Who Are The “Deplorables” And Why Do They Refuse To Be Trampled Upon?

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.

    Editor’s Comment: More than anything, it seems that the system would love for the malcontents to either disappear altogether, or latch onto one of the existing platforms for ‘hope and change,’ even though the system is attempting to control all the inputs and outputs, and dictate the future.

    The so-called deplorables are typically nothing more than freedom-loving individuals who refuse to submit to their own enslavement, and are not even remotely satisfied by the typical offering in the way of candidates and policies of control.

    The “Deplorables” – Who We Are And What We Want

    by Brandon Smith

    In numerous articles over the past several years I have made observations on a rule of life that I strictly adhere to: that all social conflicts can be boiled down to the reality of two opposing groups — those people who want to control the lives of others, and those people who simply want to be left alone.  You can read more about my philosophy on this in an article I published in 2014 titled ‘Why Is Independence So Frightening To Some People?’

    The mainstream media and establishment institutions focused on propaganda will tell you that there are hundreds or thousands of dangerous cultural enclaves and ideologies out there that you should fear.  They will tell tales of rage and suspicion between the rich and the poor, haves and have-nots, whites and blacks, gays and straights, academics and working class, believers and atheists, Muslims and Christians, Republicans and Democrats, Eastern nations and Western nations, etc.  The establishment relies on these divisions as a rationale for the homogenization of cultures — they argue that if we erase borders, religion and sovereignty while enforcing multiculturalism and wealth redistribution, then these groups will have no reason to fight anymore and a Utopian fever orgy will be our inevitable reward.  Yes, it sounds quite magical.

    That said, I don’t hold any claims against any of these groups per se, as long as they respect my inherent and individual freedoms.  If they are determined to impose their ideology on me through force, that is another matter entirely.

    This is the only paradigm that actually matters in the end.  All other paradigms are a means for the powers that be to pit the masses against each other.  When you look at the world in this way, it is easier to let go of all the “sacred cows” and learned biases that blind us to the truth.

    I don’t affiliate with Republicans, but I am happy to support a Republican that proves he or she has no interest in dictating my principles or my future.  Same with a Democrat. Same with any black or white or brown person. Same with any gay or straight person.  I really don’t care; stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours. Get in my way, however, and I will step on you.  If you’re bigger than me, I’ll dislocate your kneecaps and then step on you.  There is no despot so big that they are immune to the heel of a strategically placed boot.

    This, I would say, is a defining principle behind those of us who make up the so-called “alt-right;” the people Hillary Clinton recently referred to as “the deplorables.” When describing this subculture of “miscreants” I often use the title of the “liberty movement.” We are defined and unified by our desire for a society based on the integral love of freedom and a fervent opposition to collectivism and totalitarianism.  For this, we are called “deplorable.”  But let’s extrapolate on that a little…

    In our era, certain organizations have adopted a hard-line love affair with collectivism, and most of these groups today are allied with the far Left (socialist) side of the political spectrum.  This includes “neo-conservatives” who have never been conservative and, just like the socialists, have only ever pursued policies of bigger and more intrusive political and cultural bureaucracy.  Therefore, the paradigm of left vs. right now becomes tangible, because it is the left that seeks control, and the true right that wants to be left alone.

    To clarify even further, people who actually understand the false left/right paradigm only mention it when they are referring to the political class.  At the top of the pyramid and at the top of either major American party, there is no “Left”, or “Right”, there is only globalism.  However, for average people there is indeed an ideological spectrum.  This would not be such a problem except that at this time, it is people on the far LEFT of that spectrum that are in support of multiculturalism and globalization.  They are the group scrambling for control over everyone else and they are the group with funding and legal support from the elitist establishment.  Social justice lunatics and Black Lives Matter advocates have fashioned themselves as weapons for the elites.  Therefore, in this way, they have made the left/right paradigm real for those at the bottom of the pyramid.

    It’s interesting to me that the left, once considered the bastion citadel of rebellion against the machine, is now willingly diving head-first into the intestinal apparatus of the system to be mulched for fuel for the very same beast.  It just goes to show you how easily these fraudulent paradigms can change and how easily groups can be co-opted when they are oblivious to their own weaknesses.

    If you really want to know who we “deplorables” are it’s rather simple — we are the ones who refuse to participate in the operation of the machine.  We are the cogs who refuse to cooperate.  We will not grease the gears.  We will not stoke the furnace.  We will stop the whole damn thing in it’s tracks, because, for the sake of future generations, we must.

