Where are the FEMA Camps? Right In Front of You…

by | Dec 8, 2013 | Headline News | 475 comments

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      1. Best way to watch football is here at home from my nice leather chair. I personally couldn’t go to a place where there are so many terrorists.

        • We only have to look at the carnage of the Super Dome during Katrina to know what a living hell any of these places will be. All the National Fascist League and every stadium and venue is in bed with DHS. Dave is right don’t feed the machine by buying their name brand crap. Best to stay completely away from the cities but you already know that.

          • Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women. Get involved where you live. Create a FREEDOM CELL. Build an organization. Others will join you. Magnify your voice in a group. Increase your personal power with an organization. Let your Barnhardt out!.

            One hundred million American gun owners, in a COLLECTIVE, cannot be defeated.

            Engage your employees, or be impoverished and enslaved by them, one euphemism at a time. 🙂

            • “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”
              “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”
              -Thomas Jefferson

              Thomas Jefferson knew the importance of having informed citizens. I don’t believe things will change until more Americans are informed about what is going on. We may laugh about the ‘official newscast’ in China or Bagdad Bob. Unfortunately, what too many don’t realize, is that we are headed well down the same path.

              I believe INFORMATION IS KEY. Mac does an outstanding job bringing us informative articles that he writes and sharing ones that others have written. I also have learned a lot from the links others have provided in their posts.

              We can see the ‘noose tighten’ with the stepped up pace and growth of restrictive legislation, executive orders, and increased powers of agencies like the EPA, IRS, etc. Change is not just in ONE area, but more like an octopus – with multiple arms.

              Many people ‘sense’ that something is not right. Use their own motto, “If you see something, say something.”

              The only way things are going to change is if WE SPREAD THE WORD. We must use the internet and email – while we still can. We must continue to talk with our children, family members, friends and neighbors. If every person reading here shared some information learned EVERY DAY with others, the numbers of informed people would grow and grow.

              • Thanks for leaving the news stories to the paid professionals. LOL

                You honestly think things are gonna get better there KFC? Everything you typed up sounds real swell, but it’s not likely to happen. Also, what happened to keeping your mouth shut so no one knows you have stocked up on food, ammo, and supplies? If your out there preaching about preparedness to a bunch of liberals…. that’s not gonna help you out is?

                • Everybody knows you are a useless troll. Go back to MSM or your porn.

                  from “The 25 Rules of Disinformation

                  “18. Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents. If you can’t do anything else, chide and taunt your opponents and draw them into emotional responses which will tend to make them look foolish and overly motivated, and generally render their material somewhat less coherent. Not only will you avoid discussing the issues in the first instance, but even if their emotional response addresses the issue, you can further avoid the issues by then focusing on how ‘sensitive they are to criticism.’”

                  • Now what are you pissed off about?

                  • Two thirds of Americans now live in a Constitution Free Zone.

                    The Obama administration has placed an arbitrary 100 mile zone extending in from any US border. They have instituted a policy that states that people in those zones are not protected by the US Constitution. Look up what that map looks like. According to the US census that includes 2/3 of all Americans. Coastal states are included as having borders where they meet the oceans or the Great Lakes. Take a look and be shocked.

                    Want to change this? Get it into the media and into Congressional mail and do it in a BIG way or it will stand.

                    Mac what have you got on this topic?

                  • Bet you’ve looked at your share of online porn huh KYjellymom

                • More people are ‘waking up’ every day.

                  There are many topics that can and should be discussed without revealing prepping information.

                  Many people are concerned about their second amendment rights. So, start there. Discuss what the new restrictions by the EPA, IRS, executive orders, Obamacare, etc. entail and how they will affect people.

                  • So what do think is going to happen? If they pass a law that says I need to turn my guns in that I’m just going to comply? That’s the part you don’t understand, who gives a shit because they aren’t going to take away MY freedom.

                    Hate to disagree with you but I wouldn’t say that people are waking up. They were stupid at the start and they always will be stupid. Case in point is your liberal teacher friend who thought she was special and was going to some how skirt ObombTard Care. Not being an asshole right there I’m just being honest with you. Same goes with your family who thinks NatGeo makes for some good reality TV to watch, or the dumbass right now scrambling around trying to buy ammo. It’s a total waste of time trying to help those people out. What people like yourself and Braveheart should be concerned with is primitive learning skills, military tactics, guerrilla fighting, homemade weapons, how to break custody…. stuff like that.

                  • BTW do you really think some liberal wants to here you talk about what’s being taken away from them? That would be like them trying to convince you that Obama is a good guy, right?

                    You bought and read Fernados book yet?

                  • BTW…. Again there KFC, what does “a concerned about their second amendment rights person” look like in Dec 2013? Some dense retard who didn’t see this coming? Does any of that truly affect someone like Bravehearts who says he ain’t giving up nothing?

                    In all effort to help you out, I believe you are still on the bridge that spans this great rip we have on our country between the left and the right. I can say that because of what you’ve said on here, and you fixation with the news and using quotes all the time.

                • Peterless thinks we should leave the news stories to the “paid professionals.” LOL

                  News provided by his comrades at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & NY Times.

                  • “What people like yourself and Braveheart should be concerned with is primitive learning skills, military tactics, guerrilla fighting, homemade weapons, how to break custody…. stuff like that.”

                    Hard to argue with that point. I would like to add Pete has some great material and people should start recognizing this fact. Because he/she might be critical of posters on this board is what makes for great discussion. WTF would we learn if everyone is in lockstep? Comon folks, ditch the emotional, get critical. In other words T H I N K gads.. and with that I am off to set some coyote bait and try to make a 20 spot on a dead critter. .02 out

                  • Thanks Point O Two!

                    I’m trying to helpful!

                  • .02 says “I would like to add Pete has some great material and people should start recognizing this fact.”

                    We’re all waiting for some (any?) of that “great material” Peterson has to offer.

                    As of yet, he has offered nothing but useless blather & insults.

                • Peterson, like she said, go back to the MSM or whatever else you like. One thing that doesn’t help us is having a useless troll like you around.

                • Peterson, You are a coward. You are good at attacking from the safety of your keyboard. This 70 year old vet invites you to Middle Tennessee where men are men and we settle our differences face to face. What have you ever done for this country? I’ll bet you don’t even have a job and are living off the government teat. Get a job, pay your own way, and you won’t have time to attack women and the very people who protected your right to speak gibberish.

                  • Internet threats??? LOL

                    You getting a goobermint check yourself? Project yourself on others much?

                • *you’re

            • the durango kidd says:

              “Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women.”

              So says a central banking stooge and fascist!

              Tell me again DK how “FREE men and women.” are “free” under the shadow of the FED?

              “Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.” ~ Ambrose Bierce

              “The typical citizen drops down to a lower level of mental performance as soon as he enters the political field. He argues and analyzes in a way which he would readily recognize as infantile within the sphere of his real interests. He becomes primitive again.”
              ~ Joseph Schumpeter

              “Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

              • Yo Mama: Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. That can be best, and most easily accomplished by removing them from power the way they came to power.

                They Organized, communicated, took the initiative, and claimed the power they have, magnifying their voice in a group and their personal power in a “collective”. See “The Beast of Jekyll Island”.

                Until FREE men and women demand their rights and organize politically to protect them, the New World Order will continue to steamroll over the US Constitution.

                Having said that, I am still waiting for your brilliant ideas as to how the Nation can dispense with the functions of the FED in a sophisticated commercial society.

                I’m still waiting. 🙂

                • The Fascist kidd says:

                  “I am still waiting for your brilliant ideas as to how the Nation can dispense with the functions of the FED in a sophisticated commercial society.

                  That’s an easy one.

                  Eliminate the FED/Governments monopoly on money, and let the free market determine the medium of exchange.

                  Aka… End the FED.


                  But you wouldn’t support that (even though you say you do)… And I know why.

                  No Fascist would or could!

                  The State MUST maintain CONTROL over the people, and the best way to do that is with Central Banking… A monoply on money!

                  “Control the money; Control the people.”

                  For the life of me, I can’t understand why Yellen was made FED chief???

                  The Durango Kidd would have been a far better choice!

                  Third rate suck-up wannabes always make the best bureaucrats.

                  • Yo mama: You said: “Eliminate the FED/Governments monopoly on money, and let the free market determine the medium of exchange.”

                    That would create chaos as individual groups would compete to employ THEIR money IE Bit Coin, while others would want to use their money, IE the Chinese Yuan. Forgetting the absurdity of using the “marketplace” to determine what will be used as “money” … gold, silver, tulips, sea shells, for the moment; you still haven’t answered the question.

                    How can the Nation dispense with the functions of the FED in a sophisticated commercial society?

                    Your “marketplace” is a nebulous idea. Who is going to control the rules and regulations for sophisticated uniform commerce? Who is going to provide and maintain the “infrastructure” for your “marketplace”? What entity is going to act as “escrow” to settle transactions?

                    Please brainiac, enlighten US as to how WE replace the mechanisms and functions of the FED. I’m still waiting. We are all holding OUR collective breath for your answer to the question. 🙂

          • The kids alone in one camp would be Michael Jackson’s and Muslim’s dream. I stopped watching the N____ Felon Legion after talking to a Sports Medicine doctor who said you can tell what performance enhancing drugs they are on by their injuries. Anyone bigger than the Refrigerator Perry had definitely dosed. They should never have had access to tax dollars given how much they make.

        • Really any concentration camp is ANY buildings that can be locked down and/or surrounded with barbed wire. The government will jerry rig just about anyplace to confine people. This is why no matter what our gun rights must not be compromised one bit. ANY government has a hell of a time rounding people that can fight back, and fight back well.

          • BI, good evening, my friend, and once again you’re correct. I have just returned from a brief illness and ready to tackle the usual culprits once again. If this article about NFL stadiums is true, then there is a possible FEMA camp only ONE MILE FROM MY HOME, the Liberty Memorial Stadium where the Memphis Tigers play. As long as I’m armed and capable of putting up resistance, I will do so. NOBODY’S camp for me! braveheart

            • Go to hear from you I knew a little storm couldn’t take you down. How the illness was just a yearly one.

              Are you up to it. It is time to rumble.

            • Hey Braveheart,,,
              Howzit hangin bud, missed yo the last week or so

              • Hey BH-

                Glad you pulled thru!

            • Welcome back braveheart. Hope all is well and glad you are doing good. We missed you friend.

            • Good to have ya back ! Hope you are feeling better . I was hoping that the ABC Gov’t. Gang didn’t get to ya and thought if they did ,we would see it on the NEWS ! Not that they would report Rouge Gov’t. Actions ! AnyHoo, glad yer BACK !!…….mm

            • Braveheart:

              Your trolling friends have all had to go to see a doctor for their withdrawals.

              Welcome home!

              • Oh goody—now one of the smart ones is back! Good to see ya BH.

            • Welcome back, braveheart!!!!!!

              • Prepping in Port Orange, POG, Mountain Man, Tactical, Kulafarmer, FBP; thank all of you for your concern. I’m back and ready to take on the trolls and whoever else wants to hurt this fine, upstanding community. I went to the last article earlier, which of course was right up my alley, and just had to make a few comments there. I noticed Peterson in some of his worst attacks yet on KY Mom. He better hopes he never sees me in person. It wouldn’t end well for him. braveheart

                • And as away you do not disappoint.

                  Peterson has been making some very valid observation lately. It we who are right now having a hard time dealing with the truths of how all this is playing out.

                • Good to see you back, man. Youd been gone so long I thought you went to the mountain caves. Sorry you were sick but glad its over.
                  We were busy stayin pissed and keepin NC Joker at bay.

                • braveheart,

                  I am glad to hear you are feeling better and are back!

                  You have a good heart and always speak out when you see someone being bullied. The world needs more people like you. I believe you understand what Edmund Burke meant.

                  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
                  Edmund Burke

                  Take care!

                  KY Mom

                • (LAUGHING)….. that is pretty funny there Braveheart!

                  • What’s so funny, troll?

                  • peterson / Id hate to have someone like you .To watch my back under fire. From your remarks you are no more than a punk kid . all mouth.

            • See some tea, honey and a shot of jack… works wonders….

              • Braveheart ,
                Welcome back thought we were going to have to organize an Emergency Extraction in a hot LZ !
                Hope you are feeling better a lot of people at work are down with the bug . Sucks around the holidays .

                missed you Buddy.

                A lot of the trolls were jonesin .

                Semper Fi 8541

            • braveheart

              Welcome back to the fold..

              Hodges suggests we boycott the nfl…seriously?

              Hell, nearly every damned person I know is a sports fanatic and especially nfl in rabid fervor..they wear tom brady jersies, nfl jackets,patriots flags and stickers on cars and trucks..and they are all in the 40 to 60plus years age groups..

              You might as well ask the chinese to give up rice as ask average americans to boycott the nfl..never gonna happen!

              They will give up all their rights as long as football is aired on cable..it is their last vestige of hope!

              Yes, sad as it may seem..we are but maybe 1 or 2% of the population…the sheep or cattle will be herded to comply.

              Nearly all still believe that some useless politician bearing a D or R after their name is coming to their rescue..

              More than likely, we will be targeted at some point after all their intel is complete,and turn the 98% against us as enemies of the state..


              • possee

                I enjoy a good game now and then. I get 2 channels if the wind is blowing right and if I have nothing else going I’ll try and watch a little. I have friends like yours and it amazes me how much time and money they spend. I wouldn’t get caught dead wearing some nfl jersey. The one’s that kill me are the one’s where it’s a specific number with the players name on the back. Wow… My wife calls them sports nerds.

                • Having cancelled cable years ago, I’m continually surprised at the level of mental involvement from sports, shows, celebrities, and propaganda that I witness from people who watch TV regularly. Some people, it encompasses their entire conversations.

                  People go on about this team or that, a reality show star or what happened in a script on a show, some new fad/commercial running often, celebrity gossip, etc.

                  Every day, I and my family are more happy about having severed the binding ties of television.


              • Point out that anyone bigger than the refrigerator Perry had to have done a lot of steroids and HGH. Say the N_____ Felon Legion is a contest of who can shoot up the most drugs. Also touch of the fact that 99% of them are horrible role models, where the majority of them are broke 5 years after they stop playing. If not for college football our schools could provide all serious classes that footballers couldn’t pass.

            • Good to see your back on your feet Braveheart

            • Braveheart….great to have you back. Hope you;re feeling better.

            • Glad you’ve returned. I was worried….

            • Good to see you back, braveheart, and glad you’re feeling better.


          • I wonder if Glenn Beck still denies that FEMA camps exist, or if he’s had a “change of heart”.

            • Tim, Glen Beck has disappointed me in the past couple of years. He found religious fanaticism, lost his balls, and beats around the bush without diving into it.

              • Worse than that, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He ropes people in by sounding libertarian, then at just the right moment tells them they “need” to support a bad policy or politician. (Patriot Act, bailouts, Romney, etc.)

                • Beck shows folks his massive book collection and tells folks every book he has on display is about communists and bolsehviks and prez wilson and fed res etc.

                  Yet hes guilty of the type that is worse than outright liars….That being hes is one who tells 1/2 truths. If hes read even one single book he displays and speaks of, then beck Knows all the stuff some of Us here are telling or warning folks about. IE; The zionist jewish connections to bolshevisim and communisim.

                  I know for me stating this a few folks are likely to reply that “Oh becks worried he will lose his job if he gets too truthfull”….Well save that type reply as I aint buying it. Maybe if beck was low level and Low Paid msm then okay I agree worried of job loss yes thats real and valid. But a guy that earns $35 Million per year, has 1/2 dozen or more top seller books that will keep earning big money for decades to come as sales continue.

                  Hes same as rock stars who sell 50 million albums. At that point they keep earning cash when they get to age 65 like many older rock stars today. Every sale of an album or book is money into their bank accnt.

                  Like Elvis hes long ago dead yet his kid still earns around $10-15 Million per year from elvis estate that grows larger everytime any item related to elvis or his name is sold or advertized etc…

                  At what point does more money take a Back seat to 100% truth when a person promotes themself as a truth teller Patriot as beck does?

                  And the exact same goes for all the others…Rush-Hannity-O’Rilley-Ann Coulter-Palin-and same goes for the ones on the Leftist side like alan colmbs and the rest of his bunch…They ALL Know. Yet Not a single one ever says to Hell with whatevers, I am goimg to speak 100% truth even if instead of earning money it ends up Costing Me to do so!

                  I’d wager most folks here if they had that much cash as all them Multi millionaires, and make no mistake here…Hannity earns around $50 Million per year, Rush has a 15 yr contract and earns $40 million per year for “15 hrs” worked per week! Most here would speak out no matter what happens for it.

                  In Rush’s very first hour on air the first day of any new year…Rush has earned enough in that first hours work on radio to place himself Past the wage of paying into soc security taxes!….Thats big cash like most folks only dream of. They all fly on Owned jets or leased jets.

                  If 4-6 of them folks got together as one group and got fired for outting those masters of evils, they could go on live event speaking tours and same as rock stars earn enough cash to pay expenses and profit too.

                  Yet even if it Cost them all to do so…Would You do that if had that type bank accounts?…I would have not cared if fired after a couple million earned in one year! Even earned in 5 yrs!

                  Controlled Opposition…Thats the ticket! and the plane They all ride on….They all are controlled BY the very folks they refuse to Out. That makes them Unpatriotic…Perhaps even in the future, enemys.

                  To me other than Life itself no other thing is as valuable other than TRUTH…Complete Truth. Any less is, well Less, such as 1/2 truths. And when done for more money after already filthy rich…Thats not a true patriot.

                  More like a greedy scammer that will end up selling their soul to satan and their services to the highest bidder. Which in This world is 99+% likely to be a zio tribe member.

                  I assure you if I got ahold of Rush’s Mic and was able to speak out for Three full hours per day 5 days per week?….In one month Or Less, I would Double His current 20 million radio listeners daily to 40+ million maybe more even!

                  I could and Would speak so much facts and truth to expose all whats going on I’d set this entire nation on Fire!

                  Eternal truth type Fire that originates from above. And I’d care Less who don’t like it or complains about their emotional “feelings” were offended. Just wait sooner or later america is going to hear from and see a true truth teller arise from our ranks…And he or she will set america on Fire. A fire flame that only burns those who are guilty and traitorous types…And of course burns Kommies also!!…Evil despicable Kommie bastards. There are NONE worse.

                  • How many writer do you have to be able to put out so many books in such short amount of time.

                  • Them Guys said:
                    “I could and Would speak so much facts and truth to expose all whats going on I’d set this entire nation on Fire!”

                    How long would it take for you to be Breightbarted?! Just sayin’.
                    I’ve heard Beck comment that he’s had threats on him and his family. Remember that list that went around with a list of something like 175 or more people who were associated with the Clintons who met an untimely death?

                  • 100% correct Them Guys. I call them the sheepherders because thats what they are paid to do, herd the sheep. Don’t forget to throw Mikail Savage in there too. Just try and call any of theyre shows with some truth and see if you don’t get hung up on by the screeners! I wish these stooges that listen to that crap would learn to think for themselves, makes me wanna puke!

            • With the technology they have today, our entire &^%$##! country will be a FEMA camp.


                You should see the unbelievable propaganda filled pig manure that CNN, Crap Numbnuts Network, has on right now. It is called Global Lesson on Guns by fareed zakaria. The slanted sh$% is so driven that even Switzerland was given a bad taste as some gun restrictive hellhole. This is one of the stupidest pot of manure, as some general wants to even take away soldiers’s firearms. People must see this, as it is a show that has been totally self approved and stamped by the BO government with utter arousal.

                That little indian anti-gunner fucred zakaripped talks with this monotone voice is even changed in its affliction when he talks about how terrible firearms are. Then this horsesh$% about suicides by firearms is higher in the top 15 gun states as opposed to the states with the same population that have the most restrictive gun laws. If a person is going to kill themselves they will use other methods than a gun, period. Poisoning is one of the top methods such as overdosing, yet these figures are not factored in those sh%^holes that are the most restrictive on gun rights.

                Fucred’s conclusion on this: the key issue of gun violence is not nut cases as other countries have the same number of crazies as here in the U.S. It is that the Second Amendment is the problem as needs to be amended. Then fuckhead says that the U.S. knows how to protect their citizens, get rid of the guns and make it as difficult as possible for anyone to own guns like in Japan, Germany, England, Australia, and others.

                I am throughly sickened by this skewed averages and by the fact not ONCE was anything brought up why it is necessary for citizens to own guns. Not once was it brought up how many people’s lives were saved because the home owners had protection. Not once was it brought up how the innocent can protect themselves against the criminal. Not once was it brought up about a back-up to the regular military against a foreign invasion. Fucred did a wonderful job of sticking his little head right into the government’s rectum then licking the feet.

                • NRA.

                  • @ SiverSax. I tell you, when I do statistics I always looks at pure facts and I don’t cherry pick out certain items to try to make a point. This little craphead of course bashed Wyoming as the most heavily armed state there is and high suicide rates. ANY state or country with bad weather has a higher suicide rate. Wyoming has a crime rate of all violent crime of 195.9 per 100000 people, and hell hole states like New York that restrict even pepper spray to a degree has a rate of 392.1, DOUBLE. Murder rate 1.4 per 100000 in Wyoming. I new York per 100000 it is 4.5, TRIPLE.

                    Thesew worthless shows piss me off so deeply because they LIE and skwe the truth. They don’t talk about all the other means of suicide, ONLY try to figure it into the ownership of firearms. They sure as hell don’t talk about the most heavily armed state having the 5th least violent crime rate in the country. I like the World Almanac because it ONLY gives facts and real numbers as reference ONLY, not biased, just the raw numbers.

