Widespread Doctor Shortages in America: “This is a national problem… it is going to get much worse”

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    Even before President Obama’s much heralded Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act goes into full effect starting next year, the medical community is already struggling with too many patients and not enough doctors. The Association of American Medical Colleges says that there is a shortage of at least 13,000 doctors nationwide.

    But here’s the kicker: It’s only going to get worse as a nationalized healthcare plan is instituted across the United States.

    If you think 13,000 is a big number, consider what the state of our health care will be when, just a decade from now, the shortages are ten times worse.

    Everything that opponents of the health care law warned about prior to it being passed without being read by Congress is now becoming reality, with patients often waiting months for even basic medical care:

    Once a problem limited to rural areas, doctor shortages are now hitting large population centers such as Las Vegas and Detroit where people may have to wait weeks or months or travel hundreds of miles for care.


    That shortfall is expected to grow 10-fold to 130,000 doctors within 12 years as the US population ages and 30 million more people are added to insurance rolls under the 2010 health-care law, the medical college association said.

    In the Las Vegas area, with about 2 million people, patients and doctors said it can take six months to see a primary-care doctor for a simple checkup. For more serious matters, the waits are far longer — more than a year, for example, to get an appointment with a neurologist who specializes in autism.

    In a bid to address the shortage, the medical community has embraced the greater use of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who can prescribe medicines and diagnose and treat many illnesses. The number of physician assistants is projected to increase 39 percent to 108,000 by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, physician assistants can’t replace specialists as regional shortages of all categories of doctors persist.

    ‘‘This is a national problem across the board, and it is going to get much worse,’’ said Christiane Mitchell, director of medical affairs for the Association of American Medical Colleges. ‘‘We have an aging population and a whole lot of doctors retiring. We need to increase the pipeline of new doctors.’’

    Source: Boston Globe Via Steve Quayle

    Given that socialized medicine will lead to widespread bureaucracy in the health care industry (it’s bad enough with existing private and quasi-private insurers), along with forced pay cuts to doctors mandated by government insurance plans, the medical community will be hard pressed to find the amount of doctors that will be required to provide care for an ever growing US population.

    In addition to the shortfalls in medical professionals, our overburdened government healthcare system has already resorted to massive cuts, specifically as they relate to prescription drugs:

    Sixteen states have set a limit on the number of prescription drugs they will cover for Medicaid patients, according to Kaiser Health News.

    Seven of those states, according to Kaiser Health News, have enacted or tightened those limits in just the last two years.

    Via: The Daily Sheeple

    Couple these shortages with a government that has to borrow billions of dollars monthly just to pay the interest on existing loans, and you can see why the health care system in this country is going to very rapidly descend into what was experienced by millions of residents of the East Bloc during the communist occupation of the late 20th century.

    The running joke was that you don’t go to hospitals to seek medical care – you go there to die (often because of a lack of proper medical care).

    It’s not so funny when you consider that we are very quickly approaching the same here in the United States.


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      1. Gee, you mean if you have the government set a cap for how much doctors can charge for their services, there will be fewer doctors? Wowsers, who’d have thunk it?

        Earth to all the ObamaNazis: PRICE CONTROLS = SHORTAGES

        • I do not believe this number (13K). This way colleges “managing” demand for students.
          How many pediatricians will survive if child illnesses becoming rare? The only way to “make” patients for themselves is via child immunization. Then you will be doctor’s patient for whole life. Also you will be a good client for big pharma companies. Do you need anyone (your kids) to be a such doctor?

          • I think many lives will be spared if the medical industry, as it is, would die. Keep a few doctors around for trauma where they can actually help, and give everybody else a colloidal silver making kit to eradicate viral, fungal, and bacterial problems at virtually no cost and no risk to the patient.

            Doctors are nothing but pill pushers for drug companies and kill in excess of 100,000 people every year with their prescription pads.

            Every time you go to a hospital or doctor you are putting your life at risk with someone who is taught to treat symptoms with pills rather than administer cures and educate patience on prevention.

            Hospitals are just another parasitical corp scam.

            • Sorry, but I don’t quite believe that shoving medicine to a giant Collodial Silver dispensary is going to help either.

              There is a balance to be struck here. On the one hand, most doctors nowadays push pills, and most pill makers are more interested in profit than in a cure. On the other hand, homeopathic medicine isn’t going to cure Diabetes, nor will it remove a swelling appendix, cure pneumonia, or perform a c-section.

              The trick is to re-define the goal of medicine, from treatment to cure (whenever possible), by any legitimate, humane, and effective means to be found. Until that happens, you’ll see little-to-no progress.

            • GC: I’ll second that rant. A shortage of doctors would be a blessing not a curse for America. There is a revolution brewing in natural medicine and nutrition.

              The cat is out of the bag with respect to cheap, natural cures for all of OUR illnesses and diseases that the established medical community has been suppressing to mainatain their profits.

              You are what you eat and you need to be eating natural foods, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidents, and herb supplements.

              I don’t use illicit drugs or smoke dope, so I am not an advocate for mary jane, but the scientific evidence, supported by patent proves that marijuana is likely the most nutricious VEGETABLE on the planet if taken in its raw, unprocessed form as a salad or in a smoothie.

              Do the research.

            • Please read on topics like Sepsis, and Septic Shock. Also, consider self-inflicted conditions like chronic alcohol use/abuse leading to cirrhosis and eventually end stage liver disease. What of COPD which can be related to chronic smoking? Doctors don’t cause all the problems buddy. Then people wonder why there is a shortage… you are describing it wonderfully. Most doctors go into the field to help people. Contrary to what people think, it is NOT to make money. If I wanted to make money, I wouldn’t have sacrificed– yes, SACRIFICED–11 years of my life. I could be making waaaaay more money in business, starting some start-up company, playing the stock market, doing a whole host of jobs. Do you realize what a thankless job medicine is?????

              The average debt after med school is $120K from a public/state med school (that was around 3 years ago), and private med school cost $240k (Not including room/board/etc.) Now, add onto that interest, which capitalizes annually, and you can see how a resident’s salary of $50K annually wont make a dent in loan repayment. Furthermore, the amount of paperwork we do is redundant and ineffective. I spend more time doing paperwork than seeing the patient. Do I like that? No. Do I have a choice? No. I want to help people. I must work in a broken system until someone fixes it.
              Also, the medical advances have allowed patients to live into their 80s and 90s, which means they are sicker and require more time.
              Who would want such a high stress, busy, emotionally, mentally and physically demanding job???? I can think of a lot of other jobs I would rather do (although it’s too late now). If I were to do it again, I would not choose medicine. If I had kids (which incidentally I opted not to, because I can’t afford them), I would send them as far from medicine as I could.
              You have a point about hospital acquired infections– this is a real problem. Do you know how many patients refuse to leave the hospital? I wish you could see it from INSIDE the hospital… I wish there were a documentary about the BS doctors/healthcare personnel deal with. Patients can be unpleasant more often than I think is reasonable, demand the addictive pain meds (likely so they can sell them to make ends meet), and lie about everything. Did I mention they never want to leave the hospital because, you guessed it, they have no place else to go? These people are from homeless shelters, have no resources, but know the ER will not turn them away. And I am not dismissing those who need care. I am, however, at my wits end seeing yet another case of “Alcohol Withdrawl.”

              • Good post, Doc, but you forgot to mention that the average lifetime of an MD is 58 years. Yet another little bonus for being in medicine.

                In spite of the rants here and elsewhere, I have a lot of respect for anyone who works and studies long enough and hard enough to become a Doc.

                Fact is, I’d be dead now if not for a great family Doc. He found problems that I was not aware of and no other Doc had detected. Got me on a med program and also nagged me into getting a colonoscopy. That turned up 5 polyps of the type that DO become colon cancer. That disease took my Dad and it was an ugly, nasty, and awful way to die, let me tell you. It’s also virtually preventable if we’re willing to go through the procedure that it takes.

            • Yes, needing tons more medical doctors means either people are running to the doctor with stuff like runny noses, en masse, or we are still being made sick to keep big pharma going (think vaccines and chemotherapy).

              We all know what a huge industry the pill pushers are, and how much harm they do, trying to optimize profits. I think this is another panic attack, aimed at giving us a “logical” reason for the actions of the “death panels” that are coming together now, i.e. People are dying BECAUSE there aren’t enough doctors to treat them…Bull!

              As it is now, it isn’t your doctor who decides what treatment you need/get, it’s a “board” of accountants for the insurance industry. I think we need LESS illness and therefor, LESS medical technicians…only then will there be a sign that we may actually be getting healthier over all.

            • I have to agree GC. My brother-in-law, four years younger than me, and a good friend was in a motorcycle wreck last year in September. Was flown 80 miles away to one of the largest hospital networks in the country to be treated for head trama.
              A week later, doing fine and released with restrictions on activity and such. Three days later, couldn’t stand and walk, went back. The Doctors had his meds wrong. Hooked him up to IVs for two days and changed meds. He came home and walked a mile with the wife(his sister) and they re-connected their relationship that had been lost for 30 years.

              Three days later, lost all body, motor functions. Could barely crawl and mutter words. Went back to hospital and was determined to have contracted “MRSA” thru the previous visit and injections. Three days later turned into “necrotizing (“flesh-eating”) pneumonia”. Two days later, dead!

              Sometimes the actual visit/treatment by the modern medical “professionals”, can lead to problems much worse than the original problem. I’ll have to be in unbearable pain before I’ll submit myself to russian roulette in a medical facility ever again.

            • My father was killed by doctors when he was 55 years old. Perfectly healthy. And at the great cleveland clinic to boot. The money they gave my mom was a joke.

              My local family doctor that I’ve been going to for 30 years is shutting down after the middle of next year. He says too much bull shit and too many regulations.

            • Of course MJ lowers IQ.

              Drastically, from what I’ve seen of people on it.

              At least they bounce back somewhat when they quit (finally). But only somewhat.

            • The Guy,

              “”””Of course MJ lowers IQ.”””

              That statement is patently false. I have personally conducted research into that field with myself as the subject. So did the guy in Superhigh Me.

              I took a test after 30 days of not smoking the weed and scored 145. The next week, after smoking for the week before I took a test after smoking a big fat one and scored 153.

              An idiot who smokes weed will still be an idiot if they don’t. It is the school systems that cause the behavior, not the weed.

              The “evil weed” makes one more creative and less susceptible to the corps indoctrination programming. It enhances many brain functions, most likely because of the oxygen increase.

              I smoked daily, morning noon and night, for years with no ill effect. I was a manager for a major auto parts chain for many years during that time, with a stellar performance and attendance record.

              Don’t talk bad about the weed, talk bad about those who feel they have a right to take away one of Gods greatest gifts to mankind.

            • Connect the dots.

              The goal of the self-chosen “elite” is 95% depopulation and to enslave the survivors—perpetual war, starvation, thirst, plagues, chronic disease, whatever it takes.

              A rotten health care “system” is part of that. Expect no better.

            • Red Leader: Yes, you are correct. When heated or burned by smoking, the THC is created and concentrated. This is similar to roasting nuts.

              When you roast nuts it changes the natural oils into carcenigens!!! Eat the MJ as a salad or in a smoothie.

              Raw natural food is healthy food.

            • “A shortage of doctors would be a blessing not a curse for America. ”

              Who else recalls that during the California doctors’ malpractice strike in the 70’s death rates went DOWN?

              Or that extrapolating the 1990 Harvard Medical Practice Study, a non-psychiatric inpatient sample from New York state, suggests that doctors’ negligence kills 100,000 to 150,000 per year, the equivalent of three jumbo-jet crashes every two days, approximately five times the number of Americans killed annually using guns.

            • MD did mention an important truth, the immense waste of time and skill spent on mandated paperwork. He did not mention the narcotic-seekers. the disability scammers, the weenies, the patients who want expensive and unnecessary testing or treatments (as long as someone else pays for it), the filthy hygiene, the know-it-alls, the 24-to-60 hour shifts, the early death rates from stress-related diseases, broken families from work stress, the consumerist attitudes, etc., etc., etc. There are lots of problems with the health care “system.” Only some of the problems are due to doctors—lazy, “entitled,” and hypochondriacal patients are also to blame.

              Go into debt $100-300k, in school until you are about 30, and 35 before you see your first real paycheck—who would do that for Obama’s $50-100k/year? Nobody you’d want to be your doctor.

              Every doctor I know has or is seeking an exit strategy. There are lots of problems with the health care “system” and it will get worse—by intent of the elite.

            • Sorry DK, I will not use any chemical to alter my brain chemistry to “make me feel good” when it only changes perception, not reality.

              I will stick to real natural medicine like running, hiking, riding my horse, building and inventing things, and of course all those things I do with my wife behind closed doors. 🙂

            • Imagine every day at work having 50 to 100 ‘Bama Phone ladies and their families yapping at you about what they “need” AND HAVING TO BE POLITE TO HER. Would you want that job?

            • Red Leader: WE are biological entities. Everything WE eat is a “chemical”. Everything that you mentioned; all of OUR activities create “chemicals” inside OUR bodies as they stimulate various organs and hormones in one way or the other.

              In its natural form as a vegetable, MJ is healthy to consume. Very healthy as I have described.

              It is mostly when WE process foods that they become harmful, or more so. Keep researching.
              And keep an open mind.

            • Yeah….I’m sure you’ll feel the same way when you show up at the local ER in the middle of a heart attack….and they save your sorry ass.

            • I certainly hope you and yours never get ill.

          • Most people don’t understand the pipeline for doctors. We have had shortage of openings in our medical schools for a very long time. Every year hundreds of American students return to the U.S. from medical schools outside this country; usually the Caribbean, but from other areas as well. They all have to pass their medical boards to get certified to practice medicine just as our locally trained students must. The shoratge is a cronic one because not only do we have American students trained overseas, our country also issues hundreds of visas every year to foreign doctors as well so that they can come here, take the medical boards, and begin practicing medicine here. One response has been an increase in PAs and NPs, just like the military did at least 30 years ago. There is no one simple answer to the doctor shaortage because there isn’t just one simple cause.

            • The best solution I know is to convert about 100 law schools into medical schools.
              There – two problems helped at once!

              • LOL! OK, that solves the problem of numbers but can you imagine laying on a gurney, dying, while a dozen of these lawyer-cum-doctors argue what you have and what would be best to do about it?

          • gee I certainly am looking forward to listening to you cry for an hour at $5/hr

        • To everyone. Can you imagine the shortages of almost all doctors after SHTF. TOO MANY people now depend on going to the doctor for anything and everything. Not that an actual ailment should ever be neglected. Many times however people use practically no preventive health practices. Instead of avoiding the problem in the firstplace, people use “meds” (God I hate that term) to treat something that should have never started at. I see people pop these anti-acid tablets like candy, and cause all sorts of chemical imbalances with their digestive systems. They end up going in to get even more powerful “medicine”.

