Who Would Launch A Nuclear Strike First – The United States Or North Korea?

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    As everyone has undoubtedly witnessed over the past several weeks, the saber-rattling with North Korea, China, and the U.S. has intensified, and actions are being taken.  The THAAD missile defense system is being emplaced by the U.S. in South Korea.  The Japanese have been threatening to take matters into their own hands and conduct a first strike against North Korea.  The North Koreans for their part have been testing and launching medium-range ballistic missiles all this year.  The problem is twofold: North Korea has a dictator who perceives that he may very well soon be “deposed,” and the U.S. and its allies are shrinking the theatre and backing North Korea into a corner.

    “Death Ground,” as referred to by Sun Tzu in his classic work “The Art of War” is the condition where no alternative is left to an enemy…either he fights his way out of the situation, or he dies.  He is left with no avenue of escape or withdrawal (retreat).  All passages are blocked, and the beleaguering force is moving in.  He either fights to the death and wins, or remains in place and dies.  This condition is referred to as one for a general or commander to avoid at all costs, as the beleaguered have nothing to lose and the situation can spur them on to heroics that may very well reverse the course of the engagement.

    This is the situation that is being created in North Korea now.  With Quaddaffi, things were a lot simpler: Libya had no nuclear weapons.  North Korea does have nuclear weapons.  Kim Jong-Un has declared repeatedly through his state-run media that North Korea will strike first if it perceives the U.S. and its allies in the region to be preparing for an invasion or a regime change.  People such as this man do not step down or bow out: the game must be played out to the end.

    China has also been waiting in the wings to become involved.  At first the rhetoric was denouncing and disparaging of Un’s activities, publicly disagreeing with North Korean missile launches.  This was all for show.  China has enabled North Korea to continue along this path with repeated vetoes in the UN Security Council meetings: vetoes that have helped protect and insulate North Korea from sanctions and oversight.

    The reality of the situation is the U.S. desires a regime change, and by securing such and “reigning North Korea in,” either by capitulation or conquest, the U.S. sphere of influence in the area is increased.  Naturally, the Chinese and Russians see it as an encroachment into their spheres of influence.

    A tremendous amount of ambiguity exists about North Korea’s current capabilities.  The U.S. Secretary of Defense believes that we are heading in the direction of war with North Korea being more of a likelihood than just a possibility.  The danger in this lies in the fact that the true capabilities of North Korea are unknown and nebulous.  Just because those capabilities are disparaged doesn’t mean that North Korea doesn’t have them.  The UK Daily Mail put out a very comprehensive piece recently outlining the details to the potential for a major conflict to sprout there.  The article gives an “info graphic” that diagrams and lists the various capabilities of the nations involved.  One part is cited from that graphic here:

    “North Korea is believed to have nuclear warheads with explosive power of up to 40 kilotonnes each – over twice that of the Hiroshima bomb.  It’s believed all four missiles shown (right) could carry at least one device.  At present there is no conclusive evidence to suggest North Korea has produced a nuclear warhead or bomb capable of being delivered by these systems.”

    Note the language in the last sentence of the cited paragraph: “…no conclusive evidence…”

    What evidence is needed, a glowing crater that used to be a city?  The true experts all point to mounting evidence that North Korea can do exactly what it has said it can do.  Dr. Peter V. Pry, the foremost expert in the U.S. on the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) threat posed by other nations has stated that North Korea indeed has miniaturized a nuclear weapon.  Last September (as outlined in earlier articles) North Korea conducted a nuclear test that registered a 5.3 on the Richter scale and with an estimated strength between 20-30 kilotons.  North Korea also has two satellites in orbit that pass over the United States several times each day.  It is unknown if the satellites carry any type of miniaturized nuclear device.

    The recent assassination of Un’s half-brother was made to appear to be a bungling murder, when in fact is was a very carefully-contrived and sophisticated operation made to appear amateurish to hide the signature of Western intelligence services.  If he feels completely cornered and has nothing to lose, Un will take the risk.  Meanwhile relations with Russia are on “hold” and they are steadily deteriorating with China.  This flash point may be the catalyst to start a major conflict both in and out of the region.