    This is why we are hated by socialists, cultural Marxists and the general inbred animal farm of the progressive zeitgeist.  We suggest that, in fact, not all steps forward are equal to “progress,” and not all progress is moral.  We maintain that what progressives call “progress” is actually classic and archaic barbarism wearing the silky lingerie of of humanitarianism.

    To assert that some progress is immoral is a sure way to trigger the modern collectivist left.  They just can’t fathom that anyone sane would disagree with the grand schemes of multiculturalism and economic harmonization.  We must be crazy.  We must be violent and aberrant monsters.  We must be filled with hate and racism and misogyny.  We must be “dealt with.”

    But here’s the deal…

    The institutions and people so desperate to define the deplorables never actually ask us to define ourselves for the public record.  They don’t WANT to hear what we have to say about ourselves.  They prefer to construct straw men.  It’s much easier to set fire to us that way.

    Oh sure, they’ll interview us once in a while, but an interview does not constitute an honest record of anything.  Just take a look at Bloomberg’s “interview” with Milo Yiannopoulos entitled The Pretty, Monstrous Face Of The Alt-Right in which they focus more on his salary, shopping habits and flamboyant homosexuality than his actual political or philosophical positions.  And, yet again, they call on the Southern Poverty Law Center, the cultural Marxist propaganda arm of the establishment, to give their take on who Yiannopoulos is.  Welcome to the club, Milo.

    Even I have been approached in the past by mainstream outlets including the BBC and The Economist for such interviews.  In the case of the BBC, I told them I would be happy to participate as long as I could bring my own video equipment to record the entire exchange.  They agreed, then never called me back.  I just ignored requests from The Economist; they are the rotting left ventricle of the heart of darkness.

    These people have no intention of letting us speak for ourselves.  They want to use us for ratings and then edit us into oblivion.

    The media certainly won’t refer to us as “the liberty movement” or as freedom fighters or any other label that might find favor with the general public.  Instead, they call us “populists,” which is a term with a decidedly fascist flavor to it.  The truth is, the rhetoric of elitists in Europe and in the U.S. is that those against globalism and multiculturalism are legitimate fascists.  If average people only understood the totalitarian leanings of your run-of-the-mill globalist they might find this accusation hilariously ironic.

    Alan Greenspan calls us “crazies” who will undermine the U.S. system.  Which is also ironic when you understand that it was Greenspan’s Federal Reserve that created the artificially low interest rate environment that initiated the derivatives bubble and credit crisis that has sealed America’s fiscal fate eight years later.  Greenspan even admitted back in 2013 that the Fed knew there was a debt bubble and “missed the timing” in dealing with it.  Yet, he blames us for America’s problems.

    In the past these hucksters ignored us.  We were a burgeoning movement rallying around marginalized figures like Ron Paul back then. It was better for them to pretend we didn’t exist.

    Now, we seem to be everywhere — busting up the EU with the Brexit referendum, overwhelming Merkel’s political power base in Germany, and pushing Donald Trump into what I have argued since the primaries will be a sure entry into the White House.  Now, all the full attention of the establishment is on us.  Imagine that.

    So, instead of listening to hypocrites and liars like those listed above, why not go to the source and ask a deplorable what we want.  I’ll be happy to explain our goals in my next article in this series, and set out to identify the movement that seems to have dumbfounded the progressive left and globalist acolytes alike.

    For now, I want to acknowledge that the rise of the deplorables does not necessarily ensure victory in the face of the elites.  As I have mentioned many times since before the success of the Brexit, it is possible that the elites are trying to give traditional conservative movements enough rope with which to hang ourselves.  That is to say, we are working to wrestle back control of a ship that is already sinking.  They might just step aside as we mutiny because in the end, they don’t think it will matter.  Let’s not kid ourselves that this fight will be anything other than long and painful.

    Economically as well as socially, there is little chance of avoiding serious multiple crises over the course of the next few years.  It seems to me rather convenient that the catalysts for these crises are boiling over at a time of great awakening for the conservative guard and the liberty minded.  I do not think this is a coincidence.

    This is why I repeatedly remind people that a successful Brexit vote or a Trump presidency might send a message, but they are not solutions.  Do not be surprised if a Trump victory is followed by a global deluge of financial instability — instability that will be blamed on us.

    The narrative is already being set.  International financiers, central bankers and media personalities are consistently mentioning the great danger of the “populists.”  They say the deplorables are going to destroy the world.  This is nonsense, of course.  The world has already been destroyed by the banking elite and their cronies, but, the average person doesn’t really grasp this.  We have to educate them quickly because we are about to be targeted as scapegoats for one of the greatest engineered fiscal catastrophes of all time.