          After SHTF, there is not going to be anyway of obtaining much help at all, and “pharms” will be gone. Many sicknesses can be avoided by proper nutrition and not eating junk, CRAP food. Back 100 years or more ago, the common illnesses and discomforts did not exist because people consumed no chemical rich foods right off the farm, the woods, the sea, whereever. People ate well and did not have these type of problems now from the literal filth they consume. This dolphin died recently because he ate handouts from people, JUNK food. Not from some disease, from poisonous food that they call “snacks”.

          Try to imagine using real bad fuel in your car, and I mean garbage gas. Your car MIGHT last a year or two, and then go belly up in your driveway. People MUST change their eating habits first and foremost and stop depending on medication to cure them or neutralize the pure crap they eat. This is the first step.

          The next step for the prepper/survivalist is to try to obtain alternative means of treating yourself for sicknesses. I have heard people talk about there being no alternatives to modern medication and this is wrong. There are foods that the body recognizes and needs to help heal itself. Vitamin A, beta carotene is one of the strongest healing vitamins that there is. Orange and yellow vegetables, especially carrots, are loaded with this and helps a lot with healing. B vitamins are very helpful. Vitamin C is wonderful. Vitamin D is helping many people now. Vitamin E helps with the heart and circulation. Vitamin K helps clotting process. There is so much more.

          People do not have to feel like they are hostage to medication, and the medical fields. After SHTF, there will be no alternative to getting off the dependency of the medical fields. Get ready now, before everyone is forced to.

          • This is one of the reasons that my Trauma RN daughter is going back to school to get her Nurse Practitioner cert. After a SHTF incident, she will be our family’s primary source of health care. I wonder what the skill and ability to suture wounds, set broken bones and perform minor surgery will be worth then?

            Please don’t just acquire “stuff” to see you through the tough times ahead of us. Take the time to also acquire skills and abilities, tools, etc.

            God Bless and good luck to all.

            • @ Madmarkie. One word, excellent. 🙂

          • D-3, Vitamin C (crystal form), Fish Oil, Cayenne, Magnesium/calcium, Garlic stored in Sterlite boxes.
            I have lots of them.
            D-3 for muscle spasms in legs.
            Fish oil for healthy heart
            Cayenne–too many benefits to mention.
            Magnesium because our body doesn’t produce much.
            Garlic for immine system enhancement.
            I have a checkup once a year; doc makes me or I don’t get my donnatal…however, I quit the donnatal of 29 years—go figure, I don’t need it.

            • JayJay: Good list and You should add Tumeric to it as well to help round it out. What is a donnatal??

            • jayjay

              If you’re up to it someday, I like to see the too many benefits data…from cayenne.

              I take it in capsule form on an irregular basis, due to occasional heartburn.
              Lesson #1 per taking cayenne, never take on an empty stomach.

            • http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-cayenne.html
              Here’s one for cayenne, but there are more articles if you use your search engine.
              I do have Turmeric, not in tablet form, and know of its benefits too.

            • I have to eat breakfast BEFORE taking cayenne–oh, yeah, the burning sensation, but the benefit of cleaning plaque in your arteries is worth it.

            • I had a bladder problem(continuous urge) in 1975 and Belladonna(donnatal) was prescribed–I just stopped last year to see if my bladder had healed–it had.
              No more donnatal 3 times a day. I haven’t told my doctor of 17 years yet.

          • “Back 100 years or more ago, the common illnesses and discomforts did not exist because people consumed no chemical rich foods right off the farm, the woods, the sea, whereever.”

            What a completely clueless thing to opine. 100 years ago people died in childhood and young adulthood, mostly from acute and chronic infections. Today’s health care system is a mess, but you sure don’t need to make up bonehead nonsense like “common illnesses and discomforts did not exist.”


          • And yet, in spite of all the deficiencies you note, people ARE living longer these days than they did back in those halcyon days.

            I remember many years ago when my grandparents came to visit us. They were in their mid-60s at the time and we OLD. No, this was not just the impression of a child, they were, in fact, old. They had a hard time walking and had a number of age-related problems. These days, people in their 60s are doing all manner of physical activities that people in their 40s used to not do. Sixty seems to be the new 40 these days. Yes, there are problems but there are also successes.

        • Thankfully, I retired 31 August 2003 at age 58.75 and took all my skills out of the USA.

          ret expat MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR and 45 years in medicine.

          The US is history.

        • I agree that price controls equal shortages. Physician numbers have been controlled and set, I think to ensure high physician salaries. But the stated goal is to maintain quality. If you look at the number of positions for medical school https://www.aamc.org/download/153708/data/charts1982to2012.pdf

          There has been virtually no rise in the number of positions. In 1982, 16,567 students matriculated to medical school; in 2011 that number was 19,230 (and only 17,364 graduated). Whereas the number of applicants varied between 25,000 and 45,000. Whether for economics or quality, there appears to be a concerted effort to keep numbers low. The process for opening an accredited medical school is long and tedious.

          Second the process to obtain a specialization (cardiology, surgery, etc) is also strictly maintained. Slots are subsidized by the federal and state governments, but also limited, so that there is competition for these coveted slots. But when the student faces the reality that the average student completes medical school with over $100,000 in debt, thoughts begin to turn toward specialities with excellent salaries, thus shifting the numbers of physicians from primary care to subspecialist care.

          Because medicine and medical insurance have not been allowed to be subjected to free market forces, but have been manipulated for decades, we have developed a system that is seriously short of physicians.

          The only reason the system is still afloat is because of Nurse Practioners and Physician Assistants, who while helpful do not have the depth of knowledge and training and must be supervised.

          A couple comments on cost. When you require physicians to work by the patient seen, basically a line worker in a factory, who only make more money based on the number of people they see and not based on the time they spend, you will get exactly that, a physician who spends 10 mintues with every patient, boots the patient to subspecialists, orders lots of tests, and does not explain diagnoses. Physicians should be paid more like Attorneys, for the minutes they spend on patient care. I work 12 hour days and spend more time on the computer, doing research, reviewing tests, than with patients.

          We take call without pay, try working 10-12 hour days then get called at 2 am for some medication or from a mother with a child with a fever. Of course there will be mistakes and people will be sent to the Emergency room, which brings up the whole issue of liability, which I will refrain from addressing (but desperately want to)

        • This article is bogus. Physicians are leaving and being driven out of medicine. I am a physician. The corporation for which I was working was bought by a private equity group. The first thing that happened was that physicians pay was reduced so that the private equity holders could receive better return. The second alteration in model was to bring in nurses, cheaper, replacing doctors. Doctors were let go. The third event was the loss of hospital contracts which caused more physicians to be let go.

          I am a senior physician. No group employer wants to hire senior physicians, even though they have never had any malpractice or adverse occurrences. This is called age discrimination. Veterans hospitals were the same. Age discrimination is rampant in medicine.

          Under Obamacare a physician’s private practice (office) must be paperless and integrated into the paperless hospital systems. Information technology costs $250,000 -350,000 to be paperless in a private office. Without a paperless office a private practice billing of medicare or medicaid will be progressively reduced each year that the office is not paperless. For a senior physician it would be impossible to recover the investment for IT in an office.

          The system discriminates against senior physicians. The system would rather have young cheap advanced nurse practitioners and CRNAs than more expensive senior physicians delivering care. Individual hospital systems make more money from cheap advanced nurse practitoners and CRNAs who have never been through medical school. The government pays out less to advanced nurse practitioners and CRNAs for their care, thereby saving the government money.

          Advanced nurse practitioners and CRNAs independently practice medicine in at least 16 states now. They are taking the positions which were previously filled by physicians driving physicians out of practice. They are taking the bread and butter activities upon which physicians relied for their practices. These personnel are commoditizing medical care and decreasing the quality of care for cheaper medicine.

          The government sponsored studies about 1919 which resulted in the Flexner Reports on the status of medical education and quality of medical practice. At the time of these reports an individual might become a practioner of medicine through dental school, apprenticeship, accredited medical school or unaccredited medical school, midwifery, etc. These reports documented the relationship between quality of medical practice and education resulting in uniform education such that no one might practice medicine except through education at an accredited medical school. Obamacare and the present government have abandoned this practice. Today, we have advanced nurse practitioners, CRNAs, podiatrists, osteopaths, midwives all practicing medicine without a medical school education.

          The most recent ploy by nurses is that they are getting PhD’s in nursing. Then, when they introduce themselves to a patient they introduce themselves as doctors. The patient never knows that they never had a medical school education. The government has taken us back to 1920 almost 100 years after determining that a uniform medical education was necessary in medical schools in order to deliver quality standard care.

          There are many outstanding senior physicians who would like to continue practicing but have been and are being driven out of practice by the government. These physicians are by training and years in medicine more independent. They are not part of the dependency culture being created by the government and hospital systems. They are more likely to be independent practitioners, the exact type of individual not being developed and encouraged by government laws and the hospital system which want to control everything in medicine.

          These physician practitioners are the individuals who are the followers of Hippocrates who believed that a physician must do everything that he can for the the patient, a direct contrast to Obamacare which rejects the teaching of Hippocrates who physicians have followed for centuries.

          Rham Emmanuel’s brother, Ezechial Manual’s “Reapers Curve” published in Lancet medical journal espouses that seniors above 60 years of age and individuals, less than twenty years of age, should not receive the care needed because those individuals are less productive members of society. Society should “allocate” medical resources to the productive members of society, those 20 – 60 years old. Thus, Obamacare has “committees” to determine the allocation of Medicare and Medicaid dollars. These committees were what Palin called “death panels”. These committees take the care of patients right out of the control of the practitioner, who would deliver the best care to the patient. These Committees are the individuals and entities which Hippocrates opposed all of his life. These Committees represent the conduct which good physicians have opposed and rejected in following the principles of Hippocrates for centuries.

          Is it any wonder that the government is permitting non-physicians to practice medicine in order to take control of the practice of medicine away from the principles of Hippocrates and the physicians who follow those principles? Is it any wonder that hospitals call physicians “one of the providers” rather than physicians who are the providers. The hospital industry and the government have teamed up to extinguish the control of physicians over the practice of medicine so that the government and hospital systems control the practice of medicine.

          Any shortage of physicians has been manufactured by the government and is bogus. There are more than 13,000 physicians who would love to practice but the system prohibits them from practicing the medicine which they would want to practice through restrictive laws, age discrimnation, and control freak laws by power mongers in hospitals and government.

        • Here in Chicago, we have no Doctor shortage however I am aware in many areas of the country there are few Specialists, i.e., Cardiologist, Neurologists, Oncologists, etc. Likely because they prefer the lifestyle and opportunities of our larger cities. There is a huge change going on in medicine. No longer are Doctors wanting to be “Businessmen” in private practice with an office, large staff, high liability insurance premiums etc. Most younger doctors just out of Medical School prefer to work at Clinics or Hospitals where they are Employees making a salary just like the rest of us. They don’t want the responsibility of paying for and managing an office staff; paying for their medical malpractice insurance; and having to see a huge number of patients to make it all work, financially. Recently I spoke with a young Doctor who enjoyed working at the hospital (7AM to 4PM) M-F; weekends free; insurance premium free; and with no pressure to see a huge number of patients daily. He can take his time to do the job, correctly. He said he has a very pleasant lifestyle without the pressure he late father had to become a Millionaire Doctor, ie., Businessman. What is really surprising is most new Doctors graduating from our medical schools are women. (Law schools also seeing a trend toward more women professionals. Men seem to be heading towards engineering, not medicine or law.) Another trend, and I see this everyday at my local CVS Pharmacy, is the rise of Health Clinics run by RN nurses. They are jammed with patients avoiding Doctors completely. Likely due to cost $$ but also often Doctors are arrogant and patronizing. I’ve had Cancer, twice; survived both time by “shopping” for the best person to help me and often ignring Doctor’s Orders. American medicine is changing and likely for the better. It’s a hard sell for the Old Timers who want to be Doctors but also expect to be Millionaire Businessmen.

      2. @ Sam’s son

        Taking a cue from you. allow me to build on your post.

        Earth to Obama-suckers: Obamacare = rationed service & a shortened lifespan, unto a premature death!
        By design…

        • Obamacare = “Logans’ Run”

          • Movie foretells future BIG PHARMA GESTAPO mandatory Death-Care in AmeriKa

            Logan’s Run (1976) An idyllic utopia sci-fi future has one major drawback: life must end at 30.


            Hat Tip: Feisty Old Broad

            • Life ALREADY ends at 30…

              (I’m joking)

              Or so this consumerist culture would have you believe. Look at whom all products / all media is targeted towards. 19-28 age group.

          • “Obamacare = Logans’ Run”

          • “Obamacare = “Logans’ Run””

            Yeah, that’s chapter 1.

            Chapter 2 is more like Soylent Green. 🙁

        • A U.S. physician explains how to protect yourself from Obamacare
          by Robert S. Dotson, M.D.

          “Avoid contact with the existing health care system as far as possible. Yes, emergencies arise that require the help of physicians, but by and large one can learn to care for one’s own minor issues.

          Though it is flawed, the internet has been an information leveler for the masses and permits each person to be his or her own physician to a large degree. Take advantage of it!

          Educate yourself about your own body and learn to fuel and maintain it as you would an expensive auto or a pet poodle.

          One does not need a medical degree to:

          1. avoid excessive use of tobacco or alcohol or, for that matter, caffeine

          2. avoid poisons like fluoride, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and addictive drugs (legal or illicit)

          3. avoid unnecessary and potentially lethal imaging studies (TSA’s radiation pornbooths, excessive mammography, repetitive CT scans – exposure to all significantly increases cancer risk)

          4. avoid excessive cell phone use and exposure to other forms of EMR pollution where possible (the NSA is recording everything you say and text anyway)

          5. avoid daily fast food use and abuse (remember: pink slime and silicone)

          6. avoid untested GM foods (do you really want to become “Roundup Ready?”)

          7. avoid most vaccinations and pharmaceutical agents promoted by the establishment

          8. avoid risky behaviors (and, we do not need a bunch of Nanny State bureaucrats to define and police these)

          9. exercise moderately

          10. get plenty of sleep

          11. drink plenty of good quality water (buy a decent water filter to remove fluoride, chloride, and heavy metals)

          12. wear protective gear at work and play where appropriate (helmets, eye-shields, knee and elbow pads, etc.)

          13. seek out locally-grown, whole, organic foods and support your local food producers

          14. take appropriate nutritional supplements (multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3)

          15. switch off the TV and the mainstream media it represents

          16. educate yourself while you can

          And, lastly …



      3. This is the problem with government healthcare and socialism in general. Why should I be a doctor when I can have the same standard of living as a taxi driver on welfare?
        Welcome to the USSA people!

        Stand strong until freedom dawns.

        • Looks like you do not understand the role of USSR project. It was greatest project in human history. So, country that already passed this step has unique experience and huge advantages for the future. Think about this also.


          • Hey, I’ve got family in Havana, why don’t you try living under Marxism for a few decades, then we’ll talk.

