Who Is a Threat To You? “Dangerous People to Avoid After the Collapse”

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    Who can you trust, turn to or rely upon during a collapse?

    Morals are effectively suspended in the midst of a great crisis. And, as the Canadian Prepper explains, you will want to consider and profile high risk people, dangerous personalities and groups to avoid during a disaster – well in advance.

    Those with nothing else to turn to will act in desperate ways, and could act unstable during a collapse, during martial law or civil unrest. Many will turn to the system, and go willingly into FEMA camps – but others may drag, steal or lean on you. Worse, they may expose your hideout and compromise your carefully laid survival plans.

    Just a few of these types are discussed below:

    MEDICALLY DEPENDENT/DRUG ADDICTS: People who are dependent on medication may become desperate for drugs when prescriptions fall through, and could become unstable, dangerous or a liability to your survival plan. Most wouldn’t mean

    PANICKED/WEAK MINDED: Emotionally unstable, prone to upset, who can’t keep their cool under pressure and those who are temperamental are difficult to trust, and who put your life in danger

    GANGS/CRIMINALS/LOOTERS: Then of course there are always going to be violent gangs, looters and outright criminals. It’s pretty obvious what they want, but it may still surprise you how far they are willing to go to get it. Only, some criminals won’t be as easy to spot, and historically they have taken advantage of hard working, prepared and ultimately naive individuals using any and every tactic they can think of. Keep in mind, this includes color-of-law rogue government agents, too; historically the appearance of authority will be used to gain entry, take advantage and catch you off guard. During Hurricane Katrina, some cops were caught on tape looting Wal-Mart… just imagine the type of stuff that wasn’t seen by cameras.

    WANNA-BE LEADERS: Narcissists, selfish, egotistical, grandiose and those willing to use psychology and tactics to gain advantage of your group and your resources, let you down when a plan needs to come to fruition, or turn tail when the going gets tough. These people are in it for themselves, would create a mutiny if they thought they had the leverage to do so, and will be even more undependable than the easily panicked and the addicted.

    ALSO BEWARE OF: The above category is closely related to those who are overly macho, those who hold obvious and disproportionate gun fetishes, those prone to uncalled for paranoia, the weaselly and conniving salesman types, and the foregone-conclusion doomsday nihilist who secretly wants to fulfill his entimes fantasy and die in a fight, rather than living to fight another day. There are other variations of these types, but few of them will be all that helpful when reality sets in, regardless of how big they talk as things gear up.

    – PARASITES AND NOSY PEEPERS: Perhaps the most dangerous type of person, at least immediately when the SHTF, is the one who knows about your prepping, your supplies and stocks, and expects to come over to your place and join you without contributing any skills or having prepped in advance. Even worse, if a reward or a position of power is offered, this person is far-too-willing to turn you in and turn you over to a FEMA camp if they can derive any benefit. Though this individual may be a nosy neighbor or family friend during times of normalcy, they are a very dangerous liability for you and your family during times of emergency. Here’s what to do when those types come knocking…

    Good character and common sense just aren’t as plentiful as they used to be, so be careful about who you willingly associate with. These kind of mistakes could easily cost your life.

    There are many people worth working with, trusting and helping during a collapse, but you should be very judicious in determining who these people are – and careful to keep away from the rest as much as possible. If you find yourself in captivity in a government facility, many of these same types will cause you just as much or more trouble inside the system.

    Ideally, you want to be working with those people already, and eliminate anyone from the group and from your confidence with unstable and dangerous personalities. Moreover, you should be able to read and identify people to screen out these traits and avoid the people who will endanger or prey upon you.

    Above all, don’t lose sight of the fact that they are all still human beings, and unless they are physically attacking you, should be treated as such. Nonetheless, they can and will work against you if you trust the wrong people. It is simply human nature.

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      1. Q: “Who Is a Threat To You? “Dangerous People to Avoid After the Collapse””

        A: Who are insane Jew haters?

        • No Man Is An Island! Don’t be to quick to distance yourself from Neighbors or Friends. No matter how well prepped you are, you will need them. Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

          • MT: when using a Latin quote I always provide the translation in parentheses. By not giving the translation you insult your audience and that is never a good thing.

            • some of us just look it up 🙂

              “If you want peace, prepare for war”

              • Grandee, I have a minor in Latin. It is one of my pet peeves when people do this and annoys me to no end.

              • Grandee, also MT comes off as a hick and then starts spouting random Latin quotes.

                My authenticity meter just spiked. Towards another fake, fraud, poseur on the internet. A dime a dozen.

                • Philo, grandee, and others.

                  MT has been here a while, like many others.

                  Everyone has thier style of posting.
                  Like a signature.
                  Whether or not, how they post makes one think or research that makes it interesting.

                  Read the archives, you might learn something…
                  This site is a wealth of info…

                  • Thank you Mac.
                    For keeping past articles in tow.

                    Can anyone tell me the moniker of the first poster?

                    I first came here to read Jim Rogers articles…

                    Been addicted ever since…

                    • Eppe and others: excuse me I didn’t know fucking Union seniority rules applied here.

                      Have I read all 8 years of archives? Go to hell asshole. And take your snark’s seniority BS back with you to the Union Hall with you.

                    • Eppe, our friend,
                      Illegitimi non carborundum!

                    • the trolls sure are making themselves obvious here, aren’t they, eppe.

                  • So what! I am willing to learn from people that are not arrogant assholes.

                    And acting like a hick and then spouting Latin is inauthentic.

                    I am calling them out on their BS. Don’t like it? Oh well.

                    • No problem.
                      Just saying.
                      Be well…

                    • Philo, have you read all 8+ years of the archives???

                    • Fistula en ano…

                    • Philosopher

                      You are a trouble maker. Do I need to adopt you and teach you some manners. We shall see by your reply.

                    • I don’t see Philo as a troublemaker. wwti is a trouble maker, along with his liberal/atheistic fanatics.

                      Philo has her own opinion and it comes with a higher than usual IQ. She is entitled to call out her pet peeves as well as anyone else here.

                      Some people call me a trouble maker. Sometimes people that are very vocal, are also seen as problems, by some that don’t have as much to offer. It comes down to a jealousy thing. Most people are just too damn jealous, for their own good.

