White South Africans Are Preparing For “The Slaughter and Removal of All Whites Within Five Years”

by | May 3, 2017 | Headline News | 198 comments

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    Back in March, the President of South Africa made a shocking suggestion, which left many white landowners fearing that they may face a race war in the near future. In a speech, Jacob Zuma announced that he wanted the government to begin confiscating white owned lands, before redistributing them to black South Africans.

    Zuma wants a “pre-colonial land audit of land use and occupation patterns” to help decide which lands need to be taken, and has said that “We need to accept the reality that those who are in parliament where laws are made, particularly the black parties, should unite because we need a two-thirds majority to effect changes in the constitution.” It’s believed that Zuma is calling for this radical action in response to the rise of a rival political party known as the Economic Freedom Fighters, who have long called for the confiscation of white owned lands.

    Obviously, this kind of talk doesn’t bode well for the future of South Africa. You have the leaders of the first and third most popular political parties, both of which promote socialist ideas, openly declaring that they want the government to steal from an entire racial group. Since these political parties wouldn’t be in power unless they had some degree of popular support, it’s clear that black South Africans are increasingly turning against their white neighbors. It’s a perfect recipe for genocide.

    It’s conditions like that which have spawned organizations like the Suidlanders; a massive civilian-run civil defense group that is dedicated to protecting Afrikaaners in the event of social collapse or civil war. They’re currently getting ready for the possibility of a government implemented genocide of white South Africans. One of their leaders recently spoke to Infowars, and explained how they plan to respond to that threat.

    Roche told Infowars that leftist South African leaders have in recent months threatened “the slaughter of all whites, and the removal of all whites within five years,” prompting Suidlanders to prepare for a surprise civil war event which they now believe is imminent.

    “Then we would, in such an open civil war, in such a crisis, gather our people together and seek sanctuary in a remote location and then to remove ourselves from being wiped out or slaughtered,” Roche said.

    However, the organization doesn’t plan to take up arms, and their best plan so far will only accommodate a minority of whites in the country.

    “It’s not about taking up arms, it’s about retiring from the threat,” Roche said. “There’s this intractable tension that seems to be building in our country, where the two parties can never be reconciled, and the stronger party is openly declaring that it will remove the weaker party within five years, slaughter them all, take all of their lands.”

    Suidlanders has a large-scale evacuation protocol in place in case an ethnic civil war happens, designed to remove roughly 20% of the estimated 4.8 million white South Africans safely from the embattled region.

    It’s sad that it has come to this. Once the most wealthy and developed nation on the continent, South Africa is quickly turning into an economic basket case, brimming with racial tensions that could spill over at any time. Once again, socialism and multiculturalism have proven to be total failures.


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      1. I mean….this is only fair.

        White people deserve it.

        • Of course. Let the savages return to their levels of pre-white man wealth. Look across the border to Zimbabwe to see what the future looks like.

          • Every good thing they steal from the Dutch they will destroy and be worse off themselves.

          • Race war has already begun and a long time ago, during the human rights movement era, but the future is that Africa will be nuked most likely.

            America and Western Europe have fallen to zionist post WW2 anti-European propaganda, but the East of Europe will gladly nuke Africa, as much as China.

        • When the white settlers came to SA, there were no blacks in the geographic areas. You r just a communist opportunist. The same tribe that owned the slave trade invented communism.

          • Not even any CANABILES just dirt , then whites BUILT the place and the BLACKS FLOOD IN!
            There goes the neighborhood MAN UP and fight for your lives,maybe you can buy some slaves to fight from Libia!

            • You all are racist,you should be ashamed of yourselves the comments you make are ridiculous and cold hearted,you’re gonna pay for it one day.

          • Bingo….Rothschild Jews.

            • I don’t know if it is that Jews are bad or just that they are smart. I mean people just naturally take advantage of dumber people. So Jews take advantage of the fact that they are smarter.

          • The original inhabitants of South Africa were an ethnic group known as Strandlopers, who no longer exist. The black tribes which currently live in the country subsequently,moved south from further north in Africa, at the same time, roughly, as white settlers were arriving. Zuma does not know his history.

        • If all white people come to Eastern Europe, South Africa will be overthrown. The blacks deserve it !!!

          • WHY?

        • real refugee’s

        • At any rate, once the blacks start starving to death – because they are subhuman animals that can’t even feed themselves – the white people will have the last laugh.

          • That is why they were all cannibals in the first place.

        • horseshit…how many jews will you kill …there are white….

        • I look forward to paying people like you back.

        • azcats – you do not know what the word ‘fair’ means.
          wise up alley cat and smell the coffee. this is all to do with ensuring south africa exits from the brics. the whites can win this battle but in needs intelligence and strategy.

        • AZ, we the whites of SA have for far to long support and gave the blacks any thing they desire. From the time that we landed in the cape have our people been slaughtered and still did we give them every thing they wanted and needed. the black farm workers did not buy a bicycle no the boer ( white farmer) gave it to them they got food, homes or shacks, cattle, sheep seeds to plant their own crops. before 1994 we had one of the best military forces in the world, I don`t care what any one have to say about that. South Africa was and still is one of the richest continents mineral wise in the world we had one of the strongest economies in the world. the sanctions against us was fine we did not need to import that only makes the economy stronger because the money do not go out of the country. Now every thing has turned to shit. The Blacks also received free medical care and there were work for every one. never did any white person make remarks like thy do we did not say kill all blacks take away their possessions we did not say go and rape their woman and children, we never attacked them while they were sleeping we did not steel their live stock and burned down their farms. Now the time has come to start to take a stand. further more Gustaf Muller leader of the suid landers and his Father in-law Adrian Snyman have changed their story’s so many times they want to be the new leader of all white people in this country every time that something political happens Adrian will say that is what oom Siener van Rensburg saw when he saw that now his wife wrote a false story in her maiden name “the vyfde gesig van Johanna Brantd” this is bull shit, there never was a fith vision and Johanna brantd never saw the things she wrote Siener van Renburg also never saw the stuff that Adrian Snyman is saying . Gustaf whatns to be the new spiritual leader of all whites. He is the biggest TRAITER in our midst and can NOT BE TRUSTED he also started to warn about the slaughter of all whites as soon as previous president nelson mandella dies well this dude has been long dead, after mandella`s death gustaf story had to change and it did o Ja did I mention gustaf wants us the white people to come together and hand over our belongings (the stuff we prepared) so that his delegates can have control over us and what we do. He wants us to flee our homes and go live some where in the Feld, please give an example of any war that people fled there home and hid in the bushes, none we the boere of South Africa was always at home and called on commando and please tell me how many wars did we lose this way. Now this have to be said. we the boere of South Africa have always trusted in our Heavenly Father. go into our history and have a look at what happened at Blood River. I do Believe in GOD almighty He is my rock I am HIS child.

