Wikileaks Co-Founder Julian Assange ARRESTED In London At Ecuadorian Embassy!

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Headline News | 75 comments

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    The co-founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.  Well-known for publishing government documents on corruption, and the enslavement of the general populace, Assange was dedicated to speaking truth to power.

    Of course, those political elitists in power who claim dominion over our lives cannot have someone ripping their masks off and showing them as the vile sociopathic monsters that they are.  Unfortunately, because Assange was spreading the truth about the power structure, it was only a matter of time before he was taken into custody by “authorities” claiming they have some kind of right to declare dominion over other human beings.

    Founded in 2006, WikiLeaks specializes in publishing “censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying, and corruption.” The site claims it has published more than 10 million documents since its inception. One of Wikileaks most infamous dumps were the emails between John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, during the 2016 presidential election. A stream of controversy has surrounded a slew of mysterious emails.

    Assange has been embarrassing the power hungry psychopaths in government for a long time, and the control freaks are proving they won’t go down without a fight.  According to the Express, as he was forcibly taken into custody by tyrants (who hate it when people tell the truth about who they are), Assange yelled: “the U.K. MUST RESIST!” as he was forced into a Scotland Yard van.

    At the news of his arrest, WikiLeaks tweeted: “URGENT: Ecuador has illegally terminated Assange political asylum in violation of international law. He was arrested by the British police inside the Ecuadorian embassy minutes ago.” Wikileaks also accurately portrayed the attempts by the media to dehumanize Assange are all a part of desperation. The elites are desperately clinging to power.

    Assange was arrested on a warrant “issued by Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 29 June 2012, for failing to surrender to the court” according to Scotland Yard. “He has been taken into custody at a central London police station where he will remain, before being presented before Westminster Magistrates’ Court as soon as is possible. The MPS had a duty to execute the warrant, on behalf of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, and was invited into the embassy by the Ambassador, following the Ecuadorian government’s withdrawal of asylum.”



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      1. Locking up a journalist.
        Locking up a foriegn journalist operating outside of USA.
        This is insane.

        They insist on shutting you up.
        They insist on shutting anyone up that does not agree with NWO communist ideology.
        They insist on taking your guns.
        They will also take away your cash.

        They brainwash your children.
        ALL media is brainwashing by Media Companies owned by foriegners.
        5g will cook your insides.
        Robots-AI will take your jobs.
        ALL modern automobiles snitch-snoop-report on you.

        TOTAL CONTROL of your mind and life.
        Then they will just kill you.
        Genocide is obvious goal. Read the history of communism.

        • TYRANNY

          I thought that word said TRANNY
          which is a large factor in this case……….

        • Public School Indoctrination. Remember that BS Song, “This Land is My Land, This land is Your Land”?

          That BS was started when they were taking the land from the American Indian. Patent your land Folks, Your land patent is sitting on the shelf at the BLM Bureau of Land Management in Washington DC. The absolute Title to your property including mineral rights water rights. Nobody cana ever take your property or place lien against it when you have it Patented and legally Recorded.

          Here’s a song for them. This Land is My Land, and always was my land, so Get the F*ck off of it , or you get a Bullet in ya bone head.

          • A sad day in the search of justice and the truth in this world. Public corruption is the worst thing that robs our futures of prosperity. But they don’t care arrest the messenger.

        • spot on anon

      2. Well he knew it was coming. They showed him coming out the door with his escort and he looked “rougher than a cobb”. I guess all that time pent up in the embassy took its toll.

      3. New York Times v. United States [“Pentagon Papers” Case]


        Decided June 30, 1971


        403 U.S. 713

        In the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell. In my view, far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers should be commended for serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly. In revealing the workings of government that led to the Vietnam war, the newspapers nobly did precisely that which the Founders hoped and trusted they would do.

        • Yea….But..

          He conspired to steal the classified information. Conspiracy to steal the information and being a 3rd party non-involved publisher are two very different things.

          Assange helped the he/she Chelsea/Bradley Manning with material support to steal the classified information. That in not covered as freedom of the press.

          • Of course its classified. Daniel Elisburg would disagree with with your conclusion.

            • Kevin2, I agree that Daniel Ellsburg was a hero and Julian Assange is also a hero in my view. He would’ve been better off going to Moscow and joining Edward Snowden in exile. Australia’s government is super scum for not helping one of their own people.

          • Do you have a link to share that proves he conspired with Manning to steal classified material, or is that just a personal opinion or a MSM talking point? I am sure that’s what he will be charged with, but I haven’t seen proof. As they say, you can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. He will never receive a fair trial because he embarrassed the bosses. Old Mr. “I love WikiLeaks” better pardon him or he will prove himself to be fully absorbed by the swamp.

