Wikileaks E-Mails: Hillary Looked Into Parkinson’s Drug After Suffering From “Decision Fatigue”

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    Emails released by Wikileaks show that Hillary Clinton looked into a drug used to treat sleepiness and Parkinson’s disease after she apparently began suffering from “decision fatigue” back in 2011.

    Clinton sent an email to close confidante and advisor Cheryl D. Mills on August 19, 2011 featuring the text of an article entitled Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?

    The article talks about how people in positions of power and influence can suffer from “decision fatigue” that causes them to be “low on mental energy” and prompts the sufferer to “become reckless” and “act impulsively”.

    The article also explains how “decision fatigue” could explain why “ordinarily sensible people get angry at colleagues,” which is possibly a nod to Clinton’s infamous temper tantrums that have left her staffers in tears.

    “Wow that is spooky descriptive,” wrote Hillary in response to the article.

    In a separate email sent two months later, Hillary received information from her top foreign policy advisor Jacob Sullivan about a drug called Provigil (Modafinil), which is used to treat “excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis,” as well as “excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy”.

    The fact that the drug is used to treat Parkinson’s is interesting in light of what we were told by a Secret Service whistleblower earlier this month, that Hillary has a serious neurological disease.

    The date of the emails is significant because Hillary’s apparent problems with “decision fatigue” were evident before she fell and hit her head in 2012.

    While the mainstream media continues to dismiss questions over Hillary’s health as a “conspiracy theory,” more prominent voices are beginning to express the same concerns.

    Yesterday we reported on top doctor and Rutgers University Professor of Medicine Bob Lahita’s call for Hillary to be assessed by an impartial panel of physicians to ensure she is fit for office.

    Hillary attempted to deflect suspicions over her health during an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live last night….by opening an already opened jar of pickles.

    I guess that settles it then.

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      1. She needs a drug to reverse psycopathy….

      2. Or an overdose of battery acid lol.

        • drano would do.

      3. There is no medicine to fix her only hope would be an exorcism

        • how about just put her six feet under! that would work as well!!

          • Some shit still stinks, no matter how deep you bury it.

      4. Off topic and you all will prob put me on the same ward as hicks but anyhow here we have gov all around the world saying prepare but not what for then we have countries putting in underground shelters to hold thousands then the whole nibaru wormwood thing. Ive read where it could affect our gravity when it also causes the pole shift . So if you also include the account in revelations of the rapture where one person stays and one goes at the well and in the field . And they are snatched up and rise into the heavens. And the 3 days of darkness so it could be a lot less gravity for a 3 day period how long it would last. Now dence things would stay as the rocks on the moon do not float away however other things do . And if you were underground you would be safe. So if the person in the field grabbed a rock they could stay put.

        • Godsoldier

          Let’s hope it happens on election day.

          • That would be something if she drops dead as she puts her hand on the bible……a sign from God

            • ❤❤❤❤❤

        • Ive researched the Nibiru theory. Im very skeptical. However I actually hope its true. I would much prefer Nibiru to civil war , Race War, ethnic cleansing, WWIII, no matter what rapid change is in the near future. Many folks are going to die.

          • Old Guy.

            Then we must Prepare our Death Masks. :0)

          • NIBIRU = 100% Bullshit!!!

            To DATE – there is no scientific/photo/video proof of such an entity. Wipe your brow and sit back and relax.

            Nibiru was to arrive in the Spring of ‘016 … now it is going to show it’s presence in the Fall of ‘016 … and when the time-line pass’s on by … then it will be January 2017 … and so on … see a pattern here?

            You should … because it is called BULLSHIT to the highest level of all bullshit stories … except the Bible of course ?

            • In terms of such an entity existing, I have to disagree FTW:

              This “Planet 9” (which curiously would have been named Planet 10 / X had pluto not been demoted), reportedly follows an orbit that is on a different plane than the other known planets in our solar system. This gives some credence to the notion that such entities do exist, that they have very long orbital periods (this one is 10,000 – 20,000 years), and that they do have a direct gravitational effect on other objects in our solar system.

              In that sense, a Nibiru type planet is a distinct possibility.

              I will, however, agree that there is no definitive, 100% confirmed evidence of a Nibiru approach at this time, though there is some interesting debate over the many videos and pictures that have surfaced over the years.

