Why Are Police Simulating Armed “Angry Parents” Laying Siege to Schools?

by | May 11, 2013 | Headline News | 252 comments

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    There is a new national threat that has, apparently, been making headline news all over the country in recent years. According to law enforcement officials in Washington that domestic terror threat involves armed and angry parents acting in concert to take over a school.

    It’s an active shooter situation that police officers, SWAT and emergency response personnel are currently simulating in training exercises.

    The question is, why?

    Two shooters went on a simulated rampage… they pretended to be angry parents at a school.

    The idea was to test the response of police and firefighters to  a situation that was right out of the news headlines.

    “We’ve been dealing with this cross-country for years.”

    Video via The Organic Prepper, InfowarsActivist Post

    While we understand that police require simulated training exercises for active shooter situations, especially given the events of the last year, why was this particular scenario chosen?

    When was the last time a coordinated attack on a school by angry parents made headlines?

    What news headlines?

    I read a lot of news every day and these “angry parents” taking over a school at gunpoint, requiring SWAT intervention, somehow completely escaped my notice!

    Well, it must be true, because the police officer in charge said, “We’ve been dealing with this across the country for years.”

    Where?  When?

    Once upon a time, police were there to protect people like parents, children, the elderly, and pregnant ladies.  But the lines are being drawn and great effort is being undertaken to create a new breed of villains for the “authorities” to fight – and those villains are us.

    Via The Organic Prepper

    Let’s consider the circumstances that would have to occur for not one, but two or more parents to lay armed siege to a school.

    There’s only one real scenario that comes to mind, and you’d more than likely have to be a prepper or conspiracy theorist to even contemplate the possibility.

    The schools which our kids attend have “shelter-in-place” emergency procedures that would be enacted in the event of an emergency such as a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. During these emergencies schools are to be locked down with no unofficial access into the buildings until the all-clear has been given. It’s unclear based on district procedures just what the shelter-in-place order means and what steps parents would need to take to get their kids out of school – or whether they could even take their kids out of school based on the emergency.

    But basically, it boils down to this: If there is a widespread emergency, and a school locks down and refuses parental access to children, then and only then could we envision a scenario where parents might take it upon themselves to evacuate their children by force.

    The ‘event’ in question would likely need to be mass scale, or perceived as mass scale, in order for a parent to be so adamant about getting their child out of the school that they would take to armed violence to get them out.

    Is this what police are training for?

    Someone, somewhere obviously thinks there is a legitimate reason for this type of training simulation.

    We understand that for the average police officer the simulation is business as usual and their intention is to be prepared for the next Sandy Hook or Columbine, but something doesn’t add up here.

    Why would the media claim this scenario is “right out of the news headlines?”

    Who designed the simulation criteria?

    And why?

    Are we overreacting, or is this just another piece to the puzzle that includes government agencies simulating the collapse of our financial system, war-gaming civil unrest scenarios with the US military, stockpiling ammunition by the warehouse load, and recruiting personnel for detention camps?

    Yes, it sounds crazy. Perhaps totally implausible.

    But how else can we explain what’s going on in this country?


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      1. Who knows the real intend but let’s hope this was not a live fire exercise since the police dept. may come back and ask the town citizens to help them with ammo supply like what happened in Minnesota.

        • The scumbag cops would not stand a chance against people fighting to get their children back. The scumbag cops would deserve to die. And they damn well would die.

          • Did you see me waving. I had a feeling that was a news camera over the fence.

          • K.I.S.S. this makes it easy..

            BADGES are the NEW REDCOATS

            Thanks TPTB!!

          • Allow me to demonstrate once again, my somewhat baffling and almost supernatural ability to read the laces on a Communist-marxist-leftist-liberal fastball.

            How about this possibility? The Communist from Kenya announces a ‘martial law’ or ‘shelter in place’ declaration in the middle of the week, during the hours where public schools are in session all across the fruited plain. This would probably happen before 12 noon, since many kids are finished with school by 2pm, unless they attend school in a district that has an early and a late shift. So, the schools are locked down and the kids are trapped inside, right?

            The next announcement that comes out of the Communist from Kenya is that he is issuing an Executive Order that all firearms must be surrendered to his jackbooted thugs with badges. Parents who have kids who are being held hostage will not get their kids released unless they exchange their firearms for them.

            Could this be the scenario that these jackbooted thugs are rehearsing for?

            • Marxist like Karl Marx, Communist like Joseph Stalin, Leftist like John Kennedy, or Liberal like John Locke? Which do you mean?

              Isn’t that Kenyan from Indonesia? Lot of Muslims in Indonesia.

              I’m not sure why the government would kidnap a bunch of children to exchange them for firearms. As we saw in Boston you can pretty much set off a pipe bomb, declare martial law, and search every house without ruffling anyone’s feathers. Just make it a gun sweep and people will most likely comply.

              Taking kids hostage to achieve the same purpose would pretty much guarantee a violent uprising. Everyone is pretending that biology doesn’t exist these days, but we all know it does and government is much more likely to exploit our herd instinct than provoke our defensive ones. Mother people are way more dangerous than mother bears.

              • Selkirk; You are right about Mothers and their children! However the best way to create a diversion is to stage an event about bloody children on the street. Be vigilant in the next few weeks, for they are in a dire need of a false flag to divert attention from the Benghazi ,Obama,Clinton scandal that i am hoping could bring them down!!


                • See the IRS scandal.

            • come and take them you fuggin choom bastard.

            • But what about those of us who’s kids are our guns?
              and they dont go to school, because they are old enough to stay home and be ready for the war?

              Cant bargan with us all that way…and I know some parents that will say , fine keep the fuckin brats..lol three days and they will be begging us to take the lil heathens back..

              yep, not a solid plan..,, at least not for all of us

            • Shelter in place. That must be the new leftspeak for false imprisonment. That would mean that the courts have been left totally impotent.

            • That school kidnap/lockdown scenario is THE ONLY one I could imagine also!

              The tragedy is the redcoats are putting our children in the crossfire.


            • Tucker, you may be right. It could also be that schools will be the staging areas for roundups for the FEMA camps. People would then be trying to bust out family and friends before the buses carried them off to God-knows-where…

              • That was my thought

          • The issue would be less of LEO against Parents but Parents against Parents. As someone who has had to get their kids early from school over the years for one reason or another but not emergency based, there is a percentage of the parents that you can see anxiety the minute you get to the school these sheeple are scared out of their mind all the time and that is a volatile situation that could escalate in seconds.

            An person already pumped up from a situation like SHTF type would be to me way more dangerous and deadly than some LEO’s just manning a volatile situation.

            The real question is what would a prepper do if the situation got violent with parents because the economy crashed and there was a panic to get their kids. How would say a team of parents who prep together deal with this? People in fear are unpredictable and SHTF would affect a lot of people who think it was all a joke before.

            Maybe that is what their worry about. Remember kids this is not Us vs Them this is Everyone vs Everyone until a big enough armed force takes over the rest. This is not the 1700’s think more of conflicts of the last 10 years around the world how are they different.

          • I suspect that when the time comes to confiscate firearms one of the levers will be taking peoples children until they surrender their firearms. They pretty much know who has them and it is no big deal to cross reference them to which kids parents fall into that group. Random roadblocks where they take your house keys and go search your home while they restrain you will also be a tactic. The Patriot Act and NDAA make all this just ducky.

          • HERES THE PLAN,they are going to move the children to a different location,THEN CALL PARENTS and tell them if you want your children back,BRING US YOUR GUNS,and when the parents showup the police gangs will be helping them,YOU KNOW YOUR FRIENDS in blue,the ones who always protect criminals in government,corporations,banks,and anyone else who can afford the local whores in blue…..BETTER GET READY THIS IS COMING,get your friends together,there will be hundreds of terrorists kiddnaping your children at schools everywhere the same day…………….

          • When the SHTF, it won’t be these cops who oppress the people, it will be ideologically trained youth, Obama’s Red Shirt Brigades. They will be more than happy to pull triggers on ‘gramps’ and ‘granma’.

        • Well we have all heard Mellissa Harris Perry on MSNBC say that the children of our country should be raised by the government and not by their parents. Perhaps this is a simulated takeover of all children by the government. The government will take control of raising and educating of children here in the United States.

          The parent’s subsequent initial reaction will of course be to come to rescue their children. Give the parents some time and they will come to understand that these children are a resource of this country and as a resource they cannot be squandered. This generation of parents are not equipped to teach the new morals, ethics and life lessons the new generation will need to keep America strong. See Essen’s “Admiralty Law” for proof of the ownership of these children.

          It is entirely possible that we have not understood what the FEMA camps have been built for. Just letting the mind wander here.


          • Two words for ya:

            HOME SCHOOL.

            …while you can.

            HS will eventually be “terroristic” in the USSA.

            Can’t have any free thinkers running around.

            They gum up the works!

            • Flawless victory!

              Well said Home F! School you can’t beat it and there is plenty of good Online education for them as well as parent help. End of issue at least until they are grown enough to get out of dodge if they need to.

              Gun Free Zones a magnet for ever wacko who wants nice sheeple and no security to mess their day up.

          • Big b you give them your kids I’m keeping mine

            • This type of event goes “live” when the schools start serving green bolonie sandwiches to the kids for lunch to cut costs while preserving teachers pensions.

              The Illegal kids will love the sandwiches to supplement their SNAP / EBT cards. US Taxpayers provide $2 billion a year to Puerto Rico for 1/3 of their residents, but no one knows where the money goes …..

              The other 2/3 of the population rotate in and out of NYC.

              • Eeewwwww. Is that SOYLENT GREEN BOLOGNA?
                Perhaps made from captured terroist preppers :-/

                • Prepper patties would be nutritious and tasty too. 😉

              • dk, the green bolony was a weekly lunch at my 1st grade school in 1963. We had moved from the mountains, into town for a couple years, and I went to first grade at one of the smallest and oldest schools in the county. We were fed some nasty shit for school lunches.

                The green bolony was about 1/2 inch thick and smelled like pig guts cooking. Bad shit.

                I hated living in town and those were a couple of my worst years. Well, i did like the three German girls across the street. Two were about my age and we had fun. The oldest was in high school and came home every day, stripped off naked and layed on her bed reading romance books until her Daddy came home. Little tread got plenty of “sneak peaks” while running past her bedroom. LOL

                Ahhh, the splendor of youth; minus the green bolony.

            • N. Prepper,

              Mine are grown men who never, I repeat never, were allowed to be indoctrinated by the state. They both are very aware of the “state” and the mis-information they have tried to indoctrinated them with.

              They will stand with me and you at any time and place to protect the past, the constitution and God / Country. Never think that I or mine in any way would not stand next to or perhaps if needed in front of you to do what is necessary to protect our freedoms both past and present.

              My comments above were half sarcastic and half real world expectations based on the article Mac submitted. Please never take my words on this site as words that negate my commitment to what most of us on this site considered as to be reasonable conclusions and or solutions to todays problems. For those of you who red thumbed me, you don’t know me well enough to judge my words based on one comment.

              Hope for the best and prep for the worst as it is here and it is now. NOMI


          • this will be the beginning of gun confiscation .

            want your kids ? drop off the gun and pick up yer kid .
            been saying this for along time , its the only route to gun confiscation that they have without starting a war outright.

            and BTW , all this programming in our public schools is agenda 21 creaping forward .these kids wont fight for things that they think they dont deserve in the first place . like the constitution .

            • Big mistake. Holding kids hostage puts a target on cops’/feds’ head and makes their own kids a legitimate target. They may think you’re winning at first, but really, they’re bitin’ a hog in the ass.

              • You’re discounting the reality of just how mind-numbingly arrogant and contemptuous the attitude of our criminal ruling elites are towards the sheeple.

