WHO Warning: “Too Many Variants” Circulating Could Be A “Cause For Concern”

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    The World Health Organization’s Maria Van Kerkhove said that the next COVID variant could be a cause for concern, as too many variants are currently in circulation.  The uncertainty of what the next COVID variant could remain a significant cause of concern for the WHO.

    “We need to plan for different kinds of scenarios,” Van Kerkhove said.  She also pointed out that Omicron is currently dominant worldwide, adding that the WHO is currently tracking sublineages and sister lineages of the variant – BA.4, BA.5, BA.2.12.1.

    The solution, according to the rulers, is the “vaccine.” Yet, in the age of the vaccine, people are still getting sick and being hospitalized and dying of the disease they were injected against. Other “health officials” have also stated that the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission or therefore, infection.

    CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

    Meanwhile, on Tuesday WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus asserted that a dramatic drop in testing for Covid-19 has left the world blind to the virus’s continuing rampage and its potentially dangerous mutations. So, because people have decided to live with getting a cold and are no longer getting tested when they feel perfectly fine, we have a problem because they can’t panic people using “cases” into getting a shot. Surely, when the time comes, they will invent numbers and roll out yet another testing scheme to convince the public they need to be slaves in order to never get a cold again.

    Ghebreysus also warned that the declining numbers could also be a result of significant cuts in testing for the virus, according to a report by LiveMint. “This makes us increasingly blind to patterns of transmission and evolution,” Tedros said adding, “When it comes to a deadly virus, ignorance is not bliss.”

    “This virus won’t go away just because countries stop looking for it,” Tedros said, pointing out that “it is still spreading, it is still changing, and it is still killing.”

    All of this continued insistence on keeping this “virus” in the headlines is enough to make anyone wonder what they have in store for us next.


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      1. Too many elites circling there fixed it for you!

      2. These are weapons of mass destruction, used by mass murderers. Spurred on by foreign crap cartels , thinking to control the planet. We see what their ” leadership ” has caused. We withdraw our consent to be ruled by worthless toilet paper smears like you!

      3. I think most of us know by
        now that the only thing
        “circulating” are the lies
        by that filthy criminal group
        known as the WHO.

      4. Wickedly

      5. So many of us are still
        around after NOT wearing
        masks, NOT practicing
        social distancing, NOT
        living in fear of others, NOT
        being injecticided with NOT
        a vaccine, and basically NOT
        changing our day to day
        routine in any way, shape
        or form. Can anyone explain
        how we are all still alive with
        the “deadliest virus” allegedly
        taking everyone down?
        I think the explanation is
        quite obvious – There is no
        new virus. Never was.
        I await a response to
        my question by the oh so
        intelligent Darwin in 3 – 2 – 1…

        • You obviously do not know any doctors, nurses, EMTs, or anyone who has died from COVID. I know several of each of the above. I would LOVE to watch you tell the families of the 7 people I know who have died from COVID that COVID never existed. And once you came to, picked up all of your teeth, and changed into some clean undies, I would LOVE for you to catch that hoax which hasn’t killed anyone.

          I don’t know how you have managed to run from COVID so far, but you cannot hide. We are due for one final devastating variant, and I truly hope you find out first hand what COVID is all about. Get fucked.

          Let’s Go Covid!

          • Vitamins will knock COVID out in a few days moron. People were sent home to die and given nothing. Why did they ban ivermectin? Ben used for 40 years and people respond well too it. Countless stories of people in the hospital having ivermectin smuggled in to them and there magically cured bozo. With no alternative treatments the government cannot have the emergency health authorization in place taking away billions in big pharma profits. Wake up and smell what your gubmint is cooking fool.
            BTW I worked the entire scamdemic in public and not a sniffle. Elderberry zinc, C D E MAGNESIUM AND GREEN TEA DO WONDERS FOR YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!

      6. WHO cares what they think!!!

      7. WHO wants to control the world. The UN will vote to give WHO dominance over our constitution this May and shut us down like China’s depopulation home prisons. Fauci was saying no US court will be able to overturn their decisions of lockdowns and death vaccinations.

        If this happens, and our F’kd up Senate approves it with a majority vote, hell will break lose. You see all these distractions while you look away and then they destroy us when no one is looking.

