When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Headline News | 293 comments

This article has been removed at the request of the author.

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    1. Mclovin

      Bad time to say first??? Sorry lol

      • Den

        Only time to say it 🙂

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          No Worry, They can hide all they want, the 99%’ers will find them and prosecute them accordingly. seize all their assets and give reparations back to the 99%. Justice will be delivered Swiftly and justly. Bank on that Banksters/ Gangsters.

          • Rodster

            God knows where they live. 😉

            • Rodster

              I must’ve been down voted by George Soros and Warren Buffett.

              • C Howard Fields

                Just maybe Hillary & Pelosi, you think

                • Rodster

                  No, they arrived later. I got two more.

                  • kfilly

                    They are like typical Democrats. They vote early and often.

              • passinwiththewind

                Of all the things to go wrong…….

                Apparently, the so-called “official” report has come out on the initial spread of the HIV/AIDS virus.
                After, thirty years of research, it has now been confirmed that some apes and faggots in Africa, caused the spread of the disease, around the world.

                Well, cut off my legs and call me shorty. Why tf didn’t we think of that. I really feel dumb now.

                and…it has been officially confirmed by the CDC, there is nothing to fear, (concerning Ebola), except fear itself. The assistant bitch in charge over at DHS, confirmed; my suspicious feelings towards CDC claims, “were invalid”, because; “we/gov/CDC, have always contained outbreaks of E, anywhere in the world for the past fifty years. So, don’t worry, be happy”, according to this bitch clown, it’s all over.

                Now, according to this article here, there are ex-FEMA hiding out in the NC/SC/GA mountain foothill regions. I …. am sick now! When those idiots start cruising the neighborhood, it’s time to, rope the goats, sell the farm, and go AWOL.

                As if things aren’t bad enough already, the little woman has just learned that the “annual” week long sex orgy at Brown University, has been canceled. She is pissed.
                Since she turned 61 back in June, that is all i have heard from her, about how she can’t wait to get away from me for a week and spread “her wings” at Brown. I have been on her shit list for a couple weeks now, anyway, and this news ain’t helping my situation.

                Since i had gotten so tired of hearing about “Brown”, and the “party” from her i yelped before thinking.
                I said, “when you take another big dose of those sleeping pills, I am gonna do me some spreading and have some fun at “brown eye-na-versity”, while you are passed out, cause you ain’t been spreading nuthin’ round here for the past six months but yer same ole bitch and gripe and piss and moan”…. whap………oh shit that hurt.

                OK. being very quite now. going to the shed for a beer and a smoke.

                • passinwiththewind

                  Sorry ladies, I guess you thought i was serious about taking advantage of the little woman. It was just a “having a moment”, thing. She thought it was funny, and btw, she just turned 51, not 61.

                  The Brown University event? She readily admits that her daughter (26 going on 15) would be all for it if she could get off from work long enough to go there for a week. She is dumb as a rock and a liberal, but we have to pray for her and hope she will change.

            • Chase

              You are an idiot if you actually believe god will get justice.

            • arf

              Is there not something about how they will have the mountains fall on them to hide from the face of God??

          • Paranoid

            Was shopping yesterday, I noticed Empty Giant Escargot shells; Paniced, when I realized I have no supply of snails, came home and found my supply of pate is also low. I am now adrift in a world of uncertainty. Recommend all of you look to your inventory.

            • Burt Gummer

              Agast! Me Mac ‘n Cheese is precariously low.

          • Walt Kowalski


            At last..something about which we can agree.

            • Anonymous

              Walt. No doubt we have more in common here than not. Americans are frustrated watching our govermnet and few select detroy our country and standing in the world. Only when we all stand up collectively can change occur.

          • Meathead

            They can run, but they can’t hide….
            I know how to drive a front end loader. And a Bobcat if necessary.

        • yourmotherwaswrong


          It must be a slow day on the Animal Farm when the moderator reposts a 5 day old article!

          Are you getting tired of pushing the Ebola meme??

          Producing 6 essays on Ebola, and in succession, must
          surely be tiresome… just like the beating of a dead horse!

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            The Ebola scare is a false flag event!

            Just watch this one play out!!

            If anyone in your family gets sick, it will be your mother.

            Ya know why?

            • Navy Vet

              Here’s little Ebola humor from “The Onion” via Zero Hedge:

              (For those not familiar with The Onion, it is a news satire site. It has, on occasion duped MSM news organizations, who should have know better, and the Chinese government with articles that they’ve interpreted as real, but were clearly satirical for anyone with half an ounce of brains.)

              How To Protect Yourself Against Ebola

              Boil all bodily fluids before consumption.

              Regularly examine your DNA under an electron microscope for any indication that Ebola has attached itself to your cell membranes.

              Recognize the symptoms of Ebola, which include fever, chills, and developing symptoms too late to do anything about them.

              Cover the nose and mouth of Ebola patients when they sneeze to avoid spreading germs.

              Avoid eating bat soup, which is actually pretty sound advice whether there’s an ongoing Ebola outbreak or not.

              Ebola can only be spread once patients are symptomatic, so if you believe you’ve been exposed, get all your errands and public trips out of the way before your symptoms start showing.

              Be sure to stay up to date on developments by signing up for the official CDC phone tree.

              Try being born one of the 15 percent of rural Gabonese citizens with natural immunity to the virus.

              Give billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies.

              If you see a suspicious-looking filamentous virus particle roughly one micron in length, stay away.

              Continue following lifelong plan of avoiding Dallas, TX at all costs.

            • John W.

              false flag. You jerks do not even know what that means. Seems to me that the Denver airport which sits out in the middle of the high plains is not much of a place to protect things. Pretty enticing target.

        • Daniel Williams

          That was a vague article….

        • RICK


      • FreeSlave

        Be Informed and Eppe have gone into hiding.

        Now I’m worried!!

        • the renegade braveheart

          FreeSlave, I especially wish Eppe was here right now. We can all stand a dose of his humor with all this crap headed our way. I’d love to see Be Informed and Just One Guy back also.

          • Old Guy

            ive been attempting to kinda fill in for eppe in the joke dept.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Thanks you have made me laugh!!!!

            • Meathead

              Hey, Old Guy. Keep it coming. You’re doing fine.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Old Guy, you’ve had me laughing also. Keep them coming. You’re doing good so far.

            • lower40

              i was standing in line at the store the other day and the lady behind me kinda sniffed and said mmm that smells good what do you have on ,and i said a hard on ,but i didnt think you could smell it

          • Yoyoman

            They must have got a life!

          • Paranoid

            Eppe’s a HE? OMG

            • hmmmmm

              As was BI, JOG, but not JayJay.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Hey old buddy be in Murfreesboro next week to look at some land. Things look promising!!!
            That is when I’m going into hiding!!!!
            BI and EPPE are missed!

            • 006

              Drop me a line while in town Sgt. : )

              • Sgt. Dale

                I gave out my Email when IOWA was having a hard time. look it up and drop me a line with your phone Number.

                • clinthospo

                  Anyone in CR iowa? Need someone who will engage when it comes to it.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Howdy, Sarge. If you get that land, then I’m only a 4-hour drive away from there. Still a bit close to Nashville but there are good people in that area. I’m also missing BI and Eppe. We could sure use Eppe’s humor right now the way things are going. It’s possible I could be heading back to GA sooner than I planned. I was trying to wait until Christmas and spend several days there. Nothing definite at this time.

              • hmmmmm

                Just so you know; the population of illegal Mexicans and other illegals is huge in Tennessee. Especially Nashville.
                Over and out.

                • Anon 1970

                  There too? WOW.

                  Far and wide.

              • Gregory8

                Wait a minute, are these the heads of the agencies (FBI,DEA,&BATFE) that are currently hunting for Eric Frein in Pennsylvania. Over 1,000 federal and state cops looking for one guy, one guy who’s never even been in the military. This Frein character has now been eluding them for 3 weeks (Sept. 12). Yeah, they’ve got 1,000 cops, they’ve got dogs, they’ve helicopters with FLIR, and after 3 weeks all they have is DICK! These are some of the same incompetent boobs that couldn’t find one severely injured teenager in Boston in April of 2013 even after they locked down the city. Face it, even with all this manpower and equipment these clowns couldn’t find their asses with two hands and a flashlight. NWO, ooohhh, I’m really scared now-NOT!!! The European are even bigger fuckups than our guys. Local gangs and bad water/sanitation will be our biggest threat. What chance does any outside group have against survival minded hunters/outdoorsmen/former military like many here? If Frein can do this, think what a small, dedicated group can do.

            • AgDr

              Sgt. If you’re talking about M’boro TN. It is a good place to live with plenty of like minded. There is plenty of evil mixed in the middle too. Just keep your street-sence backscatter radar on. Water throughout the county; low hills and timber in the south and east; tank country in the north and west. I’m willing to help if you need it.
              Peace, AgDr

          • ready down under

            Renegade and Sgt – I’m no eppe but in his absence I’ll give it a shot ……….

            Whaddaya get when you cross an African with an Asian………

            ………. a car thief that cant drive.

            Now that I have just pissed off 1/3 of the people in the world I’ll go back to prepping now 🙂


            PS – I miss BI too

            • the renegade braveheart

              Aussie, that is a good one. Keep them coming.

            • Anon 1970

              The jokes keep it light when the sky is falling…no offense taken.

              I love the jokes. I can laugh all by myself and nobody knows how dirty my mind REALLY is.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Thanks that made me laugh. My Black and Asian friends would agree!!!

          • Mr Rodgers

            @ The Renegade Braveheart,

            Um-hmmm….I got curious about that ‘conspicuous absence’ a few days ago – quite – and so went back through the forums (rather dilgently) to what I beleive is the one in which Be Informed made his ‘last’ comment, that would be – specifically – that one titled:

            “The Blueprint for World War III : “This War Will Be Utterly Devastating”

            …near the end of August. I mentioned a day or two ago that that was right AFTER a messsage had been left by MayBeSo directed at both DK and BI…the associated comment ID is #3217138. What the hell do you make of that?(!) I’m drawing a blank here….

            • What?

              Sounds to me like he is somewhere along the Portland Canal in SE Alaska.

              Maybe some have “Gone Galt” with him.

              Don’t overthink.

              • durango kidd

                Don’t worry My peeps I am still here! 🙂

            • the renegade braveheart

              Mr. Rodgers, I went back to that article and found the posts you were referring to. I just hope he’ll check in at let us know he’s Ok on occasion if nothing else. He and JOG were 2 of the brightest lights in this house. I do miss their knowledge and when they collaborate on something, that is a real treat for all of us.

              • Mr Rodgers

                “. I do miss their knowledge and when they collaborate(d) on something, that is a real treat for all of us.”