                Hey, haven’t these criminals in suits and ties been taking massive and treasonous bowel movements all over the citizens of this nation for well over the last 50 or 60 years, and despite all this – the lamp posts and tree limbs continue to remain undecorated?

            • what about the owners that dont have kids?
              what about the parents that say fine, keep the brat?

              that aint going to work on us all

              • That’s funny. Like the Ransom of Red Chief, only this one done by the parents. “How many guns will you give me to pick up that kid?”

          • If this is not a perfect example as to why consider, or re-consider home schooling, I’m not sure what is. It does not take a village; it takes concerned parents to raise a child. The police state is here. Welcome to the brave new world.

            Potato out

            • It good to know some folks still have starch in them.

              Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

          • In Communist Cuba, I’ve read that at a certain young age – the kids are taken from their parents and sent to some kind of indoctrination/brainwashing center, so as to prevent them from being raised according to their parents values whereby they might develop anti-Communist attitudes.

            These Commies are not difficult to figure out, folks. They use the same basic blueprint in every nation where they gain a toe hold.

            • Ah no they are not, made up crap.

              The dictatorship there has everything under controlled and no peasant can do anything about it. They don’t need to take anyones kid to brainwash them, they just need to be young. No different than what priest and imam do. If parents say anything contrary to what is been taught in school the kids know to tell on the parents so this does two things, first it reinforces to the parents that they are been watched by their own which is SCARY and CREAPY the other is that by parents not teaching anything different kids get the propaganda reinforced with no alternative.

              But all this crap falls apart for most after they get older and rebellious teens and they start to see government is crap is reinforced even more by family from the USA going there and talking about how it is back in the states.

              But and this is important to remember, the Cuban dictatorship does not have to take the children or hide what they are doing because they are in full control. So if you want to know when bad things have gotten ask your self this. Is our government here in the States hiding things or doing it in the open? Lately I seem to see them doing it in the open and those in power say FU citizens.

              Even parents brainwash their kids with their own paranoia, but kids as they grow up figure this out as they see a bit more of the world. Brainwashing can be as bad outside the home as inside the home.

            • This “kid take away” is big among the Jewish race too. In the United States, many Jews send their kiddos away to summer camps for some “racial reinforcement.”

              • Jaap Stamm – STFU you brainless imbecile!
                “Jews” are less than 1% of the US population and THOUSANDS MORE “Christians” go to “Bible” camp every summer than do “Jews”.
                You are a maggot, probably some lame-assed born again dope head as well.
                The best part of you dripped down your prostitute-mothers leg you fucking scumbag!
                Eat shit all you “Joo-Haters”.
                We have guns too and we will use them on you as easily as we do the commies.
                Carry On,

                • @gunnyhiway STFU … you don’t know jack sheeit or have a clue about the sitrep do you jug-head. gomer marines are breed for one thing only – Dying.

                  Military Men are Dumb Stupid Animals! ~henry kissinger

                  all you are is a zio-joo trained dog , go back to your kennel zio-joo dog.

                  there ain’t no defenseless children around here for you to kill or molest in the name of ZIO-WAR and NWO global Zio-Banker Fascism.

                  there’s a reason they only require us gomer marines to have a GED.

                  — charlie mike it patriots and preppers.

                • Christian camps aren’t teaching their campers that they are the ‘chosen’ race, are they? Dr. Stephen Steinlight (Director of National Affairs (domestic policy) in the most powerful and respected Jewish organization in the United States, the American Jewish Committee) tells us what young Jewish kids learn from an early age at their summer camps:

                  “I’ll confess it, at least, like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months for 10 formative years during my childhood and adolescence I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was taught that Israel was the true homeland. Emigration to Israel was considered the highest virtue, and, like many other Jewish teens of my generation, I spent two summers working in Israel on a collective farm while I contemplated that possibility. More tacitly and subconsciously, I was taught the superiority of my people to the gentiles who had oppressed us. We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, people from whom sudden gusts of hatred might be anticipated, people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that we could rely on no one.”*

                  *Source: http://www.davidduke.com/?p=129

                  • David Duke? Now there’s a source we can all trust. What’s Adolph Hitler have to say on the subject?

          • If that were the case, it would at least present a straightforward problem that we could engage.

            Melissa Harris Perry isn’t looking to send a SWAT team after the kids. She’s advancing the idea that we should diffuse responsibility for our own. That, in effect, is what has gradually been happening anyway and it is why so many kids are coming up selfish, solipsistic, and alienated.

            Perry doesn’t want to put kids in a labor camp. She wants them to vote Democrat in the long term, and this communal child rearing tends to reproduce a value system consistent with that agenda.

            Watch a documentary called Commune. You’ll see some real shared child responsibility in action.

            • Melissa Harris Perry isn’t looking to send a SWAT team after the kids.

              There’s a family down in Miami that would dispute that.

          • cop or no cop…my kid is my kid.. not the state’s, not the collective’s…STAY OUT OF MY LIFE ASSHOLE!

          • I have a friend at work whose mother is Japanese and his father is Hawaiian, both American citizens. During WWII they were put into an American interment camp because of how they looked and their ancestry. Their land and home was confiscated and after the war they were paid pennies for their property and nothing for their humiliation. What is your ancestry? Does it match today’s liberal look?

          • BIG B, go have another beer,your dead wrong,its to get your guns,IT USED TO BE CALLED BLACKMAIL,or kidnapping……bring us your guns and they won’t give back the kids either,just arrest the parents,and haul them off to a fema camp……….like hitler did……….

        • OK,
          I think (I hope) this was simply a poor choice of words here. The only angry parent scenario I have ever seen (Remember, 20 year LEO but I have not seen everything) is for a parent that goes nuts during a divorce or similiar problem and the one that goes nuts says if I can’t have the kid, no one can and tries to take his/her own kid out and anyone who tries to save him/her. Only seen that once in 20 years, but that should have just been an active shooter scenario in a school for some whack job, not for a parent.

          I agree no one will stand a chance against parents, nor should they. I had one other incident where a Vietnamese guy went nuts in an apartment next to a Catholic church/school and we did put the kids on lockdown in the auditorium. The guy was firing randomly out of his apartment across the school ground and and it was feared that if the kids were out we could not protect them. I stood guard over the kids and the nun/principal did an immediate mass phone call asking parents not to come to the school because all kids were being protected by 10 officers inside thick walls. I don’t remember if any did come anyhow, but as a parent it would be hard not too.

          If these idiots are trying to game plan fighting parents for their kids for some unknown reason, then they have signed their own death warrants. This is just stupid on their count.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • When I first read this news on another website, I had a moment of bitter laugh.

            “Bitter”, because I don’t like (and I am afraid of) what’s going on in this country

            and in the world, including this news story.

            “Laugh”, because there are at least 500 kids in an average middle school where we

            live, and at least 1,500 kids in a high school, and odds are against any combination

            of government agencies trying to capture those kids in case of a country-wide or

            global emergency.

            If some group, be it foreign terrorists or domestic enemies (uniformed or not – who

            cares) decided to fuck with people’s kids…
            I tremble at the thought of what “angry parents” will do to them. A bullet would be

            the most merciful outcome.

            There are a lot of things that people will tolerate, if you boil them slowly: robbery

            at the gunpoint (a.k.a. “taxation”), lots of things, even outright and unmasked


            But kids are something totally different:
            you don’t mess with people’s kids.
            Sooner or later, angry parents (no sarcastic quotes here this time) will rise up and

            kill everyone who tries to capture and/or harm the kids.

            TPTB, who have ruled over us for millenia, should know better: our society is

            definitely not among those who would surrender their kids without a fight to the

            Maybe, in Europe, or whatever, but not here, not in America.

            And guess what?..
            Statistics are not on their side.
            There are several schools in our town (which is very close to Puyallup, WA).
            Given that 47% to 51% of American households have guns, and say half of them have

            schoolchildren, and even if only 10% of them team up and come to rescue their kids,

            that makes at least 25 to 50 armed and VERY PISSED OFF parents per middle school, and

            at least 75 to 150 armed and angry parents per high school of a comparative size.
            I am not even counting that some of the police officers might be not pieces of shit,

            and may have to rescue their own kids, too.
            Also, these events would probably happen at the same time in all schools.

            So, for a very small town (20 to 30 thousand residents), there will be AT LEAST 200

            (most likely, at least a thousand, once the word has spread what’s going on at

            schools) armed people who will stop AT NOTHING to save their kids from the government

            which they do not trust.

            Dear law enforcement, and .GOV in general!
            Good luck with that endeavor!..

            What will those people, full of adrenaline, armed, pissed off, who have just rescued

            their kids from terrorists (because that’s what it is…), will do then?..

            Imagine: several hundred of them have just got the word that their kids were captured

            and held hostages by .GOV, they rushed (ran and/or drove recklessly) home to grab the

            rifle with a bulletproof vest and then rushed to school, arrived to school, just to

            see the fight going on…
            They will quickly realize that whoever is in uniform, is gonna have to become dead

            meat, and the fight is over in 2 minutes.
            Yeah, just keep visualizing those folks: armed, raging berserks, with adrenaline

            almost literally dripping from every fucking hole in their body, they will first

            embrace their kids, and then immediately their thoughts (and yells) will be: “GIVE ME


            The 2nd American Revolution will be brutal and swift.

            If holding the children hostages will happen at the same time in all schools all over

            the country, everything will be over in hours.
            Forget the DHS/FBI/military/etc. They will not have time to react to the country-wide

            anarchy and slaughter.
            By the end of the day, the only liberal politicians alive will be those who will

            happen to be on vacation in remote areas or abroad.


            To every motherfucker from DHS who might be reading this after their software raised a

            red flag:
            I am neither planning, nor promoting these ideas/plans.
            I am simply predicting what will happen.
            You scare the people with your black uniforms and armored vehicles and “city lock-

            downs”, only as long as the families are together.
            Try to take our kids away… and you are finished.
            We will bury you.

            Seriously: are you THAT stupid?!
            We say “molon labe” when you threaten to take our guns away.
            GUNS!!! Fucking pieces of metal. Replaceable tools, nothing more.
            But take away our KIDS???!!!…
            You’ve got to be kidding me!

            • @ angry, My kids are grown and gone, but if something happened like this I promise you it wouldn’t just be parents at the school ready for a fight. I’d be right there with them.

              • Amen

              • Me, too! We have to start standing up for one another–another guy was just beaten to death by 9 cops as he begged for his life in LA.Neighbors filmed it with phones that were immediately confiscated by the LA County Deputies who committed the murder. Instead of telephone cameras, these people should have had rifles…

            • There is one problem. Your parents will show up with guns and get shot by the police.

        • This story’s analysis is right on the money. The ONLY times I have ever read a story about parent(s) storming a school was either 1) in a custody issue or 2) when there was an incident that occurred at that school and the news broke.

          I ready as much as I can get my hands on and I have NEVER read anything remotely like the description that it “is in the headlines” or it’s happening cross-country.

          Disinformation starts with a willing perpetrator and a compliant news consumer. Americans have had all the evidence they need over the last few years that taking the authorities’ word for anything is a fabulous way to be led around by the nose and wind up where THEY want you to be.

          My policy is I disbelieve EVERYTHING said officially until I manage to confirm it independently by those who don’t stand to have their budgets increased, their immunity to prosecution strengthened or their power over others enhanced. DISTRUST IT ALL UNTIL YOU LEARN OTHERWISE. You will find you are the better off for it.

      2. Everyone not aligned with the ‘beast’ will be chastised, villainized, categorized and neutralized. We all know this. What most people don’t know is the ‘speed’ at which this is all moving at….faster every day. Make your preparations NOW- spiritual, physical, mental…you will need everything to be tip top. The fight is on and many will not even know it till it hits them in the face!

