When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.

    elite-war-th elite-war

    The consequences and patterns of war, whether by one nation against another or by a government against the citizenry, rarely change. However, the methods of war have evolved vastly in modern times. Wars by elites against populations are often so subtle that many people might not even recognize that they are under attack until it is too late. Whenever I examine the conceptions of “potential war” between individuals and oligarchy, invariably some hard-headed person cries out: “What do you mean ‘when?’ We are at war right now!” In this case, I am not talking about the subtle brand of war. I am not talking about the information war, the propaganda war, the economic war, the psychological war or the biological war. I am talking about outright warfare, and anyone who thinks we have already reached that point has no clue what real war looks like.

    The recent exposure of the nationwide Jade Helm 15 exercise has made many people suspicious, and with good reason. Federal crisis exercises have a strange historical tendency to suddenly coincide with very real crisis events. We may know very little about Jade Helm beyond government admissions, claims and misdirections. But at the very least, we know what “JADE” is an acronym for: Joint Assistance for Deployment and Execution, a program designed to create action and deployment plans using computer models meant to speed up reaction times for military planners during a “crisis scenario.” It is linked with another program called ACOA (Adaptive Course of Action), the basis of which is essentially the use of past mission successes and computer models to plan future missions. Both are products of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

    As far as I know, no one has presented any hard evidence as to what “HELM” really stands for, but the JADE portion of the exercise explicitly focuses on rapid force deployment planning in crisis situations, according to the government white paper linked above. This fact alone brings into question statements by the Department of Defense that Jade Helm is nothing more than a training program to prepare military units for “foreign deployment.” This is clearly a lie if Jade Helm revolves around crisis events (which denotes domestic threats), rather than foreign operations.

    Of course, if you also consider the reality that special operations forces ALWAYS train like they fight and train in environments similar to where they will fight, the entire notion of Jade Helm as a preparation for foreign theaters sounds absurd. If special operations forces are going to fight in Iraq, Iran or Syria, they go to training grounds in places like Kuwait. If they are training in places like Fort Lauderdale, Florida (including “infiltration training”), then there is no way around the fact that they are practicing to fight somewhere exactly like Fort Lauderdale with a similar culture and population.

    I would further note that Jade Helm exercises are also joint exercises with domestic agencies like the FBI and the DEA.  Again, why include domestic law enforcement agencies in a military exercise merely meant to prepare troops for foreign operations?  I often hear the argument that the military would never go along with such a program, but people who take this rather presumptive position do not understand crisis psychology.  In the event of a national catastrophe many military personnel and government employees may determine that they will do what is “best for them and their families”.  And if following orders guarantees the security of their families (food security, shelter, etc), then they may very well follow any order, no matter how dubious.  Also, a large scale crisis could be used as a rationale for martial law; otherwise well meaning military men and women could be convinced that the loss of constitutional freedoms might be for the “greater good of the greater number”.  I believe some military will indeed resist such efforts, but of course, Jade Helm may also be a method for vetting such uncooperative people before any live operation occurs.

    So if Jade is actually a crisis-planning system for the military and the military is training for domestic operations, what is the crisis it is training to react to? It’s hard to say. I believe it will come down to an economic disaster, but our economic and social structures are so weak that almost any major event could trigger collapse. Terror attacks, cyberattacks, pandemic, a stiff wind, you name it. The point is the government expects a crisis to occur. And with the advent of this crisis, the ultimate war on the American people will begin.

    Why wait for a crisis situation? With the cover of a crisis event, opposition to power is more easily targeted. For my starting point on the elite war strategy, I would like to use the following presentation on guerrilla warfare by Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow and military adviser, at the elitist World Affairs Council.

    I would first point out that Boot claims his work is merely a historical character study of interesting figures from the realm of insurgency and counterinsurgency and is not “polemical.” I’m afraid that I will have call horse hockey on that. Boot is direct adviser to the Department of Defense. His work and this presentation were obviously a study of guerrilla tactics from the perspective of counterinsurgency and an attempt to explore strategic methods for controlling and eradicating guerrillas and “terrorists.”

    Any defense the American people might muster against elitist dismantling of constitutional liberties would inevitably turn to “insurgency”. So using CFR member Boot’s views on counterinsurgency as a guideline, here is how the elites will most likely wage open war on those within the American population who have the will to fight back.

    Control Public Opinion

    Boot stresses the absolute necessity for the control of public opinion in defeating an insurgency. Most of his analysis is actually quite accurate in my view in terms of successes versus failures of guerrilla movements. However, his obsession with public opinion is, in part, ill-conceived. Boot uses the American Revolution as a supposed prime example of public opinion working against the ruling powers, claiming that it was British public opinion that forced parliament and King George III to pull back from further operations in the colonies.

    Now, it is important to recognize that elitists have a recurring tendency to marginalize the success of the American Revolution in particular as being a “fluke” in the historical record. Boot, of course, completely overlooks the fact that the war had progressed far longer than anyone had predicted and that the British leadership suffered under the weight of considerable debts. He also overlooks the fact that pro-independence colonials were far outnumbered by Tories loyal to the crown up to the very end of the war. The revolution was NEVER in a majority position, and public opinion was not on the revolutionaries’ side.

    The very idea of the American Revolution is a bit of a bruise on the collective ego of the elites, and their bias leads them to make inaccurate studies of the event. The reality is that most revolutions, even successful ones, remain in a minority for most, if not all, of their life spans.  The majority of people do not participate in history.  Rather, they have a tendency to float helplessly in the tides, waiting to latch onto whatever minority movement seems to be winning at the time.

    Boot suggests that had the Founding Fathers faced the Roman Empire rather than the British Empire, they would have been crucified and the rebellion would have immediately floundered because the Romans had no concern for public opinion. This is where we get into the real mind of the elitist.

    For now, the establishment chooses to sway public opinion with carefully crafted disinformation. But what is the best way to deal with public opinion when fighting a modern revolution? Remove public opinion as a factor entirely so that the power elite are free to act as viciously as they wish. Engineered crisis, and economic crisis in particular, create a wash of other potential threats, including high crime, looting, riots, starvation, international conflict, etc. In such an environment, public opinion counts for very little, if people even pay attention at all to anything beyond their own desperation. Once this is achieved, the oligarchy has free reign to take morally questionable actions without fear of future blowback.

    Control The Public

    Another main tenet Boot describes as essential in defeating insurgency is the control of the general population in order to prevent a revolution from recruiting new members and to prevent them from using the crowd as cover. He makes it clear that control of the public does not mean winning the “hearts and minds” in a diplomatic sense, but dominating through tactical and psychological means.

    He first presents the example of the French counterinsurgency in Algeria, stating that the French strategy of widespread torture, while “morally reprehensible,” was indeed successful in seeking out and destroying the insurgent leadership. Where the French went wrong, however, was their inability to keep the torture campaign quiet. Boot once again uses the public opinion argument as the reason for the eventual loss of Algeria by the French.

    What Boot seems to be suggesting is that systematic torture is viable, at least as a hypothetical strategy, as long as it remains undetected by the overall public. He also reiterates this indirectly in his final list of articles for insurgency and counterinsurgency when he states that “few counterinsurgencies (governments) have succeeded by inflicting mass terror, at least in foreign lands,” suggesting that mass terror may be an option against a domestic rebellion.

    Boot then goes on to describe a more effective scenario, the British success against insurgents in Malaya. He attributes the British win against the rebellion to three factors:

    1)  The British separated large portions of the population, entire villages, into concentration camps, surrounded by fences and armed guards. This kept the insurgents from recruiting from the more downtrodden or dissatisfied classes. And it isolated them into areas where they could be more easily engaged.

    2)  The British used special operations forces to target specific rebel groups and leadership rather than attempting to maneuver through vast areas in a pointless Vietnam-style surge.

    3)  The British made promises that appealed to the general public, including the promise of independence. This made the public more pliable and more willing to cooperate.

    Now, I have no expectation whatsoever that the elites would offer the American public “independence” for their cooperation in battling a patriot insurgency, but I do think they would offer something perhaps more enticing: safety.

    I believe the British/Malayan example given by Boot would be the main methodology for the elites and the federal government in the event that a rebellion arises in the U.S. against planned shifts away from constitutional republic or martial law instituted in the wake of a national emergency.

    Isolate Population Centers

    There is a reason why certain American cities are being buried in technologically sophisticated biometric surveillance networks, and I think the Malayan example holds the key. Certain cities (not all) could be turned into massive isolated camps, or “green zones.” They would be tightly controlled, and travel would be highly restricted. Food, shelter and safety would likely be offered, after a period of disaster has already been experienced. A couple months of famine and lack of medication to the medically dependent would no doubt kill millions of people. Unprepared survivors would flock to these areas in the hopes of receiving aid. Government forces would confiscate vital supplies in rural areas whenever possible in order to force even more people to concentrate into controlled regions.

    I have seen the isolation strategy in action in part, during the G20 summit in Pittsburgh. More than 4,000 police and National Guard troops locked down the city center, leaving only one route for travel. The first day, there were almost no protesters; most activists were so frightened by the shock-and-awe show of force that they would not leave their homes. This is the closest example I have personally experienced to a martial law cityscape.

    Decapitate Leadership

    The liberty movement has always been a leaderless movement, which makes the “night of long knives” approach slightly less effective. I do not see any immediate advantage to the elites in kidnapping or killing prominent members of the movement, though that does not mean they will not try it anyway. Most well-known liberty proponents are teachers, not generals or political firebrands. Teachers leave all their teachings behind, and no one needs generals or politicians. The movement would not necessarily be lost without us.

    That said, there is a fear factor involved in such an event. The black-bagging of popular liberty voices could terrorize others into submission or inaction. This is why I constantly argue the need for individual leadership; every person must be able and willing to take individual action without direction in defense of his own freedoms, if the need arises. Groups should remain locally led, and national centralization of leadership should be avoided at all costs.

    According to the very promoters of Jade Helm exercises, training will center on quick-reaction teams striking an area with helicopter support, then exfiltrating within 30 minutes or less. Almost every combat veteran I have spoken with concerning this style of training has said that it is used for “snatch and grab” — the capture or killing of high value targets, then exfiltration before the enemy can mount a response.

    Fourth-Generation Warfare

    The final method for war against the American people is one Boot does not discuss: the use of fourth-generation warfare. Some call this psychological warfare, but it is far more than that. Fourth-generation warfare is a strategy by which one section of a population you wish to control is turned against another section of the population you wish to control. It is warfare without the immediate use of armies. Rather, the elites turn the enemy population against itself and allow internal war to do most of their work for them. We can see this strategy developing already in the U.S. in the manipulation of race issues and the militarization of police.

