When The Economy Collapses The Government Will Implode : “The Support Mechanisms On Which We Depend Will Break Down”

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    For twenty years Micheal Rivero of What Really Happened has been exposing the lies and corruption emanating from the Federal government, Wall street bankers, and big business.

    In his latest interview with Crush The Street he sounds one of his most dire warnings yet:

    “When the economy implodes here in the United States it’s probably going to take the Federal government with it.”

    The implications, as Rivero notes in the following must-see video, are such that the entire system upon which we depend for essential services will completely fall apart. That means access to food, basic supplies and even your bank account will become next to impossible:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    The Federal government has become trapped by its own web of mendacity. They have been lying to the American people so long they have to go on lying.

    They can’t stand up there and say “Alright, you caught us… we lied about the economy, we lied about the true scale of unemployment, we lied about 9/11, we lied about torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin, we lied about the assassination of John F. Kennedy… because the first time they admit openly that they’ve lied to the American people, the entire web of deceptions going back the last century is going to unravel completely and the government will fall.

    While a nearly unfathomable thought for most Americans, a complete breakdown of the Federal government and the services tens of millions of Americans depend on is a real possibility and one that has been proven time and again throughout history, especially during times of economic, financial and monetary disruption.

    Rivero urges vigilance and contingency planning because like we saw when the Soviet Union fell, such a breakdown could last many months:

    Everybody needs to be prepared to have the support mechanism upon which they depend now to break down… storable food, water, that kind of thing.

    We’re already hearing talk about capital controls if the economy starts to go down… the laws are already in place where the bankers can help themselves to the money in your checking accounts… You should have no more money in the banks than you need to cover your immediate obligations because all of it is exposed.

    You should be investing in silver and gold…

    All the losses are going to be dropped on the American people.

    You can visit Mike Rivero’s web site at WhatReallyHappened.com

    For more interviews and commentary like the video you just watched visit CrushTheStreet.com and sign up for the free newsletter.


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      1. Like Mike Rivero says, the economy won’t just rebound like it has done before. this time around the crash will be massive. The US government may hold on for a while, but once China and the rest of them start hitting the dollar it’s over. Rivero is right. It’s going to be a disaster of epic proportions and if people aren’t stocked up they will be screwed. This wont be a few days of a bank holiday. Months. many months.

        have food. have water. have medicine and other supplies. and have gold or silver to trade.

        • If the US government collapses , so will the 200 year experiment in democracy and freedom .
          The US is the only place on this earth where the people have god given , unalienable rights .
          Third world status would be an improvement over what will
          happen here .All the “preps” you can store wont save you from the armies of strongmen who will rise to power.

          Pray it dont happen .

          • H: why not? We are armed and many of us were raised to be independent and we grew up with the idea of freedom. You can’t kill an idea. I would rather have local people defending each other and be done with the lies that the Federales spew on a daily basis. I say bring it on.

            • Philosopher, I’m right there with you.

              • BH: thanks. I am too fricken indendenpent and wild to be tamed. Screw em.

                • Typo: independent

                  • Because.. The biggest strongman will still be a group that call themselves government. It might be city or county or state or federal. The same mindless people who follow them today will follow them then. Many of them have armor. You cant stop armor with an AR. They will have artillery. You cant stop artillery with an AR. They will have aircraft. You cant down an aircraft with an AR. You can fight and cause headaches for them but it will just plain come down to attrition and who can outlast whom. All the while they will be living in relative comfort and well fed and you will be living as a dog.

                    • Ed

                      In the end all an insurgency can do is to make an area ungovernable. Its analogous to an elephant and ants. The elephant can kill ants at will but they collectively make it so uncomfortable that the animal eventually leaves. All of this works better against a foreign power because they can and do leave. The words below from General Giap spell it out quite well.

                      “I will loose ten of my people to every one of yours, but you will tire and leave. I cannot leave for I have nowhere else to go”.

                      The outcome in a domestic insurgency is will the military, or a significant percentage of it defect?

                    • Pessimistic or what!! Don’t speak for everyone here. AR’s have their place, but your reasoning is why we don’t own any. We will easily beat any armor. If heavy equipment & air support are still functioning we’ll beat it.

                      Remember history, it doesn’t take superior machinery or outnumbered ground forces to win. Just be smarter…
                      Molon labe

                    • If we must live as dogs, then let us be wolves.

                    • @ED Just like Nam. We killed them by the bushel and they still won.

                    • I would counter that the various insurgencies around the world are growing and even thriving against all odds and superior weaponry, armor, technology, and possibly a semblance of moral highground. I would not bet against an American insurgency. It is only a matter of time when some of the weapons would be captured or even brought over by defectors. It would be a fool’s errand to try and turn the government against the people. The founders were wise in the concept and wording of the 2nd Amendment.

                  • Zika Virus Threatens “Disaster In Rio” Olympics As WHO Declares Global Emergency


                    From the initial discovery in the heart of Ugandan forest darkness to mysterious genetically-modified Mosquitoes in Brazil, the newest threat to human health (most notably pregnant women) is the ominous-sounding Zika virus.

                    The epidemic is spreading from its epicenter in Brazil – threatening disaster at the Olympics with “female athletes to consider participation “very carefully”,” to Colombia (with 2100 pregnant women infected), and further north in America with CDC confirming 6 cases in Texas.”


            • Anonymous… I’m shocked. You neglected to mention BEER! And you call yourself a prepper. Yeesh!


              • No Kidding! I’m still trying to figure out how to freeze dry it:) I guess I need to learn how to make it instead.

            • I like the attitude,,,, why not,

              • Thanks Kula.

                • UUUH?

          • “If the US government collapses , so will the 200 year experiment in democracy and freedom.”

            I hope you’re not saying that the U.S. govt has been spreading “democracy” all these years. You DO realize that absolutely NONE of that “democracy” shit had anything to do with “freedom”, right?

            I’m sure nobody in the middle east, most of Africa and south America feel very “free” after the racket known as “spreading democracy and freedom” stunk up their countries and destroyed their economies, not to mention the western looting of their natural/national resources.

            IMO, the entire world would be more peaceful and, have a better chance to rebuilt their countries, IF THE SPREADING OF DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM BY THE UNITED STATES WAS BANNED!

            Personally, I’ll happily suffer the financial losses of the U.S. government losing it’s war funding, even if that means the destruction of the fake dollar system that props up the elites, and feeds the maw that is the Rothschilds banking cartel.

            I know full well that they will deprive the people and the country, ling before they cut back on their war machine. I know it’s gonna hurt, BUT IT MUST HAPPEN.

            If this world is to ever stop destroying itself, the banking cabal MUST end. The only way to end it is to defund it or round them all up and execute them.

            Either option is okay with me.

            • I know what you mean SIX , but i am concerned more for the constitutional republic that will be lost forever.
              It can still be revived from where we are today , but if its lost , the US will become a socialist shithole forever.

              PHILI , above states that he still understands what freedom is , but how many do ? And how many are young ?
              Within a generation all that freedom talk will be silenced and foregotten .

              Nope lets fix it before we lose it .

              • Agreed.

              • H: I am a she but I also greatly abhor the thought of living in a communist / socialist shithole.

                Look at Iowa, tonight. Young people are so dumbed down apparently they believe the communist / socialist fantasies being spewed by Bernie and Hilliary.

            • thank you for saying that SIX

              More people need to wake up to that

              and the fact that a REPUBLIC has no business spreading anything related to Democracy , let alone the beliefs around a true Republic ..

              If these countries want to change something within their own government , it needs to be done from within

            • I vote for execution. My two cents!

          • “”All the “preps” you can store wont save you from the armies of strongmen who will rise to power.”””

            they will survive if families and friend stick together, then bond with other groups as the country goes down the drain, soon many small groups will make a large army that can pick a leader who can speak for all the groups, they just have to make sure that history doesn’t repeat it’s self with the same greedy leaders, all the leaders in the country today have one thing in common, they’re all lawyers.

          • hammerhead
            “If the US government collapses , so will the 200 year experiment in democracy and freedom .”

            The Republic of the US technically have been in collapse for 30+ years, and Democracy renders rights inalienable rather than unalienable enabling it to be rendered alienable by vote, legislation, decree, and/or rule/ruling.

            “Third world status would be an improvement over what will
            happen here .All the “preps” you can store wont save you from the armies of strongmen who will rise to power.”

            Big Government is dependent on forming Oligarchy, Kleptocracy, and Plutocracy largely to maintain power-structure without also leading to civil war short of ‘Bismarkianists’ who are outed of the finalized power-structure when Absolute Authority is fully implemented typically by martial law.
            There’s several issues with Riveria’s assessment:
            First and foremost supranationalism reversed after decades of brush-fires wars in the Post World War II era. Most people think World War III is not possible.
            Second, alternative media outlets apparently can’t be bothered to locate a welfare participant for a copy of the welfare guidelines that attaches participants by central government mandate to administer the jobs/works program and the principle competition to Prison Labor. Alternative media likes to act like the surfer queen and welfare queens reported are the norm ignoring that if they dig a bit more they’ll find Counties estimate ‘20% or more of participants have been misplaced and not enforced to comply with the welfare guidelines’ as a rough estimate. Now who makes EBT and EPPI? Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and etc Too Big To Fail banking institutions. Think 20% welfare participants suddenly made to work 20-35+ hours per week or face sanction incurring progressive penalties from 1 month-6 months ineligibility of EBT, EPPI, and medical access can’t be advertised as a Cyberattack? I’d think so.
            What about being made to work 50 hours or face a sanction if just cause of refusal cannot be determined for refusal? Could you imagine the backlash if they tried that with part-time/full-time employees in the public or private sectors?
            Anyone familiar with the Fabian Society should recognize the above. They assert that food, water, clothing, shelter, and etc will be provided to you; provided, you conduct yourself within the valued lifestyle proscribed and a value to society.
            Non-compliance results in a sanction. Sanctions incur 1-6 months ineligibility in progressive penalties per sanction. Now, if your food, water, clothing, shelter, and etc are supplied to you, you don’t have an independent job, and you’re completely dependent on a Cashless Society exerting Absolute Authority could you imagine just 1 month ineligible? What about 3 months? What about 6 months?

            I’d say the foundation is being laid to normalize Absolute Authority as to my understanding 20 years ago much of today’s guidelines weren’t present that are today.

          • America will survive the United States Corporation.

            • Anonymous,
              Yes, we will survive the United States Corporation. Even Bill Gates and his buddy Monsanto.

          • Our 200 year experiment will not last much more than 50 more years because of the illegal and refugee influx coming in. The USA will be balkanized. I truly believe that this country will be broken up into several small countries because of all the different cultures.