        • Why because we’re hard working and not a bunch of useness jungle monkeys who did fuck all for the world. The world would be a better place without blacks white people are the reason we have anything like the internet im telling you to eat shit and die on….

        • This court case will be the decider. Religion ends in South Africa and Vatican control with it. http://wp.me/p4XCG4-b9/

        • You comment reinforces my belief that every Caucasian who is not a fool useful idiot must stock pile defensive and perhaps offensive means of defense. The future aint goin to beez pretty.

        • You are a piece of shit. The blacks are way worse than the apartheid government ever was….
          They are truely horrible, the whole of Africa proves this, whatever they touch – turns to shit.
          So AZ cats, bugger you, you ignorant doos.

      2. OK, dont need to read the story but for fucks sake! WHY are there ANY whites in that shithole country any longer????

        • Because the Dutch government refused to let white South Africans return to their homeland when the Cape colony was given to Britain, they were abandoned to fend for themselves. And when they did exactly that during apartheid the world shunned them and got Mandela elected by extreme international political pressure. Another fact is that Jan van Riebeeck and black people arrived at the same time in South Africa, the original occupants were the Hottentots, and they were all murdered by the black Bantu. So to answer your question, we are still here because we can’t leave, because we don’t want to leave, and because there is no legitimate reason for us to leave.

          • Thank you, SAWC – exactly that. The original inhabitants of RSA were murdered and colonized by other blacks from the north (I thought they were Zulu, not Bantu – can you help me here?) Either way, the current blacks are COLONISTS, oppressors and land thieves. If anyone are “original inhabitants,” it is the Boers. Once again, the utter IGNORANCE of the left comes into play, as always (cf. Nazi meaning “National SOCIALIST)

            I am not racist, like others here. Sorry, but I would prefer a nation of conservative, brilliant blacks like Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, Col. Alan West, Dr. Ben Carson, former welfare queen turned conservative author Starr Parker, Ken Blackwell, Sen. Tim Scott, or Alan Keyes than a bunch of fascist left whites like my neighbor, who is on disability but manages to go out jogging two miles every day or so.

            As a side note, I have a former friend who accused me of racism in not voting for crypto-commie Obungler. In 2000 I supported black Alan Keyes for president, and asked him who *he* voted for, which of course was WHITE Al Gore. That ended the conversation, and the friendship, in that his hypocrisy was blatant, but he still refused to even consider the truth when it was staring him in the face.

            BTW, I consider that GOD himself made people black, white, yellow or red. Thus, the hue of our skin is sacred. This is not so with homosexuality – Bruce Jenner ONLY has XY chromosomes, period. So, our sexuality, as GOD made us, is sacred. Just saying.

            • TEST –

              Thomas Sowell is indeed brilliant. Here is one of his quotes that you need to read and understand.

              “Racism is like ketchup, you can put it on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a racist.”

              So basically…you can be labeled racist for virtually anything. And it really doesn’t meant anything at the end of the day. They labeled Dylan Roof a “racist”for doing what he did, and a European tennis girl also got labeled a “racist” because she jokingly put a pillow in her butt to imitate Serena Williams playing tennis because she has a big butt.

              Obviously what Dylan roof did is 900 million times worse than what this tennis player was jokingly doing, yet they are BOTH under the banner of being “racists.”

              And like Thomas Sowell pointed out you yourself go on in your post trying to defend you aren’t racist. Who cares???????

              They call whites racist because it is to try and get white people to submit more and more. It isn’t about “equality” it is a power play and to psychologically beat whites into submission and to give up more and more stuff.

              Being Racist is totally subjective and white people are WEAK. They don’t speak up because they are scared of being call a “racist” as if lightning will strike them down or they’ll be hauled off to jail if someone calls them the oh so scary R-word.

              And then some whites stupidly say…. “But no no no, it’s the left and minorities that are the REAL racists.”

              Well…. Maybe so but many whites are dumb and don’t use their head and actually think, and if they did they would realize the left and black people give a crap if you call them “racist.”

              • AZcats, maybe their gold teeth are money too?

              • AZcats, spot on. Blacks crying racism on anything white say or do is nothing but a black scam. That’s all it’s ever been.

                • True, and the time for it to end has come.

                  And perhaps a movement to personally segregate

              • There has never been a better time to be labeled a “racist”. It is so meaningless it’s harmless.

            • You can contact me here mormegilbenford @ gmail dot com. This is an alias account so other people don’t even bother to spam.

          • SA_white citizen, welcome. I, for one, do sympathize with your peoples’ situation down there. I wish all of you the best.

            • @ Braveheart1776, Thank you for the reply. Let us hope it does not become a war-zone anytime soon, but I fear my instincts are telling me it is close.

          • giving power to blacks was the Largest mistake that poor country ever made…look at it now. It will only get worse from here on out.

          • On the one hand, I understand you do not want to leave because you grew up there. But, look around you. Please, for the sake of your people, move to a saner, safer place.

            • The thing is most of the people her can trace their family roots back for more than ten generations, literally up to where their families landed at the Cape. They have neighbourhoods, schools, farms, houses, and businesses. And most importantly their own culture, a culture developed by enduring continuous hardships. The Xhosa wars, the British occupation, the Great Trek, the Slaughter of Piet Retief by the Zulus, the Battle of Blood River, starting the Boer republics, finding of gold, The first freedom war(Anglo-Boer war I), The second freedom war(Anglo Boer war II) where the British were the cause of thousands of deaths in concentration camps of Boer women and children. It has been calculated by many historians that if no women and children were killed in the concentration camps that the white people in South Africa would be more than black people today(These concentration camps are the reason why many Boers hate the British even today). Directly after 1994, over 800 000 whites have emigrated to other countries. We are left here with a fraction of what we once was. Therefore it would be like asking you to leave everything you have worked for to go live somewhere else, this country was built by the blood and sweat of all it’s occupants(except the illegal immigrants), I do not want a war with blacks. Very few white people here do, but I would rather there be a war now than for our numbers to slowly decline and then one night wake up with a Rwanda number II. The part that baffles me the most is that all this history is available, all crimes committed by both sides are publicly available, and still history is denied to bring forth this immense hate. I have seen hate in the eyes of more than a few, and there are plenty other who are truly good people. One has to wonder who is at the helm in this campaign if disinformation and division, money rules the world.(but who rules the money?)

