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WHO Reports A Decline In COVID Cases & Deaths, But The Push For “Vaccines” Continues

Mac Slavo
September 29th, 2021
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The desperate ruling classes of the world are continuing their push for every single human to take the “vaccine,” even though the World Health Organization has reported a decline in COVID cases and deaths. But we know this is about the “vaccine” and injecting people, not about health or a hoax scamdemic.

It said there had been an estimated 3.3 million new infections and roughly 55,000 deaths in the past week, which represents a drop of 10 percent in both cases. The largest drop-offs were in the Middle East, the Western Pacific, and the Americas, according to a report by The Hill.

The number of cases in the U.S. fell by nearly 31 percent, although the U.S. cases count was the highest worldwide at more than 765,000. There have been more than 43 million COVID-19 cases recorded in the U.S. to date. The Hill

Separate vaccine data shows that nearly 50 percent of the global population has received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine with around 6.2 billion doses administered which is an average of slightly more than 26 million shots per day. And the rulers need you to know you still have to take the jab.

Mandating vaccines will do nothing to slow the spread, in fact, it will only cement those who continue to refuse in their resolve. This push to get the shot in everyone is a part of the overall agenda or we wouldn’t see a push like this. There should never be force or coercion when it comes to putting something in someone else’s body against their will.

They will continue to say it is going to be a choice, yet if you don’t comply, you will not be allowed to work, have a bank account, go to the grocery store, pay your bills, or anything else. But again, this isn’t news to any of us.

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

We knew this was coming and we are prepared for it. Remain steadfast and refuse to live in fear.  This abject tyranny will end when enough people figure it out, and that time will come. In the meantime, stay prepared for anything.  It’s just beginning and we need to be aware of what is being done to us.


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: September 29th, 2021

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    1. Anonymous says:

      I believe that very soon the Lord God Almighty is going to fully expose to everyone worldwide what this evil operation is all about. Its already being exposed more and more every day. When the vaxxed fully understand what has been done to them and their children and loved one’s, there will be hell to pay. The perpetrators will have no place to hide. Oh happy day that will be,to see them get their due,swinging from the end of a rope.

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      I honestly was oblivious that it was possible for people to be as stupid as the surveillance state has demonstrated themselves to be.

      They have created a disaster that they, their spouses, parents, siblings, extended families, and offspring will be forced to live in.

      They are completely lacking any common sense what so ever, which literally makes them intellectually inferior even to retarded people, because even retarded people have basic common sense in most instances. These psychopaths do not have any at all. They literally have shit for brains.

      Andrea Iravani

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The Vulgarians- Overly Certified and Overly Empowered Nit Wits

      The surveillance state of InfraGard, COPS, and other international spies have perpetrated an enormous total life gang rape on me, being the equivalent of Helen Keller being gang raped non stop for over seven years with the addition of her being paralyzed. This is apparently some sort of ritualistic murder by the medical mafia and surveillance state being performed on me. Occultist ritualistic murder is evidently now all the rage, and has even euphemistically gone viral with the scamdemic, since covid-19 does not exist. It is also sardonic and macbre in tone. They are sadists that relish in the torturing of innocent victims. Extremely Satanic in nature, and by those Satanists who believe that Jesus died so that they could sin which is not a Christianity but hedonism.

      Ray McGovern refers to the MICCIMATT, military, industrial, corporate, congressional, intelligence, media, academia, think tank. Not sure why he does not call a spade a spade and say that it is InfraGard and COPS. McGovern neglects to include that in addition to those organizations, it also includes state and local governments,  police departments, and any other loser with nothing better to do with their life. It is a Gestapo surveillance, organized crime, and terrorist cult. 

      The surveillance state has demonstrated a mass psychogenic illness and fugue of hyper-parnoia, narcissism, and psychopathy, believing that they are entitled to violate the rights of others, to the point of engaging in serial criminality, parasitism, and mass deception as life styles, similar to what occured under Adolf Hitler, Mao, and Stalin.

      They are functionally illiterate, talentless, mentally incompetent serial criminal psychopaths. They would not have done this to me if that was not true.

      The surveillance state consists of control freaks that do not even have the capabilities of controlling their own criminal impulses. That is the biggest problem! None of this would be taking place if that was not a factual statement. It was just one of many of their bad  ideas.

      I honestly was oblivious that it was possible for people to be as stupid as the surveillance state has demonstrated themselves to be.

      They have created a disaster that they, their spouses, parents, siblings, extended families, and offspring will be forced to live in.

      The people in the surveillance state are completely lacking any common sense what so ever, which literally makes them intellectually inferior even to retarded people, because even retarded people have basic common sense in most instances. These psychopaths do not have any at all. They have shit for brains. 