                      People like myself, that are vocal, and sometimes wear their heart on their sleeves, are seen as easy targets by people that love to hate. A lot of that hate comes from hidden psychological issues from events in their pasts, or from the fact that they have something missing in their lives.

                      I have seen it pop up through the years in single people that don’t seem to be able to get along with the opposite sex. Primarily in single men. Especially if they have ego issues.
                      My very own brother has these same issues, and that is why he has to continually boast, and has never married. Most of his issues come from greed and selfishness. I see those same problems coming out in some of the “trouble makers” on the internet.

                      People that are educated, and that doesn’t necessarily mean with a wall full of degrees, don’t like being talked down to.
                      I don’t either. If it is a valid point, and worth discussing, then bring it on. If not, don’t insult me by asking stupid shit or making stupid remarks for the sake of wanting an argument.

                      Some arguments are beneficial and wholesome. Arguments between conservatives and liberals never end well. Arguments between Christians and atheists never end well. Arguments between anyone and a liberal never usually ends well. 99.99% of liberals will declare victory at any costs…even lying.

                      Something I have known for a long time, which is clearly spoken in God’s Word, never argue with satan or one of his demons.
                      It will never accomplish anything. Basically it is a waste of time.

                      Sometimes, it is hard to just walk away from a liberal/ atheistic (they go hand in hand) battle, but it is the best policy.

                      On the internet, it is a whole different ballgame because people have that wall of personal protection, and will usually have a more raucous tone than when actually face to face. I am guilty of that as well, but I never back down from a good fight, even when face to face.

                      So Mike in Va, I defend Philo’s right to voice her opinion, especially since she is not always looking for a fight, but just defending her right to speak her mind, albeit sometimes with colorful language, as i do.

                    • PITW: I am not liberal. I am not an atheist. I am a Christian and baptized.

                      Thanks for standing up for me. I don’t think my IQ is that high. I was always a bookworm. I made it clear from my first posts on this site that I liked reading and think that different books can teach people a lot.

                      My punishment, growing up, was for my books to be taken away from me. Not joking. I used to stay up all night reading by the hall light and then I would be tired for school. I loved school. It was the one place where I felt safe.

                      Anyhow I am not sure if I will stick around. Some of the people on this site scare the hell out of me. I mean really scare me.

                    • Pissininthewind. Religion is an insult to intelligent people with a brain that can independently think for themselves, unlike yourself. Dumbass people like yourself are lazy therefor are easily duped and YOU cling and grasp on to anything that makes you feel good about yourself. Phrases like “Jesus loves you” is massage therapy for the inadequate and low IQ morons.

                      For sure you can call me a trouble maker, but that is because you are a troubled individual and fight against your own belief system you have been brainwashed with. It is the basic symptoms of denial that you are being lied to and yet cling to those lies. You struggle daily and like a crack addict, needs more crack to feel good, cause the down time is withdrawls, and reflected as to why you lash out at others like me or Genius, because you will never understand, because of your attitude and unwillingness to keep an open mind or seek the truth on all matters such as phony religion.

                      Deal with it PISSIN.


                  • Eppe-I know MT has been here awhile 🙂

                    Just messin around. Not seriously pointing a finger at anyone.

                    Seems like I started something. Sorry preppers. My sincere apologies to all.


                    • Grandee

                      No apologies are required. It is not your fault that some can’t control there mouth and use foul language.

                      To Pissinthewind

                      So you are defending someone who is going to cause problems here because someone just uses a Latin comment. lol
                      So you believe a prepper web site that should have people helping each other should disintegrate into this. It is someone with the better than everyone else attitude that I would not want with me in a SHTF scenario. Her attitude is that she is educated and I guess that allows her to cuss everyone whenever she feels like it. Sorry I respect your opinion even though it is just plain wrong. You are allowed to be wrong here too.
                      I need to give miss educated a manners class I believe. Maybe she will learn or maybe she won’t. I do know this. Education generally tries to teach you how to debate properly. It seems miss education failed that class. Hope it did not hurt her GPA to bad. lol
                      As for you I support your right to be wrong lol

                • You insult people by saying that he comes off like a Hick…are hicks bad people. Everyone please step off your horses.


                  • I have referred to myself, more than once, as white trash. It’s okay if you missed those comments.

            • Philo, When ever you use a Latin Quote, do as you please. Trekker Out.

              • MT: Oh I shall. I didn’t need your fucking permission, however. Nor the permission of anyone else other that Mac, who runs this site. Thank god.

                • “P”
                  Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Take a Chill pill Man!

                  • I am fine. I am not a doormat. Not now. Not ever. It is easy enough to use the Internet and look up Latin quotes all day long and then repost them here. Goody goody gumdrops. If the point is to impart knowledge some people are failing and that was my point.

                    I don’t like the snarkiness but whatever. If that makes some of these swinging dicks feel big, so be it, they can keep the snark.

                    If I use uncommon words or phrases I take the time to say what I meant when I used such a word or phrase. Why? Because I don’t take for granted that everyone reading what I write has the same background or experience level and I do consider the other people in a forum like this to be my audience.

                    As I said, above, it reminds me of some union Hall dude waving the seniority flag. Which is probably why I never joined a Union trade. I couldn’t stand the attitude.

                    My god some of these old farts should be happy that a woman showed up and actually wants to learn something and has some ideas and skills to contribute. But rather than be nice this is how a strong, capable woman is treated? Jeezus. I have been in some tough places on the Internet but some of the swinging dicks on here need to go crawl into a hole and die or get laid or something. I don’t know. Not my problem.

                    No wonder some people have left this forum. It makes me wonder why I come back just to get punched in the face, again. By so-called “men.” Sure.

                    Sorry, that wasn’t meant for you, Sgt, but for the so-called men that think it is amusing to put me down.

                    • Philosopher

                      Maybe it is your attitude and not theirs. That is my first lesson to you.

                    • Hey mike, funny how superiority complex ridden narcissists seem to get their knickers in a knot when called on their asinine behavior, huh……

                    • Looks like you don’t want to be anywhere near pissininthewind when shtf!

                    • now you are doing stand up? “I tell you, tough crowd, tough crowd….”

                    • Philo, I agree totally with your post and I’m the same way as you. I enjoy your posts. You sound just like my late wife was. Other people will continue to be like they are, but I promise you have one loyal fan in Braveheart.

