Why Social Security Is Doomed: “Birthrate At Lowest Level on Record”… And the Future Is Unfunded

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    Here’s more evidence that the “recovery” never really happened, and good reason to think that the entire social net structure is doomed to fall apart.

    The birthrate, long tied to economic growth, has been dropping to its lowest point in recorded history – both nationally and, in particular, in the state of California.

    This demographic shift is bad news for the economy – in terms of housing, consumer markets, and especially for the long-term funding of social security, medicaid, medicare and other obligations that younger generations have typically been expected to pay into.

    Whether or not you agree with the system in place, the fact that it is virtually certain to go bankrupt before the generation of baby boomers shift off this mortal coil should be troubling to everyone planning a future in the United States.

    Official numbers show that the birthrate began to steadily decline in 2008 when the crisis hit and – unlike even during the Great Depression – hasn’t ever picked back up. 2016 saw the lowest point ever for California, even with higher births from immigrants factored in.

    via the L.A. Times:

    California’s birthrate dropped to its lowest level ever in 2016, according to data released by the state’s Department of Finance.

    Between July 2015 and July of this year, there were 12.42 births per 1,000 Californians, the agency said this week. The last time the birthrate came close to being that low was during the Great Depression, when it hit 12.6 per 1,000 in 1933.

    But, unlike after the Depression, birthrates haven’t bounced back quickly as the economy has picked up.

    California has been experiencing a years-long downward trend that likely stems from the recession, a drop in teenage pregnancies and an increase in people attending college and taking longer to graduate, therefore putting off having children…

    “Eventually you think about having a child and by this point in time you’re in your early 30s,” he said… when women’s fertility begins to decrease…

    Similarly, the national birthrate began falling in 2008 and continued to do so through 2013, when it hit a record low of 12.4 per 1,000 people.

    Already, states and cities are unable to meet their pension obligations. A very bad game of musical chairs is in the works, and unless something major changes, it could spell ruin for aging generations to come, who will be forced to contend with a shrinking pool of support – both officially and unofficially – from younger generations.

    As the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year:

    Sales of single-family homes are being weighed down by what Robert Dietz, chief economist at the National Association of Home Builders, calls “the great delay,” the trend of millennials postponing milestones like marriage and having kids. Other ripple effects take years to show up, such as the drag of having fewer young workers paying into Social Security and Medicare


    “Everything is slower than we expected,” said Sam Sturgeon… he predicts that the total fertility rate won’t go above 1.9 babies per woman for the next five years or longer. An ideal birth rate is around 2.1 babies per woman, demographers say, since that’s the rate that’s needed to replace the current levels of population.

    Right now, there is considerable optimism about a renewed age for the free market in America. Business is being wooed back by President-elect Trump.

    But in the long term, the demographic pressures could impact the care and survival of the population. All the more reason to prepare for the worst, and reduce one’s dependency on the system as much as possible.

    As Michael Snyder explained, the upcoming generation of “snowflake” millenials are, as whole, reluctant to move out of their parent’s basements, have difficulty finding real jobs, are stifled by student loans and a lifetime of debt, are putting off marriage and children – and consequently, will be inadequately prepared to financial support older generations as they age.

    What if social security and pensions aren’t there when you need it? What if, even after being forced to pay for Obamacare, health care is adequate or even inaccessible?

    At the individual level, this is a clear incentive to prepare, and attempt to build a self-sufficient life that is not reliant on social programs or future-promises of assistance and support.

    Promote your own health, and that of your family, and create a back-up plan in case one’s position in the pecking order of society should slip and fall, income should fade or medicines and health care should become out-of-reach.

    The same tips to prepare for an emergency can be applied to the long game to prepare for a future of bankrupt and inept social services.

