Why The Globalists Need A War, And Soon

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com


    It is difficult to gauge and understand geopolitical and economic events without first comprehending the fact that much of what happens in the world is engineered to happen and with a specific encompassing goal in mind. If you subscribe to the theory that all is random “chaos” and outcomes are circumstantial or coincidental, then you will be lost in the dark on most things. If you think a globalist “conspiracy” would require “too much control” or foresight, I would point out that organized conspiracy by people in power is a matter of history, not of theory. If such cabals were prevalent in the past, it is rather foolish to dismiss the reality that they are prevalent today.

    In my articles “The Economic End Game Explained” and “The Economic End Game Continues,” I outline considerable evidence supporting the following conclusion: International financiers and political puppets in Western AND Eastern countries share a deep rooted ideology called “globalism” or the “new world order.” This ideology demands total centralization of economy and government resulting in a single global fiscal authority, a single global monetary system and a one world ruling structure. Obviously, such a pursuit would take extensive time and planning. It is a long term project, with moments of accelerated change.

    The globalists refer to the process of their intended change as the “global economic reset.” A reset of the world’s economic processes is not so far fetched as skeptics like to argue. When an organized group of ideologues maintains control over the currency production and interest rates of most nations on the planet, it would hardly be difficult to manipulate politicians, manipulate legislation or even scientifically conjure financial bubbles and collapses. By extension, it would also be simple to trigger international conflicts if needed.

    But why would war be a necessary ingredient to globalization?

    War is the ultimate distraction, the ultimate divider and, perhaps ironically, the ultimate consolidator. In the past century, war always seems to follow or coincide with economic crisis events that are later exposed as products of the banking elites and their aggressive monetary policies. And, in the aftermath of these wars, supranational institutions are often founded (like the League of Nations, the United Nations, the Bank for International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund) as “solutions” to preventing mass tragedies from ever happening again. War is a social steroid promoting mutation, usually in an unhealthy way.

    In recent years the concept of “world war” has given way to a more insidious trend of constant and sporadic regional wars. In most cases these regional wars have helped to contribute to the steady downfall of the U.S. through accumulating national debts as well as international distrust or hatred. In fact, one might conclude that if we were to look at the macro-picture of the vast array of regional wars being perpetrated by the globalists we would see that all of them combined are amounting to a kind of world war in a different form.

    That said, the globalists will need a new and far larger catalyst for their reset, and soon. Why? Because a sizable distraction is essential to the next phase of the ongoing collapse. A pervasive scapegoat is needed; one that can be blamed for almost any negative scenario. This draws public attention away from the globalists themselves as the culprits behind fiscal crisis, maybe so much so that it will take decades before the mainstream ever questions what actually happened, if they ever question anything at all.

    The fear generated through an uncertain war also acts as a form of psychological alchemy, transmuting the collective public mindset to accept centralization they never would have accepted otherwise.

    Here is the issue at hand — central banks are seeking a monetary reset more than anything else. A monetary reset demands massive debt, followed by massive stimulus, followed by fiscal tightening, then massive inflation, followed by currency implosion that opens the door to a replacement structure (most likely in the form of blockchain technology and cyrptocurrency). The credit crisis of 2008 conveniently provided at least two of these elements so far, vast debt and stimulus measures. Today, we are beginning to witness the fiscal tightening phase of this process.

    As I have been warning since before the Fed taper of QE, the central bank trend will lead to a removal of stimulus support, facilitating a crushing blow to bonds and equities markets. Now, interestingly enough, the Bank for International Settlements is warning of the same thing as 2017 comes to a close. It should be noted that this is not the first time the BIS warned of an impending crash; they also predicted with keen timing the derivatives and credit crash back in 2007. This was, of course, too little too late for the masses to react in any positive way, though.

    Their latest warning arrives on the heels of the December Federal Reserve meeting at which it is widely expected that the central bank will raise interest rates yet again while taking the next step towards reducing their balance sheet. Many mainstream and alternative economists doubted the taper of QE and doubted the hiking of interest rates. They were wrong. Just as the doubts over the Fed balance sheet reductions are wrong. The pullback in these measures will invariably strike bonds and equities in a negative way. Time is running out.

