Why The “Abject Silence” From The Left About Child Migrant Detentions Under Obama?

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Unless you’ve completely avoided media for the past two or three days, you’re no doubt aware by now that the controversy over the Trump administration’s decision to separate migrant children from their detained parents after they’ve been caught illegally crossing the border has exploded since ProPublica published a recording of children who’d been captured by ICE crying out for their parents, and the agency allowed a handful of reporters on a supervised visit of the facility where many of the children are housed.

    However, the liberals who have been responded with a non-stop barrage of social media attacks on the President and those who voted for him, have apparently forgot that the US has been housing migrant minors for years – and that a sizable increase in the minor population held in US facilities occurred under Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama. To drive this point home, Breitbart reporter Brandon Darby reminded us of this fact by tweeting photos from his 2014 visit to one such migrant detention center (as most should recognize, Obama was president at the time).

    As the photos reveal, the “cages” that have become a locus of liberal fury are just like the ones used during the Obama-era. And yet, Darby noted that his original story about the holding centers was met with “abject silence” from the left. As anybody who’s been paying attention to the data would know, border crossings have only recently started to pick back up after an unprecedented drop last year, meaning Trump’s deportation numbers haven’t risen back to the highs reached under his predecessor, who carried out a record 97,000 criminal prosecutions for illegal border crossings in 2013, according to the Daily Caller.

    Some of the photos shared by Darby can be seen below. Notice they all have two things in common: They’re virtually indistinguishable from the photos of the detention centers being run by ICE today. Yet they were all taken during the Obama era.

    President Trump lashed out at his critics during a speech earlier today defending his “zero tolerance” policy. During his speech, which featured Trump’s trademark fiery tone and rhetoric, he pointed out that he’s taking many of the same steps that were taken by the Bush and Obama administrations, while repudiating Democrats’ “internment camp” comparisons and pointing the finger at his political rivals for allowing illegal immigrants to “infest” our country and “not caring about crime.” Trump also noted that of the 12,00 children in detention, 10,000 were sent on a very dangerous mission by their parents, and only 2,000 were accompanied by their parents when they reached the border. On Monday, Trump insisted that the US would not become “a migrant camp” or a “refugee holding facility.”


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      1. Conditions, now, are probably, very reasonable, on the face of it, but how many more can they send, before it becomes overburdened. Remember that a sjw provokes his own mistreatment, desperately, to play the martyr. The left will do everything in their power to cause conditions in the camps to degrade.

        The left is attempting to use migrants, to create a humanitarian disaster, that triggers foreign intervention.

        The right believes they are guilt-ridden, so will fund the wall.

        The left believes that globalist will come.

        • Beyond obvious the answer is it does not fit the created narrative and hysteria !

          A rather foolish question and premise actually, at this juncture ? But remember Tyler Durden is not a real person either, just a creation as well.

          • DowntoEarthThinking.com, this is a totally false issue. These kids are part of ILLEGAL ALIEN families trying to get into our country illegally and take advantage of our nation. Those kids are deliberately being used by the parents or whoever is bringing them. The biggest reason they come here is welfare, food stamps, free education, free medical care, etc. and they keep placing even more demands on the system as time goes by. And some of them commit crimes against our own people and are never held accountable. The federal government and all of the sanctuary cities give them all the special treatment they can. They don’t give a shit about US citizens, period. We have people of our own everywhere who are out of work or need some kind of help and can’t get a damn thing. I don’t mind helping our own people as long as they’re trying to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps but the gravy train needs to be cut off for all the freeloaders, foreign and domestic. Those kids along with the adults should be sent right back across the border when they’re caught. We don’t owe any of those foreigners anything.

            • The believe that the worse they make it, in there, the more *you are stigmatized.

              The worse the punishment, the more it’s *your fault.

              They want that punishment. They are masochists. It is not a deterrent.

              Saying, but it’s illegal, is not meeting them on their level.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart , I fully realize everything you said in spades and then some. Not sure how you could misread my comment as if any of it is real or anything but just another created illusion ?

              Let me be more clear so you can grasp it. PRAVDA/MSM can create any false narrative or paradigm they deem necessary. PRAVDA/MSM is the propaganda and interrogation arm of the DEM/DSA at this time and has been for a long while. I have been very clear and a leading voice in all of these points for years now. Not weeks or months.




              None of my premises or facts have changed and unfortunately the control freaks are still very much alive and well ! Reread my comment and go a step deeper

      2. When will you open borders hypocrites sponsor an immigrant family by taking them into your homes & feed them, clothe them, provide healthcare for them, educate them & stop demanding the rest of us taxpayers provide for their needs?

        And don’t give us the “I’m already providing for them through my taxes” BS excuse! Your taxes are compulsory & not an indication of any sincere desire to help alleviate your fellow man’s suffering . The vast majority of illegal immigrants arrive here seeking handouts, not freedom.

        Until you prove your sincerity by investing your own personal resources & have some real financial skin in the game, you’re just babbling nonsensical, egalitarian platitudes & you don’t give a damn about the suffering of immigrant children. Either “PUT UP OR SHUT UP” & GO AWAY! Your hypocrisy nauseates me!