            • Let’s talk. I lived 29 years in USSR.

            • Why are you here?

          • Bahahaha!
            You’re kidding me right?

            • No. Russians are not agressive nation. Have no reason to fight for oil and democracy in other countries.

            • @noname:

              You crack me up! Russia’s NOT aggressive? Tell that to the Czechs, Poland, the Baltic States, the Ukraine, Afghanistan, Turkey, Finland, China and Japan.

              Yeah, the Russians are so passive. That’s why the former East Bloc countries practically RAN to join NATO after communism fell apart. I know a few Polish and Ukrainian officers that would absolutely LOVE to tell you just how much they hate Mother Russia.


            • noname…It seems that Russia has adopted the West’s economics of crony capitalism. Sure, they are not agressive now (and haven’t been for a long time) but every major world power has their own sordid history of agression. What about Hungary and Poland in 1950’s? Or Czechoslovakia in the 60’s? How much better is the common man under crony capitalism than under communism? EVERY developed country is run by the criminal fiat money central bankers. Russia is no exception.

            • Mal says “”””You crack me up! Russia’s NOT aggressive?”””

              Please remove the log from your own eye before speaking of the speck in someone else’s.

              The US corp is the most aggressive, destructive empire in the history of the world. And it is getting worse every single day.

          • noname: impressive commercial for the Russian military, it’s good enough to have been done by someone on Madison Ave. But like all advertising, the reality rarely ever lives up to the hype. Russian has always been a second rate power with third rate equipment. Russia’s tactics haven’t changed: throw massive amounts of men and machinery at the enemy in hopes of overwhelming him with out regard to the losses suffered. The only reason that worked in WWII was the Hitler couldn’t commit everything because of the daily and nightly allied aerial raids on Germany. Without our help, Russian’s ‘Brute-Force’ tactics would have failed, due to the colossal loss of men and equipment, and they would all be speaking German today. Our (Allied) superior tactics and equipment (bombers and fighters) helped save the day. But I have to admit, the Germans did have the best equipment, especially tanks and jet aircraft. Russia: not impressive then, and certainly not now.

            • Germany was trying to use 1950’s era equipment in a 1940’s war. Many designs were brilliant but were difficult to maintain with or without the Allied bombing. Example: Many, many, Panther Tanks had electrical problems during the Kursk Campaign. It seems that Ukrainian mice moved into the warm tanks seeking shelter and gnawed on the cotton insulation on electrical wires. The machines were new and brilliant but did not undergo sufficient prototyping before being released to battle. This is an example of socialism (the national kind) fighting socialism (the international kind) on the battlefield to see which could claim the largest market share of the same workers.

        • We have had government healthcare for Seniors (Medicare) since 1964. A great program that has helped many families avoid bankrupcy. It is Socialism. Without it, most older Americans would have no way to maintain their modest standard of living. They would either forgo care or pass their cost of care onto their already over burdened children. The United States is a wonderful country because it use ideas from all lands; capitalism, socialism, etc. and merges it all into a uniquely American ideal. Our system is the best and always will be. There is no need to establish a strict Capitalist System further burdening our already over burdened populace.

      4. Obama care or not, I like the idea of being able to afford to get sick and knowing that my family will also be taken care of. If my kidneys failed right now, I am screwed.
        The health care system as it is now is heavily flawed and greedy. With Obamacare, it will just be a DIFFERENT set of problems, but at least the people will be taken care of. I mean, a heart transplant for Dick Cheney at his age? My grandma on my fathers side could have gotten that heart…nope the hospitals let her die because she is poor and old.
        We have always had a shortage of doctors in this country, what is 1 more hour on top of a 3 hour wait?

        • GregorKlusar,

          If Obama care kicks in and you need to have any type of procedure or God forbid, a medical implant, you would probably be dead before you were approved to get one, especially if you are over 50. The premiums on your current health care will be astronimical so you would more than likely have to opt for the universal health care system. Socialized medical and health care never works, it is meant for the healthy not the sick and especially not for those over 50. Not to mention the fact that there will not be enough Doctors and there will not be enough money to cover this nightmare called health care. You name one thing that the Government runs and runs well. There will be a panel of 15 non medical people who will decide who gets what and when.

          If you get sick in Miami, and you’re old, then you may as well plan your burial ahead of time. My beautiful and kind Mother, moved to the sunshine state because she loved the ocean and the sea gulls, not too long afterwards, she became ill and sought the expertise of a very renowned Doctor, her name is Dr. King. Dr. King scheduled my Mother for surgery that was supposed to be simple and non life threatening. My Mother was dead within a week. I won’t go into details but it turns out that Dr. King did not do the surgery herself but instead turned it over to an incompetent Surgeon who killed my Mother, she became comotose due to shock, and after almost a week of suffering, she died. I received a phone call from Dr. King telling me that she was sorry for my Mother’s passing and wanted to know if there was anything she could do for me. I told her that since she was instrumental in the death of my Mother that she could turn in her license to practice medicine to the board of physicians and plead guilty to murder. She was silent and then I told her that I was going to hire a lawyer in order to expose her. She hung up and I did indeed hire a lawyer but not one of her cohorts would even comment on this whole horrific situation so the Lawyer said fighting the hospital was just about futile and advised me to drop the case. I did but I do believe in final judgment, you know, from the big guy.

          This past year, my Father went to the hospital with a case of gout, this took place in New York, he left in a body bag. While in the hospital, he developed pneumonia and when he said that his lungs felt full, they still released him, he was back within eight hours and dead within two days. They released him originally because he had used up his allotted time at the hospital and could only return if he became ill again. Both of my parents did have medical insurance. They murdered him too.

          This is the way things are now, can you just imagine how it will be in the very near future? They want the elderly to die without costing them too much money. They want their brown shirt brigade to thrive and control everyone who is of viable working age as well as indoctrinate the young. If you are old and sick, die at home with dignity and love around you because you will not have a chance in a hospital.

          • If you want to red thumb me then have the guts to say why. Normally, who cares about red thumbs but hey are you that insensitive, you could have just ignored my post. Why the hell would you red thumb a story about two great people being murdered by a hospital? Jerk!!!

            • BlueH20,

              I didn’t want to go into detail about my Dad, but here goes. My Dad did go to his Doctor beforehand and he also went to a podiatrist beforehand. No one would recognize it as gout but suggested bone spurs, arthritis, ect.. When my Dad did go to the hospital, it was at 2:00 am and he was in excruciating pain. Once admitted, he was told that he would have to be tested for gout before they could treat him. While he waited and waited for test results, were talking days here, he got sick. When they finally decided that he had gout they started treating it. The worst part is that they knew he also had congestive heart disease and was on lasix. Guess what? they stopped the lasex pills to no ones knowledge and he ended up on dialysis. They then discovered their error and brought him back so somewhat normal however it was then the he had contracted pneumonia yet was released. I spoke to the nurse and told her that he was quite ill and should not be released until he was checked for pneumonia, she said that he was fine but just being a baby. He did have an appointment the following day with his Doctor but it was too late since he was back in the hospital. They even dropped my Father on the floor when they were moving him to a bed. This was a man who lived independently in his own home, he mowed his own lawn and did his own housework, he also bowled on a league. So do not assume things about a situation unless you are there, my Dad did all the right things but to no avail. Yea we all have to go sometime but not at the hands of those who are supposed to be saving you. They killed my Dad and nothing you say can whitewash it.

          • I am sorry for your loss. Not trying to minimize your pain at all. That sounds awful. Hospital acquired pneumonia is a real issue, as are other nosocomial– hospital acquired infections. This is why MDs are always trying to get patients out of the hospital ASAP. The longer one stays in a hospital, the higher chance of getting sick.

            • @ MD

              My previous comment was not directed towards all doctors.
              You are one of the few that are in it for the right reasons. The doctor I see every six months about my heart/BP is like you. He could make more money in the big city and run people thru like cattle, but; he is really sincere and takes a persons care as a personal concern. Instead of their wallet, he seems more concerned for their well being.

            • Yes. But:

              There are ways to minimize MRSA within a hospital. Cleaners need to be trained , supervised and given some pride in their importance to a team, for one thing. Perhaps not unionized, for another. Community-acquired systemic infections are just that: in the community. People can acquire them anywhere and they do and then they enter the hospital w/them. Orthopedic surgeons are developing simple protocols such as flooding an incision w/an iodine solution for 3 minutes, then flushing w/saline, thus avoiding some surgically-caused infections. Hospitals keep close tabs on any practitioners mortality and morbidity rates and doctors get fired if they are too high.

              It is so hard to lose someone you love, yet, once upon a time, pneumonia was known as the “Old man’s friend.” Please, please understand I am not being callous (I am old, most of my family is gone), but we are all going to die of something, some of us sooner than others.

              Gout is caused by an inability to metabolize an amino acid. Some gout is secondary to other conditions and medications, such as BP drugs that are diuretic and some is just hereditary. While it can be somewhat managed by diet, it is one condition that is managed successfully with an inexpensive drug, Allopurinol. It does not require hospitalization. Perhaps your father went in ER, which is where he encountered the pneumonia? An office appointment could have sufficed and begun a course of treatment for the gout.

              All of you: listen the the MD. He is telling the honest, heartfelt truth. When SHTF, he is the one you will wish desperately for, but w/o the infrastructure we have today, he is going to be limited in what he can do and medicine will be back in the 1890s or earlier, when people died at 35 and those who made it to 50 looked and felt like those who are 85 today.

              For those who don’t *believe* in immunizations, Google *measles* and make yourself look hard at the photos, which are gruesome. Before the vaccinations, we were quarantined for the *common childhood illnesses* and kids still died, and it was worse for adults who contracted these illnesses. Whooping cough is back at high levels and it can also kill. Those who survived chickenpox go on to get shingles as adults. You can lose an eye from that, not to mention the pain is intense.

              When government was not in the middle micromanaging health care and practitioners, we made huge advances in disease control, some of it just because of those drugs everyone wants to blame and because clinicians had tools that allowed them to diagnose quickly and accurately. It was not relatively as expensive as today, either. That was why people came to America for health care. Now, our system is being degraded to the level of other socialized countries and for the same reasons.

              Think about it: no medicine at a profitable level to justify the expense and the time to acquire the knowledge and the perseverance and intelligence to acquire that knowledge means a shorter, more brutish life and disability for the ones that survive. No joint replacements. No organ replacements. No management for auto-immune conditions. High levels of childhood death or disability from things like rheumatic fever. Disability from unset bones. Lingering, painful death from osteomyelitis secondary to a compound fracture and a book could be written just of the list of what we now don’t even recognize, but which were ubiquitous just 60 years ago. Not only that, but microbes evolve and create new diseases. Pharmaceutical research and development is being taxed, managed and litigated out of existence. Your life-saving drugs will be manufactured in Egypt, soon. Then, they will not exist or will be defective.

              The same people who are stockpiling antibiotics and smugly considering how much gold they will charge for their beans seem to be demanding physicians be conscripted, curtailed from using hard-won knowledge and tools such as vaccines and pharmaceuticals and barely compensated while being totally subject to reprisals for anything that may go wrong and instead are shrilly pointing fingers and participating in yet another of the divide-and-conquer strategies that are destroying this country and the world.This particular Balkanization is already biting everyone in the butt.

              I do not accept the arguments of noname. I think it was in the 80s that Russia had many deaths from an outbreak of diptheria. Diptheria lives in the soil and is everywhere. Vaccines have controlled it. Russia has far more outbreaks of food-borne illness, which is more than a tummy-ache, than we do. Ask any epidemiologist, even the Russian ones, but ask them when they are not afraid of being overheard. Politically, noname, please tell the Georgians about peaceful Russia. Before they discovered their own oil and gas, they were bent on becoming an empire. Now, they can and do use that energy to extort all of Europe, behaving as an Empire demanding tribute. All of Eastern Europe can counter your information from experience over 3 or more generations, pre-Revolution and post-Soviet. Ask the Afghans about peaceful Russia. Everyone here can read The Black Book about the Soviet years. Hundreds of millions of Russians and their neighbors can give testimony. Just what we see here: controlled famines, stirring up ethnic hatred, destruction of capital, untrained *barefoot doctors* in the provinces, unhygienic hospitals. You write inculcated nonsense in that regard.

              No one is forced to go to hospital or utilize medical care. You can all ingest colloidal silver and herbal concoctions of unknown strength, due to lack of knowledge or ability to test each batch. That recent tragedy w/the steriodal injection causing meningitis was because people refused injections with preservatives and the Compounding Pharmacies were willing to provide them to the doctors who were willing to use them. While these CPs used to just make small, rigidly controlled batches of specialty products, this one decided to apply mass production techniques to volume batches without any controls for ubiquitous fungi that are all around us. Preservatives can be anti-microbial and anti-fungal. You can figure out the rest.

              Good luck to those who so choose. The good clinicians will really feel your pain, because they are also human and they & their families also become ill or injured and they face the same situation we all do made more intense by their own knowledge.

            • M.D.
              You are right on with your assessment. I’ve been dermatology PA for 12 years and before that did family practice for 2 years I am married to an ineternal med doc primary care sucks thankless stressful job many specialist make good money but engineer does better than a primary care doc when the opportunity costs are factored in. As a PA, mid level practitioners can do a god job in specific areas like dermatology but we can not replace physicians the hc system quality will suffer. No no one in their right mind would go into medicinewith the government taking over small for natural medicines but don’t be naive think it will help when you are septic or need surgery. Americans are the most demanding spoiled patients And have a rude awakening when obamacare kicks in the gov’t won’t care about yourcomplaints

            • Blue H2O says

              “”””You can all ingest colloidal silver and herbal concoctions of unknown strength, due to lack of knowledge or ability to test each batch”””

              Or you can be intelligent, make your own, and KNOW exactly what you are taking.

              I once bought some colloidal silver from GNC. It said it was 30 PPM and cost 30 bucks for an 8 OZ bottle. Later, I bought a TDS3 tester and it tested at 133 PPM. It was either way off on the silver content or made with garbage water.

              Now I make my own in distilled water. I always make it a 5 PPM, unless there is a special need for something stronger.

              What has it cured, just for myself? It cured Rosacia that had made my face very red for over twenty years. It cured a toenail fungus and restored healthy nails to my feet. And those were side effects for taking it for an infected tooth, which it also healed.

              After seeing those results, at a larger yet controlled dose it has cured what was most likely genital warts. It has also cured the chalazion I had in my eye that was seriously affecting my vision. As another side effect it has reduced my allergy symptoms to the point I no longer need any allergy medication no matter what time of year it is.

              Say what you want about colloidal silver. It is the only thing I have ever taken that not only cured the problem I was attacking, either viral, fungal, or bacterial, but also produced some very desirable and positive side effects, including feeling generally better.