        • SOCRATES have heard that was once considered GOOD would
          be BAD and what was BAD would be GOOD we will become the
          outcasts believe me I have a son who was once with us but
          has since fell to the system that is the food stamp system that is here to take care of us I raised him to
          provide for his family as I was never depend on the system but this generation has falling its sad to know
          that him and this generation will soon be our enemy

          • Don’t forget Soldier are on the Food Stamp System, its called the working poor and as scarcity becomes the norm of the next decade more will fall into it.

            That is why prepping is important but I do not fault those who can’t stay out of destitute or subsist on what they work for. Vulture capitalism is a real thing, just because you or I are not affected by it does not mean others are not.

      3. Home schooling sounds like the the best option to me. Our school does this for tornado warnings, and so far there has been no outcry, much less armed hordes of crazed parents. Our government becomes more psychotic every day and about all we can do about it is find a safe place to hide. Obama may have overdone this time. Even the soccer moms aren’t going to want to referred to as potential lunatics.

        • Vicky, yes, the best option is home schooling.

          As for the lunatics, most appear to be located in Washington, D.C.

          • Two Home Schooled graduates at out house. Best thing we ever did for our children.

          • 9er Xray:

            The Washington District of Criminals do NOT subject their spawn to the Public School System.

            They send theirs to “Private Schools”(on your dime).

            The Public Schools are for us; The Proles.

            The Public Educational System in this country exists to dumb you(us)down and to make you(us)a good serf(debt slave).

            You exist to serve the government(taxation).

            Not the other way around(freedom)!

            Silly Serf(you love bondage).

            Ah…but there is always another election to look forward to.

            If we can just elect the “right” criminals into office, that will fix it all!

            …So says Boobus.

            • Most of the power elite and the congress critters along with a few very high up MSM types send there spawn to the sidwell friends academy.

              with armed guards for the Oboob monkeys

              all on OUR dime

              skittle shittin unicorn

            • Lunatics as in = politicians which visit but not bonafide residence.

              Agree & fully aware with rest of comment. As for a “fix”, well, I see no way out with either D or R.

          • Yes and they are called The Tea Party, The Republicans, and The Democrats. Hope I did not miss anyone. Each party with their own agenda using the populous to vote them in.

            Personally I hate party of any kind in politics because the good ones seem to be drowned out by the fanatics and power hungry psychos.

            • I notice you did not mention the Communist party. You have no problem with them do you. However you malign the Tea Party. Maggot.

            • How DARE people freely associate to promote their ideals!

      4. One more reason to homeschool, not that there weren’t already enough reasons to.

        • Has it occurred to anyone but us that “authority” of
          any kind seems to come straight from the looney bin?

          Yet they call preppers paranoid!?

          • OutWest,
            Someone wiser than myself wrote that Democrats have an affinity with big government because they want to control others. “Progressives” want to control everybody, after all, because they fear other people. Normal people do not want to control others. We actually celebrate self-reliance and have a live-and-let-live mentality.
            Dr. Michael Savage wrote a book about this. It’s called “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” (ISBN-13: 978-1595550064).
            THEY are the ones who are paranoid, fearful, censorious, and cruel, and they move in great mobs of instigators wielding their fearful “sheeple”.
            Conservatives *work* and we love without any thought of return. Hell, it’s Saturday and I just did a three-hour walk and now I’m fixing to go punch a 70-pound bag for a half-hour. Then I’m going over to visit my parents. Then I’m watching a movie with my wife.
            Conservatives don’t want to control other people because we are too busy living our own lives.
            By the way, that video above was from KOMO – Seattle. It’s run by Fisher Communications. Betcha the board of directors on down to the junior reporters are one big snake-pit of liberalism.

            • Mark

              unfortunately most of Seattle is a pit of liberalism. has been for years.

              its all the left over hippies that left Kalifornia for greener pastures to tear up with there commie like ways.
              i saw it when i left in the late 90s Kalifornians drove up the house prices in the NW and then screamed about the HIGH cost of living. THAT they created!

              i saw houses that sold for $40,000.00 in the 70s and 80s suddenly go for $175,000.00 to $200,000.00

              nice if your the one selling not so nice if your buying. then they rushed to get on city counsels boards and push there liberal agenda. like trying to ban Halloween and Bake sales in schools.

              • Anonymous,
                What a well-written and thoughtful article. There is much food for thought and many talking points in it, which I won’t belabor here. In a nutshell, the author writes about projection, reaction formation, and denial (being part of the personality in inappropriate degree or remaining after they have outlived their usefulness; we all experienced the above in some degree), rage, perennial victim status of anti-gunners, reversing irrational thoughts without attacking the anti-gun person, having empathy for anti-gunners, developing rapport by showing the anti-gunner that you are interested in many of the same things he is, and even >gasp< inviting anti-gunners to the range. We mustn't expect an immediate yield from doing the above things, the author points out. Patience and forbearance go a long way when dealing with people who are used to grappling with the world in irrational ways and who are governed by rage and fear.
                Thanks for posting that URL, Anonymous.

              • Definitely a must read for all here. Thanks for the link.

            • Mark: I will have to disagree with you a bit. Conservatives do want to control certain aspects of other folks lives, just not to the extent, or extreme, that liberals do. Libertarians are the only ones who respect all freedoms. You’re right about liberals, especially the super-far-left. They’re cowards that fear those that act independently. That’s because they’re weak, especially physically. Those with any strength frighten them. Oh, some are runners and bicyclists, but even those are spindally little stick people who only have the strengh to run away from a fight. They hire folks like us to protect them from danger.

              • Gregory8,
                Actually, you are right. We conservatives are not anarchists, and we do effectively control other people in some ways. Most phenomena in life do hover on a continuum, and there is a spectrum along which one’s tendency to control others settles somewhere.
                I guess I had in mind the overweening desire to control others that most liberals have, and the contrast between that and a healthy conservative mind is pretty obvious. I probably over-simplified the issue.

                • I’m a traditional conservative, and also very pro-White and believe White Western Civilization is worth preserving and that certainly cannot happen if we fill our nation up with hundreds of millions of third world people who share no common nationality with Whites or who are clearly incompatible with, and openly hostile towards, White European people and our traditions.

                  However, with regards to the issue of whether ‘conservatives’ such as myself want to ‘control’ the lives of our fellow citizens, I find that to be a very interesting and worthwhile question. It certainly does not have an ‘easy’ answer.

                  So, I’ve given this considerable thought, and I tend to come down mostly on the side of lots and lots of individual liberty and freedom from government intrusion. However, the sanctity, cohesion, and stability of the society as a whole – cannot be ensured without some rules and guidelines being established that define the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

                  In that scenario, I would say that any behavior by the individual that poses a threat to the stability and long term survivability of the society and civilization as a collective whole is something that should not be allowed. You cannot possibly have a society or civilization that will remain viable for any appreciable length of time if you’ve 300 million selfish, infantile libertarian idiots all ‘doing their own thing’ and having zero regard for how their behavior might negatively affect their fellow neighbors.

      5. Actually you have answered you own question. They are a bit behind. While they are simulating a collapse; We are having one. While they are stockpiling 2 Billion rds of ammo, we are getting 10-15 Billion. While they are war gaming stupid scenarios, people are considering what they would look like hanging from lampposts. I’d say they are getting a little less stupid. Not smart, if they were smart they would figure out they cannot beat the whole country and stop the crap

        • @ Paranoid. Unfortunately evil has no borders, and they can flatten the population with bio-weapons. I know that I continue to harp on this, but I have ran through all sorts of different scenarioes in my mind in which the government could do something that would gain them control over the country. It is kill off the majority of the population. Viruses spread easily and you know that they have vaccinated themselves against it. Blame it on India or some other trash pit for a natural plague. Let’s face it, the population comes together with a threat from nature or other natural disaster. The old support your country and their leader against a common enemy, this one a germ.

          You have some pandemic, and the people will ONLY be concerned with getting well and not getting sick. You have a poplaution that has a choice, turn in your firearms or you don’t get the cure or vaccinated. I know this sounds like science fiction, but like many scientists have said before, there is a lot of science and truth in science fiction. I know this evil beyond evil, but can you or anyone else honestly say to themselves that the government, practically any governmment is not capable of anything and everything. Just look at how chemical weapons are used in the Middle East.

          I am not either giving the government any ideas, because they are fully aware that control means thinning out enough of the masses with firearms that can defend themselves. That means that on the books and plans of them they are debating this and getting ready for this. The U.S. has some terrible bio-weapons just like China, North Korea, and the most insidous of them all Russia.

          It would not take much either, they could even false flag someone like Iran and blame them for such an attack. What better excuse to kill two birds with one stone, depopulation the country and stop Iran from selling oil using gold and other currencies other than U.S. dollars. This currency basket cannot continue to other OPEC nations, if it did goodbye U.S. dollar. I know this sounds conspiracy, but it makes too much sense for those truly evil to retain their power. Yes, they can go real hard core ugly if their power base is in jeopardy. That is what is truly frightening.

          • Everything post 9-11 sounded crazy in 1995.

            What you’re proposing might work but the one problem with it is that I don’t see how they manage external threats at that point. Reduce your population by that much and every other nation on Earth is going to send “aid”. “Aid” in the form of soldiers.

          • Colloidal silver and the generator that makes it along with distilled water and the .9999 rods. Bio-suits and masks for the entire family and a shitload of every type of medication and certainly vitamins. Have a little hope man! We need to be thinking about ways to be killing these fuckers.

            • @ Theguy and Fucking pissed. I think this is a wonderful idea to be biology ready and appear, as nature is one that has time and again dumped the owrst imaginable plagues on animals and plants alike forever. A healthy, and I mean a really healthy immune system is essential, just from the increased risk of bacteria driven disease after the fall occurs. This is truly hope, what you are saying, and extremely positive hope.

              Long time ago a friend of mine told me this, and it lives with me for now and in the future. “These bastards are so evil that they will take down the entire world with them if they think that they are going down”. I think those were the exact words. Reminds me of these movies in which someone knows that they are going to lose, and instead of going down and going to prison or something, they try to take as many down with them as possible.

              This is the danger with a bio-weapon as opposed to even a hyrdrogen bomb, it can take down the entire world. One sticken little vial of some germ, because the fuel to keep it going requires only one host and contact with more hosts. Someone nuts could easily take down the entire human species, other than maybe a few isolated individuals on some desert islands or hermits in the woods. This happens with extinctions of species all the time. Disease kills off species more than anything. These characters know this, and they can literally play God with the human race. That is even more frightening and why I bring it up. As unpleasant and scary as hell, this is a real threat and only going to become more so as these MAD scientists and the evil leaders that control them and they learn more and more how to genetically manipulate DNA/RNA of what can kill us.

            • Colloidal silver? You plan on taking pictures?

        • Do they not understand–when airing these ‘procedures’ reported as protecting the ‘people’, they are really giving ‘us’ another heads up to watch for in the future??

          And I am thinking, what would have happened if just ONE concealed carry was at that meeting??

          • ;)! It is coming.

      6. Armed march on DC July 4th.

        • This one is especially for you Eisen, since you
          relate so well to youtube videos.



      7. Or, a declared martial law going into effect, you may not have access to your children. The state will take charge.
        Or, a possible EMP attack, the state will care for the little ones until the state says you may have your children, if ever.
        Or, the possibility of an economic collapse, we, the state can provide for these kids better than people without any way to access your funds.
        Now, Kiddies, do you know if your mommy and daddy have access to food and or guns? Do you know if your mommy and daddy can care for you?
        It’s a scam and a back door effort by the PTB to gain access to information or draw out angry parents. Do not be deceived, this is all coming about by the most evil administration in history.
        This is not going to end well!!
        These clowns have no clue as to what a bunch of angry parents are capable of. You have not yet seen what awaits you if you take peoples kids! YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH COPS!!!!!

        • I’ve tried to keep myself from entering this conversation but feel I need to. I’m a conspiracy theorist but even I don’t believe the government is going to take everyone’s children as a gun control method. Lets all comeback to earth and put down the koolaid.