      I am just superior to you, and also more intelligent than you. Just accept it and admit it. If you believe that some people are not better than other people then tweet or publicize that you are no better than Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

      Despite that many of the individuals have high levels of education, including PhDs, they remain crude and stupid in the most ghastly and vulgar manner conceivable, engaging in the scamdemic and propaganda, or the concealment of it in the very least. You can’t purchase intelligence. You either have it, or you don’t. 

      I know my rights, and I know the law, which is the constitution, and I know that what you have done to me has been totally illegal, sadistic, and a violation of my rights, and you do too, which is why you refuse to admit what you have done to me! It is NOT OK! I am not community property, and I am NOT Your Merchandise! Who in the hell do you think you are?! You belong in prison for life! Only a crazy person would want anything to do with people that have done that to them! I am not a crazy person!

      For the other victims suffering from Havana syndrome, this is resulting from short wave radio signals. They are frequency specific to RFIDs illegally implanted by the medical mafia while unconscious through the ears, and nose, and dental implants.  I cannot leave my house since it is broken into everytime that I leave, and people are trying to murder me, so I have not left my home for years, nor can I order things online because of people using vault7 hacking tools on me, but, what needs to be done, I have theorized is just to buy a shortwave radio and a ham radio and find the frequency and broadcast from that frequency. I asked if people would buy these for me years ago from people that I knew but they refused to help me, despite the numerous times that they came to my house and ate my food. Of course I would have paid them for the items. I asked recently too. Maybe you will have better luck than I have had.

      All of this once again proves, as someone once said, that it’s the things you think you know that just aren’t so, that get you, and I learned during the most vulnerable time in my adult life, after a rapid succession of personal tragedies and losses through no fault of my own that I doubt that most people would be capable of surviving, that people that I believed were decent, respectable, legitimate people, and even foolishly believed that they were my friends, not only quickly abandoned me, but joined in on the sadistic crime spree on my life in many of those instances, hoping to subsume me and dominate me. I am not asking to dominate anyone, in saying that I am better than some people. I am just pointing out the obvious, and the people that did this to me were obviously part of the surveillance state which I refuse to submit to, and I am unquestionably better than the people in the surveillance state. That is just a matter of fact.

      I had come up with the solution for proving the fraud of the scamdemic, over a year ago. The narcissistic injury was just too much to bear by those that I had informed in media, healthcare, education, and government, to have to concede to themselves that I am intellectually superior to them was just more than they were willing to do to end it all. It was an injury that they could not bear to withstand, and the world has dearly payed the price for their massively overinflated, narcissistic, authoritarian egoes! Of course nobody would ever make the ridiculous claim that everyone is equally intelligent. Those that have demonstrated to be monstrously intellectually inferior to me, in addition to being corrupt, are demanding respect that they do not deserve at all, and are asking to be treated equally. It is a heinous, disgusting, and revolting sense of entitlement on their part! Of course they are all narcissistic, authoritarians, that have serial criminal lifestyles, so it is hardly surprising. It is the narcissistic nature of the authoritarian ego. If someone has a solution to a major problem, and they are ignored because they are not part of the authoritarian circle, then obviously those in positions of authority are totally unworthy of those positions!

      The Final Solution

      Or, The Media, Health Care sector, and Government Could Do Their Jobs!

      I Have been Telling Everyone How To End It for Over a Year ! Everyone is Just too Full of Themselves to Admit that I Came Up With a Way to End it Rather Than Yourselves Or, Maybe You Really Don’t Want It to End! Maybe You Want the Killing To Continue While You Ride Both Sides of the Gravy Train! Your Egoes Will Kill You! 

      All positive covid-19 tests are categorically false for the following reasons:

      1.) Covid-19 has not been isolated. The CDC has confessed that it does not have the genetic sequence to covid-19, or even SARS, for that matter.

      2.) All RT-PCR tests have been contiminated with N1, N2, and N3. N represents the highly prevalent enzyme known as neuraminidaise Neuraminidase is referrenced in influenzas, such as H1N1, H1N2, H1N3, etc. The test makers claim that these are primers, but they are contaminants. You could test distilled water and it could reveal a positive test result.

      3.) RT-PCR tests reverse transcribe RNA into DNA. All corona viruses are RNA viruses and do not contain any DNA what so ever. You cannot claim that you have identified something for what it is by turning it into something that it is not!

      The fact that everyone involved has ignored these basic indisputable scientific facts reveals that they are guilty of fraud, racketeering, willful misconduct, and/or functional illiteracy.

      It is not enough or the equivalent to say that the CDC admits that the test results are not reliable. That implies that it was unforseeable and was learned through discovery in hind sight, but they are scientifically incapable of producing accurate results for the reasons that I stated, and that constitutes willful misconduct, fraud, mal practice, and/or functional illiteracy. 

