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    WHO Says It Is Investigating 2 More Omicron Subvariants As Biden Extends National Emergency

    Mac Slavo
    April 14th, 2022
    Comments (15)

    The World Health Organization (WHO) claims it is investigating two more omicron subvariants. This news comes as Joe Biden extends the national emergency another 90 days.

    The WHO said it will investigate the dozens of cases of the new omicron subvariants, BA.4 and BA.5, according to a report by Reuters. It has already been tracking BA.1 and BA.2, which have become dominant strains of COVID-19, and has allegedly already been looking at BA.1.1 and BA.3 subvariants, too.

    There have been multiple cases of BA.4 found in South Africa, Denmark, Botswana, Scotland, and England, according to New York Post. The WHO said it will look at these subvariants because “additional mutations that need to be further studied to understand their impact on immune escape potential,” per Reuters.

    Additionally, Biden has extended already over two years old public health emergency for another 90 days. The Department of Health and Human Services made a commitment at the beginning of President Biden’s term to give states at least two months’ warning before allowing the emergency declaration to lapse. Some governors have asked for even more time to prepare. The latest extension pushes back the expiration to mid-July, according to the New York Times. 

    This is also coming as the mainstream media reports that New York is seeing a “surge” of two new omicron subvariants. The appearance of these variants, both of which evolved from the subvariant BA.2, may explain why New York has been the national hot spot the last few weeks, the officials said. So far, the new viruses do not appear to cause more severe disease than previous variants, the officials said.

    This has prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reinstate the mask mandates for public transportation.

    The appearance of these variants in New York, both of which evolved from the subvariant BA.2, may explain why New York has been the national hot spot the last few weeks, the officials said. So far, the new viruses do not appear to cause more severe disease than previous variants, the officials said.




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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: April 14th, 2022

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      1. hmm... says:

        Speaking of covid, recently
        read this
        somewhere. Just thought
        I’d throw it out there:

        Now information is coming out about the vaccines being brewed from aborted infants, king cobra snakes, this Mrna spike containing protein in the long term is a life changer, many will struggle, yet many will develop other symptoms and all in the name of a human experiment by the globalist elites, as they say, the world is over populated, but who are they in their evil mind to judge, to force and to destroy the common good nature of every individual just struggling to survive in this mad world?, again run by top notch pedos, junky drunks and down right hypocritical bullshit lying experts,

        science is only good guesswork, when this guesswork goes wrong, it becomes a study, a study of the masses, the vaers dept have kept secrets, the us gov has hidden the truth, the factual truth of the first amount of deaths the first 6 months, this would be labeled “genocide” on a mass scale.. more than 75k perished from the vax alone, that was the first hit, out of total fear, thanks to the maggot media, again, who played a massive fear factor campaign, guess who owns the media empire!!!???

        cant trust anyone, especially doctors, gov officials, premiers, prime ministers, and pedo sniffing presidents anymore, especially big pharma, they will be burnt to the ground in due time, the ceo”s, hunted, one by one, cos they know the truth, its $$ they adore,

        it sucks to be them, nazi maggot fauci, gates, soros, rocketfellas, and especially all in the blackrock foundation are surely headed for the 2nd death, there will be no heaven, no bliss, no happiness at all, just a wasted vapor next time round…..

      2. Evermore says:

        They. Won’t. Let. Covid. Go.

      3. CA Rebel says:

        This continues by our consent.

      4. These “variants” should be
        named BS variants instead
        of BA because we all know
        that’s really what this is.
        More bullshit to panic the
        sheep and try to impose
        more restrictions.

      5. Ha!! says:

        Figures new subvariants
        would pop up in NY.
        There’s all kinds of weird
        mutations there and I’m not
        just talking about a virus.

      6. Question says:

        WHO the hell asked them?!

      7. War? says:

        What happened to the war?
        Must be fizzling out if the
        MSM/ liars have returned to
        old reliable phony 19.

      8. word games says:


      9. Anonymous says:

        The government can do more things kegakky while we are in a declared state of national emergency than while we aren’t isn’t.

      10. Truth says:

        Resident Bidet is
        the national emergency.

      11. IRISH says:

        more fear porn. crying wolf doesn’t work.

      12. NoVaxCidentForMe says:

        I yawn at TPTB, I am no longer entertained!
        Take your cold and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Omg viruses mutate I never would of guessed fuck sticks!

      13. Bobby says:

        When are people going to see through this b.s.?

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