Who Can Afford The American Dream? “Rental Rates Have Reached Apocalyptic Levels”

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    ** MUST LINK BACK http://www.newyorker.com/ **  ** MUST CREDIT THE NEW YORKER ** ** NO CROPPING MUST BE PUBLISHED FULL FRAME ** A Rising Share of Young Adults Live in Their Parents’ Home A Record 21.6 Million In 2012 by Richard Fry OVERVIEW SDT-millennials-with-parents-08-2013-01In 2012, 36% of the nation’s young adults ages 18 to 31—the so-called Millennial generation—were living in their parents’ home, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. This is the highest share in at least four decades and represents a slow but steady increase over the 32% of their same-aged counterparts who were living at home prior to the Great Recession in 2007 and the 34% doing so when it officially ended in 2009. A record total of 21.6 million Millennials lived in their parents’ home in 2012, up from 18.5 million of their same aged counterparts in 2007. Of these, at least a third and perhaps as many as half are college students. (In the census data used for this analysis, college students who live in dormitories during the academic year are counted as living with their parents). Younger Millennials (ages 18 to 24) are much more likely than older ones (ages 25 to 31) to be living with their parents—56% versus 16%. Since the onset of the 2007-2009 recession, both age groups have experienced a rise in this living arrangement. The men of the Millennial generation are more likely than the women to be living with their parents—40% versus 32%—continuing a long-term gender gap in the share of young adults who do so.1

    Credit: The New Yorker: “A Rising Share of Young Adults Live in Their Parents’ Home – A Record 21.6 Million In 2012” by Richard Fry

    Skyrocketing costs and shrinking opportunity are meeting head on with full on economic disaster. The Dude, Where’s My Stuff? generation doesn’t have much motivation to go on for growing up and getting their life together these days.

    Record numbers are out of the work force; record numbers are living with their parents in the basement; record numbers are losing the battle of return on investment with higher education – purchased with burdensome loans – in order to attain better employment and stability. Rising costs are hitting home owners and renters alike, with a real squeeze coming down on those just starting out.

    And all of that is driving the economy to the brink.

    That American Dream thing is a going up in smoke. Upward mobility has stalled, and stagnation is setting in.

    It is becoming apparent that a lost generation is upon us, and the Americans of tomorrow may not even have a meager concept of what this country stood for, because their lives will be so completely desolate and controlled.

    A Forbes columnist asked the question: Can Millennials Afford The American Dream? Forbes’ Kerri Zane writes:

    The local radio news station in Los Angeles recently reported that the rental rates in this city have reached apocalyptic levels. So it stands to reason the next best step is to purchase a home. Easier said than done, particularly for millennials.

    At the end of last year my 25-year-old daughter and I were discussing this issue. She and her live-in boyfriend had been exploring the notion, but with the median home price in Los Angeles exceeding $500,000.00, it is completely out of reach for them. Between juggling school loan payoffs and each working in the freelance world of entertainment, saving for a down payment and/or qualifying for a mortgage, in this day and age, is tough.


    Over the last 20 plus years I have watched as the cost of living in the U.S., and more specifically Los Angeles, steadily climbed. It became apparent, without a doubt, that if my daughters (I have two) were going to have a home, it would be up to mom to help them.
    Before you rush to judgement about my children’s work ethic or my parenting style… look at the stats… home affordability will decline through-out 2016 by 4 to 5%. We all know that at the end of 2015 the feds increased mortgage rates, and real estate pundits predict home prices will continue to appreciate at 3 to 4%… the cost of  in-state tuition and fees at public four-year institutions have increased at an average rate of 3.4% per year beyond inflation.

    These kids are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    It is a pertinent question for this generation. Will there be security and prosperity for those who are willing to work hard?

    Basically, all the trends are headed in the wrong direction for a healthy society.

    Demographically, people are falling in on themselves.

    The Pew Research Center conducted a study in 2012 on the rising number of millennials living with their parents, and the reasons contributing to the decline:

    In 2012, 36% of the nation’s young adults ages 18 to 31—the so-called Millennial generation—were living in their parents’ home, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. This is the highest share in at least four decades and represents a slow but steady increase over the 32% of their same-aged counterparts who were living at home prior to the Great Recession in 2007 and the 34% doing so when it officially ended in 2009.

    A record total of 21.6 million Millennials lived in their parents’ home in 2012, up from 18.5 million of their same aged counterparts in 2007. Of these, at least a third and perhaps as many as half are college students.


    Since the onset of the 2007-2009 recession, both age groups have experienced a rise in this living arrangement.


