Why There Will NEVER Be A Political Solution To America’s Problems

by | May 2, 2017 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog


    Why do things never seem to change no matter who we send to Washington?  It seems like for decades many of us have been trying to change the direction of this country by engaging in the political process.  But no matter how hard we try, the downward spiral of our nation just continues to accelerate.  Just look at this latest spending deal.  Even though the American people gave the Republicans control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, this deal very closely resembles “an Obama administration-era budget”.  It increases spending even though we have already been adding more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt, it specifically forbids the building of a border wall, it fully funds Planned Parenthood, and there are dozens of other concessions to the Democrats in it.  As I previously warned, these “negotiations” were a political rout of epic proportions.

    Perhaps many of us were being highly unrealistic when we expected that Donald Trump could change things.  Because fixing America is going to take a lot more than getting the right number of “red” or “blue” politicians to Washington.  Rather, the truth is that the real problem lies in our hearts, and the corrupt politicians that currently represent us are simply a reflection of who we have become as a nation.

    The generations of people that founded this nation and established it as the greatest republic that the world had ever seen had far different values than most Americans do today.

    So until there is a dramatic shift in how most of us see the world, it is quite likely that not much in Washington will change.

    Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump spoke boldly about “draining the swamp”, but this spending deal very much reflects the swamp’s priorities.  The Washington Post has published a list of eight ways that “Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation”, and in this case the Post is quite correct…

    1. There are explicit restrictions to block the border wall.

    2. Non-defense domestic spending will go up, despite the Trump team’s insistence he wouldn’t let that happen.

    3. Barack Obama’s cancer moonshot is generously funded.

    4. Trump fought to cut the Environmental Protection Agency by a third. The final deal trims its budget by just 1 percent, with no staff cuts.

    5. He didn’t defund Planned Parenthood.

    6. The president got less than half as much for the military as he said was necessary.

    7. Democrats say they forced Republicans to withdraw more than 160 riders.

    8. To keep negotiations moving, the White House already agreed last week to continue paying Obamacare subsidies.

    In essence, the Democrats got virtually everything that they wanted, and the Republicans got next to nothing.

    Trump and the Republicans are promising that they will fight harder “next time”, but we have already heard that empty promise from Republicans year after year going all the way back to 2011.

    Among many other conservative pundits, author Daniel Horowitz is absolutely blasting these “weak-kneed Republicans”

    Now, with control of all three branches and a president who sold himself in the primaries as the antithesis of weak-kneed Republicans who don’t know the first thing about tough negotiations, we are in the exact same position. Last night, President Trump signaled that, after not even fighting on refugee resettlement and Planned Parenthood, he would cave on the final budget issue – the funding of the border fence. But fear not, he’ll resume his demand … the next time!

    This degree of capitulation, with control of all three branches, is impressing even me … and I had low expectations of this president and this party. They have managed to get run over by a parked car. It’s truly breathtaking to contrast the performance of Democrats in the spring of 2009 with what Republicans have done today with all three branches. At this time in 2009, Democrats passed the bailouts, the stimulus, the first round of financial regulations, an equal pay bill, SCHIP expansion, and laid the groundwork for other, bigger proposals, such as cap and trade and Obamacare. Then they got everything they wanted in the March 2009 omnibus bill, and a number of GOP senators voted for it. We, on the other hand, are left with nothing.

    And even the mainstream media is admitting that the Democrats made out like bandits in this deal.

    Just check out the following quotes

    • “Overall, the compromise resembles more of an Obama administration-era budget than a Trump one,” Bloomberg reports.
    • The Associated Press calls it “a lowest-common-denominator measure that won’t look too much different than the deal that could have been struck on Obama’s watch last year.”
    • Reuters: “While Republicans control the House, Senate and White House, Democrats scored … significant victories in the deal.”
    • The Los Angeles Times describes the agreement as “something of an embarrassment to the White House”: “Trump engineered the fiscal standoff shortly after he was elected, insisting late last year that Congress should fund the government for only a few months so he could put his stamp on federal spending as the new president.”

