When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding “The Enemy”

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    This article has been contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.

    In modern times, war is never what it seems. Mainstream historians preach endlessly about grand conflicts over territory, resources, political impasse, and revenge, but the cold hard reality is that all of these “motivations” are actually secondary, if they are relevant at all. As I and many analysts have covered in great detail in the past, most wars are engineered wars. International elites have long seen advantages in pitting two seemingly opposed societies or ideologies against each other while playing both sides of the chessboard to direct events towards a predetermined and desired outcome. This is undeniable historical fact. If you really want to understand the past, or the intricacies of war, you will be lost unless you accept that most conflicts are designed; they are not random or natural.

    They are not extensions of man’s mere greed or ignorance. They are not products of resource scarcity (a common and overly simplistic misconception used to mislead activists). They are not inevitable developments of “overcomplexity” according to the Rand Corporation’s “linchpin theory”propaganda. They are not the product of too much national sovereignty or individual liberty. No; traditional war is a tool for the organized ruling class. It always has been and always will be. This tool is used to turn the world into a vast petri dish, a bubbling beaker in a laboratory where social engineers hope to destroy the “old” to create something “new”.

    At its most paramount of purposes, the despair and terror of war is intended to change the fundamental collective unconscious of nations and populations. It is meant to change our beliefs, our morals, our principles. It is meant to mutate us into something else, something malleable and terrible, something we would not normally recognize.

    As we continue into the latter quarter of 2014, exactly 100 years after the first world war, I see much evidence to suggest we are headed for yet another engineered conflagration. It may be a war of terrorism and attrition between the U.S. and ISIS (an insurgency funded and trained by Western covert agencies). It may be a war of economic escalation between the West and the East (even though Russia is just as much a pawn of international banks like Goldman Sachs as any country in the West). Or, we may see all out global holocaust depending on the level of desperation and insecurity amongst the elites. What each liberty movement proponent, constitutionalist, and freedom fighter around the world needs to understand is that while we will be told that the enemy is Muslim extremism, or Russian aggression, or eastern economic subversion, the real target will be YOU.

    The advantages of war at this time would be immense to the globalist establishment, but the primary function will be the ability to co-opt, demonize, and/or wipe out legitimate opposition during the fog and confusion. If you have ever noticed that each consecutive presidential administration seems progressively more hell-bent than the last to sabotage our infrastructure and push us towards endless confrontation, you might want to ponder the possibility that the New World Order does not end with the fall of the American empire – it BEGINS with the fall of the American empire.

    Imagine a war in which a tangible and immediate threat is presented against the U.S. Not a CNN covered carpet bombing campaign in some poverty stricken hole on the other side of the world, but a real war right on our very own doorstep. Now, consider how this would psychologically affect the general public, and twist the principles of the average person. Imagine the kinds of morally relative impasses people would be willing to accept when they are truly afraid. Imagine what they would sacrifice to quell that fear. Imagine who they would sacrifice.

    In such an environment, the concepts of free speech and personal dissent are rarely respected.

    In war, dissent is often labeled treason, and free speech is labeled a peacetime privilege. The truth becomes a nuisance, or even a threat to the endurance of the state and by extension the collective. The same argument always arises – the argument that the survival of the group outweighs any disagreement the individual may have with the objectives of the group’s leadership. In turn, calls for “unification” reach a religious fervor, regardless of whose benefit this unification ultimately serves.

    In the meantime, those who were tolerated as activists now become enemies of the state simply for doing what they have always done. The propaganda is already being put in place to assure the liberty movement is caught in the crossfire between the East and West.

    For years I have been warning readers about the false East/West paradigm and the directed build up to conflict with Russia and China with the goal of creating a rational historical narrative by which the dollar could be supplanted as the world reserve currency to make way for a long planned basket currency system under the control of the IMF and the Bank of International Settlements. During the crisis, Americans blame the East for the implosion of the dollar system rather than international and central bankers (the true culprits), and chaos ensues as the masses turn on each other while the elites sit back in relative comfort, letting us destroy each other.

    Another aspect of this plan, I believe, involves the hijacking of the image of the liberty movement. The liberty movement is essentially the most dangerous unknown element on the elite’s global chessboard. In fact, because we understand that international financiers and central bankers are the real enemy, we have the ability to leave the chessboard entirely and play by our own rules. Widespread economic or military conflict provides an opportunity to neutralize liberty activists who might turn revolutionary.

    Recently, I came across an article from ‘The Atlantic’ titled ‘Russia And The Menace Of Unreality’. Now, some alternative analysts would read this article and immediately shrug it off as yet another attempt by the Western media machine to propagandize against Russia. Though their motivations are genuine, these analysts would be cementing the delusion that Russia is the “good guy” and the U.S. is the ever present “bad guy”. The Atlantic piece is a far more intricate manipulation than they would be giving credit for.

    In the past I have pointed out that Russian government funded media outlet RT in particular is in fact an ingenious psy-op, not only run by the Russian government as The Atlantic asserts, but influenced by the globalist establishment. It is effective mainly because most of what it reports is absolutely true.  What it does NOT report is where we must focus. This might be confusing unless you grasp how false paradigms work. The conflict dynamic between the U.S. and Russia is no more real than the conflict dynamic between Democrats and Republicans. If you understand that this time around, America is scripted to lose its pro-wrestling match with Russia, everything else comes into focus. As far as RT is concerned, here’s the problem:

    1) First, RT is relentless in its coverage of corruption within Western governments, but rarely if ever reports anything negative on the Russian establishment. I’m sorry, but Russia’s economic policy is dominated by central bankers who are advised directly by Goldman Sachs and who are avid members of the IMF and the BIS. The RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund), manages billions in investments in Russia, works closely with Goldman Sachs, and the managing director of this institution is former IMF head and SDR advocate Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

    Vladimir Putin has openly called for the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket currency to replace the dollar, demanded that Ukraine take loans from the IMF denominated in SDR’s, and has a long time friendship with Mr. NWO himself, Henry Kissinger. The only “conflict” Russia has expressed with the globalists at the IMF is that it wishes to be more fully included in the SDR basket system, which has been the planned intention of the IMF anyway. All of this, and RT doesn’t have any hard questions about the loyalties of its own government?

    2) Second, the fact based reporting of RT, at least when it comes to the Western side of the globalist establishment, mimics the alternative journalism growing in popularity in the the U.S. At bottom, RT is a newcomer to the world of independent news analysis, but it is ultimately NOT independent, and most of what they do amounts to little more than regurgitated content from more original and insightful Western independent media sources. The Atlantic article above, very cleverly, makes it sound as if it is we witless writers in America who are getting all our info and inspiration from RT. And this is where we begin to see the true nature of the psy-op…

    3) Third, because RT mimics our independent media so well, it appeals greatly to a large percentage of liberty movement activists, who tend to forget or are simply unaware that Russia is as much a part of the problem as our own government. There are many liberty proponents who will angrily defend Russia and RT without question simply because RT “speaks their language”, so Russia must be on their side.

    This was not as pressing an issue two years ago, when conflict with Russia was a ridiculous notion for many people. But today, conflict with Russia, at the very least on an economic scale, is an inevitability. If you read in full the linked Atlantic article, the narrative that is being constructed is clear – the establishment hopes to rewrite the history and image of the liberty movement by painting us as dupes radicalized by Russian propaganda, rather than being the originators of our own grassroots movement with our own philosophy and methodology. Through this, they take away our ownership of our own cause.

    Also, by blindly supporting Russia or the Russian government without considering their participation in the globalist run crisis, liberty activists help reinforce the soon-to-be manufactured lie that we are nothing but puppets of the Putin regime. If we publicly question the intentions of the Russian government as much as we question our own government, we can help to defuse this lie before it can take hold.

    How the mainstream views us or portrays us is not as important as how we view and present ourselves. If we become starry-eyed cheerleaders for Russia, we will lose our sovereign identity as a self motivated counter-movement to the NWO. If you believe like I do that a second American revolution is coming, identity means everything, and it should not be cast aside lightly. Mark my words, one day our activism will be deemed treason, and our rebellion will be marginalized as a servant satellite astro-turf movement organized by Russian interests.

    We can’t prevent how they will label us, but we can make it clear now that we work for NO government, by refusing to disregard the trespasses of any government, even those who appear to support our position.

    Tied closely to the Russian issue, the liberty movement also has the return of the “White Al-Qaeda” meme to look forward to. I have seen a tidal wave of mainstream news stories lately preaching the horrors of a white middle-class America secretly swarming to the Syrian border to join ISIS. The narrative is setting the stage for false flag terrorism, to be sure, but it is also injecting the theme that anyone who is anti-establishment could be a terrorist. Not an American bred “terrorist” with his own American-centric ideology fighting against what he sees as a despotic government, but a mercenary extremist desperate for any cause, latching onto the concept of Muslim caliphate because he is bewildered, angry, or insane.

    In this way, the elites hope to kidnap the liberty culture’s identity, rewriting us into their theater not even as “misguided” freedom fighters, but rather, as pawns of a foreign cabal. Many people could be convinced to join a fight by Americans for Americans, no matter how the mainstream portrays our character. But, no one wants to join a group of traitors and sellouts fighting for theocratic Muslim monsters, or covert Russian agencies after the East is blamed for the collapse of the dollar. The complete erasing and rewriting of a movement’s identity through false association is advanced 4th generation warfare, and it can only be accomplished in the midst of overwhelming catastrophe. The masses have to be so afraid they begin to lose memory of what life was like before, let alone who stood for what cause.

    The public is already quite familiar with the idea that governments buy revolutionaries and create rebellions, just as our government has done in Syria. Why wouldn’t they believe that the Liberty Movement’s rebellion is also actually bought and paid for by some outside enemy, rather than real Americans battling for real freedom?

    This examination is not meant to undermine the positive accomplishments made so far by liberty advocates. We have come a long way.  However, if we underestimate or oversimplify the task we have ahead of us, or the well calculated strategies of the internationalists, then we are destined to fall into the trap of becoming yet another element of another false paradigm ourselves, and we will lose. This is a war on all fronts; informational, emotional, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, and physical. It goes well beyond any war ever fought in generations past. If individuals and the activist movement at large do not have the insight and courage to commit fully to combat on every level, they should throw in their bug-out bags and give up now. If they do have the courage, then it is surely time to begin…


    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. BRING IT ON!!!

        I like Brandon… But this train wreck is not even close to stopping yet. Just a slow motion play that we sit back and watch. 🙁

        It sucks, but they are not done shearing the sheep for what they want. This country has to many natural resources that they want to be able to control by “Law” before they let the hammer fall.

        Y’all play nice now. 🙂

        • Google, China, The NSA, And The Fourth Turning

          “The world is not sliding, but galloping into a new transnational dystopia. This development has not been properly recognized outside of national security circles. It has been hidden by secrecy, complexity and scale. The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen…”

          Economic Collapse and the Debt Ceiling: The 4th Turning is Here

          The authors predict in 1996 that one of the indicators of modern America’s Fourth Turning will be:

          “An impasse over the federal budget reaches a stalemate. The president and Congress both refuse to back down, triggering a near-total government shutdown. The president declares emergency powers. Congress rescinds his authority. Dollar and bond prices plummet. The president threatens to stop Social Security checks. Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling. Default looms. Wall Street panics.”

          “All of the indicators are in front of us. The new generation has forgotten the lessons of the past. An entrenched elite is refusing to back down. The global economy is teetering on the brink of collapse. The human capacity for intuiting danger is raising red flags across the board. Resistance is growing. The cycle is repeating.”

          Thom Hartmann & Neil Howe: Are we in the Fourth Turning?

          • Hey KY, sounds like you need to join us monkeys over at theburningplatform.com From what I’ve seen of your comments you would fit right in!

        • Just wanted to also let y’all know, I got that new book that just came out. “Nine Meals To Anarchy: A Prepper’s Educational Thriller”

          I forgot who talked about it, but I got it and Lucifer’s Hammer. Really enjoyed the Hammer, a bit dated by a good read. Nine meals is just prepper porn. If that guy is an expert… He will be dead in less then 24 hours.