                    I have found you can’t cherry pick numbers and figures, you must to find the truth look at the most accurate numbers you can get and then compare them. By the way California for the same comparisons is about the same as New York, 440.6 and 4.9. This is per 100000 people in no regards to the size of the states, small or large.

                    The NRA and other pro 2nd Amendment rights groups needs to start to use these real numbers to show the truth. As I mentioned before merry ass england has a crime rate per 100000 that is 4 times higher in violent crime than the U.S. as a country and 8 times higher than Wyoming per 100000 people. That is 8 times, 8. Heavily armed Wyoming = safe, 8 times safer and less likely to be a victim of violent crime than self defense restrictive england that their government loves criminals and hates innocent victims and hates their poor citizens.

                • Someone needs to remind him what Ghandi said about gun control.

                  • Unreconsructed Southron …….He cares less about Ghandi. His head is in Henry Kissinger and Soros Ass. Do you think a Pakistani can become the Editor at large at TIME magazine without the Zionist approvals?

                • Great post, Informed! My relative (unfortunately!) is watching it also and I feel just as nauseaus as you! (I have earplugs!)

                  However, I wouldn’t call the bastard an Indian! “Indian” is not a bad word. Shoot, even Indians used bows and arrows and guns when needed to defend themselves. Its only natural to have a means of self defense.

                • Bi…Sadly I watched it. My conclusion: Fareed zakaria… FUCK YOU AND YOUR PAKISTANI ANCESTORS.

                  USA is in deep shit because of low lives like Zakaria and Pierce Morgan and the rest of Gay and Lesbian community at CNN. The same goes for the rest of fuckers at MSNBC and FOX and all Zionist owned media. They are Godless Souls and that includes Bill O’reilly who goes with the direction of the wind with his $25M salary.

                  Sorry to use the F word here but I get pissed each and every time I watch these parasites.

                  GOD please help America and the Americans. Please GOD.

                  • Yes watch your language you know how delicate my vitgin ears are. I would never use

                  • Hey Tactical There aint no worthwhile news shows on tv that Ive found. They all sound like the chorus that gets the daily talking points and the same stories but no one does much investigating. Propaganda for the masses.
                    Just look at how they report the economy and how Obama says its improving. He says that same shit about Obamacare. They are both failing and he lies to fool the idiots. But theres the news saying the same shit. So get your news online and then do some research to learn more.

                • Put Zarkaria on top of your list next to Anderson Cooper and Piers (I need a hole in my head) Morgan.

                  When the Changes come they will be three people WE will want to “meet n greet” even if WE have to track them down to say “Hello!”

                  Engage. 🙂

                • BI, careful or you’ll bust a gasket getting wrung up like that. There isn’t much you can do when their spewing crap like that other than punching them in the head if you can reach them. One of these days we just might get the chance to do that. It’ll be fun.

              • To be honest, what was said earlier is true. Any place that can be secured realtively quickly can serve as a detention center.

                Assuming the government goes so far gone as to institute such a thing, they could just as well cordon off an existing gated community, sports stadium, or suchlike, and use that.

                As for *who* gets rounded up? Funny thing, but I think the first to be locked up in such a situation isn’t going to be the remote-living survivalist types, but those who live in society and who are deemed ‘inconvenient’ – specifically, I’m speaking of the same people who angrily marched in the recent Occupy protests.

                I’ll explain from a fascist’s point-of-view, as it seems best to do so:

                The folks out in the sticks can be ignored for the most part, unless they present an actual obstacle to ongoing plans, or become enough of a danger (potential or actual) to require dealing with. Thing is, there are too few of them and they are too dispersed to do much of anything. Eventually they can be hunted down, but right now, there’s bigger fish to fry…

                The ones who agitate against whatever bothers them at the moment (e.g. “Occupy” types) are your biggest and most important of targets. They make the most noise, they get the most attention, present the most potential to organize and persuade – they therefore present the biggest danger against your propaganda and plans. Get rid of them, and you get rid of your most important obstacle to domination. Therefore, they must be dealt with first. Fortunately, they’ve done the favor of presenting themselves in previous marches, and thanks to facial-recognition technology, even archival footage can quickly get-up a list of ‘troublemakers’ to round up.

                Though the numbers are large in this case, they’re still going to be the easiest to round up. In most cities, nearly all of them are unarmed, so no worries there. You simply start going out in squads, picking them up when they’re most vulnerable. Funny thing is, most of them will willingly walk to a collection center merely by informing them that there’s a problem with their welfare/unemployment/whatever check, and that they have to show up at such-and-such office to work out the trouble. Many others can be collected by waiting for a really cold night and then waiting at the city shelters. The biggest obstacle here is that it’ll take awhile to collect them all, but the violence factor will be small – usually confined to the last few who have figured out that their friends are missing, and have a good idea why. But, those last few can be tagged as drug-dealers/users, pedophiles, whatever. The best suggestion would be to get the youngest and strongest first, collect the ‘leaders’ along with that first wave, and save collecting the old, weak, and followers for last.

                Where to put them? Take over a somewhat remote-but-gated community and lock ’em in there. Let them starve, maybe convert a few promising ones as intelligence sources (hell, trade intel for food), do all the experiments you want on them, but whatever you do – don’t let them out.

                Once you got that done, the rest of the population is going to need a bit of a cooling-down period, and you need to insure your new prisoners are isolated and locked-up.

                Mind you, the true survivalists are going to jump in a hole and pull that hole in after them – if they’re smart. However, there will be a few folks in the metro and suburban areas who think they can ‘rise up’, and will band together to do just that. You’ll have to be quick here, but the first order of business is propaganda – label them as whatever you think the masses will plausibly buy, but at the same time disgusting enough to elicit hate. Group them into one big rhetorical lump if you can (e.g. “Teabaggers!”) Once established, go after them, ‘explaining’ that they are presenting a threat to the populace. Bonus points if you can dress up some folks like that group, then have them attack some innocent gathering, like a mall or such. Odds are perfect that such groups won’t be big enough (especially in urban areas) or (not yet) organized enough to present too much of a problem.

                Next up will be suburbia proper, to get at the second- and teritary-level obstacles to your success. By the time you get to these guys, word will definitely be out, though most will still either think it to be lies, or will be lightly-armed at best (especially if you keep things isolated and the press obeisant.) Hopefully you will have instituted some sort of rationing of certain items (fuel stands out here) by now. You should have ownership of the cities first, as they are the transportation hubs, communication hubs, and suchlike. It’ll be a long slog, but not a hard one, so long as no serious organization forms among them. Your hardest task here is to tell who is for you and who is against you.

                Finally, after *all that* is done, you can turn your attention to the rural areas.


                Long and short of it? If you live in a community of like-minded individuals that is small enough and remote enough, you can go-to-ground, pretend to be simple farm folk doing what you’re told, and then sit back for the part I didn’t mention up there… actual organized resistance. It will eventually come, and you can even (covertly!) take part in it – but unless you have sufficient forces and armament (you won’t at first), keep it all on the down-low and quietly get your forces together. Learn the tactics and tricks of guerrilla warfare, and put them to covert use.

                But… the last thing you really have to worry over is being rounded up at oh-dark-thirty, unless you really stick your neck out.

                • The occupy crowd will not be rounded up; most of them are hard-left, their controllers are avowed communists. Nor will average criminals be rounded up.

                  High on their list will be White males, you can bank on it. Then, anyone who appears to be awake.

                  As far as “Tea Party” types, another US Army officer, Colonel Kevin Benson wrote:

                  “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland, a “Vision” of the Future”

                  You can find this article in Small Wars Journal.

                  • I’d like to agree, but you make some very dangerous assumptions.

                    First off, the whole left-right thing. Remember the whole Occupy movement not only occurred under Obama’s watch, and occurred when the Democrats held both houses of Congress, but the movement leadership itself flatly rejected Obama’s attempts to claim that they were his people.

                    Consider further that even among full-on Communists, power is where it’s at, and there’s no tolerance or room for any upstarts who might take the crown. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Leon Trotsky, Lavrentiy Beria, and a whole parade of folks who thought their loyalty to Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il, and suchlike would be rewarded once they showed their dear leader just how clever they were. What makes you think this would be any different?

                    Second, it’s not about crime as we know it now. If (when) things go full-retard in government, “criminals” will be manufactured. I thought I made that clear enough up there. 😕

                    Another sticking point with me: …race? Puh-leeze. Obama and his ideology were formed (and is continually shaped) by interests that are almost exclusively run by white males. Skin color don’t mean jack unless it’s useful to further one’s ultimate agenda, and in this case it ain’t gonna be useful.

                    I guess what I should ask at this point is that we all need to look beyond our filters and biases, and see what is plainly in front of us. It’s not about left or right, and it damned sure isn’t about race. When it all comes to a head (or comes crashing down), and things get ugly? It’s about power, and control… it almost always is, and history proves it on an all-too-frequent basis.

                  • I suggest and Recomend a good long research/study of all that happened in 1918 russia and swept out across the entire eastern european nations. These folks are bolshevik kommies same as back then russia was. They are going to use the exact same methods used in russia then.

                    That scenario of sectioning off certain folks etc sounds good on paper…but it will more likley be done as in russia and ukraine. Where they simply go village by village, town by town, move fast as greased lightning, and mass Exterminate all whiteys, christians, farmers, land owners, buisness owners(of all sizes) and so on.

                    After they exterminate enough folks, they will use kommie tactics we see already beginning here with DHS and now also NFL TV screens with ad messages to “See stuff Call 1-800 Rat em all out” Coupons for Xtra pound of Butter or Meat will be offered to sucessfull Rats that assist soviet CHEKA command eliminate all dicenters and trouble makers….Read Alexander Solsizitsenzen(sp?) his final last book 200 yrs together has been stiffled in america and no publishers has yet translated it into English for you to read(gee why is That eh?) He names names and outs the evil doer soviets and methods of mass killings and tortures etc…A couple dedicated websites like Hofflandia dot com(?) by Hoff who is a sweede in sweeden, and is as wised up as humanly possible to it all, has the entire chapters of that book, or close to every chapter in english and FREE to read online.

                    He has posted it chapter by chapter as he recieves it in english as its being painstakeingly translated from Russian into english by other dedicated individuals to get it out and avail to us in america.

                    Hoffs website has over 100+ online FREE books to read and most all deals with bolshevik kommieisim and some also deals with WWII issues. These are rare books, prior Banned books, and many very Old out of print books. All has a single factor in common….They tell the Unvarnished Facts and truths. NO PC…NO swindle lies…NO Hoaxers, Holy or otherwise! just Raw bare facts that expose all the lies we was taught to believe as truth.

                    That type info will enlighten folks more than ten yrs of university degrees ever can. And prepare folks how to deal with true bolshevik soviet style Evils. Evils that compare to no others in all of history. Maybe the roman collessium and what was done to christians there comes somewhat close to modern era soviet bolshevik kommies evils. Evils so evil that one cannot exagerate just how pure evil they were/are/will be again.

                    If You can read of the absolute Horrific ordeals endured by russian and polish and ukrainians and others also, and Not get either a really sick stomach enough to feel as if you are going to puke, or have your eyes Tear up when reading about soviet evils…Then You are a Better person than I am. I can deal with most anything okay. But reading that stuff and its horrors worse than even todays hollywood slasher bloodfest movies, and for Real not a movie! Is more than I am capable of handeling without tears clouding my vision as I read it.

                    But we Need to read and Know of it all as thats what we will be dealing with. Pure Bolshevik Kommie evils like no others.

                    I will mention Just one single example here…

                    Folks were rounded up, taken to a CHEKA-HQ, forced to stand in single file line of say 100-200 persons.

                    Then first in line gets Nailed legs and arms etc to a large wooden table laying on their backside.

                    Then as others in line are Forced to watch, the tabled person’s Head is slowely cut open with the same saw tool a Dr uses for Autopsey!…Once heads cut 360 degrees, top of skull is removed to expose Brains….

                    While that person if still alive!

                    Then No.2 person in line is forced to step foreward, lean or bend over, and begin to EAT the first persons Brains!

                    Then that No2 guy goes next to be nailed down to the table and same ordeal done again..

                    When the soviet CHEKA Butchers tired of That torture, they switched to Nailing a persons ten fingers to a table, then cut/slice a Thin razor cut fully around the wrist, and then slowely Peeling the entire hands skin off.

                    A most evil of soviet men I cannot recall name of now coined a name for That torture…he called in the “Glove treatment” because it was like pulling off a glove from a human hand from the wrist down to fingers!

                    Read and Learn what we are up against. Forget MSM and Hollywood “nazi” movies and evil hitler crap…Nazis and hitler were like 5yr old small kiddie amatures compared to soviet bolshevik and cheka(secret police).

                    Many more folks are going to re think and fully comprehend things better once they too are fighting against soviet communists same as germans and nazis had to in 1940 era….But Hollywood or FOX tv will Never tell you That stuff. Beware the Bolsheviks! Spare…NONE!

                  • @Them Guys:

                    You missed a couple of things about that era:

                    1) the populace were mostly compliant, and were trained to be so over hundreds of years (serfdom will do that). They did what they were told because they were trained to from birth. We’re not quite at that point …yet.

                    2) The Bolsheviks were called that for a reason: They were the majority, and vastly so (“Bolshevik” is Russian for… “Majority”.) Things are different out here; as a saving side-effect of the media’s stupid insistence on making everything a dichotomy (e.g. left vs. right, red vs. blue, etc), you won’t have a majority that will be as eager to root out ‘counter-revolutionaries’.

                    3) The population was mostly ignorant – literacy was maybe 30% (BTW, nearly all of the literate folk were the hated “bourgeoisie”), and education maybe reached the 3rd-grade level outside of the middle/upper classes. This made the majority extremely easy to manipulate. Not quite there yet out here.

                    4) The Bolsheviks were able to raise a *very* large army of willing soldiers from the vast number of existing troops/veterans who were grateful to have been recently freed from having to fight the Kaiser.

                    I do know my history, but I also know the dangers of drawing too-close a parallel between any two events. This mess will be a creature of its own, and should be prepared for accordingly.

                  • I read your post thoroughly.

                    Occupy was coordinated by Van Jones, who was on obummers cabimet. obummer had to let him go, when it came out that Van Jones is an avowed marxist. All the people in the upper tiers of Occupy are connected both ways. Perhaps you forget one of communism’s basic tenets, that of attempting to control any opposition. Most of the Occupy people are starry-eyed idealogical leftists anyway.

                    The people who handle obummer are not white, they are dual citizens. And, make no mistake, they have stated who they want taken down. Perhaps you have not been watching closely. The people running the agenda are very anti-white, make no mistake about it. Take a long hard look at who is in the background, and what their stated positions are. Do you think it is by accident that White males are continually demonized?

                    I am very aware of the tenuous loyalties and demise of the people you mentioned. They are bound to toss a few under the bus, their kind always do…

                • I can’t disagree with you. And it will take longer for the effects of martial law to reach the sticks. Western militaries are all about positional warfare and the big cities and radiating out from those.

                  Speaking from my own areas of knowledge and experience, Kabul and Kandahar were relatively safe but after a 10 to 15 minute drive out of the city proper, danger grew exponentially and would only decrease in areas that were under eyes from Strongpoints, FOBs and Patrol Bases. And even then, PB Wilson and FOB Masum Ghar, during my tour, were taking a fair bit of short-range indirect fire. But please do not my knowledge of the Kabul area is inky academic whereas I actually was in Kandahar Province.

                  So, DHS and whatever Obama loyalist forces are out there will, as OQ said, go after the cities first as they are logistic, transportation, populating and media hubs and mostly leave the countryside alone. Let’s face it, there were roughly 45000 NATO troops in Kandahar Province while I was there and we didn’t nearly control enough ground to have full freedom of movement and operations. So really, what hopes would anyone have, with less than troop numbers in the millions, to control all of the US? I will tell you: none.

                  What areas of the countryside most likely to be under any semblance of Obama control will be a few routes between operational centres, which will most likely only be a handful of major cities. And even then, it will be impossible to have eyes on every foot of road or railroad track along these routes at all times and a least bit savvy resistance will be able to turn these corridors into IED nightmares.

                  And for all of its vaunted technological superiority, the US military will never be able to subdue the whole country. Just like Hamid Karzai was known as “the Mayor of Kabul”, Obama will be only the President of a Few Population Centres and most of your country will be outside of effective government control.

                  But don’t get me wrong, there will be some waving of the flag with patrols and CIMIC teams and stuff like that, but it won’t be widespread at all. And there will also be some forced pacification attempts. But these will also be relatively few and far between. If anything, the bulk of the Obama forces and DHS will be sticking to “Green Zones” that will be mostly in major cities and hubs of power like D.C., NYC, LA and Chicago. You know, where the “important” and “valuable” people will be, and where Obama’s power base will be located.

                  • Odd Questioner: it seems you are also Ignoring one major issue of russian revolt era..That being the main numbers of killed folks were like their beloved King(czar) Christians. And those bolshevik kommies were antichristian jews. Same as those who have been trying to exterminate christianity ever since they crucified our Lord Christ then the apostles and as many more christian folks as they can kill ever since then.

                    So Yes in That respect one cannot discount that todays events in america More than resemble 1918 russia.

                    We today have massive cultural kommie attacks non stop on all issues christian, mainly against White christians, and same as russia back Then was, todays usa has over 1/2 of world jewery Here within our midst. I am not saying everybody jewish in usa or elsewheres are a kommie bolshevik. But Many are. on avg 86% or more of american jews votes dems. The only other group with such high numbers that consistantly always vote dems is Blacks.

                    Blacks + jewish votes are the Two largest blocks that vote dems always. You, like some here keep saying its not right or left dems or repubs…Well some issues thats true yes. Yet none can deny the absolute worst agendas and policys here at home for the past 100 yrs has been due to dems more often than not. Dems fully controled america for 63 yrs Prior to bush jr getting senate and house and whitehouse in was it 2004? or around then.

                    Fed Reserve, fed taxes, popular vote to elect senators all dems in 1913. Antigun? dems, yes some repubs are antigun too…Some are…but Most all dems area Rabid antigun. And rabid pro black issues at whiteys expense.

                    So I say its right and proper to compare russia 1918 to todays america. All the Major bad issues are the same. Including whos trying to continue exterminating whites and christians. What I write of is not about “hatered” of any group or race etc as some folks accuse me of..They are simply brainwashed and ignorant of facts they rather keep hidden than to face it. Because its way eaiser to believe falsehoods taught an entire lifetime than to wake up to facts and truth which forces a person to Change ideas and beliefs.

                    I hate ONLY Evils, Kommies, swindlers, Liars, murderers and mass murderous types…Like bolsheviks are. Totally Godless self centered parasites who deal out mass death to hundreds of millions innocents, they cry and whine that They are the victims! and demand you only consider their victimhood as nobody else counts in their warped small minds.

                    I may be wrong, but from your posts to me it sounds as if maybe you are of the unbeliever set or atheists type folks…And if so thats okay if its what you choose. But in my mind those that are atheists or not really solid believers etc…They usually never consider these issues I am stateing here. But Thats a huge mistake since yes russia red revolt was led by, run by, financed by, jewish folks that hate christianity as much as their ancestors hated Christ 2000 yrs ago. Its why they tried Three times to overtake russia. tried first in 1899, then again 1905, then final try was 1917-18, and that was a sucessfull takeover that lasted 75 yrs almost and ended with aprox 1/3rd of a BILLION dead. Mainly Whites/christians.

                    To say its not about Race? and not religious in nature?…I do not see How one can say that, unless as many atheists types do thay rather not think of that issue or some just deny it all. But regardless its all factual truth.

                    And remember all we was told of that russian czar/king is bogus info to make him look bad or mean. The jews residing in the Pale settelment was not some small inner city ghetto. It consisted of Most of Poland, much land in ukraine, probobly 1/2 of ukraine, and some of russia too…Those jews there wanted to live apart so they can practice Talmudic judiac ways.

                    Its similar in many ways to Sharia laws. Only Talmudic law. Where the Laws and govnt rulers are also their religious rulers or Pharisee rabbis etc.

                    The czar allowed all the jews to live together as a group, race and religion and live as They see fit. All that the russian king and christian russians demanded in return was for all jews to Remain within their area the Pale. And thats because Nation Wreckers is not just a slander or bash on jews…No its the proper right wording to use in describeing their group and religion beliefs.

                    Yet as often as posible Many russian jews kept “sneeking” into russian cities and areas so they can do what they do best…Swindle unsuspecting christians as its easy to take advantage of christians compassions and charitable ways etc…Check out some Talmud to learn that talmud teaches NO such ways for jews to treat gentiles of any types and Especially white christians.

                    This is just facts. I know many folks do not like such facts. Thats one Major reason america is so bad off today. Ignoring such truths about the very folks that now control most all what matters nationwide in america today, is actually Deadly if it is continued much longer.

                    I am simply reporting or alerting folks to the real deal. I never invented talmudic judaisim nor did I have anything to do with zionists…But for most or vast majority to keep ignornat or remain in denial of these issues…Well like I say often…Look back at russia 1918, because we have the Grandsons and Grandaughters of those original russian bolshevik kommies Here now, and they are foaming at mouth to re-continue what their grandparents began in 1918 russia…To Mass exterminate whites and christians. So I agree on some of what you wrote…but I do think you ignore or blow off the religious angles etc…And thats what counts most in all this stuff of good vs evil. Its what most Drives it all.