                    • @philo,
                      You, are appreciated.
                      I left, mostly, because of this kinda bs…
                      Now I lurk.
                      and occasionally interject.
                      There are good folks here, not to mention any names braveheart, er. uh… 🙂

                    • Piper: thanks for lurking and thanks for the kind words. Very, very much appreciated. 😉

                • PMSing, huh…….

                  • LMAO. Is that the best you can do? Really?

                    • Look at this string….You are the only one popping attitude and, yet again, you started it. You really have a persecution complex. There are some pretty effective meds for that, just sayin…..

                    • That is what I say to myself, Philo, when extremely weak characters like Genius and Silent Eyes/wwti, throw their little snarky darts at me, like Genius did above.

                      They interject their vitriol, and then piss and moan that when we come back at them, we are the people with issues. You said it right, they aren’t looking for a discussion, they are looking for doormats to stamp on.

                      Because i use colorful language, like yourself, I am accused of being childish. That is my style, so take it like a man or woman or stfu, and stay off my cloud; is my answer to them.

                      I for one, do respect what you have to offer, and that is not kissing up, because i have felt like that after your first few days of posting here. From my world, where a higher level of intelligence is hard to find, it is refreshing to see it coming from a woman. My own little woman, Lord bless her, has book sense, but short on common sense; and it causes a lot of problems in our household.

                      I deal with it because she has a good heart, loves Jesus, and is danged easy on the eyes. Not too many women still looking like 40, at the ripe age of 54, and sporting perky tits as well. It makes this 60 year old man feel pretty good walking around town with her.

                      Ya’ll think about it.

                    • Hey pissin, does your old lady also have a flat head, no brain and no teeth? Does she also know how you disrespect her to the world with your posts?

                    • Yep, she ain’t got no teefs, and likes it when i talks about her, if’in its not puffing smoke up her skirt. She’s a real woman and can tell the diff, and has no problem with putting it back on me.

                      Keep up with the lookin down yer nose at folks and someday somebody is gonna pop it fer ya.

                      You’re such a weiner…i mean winner.

                  • Wifey laughs at you troll pricks.
                    She says to tell you to “kiss her college educated ass”, lol.

                    • Pissin, she can’t be all that and a bag of chips. After all, she is with you……

                    • PITW and Braveheart: thank you for kind words. I almost didn’t come back to this thread. I am glad I did now.

                      I didn’t go to college until I was older. I am used to people making fun of what I studied. My family made fun of me, too. White trash like me aren’t supposed to go to university. I should have been barefoot and preggars at 18. I knew that was going to be my path unless I took some type of radical action. I did. I joined the Army at the age of 17. I was very luck that the only conflicts at that time were the Cold War, Grenada, and Panama. The military was a way for me to escape and I started by getting my GED once I was at my first duty station. I scored in the top percentiles of everything. I also started taking college courses on base, took college Algebra during lunchtime in Germany and English and Philosophy at night from University of Maryland professors sent to Europe to teach us “dumb” soldiers.

                      It took me until 2004 to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree. From 1981 until 2004. Lots of classes along the way. Lots of different jobs. Lots of places. But I didn’t give up and I got that degree. A lot of the time it embarrasses me. I am not comfortable around most college types because we have nothing in common. I come from a working-class family that didn’t make excuses. Stuck up, fake people annoy me. I am not a liberal. I grew up shooting. I still like shooting and guns.

                      Anyhow I find myself between worlds: the world of my family and country life and the modern world. It ought to be obvious by this point that I am uncomfortable in the modern world, most of the time. I prefer country life and country people. I find them to be honest, direct, and authentic. It is rare to find people like that in cities or the suburbs.

                      About education: I went to university to become an educated person. I wanted to learn. The movie, “Educating Rita” inspired me as well as a book by Virginia Woolf, “A Room of One’s Own.” The young lady the movie, “Educating Rita” was made fun of by her abusive husband for wanting to become educated and she kept at her studies, even after her husband burned her books.

                      My family burned my diaries and journals, in front of my little sisters. They stood them in front of a burn barrel and threw all of my things into the barrel in front of them. So I hope that some of you understand why the movie, “Educating Rita” had such a big impact on me.

                      Virginia Woolf ended up drowning herself by putting rocks in her pockets and she simply walked into the river behind her house and drowned. In her book, “A Room of One’s Own,” she talks about being unable to check out books from the British Museum / library because she was a woman. I grew up going to the library (because it was free) and it shocked me to my core that women were unable to check out a book. It still does. She wrote about the food that was served at the men’s colleges compared to those attended by women. Please note I am not a raving feminist. At all. I don’t hate men. I am not a lesbian, either. But to hear about how badly women were treated inspired me to become an educated woman because women like Virgina Woolf were banned from becoming educated. She was prohibited from attending university because she was married. A great writer, that was successful, ended up taking her own life because she was beaten down by society.

                      I have been beaten down and each time I come back, again, stronger and wiser.

                      Oh and for the people that find my speech uncouth, I don’t care. Words for me are like paint and brushstrokes, a way to be expressive. And there is always the childish rhyme: “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Indeed.

                    • College educated HA HA HA HA, More evidence that she is a moron! Especially since she married a loser like you! 2 peas in a pod, god I hope you don’t have kids!

                • other THAN mac…..it’s THAN, philocifur.

            • If one has a minor in Latin one could translate it oneself. Just an option……

              • If one has a minor in Latin, I would like fries with that

                • You can super size it with that major in philosophy. 😉

          • Lucky for you to not have thieving, property damaging, dumba$$
            neighbors like mine.

            • The Key all of this is do your homework now, and identify the possible threats in your area today. For many the SHTF already, and they are already desperate. Thefts are up in Grocery stores, as one lady told me yesterday, a woman just started eating the raw meat right out of the cooler case. Really.. Raw Beef tar tar.

              But coincidentally to this article, Today I was checking out this website for threats in my new area, of sex offenders and child molesters, etc.

              Just type in your zip code and the map pops up with the flags where these freaks are living. There are a couple just about a half mile away from me.. The site even shows these freak’s Mug Shot photos. So print the page and pass it on to your trusted neighbors who also have kids.

              If you want to lure these freaks into a trap and dispose of them ahead of SHTF, create a plan. These freaks will love it when SHTF and WROL to carry out their fantasies. Guard your children wisely. And the days of sleepovers is pretty much over. Words from the Wise, Never Trust Anybody Ever, or limit your exposure and OPSEC. Like don’t tell the whole world your daughter just won the teen beauty contest in your named county. Morons who blow their OPSEC will be easy victims. And, get the hell off of FACEBOOK. Sheesh!!!