    The steady rise in the share of young adults who live in their parents’ home appears to be driven by a combination of economic, educational and cultural factors. Among them:

    Declining employment. … Rising college enrollment. … Declining marriage.

    And that’s just for those who were willing to give things a try.

    The rest are on the dole, and bulging the size and scope of federal government even further, and millions falling to the bottom are looking to the government as a parental figure and savior – who dispenses benefits and can “take care of” them.

    A wave of unemployment, and those who have permanently dropped out of the work force and all appearances of looking for work, is setting in. And things don’t look pretty from there.

    Image credit: http://www.newyorker.com/

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      1. no kidding, when I found out how much I could ask to rent out my home i about flipped
        Hell, I could rent it out pay the mortgage on it, and still almost have enough to go buy another house like it

        the only thing holding me back..I am trying like hell to not have ANY mortgages EVER AGAIN

        • Just another sign that infinite growth in a finite world is meeting the proverbial “brick wall”. Eventually the system collapses under its own weight. And what mathematically will happen here will happen around the world. China is already dealing with 400,000 protesters who are going to lose their jobs because of China’s slowing eCONomy.

          The global debt based system that’s been created is going to collapse mega hard.

          • “Just another sign that infinite growth in a finite world is meeting the proverbial “brick wall”. ”

            That’s a really thooper neato theory and all that but back here in reality, the globe didn’t run out of resources.

        • http://www.theroot.com/articles/history/2012/12/first_black_town_in_north_america_100_amazing_facts_about_the_negro.html














          • Acid, So much for your new year’s resolution to be “nicer” to people this year. HYPOCRITE.

            • Acid Etch is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.
              Anyone who thinks otherwise is an asshole.

            • So much for knowing the definition of hypocrite. IDIOT.

            • Hey, mate Acid is right. Just consult some statistics. All confirmed in Europe as well but put under the carpet by the “politically correct” assholes. I live in South Africa, I know what I am talking about.

          • Acid, the fix is in. The “boomers” have ZERO control over what is happening. All you see happening in front of you, is the bill coming due, from the big sellout, a century ago. It is understandable that you want to vent, everyone does. But, the people you seem to think can fix things, sadly, cannot.

            Just prep, and brush up on your infantry skills, you”l need them soon.

            • Just me: And voting is a crock of horse dung and has been for decades (rigged machines besides). I found out that Ted Cruz is promoting common core, wanting to do away with home school, Christian school unless they comply to CC. ( ref. News with Views article 1/28) Trump pushed gov to bail out the corp. like GM, Chrysler and other duds a socialist agenda. I will sit out the election as globalist control the prez, they step outa line, they’re dead. Congressmen ignore the people in their districts on everything, they are bought off to bring in these invaders who end up on welfare and crime, pushing for shiria law. We are headed to be a third world slum pit. EU is under shiria law, Europeans arrested for even defending themselves against assaults, accused of racism. Mass killing of infidels ahead to set up a caliphate. We are on the list coming soon.

              • Laura M.
                Obama already dismantled Common Core. No to get rid of No Child Left Behind, that keeps thugs in schools to terrorize students.

                • no child left a DIME!

                  • BCOD. ..lol

          • Acid U ROCK !!!!

          • Homocide? Good one acid. I would spell it homicide. May depend on where you are from I guess.

          • actually u have it wrong. white people invented gunpowder and guns.so ultimately they are responsible for what people do with their inventions. not to mention the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons. white people are the only people who have used nuclear weapons against other people and nations. white people are the greatest mass murderers in the history of mankind. thats a fact!! thats why the heavenly father is bringing this kingdom to an end and taking away your rulership of the earth. (notice how i didnt even mention death by cop of negro people. compared to whites)

            like it says in that famous song “sign sign”

            man your some kind of sinner. (white people)

            • Y: I don’t know what the hell you have been smoking but the Chinese are recognized as the creators of gunpowder.

              That government school you attended didn’t teach you jack. Let alone how to use a search engine to verify information before you pull it out of your ass.

          • Ummm…no we do not need racial apartheid. What we need is for the government to stop trying to move people from the ghetto into middle class neighborhoods. Doing these things based purely upon racial quotas is what is killing America. I have no problem with neighbors of a different race so long as they are the sort of people who I want to live around. This means people who are not criminals, drug users, drunks, loud and offensive, destructive to property values, etc. Just because a person is a minority doesn’t mean they deserve the chance to live in another neighborhood. (Nor does it mean they should not be allowed to purchase a home if they can afford it.) That comes by hard work and being invested in the system. If they are they usually think twice about ruining their investment in a house. If it is just given to them for free they have no respect for it and only end up ruining the lives of those around them. It’s a question of socio-economic class, not race.