              H2O may be right about not knowing for sure what is in a store bought bottle of colloidal silver, (or an herbal remedy). But if you make it yourself with strict quality control and consistent production methods it is literally a MEDICAL MIRACLE that is beyond the comprehension of those who have spent half a million dollars for an education that taught them first and foremost to shun such things in favor or pharmaceutical profits and treating the symptoms while ignoring the cure.

              While there are some good doctors who just want to help people (MD, that is for you), they are as rare as good cops and stifled by the same “regulators” that put your best interest at the bottom of the priority list.

            • Hey God’s, so then where do you get the “silver”… stuff (?) to mix in with the water… and what sort of… thingy… do you use to test it… and where do you get that?

            • Live free:

              Replying under MD’s post since your reply button was disabled.

              I guess I would have to agree there was some degree of incompetence in your Dad’s case. But his was a complex medical situation.

              On one hand, gout is easily diagnosed: rapid onset, usually at night, 1st metatarsal highly inflamed and exquisitely sensitive, patient possibly on a diuretic. Yes, the gout blood test takes days. Without a history of gout, the hospital was forced to do a test before making the diagnosis. Also, nothing much can be done in an acute episode except NSAIDs. Taking Allopurinol at that point only concentrates more uric acid crystals at the joint. There is no cure and the usual prognosis is a week or several weeks of high fluid intake, low purine intake, NSIADs for pain and inflammation. It is a lousy condition to have or to manage in its acute form. It IS an arthritis. It could have been secondary to the Lasix, but he needed that due to the congestive heart disease. And you want to encourage diuresis in gout. No easy answers, there.

              Considering your father’s condition, his congestive heart disease trumped the gout. The pneumonia was opportunistic. The bacterium was there, he was there and he was fragile, even if he had been functioning in daily life. Emotionally miserable, with a terrible outcome, but objectively accurate.

              No RN should ever belittle a patient’s pain or distress in such a matter. Very unprofessional, imhumane and also totally beyond their scope to even suggest such a thing to the attending physician, who likely would have reprimanded the RN.

              I have seen an incapacitated loved one mishandled by aides/orderlies. It is beyond horrible. They hire young women who cannot manage the mass of an adult male w/o mechanical assistance.

              I understand your distress and that is putting it mildly.
              Your dad was functioning even with multiple conditions. It only took a couple of seemingly small incidents to start a terrible cascade. We can be fragile beings, especially in old age.

              While the entire topic of litigation is really really sensitive, likely he or you signed something that somewhere stated “I recognize that medicine is an art and not an exact science” or words to that effect. Unfortunately, that is true.

              I wonder what part of the country you are in? Our local hospital has terminated several MDs for excessive morbidity (getting sicker/contracting infections) and mortality rates within the past few years. Not all clinicians are equal. You seem to have run into a nest of lesser lights. The worst student in the class who still passes becomes a Doctor of Medicine. Everyone knows this. I have heard a Professor of Surgery recount a nightmare where she is in the ER, looks up and the name tag is that of her worst student, ever. This is not to demean the entire universe of medical practitioners.

              However, even getting the complete records to begin an investigation is very difficult and time consuming, as well as expensive. The institution will protect itself and has its own attorneys. You really need someone on the inside as a whistle blower in order to bring suit and you must prove the clinicians knew they were doing the wrong thing. Probably won’t happen. It also would not bring your Dad back and even if they lost their ability to practice, it could be restored w/waivers on their license and eventually could be expunged completely.

              Nothing can ease this sort of pain. FWIW, you have my sympathy. I was not trying to make your Dad out to be at fault. I have also seen physicians in severe depression when they have lost a patient. They failed in your Dad’s case, but that doesn’t make them murderers.

            • BlueH2O

              Would you mind posting a link to the manufacturer or seller of your unit.
              Would appreciate it much. Thanks

            • The Guy says,

              “””Hey God’s, so then where do you get the “silver”… stuff (?) to mix in with the water… and what sort of… thingy… do you use to test it… and where do you get that?”””

              It is made by using silver wire, preferably .9999 fine which is what I use. A six inch piece of 14 gage, cut into two 3 inch pieces, will last about a year if you make a lot of it. I just bought a 3 foot piece of 12 gage (1 ounce) from Atlasnova/Amazon. That is effectively a lifetime supply and cost about 70 FRNs.

              You also need an electrical source. I use 16v at .9 amps. I had it at home in my box of adapters, or they are cheap at garage sales. Some recommend around 30 volts, but my research indicates the lower voltage is better. You can use either 2 or 3 9v batteries, or a power adapter for a piece of electronic equipment. I prefer the adapter because batteries drain and the adapter is very consistent with its output.

              I use a TDS3 meter to check the content. Cost about 20 FRNs at Amazon. With distilled water, it always reads 001, or 1 PPM. NEVER use anything but DISTILLED water, if it is available (84 cents a gallon at Wallyworld). Put the wires into the water and connect the power source. There are many sites that tell you how to do it.

              At 16 volts, it takes about 2 hours to reach 6 PPM in a 16 0z jar, which leaves me with a 5 PPM silver ratio. 5 PPM is fine for daily supplemental use and will stop most mild colds or infections. One ounce, once a day will keep you from getting most bugs, or at least knowing that you have them because they will be killed before symptoms show up.

              If you have a stronger infection, fungus, or unknown virus, increase the dosage. You can do that by taking more of the 5 PPM, or making a 10 or 15 PPM bottle. You also want to drink a lot of water while you are taking higher strengths. Some people will take 500 PPM or more, but I think that is way too much. Keep it under 30 PPM to be 100% certain it will be safe and not overload your bodies ability to flush out the waste of the dead microbes.

              As a warning, you do not want to take a lot of really strong colloidal silver to start. It can make you feel sick. Not because you are actually getting sick from silver, but because it is destroying a lot of bacteria and can overload your bodies ability to get rid of it.

              It is very simple to make, but without the meter you are flying blind. For me, the TDS meter is NOT optional if you want to make colloidal silver.

              Once the batch is done ( I make 16 oz at a time), pour it into a slightly bigger jar through a coffee filter to make sure there is no garbage in it. Clean the electrodes and you are ready for the next batch. Make it as you need it, discard anything unused after 30 days.

              That’s it. If you want to make it, and can’t afford the wire, go to colloidalsilverguy.com and he will send you a free kit. No shit, no charge. He does it because he wants to help people. Colloidal silver has helped him a lot and he just wants to give something back. I am not associated with him in any way, but only request a free kit if you REALLY cant afford it.

              It can also be used for water purification to make sure what you are drinking doesn’t have anything in it that will make you sick. Every bug out bag should have a colloidal silver making device in it.

              It truly is a powerful medicinal substance, but if it was acknowledged as such it would literally destroy the pharmaceutical companies.

          • If Obamacare kicks in, there will be a HUGE black market in medical care. Those who can afford to get what they need will be OK. Those who cannot will be grist for the government medical mill.

          • This is Bullshit! What an imagination. Obamacare or Canadian Healthcare or Bristish Healthcare or Norwegian Healthcare or German Healthcare or any other national healthcare programs do not lead to lesser care. Will you wait ? Maybe. If you have Cancer = immediate care. If you need a knee replacement = may have to wait awhile. No waits are life threatening. Cost effective way of doing business most Americans are not used to. Americans want everything NOW. All Americans should have served their country via Military Service where the motto is “Hurry up and wait”. They would learn to prioritize their wants and needs. Needs would come first. As far as people dying in the hospital, I’ve had experience with that. My mother was admitted to a hospital for tests for re-occurring fainting spells. After 5 days, the medical staff pinpointed and solved her problem. However, during those 5 days she developed Pneumonia. 44 days later she died there. I observed the hospital was clean; housekeeping was excellent; staff Always changed their gloves between patients. How did this happen? An RN explained, “it’s our clothing”. We walk from room to room with bacteria, germs, viruses, everthing imaginable on own clothing. It is not cost effect for us to change clothing for each patient. We, the staff, are spreading disease and killing patients. Sad situation present in all hospital. Originally hospitals were places where only the poor were treated; warehoused away from everyone else. The wealthy had Doctors visit them in their homes. However, the machines and technology of modern medicine are now only available at hospitals.

      5. Join me in praying for our country -especially throught the election. But no matter who wins, we need God’s blessing and favor once again.

        • We are–every night at 8 central, 6 pacific the nation prays together..
          We pray for our nation; pray the Bible becomes our guidance and rule for laws; pray that Christianity grows in America; pray for world peace, whatever religion is practiced; Pray that this nation receives Christians to lead.
          Join us..everyone and email all to join us.

        • God knows what we need and praying for our country is not how god wants us to pray. The bible tells you how to pray it tells you the exact words to say.

          book of matthew
          7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

          9 “This, then, is how you should pray:

          “‘Our Father in heaven,
          hallowed be your name,
          10 your kingdom come,
          your will be done,
          on earth as it is in heaven.
          11 Give us today our daily bread.
          12 And forgive us our debts,
          as we also have forgiven our debtors.
          13 And lead us not into temptation,[a]
          but deliver us from the evil one.[b]’

          And yet we all keep praying our own way not the way Jesus said to. The quote from the bible is the words of Jesus himself not mine 🙂

          • We pray in preparation for major decisions; to overcome demonic barriers; to gather workers for the spiritual harvest; to gain strength to overcome temptation; and to obtain the means of strengthening others spiritually.
            Are the words more important than the intent??

        • Considering how we, as a nation, have behaved, why would God want to give us a blessing or a favor? Like errant children, we are being shown the errors of our ways via the difficulties we are now facing. This will get worse, possibly a LOT worse, before it comes even close to getting better. “The time of trial” approaches… and it doesn’t have a thing to do with any court of Man.

        • I don’t think God has been favoring us recently. Especially during the Presidency of George W. Bush. He apparently liked us during the Presidency of General Eisenhower, when America was building and booming. Since then, he obviously has become more and more displeased and less and less favorable toward the USA. We are now totally out of his favor. Prepare for a hard fall.

      6. Obama Zombies dont hear dont see, they have a single file mentality, their obtuseness is intentional. Free yourself, get healthy, loose weaght, eat right. Own an Assult Weapon BE A CITIZEN!

        • You have to understand – “Obama Zombies” does not exist.
          They are just US zombies.

        • A citizen really!! You really need to know the meaning of the words you so proudly describe yourself as. Me im a Freeman!

        • Lose weight?! Don’t you realize that my gut is an amazing food storage prep? 😀

        • If this is what it takes to get Americans healthy, then this is good. Americans are among the most unhealthy people on earth. They use their healthcare system 4 to 5 times more than Europeans use theirs. Americans weigh 40 to 50 pounds more than Austrailians, who eat a similar high fat, high meat, low vegetable diet. The difference is Aussie exercise far, far more than Americans. I’ve visited Sydney many times and always am amazed how fit everyone is; even the elderly are in excellent physical shape. Most people have great abs unlike Americans who have sags and bags everywhere. Shame on America (where only Olympic athletes and Navy Seals are in shape).

      7. Here is some food for thought for everyone. Just last week I had a pacemaker/defib implanted in my chest at the ripe old age of 57. It seems I aquired a virus that attacked my heart,it could happen to anyone. The bill I am told will be around $100,000.00! I know Obammycare is not the answer but what the hell is? I remember as a youngster such technology was non-existant nor was insurance. Fortunatley I have insurance now but what will my premiums be in the future? Something needs to be done about the high cost of healthcare but what? Just hope you stay healthy. Save a bullet for yourself Cherrio…Butch

        • “””I know Obammycare is not the answer but what the hell is?”””

          Colloidal silver. It would have killed the virus before it could do any damage to your heart. It prevents bacterial, fungal, and viral problems from ever happening, and cures them if they do.

          Meanwhile, the doctors treat symptoms and NEVER cure anything. That would be bad for business.

        • @butch
          I’ve been a “healthcare professional” for almost 40 years, both in the U.S. and mission field. The problem of high cost is two fold: #1 Protect Dr.’s, Hospitals, ect. from every lawyer looking for a free lunch. #2. Get the Government the hell out of the health care business so the free market can adjust rates/costs to what the patient can pay. I hope that your pacer was a Medtronic.
          God Bless,Ike

        • You had cardiomyopathy– likely from a viral source. They placed a pacer/defibrillator because your heart was so damaged that likely it wasn’t pumping effectively. If your EF (ejection fraction) drops below 30% then you are more prone to arrhythmias like VT (ventricular tachycardia). This means, in plain terms, you could simply drop dead without any warning. That is why they spent $100K on you. One thing I do want to point out, is that you mention such technology was non-existent as a youngster. I agree that technology has advanced, and you are relatively young, which is why they chose to spend $100K+ to prevent sudden cardiac death in your case. Now, think about this… pretend you are the doctor making the decision. Would you rather they decide against giving you the device, thereby leaving you prone to sudden cardiac death? Would you rather have the device, knowing it could save your life and has a hefty price tag? Tough questions… even tougher, is how can doctors choose who gets what? I went into the field to help people, and reading some of the posts on this page (not yours) makes me quite sad.

          God Bless Us All.

          • Doc…I assume you are educated in traditional medicine, but what is your take on herbal remedies, if you even have an opinion?

          • Let us remember in a hospital setting the doctors have no control over what you are paying it is a board. Yes there may be a doctor or two on the board but it is still a board.

          • This “technology” does not solve main problem.
            Who knows if the virus, which damaged your heart is still there?

            Human body was created to live multiple hundreds of years.
            You is the main threat to your body and doctors will help you destroy it faster.

            There is a way of life, but people are blind and do not see it.
            This is main problem.

          • I have a doctor of 18 years…he knows I have no health insurance, at times, because my dh is self-employed.
            He is one of your breed.
            He asks what I want and I reject all tests because I am healthy now @ 62 and take no prescriptions.
            We do not take you for granted–I make a point to tell the doctor how I appreciate him.

            • My dads doc is the same way JJ. We are so grateful.

          • >>I went into the field to help people, and reading some of the posts on this page (not yours) makes me quite sad.


            Yeah, there is a wide assortment of people commenting on this page — from rural, poor, & ignorant to very educated and independent thinkers. You have to cherry pick the comments or they will really frustrate you. There are people who respect your work and view doctors as healthcare allies. And who appreciate your posts.

          • If you took silver every day to prevent every passing virus you would be a lovely shade of grey in a few years – it is called argyria – look it up.
            The pictures are exaggerated / worst case scenario, but you get the idea.

      8. “We need to increase the pipeline of new doctors.” Good luck! I doubt you will get it unless Obama waves his magic wand like he has done on so many things.

        “along with forced pay cuts to doctors mandated by government insurance plans,” as cogently stated above, now in other words: if the rewards are not there no one is going to put themselves through that grief, i.e. the work load, the school debt load, and the study load to stay competent. But, not to worry. Should Obama be fortunate enough (unfortunate for us) to win a new term, judging by how he handled “fast and furious”, the DOMA, the war in Libya, the repeal of DADT, and other things; I wouldn’t put it past him to simply hand out white lab coats and magically knight former ACORN workers has doctors to handle any shortages we face.