          His piss poor grammer and the fact he keeps telling you that Robert drives a “Honda Pilot” about 2 dozen times made me want to go buy one and run his ass over with it… 🙁

          If it was free, I’d say go ahead and read it for what it is. But, to spend $13 bucks for that crap. Really ticked ne off!!!

          So… y’all don’t waste your money on that prepper porn like I did. 🙂

          Y’all enjoy your evening.

          hillbilly SC

          • Though much of the science fiction genre is a stalking horse for anti-Christ philosophies, I must admit that Larry Niven has written some entertaining science fiction, best read chronologically.

            • Some of the soviet are stuff blatantly so (anti-christian). I grew up reading everything science and science fiction growing up, Even as a child I could see the strains of communism in some of the writing, even in the west. Harry Harison comes to mind as anti-capitolist in some of his writings.
              That said Niven has touched on some serious sociology, sociology in a higly technical environemnt. This takes on whole new overtones, never delt with before in the human condition, that is, the technological ablity to physically, mentally and emotionally redefine who and what human means, or worse, what it IS. A SERIOUS bite at the old apple of knowledge if you ask me, but it’s not going to stop.

        • The accusers will get bullets to the head just as the gestapo will.

          • Why does it take 4 hours for a post to be displayed here?

            • Put in the same email addy every time. Even a fake one. The system will begin to recognize you and put your posts right through.

              • …only true for the privileged few.

                • John,actually true for most users,use a junk e-mail,tis basically a reconizable password.You block all cookies will take a few moments to see posts and will need to keep inserting name/e-mail for each response,that said,does for most part work fine,also need to add a space in http if you want a link up immediately,want a direct hit link does play the moderation game which is annoying.That said,for most part this is a free speech/open forum.

                  • That worked for me for a while… and then it stopped.

            • I had the same question.

        • Kudos to Brandon for another of his consistently perceptive articles.

          The us/them, left/right, East/West, thesis/antithesis, problem/reaction trick to manipulate the masses is an old one. It is no testament to the supposed superiority of modern man that modern man still falls for the trick.

          The farthest back in history that I can document the trick codified is in the work of the Kabbalistic rabbis concerning the pillars of gevurah (severity, strength), chesed (mercy), and tiferet (harmony, “the middle pillar”)… and the Master Race banksters still shift the policies of left and right so the “moderates” know where to stand… until the pillars shift yet again.

          Compare the platform of 1930’s Communists with today’s “conservative,” abortion-friendly, welfare-state-friendly, police-state-friendly Republicans and you will begin to see, though it has been gradual, how horrible the slide into diabolical subjectivity, moral relativism, and body-and-soul-killing tyranny.

          As I have repeatedly emphasized here, it is RIGHT and WRONG that matter, not left and right.

          • “As I have repeatedly emphasized here, it is RIGHT and WRONG that matter, not left and right.”

            True. The Biblical Conservatives are RIGHT and the Libs are WRONG.


            • Are you kidding me, FreeSlave?

              American Conservatism Is Rotten

              For example, it’s Keynesian to the core, says Gary North.


              After reading that, doesn’t the word, ‘Conservatism’ wanna make you upchuck? Anymore, the word, “conservative’ is about The same as, “Liberal”.

              They are two wings on the same bird of prey.

              Hint: you’re the prey.

              • I believe I am if pigeon holed a anar-capitalist best description for me,a believer in minding my own business if not a threat to me,does not make me right/wrong?

              • There are no “liberals.” The word was co-opted. My old websters defines a liberal as “Broadminded, tolerant, not bound by authoritarianism.” The Newspeak liberal is the antithesis of that. The root word of liberal is liberty. The statist leftist of today is anything but.
                Hate is the best word to define the Newspeak liberal/leftist. And the use of authoritarianism to outlaw any non-conforming belief or view.
                All forms of statism lead only to subjugation and enslavement of the people. National Socialists, Soviet Socialists, and Communists were responsible for the murder of over 261 million of their own citizenry in the 20th century. More deaths than all the casualties of all the wars combined.
                There are only 3 kinds of statist: the elitist manipulating the movement for their own power and luxury with promises of uplifting the masses, the indoctrinated fool who believes that if everyone else overcomes human nature (but not them) then their lot in life will be better, and the useful idiot that believe that the elite will reward them and who hold the false hope that the elitists will welcome them into their ranks.

            • I have met many self-described “biblical conservatives” who, notwithstanding all the biblical prohibitions in both the Old and New Testaments, think USURY is just fine.

              Firebombing Dresden and Tokyo? Nuking Nagasaki, the most Christian city in Japan? White phosphorus rained on Palestinian moms and children? “Pre-emptive” war anyone?

              There is NOTHING “RIGHT” ABOUT ANY OF THAT.

          • It all appears to be ratcheting up quite well Brandon..

            Congress just approved over night the funding for arming Syrian,Iraqi,Pakistani rebels to combat their Nemesis ISIL or whatever they’re called today…

            So the logic presented is..

            we’re to once again arm, train, and finance the same Iraqi army that dropped their arms and fled by the thousands when confronted by the IS gang earlier this year..


            arm, train, and finance the “moderate” Syrian, and Pakistani, rebels as well to further repel the invading ISIL..

            Well didn’t we previously fund, arm , and train Saddam Hussein as our proxy when the Iraq ,Iran war ensued ?

            And how did that all work out?

            Obviously the well paid defense contractor think tanks have executed their plans to perfection..haven’t they?

            Completely destabilize the entire middle east and North Africa by utilizing their own firebrand terrorists who yesterday were our mortal enemies and today are our allies and next week will be our enemies once again..


            And, of course, 99% of the public has no recollection of any of this nonsense nor do they care!

            and then we’re going to conduct strategic airstrikes into Syria in hopes that Assad will not shoot down any of our assets…are you kidding me?

            This whole plan is to topple Assad ..now that they’ve dismantled Iraq,Libya,Egypt etc into a complete morass..

            Getting to your point…

            Our government is aiding and abetting the enemy

            First by creating the enemy through back channels and covert operations..

            We here have already been bagged and tagged for years now

            ..and it’s just a matter of timing..

            when all of us dissenters will be targeted for a clean up..


        • The Liberty Movement has NOT come a long way, but it has a long, long way to go. It must organize. Intelligent leadership must emerge with both short term and long term goals and it must develop a funding mechanism to support its efforts.

          The Liberty Movement should coalesce around Larry Klayman, Judge Napolitano, Devvy Kidd and other, educated, experienced, reasonable voices who can articulate the US Constitution; who know the rule of law, and understand that the US Constitution is our most powerful weapon when applied.

          The half wits at the Bundy Ranch were not leaders, they were knee jerk reaction idiots. 🙂

          • DK just as Brandon states, Traditional war is a tool for the organized ruling class. And even though I like men such as Judge Napolitano and as you state educated, experienced, reasonable vocies who can articulate the Constitution, they can and will lead you to follow their cause, and you end up right back where you started. So Beware who you follow. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

            • MT , dont we wanna be back closer to where we started?
              Aint that the point of the liberty movement ?

            • MT: I disagree. Please, articulate a viable alternative if you can. I would love to hear it. The reality is that those who organize their cause, advance their cause.

              Let me give you just one example: There is a CONGRESSWOMAN in California, who came to this country as an ILLEGAL, got Amnesty, went to school, BORROWED money for a Law Degree, and is now in Congress advocating for ILLEGALS.

              The problem with the Liberty Movement is that it TALKS a good game but does little to actually oppose the PTB; with the exception of those I mentioned. Even La Raza has gone “mainstream” and they are accomplishing their goals, while being funded by OUR government.

              One person can make a difference if they are motivated. Drop out and lose your heritage and your inheritance. 🙁

              • The durango kidd says:

                “The Liberty Movement has NOT come a long way, but it has a long, long way to go. It must organize. Intelligent leadership must emerge with both short term and long term goals and it must develop a funding mechanism to support its efforts.”

                Translation: Support Red State Fascist Keynesian politicians!

                “The Liberty Movement should coalesce around… Judge Napolitano,…”

                LMAO… rolling on the ground! Andrew Napolitano is a Libertarian!!!

                Tell us DK… If you found yourself in a bunker with Andrew Napolitano, would you put a bullet through his head? After all, he is a Libertarian!!!

                “The half wits at the Bundy Ranch were not leaders, they were knee jerk reaction idiots.”

                I’m sure you feel the same way about the Founding Fathers too!

                • YMWW: I don’t care if Judge Napolitano is a libertarian. So what? He is an important voice for personal liberty. I have many Libertarian leanings but I do not believe in the FREE TRADE that they tout; which is not the Free Trade of a garage sale transaction, but the managed trade of the New World Order which they are using to turn the average American into an economic serf. FREE TRADE has destroyed the American Middle Class.

                  You are basically an anarchist. Your cause is a non-starter. 🙂

                  • DK says, “I have many Libertarian leanings”


                    You are an empire lover. All you want is for your team to control the levers of power.

                    You come across as opposite to freedom as a coyote is to a rabbits life.

                    A number of People here would do well to read the rest of this article:

                    Free Markets: Cheaper Goods, Greater Wealth, Better Jobs

                    “There are people who complain about the declining share of gross domestic product that is contributed by manufacturing in the United States. This is because they are completely unfamiliar with the worldwide phenomenon. They do not understand that economic growth accompanies a declining percentage of manufacturing to a national economy. […] The heart of wealth is not manufacturing; the heart of wealth is the knowledge applied to reduce the total percentage of manufacturing in the overall economy, and to increase the wealth of the masses through services. These services may be digital. They may be personal. But they are not based on manufacturing.” …


                  • FREE TRADE has Not destroyed the American Middle Class.

                    Corporate Cronyism a.k.a. Fascism has attacked the Middle Class, and every one else in between and all around.

                    But you don’t care, you’re all about supporting the empire.

                    We know.

                    You Love empire.

                    BTW, how much do they pay you, Number 7?

                    I’d post a link to the number 7 reference, but I think everybody here already knows about it.

                  • helot/CLARK: You quoted Gary North; “This is because they are completely unfamiliar with the worldwide phenomenon.”

                    What is that “worldwide phenomena” that you embrace? GLOBALISM. What is globalism? The welding of Corporations and States under FREE TRADE, NAFTA, WTO, TPP, and TAP? Its not Free Trade. Its MANAGED TRADE and managed to the benefit of the investment class.

                    It’s FASCISM dumbshit!!! Who is paying YOU to be so fucking stupid??? 🙂

                  • Historically BIG MONEY has always bought off BIG GOVERNMENT to the detriment of decent men. “Free trade” is a fantasy. Monopolies and cronyism are the reality of capitalism.

                    When faced with the evidence, disciples of “Austrian” (read “Judaic”) economics remind me of Communist professors who insist that “The only problem with Communism is that it hasn’t really been tried yet.” The tribe suckered the world with their Communist economics. The tribe suckered the world with their monopolistic and usurious capitalist economics. Now the tribe wants to sucker the world with “Austrian” free market do-what-thou-wilt-shall-be-the-whole-of-the-law economics.

                    Delusional rubbish devoid of any understanding of fallen human nature. “Evolved,” you say? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……. How many times will you let the tribe sucker you? Will you ever learn?

                    CONSIDER A TRULY CHRISTIAN ECONOMIC SYSTEM, DISTRIBUTISM, the “third way,” explained well in this mp3 online until 9/30/2014:

                    Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Distributism: The Next Economic Paradigm

                    Before your libertarian knee jerks, give it some serious thought.

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “I don’t care if Judge Napolitano is a libertarian. So what? He is an important voice for personal liberty.”

                    There’s just one problem with that statement: You don’t REALLY believe in “personal liberty.” If you did, you wouldn’t support Central Banking, Keynesian Economics, and a large centralized Federal government. Nor would you make statements like this: “If I found myself in a bunker with a Libertarian, I’d shoot them in the head.” DK does not support voices “for personal liberty.” He is nothing more than your typical “Red State” fascist trying to convince people he actually believes in “personal liberty.” The durango kidd is a fraud!