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    “There Will Be Life Altering Ramifications For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t Adapt To New Realities”

    Terminal Economy: “Private Sector Will NEVER Recover…This Time, Replacing Humans Altogether”

    In the Robotic Near-Future, Most “Will Live Off Government-Provided Income”


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      1. I’ve been saying this forever. The feminist movement was designed to end the family. Get the women out of the home and into male traditional jobs. That way women have fewer kids or no kids. To make matters worse, the US Chamber of Commerce business model requires massive growth in population to increase GDP. Now you know why there is virtually unrestricted immigration. There’s much more to this, but time and space is limited.

        • TOLD YA SO!!





        • HIM – The Fem movement in the 60’s, just like the NAACP was concocted by the (((ZOG Occupying Tribe))), to create hate and division and to destroy the traditional American Culture and the Family as well as Christianity.

          Did you know this: Feminist visionary Gloria Steinem, daughter of a Christian mother and a Jewish father, forged her first real connection to Judaism through her participation in an … Google That.

          She is included here because her father was a Jew, because she considers herself an outsider and sees Jews as the quintessential out-group, and because she feels drawn to the spirituality and social justice agenda of Jewish feminism. She is here because, as she puts it, “Never in my life have I identified myself as a Christian, but wherever there is antisemitism, I identify as a Jew.” Finally, she is here because in the eyes of the world she is Jewish, and thus whatever she does is associated with Jews and Judaism, for good or for ill.

          When historians distill the essence of the women’s movement known as the Second Wave (as opposed to the suffrage campaign, the First Wave), they often embody it in two names—Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem—both ground-breaking pioneers, both identified as Jews. By the same token, when extremists of the ultra-right excoriate feminism, they name Steinem (along with Friedan and former Congresswoman Bella Abzug) as a leader of the “Jewish conspiracy” to destroy the Christian family. They claim that the struggle for abortion rights is a Jewish plot to kill Christian babies, or that empowering children, women and minorities is a threat to the God-given hegemony of white Christian men. If Steinem is their Jew, she is ours.
          Link: ht tps://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/steinem-gloria

          So you see, It’s is all a PLOT by the TRIBE to destroy America. And today we now have BLM – Black Lives Matter, and now Walmart has jumped on Board to create more hate by selling BLM T-shirts hats and other apparel Garb with Black Lives Matter and a Black Fist in the air proclaiming Black Power.

          So Who TF do you think creates and implements this BS? Yep the enemy within.

        • HIM. Yes the Chamber of Commerce is just another Pro NEO-Con scam organization designed to Fleece the Government with Fascist Corporations scoring the Gubberment Contracting Loot.

          I saw this from within as a Member at one time, and their comments and motives how they work, are not for small businesses, just for their large fascist donors under guise as their anointed mouth piece, to appear righteous. I look at the Chamber of Commerce as the Masonry movement, skull and bones, well connected, etc

        • “California’s birthrate dropped to its lowest level ever in 2016, according to data released by the state’s Department of Finance.”

          That’s the best news I have heard out of Kalifornia since they opened the border. 🙂

          • What the fuck do you expect. A house costs half a mil here for a cardboard box under a freeway overpass and it only gets worse from there as the neighborhood improves.

            All so you can get forced into divorce when the kid’s three and double all those expenses on your own back? What are you fucking kidding me or something?

            You’d have to be God to have that much money.

        • Minorities are using the “safety net” to multiply our problems, when it was intended to protect them from themselves.

          Time to pull the plug on those programs and deport illegals, and refugees. 🙂

        • Birthrates and such have little to do with social security’s problem. The issue is it is a ponzi scheme by design, and they always fail due to running out of new entrants at the bottom of the pile versus the amount taking out at the top.

          Take Ida Mae Fuller….social security’s very first person to draw benefits, and their poster child of what a great program it is for many years.

          She retired in 1939 (may be off a little on dates, been a while since I read about here….Google it if you really care) after paying in about $25 in taxes. Over the course of her LONG retired life, she got $25,000 in payments.

          Now ask yourself….is there ANY legitimate investment on the planet where you can put in 25 bucks, and it pay you 25,000 over the next 30 years ? Well hell no there isn’t.

