When Real Disaster Strikes: These Are The People Who Will Loot, Pillage and Kill You For Your Food

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    future-looters(Panic In Northeast: Tens of thousands raid grocery stores in search of food and supplies)

    Time and again we are reminded why it is prudent to have a back up plan just in case things go wrong. You’ve already got car insurance, house insurance, medical insurance and life insurance. But what about disaster insurance? And no, we’re not talking about a piece of paper guarantee issued by some behemoth corporation who you’re supposed to call when things go wrong.

    Real disaster insurance in this context refers to your own personal and familial emergency reserve supplies and strategies, to be consumed and implemented when all hell breaks loose.

    What’s happening in the North Eastern part of the United States right now – “Snowpacolypse” – should convince anyone who hasn’t done so yet to prepare themselves for short- and long-term calamities. They happen quite regularly all over the world. We’ve seen them hit time and again in both, first and third world nations in the form of storms, natural disasters and even economic meltdowns. Yet, despite the repeated media broadcasts of suffering and complete destitution often wrought by these events, millions of people still laugh at the notion that, as even the government recommends, you should have a two week emergency supply of food, water and other disaster gear.

    It is these very people – the ones who call preppers crazy and snicker at their idea of prudent preparedness and self sustainability – who will be out in force to loot, pillage and kill for these critical lifesaving supplies when a widespread disaster or emergency strikes their area. And no, we’re not talking about a 3-day scenario like a snow storm, which is limited in scope and comes with warnings ahead of time, with supply lines being restocked soon after the storm passes.

    Rather, we’re talking about any number of events that are capable of crippling our entire nation in one fell swoop for an extended period of time lasting two weeks or more. These may include national-scale disasters such as a cyber-attack on our utility infrastructure, a super electro-magnetic pulse weapon that takes down our power grid, or a massive financial collapse that locks credit markets and makes resupply of essentials like food, medicine and gas impossible.

    All of these events and numerous others like them, though unlikely, remain a plausible and serious threat to our way of life because they are capable of literally sending us back into the middle ages overnight.

    Should such a scenario ever become reality, then guess who’ll be coming over looking to take your supplies?

    Here’s a hint. They’ve been lining up in droves at local super markets and clearing shelves all over the North East as a massive snowstorm approaches:





    Store shelves are cleared within hours of people realizing that a disaster is in progress:


    We know what you’re thinking, “it’s just a snow storm.” And you’re right. These short-term events are nothing to really worry about. Even if you got to a grocery store late and couldn’t get food or fresh water you can still go over to a friend’s house or perhaps knock on your neighbor’s door for some food to get you by.

    But should the disaster facing the population be something more severe, when people have realized that no re-supply is coming because our just-in-time transportation system has shut down, then you can fully expect that frantic knocks on peoples’ doors will be ignored.

    Then what?

    The answer is simple. As The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington notes in Anatomy of a Breakdown, you can expect widespread societal breakdown within 72 hours:

    Have you ever heard the saying, “We’re three days away from anarchy?” 

    In the wake of a disaster, that’s all you have is three days to turn the crazy train around before crime, looting and chaos ensue.

    Multiple factors contribute to societal breakdowns including failure of adequate government response, population density, citizens taking advantage of the grid being down and overwhelmed emergency response teams.

    For whatever reason, 3-5 days following a disaster is the bewitching hour. During this short amount of time, the population slowly becomes a powder keg full of angry, desperate citizens. A good example is the chaos that ensued in New Orleans following the absence of action from the local government or a timely effective federal response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In such troubled times, people were forced to fend for themselves and their families, by any means necessary. This timeline of Hurricane Katrina effectively illustrates “the breakdown,” and within three days, the citizens of New Orleans descended into anarchy, looting and murder

    The majority of the looting, and certainly the despair, can easily be prevented with basic preparedness strategies that include managing your own food supply and stockpiling key supplies. In her free 52 Weeks to Preparedness web series Pennington outlines scores of essentials that you won’t really know you need until you need them, including food supply lists, medical items, toiletries, alternative power sources, and home defense tools.

    At the very least, every American should have a stockpile, even if just a couple of boxes that fit in your closet, containing the following:

    • Meals Ready To Eat – These are full course meals that pack a caloric wallop and will suffice just fine for a period of two weeks or more. They are compact and easy to store, and given their relative low cost, are an excellent investment not just for emergencies in your home, but something to take hiking, camping or leave in your car in case you find yourself broken down in the middle of nowhere. High density emergency food bars are another option to diversify your reserves.
    • Water Reserves – Expect water utility companies to be out of operation as employees stay home to care for their families. This happens in almost every major disaster, meaning that you either better have effective water filtration and treatment supplies, or have reserve water packets.
    • Medicine – Basic first aid kits are an absolute must. A small cut can do serious damage over a two-week period when there is no doctor.
    • Toiletries – You’ll want some reserve toilet paper, for obvious reasons. But also consider sanitation as a key preparedness strategy, because if your toilet doesn’t flush then things will get ugly very quickly.
    • For an extensive list of preparedness considerations, supplies and strategies check out the free 52 Weeks To Preparedness web series.