          • SA~~ I understand how you feel. Today in many places in the world there are those who, for whatever reason, think they should runout all the whites…it is not just there. What all peoples, regardless of color, either do not know or do not care is the fact that we ALL were put on this plant for a reason. That ALL of us have rights to be who we are regardless of color; that said, it seems that all other colors than white (white is a color too!) seem to hate us. Well, there are more of us than there are of the others and we have done more in the world so why should we be hated for it? For the most part all knowledge and such has been shared with everyone that has the sense to USE intelligence and build a better life for themselves and their families, relatives, country—whatever! It is ignorance that breeds such contempt for us, who are white and if we really want to be pointed about the matter, proves what is said about others; they tend to be less educated, violent and lazyer. Which is sad for there are many of other colors than white who have used the knowledge and done a lot for themselves and their peoples. Not all are good or bad in any group, color or society…..however, today there are movements of evil that are spreading all over the world to place us all in danger of wars and conflicts because we are white and ‘they’ are brown, black, red, yellow etc…it is insane! Perhaps it just goes to show also that in the end humans revert to caveman like qualities and lose all the sense that has been gained over the centuries humans have been on the Earth…how sad. There Is SO much more to living, being and sharing with each other and what we can learn, than what color one is. Yet, look at the damage, the genocide and political rubbish that comes from all of that???? Many seem to be looking at the dark side of everything instead of the better side of knowledge and humanity together making this a better world??
            *A good friend came from SO. Africa and was our foreign exchange student in high school….he left So. A for Australia but has returned here to gatherings of all of us ever since we were in school together, which has been really nice. His mostly british sounding accent is now a mixture of Aussie and Brit…very nice! Good luck and God speed to all in Cape Town, South Africa with your stand for your own place against the invaders. We have that here in the US badly and it is not pleasant or right! WE built this land and it is OURS!!

            • You’re confused,and prejudice is gonna eat you alive,definately delusional.

            • You can contact me here mormegilbenford @ gmail dot com. This is an alias account so other people don’t even bother to spam.

        • Any place that has blacks is a shithole.

          • Any place that has ((()))s is 10 times worse.

          • So damn true! They are worse that Cancer with a side of HIV.

          • BlackMoe, you are RAYSIS! Diversity is our greatest strength! When somebody says “bad neighborhood”, I instantly picture a white enclave.

            An area is “diverse” during the time period between the first black moving in and the last white moving out.

            A word you NEVER want to call a black person. Begins with N and ends with R—NEIGHBOR

          • Like your mother’s house…. I figured that out really quick..

          • Probably where you belong.

        • DMONIC,

          SA was not a ‘shithole’ country but was one of the most prosperous, progressive, and advanced countries in all of Africa. Building walls as in WWZ may have worked in the beginning but eventually they were compromised and the walls were breached by overwhelming world ? consensus, so, the walls built by human hands and hundreds of years of culture ultimately failed to protect them as they were dismantled by their own leaders. Cultural diversity can be a real blessing if folks can assimilate into the existing culture and language and live peacefully together with the understanding that we are all God’s children. Unfortunately that paradigm is not working very well in this day and age.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • “. . .with the understanding that we are all God’s children. . .”

            So the median African IQ of 67 [for true blacks, not mulattoes]
            can be wished away by having nice thoughts?

            I submit that “nice thoughts” have a lot to do with what got us here. I submit that nice thoughts are evil, when they go against provable facts. This is magical thinking- the world of the liberals- that we are supposed to be fighting.

            My experience says that conservatives are as escapist as the liberals.

        • Eight million whites just don’t pack up and leave the country they started building over 400 years ago.

          • South Africa already has rape gangs that hunt down any white women that live outside the walled safe zone compounds.

            All the president needs do is call for a little gun control and start tearing down the walls, and the whites will be finished there.

            • South Africa has had gun control for decades…

              20+ years ago each individual firearm had to be licensed by model, caliber and serial number. In order to buy ammunition, you had to show that you had a license for a firearm of that caliber and then sign a register.

              About 18 years ago, it became more authoritarian and citizens were restricted further allowing individuals to only one licensed handgun and one license rifle. All other weapons (whether licensed or not) were to be surrendered during an amnesty period.

              Gun control has become even more onerous going so far as forcing people to re-apply for previously licensed firearms and then is some cases denying them a new license because they could not show “sufficient justification” for requiring a firearm.

              Basically, they are left to survive on prayers.

          • Smokey, DING, DING, DING, DING! We have a winner! Damn good point!

        • SA was not a ‘shithole’ country but was one of the most prosperous, progressive, and advanced countries in all of Africa. Building walls as in WWZ may have worked in the beginning but eventually they were compromised and the walls were breached by overwhelming world ? consensus, so, the walls built by human hands and hundreds of years of culture ultimately failed to protect them as they were dismantled by their own leaders. Cultural diversity can be a real blessing if folks can assimilate into the existing culture and language and live peacefully together with the understanding that we are all God’s children. Unfortunately that paradigm is not working very well in this day and age.

          Louisiana Eagle ?

          • What is this bs about God’s children? SA is baby rape capital of the world. Evidence of being a child of God is high IQ, patriarchy, and faith in God and a conscience. Most of humans are demonic and some races and cultures more than others.

        • South Africa has vast natural resources. Several of these are very rare. Diamonds, copper, gold, silver, zinc, chromium, nickel etc.

          There are only two major sources for nickel and chromium needed to make stainless steel, and that is South Africa and Russia! You can bet your last dollar that the Russians have their fingers in destabilizing South Africa.

          Shut down South Africa like they are doing and the worlds high tech industries will starve for resources. Likely the diamond cartels won’t stand for this and will start a war before they let South Africans into the diamond business.

          South Africa will be a great popcorn double feature as it unfolds.