                    Christians say Love enemys turn other cheek while talmudic jews say KILL even Best of goyim gentiles! and Love Nobody else but themselves, and love Money of course.

                    After all they had 4000 yrs practice so far acting that way. Thats not bashing them, its simply what it is is all.

                    And Understand. I agree fully that not just white folk are going to have hard times or even get killed off if america goes the way russia did, and That way seems inevitable now unless many more awaken asap. I agree Many jews and blacks and japs and mexicans etc etc are likley to stand With the patriotic right side if or when it occures. I am greatfull for that if thats how it happens. I have zero problems being allied with africans and jews and all other type folks as long as they are 100% sincere patriotic. Yet I also aint just fell from a turnip truck, and I do wonder How we will know for certain which are which. One Must consider the track records of various other groups and races…And much of blacks for example has shown themselves to not likley be on Our side.

                    Actually all other groups and races besides whites sticks like glue to their own kind. The Only whites I ever seen stick like glue was Bikers. So if events spiral out of control, the usa for whites may look alot more like Hati 1800 did eh..And like Russia 1918 did. To deny this or attempt to ignore it is a wrong headed move. It will get you Killed probobly.

                  • Another book how do you do it.

                  • “Afghan Guerrilla Warfare: In the Words of the Mjuahideen Fighters”

                    There is the tactics to have anyone shitting their pants while travelling in your area.

                • There are a lot of empty warehouses in the cities where the Sheeple can be …. warehoused. 🙂

                  • I just don’t see them wasting time with storage. Used once they are in the way going straight to disposal. And if it is the worthless eater. ??? Should we try to stop it.

                • In this article it openly talks about plans to bus school children to these camps in the US.

                  In England the fracking protesters are now being subjected to visits by Children’s services.

                  The message being:-

                  Use your lawful rights to peaceful protest and risk losing your children to the state!

                  Truly Satan is dancing openly among us now.

                  I strongly feel that no matter what personal sacrifices it takes any parent with prentensions of prepping needs to be home schooling as a matter of extreme urgency.

                  Do not be an hour to late to save that to which you devote your whole life’s efforts! I doubt any mother will care how many beans, bullets and band aids she has if her children are gone.

                • Heck if I were them I would just lock down the local walmarts! Thats where the sheep hang out anyway and its already stocked! 2 birds with 1 stone ya might say 🙂

              • As with any organism there are diseases that can/will destroy it…we lovers of liberty and defenders of freedom must become virulent cancers in the body politic of the NWO/govicorp…spreading/growing/infecting the evil system, disabling and destroying it as we go…we will outlive our host and rebuild America free from the disease of TPTB….

                • If you expect to do that, I strongly suggest reading and taking notes from the book The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein. Taking at least the steps in the book (minus the Mycroft The Supercomputer, of course) would set you up very well to survive as an organization…

                  • Excellent Resource! Heinlein was ahead of his time , these days I feel I am experiencing living in one of his dystopian novels.

                    about the occupation by DHS of outlying regions OQ and Canadian Vet have it right this is the most likely scenario , but I have to add one twist , the control the main distribution centers they could embargo and blockade the rural areas limiting food or cause disruption of the production of farms etc.
                    Expect a large die off of the local populations due to famine and lack of medical support .
                    Along with raids to keep the local populations heads down. They will attemp by using small teams to inflict enough fear to get people to move out on there own . FREEFOR must use a civil relations plan to gain support of the local populace , you have to present a better option to the people than the regime , you must gain their support and trust . THIS IS CRUCIAL!

                    What works in our favor they have to maintain those same farms and forms of production to support the regime and their security apparatuses. They have to estabilish main supply routes (MSR) to their city strongholds and forward operating bases . Interdiction and harassement of MSR convoys could solve some of the supply problems for FREEFOR elements.
                    You can expect air support for their convoys. A resistance element must be Mobil and adaptable
                    And be able to work in a coordinated fashion . It must also be able to disperse quickly to avoid detection by air assets bringing hunter killer teams in .

                    The ability to hit hard , fast with violence of action and the ability to melt away will be the TTP’S required to win this game .

                    Light infantry tactics with an operational emphasis on 4th generation warfare .

                    hauling a 80 lb pack around and running amuck untrained in the woods is not going to cut it.

                    Fast , light , trained and organized will rule the day


                    RESIST NO MATTER WHAT


                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • Agreed Odd Q-

                    I am a diehard Heinlein fan too.

                    But if I may add to your suggestion per books.

                    ..reference/read “Total Resistance”:..by Maj. H. Von Dach(sp?)

                    -(Swiss Army guide to Guerrilla warfare & Underground ops)-


                    (Dept of the Army field manual): FM 31-21


                    Both publications are excellent primers/instruction manuals for resisting in the dirt/on the ground and in the cities as well etc.

                    -**(think about the lessons of Chechnya, not so long ago)-


                    Yes, I am aware that most Chechen fighters were veterans of the former USSR’s universal draft/military.

                    ..doesn’t matter overly much here in the USSA, ‘cuz I’ve seen quite a few deer/elk hunters achieve humane one-shot kills, at distances that would make the instructors at Quantico, proud.

                    ..rest assured, there’s more talent out here in the Red Zone, than TPTB realize.

                    Thumbs up to ya!

              • I rekon a few here think its deadly to be truth tellers. Okay so what then? Lie tell 1/2 truths, join swindler set for huge paychecks?…I Rather work for Min wages and remain an Honest Man. That way I wont need to make excuses for those Others like beck like some here are doing.

                Know it or not, what thats called in being “luke Warm”, in this world there are only Two sides. Right and wrong, good and bad, then there are those Luke warmers who refuse to take a solid stance one side or the other and they remain in a fake middle, that don’t really exist in reality. By Reality I refer to what Christ says in REV where I first learned of Luke warm types…He said he shall Spew them from His mouth because he rather see them choose wrong and choose that bad side rather than always remain smack in the middle refuseing to go All Out one way or the other.

                I also learned he wants Us to learn how to discern between the two, then to become folks who Reprove and rebuke…IE aka Expose them whos wrong, and condemn the wrongs they do or are etc…Yes its difficult doing so.

                I also learned he never told us its going to be Easy.

                NO Offence to anyone here..But I do notice some has a tendency to Always try to convince us that its always just a small few thats bad etc…I aint buying that.

                There Are many differences between various peoples. One I notice often is Certain folks or groups seems to always have a massive larger number or percentage that choose that wrong or bad side…While another group is exact opposite with way larger percentages that choose the right side. And ironicly those who tend to always make many excuses for other groups seem to consistantly choose those groups with the Most members who choose wrongly.

                As if many excuses will “Fix” thats groups problems or something?…Calling a spade a Diamond don’t Make it a real shiny diamond.

                Like He stated, choose Hot or Cold…But those Lukewarmers I will spew(Puke) Out…Gee wonder Where they will end up? Hint: not with that Hot choice group(the good side). 1/3rd good and 1/3 bad and 1/3 lukewarm.. that end up increasing the Bad side to a full 2/3rds when the game ends.

            • Glenn Beck is to opinionated to accept that FEMA Camps do exist.

              He, like Rush Limbaugh exist in their own, little, drug induced worlds…

              • We’ve got a few of those posting novellas on this forum.

            • Beck never denied the existence of FEMA camps. In fact his “retraction” or “denial” which was aired on FOX also came with a comment “THEY TOLD ME TO SAY IT”. Watch it again on YouTube and you will see what I am saying.

              That is called,”sarcasm” and his belief and reporting of the huge gov’t conspiracy is what ultimately got him fired from Fox

            • Tim I don’t know about Beck, but I sure don’t buy this stuff about NFL stadiums being FEMA camps either. As for the NFL,I do know that they will support Liberal cause’s, I remember well, when Missouri Gun Right’s groups were trying to get concealed carry passed by getting it put on the ballot for the people to vote on. The KC Chiefs as well as Hallmark Cards which is based in KC, and I believe the St Louis Rams all contributed money to groups campaining to keep it from passing. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • If you have kids in the state brainwashing compounds you may want to do your own drill! Teach them how to escape to a safe place where you CAN pick them up. If it is totally fenced in then bury some wire cutters in a discreet place and teach them how to use it. Teach them to get under a bus and after it is away from the area drop out from under it when it stops. Or just keep watching yer stupid football and have another beer and hope it will never happen. And if it does then go look in a mirror to see who is responsible… There has to be 100 ways to escape from a skool, train them or lose em’

            • …at least teach them to spot the beginning of the round-up and scurry quietly into athe bathroom stall, keep their feet up on the toilet seat and their head down, until they can get out of the building without being seen.

          • “FReally any concentration camp is ANY buildings that can be locked down and/or surrounded with barbed wire. The government will jerry rig just about anyplace to confine people”…Entire cities, for instance, …Holy Snake Pliskin! You’re on to something, BI.

            • Sure they can, but there is one teensey weensey problem with that….angry people with firearms who dont want to participate in being rounded up or caged! 🙂

            • They won’t even need the fencing and wire, if everyone is drugged out of their minds and obedient…

              • If they are drugging the drug would not be to sedate it would be to murder. Why waste all that effort.

            • Spook89

              The m25 circular road system around London was set up to do this as part of the Olympic preparations. I’d be very suprised if Atlanta and LA at a minimum haven’t received the same treatment. New York is easy as it’s an Island. DC has always been a fortress.

          • @BI,
            It doesn’t have to be a building, and people worldwide are being conditioned to go to camps/centers/shelters etc in order to be “safe”. See the picture of the jerry rig and barbed wire:

            Another thing in this article, “Detractors say they don’t exist, often citing the lack of official confirmation from elected officials for the initiative as their proof.” Would those be the types of officials that denied the existence of, say, Area 51?

            Suggestion, keep a look out for opportunities to volunteer for activities like the Denver Public Schools held. Volunteer, participate, and bring back a first hand report of what was done.

            • Itll be like the Eloi, from the time machine, they will sound the alarm and everyone will go into a trance and head for the camps!

              • The 1960 version gave me nightmares. I don’t know what the hell my parents were thinking when they let me watch this with them. Geeze…..

          • As I have said since a decade ago if not longer, they will use your schools as a gathering place, to round up your kids, and refuse to give them Back to you the parents unless You trade IN all your firearms in exchange for your kids. That One method alone will almost gaurentee more guns handed over than any other method concievable.

            Most folks can and will be very stuborn on all other issues or things and retain firearms and refuse to comply on trade offs for other items…but when They have Your kids….Thats the One achillies heel for even the staunchest patriot or gun owner. Not many will refuse to trade guns for kids.

            That entire scenario makes zero common sense. To remove entire schools kids due to a lone wolf shooter guy?…Like shooter wont pick off kids as they exit school?

            It takes school lock down shooter scenarios to a new level of madness. Why keep every kid Inside school if a shooter is running loose inside school? Yet thats what they do now right. So every kid is now a sitting duck Target since even if a kids two feet from an exit door or window they can’t escape school or shooter!

            So Now if a shooter is near school outside they will take every kid outside also where the shooter has a field day of targets out in the wide open?

            Maybe like Klinton they Want more dead kids and fresh blood to propagandize anti gun crap. Everything they do is ass backwards of what any sane folk would do in every potential scenario one can dream up. And most sheep folk Praise the fed govnt and “Athourities” in charge eh!

            Sovietized Bolshevik AmeriKa is now Reality. Next Up…1918 Russia redux.

            Just plain Dumb plan.

            • Them Guys….. if your post can’t teach and spread the truth I really don’t know what else can awaken the sleepers.

              If we don’t study the history, indeed history will repeat itself.

              So Amen and Thank You as always for taking the time and doing the right thing.

              • Tactical: Thanks Bro. I agree as famous men has said if we fail to learn from past history it will be repeated against us. Even very wealthy bankster types and huge well funded military rather do the easy way if that worked swell in the past right. Once one studies past oppressions etc you see a pattern of the same MO repeated over and over. Its Satans main Tools after all…Lie-Cheat-swindle-murder…but as a spirit form, satans is Unable to function those ways unles he can induce Humans to do his dirty work in a real phys world like we live abd exist in…And I have found that Historically thats where Satans MO hardly ever changes. IE: who or which group of humans that always seem to be ready, willing and able to do his dirty work.

                But Thats the one major truth that gets so many folks in an uproar aint it. When you get Phys attacked by a group of 5-6 individuals, as I have, simply for speaking truth and nameing names or naming religious beliefs etc…Thats when you really Know you are on to the proper right path.

                Such attacks on one also assists one to determine to begin to carry a gun 100% of the time, just…Incase they try that move again!

                You know tactical, I Like the truth. And I really believe many more folks would like it also if they would only remove the blinders and accept the fact that when dealing in facts and truth, you are bound to discover stuff that may offend even Yourself!…For example after a lifetime of hearing that my parents are the Greatest gen and were all heros for going to fight in WWII etc…Well My Dad was in Army Infantry in WWII europe, and rode a horse in Calvery div in Korea…He’d always refuse to ever speak about what he did etc…The Only thing he did say on war issues was “War Is Hell” then he’d clam up.

                From childhood teachings I assumed he like many others were real heros and really THE Greatest Generation.

                But Then about 15 to 20 yrs ago I discovered Other facts and truths about WWII and also WWI…It is difficult to change beliefs and realize that Our parents gen were more like Duped by massive falsehoods that ended in Wars.

                Nobody wants to admit their nations govnt is gone bad, or that their loved ones got scammed and swidnled to fight wars that like Smedly Butlers book tells “Wars, ALL of Them are a huge Racket!”…Kinda takes that Hero status a few notches lower now don’t it?…Our folks never realized it was a scam. BUT Today there is ZERO excuses to continue to believe the Same scam swindlers lies.

                Thats what Our gen can and should work to change. To wake folks today so as you say we do not repeat history again in bad ways. So far truth telling is Not haveing any great or huge effects it seems. I won’t quit though Tactical!…I Know You won’t quit neither! and You too post some very swell info usually.

                I remember prior when You weren’t so sure about a few issues…And I posted back to you and said something like
                Tactical, just read and research a few links and websites infos on WWII etc…Then make up your Own mind whats true and whats not…And you did that. And Ever since you too are so More awake its like nite vs day…am I correct?

                Now instead on one guy We became TWO guys working the same goals!…Keep at it and it will become a Dozen guys doing it!….One can Never go wrong when all hes doing is truth. Just realize you Will be hated for it as Christ warned us of long ago. Piss on those truth haters eh!

          • While a lot of places could become makeshift FEMA camps, I visited a real one after Katrinia evacuees were flown directly to it. I’ve been back since and they’ve built more dormitories inside the perimeter fence funded by the federal government.

            I live nowhere near any professional sports teams as they are always built around large populations and those are to be avoided. There is a minor league baseball team in the neighboring state, but they don’t have much in the way of infrastructure.

            • If you do a search for the US Senator Warner(from VA is he?) Act that he as then chariman of senate comittee that deals with finance of military and etc, back around 2004 or perhaps it was in 2007?…Anyways his act was passed easily and signed by bush jr and it stated it was to Fund about $487 Million to Halliburton and their co-other affiliated co’s, to Rebuild defunct closed down army bases and also to Build entirely New bases.

              And it stated to be used as Camps under FEMA control and DHS, to House any oveflow of mexican illeagles that are likley to try to enter america at southern borders when the amnesty for illeagles gets passed and is then announced publically by major tv news etc.

              They expect to see at least several Million more mexicans scramble to enter the usa and beat the dealine for instant citizenship.

              So not only was almost $500 Million okayed by fed laws, and already Planed to go to Halliburton without competition biddings, but its obvious that the entire bunch in congress plans on passing amnesty reform, or why else would they mention that they fully expected to Need someplace to house so many mexicans at one time right.

              So ever since that got passed and funded and halliburton started work on those projects, it means everything we have seen and heard on all tv news shows that appears to be ongoing debates on imigrant reform and amnesty is ALL smoke and mirrors because they already Planned long ago to end up with many more border jumpers here once amnesty is anounced. All that daly fox tv hannity right vs left Endless debates and public polls about amnesty etc is spew galore.

              Its also likley possible what warners bill stated was fake too to Hide that camps are being funded and built to house some Others besides mex illeagles eh.

              One things certain…Something sure smells funny about the entire deal and all that close to $500 million cash doled out…I did read that warner bill after it was passed and signed by bush jr so its true alright.

              There was a short Paragraph within the entire bill that stated amounts, halliburton to do work, and that it was to house overflow illeagles rushing to enter america.

              And also Senator warner was a repub if I recall right.

          • One particular portion of the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Leadership Qualification course is the small party task. That evaluation is for the leader to receive his orders, formulate a plan, give his orders and complete the task, and he has 90 minutes to do so.

            Mine was to have my team put up a barebones platoon-level field-expedient POW enclosure. If we could get up a full section of modular tentage, our angle iron stakes and 2 heights of concertina wire up around an area big enough to hold about 12 people in about an hour, I can only assume it wouldn’t take much longer for a dedicated crew to turn any flat open area like a soccer pitch or fairgrounds into a much larger, more permanent internment and/ or sorting and/or prisoner transfer point.

          • Just ask yourself, what are the scenarios where people will *willingly* run to FEMA camps, and that’s what’s likely to happen. Deadly viral outbreak; antidote at the camp. Children being held; join them at the camp. Food supply cut off; food at the camp, etc.

            Just like people *willingly* gave their info to healthcare dot gov, which connects with 9 federal agencies (that we know of), I think TPTB will come up with a scenario to make going to the camps look like a life-saver (to the uninformed and unprepared).


          • Really any concentration camp is ANY buildings that can be locked down and/or surrounded with barbed wire.
            AKA Big Box Stores. If things go mad max and there is no economy to speak of, tptb will herd the sheep into walmarts, lowes, home depot, the malls of amerika etc.

          • Yes any building. Around here many public schools are starting to look like prisons to me. some even have a helicopter pad. many have ten foot high fences topped with razor wire. The Arkansas state Dept of education forced many smaller rural public schools to shut down. one in Randolph county located on the Oak ridge road certainly looks like a prison to me. I think it is because the government knows when( not if) the New Madrid lets go they will need a place to in prison the helpless sheeple. their wont be a need for a round up. those helpless folks left on their own for a few days. they will jump at the offer of free government help. those places will be a kind of sorting pen. to separate the useful to be slaves and the unfit for termination. remember even Germonino was eventually starved into submission. however the Seminoles in florida where never captured or defeated. those Seminoles are still present and doing their own thing.

        • This comment is not going to go over well. BUT for all those who are in the know !! these types of games were developed years ago and are still used today for psyops on the pop. so i have never been interested in these types of sports as it is just plain brainwashing !!
          sorry but i had to tell the truth, check it out for yourself!! the facts and stats are available for those who wish to see it!

          • Ive no beef with folks who like sports…its their prerogative…personally I am not a sports person…not a team player,dont like crowds and “rah,rah,rah” in organized anything…never been to a “game” of any kind and don’t have a TV and wouldn’t watch a game if I did…that said its too bad that people cant just be left alone to enjoy things like sports if they choose to…that’s part of what this Republic was all about…very sad!

            • Now that you mention it, I don’t know 1 single person that likes sports that even has a clue about whats happening. Opiate for the masses is working well!

        • It’s all so blatantly obvious.
          Most people over fifty get it,
          most people under fifty don’t.

          In twenty-five years the over
          fifty population will be gone,
          and they will have their way
          from then on without struggle.

          • No they will not… All of the folks on my Team train there kids for this…… and with 3 million Prepers and another 5 million retired millitary training there kids… the govemnet is going to have a hell of a time.

            • …and they fucking know it.

            • Realistic numbers.

          • Yes, that’s their plan. Luckily I know a few kids who won’t be sheepled around.

          • Those numbers change if you plug in the home schooled.

          • I’m not so sure.

            TuPac woke up huge numbers of young people – it’s why he was taken out.

            Young people are very, very cynical being the generation of huge student loans and zero home or job security. If you look around the net, things like occupy, the tiny house movement at least show us the young are aware something is wrong. They just lack the education and guidance to focus their efforts (by education I mean critical thinking skills and even basic life skills such as scratch cooking).

            It’s the group in the middle aged 30-50 that still assume they are entitled to the same deal the baby boomers got that are in for a rude awakening. Sadly traditionally this is the generation the establishment relies upon to get things done, and so far this demographic are following orders like the indoctrinated drones that they are.

            • I’d agree that most people in the 30-50 range are absolutely asleep. However, I’m 40 and I am the most awake person I personally know. I’m working super hard at building my online business to the point where my family can move the hell out of this country. In 6 months time I’ve built it up to $6,000 per month and there is no limit in sight yet to growth potential. If they can just hold off for another year or 2 on their evil plan we will have it made!

              Yes, I know that if it all goes to hell my business will too, but I plan to use the funds to not only relocate but purchase gold and silver so as to have something to get started on a new life. I know where we are going, although I’m flexible if need be.

              My husband at first thought I was a bit nutty, but he’s been researching lately on his own and has come around. We will do ANYTHING to keep our little girls aged 5 and 2 safe and with us. Anything. I would honestly have no reason to live if my children disappeared.

          • Both my boys are well aware because dear ole (crazy) dad is constantly harping and sending them “useful” items on every occasion. Gave my oldest a brick of .22 for his b day and he said, “WOW you know how hard these are to come by?” I replied, “aren’t you glad dear ole dad stockpiled?” I am not looking quite so “crazy” anymore as this shit is starting to swirl faster around the bowl.

        • Most parents I know will bring their ARs and AKs to force these people to give up their children. Good way to die messing with our children pigs.