        • Have a good security system in place too. Video and traps. I really doubt the govt. is going anywhere, those assholes have been prepping forever with our currency. Besides, they will offer food for guns and have a nice warm cot for the fools that haven’t prepped (and thats a lot) too bad the warmth will be provided by an incinerator. Don’t count on jesus to save you, your on your own. The govt. won’t fall it will just ramp up the tyranny to the max and stomp down with an iron boot. The facsist bootlickers will obey all orders along with their buddies from other countries for a bowl of stew. Better get those radio comms in order cuz there won’t be phone service for you. I just got a pair of 1/4/8 watt handhelds for 72 bux on ebay (pofung/baofeng) and a 20/25 watt mobile vhf/uhf for 90 bux. beprepared dot com has some good sales on food right now. Fuel, auto parts, oil, tire patches, are cheap and available but for how long? Get a spare ignition module from a junkyard and keep it in emp proof container. Get spare alternators and starters and water pumps etc also. 9 volt batteries with clips and momentary contact switches and assorted goodies will increase your chances greatly. If you can afford it you can get a thermal vision device for 2K and they are very good! Get some cheap strobe lights (they will fook up night vision) battery powered. I could go on for days but you get the point.

          • genius,

            I’d rather face death on my feet fighting then live with the likes of a douchebag sicko like you. If you are the future of humanity, I hope the fucking microbes take over the world instead.

            • Who knows, maybe the microbes like you will take over 🙂 I have a new moniker for you… “Minimus” lol

              • Genius, I’ll take you and the other regulars any day over a stinking troll. If trolls were the future of humanity, I’d rather be dead. You called him “Minimus”? Good one.

              • agreed.

          • Genius, used your recipe for homemade Kahlua. It was surprising easy and tastes great. Thanks.

            • Your welcome, glad you liked it!

          • Jesus has already saved us.

            • You won’t last long….

              • Eternity is longer.

            • If jesus already saved us then why are we in this mess still?

              • Not sure where you are pulling the us or we from. Salvation is a personal choice.

              • Genius: He is waiting for you to come around. 😉

                • Durango, I have the feeling even God doesn’t like a smart mouth slug like genius, we’ll all be better off without him.

                  • Does God Laugh?

                    He might smile a lot but does he laugh.

                    He does all these teachings and laws and gives us warnings and all that. Very serious most of the time.

                    • Slingshot,
                      You seem to know your Bible. God says He gets the last laugh. Be blessed.

                    • Anon

                      Ok I can not argue with that.

                • Rumour has it, that a place called Heaven is really a big FEMA Camp Slaughter House for stoopid sheep.

                  Good luck with that dooped sheeple.


              • Jesus only saves the soul, there no promises to save the body or make sure life is comfortable.

                • Nope. He also saves Green Stamps.

                  • No need for that cheapshot.

                    • Guess Jesus doesn’t have a sense of humor.

                      Standing by for the Fire and Brimstone barrage of scripture that will send me yearning for absolution from the Pope.

                      Oh yes another ANON.

                    • Yep God is pretty smart. He keeps fleecing stooped sheep weekly, out of their wealth for over 2000 years and promises you hopey and changey.. The Government loves that fraud too, and gives you tax deductions to keep you complacent and dumbed down slaves. Ever think for yourselves? Try it, you will like it.. I promise.


                    • The promise of Jesus is resurrection, a new body to house the soul through eternity. He is the first fruit of what awaits humanity. Death is not the end but a transition into a new beginning.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • Jesus saves, Obama spends.

                • Our spirits are saved when we are justified, our souls (life) are saved as we are sanctified, and our bodies are saved when we are glorified at the resurrection.

                  The confusion arises by using “saved” for all three terms.

              • Because some people don’t realize that Jesus saved OUR SOULS, not our bodies. We were saved from automatic damnation, but not from the created hell on earth.

              • Later, one of the envoys said to Jesus, “When will all the evil be purged from Earth?” Jesus said, “When it is no longer spawned in the hearts of men. There is nothing wrong with the Earth that men can or put right. Do not expect help from God, but be men enough to fight your own battles. No easy time lies ahead of you, for where ever you go your loyalty to My cause will bring hatred of men upon you. Nevertheless, remain steadfast through all the trials and tribulations lying ahead, and you will be glorified in immortality.

                The envoys said, “Sire, can such things indeed happen to us?” Jesus said, “Be sure they will.” They said, “Surely our tree of suffering will not bear bitter fruit or even prove fruitless.” Jesus answered, “No, the sapling will grow strongly. From the tree will arise another teaching and out of this a confusion of beliefs, each striving for its own advantage. There will be unprofitable doctrines and viciousness, cruelties and intolerance, with many persecutions, all done in My name. They will corrupt and falsify My teachings to serve the own ends. Hypocrisy will rule the hearts of men and few will follow even the beliefs of their own hearts. These things must be, for they reside in the nature’s of men, but under the Rule of God they will be changed.”

          • Genius I have read about the COG plans and all those nice shiny badges they hand out in DC. I doubt that many of them would make it to Mount Weather (it is a 48-mile hike and in an EMP event there will be no maps, no cars, no GPS and you would need decent shoes). Even if the people with those badges made it I predict there would be a killing within 2 weeks. Why? Because can you imagine some Senator showing up without their assistant, their nanny, their maid, their private chef and finding out they are bunking in a room with 20 other people? That they actually have to detail the bathroom (after using it) and make their own bed and actually wash their own clothes? For a genius you sound irrational and completely out of touch with reality.

            Your comments about those handhelds were quite short. Can you explicate further? What is the range of those comms? What types of batteries do they use? How do you charge the batteries? What do you do with a VHF/ UHF device? Those used to be the old TV channels. I am curious and willing to learn. Thanks!
            I love doing that this COG thought experiment, by the way. (COG: continuity of government).

            After 7 days the place would start to stink and get messy. People would get attitudes. They are used to being pampered in DC so actually having to work would be a kick in the face.

            I like doing

            • “For a genius you sound irrational and completely out of touch with reality.”

              I do? Please explain that one… The bootlickers won’t be hiking anywhere, they will drive and fly there.

              Go to ebay and search “baofeng UV5r” they have about 20 miles range with obstacle free terrain. All the info is in the product description. Search youtube for other radio info. Search ebay for mobile uhf radio and you will see the mobile unit I talked about. Buy a book on radio communications and theory for more detailed info.

              • G: oh don’t mind my wordplay! I enjoy a good verbal spar (in case you can’t tell) and try to not take it personally. As long as you are not a raving hippie or communist. I can’t stand commies.

                Thanks much for the extra information. 20 miles? That is pretty good. Along with the price.

                BTW: about COG I did mention an EMP. If there is an atmospheric EMP no one is going to flying or driving anywhere. I am guessing the bootlickers will end up, well, I don’t really care where they end up. With their head in a basket suits me. Another Reign of Terror like the French Revolution sounds most excellent! Let the streets of DC run with blood.

                • Philosopher

                  As far as radio communications I am limiting my broadcast to under Five Miles but will listen other transmissions further out till I have an Idea what is going on after an EMP. C.B and small FR radios, 50 to 100 watt boosters are available.

                  • Thanks much! Great information!

                • As I understand it, the COG has an extensive, proprietary underground hi-speed rail for themselves. I would imagine it’s protected from EMPs.

              • OK flatlander,
                Remind everyone that in mountainous
                areas without re-transmitters you won’t
                get much range.
                I like your radio, I have one myself.
                I suggest MOT T6500 as a old cheap
                alternative(they can be encoded).

                • R: thank you for an alternative point of view. I will probably end up in some mountains when I get my BOL.

                • The baofeng radios have a simplex repeater you can get for about 60 bux too. I have talked on uhf with a 25 watt radio on a 7 element yagi over a mountain and to my friend 30 miles away who also had a 25 watt mobile and a ground plane omni. We talk on uv5r’s in our mountain valley with some hills in between for 13 miles on uhf too with the 3db gain mag mounts. The 20 mile range I stated was a uv5r with just the stock antenna and the other end was the 25 watt mobile with the ground plane. Uhf has better penetration than VHF and better in the mountains in my opinion.

                  • G: cool! Again, thank you!

                  • Genius, my relatives in north Ga use something similar for comms. The BOL is located in a valley with the nearest mountain only 2 miles away. They use UHF only and you’re right about UHF working better in mountains.

                    • Brave, Sounds like they know whats best. What gets me is why wildland fire units use VHF. They aren’t worth a shit in the woods. I have had to use my personal uhf radio to communicate back to the house to get info out because the fire radios didn’t work.

                • Not only will you have reduced range, but dead areas, where terrain masking results in no signal.

                  You’ll need repeaters.

                  That means your comms and the people setting it up are a target-rich environment. Use it wisely.

                  • Two cans and a length of string… sorted!

                    • don’t forget old school morse code from your boy scout days. there’s a dang good reason why this is still in use by emergency mountain and sea rescue teams around the globe.

                      sometimes the simplest technologies are the best.

                      (strokes her ghilly kettle lovingly)

              • Genius,
                Why is the Baofeng better than a walkie talkie with a 36 mile range? Do you need to be a ham certified operator to use the baofeng? I’ve thought about getting a set but unlike walkie talkies they don’t sell them as sets. Why?


                • laeagle. With a baofeng you can program an extremeley wide frequency range and buy simplex repeaters and they have an sma antenna jack so you can connect them to any external antenna and they have a ton of accessories and longer battery life and and and….

                  • Phil, JM,

                    Great book, I have the book. Thanks for the url to the pdf. This is the reason for the appeal of all the politicians out there. It all hinges on who can tell the best story, spin the best yarn, capture people’s hearts and imaginations, and get the message out there to the masses. How is that ‘hope and change’ working for them now? So many have been so convinced and so entrenched that they still believe the lies, the propaganda!

                    Thank goodness for alternative media but it may not be enough to overcome the constant barage of spin, propaganda, poison and lies being put forth by the MSM and TPTB/Establishment D/R. Sooner or later TPTB will succeed in squashing and controlling the free flow of news and information coming from the alternative media. Like that ‘lone voice in the wilderness’, the Salomes out there are going to ask for the heads in an attempt to stop and put an end to the alternative media.

                    It may be worthwhile for someone to study and publish the techniques used to subvert, control and put down the rebellion in Oregon and spin the murder of Lavoy Finnicum to align with their NWO agenda. The left has been very effective at spinning their ‘martyrs’ such as Travon and the Fergusson incident to fit and further their cause/agenda. They have used the stories to rally support, generate media attention, recruit followers, and to raise enormous amounts of money for their various nefarious organizations and causes.

                    Time to wake up and take back what is slowly but surely being taken away, your very own Constitutional rights.

