WHO Expert: Lock Downs Won’t Stop This Virus

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 12 comments

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    A World Health Organization expert has come forward warning that lockdowns and economic depression are not going to stop this virus. Michael Ryan, who heads the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, urged world governments to take further tyrannical measures in combating the coronavirus.

    But his solution is complete global totalitarianism.  Ryan wants governments to do things such as identifying people with the virus and quarantining them, forcibly if necessary.  Forced quarantine with a gun to your head.  “What we really need to focus on is finding those who are sick, those who have the virus, and isolate them, find their contacts and isolate them,” Ryan told the BBC on Sunday, according to Reuters.

    “The danger right now with the lockdowns … if we don’t put in place the strong public health measures now, when those movement restrictions and lockdowns are lifted, the danger is the disease will jump back up,” Ryan said. “Once we’ve suppressed the transmission, we have to go after the virus. We have to take the fight to the virus.”

    Yet other experts, such as Johns Hopkins senior scholar Dr. Amesh Adalja says the coronavirus is here to stay, and it will now be a part of our seasonal illnesses such as the flu and the common cold.  Because of that, we should work hard to treat it and save the lives of those who do get sick, much like we do with the flu.

    Meanwhile, President Donald Trump does not want the solution to this pandemic to be worse the crisis itself.“It’s going to become a part of our seasonal respiratory virus family that causes disease,” Adalja said on Squawk Box.Adalja compared the coronavirus to the 2009 H1N1 swine flu outbreak, which is now seen as a regular flu virus. Eventually, we’ll have to deal with this virus just like we do all the others.

    Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

    The best way to prevent this virus’ spread, according to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is to wash your hands regularly and well and maintain social distancing for now.

    “It’s important that we get a handle on what the severity is and who has the risk factors so that we can protect those individuals,” Adalja said. “Many people are going to get mild illness and it’s going to be more like a flu-like illness for many people but for some, it may be very severe.”

    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital



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      1. It will be a sad day with all those obedient National Guards and Leo’s deaths will outnumber the Coronavirus. They better think carefully the things they do under the color of law…

        • Sadly, hospitals, policemen, nurses, doctors, EMT’s, firemen, and other workers on the front lines of this pandemic have been thrown under the bus (as have the rest of us).
          When many of our first responders become ill, what happens then?
          Ironically, the National Guard soldiers who are helping cities out during the crisis, are NOT wearing masks and gloves while they interact with other guardsmen and handle products.

        • These apes will not stop until they take our guns, which we never seem to be willing to use any damn way and take the few rights we have left as well. People you have got to stop being so pathetic and stop being such pimples on a cows ass. Man-up or DIE, it boils down to that.

      2. The world’s largest bat cave population is in San Antonio Texas. The Backen Bat Cave purchased by Bat Conservation International has a bat population of 15 million bats offering tours and hikes.

        Logic would place this as the likely ground zero of the Coronavirus, then transported by the military to Fort Detrick for a population control bio-weapon.


        • European and Asian bats have not been shown to be infected with coronavirus A. It has been limited to the Mexican/Brazillian free tailed bats.

      3. San Antonio Texas has the world’s largest bat cave population with 15 million Mexican free tailed bats, hosting tours and hikes at the Backen Bat Cave purchased by Bat Conservation International.

        Logic would place this as ground zero for the corona viruses that have been occuring in this country and throughout the world, then transported to Fort Detrick Bio-weapons lab to be used for population control in an act of domestic and international terrorism to prevent the spread of the truth about the fourth financial fraud induced economic collapse in 33 years.


      4. The problem with SARS-2/Covid-19 is BREATHING!
        Aerosolized particles of virus are suspended in the air for an indeterminate amount of time, and when these particles eventually fall out of the air, they fall onto surfaces, surfaces that we touch.
        The WHO, CDC, NIAID, and all of our government officials said for many WEEKS that this was nothing more than the flu.
        Government officials said for WEEKS that this disease primarily effected the elderly, that young people were essentially immune.
        We KNEW more than 2 months ago, that this disease was raging through China, and we did NOTHING to prepare hospitals, health care workers, and our population for what was to come.