        • That’s the big secret of Dems, though. In the crisis housing and charities, their charges are patronized, worked like n-s, and sterilized like the farm animal not fit to breed.

        • Ya’aqov ben Ya’aqov, and who said anything about open borders being a good thing ?

          These kind of comments are why I say many times the echo chamber can be detrimental ! One person completely misunderstands or simply does not grasp a valid comment and the herd takes over like Wildebeast running off the cliff into alligators ?

          STOP and think before running off at the mouth for a change. I doubt anybody here is OK with open borders or the hordes of illegal aliens that have invaded USA ! Maybe a few obvious trolls and thats it. There are many valid reasons NOT to be part of the echo chamber.

      3. I was just reading Drudge Report and saw tweets by that “great actor” Peter Fonda on such things as placing President Trump’s son in a cage with pedophiles. I am glad the country has become so polarized. It shows the colors of the true assholes. The fucks are busy spouting, between Ratshell Maddow’s crying outbursts, that the illegal immigrant children are being used as “pawns”. Yes, by who you stupid fucks? Their parents, to allow them to gain entry to the US. I have spent time in Mexico and points south. Any of you wonderful humanitarians from the left need to go on down and see those kind folks. The same morons who are crying “Oh Please save the children are happily on board for the funding of planned parenthood to kill the unborn children of Americans.
        My thought is that the vast majority of “regular” folks south of the border prefer to stay there.
        But then again, maybe railing about the Trump administration’s mistreatment of poor illegal immigrants will provide a smokescreen for the actions of leftist government employees before, during, and after, the last presidential election. By the way, in case anyone might have missed it, my reference to Fonda as an actor was sarcasm.

        • Anon, AMEN to your comments. Fonda is just another Hollywood POS.

        • Fonda also has a movie coming out soon. Coincidence?

      4. I’m thinking that it the proposed DNA parent child verification’s actually take place, most of those “separated” children will not be from the parents/families that are claimed to be the ones they have separated from.

        But I imagine the testing will end up being blocked by the leftists that are so upset by those alleged family separations.

        • Anonymous, Sessions idea to use DNA is a good one. To bad he is not as up to speed on the crimes at his own DOJ and FBI.

          DNA testing will stop the children scam immediately and any who get caught lying about it should be prosecuted for it !

          As well why is entering the USA illegally still a misdemeanor ? Congress can simply make it a felony by law and that too will have its affect very quickly. This point clearly proves that many in congress are in fact representing illegal aliens more than they represent you or any other legal citizens ! That alone is reason for removal immediately on several legal grounds and basis. It is all about political will and how we think and getting enough people on the same page !

      5. Hypocracy never stops them from accusing their opposition of doing those things they themselves do.

        The fact is that entering this Country illegally is a crime. And criminals are always separated from their children. If children have no relatives, American children can wind up in Juvenile Hall, in the Foster Care System and wind up adopted.

        If these economic invaders are deported back home at least they get to take their kids with them, which is more than some American citizens get. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. America is not a great respector of parental rights anymore, period. That’s the hard truth. Live with it or go home. Better yet, stay away and do us both a favor, amigo.


        • The right types and is weak and complacent. The left screams, intimidates and fights as the right continues to type. How is it the left threatens Trump k
          id and the right still types.

      6. Why are they here,indeed? When they come into the entrance,send them directly to the exit. Problem solved. BTW: who is going to pay for the education,housing,and upkeep of all the rugrats? Our schools are going to be overwhelmed with non englishspeaking,poor,and unhealthy foreigners.

        • southside, “Our schools are going to be overwhelmed with non englishspeaking,poor,and unhealthy foreigners.”

          That already exist in spades all across the nation. Some places far worse than others. And you pay for all it, so yes you are paying to get fucked in many ways, not just the illegal aliens !

      7. President Trump’s policies are about protecting all children not just brown ones. Terrorism and violence kills children of all colours.

        There was extensive child trafficking during the Obama years but not a peep out of the left about that at the time.

        Never forget: by far the biggest threat to brown and black children is from other brown and black people, not from white people or Asian people. When children live in communities run by gangsters and drug dealers, and where fathers are absent, then those children suffer from violence and poor health. President Trump is trying to put a stop to that. He is a proud father of beautiful children so why would he be anti-families? Think.

      8. It is obvious America is a White Racist Horrible country. Obvious. Thus, why do these proud people want to come here and be treated like this? Why demand to live with White Racists?

        If I was Hispanic, I would have NOTHING to do with this White Racist Country.

        Even then, Mexico KNOWS America is a White Racist Country and lets these people walk all the way through Mexico, does not help them, and does not warn them about the White Racist America.

        Why doesn’t Mexico, which is not racist, let these proud families live in Mexico where there is no racism (no White people)?