                    Louisiana Eagle

          • Genius, did you see 60 Minutes tonight? It was excellent. Out of 16 NYC lawyers only one, let me repeat, only one lawyer told the person they were not willing to do business with them. The best interview (caught on video) was the head of the USSA Bar Association. Another one openly stated that in the USSA attorneys write the laws for the benefit of lawyers. He mentioned lawyers as a privileged class in the USSA. Stunning video.

            I am going to make a prediction based on the undercover videos from that group that investigated Planned Parenthood and this UK group that has been doing something similar, with regard to finding out how to launder money in the USSA. (Apparently the US is just ahead of Kenya with regard to the ease of laundering money by using fake corporations.)

            My prediction is that many people will insist on videotaping and recording everything. I think it is a good test.

            • Yep, Lawyers are agents of the crown. BAR (british accredidation registry). They are not lawfully able to hold office as they hold the title esquire. But we live in lawless times so….

              • That’s what’s taken over our government
                And why this needs to be the end of it here
                So it quits growing and destroying everything and everyone in its path
                Right there is root of getting a handle on the problem
                Look at what every politician and holder of office has in common
                Members of the BAR
                And by our bill of rights and constitution ( if we were to fight and remain or regain our republic)
                There were to be no lawyers in our government
                It’s time to clean house people
                Or there won’t be much here worth saving for the common man
                They will make sure of it

          • got a NAME, and where to aquire that thermal vision, genius?…and thanks for your contributions to shtfplan! it’s patriots(oops! i’m on another LIST!) that make this site great!

            • I got mine from that ad on survival blog dot com. A PS24 I believe 1995.00 JRS enterprises If I remember.

              • thank you much appreciated!

        • Judging by historical example…





          Matter fact, the sheeple will be screaming for excessive government force to stop the breakdown of society.

          • Acid: they will be squealing like little pigs to be rescued, saved, and protected.

          • Acid, NOBODY, not even govt., can stop society from breaking down. It’s something we all have to recognize and live with, so just keep stacking.

            • BH: sad but true. I am waiting on a delivery sometime next week.

              • woh… You up-the-duff woman?

        • This was an excellent interview. (Thanks, Mac, for giving us a link to watch it on Utube, embedded videos stutter or freeze on my device). It reminds me of a book by Dmitry Orlov and his books, “The Five Stages of Collapse” and “Reinventing Collapse.” http://www.cluborlov.com

          Dmitry leans too far to the left, for my taste, but I consider his experience with regard to the collapse of the former USSR to be valid and relevent. When the system here in the US goes tits up a lot of people are so deep in la-la land that they won’t have a clue. Dmitry talks about how people in the former USSR were ready because many were already growing vegetables in their back yard and they were used to shortages of food and fuel and had a system established to deal with those shortages in advance. For example, you could basically hitchhike by standing on the side of the road and when someone stopped just say where you wanted to go. If it was a match you went, if not, just wait for the next car. People in the USSR were used to storing and preserving food as a normal way of life. They also knew how to prepare food from scratch which is something many people in the USSA only think can be done by a gourmet chef these days.

          I expect race riots to start once the weather warms up and for more than one city to be set on fire this summer. There won’t be one Balitmore this summer there may be twenty (or more) cities set on fire. Throw in some terrorist attacks (real or false flags). Mix in some military ops gone wrong (this week the US Navy actually conceded to demands by Iran to move ships and right now the US Navy is working on provoking an incident with China in the South China Sea). The USSA has been flooded with heroin and sadly too many parents have not warned their children about how highly addictive this substance is for many people.

          I have not believed any government numbers for years. The unemployment rate is complete bullshit. Same for the rate of inflation. I think the real unemployment rate is around 30% for white people and 50% (or higher) for blacks. 100 million Americans are on foodstamps, EBT payments, disability or have given up working. That is almost one-third of the entire US population. Fifty percent of people in the USSA have no savings. Most people don’t have $1000 in an emergency fund. Matt Bracken wrote an excellent article back in 2012 about the day the EBT cards die. Everyone should read that article! https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/bracken-when-the-music-stops-how-americas-cities-may-explode-in-violence/

          Bracken’s views on Islam are direct and plainly written: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/bracken-the-islamic-jihad-conquest-formula/


          If you do not have cash or PMs when the collapse happens you will be told to show up at a FEMA or Red Cross feeding station or water station.

          Those people with money or investments will wake up one day, like the people of Cyprus and Greece, and be told there is a bank holiday and their money will be available in a week, after a bail in. A bail in means the bank has just confiscated your money. Capital controls are what happened in Greece where people were told they could only withdraw a specified amount of cash per day / week. I think the apparatchiks here in the USSA will go even further and confiscate IRAs and 401Ks and then try and do a conversion in order to make everything fair.

          The false narrative in the MSM keeps telling people that the government can improve their life and make everything fair. Bullshit. The USSA is run by fascists and there is a two-tiered justice system: one for the oligarchs and government and another for the rest of us. I can’t wait until local Sherriffs and state Governors stand up and refuse, en masse, to abide by the dictats coming out of Washington DC.

          • Philosopher, cluborlov is a good site. As far as sheriffs and governors standing up, don’t hold your breath. They’re bought and paid for by the feds.

            • BH: I respect and appreciate Orlov’s point of view which is why I linked to his site.

              As far as sheriffs and governors, just doing my best to keep hope alive!

              • I’m alive ‘n’ kickin’ thank you!

            • There are quite a few Constitutional Sheriffs who will not bow to the will of Washington. Some even have governors backing them. Most are simply keeping quiet until needed. No need showing your hand before it’s time. The few vocal ones, like Sheriff Joe and Sheriff Mack, give the false impression that there are only a few of them. Like the military, there is a growing fifth column among law enforcement.

              • “Some even have governors backing them. Most are simply keeping quiet until needed.”

                That is the hope that keeps me going. I actually know one who is doing just that. I hope there are many more. I have a feeling there are more patriots out there than the govt realizes…don’t they call those “sleeper cells”? LOL

                • Sleeper cell is another term for it, though I prefer fifth column. Lately, sleeper cell has been used to described terrorist activity. Come to think of it, to the idiots in charge, patriots are terrorists!

                  • My point exactly. I guess one could say I’m “anti-semantic” LOL

          • if EBT cards no longer work, what makes you think TPTB won’t also just jam the cellphones and turn off the Internet, knowing that this was just done at the Harney County ranchers protest. Best place to be is far away at least 6 months before the going down of the sun….

        • In total agreement with food water. Think how will you heat your home . Think How will you get firewood . Think when the electricity goes off how will you conduct your life.

          Gold and silver is worth …NOTHING in a barter and trade situation. Hey if you are going to go the precious metals route make sure you buy and hold the metal and not a worthless certificate.

          A small baggy filled with 22 Lr would be better as a barter idem. Fishing hooks. A book on edible wild plants.
          A solar generator kit. Trapping items and Traps.

          People in cities will experience rapid die off i’m afraid I must conclude.

          If you can’t trap, hunt, fish, farm, fight, build.. you are gonna be doing a whole lot of suffering.

        • The current American government is scared shitless If the economy stops or is greatly slowed from this point, the river of cash runs dry immediately, and they are done for. Their death throes will be quite dangerous. The average Soviet citizen was much more equipped to deal with such a crisis. A USSR-style collapse in the USA would be much bloodier. The rioters in Furguson, Baltimore, etc. were still overfed. Wait till that vermin miss two meals in a row.

        • People cannot eat gold or silver, everyday essentials would be easier for trade.

      2. First.. Boom

      3. I hope the next Pres. Just puts it all out there. All of the deceptions. Treating the American people like mushrooms is just plain wrong. Put all the chips on the table.

      4. RIP LaVoy Finicum ambushed and murdered by Corporatist Fascist Globalist mercenaries, and people on here just want me to go away so they can forget what their criminal government did to one of the last great honorable decent men in our collapsing Globalist fascist planned collapse. The Globalist Fascist mercenaries will be at your door soon enough, you will not escape their violent tyranny hiding out and pecking away on the keyboard.

        • Fin did something that guaranteed him to get shot. Ambushed my ass and he isn’t a hero. I did agree with his ideas (most) but why do something sure to get you killed. And yes I have seen the video multiple times. We all have our reasons to do things. I wish fin would have stuck around. He was smart and personable. What a waste of talent.

          • I agree there is a time & place to make a stand that ain’t it!
            Flame me all u want.
            I have seen partisan conflict in other countries.
            The smart live to fight another day. The others just waste themselves on the gears of war.

            • Still waiting on Lavoy,s autopsy before drawing conclusions.
              Other calibers than handgun, time to refresh the tree.

              It was still an ambush.

              Sheriff needs to go….backstabber. Agrees on a meet, then participates in taking them down. Sucking up to the federal tit,what a traitor.

              Keep it light fellas, till it’s time to go dark…..

              …..then go Pitch Black……BA.

              • Some of have been prepping for 165 years yes that’s right the civil war was going to wipe us out.Then the Spanish war over Cuba.Then the great war,then the crash of 1920 and 29.Then WWII,then the red scare,the Naim,then Nixon,then Well they have lied cheeted stole and we are still here.Yes something will happen some will die some will get rich and some will live to fight another day.We have been though this in our time and back though human history so let,us pray for the best and prepping for the worst and life will go on just fine.

              • A friend of mine recently went dark. He knows some people that know shit we don’t. He didn’t say much, just that it was time for him to go. I snuck a call to his job, sure enough he left. I’m already somewhat dark. Kind of like hiding in plain sight. I don’t talk about what I do or know, mostly I talk about my job and how the economy affects it. Most people seem to think that there’s a political solution, but if you look at all the problems we have collectively, if that’s even possible, there’s no fixing this mess. I’m not lookin forward to it but I’m not afraid either. I saw 13 hours recently and I left with 2 thoughts, 1.Keep working out 2.theres so much to be grateful for. I was completely disgusted after watching that movie. Stay quiet, be smart

                • J: I agree. 1000%.

                • THERE WILL BE NO FIX


                  We need to prepare an enclave that is white and right.

                  We might have a big chance to built our own country.

                • Oh, but MSM like Salon/BS is saying the majority of people reject that movie…

                • This post made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Thank you for the info.

              • Bad American,
                Your comment is MUCH better than the several above you! I think it is time to go dark and I think we all know it.

            • @redgypsy,

              Ya know, one has to ask, what kind of oppression must have been applied over the years on the Hammonds, by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) such that it would drive to people to “torch” the land?

              Those same pressures were applied to the Bundy’s by the BLM as well….for years before it was news.

              None of us on the outside truly understand the issue nor the magnitude therefore I strongly recommend that you give pause before making judgements.

              It was their time, it was their stand. And, it was noble.