              • Want to set a trap? Leave a pair of brand new Nike’s in the front yard….. Guaranteed to attract vermin….

              • No man is an Island.

                You will find that out the hard way one day when you need your Creator, and the door is locked shut.
                Evidently, the only friends you have are the ones you troll with here on shtf.

                Sad state of affairs, but then maybe you and genius can hookup and blow smoke up each others rear all day, since you aren’t all that far apart mentally and geographically.

                • Troll? You are a troll dummass! It is people like you that make me want SHTF because I will get to watch you perish lol. Good thing YOU aint my neebor cause I’d have to come over and beat yer ass but good you returd lol. In front of yer returd wife too 🙂

              • This coming from a poster whom just a few articles ago told the world he had 7 weapons within 10′ of where he sleeps?
                Now that is real Opsec…

                If the feds wanted you, they would just wait for you off the property. Finicum.

                Dumb to the nth degree…

                • And why would one purchase property without researching sex offender sites first?
                  Or any other sites for demographics?

                  Lone wolves will be gone first, easy pickings.

                  Some need to be on a leash…

                  • HEY WEAK LINK EPPI, I am a LONE WOLF on my own peninsula basically an Island with a moat full of Gators. My close neighbor’s watch my back. All I have to do is Google the county fair and look up the contest name, then go to county property tax records for an address. Here is a clue where to find me. I’m in the big green swamp 5 counties big. Ready go dipstick.


                    • HEY EPPSTER..
                      I will add, Go ahead and call the Feds and complain there is a guy in Florida that has 7 gun within 10 yards of where I sleep. See what they tell you? They will probably get all your info and pay you a visit for being a psycho and take all your guns away. I have broken no laws nor wanted, and infact have a low level security clearance from the FBI and and licensed certified to carry a loaded weapon on my person. Maybe the psychiatric wing you are in has internet and you can still check in here on a monthly basis and tell the world how you are doing. OK Skippy. Give it your best shot. And I will add that me, and about every other household in my area has multiple weapons next to their beds. Go pound sand you twirp snail.


                  • who here likes hot popcorn?….all smothered with real butter, and some salt…not too much now….

                    • some of you simps ought to look back in the archives and see how when yer NICE, people will git on here and HELP with some friendly/helpful information….if yer on here to gather useful information, some of y’all’s goin’ about it all wrong….can’t we all juss GIT?!!

                • Yep and real paranoia issues also.
                  Remember a long time ago when he claimed he always kept a pistol within reach while he was taking a shower?

                  Either a paranoid schizo, a real tough neighborhood, lots of enemies, or all three.

                  But wait, …I’m supposed to be the one with the mental issues.

                  he was just braggin’ about how much money he makes from some internet business credit card clearing mess, but; failed to remember that he told all of us here last year that his business had suffered to the point that he was only able to make about 12k annually.
                  something isn’t adding up here, and me thinks the swamp gas has affected his mental recall.
                  Maybe it’s the CRS syndrome.
                  Is he still deluding himself with all his different monikers?
                  Maybe that is his way of dealing with his many alter egos and personalities.

                  When you mock God, and say Christ and His disciples are all faggots, then you have real issues.

                  He will be on his knees one day, hopefully before he is called to do so, before the Creator. Which we all must do.

                  • Get off your knees now, I know when I’m licked!

            • Anonymous says:
              Comment ID: 3252708
              October 23, 2014 at 7:29 am
              One of the Biggest weaknesses in a Group Wide prepping plan is the Loss of OPSEC (Operational Security. And keeping your prepping a secret. One of the Biggest leakers are your children. What do you think they talk about at school with their friends or post on Facebook or Tweet about or take photos of your preps and place them on snap chat of how weird their parents are, Hording up food and ammo and guns prepared for WW3. Kids will tell their innermost secrets to every other kid out there who will listen to them. Trying to out do the other kid of how weird their parents are in comparison. So when real SHTF the kids may gang up and come attack your shack stealing all your preps when they know you will be away. They infiltrate your home during sleepovers and your kids show the other kids all your prepping supplies after school before you get home. You think I am kidding here? You better have a plan for that, and hide or avoid spilling the beans to your kids. Kids just to lack of maturity just does not understand what OPSEC means. So when you consider group prepping to Lone Wolf OPSEC, the Lone wolf has less holes and gaps in their security than groups which dozens of pairs of snoopy eyes, and chatting bragging or yapping about your weird prepping habits.

              WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
              Comment ID: 3252750
              October 23, 2014 at 9:01 am
              Ha.. I forgot to add my title name. Hows that for OPSEC? lol

          • People to avoid = Acid Etch

            • Anon5, AMEN to that one. I’ll add the trolls.

              • don’t forget to add anyone with anonymous in their moniker to the list!

        • The problem with this article is it tries to tidy up the timing of “the collapse.” If you’re anticipating a clear demarcation between “pre-collapse & post collapse” you’re going to be disappointed. You need to reset your expectations to that of a lengthy storm (hurricane). Point being, its not going to be clear-cut and easy to discern as life will muddle on/through the storm. Hunkering down, trusting no one might “save” your life…all the while as you slowly “lose” it.
          Winning this game at all costs and at everyone else’s expense should not be your end-game here. Store your treasures in heaven, use your preps and wisdom as a source of hope and guidance to those in need and rely on God to get you to the other side of this storm. You’ll be better off for it.

          • I disagree. …it’s time to get tough !
            2 Cor. 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

            Daniel 11:32b but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do EXPLOITS.

            It’s very necessary to protect your pearl of great price (and your life) at all costs.

            • good points!

              • Well jesus christ man, I had that figured out for myself! Thanks for the tip captain obvious lol.

        • A: Failed lawyers that write financial doom articles predicting financial collapse everyday for years.

          • what, you MISSED it? financial collapse is well underway.

        • FriedSlave – Only if you are a Joo Parasite, which is about all of them. Yes be very afraid. Just kidding,…Come on over, I’m having a BBQ, bring your whole family. hehe


          • Nay, nay, goose-stepper. Come on over to my place. There are no Jews here, and our dogs will appreciate all the fresh meat on the hoof you’ll be bringing with you. Besides, that’s the only way you’ll ever be of any use to anyone after SHTF.