                Same here…I had to STRETCH to get a lot of what went past when those two were ‘going at it’, but I got a fair bit of it nonetheless. FWIW, further ‘digging in’ on that thread, I saw that MBS mentioned (later, to Canada Canuck) that JOG is actively ‘watching’ this place…but not commenting; I suppose that must be OPSEC(?); not wanting to leave a trail BACK…I dunno.

                I STILL don’t get that rather ‘cryptic’ reference – at the end – though….

          • Cara

            Anyone heard from Manos? What is going on in Greece for the average person?

            • the renegade braveheart

              Possee mentioned a few articles back that Manos is OK.

        • not me

          more than those two

          Im outa here..and not even posting who I am

          • Bazinga

            I’m with you.

            And I posted my name.

            If anyone has a place with a better sense of community and less moderation, let me know.

            I’m sticking around for a couple of threads yet.

            • Say887

              Try http://www.enenews.com

              Enenews has a forum where you can discuss pretty much whatever is on your mind.

        • BJ

          I have heard this somewhere before….hmmm?? LoL

          Sounds funny when a NSA guy complains and retires due to bo getting re-elected, cause they are all the same.

          I hope one of the apocalyptic events is some sort of natural disaster like a earthquake that seals those underground bunkers forever, and collapses them inside.

          We all know something is coming….SOONER OR LATER. I wish the red siren alarms and dates thing would stop. Makes the community look like paranoid schizophrenic fools.

          • oldseventy

            these stories get more hilarious every day

          • the renegade braveheart

            BJ, I agree, especially about dates. When I saw Lindsey Williams name in the article I knew it was bogus. He’s been making claims for the past 4-5 years and nothing happened yet. Somehow he and Dave Hodges seem to go together.

            • durango kidd

              Lindsay Williams is a shill selling FEAR porn. I read a post at BIN last week where the author had taken the time to “distill” a three hour video Williams is pushing and give the “bullet points”.

              LMAO!!! It said NOTHING!!! 🙁

              BTW, The death of Pope Francis next year while in Asia (again) will usher in the “Catholic Tribunal” that will run the Catholic Church, going forward. This series of events will show you where we are in the Last Days. Lots of time left.

              Keep stacking and packing. 🙂

              • the renegade braveheart

                DK, good evening, and I totally agree about Lindsay Williams being as bogus as the day is long. He is a s full of shit as a sewage treatment plant. He and Dave Hodges were made for each other.

                • durango kidd

                  Reason enough to allow gay marriage!!! 🙂

        • rainyday

          If these insiders know what these cataclysmic events are it would be nice if they would share. Otherwise stop the fear mongering. I don’t doubt that we are headed for something bad but all they (the insiders) do is say its going to be bad but won’t go beyond that. I’ve heard Wolf! Wolf! one too many times.

          • Old Guy

            Ive been trying to tell folks for quite some time. Its a magnetic pole shift. It is causing all these weird weather events, earthquakes , volcano eruptions ect. The government wont share. If they told you the truth you wouldn’t keep working. It would be chaios and anarchy. The government plans are not for saving the common folks. We are on our own. Their preps are for preserving continuity of government at all cost. The fewer folks who survive the better it is for their plan,s. These earth changing clatyclismic events will continue to increase in magnitude and frequency. Ok now you go ahead and think & do whatever you wish. You are the one who will have to live with the results of your thoughts and actions. These events are not the results of mans activity. Its not caused by man made glowbull warming. Man cant mitigate it. So its gonna happen. Just as well get a positive mindset. Embrace it think of it as a new adventure. Learn all you can about it. The more you know about anything the less intimidating it is. Its quite an exciting time to be alive on the planet!!!

            • maddog

              I believe you Old Guy. This is for those that don’t. I have noticed sunsets and sunrises that are a few degrees off for the time of year. Also the milky way now extends from horizon to horizon and from almost directly east to west. This I have never seen. Been trying to explain it for some time.

            • justme

              If this is a pole shift then it is a world wide event.

              If whatever it is is a world wide event then are elites in other countries also relocating/preparing?

              Are there reports of such relocations?

              • Old Guy

                It will effect every corner of the globe.Yes china has built ghost cities to relocate refugees. the climate will change due to a new location of the equator. russa is planning to relocate folks to the east part of their country. Many low lying places will be flooded. Check out the U.S. Navy future map of North America. The st Lawrence seaway will split and the great lakes flow into the Mississippi river. The Cascadia &San Andreas will let go first and the New Madrid shortly afterward. Africa will remain mostly intact. Everyone is looking at Africa as the future bread basket of the planet. its a very desirable piece of real estate. I cant give any date or time frame. However the north magnet pole shifted over a hundred miles last year. Fukashama type earthquakes are not isolated to Japan.

                • Townsaver

                  Earth Crust Displacement Theory!

                  2012 was a great movie old man. This is so last decade paranoia.

                  A pole shift is magnetic, as in the magnetic field of the planet. North and South will switch on a compass.

                  The skin of the Earth is not going to “slide” on the ‘liquid hot magma’ – nor are sharks with laser-beams going to get us.

                  When you are educated about electricity, and realize everything is a form of light, from ‘DC to Daylight”, then you too may see things differently.

                  The Earth operates on massive timescales. We are UNABLE to perceive those types of changes in 1 lifetime, or 10. Sorry to burst your pole shift bubble.

                  Also, the milky way has never changed it’s position in the sky. Looked the same since before this solar system formed…

                • passinwiththewind

                  pole shift?

                  Nothing new. It has been steadily shifting for years.

                  My body experiences a pole shift every other night or so.
                  I woke up one night while it was shifting and to my amazement it shifted until it also ran out of it’s surrounding skin.

                  nothing new there either.

            • Hunter

              Old feller->

              To his credit, DK has been sayin’ the same for quite a while now, per the pole shift!

              ..he was right on the money..as are you!

              • yourmotherwaswrong


                Q: Are you “guys” in the habit of validating each others “pole shift?”

                • Walt Kowalski

                  I am a Pole, and I’ve known some other Poles who were pretty shifty.

            • Scout

              I will share my theory on the pole shift, planet changes.

              I believe we are in a part of space we have not been to in 26,000 years. It has effected our magnetosphere. That’s why I think they spray chemtrails, modern chaff. Yes, the pole itself is shifting into Siberia – FACT.

              Remember that plane that went down in the southern Atlantic some years ago. Magnetic hole, or like the ozone hole blinding the penguins in Antarctica. Fried the electronics.

              All of these factors come into play for weather changes and the earth “waking up”

              How long will it last?

              Well it seemed to begin in the last couple decades, maybe 2 more if we are very lucky. All passengers, prepare for take off.

              Just a theory, from the son of a navy weatherman, and scientist inventor. I also stayed in a Holiday Express recently! 😉

              Keep Prepping.

              • Old Guy

                The magnetic pole shift we are having isn’t a complete reversal. However the magnetic poles used to shift by a few feet per year. Lately it has been speeding up Last year it shifted by over a hundred miles. There is a saying that just because you don’t believe in the laws of Physics doesn’t mean they don’t apply to you. This magnetic shift most certainly effects the Magnosphere. And the magnosphere is what protects the planet. Nikoli Telsa understood how the magnosphere works and its interaction with the rest of the planet. Its a cause & effect situation. One fact the fukusama earthquake compressed the pacific by a measurable amount. Japan is now closer to calif. So something moved? that earthquake also shortened the length of a day be a minute amount. the earth is always constantly changing its not static. However lately the earth changes have increased both in frequency & Magnitude. BI understood this. He has a gift of insight & understanding of cause & effect very few could understand. I hope the government guys haven’t got him. Eny Road A pole shift is my opinion . Its a plausible explanation.

        • SolitaryMan

          I think Be Informed and Eppe have left in disgust.
          They try to put out pertinent information to give
          folks a leg up on awareness and got nothing for it
          but derision and red thumbs in the process.

          • FreeSlave

            I hope they didn’t leave in disgust. Eppe’s jokes were hilariously great. And Be Informed was superb on earthquakes and other prepping suggestions.

            • nolongeramused

              I do not miss BI, im sure he had good intentions but i think he was kinda out there, hope hes ok, but honestly dont miss his long winded posts, he appeared to have issues with trying to steal the show for a long time, i stopped watching shtf for a long time over him, sorry, got on my nerves more often than not

              • nolongeramused

                Made me think about putting coil springs under my home everytime i read his posts, now i’m glad i didnt do it and invested in homesteading shit instead…just sayin

                • nolongeramused

                  You think im joking? A doublewide on coil springs would make BI proud, had to be realistic though


              • The Old Coach

                Double dittos. My index finger got carpal tunnel fro scrolling past his “stuff”.

                I think Eppe’s just come to the end of his joke book and is waiting for Amazon to deliver a new one.

              • hmmmmm

                Hey, no longer amused?? Did you know there is a scroll button on your mouse??

                • nolongeramused

                  No i get your point, and i appreciate anyone who contributes here, but i never really took action after absorbing his stuff, whereas other people here really put me on the road to self sufficiency, and that made BI seem a fear mongerer most of the time

          • passinwiththewind

            eppe isn’t gone or in hiding. He’s just taking a break from posting.

            BI is probably doing the same. He may have gotten a case of “shakey overload”, because of all the increased activity lately.

            i got a case of “Big Shakey” overload once, in 2007. When i was trucking to LA,Cali. “every” week from the East Coast, as a Driver Trainer, also. I got to the point after about six months that i had rather take a beating from a couple big linebackers than go back there again.

            Inching up the I-10 trying to get out of the metropolis of Los Angeles, for six hours, in a few back to back trips will cause that. Breathing all that smog can cause you to hack up green shit, too.

            BTW, in the old days, truckers used to refer to Californication, more specifically the LA metropolis, as the big Shakey because of the earthquake potential.

            Was there for three days, stuck in Rancho Cucamonga,a few days after Northridge in 1994. Feeling the tremors, and wondering what next. Not fun.

            • durango kidd

              BI is probably going over his massive data base, running new algorithms, trying to figure out how I nailed the Napa Quake by ZIP CODE a month before it happened.

              Just saying. He’ll be back!!! 🙂

        • DMONIC

          I noticed the same thing. I do have a bad feeling in my bones…

          • durango kidd

            That’s your arthritis flaring up. Take 2000 mg of fish oil and call me in the morning. 🙂

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Eppe ran out of Jokes.

        • Nels

          Eppe liked my last comment, that I’m a racist because I’m a bird, and we don’t all flok together…. As far as he’s disappearance? Reports of HLS officials vacating high level positions, which struck my cord, made me wonder why? Was it an exodus due to political reasons or “something” else?
          I only know that if you aren’t ready for a one week GRID DOWN scenario, your flocked.