        • Fin was a total idiot and a crack pot too boot

          idiots like that need to be shot and rid the earth of people like him

          damn jack Mormon welfare cheats one and all but jack Mormons are as nutty as can be they marry 14 year old girls get them pregnant and put them on welfare for a cut of the check.

          just google colorado city and the whole Flds movement
          they kick the mails out of the town and family when they turn 17 or 18
          so that good old dad can score a fine young new bride

          “poor old Fin” was one of them
          cliven bundy and his 2 half wit sons are also jack mormons

          watch who you side with or you could end up like “poor old fin ” dead in a snow bank or on the side of the road

          skittle shittin unicorn


            Mormons DO NOT marry 14 year old girls, nor does LDS condone such behavior…and Mormons are some of the most self-sufficient people in this country, and you will have to look awfully hard to find more than one or two out of several MILLION Mormons, laying on their asses on welfare. I’m sure there is a couple somewhere, if you look hard enough.

            Wherever you’re getting your disinformation, please stop spewing it, because you’re spewing lies. Stop it.

            • Sixpack,
              Not to mention that a Jack Mormon left the LOS church and is not a Fundamentalist Mormon. More like a Lapsed Catholic.

              • My point was that stupid people who spread bullshit without knowing what it is they’re spreading, are not helping. There has to be some attempt to reign in this divide and conquer attitude, it’s destroying us all. It’s making us all weaker and setting us up to fall prey to the rogue govt.

                THE HATE HAS GOT TO STOP, and we have to put our foot down somewhere. I just put mine down right here. Mormons are generally peaceful people who help as much as they can. They are famous for working hard in their communities. They have their quirks to be sure, but those quirks aren’t hurting anyone else.

                We should all be like that.

                • Sixpack, I agree with you about all this divide and conquer nonsense. It will keep us down just like tptb intend. As for Mormons, good people that work hard and try to take care of their own. Works for me. I have never met any of the Fundamentalists, I suspect they keep to themselves.

                  • i’m not religeous, but i know dozens of mormons…..and i NEVER met one i didn’t like….i been sayin’ that for at least 10 years, and it’s still true…good people, and yes, they DO take care of their own… got a couple cousins in utah, and they go to mormon church to soak up resources…they aint religeous, but the church spends money on their sorry asses.

        • Hey everybody, just wanted to thank everyone who thinks I’m a hero but I’ve got some real bad news for all of you. You see, the truth is I was an asshole, I know folks want to think I ” slipped in the snow” when I was going for my gun instead. Now that I’m gone I can tell you the truth. I wanted to get myself shot and killed, why the Hell do you think I just didn’t get out of the car and put my hands up?

          Everybody who isn’t a looney toon conspiracy nutjob will see the video on me for what it is, an asshole who was looking to get himself killed and become a half assed martyr to every conspiracy sicko on every internet nutjob site. Soon enough I’ll be forgotten along with my bud Ammon and the now infamous band of cheese eating surrender monkeys, Idaho style. There will be lots of keyboard warriors frothing at the mouth about me but they’ll never make it past the living room sofa or typed word because it isn’t fun when you really get shot and killed, and don’t think for a minute they’ll ever do anything more then flood cyberspace with their rabid ravings. Remember, some of these guys are likely to be plants trying to instigate idiots to do something really stupid, so don’t be like me, I fell for the nonsense and now look where I am.

          So, at the end of the day, we set back the whole damn patriot movement thing because now we all look to the world like nothing more then yokels acting like damn fools, which is what we were. In order to be successful, you need brains a Hell of a lot more than guns, something that we were in damn short supply of. Hopefully you all will learn something from this, but I know a lot of you never will.

          • LF’s ghost, I’ll give you credit for one thing. You’re the BEST troll who’s ever come to this site. How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

          • Show some class,

          • This just isn’t right.

            • Sounds pretty accurate, especially the part about the ” surrender Monkeys”. The video shows the facts of the matter, people went ballistic screaming about wanting the shooting on video, when they got it, they started to make up silly excuses about how he was still somehow ” murdered” despite the fact it’s there for everyone to see this guy needed to be removed from the gene pool and was killed because of his own stupidity. When you don’t accept the truth and whine about it like little kids all you do is convince people that you’re all fruitcakes and all they want then is distance between you and themselves, no kidding, why the Hell would they want to be painted with the same crazy brush you are.

            • This is what it sounds like, when doves cry, Ow!

            • Give the MAN a break… I do wonder what he would do if he could rewind and do things over?
              God bless LaVoy.

              • Maybe not be such a dumbass and get involved with redneck idiots who have more bullets then brains?

            • Lavoy Finicum, REST IN PEACE. You’re in a much better place than the rest of us now. “EVERY MAN DIES. NOT EVERY MAN REALLY LIVES.”

          • Just another leftist who likes death, violence and killing. But, this makes sense, doesn’t it, given that, according to the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, you leftists *murdered* over 100 MILLION last century.

            Some people are ignorant. Some are vile. You, sir, are both

            • Hey test,

              Why not make SURE and wait for an entire week before you make your reply? That way you’ll know for sure your really ” safe” from rebuttal.

        • Finicum made his brags. It wasn’t murder going up against two long guns with a handgun close up, it was suicide. He asked for it and they obliged him.

          • BS! He was on his way to a meeting, a meeting with a growing support for him when they set up a road block and carried out a state sanctioned assassination.

            The federals are serious about stealing land. They will put people away and do what ever it takes to help usher in their nwo including murder in order to steal land. Americans are too stupid to see the dangers of what lies ahead and they will support law enforcement all the way to the FEMA camps for a hot shower and something to eat.there are a lot of good patriots among the rank and file but law enforcement as a whole don’t give a shit about their oath. Many of them have families to feed and they will follow orders like a gestapo that they have transitioned into. In that name of safety and security and fighting the boogy man terrorists which they have labeled the American people.

            • TLHines, PoPs comment and your comment are not mutually exclusive. Finicum got on TV and waggled his arse in the fascisti face and said kill me. Suicide by cop. He needed a fascist cop state to get shot for running his mouth like that, which we have. Still, he was a one-off kind of revolutionary that won’t get the job done. Are you going to get on camera and do the LaVoy Waggle or are you going to help with the long hard slog of change? Not so melodramatic, I know, but you can see that the LaVoy Waggle didn’t instantly bring back Constitutional law.

              You gotta know I would rather be sympathetic toward this man and his family, but not going to encourage anyone else to commit death by waggle.

      5. Looks like all those silver 1-Oz Rounds I invested it will be the bomb!! Bring it!! I’m ready..


        • WWTI: same here.

        • WWTI: same here. I don’t regret a one of them.

      6. The sooner the better!!
        I would like to be around to help take care of my kids, and maybe they will have a chance to see what America once was.

        Besides we are on our own anyway
        Since hard working, law abiding Americans have been identified as the enemy.
        Let that bitch fall and let’s get on with rebuilding

      7. When the economy collapses there won’t be food stamps, unemployment, welfare, disability, or any other government payments. There also won’t be police, fire protection, electricity, water, or phone service of any kind.

        Here in a midwest small town there probably won’t be any violence when the power goes out. At least not for the first couple of days. Then desperate people will do desperate things.

        • BC: Nine meals to anarchy.

          • Nine McDonald’s Happy Meals.

            Da Da Da Da Daaaaa,

            • FAIL.

              • NOPE

                • YEP

                  • OK

                    • hehehehehe 🙂

          • You’re an optimist. More like two meals in a row. ‘Diverse’ neighborhoods will be the worst. I have no pity for the man-bun crowd who think it’s cool to live and work in a ‘diverse’ city.

            When push comes to shove, you’re as white as I am.

        • “When the economy collapses there won’t be food stamps, unemployment, welfare, disability, or any other government payments. There also won’t be police, fire protection, electricity, water, or phone service of any kind.”

          Barn Cat you are describing a total collapse that can only result from pole shift, nuclear war, EMP, or Yellowstone blowing. In those scenarios, I agree.

          But the coming “collapse” is just an extended, financial deflationary depression; resulting from over production, under consumption, excessive debt, non performing loans, and credit contraction.

          I said here years ago that this would be a deflationary depression when everyone was screaming “hyperinflation”.
          Bad yes. But EBT cards will still be available for the poor; SSI and disability will still be available and deposited every month, and at worse, no one will be able to buy or sell without ID.

          Maybe a social security card.

          Government employees, like first responders, medical personnel, police and fire will be available and they will be paid digitally, too, after they are “federalized”.

          Black markets and barter systems will thrive. They always do. Government will allow black markets, initially, because they support and stimulate the real economy; such as it may be.

          This will not be TEOTWAWKI.

          Americans as usual, will fare better than most around the world, but the PTB will use this crisis to find an excuse to tighten the noose around our necks.

          I wouldn’t want to be in Latin America, Asia, or most parts of Europe; with Switzerland and Liechtenstein the notable exceptions, and of course New Zealand, and Australia. Canada is too cold for me, but British Columbia beckons. 🙂

          • With ya Durango – the world won’t end without an ‘event’ – and since the government will create ‘money’ then much of the welfare state and infrastructure will continue. The issue will be how much of that money people will have to spend. The deflationary depression will lower the quality of jobs and shut down those $5.00 coffee shops. Home prices fall as few jobs can support a $300,000 mortgage. An abundance of workers lowers wages. But some other things (especially imported) could go up in price as the dollar weakens, and as we lose the economy of scale. Shortages of certain products will happen.

            • You have your finder on the pulse of the “New Normal”. 🙁

      8. Contrary to the title, the New World Order agenda is in no danger at all. They control the media. 90% or more of the population is completely asleep.

        • A TRUMP presidency could be the PAUSE button that would give Americans the chance to take their government back, if they would. We would need to consolidate our differences and focus our attention on our Constitutional Rights with new political structures.

          The retards and demturds will change their Rules after this election cycle making it more difficult for anyone without NWO credentials to capture their nominations. Then after eight years they would be back to their own Agenda having schemed in the background for eight long years.

          You can bet the farm on that. 🙁

          • Solemnly agreed.

          • DK

            I’ll vote for Trump because the real alternatives are far worse but I prefer Rand Paul. This being said Trump is no Constitutionalist. I doubt if he ever read it or could name what Amendment is what in the Bill Of Rights.

            Trump and Sanders are the protest vote.

            • Yes, and its scary to see, in Iowa, of all places, how many people want the Socialism of Bernie Sanders. Amazing !!! Wait until he hits Michigan, Ohio, and New York !!! 🙁

              • Kevin2 and durangokid,

                I would vote Rand Paul but Trump seems Stalin to me. He does not believe in the Constitution.
                I was surprised Sanders did so well but not shocked… he’s pulling tens of thousands, much higher than all other candidates. I think his big appeal is less socialism than he is willing to go after the banksters with criminal charges.

