Why The Elite Are Buying Secret Hideaways: “A Lot of Wealthy and Powerful People Are Quite Afraid Right Now”

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    This article has been contributed by Paul Joseph Watson and was originally published at Infowars.com.


    This week’s revelation that the wealthy are purchasing secret hideaways in remote locations in order to escape social upheaval and possible riots is the culmination of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s warning that a worldwide “political awakening” is serving to derail the move towards further global centralization of power.

    Economist Robert Johnson made headlines at the recent Davos Economic Forum when he revealed that “hedge fund managers all over the world….are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”

    Johnson cited income inequality and the potential for civil unrest and riots as the reason for the panic.

    “A lot of wealthy and powerful people are quite afraid right now – they see us on an unstable trajectory,” said Johnson. “As the system doesn’t have proper resources, as it doesn’t represent people, things are getting more and more dangerous as say Ferguson, Missouri brings to bear.”

    However, Johnson’s warning is nothing new – the super rich have been busy securing property in safe heavens for at least five years in anticipation of the next financial collapse.

    In 2010, John Malone, billionaire chairman of Liberty Media, announced that he had bought a retreat on the Quebec border as an insurance policy to “have a place to go if things blow up here,” adding that he was concerned about the survival of the dollar and whether or not “America (was) going to make it” through the economic crisis.

    In 2012, Hollywood director James Cameron also announced his decision to leave America and move his entire family to a 1,067 hectare farm in New Zealand.

    The Bush family also purchased 100,000 acres in Paraguay back as far back as 2006.

    There are several reasons why the rich are preparing to flee, but the main factor is the rise of income inequality – a factor that Zbigniew Brzezinski blamed for the “global political awakening” that poses a direct threat to the elite’s bid to further centralize power.

    “For the first time in all of human history mankind is politically awakened – that’s a total new reality – it has not been so for most of human history,” said Brzezinski during a 2010 Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal, adding that the development was borne out of “global inequities, inequalities, lack of respect, exploitation”.

    Brzezinski made similar comments during a November 2012 speech in Poland, in which he admitted that a worldwide “resistance” movement to “external control” driven by “populist activism” is threatening to derail the move towards a new world order.

    The former US National Security Advisor also noted that “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples to external control has proven to be increasingly difficult to suppress.”

    It is important to note that Brzezinski was not championing this development. In his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technotronic Era, the former Obama advisor heralded the arrival of a technotronic era “dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values” under which citizens would be tightly controlled and manipulated.

    The likelihood of widespread disenfranchisement and economic turbulence causing civil unrest has also been repeatedly invoked by economist Martin Armstrong, who correctly predicted the 1987 Black Monday crash as well as the 1998 Russian financial collapse.

    “It looks more and more like a serious political uprising will erupt by 2016 once the economy turns down. That is the magic ingredient. Turn the economy down and you get civil unrest and revolution,” wrote Armstrong.

    With distrust in government and leadership in the United States and other western countries continuing to remain near historic lows, the toxic cocktail of increased corruption, social alienation, and lack of community (all contributory factors to the 2011 London riots), will heighten the risk of domestic disorder.

    As real wages drop it will also become increasingly harder to pacify younger generations via consumer culture. With religion, family and social mobility all declining in influence, lifestyles built around the acquisition of products will become harder to maintain as the economic environment worsens and the wealth gap widens.

    Police brutality and perceived widespread injustice will also lead to more unrest in poorer areas as unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri last year.

    While the move on behalf of the wealthy to purchase property in safe heavens by no means signifies a relinquishing of power, it does indicate that the super rich are readying insurance policies in the form of secret getaways in case massive political unrest leads to sustained domestic turmoil.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. the elite have good reason to be scared. there’s going to be a lot of hungry and angry people out there in coming years and they will be looking for someone to take it out on

        • The irony is that its many of these ‘elite’ that caused the problems…and many will build lavish retreats and bunkers with funds and resources that they pillaged and raped the economy for…and left us hanging with the debt. They’ll get their just due!

          • “For the first time in all of human history mankind is politically awakened –

            Um, what?

            That’s absurd. Most Americans are napping comatose, they’re not politically awake.

            • Everybody who reads this blog should be happy they are prepping and they heated your advice

            • Bill Hill,
              You are correct about America, but other countries have not been on the gravy train like Americans. They will erupt first, then when enough Americans get booted off of the gravy train and lose their somewhat comfortable life, they will have nothing left to lose and will start pushing back. The question is will Americans have the staying power to create change. In the countries where life is a bit harder, so are the people. They can create change because they are used to hardship, it won’t be as drastic a drop-off in lifestyle. Americans, not so much. This is going to be interesting to be a part of.

            • Omg you are so right,, Im from New Zealand and we are more awake than many Americans,, I think every other country is more awake, I have been in some US groups on FB and man the shit these people still believe in.. its like they’re living in the 50’s and they hold the elites and mainstream medias words like gospel… Its quiet daunting to think that many of the American public are still zombified

          • Thing is they have to get to the airstrip, to get on the private plane to flee when it all kicks off. Many of them will have less success getting to their boltholes in the event of fast erupting civil unrest than the now homeless bozo who decides it’s time to leave his spot under the city arches for the woods.

            The homeless bozo already knows how to slip off sight unseen into the night. These parasites are totally dependent on others for everything.

            Their behavior however does not encourage the true loyalty, and many will never make it to their private boltholes. Many of their own staff & servants will ultimately betray them, just as easily as they have been betraying the rest of us all along.

            • Well said friend

            • lol i was thinking that haha.. I tell you many New Zealander s are awake and we are waiting for them lol.. who do they think will be washing their socks and cooking their meals, that will be us ones who are pissed off, I tell ya we have already started, this friday is Waitangi day kinda like Americas independence day.. and there are going to be some important people at one of our maraes (maori meeting house) discussing the future of my country with some of our maori leaders… policies the elites want to introduce etc.. Im telling you there are a whole lotta angry NZders that are gunna be there that many of us are expecting riots and shit.. especially with them trying to fast track the TPPA

          • WOW!!!

            The only thing is.. the article states that old Bush has 100,000 acres in Paraguay!!! The little (curseword!!) I just hope the Paraguay people know who/what he is and give him what he deserves!!

