While The Masses Panicked Over A Virus: U.S. House Wrote A Bill Will Ban “Assault Weapons”

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 25 comments

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    While the majority of the country has been laser-focused on the coronavirus, stocking up on decades worth of toilet paper, and  mass purchasing Clorox wipes, the United States House of Representative wrote a bill that will ban “assault weapons.”

    Representative Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, introduced H.R. 5717 on January 30, which would, among other items, ban the purchasing and possession of assault weapons, according to USA Today. Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., introduced in February the Senate version of the bill, S.3254.  Not long after, the coronavirus hype was all over mainstream media burying the news of this draconian legislation.

    The legislation introduced a variety of reforms with the intent to “end the epidemic of gun violence and build safer communities by strengthening Federal firearms laws and supporting gun violence research, intervention, and prevention initiatives.”

    It would require state law enforcement authorities to be notified when a background check is denied and mandate the attorney general to issue an annual report to Congress detailing the number of background check denials.

    It would also necessitate all firearm owners to obtain a federal firearms owner’s license, although purchases made before the enactment of the bill are exempt.

    And the bill, as correctly stated by the Military Arms Channel, would make it illegal “to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.” –USA Today

    The bill defines a semiautomatic assault weapon as any firearm with the capability to “accept a detachable magazine” and either a pistol grip, forward grip, grenade launcher, barrel shroud, threaded barrel or a folding, telescoping or detachable stock.

    Self-Defense Is A Basic Human Right: A Website That ENDS The Gun Control Debate For Good

    The government is, of course, exempted from the assault weapons ban. Law-enforcement officers (and other state agents) can possess these firearms as can those who are providing security at nuclear energy facilities. Firearms that are “manually operated by bolt, pump, lever or slide action,” have “been rendered permanently inoperable” or are antique are exempt from the ban as well.

    Neither bill has passed, and it would still be needing President Donald Trump’s signature to become law. However, we thought it important to let you all know what’s going on behind the screens while we direct our attention to a viral outbreak. If you thought things were totalitarian now, just wait…it could get much uglier.

    Police forces across the United States have been transformed into extensions of the military. Our towns and cities have become battlefields, and we the American people are now the enemy combatants to be spied on tracked, frisked, and searched. For those who resist, the consequences can be a one-way trip to jail or even death. Battlefield America: The War on the American People is constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead’s terrifying portrait of a nation at war with itself. In exchange for safe schools and lower crime rates, we have opened the doors to militarized police, zero-tolerance policies in schools, and SWAT team raids. The insidious shift was so subtle that most of us had no idea it was happening. This follow-up to Whitehead’s award-winning A Government of Wolves is a brutal critique of an America on the verge of destroying the very freedoms that define it. Hands up!―the police state has arrived.


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      1. That is the purpose of a smokescreen.

        • Head on back to the Daily Kos…

      2. The plandemic is a perfect smokescreen for all kinds of shit. I don’t go along with either one. If you haven’t figured out how to beat this BS virus and protect your liberties…. your a complete moron and deserve everything you get!

      3. You cannot legally require a license to exercise a 2nd Amendment RIGHT. That’s like requiring a license to speak openly or to worship God. This is patently unconstitutional.

        • “That’s like requiring a license to speak openly or to worship God.”

          Also known as 501c3 status.

        • Tell that to the heavily armed men that come for you if you decide you have the power to tell them no.

          The “right” was converted to a government granted privilege decades ago, you have to ask permission to buy one and are then only allowed to only have certain kinds that they approve of and nothing else.

          • I wrote it, in a spirit of sarcasm, that we should have a state church and an underground, just like Red China.

        • True, but that not the reality we like a in. If you lived out what you wrote, in some states, you would be arrested and charged with a felony.

          A lot of things going on are un constitutional, but that does not stop traitors from passing laws

      4. Lately how many politicians have paid attention to the constitution? Judges too for that matter? Trump won’t sign that bill if it passes. we stopped a lot of that in Va.,almost had a civil war over it.