    In my next installment I will examine a list of issues that are at the core of “the deplorables” and our shocking ascendance in the sociopolitical sphere.  I will conclude by pointing out that every totalitarian action produces an equal and opposite reaction.  The progressive left and the globalists have become so intoxicated with collectivist power and so abusive in their application of the government authority that they have chiseled from the public, that now, everyone hates them.  Many people WANT to see the deplorables win.  It’s not even necessarily about the viability of Trump.  They just want to watch as the pretentious faces of social justice thugs twist in shrieking horror when Trump takes the Oval Office, or as Britain flips the bird to the EU, or as Europe breaks apart over the madness of forced refugee policies.

    If anyone is to blame for the popular rise of the deplorables, it is the very leftists and globalists who despise us.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site. Please visit to read more of his work, or support his efforts.


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      1. If me wanting the freedom to keep my guns, say what I want, read what I want, raise my food without govt interference, be left alone, leave others alone then I’ll gladly be called a deplorable !
        IF TPTB actually let Trump take office, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if that’s when they let the propped up economy crash and blame all us deplorable freedom lovers!
        Take care all!

        • Long live the “Deplorables”!

          • More power to the “Deplorables”!

            • “Deplorables” Matter!

              • Let the “Deplorables” Roll!

            • Hello Everyone, I am WWTI and I am an admitted Deporable. F-N-eh~~ Break out the beer.

              ~WWTI… “Deporable Lives Matter.”

              Debates: Donald asks Hillary, to a one on one drug test.

              Lets see which candidate has a clear head and another who is a druggy addict. And would disclose more heath problems and info. Americans need to know if their President is all hyped up on Prescription Drugs. Then throw in a period.. Witch on wheels.

            • The next president will shape the courts through the selection of numerous judges.

              I keep thinking about this quote in the article.
              “Clinton stated earlier today “the next 50 days will determine the next 50 years””
              ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-20/princeton-professor-something-shocking-will-happen-next-month-presidential-race

              Exodus of older judges has created vacancies in federal courts nationwide.

              Conservatives Should Worry: Democrat Senator Says Progressive Supreme Court Top Goal
              “Sen. Chuck Schumer has reminded us just how important the upcoming presidential election will be in shaping the federal judiciary, calling getting a progressive Supreme Court his “number one goal.”

              “A progressive majority on the Supreme Court is an imperative, and if I become majority leader, I will make it happen,”
              ht tp://dailysignal.com/2016/09/13/conservatives-should-worry-democrat-senator-says-progressive-supreme-court-top-goal/

              “An exodus of older judges has created a spike in vacancies at federal trial courts nationwide, intensifying complaints that election-year fights over ideological control of the bench now extend to lower-court appointments.

              While Senate battles over nominees to the Supreme Court and appeals courts draw more headlines, the less-noticed openings are increasing workloads and delaying trials in federal courts that take in hundreds of thousands of cases a year — compared with the 80 or so cases heard by the nation’s highest court.”

              ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/waiting-for-next-president-confirmations-of-federal-trial-judges-stall/2016/06/05/9b626aa4-222f-11e6-9e7f-57890b612299_story.html

              Democrats admit more of their plans for the country…
              CHELSEA CLINTON: Now that Scalia’s Gone We Can Enact Gun Control

              “While campaigning for her mother recently, Chelsea Clinton admitted that the left is planning to use the Supreme Court to enact greater gun control if a Democrat wins the presidency this fall.”
              ht tp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/04/chelsea-clinton-now-scalias-gone/

          • Hillary slanders those who see her for what she is, Satan’s vile slime in a $13,000 pants suit. I hope she strokes out at the first debate as a sign of God’s righteous judgment.

        • I am owning being a deplorable !

          This is the best deplorables shirt I could find:
          https://howiecarrshow.com/product/proud-to-be-a-deplorable-t-shirt/ and I’m wearing it everywhere except at work and family gatherings(I offend there enough as is)

          (Moderators, you can delete my post if you need to advertising the shirt on your site)

          • I was googling “Deplorable” Tshirts and they were hysterical.

        • Neither Trump or Hillary will be inaugurated. Expect Obama to extend his term with Emergency powers…Next leader will NOT come from the political process. Gonna get messy.

          • Obama could try but he wouldn’t succeed. I hope the idiot does try and sieze power. If Trump won the election. And Obama refused to leave. All Trump would have to do is say follow me. There would be a justified armed revolt and Obama would hang from a tree on the white house lawn. Most of the military and Leos would side with Trump. That might be a blessing. If that happened the muzzies and other illegals Knowing they are next would flee in terror. They would deport themselves.