          • AR’s and AK’s will be the least of their problems. You keep kids from a guy with a D9 cat and their Mraps won’t even stand a chance. Pissed off parents are very unstable.

            • Eeeehawwwww
              Thats my sorta fun, i was thinking a guy with a D9 and a guy with a big excavator with a few layers pf road plates for protection, stack tose fuckers shit up in a big pile,

              • That would be the colorado kill dozer you are thinking of

                • Yea, but that was an old dozer, you plate up a new high track and a big ass Komatsu EX and were talking junkyard creator! Dump that MRAP on its side and push dirt up against the doors,,,,,

              • Front end loaders are faster and that bucket makes for a movable bullet stop. BTW folks any Cat key works on all Cat equipment. Thought I would share. Is close to the same for case as well. The John Deere have a few different types for different machines but I think they run 2. One for larger and backhoes and one for the smaller stuff. Also, ALL older peterbuilt trucks use the same little forked funky key. Don’t know about the new ones. (35 years as equipment operator)

                • Komatsu changed their key a few years ago so get one or two of each

            • I like sheeple and scum politicians that wildly underestimate and discount our capabilities.

        • I guess I don’t fit in, anywhere… I feel EXTREME anger at the thought of this corrupt government trying to steal our guns. Or any of our civil liberties, for that manner! However, I feel just as strongly about Catastrophic Climate Change, which I’ve studied meticulously for years. Thus, I have no faith whatsoever in either the republican politicians (who are paid off by the fossil fuel industry)– Or– the democrat politicians, who are acting just like a Nazi regime–

          Basically, we are screwed unless enough of us wake up. For the last couple days, all they talk about on TV is gun control…”OH, the glory of other countries, (Japan, for example) where only 4 gun deaths a year occur!” They don’t mention the deaths in Japan by swords, num chucks, or whatever… yep, old Obummer determined to get the guns. But as some oil payrollee said at government meeting: “you try to take citizens guns and you’ll have a civil war on your hands!” Indeed!

          • Anonymous You stated “the democrat politicians, who are acting just like a Nazi regime”

            Did you watch Mike Rogers (R-MI) with Diane F on CNN talking about more population control due to increase terror danger?

            Is not Dems. only. We are dealing with two heads and one body.

            • Indeed, look at what dear ole Mittens Romney did to Mass.

              • .02: Polititions all have the same problem basically. They ALL make a mandatory pilgrimage visit to bang their foreheads against that wailling wall, then after all intelligence and common sense has been banged out of their heads, they go into secret meetings with a Dozen men who all have very Long Beards, way too small, 5 sizes too small, wide brimmed black hats…Who Re fill their heads with brand New info….Then they return to america, go on every TV news show, get Praised as THE ONE!

                And stupid sheeps elect em to finsih wrecking america.

                Any who reject that mandatory trip to bang forheads against wall, do NOT get elected, and ALL MSM TV shows call them evil haters and nazis and white seperatists etc.

                Then the only job left they will qualify for is burger flippers….Maybe a Bolt of Lightening will Zap that wall away and the spell shall be broken one day.

          • OH, the glory of other countries, (Japan, for example) where only 4 gun deaths a year occur!”

            Japan is a homogenous society devoid of third worlders and feral ghetto scum.Take a few of those Japanese and drop then into South Central LA, or Detroit and see how long it takes them to go get a firearm!

            • Ah So! Chop Chop!

              • Them Guys-

                Laugh hysterically!!!!

                Thanks bro’, I needed that! Damn, I wish you were my neighbor!

                Watch your six, buddy…& GOD Bless you!

        • A couple of things here. I have worked with FEMA and I am on their SURGE team. This time last year I was in New York. I worked Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, Isaac, and the fires of SO CAL. FEMA does not have camps and up here I went to the supposed camps and they are nonexistent. They do have any other building they deem usable that can hold and shelter people. Right now FEMA uses them to shelter people. When and if martial law (probably more when than if), then this type of containment can be used to control people. FEMA will not be in charge when this takes place. I can tell you from firsthand experience that they can barely handle what they have now. Sandy was handled way better than Katrina but they could not handle a country of martial law. So what are we to do.
          1) Train your children that if herded to a bus in a crisis situation that they break away and run to a spot near the school (but far away enough to hide so you can pick them up). What this looks like for you … I don’t know…. But many of the people here are smart and can figure this one out. Have your kids call you the moment this starts and you get your butt to the school. FORM TEAMS and have multiple vehicles go to the school. They won’t let you have access to your kids…fine…. have every bus followed by multiple vehicles to the second site and have a way to communicate. 786 pissed off parents at the second site will make them think twice about pulling this carp. And have the Media involved. The more cameras the better. Practice this.
          2) Home school your kids or consider proper private schools.
          3) Find out what your school will do in a crisis situation and if you can just come get your child a site safe from the “problem”. I get why a school may need to be locked down but they need to have a rapid way of getting your kids back to you. Many schools do this very well… if yours does not .. FIND OUT WHY AND WHO IS IN CHARGE AND GET THEM REPLACED.
          4) Home school your kids or consider proper private schools.
          5) Practice item one with your teams. It stuns me that people just bitch and spew bravado on this site but have no real solution. Many here do have solutions but to many don’t and are of no help. Remember the “bad guy” is practicing… you should to. Have plans, have numbers in your phone, have a GRMS radios, or CB’s. Work with the “Good teachers” on the inside. We have them on our teams. Same thing with the LEO’s and EMT’s.
          6) FORM TEAMS… FORM TEAMS… FORM TEAMS… You do this alone and you will be alone. If you have no kids help the ones that do.
          7) Home school your kids or consider proper private schools.
          8) Go to EVERY school meeting and in groups inform the school that this crap will not be tolerated. Be civil but let them know that once things are under control you expect and demand access to your kids.
          9) If, God forbid, it is a full grab of our kids or grandkids and we are in for full martial law …… get your team and go get your kids using any and all force necessary… and you should train for this also. Consider it plan D when a,b,c fail.
          PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS… and protect your kids and grandkids.

          • Thanks for sharing!

            • Hey, dickhead, I’m back and I’ve been warning you about Ky Mom, so what’s it going to be?

              • BH. You know he didn’t call one person a single name while you were gone. Now in your first word you do.

                And he asking a legit question and no will answer them… seem no on here has been wanting to talk about truth.

                And no one wants to talk about what they know they just want it to be someone else to do it for them lately

                Everyone has been biting at the bit. For the party to start that we have ran out of new thing to bitch about.

                And I think many are starting to question some of the more bizare reason they were prepping and it starting to eat at many.

                • Thanks buddy! Hope a lot of people read your post.

                • FBP, I went to the last article and saw him stirring up his usual BS with KY Mom. He’s just another troll in my view.

                  • Asking her questions isn’t stirring the shit, just like when I tell you that fighting it out at your front door and having the idea in your head that your gonna fight it out on your door step isn’t the best plan for defending your bucket of food. From here on out I won’t be an asshole and I haven’t been for the past couple days there Bravehearts. If you think I’m wrong up your plans or KFC then let’s talk about it. You can still be your crazy self, but let’s stop lying about the truth here and what works and what doesn’t OK?

              • Really, whats up with calling me a dickhead?

                • Braveheart calls em as he sees em.

                  The truth hurts sometimes. Either live with it or change.

                  • The truth about what? I’ve told everyone that I’m mostly an asshole…. ???? The truth doesn’t hurt me, I’m not the one still whining about the truth that’s been spoken around here, right? Shall we all just speak the truth around here and stop pretending then?

              • You ready to stop kissing KFC’s ass and learn some stuff? Starting with you might be the best thing for this place to wake up. What do you think?

                • You think it’s up to you to “wake this place up” do you?

                  • I guess so. You don’t think this place could be better?

                  • SilverSax, is Peterson saying our community is not so good? That’s strange. according to the kind of regulars we have here, we are already beyond the stage of awakening. Last time I checked, we were still trying to awaken others and give advice.

              • A little more civility on these boards would be warranted. Listen, people the whole world is available to come here and look at how we as “preppers” conduct ourselves. If we were sitting in a local saloon or something face to face then the insults and threats would be localized and not damaging except to the individuals involved. But here we are on the global stage and should always consider this b/4 one clicks submit. Peterson, you have the right to be critical, Braveheart, you also have the right to be vocal as this is a free country. (well it was) But slurs and insults/threats should be avoided. I am not going to take sides as I am long time reader “newbie” poster but we should set the example and not give the critics of prepping any more unnecessary ammo to attack us with.

                • Good post!

          • Better yet, those buses won’t move on flat tires…a few well-placed shots would ruin their plans for a while.

            • Just avoid thinking that a handgun will flatten those tires. Other than some high-energy (and illegal) AP ammo, handgun bullets just bounce off truck tires and endanger the shooter and everyone around.

              Had just such an incident at a public range I used in the ’90s. Guy was shooting a 9mm at a target taped in the center of a truck tire set up vertically on the berm. He hit the sidewall just right, and the bullet came back and clocked HIM.

              • Well, in that case, a small pocket knife to cut the valve stem is quick, silent and effective. You might not even have to miss a step as you walk on by.

                Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

        • Watching people chasing balls is a big part of Amerika’s problem…

          • Watching politicians without any balls is the biggest problem.

            Anyone believing that there is any difference between the two parties at the national level at this stage of the game is almost unbelieveable.

            • Right on POG.

            • I know people like that. Even after they have seen/heard their fave ploiticos lie through their teeth, they still refuse to get it. It is cognitive dissonance, and the willingness to believe lies, as long as they are believable.

              “With lies we can go forward, but there is no going back”- Russian saying from the Stalin era

          • A good part of the people on here are chasing balls here also…. “Roll Playing” id guess you’d call it.

            • The trolls certainly are busy today.

        • Yeah, they’re gradually shutting down our country… MAKING US BECOME ACCUSTOMED TO BEING HERDED LIKE ANIMALS. They did the same damn thing during Nazi Germany! Whatever we do, WE MUST NOT GIVE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS! Just say, “no!!”


          • Let he who has no gun, sell his X-Box, and get a gun…or something like that.

        • Ok 1 more time (my posts arent making it on the board) If you have kids in the state brainwashing compound YOU need to train them to escape! Bury some wire cutters in a discreet place by the fence (if it is fenced). Look over the earea with your kid and make a plan. Teach them to roll uinder the bus and hang on till its away from the skool and drop off when the bus stops. If they are on the bus then sit in the back and open the emergency door and RUN! There must be 100 ways to escape a skool, better teach them now or just go back to yer football and beer… If you don’t then just look in the mirror for who’s to blame.

          • To some people that may seem extreme…to teach the young the art of escape… how to elude…
            I would disagree…It is something they need to know.

          • If you do this, you also need to train them to leave their friends behind to an uncertain fate.

            My kid has ASD so I knew getting him to abandon his friends in an emergency would be a non-starter, he’s just too darn loyal. This would be an admirable quality in a formal military adult unit (no man left behind etc) but could cost him his life in a school surrounded by kids raised by sheople.

            If your kid is a decent one, remember that this may be their ultimate undoing if you choose to leave them in a state run institution. This is especially true the younger they are, (asking a 5 year old to do this is putting undue responsibility on the child!). Can your child be trusted not to share the location of where the wire cutters are hidden with his/her best friend? Will they continue on or fold if they are injured as part of their escape?

            For smart highschoolers it might be possible to train them effectively, but do not let your rose tinted glasses blind you to forming an hoest and objective opinion to your child’s capabilities. Everything has to be age and ability appropriate.

            If you go down this route as a form of prepping, you also need to have a plan to deal with the survivors guilt your child will endure as a result of his/her actions in escaping.

        • wrong in case you don’t get it stupid by watching it on tv you are still supporting the powers behind this.

        • If you aren’t gleefully being molested by blue-gloved pervs from the Testicle Sack Analysts, you’re with the imaginary terrorists.

        • Certainly the idea that the NWO will use football stadiums as holding pens for Americans who don’t go along with tyranny is reason enough to remove any financial support from their greedy fingers, but equally important to me, as a White Man, is to not support organizations that openly discriminate against Whites by passing over Whites and choosing non-Whites to play on their teams. 80% of NFL players are black. If you really believe blacks are better atheletes are Whites, you have merely another Big Lie disseminated by talmudists, repeated over and over by the media they totally control. It galls me that people who openly hate Whites and violently attack them on a daily basis, are cheered for by stupid naive Whites who support the NFL. WHITE MAN WAKE UP!!!

          • Whitey seems to be pretty well awake. Example: how many white faces were in the Dome after Katrina? All I saw was a few homeless druggies or some such that were white.

        • I’ll say it right here. Here’s WHY!!! There are at least a Dozen NFL Teams (Listed Below) that are owned by JEWS. and to Top it off 90%+ of the Media is also JEWISH Owned. Including All ESPN sports channels ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX, Disney Productions that broadcast theswe Games. They are all lining up with the Rothchild NWO Mandates to inflict their dominance over Americans including Highjacking our American Sports Teams. Wake up America, the WAR against us has been on for years. So every time you buy a ticket, Jersey, or popcorn, you are contributing to your own demise.
          NFL Jewish franchises:
          Atlanta Falcons
          Cleveland Browns
          Denver Broncos (maybe)
          Miami Dolphins
          Minnesota Vikings
          New England Patriots
          New York Giants (.5)
          Oakland Raiders
          Philadelphia Eagles
          St. Louis Rams
          Tampa Bay Buccaneers
          Washington Redskins
          Source: http://www.tabletmag.com/scroll/43941/more-on-the-nfl%E2%80%99s-jews

      2. I truly have no words.
        I will say I since reading this decided our get home bags need to be repacked before tomorrow.

      3. Something is rotten in Denmark! football stadiums,roadblocks….something is coming….

        • I don’t know what you folks think, but
          I have come to believe we are the most
          gullible nation on the planet when it
          comes to drinking government Kool-Aid.

          • Pour me another glass would ya?

            • wrong

              Would you like our Cobalt-60 High Ball,
              or our truth-serum on the rocks version

              • ….. and another thing;
                these asshole trolls that dog all the folks here
                with their ridiculous red thumb down, what are
                they going to do for a paycheck when Uncle Scam
                shuts down the free speech internet?

                Likely they will just get transferred to fema camp
                duty tattooing ID numbers on the forearms of the
                inmates that can’t be readily rehabilitated.

                Suckahotchie, trolls, and die painfully

                • Well, Outwest, as I am posting this you have wished at least four of them a trip to the FEMA camp.

                • I dont give a CRAP about red thumbs or trolls, this isnt a popularity contest, this will get real, real fast.

                  • You’re a good Man, Kulafarmer.

                    I understand what you are saying my friend,
                    but it has little to do with popularity, and
                    it is Real right now.

                    Trolls are not just indigenous to SHTF, they
                    are an invasive species to the Constitution
                    and Freedom itself, and as such out number
                    Patriots at the moment, and have put a fascist
                    regime in control to destroy America as we
                    know it.

                    Because of this, we cannot entirely marginalize
                    trolls or ignore them, for they are the very
                    scourge we are fighting against.

                    What I am saying is, the whole of Washington DC
                    is Troll Central, and is in dire need of the
                    “Orkin Man” roach control exterminator.

                  • Out West,,
                    Agreed,, i think DC needs the “nuclear option” personally, there are so few good in there that the collateral damage is acceptible. Orkin might miss some!

                • Don’t conflate those who give thumbs down with trolls. The thumbs-up-or-down rating system is there to say “I agree” or “I disagree” and is part of the conversation. We don’t have a God-given right to be constantly approved.

                  Trolls are those who make comments meant to take away from the conversation, to harass and harangue and who do degrade the quality of conversation or engage in deliberate campaigns of disinformation. They do seem to have come out in force since the government shutdown ended in October so it would seem that a fair amount of them are taking our tax dollars for pay.

          • This began a century ago, and picked up speed when “The Frankfurt School” went to work, in the 1930’s; there goal is to destroy your ability to think, or in their words, say “snow is black”…

            The lies you have been told about America’s wars and enemies began it all.

      4. I have seen (on ‘official letterhead’ no less) ‘Operation Red Ribbon’ that separates children from parents as they are taken from their public schools, regardless of their parents wishes. Many evil doers KNOW that the bond is strong between children and their parents (hopefully most, anyways)and that you can drive an agenda easily…with the right captives or leverage.

        Don’t think it will happen? Not a bet I would be willing to take. When schools are in ‘lock-down’ across the country or even just a region, the state has the authority to do as they please with your ‘public school enrollee’. Get your kids OUT of the public school system, don’t feed the beast and undo all your home based morals and teachings. Once they are indoctrinated in the ‘system’… many are lost forever.

        • It was the public school system who gave me my fanatical hatred of authority in any form.

          It’s probably for the best, because now as an adult I don’t trust the government at any level to any degree.

          • It was in public school, where my junior high school psychology teacher tried to touch me in class on my way out the door. I’ll never send my kids into the system. I never told anyone that this happened to me, not even my own mother, because I was so embarrassed.

            It was in 5th grade, my social studies teacher hit me in the back of the head with a book, because I lost mine. And when I had to share with another student, I was placed under scrutiny for being irresponsible and made fun of by the class at the teachers encouragement. Had to write my name on the board and say “I’m an irresponsible idiot”.

            The public school can go to hell.

            • Well Catholic School nuns were no prize either. We had to ask our parents what parish they were married at and and by what priest. I was the rarity who’s parents were married by a Justice of the Peace because my Mom was previously divorced. I asked my parents who married them at the dinner table and they told me. They never asked me why I wanted to know. The next day in school one by one we had to stand in class and recite who and where. When it came to me the nun said that I was Illegitimate and I sat down.

              Now it gets interesting!

              Well at dinner that night I told my parents what happened and asked what the new word illegitimate meant. I was not too sure what the actual answer was but my Mom said, “I’m no whore”. WOW two new words. All I knew is at the age of nine I was not illegitimate (whatever that was) and my Mom was no whore (whatever that was).

              I was taken out of that nut house they called a school (after Mom had a few words with that nun) and put into the terrific local public grammar school that was actually rated the best in the state.

              The lesson is beware of anyone with power over you.

              • This was back in the mid 1960s by the way.

                • I think of Catholicism as the Old World Order. They tried to achieve world domination through fear, guilt, and mind control. As the church slid from power there was a century of massive military control. Now the New World Order is here to take over through the banking system and “Big Brother”. Shadow governments throughout history.

            • We musta went to the same hellhole… 🙁

          • “It was the public school system who gave me my fanatical hatred of authority in any form.”

            My own experience exactly. And that was in the ’50s and early ’60s.

            Them as can do, does. Them as can’t, become teachers. Them as can’t even teach become school administrators.

        • About a year or so ago, I got an info pamphlet from the energy (nukes) company on emergency preparedness. Its purpose was to outline what you should do in case of an emergency, i.e. meltdown, but also mentioned things like terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

          It clearly stated NOT to go to the school to get your children. Your children will be taken to a ‘shelter’ and that is where you should go also. It also mentioned that your children might not end up at the same shelter, and that you should just ‘trust’ them to take care of them.

          Don’t think FEMA camps are possible? Ask a Japanese American.

        • Yep! Get away from the system.. the system is going down.

        • What about the raid of a homeschooling family in Germany? The police broke into their home with a battering ram and forcefully took the kids ages 7 to 14 because the kids were being homeschooled. The parents were told they wouldn’t be seeing their kids any time soon. I don’t know whether the family is now back together or not.

          • Home schooling was outlawed in Germany by the Nazi’s. This law has never been repealed.

            There are families in the US who have been given political asylum due to their desire to home school in a country where it is still legal. No other citizen in Europe can get leave to remain in the US on the same grounds.

            If you break the law in Germany and homeschool you will lose your children to the state as matter of course unless you put them into a state school straight away when told to do so. It has ever been thus ever since Hitler.

            • They kept that law in place as part of the process of “de-Nazification”. And it may well have been justifiable at the time. But by 1970 it would have been repealed, save for the “herd mindset” that is somehow part of German culture.

              Been there – I worked for two different German hi-tech companies for a total of almost 20 years. Don’t mean to denigrate Germans individually; when you bring Germans to the USA and expose them to a higher level of freedom, they adopt it readily.

            • …doesn’t seem Europe in general ever did get to far from the Nazi mindset in some areas…

              • It’s the dark side of humanity. They appeal to those things we all understand to be right and noble, and then to those things they can twist to make them sound right, and finally appeal to our baser desires for power and prestige if we’ll just go along. Appeal to fairness and concern for the poor, then justify theft from the rich and corporations, and finally it’s ok to kill those who disagree with your since you are so clearly motivated by goodness and they are not. Looks like leftist America is Nazi -like too.

                • No argument here…evil is evil no matter where it rises its head…leftists of any nation are evil, period!

              • @REB Judging by some of the posters here on SHTFPlan, neither have we gotten far from the Nazi mindset.

                • Gotcha…and on a side note, be it nazi/marxist/corporatist/communist/president/king,any of em…the thing I can not wrap my head around is the idea that one person could control another…that they would want to…that others would allow themselves to be lorded over and allow others to do it to others…and no matter how much I study it or how old I get it doesn’t get any clearer…its evil,pure and simple I know but besides a natural disaster or such do folks realize the bulk of troubles we have on this planet and in this life are caused by other people overstepping their own boundries and encroaching on yours?….war/taxes/crime/insult et al….its all people who do it…who carry it out…who conceive the crap…and then blame us and tell us its for our own good…that its nessesary or people would run amok…ya theres a lot of em everywhere you look…the ole “Ive met the enemy and he is us/me…frustrating…

        • Awesome post and so true, Socrates. I also think we can refer to the history of the Carlisle Indian School for how they “reformed” native children and forced them into their system. They can do the same thing to our children, and will, eventually. Never forget all of the native children, that were removed from their parents and taken away because those parents were told it was for their own good.