          • They have to come out of the bunkers sometime

        • The worry is that the angry mob won’t be able to get to the rich and will settle for the nearest place that looks like they might be rich. Anyone with a decent house, a scenic view, maybe some fruit trees, livestock, and a garden with a few acres of pasture for the cows and horses must be rich; right?

          • The angry (and hungry) mob won’t be in any mood to discern between the rich or the poor. Any home in its path will be in it’s crosshair. The decent home you described will be icing on the cake. The wealthy elite described in this article, if they haven’t retreated well in advance, then better believe they’ll have a small, well equipped army to keep any intruder(s) from crossing the shark infested moat.

            • Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. Its totally Constitutional. Foreigners impersonating Americans and American values FIRST!!! 🙂

              • DK
                Amen to that brother!

            • Interesting how every one says Americans will behave like this.I personally believe that they will.However,I don’t espouse the story that Americans are better,more compassionate and kinder than every one else is.Given the opportunity,they will act like animals.

              • Deuteronomy 28:53. basically men will eat their family……….it’s a scary few paragraphs of the coming tribulation.

          • That is true, any body that has more than the next will be considered the richer and will become the victim. Look at the latest Michael Brown Thug video I posted 2 articles back. Michael brown beat the shit out of an old gray haired man carrying a duffle bag. You better be packing multiple weapons to defend yiur selves from the initial 2 month onslaught which half the population will be dead from gangs and thugs that have less than you do. This go around in SHTF those with the most are the biggest target. The rich will even prey on the richer with their private armies and assassins. Cause these elite too can never get enough. Just try to stay out of the way for at least the first 2 months of the biggest onslaught of pillage and plunder.

            • Note: Have you considered that the arming these city police forces with ALL MILITARY Equipment, and Clothing to include the 363000 illegals osmabama brought in illegally is now training them in some secret location to shoot americans when all hell breaks loose??
              The same reason he fired all the military generals and officers when he asked if they would with their soldiers shoot friends, family and all americans, and they all stated NO!!
              You think Hitler and the Gestapo were Murderers? They were angels compared to this illegal, illiterate, habitual liar and queer and the Bilderbergs who are planning to annihilate 70% of the world population so they can have resources to feed their families, all other humans have No Value? Bill Gates is one of the Bilderbergs! HBe has stated that on video??

            • “Michael Brown beats up old guy” story likely false. Do your homework and you won’t tarnish your arguments with muddled thinking and racism. http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/shawnspall.asp

              The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

          • The French guillotined Lavoisier.

            • Such a shame that. He discovered much of the periodic table of elements. The judge ordering his execution is reported to have said “the revolution has no need for genius.”

          • Rebel in Idaho, I do believe you are correct in saying that the prepper whom has taken the time to ensure that his family won’t starve to death when SHTF will be the ones that will be rich. The same type of people which were in Germany in the early 1900’s when their government super inflated the economy to the point it collapsed. The farmer/prepper. I don’t think joe blow up on capital hill will have enough of a warning to grab his bug out bag of gold and take to the skies in time to get out of here before the destitute run him down.

        • Why would the Elite run?

          Ok the Bush family counts as elite. Cameron? Eh. Upper upper upper uber middle class more or less.

          I say they take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…

          • Just blow them out of the airlock.

          • I love that Michael Biehn line from the movie Aliens.

            From “The Terminator”… That terminator is out there. It can’t be reasoned with, It doesn’t feel pity, remorse or pain, and it absolutely will not stop until you are dead.

        • I read this article about a week ago, or its been rewritten. Yes a lot of physican Gold is flying out of the country on private jets to safe havens, cause when the Big Collapse happens all these 1%’ers will abandon The US, which made them rich and fly to their private airstrips in foreign lands. So what you want to do is go duck hunting with your .50 cal by the end of these private airstrips and get your daily bag limit as these ducks fly south for the winter armegeden. Wink wink.

          • They will not be able to eat the GOLD and they won’t be able to buy a loaf of day old bread with it either. It will not be worth the powder to blow it to hell and back.

        • The common people are unorganized. What are they going to do? They don’t even KNOW where the elite live. They’ll be too busy trying to EAT GRASS.

          I was never a pessimist, until recent years. The elite are far, far removed from the common people. The can, and do, live anywhere the please to live, and in places that the common people NEVER get a chance to even SEE.

          I’m talking about REALITY. We have a lot of elite people in Wilmette, IL. They ain’t moving ANYWHERE, and they won’t. Because they know that the common people are JUST THAT–common. They don’t have a CLUE as to how the system works, and they have NO champions that will guide them.

          Also, AMONG the common people are the POLICE FORCES, who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and their families. They have NO political understanding (and I AIN’T talking about party politics). They just have a JOB, and they’ll shoot anybody that they’re TOLD to shoot. They only time that they will join with the people is if there are SO MANY people, in the streets, that the police have no choice but to side with the people, OR if they see that they have to kill their own family members. Other than those two conditions, the police are COMMON PEOPLE who care nothing for anyone. They just want to make a buck and have nice homes and big yards, THAT’S ALL.

          I’m sorry to sound like this, but it’s the truth. High-sounding WORDS are just that: WORDS. The people need LEADERS that are not corrupt. They need leaders that have a definite PROGRAM, like the Syriza Party in Greece, which just took over the government. They had DEFINITE programs, and they didn’t get involved in bs issues like “multi-culturalism” or the “gay agenda” or the “global warming.” They CONSCIOUSLY knew to not incorporate ANY of that stuff. Instead, they focused on what every Greek was concerned about: ECONOMICS.

          Once you got some economics, then fine: be gay; fight for global warming, and make love to an African woman. But, EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SURVIVE. And the rich have thorougly divided the people, based on fringe issues or ethnicity or “race,” especially in the United States, which appears to be a hopeless place that is heading for total internal destruction, as well as an external attack from other countries. I hope not. I LIVE in the U.S. And I don’t have money to run, otherwise I WOULD.

          • You’re absolutely correct. That’s the major issue for most patriotic Americans. We are all broke! I would love to have some lush piece of property with a bunker, food, weapons, but my family lives check to check. So, what do we do? The best we can, that’s all! Everything happens for a reason, those who are meant to survive will, and those whos time has come, their time has come! Just live the best you can and things will fall into place. Just my opinion

        • They can hide out for awhile, it will give them a false sense of security. After the revolution it shouldn’t be a big deal to put together an Elite Force of Patriots to go around and flush these cockroaches out and bring them to justice.