          • Russia was not the problem, it was the fact that the Americans (via the CIA) prevented the South African army from defending the country. Read up on the border wars, the Americans and Brits, sold out the whites. See the Lancaster House agreements etc. The SA forces were in a position to stop the Cuba and Russian takeover of Angola but were ‘ordered’ by America not to block the port of Luanda and not to take out Cabinda, the oil area of Angola, operated by the Americans.
            The reason that South Africa was destroyed was simple. The Afrikaner government would not allow AngloAmerican Corporation (AAC) to move it’s earnings and assets overseas, but insisted that profits were to be used to the benefit of the people of South Africa.
            AAC went to Zambia (in 1984/5) with 300 SA business men to do a deal with the ANC. AAC owned 80% of the shares and assets on the SA stock exchange. AAC would put them in power if the ANC would allow the AAC to take out the profits and use them to expand in the rest of the world.
            Starting 1986 the terrorism (minor really but got enormous overseas coverage) Mandela became a ‘god’ and his wife (and friends) murdered any black who was against the ANC. 2,000 were necklaced.
            Since the ANC takeover, the ANC have a revolving door of union organisers, becoming directors of AAC (South Africa), cabinet ministers, and then Directors again. Check the history of the next President – Ramaphosa.
            AAC went overseas, multiplied 10x their value (think SAB) and have ditched SA and it’s people. The Miners who put the ANC in power are 100x worse off now than under ‘Apartheid’.
            Illegal immigrants in SA was a much bigger problem than the USA’s issues, before the changeover every black in Africa wanted to come to SA. Some walking 3,000 kms to get there and join the ‘South African Defence Force’.
            PS The Diamonds of the world were handled and marketed (including the Russian diamonds) through “De Beers” a South African organisation owned by the Oppenheimers, who then went on to form AAC. They still are. You are totally wrong about Diamonds, major resources and most other things.
            The backers of the EFF, the bunch making all the noise, are the (you guessed it) CIA and USAID. Another Ukraine in the making.

        • Dmonic, uh, why do you think it’s NOT important to read the story? What they’re facing down there is what we’ll facing here in the US in the not-so-distant future. Relations between black and white definitely became worse under Obama and it doesn’t help things that we have all these POS libturds standing up for black savages and their campaign against our people. We WILL be forced into taking up arms to defend ourselves against them before you know it. BANK ON IT!

      3. If they do an “pre-colonial audit” with 100% integrity, they will be very unpleasantly surprised………………

      4. It is a shithole now, but when the whites ran it, it was a 1St world nation. Then Nelson took over and it went to shit in about 10 years. About like the US under Obullshit in 8 years.


        • Old Nelson was a left wing Socialist/ Commie, Libtard.
          Now look what South Africa looks like today.

          • the anc started as a political terrorist organisation.

            if the whites decide to have a mass exodus, the country would turn into a literal hellhole shortly after.

            i’d like to see what countries open their arms to the afrikaan refugee’s when the shit hits the fan. real refugee’s.

        • going the way of Rhodesia. With all the racial tension here… will we in America one day face the same plight?

          • Bohica1, YES, we face the same plight, but we’re armed and outnumber blacks in this land so we have a better chance of defeating it here.

      5. It is only fair? Please explain?

        • Sigh….it was sarcasm…

          • Azcats,

            It is good to know!

            The direction SA is headed is not good! Folks were enamourd by NM, lavishing praise, privilege, and power on him, thinking all his kinfolk would be just like him. The situation is turning out to be a disaster, and soon to be a catastrophe! Meanwhile, the Europeans who have been experimenting with diversity and multiculturalism and their own version of Kumbaya are soon finding themselves in a stinky mess. The situation is only getting worse and unfortunately there may not be an orderly and civilized way to resolve the situation. The virulent multicultural zombie virus seems to be spreading faster in Europe than anywhere else thanks to Merkel and her ilk. Let’s see if the situation can be reversed in France ?? with the elections this weekend. Western Civilization is on the verge of an implosion of historic and cataclysmic proportions!

            The zombies are here!

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            • Laegle, the idiots in Europe are now paying their price for their decisions to allow Muslims into their world. Unless they wake up and start fighting to turn things around, they’re doomed.

              • Europeans are not in control of “their” governments anymore than Americans are in control of “their” government:

                A picture of the actual controllers:


              • Western Europe is lost. USA should ditch NATO and buddy up with Russia.

              • Brave,

                Let us see if the French are up to it tomorrow. Le Pen is their only hope! We in this corner of Cajun country will be rooting for her.

                Louisiana Eagle

          • I wondered AZcatz. Next time, could you use the /sarc at the end cuz there may be people who read that that thought you were serious. Some replies from people I have to read twice, just to be sure. Thanks. 🙂

      6. This is the future of the United States. Unqualified, barely literate minorities will be in charge of everything because it is their “right.”

        We are well on our way.

        • They will not be in charge of “everything.”

          The men-behind-the-curtain will be.

      7. aparthied was working
        Everybody happy.
        Enter commie instigating agitators
        End to Aparthied
        White farmers murdered
        Blacks clueless
        Blacks still poor
        Blacks have less food
        Solution: murder more white farmers
        Starving blacks coming soon.

        The traffickers in humans, drugs, and organs are not happy about white farmers who interfere with “business”.

        The white farmers took a desolate wasteland and turned it into a thriving modern civilized and prosperous Country. Blacks who lived in North Africa migrated to South Africa. Instead of sending these North Africans back to where they came from, the whites helped the Blacks. Yes, it is true that Blacks were cheap labor. But they were much better off with whites. For four hundred years, this arrangement benefited both blacks and whites.


        • It’s just like when the darkies burn their own neighborhoods here in the states and kill each other. These people lived in dirt floor mud huts until the white man landed and built brick and mortar buildings of two stories and higher. If the white man hadn’t arrived, they’d still would be living in dirt floor mud huts.

        • “Starving blacks coming soon.”

          than refugee status in another country , where they push to make it just like where they left

          so much stupidity, so little time

        • That argument is so funny! “See, things were fucked up before I got here. Now that I’m still here, it’s really fucked up so I better get out of here!”

      8. Why are most white people smarter than the majority of Blacks in Africa.

        There are theories and there are facts.

        Fact: the skull form is different. The shape of the skull differs. But that is not all. The white newborn has a skull that is not yet fused allowing the brain to grow larger. That’s a fact. It can not be disputed, because it is not conjecture, supposition, or opinion. So, if there were no other facts to consider, and there are, this one fact explains why whites are generally smarter.

        Now, there are exceptions. But low IQ is not just bias. The other reason is evolution in different environments. The jungle rewards the predator’s genes. An athletic type, not a nerdy brainiac, is more likely to survive and pass on his genes in the jungle.

        The opposite is true in an ice age. Only a cooperative family with a smart and dependable type is likely to survive and by his protection have surviving children. Whereas, a black in the jungle can desert his offspring without much of a problem; a white in Iceland will find his offspring has died if he deserts. So only the offspring of loyal, dependable and smart whites live to reproduce.

        It isn’t prejudice, it is reality. There is no equality in nature. It is what it is.


        • “The other reason is evolution in different environments.”

          Be careful now, understand that both you and I are also a product of an “environment”. In my experience, I’ve met and known colored people whom are kind and intelligent. In the military, my first supervisor was one of the smartest man I’ve known and he was black.

          Therefore, I tend to avoid certain environments, the same environments that also produce “white trash”, etc. Being a judge of character, rather than color.

          Pride can be a dangerous weakness.