    But, the banking elites have taken steps. For example, they have in place a perfect distraction in the form of the Trump Administration. With Trump loudly and proudly taking credit for the stock market bull run over the course of the past year, who do you think the public will blame when those same markets go south as the central bank pulls the rug out? Probably not the Fed or the establishment banks.

    Trump has also in an odd way created the perfect rationale for the Fed as they increase interest rates and end the cheap money that has been feeding stocks for so long. With the passage of Trump’s tax “reform” plan, the fed can now argue that interest rates MUST be raised in order to create incentives for treasury investment and to pay for Trump’s intended public works programs and military expansion goals. Meaning, the fed can claim it is not culpable for any negative effects from removing cheap capital from the table because Trump’s actions demanded it.

    I would also point out that in most cases in history the Fed has lowered interest rates immediately following tax cuts and reforms. They did this after Reagan’s tax reforms in 1981 and in 1986, as well as after George W. Bush’s tax reforms in 2001. Juxtapose that with 2018, as the Fed intends to continue RAISING interest rates in the wake of Trump’s tax reforms. Meaning, they are taking the opposite action from what they have often done in the past.  Something to think about…

    Trump’s tax plan itself is primarily a distraction from the real problem. First, when comparing tax brackets from this past year to the intended tax brackets for next year under the Trump reforms, there is almost no change whatsoever for the average American. The only major reductions in taxes are, no surprise, in the form of corporate tax cuts; reducing the corporate tax ceiling from 35 percent to 20 percent. This is trickle-down economics at best, and not a solution to a single problem facing the public and the country in terms of the flailing economy.

    Second, why are we talking about income tax “reform” when we should be talking about abolishing the income tax and the Federal Reserve altogether? Whatever happened to that dialogue? It has disappeared down the memory hole.

    Trump’s tax plan will do nothing to slow or undo the current economic crisis because the crisis stems directly from central banking monetary policies and interest rate manipulations. Tax reform is far too little far too late, and stands as nothing more than meager bone thrown to conservatives to keep them quiet for a while. This is what Trump’s tax reform does do very well, though — it rallies conservatives around Trump, regardless of whether it actually helps them or not. Much like Obama’s universal health care bill, which has proven to be a continued disaster in practice, but was rather successful at the time of its passage in rallying the liberal base. Trump is certainly going to need a base of public support if he is going to initiate a major war campaign.

    North Korea continues to be the most likely powder keg for the next distraction event. Two months of quiet led people with short attention spans to dismiss the notion, and perhaps some of them will double down and continue their denials, but it is growing more difficult to ignore by the day. I would argue that North Korea is the most viable option simply because almost no one expects a war with the isolated nation to happen. The level of complacency despite all the signals to the contrary is palpable.

    The U.S. has staged three aircraft carrier groups in the region for the first time in a decade. Major combat exercises are underway, designated Vigilant Ace 18, specifically designed to simulate an invasion of North Korea with over 230 aircraft and 12,000 American troops participating. North Korea has warned of “nuclear war” as a consequence.

    North Korea may have the ability to follow through, at least on a limited scale, as they have recently test launched what appears to be a huge leap in missile technology — an ICBM capable of carrying multiple warheads and striking the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. How the North Koreans came to possess this technology so quickly is a question everyone should be asking.

    In response, the war rhetoric has been amplified. White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has stated that North Korea is the greatest immediate threat to the U.S., saying that the potential for war “is increasing every day.” Warmonger and enemy of the Constitution, Lindsay Graham, has stated that the families of U.S. military personnel should be moved out of South Korea for their own safety, and that “We’re getting close to military conflict.

    So how close is close? I maintain that war with North Korea is likely by the second quarter of 2018. I also maintain the globalists will continue the strategy of multiple regional conflicts and global economic warfare rather than a one-off global nuclear mess that would wipe out trillions of dollars and decades of effort put into infrastructure and surveillance grids.

    This would be advantageous to the globalists if they plan to continue interest rate hikes and stimulus removal by central banks around the world. It would help hide the effects of balance sheet reductions on stocks and it could expedite the fall of the dollar as the world reserve as Eastern and European nations apply alternatives like the IMF’s SDR basket system in response to the massive debt brought on by a military quagmire for the U.S.  In other words, catastrophic fiscal developments that were already going to happen anyway due to central bank sabotage will be entirely blamed on geopolitical crisis rather than the true culprits.