          OPM….other people’s money….just like any ponzi game. it’s based on the number of other, new suckers paying in to pay out to the original entrants. Eventually, it takes more than the entire population of the planet to support the number in the game. Can’t work. But it can work long enough that the guys that started the game are dead and gone.

        • The other issue with SS is that the f—–G feds ROBBED the fund and spent the money on other things, there would be plenty IF they had NOT done that and YES, a problem would still occurr at some point due to the reduction of force, BOTTOM LINE, we were lied to and screwed again by our government and did not even get a kiss while they were doing it!! LOL

          • apache

            it has been robbed many times. at least 3 that i can remember once in the late 70s and i think that was the republicans they promised to pay it back and kept making the same damn promise on tv and radio and in print and never did

            the next time was in the early 90s and same deal only the dems did that job and recently it was again robbed by the dems and this time the culprit was none other then nancy pelosi and her buddies

            any one remember how she claimed that the money would be paid back and ” put in the lock box and the key put away for safe keeping ??”

            both houses have a real problem with keeping their hands off any large sums of money
            after all those turtles cant cross the street by them selves 3.4 million paid to build tunnels in Florida for turtles and who can forget the shrimp running underwater video that beauty cost millions and millions

            waste waste waste and its only going to get worse

            2008 was considered to be the year that the dems got a hold of the purse strings and went crazy 30 plus years of pent up spending and now that the rep have control expect the problem to get much worse

            if you are fool enough to depend on the tiny amount in SSi then you have a hell of a rude awakening folks

            trump is worried about how Air force one is over budget by a billion or two i have news its far worse then that
            consider the fact that most of our wars are no longer fought solely by the volunteer military but high priced “contractors ”

            some get upwards of 100K per assignment but that could last for months and months
            the guys in Benghazi were not all spec ops but contractors. and paid very well to guard ambassador stevens ( do we get a refund ??)

            find another way too retire folks or face the music

        • Well it’s too bad god gave women brains at all. I mean they really should be happy just popping out kids and raising them. Then later helping to raise the grand children.

          If that is what life is all about then really what the hell is the point in living? Why even give people IQ’s?

          It would be better to be just like the animals and live off instinct only because that is how you are describing the role of women.

          How dare they take jobs that are supposed to be for the men. It’s too bad people didn’t decide to send a big FU message to our masters and stop breeding altogether.

      2. Well when 2/3s of the population dies like everyone is talking about we will not have to worry,

        • Most of the rest that survive will be chipped and obedient. They ain’t no use to worry about it.

          • I tend to disagree. those that are left will be people with a gun and a bunch of hate for the .1%

            • They’ll be some of us left P but they’ll be more sheeple that accept the mark of the beast than refuse it.

              • Don’t worry; I love roast Beast.

                • Me too!

        • hmmm….what’s the birth-rate for MUSLIMS living in america?

          • One scum muslim is too many!

          • I would say the birth rate of muslims in this country they keep pulling the convert or die/be a taxed second rate citizen shit will soon be zero,along with any that allow that bullshit to continue.

            We as a country/world do not get a grip on this you will see genocide/democide,tis inevitable unfortunately unless dealt with now.I joke about solutions/final solutions but will become the only answer or our own deaths,lets stop this before that happens.

            • i’m sure you’ve all SEEN the “professor’s” gumball presentation on how the muslims will take over the world?….no?….well you BETTER watch it…link to follow.

              • bcod, yeah I’ve seen it. Scary.

              • I don’t think it matters. It will all be over one way or another befor anyone not now old enough to walk becomes an issue.

              • islam is doomed to failure. even if islam could subjegate the rest of the world, islam will collapse. Any culture that uses its children (the future) for suicide attacks on an enemy is doomed.