        Land surveyors monument their mistakes.

        Lawyers litigate their mistakes.

        Doctors bury their mistakes.

        It might be a good time to get into the funeral science trade.

      9. Better get herbal now…

      10. In the very near future it will be take two pain pills go home and die, if your over 55. My doctor told me this month that Big O care scares him to death. So many doctor’s in the Mid-West are just flat call’n it quits.

        • Yeah, because they won’t be making 1000% interest…Money is more important than saving lives. I don’t want to see a doctor that feels that way.

          • Very well, stay home and cure yourself.

            1000% interest, yeesh, not like you just pulled a number out of the air or anything….

          • @Grego,
            Hey, after you go to 4 years pre-med, 4 med school, 2-4 internship and 1-2 as a Resident, then you can insult these fine people, O.K.?

            • Gregor, do a couple of months in an urban ER and see what ingratitude is when junkies pour their emesis on your head and the same folks come in w/bullet wounds, knife wounds, ODs, psychotic episodes, 11-year-olds in labor and the usual infections.

              Could you be paid enough?

          • GregorKlusar,

            You will be lucky to see a Doctor at all. Some people just don’t get it but they will if this disaster comes to fruition.

          • @ GregorKlusar
            Wow man, I’ve been looking for you. I seriously need a gardener. The problem is I can’t pay squat, so I need someone that realizes money ain’t everything. You’ll be more than welcome to the garden culls. I got a shed you can live in. I’ll take care of the utilities. There is no running water in the shed or electricity. You’ll have to cut your own firewood, and mine too for the big house. But, the property is beautiful man. You will really be able to commune with nature and get more out of life with the things money can’t buy. So if you’re serious man, we really need to talk! You da MAN! Thank you!

            p.s. Funeral plan is taken care of too. It’s beautiful. We take you down to the big swamp when your days are done and let the alligator recycle you back into nature. We can do a little alligator hunting too, if you like dat. It’s a good way to pick up a little pocket change and get a break from the garden.

            • Roadkill: CHOOT ‘EM ROADKILL CHOOT!! Great way of life. THX

        • I live in the Upper Midwest. My family doctor of many years packed up and moved to Texas last year because he was sick and tired of being ‘taxed to death’. He said if ObamaCare was implemented he’d move to Mexico or South America and set up shop in an ex-Pat community.

          A guy in my fantasy football league is an emergency room doc. He said he’d quit and become a stockbroker if ObamaCare passed. He wasn’t kidding. He just started taking some Finance classes at the local university.

          Our country’s doctors aren’t going to sit around and be treated like mules. They’re smart and can easily learn a different trade… or pack up and move to where they’re appreciated. This country’s obsession with getting something for nothing will be its doom.


          • Mal ‘ole boy, I hate to break to you…but this country & its government, in its current manifestation is doomed to the ash-heap of history.

            The ONLY viable way out of our current predicament, lies in a successful 2nd REVOLUTION, founded upon the Christian GOD & his laws, a return to Constitutional rule & true honor amongst honorable men.

            There is NO other way.

            • Spoken like a true Patriot! Thumbs UP!

            • “but this country & its government, in its current manifestation is doomed to the ash-heap of history.”

              What’s that comment? “In the end, we are all dead”? Something like that. As to ash heaps of history, yeah, every civilization goes that route at some point. Only real question is how much time they take getting there. Evolution? Probably. Those that can not only survive but prosper will last the longest. Their time will come, however.

      11. I’m living this right now. My wife called the OB/GYN affiliated with our university hospital because she was having complications after her miscarriage. They insisted it was too complex for them and sent her to their emergency room. Nine hours later she was released without treatment and referred back to the OB/GYN Dept. who did never called with an appointment time.

        By the time she got a hold of them a week later she also had a fever so they got her right in and said she needed immediate surgery so admitted her at 3PM for outpatient surgery with an estimated release time of around 10PM.

        I was subsequently told “this is a 24 hour hospital” and surgery would be at 2AM. After waiting with her and our toddler for 7 hours, I was to go home with our baby and return in the morning to pick her up.

        Hearing nothing I called at 8:30AM only to be told her surgery would be at 10:30AM and she would be released by 3:00PM. We arrived at 10AM to see her off only to be told surgery was bumped to 11:30AM. She was finally taken away only to get a phone call from her at 1:00PM that she was still waiting to go in.

        Around 2:30PM I’m on the elevator with my toddler when one of the OB/GYN residents gets on with her dinner. She asks if the senior doctor had contacted me. No? Your wife’s surgery is over and she is in recovery.

        After 9 more hours of walking my toddler around the hospital that day alone, I finally gave up and took my exhausted toddler home around 7PM. She was released around 10:30PM and one of our friends brought her home.

        Before I moved to West Virginia, I thought it was filled with inbreeders. Now that I live here I know it. Every stereotype is true.

        • Sorry to hear that…

        • The school of “count it all joy” James 1:2 ESV is not an easy one to go through. Bless you brother! I take it everyone is whole and healthy after the experience: mom(your wife), toddler, and yourself…

          I value our health in this order: 1) spiritual health 2). mental health 3). physical health. They are all important, but if they had to go or be impaired I’d personally prefer my physical health to be lost first, then my mental health, and hopefully my spiritual health will always remain intact.

          Your story is quite touching. I believe it is only a small glimpse of the things that will be coming upon us. Things beyond our control. Here is a song for you and your wife written and recorded by mine: Look for the Rainbows! The ones that God paints in the sky and places in our lives. And for us men, a scripture: Ephesians 6:13 which is an important part of prepping.

          Keep on keeping on in the Name of The Only One through whom we can make it to the Father!,

          the Wild Goose

          • THE WORLD IS MINE – Author Unknown

            Today, upon a bus, I saw a very beautiful woman and wished I were as
            When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the aisle.
            She had one leg and used a crutch. But as she passed, she passed a
            Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two legs; the world is mine.

            I stopped to buy some candy. The lad who sold it had such charm.
            I talked with him, he seemed so glad. If I were late, it’d do no harm.
            And as I left, he said to me, “I thank you, you’ve been so kind.
            It’s nice to talk with folks like you. You see,” he said, “I’m blind.”
            Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two eyes; the world is mine.

            Later while walking down the street, I saw a child I knew.
            He stood and watched the others play, but he did not know what to do.
            I stopped a moment and then I said, “Why don’t you join them dear?”
            He looked ahead without a word. I forgot, he couldn’t hear.
            Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two ears; the world is mine.

            With feet to take me where I’d go..
            With eyes to see the sunset’s glow.
            With ears to hear what I’d know.
            Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I’ve been blessed indeed, the
            world is mine.

            Thanks Doctors and healthcare professionals, for all you do.

        • Hope your wife is better.

        • How would you like to be the OB resident trying to schedule those folks whose problems were so bad they bumped your wife?
          Would you rather she was holding your hand or treating your wife.
          Betcha the dinner was her first meal in many hours.
          Do lawyers and hospital administrators eat their dinners on elevators?

        • i understand your frustration, but does the fact that the resident was eating a meal at 2:30 PM and not in the cafeteria tell you anything about their workload?

      12. A Peek into the future of healthcare in America:

        Journal Of The American Medical Association, June 23, 2016–
        Top stories of the week:
        Recycling For Fun & Profit!
        Creative New Payment Systems
        Making Money In The Waiting Room!

        The AMA reminds all practitioners to recycle as much as possible. Remember, Q-tips can be rinsed and reused for at least six patients. Limit use of blood stained tips to no more than four patients.
        Bangades, such as Band-aids, can be reused by extending the sticky ends with a bit of duct tape.
        Fishermen provide a ready source of low cost, reliable suture material. Just remember to use, at minimum, 8 lb test for closing large wounds.
        IMPORTANT NOTE- Proctologists are exempt from ALL recycling regulations.

        *Bringing In The Bucks- creative new payment systems.
        Barter- Doctors in Boca Raton report a brisk business in trading medical treatment for seafood. Sample price ratios are as follows…Setting a fracture= 35 lbs tuna, routine check up= 3 starfish and a cute little sand dollar. One OB/GYN reported delivering twins for a couple who paid him with a 120 lb marlin! Use your imagination!

        *Alternative Income From The Waiting Room-
        A Dr in Dallas reports nearly doubling his income after installing vending machines and video games.
        Several medical professionals have begun renting their waiting rooms overnight to holiday travelers. One office in Aspen, Colo actually makes MORE during the Christmas season from room rent than they do treating patients!

        Coming in the Next Issue! Dont Miss…
        -Doctors In The Danger Zone!-
        *Testing The New Flak Jackets In A Detroit OR
        *Self Defense With A Tongue Depresser
        *How To Hide Your Barter Items In The Hood

      13. Well done Mac
        Healthcare is probably the second most expensive outlay for all of us next to monthly rent/mortgage..(for those of us who have healthcare)..and food is probably neck to neck at this point in time..

        That being said..
        I am a chef for an assisted living/nursing facility(245 residents combined) here on Cape Cod for 4 years and counting..
        I talk daily with all the unit nurses and the assistant nursing director..at break time (where almost every nurse smokes btw) on the current situations they face..and they nearly all used to work at hospitals in various positions and subsequently left..

        It is devastating how the current system is imploding but never discussed on the media at all..
        Massive Doctor groups are no longer accepting any medicare/medicaid patients due to the diminishing federal and state reimbursements..all economic based.

        We are in our second year of an entire wage freeze overall amongst all of our 20 locations throughout New England..every facility is facing 2k- $300,000 yearly budget shortfalls overall..and the crunch is ongoing..

        Never mind the hospitals which are hemorrhaging nationwide..

        The liability costs alone are forcing untold amounts of new and existing doctors out of the profession..

        This new stasi/federal plan will make matters compound exponentially..and decisions on our fate as we grow older will b decided by a panel of government bureaucrats ..not anyone from the medical profession!

        Save a good bottle of cognac.bourbon or whiskey should any of us become ill in the near future..

        Polish it down and save a well placed 40 cal or above to end it all..

        By then.. our life insurance policy..given the current state of affairs will be null and void anyways..


        • So, it’s okay that I throw away those ‘Medicare, Urgent Notice Inside’ envelopes every week or two???

          • Once you are on Medicare, you will get statements for your care. Medicare pays NOTHING. Your supplemental pays about 25%. The hospital eats the charges.

            You pay for that Medicare forever and the supplementals are going up daily.

          • Yep. The company I work for is closing after about 30 years. A home health care agency, in home nursing care. Medicare doesn’t want to pay the Drs. They require way too much paperwork. They will refuse to pay for a episode as we call them if each page isn’t signed and dated in the Dr. handwriting, no stamps. Or if a signature goes below a line. The Drs won’t refer to us because of all the paperwork. We got a weeks notice, and probably won’t get paid for this whole month.

      14. on a side topic

        Discovery Channel is offering their new series “Militias” tonight at 10 pm est..


      15. “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” is just the long way of saying eugenics.

        • Nah, to do eugenics you need to target a younger population, before they breed.

      16. Hi, I’ve been reading this site for a few months now ,and figured I should start taking part in some of the discussions . I also wanted to say thank you all for sharing so much of your knowledge it has been very useful.

        • Welcome to Da’ Plan beki and thanks for joining the conversation!

          • Thank you

      17. Off Topic but I had to share this!

        In all the years since D-Day 1945, there are only three occasions when the sitting President of the United States of America failed to go to the D-Day Monument that honors the soldiers killed during the Invasion.

        Only Three Times…

        The occasions were:

        1. Barack Obama 2010

        2. Barack Obama 2011

        3. Barack Obama 2012

        For the past 68 years, every single president, except Obama, have paid tribute to the fallen American soldiers killed on D-Day.

        This year, instead of honoring the soldiers, he made a 3,000 mile campaign trip on Air Force 1 to California to raise funds for the upcoming election. Priorities?

        It speaks volumes… doesn’t it?

        Look he doesn’t care for the veteran, he doesn’t care for the people, and he sure doesn’t care for this country. So why does anyone think he will care for your health care.. There is only one thing that he care for is HIMSELF!

        copperhead out

        • copperhead

          If his own ambassador (Libya) wasn’t in his careplan..

          Just imagine what’s in store for the rest of us..

          just saying


          • I just read a theory..the Ambassador was to be kidnapped in exchange for a shiek to enhance his re-election prospects and the plan went awry.
            That’s why Obama went to bed after watching the play by play for 7 hours and didn’t allow the rescue in.

            • Obama was gonna rescue the ambassador by exchanging the release of a sheik that was imprisoned somewhere.
              Muslim Brotherhood???

          • Whoever red thumbed you is a total tool.

      18. What will happen here is what happened in Canada and England. When this new system begins, there will be a wave of retirees (MD’s). I’m talking about the 55+ year olds who have saved some $ and will refuse to work for
        -less pay
        -more paperwork
        -more draconian fines for the slightest infraction (think IRS code…even tax lawyers can’t agree on its interpretation)
        These MD’s have a lifetime of experience and it will disappear. Then the gov will move everyone up one notch to fill the gap. Nurses do the Dr’s job, nurses aides do the nurses job, candy stripers do the aides’ jobs, and the orderlies do the candy stipers job. Oh, and import a bunch of third world MD’s who don’t speak English. This gets to the whole design of this new plan.
        Let old people die and they have solved: a)Medicare and b)Social Security.
        And who said these politicians were stupid???

        • As an RN, I can tell you I do the Dr’s, Pharmacist, Physical Therapists, Respiratory Therapists etc… job every day. Now if I could only talk a few of them into doing my work so I can go home on time!

        • I’m a 69 year old doc and they want me to sign a contract for 24/7/365 coverage of medicaid patients – for about 1/3 the fees I get from medicare.
          I’ve looked after the indigent for 39 years, but I’m not signing this contract.
          Had it, been there, done that, find another sucker.

      19. @Gods Creation….Sure am glad colloidial silver is the cure for everything…..better keep that one bullit for yourself just incase it’s not. Frankly, your advise is insulting to someone like myself and what I have just been through….may God forgive your insensitivity..Butch

        • butch,

          Well said.

        • Butch, I am sorry you had to go through what you did, but it is not my fault and I did not intend to insult you. I gave you no virus, only told you how to assist your body in killing them before they cause problems like what yours eventually led to, again.

          Viruses, fungus, and bacteria can be prevented from causing further problems to your body with ZERO risk by using colloidal silver in a sane and controlled manner.

          You should do a little research on it, and maybe even take colloidal silver because like doctors do they took care of the symptoms you were having without addressing, or identifying, the virus they claim caused your problem.

          I wish you a long and happy life, and my advice is merely an effort to help you live it in better health.

      20. Give more incentives to be a Doctor and there would be many. Current incentives like malpractice lawsuits, 6+ years of school and a mountain of debt just for starters are exactly the way to entice young people to get into the profession.