          • In the military, my first supervisor was one of the smartest man I’ve known and he was black.

            Utterly, utterly irrelevant. We [the cognoscenti] are looking at gene pools and the probabilities therein. Assume two gene pools- White and black. We look at the percentages in each pool.

            What percentage has an IQ over 100? 120? 140? And so on.
            What percentage has been arrested? What percentage has been in prison? What percentage has been published? Has a patent? What percent scores high in visuospatial?

            Group probabilities tell one about groups. Talented outliers change nothing. . .

          • An awesome reply.

        • “There is no equality in nature”

          So true.. so fucking true

          so many are so blind to this truth also

          and just like the saying goes….God made man , Sam Colt made them equal

          if you have low intellect .. not much advances

          smart men like Sam knew he needed to build and invent an equalizer for the very dangerous place we all live in for life

          as did many firearm builders and designers

          Long live the 2nd amendment

        • Mother Nature was racist in that she only gave certain gifts to certain gene pools apparently, especially adaptability which is why the Middle East and African continents native populations are doing so well without interference from you know those stuffy stuck up Euro trash people that brought the 21st century to where it is now, and then promptly destroyed it by allowing the tyranny of the mentally ill fringe minority take over (you know those mental defective treats of human kind…er Progressives and Communists) …

          I mean evolution doesn’t really exist does it (not in any of the animal kingdom either)? Right? HAs to be the explanation, I mean all the obvious anecdotal evidence couldn’t possibly be wrong could it?

          Ask any Progressive or Communist, they will tell you, its ALL the white guys fault…..

          • NJ, good sarcasm.

            • Exactly. Thanks!

          • Absolutely brilliant.

        • BCA: I absolutely agree with you! They are wild, crazed she-boons running the streets and taking over the jobs in all forms and branches of gov’t and look how messed up and completely incompetent Gov’t has become over the past 30+ years and can you say thank you Affirmative Action, etc. And don’t get started on the USPS. The she-boons have virtually ruined that organization…

        • B from CA, read “The Bell Curve”.

      9. It is truly sad to see what is happening in South Africa. The ANC is covering up for its failures by lashing out at whites. Rather than lifting blacks up, they are trying to just get rid of whites and grab what wealth remains. Zimbabwe is a good example of where that goes.

        Intellectual prowess is not a strong point on the continent. If it was, they would see that SA whites built the most modern and prosperous society in Africa; in fact, no country in the continent has matched that achievement, despite all the aid and free money they have been given.

        At this point, whites need to be thinking very clearly about self-preservation. The world is getting very dangerous for white people and the groups that have declared a desire to kill them grows by the day. White homelands need to be established and white-majority areas (such as Eastern Europe and Russia) defended. Russia needs to have heavy lifter aircraft on standby to get white South Africaners out if necessary and then to relocate them on Russian soil.

        • Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Russia will welcome the South African Whites with love! Come in. We will not accept the blacks.

          • Glad to hear it! Sadly, the one place that was established for European whites – the European Union – is now spending all its energies to advance the well-being of Africans and Muslims.

            Eastern Europe and Russia have the opportunity to establish a true European homeland to advance the interests of white Europeans and their culture. This would be highly successful on many levels: tourists will love to go there, the culture will flourish and science and technology will advance. Bring in the white South Africans and they would flourish.

            At present, Asian tourists are becoming frightened to visit the cities that are over-run with violent Muslims, such as Paris.

            • Frank, the EU wasn’t established for the Whites. It was established to destroy the West by the Globalists and communists.

          • Are you in that part of the world? Just curious,

      10. It is particularly sad as the thinking after the hand-over in 1994 was that the S. African blacks took one look at neighbouring Zimbabwe and swore that the mistakes the blacks had made there (evicting the whites and stealing their land), leading to chaos and poverty.. would NOT repeat themselves in S. Africa.

        Memories are short…

        • They think they can keep the whites in RSA to do the work and make the money their giveaways will cost.

      11. Hell, if Mandela’s buddy Obama was still in the White House, I’m sure Obama would send arms to help the ANC remove what’s left of the whites. My question is this, where is all the worlds press, why aren’t they screaming about the treatment of whites at the hands of the blacks! Oh that’s right, blacks never hurt whites, a story’s like wouldn’t fit in their PC world! How silly of me, to think they might want to tell the truth for once.

        • The world press are the very liars who vilified the white government and created Nelson Mandela as a power figure.

          They’ll never tell the truth.

      12. A novel solution. Whites get out – now. Supply tons of firearms and ammunition to all factions left in South Africa – Zuma’s people and any and all others. Keep dropping more as needed. Monitor sites same is being picked up from by locals. When it is noticed no one is coming to gather up more, problem solved. They’re all dead. Ensure no food or medical aid comes in. See if they’re truly developed/evolved enough to NOT kill each other. Ought to take about 6 months.

        • Just machetes, they can then go the path of Somalia….would be great for entertainment value.

        • Yup, 6 months and they will be killing eachother and starving

      13. All whites should leave. leave the country to its demise.
        When the white farmers leave, they will starve and I will not send no monies through charities to help.

        Many felt Obama was going to push a similar agenda here.

        Come to America. We always will need farmers.

        Thank God for preventing it.

        Thank God for the second amendment.

        For during his presidency the purchase and ownership of personal firearm sales was the most significant contribution to the economy it seems.

        On the other hand, that was a good thing. We now have well equipped, although somewhat disorganized, civilian militia.

        • “. . .I will not send no monies through charities to help. . .”

          Charities have other funding- taxes and some fiends with a printing press.

          • yep–

            but on the other hand since that part of the world is so rich in natural resources, we may very well see a UN peacekeeping force deployed……..just a thought

      14. I’m tired of white people complaining. They purposely invade another people’s land, brutalize, terrorize and deny the inhabitants of their basic civil rights and now when the tables are turned on them, its a problem. As the Bible states, you reap what you sow.

        • Ethan, maybe you need to find another country that works for you.

          • No – I will stay here in America and watch you people become the minority. Ha Ha Ha !!!!

            • You can think you’ll have all the power then?

              You won’t, you won’t have the wealth either.

              Look at Mexico to see how far you’ll get. Whites run, have all the power, and all the wealth there, it will be the same here.

            • You’re right Ethan ,it’s going to happen.

        • Do you drive a car, Ethan? Do you have electricity and running water? Plenty of food on the table? Modern medicine? Like air travel? Air conditioning? I could go on for the list is long. What have blacks created that has bettered anyone’s life in this world? The answer is a resounding NOTHING!!!