      3. How much social security would 6 trillion dollars ($6,000,000,000,000) buy?

      4. Remember when the government doubled our Social Security tax? They also doubled our employers tax. Then immediately the politicians took the extra money and put it in the general revenue fund and spent it as fast as they could. I saw a number the other day that surprised even me. The Pentagon. It is supported by a bureaucracy of 1.2 million civilians. Some in government, some as contractors. No wonder there’s no money for anything else.

        • the MATH hasn’t added up for YEARS. right now we got about 58% of the working-age population actually WORKING. that means over 48% of americans DON’T work….and of the ones that DO work, a VAST mjority don’t pay hardly ANY taxes….so where’s the money coming from to finance social security, and welfare, and medicaid, and medicaire, and food stamps….and obomadontcare….math sure can be a BITCH…it’s LAW, you know, and just like gravity, it aint been repealed, as far as I know. we are in for a shit-storm of MASSIVE contortions!

        • Him That doubling of the Tax on SS was under Bill Clinton in the 90’s. His plot to cook the books to create a surplus. Funny math. haha

        • Him, Yes the Govnt likes to give Government contracts to their political buddies, and then the Pres Admin can claim they did not grow the Government.

          However in reality under Obama DOUBLED the size of Government because the bottom line is, the Nat Debt doubled on his watch. Smoke n mirrors. Good call.

        • “The Pentagon…No wonder there’s no money for anything else.” Yeah, lets look at THAT one for a moment:

          During FY2014, the federal government spent $3.504 trillion on a budget or cash basis, up $50 billion or 1% vs. FY2013 spending of $3.455 trillion. Major categories of FY 2014 spending included:
          1.Social Security ($845B or 24% of spending),
          2.Healthcare such as Medicare and Medicaid ($831B or 24%),
          3.Defense Department ($596B or 17%),
          4.Non-defense discretionary spending used to run federal Departments and Agencies ($583B or 17%),
          5.Other mandatory programs such as food stamps and unemployment compensation ($420B or 12%) and interest ($229B or 6.5%).[1]
          Social programs combined: $2.2 trillion (%60)
          Defense and “Non-defense” federal agencies combined: $1.2 trillion (%34)
          Numbers cited are from https://www.cbo.gov/publication/49892

          So unless the mean old pentagon took your money and handed it out in EBT cards… try again.

          • Marcus, no, I only mean that every part of the government creates a huge bureaucracy.

      5. “reluctant to move out of their parent’s basements”

        I have heard it time and time again from the youth that they want a job that they really like. Thats a great concept if you get educated for it and its in demand. They view the world from an idealistic perception of the way they would like it to be not the way it is. I didn’t like rotating shift work nor working in 135 degree heat (yes it can be done in short spurts). I however loved the pay check, benefits and overall job security that came with working in an oil refinery.

        Candy asses.

        • I too worked in the oil patch; only time I liked it was when I was working 84 hour weeks and slept in the truck. Lived on coffee and saved every $. Retired at 50, die snowflakes.

      6. Economics will go to hell in America because there are currently not enough taxpayers to support socialism in America. For 50 years our government has filled the law books with bills that give out pay outs. However in this Ponzi scheme they forgot that it requires new tax payers to keep the system afloat.

        Socialism failed its own purposes. Once white people took up socialism they bought into its promises and they stopped having large families (who would have supported them if there was no government support). Add to this abortion and the pill and white people in America and Europe did not produce enough tax payers to support the socialist Ponzi scheme

        Without enough tax payers to pay for socialism’s promises western governments decided to import immigrants who still have large families (and produce lots of tax payers). Typical of those imported immigrants with large families are poor Muslim’s or poor Hispanics. So until they have the boat load to tax payers they need Western countries have large numbers of refugee’s to fill the tax payer void and will continue to run deficits and raise taxes to try to pay for the Ponzi scheme.

        Connect the dots:
        There were 76 million people born between the years 1946 and 1964, the traditional window for the baby boom generation. That means that they will retire over a 19-year period. Simple math shows that 76 divided by 19 is 4 million, or almost 11,000 people a day. Say 1,000 die a day. The biggest event in America today is we have l0,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day for years to come. The biggest problem in America is we cannot for the duration support these retiring Baby Boomers. The reason we cannot support these baby boomers is we have not produced a large enough group of supporting taxpayers.