    The use of provocateurs during unrest in places like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore suggests that a race war is part of the greater plan. I believe law enforcement officials have also been given a false sense of invincibility. With military toys and federal funding, but poor tactical philosophies and substandard training, LEOs are being set up as cannon fodder when the SHTF. Their inevitable failure will be used as a rationalization for more domestic military involvement; but in the meantime, Americans will be enticed to fight and kill each other while the elites sit back and watch the show.

    4th Gen warfare also relies on fooling the target population into supporting measures that are secretly destructive to the people.  For example, liberty movement support for controlled opposition such as Russia or China, or liberty support for a military coup in which the top brass are elite puppets just like the Obama Administration. Think this sounds far fetched?  It has already happened in our recent history!  Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler was hired by corporate moguls to lead a paid army in a coup against Franklin D. Roosevelt (also an elitist puppet) in 1933.  Butler luckily exposed the conspiracy before it ever got off the ground.  Both sides were controlled, but the coup if successful could have resulted in popular support for the expedient erosion of the Constitution, rather than a slow erosion which is what took place.  This is the epitome of 4th Gen tactics – make the people think they are winning, when they are actually helping you to defeat them.

    Know Thy Enemy

    I have outlined the above tactics not because I necessarily think they will prevail, but because it is important that we know exactly what we are dealing with in order to better defend ourselves. Such methods can be countered with community preparedness, the avoidance of central leadership, the application of random actions rather than predictable actions, etc. Most of all, liberty champions will have to provide a certain level of safety and security for the people around them if they want to disrupt establishment efforts to lure or force the population into controlled regions. Crisis is the best weapon the elites have at their disposal, and exercises like Jade Helm show that they may use that weapon in the near term. The defense that defeats crisis is preparation — preparation not just for yourself, but for others around you. War is coming, and while we can’t know the exact timing, we can assume the worst and do our best to be ready for it as quickly as possible.

    This article has been contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.

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      1. Do they really think they can control some one that doesn’t want to be controlled.

        Take a look at the riots over the last few years.

        Can they control a city maybe, but you and I know that there are people that want to be controlled and those that don’t. Those in the city that don’t want to be controlled will tie up the military and police in the city, and the patriots in the rural will have free reign.

        We here know we can’t stand against the US military and their weapons. So the only way we can fight them is Gorilla War fare. So keep it supper simple in your gear after the SHTF.

        Aim Small Miss Small

        • “Do they really think they can control some one that doesn’t want to be controlled.”

          Throughout history considerable numbers of people have been unwillingly controlled with the threat and use of force. See Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968. Think the American Indians wanted to end up on reservations? Think black slaves liked picking cotton?

          • Very true: history shows us the norm is control, not rebellion. Most for most of the time, obey. Get the system right, and you will have control.

            • It all depends on whether or not those to be controlled have been armed or not…

              • The biggest difference between the patriots
                of today and the patriots of the Revolution
                is not about guts or will but the parity of
                This is no longer about musket versus musket.
                The enemy no longer has to cross an ocean to
                be here with manpower and supplies.
                If we band together for strength and numbers
                they will merely take us all out with a single
                piece of smart ordnance from a drone.
                As distasteful as it may sound, we may have to
                overwhelm them by destroying our infrastructure.
                We have seen how helpless they are trying to
                quench a forest fire that covers three states.

                • The elite have families that need to suffer any indignity the people suffer.

                  • So old Brandon starts out with: “When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It” which is all future tense. That suggests the war to be waged by the elites is yet to happen.

                    Note to Brandon: Pull your head out and you will hopefully realize that the elites started waging war long ago.

                • NEVER Burn any forest down. That’s stupid. You want to burn PTB infrastructure down. Comand and control. Shoot the Idiot who likes to point. Gas depots, food chain interruptions. Go on Strike.. Every Military Base will be their tomb of imprisonment as we surround and blockaid all avenues. Amazing what a box of roofing nails on an off ramp could do. Yes “The want of a Nail”-puller. Stock up people.

                  • WWTI
                    Obviously you do not believe in freedom
                    at any cost.
                    What ever it takes is my mantra.
                    Off to the cattle cars with you.
                    Good Luck.

                    • Outer space west. Have no idea what you mean. I am all freedom and sick and tired of our military squandering our freedoms and bankrupting our Country. You think Marshal law under military rule is freedom? You are dead wrong.

                    • WWTI just described “freedom at any cost”, OutWest! What’s “obviously” not for “freedom at any cost” about what he/she described?

                      Now, WWTI, it looks like OutWest was pointing out the seeming bumbling of Federales and other government types when it comes to things LIKE fighting a forest fire, and such. (Though, actually, it’s very obvious that they really don’t want to fight forest fires all that successfully. They have their agendas with that as well!)

                • I know what this is all about but you right wingers will never comprehend it because you have been brain washed like the sheeple, who believe the economy is improving, Big Brother is watching out for our interests, and we need to get rid of those nasty guns before they hurt someone.

                  If you want to understand the reality behind all this, read, “Climate Wars” by Gwynne Dyer… and yes, the military IS actively preparing for climate chaos.

                  But you WON’T read the book; you will go on with your collective heads in the sand, believing everything the fossil fuel industry wants you to believe, because it is convenient. Just like the sheeple believe whatever Obama/Main Stream Media tells them because that is convenient…. All of you are good little Germans!

                  • Hell is coming our way– Apocalypse by the end of this year. The elites know it– its coming in the form of climate chaos, financial collapse and war. As a matter of fact, climate scientists (real scientists– not those paid off by the fossil fuel industry/ AOL News bullshitters)… say that governments will not be able to withstand what is coming our way.

                    Let me repeat that, scientists say that GOVERNMENTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND WHAT IS COMING OUR WAY IN THE FORM OF CLIMATE COLLAPSE. for more information go to climate progress.org (I don’t like the guy who runs the site any more– seems like a commercial… but at least HE SAID THE ABOVE and he is not alone!)

                    • Nothing will happen that is not in accord with the prophecies, and everything that is in accord with them will happen with or without the cooperation of men.

                    • “So if Jade is actually a crisis-planning system for the military and the military is training for domestic operations, what is the crisis it is training to react to? ”

                      What indeed?

                      Earth Changes. The poles are moving, have moved, and magnetic aberrations in the South Atlantic and elsewhere which the PTB have been studying for DECADES suggest that the world is in the process of a Pole Shift which has occurred many times in Earth’s history.

                      The tectonic plates upon which civilization rests are becoming much more active. The BIG ONE in California, overdue.

                      The PTB have that data. They know what is coming and coming all to soon. Nibiru is also coming. They have that PHYSICAL evidence too.

                      Thus the preparation for civil unrest. 🙁

                    • Anon, uh, if you’re looking for brainwashed sheeple, you’re at the wrong site. All MSM sites are full of those. The rest of your post I agree with. None of us are mindless robots. We all have critical thinking skills here.

                    • And my goat died because someone put a spell on me….

                    • durangokidd says:

                      “The PTB have that data. They know what is coming and coming all to soon. Nibiru is also coming. They have that PHYSICAL evidence too.”

                      Translation: Physical silver is not precious, and Nibiru is gonna get ya!


                    • “Politics, Propaganda, & Public Opinion.”

                      This is why the Liberty Movement must establish and maintain the moral authority against tyranny in America today. That moral authority cannot be established or maintained by supporting criminal acts which are not based upon Constitutional rights; and the support of the American People is necessary to successfully combat real tyranny.

                      IE: The Bundy Ranch Boondoggle by Rancher Bundy which is NOT predicated upon any Constitutional Principle. The question at Law is whether Bundy failed to pay his lawful land lease fees, severing his right to Taxpayer Land; and failing to physically vacate the land.

                      I challenge anyone to show me the Constitutional Right of Rancher Bundy, denied or violated by the Federal Government. Anyone? 🙂

                    • Ken: From your link:

                      “The stated reason for all this hullabaloo will depend on who’s telling the story, but the basic facts are as follows.

                      The Bundy family has used the land to graze its cattle since 1877, long before Nevada was part of the United States.

                      Several years ago the federal government changed grazing rules on public lands in order to protect the desert tortoise.

                      Clive Bundy refused to comply with these new regulations, and continued to graze his cattle in the same manner as his family had for years.

                      Shortly thereafter, the Federal government successfully secured a federal court order commanding Bundy to remove his cattle. Bundy refused.

                      Recently, armed federal officials showed up and started confiscating Bundy’s cattle for trespassing on public lands, and as payment for unpaid fees. It has now become a national story.”

                      Normally I do not debate absent third parties Ken, but for your edification I will make an exception. There is a GLARING error in the article, namely the idea that the Bundy family was grazing the land before it was owned by the American Taxpayer.

                      The US Government acquired the land in the Mexican War of 1848 and the WEST was ceded to America in the Treaty. The Bundy family did not begin grazing the land until 1877. The only land that belonged to the Bundy family, to this day, is the fee land acquired by Homestead. (640 acres).

                      The nearly 500 square miles of Taxpayer Land that the Bundy’s leased from US require a Lease. When Bundy stopped renewing his ANNUAL lease by failing to pay the lease fees, he SEVERED his grazing rights to the land.

                      Bundy has been trespassing upon American Taxpayer Land for more than 20 years. I shoot trespassers. How about you? 🙁

                    • There is no trespass when you are on land you LIVE ON, and have for over a century. You have bought into the media narrative, without bothering to take into account that the ranch was there predating the State of Nevada, predating the U.S. Grazing Service, and predating the BLM. BLMs charter at the formation stated that all agreements prior to its formation are still in effect, and the U.S. Grazing Service stated the same. Since that ranch was already there at the formation of the BLM, it had such an agreement, called “first constructive use” far prior to 1934. Thus no lease or grazing fees are due, and if they were ever paid anyway, that constitutes only an error, not an agreement.
                      But this is not really the question, what you said was no Constitutional rights were violated. So that means that you think herding people into “free speech zones” wherein that ONE LITTLE SPOT is the only place ANYONE(not just the Bundy’s)has the right to free speech is NOT a Constitutional violation. I disagree most vehemently with that assessment, I think a very great many others do too. Would you also claim that its not a fourth amendment violation, so long as its only YOUR house to be searched w/o a warrant? After all, MY house would still be a “4th amendment zone”, and they couldn’t search there.
                      You fail to realize that a RIGHT must exist EVERYWHERE, or its no right, but a PRIVILEGE that big brother lets you have, so long as they feel like it.

                    • @Ken

                      The durangokidd has not “bought into the media narrative.”

                      No… he’s a diehard FedGov boot licking fascist who pretends to be otherwise! He’s as transparent as that.

                      DK’s proclivity has been exposed, and yet he trolls on.

