Why Our Currency Will Fail

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    The idea that the very same economic forces that are currently plaguing Greece, et al., are somehow not relevant to the United States’ circumstances does not hold water.  As goes the rest of the world, so goes the US.

    When we back up far enough, it is clear that money and debt are there to reflect and be in service to the production of real things by real people, not the other way around. With too much debt relative to production, it is the debt that will suffer. The same is true of money. Neither are magical substances; they are merely markers for real things. When they get out of balance with reality, they lose value, and sometimes even their entire meaning.

    This report lays out the case that the US is irretrievably down the rabbit hole of deficits and debt, and that, even if there were endless natural resources of increasing quality available at this point, servicing the debt loads and liabilities of the nation will require both austerity and a pretty serious fall in living standards for most people.

    Of course, the age of cheap oil is over. And as Jim Puplava says, the oil price is the new Fed funds rate, meaning that it is now the price of oil that sets the pace of economic movement, not interest rates established by the Fed.

    However, of all the challenges that catch my eye right now, the one most worrisome is the shredding of our national narrative to the point that it no longer makes any sense whatsoever. I’m a big believer that our actions are guided by the stories we tell ourselves. To progress as a society, having a grand vision that aligns and inspires is essential.

    But when words emphasize one set of priorities and actions support another, any narrative falls apart. At a personal level, if someone touts their punctuality but chronically shows up hours late, the narrative that says “this person is reliable” begins to fall apart.

    Likewise, if a company boasts about being green but its track record belies them as a major polluter, the “green” narrative fizzles.

    And at the national level, if we say we are a nation of laws, but the Justice Department selectively prosecutes only the weak and relatively powerless while leaving the well-connected and moneyed entirely alone, then the narrative that says “we are a nation of blind justice and equal laws” falls apart.

    I wish this was just some idle rumination, but I see more and more examples validating the importance of alignment of narrative and behavior. Because when there is a disconnect between words and actions, anxiety and fear take root.

    Unfortunately, there is quite a lot to fear and be anxious about in the most recent State of the Union address and GOP response.

    State of the Union

    The recent State of the Union speech by Obama, and its Republican response, are both remarkable for what they say as well as what they don’t say. The summary is this: The status quo will be preserved at all costs.

    Here are a few examples of the sorts of disconnects between rhetoric and reality that are absolutely toxic to the morale of all who are paying the slightest bit of attention.


    Let’s never forget: Millions of Americans who work hard and play by the rules every day deserve a government and a financial system that do the same. It’s time to apply the same rules from top to bottom. No bailouts, no handouts, and no copouts. An America built to last insists on responsibility from everybody.

    We’ve all paid the price for lenders who sold mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them, and buyers who knew they couldn’t afford them. That’s why we need smart regulations to prevent irresponsible behavior.

    It’s time to apply the same rules from top to bottom? Is Obama aware of what Erik Holder is up to over there in the Justice Department? The robo-signing scandal alone has thousands and thousands of open and shut cases of felony forgery that can and should be applied to as many individuals as were directly involved, from top to bottom in every organization that was engaged in the practice.

    Here’s the reality. Under Obama, criminal prosecution of financial fraud fell to multi-decade lows during what is and remains one of the most target-rich environments in living memory.



    And I will not go back to the days when Wall Street was allowed to play by its own set of rules.

    So if you are a big bank or financial institution, you’re no longer allowed to make risky bets with your customers’ deposits. You’re required to write out a “living will” that details exactly how you’ll pay the bills if you fail — because the rest of us are not bailing you out ever again.

    Has Obama checked with the Federal Reserve to assure they are on board with the new ‘no bail out’ policy? Because last I checked, they were the ones mainly involved in bailing out the big banks and providing swap lines and free credit to anyone and everyone that needed help, US or foreign.

    To be fair, Obama can make no statement or claim about what the Federal Reserve can or can’t or will or won’t do. It is not under executive nor even legislative control. If, or I should say when, the Federal Reserve bails out the next bank or country or whomever, it’s “the rest of us” who will be paying the bill — in the form of eventual inflation.


    [W]orking with our military leaders, I’ve proposed a new defense strategy that ensures we maintain the finest military in the world, while saving nearly half a trillion dollars in our budget.

    Let’s review the proposals for military spending then. The language above is nearly impossible to decode. What is really being said is that proposed defense increases have been scaled back, and that this is what is being called savings.

    In 2000, Defense spending was $312 billion dollars. In 2012, the proposed budget calls for $703 billion, a 125% increase in 12 years.

    What the plan he mentions really calls for is spending increases in 5 out of the next 6 years. The lone holdout is 2013, when the plan calls for cutting spending by a whopping $6 billion less than the amount already approved for 2012.

    Somehow that all translates into rhetoric that implies cuts of “nearly half a trillion dollars.”

    As Lily Tomlin used to say, “As cynical as I am, I find it hard to keep up.”

    GOP Response

    “The routes back to an America of promise, and to a solvent America that can pay its bills and protect its vulnerable, start in the same place.  The only way up for those suffering tonight, and the only way out of the dead end of debt into which we have driven, is a private economy that begins to grow and create jobs, real jobs, at a much faster rate than today.”

    This platitude-laden set of ideas is blissfully blind to the role of energy in the story, the amount of debt in the system, and the fact that both parties have contributed equally over the years to the predicament at hand.

    How exactly is it that the private economy is supposed to flourish here, with the Federal government borrowing more than a trillion dollars a year and oil at $100 per barrel? The simple truth is that the US government needs to begin borrowing at a rate lower than the previous year’s economic growth. If GDP grows at 2%, then the total debt pile must not grow by anything more than 2%. That is the only way that the official debts can shrink relative to the economy.

    GOP Response

    “We will advance our positive suggestions with confidence, because we know that Americans are still a people born to liberty. There is nothing wrong with the state of our Union that the American people, addressed as free-born, mature citizens, cannot set right.”

    Last I checked, the original vote tally in the Senate on the National Defense Authorization Act, which empowered the armed forces to engage in civilian law enforcement activities and selectively suspended the habeas corpus and due process rights (as guaranteed by the 5th and 6th amendments to the Constitution), passed by a voice vote of 93 to 7 in the Senate.

    It’s kind of hard to swallow the idea that the GOP stands with Americans as “a people born to liberty” when their members are in perfect lock-step with the Democrats, chipping away at the most basic and cherished freedoms. There’s no difference between the parties when both seem intent on limiting individual freedom and increasing the power of the government to reach into and examine our daily lives.

    When Words Hurt

    The above examples are not meant to pick on any one person or party or set of ideas, but to illuminate the profound gap that exists between what we are telling ourselves at the national level and the actions we are undertaking.

    Again, it is the gap between what we tell ourselves and what we do that creates a sense of unease, anxiety, and oftentimes fear. When we hear words “X” but see actions “Y” over and over again, it is hard not to come to the conclusion that the words are meaningless; empty rhetoric designed with polls and focus groups in mind, but little else.

    It is the blind obedience to the status quo that worries me the most, as it raises the likelihood that nothing of any substance will be done until forced by circumstances, at which point, like Greece, we will discover that the remaining menu of options ranges from bad to worse.

    Left Unsaid – Our Missing Narrative

    In neither Obama’s address nor the GOP response do we hear anything about Peak Oil, a stock market that has gone nowhere in ten years, or the fact that with two wars winding down there ought to be massive savings from defense cuts that we can capture. There’s lip service to the idea of using more natural gas to begin weaning us off our imported oil dependence, but no commensurate trillion-dollar program offered to rapidly build out the infrastructure necessary to utilize that gas in a meaningful way.