          • Here is what white people created in America to make our lives better: perversion in Hollywood, gay rights, swinging clubs, Man-Love-Boy Association, abortion clinics, pornography, massive financial spending and massive debt that will never be paid back. Good going whitey !!!!

            • Ethan dosnt Obama and Soros run the man boy love association

            • The jews created all of that. And no,they arent white and dont consider themselves to be

            • It’s possible,if you try to act a fool like your ancestors did

        • Ethan – You are a true Left-winged fucking idiot.

          • No – I am a right winged Conservative. I’m neither Democrat or Conservative. I don’t believe in affirmative action nor do I want anything given to me because of my color. No white man will determine my destiny. Only God directs the course of my life.

          • He’s against gay rights, so he definitely isn’t left wing. Personally, I think the land should belong to the black people of Africa, just as Europe should belong only to indigenous Europeans. But, if they get it back, do they have the intelligence, skills and drive to make it work?

            If whites have to flee South Africa, it will be interesting to see how all the white liberals in America react. If they don’t support them, then that would make them absolute hypocrites and white hating racists.

        • You’re an idiot.

          What was the only stable economy on the continent of Africa is now a basket base, ready to boil over.

          • Smokey, Ethan just might be a BLACK idiot.

            • Big talk from a moronic racist whose ancestors are getting paid back for the atrocity it has caused on the people they oppressed. You like to dish it out but can’t take it.

        • Sucks to be you, doesn’t it? The white man owns you now, and that’s going to the same even after we’re in the minority here.

          Money talks, you can whine and cavil for political power all you want, we’re not giving you more than scraps.

          • I have all the money I need. Keep your scraps. You will need it when the economy tanks, thanks to your ancestors. Pathetic losers.

        • Whites didnt invade the cape. It was nearly uninhabited when they arrived. Just a small population of nomadic peoples, genetically different from the black africans that actually killed them that showed up after the whites started building a civilization there. You are ignorant… educate yourself before you shit all over the internet with your keyboard, jackass

      15. This just in – Europe says NO to South African WHITE refugees…

        • We are waiting for the South African whites in the countries of Eastern Europe!
          Black people go to Africa, their place to fall into their own fat!

          • @ Ranger, I agree. The solution is so simple. USA will trade our blacks for their whites. We had better figure this out or somebody is going in the oven world wide.

      16. It’s starting here too. Black Lives Matter, Antifa ect. Calling for civil war and whites paying repearations for slavery ( pretty sure the slaves did have that awarded back then). Violence, shutting down free speech, ect. It’s not just ” their ” problem, it’s starting here too.

        • I was just going to say this is coming to a country near you soon!

        • Black and white culture is incompatible, huge difference is in favor of whites. African people IQ = 20-40 primitive instincts. The multiculture has failed throughout the world.

          • The Chinese have done the most advanced research on race and economic prosperty and stability. They found certain percentages in the population get certain results. Ideal is to have 20% Han Chinese – it works very well: lots of business entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

            Equally, once you get past 10% black population in an area, it starts to suffer from the same cultural pathologies: increasing gang violence, babies with no fathers, single women on welfare, lack of respect for learning, reading and education etc. You can see this in major cities in Europe and North America. Even educated and wealthy blacks do not want to live in these places. Look where Obama now lives: he didn’t move to Detroit!

            • FT, good points, but the Chinese have also been called ‘The Jews Of Asia’.

        • MommaD, let the libturd scum bring it. We’ll have bullets waiting for them.

        • Started 8 years ago, Obama made it mainstream to push White geonocide, sadly conservative whites let him do it too….8 years of mainstreamed excused crime by blacks and “minority groups”….Now look at them (ANTIFA and BLM and CAIR)attack by autopilot..by design and using the momentum Obama built up for them after he had already thoroughly corrupted US FEDGOV policies and leadership (FBI) included.

      17. I would welcome these “refugees” with open arms. I think we should offer to take one white for 10,000 blacks that don’t think we treat them fair in trade. give them back to their own country, and let them succeed.

      18. At least no one can blame the United States for this one the way they do all the other world problems.

      19. mmmmmmmmm It seems like all over the world people are talking

        War, Revolution, Civil War, etc. etc. etc.

        Well o.k. let’s get this on so 2/3s of the WORLD’S population can go, and move on……….

      20. So much for white privilege.

      21. Interestingly, for much of RSA, the **original** inhabitants/tribes no longer exist,such as the Bushmen and Hottentots, or are assimilated.

        Truth is, the currently black tribes their are invaders and colonialists. We can only hope the few Bushmen and Hottentots that exist drive these oppressor invaders and colonialist black back to where they came from… right? That the black invaders land gets confiscated by them… right?

        This Zuma, for all his incompetence, is the FOURTH highest paid prez in the world – see http://www.sowetanlive.co.za/news/2015/03/13/president-jacob-zuma-is-the-fourth-highest-paid-president-in-the-world and a classic communist despot. Unless something happens to right the ship, he is in line to become the next Robert Mugabe. Don’t read much about him now, but Zimbabwe is identical to Venezuela – naturally rich, but now utterly economically destroyed. In fact, I own 5 trillion dollar Zimbabwean bill. Worth about a penny, and dropping daily – you can buy them online for about 5 bucks – someone entrepreneur is doing well with that one!!!

        Hypocrisy should be spelled “socialism.”

        • The problem was actually made worse by the goldmines that brough in migrant workers from other african countries.

          Once a migrant worker has seen the benefits of their new host country, they seldom wish to return to their former homeland.

          This applies to basically any country and any type of migrant worker, from mine laborer to crop picker to H1B code developer.

      22. “Once again, socialism and multiculturalism have proven to be total failures.” … Once again black majority rule is proving to be a total failure.

        • This multiculturalism is a huge pile of bullox! It does NOT work. How can you take these 3rd gorillas and drop them in the middle of the USA and say here you go, good luck to you folks…come on, it’s ridiculous and this is part of the reason life is going to shit within the US of A. These she-boons do nothing positive or constructive. All they do is take, take, take and cause chaos and violence.

          • It does work! The (((purpose))) being destruction. Of course, (((they))) lie about the actual purpose. . .

          • @CC

            Sheboon-> BoB=?

      23. Bring them to the Southwest area of America, lots of space here. Old towns where 20,000+ people live, now number under 400. Lots of empty homes and businesses sitting abandoned. Half died of old age and the other half went away to the big city’s. We need people. Any illegals we did have are mostly gone, the few that remain are just working to make a better life for themselves. We need more white people in America.

      24. There Are No Successful Black Nations. Are you with me so far?

        • Right!!! So what does that tell ya folks? My God, come on, open your eyes and just think about it a little bit. Those apes ruin every single thing they touch period.