            • JRS

              It’s somewhat not relative. Is the Press “Free” or not? Can it perform in the vision of our Founding Fathers? If the Press isn’t the watchdog for “We The People” then it reverts to the mouthpiece for government in function, no better, likely worse than PRAVDA as it stands behind a deceptive false veil of “Freedom”.

              • Hello Kevin2

                I don’t think the press is free anymore. The CIA scripts the narrative for the main press….like CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC. You can find relatively free outlets, but they have very little exposure compared to the big ones. I can tell just by reading comments in newspapers and on MSM sites that sheeptardism runs rampant.

                • “The Press” in modern times is beyond the bought and paid for “Main Stream Press” of yesteryear. Ted Kopek acknowledged that the “Main Stream Press” of today isn’t the same one of Pentagon Papers fame. I believe that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which in effect facilitated monopolistic ownership aided this control. The “Press” is currently free in the Internet world that Assange was part of. This last vestige of free thought potentially suppled with information that TPTB label “classified” is the forum they desire to control.

                  In the end you cannot influence your government if they hide their actions from you and use the force of law, potential lethal enforcement, to make it happen.

                  • Kevin2, once again you hit something right out of the park. If we lose the “independent media” then all bets are off. I really feel for Assange.

                    • The Deplorable Renegade

                      A lot isn’t riding on this; everything is riding on this.

                  • Ted Kopel

                    • Ted Koppel

                • We have not had a free press for many years. Now, journalists are just stenographers for politicians lies.

            • ht tps://

              • Thanks for the link. It alleges that Assange conspired with Manning to try to determine a password to allow Manning access to .gov website under a new username to help avoid detection and also discussed how to transmit the leaked information.

                I guess there won’t be any actual “proof”, real or made up, until he goes to court.

                • The mechanics of how the truth is uncovered and distributed isn’t relevant. The fact is “We The People” have a right to know what “our” government is doing. If they pick a lock, cyber enter, photograph, video it’s not important.

                  Assange and company didn’t publish invasion plans nor weapon technology, they uncovered blatant lies, falsehoods and corruption that existed to keep “We The People” intentionally ignorant. A plutocratic oligarchy depends upon a misinformed citizenry.

                  • We The People” have a right to know what “our” government is doing…


                    Why do you think Hillary concealed all her emails on a private server?


                    • “Because you’d be in jail.”

          • Do you not understand that the American people have the right, the undisputed right to know what those who serve within our governments are doing/did/etc in OUR NAME and in the name of our country? All of them, elected/hired/contracted/etc are OUR REPRESENTATIVES and are REQUIRED to follow the US Constitution above and before anything else, orders from anyone, other Oaths, the duties of the position occupied that are not constitutional, etc.

            Patrick Henry, American colonial revolutionary: “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

            Thomas Jefferson: “[A] strict observance of the written law is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self-preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of higher obligation. To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to the written law, would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property and all those who are enjoying them with us; thus absurdly sacrificing the ends to the means.”

            • Spot on,
              Most people have no clue our true origins or reasons behind the documents and people who started thes country,
              We are no longer a free people but are ruled over by a bunch of power hungry psychopaths,
              Tick tock

      4. Bwaaahhhhhahahahaha.

        He looked like the Uni-Bomber being drug out of the Embassy. He should have shaved and cleaned himself up first.

        By the way, we must give credit to Jullian Assange for releasing Hillary’s emails and John Podesta’s emails in the election run up. I truly think that cost her the election.

        • JS, I’ll bet the Clintons had something to do with this…..

      5. Great Britain looks more like Communist China today.

      6. I’m curious as to the timing of this, and the fact he was charged with only 1 count. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Assange is gonna be useful in exposing some criminal conduct of deep state players.

      7. He did minimal damage to the NWO. But TPTB can’t let him get away with it. Death to the Globalist Hegemonic Empire! Long live whatever.

      8. I hope he had a ‘dead mans switch’ set up. Where if he got arrested or ‘suicided’ then there would be a full on document dump to take the Deep State down with him

      9. To paraphrase Voltaire: To discover who truly has power over you, discover who you are not permitted to criticize. Messrs. Assange and Snowden exposed the corrupt, syphilitic Amerikan Deep State. I am surprised they are still upright and breathing at this point. I hope the truth does come out. Whatever your religious beliefs are, these two brave men need to be in our thoughts and prayers.

        • Agree.

          It’s going to be interesting how this goes in court considering case law from the US Supreme Court. This is virtually parallel to the Pentagon Papers case. I have read legal opinion that Julian Assange is not “The Press” and therefore not protected. If that’s the governments defense its pretty poor considering that Assange / Wikileaks no doubt has a reach and readership that dwarfs both the Times and Post combined.