            • OG:
              I posted this in another string, and thought best to consolidate it here. (This post raised the ire of Durango and I now have a pending bet with him on it).

              Don’t be surprised if this election is suspended…Hillary is either dead or dying and will soon be ruled out as a candidate. Imagine Obama intervening with, “In the interest of fairness, we must suspend this election until the democratic party can re-group and proffer a legitimate candidate in order to provide the American people a true choice. Holding this election with only 1, real option would effectively silence a large part of the country. During this time, I will remain in my position of the Chief Executive.”

              The Trump supporters won’t stand for this, nor will he, and there will be an uprising/unrest like we’ve never before seen…I wonder if that is why FEMA has procured over a billion rounds of ammunition and the military has coyly deployed MRAP’s all around the country for “free.”

              The Trump-Hillary sideshow is just that…Neither will ever see the office of the President..

              PS (This prediction focuses on a suspended election, but the point I’m trying to make is NEITHER Trump or Clinton will be inaugurated. How that plays out will be Kubuki theater for all of us).

              • There isn’t any leagal ground for Obama to suspend the election. Even if Hillary dies or drops out. He might try it. But it will not be successful. There is a smouldering anger and resentment by the believers in the Counstition. And all that would be necessary for that to erupt into a conflaguration is a bonified Leader or cause for the patriots to rally around. All Trump or any candidate on the presidential ballott would need to do is say follow me. It would be a historic movement. The Bundy,s weren’t justified. Obama trying to declare himself a third term just will not be left unchallenged if a bonified leader emerges. Don’t believe the polls or media. The lions share of the gun toting second admendment proponets hate the Clintons and Obama with a passion. They are biting at the bits waiting for a valid reason to water the tree of liberty. Many like me are old and near the end of their days. And are willing to die fot the sake of their children & grandchildren. You can only govern and police a people to the amount that they allow you to. At some point there is that final straw. Obama suspending the election would be a big mistake for him and his cronys.

                • True on many points…But don’t let the pretext of “there isn’t any legal ground” be your ace in the hole. Sure, this event will be unprecendented, but they all things are until they happen a first time. The Patriot Act, dozens of executive orders, suspension of Habeous corpus, the hidden unconstitutionalities within Obamacare…

                  Obama will be acting “in the best interest of the Country” and will rally behind the maxim of “desperate times call for desperate measures.” And while there are many patriots out there like you, there are equally (if not many times more) as many folks who believe he is doing what is best for America(ns).

                  Bottom line, this election is a side-show. Support of Trump or Clinton will ultimately be a fruitless endeavor.

                  • The thing is My camp has the guns and are willing to die. The parasite sheeple are not willing and most don’t have any guns. Less than 10% of the residents of the colonies where patriots. If Obama tries anything its the final straw. Its literally a fight for freedom or succumb to being a serf or slave. There isn’t a middle ground. Time to water that thirsty tree. All that is needed is a catalyst. And the army of deplorables will act. It will be a easy choice either we live free or die.

              • There was a Florida Sherriff candidate 49 yrs old that died 2 months prior to the primary. He collapsed and died in a running race. His name was left on the primary ballot in Aug, however it was stated that a vote for him did not count.

                Maybe a vote for Hillary, you will be voting for a Body Double.


            • Yup, could be exactly what we need,

        • I am a Christian Deplorable (not deplorable Christian)

          We are the deplorables around the world. Persecuted for 2000yrs.

          Madam Clinton’s basket is full of fellow bro/sis Christian deplorables.

        • MommaD, LOL. I’m right there with you and everyone else. I always knew I was in the right place. I’m deplorable and loving it. GO DEPLORABLES!

        • I’m voting for the insurgents! 🙂

      2. What amuses me is when someone who believes that there is only one right way to live and think runs into someone who believes in another way. Much as I hate muslims coming to America, it is funny to see the liberals in an argument with those who are determined to shove sharia law onto everyone. These same idiot liberals who support more muslim immigration, should think about this. What a pack of idiots (for both groups).