      5. Truly, the ‘Experts’ never cease to amaze me.
        Apologies…Howdy Y’all,
        COVID is turning out to be an astonishing beast, ain’t it?
        As I’ve said previously, I’m neither an Epidemiologist nor a Virologist, but this Thing is getting stranger with every passing week it seems. The salient points here which I’m currently focusing on are as follows;
        1) Warm weather climates do NOT appear to deter the virulence of this virus….
        2) More than once I have seen authoritative (knowledgeable scholars) asserting that contracting and subsequently surviving COVID confers virtually no subsequent resistance to further contraction of the virus, potentially raising the spectre of – effectively – a continuous ‘rolling’ global state of infection for who knows how long…indefinitely?…
        3) The figures I am now seeing relative to the incredible tenacity of this virus on surfaces – varying wildly – but all extraordinarily long compared to virtually every known pathogen excepting only smallpox…
        4) The notion on the part of some of our Political leaders – possibly including President Trump – that the country ‘just needs to get back to work’ without allowing a sufficient ‘Burn-out’ period, inviting potentially the catastrophic further spread of the epidemic throughout the remaining population…
        5) The very real likelihood that the ACTUAL underlying state of the US financial system is now – and has been for some time – treading air like Wile E Coyote, and is already in the initial stages of a 100 Solar Mass Black Hole-grade implosion…read over at ZH, “14 Billion Dollar Commodity Broker Facing Crushing Margin Calls After Mirtgage Hedges Go Wrong” to get a look at one of the first Dominoes to fall…
        6) The current strain on the Financial sector, specifically the Big 5, JP Morgan, Goldman-Sachs, CitiBank, Bank of America and Wells-Fargo is much deeper than most people comprehend due the exposure of those via the Derivatives Market (Notional Value current greater than 2 Quadrillion dollars…about 20X the value of the GDP of the entire Earth…) to the impending implosion in the European financial sector…to whom our SIFI’s are tied to the death by their contracts therewith.

        AT THIS POINT, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that what is transpiring around us currently is both irreparable AND already irreversible; too many concurrent interlocking events – individually perhaps not capable of producing system-wide annihilation- which taken in tandem ARE irresistible. Only time will tell now.

        That said, in a few weeks, considering the incredible drops we’ve seen in the Petroleum markets, the lag in wholesale-to-retail pricing will finally be seen at the pumps. I strongly recommend that those of you with foresight act to store as much fuel as you can afford to. Simply put here, the recent ‘divorce’ of Russia from OPEC+ and the subsequent Saudi tantrum which is seeing OPEC itself dissolving before our eyes, will result in a World awash in Oil…for a time only.
        The follow-on effects of these events will force every major player in the Shale Markets into insolvency; ergo, the US ‘Shale Miracle’ is a ‘Dead Man Walking’. As of a week ago, only 4 of the major players in that market could still operate in $30/barrel conditions which have significantly deteriorated since. Furthermore, the vast Saudi reserves are only capable of supporting the Kingdom’s internal operations/obligations at double the current prices. Yes, MbS can burn through the Saudi’s financial reserves for a time…but only Russia will remain standing a year from now if he pursues that ill-advised strategy. Vladimir Putin has – IMHO – fully succeeded in effectively ‘insulating’ Russia from the Global ‘Firestorm’ that is on the cusp of erupting over the next several weeks.
        China – OTOH – has none such insulation. Aside from being ‘Ground Zero’ of the global COVID detonation apparently, the party officials in Hubei have ‘blown their other foot off’, so to speak. Reports currently are that just prior to Xi’s ‘Triumphant Visit’ to Wuhan, elements of the bureaucracy violated their own internal criteria for infected patient release and released ‘several thousand’ patients back into the general population in order to maintain the fiction of ‘ZERO New Hubei/Chinese’ cases as dictated by the Chinese Central Commitee. COVID Wave II anyone?
        Gee, and I just THOUGHT that our farcical, self-serving, self-DEALING political system in the West was Fucked-up…
        No, there is just too much momentum IN THE WRONG DIRECTION now, short of Divine Intervention I believe the oft spoken of ‘Tipping Point’ has actually been reached…and passed without anyone noting it’s passage.

        Eyes and ears open boys and girls, it’s Showtime…Pass or Fail ONLY.


        • Could it be the very weird deagel website has been on to something?


          The most important prep anyone can do is get their spiritual house in order, which means the One True Living God via JC.

      6. Here Here

      7. “identifying people with the virus and quarantining them, forcibly if necessary. ” Well, no kidding—if you have got the virus stay home! If they refuse to stay home, lock ’em up!

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