            Sadly though, I speak from experience. I live in a formerly working class mostly white area that is being rapidly devalued by section 8 rentals from former ghetto dwellers. As much as I dislike white trash, these people are worse because they are much more visible in their lack of respect for the neighborhood. Those who can leave (black and white) are making a rapid exodus as we all see what is coming. I just hope I can move out soon too, before it’s too late and my house is worthless.

            • “not…drug users, drunks”

              Bet you $1000 there are a handful of people living close to you that use drugs or are alcohol abusers and you’ll NEVER know it.

              You ignoramus druggie prohibitionists are absolutely PART OF THE PROBLEM.

              What the hell is it exactly you believe has been the primary vector of implementing the police state. Oh that’s right, the WoD.

              • Well, when they are wandering the neighborhood like zombies, all pilled out on pain killers, or drunk and fighting outside then I know who they are. What they do inside of their homes is none of my business though, unless it endangers those around them (Meth lab, grow house, or that trap house with the guy who tries to shoot people who rip him off that’s right down the street from me). Don’t worry, I do support your legal right to alcohol and also support your being granted the legal right to smoke pot if you so desire. I also reserve the right to engage in neither of those things and think you are an idiot for doing so.

            • “drunks, loud and offensive, destructive to property values”

              Sounds like the Massholes who flee the grimy decaying cities of the Bay State and move up here… where they eagerly set about trying to make Maine just like the shithole that they just abandoned.

              • Karl V. It is interesting how often people do just that. Mexicans move here and try to turn the US into Mexico just like they ran away from. Americans move to Mexico and demand instant service like in the US. We are going to have a worse time with Muslims here trying to create Sharia law. They are probably the worst fit in Europe and the US. They sure don’t want to move to other Muslim countries, though, and those countries do not want them.

        • if the FED ever figgers out that “too low” interest rates must return to “normal”, it will HALVE home prices….that’s why we have a bubble(AGAIN!) in homes….of coarse, the feral gubmint won’t be ABLE to pay the national debt payments IF that happens. people don’t seem to WANT to know why prices are sooo high, they just “KNOW” that homes always go UP in value….well, except for that period a few years ago when they dropped 2/3rds in value(where i live in hi-desert, ca)…yes, it’s coming, homes will fall to at LEAST half of present values….because, you KNOW, …we make MUCH LESS than we did in year 2000, the last year for “normal” home prices….so let me see if i got this right….everyone thinks homes continue to go UP(no bubble) in price….while we make LESS every year, thanks to inflation…RIIIIIIGHT. good luck to all those simps that got their blinders on…and if you want to become an expert on home-prices, and why it’s a terrible time to buy an expensive house, just read patrickdot net’s housing crash page…link to follow….seriously the best thing you’ll EVER read on real estate prices. and it will only take you an hour or two.

        • “Freelance world of entertainment”?

          Call me old-fashioned but that sounds like code for a callgirl. Anybody catch her phone number?

        • The other thing holding you back should be tenants. They do not care. They will destroy your house. It is very difficult to evict tenants that do not pay rent. Been there.

      2. I know of several instances of grandkids freeloading off of the grandparents.

        • Family looking after family, it’s called love.

          • Bullshit. Some of it is exploitation.

          • Anon, my family is hanging together.

      3. yeah…right…wait until those hefty rental rates wake up “Uncle Sugar” in his Section 8 scam. Obama & Co. will start secretly placing those “Syrian” refugees in Section 8 homes and pay mega-bucks to just get these people here. the elites will “weaponize” home rentals! anything to kill us off.

        you don’t think your neighbors wouldn’t rent the house next to you to some terrorist-in-training here stateside? think again.

        look at those convicted killers in the Boston bombings–free housing, free EBT cards, free medical care, free tuition….

        folks, this country is being undermined like Amazonian termites eating up a 10 story canopy tree. we’ll be hollowed-out afore long. Trojan horse terrorists being housed via $$$ rentals right next door.

        • Yes, I urge all of you to read the Cloward-Piven Strategy…
          To, basically, overwhelm The System, blame ‘The Capitalists’, and then, take over with a whole bunch of pissed off younguns that don’t know what side their bread is buttered on, because they’ve been taught for thirty years, that capitalism is evil.

          The biggest part of this strategy is to bring in unassimilatable ‘immigrants’, who will not mix with society, but will help destroy your culture, your way of life, and eventually, you. Then the government will be on their side, like you see happening now, only on steroids.