      8. I am reminded once again of Judge Kolinsky’s dissent in Silviers v. Locker:

        “All too many of the other great tragedies of history – Stalin’s atrocities, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Holocaust, to name but a few – were perpetrated by armed troops against unarmed populations. Many could well have been avoided or mitigated, had the perpetrators known their intended victims were equipped with a rifle and twenty bullets apiece, as the Militia Act required here. If a few hundred Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto could hold off the Wehrmacht for almost a month with only a handful of weapons, six million Jews armed with rifles could not so easily have been herded into cattle cars.

        “My excellent colleagues have forgotten these bitter lessons of history. The prospect of tyranny may not grab the headlines the way vivid stories of gun crime routinely do. But few saw the Third Reich coming until it was too late. The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed – where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.”

        Keep the FAITH

        • Good points here-

          …and while your children are ‘locked down’ and ‘sheltering in place’ in the educational prisons, they will be conveniently micro chipped by the soldiers or staff who just ‘happen’ to be on site. After all the cattle are tagged THEN you may be allowed to get them.

          Another scenario that the evil ones would do is ‘infect’ all of the children in the schools with the 2-3 dormant bio-weapon they want to spread back to the parent population. See how easy it is? Do any of you understand just how quickly it will all come down? I fear many do not…

          • What you said sounds terrible, no doubts about that.
            I used to be scared shitless of these possibilities.

            This simply cannot happen all over the country at the same time.
            This kind of event would have to have preparations on an unprecedented scale.
            This info would leak out.
            Myself, as well as… I don’t know… a few dozen million (???) concerned parents would be locked and loaded, and kids would simply not go to school on that day.

            What would happen next?..
            I’ll leave that to your imagination.

        • Note to government:
          If a few hundred Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto could hold off the Wehrmacht for almost a month with only a handful of weapons, six million Jews armed with rifles could not so easily have been herded into cattle cars.

        • Was listening to NPR news this morning, a guy was talking about leaflets being dropped on a town in syria telling the people to leave or be treated as combatants, one of the points that was mentioned and that struck a chord with me was when the guy said the people are pretty much un armed, really have no way to get out because movement is being restricted and the few rebels in the area are doing their best to defend the town but are greatly out numbered,
          Un armed stuck,
          I can picture this sort of scenario here, people fed up with government taxation and interference, total breakdown, the liberal do gooders already relocated to FEMA camps, the 3% of Americans who had the foresight to arm trying to protect the old timers and others who have no means of defense but who also dont like the government, and they send in drones and DHS thugs,
          Think it cant happen? Syria was a pretty prosperous place, like perhaps any area anywhere in our country,

      9. and you said please, perhaps there is hope for you.

      10. @ BraveHeart: Let’s just say I like History and Mud Island has some to offer, just like the whole State of Tennessee. I am in the same region so to speak of, a little less than 500 miles.

        Keep the FAITH

      11. It seems like more and more public places are becoming less and less safe. It use to be, heard that one over and over again, that you could trust a child going to school, could trust most police, could semi-trust your local community and their leaders. Now, it is a mess beyond a mess. Our freedoms are dying each day, and it is totally accepted by most of the masses. They have learned that it is far easier to go along with tyranny and the dismantling of the Constitution. The “law enforcement” plays right into this turning over the country to become a police state. Unless people start understanding what losing freedom means, the masses will continue to ALLOW this garbage to continue and spread like a disease.

        I sent Mac something exactly about this, and I don’t know if it is appropriate enough for others to look at, as I am hardly the lawyer to fully understand the original laws of the land, the ones meant to protect the people. Mac, please let me know if you plan to do anything with it in the future or if I should send it as a comment in the future. Thank you.

        • BI – Correctly stated. We all have lost so many freedoms. Majority does not notice..sad.

          In the early 1960’s I rode my bike to junior high. Not only did I carry my books, but also my .22 cal Marlin rifle with a few boxes of .22LR. After school I stopped at the local dump (now a “landfill”, but still the dump) and shot rats & bottles. A target shooter’s delight.

          No one was upset with seeing me with a rifle. I was required to leave the rifle in the Principal’s office for the day. I remember always seeing 12 to 15 rifles leaning against the wall in the office. Often several staff would be looking at the selection.

          No one asked for the ammo either. Police did not care, workers at the dump loved the rat control and even told us where the safe downrange shooting for the day would be.

          Now look how far we slid into the abyss of liberal dog squeeze.

          Soon we will not be able to fart without an EPA permit gaseous beer emissions.

          For all you Mom’s on here, do have a Great Mother’s Day !

          • Thanks 9er! :^)

          • 9er – I remember doing the same thing. We had a science teacher that would take us all to the range (dump) after school to teach us gun safety and blast bottles with us. Same thing, we would leave out rifles in the office and pick them up after school and ride to the range (dump). Great memories of that. That was early 60’s too. Can you imagine that teacher now days? That was fun times!

            • Bill – It was a great time to enjoy being a kid. Every time I shoot a .22cal or hear one, I think of the late afternoons plinking, then get home for chores and homework. Man, is it FUBAR’d now.

            • Yea but, that was during a time when 90 % of the kids were taught real values and work ethic, along with respect and discipline. During the eighties that ratio started reversing, and now we have about 10% or less, of the kids, that still have and show respect and discipline.

              Most are selfish,spoiled,lazy brats with the liberal mindset of their parents. They have no problem with using others to gain their desires, and then tossing them aside like a worn out sock.

              No wonder we are going thru the spin cycle, and it’s not the one after the washing either. we are truly into the last cycle before SHTF.

              God Bless all you Prepping Mommas out there!

          • your story like a few others on here are typical of the time you all grew up in back then People were less afraid. and children were allowed to play out side with out worrying about the BAD man down the street.
            it used to be you could take your 22 to school BUT kids back then were taught manners. and if you look back to the 20s and 30s and 40s rural folks sometimes ate the rabbits kids shot it was the depression after all. you did what you had too just too survive.

            unfortunately now all we have is a generation or two of fearful little kids. too lazy to go out and play and too addicted to there x boxes and Nintendo’s also fed full of Mind altering drugs by the schools and Dr’s. all because the schools don’t want to actually try and deal with the kids that are hyperactive. They took P.E out of most schools.now its replaced by sensitivity training like in the corporate world. and diversity classes. or how to separate the different children and call attention to those difference and celebrate that.

            This and the Moral decay we are experiencing are partially to blame for the school shootings. children now are turned off to whats real and whats fake. children who are schooled in the public system are so screwed up it’s sad. now little jimmy gets a trophy just for showing up even though he did nothing to actually deserve it.

            These same kids grow up to be very self absorbed arrogant. its the I am a princess ( or prince ) syndrome. they grow up with Poor self esteem and then try and find it on the streets as Mom and Mom are too busy being equally self absorbed in there own sad sick world.

            there not taught right from wrong there not taught anything about true family values there taught that its ok to be a sexual deviant. and that the kid on the other side of the class might have “two daddies ” or that Cross dressing is an excepted thing now. boys dressing as girls would have gotten kicked out in the 50s and 60s. at least at my school LOL.

            skittle shittin unicorn

      12. This is just my thinking, but the Libya thing must be real bad for the White House if the TRUTH GETS OUT! Private meeting with the MSM; so they all get their stories straight with one another. You talk about talking points. This is TOTAL BULL SHIT! All these S O B’s need to be HUNG for treason including the MSM.

        Keep the FAITH (COFFIN)

      13. In that 9/11 offered opportunities to put us under the boot. The institution of the TSA further gets tens of thousands of “Americans” trained to herd us like cattle so where the Military and Police may not fire upon us, but arm the TSA and they might as they have been de-sensitized to see us all as threats, not a fellow Americans.

        I’m not sure but I don’t think there’ll be another Waco – not for a while unless Hill gets into office. Even Bill was smart enough to pull back. I don’t think she would be. I can see her giving the orders at Tennenimin Square.

        Keep the FAITH (COFFIN)

        • “I’m not sure but I don’t think there’ll be another Waco – not for a while unless Hill gets into office. Even Bill was smart enough to pull back. I don’t think she would be. I can see her giving the orders at Tennenimin Square.”

          Yeah. I can visualize that.

          There she sits at the monitor speaking to the field commander:

          “General, what difference, at this point, does it make? Fire at will.”


          • 4 dead Americans or 400 hundred million what difference does it make???. Hill*%#

        • Watchman – Good situational awareness thinking.

          My concern is the DHS and the increasing reign of that heifer Napolitano. DHS is the brown shirts redux. Their volume of MRAP vehicles, huge past ordering of HP ammo, continued ordering of ammo, for what? Yup, speculation sure seems for that.

          Don’t recall hearing or reading that the the DHS did anything during the Boston Bombing. Not even firing a shot. So why even more ammo? Please correct me if anyone has info differently. We are here for the education.

      14. US Forces on Alert in Europe After Libya Unrest
        DEBKAfile May 11, 2013, 2:12 AM (GMT+02:00)

        The US has put its military forces in Europe on alert in case they’re required to respond to a security crisis stemming from political unrest in Libya. Several teams of military personnel assigned to the US Africa Command and based in Stuttgart, Germany, have been put on notice and can reach parts of Libya quickly because they’re equipped with their own air transport, according to a US defense official.
        The quick reaction forces were created in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi. US and British embassies in the Libyan capital Tripoli withdrew some staff and issued travel warnings.

        Keep the FAITH

      15. school system believe they are the other parent and have the right to lock the doors and ship your kids away on a bus from the back door…if you arent ready at all times to go get your kid if a gas leak, fire or other situation in the neighboring area arises, theyre gone..


      16. It always has started with the children.
        “Your childrens’children will live under communism. You Americans are SO gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; WE’LL WEAKEN YOUR ECONOMY, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands”.

        Nikita Krushev’s speech at the UN-Sept.29th, 1959.

        • So PO-P, you’re saying some group has put sleeper moles in our government a while back, and now they have been awakened to do as they are told?

      17. I think they have too many funds and need excuses to train for non existent threats to maintain their jobs. Everyone has a SWAT Team. I know of a PD that had two Thompson Sub Machine Guns since the 1930s that a Class 3 Dealer offered to trade a pile of new handguns, a few Shotguns and Mini 14s along with vests and Flashlights explaining the savings to the tax payers. Nope they wanted H&K MP5s instead. They never used the Thompson Sub Machine Guns in the 70+ years that they had them for anything more than taxpayer funded fun at the police range.

        Violent crime is dropping and these clowns are up for WW3. Its Barney Fife with a bazooka.

      18. I have been keeping up with this sure for almost 2 years now…never posted anything, never had to.. you all seem to cover all the bases for me 🙂 Until now. Where is a story about the Press Conference the parents of Navy SEALS team 6 held? It was completely ignored by all media, which doesn’t surprise me; but it does surprise me that outer also seems to be being ignored by people and sites I have come to rely on for being ‘enlightened’. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is HUGE.. It could be the wake up we’ve been hoping for. http://m.youtube.com/?client=mv-google#/watch?v=rqtJrJ40Cio

        • Katie, you are very correct and this is important. But Benghazi-gate is currently “front and center” and has the best chance of potentially “fatally wounding” the regime.

          The “SEAL TEAM 6 FACTS” will provide additional nails in the coffin of this ASSministration.

          The most relevant question in my mind is this: Will the Republicans STOP SHORT and allow Obama, Hellary, and all the other co-conspirators to ultimately skate on this treason SIMPLY to advance THEIR “next round of political shenanigans.? Politics and the left/right paradigm are still unpredictable/unreliable.

          Too many “backroom deals” that WE never see or hear about. If ANY justice remains, Obama should be “history” because of the Benghazi TREASON. Frankly, Obama should be history for a very LONG LIST of treason against this country and the Constitution/Bill of Rights.