      25. What else would you expect?

      26. I like whats going on in Venesuela, (sarc) maduro is a total idiot, socialism has stuffed that country down the toilet bowl, and with the corrupt government piled on top of that has turned it into a festering mess, and now with the push to eliminate opposition, just wait, genocide against dissenting voices is coming soon there,

      27. I’ve been to South Africa. It was a first world country. I haven’t been there for decades and it’s probably like most other black run countries, a cesspool. Keep in mind that the Boers were in South Africa before most White people came to North America. There are millions of White South Africans, so emigrating would be nearly impossible. Remember that your government, er, the government in D.C., backed the communist, terrorist, insurgents in South Africa, Rhodesia, Southwest Africa, Angola, and Zaire. You heard that right. “Western” governments backed the communists. And they refused to accept White refugees from Rhodesia. The White South Africans are going to be left on their own. They better be prepared to fight. If you watch our media you might remember the demonizing of the White people because of “Apartheid”. What is “Apartheid”? Segregation. Pure and simple. South Africa made a big mistake when they allowed millions of Africans from other countries to immigrate. Now the Whites are outnumbered by about 10 to 1. I guess cheap labor isn’t really cheap after all. Sound familiar? Segregation was for the preservation of their own people. A noble cause. I also lived in Rhodesia for awhile. Since black communist rule took over, the farms are destroyed and the economy is kaput. The currency is worthless. You need foreign currency to buy anything. And the black Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) population tripled since 1980. I suggest you find good anti-communist sources for your info and start studying. The US is a lost cause.

        • The US will Fail. There is no doubt in my mind. Look at how far things have gone down the proverbial drain within the god ole’ USA?? It is a damn shame. If this land would of taken care of the whites and stopped worrying over the blacks and all of these shit foreigners from all of the 3rd world lands and queer homos and he-she’s, etc, we would be in such a different situation folks. Again, you can thank all of the mental midget, left-winged idiots for all of this mess.

      28. Its happening everywhere….the less intelligent are multiplying & taking over. Their tactics are clear. Intimidation (hate speech, racism, etc..) & violence(black lives matter, Black panthers, etc…). The left have beaten down the manhood of our white Christian boys with feminism, drugs, gay brainwashing; to the point where they cannot or will not fight back, and thus the intimidation & violence of the Neanderthals digresses our civilization and culture. You can see it clearly in Europe and SA….the 3rd world culture is taking over. The feminized metro-males cannot protect themselves, family or their woman from the violent Neanderthals, Robberies, rape, looting, murder, and mayhem are skyrocketing. And its coming to America. In fact its already here. Take a look at most major cities, and you see it playing out. Its beginning to spread to the suburbs & rural areas slowly but surely. Time is running out. If this is not reversed, then you will surely become a stranger in your own land. The land that your ancestors conquered, will be conquered by the Neanderthals….and the White Christian male will be enslaved & slaughtered in the great American genocide….to be read by some future generation in some future utopia.!!!!!

        • j: You are so right my friend! Again, liberals and all their fags are great, he-she’s, muslims, blacks, trash foreigners, etc, etc and look at this god damned country now would you people. The white man has become a bit of a joke!

      29. Can’t we all just get along-Rodney King

        • Gandhi, No.

      30. Friend of mine took his 32-foot boat and sailed from Panama to Cape Town, then worked for a couple of years for the gov’t there on computer systems.

        This is back in the early 1990s.

        He received numerous offers to buy his boat. People wanted to be able to have the means to get out.

        Every pleasure boat in the harbor was stocked with supplies and such for an exit. He found that was the case in the entire country.

        Destinations are limited, such as Argentina. Can’t get to Australia because of current and winds.

        It’s going to be bad.

        • That’s an interesting story and it definitely speaks volumes. All of this garbage will hit the US, well it has been happening here for years and has picked up speed. Just look around. What have the big cities become? How do the blacks act? They will attack and or rob you for no reason period.

      31. Can a white South African claim that they are an African American being Negro is a politically shunned description if they immigrate here? How far does one need to go back to claim that they are from a given area? I know an Italian who’s name is DePersia which translated is From Persia. Are they Italian or Persian?

        • I actually think the fairest thing to do is to return all races to their countries of origin: the multicultural state is a busted flush and is actually squatting on native land). That means all the white European Americans etc. get sent back to Europe/Russia. And that means all the blacks get sent back to Africa. The UN can supervise the process. There is actually plenty of room in Europe for all the world’s whites if you include Russia (the largest country in the world). With white demographics stable, the population would fit natural resources and the standard of living would rocket upwards. Hand the US and Canada over to a Grand Council of Native Americans who can decide on who gets to live in North America. If they want the blacks, then they are free to have them (I suspect the only race they will want will be Asians).

          For Africa, place the Nigerians in charge of all Africans. Nigeria likes to be the boss and they would certainly boss around the other blacks.

          • Without dismembering that would be difficult with Americans as we’re a melting pot.

            The most white looking woman I ever dated was actually 1/2 black. Her mother was a blond German national her father a light skinned black. She had slightly wavy blond hair and zero negro features, very arian looking other than a high ass. If she had a big rack (unfortunately small) I would have bucked all family (this was 37 years ago) and probably married her.

            • Sounds like Paris Jackson.

          • I’ll be damned if I’m going to see our country turned over to some Council of Native Americans to see If I get to stay or not.

            This is our country, and no one elses.

            • @ Smokey. I agree. One of my ancestors ran with Boone to rescue Boone’s daughter. They bought this land with blood. It seems that is how we will keep it.

          • Didn’t the Indians walk here from China? And probably wiped out whoever was here first?

        • I know a guy born in Luanda, Angola off his parent’s merchant ship. He’s applied for a couple of public jobs as ‘African-American’. He gets in the door, and then shown the door.

      32. If Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is any example, yes it will be bloody and it will be an economic disaster.

        It will effect the entire world.

        White farmers are already being genocided in South Africa as they were in Zimbabwe. The death toll is already over 70,000 SA white farmers and rural white families murdered, abut that is not discussed publicly.

        Zimbabwe by the way is asking some white farmers to return! Zimbabwe was the bread basket of Africa and was made wealthy on farm exports, but since the white farmers were murdered or driven off their economy has collapsed. Even after 15 years of these genocidal policies farming is still in full collapse.

      33. OR YOU could man up and fight for your lives!
        UNLESS you are a bunch of COWARDS and SISIES!Like us US citizens who are even afraid to go outside in a spring shower!

        • Pretty much true. So many men are pussies, plain and simple…they have no balls…it is sad as hell and a true disgrace.