          Then, when the inevitable chaos comes, ‘they’ get to lord it over all, who do you think is the target? Gun owners, white people, Christians, anybody who stands for The Old Republic.

          Don’t think it isn’t happening here? Then you’re blind as a bat. Islam is part of it, the Mexicans, the Africans, all those who are being brought in by the thousands, and form ghettos. This is not the America I grew up in, and at this point, there is going to be only one solution, because, I don’t think even a Donald can fix it. And if he gets elected, by some miracle, and tries, ‘they’ will get him. If Hitlery gets elected, God help us. Either way, it must be, eventually, civil war, only remember who The Enemy is. They just killed some patriots in Oregon. Steam pressure can only rise so high before the boiler explodes…

          The Alienork way
          ht tps://pipermichael.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/the-alienork-way-understanding-the-danger-of-islam/

          (as always, remove the space in the header.)

          • At the top its fascism that is running the show. Communism is the economic system of choice to distribute the crumbs allocated for the masses.

            • “Communism is the economic system ”

              Mmmm, no. It’s progressivism and it’s fascistic.

              They allow ownership of private property but they still control it.

              They allow profit but if you’re part of the club you get bail-ins and no-bid contracts and MEGA profit.

              Have you looked at the way they do business? They run money in a circle jerk of scams. Govt -> Corps (Solyndra, bailouts, etc) -> 1%er wealth (CEO rape compensation) -> Parties & Pols -> Govt

              • A fair percentage of these thousands of pages bills that get enacted weren’t even written by congress.

              • NunyaBidness

                We can debate the fine tuned definition of communism but the very top is fascist and the slice of the economic pie that is annexed for distribution to the masses via first socialism with the end goal being totalitarian communism.

                Its a hybrid of the worst of both systems merged. It reminds me of the saying, “It matters little, that the boot on your throat contains a communist or fascist foot”.

              • Ever notice how similar communism and Sharia law are?

          • Piper: The EU is about to go under shiria law. In reality, it has in some areas now. Some freedoms are gone. People are being arrested for protecting themselves against Muslim attacks or sexual assaults, robberies, etc. Not allowed over there to defend self with knives, pepper spray, etc. Muslims will rise up soon, kill the “infidels” and set up shiria law and Muslim leaders.Mayhem at high speed. EU puppet leaders will hop a jet to S. America and live out their lives with big bucks paid to them for their trashing of the EU, are no longer useful idiots to the Globalists. Time is running out and they will rise up en masse as more “white folks” are waking up and forming nationalist parties, protesting. (ref to: gatesofvienna.net, pamelageller.com, etc.) If gov here ever gets the guns via small arms treaty, and people go along with it, it is all over. Alpha males are rare in the EU, decadence, sloth, and apathy has allowed the EU to be close to civil war. Things will soon turn on a dime. History is not taught, and critical thinking is lacking in the masses. Forced teaching of Koran in gov. schools even in this country!

          • Excellent article. It was written by Matthew Bracken and has been posted on both Western Rifle Shooters and The Gates of Vienna sites.

          • Piper Michael, that is exactly the plan. Get out of the cities folks on some land and a humble abode. Feed yourself as much as possible and keep your head down. “nothing to see here, move along”. Thats my plan until it comes time to fight.

        • “S.C.”
          You hit it right on the head.

          Does anyone here really think you own your home or land.
          If you do just don’t pay your taxes on it, and you will find that someone else holds a lean and then can buy your property.

          So I guess we are all just renting from the Guberment!!!!

          This is something we should be up in arms over.

          • careful
            being “up in arms” apparently today will get you shot in the face

            • “E”
              God I hope that this isn’t true, and I’m going to wait like I did when it came to Ferguson Mo.

              It is a shame that someone was killed, and I pray for his family. Mr. Finicum is with Jesus now. This is what I believe.


              • Sgt. Dale: Mr.Finicum walked the walk, how many will do that in the coming days. I fear not many. You being LE bring’s the song to mind; “What will you do when they come for you”!

                We The Few!!

                • I’m sure that sentiment is a huge comfort to his wife and ELEVEN fatherless children……

        • Not only that Seasoned… these landlords/slumlords are just ruining neighborhoods like mine… you have a constant turnover of people in these units… whether it is section 8 or people just trying to scrape by… no one has any respect either… people move in and they dont say a word to you… not even hello… yards aren’t being taken care of either.. people are paying sky high rent that is even more than my mortgage! And these landlords/slumlords think they can keep multiplying their efforts by buying more houses and screwing up neighborhoods… well guess what.. Uncle Screw will eventually come down on them hard and their profits…and maybe even take all their rentals in the end… Unless they conform with Uncle Screw, and their renters eventually conform as narcs for the NWO, since they will be on government doal… Funny thing is alot of these slumlords think they have power when they are just ants for the NWO… Also, this is forming into the “Haves” and “Havenots”…I am already seeing it… Slumlords buying new vehicles all the time and living in luxury… while their renters drive around in older crap vehicles barely getting by…. refugees add a new dimension to all this

      4. I see a lot of people ride it out at home. Some for decades until the owners (mom and dad or grandparents) die or are moved to a nursing home. Then they just settle right on in. Just takes patience. Ah, America.