        Why are there not enough taxpayers to support retiring Boomers? Government eliminated 60 million future tax payers with making abortion legal. Also it is estimated up to 30 million tax payers were prevented by the cheap birth control pill. And lastly the dissolution marriage as an institution in America has created much smaller family units than prior generations and single family moms have had 20 million fewer babies. This means 120 million tax payers are missing to pay for the retiring baby boomers.

        How is our government replacing the missing revenue from lack of taxpayers? To replace these missing tax payer’s government has allowed 61 million immigrants plus into America to replace our missing tax payers to support the boomers (the total is estimated to be 94 million). These immigrants are fast tracked getting jobs our youth should have using subsidies from the government. Dems and Repubs are together on this. Democrats want the immigrants as future party supporters. Republicans want the cheap labor.

        Why are Muslims the primary people imported? Muslims don’t have abortions, take the pill and Muslim women are not single moms. It is not uncommon for Muslims to have the 6 to 10 children like white families used to have in America. Congress is counting on this group to generate the missing tax payers.

        Why is America a bankrupt government? Revenue from current taxes is too low to pay for increasing entitlements and retirees. Deficits and debt plug the entitlement hole until immigrants produce enough taxes to fill the entitlement hole . Government is betting immigrants will produce the taxes to pay for retiring Baby Boomers before America goes belly up. Once the U.S. world reserve currency runs out and the government can no longer print bucket loads of money and debt they will strip the U.S. citizens cupboards bare to keep going. Need more proof on America’s bankruptcy? Look up Kotlikoff’s senate testimony last year.

        • rabbit, great post.

        • War can solve the problem of overpopulation I am sorry to say.
          It looks like it worked before it brings famine, disease, strife,
          etc. etc. etc.

          Then who ever survives the carnage will start the cycle all over again.

          But maybe we will be heading for other planets by then and we can trash the universe.

        • rabbitone,
          YUP good post, also IF we the people would have stepped up to the plate and put a STOP to the out sourcing of companies and jobs and STOPPED the importiing of aliens, this country would still be great!! have to blame TWO groups for this BANKSTERS and POLITICIANS, the DAMN SHEEPLE LET this happen as they were to FAT and LAZY to see beyond there next TV show from the couch!! NOW we can ONLY HOPE to start to clean this mess up!!

        • rabbit makes one mistake. Even if the birth rate wasn’t lower. There are not enough making producing jobs. We all cannot be parasite taking government employees. If there where more really good paying jobs. the higher taxes on the higher wages would offset the shortage. For three years Obama instituted the payroll tax holiday. That deal reduced the amount the employer paid and the amount deducted from the workers pay by 50%. And for the very first time the Ponzi scheme ran in the red. Trump will need to perform miracles to make America great again.

      7. They are killing off the dumbed down disease ridden depressed indebted toxic dump cowards with softkill genocide by way of poisonous toxic food, water, and Big Pharma garbage, so most of the toxic dump cowards will not make to collect the useless DIGITS IN A COMPUTER even if they were there!!!

      8. Social Security is not going to go completely broke as long as someone is working and paying taxes. The real problem the monthly outgo will be more than the monthly income. We may be there already. So benefits will have to be reduced somehow.
        On the other hand, anyone who says Social Security is going to go broke is a liar.

        • Not according to the testimony of Alan Greenspan before Congress:

          “We absolutely can guarantee that social security benefits can be paid forever….we cannot, however, guarantee purchasing power”

          You’ll get your check….it just may not buy anything.

      9. There is no money for helping the aged. It’s all spent waging war, thus the privatization push. Expand the elite control and assets at all costs. Steal rob and pillage is the capitalist game. That three dollar raise in VA benefits after years of no raise is a big joke. Cut government worker salaries big time. Everybody knows a job with the government is not real work. It is overt theft.