                    “I have many Libertarian leanings…”

                    1. There is only ONE libertarian leaning/principle: The “Non-Aggression Principle.” Look it up! The durango kidds principles seem to dictate everything EXCEPT non aggression! He would force your compliance to the will of the State… and at gun point!!!

                    2. If you truly have “many Libertarian leanings,” why don’t you shoot yourself in the head? Isn’t that what your principles dictate?

                    “I do not believe in the FREE TRADE that they tout; which is not the Free Trade of a garage sale transaction, but the managed trade of the New World Order..”

                    You love to smear Libertarians with this “garage,” but the truth is this: The “New World Order” state of affairs is a direct result of STATE action and actors! The very same STATE you support and vote for with it’s Central Banking monopoly and Vampire Economics. If you were even remotely intellectually honest, you would see this. But you cant, because you are so emotionally tied to your daddy, The State. You’re so concerned with the scraps from the States table, that you’ve missed your God-given right to something better!!!

                  • I am a proud anar-capitalist!

                  • John Q. Public says:

                    “Historically BIG MONEY has always bought off BIG GOVERNMENT to the detriment of decent men. “Free trade” is a fantasy. Monopolies and cronyism are the reality of capitalism.”

                    Well there you have it! The problem is “BIG GOVERNMENT.” And I’ll add, it’s Central Bank!

                    If you could rid the world of “centralized power centers” (the State), and their central banking monopoly, and move in a direction of “decentralized power centers” with market driven money, you would find the “crony/fascist” monster to be nowhere near the problem it is today. The reason: There would be no “BIG GOVERNMENT” (centralized power centers) to co-op/buy, and the definition of “money” would be defined by the market; not the State and it‘s cronies. It therefore follows: The “detriment of decent men” would be mitigated.

                    Is that idea “fantasy” John Q?

                  • @YMWW,
                    Ever notice the statist Durango Kiddie, shows up to post the most on Brandon Smith’s articles?

                    That tells / gives me two things.

                    1. One more piece of evidence that he’s a POS govt shill that is paid to go online and look real smart and level headed and spew a ounce of truth with ten pounds of shit to sway people in a particular direction away from the likes of the Brandon Smith’s. Remember what Jesus said about a little bit of leaven? “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”


                    2. Brandon Smith is right on and doing a good job.

                  • @ Your motherwaswrong

                    DISTRIBUTISM proposes precisely what you suggest.

                    You might check out the link I provided above and give it some thought.

                  • Warchild sez: “I am a proud anar-capitalist!”

                    So join a pride parade.


                  • @DK,
                    The much more imprtant question is…….who is paying you to “seem” so smart.

                    Of course, then again, there is a huge difference between smart/intellectual & wise /discerning.

              • La Raza has the same goals (for now) as big buisness and government. The ‘undocumented immigrants’ will try to flee when their friend ‘the government’ turns on them, but for many it will be too late.

                USA will split along ethnic lines. The ‘tolerance’ gang will be pushed out of some areas.

            • MT: If their cause be the re-establishment of the US Constitution as the basis for American Law …….

              Follow them to Hell, if necessary!!! 🙂

              • “Follow them to Hell”

                …And that’s your plan?

                And, what good comes of that?

          • …Paul Craig Roberts…

            • RE: “…Paul Craig Roberts…”

              That’s a good staring point.

              If you say any more, your comment might go into the POOF ZONe.

              I said a sh@tload tonight, but only one comment made it through.

              Also, do you think DK could be any more in favor of empire if he felt he were calling the shots? We’re surrounded by People like that.
              They wanna Be in control. Or feel like they are, anyway.
              It’s 1939 all over again.
              Let us hope The Internet makes a difference.

          • durango kidd says: Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.

            Well, that’s encouraging.

            • “(even though Russia is just as much a pawn of international banks like Goldman Sachs as any country in the West)” Mr. Smith, perhaps you missed some details.

              WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

              But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

              By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan: Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia!

              This slogan continues to make the New World Order Bankers very nervous. Russia IS NOT indebted up to it’s ears to the IMF…America, however, IS.

              Other than that discrepancy, I totally agree that “What each liberty movement proponent, constitutionalist, and freedom fighter around the world needs to understand is that while we will be told that the enemy is Muslim extremism, or Russian aggression, or eastern economic subversion, the real target will be YOU.”

              On that point, you are absolutely correct!

              “The advantages of war at this time would be immense to the globalist establishment, but the primary function will be the ability to co-opt, demonize, and/or wipe out legitimate opposition during the fog and confusion.”

              Yes, and Russia, China and the establishment of BRICS , IS “legitimate opposition” to the globalist plans. So is every country that fights for it’s own sovereignty and INDEPENDENCE.

              To be clear, I believe Russia is on it’s OWN side. I just wish OUR GOVT was on OUR side, but it isn’t…not even remotely.

          • Brandon: You said, “How the mainstream views us or portrays us is not as important as how we view and present ourselves.” Not True.

            It is every bit as important. Sometimes perception is VERY important, particularly with respect to the “mainstream”. The hearts and minds of the majority of the American people, or at least, a very high percentage of them is necessary to give substance and support to the Liberty Movement.

            It is a propaganda war first and foremost. Keep that in mind.

            For example, according to the Pew Institute only 4% of Americans are gay but a large majority of Americans are supporting their efforts to change American laws in their favor; in support of their “personal liberty”.

            The image of women and children being placed in the line of fire at the Bundy Ranch is a perfect example of “bad perception” of the Liberty Movement by the mainstream. While effective in forcing the FEDS to hold their fire, it represents very poor judgement by the decision makers there, the legality of the protest itself, not withstanding.

            The Liberty Movement, to be successful against the New World Order, must be a propaganda war. If you think not, then you need to move to NYC and its target rich environment because the war against the NWO will not be fought and won in the wilds of Idaho and Montana.

            Why do you think American servicemen and women are training for house to house combat in major cities??? 🙂

            • No, not really. It is the internal will of the movement that will determine the outcome of this fight, NOT propaganda or the majority. The idea that we need everyone to see us in a positive light or that we need majority support is a delusion which distracts activists from more productive efforts. No revolution in history ever started with a majority support. Revolutionaries are always the underdogs; it’s only when they start doing real damage to the oligarchy that the fence sitters suddenly come around, but at that point, they aren’t needed anyway.

              • Brandon: I agree that the internal will of the Liberty Movement is essential for victory; perseverance goes along way for those who refuse to yield and who are willing to endure heavy losses in the process.

                Washington lost most of his battles but still won the American revolutionary war. While a majority is not needed, the support of the American People is necessary.

                Sounds like you need to move to NYC because there is a lack of targets for you in the Redoubt. You can’t be very effective there. Real Freedom fighters take the war to the enemy. They do not sit and wait for the enemy to come to the. 🙂

              • Mr. Smith….do you believe in the importance of like minded individuals coming together in an agreed upon place to have numbers to resist the coming storm? Or, do you think that individuals will be able to sustain themselves whilst fighting off the hungry hordes? Curious as to your educated opinion. Thank You

          • The thing is at bundy ranch they reacted,made the situation public and got it in the eye of the nation,and,seemed some folks willing to actually fight,tis a great start/example in my book,hell,multiply that a few 1000 times and we might get somewhere as a country.

            • Warchild: The idea that Americans are willingly to fight and take up arms against a Rogue government is great! But that fight MUST be justifiable.

              Supporting a millionaire rancher who is grazing his herd on tax[pey land and refusing to pay his grazing fees and vacate the land is NOT justifiable.

              Armed Militia at the Mexican Border willing to shoot Invaders IS a just cause because these Invaders are breaking the law and denying American Sovereignty. 🙂

          • Durango Kidd is a statist, pure and simple. He bashes on Bundy Ranch because he hates the idea of people actually going outside the establishment structure he worships to defy corruption. He would much rather see us toiling away in the controlled paradigm of politics and the courts, asking the government to police itself.

            The bottom line is that the people at Bundy Ranch SUCCEEDED; the BLM ran away and the cattle were returned. If they had used Durango’s methods, the Bundy family would be in jail, or their farm business would be destroyed, or they would be dead. It’s hard to argue with success, but Durango will certainly try, because at his core he is a statist apologist and/or propagandist, and such people will never see reason. In fact, their purpose is to subvert reason.

            • Larry Klayman is accomplishing much, much, more than you have ever dreamed of, through the Courts with the law. He is the example to follow until a government thug comes to your front door and demands your guns.

              If they do, kill them. Until then, there is a more effective way to fight the NWO. Pandering to the crowd here at SHTF Plan isn’t getting your mission accomplished. They already believe what you believe.

              Klayman however is. We need a thousand lawyers like Larry Klayman. 🙂

        • When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused of Aiding “The Enemy”. The Hell You Say! When War Erupts, We Will Be The Enemy. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

          • Mountain Trekker 1000 thumbs up

          • Hey has anyone noticed the usage of “militant” and especially the term “militia” to refer to middle eastern terrorists lately?
            The war has already begun.

            • Yes and Patriots will be toast from 55,000 feet if they do not organize a political movement to support personal liberty and their Constitutional Rights.

              On another note, I may be wrong, but I have a Franklin that says the Scots will vote for Independence in a close vote, remain in the EU, and be training 1,000 personnel at Ft Campbell Kentucky to join NATO before its all said and done.

              We’ll see. 🙂

              • I agree DK, and it will empower the Italian movement to secceed. Watch this one close.

                • Hammer,Spain is a place that also has a fairly large succession movement.

              • durango kidd says:

                “…if they do not organize a political movement to support personal liberty.”

                Who are you kidding???

                You don’t support “Personal Liberty!” Your comments on this forum speak for themselves!

                You’re a big government/Fascist apologist. You’ve spelled that out for us here with regular consistency!

                Note to the durango kidd: Big government/Fascism IS the antithesis of personal liberty!

                • YMWW: Be specific asswipe. Which personal liberties do I NOT support? 🙂

                  • DK asked, “Which personal liberties do I NOT support?”

                    The answer is: All of them.

                    You claim to support only leadership of a worldly divine one which will be able to rectify the situation. Thus, your clamor for Leadership, as if People cannot think and act for themselves.

                    You claim, “the Free Market”, as many people know it, is defunct. You disparage it by calling it, “garage sale economics” when it’s true name is: Freedom of Individuals To Trade Without The Oversight of Overlords.

                    You wish to be one of the overlords.

                  • ANON: ALL of them? LMAO!!! Be specific asswipe. Example your claim by my posts. They are in the archives!!! 🙂

              • Scotland has a great chance here, but will instead install a government even more leftist than that of the UK.

                • Perhaps Joe,but will soon come to realization that it won’t work,some folks in Europe/the world smartening up,enuff,time will tell.

        • What hills in SC are you from, hillbilly SC?

          • Hey Unreconstructed Southron, 🙂

            Were keeping our heads down in Oconee County. We look out towards Walhalla. Great town, but still live in the foothills.

            Guess you can say we live full time at or BOL. 😉
            Only thing that can go wrong ’round these parts is if the boys don’t keep our 3 nukes cool.

            BI got me to thinking about a quake and what it can do here. Made some adjustments to how we plan. 😉
            When I can save up enough money one day (ain’t that all of us) 🙂 I’ll be heading to G’ville for a gun show. Hope to meet up with Snake eater then. Till then it’s just a dream.

            Just to let y’all know, the mrs. and I finally got a Victorio tomato strainer. Wish I knew about it sooner. (Like a couple of years ago) The tomato sauce is perfect. We were using a food processor to puree the tomatoes (skin and seeds) before canning. Now it looks like real tomato sauce when we can it. 🙂

            I try not to get involved with the politics here to much 🙁 just really like to learn what others are doing. We’ve been at this game since the early 90’s. and still pick up new tips/things not thought of from everyone now and then. As the ol’ saying goes S.H.D.D. 🙂

            We enjoy what we are given/work for, hope y’all are doing the same.

            Goodnight y’all.
            As Andy would say; “y’all act like ya got some sense.” 🙂

            hillbilly SC

            • Pretty country. Have a friend with land a half-mile off the Chattooga south of Russell bridge. Wish I had a few acres near him.