              Things like the mysterious object reported in the early morning sky by a Sacramento TV station, which is about as close to “official” as we have come with an ‘object’ like this, makes it difficult for me to outright discount the possibility:


              • Ive studied the Bible back when I was stupid and naive back in about 2002 time frame. And even the Bible timeline for the Birth if Christ is off like between 5 and 7 years, which really throws off this Y2K Milliniel racket calendar scheme if thats what these experts are basing their timelines on. Like the saying goes, “Garbage in Garbage Out”

                -WWTI…Where is a Myan Calendar when we need it? Oh thats right, the Catholic Christian Con Quistadors destroyed that because their God is a Jealous God. Something to hang your hat on there… Pffftttt.. Excuse my spelling. The spell Ck on this ph. Was wrong more than me, so I shut it off.

              • To add on from my post about the Christian Spanish Conquistadores, that destroyed the Mayan Culture and calendar tablets, I was curious enough to go look it up.

                Read some of this: Which now also answers the question of Why African Slave Trade came about, and why most of the slave trade, went to the Caribbean and South America. It was all derived by the need of a work force since the Spanish destroyed entire civilizations and people in their murderous genocidal trail of conquest.

                Here is part of the article: The Story of the Conquistadors – ht tp://

                The Columbian Trade:
                The long-term effects of the Conquest are no less fascinating. The ‘Columbian Exchange’ as modern historians call it, brought the potato, the pineapple, the turkey, dahlias, sunflowers, magnolias, maize, chillies and chocolate across the Atlantic. On the other hand, tens of millions died in the pandemics of the 16th century, victims of smallpox, measles and the other diseases brought by Europeans (and don’t forget that the African slave trade was begun by the Europeans, to replace the work force they had decimated).

                Then, after the defeat and extermination of the native societies, came the arrival of the European settler class and the appropriation of the native lands and natural resources. From this process has emerged the modern US empire. The effects on the economies of the world were no less marked as it shifted the center of gravity of civilization to the countries of the Atlantic seaboard and their offshoots in the New World. However, the story is also one of history’s greatest adventures. The opening up of the continent involved unparalleled journeys of exploration with almost unbelievable bravery, endurance, cruelty and greed.

                *****This article answers a lot more questions the curious here, that have asked where did the Mayans Go? Or the argument, Why was the slave trade developed, etc.? And as a human species the Conquest for looting 3rd world countries continues today, in a modern sense, still wiping out millions of people who resist, and installing puppet dictators to loot the resources of nations, all for Greed and Power. Like Hillary selling off 20% of the US Uranium resource to a Russian Corporation for her personal greed and rise to power.

                The articles goes on…

                Conquistador regret
                Out of this ferment of ideas came the first attempt in history to globalize justice and human rights. In the summer of 1550, in Valladolid, these great themes were aired before the King’s council. The Aristotelian scholar and humanist Juan Gines de Sepulveda argued for the civilizing mission of Spain, so long as it was done humanely. The Indians were ‘natural slaves’ as Aristotle had defined the phrase, ‘inhumane barbarians who thought the greatest gift they could offer to God was human hearts’. People whose brilliant art and sculpture was no proof of their civilization, ‘for do not even bees and spiders make works which no human can imitate?’

                The great Dominican defender of Indian rights, Bartolome de Las Casas, brought a vast dossier of first-hand reportage to the hearing – as compelling an indictment of human cruelty as any modern report on the atrocities of Cambodia, Rwanda or Kosovo. His eloquent defense of the indigenous peoples ended with a noble cri de coeur: ‘All the world is human’. What is amazing is that the Spanish king actually listened. In a moment unique in the annals of imperialism, Charles V ordered the conquests to be stopped, while the issues were explored further.

                However, as we know from our own time, ethical foreign policy will always run up against the cold reality of politics. Once the genie is let out of the bottle, history cannot be stopped. The Conquista continued. In a sense, it is still not over. Indeed what we are seeing now is a Second Conquista. For the global culture creeps with the electricity lines up even the loneliest valleys of the Andes. It will be as hard to resist as the first.

                Today some modern scholars see the arguments outlined in the Valladolid debate as the forerunner of our own conception of human rights, and Las Casas as the first inspiration for the UN Declaration of 1948. A declaration in part prompted by the lessons of the past, and in part by the tragedies of contemporary history. Certainly the tragic dimensions of the 16th-century holocaust were apparent to people at the time. Many of the Spaniards were profoundly moved by what they had seen. The destruction of the last civilizations to have risen independently on the face of the earth, without contact with the world outside them.

                Among these Spaniards were not only churchmen, like Sahagun, who fell in love with Nahuatl (Aztec) culture, but even the conquistadors themselves. Bernal Diaz, who marched with Cortes, was moved to compare the tragedy of Mexico with the Fall of Troy. On his deathbed, Mansio Serra de Leguizamon, one of the conquerors of Peru, expressed profound regret for the unjust destruction of Inca society: ‘I have to say this now for my conscience: for I am the last to die of the conquistadors.