          But the illusion of the left/right political BEAST under the current system of deception may once again deny WE THE PEOPLE justice.

          IF they ultimately get away with this, by whatever means, PRAY that those awake among veterans and currently serving military remember THEIR OATH and forcibly remove the majority of the DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS.

          • Thank you for responding. I do recognize that Benghazi is front and center right now, it just concerns me how political and left vs. right is all becoming. I’ve been hoping to get everyone on the same page…. I have become so frustrated trying to wake people up! I don’t go off on rants, I’m careful to only ever give out small doses of facts; so I thought this press conference was it! Not just because if what happened with our troops, but because of the obvious black out by our media. I am beginning to wonder if the entire nation has gone mad, or just me? 😉

      19. The Nine Stages of Civilization – We’re Entering the Eighth, Dependence


        as industrialized society enters the terminal phase
        the police are taking on a new role

        “Are you aware that thousands of US police including the FBI director and NYC Chief of Police have been getting “law enforcement training” from Israel? What are they learning from the very same thugs who brutalize Palestinians daily? Very simply, that “All civilians are probable criminals and should be treated that way.”

        “As our civilization or empire collapses from within ~ all citizens eventually are seen as potential terrorists and the local police role changes from protecting the public to protecting the plutocracy.”

        • Ted Kaczinsky was right after all.

        • UH–UH!!!We are so past apathy to dependence.

      20. Bottom up, top down. Things are getting most bizarre. I can’t for the life of me understand the need for this specific training. Haven’t seen Marjorie Mane or Persy Kilbride(Ma and Pa Kettle) taking over any school yard yet. All she would have to do is yell, “COME AND GET IT” and that herd of young’uns could not be stopped.

        Here’s a little history out of school that you might want to mull over.
        ” Your children’s children will live under communism.You Americans are SO GULLIBLE. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; WE’LL WEAKEN YOUR ECONOMY, until you fall like ripe fruit into our hands.”

        Nikita Krushev’s speech at the UN- Sept. 29th, 1959.

      21. Who said it was angry parents ? The newscaster…..not the police

        The LEO sergeant talks about dealing with this phenomenon more and more over the years….What is he talking about ? Active shooter situations. Whether it be in an office building or a school, the LEO tactics are the same. We have been doing this training every year since Columbine. Who knows if the police even said that is what the shooters represented, could be the newscaster or some officer just said that. It really doesn’t matter, it is what it is….active shooter training. Some wise ass LEO might have said it was angry parents who were disgruntled over the school lunch program..

        Kinda making a mountain out of a mole hill here. It’s simply Active Shooter Training.

      22. it sounds like they might be holding the children as a bargaining chip. i’m sure that the bargaining won’t include their children, will it?

        • They THINK that. The reality is that such an action removes all constraint when it comes to their families.

          ps: Too many Bobs here.

        • Ouch..holding their children –now, there’s a thought if you can get past those 24/7 guards with guns.

      23. The “angry, armed parents at school” scenario sounds like it’s going to be a staged provocation in the near future to me. In the same way that FEMA actors have been identified in some recent tradgedies appearing on TV as victims, the angry parents will most likely be staged actors, or someone on prescription antipsychotic meds who is subject to manipulation.
        Where all the gun control, antiprepper, anti-patriot, anti-vet, anti-Christian emphasis is coming from, we must admit it is concerted, intentional, and has an obvious terminal objective.
        Just take one step back and ask yourself where it has to be leading…it’s not a pretty picture. I sense that even the folks posting here are afraid of where things are going. I certainly am.

        • Expect more staged events. Expect more mass shootings; probably at LEAST one more before the end of the year.

          Expect more False Flags attended by Private Contractors. Australia had 13 mass murders in 17 years before they submitted to the Gun Grabbers.

          100 million American gun owners can eliminate the NWO overnight; and at 1000 yards. I call that Agenda 22 :-).

          Engage your employees or be crammed into a micro apartment along a Light Rail coming to a city or town near you soon.

          • Phoenix has Light Rail.

            Going on 10 years now.

            Living up in North Scottsdale, you may have missed that.

            “Engage your employees”??

            Hate to break it to you DK but you are not an employer of anyone connected to GOVERNMENT.

            You exist to serve GOVERNMENT.

            Your property is not yours. It’s THEIRS.

            Your right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is now subject to arbitrary government claim.

            There is only way out of this.

            • Phoenix is not so much “Light Rail” as it is a Billion Dollar bus on tracks. No I haven’t missed it. I have ridden it. It was free that day. 🙂

              The seats are small even for a tight ass like mine.

              • durango kidd says:

                “Phoenix is not so much “Light Rail” as it is a Billion Dollar bus on tracks”.


                …it’s called Light Rail!

                “Billion Dollar bus on tracks” = “Light Rail”.


                Stop with the spin DK.

      24. I can assume this could happen in a disaster where *officials* take *authority* to use as an alternative scare tactic like a pandemic, or an imagined one where the kids get REAL vaccinations by force.

        How pissed would you be if you herd the WHO or some Gov flunky was injecting kids at school with some mystery fluid they called a vaccination..


        • There you go, Chuck. That’s the reason parent’s will go nuts. Remember “Guardisal” ? The HPV vaccine imposed upon young girls in Texas of all places, that was supposed to be “safe”?

          Turns out it wasn’t. It isn’t.

      25. Halibut fishing report:

        I was invited to crew on a 26 ft center console for three days but the third day was canceled.

        Day one we left port at first light. The skipper myself, one saltwater experienced guest and one rookie. We set a string of crab pots in sixty feet of water then headed out to the “chicken ranch” 36 mile run. The swells were about three ft and the wind was about 13 knots and kicking up a two to three foot wind chop. It was a very wet ride out with spray constantly coming over the bow, everyone got soaked all the way through. It took a little while to find the fish but we boated four halibut, 39″, 42″, 44″ and a nice 55″. The wind picked up a little more for the ride back and with the water being in the mid to low 50’s, the bow spray that was soaking us was helping to set in hypothermia. We got back to the crab traps shivering and warmed up by pulling traps by hand, all females though. The females have to be released.

        Day two was three new guest, none having any saltwater experience. We set out at 0630 and didn’t bother with setting crab traps. Went straight to the chicken ranch on a flat ocean and dropped lines in 650 feet deep water. I ended up spending the day tending to the land lubbers. Two of them were pukers and all three were constantly getting snagged or tangled. I’ve done this many times so it wasn’t anything new. We ended the day with our 5 halibut but they were of a smaller class than the day before. We also caught a couple of very nice lingcod which are out of season so they were released, we also caught a couple of nice yellow eye rock fish which are out of season and were released with a baratrama tool. We also caught a slime eel. The work slime is an understatement. The eel was about three quarter inch in diameter and about six inches long. It encapsulated itself in about a four inch by twenty four in long piece of snot, no exaggeration. The ride back was smooth and the pukers were kissing land once we got back.
        Day three was canceled because of the weather forecast.

        • Next time…ginger, often advocated as beneficial for nausea and vomiting.

        • Rick, You are living the life. Since envy is a sin, I am a sinner!

          Well, except for the puckers.

          • Sorry Highspeedloafer, I’m not trying to plant envy. Just trying to share something other than doom, there’s still time to enjoy some life and make memories.

            Jay Jay, thanks for the tip on ginger, fortunately, I’ve never been seasick but I do like ginger snaps and ginger ale.

            • Oh yeah, Highspeedloafer, a shrimping trip in the Strait of Juan de Fuca is planned in a couple of weeks then a few weeks later tuna season get’s underway. There will be more fishing post/diversions coming up.

        • Congratulations on having a partially successful fishing trip, Rick.
          Hey, have you ever read “Sailing Around the World Alone” by Captain Joshua Slocum? I’m just finishing it up.

          • I have not read it, what’s your opinion of it?

            • Rick,
              Captain Slocum is a fine writer as well as a great sailor. His circumnavigation was carried out in 1896-1897. I think it’s very interesting to observe the manners and customs of people around the world of that time, as well as to enjoy the sea stories of shooting the two great capes, especially Cape Horn. And the account of his dealings with the Fuegian pirates in canoes is fascinating. Dangerous for Captain Slocum, but curious and actually funny for me to read.

              • Thanks Mark, I’ll look for the book.

      26. another hard hitting column by Roberts

        How Elites and Media Minimize Dissent and Bury Truth — Paul Craig Roberts


        “On May 5 Obama gave the commencement address at Ohio State University. No doubt that the graduates thought that they were being honored by being addressed by the world’s greatest tyrant.

        Obama told the graduating class, to applause, that their obligation as citizens is to trust the government. Outdoing George Orwell’s Big Brother, Obama said in public to a graduating class of a great university without shame: “You have grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as . . . some sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems; some of these same voices also doing their best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.”

        Listen to my propaganda, not to those constitutional experts, legal authorities, and critics of me, the First Black President, who tell you to beware of unaccountable government. Due process is decided by the demands of the war on terror. If there is a war on terror, do you want a fair trial or do you want to be safe? I am going to make you safe by not giving defendants accused of terrorism, who some liberal-pinko-commie judge would set free, a fair trial.

        Making you safe by enveloping you in a police state is a nonpartisan undertaking. Just listen to Lindsay Graham and Peter King and John McCain. These Republican leaders are demanding the police state that I am providing.”

        when it comes to the media and government
        this sums it up


        • Excellent observation and very well stated. LIES are the new TRUTH. TRUTH is the new “domestic terrorist LIE/CONSPIRACY theory”.

          We are “living” at the crossroad of Orwell’s prophetic “vision”. I fully expect a MAJOR “distraction” (false flag), courtesy of OUR loving gooberment, any day now. Far too many “holes” are being exposed daily in the “official narrative” of EVERYTHING.

          And “Obimbo” still appears authoritative and unjustifiably comfortable…SSRI dosage increase, or something else!

          My “guess”, something else that “he” knows, and WE don’t…YET!

          • it wont change the fact ….

            ‘ in America there is a rifle behind every tree !’

            everyday more and more folks are waking up to Truth …

            9/11 was a Inside Job America was attacked by its own ZOG FEDGOV cia fbi nsa , israel fedgov mossad , saudi arabia special services and pakistan secret intelligence agencies .

            The Tri-Lateral CFR Bilderboybuggers Dick Cheney and George Bush Junior and Hilary + Bill Clinton were all in on it . It was a planned event to falsely lead America into ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV Fascist Dicktator Tyranny locked down Police State and a new series of illegal wars … with the End Game being WW3 .

            the people are waking up … AND THEY’RE GETTING ANGRY !!!


            • @ NinaO, I agree, the “awakening” is approaching at “warp speed”. “ANGRY” now needs to grow legs and an unrelenting voice followed by chronic “civil, or otherwise” disobedience.

              TIME for the traitors to SWING! The “veil of deceit” is worn and transparent. Down with the tyrants and long live/prosper the Republic.

              WE now have the opportunity to sculpt OUR future. Seize the day…NOW, OR NEVER!

              • @Yental … Respect !

                Agreed Sir , it will soon be time to start ‘Striking Down’ the NWO ZOG Leaders from the shadows in Freeman Patriot Striker – Lone Wolf and Assassin Teams of 3, 7 and 9 across the country .

                In a operation ‘Cry Freedom’ campaign that severs the NWO ZOG Snakes Head from its body !

                Prepare FreeMen FreeWomen Patriots our time to ‘Srike Back at the NWO ZOG’ is soon to come !


      27. Because they are putting pedophiles in the school system ? I’d grab my gun too !!!!!

      28. This one’s easy. Put on your PC Glasses and substitute the word “parents” with “muslims” and you get the idea what they’re really preparing for real quick. If they said “muslims” the libs and CAIR would be protesting outside the governor’s mansion real quick… ’cause, you know. Followers of the “religion-of-peace” would never assault a school…


        • Mal,
          Hearing you loud and clear. Just too bad the rest here don’t.
          It’s not about the parents.