        • The first step, education reform. Right now because of “no child gets ahead” as I like to call it, there are fewer kids coming out of high school capable of becoming a doc. Those coming out smart enough are also smart enough to do something that won’t put them in a position to owe over $100,000 in college debt and be sued by SNAPPERS for their crack babies being deformed on delivery. Obamacare didn’t cause this problem, it will not cure it either. Until education reform happens in public schools across the nation, and tuition reform happens so you can afford to be in the medical field and not have to work your whole life to pay for it, you will not see this Change. The cost of health care is directly linked with higher education costs.

      21. I’m an ICU nurse, and I work in a large medical center. I have two college degrees, and I’m certainly glad to have a steady job that I enjoy doing. However, I barely make enough to make ends meet. My cost of living is rising WAY more quickly than my pay (which is pretty much stagnant, despite having excellent performance reviews). There may be big money in healthcare, but I sure don’t see much of it.

        I think that a lot of the problems with the healthcare industry could be dealt with through common-sense reforms of the existing system. Provide basic preventative healthcare for all citizens (which would save money in the end), get rid of much of the endless regulatory red-tape, allow folks to purchace health insurance across state lines (which would create competition and drive insurance prices down), and mandate transparency in hospital billing. Patients should be able to get a cost estimate ahead of time, as well as be able to look at hospital statistics, so that they can compare hospitals and pick one with affordable cost and a decent “track record”. That would at least give the consumer some information to make decisions from.

        • J Smith,

          Brilliant, you should be in charge of health care.

        • Good start, but I have one question about health insurance sold across state lines: what stops Congress from then invoking the Commerce Clause and controlling the inter-state insurance sector?

          My state has a lot of in-state competition and some decent deals/affordable premiums. Some states appear to have one large company that has captured the market due to cronyism. These Exchanges look like the Fed making the State pay while under Fed control.

          But, it is confusing.

        • J Smith: Thanks for the great job you do. There is a lot of money in health care, but like every other industry in America now it is at the top, and doesn’t trickle down.

          If you are not an executive or board member you will not see it. Phony, crony capitalism at its finest!

        • Satori

          Because the government is complicit in those crimes.

      22. Oh yes, the flaws of the healthcare system. Where do I begin? I saw a lady in the ER the other day who came in with “stomach pain”. She knew all of the right things to say to get what she really wanted. Her problem: an STD and pregnancy. She knew by coming to the ER she wouldn’t have to pay for the $10.00 pregnancy test from Walmart and she could receive a “free” STD test and treatment. Who pays for this? Taxpayers, and the hospital takes a huge loss. In addition to the outrageous cost of an ER visit, resources and time are tied up to cater to someone who, frankly, doesn’t give a shit. This is a prime example of one of the 47%. Imagine what will happen when the rest of the 47% receive free Obamacare. How will hospitals survive? How will the system be sustained?

        I can’t even begin to describe how physicians, especially those in primary care, are just fed up with the system. So many physicians retiring, and no incentives for students to enter primary care. Why would they?

      23. And just when what we really could use is a good lawyer shortage.

        • Let’s lobby for government run legal system. (Wow,that sounds stupid, on many levels!)

          • Not any more stupid than what we have now: Lawyers running the gonvernment.

      24. GC, you are so right. Live free or die, my condolences about your parents. Our health care system, which used to be the best because it’s private [at least for now], is already going to hell in a handbasket and it will still be another year before they have all the infrastructure for Obamacare in place. Over the last 4 years, the incentive for people to go to college has been taken away and now the same is being done to medical school. Under Obamacare, ALL MEDICAL PERSONNEL, doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc. will become GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES AND WILL BR REQUIRED TO JOIN A STINKING UNION TO BE ABLE TO WORK IN ANY MEDICAL FIELD! It’s shaping up to be like the UK, where they have what’s called the National Health Service. There’s some horror stories that come out about british health care; ask Burt the Brit. Speaking of which, has anyone heard from him lately? He hasn’t posted on here in the last 2 weeks. I hope he’s alright. Braveheart

        • Braveheart..Burt is a girl.

        • I’m in the UK.

          The biggest issue the NHS has right now from this layman’s perspective is the flood of healthcare tourists constantly draining the system. Plug that gap with the simple request for ID at reception and most issues facing the NHS such as long waiting lists to see specialists would be resolved over night.

          Our NHS is not perfect – but no health care system ever is, any large organisation involving human beings will always have a few issues. I am however really, really proud of the NHS overall, and at this point in time consider it to be the ONLY thing left standing that makes Britain Great.

          I have to supplement NHS services constantly with private therapy options for my Autistic Spectrum Disorder son that just are not provided by the NHS.
          I don’t consider myself to be naive about what a national system of free point of use care is able to realistically offer it’s citizens – at least from the pov of a consumer.

          I’d certainly advise any youngster with the required talents to pursue a career within the NHS. In fact my step son trained as a peadiatric nurse, having considered the state of the world and how it relates to his potential opportunities in life very carefully.

          • Very seldom does private insurance here cover ASD therapy either — so you’re not missing anything.

      25. Unreconstructed Southron, surprisingly, not even law school grads can find anything over the last 4 years. That could mean one less new generation of politicians and bureaucrats to worry about. One can always hope. braveheart

        • Dum Spiro Spero

      26. …put the lime in the coconut….

        OFF TOPIC:

        What does Germany know, and not telling? Wanting all of their physical gold has got to mean something BIG.

        Think that they will be pissed when they find out it was all used up in the goldschlager.

        Hypothetical gold should be easier to ship and audit.

      27. When its your time, its your time.
        I have already determined, when I feel ‘it’ coming, you’ll just know, I plan on finding some weed, and just doing as the old indians did.

        Hiding in the woods, quit eating or drinking, in about 3-5 days of pure stoned bliss, I’ll say asta la vista Earthlings.

        Prolonging the inevitable is white man’s medicine. Having lived through it with two parents, all I can say is, they used to extend life for one reason, money… but the suffering… my God the suffering.

        Nature makes you not hungry for a reason, but they kept forcing my dad to eat. Then feeding tubes, then … it was hopeless from day one. And the BILLS!

        My way, nobody gets hit with bills, nobody suffers, but me. When they find my bones, there will be a sign on my butt, say “kiss here”.

        • Piper M, I couldnt agree more, in my line o work I see the desperation and fear in the lives of those who are basically clinging to some false hope that they or their loved one is gonna get well , recover completly and walk out of the hospital. Sometimes it happens most times it doesnt, yet the expectation that modern medicine is somehow going to remove the effects of life on the body weather by genetics or poor lifestyle choices or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is allways there. Its a business and business is good. After all how could it be bad the entire population eats garbage, dosnt exercise and expects to be cured by a pill. Ever see a code go down I mean a real death and cpr employed? Its brutal its quite possibly the worst thing that can ever happen, forget all that crap you see on TV or even the cpr class, the one thing they never tell you about is the ribs breaking under your hands, yes Ive been there done that, its awful. So just bare this in mind if you ever get sick, heal yourself if you can. If you cant, be sure you are fully aware of your expectations of treatment and understand that when your number is up your number is up. The best one can hope for is a quality of life that can be tollerated and anything beyond that is a bonus. Shortage of MDs doesnt worry me however a shortage of RNs you know the folks that actually do the work and btw teach the baby residents(MDs) should worry everyone. Really only one doc is needed to write the orders, its the RNs that take care of business. Anyhoo recognising ones own demise and facing it head on is not something we do very well. Its too bad, we should all be ready to die on any given day because its a guarantee at 100% for everyone in the long run. Getting used to the idea seems to be impossible for most Americans. I like your plan and will prolly do the same thing myself. I like the Indian saying…. its a good day to die…perhaps we would get more from life if we all lived it with that sentiment.

          • So true.

            But the CPR is mandated or the family can sue. My father had a good death at 84: he simply fell over w/a heart attack. When EMTs got there, they went thru the resuscitation protocol: blood everywhere. He’d been gone for over 20 minutes, but they had to do it. How far off is that from molesting a corpse?

            My RN friends have a saying: Doctors don’t do details. I’ve worked w/them in other businesses and it is true. A good trauma RN w/battlefield experience and ER triage experience in my local hospital often walks around w/a pad full of signed scripts and has in the past managed field hospitals and the MDs there. She is almost an APRN and will be as good as any internist and many surgeons when she is finally done.

            But MDs are needed. Specialists are needed. Knowledge increases daily and what we thought was *known* just 5 years ago may not be so. I’m afraid that as they bump the lower credentials up a notch, whoever is at the top will become as overworked and under appreciated as the docs are right now. I know at least one real genius of an orthopod whom we are really lucky has chosen to practice at a rural clinic/hospital and there must be others. too. His PA and surgical tech are great, but they would never think they could replace him. It isn’t just the actual work, it is that ability to connect the dots, to innovate and to keep constantly changing as new findings occur.


        * Big Pharma Wash DC HEAD HUNTING LOBBYISTS payoff’s and graft controls influences the BIG PHARMA chemical poisons treatments of ameriKa’s wounded veterans at the veteran administration .

        My own body is bears direct permanent damage evidence to the lethality of the BIG PHARMA drugs treatments the VA DEATHCARE gives its WOUNDED AmeriKan Veterans .

        This same DEATHCARE system will very soon be forced upon JOHN Q SUZY Q PUBLIC AmeriKa through the BIG PHARMA FEDGOV OBAMADEATHCARE … let the DYING BEGIN !!!




        • After carotid endarterectomy surgery at Nashville VAMC, dh had a horrible time.
          I think the doctors and nurses were not responsible.
          The system has problems and that’s to be expected when you do not have one doctor, but several.
          You never see the same person, speak to the same person.
          All that person has is your input and records on paper, so each visit is like a ‘start over’ experience.
          I read the system was experiencing conflicts because they were changing to a computerized compilation for paperwork–but the truth is their are too many taking care of too many.

          • there, not their..duh

          • MONTANA V.A. = EUGENICS

            The V.A. Veterans Administration is Where Veterans go to Die !!!

            It’s a BIG PHARMA Corporate Run Veterans Eugenics Death Program !!!

            Designed Specifically to Kill Off AmeriKan Veterans Quickly for PROFIT !!!


          • I must tell the rest of the story–2 weeks before surgery I took dh to the VA–he was throwing up, and had severe vertigo and his scheduled carotid surgery was discussed.
            After 3 bags of fluid–they sent him home and didn’t re-schedule surgery for sooner.
            My dh had the worst build up the surgeons had ever seen…and… an aneurysm.
            My husband drove around with an aneurysm for two weeks.
            I shudder to think how many he could have killed.




      30. Im a contractor and do not have insurance and let me tell you, there needs to be reform or doctors need to be on then same “x” list as politicians. But I don’t see it as a insurance reform but more of a reform of costs, starting with the sickening scham of college costs.

        • When I started my practice the hospital’s charge (room rate) was $16.00 for a three bed ward. There was no medicare. Silver was still in our coins.

          How do you fine tune fiat funny money? It’s a dissecting aneurysm about to blow.

          Physicians will take back the practice of medicine, an art where there is only the doctor and his patient.

      31. Americans are overweight, under exercised, and eat poor diets. The main way to reduce healthcare costs is to have a healthy population (obvious) but our politicians talk about paperwork mumbo jumbo as the key to reducing cost. Why people believe this I have no idea.

        We need a longterm, 20 year plan, to get the population healthy. Aggregate healthcare costs will go down if people are eating well and exercised. Creative solutions are needed. Get a tax credit if you show up to walk 3 miles every Saturday. Pay more for insurance if you’re a lazy-ass couch potato. ETC.

        • I don’t think that will ever happen Ranch
          remember all the protests when Michelle Obama tried to get kids to eat healthy lunches at school ?

          good God
          what an uproar
          God forbid that someones overweight little ball of lard had to eat a damn salad once in awhile

          according to some recent research
          about 70% of the American public will be classified as obese in a few more years
          we’ll start dropping like flies from heart disease and diabetes,
          I know that on any given day already,that anywhere from 40%-75% of the patients I deal with are already diabetic

          but God forbid that we should have to stop eating our “freedom fries ” !!!!!!!!!

          it is possible to live and eat healthy
          but it just isn’t the “American ” way


        • Could not agree more, Ranch. The trick is, we need our people to step up and “take ownership” of their health care and few are doing that. It is clear that the ones who are not doing that are not convinced that it is a better way to live, so they rely on others to “take care of them”. We can only wonder what the state of US health care would be, if there was no insurance and people could just shop for competitive bids for health care packages. I’m thinking that without the insurance companies underfoot, a lot of us would pay significantly less for better care than we are now getting.

          There have been a few articles written on this wherein the authors purchased a low-cost high-deductible health policy that protected them from very expensive, albeit unlikely, health problems and then paid any remaining health costs out of pocket. In virtually every case, the cost was not only lower but MUCH lower than is typical with most insurance policies. It is the competition among suppliers of health care and the ability of consumers to shop around that will eventually reduce the cost of health care. Nothing short of this seems likely to work satisfactorily.

          • No longer allowed. Max deductible is now $5500 and all policies must offer things like OB/GYN even if they aren’t needed, while simple preventative prostate and cervical cancer tests are now no longer considered essential.

            • AND!!! a simple blood work testing for CA125? would prevent many ovarian cancers, but do they test for protein level??
              No, because it is not reliable.
              Then, do another test compared to a $100,000 chemo bill??
              The idiots are running healthcare–the only answer I can come up with.
              Let’s see; another blood work cost about $90; or chemo cost about $100,000.

          • Problem is, it seems that all plans are high cost, high deductible now!!! My plan has a $9000 family deductible, and costs me $175 a WEEK!!!

        • @ Ranch
          Couldn’t agree more. We do need good Doctors but people need to start taking more responsibility for there health by eating right, vitamins and exercise. We rely to much on big Phrma drugs to take care of everything and a lot of these drugs have side effects worst then what they are treating. We have a very high deductible insurance so we can not run to the doctor for every runny nose. I have been learning a lot about herbal cures there are so many even some for cancer (but the government can’t make money on these so you never get to hear about them.) The point is if people would take better care of them selves we would have a whole lot less disease and health problems although big Phrma wouldn’t make as much money but it would make the Doctors jobs a whole lot easier.
          Don’t forget to prep herbs, vitamins and even some vet meds there are a lot of good books on herbal cures out there.
          Keep prepping and luck to all.

          • Right? Doesn’t anybody listen to the commercials? the lists of the side effects are scarier then the problem to start with.

            • Even scarier, some info on side effects are only available to the physicians, not in the retail insert.

              A friend was put on Cymbalta for back pain that was diagnosed as *neurological*. She developed a choking cough, especially when laying down at night.Her MD said:”Oh, yes, that can happen.” It is not on the insert or the website. In fact the official websites will say “This is not a full list of side effects. Ask your physician.”

          • “”””We rely to much on big Phrma drugs to take care of everything and a lot of these drugs have side effects worst then what they are treating. “”””

            DOCTORS rely too much on those things, and people have misplaced their trust in the pharma trained medical profession.