                    • You could well be correct. I make it a point to troll for the paid shills. Its the most enjoyable thing I do on the net. I’ve uncovered lots of them, including one calling himself Mrdoubtfulguest on youtube. What makes him interesting was he was the only one I ever got to admit it. He was the third one to assume that identity, and I caught each one as the tone and knowledge of the individual changed. When I cut and pasted some examples of how I knew he was the third one, that was when he admitted it. I’m thinking that he was pretty high in the pecking order. He was the second supervisor up, but I don’t know how many levels there actually are. In any case, mr guest went away from that page after that. I do find that it is easier if you sneak up on them gradually, by just calling them misinformed, or sheeple, and then watch for the clues that they are much more informed than they what they try to seem to be. It seems that the basic nature is to always try to show off somewhere that they are not so sheepleish and ignorant as they seem to be. If you point up how uninformed they are, they must desire to hint that they are not really so ignorant as all that…
                      I’ve caught a few that way…

                  • You talk about climate issues and call us brainwashed, but you fail to see that it is you who have been brainwashed into believing the global warming propaganda. Satellite temperature records, which are more accurate and cover more of the surface of the earth, clearly show NO warming for over 18 years. If the military is using climate as an excuse, it’s just part of their bigger plan to control the population.

                    • Airfiero: If that comment is directed at me, you have read into my posts things I didn’t say. I didn’t call anyone brainwashed. I didn’t say anything about global warming.

                      Climate is CHANGING.

                      The glaciers are in visible retreat. Any idiot can see that from the photos. The climate is changing because the Poles are moving, have moved. The coldest areas are always at the Poles. When the Poles move as they have, those coldest spots move too.

                      When the coldest spots move, wind patterns change over land and sea and ocean currents are affected too. These changes to wind and water change the weather. 🙂

                    • @DK

                      Airfiero was replying to Anonymous.

                      How is it that you missed that???

                      Oh, I know… When you’re full of yourself, it’s easy!

                • OutWest,
                  Are you suggesting that there was parity during the Revolutionary war? Sheesh man, reread your history and see the navy, the small arms, field artillery, and campaign experience the British had. The Patriots were vastly unprepared in every way. What they had was desire and courage.

                  • You have it exactly correct. The Tories outnumbered the patriots to the very end of the Revolutionary war. The British had no regard for the rebels at all. Cornwallis repeatedly called them ‘rabble’, useless’, and ‘peasants with pitchforks’. The British Redcoats were the military of the largest empire the world was familiar with at that time, and greatly feared around the world. But the Patriots had greater courage and desire, and that will carry the war(if, perhaps, not the DAY) every time…
                    “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” -Samuel Adams

                    • what won the war was superior weaponry. the war was pretty much over the patriots nearing defeat. Then the battle of Kings Mountian. The british held the high ground where a battle hardened well trained force. However unorganized backwoods men. Defeated them! they had blacksmiths who had talent and made the smaller caliber long barrel highly accurate Kentucky rifle. they simply picked off the redcoats. That battle turned the tide of the war.

                    • Armored, peasants with pitchforks make a formidable force. A pitchfork is a close-range shotgun (blunderbuss) that doesn’t need any shot or powder! That’s what Cornwallis knew and feared and ultimately, what lost him his West Indies (“America”) so that his British handlers would then make him governor of East India…! The tempered steel of a shovel even makes for fairly decent armor with which to evasively and effectively engage with or pursue and, as a battle spade, to hack a caught enemy!

                  • Don’t Forget………..They had GOD most of all. No so called power can stand up to that. Pray first. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

              • This is why I reject Brandon Smith’s view that the USG believes only a few high profilers have to be rounded up. Every armed patriot in the US is deemed an existential threat to continuity of government, not just the patriots’ de facto leaders; that’s why there has to be an attempt at rounding up as many patriots as possible during the WW3 transition phase.

                In the UK we had the same plans for the transition to war phase, i.e., the round-up of dissidents. The great fear is that rival power bases might form in regions, so if a largely unarmed population such as ours can be seen as a threat to government continuity in a crisis, how much more so must your government view all those gun-owning Americans as a grave danger to its hold on power in the midst of chaos?

                • Your correct in your assessment of how powers-that-be think, Jay! Remember your ancient and medieval roots, British brother! British peoples have stood ground for centuries against many–and each other!

                  Enough of, and the ingenious forms of shot from trebuchets, bows, slings and other ancient and medieval weaponry equals meteors that make it to earth. They’re quite destructive, yes, even against modern defenses. The only thing that makes esoterically dependent, gunpowdered bullets formidable is their mere speed–something that good armor and counter-attacking evasion lessens and therefore helps to deplete the enemy’s vulnerability to his necessary stockpile and supply of it by wasting it.

                  The volume and nature of force from enough medieval weaponry is such that, it can overcome even modern defenses–and utterly and permanently annihilate the powers’-that-be ability to ever again make war against or rule over the people. The powers-that-be cannot control the people’s manufacture, or the means for such, as well as the proliferation by them of such weaponry and the natural and adaptable ammunition which even the powers-that-be will supply their enemies by their attacks on the people.

                  There were ancient forms of even modern space-age weapons! The “sophistication” of the means of the powers-that-be is outdone by the savage ghastliness of what the people can employ, inherited by the people from their ancient and medieval ancestors and improved upon by their current descendants.

                  There is no intelligence advantage for the enemy to know of one’s abilities, given such overwhelmingly ubiquitous and voluminous defensive weaponry that the people can endlessly supply themselves. The enemy’s own intent and attempt to rule over others is the glaring and self-defeating weakness he himself has that his “intelligence” overlooks to his own peril. The opposite is the people’s strength, in every category, which this article largely outlines.

                • It would behoove any patriot to consider the rounding up (“arrest” for any purported “reason”) of anyone to be a battle front which invites attack on other fronts. That’s the way for patriots to outflank their enemies–by their enemies designating some of those fronts by attacking individual patriots, and being attacked, themselves, on other fronts.

                  Truly free states do not operate by arrest or imprisonment of anyone, for any supposed “reason” such as for “public (actually, the elite power structure’s) security” or “safety”. Everyone has the right and ability to defend him or herself from any attacker–including anyone attempting to “arrest” anyone else.

                  There’s no need (nor is it appropriate, in a free state) to have “police” by anyone else over others. Self-defense is paramount, and sufficient in a free state. Hence, the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution– which AMENDED the otherwise supremacy of Federalist government, and similar Bills or Declarations of Rights of the people in state constitutions that prohibited state supremacy over the people, with bogus legal theories of governments’ “police power” notwithstanding.

              • Or whether or not they use their arms to resist being “governed” (assaulted and coerced) by others.

          • Consider also that they eventually broke that control and became “free” (a term having different meanings to different people at different times).

            Sometimes it takes a while.

            FWIW, when the Romanian people finally overthrew Ceausescu did you notice in the films of it those ’98 Mauser’s the civilians brought out to use against his forces? Most likely NAZI war captures that had been hidden in basements and such for 60 years just waiting for a future use against the controllers, something that eventually took place.

            Sometimes the stew has to cook a while till it’s ready.

          • Better question is: Does this guy get paid by the word? Print this out, get a red pencil, strike out everything that doesn’t provide actionable data. see what you have left. I agree with him and my eyes glazed over half way into it.

            • HUH???? @Paranoid

            • Who pays YOU, Paranoid? No one else would even suggest someone getting “paid” to be on here, unless they themselves are being paid!

              Are you mining for intelligence for you to feed back to your superiors? Is that why you’re looking to flush out “actionable data”?

              True patriots (by whatever definition) each have their own contingencies. “Intelligence” is for the .01% or fewer government supremacist losers who are all about the collectivism of “do as I say!”.

              The .01% or fewer elites have not got the numbers to herd all the real people, the .99% or more so, they must rely on focusing on whom they assume operate like they do: the very few lording over the many. That’s by them herding the .99% or more into slavery to the elites so that the elites won’t have to fight at (and lose) defending their indefensible, evil habit of zeroing in on individuals to either harness them for the further enrichment and empowerment of the elites, or snuffing them out.

              Consider millions of individuals, on as many fronts, not connected to each other by anything but a common cause for everyone’s individual liberty to live and let everyone else live! That’s something with which the elites can’t live.

              • ” No one else would even suggest someone getting “paid” to be on here, unless they themselves are being paid!
                Consider millions of individuals, on as many fronts, not connected to each other by anything but a common cause for everyone’s individual liberty to live and let everyone else live! That’s something with which the elites can’t live.”

                Agreed. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Looks like someone else has also read “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, NSSM 2000, the Protocols, etc. You are obviously very well informed(which only means we aren’t zombie sheep. wouldnt want to break our arms trying to pat our own backs 🙂 .

          • Kevin2:

            A great banned book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on Russian-Jewish relations and the Christian Holocaust there can be read as a free pdf:

            ht tp://archive.org/stream/Russia and the Jews

            Take out the space in http.

            Why would this book be banned when he was such a celebrated author who even received accolades from Putin?

            This book will clarify HOW a Christian nation was destroyed from within; using real terror. Coming soon to your doorstep. Think you can withstand what is being planned for America? Read the book and then you decide…..

          • Kevin2; You’re obviously not a history major, or at least not a military history enthusiast, otherwise you’d know that your examples are poor at best. Smaller and/or less well armed forces can’t win against larger forces going toe-to-toe. Asymmetric warfare has always been the answer. The North Vietnamese proved this against the French and then us. In over two centuries of invasions, the Afghans defeated the British, the Soviets, and now even us. Hells Bells, there are more active gang members in this country than all law enforcement combined. And don’t forget the millions of veterans we have, we outnumber the entire military by more than 20:1. Sgt. Dale is spot on with his analysis. Numbers and history don’t lie.

        • They will easily be able to get the people to kill each other, because there are few capable of leading themselves and thinking critically.

          ISIS will be turned loose as well.

          Here is the solution for the ISIS part. Each time ISIS kills an American, one American should volunteer to kill an equal number of muslims. Go to a convenience store or motel and take out as many as required to equal the score.

          We have a lot more American Christians than they have, and they would be quickly defeated. The difference is they will kill us, and know that nothing will happen as we sit here and take it.

          As for the rest of it, be neutral and invisible and you will be safe. There is no need to support a “cause” of any kind, other than living life as Jesus taught.

          If you don’t expose the first cheek, there is no need to turn the other.

          • Gods Create. You got the race wrong for who to take out. I would focus on the real culprets, the NWO Jew parasites who think they are elitists.

            • WWTI:

              In a recent post I think it was Kevin2 who posted the truth about how a country/countries were taken down from within.

              Boots may have failed to mention (I am sure on purpose) how Russia and China were infiltrated and destroyed. Why patriots cannot see that the “new generation” of the same Bolsheviks, Communists, Progressives, Socialists, Leftists, Liberals, have their evil hands around the very throat of America. Whatever you want to call them, feel free. They are all in it together for the downfall of America and the set up of the NWO through the United Nations.

              A picture of what is coming to America can be found in two free PDF’s:

              Under the Sign of the Scorpion and The Gruesome Harvest

              • Mr. Boot:

                Born in Russia of Jewish parents who immigrated to the US. Look up his biography. No wonder he is a CFR member. Anyone here ever been invited to be a CFR member?