                ~WWTI… This article sums up a lot,,… Remember, Lazy stupid people ask questions, smart and curious people, go look up the answers for themselves and share it.

              • Mac im very skeptical of Nibiru. I did exhaustively research the subject. However something is causing the magnetic poles to rapidly shift? We actually saw the Northern lights here in Arkansas? last year the Jet Stream reversed. You don’t haveto be a certified tin foil hat wearing loonie to believe something is up with the planet? Its possibly plausible? However ive not seen any irrefutable evidence.

          • Old Guy says,
            what you need to research is the BIG gaps in history, and they fit with several HUGE events and that fits with some records of something(nibiru) coming close to earth and causing climatic destruction, you can find enough evidence that there is something that appears to happen to this planet every 3600 years or so. and the evidence is from MANY types of testing and such. I cannot say that it is always the same but appears to greatly reduce the worlds population for several hundred years at a time. ie. sea shell fossils at 9,000 feet elevation, core samples from the antarctic, modern type plates and things found a mile deep in coal beds, the list goes on and on. so you come to your own conclusion, that lots of our history has been slanted to cause your view to be a controlled view!!!

        • days refer to years, (7 to the point)…they will get progressively worse hold fast to faith and you will get to heaven…for what’s coming on earth there is no way to prepare other than faith. but in our faith we must try to bring others to God as well.

        • There is no gravity

          The earth sucks !


          I got so drunk once I had to grab hold of the grass on the ground to keep me from falling off

          • That b some funny shit r u sure it wasnt a trip i hear Lsd does that just ask MK ULTRA

            • With LSD, the grass would be grabbing YOU 🙂

        • Godsoldier…wow, that makes a lot of sense. I never thought of that. Scary! You put the pieces of the puzzle together good. If rocks won’t float away, would the houses stay? And would people be safe inside the house? I did read about the three days of darkness. Supposed to be VERY dark. I hope we won’t see this in our lifetime. And the Bible thing, wow, that makes sense now.

      5. A Lobotomy would calm her right down.

      6. Boy the fact that she is a criminal isn’t enough for people her medical privacy has to be exposed. I’m sure there is hepa laws. Trump is a corporatist he will do what’s best for share holders and CEOs not workers he has proven this by having his clothing line made by sweatshop workers who are exploited to save a buck while still charging you full price for the clothes. I think she’s better than trump and this is hard for me to say. So she lied they all lie. It’s either a vote for big gov or a vote for corporate elite scum. We need a good third candidate.

        • If Putin was running I’d vote for him lol.

          • Genius… The dream Team would be Trump as Pres, Putin for VP.

            Putin seems to be a hundred more times representing American Ideals than any Democrap out there. Hillary has the ideals of the Uganda Govt Mafia on Steriods. Sellout, thievery, liar, and close to human cananalism if she could make a buck off if selling human organs. …..Oops just gave her another idea to exploit in her FEMA Camps.

            Any body with 2 brain cells and jumper cables to connect them together for a quark of electrical synapsis can see this.

            Did you see the Clinton Shill Gov Terry McCullof (sp) just pardoned or I should say restored thousands of EX Fellons voting rights to help Hillary win in Nov. I said that was going to happen or Obama wss going to try and do that. Thats the Dems constituancy-
            Fellons like hitlery rotton clinton..


        • Ass hat no poor man ever provided a job for anyone. I don’t like Trump but he is a 1000 times better than Hillary.

          • Amen to that

        • Ass, are you kidding! She lies,kills,it’s ok they all do!!!
          I’ll take the wildcard.Our only chance before revolution
          TRUMP IDIOT
          Maniac —out

        • People are finally waking up to the threat of globalism and the price that Americans have paid because of the treachery of the globalist snakes inside the US Government and Wall Street.

          We should focus more on whether a candidate for POTUS is a globalist or nationalist, than on whether they are conservative or liberal.

          The next President will appoint two to five Supreme Court Justices, who will determine whether or not the USA will return to the Constitutional Republic it was designed to be, or completely deteriorate into a Third World Nation to do the bidding of the satanic NWO.

          Trump is the only option to prevent the immediate & complete tyrannical takeover of America by hitlery and her gang of ruthless globalists.