        • Hey, that is not fair – to make a Blaket Statement about us!! And, I’m not really what you would call a hater! I realized years ago that Anti-Semitism is a Disease – you catch it from Jews.

          If you are too stupid to understand why The Chosen People and been chosen to be Expeled from over 100 countries throughout histoy, then you are certainly one of the PANICKED or WEAK MINDED individuals to which the artical refers.

          • Every country that ever made a policy of enslaving, expelling, exterminating, or otherwise mistreating Jews has also always collapsed within a generation. Coincidence?

            Well, when you get to Hell, you can ask all of your fellow anti-Semites about that yourself, you lazy and weak-minded paranoid parasite.

        • Dangerous people for whom you should never answer the door except with a shotgun blast to the face:

          1. 9/11 troofers
          They’re far too obsessed with their retarded and insanely complicated conspiracy theories about what was clearly an Islamic terrorist suicide attack to spend any time doing anything productive, such as prepping.

          2. “Anti-Zionists”
          a.k.a. Nazis, goose-steppers, anti-Semites, David Duke worshipers, Stormfronters, etc. Like the troofers, they’re far too obsessed with retarded and insanely complicated conspiracy theories about supposed Israeli plans for world domination to do anything productive, such as prepping. Moreover, these nutjobs are the very kind of government-worshiping thugs who brought Hitler to power back during the Great Depression and tattled on anyone they didn’t like to his Gestapo and the SS; think they might do the same kind of thing again during our Great Recession?

          3. All other conspiracy theorist obsessives
          Whether their pet conspiracy theory has to do with fluoride in the water or airline contrails or extraterrestrials or the JFK assassination or whatever, they’re far too busy attacking the rest of us online for not being as obsessed with these theories as they are to be doing anything productive like prepping. Also, when SHTF, these nutjobs will be going around seeking revenge on preppers for spending the time prepping and being productive rather than listening to their retarded rants about their pet conspiracy theory the way they should have been doing.

          4. Political Messiah worshipers
          Of course, these government-worshipers aren’t going to do any prepping: they’re convinced their latest superstar politician is going to save their country. When he inevitably fails to do so and SHTF, this will all somehow be you preppers’ fault, of course, which justifies their robbing you. As with number 3 above, these fanatical government-worshiping heathens are also inclined to fall in line behind the next Hitler wannabe who arises promising to save them from themselves and make him their new Messiah.

          5. All of the “politically correct” in general
          Community Organizing, Feminist Therapy (i.e. griping about men), Grievance Studies, and all other leftist “work” leaves little time and less inclination to prep. These worthless academics have no useful skills and no work ethic for unskilled labor; and they’ll have no choice but to try to sponge off of and prey upon preppers after their government-funded gravy train comes to an end. Most of these will die off before they can escape from the urban hellholes surrounding their parasitic institutions, but you do best to help preppers everywhere by finishing off any that make it to your doorstep.

          6. All other socialists
          a.k.a. thieves. They’re into redistributing possessions from those who’ve earned them to those who haven’t. In your situation specifically, this means they’ll be trying to take your preps for themselves. Though most of them will prefer to rat you out and let the government thugs do this for them up until the government’s own final collapse, you might be surprised how quickly they’ll learn how to commit burglary, extortion, and robbery on their own after that; so don’t let them linger long enough to learn.

          7. Flaming racists
          Mind, I don’t mean someone who cracks the occasional bad joke playing on a stereotype or derogatory term or the like. I mean the guy who’s convinced that all members of a given race are subhuman, or that all of them are criminals, or all of them are any kind of bad person. At bottom, racism and socialism are just different expressions of collectivism: if everyone of a given race is the same, then it makes sense to treat all members of that race the same, whether for their benefit or harm.

          The racist typically sees his own race as the one to be benefited by harming some other race. Therefore, if you’re a prepper of a different race, a racist will feel perfectly justified in robbing you. Even if you’re of the same race, however, you can be sure the racist is doing very little prepping if any; and when he runs out of preppers of other races to plunder (sooner than he expects, even if he doesn’t get killed), he won’t have much trouble adjusting his collectivist beliefs to justify robbing you. If any such racist arrives on your doorstep seeking to partner with you, therefore, the proper response is to do your fellow preppers of every race a favor and take him out preemptively yourself.

          • Talk about a dangerous person. Does anyone really believe the shit coming out of this posters mind? Really? The quintessential Zionist shill troll spewing out this calculated garbage. LOL.

            • Nope. You’re the quintessential fascist Stormfronter shill troll spewing your government-worshiping propaganda on here, Nazi whore. Prepare to meet a shotgun blast to the face and then your beloved Hitler in the Lake of Fire when you show up on any real prepper’s doorstep.

              • Is that the best you can come up with, schvartze? LOL!!!!!

                • Well, scheißekopf, maybe I should also point out you can say hi to that terrorist twat Rachel Corrie as well? She’s down there roasting with the rest of the kleptocrats.

          • Piss off troll!!

            • That’s what my shotgun will say to you when you show up on my doorstep, parasite.

        • Common sense is so rare it is now considered a superpower.

        • Simon and Garfunkel are both islands, as well as being rocks.

        • Stupid ass article.

      2. I read the book Surviving Economic Collapse about Argentina. The author who’s name escapes me said in the book get used to the word NO. Keep a distance from all but the most trustworthy people and say NO to everyone else regardless what they want or need. Cruel? Probably. Smart? Definitely.

        I don’t know if I have the heart for it but its the smart play.

        • Sounds like a few people here on the plan…

          • Wanna-Be-Leaders. Hummmm, sounds like Trump! Trekker Out.

            • You think what we have now and who we had previously is working for your best interests?

              OBTW where are those WMDs in Iraq and why are we supporting Islamic terrorists overthrowing sovereign nations?

              I’ll take my chances with Trump.

              • K2: same here.

          • EPPE

          • Ditto Sarge. When my father returned from Nam he awaited his “brother” and I remember that day he did. They hugged, I was shocked he was a black man, I was about 6. Point being, it’s not the color of a man’s skin, it’s his character, the connection between both. So ACID ETCH, you may not at some point get to choose the color of the skin of the man beside you in a fire fight, you just better hope he’s not willing to accidentally take you out for being a racist dumb fucking young melinnial sucking off moms teet!

