WHO Warns: There’s A “Real Risk” Monkeypox Will Become “Established” Outside Africa

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Headline News | 7 comments

Monkeypox is an established endemic disease on the African continent. However, the World Health Organization is now warning that it could become well established outside of Africa.

The fear-mongering continues, even though globally there are only around 1000 cases of the monkeypox. The rulers have also started to vaccinate the public for the disease too as they “warn” it could be airborne too, so we should all mask up again.

The never-ending insistence that we cover our faces is getting old and if there’s something severe in the future that we actually might need a mask for, people will be tired of being lied to and many won’t do it.

“The risk of monkeypox becoming established in non-endemic countries is real,” he said at a briefing in Geneva.

Since the start of May, the WHO has confirmed more than 1,000 monkeypox cases across 29 countries outside West and Central Africa, where the virus is endemic. If outbreaks aren’t contained and the virus does gain a foothold in new regions, it could simmer indefinitely at low levels. It’s also possible cases would rise to epidemic proportions in some places, meaning large numbers of people would get sick in a short time frame.

“As you keep moving forward into the future and more and more individuals become infected, you do start to worry,” said Amira Albert Roess, a professor of global health and epidemiology at George Mason University. “Is this going to become something that is just going to keep on moving from person to person and then we will not be able to control it?”

“This is one of the rare diseases in which you can vaccinate somebody after they’ve been infected, before they have symptoms, and block the disease,” said Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

U.S. Rulers Orders $119 Million Worth of Monkeypox Vaccine

It always comes back to vaccines. There is an ongoing and obvious desperate push to get shots in as many human beings as possible.

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    1. NoVaxCidentForMe


    2. Warning

      I recently read an article
      somewhere (can’t remember
      where) and they were
      warning people who continue
      getting “vaccines” to stop
      getting the jabs. They said
      that as many more people
      die from the jabs, there will
      be some type of attempt to
      cover it up by announcing
      some new contagious
      disease (not monkeypox)
      which everyone will need to
      be jabbed for and that these
      jabs will contain Ricin which
      is one of the most deadly
      toxins and that will be how
      they truly plan on getting
      rid of everyone. The article
      mentioned that the alleged
      covid plandemic was just a
      test run to see how many
      people and how quickly they
      could convince them to get
      a life saving “vaccine” .
      Apparently, TPTB have
      planned all of this out way in
      advance and whatever that
      alleged new disease they
      announce in the future will
      be the reason for their new
      “vaccine” which will be worse
      than the one for covid and
      will have an almost 100
      percent fatality rate for
      anyone foolish enough
      to take it. It’s just something
      I read and just thought I’d
      let you folks know about it.

    3. Anonymous

      Quit being a sexual deviant and hanging out with sexual deviants and you eliminate almost all the risk of catching it.

      But I doubt that idea will become promoted by the MSM and Leftist political groups.

      As for airborne? I doubt it, especially if you watch out for what kind of people you congregate with.

    4. Camille

      Well, when you engineer a virus and make it into a bioweapon, then release it all over the world, it will become “established”. Did you guys use your crystal ball for that ‘prediction’? Pathetic!

    5. Spider25

      I warn that globalist groups such as the WHO want to destroy our humanity and civilization as we know it. You must tell them to fuck off and ram a stake through these control freaks hearts. It’s the only way. I Will not live among tyranny that dictates my life. I will give my life before I ever take the mRNA poison JAb!
      FOAD WEF SCUM and elites that seek to control our lives!

    6. Jocko

      WHO Warns: There’s A “Real Risk” Monkeypox Will Become “Established” Outside Africa…. In A Wuhan China Virus Lab

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