      “Low Life! You Fell In Love With Your Ego! It Did Not Fit In the Plan!” – Public Image Limited 

      I am superior to you, obviously! Just accept it and admit it! You have no other choice!

      Is the world over populated? Yes. Will forcefully depopulating the planet solve the world’s problems? No. It will not. There still remains the issue of nuclear waste that will not go away and will only get worse, and you are too functionally illiterate to comprehend it, and to mentally incompetent to grasp the big picture, and the entirity of it all. So get out of my way, sit down, and shut up. You are only making everything worse! You are overly certified and overly empowered nit wits that the world can do without, though not all have been exalted by the brain washing concentration camp university pompous ass professors as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have proven, and the world can do without them as well. All of you have God-complexes and have decided to force your will upon the world without consent and through deception.

      For the record, Alan MacLeod has not contacted me, nor anyone else from Mintpressnews over Havana Syndrome. It is a covidian cultist and pro-Marxist website for the most part. Alan MacLeod had an article featured on Global Research today on Havana Syndrome, which I have been reporting to be a victim of. Obviously RFIDs implanted in people being blasted with shortwave radio signals non-stop is unhealthy for anyone. McCleod does not acknowledge my hypothesis, but MacCleod does not acknowledge the scamdemic either. MacLeod suggests that some of the individuals ( most likely me ) are mentally ill, and suffering from mass psychogenic illness, even though I do not know a sinlge individual that is experiencing what I am, and I have already made my views clear on mass psychogenic illnesses and fugues, and who it is that suffers from them.

      Stop hacking! It is obviously part of your occultist murder ritual!

      What would you calculate the odds of the roughly 70 million mentally incompetent, functionally illiterate people in InfraGard, NSA-National Sherrifs Association, and COPS- Community Organized Policing Services engaging in sadistic organized crime and terrorism are of getting anything of their schemes right? 

      My guess would be zero.

      There is no strength in numbers when everyone is mentally incompetent and are control freaks incapable of controlling their own criminal impulses. The number serves as a negative multiplier. Individually, they are 70 million times more stupid and corrupt than they would be if they were not part of the surveillance organized crime occult ring.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      This is where America is rapidly heading towards:

      It is just not possible for people to prepare for what this country is about to face. 

      I know people that have lived through failed states. Those that think that they’ve got it all figured out will undoubtedly be in for the shock of their lives.

      Many in the prepper community have had the outrageous hubris to think they will somehow come out on top, and have been openly advocating online for societal collapse and total chaos, and calling for others to topple the system for them as useful idiots, so that they can assume command and control, which I can guarantee that they will fail at,  strictly based on their character. They are deviant, manipulative, corrupt, power hungry, conniving tyants. Sane, intelligent people will not want to have anything to do with them, and will also realize that when the character of the nation has rotted to the extent that it has, nobody can fix this, and will also shy away from leadership roles. So that leaves the crazies, the idiots, and the tyrants, once again taking over. Sane, honest, intelligent people know that in order for what has transpired in our country to occur, it requires that the majority of the population is corrupt, crazy, and stupid, like it was under Adolf Hitler, and the reigns of many other evil tyrants throughout history.

      I am calling for the corruption to be reigned in by those in power in a non-partisan manner. That is entirely different than destroying what does work, like the constitution and small businesses, the latter of which many were destroyed by the scamdemic, and also increased power for what does not work, like the surveillance state, multi-national conglomerates, and the stock market. 

      The surveillance state consists of control freaks that do not even have the capabilities of controlling their own criminal impulses. That is the biggest problem!

      Here they go meddling again! Can’t teach old dogs new tricks! Everyone is witnessing the U.S. government decline as its international clout and credibitlity has been utterly destroyed through interventionist meddling, sanctions, corruption, and thuggery! The incompetent mother fuckers took the MEK off of the terrorist list, and are colluding with them, because as American government officials have demonstrated, they never met a terrorist that they didn’t like! They also assisted ISIS, Al Qaeda, and their other 99 million names! Why does the United States support terrorists in the Middle East? To destabilise and destroy it! That’s why! As a political favor to the Jewhadists! That’s why! Who was responsible for the explosion in the port building in Beruit? I had read reports of an Israeli ship launching a missle at it! That makes sense to me! It’s been going on for my entire life!

      Andrea Iravani

    5. Capt Barty says:

      if the death rate were 30%, I could see it, but the fractional percent one? Why the pressure? What are they up to? And, don’t even get started on the subterfuge at the beginning of all this.

    6. I honestly was oblivious that it was possible for people to be as stupid as the surveillance state has demonstrated themselves to be.

      They have created a disaster that they, their spouses, parents, siblings, extended families, and offspring will be forced to live in.

      They are completely lacking any common sense what so ever, which literally makes them intellectually inferior even to retarded people, because even retarded people have basic common sense in most instances. These psychopaths do not have any at all. They literally have shit for brains.

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