          • Combine that with a short study on how Indians were not allowed to purchase guns or ammunitions under a law President Grant passed and you start to understand what happened to the First Nations.

            I’m fairly willing to bet some of the best prepped in the US are the Japanese Americans (who will not rush for a repeat experience of the camps they endured in WW2), the First Nations, and the Black/coloured southern sharecroppers. All of these groups have experienced the boot of tyranny in living memory.

          • Combine that with a short study on how Indians were not allowed to purchase guns or ammunitions under a law President Grant passed and you start to understand what happened to the First Nations.

            I’m fairly willing to bet some of the best prepped in the US are the Japanese Americans (who will not rush for a repeat experience of the camps they endured in WW2), the First Nations, and the Black/coloured southern sharecroppers. All of these groups have experienced the boot of tyranny in living memory.

      5. Who is dumb enough to watch the NFL anyway?

      6. They are asking for trouble if they take the kids and don’t imediately turn them over when the patents show up. Some will beg but others will come ready to fight.

        • Suppose a parent figuered that the TPTB were not going to give his kids back? I would imagine that such a parent could do many things they system would not like! 🙂 Messing with our kids will invoke very primal and violent responses.

      7. It’s time to take our country back

        • Taking our country back will be a tall order.
          We cry and scream about FEMA camps, gun confiscation……but taking out the tools who do the actual work is not going to help as much as taking out the brains’s who conceived such things. The cop told to take your weapons is just a tool trying to make a paycheck. The person or persons who authored the law making the possession of a gun or guns illegal are who must be forceably retired or maximally demoted. Naturally resistance is needed to make the tools fear the consequences of emplementing and maintaining same.
          Most people out of fear of governmental eavesdropping and snooping will not express themselves. There was a time in America when everyone spoke their mind and even if a persons view was unpopular, it was allowed to be spoken. Now if you dislike X or Y or Z you can be charged with a hate crime, or making hate speech, or even the worry that someone might be GASP, offended!
          Free people speak their thoughts, and do NOT monitor their speech because someone might be offended.
          Free people are secure in their homes and their persons,
          free from unreasonable search and seizure. I fear that we are no longer a free people.

          • Tools, tax man or enforcers? It don’t matter you still tar and feather tax man. pretty soon no body will dare to become the tax man.

        • “It’s time to take our country back.”

          Every time I see this statement I can’t help thinking back to where? Prohibition? The roaring 20’s? That worked out well. Dropping acid and dropping out? Those are people in power now stomping on our liberties from their drug enlightened minds. Back to slaughtering each other (civil war) Or some other ethnic group (Native Americans). To hell with going back, we need to somehow steer our path forward and hence “lies the rub.”

          • How about back to the liberty…the vision…the hope and the dream that was America…no place anywhere at any time now or in the history of the world is/was perfect,but we had/have a chance…don’t dwell on the evil,the shortcomings the things we cant change…lets look to the future with the same vision our founders/framers/fathers had when they set this in motion…no matter how right we get it there will always be atrocities and evil(literal or imagined)…lets try not to dwell on the evil(we can deal with it when we find it) but instead lets work towards the good…if wecant see and find the good then why are we even here…Im here and I have to believe you and others are too because we see the good in spite of the evil and want to make the good more prevalent than the evil,thanks :)….2cents

          • Back to the Constitution, 02

      8. No, NFL stadiums won’t be FEMA camps. FEMA camps will be on military bases.

        • Barn.
          You are 1/2 right.

          From what I was told was that any stadium, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Pro, or Collage, High school. would be used, and Refuge camps. (i.e) FEMA camps.
          They are also going to use military bases.

          Folks check around your schools and see if they have chain length fences around them. Guess What? Yep you got it. add barbed wire and what do you have A CAMP RUN BY FEMA!
          Aim Small Miss Small

          • Good evening, Sarge, I’m back from an illness and ready to kick some butt again. It’s true that ANY facility with chain-link fence around it can be designated a FEMA camp. There are numerous such facilities in my area that qualify for it. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • But every fence is not a camp. All supplies out there are not for the corral. Some of these are actually preposition supplies to help.

              Yes the Gov want to thin the herd but I stand by the beleivf the camps are for the ones they want to save.

              The one of us the don’t think are desirable will be left out in the wild to go against each other if it go that bad.

              • Facebook:

                Don’t bet your life on your statement. You really believe all that barbed wire is to keep the people inside safe?

                Better change your meds, friend.

                • I think they are not going to waste supplies to house worthless eaters in a complete collapse. Local disaster yes. These prepostion supplies are for the one they want to rebuild the world they want it to be.

                  Thing about it. Leave the teach in the city. Most of these places are on the out lying areas. Easier to protect. And contain who they want.

                • FBP, get off those meds altogether. You don’t sound like the same FBP I know of.

              • Why, in all the photos I’ve seen, is the barbed wire facing in rather than out? Facing in is for prisons.

                • Wire facing in, works like a roach motel—you can check in, but you can’t check out.

              • The barbed wire is facing INWARD, not OUTWARD. If they were to protect people from getting IN, it would facing OUT. Something to think about friend.

              • BH. Look at which way the top of the fence with razor/barbed wire is facing. Away from the building is to keep people out, towards the building is to keep them in. Easy way to see what the fence indicates.

            • Braveheart:
              Good to hear from you. You had us worried. Hope everything is better now. I always look to you for word of wisdom. Keep your eyes pealed on these areas.
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

            • Glad to see you back in action, braveheart! You were missed!

            • Hey…glad youre feeling better 🙂

            • Glad you’re back. You were missed!

              • Sarge, Texan, REB, and Silver Sax, thanks for the concern and I’m back to kick some ass. Where are the trolls? I need a troll. haven’t had a troll in over a week. Oh, my kingdom for a troll! [sarcasm]

                • Where are the old timers? Red Leader, Manos, Burt the Brit for instance. I watch this site as an early warning system. You have been especially vocal lately BH, your absence was troubling my imagination. It kind of went runnin wild. I was worried the NFL had put you on waivers.

            • @Braveheart….so glad to see you back, we were ‘worried’ about you! Hope you are feeling better. Take care, CC.

              • GrandpaSpeaks and Canada Canuck, thank you for the concern. I’m back to cope with the usual and no, the NFL won’t do shit to me.

          • Sgt. Dale –I believe you are right about using
            military bases, specifically military bases that
            are no longer in active service. I know of three
            in Michigan alone that are huge and would intern
            nearly the whole state.

            Talk about hiding in plain sight……

            • The Stadiums wil be for the sheeple. The bases will be for those of us who don’t go down fighting.

          • I think you are correct about the military camps, they just built a NEW (calling it police headquarters building) on the military base i work on. and it is huge and has bullet proof glass, bomb proof walls and razor wire inside and outside of the 12 ft walls surrounding the place, and this military base it does NOT need anything of this size or magnitude. Also if your not a cop you cannot enter there are no access phones or buzzer to let you in only key pads, it has been very suspicious since they built it!!

          • RT Tv news a couple days ago reported that there is now 834,000 refugees from Syria alone in other nations like africa and iraq in make shift “camps” that are open air fields basically!

            What if the usa fed gov is planning to bring the Next ten million or more mid east refugees Here!

            Remember the real reason/plans for all these mid east wars and rebel uprisings are to kill as many as possible, and cause the rest to Flee as refugees to anywheres else besides remaining in mid east regions.

            This is the main plan to finalize a greater israel that will encompase all the lands that God showed abraham his people will get to own “IF” all 12 tribes Obeyed God and their Mutual covenant…We Know from past historic accounts and biblical history that they Failed to obey that covenant big time….And in 70 AD their 2nd temple was destroyed as a final lesson that God was pissed and they had no more covenant etc…However ever since most american folks as well as european folks fell for their zionist swidnle we call WWII, to steal palestine in 1948…It seems them zios current plans are to go ahead with plans from 4000 yrs ago regardless what God says or did since.

            In other words if this current many wars status in mid east is their final Push for creation of greater israel lands….Look Out usa and all white euro nations!

            Because whatever portion of the 350 or is it 500? Million arab type folks Now in mid east regions, are Not killed off, will soon be Hosted BY You and Your whitey nations!

            We cannot handle as many arab illeagles or refugees as we already have in numbers of mexicans eh!…That will be a dozen times worse yet!

            • The fate of the Palestinian Christian will be repeated ad nauseum. (They are lost to either genocide or have fled their historic homeland thanks to the funding provided to Is-ra-hell by their satanic “Xtian brethren” in the US and elsewhere, so much for the chosen people on holy soil huh?)

        • Barncat
          I disagree.
          Houston, new Orleans, and New York have already shown how to do it.
          1. They are enclosed making security personnel work with a higher ratio of “survivors”
          2. They are equipped with facilities that will support THOUSANDS of people.
          3. They are located in high population areas and everyone knows how to get there.

          I was at the first two sites and it was a prison like setting with filth, fighting, crime and segregation. It drew in a group of people that were accustomed to handouts and they were placated with trinkets. It was disgusting! It is also a proven model that these folks will be indoctrinated into the NWO just like the ReEducation camps of Russia and china.

          Prep folks, be the masters of your own future, stay away from the camps!


          • I second that Dick!

            How long will it take the useless eaters in the FEMA camps to eat each other?

          • Prep–and watch ‘The Road'(we just did). It was horrific to the possibilities.
            Prep, and when you ‘think’ you are prepped, prep more!!!

            • The Road…the only movie I ever only wanted to watch just once. And once was enough to wake me up when it first came out.

              I challenge anyone here to watch it and still stay asleep. If THAT movie doesn’t get your attention, you are already dead….you just don’t know it.

              • Socrates–I had never seen this and after reading about it on this site and other prepper sites, I watched.
                Depressing, devastating, shocking, and if it didn’t open your eyes to food, supplies, and defense need, you are in deep denial.
                Yes, One Second After was a great read, but this was realistic.

            • And read “one second later”

              • sorry “After” brain slipped a cog its late

        • The Superdome, after Katrina…

        • mccall idaho schools are fema compliant..ABLE TO HOUSE ALOTA PEOPLE

      9. The NFL will only thrive from this point forward.

        Any thought that the NFL will be in anyway damaged because of this “report” is pure fantasy.

        • You don’t know that. I have known that the stadiums are a place I’ll never visit again for sometime. And I used to be a rabid nfl fan. Not anymore since I’ve seen all the videos of the gestapo type tactics they use. I’ll never go again and this article just strengthens my resolve. Now sheeple like you may disagree but that is expected.

          • More than likely he’s right HSL. A flip back in time to the Black Friday shopping festivities will pretty much vouch for that. Most people like to be herded. They just can’t help themselves. Many of us here are independent free thinkers and have broken down obstacles for thinking and discarded the blinders. This also includes even questioning some of what is printed on various prepping sites. JM2CW.

      10. My emotions of this country going down the shitter, really over-takes me at times.

        This is not how I was brought up, or grew up. I was so proud to be an American. Proud of those who served the military in my family, and others families. Trust and honor were a household word, and to be followed.

        I’m one person. I’m sad to see this going this way.

        I guess my only salvation, is that I hope I die soon enough so as not to suffer the horror’s and torture by our own govt.

        God bless America, and god help her.

        • Keep on being proud of being an American…its the US federal govicorp that’s the enemy…impersonating America,making us think its her that’s gone bad…not so shes still good because she is us…they are the evil ones,they will pay for their sins against us…God has and will bless America…his curse is on the evil!

        • 20 years ago, I had a conversation with a fed. I told him:
          “It looks to me like America is dying.”

          He burst out laughing for a few seconds, then looked me dead in the eye, and said:

          “Oh, no, it’s not dead, it’s been dead a long time. What you see are the maggots feasting on the corpse.”

          It took me a while to absorb that one, but to those who say it’s not true, other than those who still actually care, there’s not much evidence to the contrary.

          Would you have thought these topics we discuss would be anything but fantasy just 10 years ago? Would anyone have thought that this country’s Freedoms would be so whittled down to the point that we have to talk about detention camps?

          Or how about this one: 2 weeks ago, a Chinese newspaper released a map of their nuclear targets in America, and last week it comes out, that China is building a “China City” in upstate New York.

          It goes on, and on, and on. I’d wager we have almost passed the point of no return. Appeals to “God” will yeild the same result as doing nothing, after all, your churches are sold out to the state. This problem is the result of doing nothing while marxists have infiltrated virtually every facet of American society.

          Oh, wait! I know! We can “vote” for rinos, they will save us!

      11. “AMA Insight”

        The American Medical Association
        has weighed in on Obama’s new health care package.

        The Allergists were in favor of scratching it,
        but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves.

        The Gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it,
        but the Neurologists thought the Administration had a lot of nerve.

        Meanwhile, Obstetricians felt certain everyone was laboring under a misconception,
        while the Ophthalmologists considered the idea shortsighted.

        Pathologists yelled, “Over my dead body!”
        while the Pediatricians said, “Oh, grow up!”

        The Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness,
        while the Radiologists could see right through it.

        Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing
        and the Internists claimed it would indeed be a bitter pill to swallow.

        The Plastic Surgeons opined that this proposal would “put a whole new face on the matter.”

        The Podiatrists thought it was a step forward,
        but the Urologists were pissed off at the whole idea.

        Anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas,
        and those lofty Cardiologists didn’t have the heart to say no.

        In the end, the Proctologists won out,
        leaving the entire decision up to the ass—-s in Washington.

        • It’s easy, just stop supporting the sports empire.
          I gave up watching sports in 1982 when the “foul coons” (falcons)almost made playoffs. Best decision made in a long time. Most will not agree, but think about how much time and money is spent into a wasteful and useless games.
          Get a life.

          • gave up on the raiders a few years ago after being a fan for 38 years….only now do i realize how foolish i was to use a football team as a proxy for myself…hoping to do great things….now I DO THE GREAT THINGS myself. one thing i’m proud of is trying to awaken america(ns) from their stupor….and i HAVE awakened MANY, i believe. but it’s at a cost, a dear one i’m afraid. everyone knows i’m a prepper, and where i am…my only hope to survive what’s coming is to gather my MANY friends and make my stand….i got food for 12 for a year…..i just hope it doesn’t turn into food for a week for 50….and ME not being ONE OF THEM!……but i fear all this is for naught because as i write, the japs are playing a game of pick-up-sticks with CONSEQUENCES! while japan fiddles, the WORLD BURNS!

        • Eppe: this is great! may have your permission to share it elsewhere?

          • Of course

        • Why the thumbs down. Made me laugh.


        By Derry Brownfield

        “These men are NOT incompetent or stupid. If they were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.” That comment was made by James Forrestal concerning International Communism being promoted by our politicians in the early 1950’s. It isn’t being politically correct to refer to SOCIALISM as COMMUNISM, however, according to the Communist Manifesto the United States has already become a communist nation. If you have your little pocket size “CITIZENS RULE BOOK,” look on page 8, at the SUMMARY OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, which states “The Communist Manifesto represents a misguided philosophy, which teaches the citizens to give up their rights for the sake of the common good, but it always ends in a police state. This is called preventive justice. Control is the key concept.” In the September issue of NEWSWATCH Magazine titled “The Ten Planks That Are Destroying Our Country – COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.” The article warns us that Americans believe that Communism is dead, but Communism has just become more politically correct.
        1. Abolition of private property: The foundation of this nation was ownership of property. The settlers came here to insure private ownership of land and our Founding Fathers made it unlawful for government to own land except for the ten square miles of Washington D.C. and such as may be needed for erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, Dockyards and other needful buildings. Today you don’t OWN your home, car, farm or most property. You are just allowed to use it as long as you pay your property taxes, buy a car license, pay for building permits and get permission from the zoning commission. Individual OWNERSHIP is only by virtue of government. To USE property we must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the powers of government.
        2. Heavy Progressive Income Tax: I believe all Americans understand the IRS. What most of them don’t realize is that we didn’t have an Income Tax until 1913. Before that year Income Taxes were considered unconstitutional.

        3. Abolition of all rights of Inheritance: We now have Estate Taxes, Inheritance Taxes, also called the Death Tax. Many a farm and small business could not be passed on to the next generation, but had to be sold in order to pay the estate taxes. Many times the IRS forces the sale, as it did in the case of the Roy Rogers Museum sale.
        4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels: Government seizures, tax liens, private land under Eminent Domain, the IRS taking property without due process and even taking “suspected” drug money from anyone carrying large amounts of cash is nothing but government confiscation of private property
        5. Central Bank: The Constitution called for Congress to “coin Money and regulate the Value thereof,” but since 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank has taken over that duty. The Federal Reserve is a “private” bank that sets interest rates and creates money out of thin air.
        6. Government control of Communications & Transportation: Today we have the Federal Communications Commission, Department of Transportation, Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration. You are not allowed to drive your car without a license.
        7. Government control of factories and agriculture: Our government has gained control of the banking industry, finance, automobile production, energy and health care. Department of Commerce, Department of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Agriculture; all of which control land use.
        8. Government control of Labor: The Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the minimum wage law control all aspects of American businesses.

        9. Corporate Farms, Regional Planning: Corporate Agriculture now controls markets and prices of farm production. We now have Planning and Reorganization and zoning all across the nation.
        10. Government control of Education: State and Federal Departments of Education, National Education Association, Outcome Based Education, No Child Left Behind; all paid for with tax dollars.

        Karl Marx stated that these ten planks in the Communist Manifesto would be the test whether a country had become communist or not. Is America a Communist nation? Study the manifesto and the laws that have been passed by our Republican and Democrat politicians, and “you determine” if we are or if we are not a Communist Country.

      13. A stadium would make a good concentration camp. Housing is abundant for guards and security, easily defended, and those massive parking lots offer a excellent kill zone. People this is reaching a craziness not seen before. Whats it going to take to wake people up so they’ll at least be prepared to fight this?

        • Most of all it already has latrine facilities for a large amount of people. Who are normally consuming a large amount of beer. No joke – that’s one of the design criteria for stadiums everywhere.

      14. Yep, my worst nightmare scenario involves the DHS/NKVD types holding my grandchildren hostage!
        This is something I honestly believe is ‘etched in stone’, per their judeo-communist playbook.

        ..and to you jack-boots attending such, my vengeance may be short lived on my part, but rest assured, it WILL BE SWIFT and FINAL, for more than a few of you!!!

        ..as a side note folks, take the time to research the ethnicity of former STASI chief Markus Wolf (also spelled Wolfe), it may just surprise a few of you.

        • Ok, Hunter, you are responsible for me hunting down the rabbit hole once again.

          Markus Wolf was the son of writer and physician Friedrich Wolf. Father was a member of the communist party in Germany. Family immigrated to Russia because of fathers communist convictions. Father was a jew.

          Markus became East Germany’s spy chief. He headed the STASI, an organization modeled after the KGB in Russia. STASI (official name of the German Ministry for State Security) was one of the most hated and feared institutions of the East Germany Communist Government.

          Why any interest in Markus Wolf. Later in life the Department of Homeland Security USA paid him millions to set up their organizational structure. This was during Bushs’ administration.

          Facts presented about Marcus Wolf have nothing to do with nazism, but of Judiac Bolshevism attempting to take over the world through its slave state, America, using a communist intelligence officer.

          The Department of Homeland Security hired an ex head of the Soviet Secret Police Yevgeny Primakov who also brought with him ex KGB Alexander Karpov. Primakov’s real name is Finkelstein his father ne’Finkelstein disappeared in a soviet purge.

          You will be happy to learn that a program called Capps II is hidden in the transportation budget so they can use that money for the program.

          When asked what the Capps II program is really about Primakov said it was a new upgrade to drivers licenses. When the NICA (National Identity Card Act) gets passed, the Posse Comitatus Act gets overturned and a few other pieces of legislation get passed, the White House will have more control over Americans than the Kremlin ever had over the soviet citizens when Stalin was alive!

          And then there is General Karpov, former KGB station chief of their Washington station at their embassy and first director of the Russian Federation Secretary Service. He too was hired along with Primakov.

          Maine citizens should know that both Senator Olympia Snow and Senator Collins are aware of, but unwilling to discuss the hiring of these Soviets in 2003.

          Ask yourself why the administration hire such infamous thugs to assist in the development of an internal passport for America.

          For confirmation of this article see:

          News with views
          Information clearing house
          Dave Hodges dismantle the dept. of homeland STASI

          So, Hunter, my rabbit hole hunting is over for the evening but I am beside myself. These things happened in the Bush years. How far has HELLS snowball rolled since then?

          • Granny-

            See response comment I.D.# 2871351.

            Methinks the net-gremlins are at play again, as my reply didn’t ‘stick/attach’ to your post!

            Thumbs up to you!

          • Thumbs down. No reliable evidence that Wolf was never involved in any American intelligence activity, nor does it seem likely that he could have been. He claimed that he had turned down an offer from the CIA, but during the time that he might have done what POG states, he was under various indictments in Germany, and even in jail for short periods, (in Germany). Rather doubtful that he could have worked with the US while in such circumstances.

            That of course doesn’t prevent whack-job Internet trolls from posting false “evidence” for other trolls to pick up and claiming as “truth” because after all, it’s Internet, y’know? Works for the loony left and their media lapdogs all the time.