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                Yea, that’s a Lil’ futher up the road from the homestead.
                We love to go up to the bridge after a heavy rain and walk over to Bull Sluice and watch it run. That is a lot of power!!!

                Just remember to stop at the Steak house on main street for some fried chicken, mac and cheese pie and a veggie next time ya come thru. 🙂

                Take care,

                hillbilly SC

                • Hill,you lost me @ veggie!I am going to eat fried chicken and M&C last thing I want is a “veggie”,and yes,do eat many veggies and fruits.

                • Maybe we’ll run into each other and can ‘talk shop.’

        • Are you ready to fight against ALL levels
          of law enforcement ?
          They are ready to fight you, and will do so
          without hesitation so that they can keep their jobs.

        • THIS IS IT; the absolute possibility of the definite maybe is probably coming to pass sometime, eventually, in the near future. It’ll be a financial crisis created by a gold Islamic state coin replacing the dollar followed quickly by a EMP form multiple small dirty-nukes and then the finally will be Ebola infected west Africans smuggled across the border to all the non-nuked medium and small cities. I think that about covers it. It’s TEOTWAWKI Time !!!

      2. To all: I appreciate the ability to post jokes here, I hope it makes your day to laugh…
        And to everyone who posts their jokes here, I enjoy them all. In no way do I have a monopoly on joke telling. So if I have posted this one before, excuse me, sometimes my CRS KICKS IN and it is hard to remember if I have posted this before… Getting old is not fun, but in my mind I feel 18 still, maybe some of you can relate to this….Enjoy
        Several days ago as I left a meeting at a hotel; I desperately gave myself
        a personal TSA pat down. I was looking for my keys. They were not in my

        A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing. Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the car. Frantically, I headed for the parking lot.

        My husband has scolded me many times for leaving the keys in the ignition.
        My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them. His theory is that the car will be stolen.

        As I burst through the door, I came to a terrifying conclusion. His theory
        was right. The parking lot was empty. I immediately called the police. I
        gave them my location, confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and
        that it had been stolen.

        Then I made the most difficult call of all, “Honey,” I stammered; (I always call him “honey” in times like these.) “I left my keys in the car, and it’s been stolen.”

        There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been dropped, but
        then I heard his voice. “Are you kiddin’ me?”, he barked. “I dropped you off!”

        Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I said, “Well, come and get me.”

        He retorted, “I will, as soon as I convince this cop I didn’t steal your car.”
        Yep, it’s the golden years.

        • CRS = Can’t remember sh!t

          • Happy Birthday to myself and the US Constitution!

            • eppe, leaning toward the mature age bracket myself
              endears me to your old folks jokes. Here’s another.

              The gal at the house of ill repute sees this geezer
              coming up the walk. She says to herself, this will
              be an easy hundred bucks.

              Once inside after a little small talk was over the
              old guy requested a prophylactic, and a pair of nose
              plugs. Puzzled, the gal says “I can understand wanting
              to use a prophylactic, but what are the nose plugs for?”

              The old guy looked up at her wryly and said, “I can’t
              stand the smell of burning rubber!”

              • Hey Wrong — It’s Coffee Royal Time ……

              • Years ago at work a coworker noticed that my elbow was skinned up. She asked me what happened. I told her it was a “sheet burn.” She almost rolled on the floor laughing.

          • The nice thing about “old timer’s” is that I keep meeting the nicest people over and over and over again ….

            • Whats the best thing about having dementia?

              you get to make new friends everyday…

            • You can also hide your own Easter eggs.

        • Priceless

          • Off Topic…

            WARNING: Reports say 5 million online passwords have been leaked… and yours could be one of them

            Regardless, Google recommends all Gmail users update (and strengthen) their passwords immediately, and enable the extra security feature called “two-step authentication.”

            Check to see if your Gmail Account was Hacked

            • Hmmm….you using google,you deserve it.

            • I don’t have a “Govt Mail surveillance” account.

        • Heres a security article I wrote for you all, enjoy!
          Article #2 Security:

          Disclaimer: All information in this article is for educational purposes only. Actual use of any and all information is the sole responsibility of the reader.

          Most people know the basics of security. Here are some ideas that may help enhance your security
          measures and give you a better chance of escaping threats.

          1: Security window film: Using high strength window film greatly reduces ability to break in through windows and is blast resistant. Learn more here.. http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/Window_Film/Solutions/Markets-Products/Commercial/Safety-Security_Window_Films/Ultra_Protection_Series/

          2: Solid steel/fiberglass doors: Most exterior doors are wood and can be crashed through without much problem. Use fire rated steel or fiberglass doors with heavy duty hinges. Also reinforce the door frames with either steel and bolts or wood beams and deep lag bolts. Interior doors should also at a minimum be solid wood. Remember the movies where the main doors had the wood beam across them held in by steel U shaped brackets? You can do that too pretty easily!

          #3: Shrubery: Plant window high thorn bushes under your windows at least 2 feet out. This will certainly slow down or even stop anyone trying to get window access. Plant berries if you want then you can also harvest food from your effort!

          #4 Strategicly placed furniture: Most home crimes are likely to happen at night when your in bed. Use a fairly tall bookcase packed with books either on the outside or inside of the bedroom wall that faces into the homes interior. This will make an effective bullet stop in the event of a firefight. Leave a gap in the books just large enough to shoot and see whats outside the wall. Cut the drywall out behind the window you made in the bookshelf. If someone breaks in you can engage them without being seen and have some protection. Also have a lock on your door into the room. Use this with a dresser too or any heavy furniture you can pack with stopping material. This is for any room you want to have a form of cover in a firefight.

          #5 Surviellance cameras: Cameras and monitors are not very expensive and will give you a great advantage should you come under siege. Place a camera on the front, back, sides or any place that you feel is best around your house. Night vision cameras are best and cheap too. Have a monitor in your bedroom and saferoom or wherever you feel you need it. Here are some links to get you started..
          http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-700TVL-CCTV-Surveillance-Security-Day-Night-3-6mm-Outdoor-Waterproof-IR-Camera-/111297925987?pt=US_Security_Cameras&hash=item19e9df9363 cameras http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Inch-TFT-LCD-Color-2-Video-Input-DVD-VCR-Car-RearView-Monitor-With-Headrest-/181470901834?pt=US_Rear_View_Monitors_Cams_Kits&hash=item2a4082364a#ht_2898wt_898 monitor http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-SANNCE-100ft-Black-Security-Camera-Video-Power-Cable-BNC-RCA-Wire-for-DVR-CCTV-/271433649552?pt=US_Surveillance_Cables_Adapters_Connectors&hash=item3f32b4cd90 cables
          Put a camera in your living space inside to see whats going on in your bedroom etc. You can also get 4 channel monitors. For long distance surviellance use wireless with this… http://www.ebay.com/itm/Audio-Video-Transmitter-Sender-Receiver-2-4GHz-Wireless-3W-4channel-US-Delivery-/191331665027?pt=US_Audio_Video_Transmitters&hash=item2c8c418483

          #6 Gas grenades: These will help protect your home while your away. Guaranteed to scare the crap out of anyone! http://www.burglarbomb.com/

          #7 Floor escape hatches: Make a hatch in the floor of a closet or other unoticable place as a way to get under the house and away if you have under house access. Make sure you can close it after you enter and it remains unseen. Once under the house make an exit to underneath a deck or getaway area. This is another good place for a monitor for your surviellance. Place a 12 volt battery nearby to power the monitor.

          #8 Escape routes: Make an escape route from your home concealed by plants/bushes, anything that can be used to hide you and get you away from the house. You can also bury a septic tank with a hatch that is concealed to hide in next to the house or getaway area.

          #9 Safe rooms: You can build a good safe room out of solidly filled concrete blocks and a good security door. Make sure you can access it easily and keep it stocked with water, food, cellphone or 2 way radio.

          #10 Smoke bomms: You can use smoke grenades to fill your house with smoke. This will confuse the intruder and give you an opportunity to get away since you already know the layout of your house and they don’t.

          #11 Alarm systems: A good battery backup home alarm is essential. Here is one that is affordable, long range, has many many accessories, battery backup… http://www.skylinkhome.com/

          #12 Motion detector lights: These are cheap and available everywhere. Install them on all sides of your house and if you want add some to the inside too! Night lights also help, make sure they expose the area you want too see NOT the area you will defend from!

          #13 Hiding spots: Make false walls or hidden floor comartments to hide your valuables. To protect against fire bury your items in a well sealed pvc tube outside. Make sure any firearms are accessible!

          #14 Driveway alarms: These are fairly cheap and great to have! If you need long distance (mine works 1/2 mile away) try this… http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dakota-Alert-Radio-Transmitter-Kit-DK-MURS-HT-KIT-/301238844091?pt=US_Surveillance_Security_Systems&hash=item46233bfabb#ht_2336wt_1006 search around for the best price..

          #15 Distractions: At home depot you can buy remote control light switches for about 15 bucks. Use these to operate lights or anything else that will take attention away from the area you are in. For example.. You are in your bedroom and have the bookcase window mentioned earlier. Someone breaks in and its dark. You turn on a light that is the opposite direction from you and it will make them immediately focus on that area meanwhile you do what you need to do from your bookcase window..

          Thats it for now I hope this helps you. I will have another post on force multipliers before long so watch for it. Be safe and prep on!

          • Great ideas…I’m always looking for more. Thanks! 🙂

            • Genius,saw something similar on UScrow,has anyone actually used the window film?I like ideas that harden a homes security without making it look like someone is there and has value to protect.

              • I have a friend that does window tinting and he says it works great. Im not sure what brand he told me about but he said it stopped an axe and dinamite didnt break it either.

          • Genius,

            Thank you! These are very useful ideas for security!

            I copied, pasted and printed this.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

      3. Brandon has nailed it BIG TIME

        I’m a HUGE history buff
        and have been studying the wars we have been involved in
        I came to the same conclusion that he did

        we are being played
        and our sons and daughters sent to the sausage grinder
        so someone can profit $$$

        “”Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

        –Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

        • Satori, Last I checked the sausage grinder was voluntary. Best to educate your kids on exactly what this article talks about. If they try and conscript you into the sausage grinder you have nothing to lose at that point and should deal with them accordingly. It’s all coming to a head and how you percieve and deal with it will determine how you come out on the other side of this mess. Don’t fall for war machine propaganda… 🙂

          • On another note: yesterday I posted a link to a device to make an electric water heater run on solar and got a ton of thumbs down. WTH is with that? A standard solar water heater setup is 8-10K and requires a lot of plumbing and BS. This system requires NO plumbing and is about 1100 bux all together. Also you can switch the solar panels to produce electric power for off grid. A 2 for 1 deal. I guess no good idea escapes the thumbs down.. 🙁

            • Genius,buck up buddy!I’ll go back and give you a thumbs up.Here,just for you: ht tp://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/federal-174-champion-8482-solid-22-lr-40-grain-rimfire-ammunition/pid-1002121?N=131541342+4294963543 ,Federal .22 LR at .05 a round,feeling better yet?

              • Thanks WC! Champion is even better than federal, it doesnt have that stupid copper plating to make it feed better and keep it cleaner. 🙂

              • WC, Thank you again I am feeling better! Nothing like the peace of mind having federal ammo! Let’s have a beer sometime 🙂

                • Well,be glad to but have to be coffee for me,really needed to put down the bottle!Now,it hits the fan,two sealed bottles of Jack(yes,they are glass bottles!)waiting.We could also hit the backwoods and burn out any of that pesky Federal(cease&desist,it’s coming!)of course saving the brass.

            • Ignore the trolls…they don’t want great information like that getting out 🙂

              • Tis the season
                for war and treason
                If my cohorts and I are to be labelled Traitors
                Then I’ll wear that label with pride.

                • We’ve been enabling and aiding the enemy for centuries now through taxes and votes.

        • That’s not the same with America. America’s leaders are tools of the globalists. The globalists control the leadership of both political parties, they control the media, and they own the big banks.

          • Barn Cat…. Can you name the globalists who are in control of the media and the central banks? Also can you name the lobbyist group controlling both parties?

            If you be honest I won’t call your father Satan either.