      10. Rabbitone, good observations. Anybody notice that The State isn’t there for what was once their people? The population is being managed to support The State.

      11. Probably 80% of manual labor jobs can be performed by robots.
        The big thinkers are currently trying to figure out how that’s all gonna work out.

        Pay people to stay at home and not be slaves to the system?
        Well if there was ever any question of the fiat money having any real value
        there goes that idea.

        Wasn’t the garden of Eden suppose to be the big chill out place until Eva got us all cursed with slave labor because of her lack of self discipline?

        Big thinkers like Hawking think A.I. will be the ultimate destruction of mankind.. I wonder how much the pondering of millions of people having nothing to do and all day to do it … plays into that analogy?
        [see : an idle mind is the devils playground ] ?
        In the interim the ultimate battle of
        “Debt Clock vs Printing Press” continues.
        Game On

        • ht tp://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/robots-replace-5-million-jobs-2020/

      12. White people’s genocide is almost complete.

        The baby boomer generation is a white generation. During the years between 1945 to 1955, America was 90% to 95% white. Women stayed home and dinner was at 6:00pm in most families. Tables were set with proper table settings. And children respected both parents, who in turn treated them well, but disciplined, and spankings were common. No one called CPS. If such an organization existed, it was very small, and toothless compared to the raging monster it is today. Large white families were the norm.

        Today it is considered normal to castrate little boys. National Geographic is running a front page story about a families decision to dress their boy like a girl. People in Europe and The USA are choosing to give their little boys reassignment surgery. This means, cutting the penis and replacing it with a vagina. Such a thing would have never happened in the forties or fifties. The parents would have been condemned, not praised. Such a thing would have been hid, not displayed on the front of magazines.

        This is psychological warfare. Now, there are young white people posting that having children is selfish. This is genocide.

        The birth control pill can cause the feminization of a male fetus. For this reason, there are many more feminine males, who look, think, and behave like women. Many undergo gender reassignment surgery, becoming infertile pseudo women. This is genocide.

        In order to survive as a race, Caucasian people must confront the fact that there are others who wish to wipe them out. “If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.”

        Abortion is not only immoral, it is stupid. Killing your own white unborn baby is being a traitor to your own fellow white people.

        Having a large family is challenging, indeed. But with the work, and even financial hardships, comes love, happiness, and satisfaction.

        Educate your children. Discipline them. Teach them Geography, Science, Math, Reading, Latin, and all the practical trades. Your children and grandchildren will grow up to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, and some will be farmers, ranchers, and tradesmen. You will never have to worry about medical insurance, legal fees, or where your next meal is coming from.

        Keep it all in the family.


        • The problem is with white people they think too much. Let me rephrase that. The problem is with intelligent white people is they think too much.
          They get their calculators out and start figuring out if they can afford kids and contemplate genetic deficiencies or if they would make a good parent… all the while other races are popping kids out like a pez dispenser.
          Yes I know white isn’t a race it’s technically Caucasoid or Europid or cracker or wtf ever… I’m just going with the flow here.

          The one thing I agree with Hitler about is a master race but not thru genetic engineering.
          There will never be cures for all the horrific diseases in the world other than selective breeding.imo
          It’s our only shot at survival.

          Its reassuring to see a few dating websites popping up that hook people up based on their genetic code rather than how they look in a swim suit.

          In other words two people that have the same negative mental/physical traits probably should look to others that don’t.
          Good DNA is the new sexy!!

          So do your homework whitey and spread your seed? and don’t be like the Rothchilds and try to keep it all in the family


      13. Gee, the People’s Socialist Republik of Kalifornication as ground zero of the implosion? (I was born in San Francisco… back when CA was a CONSERVATIVE state, before all the disgusting New Yorkers moved there) I won’t be sending flowers when it goes under.