        • Funny you should say that , A former Russian Spetsnaz operative , told American officials that now muslims will start going after soft targets because of our high security around airports , nuclear plants , etc. is now too great . They have been fighting and killing muslim scum in Russia for a long time now .

      29. 20 years ago I went to a “militia” meeting. Heard the bug out plans. Saw them hacking on a tree with their latest “combat blade”. Cases of AMMO, MRE’S everywhere. They were all getting ready. 20 years later I see that they are still getting ready. All over the internet I see people talking. Are there not 10 men left in America? 10 men willing to do what needs to be done? Voting will not do it. Bugging out will not do it. Only a cleansing will do it. The blood of PATRIOTS must be shed to WATER the TREE of LIBRITY. The oppressors and their lackeys must be targeted. It is the only solution left. Die FREE or MAYBE, JUST MAYBE ALSO LIVE FREE or DO NOTING and LIVE A SLAVE; the CHOICE IS TRULY YOURS!

        Keep the FAITH (Need at least 9 More MEN)

        • Think wed be outnumbered

          • @Kula: You are right, but its got to start some place. So far not even 10 yet.

            Keep the FAITH

        • Patience ……….the time is not conducive to revolution . the people are not suffering enough . Good leaders understand when the time is right for a take over , but the conditions do have to be in place for the people to be motivated to act or even listen . Our own revolution would not have occurred if the conditions were not right . It will happen , just be on guard for those like Lenin and Hitler , that would rally the masses in the wrong direction , this is also a possibility . Numbers and Charisma will decide what faction leads . This is one reason Ron Paul didnt stand a chance of getting elected , people follow charisma ……not ideals . History proves this over and over . Just sayin

        • Keep the faith ? its important , but not easy to do when things are going to shit all around you ……..but sometimes that is all you have .

      30. Let me tell you why they are practicing for this. When the S really does HTF, it will most likely be on a school day so that the school can enact a ‘shelter in place’ or ‘lock down’ that we all have gotten used to all for the ‘safety’ of our children. So now we have tanks rolling down Main Street and you are thinking of grabbing your kid and bugging out. Guess what? The school is locked down and they won’t let you check your kid out for his/her own safety. This is the scenario they have in mind. They don’t w3ant you bugging out until they have secured the area and basically they will hold your child hostage until they are ready to release them. Try ‘rescuing’ your child and lo and behold, YOU are the shooter they have been after. The media will make sure you and the other parents are demonized into some kind of militia that had to be dealt with to save untold numbers of children.
        I have instructed my son to find a way, any way out of the school and make his way stealthily home. Hope it never comes to it of course, but something is up as we all suspect and I wouldn’t put anything past this government.

        • Don’t forget the windows–if not locked(and I’d say that’s a no-no due to safety rules) climb out the suckers.
          Teachers WILL stay with the group and not go after one stray.

        • it all depends on the place , I cant see a small or even medium sized town attempting to do this , The local law enforcement has limited manpower , and would be easily lawed low by a group of armed parents . Not only that , you have to understand that a parent who actually loves their children will do anything they need to do , including kill to rescue a kidnaped child . Rural law enforcement is much closer to their communities than the shit city cops that dont know anybody in their neighborhood . Just sayin .

      31. Without having read the post or any of the comments:

        Attention Parents: We Are The Authorities. We have seized your children. For their safe keeping. Now parents … you will be docile obedient sheeple if you ever want to see your kids alive again. The nice young lieutenant in Civilian Affairs will see you soon.

      32. I drove by a high school here the other day and there were 8 squad cars lined up haphazardly on the front lawn. Maybe that’s what they were doing.

        Just kidding. 99% sure it was drug distribution related.

        • Cops are giving drugs now??

        • Thats one of the things that get me , you have 5 squad cars piled up all over the place because each cop has their own car , so it LOOKs like a big deal to everybody , when in fact thats only because it takes 5 cars to get 5 cops onto a scene instead of just 2 cars with a cop and his partner in each car like they used to do .

      33. My city has active shooter training and invite the media. There are numerous scenarios they run. Most are kid or kids with the columbine model. The angry parent is not one of them. This is a local story and agencies do not coordinate training nationally. They should but they don’t. This scenario is realistic and meant to make officers think a active shooter could be anyone or any group.

      34. After a long break, the major earthquakes are back. Like stated on comment # 1643987 on May 10, 8:38 AM on the 3D gun article, a major earthquake struck at very near Fiji in the Tonga region. I was beginning to doubt this system a bit. Still looking for the massive quake that WILL strike between Mexico to Chile. The earthquake in Tonga was the result of the African plate moving. The other plate boundary earthquakes aim it at the western hempishere. I am pretty sure the earthquake down in Central to South America will be between mid 7 to 9 range. There are so many energy signatures coming from this range that point to a very large shaker.

        • @ BI
          Hang in there. You’ve been right too many times to be doubting yourself. The weather service has been forecasting for decades and spent billions of dollars and they still get it wrong.
          Here you are one person with a globe and string trying to forecast something that people have been saying is impossible.
          Twenty years ago while in oceanography class I asked this question on the subject of earthquakes.
          If the leading edge of a plate moves (earthquake) wouldn’t the trailing edge also move?
          The professor was not able to answer.
          That wasn’t that long ago. I think it’s ammazing you’re even trying. Keep up the good work and don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes mother nature is unpredicable. Peace.

          • @ ed. Excellent point about the weather services, I have found that they allow computer forecasting to out think them too many times. I begin doubting this system when in the past 100% of the time something has hit in the Mexico to Chile area and still has not. The only thing I can logically figure out with this is that something so large is coming, that it is holding back and these signatures of energy are telling this on all these plates.

            After the action on the Scotia plate which looks like a pickle between the Antarctic plate and the South American plate, there is almost always something big after this, nothing. Then on the western borders of the Nazca plate that has created the Andes mountains and the Cocos plate that has created the mountain ranges in Central America have had earthquake after earthquake on it and again, nothing. This is something to worry about because the Cocos plate is one of the most quickest moving plates in the world.

            This system works for most everything else, and has worked well in the past down in Central and South America, but this time something is wrong. These plates down ther, if large enough, can affect the entire North American plate and cause it to twist so much that the New Madrid and the San Andreas can break. Perhaps this is what is happening like back in 1812 when Venezuela had a mega quake, the New Madrid broke 3 times, and the central San Andreas went. It just doesn’t add up from the past records and the plate movements themselves that something has not occurred down in Mexico to Chile, yet. It should have gone by April 30.

            It would seem that this system of forecating earthquakes has worked too well that this is a flaw this time. This is more less the doubt. Truly mega earthquakes down in this area only have the 8.8 in Chile a few years ago to record what happened beforehand, as the earthquake records of smaller precursors only go back to 1973 to check on. So maybe this time the lack of major activity here is because something mega is coming, it sure seems like this would indicate it. By the way thank you for the nice words.

            • BI, I’m not a scientist, but I get the USGS feed on earthquakes. I have watched over the past few years what happens in SA comes up to NA and either goes to the CA to Alaska route or goes to central usa. I have enjoyed your lessons to us on earthquakes and have learned a lot! Thanks!

              • @ patientmomma. This is the movement of the plates as the North American plate is drifting in a west to northwest direction. Faults and movements, both slow and quick as in earthquakes will most of the time follow this.

      35. This video make me think about a couple of things:

        1.) Last month we saw the MSNBC promos which had Melissa Harris Perry saying “we have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or that kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities…” Which downplays the importance of the parental role

        2.) Last week Obama spoke at the Ohio State graduation ceremony. In his speech he said “you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems. Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that tyranny always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices…” We all know that the President’s words are carefully chosen. Speechwriters wrote and rewrote and analyzed every inch of that speech and that statement, by itself, is troubling but if you dig a little deeper to really examine the wording, I think a pattern comes into light.
        A.)’grown up hearing voices’ — meaning the voices of your parents.
        B.)’those same voices also do their best to gum up the works’ — meaning your parents are in the way, causing trouble.
        C.) ‘you should reject those voices’ — meaning don’t listen to your parents, {implying that instead they should listen to what the government tells them}
        Which also downplays the importance of the parental role.

        Now, this video where a LEO says “We’ve been dealing with this (angry parents) across the country for years.” ???

        Ok, I suppose these three things are just coincidental and that they aren’t related but to me it just sends up a big red flag.

      36. H-o-m-e- s-c-h-o-o-l your kids
        Or else have them turn into little “Yes we can” chantrs

      37. steel nail Junker Shotgun loads –

        i was reloading some 12 gauge rounds last weekend and was thinking of what i’d use as a replacement for “00” when it ran out in a shtf scenario and i thought steel nails cut at sharpened angles into 3/10 of an inch lengths.

        then i decided to buy 2 more cheapo 12 gauge shotguns just for that purpose to be used solely as my steel nail junker shotguns.

        i wonder how they’ll do against a dhs gestapo’s bullet proof vest.

        here piggy piggy.


        • Try 3/8 gravel

        • Go to your local fabricators shop and grab their drop from their punch, ours had a mound of steel plugs,1/4-3/4″ literally about 60#

        • If your serious
          Buy a few hundred RSS sabbots from BP
          Mini lathe from grizzly
          Mill steel penetrators from 1/2″ rod stock
          Use RSS loads from the BP kermudgeon

          • Thank You @Kulafarmer you are Truly Appreciated.

            as is everyone else who posted the excellent tips Thank You @All.


        • Carpet tack strip nails.

        • Loading Notes and Warnings: All slug barrels are not created equal. Some slug barrels are made in a very light and thin style and bore diameters can differ significantly. If your slug barrel is thin (.040″ – .060″) at the muzzle or anywhere else (use a micrometer) it is recommended that you do not use that barrel with this component. (For instance, a very strong Mossberg slug barrel recently measured boasts .110″ thickness, almost three times the thickness of an imported lightweight slug barrel.)

          In all RSS loads it is important to press the bullet down into the bottom of the RSS. Do not assume the fold crimp process will accomplish this for you. The gas seal and sabot must be seated firmly upon the propellant. Likewise the FS12 gas seal is a tight fit and must be pressed down firmly to make positive contact with the powder and expel excess air from the propellant chamber.

        • primers and powder will run out before having something as a projectile for a shot gun


        ‘ Society creates its own Monsters !’

        someone just might want to remind the ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV GESTAPO DHS fat dounut eating steroid juiced lil’ blue piggies that at the end of shift … they go to their homes and families which are located in the same neighborhoods as the very people they are illegally unconstitutionally terrorizing .

        sure would be a shame if something was to happen to their homes and families when they weren’t there to protect them .

        there is a Limit to how much Police Powers Abuse a Law Abiding Citizen will take from an illegal zionist mafia government agency performing illegal operations .

        when that line is crossed once to many times … the lil’ blue piggies wont have a straw home anymore to return to at the end of shift .

        As the DHS Gestapo and PoPo lil’ blue piggies make their ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV MARTIAL LAW plans … so do We ~ ‘THE PEOPLE’ ~ make ours , AND THERE ARE MORE OF ‘US’ THAN YOU – REMEMBER THAT !


        THAT’S A PROMISE !


      39. Looks like a lot of people on this blog want to beat up on the cops, but if something happens bad , what do they do????. “CALL THE COPS”


        • cops are worthless .

          they don’t stop sheeit .

          they are are actually part of the problem not the solution .

          the police serve only one master and that is the banks .


        • I’m not going to let this go. Cops deal with the scum of society a lot of the time, This is called “Working the Streets” I spent 34 years in “EMERGENCY RESPONSE” not the LEO side. Next time you have a emergency “EMAIL MAC”

          • Can’t tell you the number of times I have seen you guys go all lights and sirens thru a light just to get to the restaurant before closing. I would trust Mac more than I would most of you guys.

