WHO Seeks To Pass Pandemic Treaty To Implement Surveillance and Control Systems Worldwide

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    This article was originally published by Lance D. Johnson at Natural News under the title: By Month’s End, WHO Seeks To Pass Orwellian Pandemic Treaty To Implement Algorithmic Surveillance and Control Systems Worldwide

    The World Health Organization (WHO) body of experts are set to convene in Geneva, Switzerland, at their 77th World Health Assembly from May 27 to June 1, 2024. At the assembly, WHO’s member countries will cast their votes on the final version of the agency’s “pandemic agreement.”

    This agreement will give the beleaguered agency more power over sovereign nations, including the power to order targeted lockdowns and mitigation measures. The agreement will allow a global body of experts to use surveillance tools and implement broader mandates for PCR testing, masks, so-called vaccines and other countermeasures. Right now WHO is developing a standardized algorithm to quantify airborne transmission risk to dictate public policies on human interactions.

    WHO’s psychotic ARIA tool doubles down on germaphobia, analyzes aerosols and micromanages human activity

    WHO is currently collaborating with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) to develop an online tool [PDF] that will evaluate and predict risks associated with future airborne virus transmission across various public and private settings. This surveillance tool, named ARIA, will model the hypothetical spread of airborne pathogens in indoor settings, so WHO can craft precise directives on mitigation measures for business owners, households, healthcare centers and others indoor venues.

    According to WHO, ARIA was developed by “a global group of experts” who conducted a “comprehensive review of the scientific literature.” Again and again, we are told to “trust the experts” – even though WHO’s guidance has caused significant damage to families, economies and livelihoods worldwide.

    The ARIA tool is a psychotic doubling down of the germaphobia, social distancing, human isolation and mental illness behavioral training that took place during the covid-19 scandal. In their formulas, the WHO experts break down the “expiratory activity” of talking, speaking, singing and shouting, and analyze its impact on spreading viruses. The experts discuss issues like “volumetric particle emission concentration” and the “gravitational settlement” of aerosol particles from people who are sitting and/or standing. According to the tool, controlling household size and ensuring societal compliance with mask mandates is important for determining spread.

    From ARIA: “In the absence of mask mandates, the compliance of face coverings is an important parameter, hence the exact quantification of the risk reduction provided by the use of face coverings is highly dependent on the level of compliance.”

    The tool was obviously designed by people who would be better off living their paranoid lives isolated in a padded room. The tool delves into the concept of “particle deposition” which they claim “is primarily governed by the mechanisms of inertial impaction, gravitational sedimentation, Brownian diffusion, and, to a lesser extent, by turbulence, electrostatic precipitation, and interception.”

    WHO planning more pandemics, weaponizing science and propaganda to control people and depopulate Earth

    The WHO “experts” lay out a formula to understand how unseen particles in the air are influenced by various factors that they concocted. In their mentally insane attempt to govern the particles in the air – and in their wild delusion that they can somehow control viruses – the WHO experts seek to collect data on people, surveil and control every human activity. As they collect this data, they will only seek to micromanage every last particle in the air and dictate how people interact with those particles for the collective “good of all.”

    WHO’s ARIA tool is beyond Orwellian. Behind all the formulas and “science” is a global technocracy that seeks to control people, to strip individuals of autonomy and threaten their lives at every turn.

    Jeremy Farrar, WHO Chief Scientist, is certain that this tool will bring clarity for addressing future pandemics:

    Together with a very diverse range of leading public health agencies and experts across multiple disciplines, we are pleased to have been able to address this complex and timely issue and reach a consensus. The agreed terminology for pathogens that transmit through the air will help set a new path for research agendas and implementation of public health interventions to identify, communicate and respond to existing and new pathogens.

    The WHO has proven to be a totalitarian nightmare of a bureaucracy. Without accountability and without a complete repudiation of their tactics, we will see more pandemic propaganda and societal controls in the near future, coupled with more predatory “vaccine” depopulation efforts. We’re all involved in this war, whether we like it or not, so we must get used to being called “anti-science” and an “anti-vaxxer.” We must be prepared to say NO to all breaches of liberty and sanity, and be willing to defend our lives and our families at all costs.


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