        I think, tho, that SS won’t technically go bankrupt, with the pay-as-you-go process (now that they have stolen the funds from it); rather, benefits will either be reduced, means tested, inflated away (got gold, held privately).

        As noted before, there are three things a nation can do, and only three, when they have gotten to the socialist implosion state: print money, raise taxes (which kills business and causes flight; even trying to lock down money with digitized currency is only going to go so are) or print money. Yes, there ARE permutations of this, and you can combine, but those are the basic choices. And, of course, states cannot print money.

        Thanks, so much, socialists, for financially and morally bankrupting us. And of course, the poor, infirm and mentally retarded will be hurt the worst, while you Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and Hollywierd hypocrites hide – just like you do today – behind your gated communities (Babs Striesand, Mkey Moorer, George Clooney – whichever of your multi-million dollar mansions you are in today), Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama (where you are vacationing today), Nancy Pelosi, ad nauseam, ARE YOU LISTENING?

        Nah, didn’t think so. Maybe when the poor, unwashed masses finally get a clue and show up with burning torches and pitchforks, a la Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein, you will….

      14. Regardless of birth rate or lack of it the population of the country is growing, not shrinking.

      15. I’ve posted this before, but it still bears mentioning. I take little ADHD breaks during the day, 5 min. here and there, but take 10 min for lunch, and usually work weekends and up to midnite. I walk around the block for lunch to get some air. As usual, today, my leftist neighbor – on disability – was out jogging her TWO miles she usually does.

        Yep. On disability and jogging two miles a day. She *did* have a very bad car accident years ago, but if she is able to jog two miles a day, which is she at least not doing some menial job? In the old days, everyone worked. Today, everyone tries to live off of everyone else… just like in the USSR or today’s EU.

        And yes, she had Hilary signs all over her yard. There’s a reason the word hypocrisy and Hilary both begin with the letter “h.”

        Well, back to work!

      16. Thank you family court system.

        You’d have to be insane to have a kid now.

      17. BTW you want to talk about Russian “hacking”… well this is actually it.

        Coulda listened to McCarthy but no.

      18. FDR started Social Security and took away gold during the Great Depression. We would all be better off today if he had done the opposite — leave people their gold and instead of extracting Social Security taxes from everyone, mandate individual retirement savings accounts of silver and gold, stored in local vaults and untouchable by anyone else. If I had put the same amount of my earnings (15%) over my lifetime into precious metals, I would be a multi-millionaire today, and so would all other working Americans. And America would be sitting on the largest accumulation of real stored wealth in human history. We’ve been robbed in order to buy votes and fund wars, and the chickens are coming home to roost.

        • Tom, you’re 100% correct.

          I figured out a long time back, doing my own taxes instead of dropping it in the lap of H&R Block, the difference between EARNED, and UNEARNED income.

          You pay income tax on both, you don’t pay social security on UNEARNED income. For us self employed folks, that makes unearned income 15.3% better.

          I shifted my income from the earned side to the unearned side (rent/investments/etc) as much as possible over my working years. The SS statement they sent had multiple years where my income subject to SS was ZERO…Like I died…As a result, I only get $789 in social security benefits….ahahaha….Like I care.

          I did EXACTLY what you said….invested that difference in metals, land, homestead infrastructure (solar power, greenhouses, a tower that gives me free wireless internet + pays me enough to cover property taxes on the place, etc) and so on.

          Guess what….you can retire quite well off and the govt can take their plan and shove it.

          • How do you work that free wireless internet thing?

            Is it something that is available to everyone or just special cases?

      19. Health care is already inadequate or inaccessible.

        As for no SS… you can survive a 33% hit to it. You can’t survive much more than that. I’ve run the math myself.

        Unless you can produce the necessities of life… inflation’s going to eat your lunch. And your spine while it’s at it.

        May I suggest “farming communities” or some such… start forming ’em up now.

      20. Thanks Mac for this excellent wake-up article! (appreciate all that you do).

      21. “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        Does the left still not get it, after 200 years? No. Rather, as Tallyrand said about the French nobility, and as applies directly to the leftists today, “they learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.”