          • Mac is way more reliable, more courtious too.

          • High noon:
            The fact that you have spent 34 years in “emergency response, not the LEO side” means absolutely NOTHING to me. If you were an EMT or firefighter I have much more respect for you than I do for cops. Why? Because firemen and EMT exist to save lives, cops exist to TO ENFORCE THE ORDERS OF GOVERNMENT; that’s why they are considered officers of the court.
            The problem I have with cops is simple; they no longer exhibit the capability, willingness , or desire to use common sense and decency when dealing with people. Their attitude has become one of: “I am not here to discuss anything, you will obey or get peppers sprayed, Tasered, or shot!” And when an officer is clearly out of line to the point where even his leaders admit it, do you see him publicly banished from the ranks never to wear a badge again? NO! Instead, his brothers in blue close ranks, avert their eyes and say NOTHING!
            So tell me sir, how do we respect people who choose to work for a
            Corrupt system, who routinely abuse Americans, and who refuse to excise the filth from their ranks?
            My choice is simple: if I’m hurt, I want EMT and firemen around, cops can stay away. If I am the victim of an attempted crime, the cops can come pick up the body because I will not dial 911 till after the fact.

        • Wrong..while in Wendy’s the topic on tv(which I don’t have at home)was the rescuer of those 3 girls.
          I asked Mr. Dementia (dh) what he would do if a girl came to his door demanding help because she had just escaped a house where she had been held for YEARS??!!??!!

          Would you kick the door in as he did?
          Know what Mr. Dementia said?? He’d call the cops!!!

          LIKE, “”WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY???”” GEEZE!!!

          I would definitely kick the door in also. But, ladies, ask your man to see where he stands with this issue.
          Very eye-opening!!

          • Update: In fairness to Mr. Dementia, he says he’d call the cops FIRST, then go rescue the others.
            Much better dear.

        • High Noon,

          There are waaay too many costumed tax parasites with guns and license to murder us at will.

          Twice in January someone tried to break into my home in the middle of the night. The alarm and other physical measures worked as designed. He/They never got in.

          Since I can defend myself I didn’t call the tax parasites either time.

          He never came back. Maybe because I taped a spent 6.8 cartridge [thus my name] to the inside of that window. That note said:

          You Try, You Die

          There are too many costumed tax parasites who think they are our masters. You, maybe?

      40. I’d like to see them do a drill in the woods against prior service oath keeper types. Don’t see that skirmish going well.

      41. I will drop any man from 1,000 yards, who tries to keep me from my children, wont hear it coming, everyone else, will shit their pants, and wait for the next one to drop…..

      42. @ WatchMan ~ Agreed. Hillary has blood on her hands.
        She and the entire administration are up to their eyeballs
        in lies. The American people know it too, and will not


        • Emily, not only today, but yesterday also, I read Hill and Ostupid were covering their asses by having Stevens killed because they were insuring facts about Stevens gun running to Syrian rebels AND their monetary kick backs for said treason would be hidden.
          Dead men don’t talk. Kidnapped ones do.

        • That is laughable. Nobody gives a damn about Benghazi. Nobody even knows what it is.

          • Educate the young and ignorant. That’s why WE tolerate you! 🙂

      43. I’m not sure why the police are doing such training but in many towns the local schools double as the emergency shelter for the whole town. We used the schools to shelter seniors after an ice storm knocked out all power. The thought of “shelter in place” for the kids during a storm or major event is kind of stupid for that shelter would quickly be taken over by officials for other purposes.

      44. ProPalestinian Ad Ignites AmeriKan Jew Fury

        the ugly truth about zog israel stealing the Palestinian peoples country , privately owned land , generations old owned homes and committing genocide in the millions against them all in the name of jew cult lies .

        * looks alot like whats happening right here in ZOG AmeriKa !



      45. As I send my youngest off to college this fall, I have already secured a secondary safe location for him ten miles away from college and have private housing off campus for his time there. Thank GOD he’s done with Public school. If he had not qualified for gifted and IB I never would have let him go at all. If I ever have grandbabies, they will be going to “Grandma’s Private School” in my living room.

        • Is he that same senator who wants a fed law to force his pals to wear six pointed yellow stars on all outer clothing so gentiles will see them comming?

        • They already know who you are. With real names we would all know when the revolution actually starts.
          For now I like it that it pisses them off. Screw them.

      46. While I have to admit that I’ve already run the scenario through my head about the school going into lockdown and not releasing my grandkids (I’m the only one who works in town, so I pick the kids up daily). But here’s my take on the scenario of the article – if it’s a mass shtf situation, the cops are gonna have more to handle than keeping the kids in school. Take my town, for instance: 2 large high public high schools and 2 private, 4 middle schools, and about 40 elementary schools. Just responding to the schools will require most of the police force (if there are armed parent trying to get their kids out). If the general public is rioting, if the power is or has gone out, if things are going downhill fast…most cops will be trying to get their OWN kids out of the schools and get home. And what about the teachers?? If they have kids of their own, does no one think they are going to be trying to get their own kids and head home?? I actually envision getting to the school and finding half of the teachers gone, and kids huddled in the rooms crying.

        I worry more about the “little” crisis, where they aren’t trying to maintain order in the general population but devovte all their manpower to hold the kids in the schools. Now THAT could get pretty tense, cuz I’d sure be one of the parents (or grandparents) there insisting they release my grandkids.

        • I agree with you regarding the all out SHTF scenario, TXGranny. And Happy Mother’s Day! In the here and now as you know, they are softening the public to accept frightening their kids with lock-down drills in schools. (To me, it’s the same as forced neighborhood evacuations for the slightest disturbance; pushing decent, regular people around by force.) 8 or so years ago, I went to the school to pick up my then very young son for a dentist appointment. They were having one of these ‘smack-down’ drills and I had to wait outside the school with the campus police dude till the drill was over. We were late for the appointment and I guess lucky we didn’t have to pay for a missed appointment and reschedule. They do this stuff one parent at a time, one school drill at a time, one tv promotion of this crap at a time. The psychology is to disregard a person’s humanity, jumping right into your “combative” face even if you’re just asking questions. We won’t be standing together as parents I’m afraid, because most will believe the “authorities” are protecting the kids, until they figure it out later. People generally need to take time in these situations to figure out what is going on and only a few feisty ones will jump to the conclusion that “the protectors” are actually up to something. It’s a very twisted dynamic, taking advantage of people who don’t make trouble and are simply uninformed. Sick way to treat people who don’t yet realize that even politely asking questions of law enforcement could get you a crack on the head with a nightstick.

        • Must SEE, mandatory viewing for ALL US citizens! & post this on our pages & spread it far & wide. Educate your kids.

      47. Eisen, i watched the video you posted the link for. Very interesting and confirms a lot of things I had heard over the years. Thanks for the link. All these cops who drink the federal koolaid and accept what DHS tells them as gospel without questioning any of it will pay dearly for their ignorance. Payback will be a bitch from hell.

      48. The only angry school scenario we need concern ourselves with is the government-controlled teaching curriculum programing students that the U.S. Constitution is a subversive document, conservatives are extremists, and socialism is a healthy alternative to the evils of free enterprise.

        Oh, and of course, the angry practice of armed agents of the government arresting students for displaying politically incorrect attire, or reciting politically incorrect speech.

        I’m afraid that the treasonous “law-enforcement” personnel who cater to the treasonous DHS dictates, have it completely backward. But saying so likely puts me on the “Angry Parents” list.

      49. Why Are Police Simulating Armed “Angry Parents” Laying Siege to Schools?



        ‘That’s why !’

        Don’t believe me ?! Look it up for yourself , its now ZOG FEDGOV Law !?

        so be kind to your children ‘LOVE EM’ HUG EM’ WHILE YOU STILL CAN’ soon they will be kidnapped by the ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV for ZOG RED COMMIE REPROGRAMMING !


      50. ‘Why Are Police Simulating “Angry Parents” Laying Siege to Schools?’. That should be a no brainer by now. The big question is… Why is Obama’s ugly snout posted on every fucking page on the internet, including this one? WTF is wrong with this picture?

      51. RE: Obama’s snout… Think about it folks the next time you see a documentary about North Korea where Kim Il Sung’s ugly snout is posted on every wall in every building in the entire country and all you sheeple have the audacity to say something like “look at all those foolish brainwashed people. They worship their leader so much they put his picture everywhere”. I’m getting sick and fucking tired of seeing obama adds pop up, scroll down or across or just sneer at me every time I go to read an interesting article. Why is his face posted on this site?

        • CrabbeNebulae,
          That is a funny phenomenon. It seems to be reminiscent of Soviet iconography and, indeed, some of the “art” that includes the annoying face of Obama actually resembles propaganda posters of Stalin, Mao, and others. Think of the “Obey Giant” art of a few years ago. It was actually an ironic take-off of the original “Andre the Giant…has a posse” graffiti done in Soviet style (but was it irony or was it intended to be taken straight up? Witness “Obey” icons of Angela Davis, Che Guevara, Noam Chomsky and, yes, the Obaminator himself!) .

      52. @BI: You are the Earthquake man! But may the BIG ONE never HAPPEN.

        Keep the FAITH

      53. After much thought and self-doubt, (on my part!), my husband and I are finally seriously considering homeschooling our children next year. We’re sorely disappointed in the quality of their education…think a third grader (going into fourth in August) who won’t capitalize proper nouns or use punctuation because the teacher is too overwhelmed/lazy/just doesn’t care to correct him and a first grade daughter who feels stupid every day because she’s having a hard time with math and the teacher is too busy yelling at the kids to help her. No, I don’t know Algebra 2 but I CAN spend the time with my kids to make sure they are really learning, and I can figure out advanced math when the time comes. But this pretty much put me over the edge confidence-wise. I’ve got my husband’s blessing to try homeschooling now…because yes, I’d be one of the parents trying anything to get my kids back home. May as well just have them there to begin with. God bless you all and stay vigilant!

        • Good for you Turtle Mama, from a former elementary public school teacher.

      54. FIRE city and state police NOW!!!!!! Before you have to fight them for your children. city and state police are not Constitutionally sactioned entities. When they or any other public servant violate their OATH, they have no reason to exist period. get rid of them NOW, or you will be fighting them for the lives of your children. YOU ARE WARNED!!!!! Share this comment.

      55. Why Are Police Simulating Armed “Angry Parents” Laying Siege to Schools?

        Meh, let them have their fun. The fed up citizens of this country are also training – for out of control LEO’s.

        Bring it.

      56. My theory: substitute “angry parents” with “radial Islamic terrorists”. A few years ago a team of Islamic terrorist attacked an elementary school in Russia. They gathered all the teachers and students into the gymnasium and installed explosives onto the basketball goals. It did not end well. I don’t see why it couldn’t happen here.

        Let’s layoff with the police bashing; most are decent, honorable people with a difficult job. I encourage people to ride with and get to know the officers patrolling their neighborhoods.

      57. School personnel…….bunch of rabid lunatics !

        • We already know the Cops are nuts !

      58. Hell, I guess I’ll start using life size cardboard backed posters of cops when I go target practice. Good for the goose……

      59. Having been in education for almost 10 years, I am no longer surprised the insanity I see from students, parents and even teachers/administration.

        I have seen parents hit principals, yell at teachers…last year I had to help pull a kid off an angry parent in the parking lot and keep that parent away from the kid while we called the cops. I have been teaching when the school has gone on lock down because of parents that were out of control on campus (often times showing up high and screaming). I have seen way too much child abuse and neglect. I have even had parents threaten me because I called CPS on them.

        The moral and ethical fabric of our country is unraveling at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of holding the door open and saying good morning. Don’t assume that because someone is a parent that they are a good, wholesome person wanting what is best for their child. I can guarantee you, and have met, an uncomfortable number of adults who couldn’t give a rats ass about what is best for their kid.