    Regarding that previous test, the server for a firm that monitors North Korean nuclear activity with satellites had a complete shutdown of all their equipment for processing the satellite information.  That shutdown was a hack that occurred about 36 hours before the North Korean nuclear test.  If they were sophisticated enough to do that prior to their test, think what they could do if they wished to carry out an actual strike, in the theatre or outside of it.  Better to err on the side of caution and overestimate a potential enemy’s capabilities than to underestimate it and lose thousands, maybe even millions of lives.

    “A preemptive nuclear strike is not something the US has a monopoly on… If we see that the US would do it to us, we would do it first… We have the technology.”              

    Lee Yong-Pil, North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman, Home News, “N. Korea threatens US with preemptive nuke strike, promises more tests – N. Korean official,” 10/17/2016

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com


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      1. Nobody Cares, All Fake News. Nobody is going to launch any Nukes. Go back and write something interesting that makes a difference in people lives. Just more boring BS hype Fake news.

        • Don’t be so foolish little boy…arrogance is silly and just plum dumb old man!

        • The US already has done it. The only country to have ever used nukes against another.

          • IF the US thinks they can strike NK and only get Kim, then they will do it, and IF they think he will do a first strike on US or SK they will do it, so it will all depend on WHO is THINKING WHAT!! any way you cut it, it could start a world war.

            • Perhaps it is time for China to annex North Korea.

          • Made them surrender, didn’t it?

        • “A preemptive nuclear strike is not something the US has a monopoly on… If we see that the US would do it to us, we would do it first… We have the technology.”

          Not really.

          N Korea does not have the technology. The technology that N Korea has is still in its infancy. As an example, they really DO NOT have the ability to see it coming, at all.

          By the time they do see it, hundreds of cruise missiles and stealth bombers would be dropping precision bombs that would be exploding all around them.

          Its one thing to assassinate your family members when they think they are safe; or arrest a few Generals or Departments heads and shred them with anti-aircraft guns. Its another thing altogether for N Korea to defend against a US Stealth Attack.

          In the nuclear age only an adversary who initiates a MASSIVE nuclear surprise attack has a 50/50 chance in Hell of surviving the war: if it has a capable missile defense system.

          N Korea has no such system. 🙂

        • As fake as your moms dildo collection

      2. N.K would be first. We would launch a conventional strike first.

        Reasoning We have had several chance to us nukes but never did, I don’t see that changing.

        If hit by some turd by nukes that would make us look good, and then we would strike back with a total wipe out of any nation on the planet. Then we would be living in TSHTF life style.

        • I sincerely hope these weapons aren’t used at all.

          • Ditto,,, and if they are i hope im within the initial blast ring

            • Photos of Un show him smiling and cackling while surrounded by his staff– all solemn in their uniforms, stomachs growling and holding tiny paper notebooks with pens at the ready. I look at the photos and think, “Fat Boy, you’re skatin’ on thin ice.”

        • Anything they launched could be taken out 1960’s style in the boost stage. Google “Genie missile”.

          Not the most elegant solution but it is a solution.

          When fat boy’s only got 2 or 3 of the things, and when we got bases within 10 feet of em…

      3. I’ll answer with a question: Who is the only one to have ever used a nuke against another country?

        • A small scale event is alleged to have occurred, in Ukraine.

          NK is presumably a BRICS protectorate / slave labor colony.

        • Him
          Loose 250,000 or so Americans VS the Japanese or let the enemy loose 250,000? Your choice. Mine would be the enemy.

          I still think Un would use it first.


        • Him, The Israelis’ Used Nuclear Detonation bombs to bring down the Twin Towers on 9-11. You know the Israeli demolition bomb making company that rented an entire floor on the twin towers then vacated a month before the towers fell. How convenient. Oh and they also asked for their security deposit back like good little greedy Chews do.

          9/11 GROUND ZERO = NUCLEAR EVENT Twin Towers Vaporized WTC / Abby Martin

        • Pearl Harbor Avenged and better to use the Atomic Bombs for surrender than to lose upwards of 1 million people for an invasion. I will give you that the peace envoys to Japan DID NOT let that government know that they COULD KEEP their emperor. If they did then maybe the war would have ended some time sooner and the atomic bombs would have not been needed for a surrender. Something to think about.