    Finally, will the East step in militarily to prevent a conflict in North Korea? No. China has already stated that if North Korea attacks first, then they will not obstruct regime change by the U.S.

    This flies in the face of those that believe in the false east/west paradigm. China has left the door wide open to potential conflict. If the globalists want a war in North Korea, they will create a war in North Korea, and the Chinese have publicly admitted they will step out of the way to let it happen. A false flag is probable. More provocations leading to a violent response by North Korea would also be rather easy to produce. So far, North Korea remains the best existing shock and awe event to hide a globally disintegrating economic situation. Would the globalists pass up an opportunity like this? There is no reason for them to do so.

    Special Note: Moriarty’s speech on the “inevitability of war” is a rather accurate portrayal in my opinion of the globalist mindset – rationalizing the artificial engineering of conflicts because “human nature” dictates that such events will “happen anyway”, so why shouldn’t they benefit? Of course, if human nature was a reliable ally of the power brokers, then they would not need to engineer these crises in the first place. Such is the insane circular logic of organized psychopaths.


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      1. yep, North Korea gets my nod

        • Never fear war is coming, and we may just drag Red China in so we can erase our debt to them ?

      2. of coarse we need a war, so we got an excuse to default on all that DEBT That can’t be paid…..”mish”…”what can’t be paid back, WON’T be paid back.”

      3. an EXCELLENT article on staying warm from the boy scouts follows

        • I am reposting this for you…

          Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. Use of this information is solely the responsibility of the reader.

          Most people reading this already know the basics of prepping (food, water, etc.). This is a list of things you may not have thought of that can greatly add to your preparedness plan. I will only list the basics and some links as room will not allow great detail.

          #1: Baking Soda: This cheap and readily available item has many uses. Toothpaste, deodorant, laundry, masking odors on hunting clothes, curing heartburn, nuetralizing acid. Search 101 uses for baking soda.

          #2: Granulated pool chlorinator: This is much more compact and has a much longer shelf life than bleach. It can be used to sterilize water and disinfect surfaces. Add to water until there is a slight chlorine odor then wait about an hour and your water should be sterile.

          #3: #10 can stove: A simple stove can be made from a #10 can. Drill several holes at the very bottom of the sides and cut the metal lid (leftover from opening the can) along the sides about 1 inch in around the sides of it and bend them down to make a sort of platform. Drill holes in the lid for air to enter from underneath then set it in the bottom of the can. Use 1/2 inch hardware cloth to make a top for your pan to sit on and drill some holes around the top edge of the can for venting. This will work with small wood or charcoalj just put the parts in the can and fill it with charcoal or small wood, put the plastic lid on and tape it and you have a portable cooker. Keep it in your car for emergencies.

          #4: Dollar store first aid: Bandages, wraps, antibacterial cream, slings, braces etc. are very reasonably priced at dollar stores.

          #5: Solar power: A small power station can be made from ebay items to power radios, cell phones, small lights, recharge batteries, etc. all in a .50 cal ammo can. Items to include are: 5 watt solar panel, 12ah sealed battery, charge controller, 12v outlet, 175 watt inverter (plugs into a 12v outlet), a multi voltage dc power adapter with various plugs, rechargeable AA and AAA batteries with a 12v charger, a small battery powered shortwave and am-fm radio. Add other items as needed but be sure to check the dimentions of the solar panel to be sure it will fit into your ammo can. Ebay has everything you will need very reasonably priced. Solar panels are also great barter items.

          #6: Solar dehydrator: A simple and very effective dehydrator can be made from plywood and small glass panes. First aquire about 4 small glass panes (12-16 inches wide) then cut some plywood to the same width as your glass and as long as neccissary to be 4-5 feet long (depending on length of the glass). Screw plywood sides along the edge of the larger plywood base and make them about 5 inches high. Cut some galvanized sheet metal to the dimention of the base and srew it to the base with short screws. Attach some 1×2 wood strips along both edges at the base. Make a simple 1×2 frame that fits on top of the strips (so it will slide on top of them) and attach 1/4 inch hardware cloth to the inside of the frame (this is where your food will sit). Make end caps out of plywood and drill 3- 1inch holes in them and attach them to the ends. Now use silicone adhesive to glue your glass panels to the top of the unit (do not cover the end pieces) and your ready to
          go. Simply take off one end and slide the tray out, put your food on the screen and slide it back in. Attach the end piece and tilt it towward the sun at a 30 degree or more angle and your in business.