            • Piss of troll! You may not like Acid, but a lot of what he says is spot on!! So STFU!

            • Don’t mind Dave Nettlin. He’s one of Acid Etch’s salad tossers. Racists like them will always be among the first to be shot dead in any kind of SHTF situation, because they always store only guns, planning to raid others for supplies, and are always surprised to discover that preppers of other races are armed and know to shoot worthless racist parasites like them on sight.

        • Fernando ferfal Aguirre, awesome book

      3. Just as I thought, it’s got to the point where you can’t trust anyone, or the biggest part of them.

      4. My mother witnessed her neighbor disappear & never seen again. Because a little light showed through a curtain. Nazi Germany.

      5. You cant trust anyone. Period. If you didnt have some sort of SHTF relationship with them prior to the event, Keep them at arms length. Further if possible. Dont answer the door. The first to show up will be the neighbors and friends who know you have something. They will be followed by either the Gov or the criminals. Both whom want all you got.

        • I keep most at arms length as it is!

      6. Another type of “weeding “…..lowers anxiety.
        Difficult but extremely necessary.

      7. “overly macho, those who hold obvious and disproportionate gun fetishes”.
        Ok so what exactly is overly macho. What does that mean?
        Define and cite an example of what it means to have a disproportionate gun fetish. One persons gun fetish would be another guys modest start. To some, like an inner city liberal, one gun is one gun too many. While to others a guy having 20 plus makes him a collector. It says nothing about the character and moral values the guy holds.
        The others cited are bone head simple. Of course you don’t want a drug addict or a weak minded person around. That is a no brainer. Another yawner of an article

        • And to some 4 guns and 1k rounds of ammo is an arsenal!

          • If you know how much ammo you have, you don’t have enough!
            You need at least a 9mm pistol, 22 rifle, 12 Ga. and a 7.62 mm.rifle.
            Then you start collecting. If you are old and don’t have at least 30 guns you had defective uncles, dad, and grandpas.

            • Oooo, guns are dangerous and evil,,,
              I could never have one around, might hurt someone,
              Ill just call the police if anything goes badly…

            • I got rid of all that old shit,
              Had tons of it, i like modern weapons that shoot sub MOA, and wont blow up if you load too hot. Even polymer handguns dont interest me, i want a steel frame, overcharge a polymer and the slide will hit you in the face when itcomes apart, theres a reason why they use the 1911 platform for race guns, and it aint because they be pretty.

            • Thats just my opinion and preference of course, know lots of folks whohave one for everyfinger and toe for everyone in their extended and direct family, when you gotta run you may only get away with one, best to not be one you need to scout antique gunshows for ammo.

              • I had a friend ask me to clean up a Parker ranch
                rifle. Model 1894 Winchester 30-30 with ring and all.
                Rifle was made in 1903.
                I just cleaned it up and soaked it in CLP preservative.
                As an ex-collector I know what not to do with
                a collectible gun.
                I fired it to make sure everything worked.
                One of my neighbors called the cops.
                The cops figured out there were no registered
                guns at my home so they showed up in force.
                My wife talked story and convinced the cops
                that it was the pig hunters across the gulch
                from us. My pig hunting neighbors shoot full
                automatic once in a while. Cops won’t go there.

                I returned the 30.30 to its owner, she would not sell
                it. She will probably give it to a grandson,
                who will hock it to buy drugs.

      8. eppe …it is the usual ‘lines being drawn and soul-searching’ prior to an event that we’d all rather ‘fast-forward’ through.

        • Eq, does make one wonder?
          Been prepping before it was ‘cool’…

          I was prepping before prepping was prepping.

          Movie: How High???

          Be well all…

          • ht tps://youtu.be/1KHuNqgsuQw

      9. Ed and Kevin2 are right. Anyone other than family and very close friends can’t be trusted in a collapse. Bad times makes it easy for most to justify doing bad things. The point Kevin2 made with regard to Argentina can also be found in books about the Bosnia war and Europe after WW2.

        • Grizzfan

          Times change but human nature doesn’t. The ancient Greeks and Romans probably had the same conversation.

          “Who protects us from our protectors”? It was first said in some form a couple of thousand years ago and we still, to this day, don’t have an acceptable answer.

          • Kevin2, I have the answer. WE PROTECT OURSELVES FROM OUR ‘ALLEGED’ PROTECTORS. I, me, and myself is all I have. When I get into any life-threatening situation, I already know that I’m on my own. I have to fend for myself. I HAVE TO BECOME MY OWN FIRST RESPONDER. We are already on our own as individuals and TS hasn’t even HTF yet. When the balloon finally goes up, it will be even more so. Those who don’t know how to fend for themselves are royally screwed.

        • And the world isnt as polite as it was after WW2

      10. You can only trust Jesus. Everybody else must pass a security test.

      11. Another potential threat…

        Anyone who has “issues” with you.

        Someone you pissed off.
        Someone you argued with.

        Neighbors that have no respect for others. You known which ones… the one’s you want to punch out when they burn trash, litter everywhere, let their dogs out to shit where ever, play their music outside loudly, etc,etc.

        When the balloon goes up, many bodies will go down.

        I known which bodies in my neighborhood that are dropping first at the onset of WROL. (wink, wink)

        Always Be Armed.

        • “Anyone who has “issues” with you.

          Someone you pissed off.
          Someone you argued with.

          um, no.

          think about how many people you have upset over the years, how many have come back at you ?
          doesn’t happen. they mean to, but usually move on and forget rather than make an effort.

          if things go bad, fast; those people will be too busy dealing with themselves to come after you.

          • Most of our “problem” neighbors don’t have a clue about long term prepping. In an emp event, they will as you say, “… those people will be too busy dealing with themselves to come after you.”

            They are so dumb about a possible emp event, that they don’t even think about how that water gets to their faucets from 200+ ft. under the earth. The biggest majority of their time will be spent, initially; locating a clean water source within walking distance. Then being able to manually transport it to their homes.

            WE have a plan to transport water, from three mtn. springs within 200 yds. of our b/o, via horseback, to the handful of elderly in the neighborhood (all about a mile or so from us). All able bodied people are own their own unless, they are willing to work in firewood for us.

            The thieves and trouble makers, will be no problem for us…or at least not long.