      4. Americans are being groomed to fear North Korea. Just like they were swallowed the Mother of Fake News, the government’s story of 9/11 and WMDs. This wicked nation will answer for its deceit and shedding of innocent blood.

        ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

        • A country that spends nearly all of it’s money on it’s military while it’s citizens starve to death is something to be taken very seriously.

      5. I take the Korean situation VERY seriously. Sun Tzu’s advice to always give your enemy a way out is very sound, and I fear the day will come when Fat Kim will push the US/SK/Japan into a first strike. I take Dr. Pry’s warning about the NK EMP weapons in orbit above us very seriously. Get and read Dr. Arthur Bradley’s “Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms.” And act on his sound advice.

        A high ranking NK diplomat who defected last year warned that as soon as NK had nukes on missiles Fat Kim planned on a first strike. Now let us assume Dr. Pry is correct. And that before the first NK strike the US is warned that any retaliation will result in the orbiting EMP nukes being popped. Instant back to the 1880’s. Talk about “being between a rock and a hard place…”

      6. Just turn NK into a big parking lot.

      7. Who Would Launch A Nuclear Strike First – The United States Or North Korea?

        If there is any sort of conflict in that region … I’m willing to bet it won’t start out with Nukes being launched by either side.

        U.S. Gov will more than likely implement another “Gulf Of Tonkin” incident to push things into motion. It is pretty obvious the Pentagon is itching to start another conflict with somebody, regardless who it may be.

        Tired of these political psychopaths that rule amongst us!

        • FTW:


          It is no longer OUR government. The CHEWS, who are globalists do everything for their own reasons. It is to benefit these rich Chews who have power, and use that power to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else.

          Our economy is built on “The Monster From Jeckyll Island”. Until we slay that monster, we will have war after war.


          • Great book and everyone should read it ! Your a racist though u.s best country in world because of its diversity the khazarian luciferians ( Rothschild) etc aren’t your typical bagel eaters.

            • Lolong:

              The cliche about diversity being a strength is a lie. One need only study history to learn that whenever and wherever different cultures and races commingle, there is tension leading to violence. Diversity weakens all except that one ethnic group, Chews, whose plans have been clearly stated that they are to be the masters over the entire world. The rest of the world is to fuse into one mongrelized inferior race of slaves. The reason whites are being targeted for extinction is to keep them from competing for power. The difference between white supremacy and Chew supremacy is slavery. Whites are against slavery. Chews are the champions of the slave trade.


              • Slavery is working for miserly gentiles. I have worked for both sides. Gentiles are above and
                beyond the worst slave masters. And they pay less. And treat you worse. Thats my story
                and I’m sticking with it, because I lived it. Never seen a survivalist/ pepper website with
                so many hate mongering anti-semite pricks. Making ethnic jokes is one thing, hating is
                another. I’m done here. Stew in your own hate filled misery. Everything is some kind of
                Khazarian plot with the haters on this site. Fools suffer much.

                • since you’re Anonymous, (how original BTW) how will we know that you’re really done here?
                  B of Ca speaks the truth and it’s obvious you can’t handle it.
                  So, do go away.

                  • I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee. GOD

          • A nuclear strike does not benefit anyone. Dumb post.

          • Yes i hear you loud and clear

            Good to hear fuckerfellow died yesterday and now we just need to wait for kissenger to pop his clogs

      8. Of which we are aware, noone has established any redundantly-simple terms, with dates attached.

        Either, you’re not a part of this discussion, or they’re not really having one.

      9. To coin Hillarys phrase

        “What difference at this point would it make?”

      10. To coin a Hillary phrase

        “At this point what difference would it make?”

      11. I don’t think anyone in NK can fart without the NSA, CIA, MI 5&6 along with a few others knowing it. If they drawl back their fist an unseen B2 will PGM the missile launcher with a conventional warhead. Minuets before impact China would be informed of the extremely selective strike. The reality is China understands the ramifications of a nuclear strike upon the US and how it can very adversely effect them. I have little doubt that China would actually help us in some capacity, intelligence most likely, with plausible deniability. They will rant and rave for public consumption, theirs and NKs.