    If Trump can’t get his priorities funded now, do you think that the Democrats will somehow become more agreeable after he has spent a year or two in the White House?

    Of course not.

    If there ever was going to be a border wall, it was going to happen now.

    If Planned Parenthood was ever going to be defunded, it was going to happen now.  From this moment forward, the blood of every child that Planned Parenthood kills will be on the hands of every Republican that voted for this bill or that signed this bill.

    The next “big battle” is going to be over a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, but the truth is that “Trumpcare” is going to end up looking very much like Obamacare.

    Instead of repealing it, the Republicans are trying to “fix” Obamacare, and that is kind of like going to the dump and trying to “fix” a big, steaming pile of garbage.

    But like I explained earlier, we should not expect things to move in a positive direction in Washington D.C. until the values of those representing us change.

    At this point, there are only a few dozen members of the House and a handful of members of the Senate that even give lip service to the values of our founders.

    And until our values change, we are not going to send representatives to Washington that share the values of our founders.

    Sadly, most Americans know very little about the history of early America.  I would encourage everyone to look into why our founders came to this country in the first place, what they believed was most important in life, and how they viewed the world.

    If we ever want to “make America great again”, we need to return to those values.  Otherwise, we are just blowing a lot of hot air.

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the Economic Collapse Blog.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

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      1. Good , we all agree then that a Civil war is NECESSARY to save America by routing out the traitors and scum so we can return to the original Founding Fathers Constitutional State. Progressivism has polluted America to DEATH. Its time to fight that cancer head on, without mercy.

        • NJ, sad but true.

          • The only political solution is to kill off all the politicians. They are the cause of the majority of our problems.

            • Some solutions:
              1) term limits for members of Congress
              2) campaign finance REAL reform
              3) no post-congressional office pensions paid
              4) no leap frogging into working for a lobby after congressional term

              Violence or no violence, tax paying Americans must take charge.

              • Borodine, I’m sorry to say everything you suggest will make no difference. The divide between left, and right is to far apart. The only thing left is blood, and conflict, i feel this summer we will see that conflict unfold before our eyes. No quarter should be given to the left, just destroy them and their evil ideology completely. The loses on both sides will be many, but us on the right need to make sure that when the fighting is done,that the left is so thoroughly destroyed that they can never confront us again.

        • Meh? I disagree because I am a coward. Let Kim Jung kick the globalist ass. If he can do 1/3 of what he boasts he will own the world at slightest provocation. Civil war won’t solve anything. Ask the south. The South shall rise again! Yea rights.

        • Its sad that in this day and age, Designated Survivor would be preferable…

        • Revolution IS a political solution. I am surprised that elements of Seal Team America have not systematically assassinated many corrupt NWO PTB on Congress and the VA.

          They simply will not get the message until there is blood on the streets …… their blood. 🙂

      2. Because there are too many evil crooks

        • Yes, the evil crooks should be replaced by virtuous crooks.

          • There is none who have not sinned, not one. I sure wouldn’t want my piece of shit children in charge. Take the civil war idea and stuff it. We are more free during KAOS.

        • I’m doing my part.

          I will be spreading that message all over the northeast starting tomorrow on a mission trip.

      3. Your Constitutional future is being played out right now in Judge Navarro’s court room in Las Vegas. Your political future riots hidden under black masked faces. Your exceptional and indispensable military industrial complex readies to crush another. Your dollar reflects world opinion of your hubris. Your chemical pharmaceuticals usurp all natural remedies. Your food is engineered. Yours banks are casinos with losses backstopped by the innocent. Your right for peaceful redress is being decided in that Las Vegas courtroom. If we lose that one there will be few options.

      4. Well, here we go again. Best shill to date. Glad i didn’t stop getting ready for the worst.

      5. One day in the not too distant future a lot of heads will roll in Washington. Its happened all through history…it will again. when people have nothing left to lose …SHTF.

        • Disagree.

          What has happened throughout history is great empires become corrupt, allow foreigners in that destabilize the country, devalue their currency and ability to defend itself and eventually they become a shell of their former great selves.