        • Hear, hear.

      34. “But now,” he said, “take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!” BIBLE

      35. As Alexandr Solzhenitsyn once wrote, “the line between good and evil runs through EACH of our own individual hearts.”

        Feminism, black racism, the fascist left etc. etc. etc. ALL ignore this basic fact.

        Truth is blacks, blacks kill MILLIONS of other black in Africa (ever hear of the Tutsis and Hutus? Ever follow what is going on in Nigeria? How about the Congolese civil war, or the tens of thousands killed in Liberia? What about the black on black murders in Chicago, Detroit, Gary, etc? Any word from you leftist fascists? Fact is, the left’s world view is *reductionistic.** Big word, but it means they reduce everything down to one simple, and erroneous, dictum. Think how communism states that man is perfectable… and how that led to 100 MILLION being murdered last century by them. (Yeah, some “perfection!” And now we have the fascist “Antifas” groups out full of violence and their usual H8TE.

      36. These god damned “she-boon” savage apes just never stop. Why is it these apes always want to take what does not belong to their no good for nothing asses? WTF is wrong with that breed? My God, wake up WORLD.

      37. WWJD?

      38. Wake up indeed. Wise up, the guys with the most weapons win. Be ready to fight or get the hell out now.

        • White SOUTH African ‘refugees’ would be a vast improvement on the other ‘africans’ from Sudan and Somalia we are giving ‘refuge’ to in Australia presently.

          The only thing they are good at are home invasions with machetes.

      39. Didn’t you hear the news? A Black Utopia will come once whitey is good and buried. Black-TOpia will look like this:

        – Sistas with fros wearing tight leather pants with 7 inch heels wander the streets
        – drugs will be free
        – it will be mandatory to have a pimp mobile
        – all housing will be free
        – there will be no limits on how low you can wear your pants
        – instead of work everyone will just weightlift
        – women will receive all the survival payments because they be soul sistas

        Wait, maybe we are already there …

        • And dont forget Abortions will be free also

      40. The only good thing is that SA is the white farms were the bread basket for all of Africa and 4 countries are already declaring famine so millions will die. Hope the famine spreads across the whole damn continent so this time next year we can read about how africans have become extinct.

      41. South Africa (“Seth Efrica”) will be importing gold and diamonds next.

        …and food!

      42. White people are a plague and vampires, they have no melanin which means they cant absorb energy from the sun instead burning because they are in disharmony with nature, and are disconnected from AMMA the great divine egg. Through rascist driven interbreeding and bloodline contamination with the subhuman neanderthal and bestiality with dogs, the white man has cut himself from the divine. For when the white man saw the forest he called it wilderness and said unto himself it is not earth that is my home but mars, i must develop technology to survive and become transhuman, for I am not natural. And so the the white man slew every ethnic group that has melanin like the Indians, enslaved the African because he could not stand before the sun to work and even unto this day he is the vampire that feeds on all of creation. Yurugu that is your spiritual name before you became known as the white devil.

        • They use all the technology we made and tell us we are the devil? Go live with only the things you invented ? Die of a tooth ache. If we go by their rules only the strongest should survive ? So let’s nuke them and get it over with? We are trying to reason with idiots? God killed everyone at soddom and Gomorrah. Go tell him he was wrong. Or agree and let’s finish the job. God set an example of his will. Burn the Tares.

        • yurugu, eat me.

        • yourshit: Suck it cunt!!

        • You’re mentally ill, get some help.

      43. Texas is not Africa, its a lot worst. The whites here will exterminate your asses. Good luck to Africans.


        White extinction my ass.

      44. Call it Karma. Why are we surprised? Whites are only getting back what they dealt to the black South Africans. Their wickedness is being repaid back. They only have themselves to blame.

        • There a difference between white people and zionist jews or the elite powers that be. The common white person has done nothing and what the zionist jews have done in the white mans name by reeking hell all over the earth, may now destroy a whole race of people.

      45. You reap, what thou has sown.

      46. the world is changing and likely by the end of the century, whitey will be on the run and hunted and hanged for being white for all the “misery” whitey brought to people of color.

        I’m no racist and do not think any race is superior or inferior to another, but the liberal left in the west has been selling the idea that whitey has caused all the trouble and hardships for everyone else and it has been catching on.

        once this idea is worldwide, there will be instances of violence against whites all over and the images of whitey trying to stop it will only increase it.

        we are at the end of the age of western civilization and given the state of countries in Africa, the middle east, south America and china; I’d say the future will be a least a few steps back.

        • I always remember the worst horrors were inflicted by whites on whites (WW1 and WW2). They mastered science and technology and used it to kill and dominate. A human frailty. Hell, give a black kid a kitchen knife or a bottle of bleach, and they will happily kill and maim – imagine giving a human being a machine gun?

          There has never been a civilisation as prosperous and decent and peaceful as Europe after WWII. That is the bar that all others would need to reach if they want to preach. Africans can’t even come close; the Chinese might do it in another 100 to 150 years.

          I agree with you: if European civilisation goes down what will replace it will not be better. Humanity will go backward by centuries. Take away the norms and restraints of European global order and you have Chinese global order. They will take the gloves off when it comes to dealing with other Asians and especially with Africans. You can be sure of that. The Chinese already have videos out there of them training to use flame throwers in Africa when the time comes. They are not even going to waste bullets on the black hordes when they go out of control: just cook em with the flamethrower.

          I think white Europeans need to take this moment and get clustered in the places where they can still dominate (Eastern Europe, Russia, Nordics, Chile, Argentina, Antarctica). Make these places as rich as Western Europe once was but keep them as places for European civilisation. Leave the Chinese to deal with Africa and Asia.

          • The whole world is changing for the worse because of immigration. Here in Britain it is frightening how quickly demographcs have changed, yet loads of idiots still cry racism if we say anything about it. Like you mentioned, there may be some places that can be kept fairly safe, but I think only something extreme like a world disaster, a virus, an ice age, genetic engineering or space travel can really save the white race from going extinct.

          • You need help

      47. I think that leftists, trolled about taking-in refugees, should turn the tables on you.

      48. Why dont all the blacks in America go back to Africa and all the White people come here and take their place, then everyone can be happy. Oh and dont forget who brought the black people to America, White people did and they have enough nerve to complain. They should pay us reparations for bringing there here.

      49. How long before we see this here. Browning of America is coming due in 2045.

      50. Clear the whites out and you Africa for the new military training country,lots of land to bomb and target practice.

      51. This is the logical end of political correctness. No arms. No resistance. Try to hide. Allow your children to be slaughtered. Roche is a loser. The Afrikanners need real leadership.

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