      12. Again ,, Theater

        how many Heads of State were arrested and convicted for child trafficking and pedophilia?

        NONE .. exactly the game they are playing , and by watching this and not them,, they can continue to steal your kids and do what they want to them

        when is enough enough?.. when is some Pedo Politician going to go poof on his front porch?

        • Enemy of The State:

          Making people go puff can be counter productive.

          Instead there are non-violent tactics which are powerful and don’t give an excuse for more gun laws.

          A woman who stays home with her children and educates them, births at home, and breast feeds is doing more to disrupt the systems plans than offing a dozen sleazy politicians.

          What we need is to get the people worked up enough to change their own lives in ways that make these people irrelevant.

          We need to close down Child Protective Services. Refuse vaccinations and flu shots. Demand repeal of the 1965 immigration Act. The laws changing will probably be ignored. Having your baby at home so that the sick fucks don’t inject poison into them is within your power, not theirs, for now. The reason CPS needs to be shut down is because they can use it to get you to comply with their campaign to poison your children, make them sterile, weak, and retarded.


          • Aren’t you the imbecile that claimed Putin was a double agent “chew”. That makes you kind of retarded, doesn’t it? Zero credibility.

      13. The Norks will fire first no matter if they do or not. The US will make it look like they did even if they don’t.

      14. The world owes the USA two red hot nukes for what they did to Japan and before you say it was needed to end the war fast and save lives then NK can say the same too since it’s the USA thats looking for trouble well away from home.

        Bankers own the USA not americans because they all turned into chickens that will become roast chickens if they don’t man up and deal with there hidden banker masters.

        • Apparently you forgot Pearl Harbor. They had it coming and they got it. I damn sure don’t have any sympathy for them bastards.

          • “They” meaning the Nips.

        • I for one am proud that we developed atomic weapons first and that we had the stones to use them. The Japs had it coming. They were the ISIS of their day along with NAZI Germany. The krauts were already defeated when we tested the first A-bomb at Alamogordo so they got a pass.

        • Mr Smith

          Bankers do own the USA. What that has to do with swiftly ending WWII is beyond me. The US didn’t have thousands of POWs dying from mistreatment as Japan did in August 1945 and the US holds no NK POWs now.

          It took not one but two A bombs to get Japan to call it quits.

      15. Nuke’em all & let Buddah sort’em out!

      16. Send over Dennis Rodman!!!!

      17. North Korea is not going to nuke the US. It is, of course, possible NK would attack SK and/or Japan with a nuke. Not good. Best guess in that scenario? China invades NK and topples the regime to keep US troops off its doorstep. Then, of course, we have to wonder if that would lead to renewed efforts at “reunification,” but that’s a separate question.

      18. DPRK “WILL” strike with nukes first, for it is the only chance they have for any semblance of success. This is VERY similar to the times leading up to Pearl Harbor by the Japs, and DPRK knows this and has been planning for that very day. They have and are telling, warning, everyone of exactly what they will do, and they mean it.

        Just like Hitler told the world what his plans were, but most did not take him seriously. A similar mistake is about to happen, but this time, with nuclear weapons that “can” destroy much of the US forces in the area. Then, S.K. will see much destruction.

        Can DPRK win this war, most likely not, but they can inflict massive causalities, economic disaster, and do severe harm to the US forces opening the way for China and/or Russia to make deeper moves. And that may be the Chinese idea of letting their dog off the chain.

      19. China imediately came to the defense of Kim Jun Enough already! Even before Trump commented about North Korean nuclear threats. This tells me North Korea is a total sock puppet of China.

        Puppets have no standing, puppets are to be ignored.

        North Korea isn’t going to nuke anyone without China’s explicit direction. If North Korea so much as dropped an old radioactive smoke detector on anyone, China should be nuked first, second, third and then North Korea.

        I’m certain SAC missile command has a China screwed up just one too many times scenario and must be nuked solution already planned out. Plus side, the entire US debt will be instantly canceled!

      20. The question was, who would nuke first, the US or NK? I suggested that the US government would strike first because they were the only ones to ever use a nuke in a war. Period. I make no argument for or against the use of the nuke in WW2.

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