            • PITW: wow you sound like a great neighbor. I think the same way. If someone wants to work, fine. Able bodied folks can earn their keep at my place if they are willing to work. Nothing is free. But as far as taking care of elders that is how I was raised, too.

              You might want to have folks that have some sense mind the horses, too. I worked for $2 an hour in order to learn how to ground train / green break horses to the saddle and bit from a local QH breeder, many years ago. She was an amazing woman! Often she made me breakfast, or lunch, or I got leftovers (I remember lamb from Easter dinner and it was incredible, the first time I had ever eaten lamb) and she would bring mason jars of hot water so I could warm up my hands in the barn in January and February. That woman was an angel and I was happy to work for her because she treated me like a person.

              You can teach city folks, all they need is some common sense and just show them how to move around horses in order to be safe.

              I just went out to bring in my garbage can and the neighbor’s trash was all over the street and in my driveway. The house next to mine is a rental. I picked up their trash (which was in my driveway and lawn and in the road) and then knocked on their front door. Not sure how it will work or if they care. Cannot say how disgusting it is to pick up my neighbor’s trash. Some people have no clue. And yes, I am looking to relocate.

        • “Another potential threat…

          Anyone who has ‘issues’ with you.

          Someone you pissed off.
          Someone you argued with.

          etc etc indeed. I’m guessing those who have issues with you encompasses a great many people?

          “When the balloon goes up, many bodies will go down.”

          and you can’t wait?

      12. I declare war on United Kingdom and Russia. USA and Germany crush them. Prepare your weapons for activation. Let’s start warfare.

      13. Anyone who is alive right now because it is illegal to kill them, that’s another group to watch out for. Their behavior will only worsen once they think they need not answer to anyone.

        The other group is people with a grudge. Against someone personally, as mentioned in the article, but also against others for whatever sick reasons they rationalize with.

        • Hey Smokey,
          It sounds like you are describing progressives and liberals.

          • Rellik, yes it sounds like he’s talking about libturds.

        • That sounds about right, the prisons will just open the doors if things go sideways, Cloward and Piven on steroids

      14. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”?

        Know your LEO’s he ones you don’t trust follow your gut. the ones you trust get as close to them as you can. you will need them. lese take my advise please.


        • Hey Sarge,
          A good portion of my extended family
          is/was in the military. Hot wars, cold wars,
          West Pac love boat cruises, to death in a jungle
          in the middle of nowhere. I’m a also a vet.
          The only cop I trust is my BIL( Desert storm vet USMC).
          In the family most of us refused to become cops. We never considered, the occupation. My BIL quit being a beat cop
          to be a Federal security officer, He didn’t trust the people
          he had to work with in the city that employed him.
          To a person, none of us ever had a pleasant encounter
          with the police.
          Cops are a very necessary evil. They do a difficult job.
          Having said that, the last person in the world I want watching my back, is a guy that kills barking dogs on sight, Thinks SWAT is the only way to get the job done, and shoots knowing the only penalty is a paid vacation, and the taxpayers will cover the lawsuit.
          Avoid the police at all costs!

          P.S. I’ve been on scene of horrible accidents, body parts every where from drunk drivers. Cops were just taking notes and cleaning up the mess. Cops don’t protect anybody. They don’t stop rapes or murders. They just confiscate, cite, and do whatever is necessary to enhance the revenue of the Democrat state. To all of you cop enablers, I won’t ever need a cop to protect me. It is not their job, they are many minutes away, they will arrest me even if it is self defense, and they really don’t care, if they did, they would not be as hated as they are.

          • They are just watching out for their own baCON
            Pun intended

          • Rellik

            I have no confidence in LEO. They are not protectors and are to be avoided.

            • LEO, enforce laws written by the elite in order to drain the middle class of every last dollar we have. The laws do not apply to the Elite, or LEO’s. Look how they get a “pass” for DUI, etc from their “brothers in blue”. There are a some good ones out there, and they are usually outcasts in their own departments. I don’t recommend calling 911 for anything but a traffic accident. Deal with all other situations yourself, otherwise you may end up on the receiving end of a ticket regardless of no guilt…..because you can PAY$$$$.

      15. By now you know pretty much who you can trust…keep the eyes in the back of your head open.

      16. Mac

        Good article.

        Hehehehehe! Hahahahahahaa! Oooooooooowwwwwwwwww!

      17. The author of “Surviving the Economic Collapse” is Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre who survived the 2001 Argentinian Collapse.I bought his book,I highly recommend it. Another interesting source of first hand information of the Bosian War is “Selco”.He has a website http://www.shtfschool.com

        • Agreed – BOTH are excellent sources of information. Thanks for bringing them up Cindy,

          I have read Ferfal’s book twice and have given copies to friends and family. Fernando posts regularly at: http://www.themodernsurvivalist.com/

          His highly rated book: http://amzn.to/220Zcxm

          In Selco’s case, it was a totally different kind of collapse. Whereas Ferfal lived through hyperinflation and a total meltdown of his country’s financial and economic systems, Selco’s case was one where it went worst-case scenario on the order of all out war and survival.

          And Selco definitely has some insightful and eye-opening details of what went down during the Balkan war:

          A Survival Q & A: Living Through SHTF In the Middle of A War Zone

          Collapse Survivor Explains Strategic Savagery: “You Have Two Choices – Fight To The Last or Run”

          For more of his articles use the search box at the top of the left sidebar and type: selco

          or go here: https://www.shtfplan.com/?s=selco


          • Mac, thank you for this place to info swap.

            Preppers are soooo ahead of the game.

            Be well sir and all…

        • Cindy, spot on about Selco. I’ve taken his course. It’s well worth your time. He is a gold mine of information on how to survive a collapse.

        • Exactly. Selco is awesome.
          As for this place, I would love to own the schizophrenia meds market here with all of these trolls posting under made up handles. This used to be such a great forum full of interesting and varied perspectives, all having to do with prepping and sharing real world experiences. Now it’s all about race baiting, poseurs and infantile ALL CAPS RAGING.
          Mac, I was glad to catch this place back when. Only going to get worse as we approach the summer.

          • bad money drives out good. bad preppers drive out good?

      18. I would consider being wary of gangs of cops once they stop being paid. They have SWAT training, equipment, and equipment to take with them when they walk off the job. As a rule, the worst ones are arrogant and controlling. Once they turn, they will take as they please.