                ……………….I thought not!

                • Thx Granny for chiming in. Day 70 at my BOL. Getting another building delivered soon and next is drilling a well. I am 100% off the grid. Solar and inverter to run the power tools. Cell reception is sketchy but I have Satellite Internet. And still about 7 mths food stocked up. All I hear is nature all day but can’t escape the chemtrails.

                  • WWTI, good for you man! Sounds like your gittin er done! Try a cell phone amp or get a yagi for the frequency of your phone and strip the outer jacket of the cable and slide it behind the phone between the phone and the case. Yagi antennas are not to bad on ebay. Verizon uses the 850mhz. band for phone. I score me 18 Canadian Solar 250 watt panels for 150 each today wooot! 🙂 Probably get 20 more next week too.

                • POG: I check my mailbox every day, just in case. 🙂

                  • Just in case of what? A “flirt??”

                    • LMAO!

          • Did you not read the article? Or maybe you are just very confused. The comment is certainly confusing…

          • Two problems with statements here today.

            First with the title to Brandon’s piece…”When” the elites….this is how they “will”….

            Anyone that doesn’t believe the war has already been waged, had better back up and punt.
            In fact it is 11:55, and the clock is ticking away.
            If one is a skeptic, ask them how they feel about it after October. This shit hasn’t just boiled up over the past couple years. It has been incrementally and systematically placed in motion since the beginning of the 1900’s.

            “At this point…what – does – it – matter!” sarc off… when they actually pull the plug. If a person is not prepped and ready by now, they probably ain’t gonna be ready in four months.

            Knowing what i know to believe as the truth about the matter, I would sell off everything that I did not see a real need for, and buy up preps like a starved dog tearing into his first meal in two weeks.

            Buy it, trade for it, or last but not least, go into unsecured debt for it, and suffer the consequences of having household debt, a little later down the road.
            At least it will be easier to deal with it while nourished, and having a full belly.

            If one is under water on their mortgage and has no possibility of selling out or going ahead with foreclosure, screw the house payments. Put that wasted $$ into preps and have a bugout location stocked to the hilt. Even if it is at the mother -in-laws. Hell, can be on earth, with some mum-n-laws; but, it will be with a full belly and the kids won’t be crying from hunger.

            It is high time to prioritize and categorize. No screwing around on the golf course, hoping it is all a bad dream and will pass like a case of the back door trots.

            It won’t. It will be the shit storm from hell that never ends.
            I know three people that are in for one hell of a surprise.
            We tried to tell them but they are too greedy to change and do anything about it.

            They have 90% of all their life savings tied up in retirement markets. All three could retire today, cash out, and never worry about another days income. But they continue to work because of making another dollar from their stock profits. They “might” have two weeks worth of food if they eat once a day. They have no safe drinking water within a mile’s walking distance of their homes. Speaking of homes, they each have about 1k’s worth of annual property taxes to pay. tack on another couple hundred for vehicle taxes, and that is about $100.00 worth of accruing debt each month, without lifting a finger.

            No cash on hand, no silver on hand, no food on hand, no job in hand. Just some worthless pieces of quarterly portfolio reports that have disappeared at the hands of the joosters. Hundreds of thousands….gone…because of greed.

            Then the song starts running through their heads…

            What ya gonna do
            when they come for you…

            bad boys, bad boys………….

            The second problem with statements today, (see you thought I had forgot already) lol,
            is that the “American Christians” are the majority that profess christianity on a regular (Sunday Church)basis, but they live a daily life of secular humanism.

            There is no meat, and hardly any taters, to their lives. It is just a thin, watered down drink.

            They talk a good talk, but no action. Only when one of their close family members are in danger do they spring to action. Most of the time, even that, is a day late and a dollar short.

            Read em’ and weep, for the great shakin’ has begun.


            • It actually began in the 1790’s when Big Business Federalist Alexander Hamilton’s Whiskey Tax that he got his handy attack dog, George Washington, to attack his freshly-discharged veterans who thought freedom applied to them and not just to “Father” Washington. They saw differently when their erstwhile generalissimo sicked other miltiamen on them, at the behest of Hamilton who had oh-so-conveniently arranged for his Federalist Constitution to be chocked full of provisions to make the people’s Militia into a government-controlled police force to put down just this kind of repeat of Shay’s Rebellion (which almost freed Bay Staters from Big Business rule before the Federalist Union was formed to prevent that from ever happening). Appomattox was another milestone in Federalist ascendance (to the detriment of blacks as well–contrary to the pro-slavery bias that Federalist government supremacists like to chant as the only, certainly stupid, purpose for states’ rights).

        • I disagree, the US has never won a guerrilla war. The people will win

          • But who are the “people”?

            We are a severely and irreconcilably divided nation, not a unified people. We don’t even all speak the same language anymore, much less share common beliefs or moral standards.

            • I feel strongly, that there ARE far more people (like us) who DO speak the same dialect-politically, that are disgusted with the way things are going and have been going.
              There are FAR more of us who “cling to our guns and religion” and I would add, OUR ETHICS AND MORALS, than there are of “them”. Take heart, WE are NOT the “enemy”, WE, never have been.

              • For example:
                We have 100,000 turkey hunters in the woods here this week. There are 1 million deer licenses sold per year in this state alone. Even if only 10% are good at it, which is low, it is a formidible army to overcome. We are some good religious gun clingers here.

                Even if there is a 1:1 kill ratio they will have a hard time matching up over the long haul. The first one will be a freebie for us because they are unaware of the traps in place and ready to be set with the slightest inkling of trouble. How many freebies can they afford to sacrifice? Not many before they start large scale operations where they have safety in numbers. Then it’s a turkey shoot for real. Take one out from a hidden location and disapear only to show up many miles away on another day.

                Most of us live in the boonies where we raise animals, garden, fish and hunt to eat. Good luck taking us out in any short period of time. This is just one of many locations where people do the same thing every day…just to get by.

                Overlay all of us veterans on top of that group and you have MANY trained and well practiced individuals. Motivation will not be a problem for us;We swore an oath.

                They better be carefull what they wish for…they may get more than they want. They will be forced into a war of attrition and I plan to attrit many before I am cold.
                I wonder if they have ever heard of the “hunderd heads” lists. Probably not.

                As you have heard many times before…

                “aim small, miss small”


            • A “Free For All” would be fine with me. Think of the possibilities.

            • “Unified” means outflankable, as a unit. Having millions, or even just thousands, hundreds or tens of fronts, as ones, the enemy has to become divided in order to hope to flank their enemy (and yet, be flanked in turn by that (those) evasive enemy(ies)!).

        • Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the magnitude of what is and will happen. I get mocked with snide comments from some I have tried to awaken which makes me mad, but I must remember I was asleep for a long while myself. The difference between me and them is I am more prepared and know what I will do in various situations. They can’t say I didn’t try to tell them. I sincerely hope I don’t have to kill any of them later but that’s the risk we take when we try to wake up people.

        • Well sir, I’s a thinking it’s better to keep it ” lunch” easy when you’re fighting a ” guerilla” war.

        • That’s why I do not live in a city.

        • Agreed. We can’t beat them at their own game. They train, train, and train some more. We go to work and try to make a living. What we can do is knock off high value targets that are sending the orders. Also if enough people get involved, we can starve the beast. Make it difficult to collect revenue, purchase ammo, purchase weapons, clothing, equipment. It will take some time, but slowly we can win without facing the common soldier one on one in the street. The everyday soldier must be won over and the brainwashing negated. When the time comes, we will need to be patient and have enough supplies to not be dependent on the government for our daily needs. They are dumb to believe that they can fight the American people when the forces are underneath it all, American people with real families and real lives in their own hometowns.

        • Brilliant article! Simply eye-opening. Much Thanks, Brandon.

          “The revolution was NEVER in a majority position, and public opinion was not on the revolutionaries’ side.”

          Revelatory. I did not know that. Similar to the revelation that was given to me several years ago that there was only 3% of the colonists who fought against the British.

          Looks like sheepdogs gotta fight without the support of the sheep against the Lib fascist wolves. Again.

          • FreeSlave:

            Lib fascist wolves translated = Zionist banksters and their useful idiots.

            • Can I git somebody out there to help this here old useful idiot change her depends? Damn zogs are getting ’em all wet on me agin.

        • Sarge, Braveheart doesn’t want to be controlled either, so he will stand and fight. Let them bring it on. On the US military, Obama has been cutting the defense budget and reducing the numbers of the Army. At least half of the entire military are still overseas so it will be primarily feds, foreign troops, Muslim terrorists, etc. that we’ll face here at home. I’ve got nice hot lead waiting for whoever comes.


            • Boreheart, go back to sleep, idiot.

        • I agree with you. Those who don’t want to be controlled will not.
          It is also about intelligence and awareness here.

          Those who do not understand what is really going on; will be confused when it all goes down and most likely be sheepish and do what they are told.

          Those who have been educating themselves into what is really going on will not be confused and able to take action.

          The important thing is NOT to give up your guns. This is the only way to protect loved ones.

        • yes they think they can control us, and to a large respect they have ,, we the awake are such a small percentage ,, and a large percentage that isnt awake think we are the kooks.. so you see its working just fine as far as TPAB are concerned

        • Controlling the masses has a lot of moving parts involved. While it’s true that some people will resist to their last breath with nothing more than sticks and stones to fight with, others, the vast majority, will have given up long before due to any number of variables (cold, threats of violence/actual violence,lack of:food, water, sleep, guvmint cheese,etc.). I think “they” realize, as did Adm. Yamamoto, that attempting to slug it out with the American populace will result in a lot of blood spilled on both sides and in the end, until you’ve gone thru every cave and valley in this country, you’re always going to have someone nipping at your heels from cover…and ultimately I think we’ve got the numbers. If I’m right about that and can understand that principle, then so can they. So look at the plan that they have dangled out there in front of our eyes, “Maintain humanity under 500M in perpetual balance with nature”.

          They intend to drastically reduce the human population! Look around at what is going on in the world and add that to what they intend to do. They aren’t trying to prevent the proverbial “shit hitting the fan”, they are turning the fan up to the max and looking for ways to turbo-charge it and then filling the hopper above the fan with an almost unlimited supply of shit.(i.e. banks are worse off than they were in ’07/’08, internal tensions are running near boiling point (thank you obama), international tensions are near boiling point(thanks again obama) and natural disasters seem to be reaching a crescendo, worldwide for some inexplicable reason. Did I miss anything?).