      9. Why were they silent about Obama’s policies? No mystery. Hypocracy.

      10. Blame the parents for putting their children at risk. Stupid leftists that want OPEN BORDERS and no nation (USA) are willfully ignorant or downright lie about many issues that maintain American sovereignty. This President is standing up for American CITIZENS and our right to choose who immigrates into our country. Why should we allow these people that don’t honor our existing immigration laws to jump to the head of the line? Simple solution: do not place your children at risk by trying to disregard our existing immigration laws.

      11. Him, it’s simple. Obama was their HERO who could never do any wrong and they never cared what he did anyway. This is a bogus issue. We don’t owe these foreigners anything. We have no obligations to them period. A lot of them have already committed crimes against many of our people even in the sanctuary cities and nothing happens to them. Government doesn’t care about US citizens but will damn sure go the extra 1000 miles to help scum foreigners who come here with bad intentions toward us. The biggest reason they come here is to get welfare, food stamps, etc. Cut off that financial gravy train and they’ll leave on their own. There’s too many of our own people who are out of work and need some kind of help but can’t get shit because of the federal government showing favoritism towards foreigners.

      12. Both pretend political opponents love the illegal workforce and have worked hand in hand to allow them entry to lower wages. It is not and has never been a Republican vs Democrat issue.

        • Bravo Sierra. Jamo-bot is back!!!

          It is a socialist d’rat idea, the same mindset as slavery. Only difference is that d’rats are now nationwide. Even globalists have party affiliations and most all are d’rats.

      13. This isn’t about the children. The dems could care less. This is another issue to use against Trump and hopefully to take him out of the presidency. Whatever he does on the subject will be tested in court and ignored by the left. The left will use this one issue to win the election and then to impeach him. You won’t hear about the children again.

        • Absolutely. If the “migrants”, legal and illegal, were coming here and voting for GOP candidates then the dems would be mining the borders. It’s all about power.

          Although I support Donald on this, the politics has become too irrational. He should issue an EO and let the issue die.

          I saw Geraldo on Fox and he was apoplectic and nearing a nervous breakdown. What a POS. Always has been.

      14. The Leftists / SJW’s remind me of a scene in the cartoon flick “Madagascar” when surrounded at Grand Central Station-chimp 1 to chimp 2 :
        “If you have any poo left, fling it NOW!!”

        And that’s the leftists in our country-flinging poo…
        Be well.

      15. Why aren’t the Democratic party talking about DHS separating families while investigating cases? Why aren’t they talking about military families separated during tours of duty many times? Why is the Bushes with over fifteen hundred acres and hundreds of millions of dollars putting their money where there mouth is? Because all are globalist. Do all globalist believe they will be included in the big plan?

      16. Does the term “mindless zombies” assist in your understanding of their silence. Feeble is descriptive of the high-level liberal grasp of any situation. The mental numbness associated with a realization that they will buy into any lie presented to them by their leaders has produced a type of anesthesia. Liberals are the true definition of artificial intelligence AKA mental illness and failure to thrive.

      17. Remember this, many of these migrants are from Central America. Which means they reached safety when they got to Mexico. But they traveled nearly 1000 miles more to the US. Why? For the money. How did they get here? They were bused by American, for profit, “charities”. There’s big money in the “charity” business. Billions of taxpayer dollars.

      18. Him, those “charities” ought to be put out of business. They’ll go the extra 100 miles to help foreigners but just totally ignore any of our own people who need some kind of help. Anyone who shows a preference for foreigners over their own people should be held accountable for that.

      19. Stop thinking red vs. blue.
        End two party system. Two wings of the same bird, and this bird is a vulture. It feeds on death. Spread the word…

        • Put me on your “list”.

          I’ll be your huckleberry…

          • Remember,
            “Kilroy was here”

      20. Ms
        No matter who is responsible, what difference is there?
        People suffering in a country just next to the “richest country in the world” obviously hope, in vain, for a better life there, even if the said “rich” country just cages them up and takes away their kids.
        A little humanity, often some thing impossible for the “haves” would not ruin the bank accounts in the USA. It might even cure the obesity problem a little.

      21. The problem is in the time it takes to process the cases. Too many appeals and delays causes the system to get too bogged down. The facilities can’t handle the numbers of people. Included in the people are some really vicious people. Putting the children into the general population exposes them to these criminals. Establish a time limit for the entire process after which you are automatically sent back. If you want to seek amnesty, you need to be able to prove your life is at risk when you come. If you can’t, adios. The hypocrisy and deceit of the left in using these children which they really don’t care about is astounding.

      22. The “richest country on earth” isn’t the richest country on earth if you factor in debt, decaying infrastructure, unfunded social welfare programs. Wake up and look at things like they are! The illegal immigrants know how the game is played. Showing up with your kids, makes it impossible for the immigration authorities to handle the numbers. If you want to immigrate to a country, apply prior to just showing up! If you don’t, you should be sent home to go through the process.

      23. Check out anonymous article. President Trump administration is paying out $458 million!!! tax-payers are footing this bill!!!

        to house children in detention centers. Just effin reunite them with their parents and then send them to Mexico.

        This way it becomes the parents responsibility to house and shelter, feed and clothe. Not the American tax-payers.

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