        • mini eppe

          I had to get on dad’s computer again to find this, he has so many jokes, and reminds me to watch out for guys like this all the time.
          O Be 6 Again…

          A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife, looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off he asked what she’d like to have for her Birthday.

          ‘I’d like to be six again’, she replied, still looking in the mirror.

          On the morning of her Birthday, he arose
          early, made her a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms, and then took her to Six Flags theme park. What a day!

          He put her on every ride in the park; the Death Slide, the Wall of Fear, the Screaming Monster Roller Coaster, everything there was.

          Five hours later they staggered out of the theme park. Her head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down.

          He then took her to a McDonald’s where he ordered her a Happy Meal with extra fries and a chocolate shake.

          Then it was off to a movie, popcorn, a soda pop, and her favorite candy, M&M’s. What a fabulous adventure! Finally she wobbled home with her husband and collapsed into bed exhausted. He leaned over his wife with a big smile and lovingly asked, ‘Well Dear, what was it like being six again??’

          Her eyes slowly opened and her expression suddenly changed. ‘I meant my dress size, you dumb ass!’

          The moral of the story: Even when a man is listening, he’s gonna get it wrong.


          • mini eppe

            He also bought me a Rossi Trifecta single shot Youth gun with 3 barrels, a 22, 20 guage, and .243 with a scope, came with a soft case, sling, 40 .243 shells, and 2 camo pants for a deal at $200. Been shot 20 times or less.
            I am ready to go deer hunting with him soon.

            • Skeptic

              Has Eppe had a breakdown and this is him posting as someone else posting for him?

            • Mike in Va

              I hope you kill a monster. Tell him you will kill the wall hanger and he will kill the spike buck.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Mini Eppe, you also have a talent for jokes. Tell your Dad we miss him here very much and to come on back.

        • John W.

          They just got tired of the stupidity on this formerly great site.

        • Burt Gummer

          Rumor is they eloped…

          • Yoyoman

            I didn’t know they liked each other that much…

      • PO'd Patriot

        Getting to be a bunch of henny penny chicken cluckers on here. Side note (Most of the regulars and serious preppers can ignore that last arrow I flung). Folks, whilst some of you wrung your hands on here about ebola, something more important was being hatched and planned by the communist-in-chief and his minions. “Don’t be fooled again”. Just keep gathering in. BTW, I got plenty of creamer and a two years supply of coffee bean. POP ain’t gonna go without. I think eppe and BI just got tired of the same ‘ol same ‘ol. Their break might be temporary or permanent. Sometimes you just gotta step back…….

        • maddog

          “something more important was being hatched and planned by the communist-in-chief and his minions”

          My wife and I have been talking about the same thing. Any ideas there PO’d?

          • Tacoma

            Maddog–One thing comes to mind..Forced vaccine and you get the chip with the same injection.

            • Hunter

              BINGO Tacoma!!!

            • maddog

              Sure is reasonable.

          • PO'd Patriot

            I think they got a false flag cooked up and ready to launch. I feel it might be pretty ugly. Just my thoughts. The main stream keeps putting this ebola thing out like those South of the Border billboards every ten miles or so on interstate 95. They do it to keep the masses mesmerized.

        • Anonymous

          Pastor Lindsay Williams… yeah, right! that sucker was saying 2 years ago that he had “inside information” that everything was going to crash that fal!! (2 years ago!!) I don’t believe anything he says!!

          • BJ

            He also has said before that he isn’t doing interviews anymore due to the hour being late.

            • Burt Gummer

              No use doing interviews when you no longer have any credibility.

            • PO'd Patriot

              He keeps repeating and takes so long getting to the point he’ll be dead before its a wrap.

          • Hunter


            Lindsay W. is just another “pastor for profit”…peddling biblically twisted fear porn for shekels($$$), from the gullible flock!

            • passinwiththewind

              Yep, and wonder who is behind the making of the latest big movie coming out called….”Left Behind”.

              Got my ticket for the “big” show, but it ain’t gonna be in no theatre. It ain’t a passport into the next universe either.

              Nope, it’s a ticket for the millenium show, right here on terra firma. i want to be left behind. Left behind from all the idiots that have fallen for the whole, “rapture/leaving the heatherns behind crap”.

              Wake up sheeple christians, we are in tribulation, and i haven’t heard of any body “flyin away” in the clouds, yet. This thing called life is changing like the birth pangs of a nine-month pregger woman. i would be very surprised if the coming of Antichrist doesn’t happen before the end of 2015/2016.

              if the blood moons are a sure sign, than we got the second of this set, coming up this month, with; a partial solar eclipse. The other two next year. makes you wonder, even if you are an non-believer like WWTI.

              Next set of the four bloods coming 2032 and “33. Anybody want to wait that long, considering the amount of BS already imposed upon us?
              that’s what i thought.


              • Georgia Boy

                Spot on about the “rapture” lie, I was wondering if more than a handful of us got that.

                Ponder this, I don’t know how familiar you are with Islamic prophecy, but I had an epiphany smack me right in the face about 3 days ago. Muslims are waiting on the return of the 12th Imam. He is basically their coming messiah, however if you lay out his attributes, he is a perfect match with the antichrist.

                As you know Lucifer has copied everything God has done from the beginning in order to deceive as many as possible. I have studied some of Egyption mythology, starting after a friend passed along Zeitgeist to me.

                In egyption myhology you had Osiris(fake god) whos spirit had a child with a supposed virgin and that child was Horus. Horus was the sun god whom supposedly lived the same life as Jesus, was crucified and rose after 3 days. In a mannor of sorts Horus was the first antichrist. Here’s where it ties together, Horus’ mothers name was ISIS. ISIS gave birth to the original antichrist.

                The 12th Imam comes in the middle of world chaos and brings peace to the world(while slaughtering infidels, and uniting the whole world under shariah). The muslims believe they can speed up his return by creating world wide chaos, thus bringing in what we know as the antichrist.

                Just as ISIS gave birth to the first antichrist, it appears ISIS is attempting to usher in the return of him.

                It makes evem more sense when you look around you and on tv at all the symbolism where companies use the eye of Horus(all seeing eye) and pyramids for company logos. Look on the back of the dollar. Start to look and you will see them everywhere.

                • passinwiththewind

                  Thanks for the shout out, Georgia Boy.

                  Yes, the muslims are also looking for their redeemer.
                  That is precisely why antichrist/satan (disguised as Christ) will be many things to many people.

                  When the world sees his miracles, like making lightening come from the sky with a snap of his fingers, they will follow his every word.

                  He will convince the muslims that they had it mostly right, but missed the mark just a little with him, and that is OK cause they are forgiven…yada,yada,yada.

                  The rapture believing crowd will fall for his lies also when he tells them he came to rapture them away before all hell breaks loose, but; “let’s get all your non-believing friends and family on board our “escape”, train”, also. “Turn them in, who are they, it’s all for their own good.” *sarc off”.

                  It is sad that so many tele-evangilists/money changers, are using this “feel good” doctrine of men, to cause people to believe in a lie that was created by satan.

                  TPTB will not succeed with their NWO Agenda 21 crap.
                  The antichrist will succeed in bringing about the deception of a one world religion.
                  “the whole world will whore after him”.

                  What gets me Georgia boy, is that the bible is very clear about how things are going to unfold, and most folks still don’t want to hear it. I guess they like living in fear of the unknown.
                  And they say it is people like us that are spreading fear and hate.

              • Mike in Va


                Good morning. I think it depends on whether you are a Sunni or Shiite Muslim. They have different beliefs regarding what is going to take place. That is why they fight each other. I may be wrong will have to look it up but I don’t think ISIS is the group that believes in the 12 IMAM. I will have to check it. In any case I think you have a very good point.

                Regarding the rapture. The argument for us Christians comes from different interpretations of certain verses in the bible. In Mathew it says two people will be in the field and 1 will go and that is not the quote just my wording. As a Christian I don’t really think it matters. Lets say we go through a lot of trouble before the rapture then we still need to prepare. Lets say there is no rapture then we still need to prepare. I just don’t understand why people get upset over this. Just be ready one way or the other. All that matters is you believe in Jesus. Not work arguing over to me.

                Glad to see your post. It caused thought and that is helpful to all on here.

                • Georgia Boy

                  Pwtw, man its spooky how much we see them exzct same thing unfolding. I been saying that for about 6 years and most people just look at me like I got horns coming out of my head lol 🙂

                  Hey Mike! Yeah I been a reader here for about 5 years, just don’t usually comment.

                  The quote you are referring to is from Matthew 24-25 and Jesus speaking of His return, said it will be as it was in the the days of Noah, which my personal belief has more to do with mixing with Nephilim than actual eating and drinking. Jessus said in Noahs day they kept doing it right up until Noah went into the ark and knew nothing til the flood came and TOOK them all away. Then He says 2 men in the field, one taken and the other left, 2 women at the mill, one taken and the other left. Pay close attention to what He said there. Who was taken away when the flood came, and afterward whom was left?

                  And yessir I agree whole heartedly that we spend too much time arguing over small things concerning scripture. I worry the most about pre tribbers because I know some who spend a lot of time looking at the clouds and getting disillusioned because the think they should have already flew out of here. I work with a preacher that told me he thought he would have been gone before he saw most of the things he has saw in the last 10 years.

                  To be honest I rarely even point out my unbelief in “rapture” to people I don’t really know anymore. When I hear it now, I point them toward 2 Thess chapter 2 where Paul warns them the antichrist comes first, saying he is Jesus, and the ones whom run to him, God will send them strong dilusion, and make them believe the lie because they would not receive the truth.

                  As far as Sunni and Shiite you may very well be correct because honestly I don’t know one from another when I see them, but I believe according to the Koran given the right circumstances and either will kill us.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          I will say most folks here licked BI and Eppe’s posts,will say never understood the earthquake patterns ect. put forth by BI but read em anyhow,and Eppe was a font of humor and some occasional serious prep posts.Bi seems to have gone off the matrix,hopefully by choice of his own,Eppe seems to have some family matters that need attending,hope all works out for both of em!PO,on a more serious note,did you get GOLDFISH crackers?!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Please,….. any dipstick with a mouse can cut n paste jokes. Small things for small minds get so amused at simpleton ha-ha’s.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          OK, PM got crushed

          Closing Bell Today.

          Gold = $1193 – Under $1200 now. Analyst $660.00 new target price.

          Silver = $16.826 And I would guess $6 by December as low as $.

          BUY LEAD and BRASS. Buy Low Sell High.