      2. They are afraid of the rape they perpetuate, how ironic.

      3. Even the elite are prepping…

        • Eppe:
          Yes they are and thats good for us.
          Were do you think those mope, brain dead zombies will go to first?
          That elaborate beautiful house that looks like a there is a lot of goods inside, or a small farm house that looks a little run down and it looks like there is next to nothing in it?
          After a short fire fight with the few guardes that might be there, they would over run it.
          That still in our favor. That means there will be fewer mope/zombies running around.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

          • Reb;
            The part of all of this that I hate is that we worked hard and have a nice home on an acreage about 40 miles from a fairly major metro area. We are off of a secondary road a bit and just a little isolated with water, livestock, etc. Since I don’t want to move to Bolivia does that mean we need to flee our home and get a trailer next to a toxic waste dump for our security? I personally don’t think anyone will be safe in the event of a meltdown. But yeah, a more subtle home might well be an advantage.

            • Skeptic:
              After the brown stuff hits, you’ll will be ok for a long time. After about 6 months and a little camo you can make your place look like there is little or nothing there to waste there time on.
              In real life you will be living pretty well.
              That location sounds like my place, but I have like minded neibors.
              Hang in there and keep prepping..
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

      4. Theres been an influx of big money here in the islands, peeps like Oprah, Larry Ellison etc,
        And a few others buying up big properties, couple hedge fund manager types,
        Not sure why but if they are doing it because they think its safer they may be in for a rude awakening, lotsa people not a lot produced here, they are easy targets, people will be camping out on their lawns when things go south.

        • Ellison bought the whole island south of you I hear. I think more of an investment. Woodie Harrelson and Willie Neslon also own property on Maui.

        • KULA-
          Them rich folks are not buying up the land for a retreat , they are investing .
          You can damn well bet that the uber rich have been forewarned of whats ahead for the economy , and when the banks all “bail in” they wont have so much cash lying around for the big haircut .
          Yep , invest in real property , not currency , smart folks .

        • Great. Gather them all there and isolate ’em. Like the Allies exiled Napoleon to St. Helena.

        • Kula,
          I have some born and raised friends on Kauai, and they are and have been prepped and ready for several years, THEY can survive, the newbies won’t last long!

      5. True in my opinion one day. I do love how they always move the year it will occur out. If it doesn’t happen in 2016 rest assured 2017 will be the year.

        • Don’t rule out 2015. Eleven months to go.
          Think of what’s happened in the last 11 months … then, double it.

      6. And when I come with my army where will they hide? Who will defend them? At some point riches do not stay with the weak. Those folks better be buying guns and training. That’s what us “peasants” are doing.

        • Dude, you have an army? Sweet.

          Where can I get one?

      7. OT
        So our illustrious government wants to tax the shit outa us so it can give billions and billions and billions in aid to countries like Ukraine, and others,
        Now tell me again WHY WE GO ALONG WITH THIS?

        • Ukraine I can see. Paleswinians not so much.

          • Ukraine was never any of our business, and it was just a stab at Russia anyway.

        • Bcs when SHTF all those countries the elite aided with our money will receive the elites with open arms payback time for them until the next scheme comes along ……..to screw the people

      8. They are not stupid and they can read the writing on the wall. You don’t need money to be smart enough to know the brown stuff could hit the fan anytime now.
        If they are just getting started how far behind the most of us can they be?
        Their money can buy alot of goods but if you don’t know how to use those goods, how good are they?
        How much training will they have? You just don’t grab a firearm and your Rambo and can defend yourself, or start a fire if you don’t have any matches, take care of a wound ie. first aid. How about growning your own food, raising aniamals, even hunting aniamals.
        Most, if not all of us have a BIG head start on those folks.
        Just keep prepping and don’t worry about them, you have enough to do for yourself and your loved ones and friends
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • Northern Reb, damned good points. The elites had better be hiding as best they can, cause if I come across any of them, I won’t be taking prisoners.

          • Maverick:
            Happy hunting, I hear they taste like chicken!;-}
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.Reb

            • Careful, their disease may be catching.

            • Northern Reb,
              that was funny almost missed my coffee cup, from laughing!

          • The poorer don’t prep right now cause they have no way to defend their preps. And when you got nothing you got nithing to loose and whythey will come after your preps and you can defend it or give it up if you plan on living a long life.

            I have a plan. When the grid goes down, I am going to tie a big screen TV to a rope and hang it from a tall tree branch like cheese for a rat. When the hoodies see that I will pick the hood rats off one at a time as they try jumping up for the TV. A pair of Air Jordan tennis shoes work pretty good dangling from a rope. All sorts of good lures out there. Watermellon. Fried chicken….. you get the point.

            • you’re a pig

            • but a very funny one! thanks needed that laugh!

      9. So, the elites are moving to their glamorous hideaways. If I got a double-wide on the outskirts of Bugtussle would that put me in the same group? Just thinkin about a move to such an exotic location kinda thrills me. Next thing you know, we’ll be flushing into a factory-made septic tank. Ah… the perks of being rich!

        • Remember to swim ACROSS the current and not against it when flushed.

          I was a lifeguard once but a colored kid got me canned.

          He was blue…

          • Rut-row……..

      10. Mac,
        Don’t know if you caught my reply to KY MOM’s post “the ant and the grasshopper” from the 27th, but she got 130 thumbs up to 2 thumbs down.

        I was wondering If you could make a greatest posts archive or something for posts that get over 100 thumbs up?

        • Reb in Idaho, you talk like that and you may lose a friend, you know there are some that hate the thumbs. I guess because they make such asinine comments and they get voted down so much it hurts their ego. eyeswideopen or whoever must be taking a nap, last article he/she was on a roll with the red thumbs, not so much on this article yet. BJ seems to know eyeswideopen, by the way where is BJ. Trekker Out. BTW

          • Aside from my wife and some of my close relatives I only have 1 friend. He has lots of preps stored here, helped me build my barn, put up fence, and we’ve stuck together through some really tough times.

            Now if either he or my wife were mad enough with me to leave I would be concerned.

            • Reb how far do you live from Wilson.

            • Yes, especially if they left together. 🙁

          • MT
            He changed his name to Thought Police. I knew he wanted to be a cop, but just hasn’t got the ball to do it.

            • Actually while I agree with him/her I am not him/her, nor have I used that name.