      3. Who Dat “Deplorable”!

        Louisiana “Deplorable” Eagle

      4. Actually there is another factor those who want to control others are largely taking parasites. for example the Clintons never produced anything in their entire lives. They have never added a red cent to the GDP. Mostly got their money from the public coffers. Those that just want to be left alone are mainly the Making Producers. They are those who use the natural resources of the planet to make ,build and grow things. The takers must control the makers to be able to robb them to fund their parasite existence. They use terms like fair share , you didn’t build that, it takes a village ect. To justify their parasitic existence. The parasites need to be exterminated

      5. I have an analogy of what a deplorable may be, and I have lived it for many years. I have been observed by my neighbors and construction crews doing hard physical labor on my property when I could have been paying someone else to do it. Deplorable, right? I told my 2 bosses at a lunch that I was rascist, which caused some consternation because one was black and the other was liberal. In context, what I was saying to them was that everyone is a “rascist” because none if us are raised in a vacuum and we all carry preconceived notions of what “others” are like. The key to being a fair person is not to over-compensate or under-compensate in your relationships with people. We all live in a linear timeline and have the ability to control our actions. I try to avoid groups of hooded youths walking down the street. Does that make me deplorable? If so, so be it.

      6. I’ve alway been that way to democrats it started with LBJ. As he took it upon his self to kill all the poor deplorable young males in the 60’s. We always been nothing to the power monkeys. Just some one to pay their bills, fight their wars, do their bidding.now with the help of the Rino’s it really bad.

      7. I am a deplorable!
        Who is John Galt

        • I am. It’s been almost 12 years since I walked out of a pretty good job and said “no more.” I haven’t missed it at all.

      8. Charlotte rioting is a GREAT wake up call for tardy preppers, based up the speed of everything going on –

        Protests in the streets block your escape routes through the city and suburbs unless you have multiple routes and maps

        Want those last minute supplies at Walmart? Looted and closed down!

        Jump on the Interstate to get to your big out location? That gets blocked by looted semis and fires.

        And this was only a modest number of protestors!

      9. Only thing deplorable is the shit stains in hillarys panties.

        • Godsoldier, that’s not deplorable. That calls for a HAZMAT TEAM. LOL.

        • Thats pretty funny

        • Mg:

          That video is great. It says with humor what folks like Dr. David Duke have been saying for years. The culture promoted by the J*wish owned music industry promotes degeneracy, promiscuity, and out-of-wedlock babies who are abandoned by irresponsible fathers. “Read a book”. I love it. If people really care about youth, black and white, then don’t lead them into those things which harm them. An educated man is not a good slave. An educated man is a good citizen. Again, love the video.


      10. deplorable checking in.

        • eppe was a deplorable before deplorable was a word. lol


          • Eppe probably was a deplorable before it became a “fashionable description”,as were many here including meself,what about you W?!

            • WD
              I agree 100% with you.

            • Warchild, I was a deplorable before I ever heard of the Clintons. I live by a set of rules called the Bill Of Rights. I’m tired of seeing white people being marginalized and demonized by the j*w-controlled media, not to mention being threatened by other minority groups as well. I’m tired of anyone and everyone who has bad intentions toward my people and my country expecting us to accommodate them on anything. I don’t ‘go along to get along’. I wear the badge of deplorable with pride and honor.

              • Cuz you was deplorable, when being deplorable wasn’t cool.

      11. Are there Deplorable T shirts? If so I want one! Rock on, Deplorables!

        • Baby try;
          ht tps://members.premiereinteractive.com/store/
          Warning it is a Rush web site.
          I am just providing info. Because of my location I don’t do
          bumper stickers, tee shirts or flags. Too many nut case Democrats here, but I am a Deplorable and I cannot be redeemed nor do I want to be redeemed by Democrats.

          • Rellik, I won’t let ANYONE ‘redeem’ me. When I hear a libturd use the word ‘redeem’, it sounds like ‘re-education’ to me.

      12. meanwhile in CHICONGO…

        According to chicagotribune.com a 12-year-old (AfroAmerican) boy used a firearm to relieve men and women ages 24 to 58 years old of their property; again, age and gender profiling.

        At the risk of being accused of stereotyping, let’s assume the alleged perpetrator is black. We draw this conclusion: Our nation does not have a gun problem. We have a young black male problem.


        you sure ?

      13. I’ve hit bottom, I’m an admitted deplorable…any help would be appreciated. Just get me to the ballot box on time!

        • Jim
          You haven’t hit bottom you are looking the wrong way.
          My Brother you are on the TOP!

          • This Deplorable stuff is Not new. I recall back when I was 17 yrs old and got my first motorcycle.

            it was a british made Triumph 650 cc bike.

            One year Later I realized my folly of buying a brand new triumph bike and how I could have bought a used Harely Dadison Real bike! so at age 18 yrs old I got my very first harley bike. A used but immaculate clean old guys 1959 Full Dressed Harley Panhead! Wow what a huge difference in every way.

