WHO: More COVID Variants In The Coming Days

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Headline News


The World Health Organization’s Maria Van Kerkhove said millions have died from COVID-19 since the start of this scamdemic and 15,000 are still dying each week. She also warns that new variants are going to be popping up in the coming days.

“I know we are tired, but when did this become acceptable?” she questions about the number of people dying. It seems perfectly acceptable for them to die or be severely injured by the vaccine, but not by a virus.  “Future variants will be more transmissible, may have further immune escape but we do not know if they will be more or less severe,” she added.


According to a report by Mint, the WHO official pointed out that in the coming days, the cases are likely to continue to rise ‘given the limited use of public health and social measures.’ But COVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths, & “Long Covid” can be minimized. Efforts need to be made to strengthen the use of life-saving interventions. We can do this AND live our lives, she said in another tweet.

The rulers are still not done pushing the vaccines and these new “variants” that the WHO is predicting will give them an excuse to continue to inject people with the sauce that obviously doesn’t work.

Lives can be saved now with early testing, the right clinical care & treatments, and vaccination administered by a trained, protected & respected workforce. Vaccination amongst those most at risk in all countries is not as high as it should be.

COVID-19 vaccines are working incredibly well at preventing severe disease. Get vaccinated and get all recommended doses when it’s your turn.

There is no zero risk but we can live our lives while taking simple measures: get vaccinated with all recommended doses; wear a mask while indoors, spend time outdoors,ventilate, test, seek care. -Mint

It’s still all about the “vaccines” and getting as many as possible into as many people as will take them regardless of the evidence piling up that they are killing people, maiming permanently, and do not work at all, at least for what they claimed they do.

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Van Kerkhove also warns that new variants are going to emerge in the coming days because of less tyranny. She claims that “reduced surveillance, testing & sequencing globally is making our ability to track known & detect new variants much more difficult.”  If that’s true, how will they find another variant in the coming days?

If the shots really worked, why do people need so many? If this is mutating so fast, how are new ones going to help especially if they can bypass the natural or vaccine-induced immunity? But the real question is why aren’t more people asking these questions?

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