              To even make jokes about me ever wanting to serve satan as a cop, would only be funny to the immature and twisted.

              Mountain Trekker, I am trying hard to get away from here and follow daveinidaho’s and my boss’s advice.
              I have spent a great amount of time lately in scripture and on Country Codger’s website reading and we are going into outage mode here at the nuke. So I have less time to waste in unproductive places.

              • BJ, I don’t know what daveinidaho and your boss suggested but if it was to spend less time on here, I think that would be good advice for many of us. And I know, to spend more time in scripture, would be a very good idea for all of us. When studying scripture, just be sure to study it for (What It says, not what we want it to say). Trekker Out.

                • Correct on all counts.

            • Dale, do tell us why balls would be needed to be a cop?

              A hamburger flipper at McDonalds requires more gutts and balls than a cop…. aka Eunuch

          • You can block the thumbs if you run Firefox. Load Privacy Badger and block css.rating-widget.com

          • Last I heard BJ is trying out for the police academy again…..lmao.

            • You, are an idiot.

        • Fuck the thumbsuckers. They are the weak-minded.

        • Rebel is a thumb sucking parasite. See just more proof people post stopid shit to get thumbs instead if adding to the article’s conversation.

        • Wow. Just wow. Narcissistic much?

      11. Anyone who makes money at the expense of another, i.e. to the harm of someone or something, regardless of the size of their pocketbook, should be fearful. It’s not just the “Elite”.

        On the other hand, I would suspect, an intelligent and law abiding prepper who is obscenely well endowed, financially speaking, would be foolish not to have a hideaway, along with access to a top of the line, racing/cruising sailboat, far, very far, from the maddening crowd.

      12. Fun With Lang-widge

        I heard on the news that some 3rd string peon in the kenyan’s administration is calling ISIS a ‘terrorist group’. But he refuses to use the same term with the Taliban. Instead, he insists in calling them ‘an armed insurgency’. Really? So, even though we don’t negotiate with ‘terrorist groups’ we can now sit down and chat with the Tallywhackers since we’ve applied a new name for them? Isn’t that convenient.
        I think I’m gonna start doing the same thing. Just put a different name on things, then handle the situation however the hell I want to. For instance-
        Next time I get stopped for speeding I’ll just tell the cop, “You must be mistaken. I don’t speed. I never speed. I may occasionally engage in ‘enhanced acceleration’ but that’s definitely not speeding.”
        When I park the truck in a no parking zone, I won’t be breaking any law. I’ll simply be “stationary” NOT parked. The rig may sit there for hours but it won’t be ‘parked’… just stationary. And the sign never said ‘no stationary vehicles.’ Presto! No ticket!
        When I file my tax return, I may be “Reinterpreting the permissible allowances” but I certainly won’t be filing any ‘false claims’. Perish the thought! I’d never cheat the good folks at the Internal Revenue Service. (notice the root word ‘serve’ in there. I wonder WHO they’re serving. Probably all us little people.) Now if my return went to some agency like the “Scum Sucking Tax Bastards”… well, then I might be tempted to cheat. But never would I do that to somebody who was ‘serving. me. I’m too nice a guy for that.
        One more thing. I shall henceforth be referring to it as “Rap Noise”. To call that stuff ‘music’ is an affront to the very word!

        • And who do you think funds these groups like ISIS and the Taliban? Why the US Tax payers of course. Did you know Bush and Colon Powell gave the Taliban like $23 Million in Feb of 2001 prior to Sept 11th? Look it up, its true.. There would be no Taliban today if we let the Russians kick their ass in Afghanistan back in the 1980’s. We also would not be over run today by the joo parasites feeding off our country like a stage 3 cancer today, if we let Hitler finish the job back in WW2. The US always seems to choose the wrong side of history when fighting wars, and then those bad decisions seem to come back and bite us..

        • Just remember, “To Serve Man” was a cookbook.

      13. The Elite might just know something we little people don’t! I have always watched other folks do and learn from it. Just might be a lesson coming from them right now, or maybe with out them knowing it they are telling us that the time in very near.

        I read this the other day and heard it on Alex’s show yesterday. One of the reasons I’ve been putting up more food and loading like crazy. Can’t have too much food or ammo.

        Off topic:
        My “B” day is the 31St. If anyone wants to send me some 223 brass for my birthday I will be more that happy to take it. (HA-HA). I’m going to be setting up for 223 very soon. I’ve only have around 350 more 9mm to load.
        Aim Small Miss Small

        • Happy B- Day Sarge. Wish you health and happiness with many more to come.

          So if I send you some lake city brass 223 for your B-Day, are you going to load them and send it back for my B-Day in August? lol

          Take Care Friend.

          • SV
            I’ll split them 50-50. (LOL)

            • Happy Birthday..Sarge!

        • Sgt. Dale,

          Do you load .308?

          • Ror:
            Oh heck yes. I love to load 308’s. Just have to keep an eye on case length. I got a load from the NRA many years ago that I used when I qualified as a sniper with the FBI.

            • E-mail me at [email protected]. I have a bunch of once-fired .308 brass you might want.

        • Sgt.:
          You are getting OLD arn’t you????? Happy early birthday!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.Reb

        • Better be careful of what you ask for. that badgof your is a potential target. someone might keep the brass and send you the lead?

          • All of you folks above.
            Thanks for the wishes.
            Northern Reb. Don’t you have a “B” day coming up also.
            I think you are older than me!!!! HA-HA

            • Happy B day boss

              many more

            • Happy B-day you old man. (Just beating EA to the punch).

              • …or AE….

            • Thanks to all the Above and Below!

              • just remember

                that aint grey hair

                its chrome plated

                • ES
                  Damn it you just made me spit my O.J. on the computer! Good One!

        • I own a few guns and have done a fair amount of shooting, so I really hate to sound dumb, but I have a question. I see some bullets are magnetic and some are non-magnetic and some are not allow on shooting ranges, so what is the difference? this doesn’t pertain to steel core ammo or AP ammo does it? Trekker Out.

          • MT
            Most Armor piercing has a steal core. This make them magnetic.
            When I worked for a range they let you use steal core ammo, because our berms where over 10Ft. thick. Some ranges are afraid that the round will go through their berms because their berms are not that big. It is BIG NO-NO to use AP rounds in an indoor range. One other round they won’t let you use is tracers.