            • Old Coach:

              From the World Socialist Web Site
              Dec. 1, 2006
              German Left Party Leaders Pay Tribute to Deceased Spy Boss Marcus Wolf

              “The most likely reason for the reduction in Wolfs’ sentence to 2 years parole – however, is that he knew too much – i.e. embarassing and increminating facts about the activities of West German politicians in the post war period. As a result WOLFE WAS ABLE TO STAY OUT OF PRISON”. Do you think the CIA would have ever allowed him to out himself if he worked for them?

              Are you also disputing the fact that the Russian KGB men helped the DHSS to set up their programs that we see taking shape today?

              Where do you get the proof of your articles, Old Coach?

              Us “internet whacked out trolls” have listed article after article proof of what we post. You just choose to put a label on us and hope that it sticks…..

              • Well, the only hit I got in Ixquick for Marcus Wolfe was a Wiki article. That article doesn’t give your contention much support.

                The same searches (using varying spellings) on the “World Socialist Web Site”.org turns up exactly nothing.

                SOOoooo, what about your sources again?

                • Old coach-

                  Stick-it up your (selective) tunnel vision constrained ASS!!!

      15. The doctor said, ‘Joe, the good news is I can cure your headaches. The bad news is that it will require castration.’
        You have a very rare condition, which causes your testicles to press on your spine and the pressure creates one hell of a headache. The only way to relieve the
        pressure is to remove the testicles.’
        Joe was shocked and depressed. He wondered if he had anything to live for. He had no choice but to go under the knife. When he left the hospital, he was without
        a headache for the first time in 20 years, but he felt like he was missing an important part of himself. As he walked down the street, he realized that he felt like a different person. He could make a new beginning and live a new life.
        He saw a men’s clothing store and thought, ‘That’s what I need… A new suit..’
        He entered the shop and told the salesman, ‘I’d like a new suit.’
        The elderly tailor eye d him briefly and said, ‘Let’s see… size 44 long.’
        Joe laughed, ‘That’s right, how did you know?’
        ‘Been in the business 60 years!’ the tailor said.
        Joe tried on the suit it fit perfectly.
        As Joe admired himself in the mirror, the salesman asked, ‘How about a new shirt?’
        Joe thought for a moment and then said, ‘Sure.’
        The salesman eyed Joe and said, ‘Let’s see, 34 sleeves and 16-1/2 neck.’
        Joe was surprised, ‘That’s right, how did you know?’
        ‘Been in the business 60 years.’
        Joe tried on the shirt and it fit perfectly.
        Joe walked comfortably around the shop and the salesman asked, ‘How about some new underwear?’
        Joe thought for a moment and said, ‘Sure.’
        The salesman said, ‘Let’s see… size 36.
        Joe laughed, ‘Ah ha! I got you! I’ve worn a size 34 since I was 18 years old.’
        The salesman shook his head, ‘You can’t wear a size 34. A size 34 would press your testicles up against the base of your spine and give you one hell of a headache.’
        New suit – $400
        New shirt – $36
        New underwear – $6
        Second Opinion – PRICELESS

        • Wrong…..I laughed so hard I was crying.

          • Wrong
            Dad Gum It,
            I was in a bad mood until I read your blog.
            THANKS MY FRIEND. L.M.A.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Glad to do it!

              Stay safe.

              • That’s why I don’t wear any… 😉

                • As Maw would say, “TMI”!. LMAO.

                  • Ya I know POed….but I just couldn’t resist 🙂

        • Three “mininuts” later I’m still laughing…

          that was fantastic!!!

        • Guess one person had the surgery. 🙂

        • …that’s just so…wrong…

      16. I want to go to camp!!!!! We could never afford it when I was a kid. Who wants to be my swim buddy???

      17. If you live in a major city with a sports team you have a camp.
        You guys are lucky I live about 5 miles away form a Illinois national guard base. In the middle of it is a area that they say they are training so they would know how to set up a camp for the “bad Guys” in the middle east. (Ha-Ha) What I was told that the whole base is to be used to take in folks from Chicago if there is a problem there.
        I was also told that Fair Grounds are also to be used to bring in refugees from the Big Cities.
        Now you folks know why I am the way I am. They tell you one thing, and me another. IT IS NOT RIGHT WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED, YOU FOLKS KNOW WHAT IT IS. IF YOU RESEST TO GO TO A CAMP.

        • Sarge-

          Unfortunately, YOU sir…are hereby promoted to the esteemed position of being, our Canary-in-the-coal-mine operative.

          ..please give us a ‘heads-up’, if you can!


          • Hunter
            Dose that make LT. Canary?

            • Sarge-

              I’d boost your pay grade to Captain, if I could.



              • Hunter
                No thanks I’ll stay Sgt.

      18. It makes sense.

        In other parts of the world, some of the most evils thing have a cured at soccer stadiums.

        Think of Nicaragua during the Somoza regime then the Sandinista’s.

        This is not plausible, this will be reality.

        What we should really be looking at is the agreements between local school boards and DHS (FEMA).

        Where I live it is 80 miles from any big stadium, BUT most every small town has a high school football stadium.

        Do not look through forest to find the trees, they are right in front of you.

      19. POG, see my answer.

        • SilverSax….thanks for at least answering.

      20. They’re “Worshippers of the Spheroid” which is a religious offshoot of the greater, “Worshippers of the Sphere”. These fanatics ignore the world around them and concentrate their attention on a game. Their essentially children regardless of age.

        I have yet to meet a hard core devotee of the above religion that had a clue of what is going on around them and why. If you want to see a blank stare bring up damn near anything from this board and watch their expression.

      21. NWO or not, is it really a good idea to pay “urban” thugs millions to play a game? We idolize these idiots and criminals. Not just the NFL but NBA, MLB, music industry, Hollywood etc. These “entertainers” now drive the agenda, And we wonder how a usurper is in the Whitehouse? Turn your TV on for 10 sec on any channel and you will be bombarded with “urban” images, shown in some angelic, omnipotent light, while all Caucasian men are portrayed as fat, stupid, redneck or gay. This is how 12% of the population can control the rest of us.
        STOP THE MONEY!!!

      22. I am afraid to comment any longer
        This is NOT America any longer, NOT the America I grew up in was proud of, defended with my service and my life.
        I remember the Oath I took “To defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”
        I guess that don’t mean anything any longer.

        “God Bless America, No NO GOD DAMN AMERICA”
        Looks like they finally get their wish.

      23. Come and try to take my children,

        And see what happens to you

      24. In the picture provided by Mr. Hodges, sure, why not, as in the case of Katrina use a sport arena as a temporarily shelter in an emergency? It is a bug out location—We all know about what happened in The New Orleans Sports center. What do you expect? Complete breakdown of law and order from the Federal Level to The Local. An abstract picture of how it could be when The SHTF.

        I understand the need for security because a sport event that draws thousands to the event and is viewed by millions on national TV would be a sensational terrorist event and after that, the public would want more security, regardless of the cost… But, that is no reason to touch people as they do and request that you report to the secret police any little thing out of the ordinary. If several million spectators would fail to renew there season tickets or fail to come and pay at the gate, they would get the idea. But they have most of the country in their pocket already. They know who is on the offensive line more then they know who represents them in Congress.

        I fail to see why honest hard working taxpayers have to be held hostage to a few individuals who need to be deported on sight. I do not buy any professional gear or support any of their causes. It is that I don’t like sports, I do, but it has lured some of the public to sleep…..

        I do not see stadiums as a long term FEMA Camp, if used. I do see sport stadiums as a temporary HUB as we see certain airports being used send planes to other regions. I do see closed State and Federal Prisons being used as camps as well as closed military installations on which you could place a number of Fema Camps an maybe retain several hundred thousand. And there is usually a fence surrounding the perimeter of the installation

        Think about it? Suppose in 2014 there was no baseball season, no football, no hockey, no basketball,what would some of these people do…..



          1. He is the correct race
          2. It is now mandatory to worship communists in the USSA
          3. Former terrorist are very en vouge

      25. I recently built a Basketball Arena for a University. There was an issue with their Federal money as the emergency power plans were not up to the standards for an uninterruptable fuel supply that FEMA requires. Why does FEMA care/ have requirements about the generator system for a Basketball Arena?

        • Overtime?

        • Why does FEMA care/ have requirements about the generator system for a Basketball Arena?—because FEMA will eventually be taking it over,and it has to be ready for the new managers.

      26. Yes, and for the massive earth changes that are going to displace millions of Americans.

        All sport schedules are going to be disrupted and may never resume as we now know them and would not bother me. That will probably cause more suicides, domestic violence then a stock market crash.

        Military Installations, closed prisons, federal and State
        will be used as Camps.

        I don’t buy any of that sport stuff, none at all and Bob Costas should go somewhere away from football and today all the games are having a moment of silence for Nelson Mandela and the flags are at half-mast?

        • Ive been a advocate and trying to inform & educate folks that what we are experiencing is the beginning of a End of an age Pole Shift. These earthquakes , volcano eruptions, weather events ect. All of these clatyclismic events will continue to increase both in intensity and occurrance for quite some time. Tis something that happens on a cycle from time to time. Not caused by glowbull warming. Not caused by mans sin. Its not god,s punishment. These events would still be happening even if man had never walked the planet.

      27. Believe it or not The NFL is set up as a non profit, if they do not play ball with the regime they lose that status, it will cost them billions in taxes, so the Regime has by the cojones, they will march tot eh orders of the regime to keep getting their non taxed profits.

      28. I agree that sports on all levels are a part of government and NWO propaganda to further enslave the people. I like football too, yet it is obvious of the tie in between sports and fascist corporatism. The playing of the war glorifying national anthem and the fake support of our troops is sickening. Distract the masses with meaningless games while destroying their financial and social freedoms. Bush said ” you are with us or with the terrorists “. TPTB have since declared opposition to tyranny is terrorism.

      29. I read this over at Dave’s site and I only have one question…

        What’s gonna be the tipping point? So we can end this madness…

      30. There are plenty of “Warming Centers”, AKA Schools for parents wait to “Reunite” with their children.

        Try keeping my child from me and I kill you MOFO!


      31. “Hey George, they’re all sayin’ we gotta head for the FEMA camp, it’s the only place that will be safe for the next 72 hours. Mandatory.”

        “Oh alright, I just need to get one thing…”

        …”George, buddy, what’s with them bulk cutters?”

        “I’m ready, Dave!”

      32. I really do not see how this would work on a whole country basis. In your larger cities maybe but in smaller rural areas such as mine this would be difficult. Once this occured at one school, news of this would spread quickly and parents would simply not send thier kids to school. Also, this area has a heavily armed populace so the govt. would have its hand full. The govt. does not have enough personnel to do every school at the same time. If they want civil unrest, this would definately do it.
        I also noted that you mentioned preachers forgetting about what to preach about. Apperently, my pastor has yet to get the memo or he simply threw it in the trash. Their is only one Individual that tells him what to preach and its not President Obama.
        Although their is no major sports arena here, their is a national guard base here located inside a US ARMY ordinance plant with 6000 acres already fenced in. Sounds like a great area for a Fema Camp.
        In the end though, I have to remind myself who is ultimately in controll of all things and allows things to happen. In the end though, I know how everything will turn out, its just the middle part that will be hard but keep the faith and pray hard.

        • EastTenn:
          Just remember that FEMA bought 2 Billion rounds of Ammo. You really don’t think they are using it for target practice. Unless you mean us as their targets.

          Thy will try to put most of us in camps and People like me and others on this site will fight to stop them.

          I know what you mean about the rural area. I live in a rural area but the camp is only about 5 miles away I’ve seen it. We will do our best to stop them from bring in sheeple into the camps. Most of the sheeple in Chicago will go freely. They are SO DAMN DUMB!!! We don’t want these slugs in our area. When they learn whats up they will try to escape the FEMA camps. Then they will find there way to a ground that just won’t take them in and the SWHTF. I feel for them, but I can’t feed them.

          EastTenn stick around because there is a lot of great people on this site that will give you a lot of great INFO.

          • Sgt Dale:

            I live in central Oregon. In Madras, a town about 60 miles from here, they built 2 prisons. One is occupied and one has set empty. Pretty scary, huh?

            • The Wapato jail in north Portland, has sat empty (but fully stocked) for a DECADE now.

              • Anybody thinking what ole REB is….sites…all stocked and ready…minimally guarded ,perhaps only by lock and key?….supplies!

            • Many empty prisons in IL including a newly built one. 4 major stadiums in the windy city, a few college stadiums close by…off of I 80, somewhere nearby…a National Guard facility with high fences and barb wire…next to a stadium….

            • POG & Sixpack; They just finished one in Vegas,my son worked on it fully stocked and empty!!

            • P.O.G.
              Go on GOOGLE earth and look up Marseilles Il. Then look into the south east corner south of the river. You will find the guard center. Look at the north central side of the base. you will see the “training camp” I talked about.

          • When the stuff hits the fan, you should head west, towards No Mans Land. I know approximately where you are and it won’t be safe there. I’m two hours away, but visit frequently…look to your west, for a better place before it all goes down. Seriously….

          • I’d love to see a convoy of FEMA buses come up to a state police checkpoint, then all the FEMA folks get arrested for kidnapping or some such thing.

      33. Really scary stuff on SGT REPORT (video) about police departments being paid to merge with DHS and militarize the police so eventually, there will be no local police– only a Federal police force.

        I don’t doubt this… Awhile back, I went to DMV and was raising hell about the new national ID requirement, and an officer there finally admitted that several states were giving in to the Fed, after being offered large financial grants. Its all about the money.

        The purpose of the Federalized police dep’t, according to SGT report, is so they can stop any civil uprising… and will be looking to steal guns, etc.

        It seems the only way we can beat them and not be annihilated, is if we organize but because of the NSA (over 1 billion of our messages are read each day), they will stop any attempt at organizing.

      34. I have talked to several of my children’s friends and several of my husbands friends and I am getting conflicting reports. Some say they are segragated at the gate to NFL games and some say they are not segragated at the gate to NFL games.

        I’m so “cornfused”

      35. The world is fast being consumed by evil people. Those evil people have one goal and that’s the consumption of all that is good.

      36. Gene E. Franchini is a retired chief justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court. He said:
        “A fearful people are the easiest to govern. Their freedom and liberty can be taken away and they can be convinced to believe that it was done for their own good – to give them security. They can be convinced to give up their liberty voluntarily. The passage of the USA Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act have resulted in the most direct attacks on the Bill of Rights that I have seen in my lifetime. These acts are passed without any meaningful opposition and still have considerable public support. Government may suspend or eliminate as much of our Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights as it can, without court oversight or intervention, so that we will not be at a disadvantage in the war against terrorism. That’s the idea. Why would we voluntarily do to ourselves that which our enemies over the last 200 plus years have not been able to do to us by force? Why would we be so willing to give up our God-given rights that have been verbalized in our Constitution, when we have so hard to preserve them?”

      37. the root of evil is not money, the love of money is if you are going to judge churches for twisting the word of God please get your bible correct too. even though most of your spill seem to fit what is happening.

      38. “This Government is at the mercy of its own creatures. It has begotten and pampered a system which is now its master. The people have been betrayed into the clutches of a financial despotism which scorns responsibility and defies lawful restraint.” –Senator Voorhees

        “Resolved, That Congress has no power to charter a United States bank; that we believe such an institution to be one of deadly hostility to the best interests of the Government, dangerous to our republican institutions and the liberties of the people, and calculated to place the business of the country within the control of a concentrated money power and above the laws and the will of the people.” – Democratic Platform, 1840.

        • What a contrast in their platform then to now eh? amazing!

      39. Called the Tom Sullivan radio show 3 days ago letting him know I felt the liberal/progressives have taken over the NFL and are using it to push the liberal agenda, maybe some of you may of herd it. Told him I quite watching the NFL after they persecuted Rush Limbaugh. He seemed to think I was alone because of the NFL ratings. Apparently from this article I am not. How long will you continue to support this commie/fascist organization. Lets go people, either shit or get off the pot. I for one am sick of the arm chair patriots. I’ve been boycotting the NFL for years. Everyday I do whatever I can to throw a wrench in the fucking new commie agenda in this totally fucked up country. Most recently joined oath keepers and attempting to recruit local law enforcement. Any other ideas to interfere with the commies, post ’em and I’ll add them to the to do list. If your one that posts your current bitch and then goes back to work or whatever and lets some else carry the load, please keep it to yourself and move along. Been carrying shitbags all my life and I’m done. Time to put up or shut up. The only ones that will “reset” this country and right the ship are true patriots that don’t just run their mouths and have the balls and resolve to fucking do something. Yep, a little tied of the slackers. Have a good day.

        • When you see the statistics that over 60 percent of the NFL is black, and then you correlate that to indicate that over 60 percent of the NFL players are hard core, low-information, guaranteed two-time Obammy voters – then, why would anyone expect the NFL to not be used as a vehicle to promote Communism and egg-sucking-dog liberal agendas?

        • I stand w/ Maddog.

          Football is over.
          Flying is over.
          Next year, probably quitting my job.

          Who else? Who else has the balls to stand up and live by their principles and convictions?

        • MADDOG!! We can do it, but we must organize, the way most revolutions have thru the internet,then in mass on the ground!!
          Check out my link about what the icelanders has just done .( if it ever come up its currently in moderation) There is a global revolution against the tyrannical governments going on all over the world!!
          Maybe MAC can assist in this cause for freedom???The time is now are never!!


          • Thinker, I’ve asked this question before. We need to be able to PM each other so we are not so public all the time. Who knows maybe he will set it up. If not one thing is for sure, our time talking to each here is extremely limited. The thought police will be shutting this place down fairly shortly.

        • BE the change you want to see in the world.

          Fed up with gubbermint indoctrination of our children – the take em out and homeschool! (If an elder offer your tutoring services, remember the young uns can’t even, cook, sew or fix a bicycle, it doesn’t have to be academics as they need life skills too!)

          Fed up with frankenfoods – then grow your own, buy from known local producers

          Fed up with a corp company policy – shop elsewhere! I haven’t purchased from Shell or Nestle for 30 years now. My money is too hard earned to donate to Satan.

          Fed up with jobs being shipped overseas? Buy products made in your own nation, even if it means saving an extra year to do so.

          The Bible forbids usery – so why as a Christian do you still have all those store cards? Purchase a second hand car or truck that you have saved for rather than signing another lease with the devil.

          The cruelty upsetting you? Include one random act of kindness into your life as you go about your business each day. Volunteer to teach those who have lost their homes and incomes to fish.

          Fed up with rampant consumerism & the gimme, gimme crowd – go back to Grandma’s mantra – “use it up, wear it out, repair it, or do without!” Buy no product without considering it’s projected lifespan and learn to differentiate between want and NEED.

          Investigate at a local level whether you can make a difference to the quality of the governance of your community. If all you can do is litter pick in your local park, then you are still making a difference to the quality of life for those around you. If you are able to stand for election, then do so. record injustice on your caneraphone and upload it to youtube so the world can see what’s really going on, or write an article for this site if you have the skill.

          Starve the beast. Do not be afraid that your lone actions are too small & insignificant – remember that Jesus clearly told us “the meek shall inherit the earth”.

          Not everyone is a warrior, but APATHY is what has allowed this state of affairs to come about. Switch off the TV, igadget etc and use the time saved to DO something, whether that be direct action or studying. The elite do everything they can to make us feel powerless under their onslaught, challenge that assumption.

          Millions of small actions add up to a HUGE CHANGE if repeated over and over across a community, state & finally nation. It feels like everyone is waiting for someone else to take action, whereas the fault and therefore the solution ultimately resides within each and everyone of us.

      40. I have stopped watching football…I have stopped watching everything actually…I NO LONGER HAVE A TV. This has been the best thing I have ever done. It is like an insidious octopus getting its tentacles around you and before you know it, you are hooked and they are programming YOU!

        And don’t even get me started on the Super Bowl half-time shows…they aren’t even shows anymore…they are evil, satanic and NWO programming for the masses.

        Getting rid of my TV was the best thing I have ever done…I wish I had done it YEARS ago…but I didn’t “wake up” until here recently. But now that I have, there is no going back…

        • SG: same here also

        • Oh, I kept my tv–I like movies every now and then from Netflix…:-)

        • Owned my last TV in 1976.

          Got divorced, she kept it.

          Two best things that ever happened to me.

        • Not me. I like my big ole 52″ HD TV. I like watching them play football in the snow.

      41. Fix




      42. Ice storm here. Power is still on. News says that lowes has sold out of batteries and generators. As usual most wait until the last minute.

        If they are going to use stadiums then they have many. Think of all the colleges.

        • just a heads up
          Walmart on line has Rayovac AA batteries
          40 pack for $9.97

          and I picked up a couple of orders of Rayovac D cells
          72 batteries for $59.95 off of EBAY (exp date 2023)

          check expiration dates
          the better quality alkalines are good in storage for 10 years

          • Another thing about batteries.
            Invest about $23 for a battery charger…cost efficient definitely.
            When the little battery charged radio, window candles, etc. stop working, and it requires 2 or 3 batteries, all those you discard aren’t bad even though they get thrown away.
            I have used the same batteries for about 6 months, recharging them as needed.
            I have a shoe box of batteries, but still am recharging those I use.
            The savings are huge.

            Dollar General has LED battery-operated window candles–timed for 8 hours on and 16 hours off–best things I have ever used.
            The batteries are still working and the candles have been in the windows for 17 days!!!
            $2 each–not bad.

            • Yah, you can recharge alkalines several times, but about 40% will start to leak on the first try. I don’t do it anymore.

              • Haven’t had a problem.