            • I am NOT anti-Jewish at all. In fact, they are God’s chosen people. But they are NOT God’s chosen people right or wrong, as a quick tour of the Old Testament will tell you. To answer your question, without even thinking more than then seconds, here’s just a few: Greenspan, then Bernanke, now Yellen – who barely beat out Jewish Larry Summers. Geithner is Jewish, Jack Lew is Jewish, George Soros is Jewish, Henry Kissinger is Jewish. Give me a full minute, and I could come up with dozens more.

              As noted below, it seems the issue is that there are practicing Jews, and liberal, big-govt, cultural-only Jews. The latter are leading the world to disaster. However, we should not conflate Judaism/practicing with the Jew-cum-big-govt types, as noted above. This is the best I can see it, where I am trying to keep the fact that the Jew is God’s chosen people, but at the same time we see so much evil done by certain Jews. As noted below, what I can make out is that many Jews, with a history of oppression and pogroms, have tried to take over the political and financial levers to prevent something like this from happening in the US. Of course, just like in the USSR, it backfired. If I were Jewish, I would focus on *doing good*, not taking financial and political power. In fact, this whole political misperception about the Messiah led them to miss Christ Himself – expecting a *political* solution to the Romans – and in turn losing their very country of Israel for 2000 years. It seems that once again the same mistake is being made. That is the best I have been able to sort this out.

              • The Jews are not God’s chosen people they are Of Khazarian stock that converted to Judaism 800 A.D. This is a lie that has been implanted within the church. Rev. 3:9. The Israelites were Hebrews. The word Jew should be read Judahite within scriptures, as it was changed by the scribes and is not the original text. The rest of the tribes were taken into Assyria and were dispersed north and west through the Caucus Mountains, or the pass of Israel. God divorced Israel but not Judah. God said He would disperse Israel throughout the earth and it is not those who are presently in Palestine You need to research this.

            • I’ll do it for him.

              The Bilderberg Group for the most part with honorable mention to the Trilateral Commission. If your ultra wealthy and powerful your a member and attend their meetings or in the case of politicians have someone there representing you. No lobby group necessary. Obscure politicians like Bill Clinton go from an unknown governor to President. Interestingly he attended a BB Group meeting prior to being nominated. Some need not be brought in as the Bush family has been intimately involved with the globalists since Prescott was a US Senator.

              Administrations change, political party’s change but policy transcends the “change” in leadership. Vote for Bush 41 you get NAFTA, vote for Clinton you get NAFTA. Its the same with deregulating the financial industry, using the US Military.

              “We The People” control nothing of significance. Self government is an illusion.

            • RE: “Can you name the globalists who are in control of the media and the central banks? Also can you name the lobbyist group controlling both parties?”

              I’ve seen that list online.
              There’s a whole string of names.
              It’s not a secret.
              They are open about their desires.
              Thankfully there will come a time when they will run out of other People’s money and they will fall flat on their faces.

        • Satori, Bush Jr. and the neocon scum certainly followed that script to the letter when they perpetrated 9/11. We’ve had lies, slander, and propaganda spewed out against us by both parties even before 9/11. People who love this country have been an endangered species for decades. Let the scum who run this country bring it on, just bring it the f#$% on and we’ll see who wins.

        • Brandon AND you are spot on!!

        • Satori says: it all.

      4. I think the mankind is being setup by the Satanic monsters in control. The war itself will benefit only the banksters while people killing each other.

        • It’s interesting when you use the word “satanic” because you hate the Jews just like your father Satan hates the Jews. If you don’t repent you’ll spend eternity in hell with him.

          • Barn Cat…. Do you see any references to Jews in my comment? Why you automatically relate Satan to Jews and then blame others for your perception. Satan can be a Muslim, A Jew, a Christian or any other human looking monsters who destroys other humans either by killing them like the ISIS monsters or destroys their lives via financial controls and manipulation. A Christian who has abused kids in the church is Satan. A Jew who controls the money and destroy lives by fake wars to keep the satanic greed is a Satan. A Muslim who kills innocents under a religion justification is Satan.

            So the net is unless you know something that I don’t know you are very sensitive to the title. In addition my father was a very kind man and God bless his souls. He wasn’t satan as you described.

            • Anonymous:

              There is only one Satan; the rest are just his minions……

          • No matter how many times that cat gets kicked.

            He still keeps coming around spraying.

            Where’s a chinese cook when you need one?

            Here kitty, kitty, kitty

          • @ Barn Cat,

            Just who are the Jews you are blessing?

            There are those that are descendants of the tribe of Judah and Benjamin and some from Levi, that are true jewish bloodlines. Most of those don’t even know,realize, or care about their ancestory.

            Then there are those that call themselves jews, but are of the synagog of satan. The majority of the residents of Israel today are not of the true jewish bloodline.
            They call themselves jews because of the way they worship or because of being born into families that call themselves jews. They also call themselves jews because it is a modern practice to call “anyone” that resides in the nation of Israel as jewish.

            There are too many “if’s involved for the majority of folks to know who the true jews are, and where they are.

            We do know that God knows, and that is all that matters.

            I would be careful at judging another human being to “hell” just because you think they are casting “hate”, towards those that call themselves jews.
            Besides, who determined that all Israelites became known as jews anyway? I’ll tell you, it was the ones that thought they where somehow God’s chosen, if they called themselves jews.

            Just my two cents on the subject of “jew hating”.

            • I dont understand all the jew hate stuff either.
              Whats it all about ?
              Theres good folks and bad folks , the brand of chosen religion shouldnt pigeon hole anyone as bad.
              If ya wanna beat down religion why not beat down islam it seems more like a cult or political movement.

              • Hammerhead I’m with you. I don’t understand it either but what I’m hearing is the same hate coming out of their mouth as those that want to kill me, my family and my country and no I’m not jew, I’m a step child by birth right, I’m Scot Irish, bred to fight.

                • Damn screen! I wanted to give yu a thumbs UP!

          • Read the New Testament, BC. Jesus called the leaders of the Jews, the Pharisees, the Synagogue of Satan. If a Christian, do you read the NIV Bible – the one with footnotes by the conman Schofield? He was funded by a Zionist Jew named Untermeyer to make the NT more Jew-friendly. The Synagogue of Satan is alive and well, and will see Christianity destroyed as they tried to do in Russia, if given a chance. They used Christian against Christian there, and murdered 60 million. Christ said the leaders of the Jews were liars like their father, Satan. They seek world dominion under their king, the Anti-Christ. I do not hate Jews. I hate the Satanic few amongst them who have almost destroyed Christian civilization, as I hate phony Christian ministers like rabbi Hagee who lead their flocks into damnation. Abortion, homosexuality and pedophilia are openly pushed by our Jewish-owned media. Do not be a dupe of those Christ warned us of 2000 years ago. They murdered Him, and will murder you, whatever your faith, for their master Satan hates God’s creation.

            • The more I see, it seems there is a distinction between real Jews, and the leftist, practical atheist Jew, who is no more Jewish than some liberal Methodist is a Christian. I am pro-Israel, but do not agree with all the culturally only Jews running the money. To wit: Greenspan, then Bernanke, now Yellen – who barely beat out Jewish Larry Summers. All big government Jews. Geithner is Jewish, Jack Lew is Jewish, George Soros is Jewish, Henry Kissinger is Jewish, the list goes on and on. The best I can make of this is that, as the Jewish Norman Podhoretz once said, a lot of Jews came from Eastern Europe, where they were minorities, and often victims of pogroms. So, it is now in the DNA – at least of these types – to prevent this from ever happening again by taking over the reigns of power – financial and political. And this leads to big government and all kinds of stupidity. And of course, as we saw in the USSR, this eventually backfires on them, as they have jettisoned the Judeo-Christian God for a mess of political pottage. As you know, Jews eventually were again repressed in the USSR.

              This is all a repeat, really, of the Old Testament, where Jews rebelled against God (there it was a golden calf, here it is just gold alone), and reaped the consequences. Jews are STILL God’s chosen people, and I fully support Israel and its right to exist. But just as we saw in the Old Testament, God does not support *evil*, even if it is done by His people the Jews.

          • Barn Cat do you really know who Jews are?

        • as long as dumb men are willing to fight for the corporation, bankers, politicians, they will be willing to let you die for them.



        Bush and Obama did a great job of rescuing Wall Street
        and they did it by throwing Main Street under the bus

        the 99% are being looted of what little we have
        to further enrich the 1%

        and when there is nothing left to loot ???
        they’ll start a war

        • Agreed. They rob us until nothing is left, then kill us.

        • Yep, and Paul Craig Roberts was saying how he didn’t understand some of the moves being played (financially) by TPTB, but he figured what they could be doing is setting things up so that more cities can be ransacked just like what happened in Greece and Detroit… he tells about this in an interview (see right side of his page– interview).

          Also, heard TPTB plan to fund all the wars they are going to have in progress by looting social services– welfare, food stamps, social security, etc.

          • If their plan is to loot social services, it would make perfect sense that they make those budgets as large as possible, before they start dipping in. Those budgets are getting pretty ripe for the pickings, I might add…

      6. They need to be careful prying my rifle from my cold dead hands cuz the barrel is gonna be steaming hot. Messing with my liberties is like messing with my emotions.

      7. great article

      8. “In war, dissent is often labeled treason, and free speech is labeled a peacetime privilege.”

        Valid point. Hurricane Katrina is a prime example of government using a national emergency to enact unconstitutional policies. They used this disaster to trample on the 2nd Amendment and confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. That was under a gun “friendly” president

        I often come to the defense of law enforcement and some of their tactics on this site, but how any LE could take a weapon from someone when they needed it most is beyond comprehension. Those LEOs should be ashamed. They swore to uphold the law and the constitution.

        • “In war, dissent is often labeled treason, and free speech is labeled a peacetime privilege.”

          This unless your decent is focused on winning the whitehouse from a republican.

          Quagmire!!!! Quagmire!!!!!! Quagmire!!!!!! shouts ted kennedy from the steps of congress as our troops are fighting in a far off land.

        • How could they take away people’s firearms? It’s simple really, they were ordered to do so. The social behavior of “group think” will guarantee the confiscation of said firearms in a declared state of emergency. After all it is for “officer safety”.

          • Yeah, I’m sure those people holed up in their dry homes, watching out for only their own property, made those LEOs feel REAL unsafe…

      9. something tells me that Brandon Smith will deny that WWII was orchestrated by these same types of maniacs and was the “Good War”, right?


        • No, I wouldn’t say that. In fact, it was international bankers and corporations who first funded the rise of the Nazi party. Read Antony Sutton’s book ‘Wall Street And The Third Reich’ for in depth information.

          This, though, does not take away from the bravery of the U.S. soldiers who volunteered to fight perhaps the most terrifying army seen in centuries. Those men, in their hearts, were fighting for freedom, even if their leaders were not.

          • “Trading With The Enemy” is pretty good reading too. I recommend “Best Evidence” by David Lifton and of course , “The Creature from Jekyll Island” (but that takes some time to digest).

          • And, before that those same International Bankers funded the Bolshevik Communists in Russia in WW1. Brandon, can anyone explain why the millions upon millions of people killed by the Communists in Russia, China, etc. seem to be of no concern as far as history goes.

            The holocaust pales in comparison to what happened to those people; yet all we hear is Nazi. Why?

            Is it because there is just a newer generation of those Bolshevik communists behind their quest to own the world and they use the smokescreen of the “Nazi/Muslim” hysteria to keep the populations in the dark as to who the real enemies of freedom are.

            It is not “Nazis” prepared to brainwash America into sending their kids into WW3 is it Brandon. The last time I checked AIPAC and our feral federal government is not made up of Nazis….

      10. I think we are all fooling ourselves. History? What does the majority of the American people know about history. The only people this article has any meaning to is US. The rest could give a flying fuck in the meat house. Maybe we need a reality check for I do not see anybody doing the things that need to be done except bitching. Our numbers are spread thin and we are seriously outnumbered either by the fat, dumb and happy or by the authorities that mean to kill us.

        Oh, it is a good article, but the discussion of the political or geo-political will be far from our minds when the bullets start to fly.