          • PO'd Patriot

            LMAO. Yeah all the pundits on King World News keep hollering gold and silver is building a base. Horse…….Ssshiiiiiiitttt. They been saying that for two years when it came off the 1900/50 high. I’m just gonna keep holding it though. The silver that is.

        • WhoWTI

          Reminds me of a bunch of CB’ers on here. lol Low budget yickity Yackers with nothing better to do. How about contribute a prepping tipor something relative. Otherwise you girls just meet up for lunch somewhere.. lol

          • passinwiththewind

            i don’t recall Mac putting you in charge of us.

            If so , i missed the memo.

            If I recall you are still a newbie by our standards. Coming here for maybe nine months?

            I will be the first to leave this site, permanently, if that day comes. Primarily because i can’t stand moderators and bossmen.

            And…i phucking hate atheists and liberals, of which you seem to have the market cornered on both.

          • Townsaver

            Low Budget Prepper Tip:

            If you must boil water to purify for drinking, after it cools enough for drinking, put it in a clean container and shake the hell out of it for about a minute or two.

            Boiled water tastes flat and dull, terrible really. This gets it back about 1/2 way from that to drinkable. Try and it you will never again not do it for drinking water.

          • PO'd Patriot

            We’re waiting on your lazy ass to enlighten us.

        • Anon 1970

          I am new here and I hope not perceived as a “henny penny” type. I am certainly learning from many of you. It is a bit overwhelming and I am trying to come up with a better system of storing the info besides just copy and pasting into a doc, then printing, then putting in a binder organized by subject tabs.

          I have found myself more than a little overwhelmed with all there is to do. Why with getting preps and keeping them organized, growing and storing grown food, keeping up with the news, reading for education so that I can have the head knowledge needed when it IS needed, homeschooling my kiddos, trying to lean about firearms when I have known nothing about them for my entire life (and it makes me feel young to be so naive at my 43 years), keeping my own home clean and organized (otherwise I am worthless, cannot function in disorder). I am trying my damndest to crap a lifetime of info in as fast as possible.

          Gosh I wish my husband would be interested in any of this. If he would take on all the firearms and some of the growing then I could really focus on learning more about herbs, etc. He is just not interested. Reads ‘Chive’ and sports crap almost exclusively. Any ideas how to wake the guy up? We could be a real dynamic duo if he would ‘get it’.

          • REB


          • anonymous

            I feel for you 70. Mine came around after a four day power outage. Then we dug into websites and lists and scenarios and I can’t stop or slow down. He said I was over the top until Ebola got here. Now he agrees on thinkin this week of prepping may very well be our last opportunity. I think next week there will be dozens of cases.

          • durango kidd

            ANON 1970: Meet him at the door in your birthday suit and give him the BEST sex he has ever had as soon as he closes the door. Then give him a honey do prepping list and tell him he can have some more every time he completes a task.

            Tell him he has three days to complete a task and if he fails to perform, then tell him the time frame is now six days. If he fails to perform the next prepper task within six days, the time frame doubles to 12 days!!!

            This will get his attention or my name is not DK!!! 🙂

            • durango kidd

              I pride myself on practical advice. 🙂

          • Kulafarmer

            Hi there, im on the opposite end of the same situation your in, sweety has not an inch of interest in any of this,
            Check out H
            JW Rawles Survivalblog, i believe his site is searchable and categorized by topic, Ready Nutrition is good too and Organic prepper, i like Mother Earth News personally, lots of good articles and how to stuff,
            Just need to remember to live also, theres just as much chance nothing will happen as some catastrophic event that screws us all over, so breathe!

          • Sgt. Dale

            Anon 1970
            Hello and welcome.
            You will find a lot of great folks here. You will also find some Trolls.
            If you have any question about prepping just ask and you will get the info you are looking for. Every thing from A to Z. There are lot of very, very smart people her.
            Again Welcome

          • Mike in Va


            No you are definitely a welcome addition to this site. Do not be overwhelmed. I know it is hard. I am 46 and have been doing this for around 7 years. Some things I learned as a kid and in the military. It does not matter how long you have been prepping though. You can never learn it all. My advice is print off everything you think you will need and put it in that binder. At least the information and instructions are there if you ever need it. Then learn what you deem most important. Keep learning according to your priorities.
            You may or may not be able to convince your husband to help. He will sure appreciate it when the time comes though. Then you can teach him what you have learned and he can learn from the binder too. Start with the bare necessities of life and a way to protect them. Water, Food, medical supplies, and a way to protect them. Have a plan. Also know your neighbors and what kind of area you live in.

            Don’t worry about all the bickering on here. There are some really good people on here. I will help you in any way I can. Feel free to ask any questions you have. There are just some on here that worry about things that will not help them when the collapse happens. Race, Sex, or political affiliation will not matter then. Religion always will matter. Some on here are angry because of life and the situation they are in. They blame others. The truth is we are all responsible for this mess in one way or another. Now we have to be the ones to live and make it right. It is shame the pain we will all have to endure before that happens.
            I get fed up with complaints on here about predictions, the Jews, disease, race, republicans, democrats ect.
            I wish everyone would realize now that is all meaningless. We may disagree on timing or who is at fault. What difference does it make. We are here because we know that this country is going to collapse for one reason or the other. Who is at fault, hate for different people, a persons religion, or politics is irrelevant.

            We should all help each other and stop complaining. Our petty differences do nothing but hurt our cause.

            I will help you and anyone else I can. It is the only way we can win and give a good life to our children and grandchildren.

            Thank you for being a part of this community. All helpful opinions are a valuable part of prepping. Sometimes someone brand new gives a valuable new incite on issues or problems.

          • Marcus

            I had to google “chive” to figure out what you meant. My condolences…

        • Mike in Va

          PO’d Patriot

          I think Ebola is just a small part of there plan. They let it get here on purpose. I do have a feeling that very bad things are going to take place by the end of the year.

          I took a break for awhile. Just can’t deal with gloom and doom all the time. You have to live your life some. Still be smart and pay attention but you only have one life.

          • PO'd Patriot

            There’ll be more distractions coming our way Mike. The masses will run for the high part of this sinking ship until they scream for the government to save them. It’ll be game over.

            • Mike in Va

              I hope not. But if you knew you had spent way to much on your credit card and were 3 months behind on your house payment. What could you do to make your wife think it was due to something else.
              That is what I think is going on. There will be several things to make the masses think that the economic collapse was caused by something else. They have to have a plan so what is it. That keeps me awake at night trying to figure it out.

      • PO'd Patriot

        McLovin, gave you a thumbs up ‘ol boy. Fuck’em.

        • Ted Kennedy

          I always liked being first with the girls that can swim up stream. I have plenty of alphabet soup.

          • PO'd Patriot

            woo-wee! Bed em and Ted em!

            • Ted Kennedy

              Still in the city of bridges?

              • Walt Kowalski

                There should be a “Mary Jo Kopechne Day” national holiday….since she was single-handedly responsible for keeping Ted Kennedy out of the Whitehouse.

                • passinwiththewind

                  That’s right, Walt,

                  and…I am still trying to figure out how the impact of that vehicle with the bridge railing, knocked her panties off and into the glove compartment at 35 miles an hour.

    2. truth is evil

      So is this happening now, or is this just another maybe article?

    3. the renegade braveheart

      Another article by Hodges? YAWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Ever notice these Killer diseases begin in the Black Population.

        Aids was a Negro in Africa having sex with a monkey.

        Ebola, Africans.

        Sickle Cell was thought to be developed by the CIA, but… Targeted Blacks.

        Then Sugar Diabetes is predominate in Blacks as well.

        Weak Genes? You sure don’t want to be having sex with a Haitian these days.

        Anybody else notice this? BTW Surveys say 3 out of 4 Black prefer to shoot blacks.

        Crack Cocain was rumored to be developed by the CIA to imprison Iner-City Blacks.

        Just an observation. what do you think?

        • jeepboy1991

          Just a comment about sickle cell trait vs sickle cell anemia. The trait form offers the benefit of some resistance to malaria. That is why it has survived in sub-Saharan Africa. (I know this stuff because I have a degree in microbiology, that specific item is used in the textbooks as an example of how a “harmful” trait can also have beneficial effects)
          Just my $0.02 worth! 🙂

          • the renegade braveheart

            jeepboy1991, good to hear from you. how’s your recovery coming along?

        • The Old Coach

          Except for all those nasty flu virii that evolve in China.

      • durango kidd

        Can’t say I agree much with him, but at least he is an original thinker. 🙂

    4. the renegade braveheart

      I’ve seen a similar article at another site earlier this year, but I sure hate to see Hodges link to it.

      • Townsaver

        Hey there Braveheart.

        I’ll say it again – Hodges is a fraud.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Good evening, townsaver. I think Hodges and Lindsay Williams were made for each other.

    5. Freeillinois

      The power Elite seem to know things months in advance of us ole common folk.

      I have also heard that some of our alphabet agencies personnel are leaving and going into seclusion.

      SO… is it going to get bad?

      I personally don’t know what that “BAD THING” could be but My gut says we haven’t seen anything yet!!!!!

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Free ILL. One thing the Power Elite doesn’t know, is when we are coming for them. Mysterious accident or coincidence?

        Hmmmmmm….. Kinda like the Bankers committing suicide. Yeah right. They knew too much, and all that is covering their tracks.

    6. ridiculous

      the next 2 weeks should be very interesting.

      the average person touches their face 3-5 times a minute. its time we all start trying to break this habit.

      • Marcus

        Agreed. Starting now I will touch other peoples faces every 3-5 minutes.

    7. KY Mom

      Bio-weapons expert and geneticist warns:
      This strain of ebola “seems to be more ‘patient’, with a lower mortality and a longer expression period. (21 days as opposed to 7-10 with Zaire)

      That’s twice the amount of time for a carrier to infect more people. I think one thing that is being missed in the shuffle is the fact that men express the Ebola virus in their semen for up to 21 days AFTER they are symptom free (provided they survive the virus). That is a whopping 42 (FORTY TWO) days that a male Ebola carrier needs to be quarantined.

      I can guarantee you that that is not happening with the lack of health care access and supply we are seeing in West Africa.”

      Survive the Coming Collapse dot com

      • KY Mom

        It won’t let me add the direct link.

        The title of the article is:
        Ebola: First US Diagnosis of Ebola Amidst Growing Concern

      • maddog

        KY Mom it has also been present in vaginal secretion of female survivors for up to a month after recovery. This was reported a couple of weeks ago on the Sheeple I believe.

        • KY Mom


          That makes sense.

          Scary that the CDC is NOT reporting this information.

          The incubation rate for Ebola as reported on a Canadian website could be 2-21 days. Much of the media in the U.S. is only reporting the incubation rate as 21 days.

          (Calgagus added a link to this yesterday.)