      43. I quit watching sports some time ago. Too ghetto. Don’t like the left wing nonsense either. Howard Cosell anyone? I know more and more people that are getting rid of their televisions. In a few more months, I’ll be getting rid of mine. Forever.

      44. I was in Fort Myers Florida the other day and I saw a bumper sticker on a parked car that read “I miss Detroit”.


        I broke a window, stole the radio, shot out 2 of the tires, added an Obama sticker and left a note that read “I hope this helps”.

        • LMFAO!!! GREAT ONE POG!! if obama had a city, it would look like detroit….errr wait a minute…chicago….awww, hell, they are two peas in a pod, if you ask ME! you know, ACORN says god kills a baby kitten whenever you talk bad about BARRY…hee hee!

          • Dammit Granny — that’s pure Art! *****

        • POG-

          in one word- AWESOME! 🙂

        • Very nice POG.

        • P.O.G.
          I read this to my wife and she started crying, because she laugh so hard her side hurt. I love to hear and watch her laugh.
          Thanks for the gift today!!!

          • Hey man gotta agree…married to my childhood sweetheart for over 30 years and some of the best music to my ears is my Ladys laugh…followed by them grandbabies 🙂 … some main reasons I stand for liberty and freedom…suspect you too… 🙂

            • Yes Sir Reb!!!

          • Granny-


            YOU ARE THE BEST!

        • Granny,

          That is hilarious! 🙂

      45. Remember, Satan hates human beings and will deceive them and promise them everything if they do lots of his evil (that includes you government people reading all these posts and taking down our i.p. addresses at this site) and then when those persons die they find themselves locked within Hell FOREVER– betrayed by the Deceiver.

        Remember also that Satan can do Nothing UNLESS he has a human body to act OUT the evil he wants done!

        Ask yourself everyday and at every moment if you give your allegiance to Satan, or, to Jesus Christ. After you have died, it’s too late to switch to the Lord.

        Hell is forever, ladies and gentlemen. The time to repent is now, not tomorrow. Yesterday was too late if you let it go by. Just got done reading Dr. Mary Kay Baxter’s book on Hell– incredibly frightening, even for those with a very strong stomach!

        And how is this all related to Mr. Hodge’s fine article?

        Yes, death camps for Christians and Jews and Patriots and anyone else who will not take the soon to be announced Mark of the Beast have been set up throughout America. Persecution is coming, in fact, it’s already begun but we call it different names here at this site. It’s all persecution.

        Secondly, from the Messages of January of 2011 you can read what Jesus told John Leary about our stadiums being used as holding grounds and death camps at wwwdotjohnlearydotcom!

        – The Lone Ranger

        “Evil results when good women and men remain silent.” – Edmund Burke

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “One person who speaks the truth constitutes a majority of one.” – Gandhi

        “It’s no secret that evil is live spelled backwards.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        • LoneRanger:

          The end of November has come and gone. What is your next prediction. I think you had said sometime in December.

          Didn’t you post that Jesus was going to speak to us individually at the end of November?

          • No, I actually said The Warning would likely occur in DECember, not November, because the Ison Comet is on its way to pass by Earth soon.

            [www dot thewarning secondcoming dot com]

      46. It’s all a dream. The next day I’ll wake up and 22LR will be on sale, we have a new pres, and tools will be make in the U.S. Good paying jobs are readably available. If not we may be in deep s***.

        • mike, are you an “apocaloptimist? that’s somebody that knows the shit’s about to hit the fan, but won’t admit it….

      47. Not just stadiums, but local middle and high schools are prime locations to herd people. Much of them built like high security prisons.

      48. If I had a dollar for every person I come across online or off that has said “I’d rather go through the TSA security measures than be blown out of the sky by terrorists”. Yes, these are the idiots we are losing our country to. The zombies who have been brainwashed since 9/11 to believe that we must live in a police state in order to be safe. Frightening, isn’t it?

        When the enhanced pat downs and scatter back machines came to the airports, I thought maybe it would be a line in the sand. You know, a man watching his son or daughter, or wife getting molested by a complete stranger in front of an audience of other strangers, was NOT the line the the sand. Oh sure, some people have had something to say once in a while to the TSA, but NOW you cannot even say one thing to a TSA agent or you are arrested, and you might even land on the no fly list. Where are the men at? Why do they stand helplessly by and allow some stranger to feel up their daughter or son? Would you allow this anywhere else? No, you’d call the cops and charge the person with molestation. What difference is there in a grown adult touching a child in an airport, or a grown adult touching an adult outside of an airport? The difference is, the adult on the outside of the airport is charged as a sexual offender. WHY is the TSA allowed to touch children? Children are being molested every day in those airports and no one cares, they keep taking the kids there for more.

        These same zombie like parents are the same ones who get flu shots, and vaccinate their kids. People are total wasteoids now. They will willingly walk through a DHS checkpoint at a football game and allow some stranger to grab them and touch them all over. Next, it’s going to be baseball games, shopping malls, grocery stores, post office, etc.

        I had a friend who had to fly out of SEATAC for a funeral, and she told me she felt like she was raped. She said the TSA agent woman literally grabbed her between her legs and rubbed/squeezed her breasts. I understand that she had to fly, but on a regular day, people are submitting to this all the time.

        I’m of the belief that it’s time to close the gate and latch the doors and do what I can to prepare and protect my own family. It’s over, done. Let the zombies eat each other and line up for their checkpoints, vaccines, and what not.

      49. “It is time to pause in our career; to review our principles, and, if possible, to revive that devoted patriotism and spirit of compromise that distinguished the sages of the Revolution and the fathers of our nation. If we cannot at once, in justice to interests invested under improvement legislation, make our Government what it ought to be, we can at least take a stand against all new grants of monopolies and exclusive privileges; against any prostitution of our Government to the advancement of a few at the expense of the many, and in favor of compromise and gradual reform in our code of laws and system of political economy.” Andrew Jackson

      50. Personally, I am both disgusted and amazed at how many thousands of Americans continue to spend their ever dwindling amount of discretionary income on something so foolish and as worthless as a ticket to an NFL game.

        With unemployment somewhere in the vicinity of 20 percent, with falling wages and with the cost of literally everything in our society skyrocketing to unbelievably expensive levels – with the impending disaster of obammy care hovering on the horizon, just where are people getting the extra money to spend on attending incredibly expensive, grossly overpriced NFL football games? And, aside from the cost – all this totalitarian, police state tyranny being imposed on anyone who decides to attend a game – who in their right mind would put up with those kinds of abuses, when they are already being butt raped by the expenses associated with attending these events?

        • gotta call you to task on this one….if our EMPLOYED rate of the population is 58.2 percent, then how the HELL is the UNemployment rate 20 percent? we gotta quit spreading the administration’s lies around…..these are figgers from the gubmint’s OWN WEBSITE! the REAL UNEMPLOYED rate is more like 42 percent….surely the public can use the 5th grade math to figger this one out? 42 percent of working age americans DON’T WORK….they are UNEMPLOYED…..can we start calling them that america(ns)? no disrepect meant to tucker.

        • Co-worker takes his family of four to baseball games, full season’s passes, the works. Parking is $30. The tickets run about $1500 a season. Any thing you buy is $5 to $8, from a hot dog to a beer. It’s a tank of gas to get there and back from here, add another $50 a game.

          He’s spending about $4,000 a year for a dozen games.

          And of course, they all have sports jerseys and such, kids’ baseball cards, that kind of truck, so add that to the total.

          And the 30 minutes a day spent talking about sports at the office, that’s costing the boss about 2 weeks of work a year.

      51. Not once has there been any mention by the Author of this article, or the author of this site as to exactly what would allow “them” to implement such a round up and containment!.. Lots of generalities and platitudes however, which create a frothy hysteria in people.

        There are about 4 million peeps in Az and about 2 million-ish of them live in the Phoenix Area where their Futeball Fema Stadium is. That Stadium can only hold about 63,000 seated peeps.

        Does anybody here understand the relative difference between 63,000 seated and the number of people it could hold in a “prison like mode”? It would be roughly less than 1/4 that number…More likely less! The smell and the outbreak of virus/disease would be overwhelming a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, under sardine packed conditions.

        Does anybody here understand the relative difference of 2 million and the actual number of they could coral into that stadium in a martial law containment event?

        There will not be enough military and LE to implement such a herding. Most of them have family/friends and they wont be allowing that to happen to them..most will be taking care of them in the type of event.

        • Yes unless they tell you to sit in that seat and don’t move for any reason…maybe they want everyone in the place dead in a week or so anyhow….so wouldn’t that then make perfect sense?

      52. I have watched my last nfl game, Bob Costas is an intellectual midget who likes to hear himself talk. Plastic see through purses for the ladies, no seat cushions for those of us in our more advanced years, being patted down, oh yeah, I can’t wait to go to a football game!!! I won’t even watch it on tv, nothing but yet another reality show.

      53. I wonder if this will also apply to college stadiums, for cities without NFL teams.

        OU stadium in Oklahoma City holds 82,000 people, and Oklahoma State University holds about 60,000

        Some of these colleges might as well be on board, they are turning into liberal indoctrination factories anyway.

        I’ve gone to my last NFL game, simply because I can’t AFFORD it! I remember the good ol days when it was fairly easy to get tickets to get into Mile High in Denver. Bring whatever you want! We brought a ream of copy paper and spent the game making paper airplanes. One plane I made went from the top of the stadium all the way down to the 28 yard line. These days I probably would be labeled a terrorist for throwing a paper airplane!

        • Sccotty K…I cannot afford a weekday baseball game, and can barely afford a college game…Trice Stadium, Kyle Field…(which is being rebuilt)…A slightly different idea…of pricing things out of the average folks ability to pay…I just read an article where the ski resorts in the Rockies have pretty much done that….although, personally, I find no ‘fun’ in standing on a freakin’ cold and windy hill, even with the right clothing…..

          • …and sliding down an icy slope 100mph on slippery boards tied to my feet and no control…ya Ill pass too…

      54. Granny-

        A+ on your research paper of TRUTH, all of which is 100% factual.

        ..the Bush era connections are located ‘a bit deeper’ down the rabbit-hole, courtesy of those we (per political correctness) define as jewish-NEOCONS and their manifold ‘think-tanks/DC lobbyist organizations.
        -(Clinton was a serious player, also)-

        Collectively, they’re the ones who’ve planned, orchestrated and chaperoned this demonic travesty thru our political process/govt…to our Republic’s grim misfortune, mind you.

        ..its sad, that one must accept the realization that Washington DC, is ‘ENEMY OCCUPIED TERRITORY’…and has been for an awfully long time.


        Again, outstanding post Granny!

      55. No more sporting events for me!

      56. Bob Costas is a real pussy. He looks like he never had a fight in his life. When I was growing up I seen plenty of pussies like him.When us boys were out playing football he was sitting with the girls watching and cheering! I bet he never did a days work in his life. He uses his platform to tear down the constitution, the very same constitution which provides him freedom of speech. What a F—ing hypocrite.Hey Costas, FUCK YOU.

      57. the warning of history are MANY

        I’ve posted this before

        They Thought They Were Free

        “”What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security”

        freedom is generally lost little by little
        until one day you wake up after Kristallnacht
        and then it is too late

      58. when it comes to trusting ANYONE in government
        here are a couple of good examples of reasons why NOT too

        Seymour Hersh: Obama Lied About Syria

        Obama Faces Backlash Over New Corporate Powers In Secret Trade Deal


        and I won’t even mention this

        “”If you’re one of the more than 250 million Americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. This law will only make it more secure and more affordable.”

        — President Barack Obama, June 28, 2009

        this guy
        the freaking President of the United States
        has proven himself
        again and AGAIN
        to be a lying douche bag
        his own words indict him

      59. I read this and really didnt believe what I was reading. In September 2011, kids were rounded up and shipped off to a stadium? This story just didnt sit right with me at all.

        So okay I did some searching and after I found the couple of pieces that kept restating the infowars or Hodges piece, I switched the search words since it was called the Mountain Guard Exercise. I used these words mountain guard exercise september 2011 and found the grant under Colorado office of emer mgmt. Also found one article by Huffington Post and if theyre writing about it to let people know whats coming down around them, thats proof to me that this shit really happened.

        Holy fucking shit, this really did happen. I am gonna put the links on another comment so people can see it for themselves.

        From what Ive read this happened with a grant to DHS and there were 10 places involved, not just that stadium but
        Catholic Charities, the Denver Intl airport, and some Denver hospital. Did they all get money for doing this?

        And wtf is wrong with parents who let the kids go off into some roundup? wtf is wrong with these idiots?

        Im done with the football too. Dont fly anyway so wtf. In fact me and the wife have been talking about me taking early retirement and moving deeper into the country. Serious shit now.

        • Everyone; The time is now!! The Icelanders have overthrown their government,got rid of the corrupt bankers,and rewrote their constitution!
          We need to follow suit before they come for US.
          Link to follow.

          • We don’t need to re-write the Constitution. We just need to do what it says.

            • @ Walt Kowalski. Your quote: “We don’t need to re-write the Constitution, we just need to do what it says”. This wisdom is so beautiful, and so dying in this country as the masses just want to be controlled and corralled physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is so f’en simply, just do what it says. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. The real thing broke in this country is common sense.

              • BI & Walt.Your right maybe it does not need to be re-written or the B.O.R But its like Thomas Jefferson said it was originally set up for around 3 million people and may need to be refreshed from time to time.
                We now have over 3 hundred million people and an out of control government made up of greedy ass lawyer that continue to make laws to fit their agendas.
                And they continue to control the states and everyone else through funding.
                IMO we need to abolish the the power of the federal governments and let them do what was originally intended to be, limited to foreign policy.And turn the power back to the states and the people! But we still need to get the power to the people instead of the the tyrannical and evil Executive,Judicial, and legislative branches.
                We need a total reboot,and we have enough critical thinking, freedom loving individuals that could do a much better job than what we currently have!! Any thoughts??


                • No argument with what you are saying. It’s why the founders put in the Constitution, the means for changing it…..the amendment process.

                  But there are many in this country who are for dumping it altogether. Those are the ones I oppose.

                  The Constitution of this country has made possible the greatest experiment in liberty that the world has ever seen. Those who seek to do away with it, are almost universally opposed to freedom of the individual. I’ve yet to come across anyone who wanted to get rid of the Constitution who wasn’t a collectivist.

                • I for one reckon that the 17th amendment could be repealed to good effect.

          • This is what I said above and only Calgacus was on board. Yes America your fucked. I MISS AMERICA!!!!!
            Good luck to all in the coming commie fucking rule.

            • maddog;I MISS AMERICA!! Too and ill be damned if i am going to sit by and watch my off spring live this way!!! ,
              This is not what i was fighting for “way down yonder in Vietnam,and its 1 2 3 what are we fighting for ???

              • Somehow will get together Thinker with PM or maybe we can set something up. In the mean time check out oath keepers, good for locating like minded in your area. BTW I’m in NW NV.

                • Thanks mad dog ill check that out! We are not far from each other I am in SW Utah!!

                  • Hey Thinker, how do you like the cold and snow? Kinda freaky this time of year huh?

        • You had better get your ass moving brother.

        • Calgacus:

          Want to see read something that will make your hair stand on end. Look up:

          Sinister places….Denver International Airport

          It is a fema camp that will allow no escape.

          • That’s about as over the top as it gets. In plain view.

      60. Wow! Nancy Piece-of has the answer. Increase unemployment to grow the economy. Yeah, bring on the welfare state and everyone will be fine then. A comment on this article says the three stooges are BO, harry reidwhacker, and nancy piece-of. Stooges and puppets of the elitists that aim to have enough people dependent on the state to control them with blind obedience. Like a bubbling volcano everything seems to be ready for a near or super volcano type mega SHTF series of eruptions.


      61. Several of the newer county police stations are built like bunkers,no windows,walled compounds,armourd vehicles.????

        • Walt – that was a superb article. Thank you so much.

      62. One thing we all need to be aware of, they are not going to keep anyone in any camps, even if they do exist

        End game is The END game people..do you understand what that means?

        they have no intention of keeping tens of thousands to millions and millions of people all stored up somewhere like a huge prison..they don’t have the ability to “care” for all those people, food water etc..

        Does “Getting your card punched” mean anything to you?

        if your number comes up, you better be able and willing to fight til your death against internment , because that’s where you’d be headed anyways..death

        Time is now, waiting til they have everything in place it will be too late

        • If you want to watch a disturbing movie, go on youtube and look for the movie “Conspiracy”.

          Now….you are going to get a lot of results…but the one you want is the BBC production, full-length version that is about the Nazi Wannsee Conference in 1942. The topic of the conference was how they were going to dispose of the Jews in Europe….and how they could do it “legally”.

          My interest here is not to start a fight between people who hate Jews and ones who don’t. My point of bringing this up is to show how tyrants think….and that they NEVER change their agenda.

          It is my understanding that the dialogue in the movie in great part was taken from the last known existing transcript of the meetings minutes.

          It is chilling.

          • It’s important to remember that Jews were genocided in WW2- all those who disagreed with the Zionists agenda, or were thought to be at risk of going off message in any way. They were sacrificed at the alter of the elite monsters ambitions. Jazz muscians, intellectuals & those who spoke out against tyranny were also terminated.

            • Sooooo, the Nazis were really Zionists all along ?

              LOL !

              • As far as I can tell their prime skill seems to be to infiltrate EVERY movement that rises up against them throughout history. Coupled with the secondary skill of extraordinary deception it makes the ordinary human being mere prey to exceptionally skilled parasitical predators.

                Dr Hare’s book “snakes in suits” answered SO many questions for me as to how and why we are so often deceived enmasse despite every epoch having those willing to stand up and risk their lives to unseat these demons.

                It’s I object to the constant references to “jews” some use here. I agree in principle but feel it’s important to understand that these demons have infiltrated the left and the right, the Church, thee synagogue and the Mosque, the facist organisation and the communist regime, black communities and white ones.

                Make no mistake they have studied our pyschology in great depth and know exactly what buttons to push to make us behave in a certain way. We however insist on remaining ignorant refusing to believe that such a monster can walk amongst us so blatantly and with such evil intent.

          • Totally chilling, indeed. A large conference table seating perhaps a dozen agency executives, a stenographer, typed agenda, and rules of order, as if it was any government or corporate business meeting.

            But the agenda item was how to implement the boss’s policy : Get rid of the Jews, gypsies, slavs, priests, and any other group they didn’t like, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Mustn’t hurt the war effort, you know.

      63. I was at a football match once in a country I won’t name here. Anyway at half time a wall on wheel went to mid field. Three men were carted to mid field. Charges got read over the loudspeakers then they were lined up and shot. All in front of the crowd. All got hauled off and the game resumed after break.

      64. @ PO’d Patriot. What is so scary is that fucred zacurry, piersless morgan, bob craptas, BO, chucky e. schumer, and so many of these other anti-self defense is that they have such a following of so many fools. Which is the bigger fool, the fool or the idiots that follow the fool? I watched this crap last night because I thought they would at least say something positive about Switzerland. They jacked that around also. They though did not bring up Finland that is 4th in the world in per capita gun ownership, because Finland shows that gun ownership means less crime and more protection for the citizen.

        Finland knows that without a citizen army that Russia could easily overrun them in one afternoon. A citizen army is absolutely necessary to protect a country from foreign and domestic enemies. These anti-gunners NEVER think about what it would be like in a concentration camp. Someone like bob craptas would be the first one to urinate all over himself like a mouse the second the Chinese came in unopposed and put him into a monkey cage, IF the US government somehow took away almost everyone’s firearms.

        Senile or totally brain dead pro government control freaks like bob craptas you can’t beat sense into. Characters like this have a plan when attacked by a criminal, roll up into a ball like a pill bug and stuck your thumb in your mouth, shake a lot and do a hell of a lot of begging and the criminal will leave you alone because they are victims too of society. Yeah, such actions ONLY bring about more vicousness with a predator, it turns them on and gives the criminal a power surge. The ONLY action that a criminal predator understands is a stronger opponent or someone that can put up a fight and cause injury or death to them. This is why ONLY the truly ignorant animal in nature ever messes with a wolverine.

        One thing I have noticed with all anti-gunners is that glazed look in their eyes denoting utter stupidity and a disconnect with reality. I guess we should feel sorry for the common cretin, NAH.

        • Bi
          anyone who follows anyone is a dimwhitt, i will agree with someone, support their position, but I am no follower, i am an equal, i am also no leader and dont want to be, just want mutual agreement and support,
          These idiots who treat people as gods are in for a real rude awakening

          • Amen!

      65. Like the airports the majority will NOT boycott. They are just plain too selfish as I was told by one

        “Why should I miss out on a good game to boycott something that can’t be stopped”


        “I never carry anything in there anyways and I don’t care if they feel me up,, Laughter”

        I honestly believe (not joking) that these amerikans would take a camera being poked up their wahoo just to get whatever it is they want.

        It appears the public school system along with Cable TeeVee and c501(c) 3 churches is working. On A.Jones site it appeared some would turn in their guns for season passes.

        This is the most selfish bunch I have ever seen in my 64 years. And this includes many from both sides of the aisle trying to make a FRN on a very bad situation.

        This nation is burnt toast. I am seeing things and people that literally nauseate me. Like the sick animal it is, I can only hope it goes quickly and painlessly.

        • @ Thinker. The Constitution works as long as these lawyer scum doesn’t try to loophole it to death. The 9th Amendment is suppose to protect the interpretation of the way the Constitution is read and how it protects all of us. Take for example the 2nd Amendment how it is so clear cut, civilian militia to protect the nation and the right to bear arms. These ass wipes try to warp around simply words to try to change the meaning and go against the 9th Amendment by saying that the founding fathers only meant muzzle loaded single shot rifles.