        • Sadly , SLINGSHOT , You are sooo right .

          OT …..
          I am building a house for a GM employee that is so damn stupid and brainwashed that i wanna scream.
          AARGH ! There i feel better.
          This guy aint got a clue, dont watch the news and just bitchs about “management” at GM tryin to fuck him over.
          “I CALLED THE UNION STEWARD !they cant make me work saturday ” !
          What a lazy fuck. he dont have a clue how good he has it or what is goin on in the world , at all .
          Thanks all for permiting mt OT rant. 🙂 better now.

          • Take every fucking cent you can from the dumb bastard and feather your nest with whatever you need.

            Pennies from heaven brother, pennies from heaven…soon there will be none to get.

          • hammerhead

            Ask that guy who got NAFTA through, who deregulated Wall Street allowing the financial fox to be in control of the economic chicken coup and who signed China Free Trade that facilitated a nice piece of GM to manufacture in China.

            Reply……..Bush, Republicans…….them guys.

            In reality the Republicans push for the above. The MSM calls them on it. The public votes for their friend of labor the Democrats and they accomplish what the Republicans proposed. The MSM sits silent and the masses of asses got hoodwinked due to their lack of attention and culpable ignorance.

      11. “We have no reason to take this threat lightly. Everywhere in the West there are subversive minorities who sheltered by our humanitarianism and our sense of justice, hold the incendiary torches ready, with nothing to stop the spread of their ideas except the critical reason of a single, fairly intelligent, mentally stable stratum of the population.”


      12. “When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding “The Enemy””

        We already are.
        And my opinion is , the “war” has already started

        • I’m all thumbs (up) for that statement, VRF.

        • I absolutely agree. There is a good 25 minute interview with John Embry over at usawatchdog via Greg Hunter.

          Check it out if you haven’t…he says it is a financial war for the most part.

          Everyone knows that nuking the fuck out of everyone is a loose/loose scenario.

      13. As Americans we are at war inside and outside of the country. All we can do is take as many as we can with us when we go…goverment is going to win in the end……or maybe China or Russia.

        • Sorry to correct you Jim and no disrespect;

          but, the gov/PTB only “think” they have won, and that timeframe will only be for a very brief period in history.

          As long as you can pull a coin out of your pocket and it says “In God We Trust” on it, and that coin will be accepted for payment anywhere in the USA, and…..we as citizens, are still able to travel and cross state lines without stoppage; we are still free for the most part and the gov/PTB haven’t won yet.

          However; when the day comes that all that ceases, then look up for our redemption is nigh,and coming in the sky; and it won’t be much longer before the absoute Power takes over and the evil bastards will go to the pits of hell, with their leader.


        • Have to disagree with you Jim in VA.God Almighty wins in the end.

        • going to get worse, Satori– wars, wars, and rumors of wars

      14. Without a doubt, Brandon Smith is one of the most important authors / researchers / journalists / essayists in the alternative media. The target on his back must be huge. God Speed and kudos to him for telling it like it is. If knowledge is power, then we are all a bit stronger today.

        • I’ll take Brandon Smith, a straight shooter, over the liar Dave Hodges anyday.

          • Good Evening Sir!

            I’ll second your opinion! Hodges is a fraud.

            • Howdy, Townsaver. Brandon Smith is one of the best writers I’ve ever encountered and he’s usually spot on with his analysis. Hodges is just as bogus as the day is long. Take care.

              • I don’t think Hodges is a fraud. I think he honestly believes everything he says. I just wonder where he gets some of that stuff. 🙁

      15. I have given some thought on what the first engagement would be like. Who would be the enemy? How would I know?
        Would he be black or white. Christian, Islamic or Jew. Will I hear a foreign language like Russian or Spanish. What age will he be. What uniform will he wear or just plain civilian clothes.

        Something to think about.

        • Slingshot, it won’t matter what the enemy is wearing or what they say. If they point any kind of weapons at you, neutralize them if you want to live.

        • The enemy will be anyone who tries to force you into anything. Also the enemy is anyone making demands…

          • Genius, anyone who thinks they can demand anything from braveheart is in for a very rude awakening.

      16. I fear there is no convincing the asleep of reality, as they slumber in dreamland. In fact, I propose that we no longer refer to them as “asleep”, but as “comatose”. Anyone who isn’t awake by now, probably never will be…

        • They are in cryogenic sleep, completely oblivious to everything. They are only awakened to perform a specific task and then put back to sleep.

      17. So what have we to do if all the information is disinformation or lies? From whatever source.

        All we have left is the Constitution to rely upon. Other news as to the reliability is to see it with our own eyes. Word of mouth would be suspect. Who do you trust?

        We are not even on the battlefield and look at the confusion.

      18. I thought by this point that all real American citizens realized they are considered the”Enemy”,big fucking deal!

        • WD

          Have a good point there! But every American believes he is a Real American and not the enemy. Ask anyone if they are a real American and I am sure you would have a yes answer. Ask him if he is the enemy and get another type of comment.

      19. Thanks, Brandon, for pointing out once again that the propaganda about the “good guy” Russia/Putin is a lie.

        By studying the first WW you will know that no way would the Bolshevik (mostly Jew revolutionaries imported from the US) and financed by Goldman Sachs International banksters, would these Communists give up their grip on Russia.

        Like Brandon stated Russia is a member of the IMF and BIS, and is just another player in the grand scheme of the International Banksters, through the United Nations, to own and rule the world.

        Anyone thinking they are a backward country, unable to partcipate in the banksters schemes needs to do more research. Obama is bing portrayed as an “idiot” while Putin is being portrayed as “the man”. Both are puppets doing the bidding of the puppeteers.

        What do you think Obama meant when he said he could be more flexible in his second term when conversing with Putin?

        Why would anyone believe China and Russia will not be participants in WW3. Both of those countries are owned by International Banksters of the same ilk as the US; and plan on being part of the ownership of the New World Order.

        • POG, while I wish I could give you 1000 thumbs up but just wanted to give a heads up and warning since soon our community Barn Cat will claim your after was Satan. Maybe that’s a good news since it makes all of the awaken Americans as brother and sisters.

        • @ po granny,
          Thanks for the quick work of explaining the Russia/Putin,USA/Obama, and China involvement into the NWO. It is all staged for the benefit of the blind sheep.

          This Ukraine/Russian deal was all planned and orchestrated by TPTB. Putin is just one of those powers.

          All the BS about sanctions against Russians and their banking/economy was another smokescreen.

          And… folks go, “what smokescreen”?

          Simply put, how do we know for sure if even one sanction went into place?

          As far as i can tell there is only “one”(sanction), that actually, went into place, and that was the one that benefitted the liberal agenda here in the USA, and that was the stoppage of imports of Russian guns, more specifically the AK’s, aka Kalashnikov-family of weapons.
          Everything else was a smokescreen to prevent the real result from being seen as another attack on personal freedoms.

          Incremental assault and bleeding off of personal liberties and freedoms of American citizens, that is the end game. When there is nothing else to lose and nothing left to legally fight with, most will give in and give up. That is what they/TPTB want as an end result.

          They are getting closer everyday, but not with me.

      20. Anyone give me advice on how to sell gold and silver at almost spot price? This patriot is already an enemy because In have more value gold and silver then the fools with fiat money.

      21. I am in the unique position of having the option to live in the USA or Russia, with minimal fuss, as my wife is from Rostov, and my children have dual citizenship.

        But objectively looking at the situation it becomes clear that Putin is just as corrupted as Obama, and just as much of a puppet. As well, knowing that the financial collapse will be a global event, with nowhere to run of hide, we have decided to stay here.


        Because here we have access to plenty of weapons, something not available in Russia in any meaningful amount. This is THE deciding factor. So here is where we will make our stand.

        • World situation aside, personally i think it would be a hoot to live somewhere like that for a spell, but that for me i would be working in my profession, so country and nature, Russian agriculture sector, not sure what it would be like if ya had to find an office job or something like that, be a good experience for your kids too.
          Just my opinion

        • Obama and Putin are one and the same.

          • Putin knows the heartbeat of russia and plays to it. obama is ignorant and plays to the ignorant.

            • RickInOregon:

              From another Oregonian…..

              You do not honestly believe that Obama is “ignorant”, do you?

              Could you honestly believe he did not know what the PTB had in mind for him when he was selected to be the next President? He no more “runs” the agenda of our government and the military then you and I do.

              He is dancing to the tune they are playing for him as fast as he can. The PTB Zionist International Bankers own him and his boyfriend Mooshelle, lock, stock,and barrel.

              • POG, respectfully here’s my reply.

                I believe that mankind is self serving, that it’s layered and at it’s core, fear, greed, comfort is it’s driving force. I don’t believe in an all powerful PTB. The boogie man PTB is in conflict with the nature of man.

                I do believe that there’s families that have acquired power, elite status and have manipulated the political environment to their benefit. I also think that they scheme and battle with each other to maintain their life style and do all they can to fend off those that are ruthless enough to rise up to challenge them. New ones rise and old ones falls. Some of their institutions last for hundreds of year but they also evolve into something that the originators wouldn’t recognize.

                I don’t think they have agreements that are thousands of years old that they would honor.

                I do think that to give the leadership of this country or any major country the excuse that they are the puppets of “TPTB” is a cop out and is lazy thinking.

                Yes I do think that obama is ignorant and doesn’t understand the American heartbeat but that’s only one of his traits. I do think that he plays to the ignorant and that’s been his winning strategy. I think he’s shrewd and plays his hand to the fullest of his abilities.

                Who are the ignorant that he plays? look at who’s put their reputation on the line to support him. Every left wing organization, the press, the media, academia but then I’m being redundant. The government dependency class, from big oil to the the welfare queen to the RINOs. All of these are invested in obama and are reluctant to admit they chose the wrong person to back.

                • RickInOregon:

                  Are you suggesting that all the people you mentioned were to put it kindly “foolish” and they know now they backed the wrong person? Do you really think those highly educated people did not know who they were buying, and why? Really?

                  Are you suggesting that Romney would have been the better choice?

                  You need to research the Rothschilds down through history with all their “gold” and you will never pooh-pooh the belief that there is a “PTB” that controls, at this time in history, all selection of our presidents.

                  Obama would be JFK’d immediately if he was not carrying out his marching orders.

                  Obama = Complicit Communist

                  )bama = Ignorant, not so much

                  • They voted their ideology and supported what they though was a kindred spirit. At that time in history they would have never supported or voted for a McCain/Palin presidency. The second term election didn’t nearly have the support of the first. If the same second term election was to be held today Romney would win.

                    Nowhere in my reply to you did I say I supported anyone. I just stated that I don’t believe in the omnipotent power of the PTB. I have a different belief of what molds events than what you do.

                    As far as Romney being a better choice, I say yes he would have been better in some regards and no different in others and no worst in all.

        • Standing right beside you Breathial.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight” lms

      22. important news regarding EBOLA

        Experimental Drug Healed Monkeys Infected With Ebola


        will this success rate translate into humans ???

      23. A little off subject, but it is bothering me…
        I saw on the news last night that the US may send 3,000 troops to Africa to help with the Ebola situation. Not medical help but something? A noble cause I suppose.
        But then I thought – if we have 3,000 extra troops to do this, why don’t we have troops to seal our own southern border?

        • Because obamma is black and they dont care about the southern border.
          If the Ebola outbreak was in germany he would pull our peeps stationed there out.

        • Greywolf – how many of those troops will be bringing back a “gift” from the Ebola infected zone when they return? The military has form for treating it’s personnel as living petri dishes.

          Will they be condemned men forced to act as “small pox blankets” gifted to the American “natives” in order to depopulate the land ready for the advancing occupying powers perhaps?

          If you want to contain a horrific incurable disease then QUARANTINE has been the sensible solution throughout the ages. The same was done during the periodic outbreaks of the plague that altered the history of Europe and ended the original Feudal system. Leper colonies were set up, not to punish, but to protect the wiser community from a horrid pathogen. Instead we are deliberately flying in contaminants whenever the opportunity arises to highly populated locations like Atlanta?