            Anyways back to deplorable is Not a new thing at all issue.

            I recall back when I first began rideing cycles. We Biker guys were the original Deplorables if ever a deplorable existed!

            litterally Every form MSM tv and newspapers all always bashed everybody that owned a motorcycle bar none.

            At Every Bar or resturatnt, every Big Boys drive in and cool place for hot roders to take their hot rod cars to and assemble as groups…Every place period.

            Had Huge signs that stated “NO BIKERS ALLOWED on Premises”

            and had also signs that stated “NO Black leather Biker attire allowed on property”

            Whitey Bikers were totally Banned and hated and dispised even worse than negroes in 1900 deep south were!

            At least deep south areas had seperate counters for negores…Bikers were just outright Banned totally!

            but then about 20 years ago, around 1990 to 1995 era or so…That ALL changed…All of a suddden TV news had glowing reports of various bikers and groups of bikers.

            all a sudden to Own a harely bike became very Cool!

            Top Worlds Runway clothes Model women began to model Biker attire!…Black Motorcycle jackets were all the rage!

            TV news began to send film crews and a reporter to various biker events and actually portrayed harley riders as real patriotoc wholesome american guys!

            Soon after and still it continues today, everybody, even Top Corp CEO’s etc had deep desires to own and Ride a harley bike…So many that Harley corp was running Out of new bikes and if you got one could then Re sell it for an extra $5,000 above what You paid and you paid top sticker factory price of zero discounts at HD dealers nationwide!

            Harley finally Added brand new huge Plant to build more bikes faster!

            Now everywheres a harley rider or group goes its always the same…Folks comes out on front lawns to view it all and bring their camaras and kids and pet doggies too.

            The whole issue did a complete 180 degree turn around and did so without warning, all of a sudden we harley biker guys were not just cool, but also famous! Folks comes from far and wide to see or be with us at events.

            This reminds me alot of what Brandons article here stated of how ever since its inception the liberty minded folks has been totally Ignored by every form MSM.

            Only a few small mentions now or then as to how idiotic or un american the alt right movement is was ever mentioned.

            Then all of a sudden as Brandon also said, Now todays tv news and newspaers are Aflame with mentions of liberty movenment folks or deplorables as hillarys warped script writers wrote it for her to spew out at the camaras.

            But unless something drastically changes and fast too, I highly doubt that next we shal see, like with Harely guy Bikers previously, that the liberty minded folks Brandon names are going to all a sudden get very well Liked as did the bikers eh.

            In this go round its rather more like the main reasons to even make mention of liberty minded folks is to do a set up for a scape goat group to blame, and especially since vast majority of the group nationally are whites mainly.

            I do see it as very ironic though when I compare it to all I witnessed by being a biker ever since 55+ years ago till today.

            and PS: to Brandon article writer guy…You played it Smart to reject calls to do MSM Interviews..As the only main reason they ever do such interviews on guys like you or me etc and most folk here too, is so they can at first act very nice and cordial etc to us, they once we are inside their studios they bring in a Half-Dozen Other MSM faces and voices, and all of them will go on abject ATTACK Mode!

            Their entire reason to do such an interview is to simply get you on camara nationwide at 6 pm supper time and David Duke You! to the Inth Degree! And cause tv news viewer folks at home watching tv news to consider that You are a vile hater and racist and Antisemite and all around bad bad guy un american and anti patriotic trouble maker to the extreme….

            It has happend to so Many fellows that are actual good guys like David Duke, and since Duke was about the first guy it got done to often enough for folks to remember dukes name etc…

            I now just refer to msm Tv news agenda and methods as “They are again “David Dukeing” this or that guy!”

            or said another way. “Watch out as TV news is definatly going to David Duke You if you agree to be on TV!”

            Its just too bad america still has so many foolish idiots to blind to see it and they all rather act like a copy-cat-parrot and believe its truth about the guy being David Duked, and then parrot whatever msm tv news stated about the guy afterwards. And Nothing to the contrary will ever seem to cause the idiots to re-think it all or change their warped minds eh.

            Even Here at shtf forum we daily see evidence of such foolish idiot types that fall for such crap and cannot change their warped minds no matter What others show or prove etc…it is like a mind sickness of deep derangment similar to the lib dem mindset of kommie leftys eh.