          So once this whole thing kicks off, look for them to pull back to their bunkers with the troops and watch things burn for a while! Not til everything burns down mind you, just enough to get the population reductions going. Then, at their leisure, they can begin to cordon off cities and begin their “sorting” process with much fewer numbers to deal with, riots, food/water/medical shortages and disease having done much of their work for them. They can “contain” some cities with minimal troops on the outskirts while others are purged with troops arriving in force. The compliant and useful will be whisked away to “safety” at the FEMA camp deemed most appropriate for them and the “non-compliant” will be dealt with harshly. Once the majority of cities have been “pacified” they can then turn their rapt attention to the outlying area’s (that would contain the bulk of us)that until this time have only been having to deal with “Hunter” groups, guerrilla on guerrilla violence. Comms will be permitted to stay up in these area’s if for no other reason than to spread the fear of these hunter groups. Their intent is to not only terminate as many of the Patriots as they can, but also to distract any Patriots from mounting any kind of real, cohesive counter offensive against them (“them” being TPTB).

          I could certainly be wrong and I hope that I am, cuz at this point, it’s all just speculation. But I don’t see any reason for them to play nice or according to our plans once the lights go out!

        • I find it amusing, really, that the elite think they can outsmart G-d. Any Christian knows the outcome of this story. They are not in control. He is in control.

        • Won’t last long. Their families live here and their family plus neighbors will make the boys come home. NWO’s only hope is foreign troops ie illegals. Could send blue helmets but we all know how that works. Bottom line is they are lined up to try something ugly.

      2. Oppressing an unruly populace can take many forms. First, a show of force. Too much resistance? Cut of the electric. Not enough? Cut off the water. Cut off the food to the stores. Cut off the pharmacies. Need more? Stop direct deposits of pensions and SS to people registered in the trouble area. How long before your neighbors and friends are encouraging you to stop the resistance? Divide and conquer. If some of the people comply with the feds, they get food and water. The “trouble makers” get nothing. They don’t have to shoot us to get us to comply. Screw ’em. Die in combat and go to Valhalla!

        • Prophet, I’m right there with you.

        • “If some of the people comply with the feds, they get food and water. The “trouble makers” get nothing.”

          Liberal Fascist Sharia: “Convert and Comply… or Die!”

          “You choose beeee-etch! You wanna be a holdout insurgent domestic terrorist against the USSA? In which case we’ll shoot you and your family dead. Or do you wanna live and eat in safety in our safe zones? We’ll mark you on your right hand or on your forehead to tell everyone that you’re safe, and therefore NOT one of those insurgent domestic terrorists.”

      3. I’ll fight along side you any day Sgt.

        5.56 are fun, but my real weapon of choice is my SIG 522 with a 25 round mag., 3x-9x 40mm scope and bi-pod. Take a few shots and beat feet to another location before they can track you down. Sticking around for more then 5 or 6 shots will get you killed.

        You can’t have enough 22LR rounds or 22 rifles.

        I just picked up a Ruger 10/22 TALO model. The dependability of the 10/22 with a polymer stock, pistol grip, adjustable buttstock and lower rail for a bipod. All that for $335. The buttstock even has a cutout for two additional 10 rnd. magazines.

        • AOWG
          I would by my honor to have you along side of me.
          I still believe that you can only control a person to a point and then they break and will take out anything that gets into his way.
          We are animal push us into a corner and we will fight.

        • A 22 doesn’t have the range (or energy) to give a chance to beat feet to another location.

          • I think you would have to work in teams to rely on a .22LR.

            I think it would be fine for suppression or harassment, but not front desk, toe-the-line shootouts.

          • If you’re up against the US Army, you do NOT want to kill anyone.

            If you kill a US soldier, that’s one less person in the game.

            If you just injury him, you get him/her out of the game plus the two or three people helping him.

            Destroy a tank and you stop one tank, destroy the fuel truck that supplies the tanks and you take out all the tanks.

            A miliary force is only as strong as it’s supply lines.

            • You are correct. Actually during the Korean war they estimated it took 14 people to look after a wounded man. Kill the officers, shoot the men in the knees.

            • Asymmetry – taint the water, poison them with botulism, destroy their meds, destroy fuel supply and related equipment, use their comms to triangulate return mortar fire, with mortars stolen from the enemy. Use all forms of improvised munitions fashioned from common items. Gather intel from spies within their midst. This is the asymmetry taught by Tsun Tsu.

              These asymmetric tactics kept the Vietnamese from falling to Ghengis Khan. Impressive stuff.

            • That is the key, AOWG! Of course, they’ve been sea-basing (and likely have space-based) stuff so they can ride out a civil war and burn out the populace. But, it’ll be the populace that burns their supply lines and knows how to live off of what the elites wouldn’t if their lives depended on it–which will be the case. That’s the difference between the have-nots and the haves. The have-nots are already on the ground. The haves have a long way to fall!

          • “U.S.”
            You have a point on the 22.

            I would us a 22 like the ones above any day in a gorilla up close fight any day. If it is close quarters out to 75 yards you can put a lot of lead down range.
            Shoot ands Scoot.

            Here is why. 31 reliable #2 light weight #3 more AMMO.

            Now if I was going to stand and fight for 15 + minutes I would go with my 6.8MM M4. 5.56 or 308 are great guns and I would also use them. But I lean toward my 6.8MM. To each there own. 223 308 7.62×39 so on and so on.

            • Again you’re right Sgt.

              If I was going to stick around for 15 minutes, I’d want my SIG 556.

              But if you’re going to try to hold ground for 15 minutes you’d need a lot of backup and keep in mind that 500 rounds of 5.56 62GR green tips weighs roughly 14 pounds.

            • If you stand and fight (a military unit) for 15 minutes you are going to die, and probably before that 15 minutes is out.

              Ever see what a common .30 or .50 caliber machine gun can do? Or a grenade launcher? Or directed automatic fire from a squad of soldiers for that matter?

              In Vietnam “Charlie” took the fewest casualties compared to ours when he had simple bolt action rifles and such left over from the Viet Mihn and almost no ammunition so he just fired a few shots in ambush and ran away. When he got supplies of ammo and rapid reloading SKS’s and AK’s he started taking major casualties compared to ours once he stood and fought and got killed instead of running away after a few shots.

          • I don’t follow that, US.

            I’ll take a 22 cal semi, rifle; with two 18 round clips, and fight anybody in the woods with a 38 caliber six shooter.

            I can’t run very fast but I can run towards the sixshooter while they are loading and i am firing away.

            Odds are in my favor, if i am any kind of shooter at all.
            A 22 solid nose 40 grain, can do more damage than you think.
            I’d rather be hit in the head with a two lb. rock from twenty feet than shot in the head at 100 ft with a 22 cal 40 grain bullet.

            Just sayin’

            • Just to follow up…

              A 40 grain ball of lead through the lungs and no man is gonna fight long, nor strong.
              A 40 grainer through the heart, and he is a dead man just hanging on by a thread.
              It is easy to stop bleeding from a hole the size of a pencil on the outside, but on the inside…that takes professional help and quickly done i might add.

              • For the serious sniper….a shot placed in the chest from 300 yards with a Weatherby 270 Magnum 26 inch semi-bull barrel, w/130 grain ballistic tips, loaded hot, and there ain’t no recovery period involved in that equation.

                With a little practice, every shot will stay inside a nine inch paper plate from a solid rest, and with good optics. i can shoot them all day with just a tee shirt on my shoulder.

                Screw the big bore magnums. Too much show and dough with shoulder sores.

                • I can do that with a scoped SKS or an AR or my very old Savage 110 bolt action easily enough.

                  Why would I need a very expensive Weatherby Magnum?

                  9 inch groups at 300 yards is 3 MOA. You can buy what you should expect to be at least a 2 MOA rifle at WalMart for less than 500 dollars, some under 400 dollars, you either need a better rifle or more practice.

                • The U.S. Army Pigboard tests in 1928 (named from the fact they used pigs rather than ballistic gelatin) determined that .276 was the optimal caliber for anti-personnel use. I saw a pronghorn taken north of Honey Lake CA, in a region of low volcanic rimrock surrounding mile long flat mesas. The antelope seemed to know where 300 yds lay. The gent using the .270 Weatherby dropped his buck at a laser-ranged 430 yds, using a jacket over a boulder as a rest. You have a dream rifle.

            • PWTW, spot on. Everyone gets shocked when they find out what the .22LR can REALLY do. For those who say the .22LR is useless, I would tell them to go say that to John Hinckley and see what kind of response they get. He had nothing but a .22LR revolver when he shot President Ronald Reagan and 4 other people on March 30, 1981. Very interesting story about the incident at wikipedia. One of the wounded, White House Chief Of Staff Jim Brady, was shot in the head and the spinal cord, crippling him for life. the bullet that hit Reagan ricocheted all around inside him and he lost more than half of his blood on the operating table. You can also ask those 2 people if a .22LR is useless. [SARCASM]

              • Right on, I dont know of anyone volunteering to get shot with a 22

                • No force in history has ever one a battle with 22’s…or even TRIED.

                  I’d rather not get shot by .177 pellet either. But I’d sure rather have you firing a 22LR at me then any military cartridge…any day of the week.

                • EOTS, it’s too bad that .22LR round didn’t get Brady in the head. He and his wife became POS gun control freaks. Remember Handgun Control Inc.? The Bradys started that outfit. It’s been renamed something else but I don’t remember what. POS gun grabbers all the same.

            • Essentially, if a bullet can penetrate 1/4 inch plywood it will probably penetrate a human thickness skull and kill or severely injure the target.

              A regular high velocity .22 can easily and accurately do this at a hundred yards or more.

              60 gr. SSS .22 bullets can do this easily at 200+ yards, but needed a special and difficult to find barrel to be accurate at any range.

              • Anon, spot on. I’ve done the same with standard .22 rounds myself. Head shots work in any caliber.

                • IKR but with the 22lr I can stay on target so well that I can fire all 10 rounds in my ruger 10/22 in under 5 seconds with no trouble. You won’t live through 10 headshots even if you’re wearing a helmet.

          • A.22 is under rated. I was given 1 when I turned 10, and I have practiced a lot. I shoot coyotes all the time @ 100 yds up to 125. Just allow for 4+ inches of drop and the 1 sec delay and you can ring the bell every time.

            I’ve worked up something special for distances beyond that, a little 220g bthp.

            22 ammo used to be cheap and not all of us shot it all up. Saved a little for a rainy day.

        • AOWG, I also have a Ruger 10/22, the stainless model, I bought new back in 2000. Never had any trouble with it anmd have a shitload of 25-round mags for it. I’m looking at a new polymer stock for it. I was stockpiling .22LR ammo even before Sandy Hook.

          • I also would like to put in a plug for the new ruger 10/22 takedown. It’s so amazing that I have 3 of them now (well our oldest two kids shoot two of them and I have one too).

            For not much more money you get an equally accurate and reliable rifle that breaks down so easily. Storage is easy due to size and it goes back together simply, reliably, and quickly. We shoot ours over iron sights, but if you like a scope for it the mount and zero isn’t affected by taking it apart.

            These should be seriously considered for go bags, hidden in the vehicle, and the kids camping bags.