          I hypothesis that perhaps the elite already have access to the genuine vaccine or cure for Ebola. From the initial measles vaccination campaign (remember patient zero was an innocent 2 year old baby?) this whole Ebola outbreak & it’s handling has raised more questions than have been answered by publicly available data to date imho.

          • Enough with the smallpox blankets bullshit. It is a lie. A liberal, America hating lie.

            Before the evil white man got to this continent, the Indians were doing a fine job of killing each other, as they have for thousands of years.

            This is the same shit along the lines of the poor ignorant pilgrims who were saved by the Indians. What a crock of shit. They could build great ships, stock them for the journey, sail across an ocean, and make landfall – but they were too stupid to be able to survive in the wild? With firearms? Yeah that is likely.

      24. ht tp://thehill.com/homenews/house/217906-lawmakers-unveil-bill-to-de-militarize-cops

        Nope I dont believe this for a second,, there aint no way they are going to give up anything..all they will do now is lie more and hide it

        • I am with ya on that VRF .
          In fact i read an article that stated they had doubled down on donations to police depts. and college police.
          The story you link to is more propaganda for the masses .

      25. I realized awhile back that trying to talking to most is a true waste of breath that could be used to further my preparations for the coming events whatever they may be. The non-prepares have been placed into a; [you owe me, free hand out, what is yours is mine, the Government will take care of me COMA]. I’m afraid it is totally irreversible condition. If any should awaken they will do away with themselves in short order after seeing what they face unprepared. If it was not against the law we should pull the plug on most of their life support systems now. In all seriousness when TSHTF and tens of thousands start dying the outbreak of disease is going to be over whelming for those of us that make through the first 90 to 120 days. IMHO we need to start passing on all ideas that we may use to fight the disease coming our way. Death producing conditions will not be confined to urban areas; rural areas will also have to deal with them. Just doing what it takes to survive will take its toll on most. At the end of the day, we that survive will be able to truly say; I FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! Stay safe my friends time grows short, make it count. Lt. Murphy: “Never end the FIGHT”!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

        • RR,
          I have been in areas where there has been mass loss of life , its unimaginable to the average person, animals start to feed on the dead in the case I saw was dogs in packs . People do die in mass numbers from exposure and bad water . I still have nightmares years later, there was a family that simply sat down on the road and gave up due to dehydration about 3 days prior in 100 degree heat the bodies were black and heavy bloated , the woman was about 8 months pregnant and must have miscarried , it had to be one of the most awful scenes I have every witnessed .
          The smell and the flies were unbelievable in the area of operations . I will never be a refugee if I can help it. The town was totally destroyed.

          I really believe I have seen a glimpse of hell.
          I hope to never have to experience it again.

          Mentally prepare to see things that should never be seen.

          Semper Fi 8541

        • River Rat.

          So True about the outbreak of a disease.

          I have saved on my computer, many articles concerning an Ebola outbreak. For my last transmission and as an act of kindness to others, is to send those articles to friends so there would be some hope of survival. They can either read or delete them. We are looking at about 50 articles and most likely load to the max a few mail boxes.

          Forgot to mention Marine Osprey’s have been sighted in daylight operations. Helo traffic during early morning hours over hunt camp. Four H46 and one H53

      26. They need to be careful trying pry my rifle from my cold dead hands cu the barrel is going to be a little hot. Messing with my liberties is like messing with my emotions. COME ON THEN!!!!!!

      27. Does it matter what reason dissenters are considered to be treasonous?

        A couple of days ago two state troopers were ambushed at their barracks during shift change. One was killed. They are searching for the killer. He has been classified as a survivalist extremist (even though he lived at home with his father) simply because he used a 308 from distance and they found a booklet on sniper tactics at his house.

        I think the author has promoted sniper training on here some time ago. I think he has painted a target on his back. Not sure if it’s any better to be labeled a survivalist extremist or a Russian influenced dissident when the rubber meets the road. Neither one will garner any affection from .gov.

        • JRS,
          You should see the MSM’s pictures of this guy today wearing a Checken Uniform and sporting an AK . It looks like he’s setting up for more mayhem. That area of PA is heavily wooded with major vertical elevations. I would be very carefully going in there after this guy he appears to be baiting them better to send in a well trained small team than a large force to avoid causalities.
          This reminds me of the Dorner incident last year observe what happens it could be an educating experience.. I would bet he has catches and an op plan. This is serious business and the media will most likely hype the hell out of it and try to use this to demonize anyone who practices survival or tactical training.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Ever since the Chris Dorner incident, I try not to make any judgments on MSM events like the ambush of those two state troopers.

            We didn’t get the info on WHY Dorner had targeted his former colleagues, until AFTER he was dead. I think if we had all known he was running from corrupt LEOs who were trying to kill him because he spoke out about their misconduct, we might have viewed the events leading up to his horrible death, very differently.

            We just MIGHT find out that the truth in this ambush might be very different from what we don’t know at present. So I have no opinion either way yet.

      28. “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

        ― David Rockefeller

        I always laugh when I hear people talking about the “liberal” media
        take a couple red pills kids
        and slide down the rabbit hole

      29. Have you noticed that the quality of fucking EVERYTHING you buy now is shit? We have an economy modeled on infinite growth where its expected that your shit will break every few years so you can buy more cheap shit from China. All this shit goes to the landfill to destroy the environment.


        • Yep, Acid, even SAFETY PINS!! Bought some at the store awhile back and they BEND when you try to insert them into the cloth! they don’t even work! Everything is cheap junk… people used to take pride in what they produced but now everything is for money. Greed. soon, God will destroy this crappy system– perhaps through Mother Nature.

        • AE ,
          You got that right even some of the name brade quality stuff is slipping in quality control.
          Your most likely are not old enough ( maybe you are) to remember the late 1970’s (78, 79) everthing was over priced and shoddy , even food quality was poor . Things back then are like they are now , demoralized populace , ineffective president , poor leadership .,high unemployment , shortages of just about everything. Stagflation
          You name it the only thing we are missing today is the gas lines .
          If you went to sleep in 1978 and woke up today you would think it was still 1978 .

          I would not buy any big ticket items right now without visibly being able to inspect it .
          I try to buy US made items myself its pretty tough to do that , some times locally made items by smaller companies are the way to go even if the cost more initally.

          Quality counts especially with preparedness items.
          Check out Kifaru for gear ., expensive but good , excellent customer service , small US company producing gear for outdoorsman, long range back country hunters and military specops.

          Semper Fi 8541

        • Hey itchy crotch, I try to ignore you but his time you crossed the line, you are speaking my language and I have to agree with you with the exception the the economic model. We have a value borrowed model and not a value added model. When we are borrowing value from china all we get is crap.

      30. Biden’s shylock comment is intended to get the banksters a sympathy vote. Don’t fall for it.

        • I wouldn’t have any sympathy for a bankster if they hung him with a stiff, knotty old rope…

      31. When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding “The Enemy”

        I know of hundreds upon hundreds of men (and women) who are doing that already. And they WORK for the U.S. Government. They most certainly are NOT ‘Patriots’.

        No fingers pointing at THEM though, are there?

      32. You guys have know for a long time that they will blame it on the Patriots of this country. The are right. We Will Take This Nation Back, kick their ass out.
        I for one am DAMN tired of the B.S. BRING IT ON!!!

        On another note I just picked up a Type53 Nagant to go with my M44 nagant. Does anyone know anything about the two rifles. I’m just getting into them and I would like some advise. I do know some thing about the ammo and what it can do. Does anyone reload this and if you do I would like some advise on that also. I have shot the 200Gr, 175Gr, and 150Gr/149Gr. and I like 150/149Gr. the best of them all. My Finnish Nagant shots it the best. So I would like to stay with 150Gr. Thanks in advance!


        • Sarge, I won’t use large bullet or caliber because it makes it too quick and easy. I like .22 starting with the feet and going up one round at a time…. I want to see the bastards to suffer as much as they caused suffering.

        • Sarge,the only thing I know about em(a few friends are into them)is when you buy try and have one with all matching parts i.e.bolts/receivers/ect.,the way they left factory and not decomossined ones that were parted out and then reassembled decades later,a friend says that is the most common ones you see for sale.Oh,the metal stock plates can cause”discomfort”when you shoot em,great though for opening cans/heads ect.

      33. Off topic…

        Back in June, some posters here had warned to “watch out when the Dow hits over 17,000”

        DOW closes at record high – 17,156

        Wall Street Journal
        (posted on Drudge Report)

        • KY
          That was me.
          I feel that when it hits and stays at over 17,000 is when we will TSHTF. I’m more than likely wrong but it was a gut feeling.

          • I just noticed today that the dollar index seems to be turning the corner at a peak and might be heading down. Also, the Baltic Dry Index has gone down and has been trending down for the past year.

        • KY –
          What happens when the DOW hits 17000 ?

          • HH
            It is a gut feeling I have about the market. It is when the market hits 17,00 to 18,00 it will implode.

            • It’s like when the rollercoaster reaches the top, hangs there, and then a couple of seconds later your sphincter shakes hands with your larynx.

      34. Wow, the best article I have read concerning the current war that is being waged against freedom.

        • If you like your freedom you can keep your freedom.

          The reality is anyone who believes in the bill of rights and the constitution will be deamed a right wing extremist and eventually an agitator and then an insurgent and terrorist.
          So stop clinging to yer guns and bibles , bitches !

      35. The old saying is still true today as it was back when it was first coined:

        Divide and Conquer …

      36. I agree wholeheartedly about RT. Read enough of it and it’s clear they get their orders from the Kremlin. However, it is still a useful tool once you realize that. Since it is not allied with the US gov’t like CNN/Fox/MSNBC, it will reveal parts of the truth that they will not. In the end though, it is up to the individual to come up with all the pieces of the complete story by looking to multiple sources.

        • Thats why you should read EVERYTHING from all sources.
          The truth becomes painfully obvious after awhile.
          Personally i dont care for RT.

          • Okay, you go ahead and read ALL sources. By the time you are done with today’s news, it will probably be sometime in December. Then you’ll have to start all over again with tomorrow’s news. The point is that doing so simply is not possible from a time and language standpoint(you don’t speak ALL of the world’s written and spoken languages). You have to pick a reasonable number of somewhat credible sources and narrow it down from there. RT is like Al Jazeera: a useful propaganda tool that sometimes scoops the Western press and reports truths that they omit. The same can be said of all of the corporately and publicly (i.e. the BBC) held media outlets. Everyone has an agenda and the news is rarely ever purely factual.

        • RT is not the same since Lauren Lyster defected to yahoo finance and they cancelled Capital Account.

          She scaled the Iron Curtain to get away. She may have been a double agent to start with. But them legs…sigh.

        • I check in a boom bust every now and again just to see how Erin Ade is dressed.

          Don’t get my news at RT.

      37. Obama in Tampa at McDill AFB for a war pep rally. Lying to the different military groups brought in to cheer loudly when their branch of service is mentioned. Telling them how important they are to America and the world’s freedom. He just did’nt tell them any truths, like join the military and die for the bankers. It’s strange how politically naive one can be as a young person. I was drafted and went to Vietnam, all the while being anti war. I did my stint despite opposition. These people actually joined. I guess I was just as naive. That’s some powerful propaganda laid on these volunteers.

        • ALJAMO , Thanks for your service,
          Did you also here Obama say that he would not send troops into another USELESS war?
          He denegraded the sacrifice of how many lives in Iraq and Afganistan ?
          It was a putrid , sickening speach , IMHO .

        • Yeah, but you gotta remember that a lot of people join because of the GI Bill and poverty. It gives them a way to pay for a higher education when they are coming out of an economically disadvantaged background. Then they go through basic and are subjected to weeks of brainwashing techniques designed to alter their thinking to a new matrix more amenable to military orders. It works well on the weak minded, but a higher intellect will see right through it and fight it.

          • Yep, exactly right.

            I think the majority of new enlistments see right thru the propaganda, and it doesn’t matter to them.

            They join for different reasons, but mainly, in today’s economy it is for a steady paycheck, because of lack of jobs.

            Another reason is because their family was military.

            Another reason is just plain old fashioned patriotism.