    A more honest set of messages would note that mistakes were made, opportunities squandered, and priorities misplaced. It would note that the US is on an unsustainable course with respect to spending, debts, and liabilities. There would be an explicit admission that having your central bank print trillions in “thin air” money in order to enable runaway deficit spending is a dangerous and foolish thing to entertain.

    Most obviously missing is a national narrative that is coherent and comports with the facts. Both parties basically imply that if we elect a few more of their type, do a little of this and then tweak a little of that, then we will get our nation back on track.

    There is no call to a shared sacrifice for something greater. There is nothing to rally around except a laundry list of disconnected programs; a little something for everyone. There is no overarching theme under which everything else can be hung, such as a space race, a civil rights movement, or a massive upgrading of our national infrastructure.

    A good narrative is one that inspires people and is based in reality but also asks something larger of us that we can share in. What is our vision for this country? Where do we want to be in ten years? How about twenty?   How will we get there, and what will be required? What should we stop doing, what should we start doing, and what should we continue doing?

    None of these things are on display, and all are badly needed if we are going to make the most of the next twenty years.

    The Troubling Facts

    Of all the facts that got skimmed over or avoided in the State of the Union extravaganza, the fiscal nightmare in DC was probably the most glaring. Yes, both parties have decided to talk about the deficit, but neither is giving the appropriate context.

    For FY 2012, the federal government is projected to run a $1.1 trillion deficit.   Let’s compare that number to the projected revenues:


    The $1.1 trillion deficit is 42% of total revenues and 73% of all income taxes. That is, in order to spend what the US currently spends without going further into debt (i.e., to have no deficit), income taxes must immediately increase by 73%(!).

    This is the sort of territory that, were the US any other country, would have already landed its debt markets — and likely its currency, too — in very hot water.

    Historically, countries that have run deficits 40% greater than revenue for more than two years have experienced profound financial and political crises. The US is now in its fourth year of inhabiting this rare territory.

    How can it keep doing this when every other country that has tried has gotten into trouble? Simple. The Federal Reserve has enabled such egregious deficit spending by buying up mind-boggling amounts of government debt. This has both kept rates low and created a lot of additional buying demand for Treasuries.

    Exactly how much US debt is the Fed buying? Under Operation Twist, the Fed has bought anywhere from 51% to 91% of all gross issuance of bonds dated six years or longer in maturity.


    It is quite obvious that the Fed has been a major participant in the bond markets and a major reason why Treasurys are priced so high and offer so low a yield.

    It seems that it is well past time to speak directly to the enormous fiscal deficits in a credible way, not merely bemoaning them being too high. And we’re also overdue for an adult national conversation that it’s unwise and unsustainable for a country to lean on its central bank to print up the difference between receipts and outlays.

    Oil and Recoveries

    There is a clear relationship between high oil prices and recessions, confirming the idea that the price of oil has the same impact on the economy as higher interest rates (perhaps even more so nowadays). Both are a source of friction. With higher interest rates, less lending and less consuming happens. With a higher price of oil, more money gets spent on energy, much of it sent to foreign producers of oil, and thus less money is available for other consumption.

    Both higher oil prices and higher interest rates cause people to think a bit more before pulling the trigger on either ordinary spending or a big capital project.

    Note that all of the six prior recessions were preceded by a spike in oil prices. In the case of the double-dip 1980’s twin recessions, oil remained elevated after the first recession was (allegedly) over. Don’t be fooled by the logarithmic nature of the chart below — note that the typical decline in oil prices between the recession-inducing peak (blue lines) and the recovery-enabling trough (green lines) was a substantial 30%-50%:


    Also note in the most recent data that oil prices happen to be at roughly the same level that triggered the first recession in 2008 (the purple dotted line).

    If we needed one simple chart to help us understand why trillions of dollars of stimulus and handouts are not causing the economy to soar, this is the chart that explains the most. High oil prices and recessions are highly correlated, and it’s not too much of a stretch to postulate that economic recoveries and high oil prices are inverselycorrelated.

    Note also that the above chart is not inflation-adjusted. If it were, it would show that there have been exactly zerorecoveries when oil prices are near or over $100 per barrel.

    For those counting on an economic recovery here to lift all boats and assist the bailout efforts, the burden of history is upon them to explain why this time we should ignore the price of oil.

    I say we cannot. Policy planners and citizens alike should be ready for disappointing market and economic activity in response to the usual bag of printing, borrowing and delaying tricks.

    Dead Ahead: A Currency Crisis

    The State of the Union speech and GOP response neither accurately portray the true fiscal condition of the US, nor present a compelling narrative that speaks either to the realities of today or a future we might like to head towards.

    The US is simply on a fiscally ruinous path, and neither party seems up to the task of laying out the story in a way that is mature, clear, and direct.

    No recovery has ever been possible from oil prices this high, nor with debt levels this extreme, and it is quite improbable to think that both conditions could be overcome with anything less than a completely clear-eyed view of the true nature of the predicament faced.

    Decades ago, Ludwig Von Mises captured everything discussed here elegantly:

    There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.

    The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.

    Our current dire fiscal condition, our leaders’ dysfunctional unwillingness to address the flawed behavior that caused it, plus many other recent events both in the US and in Europe, point to the idea that a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion is just not on the menu.

    That leaves us with some final and total catastrophe of the involved currency system(s) as the inevitable outcome.

    In Part II: Surviving a Currency Crisis, we explain what a currency is, what happens when a currency collapses, and, most importantly, how to position yourself prudently in advance.

    At this point, time to prepare is your greatest asset. But as we can see from the precarious global economic situation described above, time is running out. Use what remains wisely.

    Click here to access Part II of this report (free executive summary; enrollment required for full access).

    Chris Martenson is the Father of three young children; author; obsessive financial observer; trained as a scientist; experienced in business; has made profound changes in his lifestyle because of what he sees coming. You can visit his web site at www.ChrisMartenson.com


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      1. Currency backed only by the Good Faith Credit of the US Government is for the gullible masses. There is a reason why the Constitution establishes Gold and Silver coins as money to protect citizens from the silent theft of monetary inflation.

        • All I wonder is – when oh when will american patriots finally say “it’s enough” and decide that they have to get up and fight against Jennings&Roll???? do you still believe that peaceful transformation back to normal is possible?
          USA gooberment has drawn many red lines for other countries (not) to cross. what will be your red line? Destruction of free speech? ups, that happened already…
          destruction of constitution? ups again, happened already, and quite some time ago…
          Police state and TOTAL surveillance? damn, that happened too
          well then, what will it be? Gungrab? FEMA camp? Nuclear Holocaust?

          • Don’t hold your breath Giurza,

            We’re a very isolated group, here. This hangout is a known site in the realm of alternative, conspiracy fact news. But why is it that only fifty to a hundred, or so, repeat posters leave comments?

            Maybe there’s a 1000 lurkers/viewers, or 10,000, or even 100,000. Still though, a grain of sand on the beach. Maybe this is it. “As good as it gets” so to speak. Maybe the lines have been drawn and the vast majority are on the other side from us. And that’s just the way it’s going to be, even when IT is right in their face. They are now part of “The Program” and there is no way out for them. All that can happen is they just keep getting deeper into it and when reality finally breaks through, it’s too late. Game over. It’s that “my whole life flashed before my eyes’ realization.

            I still think this whole thing won’t peak until around 2020/2021. Can we hold on that long if I’m right?