          #7: Mainstay bars: These food bars are great for keeping in your car because they are not effected by heat and are compact with a long shelf life. A 30 day supply is about 60 dollars and is the size of a shoebox. I also use these in my BOB because they are compact and high calorie.

          #8: Spare auto parts: It is a good idea to have spare belts and oil, water, hose repair kits, tire plugs with a compressor, fuses, tool kit, etc. Also an empty gas can and siphon hose.

          #9: Tarps: These have a million uses. Make a shelter, hide things underneath, protect items, keeping things dry, etc. Keep a couple in your car.

          #10: Baggies and foil: You can never have enough baggies! Get an assortment of sizes for everything from storing used food to protecting small items to keeping your TP dry. Foil has many uses too. Use it to blackout your windows keeping prying eyes away.

          #11: Basic reloader: Lee makes a simple reloading setup that is all contained in a small plastic box. All you need is a small mallet or board to use it. Have one for every caliber they are inexpensive.

          #12: Communications: This is a very important thing to have! I like the programmable UHF/VHF radios. They are cheap and have a long range and many accessories are available. I reccomend this one as it has many accessories including a repeater option.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-BaoFeng-UV-5R-136-174-400-480MHz-FM-Ham-Two-way-Radio-Walkie-Talkie-/371102455656?pt=2_Way_Radios_FRS&hash=item56676e1768#ht_3895wt_966 NOTE: these require a license to operate..

          #13: Scanners: A good scanner can give you info on what the police etc. are doing. It can be very valuable to keep informed on what is going on in an emergency. Basic scanners are not very expensive and can be a lifesaver. To find out what frequencies are in your area go to.. http://www.radioreference.com

          #14: Thumbdrive survival info: This emp proof thumbdrive has some very excellent and hard to find books on survival and how too info as well as some of the out of print poor mans james bond books and ACB http://www.freedomslips.com/thumb.htm probably over a thousand dollars worth of books, I guarantee you will like this one!

          #15: Laptop emp: Used laptops are cheap and can be used to read and download thumbdrive info and store other needed data. Keep it and other small electronics in a bubble wrap lined galvanized garbage can to help protect it from emp.

          #16: Alcohol still: A basic still can be made from an old pressure canner and copper tubing. Use it for fuel and or drinking. If tshtf Im sure we will all need a stiff drink! Look on youtube for info on making ethanol and moonshine. If you use it for fuel add a little marvel mystery oil to help prevent drying out of seals and gaskets.

          #17: Fuel: Here is a very important item that is worth it’s wieght in gold! Store it in 5 gallon cans for portability and be sure to add stabilizer. I reccommend pri-G and pri-D stabilizers and have used them for years.

          #18: Surgery kit: Surplus field surgery kits are cheap and could save your life. Be sure to buy some sutures in various types to go with it. All your preps would be for nothing if you died from an infection. Look on you tube for info on how to do suturing. Make sure to have a good supply of antibiotics also and iodine, gauze, tape, etc. A colloidial silver maker is cheap and very good to have also. Search colloidial silver kit and shop around. Here is a place for antibiotics.. https://www.antibioticsforsurvival.com/

          #19: Herbal remedies: Making your own herbal remedies is a lot cheaper than buying them. You can get all the supplies you need here… http://www.rosemountainherbs.com Also stock up seeds to grow your own, they are also available at that site.

          #20: Spices: Beans and rice will get old real fast unless you stock up on spices. CVS and some other stores have 1.00 bottles of spices in all different varieties. Salt is another thing you will need a lot of. Making brine for smoking meat, hide curing, etc. Bulk soaps are cheap and very valuable, try costco or similar place and get as much as you can.