            The people don’t need to stop relying on the drugs, they need to stop relying on doctors who push them.

      32. Something that none of the Obamunists ever mention, much less discuss, is that adding 30+ million more people to the health care system does not add a single doctor, nurse, or hospital technician to our country. It takes several years to train a physician and 2-4 years to train a physician’s assistant, nurse, or a technician. All of these people are necessary for the timely delivery of health services. Timely being the operative term here because in a lot of the cases, when we need medical care, we need it RTFN and not at a time some weeks or month in the future as is convenient for the system. Since we are not adding enough of these people to service the new and larger pool of health care consumers, the only alternative is to wait MUCH longer for what is likely to be rushed sub-standard care.

        Many patients will die while waiting but that is OK because it will reduce the pressure on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. All part of the same plan. Gee, thanks so much. 🙁

        Remember the great bumper sticker that came out a year or so ago:

        “If you think that health care is expensive now, just wait until it’s “free”!”.

      33. U.S. Fiat Paper Dollar Currency “ROLL-OVER” Economic Collapse is here … “They don’t Care about You !!!”

        Got Lead ???
        Got Food ???
        Got Water Filters ???
        Got PM’s Silver Gold ???
        Got a BugOut Plan and Bag ???


      34. Well, my parents live in Tucson , if i need surgery I’m going to Mexico. There are some really good places down there , dental work is cheaper and some places are cleaner then in the US. Do your homework, my dad had to have a MRI cash $250.00 with insurance $2400.00. Anyone else see a problem ?
        Earlier this year dad was hurt , a branch popped up and shoved him into another sawed limb and torn a big flap in his under arm. He’s a lumberjack and knows what he’s doing by the way. Well he gets stitched up and sent home. A few days later it looks bad so mom says go back to the hospital , it’s infected kept him overnight and pumped him full of antibiotics. Still looks bad, guess what the tissue died because a surgeon should have done it.
        Well after waiting a week for all the tissue to die a skin graft is needed. 4 Weeks later he is healed and able to work again , with a shit ton of Dr bills. The ER DR should not have done that , he didn’t have a surgical consult now what? Either sue which they don’t want to do or pay. All they want are the co-pays waived.
        But hey , at least the Border Patrol offered him an escort when he was pulled over driving himself to the ER .
        Man that story took a long time.

        • My blood pressure medicine was $11 with insurance $7 without. I only have one prescription, but can you imagine? Some of the seniors I have taken care of have had any where from 10-27. Seriously. How the hell can that many things work together? They can’t. But I will probably be the one that dies after a night of drinking and taking too many tylenol. LOL>

          • I did that when I had insurance..my generic donnatal for Belladonna was cheaper if I paid than with the co-pay.

          • Wanna know how it REALLY works, watch the old movie “Disorderlies”

      35. GOT TUNA ???

        THROW IT OUT IF ITS POST 3/11 …

        Assessment and characterization of radionuclide concentrations from the Fukushima Reactor release in the plankton and nekton communities of the Northern California Current

        Delvan Neville1, Richard D. Brodeur2, A. Jason Phillips3 and Kathryn Higley1

        1Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 97391, USA. Email: [email protected]

        2NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, OR, 97365, USA

        3College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 97331, USA

        The incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant released a substantial radioactive contamination into the environment. With the predominant wind and current flow in this part of the North Pacific, these radionuclides will gradually spread to the US West Coast waters after a suitable period of time, with the possibility of affecting food quality throughout the food web (including humans). In addition to the passive transport by currents and winds, the migratory pathways of large pelagic fish extend from Japan to the Northern California Current. These organisms can serve as transport vectors for these nuclides, especially given their capacity to concentrate radionuclides from surrounding waters and prey. We examine the amount and distribution of important radionuclides in the Northern California Current ecosystem from the plankton to larger fish, seabirds and marine mammals based on archived and post-exposure organisms. In particular, we focus on albacore tuna as a target species that migrates across the North Pacific Ocean feeding throughout its range and is commercially important along the U.S. West Coast. By predicting the radio-biologic stress (if any) for a managed species as more Fukushima-related radionuclides are uptaken, appropriate action may be taken before significant population effects have occurred. Determination of natural background concentrations and high quality transport models produced from these data also aid in management in the event of a future accidental release, and in regulating safe activity releases.

        • kinda scary that you need to take a geiger counter
          to do your grocery shopping !

      36. Obamacare will be the final nail in the coffin of this country. My doctor has said he will close his doors because of what this will do. I know several small business owners who will either close their doors or become the only worker because they wont be able to afford this new tax. That is what Obamacare is, another tax. As for the doctor shortage, I am already doing research into the natural ways of medicine. It is amazing what our grandparents and great grandpaents use to do to battle the problems we run to the doctor for. Start doing the research so you can survive

        • Jim, I’d rather everyone took an EMT course, practiced simple sutures and learned what anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology they can on their own. Some chemistry and botany and biology would be good, too.

          Before I retired, I worked as a lowest-on-the-food-chain complementary medical soft tissue therapist. I interviewed several schools before choosing one. I took 3 years of intensive and expensive additional education on top of the mandated hours in the strictest state. I spent my weekends in the medical bookstore and library and spent a small fortune on the best texts available in my field. It cost less than a pre-med education or a technical education, but it was expensive. I had physician and APRN relatives and friends who answered my questions and steered me to where & how to find some of the answers. I have seen the curriculums, spoken w/the instructors and known the practitioners of alt/comp medicine in 3 states. I have been involved in licensing efforts and advisory boards. I stay current and still work part time doing intakes, histories and education for another well-educated therapist. I still interact w/clinicians on referrals. A lot of it is hooey, much is myth and much is outdated. Many of the practitioners are dangerous. You cannot even evaluate the texts and the courses without a lot of basic scientific understanding and research to weed out the fallacies.

          Scientific Western medicine with an anatomical approach must be the basis of alternative practice, IMO. It is what has gotten us to where we are today in medical treatment, which is the best ever in the history of mankind.

          Someone asked about herbals, up thread. Well, each plant carries varying degrees of active alkaloids in each part in any growing season, in any different soil, for starters. The processes to extract the active ingredients are demanding and differ by plant and part. Then, the final product must be somehow evaluated for the alkaloid content/potency. Then, each person is different in how their systems function or interact. Everything taken into the body affects us systemically. We are a tightly controlled system of inter-related parts. Recipe books w/long lists of potential uses for each remedy are scary, when you think of the human body as a whole. Herbals can have side effects and can react with each other negatively or even be potentiated to the detriment of the client/patient. The older books are recipe collections using chemicals that are so dangerous that you cannot even find them easily today, if you can even decipher the various common names they used to use.

          I have seen even MDs apply acupuncture w/negative and damaging results. Energy work is a placebo, IMO. When I see the term *alternative medicine*, I ask: “Alternative to what?” When I read something about herbals, I want to know: “By what process does this *work*?” “The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose”, in many instances. And I would add, the difference is in the individual, as well.

          The earliest human physicians were geniuses who had to learn everything from scratch. Today’s medical clinicians have that as a foundation and have gone further to really understand the body, its systems down to the molecular and genetic level and the treatments and medications that are employed.

          It ain’t simple and the more you know, the less you believe in alternatives and the less you think you know at all.

        • I just got a book from Amazon on essential oils. It is pretty interesting. From a prepping standpoint I hope I can learn enough to at least help my family a little bit.

        • Years ago, fruit and vegetables kept us healthy, because the cancer fighting enzymes were in what we ate.
          Pesticides have killed these cancer fighting enzymes and now we have…ta-da!! Prevalent cancer of all types.
          Even fresh from the grocery has been rendered impotent in fighting cancer—because of GMO and other crap. Sad.

      37. All this medical talk is making me sick. Hell, I have some degree of pain 24/7. I refuse to take prescription meds so I rely on ibuprofen and aspirin and occasionally an alcoholic beverage.

        I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. If I’d known I was going to live this long I’d have taken better care of self. Grandma warned this may happen.

        Will it not be wonderful when we are able to shed these old bodies of stinking flesh,bones, and blood? Replaced with a new spiritual body that never has pain or wears out. Until then, our biggest enemy might just be ourselves.

        • Be careful with pain meds! Know what they are. I just lost my husband because his liver and kidneys shut down after 3 years of hydrocodone for rheumatoid arthritis. No one ever told us that this medicine was a combination of oxycontin and Tylenol. Apparently, long term use of Tylenol kills your liver and kidneys. Fully research anything you swallow.

      38. ok, so there are fewer doctors(actually a good thing). now if we can get fewer politicians, fewer civil servants, fewer bankers and fewer lawyers we might actually get somewhere.

      39. they can see the writing on the wall, if this Obamy care deal goes full on, they will be getting royally F-ed by the Gov. or more so than now, so they are bailing to some degree..those that can

      40. Went to emergency room for x ray of hand back in April. GOt three pics taken of hand, spent two minutes talking with Dr’s assistant about the fact that I am not putting it into a splint, IOW I don’t want the splint, can’t and won’t wear it with my job. Left the hospital and got a bill from hospital for 711$….I freaked out and bout had a coronary. So I set up payments, only to get another bill from the Dr’s for $590…screw em, they can send it to collection and it can sit there and rot!!! I refuse to give another $590 after spending $711 for three x rays and two minutes with a Dr assistant. Yes hand was broke, and it healed on it’s own without pills or a damn splint

        • BJ..pay $10 a month; they’ll get tired of that and make a great deal with you…experience talking.
          I broke 3 toes and refused surgery.
          My foot is in great shape.. didn’t even see the prescribed surgeon. Bill for ER doc was $740 and hospital bill taken care of??? not disclosed by the billing dept.
          But, she said in all her years, I was the first to come in, hug her, and thank her for the attention and bill pay.

        • I had excruciating stomach pain that came on suddenly, accompanied by a fever, so I went to thee ER, as it was about 8:00 PM. They ran all sorts of test including a CAT scan, and never figured out what was wrong with me. They gave me 3 doses of IV morphine, that took care of the pain, I was released at about 3:30 AM. Then a month later the bills started rolling in. Even after insurance (my deductible had also already been met), the bills totaled nearly $7000!!!! Ridiculous….

      41. What is wrong with this picture? The number of doctors are going down yet the number of lawers are going up. The number of criminals and politicians are increasing. We live in a strange world. Let the number of patriots increase.

      42. I personally know a doctor who has made it well known that if Obama is elected to another term (thus ensuring implementation of obamacare), that he will leave the country.

        He has the money to do it and a plan in place.

        Where there’s one, there’s THOUSANDS!

        • I heard the same from a few I know, and they have the resources, and background to do so.

        • It not only doctors that will leave.

      43. It’s going to be like Canada where people die waiting to get tested for cancer. Obese people who need hip and knee replacements will never get them. It’s going to be a nightmare.

      44. Can you imagine the chaos when there are not enough Doctors to even make daily rounds? My own MD is calling it quits at the end of the year. He is only 55 years old but sees the future and for him it is pretty bleak. He is one of a few that takes medicare patients and gets pennies on the dollar for even an office visit. He is a good guy who wants more than anything to continue his practice but he says it is time to get out when malpractice insurance and the ridiculous cost of practicing today, puts him in an unsustainable situation. He is not the only one. This is simply not going to work no matter how you dress it up.

        If Obama is re-elected, we are all doomed, that seems to be the only thing that is for certain. Our kids future will be dismal at the very best, but they will probably not even have a future, the elderly, the handicapped and middle america will be decimated. When I heard that elementary school kids in America overwhelmingly voted in their mock elections for Obama, then I knew for certain that they are indoctrinating our children on a daily basis. In the future, these kids will be turning in their own parents for the sake of the dear leader.

        When I see people NOT complaining about high gas prices, food prices, utility prices, rules, regulations, stripping of freedom and the constitution, rising health costs and being lied to everyday by the media and the president, I know we are doomed. To me it seems like the twilight zone, what will the masses react to? The only thing that will get them angry and loud will be when Obama goes down and they may have to actually get a job. This society is sick beyond belief, it is called the Obamanation of American. What he has planned for us is so horrific that you would want to flee this country. If you’re old and sick then you will have to just die, if you own land then you will just have to give it up, when you die, the government will take what you have left your children, if you use too much electricity then you will be penalized and shut off, if you complain too loudly then you will be incarcerated without being charged, if you store food, you will be deemed a terrorist, if you breath wrong and do not bow to the leader then you will be labeled an outcast. That is the future whether you want to believe it or not, wake up and stop this coming holocaust.

      45. It doesn’t matter who is elected…….makes no difference!
        Boehner has already said months ago, all of obama care will probably NOT be repealed. I can guarantee you, once it is signed, that’s it. Govt never gives only takes and once you lose something to them, you’ll never get it back. Unless of course……………..

        • Boehner was talking about the Senate. No way it gets repealed as long as Reid is majority leader. Boehner is Speaker of the House. He has no say in what happens in the Senate. Elect enough Senators not beholden to ObamaCare for monetary gain and it could get repealed.

      46. October 24th. came and went without a very large earthquake. The second sequence from the polar earthquake at the Balleny Islands produced two 6.5+ earthquakes like it should have, but no 7+ pointer, YET. The third sequence began on Oct.18 and ends on Nov.2. By this time you can expect another 6.5+, 90% sure of this. I would say third times a charm, not that big earthquakes are a charm. Indonesia is ready for a very large earthquake of 7.5+. More different locations for earthquakes, and I found something out very disturbing.

        I played a little connect the dots, as the recent earthquake in Greenland completed the line. I took a tape measurer like I normally do and I connected the recent earthquakes of the past month on my globe and I found something very weird. You all have to hear this one.

        First starting at the Balleny Islands region I followed this on the globe northward across the plate boundraries near New Zealand and up to Alaska, then to the Yukon earthquake earlier in the week, then to Greenland earthquake today, this followed line to the Azores and towards the African western coastline right through the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, right through the South Sandwich Islands and right back to the Balleny Islands where it started. The thing is this circle DID NOT follow plate boundaries for the most part.

        This circle follows the Arctic and Antarctica circles around closely to the middle points of Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Plate boundaries are of course along the Mid Atlantic Ridge, hence the name Mid as in Middle. The Pacific Ocean however in the middle of it has just true hot spot, Hawaii. Again this is a connect the dots earthquakes thing. Without the recent earthquakes I would have never seen this.

        The middle points of the two oceans has very alarming issues. Along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge these earthquakes are to be expected, but these maverick earthquakes away from plate boundaries that helped connect the other earthquakes shows something is going on with the two oceans. It could be that new plate boundaries are forming that scientists are unaware. The two largest oceans being affected this way, especially along the two polar circles shows something. Water weighs something and affects the thin crust that seperates the surface from the innerwards of the Earth. Could it be some form of instability beginnning to show? The Pacific is shrinking and the Atlantic Ocean is expanding. More earthquakes will form a clearer picture. And more earthquakes are coming, this is pretty certain.