            • Have no fear, E.American. Although most people who do their due diligence, will find Mac’s wonderful site at some point. The alternative news sites are also mere grains of sand in an ever expanding beach of info. I have no doubt that the underlying message is reaching a far broader group than simply those couple who regularly post here.
              I know this in part because I haven’t totally given up, on waking up some of the sheep on the edge of the herd, so I find myself asking lots of people what they “know” about. I find a surprising number of young people (12-18)know that our system is way out of whack. They understand that the system is designed, to give a special few nearly unlimited privilage while the rest of “us” must play by the rules which they dictate. Most are also fully aware of FEMA camps, and some of the similarities to Nazi Germany. I’m not saying they are all awake by any means but I would have to say almost 30% of the ones I’ve questioned have known something. That being said I doubt more than a handful of these kids have the resolve to ever achieve much.
              That’s where folks like you, European American(and others with a brain in their head and a willingness to share) can help, most of these younger people just need a leader to follow or emulate.
              It’s all of our jobs to help out the young ones we can reach, regardless of the many no-one will ever reach. I myself have started teaching anyone willing to learn. All the kids on the street know that I’m available to help on just about any weekend. I’ve taught 5 different boys how to do a brake job, just by allowing them to use my tools under my supervision, we’ve been building kayaks the last couple weeks, I’ve instructed countless skateboard rebuilds etc. While they work fixing their own issues, it also gives you the chance to let them know what you think.

            • EA, there are lots of folks who read this and other alt/true news who just don’t post. oft times this will be the first place we hear of these things, then off to research, so no comment forthcoming on this site most of the time. you must realize the majority have no need to put in their 2 cents on every subject. sometimes it’s because we don’t think we have much of value to contribute, or cannot succinctly put our thoughts down. also might be we want to remain under the radar. myriad reasons, just know there are more awake/aware than is generally recognized.

            • Maybe there’s a 1000 lurkers/viewers, or 10,000, or even 100,000…..

              MORE than you counted!

        • Chris has it backwards. Its not, “as goes the world, so goes the US”. Its the other way around, Chris. Wake up! Your premise is faulty how can your rationale be accurate?

          The American currency is not going to fail. This is sheer lunacy!

          • You have a lot of heart, DK…


            • JM: I also have considerable silver gold and platinum, so it is in my best interests for it to fail.

              Its not going to happen. More hysteria from an Alt Media maniac.

        • “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.”-John Maynard Keynes (Of course, Keynes also said “Spend now. In the long run, we’re all dead…)

          The US was setup to fall 100 years ago. The people who set all this up knew exactly what they were doing. Even if we are not destroyed by the coming war, we will be destoryed from within.

          • JM: That is total defeatism and it is not what I am seeing across the board. Americans are now awake. Americans are now aware.

            Patriots are stepping up all over the country with comments, complaints, and websites denouncing the globalists currently in power. Even LEO’s at the local level are stepping up too.

            This rogue administration can monitor the Net all it wants. They voices against them are increasing and getting louder. The tide is turning but the fight will not be won like a Super Bowl with a clock that ends the game.

            If you roll over and play dead all you will get is a big green weeny!

            Engage! Victory belongs to those who refuse to surrender. It always has. It will again.

            • Any beast is dangerous when going through it’s death throes.

            • DK,

              I never said I surrendered. I’ve been watching this catastrophy uncoil for the last 20+ years. It was in motion before most people alive today were born. Yes, people are waking up, but I have my doubts…

      2. Gold, Silver, Guns, Bullets, Food, Land, Seeds, Safe Shelter, A Reliable Water Source, God and Loved Ones.

        All you need to get you through the inevitable crisis.

        It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?! Until you start prepping and then it’s rabbit trail after rabbit trail after rabbit trail. It never ends. There’s always something else to do or to buy.

        • dont forget about the pets,,,, mans best friend,,,,

          • I don’t have cable so i have yet to catch the Doomsday Prepper series, but from what Survivor Mike mentioned at his web site, the plan for one of the couples is to put their pets out of their misery before bugging out.

            From Mike:

            “However, as she was explaining her plan to bug out, she addressed what she would do with her cats. She would off them. That’s right, her boyfriend and her agreed that they would put a bullet in each cat. In fact, with her car in her hand she motions with her fingers to the cat’s head and says ”Right there. Right in the brain stem.” Yikes!”

            To each his own I guess.

            • That chick was a freak.

              She claimed to work out 4 hours a day 6 days a week. NatGeo had her practice walking out of Houston w/ her BOB. Let’s just say it proved she was a LIAR about her physical fitness!

              • Walking out of Houston will be no easy task… Taking roadways, or even being near them is asking for trouble… The only way out where you can stay somewhat out of harm’s way and perhaps even grab a ride would be along the railroad tracks… At least that’s what we’re banking on in a scenario where we are caught completely off guard…otherwise, we hope to be out before the masses catch wind of trouble…

            • dang! thats heavy…
              chances are that when SHTF finally starts you’re gonna be stressed out and depressed enough as it is, a move like that is just askin for trouble….the number one most important thing in a survival situation is a positive mental attitude, i can’t understand why anyone would deal themselves such a potentially devastating emotional blow like that

            • Well I couldn’t comment on cats as I don’t have one; but I’ve prepped for my great danes and they are going with me….if I can’t bug out with them we stay and fight together to the end.

            • Don’t forget about me Mac. I’m up in Washington State.

            • one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever read
              was what happened to the pet dogs in the book
              ONE SECOND AFTER
              after reading that I make sure I have at minimum
              a 6 month supply of pet food,flea medication etc
              now that I’m thinking about it
              I’m going to bump that up to a one year supply

              my pets are family

            • Feral cats adapt much more easily than feral dogs.

            • I plan on having a fat and happy cat!! Because I’m SURE there will be a smorgasbord of mice and rats running around…and Hobbes will be one happy kitty…and so will this Lady, since I HATE them!!

            • i saw that,,the chick doesn’t have a chance in hell

            • Those cats would make for lean meat in a time where a bug out bag is necessary. As a last resort, of course, when the other choice is you neighbor (not his dog or cat).

              Some people go from dead asleep to wide awake without ever leaving dream land.

            • The one I thought were freaks were that liberal couple on the E Coast who flat out refused to buy guns and ammo and expected the neighbors to protect them. What a bunch of Dumbasses! They’d rather poison someone than shoot them!? Cruel if you ask me!
              I swear, libs live in a delusional fantasy world of rainbows and unicorns, sitting around the campfire singing KumBaya. That couple and their lack of action and brains is on reason why I’ve some to hate libs so much. They really do have a mental disorder.

            • Yes sir. I watched those. At the beginning of each segment, the subject states the reason they are prepping (BTW none gave multiple reasons) then, at the end of the segment they rated their preparations and plans and told them the odds of their scenario happening. I especially liked the one where the narrator said that financial experts said the economy was doing fine and not likely to fail.

            • I have a 14 month old Rottweiler named “GRIZZ”. I’m actually sending him to school soon around April. The bill for this school will be in the thousands of dollars but I believe he would be of great help to me such as carrying a pack, guard duty and possibly helpful in hunting. My family always had a guard dog when I was young. Dobermans, German Shepherds and all I have owned over the past 25 years is Rottweilers. Every one of my Rotties were trained and never attacked anyone except when I wanted them to. So a dog to me is of great importance.

            • Not me Mac, my pets are my buggout vehicles, and may the good lord have mercy on any sum bitch that puts a bullet in them. My dad’s uncle had 14 horses shot out from underneath him while riding for Pancho Villa! Scarry thaught huh!

          • You are so right! That’s one item of preparing that seems to be overlooked by most articles detailing what we should be buying as part of preparing for that “rainy day.” It’s one something I’ve starting to give more attention to. If a person doesn’t have pets, no problem. If he or she does, then it is an area that seriously needs to be addressed.

          • “dont forget about the pets,,,, mans best friend,,,,”

            Don’t worry, there’s a reason I have 40 huge bags of dog food sitting around…..our dogs are part of our Loved Ones (heck, they are better than some of the humans).