          #21: Camoflauge: You can make your own guillie suit from a pair of green or camo overalls and cammo netting. Just glue the netting to the coveralls and add local vegitation for a very effective suit. Wrap your weapon with netting to help hide it too. Space blankets will help hide your signature from thermal image detection also. Glue netting to the blanket and make sure you touch the blanket as little as possible.

          #22: Night vision: Although thermal night vision is pricey it works very well! There is no illuminator to give you away and no matter what camo the person has it will detect them as it detects heat signature not visual. A good thermal device for the money is here.. http://www.jrhenterprises.com/FLIR-Scout-PS24-FLIRscout.htm we have one of these and it is amazing.

          Thats all for now I hope this has helped with your prepping and given you some ideas.
          I will be working on future articles covering security and force multipliers so watch for them in the near future! Be well and keep on prepping…

          • like!

          • Thanks for sharing that !

      4. Brandon –

        Nice write up on this article.

        As BCOD mentioned above – The US Debt is not payable and the only option to clean it up with is a big ‘ol war!

        It’s what the USA does and likes to do, but unfortunately … not very good at it.

        “All Wars Are Banker Wars”

        • The debt is not intended to be paid back. Never was created to be paid back. Anyone who believes that it was. has NO understanding of the system, AT ALL. ZIP. ZERO. NADA. With low rates the debt can be adequately managed.

          Low rates allow the FED to REFINANCE the debt just like homeowners refinance their mortgages. Low rates increase the profitability of corporations, creating a MASSIVE transfer of wealth from the people to the Capitalists.

          US Debt is the CURRENCY of the New World Order. They must increase debt to provide multinationals a place to stash all of their extra cash from excess profits that low rates give them until it can be productively employed. What corporate holders of US Debt lose in interest rate return, they more than make up for with excess profit margin.

          The US Bond Market is the largest and most FUNGIBLE market in the world. It IS the currency of the New World Order. 🙂

          • ” How the North Koreans came to possess this technology so quickly is a question everyone should be asking.”

            The answer is easy. That knowledge is readily available on the internet and widely discussed in scientific journals all over the world. The US does not have a monopoly on that info. It is easy for a STATE to assemble and or develop a team of nuclear physicists, acquire that knowledge, and tweak the data to produce a bomb.

            Once a bomb is produced, improvements in the system quickly develops the product, and THEN technology sharing between Iran and NK cut the timeline even further.

            No surprises here.

            War becomes necessary when one system is threatened by another. In this case the west (America) is threatened by NK nuclear development. Bribery, which I have explained here many times, is the preferred method of bringing outsiders into the fold and follow the Rules. That process has worked to an acceptable degree with both China and Russia. It hasn’t worked, it won’t work with NK.

            NK will disappear, their Self Defense Treaty with China notwithstanding. 🙂

            • DK

              “It hasn’t worked, it won’t work with NK.”

              Bribery worked for years with North Korea. They waited until the US was occupied with a foreign crisis and then rattled their saber. Next came threatening dialog. Out of the blue everything ceased and low and behold 6 months later North Korea would get food, funds and fuel. I suspect Trump cancelled this arrangement because North Korea upped the price.

              • “Bribery worked for years with North Korea.”

                Not really. NK wasn’t in a position to make the bomb before and they never discontinued their technical pursuit of it: just like Iran.

                Iran continues developing their capacity and technology underground away from spying eyes in the sky. Even Iran’s missile factories are underground so no one knows for sure how many they are constructing, have constructed, waiting for warheads.

                No doubt in my mind that ADDITIONAL nuke development unknown to the West, is in process as we speak. When the Treaty is broken they will have THOUSANDS of warheads on missiles.

                They only need ONE on some broken down fishing trawler in the Caribbean to pop an EMP over the middle of the USA in a matter of minutes. Then its lights out.

                POTUS needs to take our enemies down one at a time, beginning with NK. 🙂

                • Of course NK continued. The bribes were recurring, not a one time thing. The US / IMF did bribe NK and they abated their overt actions while continuing design / development covertly.

                  “When the Treaty is broken they will have THOUSANDS of warheads on missiles.”

                  We might not track warhead manufacture but they’ll have a handle on how much weapons grade fissionable material is being produced. It might be in the thousands but it will be no surprise to the intelligence agencies.