        In my opinion, the scenario of angry parents on campus with weapons is not only plausible, it will likely happen.

      60. If you idiots had a functioning brain cell, you would know why. One, the next evolution of school shootings will be a coordinated attack by multiple shooters. It will happen in time thanks to mentally unstable and deluded morons who give credibility to moronic sites such as this. Two, sites such as this discourage personal responsibility by laying all problems on government and thereby condone violent actions against government institutions and personnel. And like the cowards that you and your ilk are, these fuckheads go after soft targets. And schools, despite recent security improvements, are soft targets and really cannot be made much more secure.

        • You are one of those fucking dumbasses that like to listen to themselves talk. Ya know, the ones who don’t see the other person tying to break away from the conversation because the self deluded idiot thinks he is the center of the universe and anyone and everyone gives a shit about his worthless, out of touch opinion. You’re just a fucking troll with nothing important to add.

          • @ follicle. I don’t know if you are familiar with NC Jo(k)e(r)or not. Most of us here have decided to just collapse the comment and leave the psycho alone. Leading up to a few weeks ago this nut has been talking about all of us dying and not deserving to live. Joker in NC has firearms and one day is likely to go postal and harm a lot of inncoent people. Every now and then this dangerous character pops up and tries to rile everyone up, all the while massaging its rifles like Private Pyle in the movie Full Metal Jacket. Just look at the expression of Private Pyle on his eyes in that movie before he shot the drill sergeant. That is ncjoker and why we have thought it better to just ignore this lunatic.

            • Well said, BI. I apologize to the rest of the forum for my ‘French’ outburst and will also put nc-hoe on ignore.

      61. Mac, I would like to purchase some pre-1965 coins and silver eagles and since JM Buillion is often mentioned on this site, I thought I would go there… (at least they seem reputable and hopefully I won’t get duped).

        However, I don’t have a credit card. Do you know if you can use your debit card to purchase from them? And can you make the purchase by phone or do you have to do it over the Internet?

      62. Gotta love Florida’s concealed hand gun law!
        Retired Marine and former Pan Am/Delta Pilot John Lovell is Top Gun at Subway Sandwich Shop
        Plantation, Florida: Last week police were
        called to investigate an attempted armed robbery:
        The 71-year-old retired Marine who opened fire on two robbers at a Plantation, Florida, Subway shop late Wednesday, killing one and critically wounding the other, is described as John Lovell, a former helicopter pilot for two presidents. Mr. Lovell was a man of action Wednesday night.
        According to police, two masked gunmen came into the Subway 1949 N. Pine Rd. just after 11 p.m. There was a lone diner, Mr. Lovell, who was finishing his meal.
        After robbing the cashier, the two men attempted to shove Mr. Lovell into a bathroom and rob him as well. They got his money, but then Mr. Lovell pulled his handgun and opened fire. He shot one of the thieves in the head and chest and the other in the head.

        When police arrived, they found one of the men in the shop, K-9 Units found the other in the bushes of a nearby business. They also found cash strewn around the front of the sandwich shop, according to detective Robert Rettig of the Plantation Police Department.

        Both men were taken to the Broward General Medical Center, where one, Donicio Arrindell, 22, of North Lauderdale died. The other, 21-year-old Frederick Gadson of Fort Lauderdale is in critical but stable condition.

        Mr. Lovell was a pilot in the Marine Corps, flying former Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. He later worked as a pilot for Pan Am and Delta Airlines.

        He is not expected to be charged authorities said. ”He was in fear for his life,” Detective Rettig said, “These criminals ought to realize that most men in their 70’s have military backgrounds and aren’t intimidated by idiots.”

        Something tells me this old Marine wasn’t “in fear for his life”, even though his life was definitely at risk. The only thing he could be charged with is participating in an unfair fight. One 71-year young Marine against two punks. Two head shots and one center body mass shot.

        Outstanding shooting! That’ll teach them not to get between a Marine and his meal.

        Florida law allows eligible citizens to carry a concealed weapon.
        Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending?


      63. It is my opinion that this exercise is to train for the day a Beslan School incident occurs in our land and parents are arriving at schools with their guns in hand to enter the school to get their children and kill the terrorists. IMO

      64. @ Watchman and everyone else interested. Did some serious looking back to see what seissmic signs there was before that mega 8.8 down in Chile back 3 years ago. I think I have it figured out. The lead up to the 8.8 started first with the Haiti earthquake which moved that portion of the Caribbean plate towards the Cocos. The Cocos plate then had several earthquakes on the coast of Mexico on the western part of it indicating that the plate was undergoing stress with the Pacific plate.

        All the while the southern end of Nazca plate was being stressed out by movement up on the Mid Atlantic Ridge between Florida and Morocco which was having all sorts of activity. This caused a southeast pressure build up aimed right at Chile. The entire Scotia plate was also experiencing earthquakes from west to east, especially west towards the tip of Argentina.

        Now what is up now? Similar action is occurring right now, but has not had a large strike slip (horizontal) movement like in Haiti. It seems to again be targeting Mexico and maybe Peru and Ecuador/Columbia area this time around. The most disturbing is that there have been so many precursor earthquakes 16 out of 18 the past 6 weeks that in the past have hit Central to Southern America, especially Mexico. How big? I would say at least mid 7 to low 9 range.

        The big one for the U.S. MUST happen. At one point that pressure and the tension of the rock must give way. The longer the wait the more catastrophe it will be. The Cascadia fault is 25-50 years or so overdue. The northern part of the San Andreas is right now due. The Central part is 15-20 years overdue. The Southern part of San Andreas is overdue by at least 50 years and more like 100 years, and is very close to going. The New Madrid is overdue for a major quake of 6-7 point. For the really big one, the time frame is 200-350 years, which would mean right on time but it could be decades before it snaps like in 1812.

        The Cascadia fault should break 8.9-9.3 in size. The southern San Andreas alone would be high 7 to low 8. The southern portion WHEN it breaks should take the central part with it, 8.1-8.4. If it jumps the creep zone to the north you could get it up to high 8 to almost 9. If the whole thing went from Mexico to Oregon then you could get a mega earthquake of above 9 and destruction that would be off the scale in what people have seen. The San Andreas has recently been speculated to have a more propeller shape to it. If this is true it would mean more vertical movement on top of the horizontal movement when it breaks and add much to the size of it. A 8.4 could become a 8.8 for example. It will and must happen, and something to the south of the U.S. if strong enough could be the trigger to set everything off.

        • Be Informed; Did you see the collapsing of homes in Lakeside County,100 miles north of San francisco. Its close to old dormant volcano, Mt Kinocti they said that all of a sudden that the underground water is coming to the surface,and they don.t know if this the cause or not, do you think it could have something to do with a pre curser of an earthquake?? Thanks for your thoughts!!

          • Lets hope and pray its the ” big one ” that takes out the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia , I wont miss all those liberals and their fucked up ideas . Few will .

      65. Read the article and most comments. Was pretty upset/mad just thinking about anyone trying to withhold our grandchildren. Next thought was what daughter in law and I would do if such a thing ever happened and then a smile came to my face. We would take care of things without even calling my son or husband. NEVER mess with our kids.

      66. My husband’s college roommate was Air Force OSI (special investigations) for 20 years and now that he’s out of the military he works for a civilian contractor. His job? Making up war game scenarios involving crazy civilians, like this. The few times we’ve talked about it, he acts pretty cavalier, like he really doesn’t take it seriously, more like designing video games. He’s a strong military conservative, and a skeptical guy, but very mainstream in his thinking. I think he’s just a tool for those above him who really do want to plan for civilian lockdown.

      67. What I don’t understand is when a major catastophe actually strikes are the teachers going to want to sit in a locked down school with hundreds of children that are not their own when they are worrying about their own families and situations? Would they want that responsibility when the world is falling apart around them? When the electricity and water are non-functioning?

      68. BALTIMORE (CN) – Baltimore police beat up a woman and smashed her camera for filming them beating up a man, telling her: “You want to film something bitch? Film this!” the woman claims in court.
        Makia Smith sued the Baltimore Police Department, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts and police Officers Nathan Church, William Pilkerton, Jr., Nathan Ulmer and Kenneth Campbell in Federal Court.
        Smith claims she was stuck in stand-still rush hour traffic in northern Baltimore when she saw the defendant officers beating up and arresting a young man.
        She says pulled out her camera, stood on her car’s door sill and filmed the beating.
        “Officer Church saw plaintiff filming the beating and ran at her,” the complaint states. “He scared her and she sat back in her vehicle. As he ran at her, he yelled, ‘You want to film something bitch? Film this!’
        “Officer Church reached into plaintiff’s car and grabbed her telephone-camera out of her hand, threw it to the ground and destroyed it by smashing it with his foot.
        “Officer Church pulled plaintiff out of her car by her hair and beat her. Officers Pilkerton, Ulmer, and Campbell then ran to plaintiff’s car and joined Officer Church in beating plaintiff and arrested her using excessive force. At all times described herein, plaintiff’s two year old daughter witnessed her mother’s beating and arrest by the Officers, as did others.”
        Smith claims the cops taunted her and threatened to take her daughter away. She says they refused to call her mother to her toddler.
        “The officers, despite the pleas of plaintiff, refused to call plaintiff’s mother. Instead, the officers tormented plaintiff by telling her that her daughter would be taken from her and sent to Social Services. Seeing plaintiff’s distressful reaction to these tormenting threats, they continued,” the complaint states.
        Smith says claims she was arrested and taken to jail on bogus charges that she assaulted Church and resisted arrest.
        She claims Church failed to appear for her trial – twice, and prosecutors dropped the charges, but she had to hire a lawyer and spend more money recovering her impounded car.
        She claims Baltimore police have a history of illegally seizing and destroying recording devices.
        She seeks $1.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages for civil rights violations, conversion and infliction of emotional distress.
        She is represented by Christopher Lyon, with Astrachan Gunst Thomas.
        Police departments around the country have been accused of similar responses to citizens filming them abusing other people.

      69. As one other person said home school your kids if you can. I do and my three will be very prepared to be very resoursful and self reliant. “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him to fish feed him for a life time.” I am teaching my kids to fish, plus gardening, hunting, raising chickens, camping skills, foraging skills, first aid, herbs for medical use and as well as just being well educated, caring, responsable people. (Sorry if the spelling is off, not my strong suit. Don’t worry I wont be the one teaching spelling)

      70. Why is a police man with a gun guarding the door a bad idea, but a swat team with spray and pray full autos (along with traumatizing rehearsals for this) a good idea?

      71. When the SHTF, it won’t be these cops who oppress the people, it will be ideologically trained youth, Obama’s Red Shirt Brigades. They will be more than happy to pull triggers on ‘gramps’ and ‘granma’.

      72. Maybe they’re anticipating parents storming the schools aiming to take their kids back, after the state declares they are keeping them. I don’t have any kids in school, but I’ll have their six anyway.

      73. I have stated this many times. We R already living in a full blown police state. All the illegal laws passed, NDAA, & all of Obama’s excessive & illegal (not challenged by Congress) Executive Orders, have really placed up in Martial Law. It is my belief that WHEN they come to take our means to provide or & protect our families, they will do so while our children are in school. They will lay siege to the schools & take our children hostage. It has come out they are training for this. This is what our military does in many foreign nations. They will use our children’s safety & our fears for their lives (as they can NOT be trusted, should NEVER be trusted) to get people to evacuate their homes, turn over what ever they want & comply w/ what ever rounding up orders they have. They will abuse & use our children as a tool for this nefarious purpose.

      74. If the government is holding the children of parents, they can get the parents to acquiesce to things that they wouldn’t normally accept, such as turning in guns, ammo, food, or more likely getting chipped after some economic shattering event in order to get the sheep finally chipped.

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