          Here is the whole problem. The 2nd Amendment means protection of the country with a well regulated militia. Real simple. It means protection of the nation, and that means with whatever means necessary. Whether it is semi auto rifles, or in the future if the society somehow survives perhaps disruptors, lasers. phasers, Star Wars blasters, etc. Technology changes, NOT the meaning of protection and that right to bear arms with whatever arms that might be at the present level of technology. Again, clear cut and no use of extra words that can be miscontrued. Of course the anti-gunners try to use their parasitic lawyers to find a way of pissing on the 9th and every other Amendment.

          This was the intention of very wise people that wrote the Constitution, not so it could be loopholed. The less words and language the less chance of something being twisted. If any type of Amendment needs to be added is more safegaurds to protect the original meanings that will work now and thousands of years later because it is horse sense commen sense that works. No other system of laws has lasted so well in any other country as the Constitution and kept the freedom so well. It is these f’ wads that are trying to destroy something that works so well for the people and not so well for those that aim to enslave us is why there is such a push for rewriting something that has kept the liberties of us all so long.

          • BI I agree but i also see how they have circumvented ,not only the constitution but state and local laws! i am of the opinion that was the one of the downfalls of the Romans as well as the usury money changers, and that it continues today!! No?
            On a separate note i have been a GC Builder since i was 22 I have watched the building codes change to fit the unions and the insurance industries pockets not the structural or safety of the building industries! This is the same thing you have said about interpretation every building inspector has there own interpretation of the code which most couldn’t actually build a dog house if it came in a kit Now we have the state making us take a 6 hour indoctrination course on basically how to collect taxes and fees for the state @ our expense and time and the same shit every two years,plus a renewal fee to
            stay current on the licensing, then we have to be bonded, again by the insurance companies to even bid on fed funded jobs, which the jobs, as everything else goes to the well connected not the ones that know how to build! This is but one of the problems as there is many! I have always been a producer but from now on i will decide who consumes that, i cannot continue to buy into this horse%^^&* any longer just to justify some well connected kid a job! Sorry rant off)
            Like i said the time is now before this evil comes for you!!



            • same way I’m thinking. Might also re-home my corp to Montana as NC folks are starting to tick up the fees and I foresee a coming press on the working small businesses to pay for the excesses of the machine.
              nony out

              • Go visit jjluna (dot) com. He talks about how New Mexico LLCs are good for privacy reasons. Everyone should read Luna’s site.

          • Dear BI,
            I believe I wrote of this earlier in relation to another post; however, I’ll write it to provide all with food for thought.

            The Declaration of Independence is part of the U.S. Constitution. The two were declared to be “different documents” in 1953.

            Such was done because the Declaration of Independence is actually the “Pre” preamble to the Constitution. It specified the given set of circumstances that justified (by natural and G-d given rights) actions to establish the U.S., and the Constitution.

            The powers-that-would-be decided that the “duty to raise up new guards,” i.e., to revolt, found in the Declaration, would not be allowed alongside the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution.

            When separated, the statists point to each as if they are not one document based (and therefore inexorably related in form and function) upon each other. They wish to have them viewed as different. Then they denounce each as “archaic.”

            What better way to protect their own thefts, treasons, and self-interests in rule?

            When the two are combined…..we have a different story….justifiable actions in the lawless actions of the rulers/regime/”elected.”

            Have a good day.

            • WTF? Nowhere in the Constitution (written 1789) is the Declaration of Independence (written 1776) mentioned.

              Similar concepts and assumptions animate both, but that’s all.

              Where DO people get these ideas?

            • With respect I must question where you got the idea that these two very different documents are part of each other?…they reflect different mindsets towards govtand strong centralized authority.
              The Declaration was a document stating to everyone the colonies disagreement and grievences with the crown of england and made the case for and then actually declared that independence from the crown to be in effect… the constitution came well over a decade later after the fledgling “united” States had operated under the Articles of Confederation as a nation and having multiple presidents ect(G.Washington wasn’t the first president of the “united” States, but of The United States…but that’s another long story)….the constitution was instituted at the meeting that was supposed to strengthen the Articles NOT come up with a new constitution…the constitution it must be remembered was to strengthen and empower a stronger central govt,(the Articles gave the power to the States and to the people)…it allowed the federal govt to become what it is in spite of checks in it to control an out of control federal govt…many of our framers including Thomas Jefferson (who mainly wrote the Declaration)did not support this new constitution(anti-federalists) and was one of several powerful men who seeing they couldn’t stop the creation of a new constitution demanded a Bill of Rights be amended to it…so technically the Bill Of Rights is part of the constitution but the Declaration was actually the founding document for the “united” States later governed under the Articles of Confederation(yep the Yankees had a “confederacy” before us rebels…they just wont admit it… 😉

              • Dear REB,
                Your first paragraph answers the question: the Declaration proclaims legal actions to create the conditions to form the Constitution. Perhaps I should be more specific. They are inexorably intertwined, because the Declaration provides the justification that established the Constitution. They were considered to be “as one,” forgive my not allowing for linear, English-language thought on this subject.

                You cannot have the Constitution without the Declaration of Independence, because the latter provides THE JUSTIFICATION TO ACT AND (as it states in the Constitution’s preamble) “to form,” “establish,” “provide,” etc., for its components.

                None of that would have been possible without the Declaration…and prior to 1953 they were presented together.

                To Old Coach: Sorry if my “ideas” are not approved by you. Do I have the right to voice my opinion, one that is steeped in education, experience, and thought? Perhaps I did not word it as you would have. Let’s clear the air:


                I wrote that it is part of the U.S. Constitution, but not physically; it provides justification (for all legalists who claim not to be legalists) to act, and as such, are part of the whole.

                Similar concepts animate both? One is the precursor to the other; however, the latter has no legitimacy unless accompanied by the former. The times established it, as the former was done under occupied rule of GB, and the latter BASED ITS LEGALITY UPON THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE AND THEIR ACTIONS PERTAINING TO THE FORMER.

                Thanks for your time. Keep the responses clean, please, I ask

                MAJ, US Army Special Forces (ABN), Ret.

                • Snake-

                  Your ‘take’ on said controversy has/was elaborated upon, in an underground (now defunct) publication, back in the late ’90s.

                  You being a former SF Mustang(& familiar w/ Bragg)…perhaps you recall…”The Resister”???

                  -(the political warfare journal of the Special Forces Underground)-



                  The self-described editorial ‘tyrant’ of said mag(God Bless him & his staff), conceptualized it slightly different from your perspective (although still very close).
                  But in the end, you both define the same outcome/truth!

                  +1 to you.

                • I think I follow your thinking…youre saying that without the Declaration there wouldn’t have been an opportunity to write a constitution…so that the second depended on the first?….and I can see where your coming from on that….my statement was from the prespective that the founders used the declaration as a direct stepping stone if you will right into founding “united” States a new nation of 13 independent and sovereign states loosely bound in a confederacy using the Articles as their governing document as well as the founders and framers ideals…its seems they had no intention of writing a constitution in the manner it end up….the constitution gave the federal govt its real birth as a central power and weakened the states considerably as we look back on it…the constitution was the creation more of that federalgovt than of any nationother than the fact that after its creation the nation was then “The United States” singular rather than the ‘united”States plural…after that they used Lincoln to further weaken the states power,simutaniously weakening the peoples power on up through 1873 and 1913 and so on till we are here where an illegit fedgov run by tyrant wannabees is doing whatever it wants….got to rambling there but its all tied together 🙂 …thanks

        • If you have any grandkids I hope you’ll stand with Calgacus, Thinker, myself and other like minded patriots to try to make a difference. There are still many things you can do without picking up a gun like shunting the fucking NFL. Or how about this: just seen a sears add, not sure what they were trying to sell me however it included men in their skivies thrusting to jingle bells. Apparently it was meant to be jingle balls. This was shown during primetime last night. It really is not difficult to stop buying from sears as I now have. However eventually I believe you will need to pick up a gun, just need to decide which way you will point it. In the end there is no hope for America without a “reset” / armed conflict.

          • Both of us are here, standing strong together w/ each of you. Were in the eastern US tho. Got grandkids and one is here most days. Weve been pitching the homeschooling this year and the wife would carry the main school load. The school learning is bad, almost none. Never any homework but the teacher worries about conduct and behavior sheets come home every day. That aint school. Our boy is a single dad and he does it all w/ our help. He wont have tv in the house except for movies they own. The tv here isnt on anymore, its just for movies. Must be 20 years old but it dont track what we watch.
            Got fire power here, reloading when needed. The grandkid wants to shoot but only 7. Maybe w/ a 22 in the spring.
            Only things we buy now are to prep for worse times. We got everything paid off. And were not going into obamacare. We aint in bad shape and we still get out and hike. Obamacare is whats gonna kill people next year but whos to report it on tv? Theyll hide the numbers like everything else they hide. Maybe Obama will pull a Putin with the media.
            If we decide I quit working the regular job, gotta cut way back and that means no internet except at the library. Not at an age to get pension so its no money or take from savings while the gettin is good. No job means no safety net for the kids or the family w/ on hand cash. That one is the big one. But we got the home place, the garden, some small meat animals. Working around here means we do for ourselves and they cant tax my labor. This is how it was a few generations ago. Folks made do and got by. They didnt piss and moan either. And they didnt get govt cheese handouts.
            This country has to have a reset, its planned. I read Fourth turning and it made sense to me laid out as it was. Mentally I been ready for a year or more. But now that every avenue has been propped for destruction I see we need the reset. This will be worldwide though. And speaking of worldwide where is all the news about the failures and austerity in Greece and Cyprus and Portugal? They didnt just turn around overnight so is there a blackout on news now?
            Someone whos good w/ the numbers would know how many govt workers and military contractors are here in the US. We need a total to kick around. I say there aint enough of them to save their own asses in the end and if we drop in the meantime thats the price to pay for true liberty. I lived my best years already and anything more is for family and what was once a great Republic.

            • Calgacus, much of the prophasies in that book have already come true.

              • Should be required reading.
                Dam,forgot sheep cant read.

            • @Calgacus
              Hats off bro,,,
              I love reading stuff like your post because it makes me see im not crazy,
              I am of the same mind as you on many points, your son and grand son are lucky.
              Thumbs up hope you folks have a great holiday season

              • Hey Kula, thats a grand daughter, not grandson! And shes been asking so first comes the safety lessons not just the warnings but the real hands on deal. Shell be ready by spring. The boys learned in their teens, even got private safety lessons from a cop friend.
                Been thinking real hard on a small cabin in our woods instead of selling and going deeper. The cabin would be backup for one of the kids if needed. Dont know anything selling around here now so if we try to move, could we sell ours. Dont want to have 2 places, thats 2 routes for taxes to flow to support the govt.
                You aint crazy, you see where were headed like most here do. You take care and God bless.

          • Maddog:

            I telephoned the Sears Corporation today at 1-800-479-6351 and told them I WOULD NOT BE SPENDING A DIME AT ANY OF THEIR CORPORATE STORES THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON because of their distasteful jingle “BALLS” commercial.

            I have a Sears credit card and they ask for my e-mail address so I could submit a written complaint. I will do just that.

            Incidentally, when I told them what my complaint was the guy I first spoke to at phone #1-800-795-5030 said they have had lots of complaints about the commercial. Nice to know that at LEAST SOME OF AMERICA IS NOT BRAIN DEAD!

            • I just searched to see if the ad is on youtube. The one I see is from Kmart. We dont set foot in Kmart anyway. Or Sears. Wouldnt now for sure, its FagMart now. Thats on regular tv where kids could see it?

              • Sears owns Kmart.

                • No kidding. dont matter anyways. I dont like either of them, or Pennys. I guess were not department store or mall types.

                  • I can’t stand malls anymore.

                • Kmart owns Sears

            • Thank you POS. We need to start fighting back and stand our ground. We don’t watch much TV so this shit must be everywhere if I see it. Just saw a dildo add from trojon on FX during prime time. But a company supporting the 2nd amendment is not allowed to advertise on Superbowl Sunday per the NFL.

              • So sorry that should read POG. Sorry about that POG.

                • We truly need an edit function!

      66. Careful who you work for

        they might just be scamming to F you over and steal what is rightfully yours..aww now who would do a thing like that? you guessed it..the Federal Government

        yep all you “city” workers are finally going to see what its like to get fucked by those you supported without really looking into what they were doing, now they are going to do it to you too..

        but you can bet the bankers will get theirs


      67. was pleased to have seen someone post Derry Brownfield’s article on “are we a communist nation”….Derry Brownfield was a very wise, common sense person…had a radio show for years…he was highly respected…died around 2011, but his many articles are at: http://www.newswithviews.com (look at the left sidebar)..You may want to look at all of them, over time, but I suggest in particular: 9-3-06 “who makes the pujppets jump?” (everyone is always talking about the powers that be…here they are!) 3-9-08: How to destroy a country…I already in a past post mentioned: “Our land: collateral for the national debt”…..just so many good articles….from Derry

        • A very wise man!…a man after this rebels heart…had the pleasure of fighting with him(on same side 🙂 in the NAIS fight(national animal id system)and used a lot of his material…he was a fighter and refused to back down…America needs men/women like him….

      68. Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on Russia media

        Drudge Report

      69. Now, just who did you say the global terrorist is?

      70. When I opened up my computer this morning what did I see?

        Miley Cyrus, the anti-religion Pope, and Assad being considered person of the year!!!!!!!

        For any person still on the fence about any decency left in the people who seem to set the bar for America; I hope this will convince you that those in power are dragging America to the depths of hell!!

        • I doubt anyone here has any such delusions (decency among the media crowd), not even the trolls.

      71. Smith climbs to the top of Mt. Sinai to get close enough to talk to God.

        Looking up, he asks the Lord. “God, what does a million years mean to you?”

        The Lord replies, “A minute.”

        Smith asks, “And what does a million dollars mean to you?”

        The Lord replies, “A penny.”

        Smith asks, “Can I have a penny?”

        The Lord replies, “In a minute.”

        (Merry ‘Jesus’ birthday’ day!!!)

      72. Some of the other lies we’ve been told, among it should be the one where he says we don’t have FEMA camps


        I will have the most transparent administration.

        I have Shovel ready jobs.

        The IRS is not targeting anyone.

        It was about a movie.

        If I had a son.

        I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.

        You didn’t build that.

        I will restore trust in Government.

        The cops acted stupidly.

        I am not after your guns.

        The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk.

        It’s not my red line. It is the world’s red line.

        Whistle blowers will be protected.

        “We got back Every Dime we Used to Rescue the Banks, with interest.

        I will close Gitmo.

        I am not spying on American citizens.

        Obamacare will be good for America.

        You can keep your family doctor.

        Premiums will be lowered by $2500.

        You can keep your current healthcare plan.

        I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
        Really Mr. President, Really?

      73. I work security patdowns at the NFL games. The wanding creates a gigantic backup just before you enter the stadium. I don’t think that before the wanding, there was ever that many people waiting to get in. There are nearly a 1000 people easy at my gate. Once inside the stadium people are much more spread out and never compacted quite like the HUGE compacted crowds standing in line just before you get wanded.
        In those crowds waiting to be wanded, the people are completely surrounded by metal fences. Except from the entrance from the parking lots. There is little security in the parking lots. A group of terrorist could drive in the parking lots with a dozen AK47s wrapped in blankets. They could approach from the parking lot with their AK’s wrapped in blankets(Everybody carries a blanket to the game to stay warm)then start shooting without even unwrapping the blankets, just shoot through the blankets. A couple terrorists at a few gates would kill dozens easy. But the resulting riot-stampede would kill hundreds more for there is no way to escape except toward the bullets because they are surrounded by metal fences from every other side. You may think that I am giving the terrorist ideas, but they aren’t dumb. They can figure this out for them selves.
        The NFL has created a thousand times bigger problem by wandings and patdowns and the intensive searches. They have created huge, contained, packed in crowds that never occur in the stadium. And these huge contained crowds are directly accessed from the unsecure parking lots. A simply cursory look for guns and waving the fans through would be safer cut down on the huge crowds waiting to get in.
        K Trout…..

      74. 100% of the 38% of those that still approve of the presidents job, are 100% stupid

      75. Obama has been such a miserable failure, that the Kenyan people are claiming he was born in the United States.

        • Now that’s funny!!!

      76. Just before 8 a.m., Monday morning, December 9, reports of an explosion at Arkansas Nuclear One were made to Pope County 911 operators. At this time details have not been released in the explosion, but fire officials are reportedly responding to the nuclear facility and a fire is being fought.

        A resident in the vicinity of the Arkansas Nuclear One plant reported a “loud, ground shaking explosion and then saw smoke.” It is believed that a transformer on site exploded, but the report remains unconfirmed at this time with Entergy and Arkansas Nuclear One officials

        • An oil refinery just exploded this morning in Fallon, NV. Go figure.

        • ABC news reporting (as of 4:00 Eastern) a transformer fire. Big deal.

        • Transformer fire at Arkansas One is now out. Refinery fire also out with only one injury. Neither appear on Drudge nor Fox news.

      77. “Just days before the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Senate is expected to extend a ban on undetectable firearms without tightening any of the law’s restrictions.

        Gun rights advocates have opposed making any modifications to the law, known as the Undetectable Firearms Act.

        The legislation continues a 10-year prohibition on the manufacture, sale or possession of guns that cannot be detected by X-ray machines or metal detectors. The House passed the extension last week by voice vote.”

        NBC News dot com

      78. @ Lonelonmum ~ I read your post a few topics back about the following: Lack of Food among the Poor has now been declared a public health emergency in the UK.
        I am interested in this topic. What determined the UK
        government to declare this? Thank you.

      79. We have are in a transitional stage for welfare reform. Simply put it’s a mess – the genuinely disabled & the working poor are tumbling into the abyss. these are just the growing pains of the new welfare system.


        I think our Universal credit system is the UK equivalent of your Obamacare – deliberately designed to wreck what’s left of the productive economy (google workfare)while lining the pockets of various coorporate interests at the expense of the hard pressed taxpayer. (our overall level of taxation is much higher than yours eg our equivalent to your sales tax runs at 20% ) The parallels of the IT implementation with Obamacare will have you wetting yourself with laughter as these guys sure do like to follow the same script!

        Basic household spending – food, fuel, utilities is rising year on year at 10% minimum whatever the official figures tell you and more and more people are finding they just can’t keep up with it. In addition like in the US the banking crash cost many white collar jobs, many of these individuals had the usual consumer debts etc. Even the prudent are beginning to have to draw in their belts now.

        It’s interesting that just like in the US, our upper middle class seem to be purchasing small holdings & getting out of the cities etc (often abroad as UK land is so expensive, Bulgaria is very popular).

        The tribe run the UK, and have done for eons, no matter what the public was duped into believing.

        What’s happening now is simply that the working man is being put back into the place in society he occupied before WW1 here in Britain. Our illiterate children will doff their ragged caps to their betters when they pass and dream of emigrating to a land where true freedom is a reality & merit, hard work and innovation is rewarded. (This is what my own ancestor Richard Trevithick attempted when he sailed to America after inventing the steam engine).

        I expect someone from the Uk will come along soon and disagree with me, but I not only call it like I see it, I’m doing all I can to avoid seeing my grandchildren living the life so many inner city urchins did in the Victorian era.


      81. Goon sport.

      82. Men idolizing other men is gay. Watching sports is gay. Sports are meaningless, a total waste of time and money. Brain dead obese smelly alcoholics use sporting events as permission to drink. Only total losers with meaningless lives need to escape using drugs or alcohol. Fools waste their time talking sports. Total morons spend money on tickets and merchandise. Other gay acts, idolizing anyone except your spouse (member of the opposite sex), is a NO NO.

      83. Hell, knowing what sports addicts are like they might think its a real treat to be fenced into a sports stadium, “who’s playing today?” “where the popcorn and beer?” “Hey how come those refs are dressed in all black, and carrying rifles?”

      84. I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying… are you saying that the FEMA camps conspiracy theorists have been talking about for years, but have never actually provided any evidence really exists… are actually football stadiums?

      85. DENVER (AP) – At least three people were stabbed in a parking lot at Sports Authority Stadium Field at Mile High after the Denver Broncos’ game Thursday night.

        Police spokesman Steve Warneke said three males were stabbed, and a fourth may have been stabbed, but that person left the scene.

        Police have several people in custody and are not currently looking for other suspects. None had been formally charged as of just after midnight.

        Police say that the incident was called in at 9:55 p.m.

        Warneke described the scene as “very chaotic.” He said police did not yet know what led up to the fight or whether the men had attended the game.

        The Denver Post (http://bit.ly/18HGZb1) reports there were multiple eye-witnesses.

        Warneke said one person was initially in critical condition, but all are conscious and talking

        Stadium Management Company issued an email stating that it is working with authorities.

        The Broncos lost 27-20 to the San Diego Chargers.

        The stabbing Thursday is just one of several recent incidents involving football fans.

        Earlier this month in Kansas City, Mo., a man died after an altercation in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot during Kansas City’s game against Denver.

        In September in San Francisco, a teenage fan suffered a concussion and a broken arm and nose at Candlestick Park after police say he was attacked during the 49ers’ game against Indianapolis.
        ——– My opinion Something is very wrong when parasites are paid millions to chase balls around. and a productive person is taxed & regulated so much that they only earn a pittance.

      86. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. MONEY is NOT.

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