          • Durangokidd, still deluding himself that the US dollar is going to survive this fiasco, even though all the evidence says otherwise. Durango has never been right about anything. Why would he be right about this?

            • The dollar will survive as long as the US Military survives; as that is the script that the government uses to pay its Legions.

              Clearly you do not understand the system either. 🙂

              Eventually the dollar (FRN) will evolve into a digital currency; but even if the dollar “failed” as you hope: meaning that other nations will no longer accept it as payment for goods and services, the Federal Reserve Note would be replaced by the dollar, or the “buck”, or some other nomenclature.

              The system will continue as long as people want to find a convenient way to exchange goods and services globally. The system will continue as long as the USA protects the participants in its financial system militarily from adversaries.

              The history of Commerce and Nations evidences that reality. Accept it. Resistance is futile. You will leave this world for a better place before the dollar “dies”. 🙂

        • FTW: Only problem there has been many wars the U.S> has been involved in since ww2, and we lost all of them. How can I respect the losers in the DOD and generals who cannot lead anyone in warfare.

          • “How can I respect the losers in the DOD and generals who cannot lead anyone in warfare.”

            Laura Ann –

            You don’t have to respect these type of “losers” that you speak of.
            In fact, I suggest that you and others do not … considering all the Wars created after WW2 have been based on manufactured lies.

            These wars were not to be meant to be won … but to conquer a people to the point of submission to follow US Democracy Program.

            “Western Family Values” – spreading Democracy around the World.

            • “FAMILY VALUES”????

              BAHAHHAHA WHAT?

              And McCarthy said: “#Metoo”!

            • FTW

              “Western Family Values” – spreading Democracy around the World.

              Thats the ostensible sales pitch to sell the interventions. The reality is TPTB use the US military / CIA to control these nations. The US can attack anyone and you hear nations condemn the action (for their domestic public consumption) but they don’t bring up charges at the UN. Its illegal to meddle into the domestic affairs of other nations and the US doesn’t even bother to hide the fact that it does it as a matter of routine. The US used its air power to have al-qaeda overthrow Libya that provided the highest standard of living in Africa to its population. Its now at Somalia conditions.

          • While it appears that we “lost” these wars, the reality is that the ‘winners” have accepted our financial system and now play by American Rules; giving US dominance and greater influence over their activities. 🙂

      5. No one wants WWIII but they want to arm up for WWIII.

      6. I accept that we’re long past due for a world war. I agree that all these regional conflicts have done is prime the militaries for the ‘real’ thing. What I don’t agree with is that the globalists have the final say in what the reset will be. Whether in their favor or not that is. Too, there is absolutely no guarantee that the world war won’t escalate beyond anyone’s control. The sheer vanity, the pretentiousness of those same powers in thinking that they can direct and ascertain the outcome of such a thing is remarkable only in its self-delusion. So? Let it happen. Pray that there are enough of us left to truly reset our destinies as humans. My goal is to survive and strive towards the elimination once and for all of all those who think those of us, this working class of good people, have no value but their lives bent in toil for those same self-absorbed elites.

      7. “when we should be talking about abolishing the income tax and the Federal Reserve altogether?”

        I agree, but both would require an act of Congress to abolish. The author seems to think Trump can just snap his fingers and make them both disappear overnight. And lowering the corporate tax rate to make it more competitive with other industrialized nations is the correct move, the author sounds like a Clinton liberal when he calls it “trickle down”.

        • He can. Kennedy did the same thing with his silver backed dollar then stupidly set himself up for assassination. You’re an idiot if you think trickle down economics actually work. Only the corporations, which are a creation of big government charter, come out ahead, while everyone else pays the same illegal income tax as they did before. Trump is controlled opposition, accept reality.

          • If you can’t beat them you must join them to prosper. Incorporate and you will not be so bitter. 🙂

      8. BCoD and FTW:

        Please explain the mechanics of Debt Wipeout using War.

        As I remember from history, WW2 produced a very large Debt increase for the US.

        What would be different this time ?


        • “What would be different this time ?”

          bb in GA –

          As the article mentions – “a clean slate”

          I agree with the author on that notion.

          I don’t think there is going to be a certain country’s currency that is going to run the show like the Dollar has.