      • DMONIC

        Good catch KY. I was wondering why in the beginning all we heard about was Zaire and 90% lethality, yet just about 50% of the infected people have died.

        • Walt Kowalski

          It’s my understanding that the mortality rate has increased as available medical resources in the affected region have deteriorated. Since supportive care is the only real treatment for Ebola, that makes sense. The mortality rate seems to be directly related to the medical resources available.

          The guy in Texas has a TEAM of people providing care. When the medical facilities become overwhelmed with infected people, that level of intensive care will not exist.

      • Paranoid

        Well, it’s a real MAN that is having sex a few days after Ebola, Please invent something else to worry about

        • DumbDude

          Its time to celebrate life.

          We are two wild and crazy pandemic survivors.

    8. highspeedloafer

      Well, I’m in NC and I know where there are lot’s and lot’s of caves and great hiding places. Others like me know where these places are too. After the fema people are wiped out they will surely be re-occupied.I love that these greedy rats are already targeting one another. Maybe we won’t have to worry too much, hopefully they will destroy one another.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but caves is where the very first Ebola victim got Ebola…from a cave in Africa…. they think from bat droppings! I really don’t like the idea of caves!!!

        • Satori

          that’s fruit bats

          bats around here only give you rabies

          so no worries !


        • maddog

          I thought it started with someone humping monkey’s.

          • Meathead

            Maddog. That would be our Golfer-in-Chief….

            • Hunter


              Wait-a-minute…I thought the 1st he/she was a ‘trans-wookie!’


              ..yeah DD, that was a ‘gimmie’ alright!

          • DumbDude

            No thats not Ebola, thats Malia and Sasha.

            (to all my black friends I apologize – I just had to tie that one on Michelle O. It was hanging there right over the plate)

        • BJ

          They just discovered HIV’s very first origin….I wonder how they could already know Ebola’s very first origin? Hasn’t HIV been around a little longer?

          HIV got it’s start around 1920 in Kishasa Congo. Something about monkeys and them being hunted and eaten.

        • Walt Kowalski

          So…did the first victim eat the bat droppings? Or perhaps rub them into an open wound? I mean…after all…we are being told that Ebola is not airborne and that it’s really hard to catch. Right?

    9. Prepper

      Reading this several things pop into my head. Steve Balmer retired from Microsoft last year. Bill Gross retired from PIMCO recently. And Larry Ellison not only stepped down at Oracle, but he bought the island of Lanai in Hawaii. According to an article in the New York Times, he is making it entirely self sufficient in terms of food, water, and energy. Please google “Larry Ellison Lanai” and read the article yourself and see if it raises a few questions in your mind.

      Are these just coincidences, or are these billionaires telling us something by dropping out?

      • KY Mom

        Since late 2011 a large number of top level bank executives have resigned at major banking institutions around the globe.

        Massive Resignation of World Banking Leaders
        “Since the beginning of February, 2012, forty – let Me restate…FORTY – CEO’s, bank heads, and other major bankster-types have left their jobs or announced their plans to do so.”

        Who is Resigning the Great Bankers of the World?

        February Fever: Why are Major Bank Executives Resigning Left and Right?

        Top level bankers resigning in droves. What does this mean?

        “The American Kabuki website features a report titled, 320 RESIGNATIONS FROM WORLD BANKS, INVESTMENT HOUSES, MONEY FUNDS, and a Japanese website has posted some amazing graphs of resignations by region, by country, and by company.”

        • Calgagus

          Maybe those top heads are resigning because so many others were found dead. Aint no job worth your life.

      • FreeSlave

        LOL. No opsec for Larry on the island of Lanai. I honeymooned there. It’s a great little island. But if he thinks he’s safe on that island, he’s sadly mistaken.

        But I had not known that he bought it. That’s highly interesting.

        With regards to your comment, someone should just create a blog or website called NWO watch, and track all the locations and movements of all suspected NWOers in real time.

        Not only that, but create a database of all their family members, friends, and close associates. Then if SHTF, they’re exposed just as much as the next guy. Let the golden horde know where the NWO’ers are.

        • Archivist

          Just so you’ll know, that would be a huge project. There are over 5,000 possible principals. Adding family would make it nearly impossible.

      • San Diegan

        Considering Steve Balmer just dropped 2 billion on the Clippers, I doubt he feels shit’s gonna hit the fan anytime soon. He wants a return on his investment!

      • Hunter


        Research the $$$ bleed at PIMCO since Bill departed.

        ..MF Global on steroids maybe?

    10. VanMom

      Six-weeks ago, we took my son to college two states away. I did not see U.N. vehicles, but I did see US military vehicles being transported via train, and semi-type flatbed west on I-80 & I-90.

      • DMONIC

        I work by an intermodal facility and saw for the first time about a week ago a shitload of MRAPS being transported via rail. They were still painted desert tan and had their turrets. Couldnt tell if they were new or used though.

        • Jersey Tom

          I used to work for a DoD contractor. Most MRAPs don’t have turrets. Shit must be serious if they’re bringing these stateside and moving them around. I used to export defense articles too. It’s way too expensive to bring these things back from overseas. These were def assembled here for use here. Most of the documentation from importing them into the Middle East was fudged because of the urgency to get supplies there. That’s also one of the reasons we didn’t bring equipment back.

    11. Anonymous

      This is to Iowa, the guy who posted the other day: I know that having to sleep in your vehicle sucks… however, there is good in everything: since you no longer have to pay rent, you can save all that money you are earning from your job!!

      I don’t know for sure but I’m almost positive that Apocalypse is on our doorstep… when SHTF, you can take all that money you saved (from not paying rent) and head for the hills!!

      If you know where your wife and kids are, you can see if they want to come too… if not, then you tried… we never know what God has in store for us… there is good in everything!!

      Also, if your car is unsafe (no tinted windows or car alarm), you can look up rooms for rent which should be alot cheaper than paying for apartment/house… only one person (you) means you don’t need a big house and so can save money for SHTF.

    12. Anonymous

      Now they are saying there’s potentially another Ebola victim– in Washington, DC… this is only about 60 miles from me…:(

      (Let’s just hope he is good at climbing fences!)

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Obola in DC,well,that would be poetic justice as it seems even now flights still coming in from hot zones/military going into hot zones/lies and incompetence(or purposeful)from folks that are supposed to be trained to deal with outbreaks,just hope person survives if indeed infected with obola,also hope he visited congress/senate/white house as last visitor of the day.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          Hate to see anyone get Ebola, but it would be interesting to see if they treat it as nonchalant as they are doing in Dallas.

          I’m sure they would remove the patient and all those they contacted out of the region, so fast it’ll make their heads spin.

      • durango kidd

        Klayman has filed THE lawsuit against O’Bummer, charging FRAUD and seeking DEPORTATION!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Mike in Va


        Are you north or south of DC if you don’t mind me asking?

    13. Old Guy

      Better to hide in plain sight. Hunkering in a bunker wont save you. If those so called elites think they will be safe in their bunker at Mt weather. They have got another think coming. That bunker will become their tomb. Just the same as you folks with you personal private bunkers. Others know where its located. somebody blabbed. Also The satellite view took pictures of the location when you dug the hole. Your no safer than a varmit in its den. And I can force any varmit from its den. the citys & goverments are doomed. The rural areas and country folks can survive without the citys and government. The city folks & goverments cant survive without the farms & produce of the rural areas.

      • hammerhead

        “The rural areas and country folks can survive without the citys and government. ”

        I am counting on that statement being correct.
        All my cards are on that table.

        And another thing, I have built saferooms and dug holes on poured concrete for bunkers.
        There are alot of guys involved.
        Do they think we have forgotten thier whereabouts once we all leave the jobsite?

      • Townsaver

        Yeah, those dumb self sufficient farmers that grow all the food for everyone…

        What do they know?

        Oh wait…

    14. y99

      Should we stay or should we go now, if we stay there will trouble, if we go there will be double.

      If SHTF soon we can only consider current events as signs of the coming misery. Ebola, incurable TB, foreigners invading like a cancer.

      Prep, plan and get ready

      • Anonymous

        I would just have a very good vehicle and a hell of a bug out bag, y99!

        • y99

          Check, check and check! I could be loaded and in some of the best forested land in the country within 90 minutes.

          It’s more about deciding what the trigger is.

          • The Old Coach

            You and a few thousand others who think a forest is safe, only to find that they’ve overpopulated it by 5000%. About 90% of those geniuses are going to be buzzard bait inside two weeks.

            • y99

              Most will not go where I’m going, in fact any sane person would know that they’d die during one winter so the environment is my protection.

              I on the other hand have survived harsh winters sleeping in a shallow grave and can remember it being the best sleep I’ve ever had.

              • Townsaver

                That is kind of creepy – sleeping in a shallow grave.

                But it is October, so carry on sir!

                • y99

                  When it’s cold a hole and a poncho liner can save your life in freezing temps. BTDT

      • Prepper

        Y99, please google “Ebola Vitamin C” and you will learn it IS curable but not necessarily by doctors following mainstream FDA-approved practices. Also, keep in mind when a population is living in squalid, unsanitary conditions, is malnourished, drinks disease-infested water, and culturally insists upon questionable burial practices, it is a setup for pandemic. I would be surprised if Ebola gains traction in the US and Europe. However, as a prepper, I think it is wise to take certain precautions just in case.

        Regarding TB, in 1903 the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to Dr. Neils Finsen who cured TB by placing patients in direct sunlight. This approach has fallen out of favor and has been replaced by pharmaceuticals, but it still works. A little research ahead of time would be helpful if we have to self-treat TB in this manner.

        I like your tagline: Prep, plan, and get ready.

    15. Ray

      Who did? From what agency? When? Where EXACTLY did “they” go? How do YOU know? All I see are rumor , innuendo, and speculation from some guy I have never heard of. This is a lot of buzz words strung together. Not one single fact, name or verifiable location to be found. But advertising; lots and lots of panic based advertising.

      • hammerhead

        Right there with ya ray , lots of fear porn.
        BUT- I am still gonna prepare .
        Something is wrong , cant nail it down , but something aint right .
        So just prepare the best ya can i guess.
        Nothing to lose in that.

    16. ArmedPatriot

      I don’t consider the transportation of military equipment by train a sign. When I was in they used trains to ship our vehicles to training facilities such as California or Louisiana. The UN vehicles are repurposed american surplus. That stuff gets painted all the time. Ebola is the thing to watch… when it all comes down is when the feds loose total control. It’s going to take a while for folks to wake up.

    17. Satori

      UN: Air travel from Ebola nations should continue


      the operative phrase here ?