        • I can’t go along with you on the point that Clinton is better than Trump. Her lies are powerful lies that damaged everyone in this country by letting any hacker (like Assange) in on state secrets that she negligently spread across the Internet from her private server. She’s not even in the White House yet and her pay for play scheme to fund the “foundation” has taken in $250 million from Muslim ” donations”. Then she says if I win the White House I will stop taking donations from foreign countries – yeah right This megalomaniac should she become president will tap the taxpayers for much much more. She has said she will raise taxes on the people who work to fund those who don’t work – keep the death tax – continue Obama’s attack on the Constitution including the first amendment (don’t you dare talk about global warming not being real, don’t you dare use any words that are not PC approved by Washington, It’s the governments role to teach the children and parents take a secondary role – should I go on because she’s got lots of these rules that she will force you live by).
          $20 trillion debt? Just wait She’ll make the entitlement rolls grow and grow because that’s how Democrats control their voter base, fear of losing their free ride.
          Obama has started the ball rolling and softened up the country to expect little leadership from government and it’s a perfect spot for systemwide conversion to a democratic socialist regime.
          Trump may be a rough New York businessman who has been successful in that harsh environment that bodes well for future dealings with our enemies abroad.

      7. LOL !!!

        the kind of KRaZEe that gives internet crazy a a bad name

        Trump Operative Goes All In On Debunked Hillary-Is-Dying Smear

        ht tps://

        so cheer up kids
        when Hillary wins
        she’ll only be in office a very short time apparently !

        • Bahaahaaahaaahaaa!!!!

      8. No doubt about it…if this despicable creature in a pants suit is elected President….this country is finished, officially.!!!!

      9. My old lady, Hillary, always made good decisions for me. That one time, when I was diddling Monica, she decided it would be better to keep me around than kick me to the curb. She’s really good at making them decisions.

      10. Agree old guy that no poor guy put anyone to work. Problem is trump puts Chinese and India people to work because his profit margin is more important to him than our families. Not sayin she’s any good either really she’s a washinton insider. We are really screwed either way. Glad I look out for me and mine. Never liked clintons but I just don’t like trump he’s very condescending a big mouth and he will say anything to win and will dial it all back once elected. He’s the same economics just rebranded and it’s not working for working people. I don’t think he knows how to run this nation. Jmo. America is not a casino or hotel.

        • “America is not a casino or hotel.”

          No, it sure isn’t.

          In a casino – THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS.

      11. nobody saw this coming ???

        EXCLUSIVE: Trump Awkwardly Attempts Major Immigration Flip-Flop in Front of Live Audience in Austin

        ht tp://

        wake up and smell the coffee

        • And then vote for Hillary, huh?

      12. Am I the only one that read that email decision fatigue? It was actually really good and I would suggest all of you read it also.

      13. Puppets don’t need brains so long as they can read the scripts given to them by the bankers or repeat words that are being feed to them via a ear peace.

        if you want a new show then you need to change the puppet masters but sad to say that most americans don’t have the balls to do that so keep watching your punch and judy show and see if anything changes.

      14. Satori your right I said he was a fish and gonna flip flop later. He will change his position on immigration because he’s now after the Hispanic vote. This is a big voting base. But hey trump isn’t a liar right only hitlery is according to some. I’m just saying get the facts from both camps. Don’t just give trump your vote because he says shit you wanna hear. He will dial it back and say he evolved on the issue. Deport millions of people think about how realistic that is. Sure some will get deported. Obummer has people deported. The republicans were dead they needed a bold candidate or the presidency was lost to them forever. I don’t believe the polls. How many die hard democrats are gonna vote for trump but tell their friends and family they are voting hitlery. He cry well could win this. I’m just sayin get as much information and make an informed decision. I think if he’s pres he won’t do the things he says because there is an agenda at play and policy’s that counter this agenda will not fly. Just keep preppin because we are screwed no matter what. I smell war coming either way. america is finished put a fork in it.

      15. Voting only changes the players, not the game.

      16. We likely most all of us think that no matter who is elected things are all going to go to shit any how. It would bring me great joy to see Hillary defeated. I would revel in seeing the disappointment and lamenting the liberal sheeple would experience. That’s enough for me to Vote against Hillary. Im not really voting for Trump. Im voting against the Clintons and the lying liberal news media. Im voting against Black lives Matter. Im voting against affirmative action & political correctness. Im of the anyone but Hillary camp.