        • It’s so true Mr. B. Never enough preps!

          Just taking water as an example, we’ve prepared numerous ways to ensure we have clean H2O if the SHTF.

          Of course, we have the standard 60 day supply of water on hand at all times in 5 gallon bottles, plus rain harvesting.

          In addition to a Big Berkey (http://www.directive21.com) water filter for higher volume water filtration, we’ve got a Katadyn water filter for each adult bug out bag (www.thereadystore.com) and portable water bottle filters for each of the kids’ bags. Each bug out bag, plus our prep supplies, includes Katadyn Micropur chlorine dioxide water treatment tablets (http://www.katadyn.com).

          On top of that we picked up a hand made copper still from Terry at LNL Protekt (http://www.lnlprotekt.com ). While our primary reason for the still is to manufacture our own antiseptics, booze and ethanol fuel post-collapse, it serves as a tertiary (quaternary?) backup for clean water production as well.

          Finally, after watching several episodes of The Colony, our 9 year old son convinced us to do a home project and build a bio filter. The one we built is based on those created by ‘Impact Nations’ in third world countries (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LMWzb7DMS8 ). Ours is not as elaborate and was manufactured using 4″ PVC pipe about 6 feet tall instead of concrete as depicted in the YT video, with multiple layers using sand, three different sizes of gravel, and activated carbon. Technically, you could build one of those if the grid goes down, even without the activated carbon, and not have to acquire all the other filters/purification items mentioned above – but in the case of water, I figured we’d have backup plans for our backup plans.

          All in all, that rabbit hole probably ran us in excess of $1000 (without counting the copper still you’re still looking at $650 easy). And that’s just for the water!

          Food is a whole ‘nother animal that includes canned goods, emergency freeze dried supply, portable MRE’s, nutrition bars, home packed long-term dry goods supplies, canning supplies (including a pressure cooker), etc etc.

          And don’t even get me started on home defense… We have the weapons and ammo, but that’s only part of a complete home defense strategy package that includes, among other things, some body armor, tactical gear, and of course, Constantine wire for perimeter defense (which we have yet to acquire, but coming soon to a Slavo rural retreat near you.)

          Take the blue pill, go back to the water cooler and chat with friends and coworkers about last night’s “The Voice” or “American Idol”

          Take the red pill and you’ll go down a rabbit hole that most of your friends, family, and neighbors don’t even want to admit exists.

          • Mac,
            Where did you find a good source of activated carbon?


            • Pet Smart, of all places! They have various kinds at different price points ranging from $6 or so per Pound to about $20.

            • Did you use silica sand?

            • Siemens sells activated carbon via their online website for about $150 for 55 pounds. That filled three five gallon buckets with gamma seal lids.

          • No well on the property? Or is unfiltered water dangerous? It seems to me most other life forms drink it plain, unfiltered.

            Any solid evidence (pun intended) of this being that risky?

            • One of our older dogs (approx. 40 lbs.) got into rat poison. We called the vet. He said to give him 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. We grabbed a turkey baster, measured and squeezed it down his throat. Within 5 minutes he puked up all the poison and was fine.

              A few years later, after hurricane clean up, my sons saw our German Shepard pull a dead rat from some debris and swallowed it whole. Gave her 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, she threw it up and was just fine.

              Truly amazing! Love those old-time vets! 🙂

          • Mac- I agree with you about water.. for the past several months, I have been doing my best with a limited amount of fiat dollars to make all the master molds for a ceramic filter and water cooler system. This system is similar to the filters that you see in 3rd world countries that aren’t sold in the US. … clay pot filters. I have 2 more master molds to make and then these will be on the market– sold for fiat dollars, PM’s, or even SHTF supplies. Whatever that can be bartered to make them available to folks. These are small ( 18″ tall by 12″ diameter ), stoneware with a ceramic filter, cheaper than a Berkey, and are able to remove over 99% of harmful contaminants. My only regret is that I didn’t start working on these filter systems sooner.

            • Great stuff george! At some point, unless one has stocked a number of cartridge replacements for retail filters, you run the risk of not having clean water if you don’t plan on using natural methods. The ceramic filter you’ve designed sounds like the suped up version of our home project. Those sand bio filters are just as effective and can be manufactured almost anywhere and by anyone.

            • The Big Burkey filter comes to mind. Brilliant filter system If I ever saw one.

              Because although some of the pump filters may be great and the filters may last for 20k+gallons, I am not so sure about those moving parts…

              Gravity filters are the best thing once you arrive at your destination, pump filters are good while you are on the go. But as alwasys, multiple redundancies are wise.

              Another great thing about some of the ceramic filters is that you can usually just scrub them off and they work for a little longer. I wonder if you could get a mill or a lathe to do that with greater precision and still have a working filter? Something to ponder I guess. You could potentially multiply the filter’s lifespan by alot by removing the plugged ceramic material. But you would likely reduce filtration power. Don’t really know, not a filter expert.

            • Gemini – You can scrub your ceramic water filter with a green abrasive pad used in dishwashing. The cool thing is you can use the pad many times. It would be ideal to pre-filter the water using a coffee filter, with the express purpose of keeping the ceramic element as clean as possible, extending its usable life.

          • Great…..thanks a lot Mac! Now you added to my to-do list with your post about the bio sand filter. Great idea though!

        • My biggest problem is getting the local municapality to agree to let me drill a well in town. Of course they refuse because they think they will miss out on revenues. I have tried to reason with them but have gotten nowhere. The county will not issue a permit without their approval. Looks like a hand dug/drilled well is my best shot. Does anyone have a better idea?

          • Have you considered one of those self drill rigs they have in the back of Popular Mechanics magazine? I think they use a small gas engine to power it. I guess it depends on how deep your water table is too. My well is 311 feet. Quite deep where I’m at.

            • No, I haven’t thought about that but saw some you-tube videos that are hand drilled, that looks way to hard for rocky type soil with red clay. I’ll check out those mags though. good idea.

        • Isn’t that the truth…imagine trading metal for poop?
          seataka sold a bit of metal recently and is now the proud owner of 30 cubic yards of composted cowshit.

        • Hmm…loved ones? If your loved one’s don’t prep, don’t have skills, and are physical specimens for national health care….you really want to include those?

          Sorry I love my two sisters, their husbands are nice guys, but all four of them would be a major detriment to long term survival of a group.

        • Imagine how all us new preppers feel. I am overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to do and the funny looks I get from people I’ve warned.

        • Mr B. I agree, it never ends as some websites are always selling more prep stuff (gotta get this and that, etc.) I prep light, as three couples I knew are deceased (hard core preppers) of old age, one in nursing home, some years ago; heirs dumped their decades of preps. I stock canned goods, soap, T.P., several other things. It is now 2012, these folks are gone,they worked in vain. Some folks have given up all preps, as they tire of all the hype they say, spend money on cruises, etc.

          • That’s OK Laura, at least they were prepared. Prepping is insurance like any other, you have it but hope you never have to use it. When I pass, if my heirs decide to throw away my preps, so be it, it won’t matter to me anymore.

        • Yeah, Mr. B; like ramen noodles and chocolates!

      3. You nailed it on the head Chris! Martenson for President!

      4. I am already sick and tired of the politicians, reps and dems talking about “If I am elected the first thing I will do is create Jobs” HA a government never created a single private job, only government jobs. The republicrats have convinced most people that they are the answer to all our problems, they certainly have convinced the young people. When will people accept the fact that the republicrats are the problem. Until we take away their blank check (fiat currency) we will never be free, and never have control of our destiny.

      5. Tack another war (with Iran) and this is going to get worse.

        Gold and silver are king.