      8. I knew the virus was over hyped when I noticed the following:

        1) The police never wore masks because their union stood up to the dictates
        2) Blacks were left to do whatever they wanted: riot, congregate, refuse to wear masks
        3) Hospitals never told us the truth about who was actually in there
        4) Basic public health information was never promoted (take vitamin D, lose weight, eat your veggies, wash, etc.)

        The virus just fits so many other agendas and that’s what it is all about.

        • I have a feeling it also distracts attention from so many other agendas -actually appendages of the master agenda- so they can advance without any opposition slowing their progress.

          There’s a bigger picture involved, IMO.

        • @Frank Thoughts, you are
          absolutely correct.
          Number 4 on your list
          really nailed it home
          for me.

        • Absolutely every single point you tried to make is bullshit. How is it possible for someone to be so completely misinformed!? Is it blind ignorance? Is it a mental disorder or a learning disability? Whatever it is, Frank needs some help. Frank, there are mental healthcare professionals who can help.

      9. The WHO has zero authority, as an unelected world paid big pharma shill organization and does not rule my day! I refuse to be governed by such a criminal organization that the genocidal maniac uncle Tedros heads and was appointed by Billy Goat Gates! FOAD Globalists!

      10. I smell another lockdown ..

      11. And the elites will never succumb to these pestilences, only the rest of us. Some thing is wrong with this picture.

        • Howdy, Lorraine! Would’ya consider any of these lovely people “elites”? How bout a recap of Darwin Award Winners…

          Darwin Award Winners:

          ? Bob Enyart – Denver pastor and RW radio host, DEAD from Covid. This piece of shit made fun of AIDS victims as well.
          ? Caleb Wallace – Anti-vax, anti-mask rally organizer, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Phil Valentine – RW radio host, anti-vax and anti-mask Covid denier, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Dick Farrell – RW radio host, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Robert David Steele – QAnon sh!thead, anti-vaxxer, and former Federal Spook, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Marc Bernier – RW radio host, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Irvin Baxter – preacher who said sex out of wedlock causes coronavirus, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Pressley Stutts – Republican “leader” who fought against vaccinations, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Veronica Wolski – QAnon sh!thead and Ivermectin lover, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Gregg Prentice – Florida “election integrity” official who railed against Covid mandates, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Dusty and Tristan Graham – Anti-vax “Alabama Picker” couple who made numerous social media posts and videos decrying vaccines and dismissing the virus, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Bishop Gerald Glenn – Evangelical nutjob who said “god is bigger than Covid”, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Marcus Lamb – Anti-vax televangelist (aka, jesus grifter), DEAD from Covid.
          ? Doug Ericksen – Republican state senator who led efforts to oppose Washington State’s Covid-19 emergency orders and vaccine mandates, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Maurizio Buratti – Grease monkey, frequent radio talkshow caller, and Self-proclaimed “Plague Spreader”, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Kelly Ernby – Orange County (CA) Deputy District Attorney who opposed vaccine mandates and spoke out against them at a Turning Point USA rally in December, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Doug Kuzma – Anti-mask, anti-vax, Covid conspiracy nutjob podcaster, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Bogdanoff Twins – Freaky looking monsters and Nobel Prize thieves, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Kelly Canon – Anti-vax idiot who contracted Covid from at an anti-vax symposium, DEAD from Covid
          ? Cirsten Weldon – QAnon sh!thead who said, “Only idiots get vaccinated”, DEAD from Covid
          ? Hana Horka – Un-vaxxed Czech singer who got Covid on purpose, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Meat Loaf – Terrible “rockstar” who rallied against max mandates, DEAD from Covid.
          ? Robert LaMay – Washington State Trooper who quit the force over Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate, DEAD from Covid.

          • You know what I see in that list of people dead from “covid”, a hit list. People who spoke out and who could be made an example of. If you really look at why some folks are dying, there certainly could be other explanations. 5G for one. What about the poisons (they call them Drugs) they are giving people, like Remdisaveer(sorry can’t spell it) that has a super high toxicity rate? I has probably killed more people than we know about. I have read quite a few of the “isolation” studies about covid and they are full of crap. What they call science is just pure crap. I know folks are dying and getting sick, but we need to really look at the true causes, because I don’t think it is a virus.

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