        • (◕‿◕)

      17. Another consideration from the funny farm where me and hicks reside…In revelations a1/3 of the earth is scorched so if the crust did stop rotation and center slowed rotation or stopped then one side of the earth would be faceing away from the sun and would be dark and one side would continuously be faceing the sun for 3 days so with no releif via continuous sun scorching would occur then you have the sides where some light would shine and that part would be fairly stable temp wise however the dark side would get cold quickly now either way either side the best protection would be to be under ground . Now the question is what countries have built underground bunkers for the masses . The scorched part could be completely destroyed therefor the stated part in revelations of mystery babalon has fallen. Is the U.S. mystery babalon and is Hillary the whore of mystery babalon. Also a 1/3 of the oceans die . And 1/3 animals die. Gravity works kinda like a centerfuge with negative and positive charged protons pushing each other. Also if no rotation there would be massive atmosphere temp variations and the weather would be ????? Oh look the crops are starting to sprout here on the funny farm hope they dont come and take me away…

        • mmmmm, food for thought.

          Note that it’s Revelation-singular.

          The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

        • Actually a Nibiru type event will not stop the rotation. It would cause effects like the moon does . record high tides and ocean slosh. Cause plate techtonics to move causing earthquakes and volcano eruptions. shifting the magnetic poles and equator. There are places in the far north that experience 24 hour sun for several months and they don’t burn up. In Fact they are very cold places. A nibiru event would sling meteors, dust and debris at the planet. In fact it would be exactly like the earth change events that happened at the time of the EXIDOUS. Not a extinction level event.

      18. And the game would be this:

        Capitalism – The economic system of democracy but often found in some form in military dictatorships. A degenerate form of free enterprise. The means of production, money, banking and the political process are controlled by a small group of oligopolist/monopolist plutocrats for their own personal gain. Basically hostile to nationalism. Constant expansion through war, imperialism or tax-financed pyramid building required to feed the constantly-growing interest burden. Inflation is inherent in the system. Capitalism is incompatible with widespread free enterprise & competition in the economic, intellectual or political spheres. Because of the interest incentive and its common foundations with Marxism of equalism and monopoly, capitalism inevitably degenerates to crisis and Marxism. The word [capitalism] was coined by Karl Marx and ever since then has been defended by conservative and libertarian intellectuals.

        Communism – An amalgam of philosophical delusion (Marx) and ruthless political aggression and population control (Lenin). A perfect society will result by enforced equality of people (destruction of the superior) and the suppression of free enterprise (called capitalism) because free enterprise implies inequality of human gifts. The communist deceit of naming free enterprise “capitalism” is copied by capitalist (conservative and libertarian) intellectuals in order to hold up capitalism as the champion of anti-communism whereas capitalism is really the symbiotic partner and bedmate of communism. Basically, communism is nothing but a social system with all competition forcibly removed except the competition to control the system. Internationalist in theory, communism is nationalist in practice. Totalitarian and monopolistic – these two words are synonymous.

        Zionism – A secular conspiratorial scheme overtly aimed at ingathering of the Jews of the world to Israel but in reality a world political engine of massive power, which allied with the power of the plutocrats, effectively controls all aspects of Western political, intellectual, religious and cultural life. Zionism overlaps substantially into both capitalism and communism. Without Zionist support, neither capitalism nor communism could survive. Zionism is strongly antagonistic to all nationalisms except Jewish nationalism.

        • a reply worth saving … consider it done.

      19. Even with a mind befuddling disease, all she has to do is follow her script:

        Launder the money
        Trample the weak
        Enslave the debtors
        Eat the poor


        Why do they always end up with old haggard worn out softball dykes (Clinton, Albright, Nuland, Reno) in positions of power?

        Next time I suggest nominating some pretty blondes with big bazooms for figureheads.

        • I agree at least they would be easier to stomach and when they talked all we would hear is blablabla as our eyes and minds wonder

      20. Hillary on big pharma drugs, that’ll fix her real good, the perfect guinea pig. Experiment away.

      21. If Hillary didn’t have medical issues that would be a miracle. She is a Old Woman who drank a lot. Likely had several kinds of VD,s caught from her pervert husband. she is very bloated in the video. Yes indeed she is in very poor health.

      22. The “Bible” says the same to all who read, but for some reason does not mean the same. Putting your “Faith”in what the Bibles ‘says’ will not save anyone. The hidden message in the Bible is the ‘way’into the Kingdom. ” your Kingdom come…” is the plan of God, and should be the goal of a ‘Believer’. For two thousand years the message has been argued by wise men, with none finding the way. The “Children” know the way, and it was given to them, not found by them. The gnashing of teeth are Christians who believed on their faith and what the Bible said, rather than Faith in Him. Are you provided for by God on a daily basis, all request answered- if not, then don’t expect to be ‘saved’ in the fury of his judgement! I am sorry-truly.

      23. Whatever you do, Hilary, do NOT go anywhere near any medicine containing truth serum!!!!

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