        • Gonetoolong,
          Riding it out at home and inheriting has been the traditional way for many hundreds of years, nothing to freak out over. We had a wild run after WWIII, but that is over unless we find another “free” source like oil to burn up. Not to mention global destruction from the war.
          I am lucky that I paid cash for my son’s education and he is well established now. He is 39 and got in ahead of the millenial mess. If I had to do that today, it probably would not happen and he might be living in his childhood bedroom. I am thankful for timing and luck. Our generation had a better economy to work with. Note: I didn’t say easy or perfect. And working hard isn’t very enticing if you don’t think it will get you anywhere.
          I am grateful for my 5 acres and the hope of reasonable self-sufficiency in the future.

          • Rebecca,
            Not sure how you compare traditional way of doing things to now. Things are radically changing. And I’m sure there are plenty of parents, grandparents and even great grandparents freaking out when they see their savings dwindle or they realize they have to work more to foot the bills. Some of these people that have to move in out of necessity may have children of their own too.

          • Rebecca

            You site WWII for the prosperity and your 100% correct, it was an accident of history as the developed world was largely destroyed except this hemisphere. We sat on top for decades patting ourselves on the back telling each other we’re special. In the meantime global competition, funded with US tax dollars while being guarded and expanded with the US Military and American lives changed the entire situation.

            We had a South Korean electrical engineer in the Oil Refinery that I had a lengthy conversation with. He said they went to school virtually all year, no summer off. After school the common practice was for the students to go directly to the library where their parents brought them dinner. This engineer went to college here and thought it was a breeze as he had calculus and other advanced classes in HS in South Korea. Here in the US our HS graduates can’t make change at the cash register.

            • Kevin2, I know what you are saying is true. I worked with engineer inventors from all over the world and saw what you say first hand. They work so hard at it. My son went through the talented and gifted program and got a better education, because he was a math whiz. Still, in 7th grade I realized he was functionally illiterate. I got textbooks and sat with him every night and taught him to read phonetically. He was taught sight reading, snort. They pushed him for engineering but he went for banking and now owns a business.
              We don’t have a large population like China, they push hard and their top 10% is more than our entire population. Discouraging. But for all that, they are destroying their environment. I don’t think intelligent people are in charge, thank God.

              • How in the hell do you get into a so-called gifted program if you are functionally illiterate? And what kind of parent doens’t realize their special snowflake can’t fricken read until they are in the 7th grade? I thank god you are not in charge and your son is a business owner because of his own effort and hard work.

                • Philosopher, are you still frothing at the mouth? My son was in talented and gifted because he competed nationally in math contests and placed in the top 3. He scored 800 on the math portion of the SAT. Of course I was a worthless mother! That’s why we are still close. As soon as I realized he was such a poor reader, I remedied the problem, myself, without humiliating him by bringing the school system in on it. Like many functional illiterates, he paid attention to the teacher in class and was able to pass exams because he had aural memory.
                  Philosopher… bet you are a teacher… how many students have you let down?
                  As far as leading this country, I am not a natural leader any more than you are. I have worked for a couple and my son has ability in that direction. You and I, not so much. Any more irrational rants you need me to answer, sugar pop?

                  • Of course you blame the school for your son not being able to read.

                    Responsibility is hard work and requires maturity. Let me know when you get to that point in your life, by the way.

                    You didn’t just say your son was a poor reader you said he was quote, “functionally illiterate.” And in a gifted program. I don’t believe you. I think you are full of crap.

                    Aural memory? And in a gifted program? I am guessing your son was in a special education class and has succeeded through his own efforts. Not yours. Go ahead. You are not the only delusional lib out there. You have plenty of company.

                    • Philosopher, you win sugar pop. I am now too bored with you to respond.

                    • I don’t think you have a clue as to the range of human intellect, and how humans are made by GOD.

                      My son had difficulty with reading and verbal skills, just as Rebecca indicates her son had. My sons math SAT alone was higher than most people’s combined scores. The language my son sees the world in, is mathematics.