            • Yeah tracer ammo is getting really hard to find. I want some .223 / 5.56 but can’t find any even at the last gunshow. States are starting to ban it cause it starts fires. Duh that’s the point. Did I say I had some 9 mm tracer rounds. Naw…. Haha..

            • Sgt Dale: Happy B-Day. I just picked up 2500 rounds of 7.62×25 (looks 2 b Bulgarian) for 2 Franklin’s. The guy said he had no use for it.

            • how bout some depleted uranium rounds? now yer talkin

              that lil rice sized internal once the outer jacket peals away is a killer

            • The problem with tracers is that they work two ways.

              Someone intent on survival has no need for them.

          • They also frown on magnetic (steel) rounds in outdoor ranges where there is fire danger. A spark off a rock can start a fire, and since we don’t allow brush clearing here in Commiefornia when a fire breaks out it tends to spread QUICKLY.

            • E.S.
              D.U. rounds are hard to come by. Not only that but when you handle them they make your hair fall out.
              That is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

        • Sgt.

          I’ve been working on load development for 223/5.56 for a very long time. Some of the newer powders like Ramshot TAC, AR comp and 2000 MR have been very good loads, all coming in under 1.25 moa out of a 20 inch heavy barrel AR with 68-77 grain bullets. Varget has always been my go to powder, but these show promise.

          H322 is also a great light bullet performer. BLC-2 and H335 are used in my plinking rounds. Best load so far was a 52 grain SMK over 23.4 grains of H322. Will shoot .6 moa off sandbags with a shilen barreled Savage model 112. Velocity runs around 3225 out of a 26 inch barrel, seated at 2.25 col.

          Have you ever tried the magnetospeed chronograph? I just ordered one, hope I didn’t get screwed for $400. Attaches to barrel and is claimed to be not affected by sun or escaping gas from barrel.

        • SGT. Dale.

          The 31st will be 35 years of marriage for me.

          “Live Long and Prosper”, Sarge.

          • SS
            Congrats. on 35 years, and thanks.
            Your a TRECKY Too!
            “Live Long and Prosper”!
            To you and yours.

      14. I’ve said it before if my loses a crumb out of his mouth because of the elites there is gonna be hell to pay. I know most fathers see it the same way. They better fuckin hide deep under ground because I will be looking for the vent pipe to their bunkers and I will set up booby traps all around it.. They think they can hide and resurface when it’s all over dream on .I know who they are I have a photographic memory and I’m very spiteful when somebody else is the cause of my family’s suffering I will rip my arm off and beat them with it. When I’ve lost it all then I have nothing to lose. These elites are the biggest bitches they got paper balls but if you looked them in the eye you’d see how pathetic they are I a throw one out for Ron them pussy fascist boot lickin shit bags in the nazi Gestapo Murica shit hole . Ha ha ha aren’t people tired or this propaganda all the money can’t save the evil elites they gonna have to war on us first. Why do people let them hold the chips remember we the people what the hell happened to that.alex jones hit it right with prison planet. We are all considered criminals to the elites they have to have total power over our lives. They control our labor our $ our health our kids think about it abiding by the law only further enslaves. You will be a criminal if you do what’s right . I’m like you all I obey the law only because I know they can fuck your life up so bad you won’t want to live anymore. This is the only reason I don’t break the law. It’s all a fuckin joke I laugh at all this shit even my work is a joke. It’s run by people who don’t know what they are doing and don’t give a shit either all our days are numbered. People accept all this shit that happens. There should be a public outcry againsed Obama and all the idiots in Washington the soldiers who have fought and died are rolling in their graves over what is happening in this country. People are all out for themselves . Fuckin useless eaters out number the workers now we are all fucked. I call it how it is and I get thumbs down for it . People do not want to hear the truth they write it off as negativity . I’m a real straight up guy I’m not afraid to be honest with people I’ve had people not talk to me again because of my abrasivness . I won’t tell people what they want to hear to make them feel good if it’s not true. You don’t wanna work your a bum. That is the truth. I don’t get along with people that are lying bullshiters I see through that and will call them out right on the spot. My wife entertains it I told her why do you go along with it . She says I don’t want to upset them. I told her they are upsetting me by lying don’t that matter. I guess I’m a dick whatever at least I’m not a phony. I’m not gonna allow my self to be bullshitted. Ive told my wife her brother is a bum. She says what are you gonna do he’s my brother . Like I said I don’t lie even to my wife. She gets the truth even if she’s mad to hear it and she knows where I stand. I know she is more of a go along to get along type. I never make a big deal of other people’s lack of skills or mishaps I’m understanding in this way. I have more respect for those who try and I can tell when someone is putting their all into it. Some things people lack today are heart ,character ,determination , balls .

        • Correction AssHat. US soldiers did not die for us or our freedoms, they died for wallstreet profits, the bankers , corrupt politicians and their corporate campaign contributors. So keep that in mind stoopid sheep when you join the US Military who exactly are you fighting for and what real cause. Reality is an eye opener.

          • What is the difference betwern Michael Brown beating up a defenseless old gray haired man over a duffle bag and the US Military invading a third world country and stealing their resources on the cheap by installing a puppet dictator? Answer…. No difference other than the size and scale of their budgets to fund the gang mentality thuggery. Obama: “Why if I had a son, he would look just like that”.

        • Hell to pay, blah blah blah, at least I’m not a phony, blah blah blah, people lack character, blah blah fucking blah.

          Dude, they’ve been taking food out of your mouth your whole life. They’ve doubled down EVERY YEAR for the last 12 years. When are you going to wake the fuck up?

          Or are you just talking out your ass like the rest of us when we puff our chest out and say something stupid like “I’m not going to blah blah blah when blah blah blah happens” or “I’ll fucking shoot blah blah blah if they try to come on my property and blah blah blah”

          Well guess what? It’s happening! And you’re not fucking blah blah blah like you said you would!

          There. I feel better for typing that but I won’t hit the submit button because it might offend som… awe fuckit, we’re all all talk here anyway.