          That, is where we are headed; may take until 2050 until that is apparent to everyone given the advantages the usa built up but it’s on a decline that will not be reversed.

          • Thank God I’ll be dead by then.

          • Lena, Disagree

            What you described was the fall of the roman empire. Things happen much faster today. The coming collapse will be done by 2032. Part of the big stuff will happen in the next 8 years. The reason is simple. It is not just the U.S. that is living under collapsing socialism. Take a look at Greece, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, Japan,…There is a long list of countries that can upset the apple cart.

        • Jim in VA, damn right. I’m at the BOL ‘training’ for that day. It’s coming sooner than anyone thinks.

          • Population reduction in U.S. down 90% by 2024 experts say. Saw article on: thecommonsenseshow.com the other day. Bio weapons used probably.

      6. I can solve America’s problems.
        Kill every Democrat.
        Then kill all the Moslems.
        Then we can go on with life.

        • don’t kill the democrats, just do not allow them to vote unless they own something they pay takes on.

          welfare queens sit in their section 8 housing and vote themselves more stuff.

          • Welfare queens have nothing on trump, billionaires get free borrowed money from banks they own. Tough to best that set up?

        • You forgot the Republicans.

          • I did not forget them.
            You don’t want to pick on an endangered

        • Rellik, I like your way of thinking.

      7. In September the Conservative Constitutional Patriots need to descend on Washington, DC in mass like they have never seen, and demand that Trump keep his political campaign promises made and demand the other GOP members of the House and Senate back the President all the way….or all be impeached and then call for a new election with our own nominees. It’s doing something this drastic, or the alternative which is more drastic, a Constitutional Revolution. It is not going to get any better. Trump appears to be bought and paid for. Actions always speak louder than words.

      8. There are two agendas allowed in Washington, and only two.

        The Leftist Agenda, fully supported by all of the Democrats and many of the Republicans, and the Leftist Compatible Agenda embraced by most of the Republicans and accepted by most of the Democrats in lieu of getting what they demand outright at the time.

        Ryan’s job, what he was put in his position to do by the Republican establishment with the support of most of the non establishment Tea Party Republicans, is to make sure nothing not a part of the leftist compatible agenda makes it through from the Republican side. This is popularly referred to as “bipartisanship”.

        Ryan is very, very good at his job, which is why there will never be a political solution to the political divide between the government and the non socialist side of the American people.

        If it isn’t compatible with long term Leftist goals, it won’t happen.

        FWIW, this probably got its start somewhere back in the later 70’s but became an irreversible reality during the Clinton administration. “Yes sir, Mr. Clinton” became the obvious theme of the Republicans during that period, open for all with eyes to see if they didn’t choose to avert them and pretend otherwise.

        The anti leftist side of the people will continue to roll over to the left on every issue until there is no longer any effective opposition to left. This is the way it is to be.

      9. For once Michael Snyder came up with a good article. I’m shocked. Well done, Snyder. There’s nothing in it I can dispute.

      10. Looks like I was deceived and lied to. I voted for Obama the first time. Shame on me, and learned quite early on that he was a liar and deceiver. I voted for Donald Duck in 2012 out of frustration. This time I voted for Trump. Now it’s clear to I was deceived and lied to again.
        This country is finished….Kapooot.

      11. I’m just very disappointed. I wonder how Sean Hannity will try to convince us this is good. He’s a Republican water carrier,that’s all. A shill.

      12. “..things never seem to change no matter who we send to Washington?”

        “we”? Hmmm.

      13. Southside, there’s a rumor that Hannity may be the next one to get the boot at Faux News, but he’s fighting it. Supposedly Rupert Murdoch wants to make Faux News more like CNN. I love it when MSM shills have disputes with each other.

        • I can’t see any reason murdoch would want to do that. But you may be right. Hannity may want to get out.

        • They’re not having disputes with each other, they’re becoming more like each other and kicking out anyone that doesn’t go along with it.

        • It’s Murdoch’s son who’s pushing things. He hates conservatism and wants Fox News to be just another CNN or MSNBC.