      14. Yea,,,,
        Im considered a deploreable,
        But the idiots rioting in NC are not,,,,,,,
        We aint played cowboys and niggers yet

      15. Theres this black dude on U tube. calls himself The Doctor of Common Sense. You all need to watch him. He really tells the truth about hellery and Obama. Its a anomaly to see a black man who doesn’t approve of the president. He stated Obama doesn’t dare suspend the election. He mentioned the second admendment. and that there are lots of gun owners. and they don’t plan to give up their guns. Watch him he is funny without trying to be funny. He was overjoyed at Hillarys 911 collapse video.

        • Old,have seen common sense guy,videos I have seen really do,well…..,make sense.

      16. Ok, so cant post whatever even though some others do

        Im considered a deplorable,
        But the idiots rioting in NC are not,,,,
        Whats wrong with this picture

      17. LaEagle,luckily there are alot of “deplorable” s in our state!When it starts,you and yours start north,me and mine Will start south,clean house! Meet in the middle Alec. St. Fran?? Drink a beer!! Lol
        Maniac –out

      18. This has been with us as Americans since the very first:

        Alexander Hamilton, “Your people, sir,—your people is a great beast!”

      19. I have a question. To all you posters that almost are saying bring it on we want a fight when Obama suspends the election are you sure that isn’t exactly what Obama would want to happen. Think about it for a minute everything that snake has done has been destabilizing the USA with the goal of bringing it down. Full blown civil war would achieve that. I am really trying to find a solution that removes Obama from office according to the Constitution and not through civil war

        • Good,,,
          Bring it on

        • That is the solution according to the constitution, what you think they were talking anout with the 2A,,
          For those oppressive criminal deer?

        • Many of us are realist. We always knew there wasn’t and isn’t any viable political or ballot box souliton. I think it would be a big mistake on his part to suspend the election or try for a third term. He might try. Smart people often do stupid things. Look at the smart folks dragging the half dead Hillary corpse around? We all prepped for the day. I still think they will allow the election to happen. Then before Obama Leaves. they will false flag and turn of the electricity when it gets cold. Obama might false flag announce that Nibiru is coming and declare Martial law. The thing is With the bunch in charge at present there isn’t any law period. They all believe they are above the law. rules don’t apply to them. They let Hillary skate when she is Guilty Guilty Guilty. Short of divine intervention. We will eventually sooner or later have revolt, chaos, civil war, ethnic cleansing and Race war all at the same time. That 90% die off don’t seem so far fetched any more.

      20. Alo, for the record, count me in as a deplorable and damn proud o it.

      21. I simply think most of the military ,lEO,s and secret service would stand down or join the fight. They know those traitors are not worth protecting. Why have we let a mere 535 elected officials and a few hundred more appointed ones do this to our nation? All it would take is a 1,000 lariat ropes.

      22. All schools in Nova Scotia and PEI being evacuated due to potential bomb threats. Children are being bused to “safe locations”

      23. Full blown violent revolt hits this country just remember,do not become the monsters you are fighting,something that unfortunately seems to happen time and time again.

        • War child while that sentiment is commendable. Taking the moral high road is why the confederate army lost the war. Had the southern gentlemen been as ruthless as Sherman was the outcome might have been different. Many of us will lose our souls along with our lives. That’s a gamble we have to take. If we do When the Devis ask us was it worth it? We will answer hell yes. We must be ruthless. No such thing as a fair fight. You fight to win. There is no second place in War. Your fault-My fault -no ones fault- Like it or lump it. That’s just the way things are.

          • Old Guy,I hate the thought of it but if we must fight,fight to win.That said,let us not become rapists/torturers/murderers of innocents ect.,heck,that is a big part of why will fight.

      24. Surrender, go to a FEMA Camp. Hell No.




      25. Off topic But I strongly suspect the political partys and governing elete from all sides monitor and post on this site on a countinual basis. They know who most of us are. however at present im going to practice my first admendment right. Hopefully the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Possibly reading post made by radical lunatic fringe deplorables like me will make them stop and think. Maby decide that it simply aint gonna fly. lets wait ten more years till they all die off?

      26. Someone should design a “DEPLORABLES” bumpers ticker and tshirts….i would buy one….or two. I am trying to come up with a tattoo design.

      27. I am deplorable.

        I was born free and they fùcked up.

        Time to fight now

      28. Step right up folks. Anarchy for sale. T-shirts only $10. Badges only $3.50. I nicked the design, never asked the band, I never listen to them either. Buy. Buy. Buy from the circle A. Like hula hoops its a disposable craze. Another fast food fad to throw away. Get your Anarchy for sale.
        Sheep unite! Get your cuddly boots and studs. Be sure to rebel in proper style. Rebel along the paths we pick. Out of fear of peer pressure we create.
        Hey You! Get those flyers off my wall, no commie peace shit in my boutique. no one here cares what that all means. Our anarchy is for sale. Our town sucks, our scene rules! To belong you must buy into it. so we sold you metal spiked bracelets, so c’mon lets see a good fight!
        That’s Anarchy For Sale.