        • The gun doesn’t win or lose, the man using it does.

          • Well said Anonymous, yes indeedy.

            • ditto

            • Old Coach, get yourself shot with a .22 sometime and then see what kind of day you have afterwards. It’s not wise to underestimate that round. you’d be surprised at what it can really do.

      4. This is a very good sketch of what is coming. I remember working on this in the 80s and we would do these drills in cities. Not to sound weird, but I can only take a perverted pride in seeing it all come into play since 2001. There have been a number of controlled beta tests of this around the world and the results were good.

        As was proven in Iraq, if you up the tempo, rapid and frequent snatch and grabs can overwhelm resistance. Computing technology makes this possible in a way we just could not do in Vietnam. The level of brain-freeze for most of the population will do the work for you. As for the usual morons who will loot and riot, just direct them into certain areas and then find countervailing forces to meet them (Crips and Bloods, white supremacists, angry Koreans etc.) and they get cleaned up in a few weeks. Most people will want peace and food so they will come to mommy (the government).

        I would say outside a month and it is done. The benefits are enormous: no more inner city gangsta filth, no more lefty irritants, and lots of people re-directed into more efficient housing.

        • The big difference in the US is everywhere else the Good old US taxpayer was paying the bills. How does it work when people don’t go to work so they don’t pay taxes and you have to pay for all that Army stuff? The Gov starts playing all that here, how do they pay for it. Especially when it likely starts with a huge bank/financial crisis? Post Office stops delivering mail, your friendly oilfield worker stops going to work, the refinery burns to the ground, where do you get tank fuel? Whole different ball game when you have to fight your citizens on their turf, you don’t get to have unlimited stuff to bring in. They have more than you do. You don’t feed your army you don’t have one. After about 30 days the Gov has to get food from the people it’s fighting. Does the farmer plant 5000 Ac of wheat or not, where does he get the seed and fuel? A lot of this is BS. If the country doesn’t run, the gov does not run. It must get supplies from US and if we don’t have them. It’s over. Starvation city, and no army. Yes, they will keep the Nuke people, so the US won’t be invaded or any of that crap, because that’s a very small number of people. but large controlled army, no.

          • BRILLIANT SYNOPSIS …and more to the point., very real world!

            Live Free or Die…with every heart beat

          • What you pay in tax means nothing. The elite have used taxes to keep people in line the last few decades….and nothing more.

            The fact they know this and work at “jade helm” plans is why I prep



          • There won’t be anybody to invade the (former) U.S. The whole world is on the U.S. dole! When the 50 United States flop, so does the rest of the world–literally overnight!

            At any rate, there isn’t any difference between “domestic” and foreign enemies. It’d be so pitiful for the Communist Chinese armies to invade a continent that’s full of “civil war” battle-hardened savage guerillas just slavering for the chance to make pemmican of the Chinese troops (and the Americans’ Chinese brethren in China who’d love the chance to stick it to their Communist head-shooters when their armies get literally creamed–cremated, that is, in their own tanks–in America!). Without U.S.A, Communist China, Putin’s Russia, and most of the rest of the world starves within a month (that’s about how long someone can live without any food–the amount they’ll have when the U.S. go kaput). Then, they’ll eat their rulers, literally,

      5. To the Green Beret a few articles back about load out. That is a combat loadout for a mission. 600 rounds of .223 /5.56 would weigh 40 Lbs just buy itself in 20x 30 round mags. Good luck with that. I don’t consider any military person an expert. Th GB’s will be who’s knocking at your door taking weapons. Of course they want you out of your home bunker, as you will be easier to isolate and pick off at will. You blast them from your bathroom window. Aim for the crotch.

        • Actually, they won’t “knock” at the door. They’ll blast and stomp it (and every window) open and storm in, blasting bombs and smoke ordnance for confusion and to disorient the half-asleep victims at about 0300, whom they roust out of bed and into buses for relocation to concentration camps (or to mass graves or cremations). Or, they’ll just drone their victims and say “oops, it was an accident–a technical malfunction of our drone….” “…Too bad, they’ll say.” Or, “we had ‘intelligence’ that the (victim) was ‘armed and dangerous’…” or such.

      6. Jade Helm Means Jaded Helmet by Domestic Tyrant Terrorists under the guise of the US Military in Uniform to spread Tryanny. Aim for their balls. Do not allow any further procreation by these monster Prostitutes of the State.

      7. Even my local ammo dealer has noticed I’ve been buying more. Time to go back and review my opsec.

        • Not to worry, everyone has been buying more. BO is the best gun and ammo salesman since Adolf Hitler. If were Remington I’d erect a statue to him on the front lawn. With a special spot on his head for the birds to land, so they can poop on his head.

        • Best to have a plausible explanation readily at hand, something like “practicing for a competition (or hunting trip to …..), or “teaching a neighbor (relative, etc.) how to shoot” or something like that.

          Just don’t say anything that indicates you’re saving it up and not shooting it.

          Keeps suspicion to a minimum that way, you never know when something might be said to the wrong person somewhere down the line.

          Of course, you could start buying smaller amounts from different sources, paying in cash which isn’t suspicious for smaller purchases.

      8. A little paint and those face shields and such (see the picture) become a liability. The result of being a liability is either withdrawal or exposing of the face area to be able to see.

        Unprotected crotches also present a major liability.

        FWIW and no matter which side of a conflict you may support, or neither for that matter, there is a lesson to be learned from watching coverage of it. Did no one pay attention to the original Ukraine riots where riot police with armored vehicles -much like our own anti riot paramilitary forces- found out they were no match at all for simple things like large front end loaders taken from construction sites by the uprising people?

        If people want to be a part of any active resistance to a future coup or other illegal political power seizure, they need to start thinking this way.

        With today’s check and balance political system and strictly followed legal restraints on the mass use of police and military against the civilian population it is unlikely to be needed here in the U.S. but who knows? perhaps someday there will be an illegal takeover of that system by powers hostile to it that will ignore those checks and balances and legal restraints and require action by the people to restore them.

      9. Crisis an ISIS crisis. Watch out fur them thur ragheads.

      10. Tyranny has always been overthrown.

        There are more of us than there is of them. Simple! Remember Vietnam/Afghanistan…the People always win.

        • Yeap!! It comes down to who has RIGHT on their side…History proves this to be true…Funny that Boots moron doesnt address that issue…They think all their high tech will win the day, but are they SO wrong…Tptb where badly beat with all the high tech and unlimited resources of the day, by a bunch of 5ft tall guys wearing pajamas, cause they had RIGHT on their side and the will to win…No tyrant can produce the will to win out of thin air…

        • The people united win, the people divided fall. Now which would you say we are?

      11. ORANGE COUNTY Calif.
        For some reason, people have difficulty structuring their arguments when arguing against supporting the currently proposed immigration revisions. This lady made the argument pretty simple. NOT printed in the Orange County Paper …..
        Newspapers simply won’t publish letters to the editor which they either deem politically incorrect (read below) or which do not agree with the philosophy they’re pushing on the public. This woman wrote a great letter to the editor that should have been published; but, with your help, it will get published via cyberspace!

        From: “David LaBonte”

        My wife, Rosemary, wrote a wonderful letter to the editor of the OC Register which, of course, was not printed. So, I decided to “print” it myself by sending it out on the Internet. Pass it along if you feel so inclined. Written in response to a series of letters to the editor in the Orange County Register:

        Dear Editor:
        So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down the Statue of Liberty because the people now in question aren’t being treated the same as those who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry.

        Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today’s American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line in New York and be documented. Some would even get
        down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in their new American households and some even changed their names to blend in with their new home.

        They had waved good-bye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture. Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had brought with them to trade for a future of prosperity.

        Most of their children came of age when World War II broke out. My father fought alongside men whose parents had come straight over from Germany, Italy, France and Japan. None of these 1st generation Americans ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from. They were Americans fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan. They were defending the United States of America as one people.

        When we liberated France, no one in those villages were looking for the French-American or the German-American or the Irish-American. The people of France saw only Americans. And we carried one flag that represented one country. Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about picking up another country’s flag and waving it to represent who they were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed so much to be here. These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be an American. They stirred the melting pot into one red, white and blue bowl.

        And here we are with a new kind of immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges. Only they want to achieve it by playing with a different set of rules, one that includes the entitlement card and a guarantee of being faithful to their mother country. I’m sorry, that’s not what being an American is all about. I believe that the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island in the early 1900’s deserve better than that for all the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future generations to create a land that has become a beacon for those legally searching for a better life. I think they would be appalled that they are being used as an example by those waving foreign country flags.

        And for that suggestion about taking down the Statue of Liberty, it happens to mean a lot to the citizens who are voting on the immigration bill. I wouldn’t start talking about dismantling the United States just yet.

        Rosemary LaBonte

      12. The Supreme Court will soon (June) be ruling on whether or not this country will continue to follow God’s ordained plan for family & marriage or fully abandon it and replace it with a moral abomination…

        If they take a stand and defend traditional/Biblical marriage, we have a chance…If they don’t, the foundation of our society will now be built on sand, and things will escalate quickly.

        We are “One Nation, UNDER GOD…” if the SCOTUS tramples marriage and thumbs their nose to Heaven, we will become, “One Nation, WITHOUT GOD…”

        God help us then…

        • Hear him, here him. This is very important.

          • More than very important, it is the tipping one way or the other from the tipping point we are now balanced on.

            I’m expecting the Supreme’s are leaning towards going against God and Christianity, I don’t doubt the power of all that NSA spy data to persuade Judges when the PTB wants it (Roberts in particular, whom I believe is compromised, but the others as well if he isn’t needed for the decision).

            Only fear of the people would counter that, but I don’t think enough people are willing to stand up for God and his law anymore to make a difference.

            Still, there is power in prayer, so pray for our nation’s moral standards and protection of Christians right to live by their religion.

        • YD you are right. God has been pulling His hand back for a while. When he takes it away fully, death will be preferable to many to what living means in what remains of the USA.

        • That’s not God’s plan. It’s some narcissistic totalitarian Pharisee’s ideology from the dark ages. If you are so concerned with rabbitibal law, we should be consulting rabbis on this issue.

          • But that’s the way it has always happened in history, God withdraws protection from those he has protected when they turn against him.

            Why do you not believe this is the case now?

            What do you believe God’s plan is?

            We have certainly turned against God, punishing Christians while glorifying anti Christians and giving them power over them, anyone denying that is not of God but of those who worship the other side.

        • I’m with ya on that.

          In fact, I will wager that the corrupt and evil scotus, will make the queer marriage thing mandatory, and it will be the nail in the coffin. It won’t be the final nail, but a bigger and one that is much harder to overcome, push away from, recover from.

          The punishment for a once Christian declaring Nation, to allow this sort of thing, will bring about economic misery and suffering on every man, woman, child, and beast in the USSAG.