                      You seem to see that as a defect, but this just reveals your ignorance, prejudice, and your inability to even grasp this language even exists!

                      When my son was young, I read him the story of the Tower of Babel. I talked to him about how brilliant he really was, and that he should not be frustrated by people that did not understand the language he thought in. This was all part of GODS plan, to save man from destroying our world, before GODs plan is complete, by men misusing GODS greatest gift, the human mind.

                      Thus GOD sent confusion on man, and many launguages were created, including perhaps the greatest and most misunderstood, mathematics! For thousands of years it had little value, but mathematics is now the foundation of modern civilization. And you have your panties in a knot, because some kids need a little help spelling or reading? Get over it fool!

                  • Reb, you may be suffering from constipation. I recommend you use a Squatty Potty and maybe you will start shitting out rainbow yogurt. You never know.

                    • It’s skittles, skittle shitting unicorns.

                      I’m dying to buy one of those Star Trek red shirts and have it printed with the words, I died on the last away mission, you heartless bastards!

              • ” I don’t think intelligent people are in charge, thank God.”

                They’re intelligent but the negative long term effects of unregulated growth is cast aside for greed. Then again one must walk in their shoes as a few decades ago they lost 5 million people per year in a famine. Our robber barons did a damn fine job destroying everything in their path before they were forced to become environmentally sound. I grew up around Chemical Plants and Oil Refineries. The Delaware river was dead when I was a kid. Muskrats (we trapped in the marshes) had tumors. There are still toxic waste dump sites that are off limits.

                • Kevin2,
                  I remember those days. Still like that near my land in Texas… Superfund site that may never get remediated. I did an arsenic remediation on my 14 acres, 3 years. Fixed enough to not have tumors on my little green frogs. I cried to see them, such cute little critters. That’s how I used my degree… on private projects over the years. I am creating a food forest now. It is awesome fun.

              • Marvelous Rebecca,
                My son sounds quite similar to yours. Show him a real world problem and my son sees it as an advanced math problem easily solved!

                My son is doing awesome things to secure our nation, as did my father, yes it skips a generations sometimes, that is all I’ll say on that subject.

                I have to admit I married the smartest woman I ever met. And have two brilliant children as a result. My daughter works on Wall Street taking the 1%’s lunch money, I couldn’t be prouder.

                We live in amazing times. We live in the days of revelation. I endeavor to help my children keep their faith in troublesome days. I see it as the greatest gift. That and a few great bread recipes!

                • Plan Twice, Prep Once
                  yep that kid is the best I ever did, and I have grandkids to prove it. I baked the prettiest loaf of bread tonight. Breakfast will be awesome tomorrow. I played around and baked it in a soup bowl… looks like a crusty brown souffle. I have been breaking 2 loaves into 3 and freezing two. I bake the smaller loaf in the toaster oven. And bake more often. He or she serves who feeds the troups?

                  • I love “over easy” eggs with home made bead!

                    My son and his wife have been studying for their pregnancy test and I hear the rascal is now about the size of a brussel sprout, first trimester – done. My daughter and her husband are also studying! The Lord just keeps pouring out the blessings even in these unpredictable times.

                    • Plan Twice, Prep Once,
                      Awesome, more grandchildren. My son and wife are talking about a third. Oops, grandson knows he is my favorite grandson and grandad her knows she is my favorite granddaughter. I might have to have a favorite froggy.

                  • Oh goody I made bread ain’t I so special! No. Not really. But go ahead on you delusional fool.

                    • Hey philosopher,

                      Try to remember it’s NOT anyone else’s fault but your own that you’re still a virgin and it’s likely a sure bet you’ll die one too.

          • Rebecca, I (husband) am the proud parents of 3 Millennial Children who seem to have made it. We too paid 100% of their education including all medical bills etc. if needed. They never asked for this but since we were frugal we decided to give to them instead of waiting for the death or general demise of one or both of us, or worse, useless paper. Please don’t misunderstand. Lots of hard work and much luck. We just asked them to pick a vocation, anything that piques their interest, and follow through. All three did so. They now live good lives if not opulent lives. Own their homes in expensive area of MA. How long will this continue??? Only time will tell.
            I’m just pointing this out because not all Millennials are still stuck. Yes, it did take extra work so they didn’t have to pick up debt. I’m well aware that most cannot help and things are out of control. May the Good Lord Bless All.

            • Tishie, I do not millenial bash. I am glad yours are doing well and that you were able to help them. I was just saying that my current situation is not as flush as it once was and I would have trouble putting someone through college… and the cost is much higher than when I put him through school. I know some millenials and do not find them bad or lazy. My daughterinlaw has nephews in that generation and their parents are paying for school. They are awesome boys. I love Americans and we are going through a hard time. My grandkids are young yet.

