WHO Says We Won’t Return To “Normal” After The Vaccine Is Released

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 5 comments

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    If you’re waiting for the vaccine to save you so you can return to “normal,” you’re going to be disappointed. The World Health Organization says that a coronavirus vaccine won’t be enough, they demand your enslavement to the New World Order as well.

    Anyone with two brain cells to rub together understands that this is not about health or a virus. This is about control of humanity permanently.  The “two-tier” New World Order society in which a handful are the wealthy masters and the vast majority of the public are slaves existing only to serve is underway.

    They Moved The Goalposts…AGAIN!: “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”

    WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a news conference from the agency’s Geneva headquarters that a vaccine is a “vital tool,” but, “at the same time, we will not, we cannot go back to the way things were.” That means that they intend to push this scamdemic for as long as possible to ensnare as many as they can into the New World Order system of slavery and control.

    If you still believe this will be over after the election, you don’t understand what’s going on, and the lack of understanding is getting pitiful. The information is out there, and if you refuse to see it in exchange for participation in the left-right paradigm illusion, you will be one of the slaves in the New World Order, a life I wish on no one.

    This ends when we say it does. As soon as we stop asking for permission to be free.  Don’t call your congressmen, they don’t care. Don’t beg in the form of protests, they don’t care.  Just live freely, and support those against the violence and aggression of the New World Order if you see it.  We have to stand together, and that’s the solution. It’s the only solution.

    Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said it’s “very important” for the public to learn “how to live with this virus,” according to a report by CNBCThat will help “continue to suppress transmission, identify cases and clusters that pop up so we can quickly put those out and minimize as many deaths as possible,” she said. “In doing so, some countries may need to implement some measures again.” 

    They want MORE lockdowns, economic terrorism, and compliance with their draconian commands in order to push this.  They won’t stop. We shouldn’t either. Resolve to be free.  Know that no human has any authority over any other human no matter what laws are written on paper or what orders are given. We are born free, and knowing that is the biggest threat to the system.

    “A slave cannot be freed, save he do it himself. Nor can you enslave a free man; the very most you can do is kill him!” Robert A. Heinlein


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      1. I’ve been at the OLD normal ever since this all started and haven’t changed. Fauci himself has admitted there’s no guarantee any vaccine will work. I don’t take any vaccines and I don’t even get tested. End of story..

      2. I’m not waiting for a vax. Every time I go out, I blast that old Police song on my boom box (OK boomer):

        Don’t stand so
        Don’t stand so
        Don’t stand so close to me

        Just shut up, put yer mask over yer nose, and move back to a safe distance, Karen. Dang tyrants, anyway…

      3. I went to two banks today–one to open a checking account to cash a large cash out check from a re-fi.
        They wouldn’t let me unless my husband was on the check acct.
        Whole point was to get away from any dealings he has –he’s irresponsible and has a form of dementia.
        When I kept the appt, I was given a mask, put it on for 3 seconds, threw it on the desk when I entered–nothing was said.
        Second bank asked questions in parking lot–spent lots of time inside, finally agreed to cash check at husband’s bank.
        No mask–no one said a word there either.
        By the way, the check was written on an attorney’s account in Bowling Green–Citizens First Bank; I didn’t have an account there, so they wanted .02% of a $10,862 check and it was their check…How about that??? I pay you to give me my money from your bank?

        F U and we spent 3 hours at home getting it cashed.
        And now, 4 people in husband’s bank know we have large amt. of cash in our house.

      4. Back in March, when this whole NWO agenda started to publicly rear its ugly head, the “pandemic” narrative was shoved down our throats all day long on a daily basis and the first restrictive measures started to be quickly put in place. Literally during the first week, not later, the concept that life would never get back to normal was already started to be repeated over and over by MSM. Downright fishy. If the pandemic had been accidental and genuine, not man made as it actually is, this message would not have been part of the official narrative. Then, the message evolved to: life will not get back to normal until we get a vaccine. In Canada, Trudeau repeated that line every single day during his covid-19 morning show, that is, his daily press briefings in the presence of carefully chosen journalists who, it was made sure, would never ask a single legimate, relevant, pertinent question. Now, the message has finally and logically evolved to the fact that life will never get back to normal no matter what. Of course it won’t. That’s the whole point of the NWO agenda which aims to establish total and absolute control of hundreds of millions of people in order to commit global genocide through, among other measures, mandatory vaccination which will no doubt be administered repeatedly. Everywhere, there is a minority who understands what is really going on but the silent majority (the fuckin’ sheeple) does not and will not since they unquestionably swallow the propaganda and, consequently, unquestionably complies. I have the greatest contempt for the silent majority who is not only mute but is deaf and blind as well. The NWO members knows damn well they can rely on that deplorable fact to succeed in puling off their evil/satanic agenda.

      5. There are some researchers, medical experts, and scientists saying the RNA in the covid virus is identical to that found in humans. If so, this means ONLY one thing, this virus was manufactured. The virus is being used to do exactly what it was designed to do, it is being utilized as a tool for more control.
        The “authorities” are actually making things worse by their mandated methods to deal with this “pandemic”. It appears the more the people comply with official measures the worse things get. We are told wearing a mask, social distancing (an absurd contrived phrase), lockdowns, and avoiding all unnecessary contact would take care of it. Now we are being threatened with a second and much longer and stricter lockdown, mandatory vaccinations, fines and imprisonment, etc. The “experts” in the gov’t are saying the gov’t may need to impose a variety of measures indefinitely because the virus will be with us forever.
        Officialdom is taking its orders for this virus from big pharma, this is fascism, fascism is a merger of corporate and official power for their mutual benefit. Simply stated, gov’t acquires more control, pharma makes untold profit from vaccines and other procedures. It’s a win-win for them, gov’t holds captive and controls local populations and mandates wide-spread vaccinations, and big pharma receives legal immunity from law suits that may harm people.
        The US is a 1st world country, yet we have what has become a prohibitively expensive medical system. Our systems is not built for curing and healing, it is built for profit, and gov’t has enabled this. They will stretch this covid thing in some form for years, there’s too much power to grab and too much profit to make.
        The way to undo this is mass refusal and non-compliance of citizens, officialdom may threaten but it comes to nothing if enough people just says NO.

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