      “political and economic ”

      you’ll notice NOTHING is said about health and spreading ebola through air travel

      these decisions have nothing to do with stopping the spread of ebola
      they are POLITICAL and ECONOMIC decisions

      “Dujarric emphasized the importance of screening at travelers’ departure and arrival.”

      and I just love that line of bull shit

      want to get around screening?

      lie on your form and take some tylenol an hour before going to the airport

      is the world run by idiots or what

      I’m not the tinfoil hat type
      but DAMN
      I’m almost beginning to believe that they don’t want to stop this thing
      they seem to be doing everything they can to ensure its spread ?
      their actions defy common sense at every turn

      • Calgagus

        “I’m almost beginning to believe that they don’t want to stop this thing
        they seem to be doing everything they can to ensure its spread ?
        their actions defy common sense at every turn”

        You aint the only one. A few outspoken docs earned my respect speaking out and calling the CDC what they are.

    18. Old Guy

      Sensitivity Training -​

      1) I was devastated to find out my wife was having an affair but, by turning to religion, I was soon able to come to terms with the whole thing. I converted to Islam, and we’re stoning her in the morning!

      2) The wife suggested I get myself one of those penis enlargers, so I did. She’s 21, and her name’s Kathy.

      3) Went to the pub with my girlfriend last night. Locals were shouting “pedophile!” and other names at me, just because my girlfriend is 24 and I’m 50. It completely spoiled our 10th anniversary.

      4) My son was thrown out of school today for letting a girl in his class give him a hand-job. I said “Son, that’s 3 schools this year! You’d better stop before you’re banned from teaching altogether.”

      5) The cost of living has now gotten so bad that my wife is having sex with me because she can’t afford batteries.

      6) A man calls 911 and says “I think my wife is dead”. The operator says, “How do you know?” The man says “The sex is about the same, but the ironing is piling up!”

      7) I was explaining to my wife last night that when you die you get reincarnated but must come back as a different creature. She said she would like to come back as a cow. I said, “You obviously haven’t been listening.” Then the fight started.

      8) My wife has been missing a week now. The police said to prepare for the worst. So, I had to go down to Goodwill to get all of her clothes back.

      9) The Red Cross just knocked on my door and asked if we could contribute towards the floods in Pakistan . I said we’d love to, but our garden hose only reaches the driveway.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Old Guy, those are also some good ones. Keep them coming.

      • Anon 1970

        Yeah, that was funny! If eppe returns we will never stop laughing!

    19. Ted Kennedy

      Update on Ebola Epidemic in West Africa

      This afternoon, United Airlines informed us of the following concerning the Ebola virus victim currently being treated in Texas:

      “The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has informed us that the patient said he flew part of his trip on United. However, without consent, we cannot divulge a traveler’s identity. The director of the CDC has stated there is “zero risk of transmission” on any flight on which the patient flew because he was not symptomatic until several days after his trip and could not have been contagious on the dates he traveled. While the CDC states it is unnecessary for it or the airline to contact others who were on the patient’s flights, United is providing information about the flights United believes the patient took, based on information provided by the CDC. We are ensuring our employees have this information and suggest that any customers who have concerns contact the experts at the CDC for further information.

      “Information on the Sept. 20 flights United believes the patient took is as follows:

      “From Brussels to Washington Dulles, Flight 951 and Washington Dulles to Dallas-Fort Worth, Flight 822.”

      The company waited to release this publicly until they could contact all the flight deck and cabin crewmembers from the pertinent flights. We were asked to coordinate our release out of respect for the individuals concerned.

      The following is from the MEC Aeromedical Committee.

      The most recent guidance from the company, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), concerning the Ebola epidemic in West Africa (primarily Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) is basically unchanged from previous days. The September 30 Ebola Virus Update and LOS procedures dated September 30 on your iPad is a reissue of the September 17 Update. Please review these documents prior to operating or traveling on a flight to LOS.

      Click Here for information and updates on Ebola from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      Even though the death toll has climbed in West Africa (primarily Liberia) and the worldwide number of cases grows, we can see that there are a number of underlying reasons for this:

      1) Overcrowding and no – repeat NO – sanitation measures available to the general population in that country.

      2) Fear, superstition and violent panic of the tribal units and families, and rigid adherence to burial customs that involve touching the victim’s personal effects, coming in contact with the recently deceased and lack of protective gear and precautions when doing so increases the likelihood of getting infected.

      3) Fear and superstition causing villagers and tribes to shun and chase away modern medical practices.

      4) Attempts to develop isolation methods that are meaningful are largely ignored

      5) I will repeat – NO EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SANITATION IS IN THIS COUNTRY! Indoor plumbing as we know it (soap, germicide, toilet paper, all very basic elements of acceptable hygiene) are NOT AVAILABLE for most of the population in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

      The ultimate lessons we must learn from this are:

      1) Continue to practice frequent hand washing.

      2) Avoid unnecessary contact with any person’s belongings, luggage or discards.

      3) Know where the infection control kits are on your airplane, and how and when to use them.

      ANY passengers displaying symptoms such as fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea or bleeding for unknown reasons should be reported. Med Link should be involved and, most important, the flight deck should NOT get involved other than to fly the plane. Get on the ground, file reports, contact the FODM and advise him of the situation, make note of your involvement, and begin a 20-day clock. Get yourself to medical care at the first sign of an illness, most likely it will be another form of infective agent and not Ebola. Ebola requires direct contact with the body fluids or residue – personal effects – of a victim.

      The CDC’s forecast of this disease is based on the countries’ minimal provision of healthcare resources, which are not U.S. Standards. We are not totally immune but we are much better prepared. The health care workers in West Africa are functioning in makeshift quarters and many times without any running water, let alone filtered or even hot water. Nigeria is much better off as is Cote d’Ivoire due to available finances.

      Both the CDC’s Dr. Frieden and NIH’s Dr. Fauci have strongly put the case forward to Congress and the Executive Branch that funding, much of which was cut by previous administrations, needs to be restored to help develop vaccines and medicines. One physician in Guinea has used an anti-HIV drug and has seen his patients recover at a higher rate. Cases where health care workers have been infected often involve not using protective gear or getting an accidental needle/sharps stick after treating a victim.

      Neither ALPA National Safety and Engineering or ALPA Aeromedical has suggested we cease operating into West Africa. This is a link to a recent communication from ALPA. Ebola is a scary disease. We currently fly into China where influenza is endemic and it is always in circulation. While the flu can be deadly, it is not as scary as Ebola. If the threat to our crewmembers operating into LOS rises, we will seek further actions from the company.

      Based on the company’s communication, we are ensuring that the specific crewmembers are contacted and that the company provide all resources the pilots may require.

      HKG Update

      The following is from the MEC Hotel Committee.

      Hong Kong is a busy place this week! Two events are affecting crews:

      National Fireworks Day-Oct 1: Due to the anticipated harbor front crowds, flight crews were dropped-off and/or picked up at the Novotel a few blocks east and escorted through the crowds by Renaissance staff to/from their layover hotel. This was a pre-planned event, but the company did not inform us that this drop-off plan was being implemented until after we received pilot PDRs. This was a one-day event and drop-offs have returned to normal.

      Street Demonstrations: As you have been watching on the news, demonstrations have been occurring in the Admiralty area of Hong Kong. We have been tracking the size of the crowds and they have been contained to this area about ½ mile south of the Renaissance. According to today’s news, riot police have now left the area. So far, no flight crews have been affected by these demonstrations. The Hotel and Security Committees are watching HKG closely. Please send us a PDR if you have anything to report.

      • Kulafarmer

        Good post, thank you

      • hmmmmm

        Early Signs of Ebola:
        severe headaches, muscle pain, rash, abdominal pain, sore throat

        If you don’t already know.

        • PA farmer

          Thats funny those are the same symptoms I get when I think about them squatters in the the peoples White House.
          When you think about it, that would make me a Slumlord..

    20. sixpack

      Some of the article sounds like what has been discussed for a long time. I expected the rats to run for their well-stocked holes. It will be nice to have all of the rats in one place when we exterminate them.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        SixPack. Like the classic movie Dirty Dozen when they poured Gasoline down into the air vent shafts of the cellars, then dropped Road flare. The rats had no way to escape the BBQ.

        • sixpack

          My thoughts exactly.

          No Prisoners.

          No Mercy.

          No Regrets.

    21. rodeph golem

      everyone needs to chill…

      nothing major is going to happen.

      the 1% nwo zog globalists need zog amerika to be the engine / fake fiat dollar financier / sword arm of the nwo zog to much to take it down or allow the dollar to completely die.

      worst case scenario is just more regicide eugenics population control of the 99% tax debt slave sheeple(you), no more free speech – disarmament(1st and 2nd amendment of u.s. constitution are redacted) and mass nationwide poverty (middle class is taxed into poverty tax debt slavery).

      * which will create more volunteer soldiers (meat for the middle east , africa and future south america war meat grinder). *

      so… chill out , take a deep breath , and plan accordingly for a very long downward slide into zog amerika fascist controlled socialistic communism.



      • Winston Smith

        What if your underlying supposition is wrong? What if this is not part of a grand conspiracy but is a genuine, organically unfolding event? Don’t fall in love with any one theory to explain everything because the world is not that simple. The need to make everything fit one centralized conspiracy means you will overlook things and miss real truths and real problems because you are too wedded to your single mindedness.

    22. TPSnodgrass

      My sister’s-brother-in-law’s cousin, twice removed, over heard, two FEMA “officials” complaining about their having to “relocate” to the caverns under the Denver Airport. They were really upset that they “had” to go there, as neither one wanted aircraft landing on their roof, while they were trying to sleep.Golly! What are we mere mortals to do with this information? So many alleged pastors, cliaing to have knowledge that over time, has proven to be false, misleading, or flat out lies, don’t seem to have any better track record, than our elected officials, the current Administration, Congress, Senate, FEMA, DHS, FBI, CIA, ASA, NSA, city of Chicago, DOD, WTF, NYC, BFE, or the current premier of China, Mr. WhoFlungPoo. Could it be, that the sheeple are not as intelligent as we have originally thought? Could be, could be. Who cares what the Feds are doing? Who cares if we see vehicles painted in UN mufti, being transported to their transportation hubs? Perhaps, they are in transit from their manufacturers to the UN transit centers? Or maybe, something far more sinister is afoot? We’ve seen recently how far down the tubes the Secret Service performance levels have truly sunk, so, are we to believe that FEMA or DHS “commandos” are any better or more capable? Nope, they are what they are, and as long as the Obamafurher is in charge, we can expect true incompetence from our Federal people.Just my take on it is all. And I don’t really expect the UN to send in troops to the mainland Estados Unidos either, far too many would find themselves true targets from the real citizens of this country, IF, they were to unilaterally invade our territory.(as well they should)

      • hammerhead

        One- If our current administration was as “transparent” as they claim , we wouldnt have so many conspirasy theories flyin around.