      29. I am proud to be called a “deplorable” by the likes of Shrillery Clinton. There is a big basket of us and we will not go down without fighting to reclaim our country.

      30. I’ve always been a deplorable, wear it as a badge of honor. The older I get the more deplorable I become.

      31. Deplorable checking in, I hear Hitlery is eating at little seizures today…….

      32. I wonder if Brandon writes these articles with a straight face because everything writes, which I agree with, completely flies in the face of his reverence of the authoritarian Constitution.

      33. I don’t particularly care to be labelled “deplorable”. The “progressives” are progressive only in the sense that they are progressing on their agenda. What is their agenda? To destroy the United States of America. To degrade the youth. To turn them away from God. To subvert the Churches of the Christians so that the Christian Church becomes a tool of the progressive globalist Satanic Marxist Communist progressives. No, I’m not the one who is deplorable. This is a case of the “pot calling the kettle black”. It’s classic projection of one’s flaws on to others.


      34. When your home is being broken into, it is better to be a “deplorable” with a loaded gun that a liberal with a golf club!

      35. So lets see what things will look like if Hillary gets elected, I don’t think my imagination could take me that far out. Open Borders, that is where they open up the borders and let in all the very unhappy refuges in, nice to help people but how far will that go. Then you have the drug cartels, diseases, the drug companies will makes lots of money off of the victims of crime. ,Employment, will be high there lets be fair. The coal miners will be put out of there homes and closed down, no more jobs for them. Oh give them food stamps, they will be happy. All the people without jobs, they will be off to fema camps for them. Now what will Bill do for the economy?? Trash it-lol!He needs another dot com bubble. Well that is just what we are aware of,on the surface, just think how good the show gets when she starts paying back all of those favors who bought her in this election, heaven help us all.

      36. The title says the “deplorables” refuse to take it any more. Since when, we have been taking it up the ass for 30 years and basically done NOTHING adout it. What’s gonna change that. To stop what is being done to us we would have to be willing to stand up and risk our very lives in the attempt. How many folks are currently READY to do that. Obama will NOT suspend elections unless their is a major false flag event to justify it. It is the one action that MIGHT galvanize people to violent resistance and I say might because I am not sure even that would do it. Everyone says when they come for me and mine I will resist, but if it comes to that it will already be to late. Violent organized revolution now is the ONLY way any of this stuff will EVER change. It has come to that, the people in charge are too wealthy and powerful to ever allow a peaceful solution. I am not criticizing people as much as making an observation. I am older and done a lot of neat stuff in my life,I don’t hold it as precious at some. If I have to go down to insure a decent life for my kids so be it. Everybody dies of something. The “deplorables” need to go to war, it is the only way to stop what is happening.

      37. Deplorable

      38. Big Blue They already are Refusing to take it. Look at what is happening at Charlotte. That’s folks refusing to follow the rule of law. Society Unraveling. Shure their stupid like the bundy and finnigan who took over the federal building. What The better quality folks are waiting for is a just cause to be a catalyst. They are needing a bonified leader. If the Puppet masters and their minions cheat Trump out of the Presidency. All he would need to do is ask. He would say follow me and the fed up middle class would revolt. The middle class wouldn’t even have to amass and take up arms. All they would need to do is refuse to work. And refuse to let anyone else work. Simply stay home and refuse to do their jobs. And theres the thing. You find someone working you stop them. Burn their vehicle. destroy their business. be mean as hell. There was a story about all the body parts wanting to be boss. The brain, hands, feet, feet, heart all named the reasons they should be boss. Then the asshole proclaimed it was already the boss. The other body parts laughed and laughed no way where they gonna let a asshole be boss. So the asshole refused to work. After a short time every body part was sick and hurting. The vote was unamious the asshole was elected boss. The hard fact is If the elections are suspended or Hillary or Obama are in place to appoint the next batch of supreme court and other federal court judges. The bill of rights will only be good to wipe your ass. Trump is despicable But he is all we got. He is the best available at present. At least he isn’t a Lawyer! And His ego and brashness might be just the thing to make him the catalyst that gets the ball rolling. So My suggestion is a nation wide strike. And not one scab be allowed to work. Make it grind to a halt. And until Obama resigns and Hillary is arrested we simply don’t work. Lets do it on our terms not theirs. We would have the advantage.

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