend on the internet, whether an electronic card arrangement or a variation on Bitcoin. So many people think that’s great. Some preppers (really?) think it’s great, independent from “the system.” The trouble is, all “they” need to do to render one penniless is to flip a switch. What’cha gonna do? You’ll do what you are told.

        • vav vav vav (WWW)

      12. Tell how good the cashless society is when the grid goes down?. How will your debit card work?
        I say hard currency and barter.

      13. My first bike was a cheap Sears and Roebuck that I assembled myself as a lad in elementary school that was still in the box which meant looking at the diagram and using basic tools. And that was not unusual in my neighborhood.

        How many 8 or 9 year old boys could do that today? When you grew up as an elementary student working on plumbing, then that is vastly different than some child today who hasn’t done anything to fix something around the house. I can remember as a kid fixing an electrical cord, getting shocked, and then knowing how to do it safely and calmly later. It was either I fixed it, or my mom could use the device until someone fixed it. Or unless I fixed the toilet, then the one bathroom was out of service.

        • Growing up during the diinosaur age, kids in elementary school would build a lie detector from a kit or make two walkie talkies. You had it solder all the crude electronics as the breadboard wirewound stuff came out later. Heck, nobody even had a multimeter, they just “winged” it.

          Kids had been making crystal radios and amplifers back since the the Great Depression. They didn’t buy an assembled radio necessarily as it was expensive.

      14. And that no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark, or the name of the beast.

        Beware the trademark of the beast 666, it is coming…

        • vav vav vav (WWW)

        • vav vav vav 6th letter so reading it in greek could be WWW

      15. htt ps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-20/satellite-images-reveal-china-building-secret-war-bunkers-near-indian-border

        The NWO needs China to agree to get one currency. This means Taiwan will end up losing hope of self-determination that they lost due to the UK especially since 1997.

        The rare earth minerals in North Korea are so vital to the technological future that China will essentially overthrow it amd then immediately begin reunification with South Korea. That will be accepted and US hegenomony will be lost in the region.

        The boneheaded reversion of Okinawa to Japan in 1972 sets a precident versus allowing them self-determination.

        Already China is threatening India and essentially Pakistan.

        The USA lacks any ability to muster a massive infantry that would be needed to prevent this chain reaction. Millennials are surely not going to fight and have no desire to do so.

        This totally upsets the balance of power in Russian and China relations. The Russians take the Ukraine, and if no one blinks, honestly all these exWarsaw Pact nations are in trouble.

        For all of Macoroni’s bluster in France, the French are lousey fighters and have no sizable army. Germany is in a similar state and has no military budget to speak of. Can anyone see the EU fighting WW3 other than defensively???

        • Vietnam, the Phillippines, heck even Japan will be forced to make concessions with disputed territory like the Kurile Islands to Russia. China will likely build more artificial islands to act as naval bases and de facto static mammoth air craft carriers.

          The USA is broke. We have no industrial capacity to even consider WW3. This is not 1941 and facing Japan, but a very powerful China who holds most of the cards due to globalism and NAFTA and GATT. It would take years to reverse that and for what selfish rationale?

          There won’t be a new Marshall plan, so it’s pointless to start a battle over communist expansion.

          The Middle East is precariously holding out ONLY due to petroleum. And when new energy comes along, as it always does, then they will be back to selling dates in ramshackle markets.

          Africa has sold out to China and South America will end up doing so as well. They will borrow from the Chinese and have no way to pay the loans, and it will be akin to the mafia and vig and a bustout.

          What can the USA do with communists controlling the House? Maybe we use biologicals against China? That is doomed to harm everyone.

        • Look up the Treaty of Aachen that was just signed by Macaroni and Merkel. Ominous signs of expelling NATO.

          • htt ps://www.economist.com/leaders/2019/01/17/france-and-germany-plan-to-sign-a-new-treaty-in-aachen
            I would argue that this will ultimately doom Europe and will cause the meltdown of NATO.

            Think about it. European millennials are such socialists that they will just be prey for Communist infiltration by subversives.

            Europes only hope is white nationalism as has happened in Hungary and now in Poland.

            • ht tps://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/11/world/europe/poland-far-right-independence-day.html
              “Use a hammer;
              Use a sickle;
              Smash the red rabble!”
              Polish leaders and white Polish nationalists march in solidarity.

      16. It is not the dollar that they will sacrifice but the US, as long as the US stands there will not be a one world order.

      17. The whole article is hoke. As long as the USA is the world policeman keeping Russia and China from taking over the whole thing we are safe. Don’t kid yourself, both Russia and China have world domination as their behind-the-scenes goal!

      18. In Bible prophecy, is some whorish, decadent, merchant nation, military hammer over all the Earth, and sole world superpower, whichever that may be.

        She is carried by some Red Beast of burden — perhaps, her labor colonies — who hate and burn her with fire and consume her, within a single hour. So, the merchants weep, at sea, having no place to sell their wares.

        She is said to have enraged and demoralized the whole Earth, with her mingled cup, corrupted their leaders, so might be seen as the sole obstacle to world peace — not it’s broker.

        While the Cyrus is honored for repatriating the Jews and their treasures, (and the heathen and their idols) — Correct me, if my timing is wrong — he would have sent Babylon 1 into receivership. That wall was breached by way of water.

      19. I’m pretty sure globalist have already been ditching the dollar

      20. Mystery Babylon could be the USA. It describes a horrible decadent nation that is destroyed in an hour, seemingly from a nuclear attack. The Luciferians have to make the US military a target regardless as we are the sole Christian nation now…such as that is with traitors in leadership and surrounded by subversives.

        It’s equally like that the Vatican is Mystery Babylon.

      21. ht tps://freebeacon.com/national-security/china-russia-building-super-emp-bombs-for-blackout-warfare/
        Blackout warfare using Russian and Chinese Super EMP weapons.

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