        • Dweezil, the only reason Snowden is still alive is that Russia gave him political asylum so the Deep State can’t touch him as long as he stays on Russian soil. If Assange is extradited to the US he’ll probably end up at GITMO. Assange is doomed. Ecuador is a scumbag country for turning against him.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            ” Assange is doomed.”

            Whatever is done to him will be insignificant to the effect upon “Whistle Blowers” and with it the demise of a “Free Press”. This guy wasn’t publishing the plans for Normandy nor the Manhattan Project but just keeping “We The People” informed of the criminality / deception that the government, supposedly “our” government is doing. They can’t be held in check if you don’t know what they’re doing. Make no mistake Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Zero Hedge and even this forum becomes an endangered platform.

            • Kevin2, if we lose the “independent media” all bets are off. This is only one more example of how illegitimate the entire system has become.

              • The Deplorable Renegade

                “Corruption isn’t in the system; corruption is the system”

      10. Before you give the press too much credit much of it is Democrat Party supporters and they admit it. Had they done what they were supposed to do and trained for this fiasco against Trump wouldn’t have happened and even going back to Obama, they didn’t do a good job of vetting him or holding his feet to the fire for 8 years.

        • Jim in VA, the MSM never cared what Obama did because he was their hero. He could’ve shot someone on national TV and no one would’ve cared.

          • Had the press obtained the info that Assange did or had it given to the press by Assange the info that the press had would have been right to divulge the material and we wouldn’t be in this mess. The press was in Obama’s pocket so we weren’t going to have the redacted version anyway. If the press had acted like the Constitution permitted,Assange wouldn’t have been a story.

      11. Sooo…. no dead man’s switch?

      12. Sooo…no dead man switch? (second try)

      13. …the U.K. MUST RESIST!”




        This seems like a really stupid move on the part of globalists. They have resurrected a hero and martyr for the cause of freedom, just when people were forgetting. The public resurrection brings attention to the many victims of speaking offenses. There are many people in prison in the U.K. There's a woman in her nineties. I wonder how she's doing.

        Churchill was a drunk, a Rothschild puppet, and an instrument of globalists who was the primary war criminal of his time outside New York and Russia.


        You can't embarrass a psychopath. If this embarrasses someone, he or she has a conscience. If so, they know they are at fault. There is hope yet for them if they come to their senses, otherwise they will implode on themselves.


      14. Something Wicked this way comes…

        Just to be clear here, many consider Julian to be little short of an actual Hero…someone with the cojones to speak Truth to Power and thus the question begged here is, What now?”

        Those holding the stated view of Mr Assange have been waiting a very long time to see which way this would bend, seemingly now we know. Speaking only for myself, if the PTB truly pursue this then the last vestige of my respect – even the superficial – for the Governance of this Nation will have come to an end. If that is then multiplied by the (several) millions I suspect hold that opinion then what will the enforcement arm be looking down the barrel of In time to come? An interesting question, no?

        If Mr Trump intends to be a “Man of his word” relative to what he has uttered previously then his only alternative hereafter is to immediately pardon Arrange as soon as his feet hit American soil…if not, then I think we can all summarily conclude that all his previous utterances were little more than vote pandering and that he is the same as all who have preceded him; a politician, and nothing more.

        Time will tell here, without a doubt. Remember the Chinese proverb/curse which runs as, “May your children live in interesting times…”. Indeed, but to the PTB broadly remember as well, “Be careful what you wish for…for you just might get that”.

        Good luck everyone, we might be near time to get strapping.


        • JOG
          For myself, that respect train left the station a long time ago, crashed, burned and has disintegrated.
          Trump is just like any other arrogant egomaniac, his word means nothing.
          Tick tock

          • Indeed, tis been a long time coming but I believe that deepest night is near upon us. I did however – for a very long time – hope that the potential outcome would not be along the path we are so clearly upon, now.

            This road leads to the grimest of all possible outcomes…for all of Humanity; I hoped I might be spared seeing that whilst yet I lived. Along this road lies the worst that the Deep State (at the bidding of the MIC) can lead us into. IMHO, ere this be concluded, and after it detonated by virtue of same’s miscalculations, we’ll be fortunate if even 100 million of Humankind’s 7+ Billion are left alive. Make no mistake, the PTB will compel a confrontation between the West and the East hereafter in the erroneous belief that they can deterministically arrange an outcome of their choosing…and once began – only then – will they comprehend the shear magnitude of their miscalculations.

            We have hoped that such could be avoided and thought long on the variety of ways that might result in something other than what is so clearly (now) being selected. One by one we have watched as the potential paths leading to something other than total war became nullified and invalid…truly, my first line here applies closely.

            Be vigilant, be safe and be Blessed Brother…and perhaps we’ll see each other after the Dawn comes again. In the meanwhile prepare for CW II…

          • I judge people only by what they say, not by what they do.