        • Beinformed: This is my two cents for what they are worth. It looks to me, that the earth maybe ready to produce an E.L.E. to a point. Something BIG AND I MEAN BIG is lurking out there and it’s going to be bad. When it happens and if we live through it, your prep’s will mean more than people think. This is way way out there, but could there be something off planet thats causeing a pull of some kind that is going to rearange this planet some. Yes I know way to much SIFI. Again thanks for your concern for us on this matter.

          • Beinformed: An after thought on these quakes. Time of day, Moon phase, time in between each one, etc. I think you know what I’m meaning on these things. Like I said an after thought. May not mean anything. Again thxs

            • @ copperhead. Here is what to look for from the Foundation for The Study Of Cycles. When the moon is at the apogee, furthest away, between 390-406 Kilometers away earthquakes increase in the nothern hempishere. When the moon is the furthest away from the ecliptic, the middles point in sky. The moon variese from 5 and 1/4 degrees north or south of the mid point in the sky earthquakes increase, usually about 4.25-5.25 degrees north of south. Earthquakes also seems to follow a 2 hours before and after sunset pattern, not all of course but many. This twilight period is of course where the earthquake occurs. So an earthquake thousands of miles away might occur at say 5:30 am local time but at your time it might be almost high noon.

              I found ONLY the sun and moon have any influence on the earthquakes, the other planets don;t seem to have much bearings on any earthquakes. I have studied this a lot. The action of the plates though are by far the most accurate with forecasting earthquakes.

          • Nibiru??

            • @ jayjay. As far as I know about what Nibiru would do to the planet would come from the Oort cloud, as Nibiru is thought to be a brown dwarf star that never fueled up or burned out long ago. This dead star has an extremely eliptical orbit and when it travels through this Oort cloud every few thousand years or so, it flares up comets there. These comets then head for the sun and pass close to the Earth or on occasion slam into the planet.

              I think others view Nibiru as some renegade planet that comes close to the orbit of the planet and then chaos occurs for a few weeks or months every few thousand years. It is thought that this occurs on a regular and predictable time scale, like halley’s comet arrives every 76 years. It is thought that the Mayans were not predicting the future, but just seeing this cycle of this planetoid’s predictable orbit.

              Others have a kind of whacked out non-scientific view of Nibiru, or Planet X as they call it, as some hallow planet like some Stars Wars death star that travels throughout the galaxy as a spacecraft. Still others have an idea that it is part of some punishment for man’s sins. Still others, that have seen too many STar Trek episodes, see it as some planetoid that is controlled by someone on the Moon or Mars.

              In any case, I go by what I am seeing within the plates, and it AINT good. There are new sopts popping up all the time with new earthquakes and volcanoes are increasing, and many earthquakes are real close to big calderas. Just look at Hawaii’s volcanoes right now boiling over. Something is up, we feel it, animals feel it, there is geophysical proof of this everytime I look at the USGS earthquake map.

      47. yes, there are some countries where the people that have money; travel to other countries to be medically treated. That’s coming to the US and it’s a certainty if obama gets back in.
        i will not be suprised if, despite the advances in medication and prevention of diseases, that within 5 years; the US life expectancy starts declining for the first time.

        my granddad lived to 87 and my grandma lived to 85 and they both took medications for the last 10 years. i will not be suprised if i am denied those medications for the same medical issues i most likely have inherited from them and never make it to 80.


        Unisyn is owned by a Malaysian gambling outfit. Another major elections industry player, Canada’s Dominion, purchased the massive Diebold Election Systems division (which it shares with ES&S); Dominion also owns Smartmatic, which handles electronic vote-counting in the Philippines and Belgium. Military voting is now handled in several states by Barcelona, Spain-owned Scytl. In January 2012, Scytl acquired the largest election results reporting firm, SOE Software.


        • They are both dicks. One wears a red condom, one wears a blue one. Third party it is. Or maybe just party.

      49. Why can I only access this site through a proxy now?

        • Gregor, we’ve had some issues with IP’s being blocked out due to a high security setting on our servers. I am happy to look into this, but, unfortunately, would require your IP address. you can email me at mac@ with that info and I will make sure you are clear in the firewall.

          We are working to get this resolved ASAP for all IP’s.

          Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


      50. “A 90-year-old Greenbrae man, Jay Leone, who was shot in the head during an alleged burglary has been SUED by the alleged burglar.

        Samuel Cutrufelli, who was also shot during the incident, claims Jay Leone “negligently shot” him during the confrontation INSIDE Leone’s home.”

        We live in such an upside down world. The 90 year old man should be given an award not be sued.

        Link on Drudge Report

      51. Jayjay, Sorry, I didn’t know Burt was female. Anyway, hope she’s alright. Braveheart

        • me too.

      52. ok
        theres been plenty of talk about a supposed MD shortage

        anybody here had problems ??

        with me


      53. I am so saddened by the number of people who have had bad outcomes from dealing with modern medical care. I’ve had problems too and I’m a physician. I think there are several things contributing to this sorry state.

        Doctors are increasingly becoming employees when they used to own their own practices. The hospitals that “own” these employees (doctors and nurses) want longer hours with more patients seen per hour. This leads to a mindset that sees the patient as an obstacle instead of a person in need.

        Electronic health records are being forced on us. I have never seen a system that is actually efficient. They are time consuming and tedious. My own suspicion is that they are being put in place to build stronger databases on the population. Medical records include all kinds of things besides health issues. It can also include details of diet, work habits, income, drug and alcohol use and more.

        Medicaid and Medicaid now hire companies to review medical cases. The companies get paid a percent of every bill they can have denied. I had Medicaid come to me a year after I was paid on a patient and they told me they had erroneously paid me and were taking the bill back out of my bank account. That’s when I opted out of their systems.

        The reason it is hard to find health care in Las Vegas is the high cost of malpractice there. There were a few court cases with judgements in the multimillions. Malpractice costs sky rocketed and many doctors couldn’t make enough money to cover malpractice costs and left. I don’t know if it is still true but for a while there were NO OB doctors in Nevada at all.

        I think only a few of my patients are interested in taking care of themselves. I would gladly provide info on nutrition, herbal remedies and self care but the vast majority want the latest most expensive drug or an antibiotic that they really don’t need or narcotics.

        When TSHTF these patients are going to be a mess. And they’re going to blame the government and the doctors. Many doctors will be a mess too. Very few of my colleagues seem to know how to make a diagnosis without using complex modern technology.

        This is why I plan to be out the door by the end of the year. I’ll keep my credentials and help out family and friends but I don’t see a reason to continue practicing medicine as a career. Life is too short to spend it enslaved to the system.

        • well said

          I don’t blame you

          I’m in health care too
          though not as physician

          I will be cutting my career short by several years
          its just not worth it anymore

          and dont get me started on electronic medical records
          good God
          what a disaster

        • From working in a office requiring all those forms, I feel your pain. There is so much fraud out there, but they prey on the doctors that are trying to help. I agree with you completely. That’s one reason our office is closing down, try to follow the rules and look where it gets you. I realize there are good doctors out there, but like you said most have to be part of the system and can’t afford to be in private practice.

      54. It should read ” shortage of COMPETENT doctors in Amerika” .
        I have to call it as I see it on that one . Most of them want to push you out the door as fast as they can and make another appointment rather than fix something , except for the ones coming over from other countries , who seem to be better trained then ours are , especially the ones from India seem to be more astute at finding and treating the cause quickly and correctly .

      55. Can some of you out there remember when the family doctor treated the whole person, now your divided up and sent to all kind’s of specialist’s. I don’t know about you but it makes me think of some kind of a racket. I guess it’s all about the doctor’s working for a big health care net-work or something like that, I don’t now. Thats when prices started go though the roof.

        • The unbundling of services was caused by Medicare and worsened by tort lawyers.

          In the old days before Medicare:
          (1) the office visit fee covered everything, EKG, lab, procedures, shots;
          (2) the doctor cared about his patients; and
          (3) the patient trusted his doctor—for good reason.

          The US ‘gummint’ got paranoid that the doctor wasn’t explaining everything he did for his Medicare pittance, so demanded increasingly more detailed documentation. Doctors started thinking, “Hey, I didn’t charge for doing the EKG, the EKG paper, my interpretation of the EKG, amortizing the cost of the EKG machine, etc.” and so charges skyrocketed.

          Many lawyers saw a chance to make quick and big bucks sowing mistrust and lawsuits.

          Many doctors internalized all that “us and them” stuff and became businessmen more than community servants.

          And it was downhill from there.

          (1) Every little thing is itemized and charged as much as the market will bear;
          (2) Doctors care about self-preservation so spend more time documenting and billing than caring for patients; and
          (3) Nobody trusts anybody—for good reason.

          It’s a different (worse) world, different (worse) times, different (worse) patients, and different (worse) doctors. Sad facts.

        • Aye that . My ex wife’s father was a country doctor and treated the whole person …….he even did dental work ….he was not supposed to but he knew he was the only person the folks had . He also accepted barter or trade as payment .

      56. nationalized healthcare plan is instituted across the United States.

        Healthcare is not nationalized. Get your facts straight.

        • Joe In NC: Actually, for all intents and purposes, healthcare is “nationalized” to the benefit of the few, Uber Rich, and the Uber Poor; at the expense of the middle class who pay the taxes in this country.

          In the case of the Uber Rich, they are subsidized by US because most health care advances are funded by grants from the government using tax dollars and distributed to OUR major universities who are in bed with Big Pharma.

          Big Pharma then capitalizes upon these advancements.

          When these advances are eventually released to the public they are generally too expensive except for the Uber Rich who have “cadillac” health care plans.

      57. There have been reports of doctor shortages for years. Nothing new here.

      58. Rule #1: Whenever the government sticks its fat nose into a market, they will do it for the wrong reason.

        Rule #2: Whenever a government minion thinks he’s doing the right thing, history will show that he did it the wrong way.

        Rule #3: The less government interference (some might wrongly call this “regulation”) there is in a market, the more correct the information (otherwise known as “prices”) is.

        Rule #4: If the above appear illogical, then you are either a government minion, or educated by one.

      59. I’m surprised no one has brought up the pros and cons of medical savings accounts (MSA) as a cost-saving free market approach to illness.

      60. have yet to hear of a shortage of applicants for med schools. An increase in the number of medical school programs would appear to be in order. Am not aware of any poor doctors in pur area. I do not think most doctors have transferrable skills to similarly lucrative careers. This is one of the few college majors largely guaranteed to end in a above average paying position

      61. There are, as I recall, 5 physicals allowable every year to Medicare recipients. Since there are no cures for chronic disease in Allopathic Medicine, it is inexcusable to waste money on all of these physicals. All this does is get Seniors hooked on Big Pharma drugs for all of the incurable aches and pains. Medicare should pay only for doctor visits for legitimately ill people. This round robin of physicals for Seniors is causing a shortage of doctors, and it is foolish. The only way for Allopathic Physicians to begin curing chronic disease is to integrate Expert Pulse Diagnosis, either Oriental or Ayurvedic, (preferably Oriental because the Chinese dropped all of the dirty spirituality out of their medical system over a thousand years ago). Without Expert Pulse Diagnosis and other Alternative and Natural Diagnostic Systems, Allopathic Physicians have no ability to diagnose, evaluate or recognize efficacy of treatments, or treat chronic disease. Allopathic Physicians can only treat patients as a last resort, and that is with surgical techniques, so there is no reason for patients to be in an Allopathic Physician’s office, until it is time for his surgical technique. This may be a light over-simplification of the problem, but not much.

        A second idea for eliminating the high cost of Medicare and cutting back on Nursing care is to bias toward any program that keeps patients ambulatory and able to self-care. Physical and Occupational Therapy Rehab programs have been cut for Seniors, and that is the wrong place to cut. Seniors need to be fully Rehabed so they can live on their own. Medicaid Rehab programs are also inadequate, which means more disabled workers. If we are going to have Medi programs, they need to bias toward what is actually proven to work and is necessary to keep patients functional. Rehab is one of those necessary programs to make patients functional and involved in self-care instead of in nursing homes.

        A peer review program administered online would help with the quality of medicine and eliminate some of the inept physicians and other practitioners, and practices. Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Operating Room Technicians, and other well-trained medical personnel need to be peer reviewing both physicians and their techniques and vice versa, in addition to lateral peer review. In our very technical medical environment under-qualified Surgeons and Physical and Occupational Therapists are keeping patients from Rehabing to normal functionality, which presents a huge cost to our society. The same thing is true in other areas of medicine.

        Also, many Conservatives are against the so-called death panels. I am very much for physician death panels for those trapped in a bedridden state in nursing homes. Why prolong death in every possible manner for people whose lives are completely destroyed by age and disease? Those patients do not want to live, and it is a travesty to keep providing a successive stream of antibiotics and other care to prolong the inevitable death of these patients who are so unhappy about still being alive. I’m very Conservative, but I am also a realist. My father was one of these patients, and my sister and I signed Power of Attorney statements that read, “Do not administer antibiotics to counter pneumonia when we are in a bed ridden state.” A bed ridden state is living death, not life, and these patients have nothing to live for. The same thing is true in cases of short life expectancy for the young. Someone who is going to die at 13 anyway does not need numerous expensive transplant operations at 5 and 9 years of age. It is absolutely mean to charge the tax payer for outrageous and expensive medical care in these cases.

        If Republicans are really about Pro-Life then how about Foreign Policy that does not cost millions of lives as it did in Vietnam and Iraq? Pro-Life is really about Pro-Life in every case, with the exception of prolonging death, in my opinion.

      62. Funny…There is no shortage of doctors…there is a situation where the medical industry creates ARTIFICIAL shortages of doctors to keep their earnings high. I personally know 7 very well trained foreign doctors who cannot practice medicine in the US because the powers that be make it damn near impossible for them to ever get licenced here. These 7 doctors are all from internationally accredited medical schools in Europe, and I feel far safer in their hands than I do in the hands of any American doctor I ever met. Unfortunately, tell a 45 year old doctor with 20 years experience that they have to start all over again, do a residency and internship and classes and pass a test that costs over $10,000 to take (pass or fail) and you know what…they are not going to piss away another 5 or 10 years of their lives getting licenced here. One works at McDonalds, another works as a teacher now, another decided to have some children and is a stay at home mom, one works construction and the other two bought and run a convienience store…WHAT A WASTE OF TALENT…And here is the worst part…They would gladly trade any hospital, government agency ect their services for ANY help to get licenced here, AND they would all happily work as doctors here for a small fraction of what American doctors demand…so The American Medical Association, state boards ect make it impossible for them to work here… I bet I could find a half million doctors around the world to bring into the USA in less than a year if We could get them a fast-track no BS way to get licenced here…How would healthcare be here in America with a bunch of foreign doctors? Frankly, better than it is now… so this idea of a shortage of doctors is a total lie…created to extort people into paying way too much for the substandard care they currently recieve in the USA…Check the numbers…our healthcare statistics for quality of care look like a 3rd world hellhole…

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