          It will not be long for the initial phase to begin after June.
          I say three months and America will be in much turmoil across the board.

          Shake, rattle, and roll. Go dig youself’s a hole.
          A hidey hole that is. The gangs of big city thugs will rape and pillage every inch of every neighborhood in USSAG before it is over.

          Prep and wait for it to commence.

        • If the Supreme Court rules against traditional marriage, a lot of people I know have said that there definitely will be civil disobedience.

          My own opinion is that the government, at any level, has no business deciding what marriage is. In my thinking, marriage currently has two parts: the church ceremony Biblical part, and the government legal contract between two people part.

          The government can allow any two or more people to make any legal contract they want. But they have no right to coerce any church into marrying people the church doesn’t want to marry. If there is some weird church that’s willing to marry three women and a donkey, I can’t do anything about that. But don’t try to force my church to marry an unbiblical combination. My church is never going to do that no matter what it costs.

          • The big push behind this is to force Christian people to support homosexual marriage and participate in those Satanic and anti Christian “homosexual weddings”, the way they have tried to force bakers and even pizza places to do

            (Aside: Wonder why they don’t go against the Muslims, only Christians, for this? Two reasons, the Muslims will just kill them and the Muslims are already on Satan’s side of the fight and his house is not being divided against itself.).

            This required catering to a homosexual wedding or providing the place and support for it is forcing Christians into sin against God by participating in them in violation of the First Commandment, forcing obedience to the god of government -and homosexuality- ahead of God’s given laws regarding sexual relations.

            God warned of what would happen if his people did this immediately after giving the commandment: “Exo 20:5 Don’t worship or serve idols of any kind, because I, the LORD, am your God. I hate my people worshiping other gods. People who sin against me become my enemies, and I will punish them. And I will punish their children, their grandchildren, and even their great-grandchildren.” and also told of the blessings given those who refuse to break it “Exo 20:6 But I will be very kind to people who love me and obey my commands. I will be kind to their families for thousands of generations. ” (ERV)

            Pray for our country, pray for the Supreme Court.

          • Honestly there won’t be much at all disobedience over gay marriage. There might be a few high profile cases, like Judge Roy Moore in Alabama fighting to keep the ten commandments, and a lot of people will think “good for him” but not much more.

            You’re not wrong in your reasoning but your hopes for civil disobedience over this will leave you disappointed.

            • The majority of the Church really doesn’t believe what it claims to believe and stand for.

              This is the beginning of the falling away from sound doctrine, the apostasy, the apostate Church that is given as one sign that the season of the end is at hand.

      13. I thought the government already controlled us. Do you mean it’s going to get worse? Somebody make it stop.

      14. I am surprised the author is not sure about what HELM stands for as he claims “the hard evidence” of what it implies is missing. Doesn’t it stand for “Homeland Eradication of Local Militants”? that’s what I read either here or on a related website. And based on the short vid clips that they concocted to frighten the masses and they sent out, it looks like that’s IT!
        Someone said the US Military won’t win against civilians. It’s very naïve and even outright oblivious thing to say. The US military was allotted 500 billions $ yearly budget for last few years, or precisely since maybe since 9/11. What kind of budget does the local resistance show for in comparison, because that’s what everything boils down to? Finances. As a single female, the only hope I have is in Christ. He is the only One Who can defeat such Machine.

        • DaisyD, the US military doesn’t have the necessary manpower to defeat us plus 50-75% of them are still overseas. We’ll be facing feds, foreign troops, ragheads, etc. You are right about Christ. He can defeat anyone.

      15. The elites or (TPTB), think that they have vast fortunes so they are the only one who knows anything. The only thing they know is how to screw the common man and get someone else to do their work, Lord have mercy if they would have to get their hands dirty. They truly do not understand that the common man out here is tired of being pissed on and vengeance will be a bitch. So, so many more of us than them and remember we will have the home field advantage. The day of RECKONING fast approaches!!

        Do not weep at my death, for I am only going home.

        • Arrogance.
          I have been up close and personal with a lot of stuffy snotty “elites” throughout my life.
          The one thing i have noticed is the recurrent theme of them knowing everything and the little people are just stupid.
          Cant wait for them to need to feed themselves, i know a lotta little people like myself who dont have $ but have knowledge, resources, and a strong network of similar folks.

          • Want to add,
            I came into the world broke, alone, and unwanted,
            I will most likely go out that way as well,
            And I am fine with that.

            • yep I came into this world cold wet pissed and bloody.. dam good chance I’ll exit the same way

            • Me too Kula…

            • Kula, I’m the same way. The snobs think their shit doesn’t stink. They’re in for a rude awakening.

        • Copperhead, God had better have mercy on the elites but if I encounter them I WON’T have mercy on the scum.


      16. Brandon, as usual, real good piece, thank you.
        Sometimes the simplest explanation
        Jade helm
        Our favorite blue helmets
        The SOF will be used for recon,
        They can blend in with old Billy Bob and his boys and relay info from a distance never really tipping his hand to true intent.
        The fact that I as a patriotic, God fearing, liberty minded American am cinsidered a “domestic terrorist” says it all.
        These fuckers can stuff it

      17. HELM; Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. Or in the case of a Jaded Helm, those that attach the term war to everything. Did you pick that up reading the article? To demonstrate the conditioning, let me reiterate; the information war, the propaganda war, the economic war, the psychological war, the biological war, outright warfare against citizenry, I might add the war on drugs, poverty and virtually everything, except greed and corruption. See how easily they slip war by? The business of the USA is war. The business of Russia and China is business. The oil may change to water and water change into oil but they still will never mix. Because of exceptional and indispensable war. “Jail that fornicator on the beach, make war not love”. Oil into water. Try sticking a flower in a muzzle today.

        • Yep. And how will the “little emperor” state enforcers be treated when it is shown that THEY have no clothes?

          Perhaps an endless loop of John Holmes and Linda Lovelace?

      18. The riots over the last few years were allowed to occur simply because it’s the only reliable training tool to ‘understand’ the actual process that occurs during a riot and how to crush them. I loved riot training in the Military, but it’s not realistic when the guys throwing tomatoes and eggs at you are your friends. If the authorities were serious about putting down a major riot, then they’d turn off the power and water to the particular area affected and halt all public transport. An inner and outer cordon would be thrown around the entire area by Police and Military and the ‘main force’ would let loose with water canon, baton rounds, rubber bullets and CS gas and then brutally crush the crowd with shield and batons. Breaking collar bones and forearms generally ends a rioters motivation to continue.

        The United Kingdom had Northern Ireland ‘locked down’ for 30 years. Although most Irish claim it was because the IRA were that good. The reality was, Northern Ireland for the British was the best real time training ground they had. They could have pumped 5 or 6 Infantry Brigades in there any time and brutally put down the entire IRA ‘problem’ in less than 30 days. They knew who all the players were in Northern Ireland …. But why kill the training ground.

        Good analogy about the Malayan Emergency. If the authorities wanted to put the entire country in ‘lock down’ seriously, it wouldn’t be hard to achieve. Easy! pick an area/city/State and then shut everything down at once. Power, phone, ATM service, water, sewage, public transport, no TV or radio, nothing!! shut down the major road corridors. They could starve the entire country into submission in 30 days. Want food and water? Hand in your guns and stick out your arm so we can RIFD you. Hold outs? Send in tanks and mow em down because obviously they’re terrorist because they’re holding out against the authorities. Preppers? Well, probably come back for us later when they ain’t so busy. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many guns are available in this country, the majority of people will do exactly what the authorities want in order to have food and water so they can survive. The majority of our population has already been pacified and are subservient In order to function ….. They just don’t realise it.

      19. They will come for our food & supplies!
        Cashe/Hide your supplies in many different places, do not have all you eggs in one basket.
        Leave some supplies for them to find, gee I hope they don’t take the jar with the poison in it. (I always have a few jars of poison to kill rats and OTHER predators).
        Old age and treachery will win out over youth and strength every time!

      20. Off topic…

        I expect cases of food borne illnesses will increase.

        USDA on board with shipping U.S. chickens to China for processing, then re-entry to States for human consumption

        “Chinese chicken” will soon have a whole new meaning, as the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently gave the green-light to four chicken processing plants in China, allowing chicken raised and slaughtered in the U.S. to be exported to China for processing, and then shipped back to the U.S. and sold on grocery shelves here.

        Furthermore, the imported processed poultry will not require a country-of-origin label nor will U.S. inspectors be on site at processing plants in China before it is shipped to the United States for human consumption.

        “Food safety experts worry about the quality of chicken processed in a country notorious for avian influenza and food-borne illnesses. And they predict that China will eventually seek to broaden the export rules to allow chickens born and raised in China.”

        “China has an infamous reputation as one of the world’s worst food safety offenders.”

        Are We Crazy? USDA To Label Chinese-Processed Chicken As ‘Made In America’

        Chicken from China? Your Seafood is Already Being Processed There

        • KY: Yes, isn’t it convenient that the U.S. chicken population is being decimated? Spontaneous outbreaks in so many states….stock up now.

          Nothing is a coincidence…


        • i’ll eat my own damn chickens, fuck you very much.

          • We do eat our own chickens lol. Eggs from the Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons, Cornishes for meat. Though you can eat the rirs and bos too when they’re not efficient layers anymore, they’re just not as tender.

      21. The military wont be the ‘bad’ guys because they have family and friends and usually resist orders to shoot fellow citizens and steal from them.

        There’s plenty of examples around the world where military personnel have defied orders.

        A lot is right in the article though about isolating population centres – this can be achieved when the power is cut as it creates a power vacuum. A power vacuum then enabled exploitation as rumour is accepted as truth and the person/group with the most ‘convincing’ form of truth is powerful.

        God bless

      22. The elite better watch out. We little people might decide we have had enough and declare war on them. We might decide to put like minded people into elected positions and change the system for the better. We might find a leader of character and prosecute those that have looted the system.

        • You have it correct. That we will wake up and see thru the conditioning foisted upon us is the elite’s great fear. The write it themselves, in their own documents:
          “But if they ever find out they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW. If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action. They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter.” -The Secret Covenant. [caps emphasis by the site I cut and pasted it from(http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_illuminati_21.htm), and are not mine, ken]

      23. http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/05/06/isis-jade-helm-guillotines-and-the-ultimate-fate-of-many-christians/

        And now this has popped up. Since the cabal has purchased billions of rounds of .223 & 5.56, other rounds, etc. And the fact that since the population woke up, the popolous bought over 3 billion rounds off the shelf and now 30,000 plus guilotines and millions of caskets, fema camps galore, etc.. Since we walk in the sands of .223, its now Foreign troops, and Now Jade Helm as the desk in office started to rattle, my crap on my desk tipped over from the vibration, i hear a loud heavy vibrating sound only to go outside and see a massive shinuk hellicopter passing by at 10k feet over my street. Gee? now its Jade Helm 15, and the canadian general promising that chinese PLA, that they will get plenty of girls and women, that they can put two shots to our heads, take our goods and the women and girls to service them.