              • No you just act like a know it all and bash every one else. Witch.

                • Hey philosopher,

                  All alone and awake at 4.30 in the morning again huh? Well, just do what you always do, take the situation in ” hand”.

              • Yes, Rebecca. I should have chosen my wording more carefully. Seems not many of us are where we once were and may never reach back again. That we were able at one time to help was a gift, not only the children but for our country through them. At least that was the hope at that time. Today is a different world, a world full of deception, lies and thieves at our backs.
                Keep up the good work and be safe.

                • Tishie, thanks. My son’s situation is much better than mine now and he has held his hand out to help me. That is a great feeling. Family!
                  You take care, too.

      5. Yeah, if you live in LA area, housing prices are completely insane. Most of the rest of the country is still fairly reasonable.

        A 1970’s 1200sf house goes for 1/2-3/4 million in California with postage stamp lot, here, you can buy they all day long for under 200k…often with acreage to boot.

        25ac mountain land next door to me for $150k….has well, septic and power in, and enough timber to build with, and run your woodstove forever.

        • The Millennials won’t work, or can’t find suitable work in order to buy up those deals, or just plain average priced pieces of Real Estate.

          But, have no fear. If the Corporate elites and crony politicians, get their way; there will be tens of thousands that will have plenty of taxpayer printed money that will buy those properties.

          That is the underlying reason the majority of liberals want the muzzies brought in to America. To help support the economy that has been gutted by them and their tax and spend mentality.

          And before someone gets all riled up by my pointing a finger at liberals….they come in all sizes. Elephants and jackasses alike.

        • I was S. of LA in the late 60’s for a short time, before moving to the S.E. for good, LA is a third world slum then and worse now, over run with Mexicans, Muslims, etc. like Deetroit, Dearborn, Mi. etc. I saw an adv in LA for 200,000 bucks online last year for a shack under 500 sq ft.. Who the H would want to live there or any “ant hill” crammed slum type city? Atlanta, Tampa, Nashville, etc. are on the same path. Invaders from the Middle E. crammed into cities like these or NYC, etc.

      6. U.S.
        Chicago Police Have Been Sabotaging Their Own Dashboard Cameras on Purpose

        Just when you thought the scandal-ridden Chicago Police Department was ready to collapse under the weight of its own idiocy, it goes and does something like this. According to DNA Info, 80% of dashboard cameras in CPD patrol vehicles don’t record audio — either because officers are activating them incorrectly, or because they’re intentionally damaging or concealing them.
        This troubling revelation sheds light on what happened the night of Oct. 20, 2014, when Officer Jason Van Dyke — who was recently released on bond after being charged with first-degree murder — shot and killed a 17-year-old, unarmed black boy named Laquan McDonald. The incident was recorded by multiple police dash cameras, but many of them did not record audio, including Van Dyke’s.

        • In Van Dyke’s case, the reason for this is now clear: He’d intentionally made his camera not work. The 15-year veteran took the camera from his patrol car to the department’s maintenance team in June 2014, three months after reporting it broken, and repairs were completed June 17. The next day, the camera was suddenly broken again. Then, on Oct. 8 — 12 days before Van Dyke killed McDonald — the maintenance team fixed it for a second time, citing “intentional damage” as the reason for its malfunction.

          these cops are destroying government property..why they free instead of in jail ,, we cant destroy gov property

          RULE OF LAW DEAD?

          • OOH and tampering with evidence

            Trials? wheres the trials?

          • Rule of law in the failed state known as the USSA? Why yes.

          • Is the rule of law dead in the USSA? Yes. Otherwise Hilliary would have been indicted already.

      7. yes officer I am a bit nervous around you,,see you guys are out here killing people with impunity and all Im trying to do is get home to my family after work

      8. It’s not a dream, a nightmare yes. Over priced housing and taxes for shit overpriced schools.

        • Who came up with the phrase American dream? Probably a bankster.

      9. Someone flicked a butt out the window on Jekyll Island…now the whole world’s on fire.

      10. One problem is that young people expect to graduate from college and immediately be able to afford a big nice home like their parents worked many years to obtain. They don’t have any patience.

        Here’s how it still can be done.

        First, buy a used mobile home and put it in a trailer park. You should be able to pay it off in three years.

        Then you look for a piece of property where you’d like to eventually have a house. Buy the property, put in septic and move the mobile home to the property, making sure to put it out of the way of your future house.