        • Yeah I noticed that “almost civil war” where you tucked tail and went home like you were told by the King.

          • guess you never made it to the rally in Richmond. these folks were/are ready to rumble. Governor had no support from sheriffs or national guard…….governor ran like a dog with his tail between his legs.

      5. As a mature adult, capable of objectivity, I have no interest in harming myself, others, their property, nor in using a bumpstock to do so.

        “Neither bill has passed, and it would still be needing President Donald Trump’s signature to become law.”

        He was against bumpstocks and in favor of red flag laws.

        Across the street from me is an obese black, with psychological problems, who shouts, outdoors, in his underwear. Gang affiliation in the window of his parent’s SUV. Competing gang affiliation on the sidewalk, nearby.

        And, similar, around my whole block, up and down the whole street.

        Who is to say that these people should be trusted with their own safety or have a political say in what I can do.

      6. To the young folks out there. This attack on the 2nd Amendment is the linchpin for those in positions of power to INFRINGE on any perceived FREEDOM that remains. The 2nd Amendment is the CITIZENS GUARANTEE that your rights will continue to be honored. If you want LOCKDOWNS FOREVER and NANNY STATE JACKBOOTS on your neck – go ahead and support this type of TYRANNY.

      7. I am not forming any action plans, to dispossess anyone, in particular.

        I don’t believe that gun rights work in combination with mutually exclusive worldviews.

      8. This is a standard method of operation for TPTB, while the masses are being intentionally distracted, they submit more bills and motions to curtail or limit our precious rights. They even use the current “crisis” as a prop to help convince the masses that individual liberties must be curtailed in the name of safety.
        One must never forget gov’t doesn’t exist for you, it exists for itself and the minions who profit from it. The truth is, not only do they hate our rights, they also viscerally despise you. They detest the idea of an empowered citizen.
        I have observed a long time how officialdom is always trying to limit or eliminate the private ownership of guns. No matter how may laws they pass, they always say we need even more laws. Since they basically have not achieved their goals yet, eventually the only recourse they will have left is to simply outlaw all ownership of personal firearms and confiscate them. Many in officialdom, both elected and appointed, want to do this already. However, they are not concerned about the un-Constitutionality of the act, nor how people would react, because they believe their ideology should supersede the Constitution anyway. Statist officialdom wants these laws, even though they know if such laws were passed there would be near total non-compliance, because these news laws will also benefit the power TPTB in other ways.
        Distraction is one method or tool, others are propaganda, or TPTB defining the issue as they want you to believe, poor public education that dumbs down students, and social stigmatizing. When all these ultimately fail to help them achieve their goals there will eventually be the use of force. That’s when another even bigger “crisis” will have to be contrived.
        We do not have gov’t of, by, or for the people. This is propaganda to get people to buy into their own enslavement.

      9. I’m not giving up anything I have. I don’t care what they come up with.

      10. They also passed the bill to roll out 5G in the next 18 months (same timeline as covid vax) and are currently installing 5G in all CA k12 schools – all while we are in ((LOCKDOWN)).

        • the public “comment” period is only 60 days on 5g rollout bill. it started on april 5 i think

      11. This is the NRA organ grinder raising cash for congress, NRA donors would be the monkeys.

        Time to dump the NRA for an organization which defends our borders, voter roles and self defense rights.

        The real threat isnt Congress but the hordes of Socialist immigrant voters electing these pedo-scumbag commie gun grabbing debt slavers.

        How you vote wont matter if LaRaza obliterates your vote by 5 to 1, they vote to disarm and enslave.

      12. I see that AR14s are not on the banned list.

        Get one of them.

        • Or, for emotional support. Then, it won’t be for assault.

      13. Every Republican needs to show up at the polls in November in masks, rubber gloves, goggles and in plastic trash bags if they don’t have disposable clothes and shoes. If we don’t get these Democrat assholes out of office, we are fucked.

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