        TWO- Nobody and i mean NOBODY has the right to invade the US . WHY WOULD YOU THINK OTHERWISE?

        • TPSnodgrass

          Obviously, you completely MISSED the sarcasm of my post.
          I’ve never for a second posted nor “thought” anyone including the UN “has the right” to invade the US. Again, you missed completely the sarcasm I intentionally put into the text of the post. Which means, you appear to be as myopic and as much of a sheeple as those I was intentionally denigrating, for panicking and believing bilge from various knuckle-heads whop are oft quoted here.(and always wrong)
          Do your own research, think for yourself, and you will be able to prep FAR better than polluting your mind with the excrement oozing out of the AlexJones crowd.

          • hammerhead

            yep snotty , i missed the sarc.
            I thought YOU were oozing alex jones hate America first excrement , LOL .
            Its all good , I think i will just go drag my knuckles…

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Like who are the Arazona assholes that keep reelecting John McCain? Or is it a Diebold Fix. Are Americans really this Supid?? Another is Diane Frankenstein. What Americans choose to vote to be fully disarmed and left to be helpless and slaghtered? There has to be a Fix .

    23. Barn Cat

      Now I’m wondering if we’ll have a nationwide ebola epidemic before the economy collapses and we have martial law.

      Jim Garrow tells people not to take the vaccine. That’s it’s designed to cause other medical problems that will kill you later.

      The government is deliberately allowing the disease to spread.

      • hammerhead

        Ebola will be the fall guy for the economy ?
        Whatcha bet ?

        And DONT take the “cure” it just cant end well.
        I read (from questionable source) about the possibility of nanno tech being injected with different “vaccines”.
        Something traceable is all i know.
        Again , I am not sure about how reliable the source is.

        Some tough decisions ahead for all of us .

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Then Obama comes out on the MSM Lie channels and tells the gullible The Economy has Recovered. My 77 YO Moms says Obama says the economy has recovered. Do I tell her, its all BS? Or tell her to just ask any person on the street are you better off now or Before Obama?

    24. Satori

      ebola “ready or not here I come”

      Why America’s Not Ready For An Ebola Outbreak (In 1 Photo)


      yeah the CDC and the Texas Department of Health are doing a
      bang up job

      • THEBigFatPanda

        Linkee no workee. Error 404.

        • Navy Vet

          Here’s a link that works:

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-03/why-americas-not-ready-ebola-outbreak-1-photo

          (take out the spaces between ht and tp)

          • maddog

            Navy Vet they look like illegals. Its okay brother their a dime a dozen. 10,000 more will cross the boarder tomorrow so we won’t run out.

            • Navy Vet

              maddog … thas rraayycciiss ;^)

    25. TruthIsAll

      Well, at least we all know where do go for retribution. Find their rabbit holes, seal them in with some concrete. They can rot for their betrayal of humanity.

    26. Barn Cat

      Regardless of what people in the alphabet agencies are doing, I’m convinced that the collapse is still a year away. Why?

      1. Ebola needs time to spread.
      2. The tax consequences of obamacare will kick in next year.
      3. The dollar still hasn’t lost its reserve currency status.
      4. The economy is still collapsing but isn’t there yet.

      • Burt Gummer

        Agreed. They still need more time to steal everything from us before they collapse everything. They still hear the change clinking in your pocket.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          You know times are bad when you have a yard sale and people can’t afford anything at the sale. I sold only $5 yesterday. Lets see what today brings. I heard this phrase 6+ times yesterday. “I’d buy it if I had the money” People can only afford Free Stuff. I definatly sense a major economic problem right now. Sell your excess stuff while you still can. You may have to abandon it a flee to safe your life.

      • djdog

        And the Shemitah year doesn’t end until 9/25/2015…

    27. rodeph golem

      everyone needs to chill…

      nothing major is going to happen.

      the 1% nwo zog globalists need zog amerika to be the engine / fake fiat dollar financier / sword arm of the nwo zog to much to take it down or allow the dollar to completely die.

      worst case scenario is just more regicide eugenics population control of the 99% tax debt slave sheeple(you), no more free speech – disarmament(1st and 2nd amendment of u.s. constitution are redacted) and mass nationwide poverty (middle class is taxed into poverty tax debt slavery).

      * which will create more volunteer soldiers (meat for the middle east , africa and future south america war meat grinder). *

      so… chill out , take a deep breath , and plan accordingly for a very long downward slide into zog amerika fascist controlled socialistic communism.



    28. Son of Liberty

      I keep hearing these things and, being a normal preparedness nut, I think this is just so much exaggerated nonsense.

      Why do we always hear these things second hand – from a friend of mine, from someone in FEMA, from a guy who knows a guy. I’m sorry, I know things are getting bad, and I can see from current events and what I know of Scripture things are about to go south in the VERY NEAR future, but when we depend on second and third hand information my skepticism light begins flashing, and the alarm buzzers begin blaring loudly!

      Give it to me first hand, give me substance, and provide names (as much as you can, at least). Come on, 400 – 500 from the gov. going into hiding? Why not say 4000 – 5000, it’s about as believable.

      Thanks, and blessings on you,

      Son of Liberty

    29. Burt Gummer

      My bugout location has a neighborhood watch with peple who are wide awake and fully informed. I could not be happier knowing similar minded people will have my back. I do not have similar ‘awake’ people around my home. Most of my neighbors are really nice people but are clueless. When SHTF these same people will probably change. None know about my bugout location and never will. I hope it does not get that bad, but I’m creating options. I can always make the bugout into rental property if all goes well and it is not needed. Best wishes to all on this site. Find a way to make options. Increases your survival chances.

    30. Derrick

      I’m tired of warning people who don’t want to be warned.
      While everybody is talking, I am making last minute preparations.

      If people haven’t woken up to what’s taking place, they won’t until they are being loaded onto a FEMA bus and sent to the so-called quarantine centers.

      I will not be one of these people.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Derrik,till it’s too late it is never too late.I have over the last year got friends and family to accept that things could go very wrong,they have stocked up/prepped some,at least have a fighting chance.We all cannot be outdoor grizzly Adams types with a few combat special ops tours thrown in for a background,that said,even accepting things can go wrong and having even basic preps can make a difference,thus,will not give up on those I know.Ironic part is many I know much better in a economic sense and thus could prep and not feel it too bad financially,weird.

    31. THEBigFatPanda

      Underground facility at Denver International, huh? Road Trip!!!!!! Caltrops all over the runways, long distance sniper fire at the tower, gee them radar facilities are kinda isolated aren’t they? Stuff poured down anything remotely resembling an intake or exhaust pipe. Wheee, we could have a grand ol time!!
      Knock, knock! You little bastards can’t hide forever!!!

    32. Burt Gummer

      I can’t trust Dave Hodges. He said russian troops are quartered in Gatlinburg, TN. Gatlinburg has the most expensive real estate in the state and visited my millions every year. How does that make any sense?

      • Smokey

        Hodge’s rubles must be worth a lot more than the Russian ones, I guess.

    33. Burt Gummer

      I can’t trust Dave Hodges. He said russian troops are quartered in Gatlinburg, TN. Gatlinburg has the most expensive real estate in the state and visited my millions every year. How does that make any sense?

    34. Marcus of arrington

      I’m not too concerned about anybody hiding. Bow season started today and the Virginia forest donkeys are in fear. No need for us to be. Thank God the Walking Dead starts back up on 12 Oct. so I (we) can get some entertainment value from the Big Blue Light.

      As far a the Denver airport is concerned don’t buy that underground railway crap. I was out there last week and Yeah there’s a railway there… to get you between Terminals A, B C and D. Did anybody else hear about the 10 foot high urinals for the aliens supposedly under the airport? HA!

      Cheyenne mountain is still in use by the USAF for limited communications but totally useless with the development of bunker busting bombs. It was outdated technology when the Greenbriar was discovered.

      Watch the independent film “INSIDE JOB” narrated by Matt Damon if you want to get a real feel for who the PTB is.

      • hammerhead

        “Watch the independent film “INSIDE JOB” narrated by Matt Damon ”

        Pure anti- capitalist , socialist propaganda.
        How can you recommend such tripe ?
        The players are real , but the narrative is pure socialist crap .
        Matt Damon is a devout communist.

    35. Warchild Dammit!

      Burt,one will always need a bug out location,for personal vacations ect. for those in the know,fine,but otherwise just leave as be.A disaster can be man made or natural,and in many cases cannot see either one coming.I do though laugh when there is plenty of warning i.e. katrina/sandy and folks still in line for gas/short on food ect.On that vein also laugh when folks think the economy we have now can last with the fuzzy core curriculum numbers.

    36. David

      Ebola has arrived in Washington DC. Okay, now all that has to be done is (1) be CERTAIN this person has the disease, then (2) escort the following deserving Democrats to shake his hand, kiss his ring, hugs all around, and maybe some swapping of spit: Obozo, Michael (Moochelle), Joe Biden, Dingy Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Valarie Jarrett, Chuck Shuman, and Boxcar Bertha, Diane Feinstein, and Bob Bechtel. Now, there is a group we patriotic Americans no longer need tearing down this great country!

      • Kulafarmer

        Why not just grind up a few ebola corpses into a nice fine liquid then do some spraying!

        • vtfree2

          Is there a formula that only effects the inbreed bloodline of evil, corrupt and down right nasty politicians, world rulers and bankers that we can spray? Like the white pelage which was attached to USD’s, I’ll fly the plane myself

          Interesting concept

    37. vtfree2


      Not that something isn’t coming down the pike but we won’t know until it happens. If these insiders know what it is why would they not let all know? Oh yea, they don’t love us and they want us to live in fear for the rest of our free range slave life’s.

      I’m retired > I was tired yesterday and I’m retired today

    38. B-17

      ONE, TWO, THREE.

      NOW !!!!


    39. vtfree2


      Baby boomers retiring enemas and moving to the country. Many will take up hunting, growing their own food and using alternative energy. These retired people want away from their former rat race metropolitan lives and don’t want be bothered.

    40. Agent Provocatour

      Oh Dave ! You really should consider returning to basketball coaching.

    41. rodeph golem

      * this why i make my own filtered pure bottled water and colloidal silver.

      Bottled water hits $10 per case in Hawaii plus $1.20 deposit

      my initial investment in distilling equipment paid for itself in a year.

      all preppers should look into it to be self sufficient.


    42. watching and waiting

      I have heard that many people who are retiring early are extremely unhappy with the work environment and the infringements
      on their religious beliefs and what they will tolerate.