          • @billy hill

            I believe that’s why many people these days obsess over or even want some sort of shtf type event. People feel if it gets so bad, they become miraculously free from the rule of law, and they are forced onto the beach of certain death with nowhere to go but towards the evil germans guns a blazin. At which point tyranny will be defeated, and then all of us united as freedom loving Americans will reinforce our natural rights and make holy again our Constitution. If a shtf event does happen, I fear in reality most of us will do as we have for so many years, and continue to let big brother trample us. And make no mistake, tptb, have way too much invested in this piece of real estate to just let it foreclose and be condemned. If it happens big brother will clamp down like you’ve never seen before and IMO the majority of Americans would be in such fear that they would automatically rush to the side of big brother. We won’t be shooting hordes of tourists from Ferguson Missouri, and getting a medal from our local PD. It will be the same big gov’t we bitch about now but on STEROIDS. And if we don’t even have the will, or courage to stand up and get together now when times are still “good”. Well then I just really have to wonder how in the world we are all going to miraculously come together when all hell has broken lose. And I’m not trying to cast judgment on anyone or pretend to know peoples hearts and minds, its just my thoughts and fears on how I see it. I hope I’m wrong, but I think we all really need to think about it and find a way to get off our computers and start getting together, but I know how hard that is these days, every event I’ve been to in the last few years, very few people are ever there, and I’m not talking about some buncha racist lets get together and talk about how to overthrow the gov event. But real social and political issues, nsa spying, radical islam, gunrights, illegal imm, etc. etc. Most people I know have never had any correspondence with their governor or voted in a county sheriffs race. We have to get together personally, Mobs scare the ruling elite, posts on a website don’t. Think I’m typing to long so signing off now.

            • RH, you might be right. It does seem to follow, that if TS does HTF, then we’ll all be free to do what we need to do.

              THE LAW has neutered us all for so long, that it seems hard to shake the idea of intentionally breaking the law, even when it is in our righteous best interests to do so. That’s some deeeep programming.

              Maybe we are just looking for an excuse to cut loose—may we direct our anger in the proper direction, and on the appropriate people who’ve earned our wrath.

            • I believe that’s why many people these days obsess over or even want some sort of shtf type event.

              + eleventygazillion

          • Billy Hill, you just simply told the truth, that’s what made you feel better. It doesn’t contain a lot of empty rhetoric and I suspect that’s why you received the disapproval of some here, but it is what it is and no amount of talk will ever change anything, thanks for having the guts to say so.

            • Thanks CN. I’m glad you see my point. And I hope you got my point as I included myself TWICE in reference to the loud, bloviating wanna-be’s that talk a lot of shit here.

              I get it. We’re all pissed and we’re all talking a big talk.

              I sincerely hope we don’t have to walk the walk (and if they keep at it slowly like they are, we won’t) but if there IS a major SHTF “event” I believe many here will take point as Dickhead mentioned above.

              There is a saying, we are too late for any means of peaceful resolution and too early for any means of armed resolution.

      15. Alex Jones show eh? That says it all right there…..

        • thought police

          Alex jones says the super wealthy elite are buying large estates in exotic locales ,and so what? I’m suppose to be afraid now. This is fear porn at its best Imo. Not to mention I’m sure ol’ A.J. has bought a few of those himself if you know what I mean. I’ve always felt he is a major fake and most likely controlled opposition

          • Anon,

            There was a post a while back by somebody who said there is a difference in being prepared for emergency and being a full out whacko survivalist, Alex Jones is definitely the choice for the latter of the two. This is a guy who wakes up every day and sees conspiracy everywhere, we’re always on the verge of imprisonment or death and yet here we still are after all that raving and ranting. You really have to want to be cheering for the end of the world to follow this clown, but he does continue to have an audience and that’s the scariest thing to fear from him.

            • I’ve been listening Alex Jones for awhile now.. I think he is genuine if anything. I also have come to realize that a lot of what his media machine puts out is pretty on the dot. It’s not “Fear Porn” if it’s really happening and it’s important to know about IMHO…

      16. “Some people just need to be shot.”

        Clint Smith – Thunder Ranch

        • Gen.James Mattis, known by his troops as “Mad Dog Mattis” To Quote “The first time to blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.” (Business Insider) Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t.

          • Some assholes? You mean “MANY” assholes need to be shot.

            • Sorry WWTI that was Gen. Mattis quote. I just wrote it like I read it. Trekker Out.

      17. This is only part of the problem, of which is not as important or scary as the other parts of the problems coming upon America. The 4th and 5th cycles, cycle of the sword (war) starting in 2017 and cycle of slavery afterwards starting 2024.

        • The US alreay is the world largest Slave Owner. The US with only 5% of the worlds population enslaves through prison incarcination 25% of the worlds entire poputation behind bars, forcing them to work for .50 cents a day to produce many products besides license plates. And much for the corporations. When the FRMA Camps open up full time part of the design is for forced labor. Read what the DHS internment camp policies are in their outline. Those who refuse to work will suddenly catch Eboli and die off. The DHS has no room for useless eaters. So you better get out of the Big Cities now, and find yourself a hidey hole BOL stocked with preps, while there is still time.

          • You have no idea. Most are not going to want to survive the slave cycle I am talking about…….it will be much worse than the sword cycle.

        • URRRRRRRRM!… WHAT?

      18. So I have this sisterinlaw, shes 57 like me. She is a recent grad from Santa Barbra. Doctorates in psychology and TONs of student loans….Lives in some famous guys estate in the hills/mountains above Santa Barbra. She is 100% confident that if SHTF, she’s in a safe area….There’s no “Rift-Raft” around, it’s too expensive..Somehow she won’t get it,not doesn’t..Wont! She’s educated ya-know? Can’t save em all.

        • The hills of Santa Barbara and other rich elite mansions and alcoves will be the first place the hungry and pissed off will head for. They know where the money is. They’re not going to remain in the cities for too long. Once that’s been thrashed and everything picked over, they’ll go out into the hills and beach houses.

          We have a sister in San Francisco, and we ask her often what her shtf plan is, and you know what she she says “I dunno. I guess I’ll call you”. her brother has already informed her that we will NOT be coming to rescue her. We will not set foot in the cities if something happened. She’s on her own. She’s been warned.

      19. Please, writer – as far as we all know, these elites are building/going to ‘havens’, not ‘heavens’. I believe only One can determine who goes to heaven, while many of us are building/seeking havens here on earth.