            Trump will easily repair USA and the rest of the West.

            Isn’t that why he was elected?

      15. Getting down to the wire people. This arrest and charge will be the example our government uses to scare the shit out of its people and make them think before they go up against the government. I’ll be surprised if Trump does anything for fear of being called a traitor and obstructing justice or some other hypothetical accusation. Assange said he had a “dead man’s switch”, lets hope he does. He does deserve a Nobel prize for caring about right and wrong and for protecting humanity. That which is something our own USA governmental representatives don’t have the guts to do. The “time” is drawing nigh.

      16. If indictments and convictions do come down on the Deep State players, perhaps this can be used to vindicate Assange. This could be Trumps plan and keep it all legitimate.

        • Never trust a Politician even if it’s one you like! Trump says, who is Assange and what is WikiLeaks? Trekker Out

          • MT
            Trump is just another egocentric asshole, anyone who doesnt get that is kidding themselves, i find it amusing how many people think he has some magical plan,

            • @ Nailbanger If this case goes to trial and Assange says that Seth Rich gave him the dem emails and not Russian hackers more Americans will awaken. This is a deep state IE cia, operation and if Trump goes along it’s either to trap the enemy or they have threatened his family. This is no game for the simple minded or those that lack courage. See you all at Civil War II.

            • Are ya’ll watchin’ Dan Bongino today and his take on the Assange fiasco?

      17. About getting dirty, Remember three of the wives of the signers of the constitution died in British prisons, And you know what that means?

      18. Daddy delayed us , from what’s happening to the Brits right now?Is their another daddy out there ? Please.

      19. Seems everyone with kids to be used and abused. Must remember ,for some reason satan rules this world for a short time. Grin and bare it?

      20. I believe there are a unbelievable amount of women, that are pretending to be ultra left, to get along with associates ,who are pretending to be ultra left, to get along with them?

      21. Could you imagine a creator, that gives you free will, to cherry pick the best of us for the next level?

      22. Remember all of the apostles died horrible deaths , and all they had to say ,was it was all a trick, To live like kings?

      23. Seems luke warm , is not a good thing?

      24. He won’t live long now. They will shut him up one way or another.

        • I’m afraid you are right SGT? What about that (he-she)) manning, that Stole the information, Obama pardon him, and he wants to run for public office? I know our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves! I hope he has planned for this? He’s had to have known they would get him one day? We have trying times in our future! Prepare accordingly, and God bless all!

        • The shutting up is secondary; they’re going to make an example of him for future whistle blowers. They’re going to cut the information flow to the populace. Its effectiveness is even greater than the Soviet Unions PRAVDA which was known by the citizenry as bullshit propaganda. Here in the US many people actually believe what they’re being told.

      25. Assange is not a journalist. He is a hacker who found a way to make what he does look better and evade the law. He is no hero. Chelsea Manning is a fruit loop and a coward. These two losers jeopardised the lives of soldiers and intelligence assets by dumping secret comms on to the public web.

        The footage of Crazy Horse taking out the Iraqi insurgents made me proud not ashamed. I am glad our forces can deal with terrorists effectively.

        We are at war with radical Islam. Because Islam is like a bad software package, and because Islam refuses to upgrade to better software, we will need to fight the war until Muslims modernise.

        People like Assange hurt the people who put their lives on the line to protect civilisation from these barbarians. May Assange get the opportunity to top up his sun tan at Gitmo.

        • Here are some names to check out. Craig Murray/Wikispooks, and Bill Binney former NSA LPAC.CO/WH23

          • Bill Binney said people need to stand up and take their freedom back and take their country back.

        • Frank Thoughts

          1. The US did not invade Iraq to fight terrorism. Saddam committed the unforgivable act of trading his oil in other than US dollars. Iraq had no WMD. Saddam was an enemy of radical Islam as was Gaddafi. Both nations were not religiously ruled. Both protected their indigenous Christian populations. as a side note Syria is 10% Christian. ISIS was formed to overthrow Syria and is armed by the US / Israel & Saudi Arabia (the center of radical Islam)

          “Assange is not a journalist”

          Wikileaks has a far greater readership than the NY Times & Washington Post combined. He is a an Investigative Reporter / Journalist. Regardless he is protected by the First Amendment.

          People like Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers Fame, Julian Assange and Ed Snowden have kept “We The People” informed. Ignorance is not justifiable.

          • Frank Thoughts

            Julian Assange Wikileaks also exposed the corruption within the Democrat Party which stole the nomination from Sanders. Regardless where you stand you have a right to see and hear.

            “The press is to serve the governed, not the governors”
            US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black

          • @ Kevin2 You are 100% right about the Iraq war. It was started over the dollar.

        • Ray McGovern, former CIA officer and whistleblower, says Assange is a hero. He also says more people should be like Assange.

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