    43. C_W_R (ColdWarRelic)

      Mac, I have my own thoughts on this as well as personal inside information on what one high level person has done in the way of prepping! It is concerning to say the least so I have to believe that the “elite” have their places all ready for them and their families and I’m certain that they have an inside track to any type of catastrophe that may be happening!

      What is your personal feelings on all of this?

    44. aljamo

      The criminals are going into hiding because they know we know how wicked they are. Growing numbers of American’s and people worldwide have awakened to the lies of the established government’s tyranny and sell out of the people. All the event’s occurring presently are direct retribution for this gained knowledge, in an attempt to hold power over every aspect of our lives. The economic collapse, the police state, fake wars to bolster the equally fake war on terror, introduced biological agents to cull the masses, rampant illegal border jumpers and on and on. The rapid pace of all of these illegal acts can be falsely layed at the feet of the truthers. The 9/11 and 7/7 events, and all the many more false flag truths are becoming mainstream beliefs. This is a big problem for the establishment in power. We are fast approaching the fact that believing the truth instead of the lies will be a capital offense. In that direction, read “UK PM declares 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers must be dealt with as harshly as ISIS” at VeteransToday.com , these truthers are now being called non violent extremists.

    45. 1 John 2:2

      And just how long must one stay underground after all the nuclear cooling pools are not attended to ?

      • Winston Smith

        Oh, not too long. A thousand years sounds like a good starting point though. However it may only be a few hundred before you can take short excursions to the surface!

    46. Stewpedaso

      I’m having a believeability problem…all these “sources” are saying is that the sky is falling…again…and that something “big” is about to happen. No details? Give me a list of the shit coming down the pipe from a straight up video interview and not some no name. Every single year its happening next year or in two years. I see some shit myself ie. Ebola and the economy. People ran for the hills for Y2K, not me I was partying. But who here ever expected to live past your 30th birthday. To all these elites all I have to say is “A hole is a grave” enjoy.

      • Wolverine

        Something bad didn’t happen to you but, to the people in New York, the gulf coast,fires in California , volcanos, tornadoes or ferguson ,it did. There is something bad that affects thousands of people daily . Being prepared for an emergency , by thinking it through or packing a bag or even stocking up on supplies will ensure you and your loved ones survive .

        • Stewpedaso

          Don’t get me wrong I got preps…I live next to a river, I’d be a dumbass not to prep for something of that nature, the economy, and Ebola (Pandemics in general). I was an Air Force Medic for 10 years. I’m just sayin they have been pushing this back and back and back…maybe thats the plan, wear people like me thin so I fall into the culling easier…but I could speculate like that forever, its a time waster. Until something happens I’ll keep walking 2 miles a day with my BOB.

    47. marty

      it will be a pleasure to hunt down and kill the traitors that have destroyed our country.

    48. vapor

      “The First Warrior looked out on the land and his Home.

      He saw the hills

      And the stars

      And he was happy.

      For giving him his home, the first warrior told the Great Spirit

      That he would fight and win many battles in His honor.

      But the Great Spirit said, “No, do not fight for me.

      Fight for your tribe,

      Fight for the family born to you,

      Fight for the brothers you find.

      “Fight for them,” the Great Spirit said, “for they are your Home.”

    49. prepper2morow

      I drive an ambulance, I am not a medic I just drive the only medical training I have (or need)is first responder. That being said, my employer handed out a 6 page report telling us how to protect our self from ebola it was frightening. Nurses aids at hospitals here are quitting left and right. The medic units we have are equipped with bio stuff like mask and face shields but no bio suits and we were told they would not provide any at this point. Suit or no suit I myself will not be working there when this shit hits. My wife and I have been preppers for years and we are good to lock down. Doctors that are not reporting for the government are saying there is no stopping this virus, its on its way and many will die. Prep as best you can, Pray as best you can. I will report more as we start our training. (yes,ebola containment training.) I was at Ohio state medical center today and was told mumps are rampant in Columbus just FYI.

      • FreeSlave

        Look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Mike in Va

        Thanks for the information. Thanks for trying to help. I will be watching any comments you have in the future too.


        Of course mumps are rampant. We have seen a return of problems that had been eradicated thru vaccination. Thank Obama and his open borders.

    50. PA farmer

      New Law Allows Authorities To Seize Guns If Family Members Report Danger.Article at the Daily sheeple. Yet another Infringement against the 2nd Amendment, baby step, baby step. This law just opened the door for total gun Confiscation, one family at a time. Or maybe they will dem a hole community a danger..

      • Jim in Va.

        That law was passed in California…not federal.

        • PA farmer

          Your right, and Similar legislation already exists in Connecticut, Indiana andTexas,.And that doesnt worry you.And we know how they will twist that law to fit their Agenda..

    51. DMM

      Why do people listen to the fear-monger FUKTARD named DAVE HODGES. He is the biggest lying douche on the planet. Even assholes like him sprinkle a few facts in with their lies to make them believable. This prick makes a living keeping you paranoid. Is our government bad? Yes. Are they acting in their own interests, and not yours? Yes. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Train and prepare, but don’t worry about anything. Worrying is what asshole pieces of shit like Dave Hodges make a living on.

    52. BC

      islam is the enemy of the world….this satanic cult was started by a pedophile rapist murderer. muhammed can kiss my ass….muslims, pathetic third world losers…

    53. REB

      Oh Ill keep an eye on these weasels but Im not losing any sleep over their actions or inactions…they wont win this or likely even survive it!
      I finally got enough dry weather to get the potatoes in the cellar,not as many as I shouldve gotten but decent overall…
      canned a bunch of pints of sauce and tomatoe juice as well as sweetpeppers…gotta get the hot ones into jars… butcher some hog and poultry and lots more but working this farm and the one Im helping out(for some spending script) on really cuts down on the time and I kinda need those last four hours a day to sleep(I must be getting wimpy 😉
      Anyhow I got the fields mowed and some wood cut/stacked and am getting the wood cook stove hooked up again soon(baked cornbread from a woodstove oven then soaked in homemade butter…yummy!
      So much to get done…so much preparing to do as a daily way of life a life I chose and one I enjoy despite all the BS from the elitist wannabees…these elites havent got a clue how to live and enjoy life,they sure wont find that clue in a hole in the ground,either the one theyre hiding in or the grave we’re fixin to put them in…I dont fear them and I dont envy them…youre all pretty smart folks,dont let them or their actions buffalo/intimidate you…do what you can,beyond that theres nothing else and worrying never fixed any problem! REB

      • Kulafarmer

        I like the way you think Reb, have a good one!

      • MommaD

        Lol, you live like I do, and that’s how we live shtf happens not too much will change here,will miss Internet just a little though 🙂

    54. rodeph golem

      “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” -Henry Ford

    55. manich

      So they are “fleeing” because BO was re-elected? LOL! Like it would really make a difference to the puppet masters if their muppet was a blue team or red team stooge.

    56. Dongdong543

      it’s been a while, talks of the economy collapsing…what better way to get people to spend like a good ol’ scare-tactic for survival goods?

      i just feel bad for the poor shlob who has to invest all his scratched up dollars to buy things they think will be useful to them, if a crisis ever hits…

      i feel even worse for those who’ve become so dependent on commercialism that they couldn’t survive more than a few weeks after their food supplies have completely depleted…

      stop feeding the richies because you’re so goddamn lazy to do things for yourselves. learn to hunt and grow and preserve/store…get the hell out of over-populated cities. and get the hell off the internet once in a while so you can break away from its clutches that have a hold on you. get used to nature again…it’s our roots after all.

      when/if shit does hit the fan, at least it won’t be such a lifestyle shock.

      learn everything you can, then leave this messed up world to power-starved delusionals who fight over the scraps of the money we “work” for.

      we are worth more than we’re thought of being. it’s time to take back control of our lives…no doubts, no bullshit, no “talking” or wild theories of what “should” be done, no excuses. JUST ACTION.


    57. Old Guy

      One evening a man was at home watching TV and eating peanuts.

      He’d toss them in the air, and then catch them in his mouth In the middle Of catching one, his wife asked him a question – and as he turned to answer her, a peanut fell in his ear.

      He tried and tried to dig it out but succeeded in only pushing it in deeper. He called his wife for assistance, and after hours of trying they became worried and decided to go to the hospital.

      As they were ready to go out the door, their daughter came home with her date. After being informed of the problem, their daughter’s date said he could get the peanut out.

      The young man told the father to sit down, then proceeded to shove two fingers up the father’s nose and told him to blow hard. When the father blew, the peanut flew out of his ear.

      The mother and daughter jumped and yelled for joy. The young man insisted that it was nothing.

      Once he was gone, the mother turned to the father and said, ‘That’s so wonderful! Isn’t he smart? What do you think he’s going to be when he grows older?’

      The father replied, ‘From the smell of his fingers, our son-in-law.’

    58. RICH99

      I have exposed Dave on his website ….I posted on his article 3 times and due to what I said it was not posted …..Dave is an agent provacateur period !!!
      It is October 4th , now read the article again

    59. lena

      I am finally sold that its going to get really bad for a while with the ebola epidemic

      I already have food for months, but am storing water, cash and cleaning/disinfectant supplies now.

      With ebola and every other virus that Obama has said , come on it to; from central america; the usa likely has periods of times coming when you would not want to go outside in your city for weeks at a time.

      i also think small towns are going to become safe havens. those that are well armed that can restrict who they let in will be the place to be if youre not super rich with yoiur own personal cave.

    60. MagnaCarta

      Is this the reason that so many and I mean many estates are on the market all over the US? East to West Coast places in the 2 mil on up, are for sale, that you would think would never be in such quantity.

    61. Fyyff

      The retirements at federal agencies are not a good indicator of pending nefarious events. They hire in waves and therefore retire in waves. The treasury (secret service) get out prior to upcoming presidential campaigns. They don’t want to follow politicians around non stop for a year or longer. Can’t blame them. Who wants to miss life and hang out with politicians.
      The rest of the article is ok but even some relocations make sense. As for the government preparing, perhaps they are following our example. I want them to prep and anticipate even remote scenarios.

    62. Anonymous

      As the old saying goes! You can run, but you cant hide!!!

    63. #FreinGATE

      Its all about the #FreinGATE



      PETV exposes the Martial Law going on in NEPA from the Eric Frein manhunt


      Comparing Eric Frein’s “Grenade” to a Pill Bottle: Navig8r Spots Some Relevant Features


      The Legal Issues of the Eric Frein Manhunt


      UPDATE !! Can’t Contain The Frein ? Maybe The 3rd Amendment Isn’t Outdated After All..



      The Search for Cop Killer Eric Frein, aka #FreinGATE, has Turned into Extended Martial Law


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