          • I guess those “weeks of brainwashing techniques” FAILED on us for the most part, huh? I know I started seeing the cracks in the façade, very early on. Those cracks have only gotten bigger.

      38. It goes without saying that of course patriots will be blamed for something or another by our corrupt and usurped government. Haven’t they already revealed their hand in nummerous ways about their intentions toward patriots? Yes they have.

        Prepare, and be ready without hesitation to do what needs to be done when the time presents itself. Don’t let the unprepared people hinder or stop you.

        The best way to have your discernment sharped in these treacherous times is by believing in Jesus. When a faucet handle is turned on, water is allowed to flow, so it is that by believing in Jesus, faith is allowed to flow. Faith in Jesus is the victory that overcomes the world.

        Be strong everybody. God loves you all.

        “Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.” (John 6:29)

      39. You do realize that 10,000 or so illiterate Afghans have stymied the largest, most advanced, most well funded military in the world for 13 years.

        Assuming the scenario plays out, there are not enough soldiers in the world to pacify the US if only a fraction of a percent decides to run amok. Even in disarmed countries like Yugoslavia in the 1990’s or Mexico today, the weapons suddenly “appear”.

        • They’re (the most well funded military) only there to control tptb’s drug biz.

          Leaving just fucks that all up.

        • Yup, and then AK’s can’t read either.

      40. EXCELLENT article. These people justify all kinds of evil, all in the name of “common good.” This idiocy goes back the to the first leftists, of course, under Robespierre, and they still have never learned (and, as they are so freaking arrogant and self-absorbed with their own “brilliance,” they never will.) Any word from the fascist left on the 100 freaking MILLION various flavours of leftism murdered last century, per Courtois, et al, Black Book of Communism? The number may be as high as 160 mm, per Dr. RJ Rummel at U. of Hawaii? (see http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/PERSONAL.HTM) Any word from the left about Wee Willy Ayers quote ““Kill the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents…”

        The truth is that these elites think they are sooooo smart. In reality, they are no smarter than their fascist forebears (and yes, they ARE fascist – look up the definition, originally postulated by Mussolini), and they will of a *certainty* be caught in their own trap of arrogance and ignorance (these people are smart, but not wise). The result of all this will be exactly as CS Lewis predicted in his fictional work, That Hideous Strength, where these PTB elites are co-opted by literal demonic forces, to their own eternal destruction. If, in fact, there is a God, the evil done to freedom and human dignity will be requited. But, who cares what I say? Thomas Jefferson, whom JFK called the most intelligent man to ever occupy the White House said “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever.” (Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 18, 1781. And for those of you who think Jefferson was a card carrying deist, if that were so, God, by definition, could (and would) not engage in any justice, as he has left the “watch” he made and is no longer engaged).

        And this goes for the snoops, banksters and Geo Soros trolls reading this right now. Yes… YOU. Will you be on the side of historic Western freedoms, or will history see you as we do the Nazis today? What would your grandfather who fought for your freedom in WWII say about what you are doing *right now?* I can tell you this: you, and all of us, are going to be dead a LOT longer than you will be alive. If you have miscalculated, and there is, in fact a God, and there is, in fact, a Hell, the wager (see Pascal’s Wager, if you want to do some research) you are making is a fool’s errand. This post may be your last, or one of your last, warnings. And that is a *fact*.

      41. “NATO Dead: Dollar Wrecked”. Another great article by Jim Willie.
        Bad news, since this implies war sooner rather than later. Winter approaches in the Ukraine, and if our leaders have read any history, they should know you don’t fight Russians with winds blowing in from the steppes. I predict hubris will overcome reason, and they will ignore history.

        • Russians seem to think that if they can break the ice, it’s a good time to go SWIMMING! Screw that…

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA8yERzQubQ

      42. What the leftists accuse us of, they are the ones guilty of their own accusations, not us.

        Look at obummer for example. He called people like me the “enemy” because I wanted responsible spending and am that way at home, but look at he and his leftists, putting us nearly 8 trillion in debt, and nothing to show for it.

      43. Good old Brandon, the anti-semite. Credibility lost pal.

        • East TN:

          Please point out to us what portion of Smiths’ article is anti-semetic….

          Is it because he mentions Goldman Sachs, the IMF and BIS. Brandon never said it; but I will. They are all owned/controlled by Zionist Jews.

          So now, just posting names of banks makes you an anti-semite?

          Are you a new hireling of the Israeli government paid to search blogs and pin names such as anti-semite (and worse)on anyone who even gets close to the culprits destroying our freedoms and the world?

          Some are on to your pitiful attacks….

          • “So now, just posting names of banks makes you an anti-semite?”

            Well, obviously he KNOWS the jews run the banks, or he would’ve maintained radio silence on that point.

      44. Go to undergroundmedic,com for what to do with Ebola bodies.

        • Seem like here as of late, poochie has been doing a good job of disposing of the Ebola dead dumped in the streets. And here some of you been spending a thousand dollars stockpiling dog food. Just wait, there’ll be plenty for ‘Ol Roy to nawl on.

          • My pet won’t be eating that nasty shit. I’ve prepped for him too. When I run out, he’ll run out.

      45. Far too late to stem the tide which is heading our way…May GOD BLESS YOU ALL..

        • That’s what they said just before the Battle of Britain, the Battle of Midway, at Valley Forge and more. And even if you are right, as Churchill said during the same evil, dark days we are in now, ““If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival.  There may be a worse case.  You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

          • Victory lives within the true hearts of those who believe in, and pray for, this REPUBLIC….AND those who understand that Our Founding Fathers consecrated OUR Republic to GOD…..those who discount this do not understand that which comes our way….
            have Faith and have Sisu…..if you can, now

          • Victory can always be one more trigger squeeze and hit away.

      46. Brandon, if you are reading this, two points:

        “..Why wouldn’t they believe that the Liberty Movement’s rebellion is also actually bought and paid for by some outside enemy, rather than real Americans battling for real freedom?” Answer: There are too many Americans who are onto the scam. No, we aren’t a majority, but we are enough of a minority that they can’t get away with it. And the number is growing, if indications of Obama’s plummeting popularity are any indication. No, not everyone is a Tea Party person. But enough people are family members, friends, etc. of one, and they know they are just “regular folk” who support the Constitution. How will this play out once they ratchet up the propaganda? I don’t know, but I sure am going to show up by peacefully writing, posting, sending letters to the editor, etc. That is where the battle is, and will be – INFORMATION DISSEMINATION AND EDUCATION.

        Your other point, “This is a war on all fronts; informational, emotional, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, and physical. It goes well beyond any war ever fought in generations past. If individuals and the activist movement at large do not have the insight and courage to commit fully to combat on every level” is very perspicacious and totally right on. Thank you. Well said

        • Yep, not all are Tea Party people, but some of them sympathize with Occupy. Both groups see through the bullshit on one level or the other, but are divided by the political machine that makes them believe they can only support one or the other. The thing is, if both sides would wake up to the truths espoused by the other, they would be unstoppable.

          In fact, an outcropping of Occupy just did something really cool. It bought out some of the outstanding debt from diploma mill Everest College ($4 million dollars was spent) for pennies on the dollar as a debt collector. After that, they sent an E-Mail to every single person whose debt they owned and told them that the debt is now erased, they owed nothing and there was no catch. This wasn’t done with government funds but with private money from donors who believe in the cause. I think that’s awesome. They may have an agenda to make higher education more affordable, but they actually put their money where their mouth is and did something about it. It’s also not the first time they have done it either as this organization is buying onerous debt for a variety of reasons and wiping it out to help those who cannot afford to pay it. Do I support this (as a private enterprise)? Of course I do! People have the right to do things like this if they want in a free market. (The full story was on Wired today, I think)

        • So many labels….liberty movement, tea party, etc..etc…when the Real Patriots MOVE to regain GOD’S GRACE…WE ARE LOST without it….
          Read The Harbinger
          Read Washington’s Vision
          Read the Bible
          Read the Writing on the Wall
          Be Forwarned
          Be Ready
          Be Prepared

      47. They already paint liberty-minded people as pawns of the Koch brothers. I’m sure it’s just a short jump to painting the Koch brothers as international arms merchants and state-destabilizers, and make it look like they created the liberty mission to create a private army to seize control of the United States.

        Now… if only my check from the Koch brothers would arrive, I wouldn’t have to work this crummy job.

      48. Excellent article by Brandon Smith.

        Actually, if we all think about it – the agenda to openly and brazenly try to demonize and smear patriots, strict constitutionalists, pro-Second Amendment people or organizations, and anyone who wanted to secure our borders and shutdown this nation destroying invasion by millions of incompatible, indigestible, non-assimilable, culturally and racially hostile parasites from the third world – really kicked off with force right after the false flag event on 9-11-01.

        Granted, the Cultural Marxist Communists in both the Democrat and Republicrat Parties have been waging a barely concealed war against the patriot crowd ever since the early 1960s – but, until they pulled off 9-11, they weren’t quite so brazen and in our faces with it.

        Remember all those MIAC advisories that the cocaine brain damaged war criminal from Crawford, Texas and his stooge over at DHS were releasing for the 8 years he was disgracing the Oval Office? Remember how the 400 plus page long, deviously and sarcastically titled ‘Patriot Act’ suddenly appeared off the shelf and which the appropriately named ‘Dick’ Cheney warned Congress they didn’t have time to read – they just needed to pass it as quickly as possible? The joke was – the Patriot Act was designed to give the psychopaths the power to go after patriots, not the phony ‘terrorists’ who had nothing to do with 9-11.

        The one thing about all this evil that baffles me to this day – is how few otherwise reasonably intelligent, patriotic Americans – White Americans most especially – are still largely clueless and in denial about the fact that there has been a hostile coup de tat takeover of this nation by the Communist enemies of America and that is why qualities like patriotism, love of the Second Amendment and respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and a desire to not destroy America by allowing the turd world to colonize our nation are now being labeled as subversive, dissident and dangerous views to have by the psychopaths at the top.

        I mean, how much clearer does it have to be before these White idiots snap out of their zombie trances and realize the truth?

      49. I visited the alt market site and tried to register. They want far more personal information than I am willing to give out over the internet and I failed the spam test. It looks like a good idea but it fails the sniff test.

      50. I’m writing to ask for you and the ppl help, for 3 years me and 55 familys have been raising chickens in a small town in up state ny. now the village where we live wants us to kill our chickens cause they don’t think we should have them. what is going on is not right to us and our familys. I ask that you and the ppl are able to help us to stand up for were rigths. thank you for your time

      51. I’ll save them the bother of labeling me an enemy because I’ve already labeled this Administration my enemy, and an enemy of the State…

      52. As long as we neglect to put the blame on the Race/Religion who is responsible for all of this mess we are doomed to fail .
        The Problem We face is the Jews

        This prophecy, by Benjamin Franklin, was made in a “CHIT CHAT AROUND THE TABLE DURING INTERMISSION,” at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787. This statement was recorded in the dairy of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a delegate from South Carolina.

        “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews.
        In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves
        and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions;
        have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.
        For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen,
        did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires.
        They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.
        If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers
        that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty.
        If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands.
        I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

      53. Americans and other westerners have been force-fed a muslim platitude for the last 40 years in politics and entertainment “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” this is complete !@#!#$%. The enemy of my enemy is ALWAYS just another enemy at the national level. This binary us or them thinking is also a product of too much football and dated, WWII concepts. Thus this writers fear of American patriots cuddling up to Putin. They are being groomed for it by this binary thinking, if putin opposes OUR tyrants, he is our friend???? BULLSHYT!. The Ubers ALL HATE EACH OTHER, you arent their real enemy, YOU are a deer they want to hunt and the OTHER ubers competing for your meat are the ubers only REAL enemy. This is the only reason we arent in physical war right now, as much as the average man believes ALL the ubers are together in running our lives, they are NOT, they fight and work against eachother all the time, even as they all agree WE NEED CONTROLLING. Also, the very first post staiting that the ubers aint done theiving us yet (why civility still exists), is 100% on the mark, the lessor ubers dont have thier redoubts built yet.

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