      20. J. Rockefeller a billionaire was once asked in a interview, “how much is enough?” His reply was “just a little more” Strewth! The ‘ELITE’ would do well to get down on their knees and call out to God for forgiveness then make amends by bearing fruit inline with repentance… Judging by the way things are heading they’re going to end up down on their knees begging a baying crowd for mercy… Is this the “Politics of envy?”…I for one have no problem with people being very wealthy, even stinking rich, but I along with an awful lot of other hard pressed hurting people who have long since grown weary of their superficial appeasement of “bread & circuses” are now finally realizing that the current Status quo cannot be allowed to continue as it stinks far too much. The times are a-changin’… Hmmmmmmm, best now go ‘n’ fix that darn hole.

      21. Speaking of the “elite”:

        McStain called protestors “scum” after they interrupted a hearing where the old commie Kissinger was testifying.

        Protestors want him tried as a war criminal and so do I.

        McStain should know “scum” when he sees it, it looks back at him in the mirror every morning.

        • Yeah Po Granny, I saw that too of McCains pussy coward outburst. I’d like to slap the shit smirk off the face of commie shitstsin McCain. He is a senile penile war monger. Kissenger is part of the NWO illuminati Rothchild agenda 21 crowd Builderberger parasites.

          • Commies red thumb you, Who.

        • POG, McStain had to defend his Zio master as a good slave. Plus how anyone can call a 91 yrs old PIG a War Criminal.

      22. Afraid?

        I think not….

        Just getting further away from the “hoi polloi”

        and surely well enough off to purchase some mercenary contractor firms as well…

        screw them

        let them run away

        as if any one of us will be looking for them?

        I think not

        we’ll have our situations to deal with

        prepare accordingly

        enjoy the day


      23. An angry mob is not an intelligent thing. They will target the low-hanging fruit and easy pickings. It will not be an intelligent pursuit of the real sources of wealth and power. How do I know? I was caught up in several of these events since the 90s. LA etc. Based on those events, I would say the mob will go for obvious places with cool sh#t that the mob want: TVs, Apple computers/iphones, sneakers, trendy clothing, elite brands etc. Basically anything they can fence on eBay or wherever. After that, it will be the yuppie houses and trendy condos in the downtown area. Essentially, these people are paying for the privilege of being the ‘buffer’ between the real wealthy and the mob of scum. The mob will be busy chewing through this property and terrorizing these people for a few days. In the meantime, the real rich and powerful will have long split from the cities to their armed redoubts and will be sipping a high-ball of 12-year-old Islay scotch and watching the fireworks on a wide-screen, hi-def television while yacking into a diamond-and-gold encrusted platinum mobile phone.

        Rich dude: “So, Malcolm, how is London this morning?”

        Malcolm in London: “It is bad: I am really scared…”

        Rich dude: “Did you transfer all the funds to Switzerland and Singapore?”

        Malcolm: “First thing: Kathy, bless her soul, ran down the street to catch the last taxi to the airport with all the deeds: she is now at the Shangri La in Singapore. I am not sure where Betty is though… last I heard she was trying to come in from the home counties but her train was set upon by a mob.”

        Rich dude: “F#ck Betty, hell we all did!! Look, I feel confident we have the majority of the wealth out of there so it is time for you to leave. Just bring the best of the bunch: Tariq because he is the numbers wizard, Li Fang because she is both hot and is my direct line to Beijing. I will have a chopper meet you at the Canary Wharf helipad in 30 minutes. Get the team down there. It will have enough fuel to get you to Denmark: it is still calm there. Grab the first flight out to Singapore and await my instructions there. Hell, have a ton of ‘Slings on me because all of you will deserve it. Take the weekend to chill and then we will crunch the opportunities next week. I see BIG money-making potential on this riot-thing. Laters…”

        Rich dude turns his attention to what really matters: Natascha, the slinky 18-year-old secretary helping him with the ‘accounts’.

        • Natascha is probably a few years shy of 18, but who’s counting. Not the elite.

      24. Frank thoughts,
        Prepare like an elite spec ops warrior , fast , light , quiet, smart and deadly .
        In the coming troubles life will go to not the strongest or the richest, but to those who are the fastest to grasp the gravity of the situation . Be ahead of the curve when it goes down in a low profile , low signature position .
        Be willing to NOT ENGAGE , ONLY WHEN ALL OTHER OPTIONS FAIL . Ride it out , there is no stopping what is to come , no delaying it and it will just have to work its way out of the system we are to far along to reverse the process .
        Be prepared to lose everything except what you can carry physically ( and in your heart ) .
        Very few here have experienced the ” Elephant ” it will be and is nothing you would voluntary put yourself into. But it is better than the alternative . Time is very short I do not see this going past the 3 rd quarter of the year, things are accelerating at a rapid pace , get your stuff and mindset in order . Spend QUALITY time with your loved ones , do things that can be done now to your advantage . When it all goes down there will only be you . They only thing we have to do in this life is die make it worthwhile till then . Then sing your death song like a hero going home .
        Time cannot erase the memory of your existence .
        In the end it will be only the living and the dead .


        Semper Fi

      25. There will be absolutely no place to hide, feel, or be safe when world collapses NO PLACE.

      26. I cannot blame them, I have done all I can to protect my family from what I think may be coming.

        • I can blame them like I’d blame an arsonist, who moved his family to a safer place, because he was going to set fire to this one.

      27. I don’t know how many people consider these ass holes the Elite, but about four yrs ago they bought land in Paraguay, who else would have a better reason for getting out of the country?

        Paraguayan sources have confirmed that George W. Bush recently bought 42,000 hectares (over 100,000 acres) of land in Paraguay’s northern “Chaco” region.

        • Sounds like a nice area to go hunting after the shtf…

      28. First task when the revolution starts is to take over Teterboro and White Plains airports before they can all hop in their jets to flee.

        • Dig up patches along the landing strip so their planes can’t take off and military transports can’t land. It won’t take much effort to destroy it as an airport. Sink some yachts in the entrance to harbours so they can’t sail away, after stripping the vessels of all useful articles. Many ports have narrow dock gates at the entrance through which all ships must pass and we can make narrow locks impassable by pushing vehicles off the quay using other vehicles. Obstructions won’t be cleared after the S has H the F.

          • Great point and thought! You are completely correct. I will remember this

        • their problem may be getting from Manhattan to White Plains and Teterboro, both levels of the GW and all the tunnels will be blocked off, so they can forget about Jersey. then all the north going parkways will be backed up so bad that a scooter will not get thru. If person timed it right, they may get out, but most are greedy and will want to take that extra day and that will seal their faith. I believe gas will be scares before anything happends anyway.