      9. We got it Ron A. Its another chip off the block of our Liberty and Freedoms. It was flat out Murder. I saw the Video. Certainly we are loaded and locked for when They commith. However the best Defense is Offense.


      10. Where the hell is the Planet X when you need it.

        • What does planet X and bigfoot have in common?

          You hear a lot about it but you never do see one lol.

      11. The NWO will not be able to retain control.
        It is going to spin out of control.
        We will see the worst of human behavior.
        So, having much ammo and guns is not a bad thing.

        Most of us have read how the elites have built elaborate under ground structures to escape the coming collapse.

        Someone needs to tell them, some of them have built elaborate tombs like the Pharaohs

        No one who comes to this site should not be surprised of what is posted, it should just validate your continual preppering

        • Those underground bunkers that the elite have all seem to have a common weakness – they have to have some kind of surface ventilation duct, don’t they? Those can be easily compromised, in essence, making their bunkers nothing more than elaborate tombs! When I worked with the missile crews in the Air Force, the launch control centers all had surface shafts that led to the ventilation systems. Plug those up and no air down below. Same thing for the elites’ bunkers.

          • Nubmaeme, I have wondered about that on bunkers sold to regular folks. Big obvious ventilation system up top. I would think the Boyz would have troops to protect and serve.

            • Once those weenies are down below, what’s to stop those troops above from compromising the air supply, sealing the hatches and leaving to save their own hides and, possibly their own families? Whatever is above ground, including a communications antenna, can be easily destroyed. No matter how much I would be paid, I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand around, braving the elements (whether it’s regular weather or something nuclear or biological) and whatever else may come my way, attempting to guard a patch of ground, while the fat cats are safe and sound down below. Their moldy hides aren’t worth it.

              • I recently read about a very advanced underground living system for the rich: spacious, luxurious apartments; movie theatre; swimming pool; salon and spa; basketball court… you name it. Huge stockpiles of fuel and supplies. Everything very well planned… as you would expect in a project costing tens of millions of dollars. (I don’t recall the buy-in price for an apartment, but have a hazy recollection that it was somewhere around three to five million bucks.)

                The closest quarters to the surface are much more modest apartments for the security guards. They are allowed to share in all of this on a limited basis in exchange for providing protection. I suspect that probably there are secured cabinets for arms and ammo that are opened only for surface patrols, and only when keyed by a trusted supervisor. (If I were running this place, I would make sure that whenever the guards have access to arms and ammo, their spouses and children are brought further below “for safety” but also as de facto hostages to insure that nobody decides to stage a coup.)

                Does it seem reasonable that such an elaborate complex would leave an obvious and crucial element like ventilation open and vulnerable? I’d bet anything that vents (especially intake vents) are hidden, hardened, and behind multiple layers of fences, razor wire, runs for attack dogs, you name it.

                No details were given regarding location. I suspect that there are any number of such complexes being built that we never hear about.

                The next time you angrily stare at the crushing fees imposed by banks, insurance companies, cable TV companies, automobile financing outfits, etc you can take comfort knowing that your money is financing the survival of their top executives… all the more reason to break ties with the corporate supply lines.

                • Karl, the key is break with corporate supply lines. Put them out of business. That is the only reset that will change things. Thanks, good post.

      12. Get this..Canadian government orders residents to get rid of their old wood-burning stoves or pay thousands of dollars in fines. Article at NaturalNews. Canadians have to register their wood burning stoves by Dec 15th 2015. They have till 2018 to replace them with approved stoves or face thousands of dollars in fines. As we all know Registration leads to Confiscation. This is flat out Agenda 21 scam to murder fleece and destroy humankind and our way of life for basic survival for heat and cooking food. Of course there are no restriction for their fascist Corporations to comply. This is war people. If Hitlery is selected this tactic will be enforced here in the states as well.
        Mac this is an article you may want to post. This was also posted at the CommonSenseShow web site today.


        • The fireplace thing is only a bylaw in Montreal, a city in the province of Quebec. The french province has been trying for decades to be more European. Even after the Federal Government scrapped our long gun registry the Quebec gov sued to try and keep it for the province of Quebec. When our supreme court ruled that they cannot keep that information the Quebec gov now has decided to try and make a provincial registry. They are so regulated it is nuts, my brother in law had to get a permit to paint his house, then a permit to put ceiling tiles in his kitchen. I told him he was crazy to put up with that but many of then do not know better. Government overreach will never stop.

          • Governments NEVER stop. They have to BE stopped. State and local governments are no exception. They all aspire to higher office and more control. With rare exceptions, once somebody gets into elected office you can’t drag them out with a Cat D9.

            • Kind of like the celebs. They could be 60 and still mugging it up and trying to make a comeback. I think there was a really, really old congress guy that came to work in a wheelchair. Enough of these egomaniacal, limelight HOUNDS.

        • WhoKnewIt….
          They did the same thing about 4 years ago here in Sw Pennsylvania…now they didn’t enforce it as a law or anything but they offered anyone that turned in their wood burning stove $300 or more depending on the size. My stupid brother turned his in!!! Then he asked me if we were gonna turn ours in i said oh hell no…granted we don’t use it 100% of the time but I would never ever give away something so valuable. Still cannot believe he did that!

      13. All this stuff is beginning to become like the Skunk Ape, Sasquash, and Rougarou. You know they are out there but haven’t caught one yet.

      14. I hear folks making remarks like Reset and a then a vast improvement. It will not be fun. It will become a stone age existence. If the economy collapses the electric grid will never be operating in our lifetimes. The infrastructure is already in bad shape. It will crumble very fast. It will not be a 1800,s existence. If your sick, old ,infirm or stupid and not extremely lucky you will die pretty fast.

        • Abandon all hope, Ye who enter here.

          • LMAO !
            Run and hide !

        • Reset will be the “Great Depression of 2016”. The Great Depression of 1929 never saw any type of recovery until WWII. So maybe our “vast improvement” will come after WWIII. Not seeing a vast improvement in the human condition given given the price we will be paying soon.

        • Maybe I’m just slow, but didn’t the Hildebeast already hit a “RESET” button with Putin during a photo op?

      15. The majority of people are in a collective Stockholm Syndrome. They would not accept the truth regardless of evidence with confession. Its far too frightening to contemplate.

        • K2 That is NO SHIT man! They would rather die than learn the truth!

          • Unfortunately, they will get their wish.

        • “32) Play to people’s fantasies:
          The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes with disenchantment. Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert: everyone flocks to them. There is gret power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.” – 48 Laws of Power

          On pdf…

              • Phil, JM,

                Great book, I have the book. Thanks for the url to the pdf. This is the reason for the appeal of all the politicians out there. It all hinges on who can tell the best story, spin the best yarn, capture people’s hearts and imaginations, and get the message out there to the masses. How is that ‘hope and change’ working for them now? So many have been so convinced and so entrenched that they still believe the lies, the propaganda!

                Thank goodness for alternative media but it may not be enough to overcome the constant barage of spin, propaganda, poison and lies being put forth by the MSM and TPTB/Establishment D/R. Sooner or later TPTB will succeed in squashing and controlling the free flow of news and information coming from the alternative media. Like that ‘lone voice in the wilderness’, the Salomes out there are going to ask for the heads in an attempt to stop and put an end to the alternative media.

                It may be worthwhile for someone to study and publish the techniques used to subvert, control and put down the rebellion in Oregon and spin the murder of Lavoy Finnicum to align with their NWO agenda. The left has been very effective at spinning their ‘martyrs’ such as Travon and the Fergusson incident to fit and further their cause/agenda. They have used the stories to rally support, generate media attention, recruit followers, and to raise enormous amounts of money for their various nefarious organizations and causes.

                Time to wake up and take back what is slowly but surely being taken away, your very own Constitutional rights.

                Louisiana Eagle

            • Link to follow once cleared

              • JM: I found the book. Along with the “48 laws of Pimping.” Looks like other people are riffing on the 48 Laws book by Greene. I recognized the thought process which goes back to Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. No worries! I will read anything. Even Iceberg Slim’s book on “How to be a Pimp.” Classic. I don’t consider any book untouchable. None.

                • Awesome 🙂

                  • Oh thanks much for the PDF file! Free is good!

          • I read that book. It’s pretty good.

            • 3 other books in the series:

              Mastery, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction.

      16. We’ve been positioning ourselves for years to be far less dependent on other folks and supply lines.

        When you think about how dependent most people are on other people (like the power guy, the water guy, the food guy, the fuel guy, etc…and all the guys/gals behind them) to be able to do their jobs to keep most everyone alive, it’s amazing we let our support systems get this complex.

        A wrench thrown in the gears in a dozen places would take the whole house of cards down hard. As Murphy well knows, if it can break, it will break. Merely a matter of when.

        And I think it won’t make much difference if you live in a Manhattan high rise, or a suburban home in Podunk, IA….the fact is most people depend on other folks being able to do their jobs to keep them living.

        • I agree. Most people have never considered how fragile modern civilization has become. It is highly vulnerable and quite fragile. It only takes 24-to-48 hours for grocery store shelves to be restocked. If the just-in-time delivery system breaks down people will quickly learn how vulnerable they have become.

      17. Have some real backbone and American spirit. There is a great chance of all hell breaking loose, that doesn’t mean lay over and die. I have family and a country worth fighting for. The Constitution is worth fighting for, so is the country and its people.

        • Amen brother amen!

      18. If the economy tanks, your FRNs won’t be worth crap anyway. If the country is left to who has the biggest pair…. Just make sure u have plenty of H2O, Beans, ammo and medical of some sort. BUT, if you are a Politician….. u better be a Rabbit… A tremendous amount of pissed off Americans will be waiting for you all….

      19. Prep while you can, you’ll get no help from the government.

      20. Just as I suspected. The American Dream concept or slogan was created by an investment banker with ties to the NYSE. James Truslow Adams coined the term in 1931.

      21. Stability has always depended on self-sufficiency. We gave our self-sufficiency into the hand of corporations. Take it back into your own hands.

        • yep , simple as that , rebecca.

          • Hammerhead, it is simple and those who call “commie” at self-sufficiency are here to destroy our desire to be self-sufficient and keep us in apathy. Get as self-sufficient as you can, stacking is necessary as a transition but it feeds tptb cha ching. Something like George Soros making money off gun sales every time his buddy Obama creates a prepper panic attack.

        • No, stability depends on an educated populace that has strong families and strong values. The veneer of civilization is thin but the bonds among those raised in strong families, with strong moral values that are able to pass on those values to the next generation are what creates a civilized society.

          Keep peddling that commie shit, skirt. It becomes you.

          • I’d much rather sleep with you than Rebecca. We need to breed a lot more conservatives. Young people are having much less sex are turning to porn. Marriage rates are through the floor as a result of feminism’s caustic teachings.