        • I guess God only knows how the hell we are going to get out of this mess. Otherwise it will take a criminal act to save the dollar and by the look of those sitting in Washington DC; I think we have that pretty much covered. However though; China is going to come at us like a freight train and its coming hard. Last year the Chinese Government bought somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 Tons of gold. Why? To prop up and back the Yuan. Yes; a gold backed currency. That if they have their way, will replace the USD/worthless FRNs. Multiple countries are strategizing now, how to replace the USD and China is in the lead. No Gold ever leaves China, it all stays there. If you owned a Gold mine in China your only customer is the Chinese Government. You will “NOT” export Chinas gold out of country. Period!! These stunsters that have been playing with the USD worldwide have pretty much ran their course and are looking at a dead end out front. Other countries know what they are doing and they are tired of it and now they are going to do something about it, and I couldn’t blame them a bit. It looks like the only way to set yourself up in order to weather the coming shit storm is to buy gold and silver. What else is there? I have a load of cash here in a safe and in the bank as well as a stack of EE savings bonds, what the hell good are they if the USD falls over? If the Government has to pay their bills off in worthless and inflated USDs that shit (cash/EEbonds) is worthless. I have a firm belief at some point I will have to put it all in metal.

          Tell me I’m wrong.

          • Not only are you not wrong, China (and India) have begun trading with Iran in RMBs and Rupees to run around the U.S. sanctions.

            “Physical buying of gold, especially out of China, has been quite strong despite the relatively elevated prices. However, we have seen a slight pull-back in physical demand after yesterday’s rally”

            “Amid the US sanction over Iran, it has been reports that China and India plan to settle oil trade with Iran in RMB and rupee respectively, as ways around the US sanction. It is difficult to assess accurately how much Iranian crude exports have been affected by the sanction so far. However, price action in the physical market suggests that the physical market has been tightening since the sanction, despite increased production from Saudi.”

            Reference Commodities Daily for 8 February 2012: http://www.kitco.com/reports/

            Gold-backed Chinese and Indian currencies are the penultimate step to the abandonment of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and since the dollar is in no way backed by physical assets, that will spell the end for the dollar. THAT is when hyperinflation kicks in hard, and the S(truly)HTF.

            • I am sitting here reading an eleven page report I received today titled, Chinas secret plan to take over the worlds Gold market. Here’s a stunner; Bloomberg reported that China over the past few months has purchased 3.6 million ounces of Gold from Hong Kong. That’s 483% increase from the same time last year. It also states that Reuters reported that China has the largest currency reserves at 3.2 trillion. That’s a boat load of effing money.
              Kiss those Benjamin’s good bye I guess.

            • DK dismisses a Dollar collapse out of hand. I, for one, am not sure why the world even needs a “reserve currency”.

            • J5: Official reports place US gold ownership at about 8300 tons. Germany and China are competing for second at about half that amount. Try the World Gold Council for the exact numbers.

              China is working hard to close the gap but on a per capita basis it is probably well short of its goal to overtake US anytime soon.

              AA Cup Girl: It happened by default really after WWII and during the cold war. The size of OUR economy is probably one reason it is the reserve currency.

              The other reason is OUR military capability. It is perceived as the safest currency for that reason too.

              A reserve currency is a standard pricing mechanism, thus gold for example is priced in different currencies based upon their relative value to the British pound.

              Oil is currently priced in oil and will remain so unless WE lose the coming Iranian War. Not likely.

              Yes I dismiss a “dollar collapse” out of hand. That is not rational and does not reflect reality. China alone buys one billion US dollars a day to protect their economy.

              Dollar collapse is Alt Media BS to sell you fear via a monthly subscription.

              Alt Media says that “dollar collapse” is inevitable. But they were saying that hyperinflation would be here last year. It isn’t. Neither is “dollar collapse”.

              Alt Media says that spending is not sustainable. While I believe it is not sustainable at these levels over the long term, spending levels do not have to remain at these levels and in fact there is a move afoot to cut spending.

              That cut in spending will not happen because of the coming Iranian War expenses. Look for double digit inflation.

              Double digit inflation is not hyperinflation.

              The goal of this administration is to reduce the value of the dollar by at least 20% so that WE can become competitive in manufacturing.

              There will not be a resurgence in manufacturing in this country and the jobs that go with it unless the dollar declines in value against other global currencies significantly.

              That is the ugly truth. Get use to a lower standard of living unless you can find a way to increase your earnings.

          • Ron Paul agrees with you. He is pretty heavy in Gold, no bonds.

          • 5000? USA only has (supposedly) a little over 4000 tons.

      6. one of the better articles of late.

        get ready. the S could HTF any day now.

        • Just don’t be the one left in front of the fan!

      7. Man, are we ever screwed….

        • The toilet has obviously flushed and jiggling the handle won’t stop it from running. It’s all downhill now as the turds circle the bowl.

      8. I feel bad for those still not paying attention. Most of my family and some of my friends still think we’re going to come out of this. I keep explaining to them that there is no harm in having some preparations around even if by some miracle, things do get better. I usually point to Katrina as the scenario of example, yet they just don’t want to see it.

        So, I think when this comes apart at the seams, there are going to be a lot of people in for a massive shock in their lives. Hell, even though I’ve been preparing for damn near a decade for any disaster and live in a place where disaster strikes regularly, I’m sure I’ll be a little quaked myself. No matter how well you prepare for anything, it never turns out exactly as you expect it.

        • It’s hard work but we as preppers have to be persistent. I’ll hint at the topic of being prepared with some people and if they engage the conversation I know there’s hope, but others that completely write it off – “you’re crazy” – I just ignore and focus my valuable time on others.

          I am in an area of the country that is pretty much the 2nd to last place I’d want to be in an event. (1st place being mega city like NY, Philly, LA, etc…) Luckily I have enough preparations that I could bug in for quite a while. I have a mixed group of neighbors, one I wouldn’t trust any further than I can see him. The others can’t even seem to get their car out of their driveway after a snow without help.

          Point is, that we can’t save everyone and in fact when the time comes, I’ve often asked myself how far would I go to defend others who can’t defend themselves for fear of exposing myself. There’s a great scene in the movie Book of Eli that he has to tell himself, that “it’s not his concern” when a gang is assaulting two people. It’s one thing to share your preps in terms of food, but do you loan them a gun? Ammo? If not, are you obligated to engage on their behalf?

          • Knowing that my neighbors are anti-gun, I promise to never use my weapon to defend them.

          • They will shoot their eye out.

      9. In another 4 years the dimtards will wonder WTF just happened! Looking on the bright side, I honestly believe it too late for the dollar bill. Nobody else (yet) wants to step up to the plate and provide a solution. Okie for president!

      10. I recently learned about this site. I appreciate the subject matter and discussions, and the people here seem very thoughtful. And it is to you folks that I have a question. In all honesty, what do you really foresee for our country and when? I want to be prepared. But my situation is different. I am quadriplegic. I can’t just move away. I own my home in northern California, and I have a job as a public school teacher. I believe I’m where God wants me. I also can’t just “bug out”. I can’t sleep in the back of my van or out in the woods. I need a caregiver’s help during different times of the day. I can’t even go to the bathroom without a caregiver and medical supplies. Will I have water and power? Will I still have my job and health insurance? So, as you can see, I really need a plan and preparation. Thank you.

        • My 2 cents? Dont even try to bug out..ever. Friends, family, neighbors. Start prepping now dont wait. Start with water filters and storage for water. Food such as pastas, canned food and powdered milk etc. Also home defense. Get a high powered rifle like 30-06, a 12 guage shotgun and a pistol or two with lots of ammo for each one. And especially in your case stock up on medical supplies!