      14. Revolution or cw won’t make a damned bit of difference. “The more things change, the more they stay the same”

      15. The Democrats are, presently, terrorists (by the dictionary definition of the word).

        Stop negotiating with them.

      16. I am very disappointed in the bill. Funding planned parenthood not funding the wall trying to fix Obamacare . Really don’t understand. But I have said from the get go that as long as we can print money the political party can do whatever . When the day comes the money printing is over than Shtf!!!

      17. The majority of citizens believe that the US has a 2 Party political system that offers voters differing or opposing view points, and ideologies. Perhaps citizens think that we have a 3 Party system, if you count the Libertarian Party.
        Nothing could be further from the truth.
        Democrats, Republicans, and the handful of Libertarians, ALL belong to the same elitist, totalitarian organizations, as do the chairmen and CEO’s of big corporations, university administrators and professors, certain churches/religious denominations, large charitable foundations, etc.
        It’s no accident that the US is falling apart, and that we are being destroyed DELIBERATELY from within.

        PLEASE research the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR founded in 1921), which is an offshoot of the Royal Institute of of International Affairs – Chatham House, founded in 1920), the Trilateral Commission (1973)and the Bilderberg Group (1954).
        Also research the Federal Reserve Bank (established in 1913) which is NOT a federally owned bank, but a privately owned and administered institution run by at least 10 of the richest families on the planet.

        The vast majority of our Presidents (at least since 1921) have either belonged to one or more of these globalist groups, or have had their administrations jam packed by men and women who belonged to one or more of these globalist organizations.
        Oh by the way, ALL of our Presidents are related to one another, and have a common royal descendant (England’s John Lackland). The only exception has been our 8th President, Martin Van Buren (1837–41).

        ALL of our these organizations have as their goal the utter subjugation, domination and control of the American people, and the Bilderbergers and the Royal Institute of International Affairs work diligently to control the rest of the world’s governments and people.
        Throw in the defunct League of Nations, and now the United Nations, both organizations that were started by the men (or the descendants) who started the Federal Reserve, and you begin to realize that our government is a sham, and that choice is an illusion.

        Did anyone really think that our ruling elitist Shadow Government would allow anyone to dismantle the work they began over 100 years ago?

        • The presidents are no more or less related to each other than they are to most of us. For example, George Bush is my 8th cousin.

          The only reason they leave out Van Buren is that his family had recently immigrated from Holland and the uppity sort of historians haven’t bothered to trace his ancestry very far back.

      18. I think the quickest cleanest way is to fake a cyber bank attack right before the EBT cards get filled. Then wait for them to come and steal . Then shoot them and throw them in dumpsters. Before they do it to us.?

      19. I read ounce that it wasn’t for gov. Paid abortions the black population of the US would double every 7 years? Math anyone? My rough calculation said the population of the US would be double what it is now and we would be 65% black ? That probably would mean that today any state that’s major city is mostly black the whole state would be the same. That probably would mean Their would be white states black states brown states asianstates and the borders would be regulated? The border states would almost be at war ,and outnumbered . With control of the states national guard and law enforcement there would probably be constant clashes Criminnal gangs would make cross border raids. Returning home to the protection of their state forces. Different states of similar populations would band together. Forming mutual protection treaties. Thus countries? It’s fairly easy to see where the lines will be drawn ? And maybe that’s why it’s been that way for 1000s of years. They will try to mix the seed of man but it will not take? I just saw a video of some Chinese boiling a tie up dog alive, Then plucking out its fur while it was alive and laughing at the dogs screams. How can we possibly get along with that? We must realize that God burnt alive all the men,women and children of soddom and Gomorrah because their was no other way to stop it from spreading. Did God not set an example of his way? And should it be ours?

      20. known FAKE news sources.
        why grief?! Blacklist!
        There’s solutions to problems that can turn stuff around in 24 hours. upholding oath and existing law for starters. If things get worse it’s cause someone makes them worse.

      21. Ok Mike, you get off your dead ass and storm the capitol. I got your back.

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