      29. ??? How many CEO have destroy people’s career’s, their families and have cause them great despair by laying them off in the name of “profits”. A CEO lays off 3,000 people to improve the company’s bottom line. THe stock rises and he gets a $10m bonus…. while the middle class rots away as they send our jobs overseas or allow illegals here to take them from us….

        Then you have Billionaires like Bloomturd and Styer who throw millions promote their Marxist anti-Constitutional policies…

        Of course the “elite” have a reason to hide… they delibertly caused this mess….

      30. When millenials start to realize that life isn’t an ipad or iphone, and they’re in their 30’s and 40’s with student loan debt out the wazzoo that they can’t pay back because there’s no jobs…. maybe just maybe… they’ll lay those phones and tablets down and do something. Maybe.

      31. Back before the 2014 elections Tom Emmer, who is now in Congress for the 6th district of MN,(Michelle Bachmann’s old seat) had a morning radio program.

        According to him, all sorts of “Big Money Wall Street Guys” are buying up cabins/retreats in Northern MN.
        Supposedly Emmer had a family member who owned a large piece of land along the Canadian border as a deer camp, but was offered 3-4 times it’s value for a retreat.

        The folks who bought the land built a large house, bunkers, purchased ATV’s and Snowmobiles, and eventually surrounded the complex with a double razor wire fence.

        Given that we are heading for a Civil War here, and the Russia/Iran/China axis is preparing for WW3…it makes sense.

        Me…I just got to remember to Watch out fur them Hogs

        • much easier to get to than Paraguay…

      32. I suddenly retrieved an old cd and matching it to my current state of mind as far as obsession with my beloved elites:

        Every breath you take
        And every move you make
        Every bond you break, every step you take
        I’ll be watching you

        Every single day
        And every word you say
        Every game you play, every night you stay
        I’ll be watching you

        Oh can’t you see
        You belong to me
        How my poor heart aches
        With every step you take

        Every move you make
        And every vow you break
        Every smile you fake, every claim you stake
        I’ll be watching you

        Since you’ve gone I been lost without a trace
        I dream at night I can only see your face
        I look around but it’s you I can’t replace
        I feel so cold and I long for your embrace

      33. “secret hide aways” eh?

        you can run all you want, you’ll just die tired

      34. If these elites don’t have an extremely well equipped army to protect them, then their retreat had better be below ground with a well camouflaged entrance. Anything else will just be a target of opportunity.

      35. A basic rule of survival in any time or situation: When a crowd gathers, be somewhere else.

      36. Humans are humans , they tend to form the same power structures over and over again.
        There will be some smug bastard out there waiting for the right moment to become the new boss, same as the old boss thats where these “elites” think they will”rule”.
        Want to know what it will be like after the first serious die-off? Watch “the postman”. It should give you a clue what sort of thing we are talking about. Armed groups of horsemen, and eventually folks will get liquid fuels going again, whoever does, rules. that kind of thing

        Like the psychopath leader in “the postman” stated “you know who I was before all this? A copier repairman”.
        societal collapse will let lose some REAL freaks, who will rise to leadership on brutal violence. wanna-be Gengis Khans.

        • EOTS.

          Oh, Yeah! Now we’re talking.

      37. Being from a financial magazine source – I can see where they only equate in $$$$$ ….

        But all the preppers must be considered “elite” …. we are are looking to buffer the sheeple that have gone wild eyed and the cockroach scum that always seems to scurry around ….

        These uber rich “elites” that are prepping just have resources that most of us preppers can only dream about ….

      38. Even Gorbachov says we could be heading for a “hot” war. The world economy is being taken down on purpose. The war will start without warning. You get out of bed one AM and turn on the boob tube and there it is. Actually you get out of bed and the lights won’t go on. You grab the remote and the TV doesn’t come on. Cyber war first. Sabotage. Mushroom clouds. You can’t go to the store, it isn’t open. No electricity. The registers won’t run and the clerks can’t add or subtract without it. Good luck.

      39. There’s an old joke about a guy back in the 1930’s that knew world war 2 was coming. To avoid it, he moved himself and his family to the most remote place he could think of … a little island in the Pacific named Iwo Jima

      40. They build bunkers while boot licking Zombie trash wave that vile filthy disgusting Corporatist Fascist flag of GENOCIDE, and chant the anthem of brain dead dumbed down slaves in a Feudal System shithole. They build bunkers while boot licking coward pussies watch “bread and circuses” sporting events with disgusting GMO chemical filled fake food shoved in their boot licking coward faces, and the mouths of the children the cowards should of never had. They build bunkers while coward pussies scream about the black Corporatist puppet filth POTUS, and dream of some other Republican or Democrat Corporatist Fascist filth saving their collapsing fascist shithole. They build bunkers while coward pussies stare at Faux News, CNN, MSNBC, and the other Corporatist Fascist propaganda spewing garbage believing they are informed. They build bunkers while the coward Zombies walk around with I Idiot 5/6/7/8/9/10/11…glued to their dumbed down hands playing Candy Crush and tweeting useless mindless shit. They build bunkers because they are INTELLIGENT enough to know just what the fuck is coming with a brain dead dumbed down population of chemically altered toxic dump Zombies, who poison their own children and could give a rats ass. Their has never been a more evil fascist corrupt controlled collapsing society in the history of the world as what we are witnessing in Corporatist Fascist collapsing GENOCIDAL Murica…..NEVER EVER.

      41. the rotchilds have military bases in the antartic and or the artic

      42. The ‘elites have always tried to hide after their actions brought down the wrath of God. The Bushies can go hide in Paraguay with their predecessor Dr. Josef Mengale.

      43. I wonder why there isn’t a list somewhere that folks can put up where these ‘elites’ have their rural compounds? I know of a big one in the rural NE

      44. Those planes and boats will only leave once, they might not wait to be filled and they ain’t coming back. Some of the rich will miss departure so they will have to have been good people to stay safe. Many others though will be more afraid of those who have the means to hunt them down on the run. Belligerent politicians will fear capture on international warrants to be tried for their war crimes. Wall Street crooks might find any number of aggrieved despots and regimes hunting them, while arms dealers and other profiteers like Halliburton execs who dealt in death could find spooks from many war-torn countries after taking off their heads.

        After screwing everybody over their options are minimal, so the mosquito-infested backwaters of Africa may be safest. Enjoy!

        • Haha! Seriously

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