          • Rebecca is dead on. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the staggering student load debt, we’re quite well educated. The socialist educational system however trumps education when our fine students are “trained” the wrong way.

            This ain’t happinin’ in America these days:
            Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood — the virtues that made America.
            – Theodore Roosevelt, 1917

        • Hey Rebecca you have any Goji berries growing on your little ponderosa? Just planted some here in AZ. should do well in heat and desert soil.

          • Citizen,
            I have native wolfberries, their American cousin. Goji berries produce more because they are improved and they are on my long term wish list. I went opsec first. I want to try Russian kiwi, cold hardy enough for here but doubt I will get that bed build and trellis up in time to order them online. I just bought 20 strawberry plants to go with my blueberries… may as well utilize that bed for all my favorite water slurpers.

            • My goji berries died. Nothing I did seemed to work, so will try again this year to get them to go.

              Last year was the best for my strawberries. Think I finally got it right.

              Have four new blueberry bushes that should produce something this year.

              Looking to see what the chestnut trees will do this year too. We had a tree where we grew up.

              • Grandee, Sorry to hear you lost your Goji berries. I hope they grow here. I want to try American Persimmon here, too. I have been ordering seeds, and need to place a tree/shrub order pretty quickly. I like the National Arbor Day Foundation and will make an order, but Raintree Nursery is my favorite for fruit trees. Where do you get your plants? I used to order every year from Wayside Gardens, but Monsanto bought it. I ordered veg seeds from Sustainable Seed Company. What are you planting this year?

              • Grandee,
                Chestnuts are great. Do you live in the west? My son had one in Salt Lake.

            • Hi Rebecca
              Have you ever tried ground cherries? They don’t require a lot of water and produce TONS of delicious yellow pineapple flavored cherries/or berries depending how you view them. They will self seed if they like where they are growing. The one i grow here in PA is a variety called Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry. They grow in a little husk and are ripe when they drop off the plant. Really good for jam and pies. I start the plants indoors at the beginning of March. Delicious!

              • gardenbird,

                I love groundcherries. They make a delicious salsa if you cook them on a griddle, peel, add cilantro, finely chopped onion, and browned Japanese chiles. Add at serving to freshly boiled Pinto or Bolita beans… delicious.

                I have them growing wild on my property, small but great flavor. I encourage my wild edibles and have a “wildflower garden where I have them all mixed up with wildflowers. The neighbor ladies are starting wildflower patches… little do they know it includes food.

                I have a fair number of wild medicinals and edibles in that garden, but when the wild lettuce got out of hand at 6 feet last year, I realized I am going to have to move them out of that flower patch 😉

                • Mmmmmmmmm salsa…..great idea!

        • Reb,,,
          Personally self sufficiency has been the only way i have ever gotten any stability, i have really been working towards this in the last few years, has been tough, keep either getting off track, or something comes up that requires all my attention and things slide,
          I suppose i need to just prioritize things to stay on track, but has been tough.
          Minimalist principals help, but again, inevitibly something comes up that requires $ snd that has been the biggest problem.
          I think managing expectations and simplifying, my figuring is i need to just keep practicing and working to get by on less and less, and also diversify my abilities, ie, whst i can do to grnerate some cash when the opportunity presents itself, fine wood work, leather, carpentry, growing veggies, welding, all the trades and crafts i can do seem to benefit.
          Some folks are flush and say they are self sufficient but have a fat bank account, im trying to do it and really have nothing other than my tools, my abilities, and luckily a plot of family land i live on, but if i didnt have that i would be screwed,
          The world is scary, im liking it less and less and get it why some folks just want to disconnect, im almost there

          • Kulafarmer,
            The well off throw money at problems, the poor learn skills. The most self-sufficient people I have met had skills, not money. Any SHTF scenario favors skills. I appreciate your tools and skills, we have gotten so tied up with corporate-owned lives we have no freedom other than what they and their corporate-owned government and corporate-owned media allow.
            I measure my self-sufficiency by how much I have to use those little Federal Reserve notes every month. How many of my needs can I meet without them? I can live on 25% of what I had to have in 2008. Now that I retired, I hope I can push it down to property taxes and other government-mandated expenses. Get water food shelter handled. I admit that the biggest drop in expenses came from leaving cities behind. I overspent on my Texas land and it kept me tied into our system. Although this is not farmland, it’ll feed me and mine and I paid little for it. I can improve garden soil free, I am not a farmer. If my money continues to come in, I am flush. If not, I will survive. Self-sufficiency is a goal more than a reality. Team beats lone wolves if you can put a good one together.
            Snowing today, 3 to 6 inches, already have 2 inches.

            • If you havent already, get ahold of and read Elliot Colemans books on growing, real good info, well worth it, he has been a guide for me even yhough he is at a totally different latitude than I.
              His 4 season harvest book would be great for you, lots of good tips.

              • Hey kula, Coleman’s book is one of my favorites, too. Just about worn it out. 🙂

                • Kulafarmer and Foxglove666,

                  I haven’t read that one, will check it out.

      22. End is near . Repent

        • The end is always near. Turn around its right behind you.

        • Ya that will save you for sure!

          • You mock what you don’t understand.

      23. Hi everyone I’m new here just want say hi

        • Howdy DC,,,
          Make sure you wear your thick skin here ,,,,,

          • And maybe a kevlar helmet lol. Welcome 🙂

        • Devils Creek, welcome. Be advised that we some real characters here and unfortunately the occasional troll or two.

        • D.C.

          Welcome. I read your post about not getting anyone to with you. Good luck and you will find out that you might get 1 out 50 people that will work with you.

          Have any question let the GOOD FOLKS here know and they will help you. There are a lot of VERY SMART FOLKS HERE.


          • And you, Sarge, are one of them. Always read your good posts

      24. Hi I’m new here been trying to organize my friends to help in defense but can’t seem to get anyone on board ant advice would be helpfully

        • Check out Survival Blog, searchable database

        • Hi devil, welcome. Also try modernsurvivalblog dot com. Not as well organized as survivalblog dot com. However, forum has lots of people putting forth great ideas and also detailing things that didn’t work so well. Lots of great anecdotal success/failure stories.

          • Kens articles are to the point too, people are also polite and civil, like a civilized society should be

          • Hi DC,

            There are a lot of sites out there. My go to site is survivaltop50dotcom. This site is #2 on the list and the other two sites mentioned are #3 & #4.

            Good luck and have fun,

            Louisiana Eagle

        • First, welcome aboard. And second, good luck on getting people on board with defense or anything else to help themselves and you. I’ve been prepping for many years, like a lot of people on here, and I’m yet to be able to convince someone to prep or learn any kind of defense. Most people do not have the mind set for it. They don’t see a need for it because everything is always available and always will be. Even when they go through something like Hurricane Sandy or the ’89 Loma Linda earthquake, they think it was just a fluke and won’t happen again so they don’t have to worry, they don’t have to prepare for the next time. Take care of yourself and your family. Learn all you can about being self-reliant, about defense, and anything else you can learn in the time left. When the time does come, remember, unprepared people will be a liability, not an asset. Only you can make the decision on how you will handle your “friends”. Remember the story about the little red hen? No one wanted to help until the work was done, then they all wanted to help her eat her bread. Simply put, but that’s just how it’s going to be when the SHTF.

          • Nubmaeme.

            The fist month of the year we had 16 people shot and killed. One was a 22 month baby that was shot in his car seat. Drive by.

            We are not in any type of social unrest and all these killings in our cities. These are the Bad Guys. What is it going to be like when it all resets?

            • Slingshot,
              Thugs will likely be the first to get taken out, they are going to go on a rampage that will push them up against armed citizens that will defend themselves. Self defense is technically legal in the USA. Having grown up around the Pacific Northwest backwoodsmen and lived in the country in Texas with good old boys… plus I have lived in the inner city with thugs around… thugs need the government to protect them. The only reason they run the cities like rabid dogs is because of police protection. Call the police about a drug dealer on the corner and he will run your ID to see if he can arrest you instead of an open drug dealer. Every time.

              I now live in a wealthier area. Low crime rate. Hope it holds, but all are armed and the shooting range is a busy place.

            • Slingshot – Rebecca is right. These thugs will be among the first to go. Once there is no more law, the cities will be worse than the Old West, at least, for a few months. They will eventually kill each other off and the strongest, or luckiest, will take over. Once the resources are gone in the cities, they try to raid rural areas. That is when they will run up against those of us who also grew up with a gun in our hands. The difference is we were taught to shoot, to make every shot count. They tend to fire indiscriminately. That’s why so many innocent bystanders, including babies, get killed. The hardy, backwoods folks won’t stand for these thugs invading their territory. The thugs may run the cities but they won’t make it in the country.

              • Nubmaeme and Rebecca.

                Going up against the Gangs and Thugs slightly gives you the advantage. Your right, they spray and pray. You know real well that the Authorities will at first protect the infrastructure before engaging the criminal element who loot and pillage homes.
                All those items you get now like Night Vision, Motion Sensors Alarms/Lights, Trip Lights and other various warning devices, adds to your security.

                Here is one they will not suspect and it is on the fringe and expensive.

                Practice shooting a Marine signal flare into a small opening. Not bad with the Orion but now try a Military signal flare. About 3 times the size of an Orion.
                Like an open car window. But would prefer to immobilized the vehicle to inflict more hurt. Hard to drive around with the inside of you car on fire.

                I hate drive by’s and have prepared heavily against them.

                • You can get the Flares and flare gun at Wal-Mart.
                  Orion Marine.
                  $46.00 Gun with 4 flares. $23.00 for four refills.

                • I live on the backside of nowhere on a dead end road. I don’t think there will be too many drive-bys out here even after the SHTF. I’m too far out for city cops and the sheriff only comes down here when he has a specific reason to come, so my neighbors and I are pretty much on our own and we look out for each other. The closest town to us has only a little over 4,000 and the closest city has only about 40,000, both with no gang problems.

        • Devil’s Creek

          Ask your questions.

          As far as having trouble getting people to prepare. Welcome to the club.

        • 97% of folks will not get on board with you, just cool it with that aspect of things and continue on with your preps and taking care of your family.

          About all you can do is find out if they have arms and ammo, then tuck that info away for when it’s time.

          Make a plan for your neighborhood defense, then tuck that away, too.

      25. I am glad Warchild is a train spotter cause the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train heading our way!Fuck it,,if it is inevitable to happen then lets get it going because the rebuild afterwards is going to be a bitch!

      26. Question what size of black steel pipe can you use for 12g shotgun pipe gun is it 3/4 for the shell to go in then 1 inch for outer slide. Also has any one on here tried or heard of the poor mans slug or a cut shell been watching videos

        • Godsoldier

          Pull it all up on Utube

        • Black pipe has a weld seam in the inside that can protrude a bit.