          I foresee, like many have predicted – a digital world.
          Like Bitcoin, but I don’t see that to survive.
          Central Banks will go digital – that is our future –

          I see all debts being wiped clean from every country.
          I wouldn’t doubt that they end up making things like Gold, Silver, Diamonds …etc. to be considered worthless.

          This is what I see to be different this time around.
          No more competition between currencies.

          • “I wouldn’t doubt that they end up making things like Gold, Silver, Diamonds …etc. to be considered worthless.”

            should say –
            I wouldn’t doubt that they end up TRYING TO make things like Gold, Silver, Diamonds …etc. to be considered worthless.

            These have a 5000 year history of value. Just because THE STATE says they no longer have value does NOT make it so.

            Anyone that would agree to that is a fool. — So they make everything digital. So what happens when the lights go out and don’t come back on for 10 years, or more?

            You better have Gold, Silver, and “stuff” to use as money.

          • “No more competition between currencies.”

            That thought would be naive. Without a dominant currency; or a digital currency which they control, the banksters would not be able to milk the system for profits.

            Competing currencies generate more PROFIT. That is the name of the game; for better or worse. 🙂

      9. I don’t think we need War to collapse things. The actors can do it in the relative open w/o catching any blame.

        We are too far gone from an attention span PoV or any real ability for those who are awake to move any levers to make a real difference.

        I think we are atomized now, take care of your close relates, friends, and neighbors.


        • what’s DIFFERENT this time is the zero interest rate policy we been on for 15 years now, and it didn’t help…100 million americans STILL don’t WORK…we are fast approaching the point of no return….how do interest rates ever get back to “normal”(paying savers for loaning MONEY) if it makes our debt payments untenable…once interest rates go back to JUST FOUR PERCENT, our income exceeds our payments, just for the INTEREST, let alone paying down the principal….you aint been payin’ ATTENTION…..EVERYthing is tied to this fact….the world knows we can’t pay back the money, but if they demand payment …they know we self-destruct…..and then NOBODY gets paid….it’s like when i loaned uncle kenny 6 grand a few years ago. said heed pay me 100 bucks a month interest, so i thought it was a great plan…..but after 2 and a half years, with no payments, i finally realized he COULDN’T pay it back….so i demanded ASSETS, which i DID receive, but they weren’t worth the 6 grand plus the 2400 interest….that’s what china’s doin’ right now….buyin’ LAND, so they get something from U.S…instead of nuthin’.

          • and for those OTHER WARS, we were the engine of growth for the WORLD……NOW, we are the leaches of the world….fat, dumb, lazy americans, entitled…..good luck to U.S.

      10. ironically, Trump is announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which is sure to totally piss off Muzlim countries. Some Muzlim leaders have already promised a significant response.
        Its going hot, people

        • To the best of my understanding — and, we are getting bits, and pieces, and hype, and disinfo — the Palestinians were offered half of the city, as well as formal recognition of their nationhood, following the once-forcible eviction of Jews by the IDF.

          According to the new plan, an amicable (k, maybe) redrawing of the lines would place citizens under whichever jurisdiction, with respect to their universal, human rights. A restored, Jewish Temple is to be built alongside the mosque, which Islamists call ‘the furthest outpost’.

          The problem is not whether they tamed the land, or whether they will suffer demographic displacement; they will not agree to moral equivalence, having once been offered full citizenship and participation rights and legal protections, already.

          Equal rights is not apartheid, nor is it the ultra-Orthodox conquest of Greater Israel. Jewish zealots would feel just as insulted as the Islamists.

      11. You may not believe this, but there are good and bad globalists. I am a good one. There are serious pieces of shit out there, however. Former British PM Gordon Brown being one of the worst. Henry Kissinger being another one.

        We are always in struggle with the bad globalists. Putin is one of the good globalists. Notice what he does: he takes on and crushes the Islamic radicals; the Americans resupply them with food, ammo, pussy and dollars. Putin has giant youth festivals where some of the hottest women on the planet get to meet young, attractive guys and hopefully they get married and make babies. Americans get SNAP and get fat and don’t even have a passport.