        • Hiatus , One way of looking at it is ” your as prepared today, as you’ll ever be , if today is the day .” You are in a super tough spot . Do you have a family member that can replace your caregiver ? There are allot of stories of nurses abandoning their charges after an emergency has struck .

        • Hiatus – there is no way you can do this on your own, so quickly find like minded people and join forces, also find a care taker with similar ideas. Stock up on your medical supplies along with food and water. Don’t count on power unless you also stock a generator, fuel, inverter and solar panels. Hopefully you have some skills to share with your MAT (mutual assistance team) so you are a productive member. You do not have much time at all as this article says, so get a move on!!!
          Unfortunately many will die and those with medical issues will have it much more difficult. Sad to say it’s all in the plan to eliminate as many as possible…

        • Yes. I believe that people are angels in physical form. If you can find people who are willing and able to help you, that will be your salvation. No woman or man is an island according to John Donne’s Meditations, Year 1624. So true. Being part of a community, a group, is key to survival.

          I hope that you can forge ties to people who are willing and available to help you. Survival is a mind set. Never quit. You have the power to effect changes in your Life.

          Warmest regards.

        • Just a note Hiatus: Those who have children will value highly a person experienced and talented in teaching children. I would say that part of your prep should be ensuring that you have the materials to continue teaching. You didn’t say what subjects you teach, but prepare for all of the basics (mathematics, history, literature, etc.), and maybe some of the more ancient arts if you can find the time to learn them yourself. I have lately started studying up on mining & smelting, and I’m already accomplished at glass (obsidian) working and primitive weapons. You see what I mean … as PrepperGal35 said, make yourself valuable (productive).

        • Hiatus, contact me and i will try to give you your best options available. You have an extremely rare situation.

      11. I just finished reading the 200 page “When Money Dies” about the hyperinflation in Germany after WWI. The author describes snapshots from all over Germany, Poland and Austria out of daily life, I felt that I was there. The changes he describes are already visibly happening around us. This is a MUST read. “When Money Dies. The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse(pdf) http://www.goldonomic.com/When%20Money%20Dies.pdf

        “In war, boots; in flight, a place in a boat or a seat on a lorry may be the most vital thing in the world, more desirable than untold millions. In hyperinflation, a kilo of potatoes was worth, to some, more than the family silver; a side of pork more than the grand piano. A prostitute in the family was better than an infant corpse; theft was preferable to starvation; warmth was finer than honour, clothing more essential than democracy, food more needed than freedom.”

        • Thanks for the link. Much appreciate.

        • I need a pair of boots, a boat, a load of food, a pig named Arnold and a pair of Hooter’s going South with seven pair of undies for her?

      12. U.S. dollar will fail because the private sector is shrinking (and small) while the government sector it funds is a large and growing part of the economy. At some point there just won’t be enough taxpaying people to pay the bills.

        • Yes. This is what government employees fail to realize. They say, “I pay taxes.” But those taxes paid are essentially a clawback in their wages. The revenue to pay their wages has to come from somewhere. And, a $40K salary paying, let’s say, $10K in taxes, doesn’t fund their salary + benefits + pension. So, it has to come from somewhere else…

          Now, although people do pay taxes – and corporations should pay more – much government spending is deficit spending. In other words, much government spending is not paid through taxes but through borrowing.

          I’m not offering a solution – other than reducing spending – but an observation.

          • Corporations don’t really “pay” taxes, they pass on the tax to YOU as the cost of doing business. Then, they INVEST every dime they earn to AVOID paying the 35% tax on profits at the end of the year. No profit means no tax.

        • Redneck2

          That day arrived when the US started deficit spending. The Federal Government brings in about 2.4 trillion and spends 3.6 trillion. Unable to borrow sufficiently in the conventional sense with interest rates so low the Federal Reserve buys T Bills with newly created money. Each new dollar produced dilutes the purchasing power of the existing dollars.

          The systemic failure occurs when money is so abundant that it becomes virtually worthless.

      13. Probably for the past year I expected we were heading to a dollar collapse in the “near” future. It seemed obvious with the printing press turned off and the computer generating new trillions for the Fed that this money supply would have to bite us in the “you know what” pretty quick. Now I am not so sure.

        With the Euro in clear demise those who sell commodities (oil, food, land, products) need a currency. They have to have a currency capable of a world gross domestic product of what – $90/100 trillion? What are those who hate the US dollar going to turn too? Canadian bucks, Australian dollars, Swiss whatevers? Those currencies are not out there in sufficient numbers for those kinds of transfers – only the US Dollar is.

        No I think the Euro failure put off the Dollar failure for a decade….this can will get kicked 5 to 10 years or more down the road. Only two things I believe would cause an earlier demise: a) A large group of radical islamic nations forcing OPEC to deny use of the dollar for oil and b) the creation of a United Nations printing press/computer to generate a new fiat money the world would use in place of the dollar.

        Until one of those two things start happening I disagree that our dollar demise is immediately upon us.

        • I actually gave somebody a thumbs up for the first time.

        • a)is in progress.

          I hope your right but I fear you are wrong.

          Currency events can happen very quickly.

          Be prepared for it to happen tonight

        • Jim

          Your correct that others failing strengthens the USD however there is a growing trend of nations moving away from the dollar in international transactions. Recently Japan reached an agreement with China to use their currency in trade between them. Saddam wanted to trade oil in Euros , Kadaffi (Libya) wanted gold for oil and what happened to them? These are acts of a nation desperate to hold on to power.

          When the USD stops being used as the primary means of exchange for oil the jig is up. That has no time frame on it. Any host of events can facilitate the demise of the USD as the reserve currency. The trend is headed in that direction regardless.

          Many believe this economic kayos is planned to usher in a world currency. Maybe so but I believe the events are spinning out of control of those who planned and put all of this into effect. I see reactive not proactive moves being made by government and business.

          Anything can happen under present circumstances. These are not normal times.

        • Well, if all you need is a currency of $100 trillion in circulation, you can do that with just one Zimbabwe $100 Trillion dollar bill. They’re going for about $2.50 plus shipping and handling on ebay.

      14. TPTB know it is coming. Every one of them is secretly grabbing up every last bit for themselves. In the back rooms they are all looking at each other saying “should we tell them now”? “No, not now we still have time”. Mean while enriching themselves with every bit they can grab. Do you think that our Government is corrupt? Why would you think that? Because you know they are. Other wise you would not even have that suspicion, but you do don’t you? Example MF Global, why is John Corzine not in jail? Where is the money? Nothing will be done. Pure corruption and they do not care. IT DOES NOT MATTER WITH WHAT IS TO COME! Just keep the little people happy and quiet until the day comes that we will have to tell them. By that time TPTB will be on their way out to their bug out destinations loaded with loot waiting to come out of the shadows. Iis down right wrong. On the other hand I can understand why they will not tell us we are bankrupt. Their asses would not be able to get out without the masses going on a witch hunt dragging them to the streets like Kadfi. Second reason could you imagine the mass chaos that would begin imediatly (picture occupy on steroids). No they will continue to tell you everything is fine, we are in a slow recovery, unemployment is down, rainbows and unicorns. It’s working by the way, has any body thought you are weird for prepping?

        • Corzines money likely bought Europe a year. That is probably why he’s not in jail – well that and he’s a Democrat and this administration isn’t likely to take on billionaire democrats.

          I agree with you the that the PTB are grabbing up all they can. Universities and Soros are buying African farm land for $1.75 an acre – I tried but can’t seem to find out how to get in on that. Gold / Silver are up dramatically over just a few years ago; record Gun sales in the United States the last 3 years, and the list goes on…..this will all continue many more years I’m sure.