          • Galvanized?

            • Nobetter to use cold rolled steel tube

            • Jeez GS are you as dumb as a box of rocks? Galvanized metal for a gun barrel? Are you serious?

      27. And do cut shells really work like a slug

        • No

        • Yes.
          Regular slugs are more accurate.
          I consider cut shells to be “fun”
          #4 shot in the face/ neck works much
          better than a low penetration slug to
          the main mass.
          Bleeding is what kills, generally.
          You get bleeding from penetration.

        • Ya, sort of, but who cares? just go buy some slugs. Only reason for them was during the depression and WWII it was sometimes very hard to get slugs. There are lots of them now and you don’t need that many.

          • You can get slugs at the store, they are in every isle pretty much lol.

            • I agree. No need to reinvent the wheel. Just get a reloader. I would probably reuse or recycle an old shotgun barrel before I tried to make one from scratch.

              GS asks some weird questions. Makes me think it’s a trap.

              • I agree, there was that ruling that said trading information, or at least instructions on firearm related things can bring charges against you. Not sure if it was formalized but the NRA had a big do over it. Like those guys who try and get you to describe how to build an explosive device. You may not get nailed right away but it goes into the database and can haunt you later.

                • SCTV: point taken and that was my thinking too.

                • SCTV, I met Randy Weaver at a gunshow one time, and I ask him, why in the world did you saw the barrel off of the shotgun for that weasel friend. That don’t take a genius to do a job like that, why didn’t you just hand him the hacksaw and tell him to do it himself? He said well the guy was kind of a dunce, but in my way of thinking, a person that will do something illegal for someone that can do the job themselves ain’t real smart. In this game of life and death, if your going to play the game, just remember, there ain’t no room for error. Lavoy and the Bundy’s have now found that out. Trekker Out. Stay Focused!

                  • That situation was running through my mind too, with Mr. Weaver.
                    It all seems innocent enough maybe even helping a guy, too many wolves in newbie clothing.

                    • That’s why I stopped being on here. It has been a while. I sometimes get a little too pi$$ed off at the things being said, and I have a hard time trying to figure out who are the $hits sitting in their mama’s basement collecting welfare and wasting my time and who are the disinformation people.
                      There are good people. I just don’t know, is it worth it?
                      You share something that works for you, and a bunch of scabby twits insult it or say “he’s lying”.
                      It seems to me that there is far more people who do not want anything that is of any use being put out there than there is people who are genuinely seeking information or wanting to help.
                      Also, there is so much that people repeat that is not true.
                      I shake my head.

            • I hear there’s a load of them in DC occupying one of our buildings

        • Cut shells in your improvised gun yes, in a standard shotgun, dangerous,

      28. Someone mentioned beprepared.com for food. Are you crazy? $25 for 1 pound of beef stew whereas 2.5 lbs of beef stew in a tin can costs $5.50 at your local grocery store and will last >10 years. What kind of fear-mongering craps is this?!?! People, just live and be. You can’t save your life if it’s your time but while you do what you have to in the meantime, be smart.

        • Not to mention you can crack that can open and heat/eat right out of the can, the dehydrated stuff, not so much

        • The stuff at beprepared.com is either freeze-dried or dehydrated so are you sure you are comparing similar products? It seems you are comparing a 32oz can canned meat to a #10 can of dehydrated goods.

          After removing the water from 8lbs of food usually ends up with about a 1lb of dry goods.

      29. who are we going to fight ?
        who are we going to shoot at ????????????
        I do not know.

        • People who shoot at you or try to steal from you or harm you or your family oh and also the dog that keeps crapping on the lawn shoot him also

          • Shoot my dog and I’ll be sure to holler back at ya. Believe it. No problem here dealing with animal or pet haters.

            • Well Anon

              You let your dog run free to shit in other Peoples yard? Your dog shitting in my yard brings other dogs to my yard and THOSE dogs could be a Threat. So even if your dog is Not a threat you should have it under control and if you have leash laws you should obey them.
              I’m not fucking around with this type of shit in the reset. If we have to deal with each other, Oh Well.

              • I have dogs and they are fenced in and have all their shots and tags with warning signs with LOCKED GATES.

                They never shit or pissed in nobody’s elses yard EVER!

                • Neighbor’s Cane Corso was out loose today. Very entertaining watching 3 of them chase her, while using their foreign language command phrases. I have a balcony that I sit out on in the afternoon reading, and it was obvious they lost control of her… and she’s starting to get the war dog look now. Good news is, they got evicted- effective in June. So, I may not have to garden with the Glock on my hip.

              • Slingshot,
                I did not address my comment to you. It was directed at a mean person who would gladly kill a pet. I have a rare, big dog that lives inside as I don’t believe in dogs living in the elements. My dog has run out of the house a couple of times when he has spotted a rabbit. I immediately find him. I would hate to think my dog would be shot for innocently winding up in a stranger’s yard. If you ever see a 5 foot five green-eyed lady accidently show up at your door looking for her dog Don’t Shoot.

                • Well I’m dog owner and I have seen animals that were treated badly. Understand that within the “reset” things change and a dog bite or an attack can be serious. But to have the owner get angry with me because he feels his animal can go where it wants. We have had several attacks by pit bulls and I had dogs run up on me in my own front yard. I carry a edge weapon when mowing my yard after that episode.
                  Today people drop their dogs in neighborhoods because they can not feed them. There are plenty in open forest areas and you find them dead along the roads.
                  Some people let their dogs out at night to roam the area and have no idea where they go or what they do. A couple of dogs were preying on cats in one neighborhood at night.

                  I know there can be accidental outings. Why do people put their good animal in danger by letting roam lose.
                  If you have stray animals in your area,
                  Animal Control will not come out unless you are bitten.
                  Unless you know the dog and it knows you. You don’t know for sure if it will bite you. And if you can’t catch the dog. You get the shots and the medical bill.

            • Yayaya just keep your dog off my lawn

        • Most likely
          We will almost all die of old age after slowly watching the world as we knew it slip away!

          • Kula, I read ya loud and clear. But you’re depressing me with the damn truth. Most likely one, anyway.
            I still think an emp world wide might be civilization’s best hope.
            SCTV, also well said. I’m always looking for useful information anyone puts out there.
            Here’s one, I said it before and think it’s worth repeating.
            Add some 50 or 100 mg. caffeine tablets to your stores. You never know when you’ll need to pull an all nighter.

            • Plant some yaupon and you’ll have an endless supply of caffeine for free. And it looks a lot like privet hedge, so no one will try to steal any of it.

      30. I read this site daily and agree toughtimes are among us, i posted this little poem while back and think it needs repeating.


        What is this thing
        That hovers and cowers
        Calling death to sing
        Killing all that flowers

        Vial crooked smile
        Weight of suffocate
        Drowning spiral
        Will not hesitate

        Take what you think
        Might be yours
        Steal all stink
        Give to blood pours

        Promises of gold
        Mothers have wept
        Judgements been told
        Pay us your DEBT

        Been paying the bank,government ,insurance company and beer store thirthy plus years!
        Still gotta keep payin;)

      31. Can you picture all of the dependoids crying when there is no more welfare!!! Haha that’s when we lock and load as they will try to take what we have. Nope,worked for it buddy!!!

        • Thor 1
          I was talking to a guy just the other day that was asking me about prepping. He has a good start on food, water, and other gear, but His biggest concern was the Zombies and Leaches you are talking about. He wanted to know if I had any idea of how bad things might get. I told to watch the movie “The Road”. I then told him to multiply it by 10. He told me he was going to rent it Saturday night and watch it. I told him that he should watch it during the day, because if he watches it at night he won’t sleep.

          You are correct the Takers (Zombies/Leaches) will go APE S#%T when it collapses.


          • Sgt. I saw that movie and you are correct it will be bad,we can only hope we have enough ammo.

            • The Road a good movie,the book is much better!At least the kid had a chance in the end with some decent folks,dad may not have been a prepper but he found the strength needed to keep his boy safe,hope there are a lot of folks like him(male and female)when things go very wrong.

      32. What ever happened to hcks haven’t seen him in a while.

      33. Just asking about the pipe method cus any factory buissn that uses gas would have the 1 inch pipe for supply ect so it would be an available asset this is all hypothetical survival what if resource talk

      34. And philosopher i agree with you in question aspect as far as motivation vs paranoia in todays society you can never be too careful pc and micro management of us is way beyond acceptable it is all what if shtf survival discussion i know that it would be illegal and would go to jail if i killed and ate my neighbors dog but in a shtf survival situation well i do have bbq sauce after checking more into it it would be same as milling your own ar receiver as long as you do not sell and its for personal use you can build and has to be leagal length also the cut shell would be for deer if thats all you have

      35. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,2, 1

      36. Besides the neighbors dog always craps on my lawn

      37. I am alive and well, and yes I met with the scientist yesterday..this are not looking good for the future in our country..any one without food and water is phucked..i am not even going to go into the details because I have talked about it in great detail..california is fixing to go ape sh….t.. the tectonic plates are shifting and are bowing in the Atlantic ridge area, including the fault lines bowing and are now at a stand still to crack and bust..it could happen any minute any day now.. California is is the first state that is going to turn the average dumb down fools into preppers out night and this is going to cause a run on the grocery stores starting sometime in March and he told me that this is not a definite date, so don’t be getting on my ass about it didn’t happen..and a lot of really horrific bad things that I can’t discuss, you all have read the details of that in my past post on this topic. gotta get ready for work will makes more comments on the topic later on today..yes folks, we are in SEVERE DEEP, DEEP SH..T THAT YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE..WE ARE TOTALLY COMPLETELY PHUCKED.



        • Greetings from the Woodlands. Please point me to your past posts where you spoke of things to come. I am open to what you have to say. Cheers. M2

      38. The free shit days are coming to an end. The useless eaters are in for a rude awakening. I won’t have any compassion and will not help bums just as I don’t now. Taking free food should make one feel one feel like a piece of shit. People should be trying to get off that but the useless parasites don’t see it that way. Anyway I wouldn’t be building guns out of pipes that is ghetto shit better reserved for pinch situations. The thing could rupture on you. Check out TM 31-210 Pdf it is army improvised munitions handbook info is free. I wouldn’t suggest building any of this stuff however but the info is available to public. Interesting read. Very surprised it’s not banned from web. Enjoy.

      39. Sign of the times.

        I have notice that there are plenty of sites that use pop ups to sell all sorts of stuff or to become a member or get some type of E-mail. It annoys the shit out of me. If I want to get that stuff I would sign up using the ad on the side bars. Plenty of ads are stupid shit and crappy gear. Also what is up with the Likes, Tweets, Facebook icons. Those, “YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT ADS are a real pain in the ass” You can skip this ad in 4 seconds. Give me a break.