        Welcome to Houston and sorrounding cities.

        Since the area of town i live in is so heavily armed to the frickin teeth, the patriot citizenry has to be carefull not bump into solid objects, cars, walls, etc, with the horrific, overly sickeing, Severe armanment, so SEVERE, that they cant even walk out in public without the .223 & 5.56 dropping out of thier pockets in public parking lots. And when they get home to their homes, the .223 & 5.56 is scattered on the living room floor. jaming them in thier feet because its like sand on a beech.

        Its sounds like the battle ground is now even.

        Well, since we litearally walk in the sands of .223 & 5.56, all i can say to those soldiers, who are American traitors, who have openly stated crap about” if they dont do what it tell them to do, then i will shoot them crap” this statement came from the mouth of a national guard. This video is on Yutube.

        Plus the 1.2 million PLA, and now the Jihadist training camp in mexico near El Paso. Here you have the average chinese 18-25 yr old punk, coming here to Texas, he has been in the mexico desert for over 3 yrs with no access to women, bet he cant wait to come to Texas. Little do they know that they are going to die horrific deaths here. You chi-coms are really scewed, your generals are uneducated about Texas Demographics.

        As for you jihadist, you better not try that crap you did in Garland out here, our cops in this area on on to your crap, i know some of them, and they are going to light your azzes up bigtime. Your boy allah wouldn’t even come here. Oh your going to convert us, eh. The only conversion that you will be expericing is .223-to 5.56- then convert to 308, then to .50 cal. I guess things are not looking good for you jihadist punks. I bet the azz clown jihadist who attacked in Garland didnt know that the red neck Dallas cop wouldn’t lite up thier azzes. Good luck to you foreign mercenaries, russian, chinese, etc who plan to genocide the citizenry, good luck to all. You will literally pizz your drawers when you fire on the citizenry. See the new Hodges link above. These facts are un disputable facts from this point unward. Welcome to Texasnam. We are not rice farmers.

      24. In such an environment, public opinion counts for very little, if people even pay attention at all to anything beyond their own desperation. Once this is achieved, the oligarchy has free reign to take morally questionable actions without fear of future blowback.

        If you as the elites really are this childishly moronic, then this utterly infantile way of dealing with people will absolutely blow up in your face eventually. It might take 20 years but it will happen. Take it from someone who thought you guys knew what you were doing and tried to adapt this page out of your playbook in a limited fashion.

      25. Where the French went wrong, however, was their inability to keep the torture campaign quiet. Boot once again uses the public opinion argument as the reason for the eventual loss of Algeria by the French.

        This sounds just like Machiavelli arguing the case for Caesar Borgia.

        Who by the way, died like a dog.

        And he died this way because he was a f*cking idiot and a major a*^hole, and he over-reached himself, and the result is always inevitable.

        Machiavelli was a hack. The stupid b*stard was pleading like a little b*tch for the King’s approval for a reason, and was regarded in his time as holly evil for a reason. Given that I don’t believe any generation is significantly more intelligent than any other (technology that one exceptional guy made and that you just happened to “find” doesn’t count as intelligence)… I will be compelled to take their word for it, as they knew the guy personally and I didn’t.

        Meanwhile in China…

        They are still doing the Sun Tzu. Who makes Machiavelli look like a complete drooling hack.

        And guess who’s winning right this moment now? OH YEAH! China huh!

      26. Capt sam walton was army intelligence and ran pow camp at ft douglas utah a bioweapons eval site in the 60s now university of utah cept for 51acres with sub facilities next to myriad labs switzerland eugenics


      28. This particular story is the best written and sourced story I have read yet about how this is going down in America (you can see every element illustrated by example the author mentions)…And that douchebag Boot, is seriously pathologically ill for how well he has studied rebellions and how well HE is ADVISING the DoD how to fight Americans

        I keep trying to remind people that when it goes down, the enemy has no compunctions or morals about how disgusting and dehumanizing they will be in mercilessly hunting down opposition, toturing people and outright executing anyone for any reason…all I get back is that I dont know what I am talking about..Well one thing I DO understand more than anything else is HUMAN NATURE and understand human stress psychology…Boot is spot on for how this will be done, and Ill be damned if IT IS NOT PLAYING OUT just exactly as he outlined, right now..

      29. “I am talking about outright warfare, and anyone who thinks we have already reached that point has no clue what real war looks like”
        I would say that all the chemtrails, poisoned food and drink, police committed murders and thefts, etc., should show that the warfare against citizens has already started. This week a sheriff shot a real estate agent for showing a house. How is that NOT warfare against the innocent? Same thing with 4th generation psyops, turning one side against another. Do you really think that has not already been done,hatred by design of white against black, men against women, young against old, one religion against all others,(always with the full support of the media OFC) etc.?
        The only thing missing is that the sheep have yet to wake up to the facts of the matter. Try telling that real estate agent that the shooting hasn’t started yet. One thing correct, it WILL get worse. But then that can always be true, no matter how bad it might be, it can always get worse.

      30. “Rise like Lions after slumber in unvanquishable number. Shake your chains to earth like dew which in sleep had fallen on you. Ye are many-they are few.” – Percy Bysshe Shelly

        When it happens, it will be sudden.

      31. Nice Article Brandon, you have hit the nail on the head. I plan on reading it a couple more times when I can take the time. Busy farming right now..Thanks

      32. I agree with most of Brandon Smith’s thesis. He errs in believing Putin or any other Russian leader is in cahoots with Obola and the Western bankster elite. Read some Russian history, such as Geoffrey Hosking Russia and the Riussians: A History 2nd ed. or Richard Pipes’ translation of Nicholay Karamsin’s twelve-volume History of Russia, which was written in c. 1810 at the request of one of the Tsars. Something written by a Russian for a Tsar or some self-anointed “internet expert.” One is credible insight into the Russian mind and one is internet bullshit written by some kid in mommy’s basement. No, Russia is NOT “the controlled opposition.” Aside to the haters: For 1,000 years Russia has been Christian … Eastern Orthodox Christian. What you don’t know can lead you badly astray.

        • Read Antony Sutton’s “Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution”. The Russians have ALWAYS been in cahoots with the elites. Always. Putin dines with Henry Kissinger on a regular basis and Kissinger “advises” Putin on his geopolitical councils, but hey, I’m sure there’s nothing going on there…

          • You’re correct, Brandon! The warmongering (which is very real) is just a charade they (Putin, “ISIS”-Daesh, Iran, Communist China, ebola, “children’s” border invasion, etc.) play a role in to excuse the atrocities the “American” Government will employ to shake the masses into submission and compliance with whatever the powers-that-be tell them they must do “for their safety” and “for the greater good”.

        • John_Allen:

          Are you suggesting you know more about Russian history than Solzhenitsyn did?

          Most of those Russian Christians met their deaths when the Bolsheviks took over.

          Funny how much we know about Russia and their propaganda….we cannot even figure out what is going on in our country let alone what is happening there.

          • Amen, to that comeback, granny.

            You are wonderful asset to this site.

      33. Max Hoot is a well known neoconservative blood thirsty war loving evil demon from the bowels of hell. He definitely intends to be at the policy helm of the enslavement of the American people.

      34. @ Brandon Smith

        Russian history is deeper than from 1905 to 1991. Talk about 1200 years. Hosking is or was a professor of Russian History at University College, London. One of the world’s foremost historians of Russia. Wrote all his professional life in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Published by Belknap Press of Harvard University and similar places. But authentic expertise is suspect compared to internet yahoos, right Brandon?

        @ POG Try reading my comment. I am not suggesting THAT I know more about Russian History than anyone except you and Brandon. I assert that Hosking knows as much as, and Karamsin knows MORE THAN Solzhenitsyn, because he wrote the reference standard for Russian history, AT THE REQUEST OF ONE OF THE TSARS.
        A relatively small percentage of the Russian Orthodox Christians met their deaths at the hands of the Bolsheviks. A tragedy, yes. Contrary to what you imply, it wasn’t just the royals who were Christian. It was pretty much everyone except the Reds.

        To both of you and passing with the wind: I stand by my assertions. Back up yours citing some real expertise if you can.

        Sutton isn’t fit to be mentioned in the same breath as Hoskins and Karamsin (translated by Pipes)

        • John__Allen:

          Are you suggesting that Russian history did not change once the last of the Tsars were killed off by the Bolsheviks?

          I have no quarrel with what was written about Russian history in the time of the Tsars…..everything after 1918 changed that country completely.

          Do you not agree with that?

      35. I found the article lucid and to the point . I do think that TPTB are still taking a horrible gamble despite the overwhelming advantages they enjoy. Can any thinking person really predict what will happen when a government declares open war on a nation awash in guns and ammo. America has a long history steeped in the concepts of freedom, and despite the seeming nadir we have reached I can’t help believing that any open attack on it will be fraught with danger and the unexpected. I do not think they will be successful in their plan, my prediction barring some TEOTWAWKI event, America will be Balkanized with areas of government control and areas where resistance is too costly to eradicate . I hope this doesn’t occur as despite its warts I love America but reality doesn’t care about my wishes. Nobody can accurately predict what will happen in a government sponsored SHTF scenario, but I do know that a whole bunch of folks will die. Hard times, really hard times, I don’t relish the thought but I also cannot as a man or a patriot, shirk my responsibility to do what I feel is right.

      36. @ POG

        Between 1905 and 1991 things changed bigtime, and (temporarily) for the Russians.
        For 86 years the dude driving the tractor trailer and the lady taking in sewing had to pretend they were Red or they’d see more of Siberia than they wanted to.

        What you’re missing is over 1200 years there has never been a tradition of individual liberty or private property in Russia. That’s not a recent trauma imposed by Bolshevism. Pravda is a timeless concept … group consensus, village consensus, that predates the publication named for it by a thousand years.

        Bolshevism was a pimple on the ass of a people who in the main, were Orthodox Christian to their core.

        Putin is a nationalist who loves Russia and despises Obola. He’d stick his head in a 400 degree oven before he’d make common cause with that worm.

      37. …One of the most concise, succinct, accurate and useful articles on this site in support of the individual liberty to live and let others live.

      38. Certainly, the end of modern civilization will be the only hope for individual and family liberty. Civilization is what empowers Big Business and their Big Government to enslave the masses as their permanent labor for even more civilization (pacification and subjugation of the individual), segregated from family in order to achieve absolute loyalty to the elitist prison State.

      39. Keeping in reasonable to good physical condition, able to do without motorized transport and, able to fight will be vital for any patriot to defend him or herself and his or her loved ones.

      40. Crisis is the ideal situation for patriots to defend from government crackdown. The crisis already engages the government on at least one, and maybe many fronts. Patriots would only be opening new fronts and outflanking the government that’s already engaged by the crisis.

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