          Be grateful for the time we have; and use it wisely….


            • Potential Terrorists alert!!!!!!

        • I like your post, but those folks are never going to tell anyone. They won’t need to. It will hit regionally, not globally, and by the time the sandchompers figure it out, they’re on their ranch-fortress in Argentina.

      15. “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.” – Voltaire (1694-1778)

      16. Anyone here a member of ChrisMartenson.com? I would like an idea of what his plans A & B are that he talks about in Part 2.

        • It will cost you $300.00 to find out.

          • If I knew this article was an informerial I would not have wasted my time.

      17. Repudiate the debt! Deny the Corporation! I’m not there yet, but I’ve seen the exit sign. (and thank God for that!)
        Like many others, I’ll need the passion of nina, the fiscal sense of dk, the homesteader mind of SmokyMtnLady, the wit and wisdom of anonymous and the valuable resources of Mac and his cohorts. Plus the hundreds of real friends I’ve found and learned from here. The plan is coming together, and by the grace of God I’ll be there with you all. The future is OURS! I will not fear.
        Economic Wreck dead ahead with both lanes blocked. Gearing down now. Jake brakes screaming….(and, no, I never use the clutch)

        • You’re probably going to need one of my bars of homemade
          soap………….KEEP PREPPIN’

      18. Currency collapse not happening anytime soon. The euro demise will only force others into a stable safe haven which is the USD.

        The other thing is energy. If the US would open up domestic production, gas would be 1$/gal. All the trillions going to OPEC would stay domestic. All the jobs created domestically would be good wage jobs that pay tax revenues. Not to mention the consumer spending windfall from more disposable income for consumers from a 75%decrease in gasoline costs. Also the explosion in tourism from lower travel costs. Energy is the key. We have massive reserves in oil and nat gas projected to be in the neighborhood of 200year supply.

        We could address all the debt currency and revenue problems with cheap plentiful energy.

        • You need to do some more research Meisterman. The United States hit peak oil production in 1975. It is never, ever coming back. The North Sea, peaked. Even the Saudis are believed to have hit peak production. Visit the Oil Drum and do some reading. You are waaaayyy off base.

          • NG: You are totally uninformed. Its not about “peak oil”. I read the Oil Drum and a lot more than that.

            Its about ENERGY.

          • NG: MM is correct. The USA has a 200 year supply of oil and gas hydrocarbons and about 300 more years of coal.

            Then there are new technologies, too.

            • yeah
              we have so much oil
              that gas is ONLY $3.60 a gallon now !!!

            • WE have it. We are not producing it. Obamanomics.

        • You might want to consider a different type of hallucinogen…

        • MM: You are correct. America has enormous untapped energy resources. WE do not need ME Oil.

          Solar is now 90% efficient. Wind and tidal energy resources are enormous!

          • where are these panels sold?

            • Coming to a factory to be built in China soon with American depositor funds and American technology, just as soon as they can sell the inventory built up.

      19. Obama took a page from Clintons book; It doesn’t matter what you do, all that matters is what you say. The guy talks a good game and the public just watches the commercials.

        Bush I & II would tell you they were for free trade. Obama and Clinton signs it into law telling the body politic they are fighting to keep jobs in the US.

        What bullshit. Lawyers…

      20. I do not give a $hit anymore. The voter fraud is so rampant in my state, I am sick to my F*cking stomach!! I now say, *kevin yells* LET IT ALL GO TO $HIT, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!!! The sooner It all goes to hell, the sooner the little people(the children, for you tree huggers) will not remember alot of it, and have a better life when we recover!! It is not about us people, we are NOTHING!! We do not matter!!!! They do!!

      21. yes, the prepping never seems to end…and the day of the doo doo hitting the fan seems just a tad bit closer.

      22. For all you pros on this site, at what point is too much ‘prep stuff’ too much prep stuff? Is this even remotely possible – having too much prep stuff?

        Sorry for my ignorance ahead of time.

        Let the answers commence….

        • When you have no space left to store it.

          • Don’t think about that question now, today, just do it. You and your family don’t want to be opening the last can of beans in the future all the while thinking; I should have prepped more. Who knows how much is enough. It’s like driving down a steep hill. You can drive down it to slow a thousand times, BUT you can only go down it one time too fast. You have a leg up on a wild majority of the sheeple in this country, the fact you recognize you should be prepping. Something is better than nothing, and nothing will only get you to a place you don’t want to be. It’s a tough nut but keep at it. If this goes south, you will be so glad you did.

        • Guanoman,

          Orginize your preps in tiers:

          1) What you could expect to live off of if you were left relatively alone for an extended period.

          2) What you could live off of, if you had to, and could evacuate in your vehicle.

          3) What you could survive with, if you end up on foot.

          Be practical, it’s easy to say you “can’t have too much”, but it can get overwhelming fast. At least have a weapon, some ammo, and 72 hrs. rats in a pack, and work up from there.

        • I have been doing this for thirty years and the rule of thumb I use is keep as much as you can store and rotate out before it starts to go bad. For example, three years of food storage rotated out over a seven year period. One might also lay in enough ammo to go hunting every day for the rest of your life, and enough Silver Eagles to feed a family (at today’s prices) for five additional years.

          I used to worry I spend too much, but anytime I can convert dollars into a commodity I can use or easily trade, I do so as I believe inflation is more likely than deflation over the long term. Nearly everthing I bought in 2009 has increased substantially in price.

      23. The time is nigh. My friends and I are in the final stages of prepping. But still too much to do.

        This neighborhood is highly defensible with few access points, but how many able bodied and reliable people will be left here at day seven?

        Without fuel they cannot flee and without defensive preparations they cannot protect themselves or our neighbors and the children. And if they are typical they may have enough food for three days.

        The gang bangers will move in at will raping and pillaging without remorse. not a happy thought.

      24. Hey Mac I was doin my taxes the other day and I saw a funny little deduction….

        First time home buyer in the district of columbia.

        Can you friggin believe it?!!! Those bastards will shit on us in every fashion known to man.

      25. Today a friend sent me a youtube video of a “sheep cyclone”- a group of frightened sheep running in circles, each one following the one in front of it. None of them completely getting out of the way of the truck trying to drive through their group.

        All I could think of: what a great metaphor for the many sheeple busily running nowhere in our society, following someone that is just as clueless as they are. It makes me question my own ideas more closely. No good just following the crowd, even if the crowd seems sensible, like most of the folks here. The tough part is being open enough to the group to build a community while being discerning enough to avoid harmful groupthink.

      26. If it wasn’t for the baby boomers, sending this country down the $hit hole for the last 40 years, none of this would be an issue!! Thanks guys!(and gals)

        • Everything the baby boomer generation has ever touched has turned to $hit…everything. They are nothing more than a plague of locusts.

        • Here we go again. How much have YOU done to stop the Patriot act, NDAA, SOPA, PIPA,etc. etc. etc. What will YOUR grandkids say about your generation. We can all complain about it but when voting or bitching doesn’t work what is left? Revolution? Be careful what you wish for.

        • *kevin yells* HEY OKIE, I got another bite!!

          • LMAO!

      27. G-Man, Prepping is a component of personal accountability, responsibility. These however are sadly lacking human traits in the US today. As a man, woman, husband, wife living your every day life should have a prepping component.

        Life is not about consumption; learning, sharing, caring and prepping would serve you better. Think personal / family safety and security as headings for a long list of prepping tasks.

        Other writers here will tell you go in a very specific direction with laser like sharpness and focas. They might have you go heavy into weapons, PM’s, etc. What you need is the proverbial ‘List of Lists’. Develop priorities for tasks and items on the list.