        I knew we needed a major war the first time I encountered a hipster dude with tattoos and a beard selling me an over-priced, faggy coffee while fiddling with his iPhone. I thought to myself: “Why isn’t this guy in a fire base somewhere; we are at war?” (this was a few years ago). I am too old to get drafted but that guy is in the sweet spot. He would look just fetching with a buzz cut to go with his tattoos and some desert cammo. Trump may just hand me my Christmas wish …

        • I see your point about dude in the coffee shop.
          What makes you think THOSE KIND of millennials are going to win a war for us?

          Putin ( to me ) seems more like a nationalist than a globalist.
          Sure, he attends the G-20 summits, but don’t they all?
          He’s looking out for Mother Russia. As he should.
          He is bringing Germany into the Russia-China sphere of influence.
          This is alarming to the rest of western Europe. Especially the ECB.

          Shit is changing at light speed.
          War is the last act of desperation for the globalist/deep state/neocon-neoprog/banksters.

        • The only “good” globalist is a dead globalist. The ideology is completely incompatible with freedom. You are a disinfo agent. Putin is controlled and works with Kissinger.

      12. Might I suggest a bounty placed on every “DEEP STATE” billionaire, antagonist, corrupted,
        organizer, sympathizer, war mongering, communist Bilderbergers, Corrupt Arab, agitators,
        dividers and all who promote Anti-American, UnConstitutional ideals.

        Start with George Soreass who makes his billions from illegal “insider trading”. who PAYS
        to influence votes to benefit his holdings.
        Then find all the other scammers who screw this country, the same way, financially.

      13. In ancient Greece, people who were not capable of engaging in the public sphere were considered “idiotes”, in contrast to the public citizen, or “polites”.
        — wikipedia

        These nationalist dictators want to retain their own bargaining rights, in a global assembly, yet expect you to be idiots.

        I am not at all claiming that the globalists are holy, unto themselves, but it’s *theoretically possible for individuals and small factions to hold global patents, make global appeals, and gain global, diplomatic recognition, in a free marketplace of ideas.

        In theory, they expect you to follow a chain of command, through petty bureaucracies.

        But, globalism is already a fact — agree with it or not. Barry was right about this, at least. It’s happened, already.

      14. I hear there’s been a lot of extra action around eastern NC military bases.

        • That would be Camp Lejune with the 2nd and 4th Marine divisions; and Ft Bragg with the 101st Airborne. If Jarheads and Airborne are moving then that’s a good thing. 🙂

      15. How the North Koreans came to possess this technology so quickly is a question everyone should be asking


        All my Nukemap simulations as to how I get the eff out of here are based on the Chinese Dong Feng-5, using ground burst on any target that might be construed as “military”. Air force bases / ports / civilian airports. Because face it if the shit goes down it’s going to be with the approval of Fatty’s “handlers” and if they approve… hrm. Wonder what it will be flying at me.

        if I have the luxury of any warning whatsoever in order to get out of here… which is bloody unlikely.

      16. There will be no war until whites are a minority in the west. When they are ready, the whites will be wiped out in less than a week.

      17. Trump’s move hastens the coming of Ezekiel 38-39

        We are rapidly approaching coming to pass of The Great Jihadist-trap.
        And Bear-trap. Nearly all will see [TV + internet] this event come to pass.
        Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 12-14, Joel 3, Psalms 83, Isaiah 17
        describe a great Jihadist [Islamic terrorist] trap.
        How so ?
        Zechariah 12-14 reveals at first it will appear Israel is defeated.
        At that time all previously hesitant Jihadist
        will flood into Israel intending rape and pillage.
        Shortly after that ALL the invaders will be annihilated by Jesus/angels.
        Thus the “waterloo” of the Islamic Satanic delusion.

        Since lead invading nation is from “remote north” (Ezekiel 38:6, 39:2)
        of Israel, this nation must be Russia. Thus the invasion will also result
        in the “waterloo” of Russian dream of world ruler-ship.

        “ I am going to make Jerusalem a cup of reeling before all the surrounding nations.
        And when there is a siege against Judah, it is also against Jerusalem.
        And it will be on that day that I will set Jerusalem as a weighty stone to all the peoples.
        All who carry it will surely cut themselves, and all the nations
        of the land will be gathered against it.” Zechariah 12:2-3

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