        I know you have to make money but I can tell you that many good sites are turning in More Trouble than it is worth to view and comment. No better than the BooB tube and their over and over and over bullshit.

        Get your info off the net while you can.

        • I use HTTrack Website Copier to copy entire websites. Wikipedia has a monthly zipped file of all the text on their site available for direct download.

          • The website copier is a free download.

        • Talk about annoyance here’s one for you “sling” compliments of the Koon’s Goons. The other day in the mail I received a letter from the US Dept. of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Census Bureau. What it entailed was a survey on crime statistics. Asking questions on a form that I was to answer regarding if I had any break-ins, property theft or vandalism. I immediately tossed the form in the trash. TWO DAYS later, I sitting in my office at home and an old pick up pulls up in my lane and a woman exits the truck and begins pounding on my front door. Always armed, I watch and can hear my 115 pound Chesapeake Bay Retreiver going ballistic out back in the kennel. Eventually, she leaves something tied to the front door knob and the truck departs. I gave it awhile and opened the front door and read what she left. The same thing from the Census Bureau only requesting a phone call to set up an appointment where they can come and interview you and ask the questions. The note they left said, ” Hi, Sorry I missed you. Please call ( and left a phone for an appointment”). Now mind you this is not the regular request of the census bureau that they take
          every so many years. This is just to ask if you have been robbed, assaulted or victimized by any crime at
          home. So I called the number left on the card and spoke to him stating that I did not want an interview nor needed one. He explained to me that it was for our benefit (LOL) that an interview was needed and that his supervisor would be pleased if we could hold one. I then informed him that I would never agree to an interview and that his supervisor as far as I was concerned was on a “need to know” basis and that if I felt inclined to impart any info I would contact HIM. All this crap is to get those who are out of work to do some spy business, aka “See Something, Say, Something”. Holsters, Ammo, Gun publications laying about, anything to get a pair of eyes in your house. These are small things to make the shitbird ‘powers that be’ more educated.

          • PoP

            The police were called to my next store neighbors house because of an silent alarm. They knocked on my door. Neighbor has a dog. Police wanted access to the area where the dog was and asked, Does it bite? I said, It has teeth, don’t it.

            They did not see the humor in the my answer.

          • I have had things like that happen numerous times. I try to be nice at first but they must send these guys to some school on how to be intolerable or something. These days I just ask to see the search warrant or summons and then slam the door in their face.

      40. It is really too bad that our Guberment is based on the economy. This is why it is in the shape it is in.

        Even the City I use to work for had to sell beer at a festival to make money for the city. The festival was for the falling Soldiers in the Middle East. It was Biker run to Marseilles. Damn shame they had to sell beer on such a day.

        Then they wanted us to arrest people that were drunk and disorderly. This way they could get fine money. What a bunch of shit. They help them get that way, and then they want them arrested, Talk about entrapment. I never worked any of these I took the time off, and didn’t go to them. I also expressed my opinion to the City Fathers, and I was told the City needs the money.

        Gun show Saturday was packed. Talked to several vendors and was told that Handgun and rifle AMMO was going out of there like there was no tomorrow. Saw several making out 4473 forms, and the AR sellers had tons of people around them. The only AMMO that wasn’t selling was 22’s. They were asking $7.50 per 50 Rds. (Hi Way Robbery) I didn’t find want I was looking for. DARN! I guess I’m going to have to bid on it on G.B. I have to replace what fell into the hole after the earth quake. That will be my Birthday present to myself.


        • Arrest of the drunk and disorderly. Of course some of those arrests include resisting arrest with a throwdown and the assault of police officer charge. Bye Bye gun ownership. ANYONE is a potential criminal but them. It’s all a f ing set up trap. Arrest and let the court hash it out. Only problem is the court system is a money making behemoth that IS NOT designed to work in your favor. Economy down, traffic tickets, cell phone vehicle violations, seat belt violations UP.

        • Instead of not working them , you should have called them out on it
          Just bowing out ,helped no one but yourself

          Intrapment is no joke to me , and the fact that you knew this and didn’t STAND against it
          Makes me question a lot at things about what you really are

          • R.S.
            I did. I had a argument with the City Council members. I protested to them and gave them my opinion!

            I state that I talked to the City Fathers. You must have missed it. It is in the 3RD paragraph at the very end.

            The only other thing I could do is not work. I gave up around $2 to $3 grand a year by not working this Sham.


            • Dont blame ya why risk getting blackballed loosing job for some drunkin heathen sinners if they be that stupid to get that drunk to get arrested for public intox thats just another form of natural selection or you reap what you sow

              • Wrong is everywhere gotta look out for you and pick your battles that affect you its Jesus job to save the world

            • shoulda gone public, but that might piss off your Union Rep right?

              and than when your “superior” said he’d stick it in your ass, you layed down , so you decided to just opt out

              • point is

                your supposed to arrest those breaking laws and instead of doing that you turned and walked away from the citizens of that community you swore to protect from all threats domestic or foreign, the threat to them was their own government

                so the arrests, and entrapment ( that is illegal) you allowed to continue on was because you didn’t feel like dealing with it rather than stepping up and making it an issue that the city would not have been able to carry it out if you had done your job to protect

                no one would have been able to get played that day if you had done your constitutionally sworn job, but I understand, why stick up and not get your full pension at the end of the game .. right?

                If I ever find a cop in my life with real balls , Im going to shit my pants

                Im sure you’ll be able to find a way to smooth this over too

                you can fool some of the people some of the time ..but im not playing

                also all those tickets you wrote .. did you ever ask why they made you write out our names all in CAPITOL LETTERS?

                do you even know why? did you know why than or did you just get educated ?

                see you were enforcing Corporate laws on sovereign people

                and that is something you should be ashamed of for the rest of your life for aiding and abetting this criminal system that is destroying this very country , and the bottom feeding BAR lawyers

                I hope your happy with yourself

                • Robin Sage, you are the MAN! Rock on bro, but don’t hold your breath waiting for ” sarge” to reply here, no sir, WAAAAYYYYY too uncomfortable for that, best to pretend he never saw it, as he’s done many times in the past.

                  • Thank you Sir
                    But I’m a woman
                    And a dam capable one too

                • R.S.
                  You bet you ‘A’ I am. I sleep well at night.
                  I did all I could. Like it or not. That was the most I can do. Only one against 2 dozen. Time to retreat and fight another day. Better part of VALOR!


                  • One against 2 dozen ?

                    these are your own people and you’re afraid to stand up to them?

                    yeah folks were fucked!

                  • Dont sweat it haters gonna hate it doesn’t have a thing to do with what you did or didn’t do its about you being a cop id have to say they did some stupid shit and got caught in the past now they hate just remember people hate the game not the players

                    • Fuck you asshole you know nothing about me
                      I have zero arrests
                      Zero run inns with the law
                      Never even had a ticket

                      So screw what you thought jerk

                      God soldier my ass
                      How about ass ranger
                      Or more like


                    • Ever heard of mind yer own business?

                      Dam some of you men are worse than the ladies

                      If your going to put God in your screen name
                      Than live up to it or STFU

                    • “G”
                      I think you stuck a nerve! Don’t worry about her. She sounds like a woman that like to speak her mind and there is nothing wrong with that.

                      I can tell that she has never fought City Hall and went up against an overwhelming number. The wise person knows when hold when to fold them walk away and when to run. Some people just have to learn.


                    • Well good girl robin but this hate was placed in you by someone a parent or spouse or have you had a bad experience with law enforcement from one of your kids im not insinuating any thing bad about your family but this hate was placed in you by someone its like learned behavior or you just have never been caught or could be the company you keep either way you exploded like a bomb

                • It sure is easy to be a purist when you don’t have to live in the real world. Sgt is a good man, and you dishonour him. We can’t fight every single battle that exists. I’m sorry, but I found your post mostly (not totally) disappointing.

      41. At one time (man decades ago) the US was the most free nation on Earth. We’ve seen those times come and go. When the collapse comes and it is coming, it will be massive and it will be impossible to recover from it’s destruction. It will finish off what is left of the former USA.

      42. Hey Mac you piece of shit. You are a pathetic fear mongering asshole.

        • struck a nerve did we?…didja lose yer gubmint job trolling the internet for truth to squash?….thanks for one of the BEST sites for truth…there now anon, i just canceled YOUR vote.

          • Well, what do you know. Another ANON. Hahahaha!

            • I’ll take that as a compliment.

              • you are so dumb, blondes tell jokes about you.

        • Annon is now declaired princesse cupcake

        • We love you princess cupcake and what ever you do never ever watch the show 1000 ways to die cus i dont think you can handle the truth

      43. ht tps://leb.fbi.gov/2011/september/sovereign-citizens-a-growing-domestic-threat-to-law-enforcement

        another reason why LaVoy was killed .. they cant stand the fact that he knew how to play their game , and they had no ability to hold him, so they had to kill him , so he wouldnt help others make this way of life grow

        dam sure its a threat to all the PTB

        when you find what scares them,, its because they know its real and true

      44. I am going to love it all when this country turns into one Big Shit Hole and the only way out is to fight it out.

        No bones about it. You are going to fight every son of a bitch you encounter.

        If you don’t belong on my property during the RESET.
        I thought I would give warning. Not no more.

        • Works both ways bud. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

          • Yep.
            That’s the fun of it.

        • Yep why bother it would just make the job harder

          • Besides collateral damage is a factor in everything

      45. ASS sumptions

        You guys are too fun

        I need to go grab my fly rod n reel

      46. Robin sage internally known, locally respected..speak you mind girl.



        Women have balls too.

      47. We are told the the impending SHTF will have us all effed…

        Yeah, that sounds about right…We will be involved with a bunch of Fs (not in any order).

        Facilitate (as in cooperate with others as appropriate)
        Forage (both animal and plant)
        Food Storage (as in canning, dehydrating, etc.)
        Fulminate (as in make and use explosives)
        Fire Up (as in ignite)
        Firewood (as in gather, saw, cut, chop, and split)
        Fry (as in cook)
        Freshwater (find, filter, or dig/drill for)
        Full Metal Jacket (as in reload – FMJ or not)
        Fashion (as in sew)
        Flush (as in anything latrine)
        Fuller (as in clothes cleaning)
        Father (animal husbandry)
        Firearm (as in everything from gun-smithing to training)

        And probably many more I haven’t thought of…


      48. The “U.S” Federal (imperial) government is the enemy of individual liberty in America and throughout the world. The fall of that government is Liberation Day for everyone but the elites, who will then fall to the level of equals to everyone else–a level that the elites cannot live with. The “services” on which the masses are “dependent” are the chains of slavery voluntarily self-shackled by those pathetic masses. If they choose to fall with the Federal Government, that’s their own doing.

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