        With all of that to do, do not forget or ignore living a life of love with family and friends. So prepping is not something separate from everyday life: it is a vital part of it.

        So, I may not have answered your question specifically: hopefully somethings to consider and take action on. Mac’s site here along with others will give you subjects to think about. Ultimately it is up to you to develop a good sense of personal responsibility and intergrate the ‘List of Lists into your everyday living.

        Just the thoughts of one old man who has seen alot of life and wishes to help and share with others. (MM)

        • MM

          Couldn’t agree more …

          ..there are literally millions getting ready ..

          No one knows when the shtf scenario will play out exactly..but with the current geo political landscape..being prepared is foresight..and gathering as much vital info in every facet will make us individually stronger in every sense..no matter what the outcome.


        • MM…You hit the nail on the head.Prepping IS a lifestyle and an ongoing thing while still enjoying what everyday life gives us.

      28. “Of course, the age of cheap oil is over. And as Jim Puplava says, the oil price is the new Fed funds rate, meaning that it is now the price of oil that sets the pace of economic movement, not interest rates established by the Fed.”

        The latest Zeitgeist movie illustrated this over a year ago. Lack of cheap oil is the BE ALL, END ALL of what’s around the corner. It’s far too late for alternative fuels to make any difference. I absolutely implore you to watch “Beyond The Peak” all cued up on YouTube… http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4Z9WVZddH9w#t=8622s

      29. Meisterman , you sir are a genius. I have been racking my brain trying to come up scenarios that would explain why the US economy hasn’t imploded yet and you hit the nail on the head. The energy reserves are collateral! TPTB are hedging their bets.

        • He who runs out of oil last wins (see above). Some think the U.S. could eventually be broken up and sold for parts to the highest bidder.

      30. I need to watch that show on Nat Geo “doomsday preppers” and see what kind of supplies they are stockpiling on. I know enough but i just wanna see anyways. we are going down.

      31. I was talking to my momma today, she’s 73, and at her last church senior outing, all the seniors were talking about how high food prices are getting.
        I keep momma up to date on the economy,what’s happening in Greece, the devaluation of the dollar, etc…so she was telling the other seniors about it and telling them to put away some food….she said most of them agreed with her, but seemed to think it would all “turn out OK”…which really surprised me!
        At their age you would think that they all grew up hearing about the Great Depression from their parents and would know to prepare…

        • my dad was commenting on the same thing over the weekend. Told him hyperinflation is already here.

        • They watch too much TV…….minds have gone numb….

          KEEP PREPPIN’

      32. I read but rarely, if ever, comment. I have like minded friends who worry about the state of affairs: some prep by buying silver and gold, others by stocking up on food, still others on guns and ammo. I guess I am a man of indecision. I wonder why I have such a wait and see attitude: Wait and see what happens, plan, and hope I am prepared enough. But, prepared for what? I am not that way in other aspects of my life.
        On the other hand, still indecisive, I have a friend who says that bloody revolution is the only answer. I am fairly certain that one day it will come to that: “let it come in my day, that my children may have peace.” But, if we revolt, who EXACTLY is the enemy? If we revolt, who EXACTLY is the leader? If we revolt, what EXACTLY are our expectations?
        I lived the better part of my life as a happy idiot; I now realize that I am an unhappy idiot. But, what EXACTLY do I do to make a difference and help restore an America I feel I didn’t destroy?

        • L-T IMHO your ‘wait and see’ undecisiveness is what called ” Normalcy Bias”. At least you question your attitude. Millions of Americans do not; that has gotten the U.S. in a lot of trouble.

          You are NOT an idiot! Please to not try to solve all the the U.S.’s problems. Start local. Strenghten family ties. Get connected locally with charitable work, get involved with city council and local politics.

          Read my over again my comments at 10:09 above. Again, please start local: that is where, at this point in time, you will have the most impact and find the most satisfaction. You WILL find answers. Come back and comment we will listen. sincerely (MM)

      33. Interesting read and good comments. What I’m seeing is that the current leadership is compelling US citizens to get back to self-reliance. All the talk of guns/gold/silver/food storage/preparation have self-reliance as the hidden curriculum. Also, consider (anecdotally) all of the self-reliance and ‘alternative’ type shows that are now common place, such as ‘dooms day preppers’,’gbtv’, and some others like my favorites ‘rocket city rednecks’ and ‘sons of guns’. these shows weren’t even conceivable 3 years ago, and there are about 7 on tv quite regularly. Something’s going on, and it’s in a direction decidedly unlike that which the current administration prefer.

        Also, the OWS crowd generally seems to have taken a turn toward libertarianism.

        And quite a few states now are moving to restrict the power of unions, whether it is by moving to a ‘right to work state’ or curtailing or or another type of public sector union.

        What’s coming down from the top is rather tyrannical, but what’s coming up from the bottom is quite the opposite.

        End of day, the coming probable failure of our monetary system might just end Progressivism, unless they do something big between now and November IMHO.

      34. Our 15 Trillion US debt is counted, with EACH truck load a full Two Thousand Million ( 2 Billion) of Cash money, would need 7500 trucks which would have a long queue of 137.6087 km. = refer to demonocrazy.info/infographics/eu/debt_piigs

      35. Meanwhile, here in the land of OZ, I just read a comment that states that “no way USA could become a dictatorship, tthe population have too many guns”

        Did anyone say it would be a successful dictatorship?

      36. our currency will fail for one simple, no-chart-needed reason: it no longer is based on something of accepted value(gold) but rather has been based on credit which is, in reality, nothing. as we all know, credit eventually runs out or gets to expensive to continue…

      37. Ever get the feeling that it’s never enough? Need tools, ammo, more food, building supplies, marshmallows for the bonfires, more chocolate, etc. It never seems that I’m getting anywhere. Damn, need more lead too.

      38. Thirteen states now have pending legislation making silver and gold legal tender for payment. The type of coin or bullion varies from state to state, but it’s nice to see states taking the initiative to prepare for the inevitable collapse of the dollar.

      39. Mac

        In your humble opinion…

        do you see inevitable monetary collapse and severe inflation spike within this year 2012?

        Given the warning bells being sounded by even more financial pundits (over the last few years especially)one could conclude that it is just around the corner at any given moment..

        Many play the scenario of a false flag here to initiate a full scale assault on either Syria/Iran(or both) as the collapse unfolds..rallying the masses as their nation collapses..and the issuance of a new global currency to save us all..

        your thoughts>>?


      40. Lets NOT forget to factor in Natural -earth changing- events that may happen very soon.. Maybe this year!!

        I would take ecomomic collapse, dollar deflation, hyper inflation, Bs politics.. Before life extinction by global pole shifts..

        All the above can be sifted through.. But the other.. I wouldnt want to face.. Even prepp”d out to the max!

        God bless america and Us!!

      41. Give us all of your information and sign here. We will give you a tsa exspress speed line. Now, don’t you feel special… NEXT!

        Light the rings on fire and watch them jump through it.

      42. They’re going vertical and so are we.

      43. Mac, any news on a portion of the website open to blog discussion?

        • Howdy! Yes, I am working on it… The day job has been taking a toll lately, but I intend to have a forum operational by the end of this month so that users can drive the news and discussion. Thanks for your patience on this guys – it’s been a challenge finding the time to get it going. We may launch in a simple beta version so we have the basic functionality of the forum and we’ll add bells and whistles over time.

          • Mac..

            that’s a story worth waiting for.

      44. I can see the smoke signals from here. Mac’s cooking on another story.

      45. Everywhere I go I hear people complaining,,,,But there are alot of people that are still so brainwashed and think all is well that I think they will be nothing but unprepaired victoms,,, PS this is my first post but Im always paying attention.

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