        Pay off the property, which might take three to five years or more depending on how remote it is and what part of the country it’s in.

        Start buying materials and begin constructing a small house. Plan it so that it will be easy to add to later.

        Move into the new house. You can sell the mobile home for almost what you paid for it. Back in the 1980s, I bought a mobile home for $3,000 and sold it three years later for $2,000.

        Finally, add onto the house as you can afford it. You will end up with a nice home and no mortgage. There is a really huge brick home on Hwy. 17 near Vanceboro, NC that I watched being constructed little by little as the owners could afford it. It looks like a million bucks now, but I’m pretty sure there’s no mortgage on it.

        Anyone can start small and work their way up if they just have a little patience. I did a good bit of the above using only a minimum wage salary. I was making more than that, but I always kept my expenses within minimum wage just in case.

        • Archivist: I read a small e-book a few years ago, I think the title was called “Trailersteading.” Basically you can often get a mobile home for free, or almost free. The only cost is hauling it to your own location.

          I do think that people have unrealistic expectations. If they cannot afford to live in Southern California, leave, move someplace that is less expensive. Save money. Work. If young people don’t know how to work or save money I blame their parents. Some parents like to be in control and to keep their kids at their feet, even when those kids are adults. Fairly common these days.

          • Philosopher:

            You’re dead on….kids today don’t have the gumption to save money, or do for themselves, and a lot of parents make it real easy for them to keep on living at home. I couldn’t wait to get out the door by the time I was out of high school.

            Wife and I married young (her 17, me 20) and we literally had nothing…..an old used car and everything we owned fit in the trunk.

            Today, retired, we have 5 degrees between us (hers a doctorate), debt free with over 100ac homestead,a retirement income about twice average for our State, and life is quite rosy.

            • TA: some of my family are from northern Maine. When there was no work they left and moved to California. Was it easy? No. Did they complain? No. I never heard my grandparents complain. Then again I was raised with the expectation that I would work and earn my own way. I don’t see many kids raised that way these days. It harms them more than helps them. Maybe they will learn, maybe not.

              Thanks for your story. That you have been able to stay together is an inspiration and rare! You are blessed!

        • Archivist:

          We built our first home ourselves with 10k saved, and 10k borrowed in 1976. Paid off the borrowed in 5 years, and sold the house for 50k in 1983.

          Had bought 75ac in 1982, 10k down, owner financing 65k. Used the 50k to build a house on it, paid the land off in 8yrs. Been mortgage free since 1990.

          • TrAndy. Sweet!

        • You’re describing the path to retirement far more than you are the path that starts a career.

      11. things have gone well beyond strange – never mind affording the rent to live like a rat in an ant hill of temporary employment – now we got governments telling their women to stop breeding! this zika virus takes dumbing down to a whole new level

        i don’t whether shit has hit the fan but this is the point in time from when I’m declaring shit is officially too fucked up to comprehend for a simple soul such as myself


      12. Do you mean my degree, that cost me $105,000 in total (gotta fund those leftist profs and their cushy lifestyles, y’know!), in 18th Century Belgian Lesbian Musicology won’t get me a 100k/yr job???

        • Only in Berkeley or Cambridge

      13. I always think it is a big mistake for any society to waste their youth but this disaster is the result of faulty thinking. Most of the Millennials are supporters of Obama. Most never had an understanding of geopolitics and what is the source of America’s ‘wealth’. America has borrowed wealth not real wealth: this borrowed wealth is at record levels because of the current government. When it comes to geopolitics, Millennials are competing for everything with everyone on planet earth. From tech jobs (Indians) to welfare and other public provision (Mexicans, Muslims, blacks), to high-value jobs (Chinese, Koreans, Asians) they have outpriced themselves by taking on all that debt.

        A smart Millennial would not take on any debt and would use the current situation to their favor: as in, exploit the living sh#t out of people from the third world. Start a business, it can be anything. Then hire people from the third world but get the government to pay for them. Do not pay them much. You now have people working for you and your dream. Hire Asians for your top-level management and Latinos for the mid-level jobs. Give the worst jobs to the Africans and put Muslims in charge of them. Use the inherent prejudice these groups have for each other against each other. Asians do not like Africans and think they are smarter. This superiority will ensure they keep them under control. Muslims hate blacks and this prejudice will also help in control. When somebody from the government visits your business, let them see a rainbow nation in the front office. You can keep your office off-site with people you trust: the government never has to see it. This business model is very effective for the current situation.

      14. It was called a “Dream” after all. Now that people are waking from the dream, they can start identifying and removing the negatives in their lives.

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