      22. Children are fuel for the matrix system. Why make people feel guilty for not having children? They should be praised for not contributing to the slave system with more bodies.

        This article is a disgusting reality and all I see when read the headline is old shriveled men and women standing on the backs of the young.

        This world should not be about one generation taking from another. But it is and has always been. From middle men to taxes, to corporate welfare and everything in between. One’s success is dependent on how many people are holding them up as they reach for the stars.

        It does not have to be this way. This is another lie of the system. What a horrible place this creation is. A product of the creator who must be a monster.

      23. Do you think it is right that incomes over 100,000 are not taxed for social security?

      24. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to start young. Not to wait until you can afford to save for your old age, but to begin in childhood, by putting money aside. Saving, and being wise about spending.

        The Church used to take 10%. That may seem like a lot but if you belonged to the right congregation, that was an investment. Referrals, jobs, help when you need it are the perks. But I don’t think Church’s are at all ethical now adays. So, although the concept is valid, I keep my ten % myself.

        Social security and pensions may or may not go belly up. If you don’t depend on them exclusively, then they just become one more of many baskets. Just as starting young is wise; continuing to remain engaged in some type of work is smart. Some of the best authors begin their careers in their later years. A second, third, fourth career in one lifetime is not only possible, it may be the difference between a happy fulfilled life and one that is lonely and depressive.

        If you take care of your body, you will be able to do things all your life. I see relatively young people darting around in mechanical wheelchairs, instead of making the effort to walk around the big box stores. The challenge of walking doesn’t interest them. They are lazy and foolish. Young kids who party away all their money when they are young, pay the price when they are old.


      25. stop telling people they HAVE to pay for OBAMA CARE !!! I’m quite sure you are informed to know better!!! Start telling them the truth!!!

      26. Are the illegal aliens working here in the US paying into the Social Security Fund ? I know they’re drawing out of it, or is it like the Vietnamese who didn’t pay any taxes for the first five years they lived here? Also it used to be that disabled children drew their money from the DHS, where now it’s through the Social Security Administration. Also when the politicians saw the over abundance of money piling up in the Soc. Sec. Fund they said let’s incorporate these monies into the General Fund so we have more money to spend. The politicians have always been robbing the hard working American citizens. Yes, your senators and congressmen do receive “free” medical after serving one term, as well as presidents and vice presidents. When I say free I mean no premiums, no deductible, and no 20% pay. Totally free to these mostly rich elites. They’re suppose to be public servants working the people they are representing, but the only ones they are really representing are themselves. They should be willing to pay for their own insurance, after all we know they can afford it. It’s always been about enslaving and screwing the American citizens. I don’t understand how no one ever brings up these politicians and their free insurance.

      27. Many Illegals are using fake social security cards. And they are having deductions from their pay paid into the fund. And they will never be able to draw a penny from those fake social security numbers. I think Social Security is being phased out. the same as the White middle class is being phased out. Over time they will simply disappear.

      28. Why does everyone, and I mean everyone, keep saying social security will run out of money and not be there down the road? But no one ever says Welfare will run out of money and not be there. The government supplies both with funds. If there’s only enough money for one then they better cut out welfare first. People have been paying into Social Security but not welfare. That’s a pet peeve of mine.

      29. You have the history of social security wrong. It was started during the depression and payouts started without any money in the “bank”. So the money paid in was then paid out to older people who had not paid in. Over time of course what was paid in got larger though for years you only paid money into social security until you had paid in what was required that year or lees if you never reached that amount. Then what you collected was determined by what you paid in but again you only paid in up to a predetermined number. I remember when around October my paychecks from work got larger because I had hit the ceiling of what I had to pay. So the social security fund comes out of what has been deposited but how they did this pretty much made is so people could not live just on social security. Too bad they did not see what could could do to make it better but the big thing at the time was to get money in the Hans of older, poorer people.

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