        • They bleed just like any other mortal

        • second.

          this is your biggest issue.

          any gang, criminal or otherwise; has the structure to plan and target successfully.

          most people, families or neighbors will only be able to handle themselves.

          I suspect a lot of whiteys pulled from their cars and beaten to death at stoplights over whatever is in their wallet and gas tank, and you can thank Obama for bringing that kind of racial issues boiling to the top while jobs and economics are the worst in history by many measures.

      19. Very well-thought out article and paste-up video Canadian Prepper. I think you might’ve left out a couple of groups; or perhaps, sub-groups of those you mentioned.

        The first is the moralist. Be that person or persons who have a specific religious faith, ingrained moral code or some other internalized code that they both feel superior to all those who do not share the same; or worse, they feel they are somehow apart from the rest of humanity due to it. I’ve already met those who are strengthened by their beliefs and in a good way; then, I’ve also met those who are weakened and honestly think “God will save them” no matter what due to those tenets they have within.

        Then there is the group of people that are just lost. Those who react in a total daze. The ‘deer in the headlight’ types. Flat out fear rules them completely. You mentioned this in the ‘coward’ section. But I’ve also met those who have this panic just below the surface that would endanger all they were in a group with. Their reactions to any stress are just wrong. The screamers, the ones who run away from any pressure or chaos. Those who just don’t have any ability to think apart from their emotions. Most likely they fall into one of the groups you already mentioned; but, it begs repeating that these types in some ways are the worst. They literally handicap any they are with.

        Again, good article.

      20. This article fits right in with Brandon Smith’s, People doing stupid things.

      21. Mountain Trekker,thank you for your thought. I used to hang with a guy who is very knowlegeable in tech stuff. Unfortunately he was just too unstable for me. He saw a conspiracy everywhere about everything. Could not comment about anything that he said there was a conspiracy. Drove me nuts. Finally I just had enough and told him off. He e-mailed to tell me I was out of his life and will. Oh well,he did promise me his house in it,but shit,he was making me miserable. Found a group to hang with and invited to go to their place if/when SHTF. Love these guys,their helping me build my own AR 15,put in a garden and just generally good to be around with.Folks,be very careful who you choose to be with.

      22. People who have both jealousy issues and a sense of entitlement will fk you up real bad… and it won’t take long for that to happen. Most of them can’t or don’t hide these traits, but the challenge is that some of the people that fit that description are quite adept at hiding it and by the time you’ve got their number it’s too late.

        And, when it comes to people with a sense of entitlement they also think the rules don’t apply to them… everyone else but not them, which in a shtf things could get real ugly real fast with them in your camp.

      23. My BOL I Bought in ”99 only 5 acres , but all woods . Put in driveway shaped like hockey stick , used local man to do work , order wood from local logger . Tip decent at small waterhole but try and remain mostly Gray Man . Cause no trouble and have been told I’m local to them now . Have a number of deadfall hides there and in the big woods . Concealment and cover not talked about much here but think it’s rather important . I can go winter , spring , fall Camo. Bow hunting lodgic . Dealing with people is key ,earn respect and stay and mostly Gray . Always add cover, concealment , options to your area of operation .

      24. Avoid anyone who does not look like you do as policy b5ecause you will not be a home boy and fit into the pack. Repeatedly in history allied soldiers and others were fleeing the Axis forces and the locals attacked them for their weapons They were not home boys and their lives were worthless compared to their guns. In a crisis you can only trust blood related family at best. Tell no one everything hold something back as reserve.

        • Rockmanr – “You can only trust blood-related family”… disagree. FACT: Some people are estranged from their birth family and others should be estranged from at least certain blood-related family members but are not.

      25. Some of you will face organized African tribal units in the USA in a crisis. In Minnesota now Africans are settling areas on the basis of tribe. One town is being settled b5y Zulu another by Bantu and they are bring all the old tribal hates with them. They stick themselves and do not mix with others. In a crisis they will have tribal organization and loyalty to fall back on. the n6ext Zulu war could be fought in Minnesota among dairy cows

        • Rockmanr- from mn also. 1hr from IA. I hear you. Not racist either just noticing. Thanks

        • My god. Thank you for the information. Keep us posted!

      26. After reading through this particular thread of commenters, especially a few of those towards the top, I’d say it’s obvious who are dangerous people to avoid after the “collapse”.

        • Yep. Starting with you, you Hussein-worshiping Nazi government shill.

        • @ EA…yep. two are opposite poles of a magnet, and one very thin skinned person that takes every comment as a insult, but has a some very good posts otherwise.

      27. In the video there is mention of the RESET crazies.
        Guess I fit the category. Tired of the Bullshit. On second thought. Why should I care if anything gets fixed. Reset or other means. I don’t think it can be fixed. By fix I mean turn the country around. If I say to prep for yourself and family only, then I get called selfish. Whatever position you take there will be a person to assail your plan.

      28. Have never seen an article generate so many comments. I scanned thru them but may have missed one other category of dangerous people: cannibals. The Rawles book Patriots had few. History is loaded with examples of people turning to human flesh after 3 to 4 weeks of hunger. These can be normal people starving, like the Ukranians under Stalin who ate their own dead children. This category of “looter” (radical Muslims) is zombieism at its worst. When identified they should be shot.

        • NEO: sadly I have read reports about ISIS capturing Christians, raping the women and killing the children and feeding the children to the female slaves and then telling the women that they just ate their child. That is complete barbarism. It isn’t fiction or a movie or ancient history it is real life and it is happening now. What is the US government doing to protect Christians in the Middle East? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. But the doors to the US are wide open for Muslims. At some future point in time historians will look back on this time and wail about how ignorant we have been.

          It is beyond sickening to think that people actually live that way. It puts things in perspective when you have to consider eating people.

          This is a dangerous time. People are scared. I don’t know what else to say other than to pray and to prep. God help us. God have mercy on our souls.
          “Locusts on the Horizon” is my top prepper book. I don’t see it listed very often but it is honest.

      29. I have been reading this site for a little more than a year. I must say that KYmom, (forgive me if that is the wrong name) and others gave wonderful and useful information to and for others. As of late, it indeed, does seem that the comment section has eroded rather quickly. I really would like to say, while I have hidden in the shadows, appreciate those who have added to the comment sections in a useful and truly thoughtful manner.

      30. First time here. Doesn’t strike me as a very friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

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