    At last count some 1% of Americans, roughly three out of our nation’s 300-plus million people, have taken any steps to prepare. It’s a sobering statistic to be sure, especially considering that the Department of Homeland Security has warned people to stockpile at least a two week supply of food and water rations just in case.

    Most Americans, it seems, still think the government will be there to provide assistance when the worst happens. The problem, of course, is that despite the millions of meals-ready-to-eat they have stockpiled, they will not have the resources to deal with 300 million desperate people.

    The following statement from one San Francisco resident hit by last year’s West Coast storm pretty much sums it all up:

    “I couldn’t get my car out of the garage, I have no food, I have no cash, so I’m trying to forage for something.”

    After the 72-hour mark this individual and others like him will have no choice but to go out “foraging” for food. They’ll likely be armed, operating in groups and they’ll be going door-to-door.

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      1. “You’ve already got car insurance, house insurance, medical insurance and life insurance.”

        No thanks, bailed out of those scams, years ago.

        Eat well, drive safely, and take all that those hard earned fiat dollars (that didn’t go into the pockets of the insurance vampires) and invest it in the various provisions for circumnavigating through and around the storm about to wage holy hell on the masses. Insurance is; what’s in the pantry, gun safe and buried in the back yard.

        If one (who is reading this post) doesn’t have the basics, right now, this very moment, (at this late stage in the game) then one will quickly become one of those who will loot, pillage and kill (or be killed).

        Funny thing is though, for all of us, the food WILL run out someday. Guess what happens then? “Door to door”? out of necessity, the hunted becomes the hunter…no one is immune from the basic instinct to survive. At some given point, the potential grows exponentially for the less prepared preppers to turn on the more prepared.

        • 72-hours to Dry Gulch: an Obama first edition novel.

          • EA, I have also been insured by God for the last 20 years and He has had to process ZERO claims by me. That’s a lot of money saved. For those still in the scam out of fear, that’s a lot of money wasted to buy essentially nothing, save for the occasional victim of a true personal disaster.

            As for what happens after the first month, when many have already been killed or died of starvation, we will have to see. I am certain that the corp response will be swift and deadly, and fully in action before the first 30 days is over.

            At some point in the first 30 days, the threat will shift from the Zombies out to steal your food, to the corp soldiers out to steal your life.

            It is not enough to be well fed while watching the fight from outside the ring. Soon enough, you will be forced into the ring. Many will be forced to leave a lot of their preps because you will be limited to what you can carry, or have already left in a secluded cabin in the woods.

            Have food for sure, and water, and guns. But most importantly is to plan for what you will do once forced from your corporate owned home.

            • If forced we will leave nothing behind. They will be able to start over on a nice piece of scorched dirt.

              • We aint got insurance policies either except for the truck and thats the law. Anyone owns the home and land outright aint forced into the home insurance fraud. And Obama can kiss my ass on forced Obamacare.

                Most reading here are stocked up but nows a good time to check on supplies or to get any extra tools needed. The family decided to buy extra building supplies for another storage shed. If we dont get the wood now, may not have it to get later.
                We been going through our inventory and probably make a few trips out for more rice. Hope to hook up w/ a local for extra honey too.
                We all see the slide down now. Moral decay, military cops, govt psy centers everwhere, new phase of big layoffs, and Obama wants more money for his fix.

                Dont take much to see the shitstorms abroad. Uprisings everywhere, Greece going full commie, Obama going to visit the new Saudi king to kiss his ring and bow down.Evil is as evil does.
                Drudge has headline that stocks have tanked. Aint no doubt the MSM has to get some new numbers and charts to cover all this up for the walking dead.
                Speaking of walkers, I still aint buying all the fear porn here about everyone being dangerous and killing for food. Aint gonna happen. Too many lazy walkers w/out the sense to come in from the rain. Theyll stay in cities waiting for the g-man to come w/ the free stuff.

                • I am with you on the “walkers” most of them are “standers” they stand in line with their hand out. Look at NO on how they reacted to the Hurricane. Most of them missed the bus or forgot they had buses. We are 70 miles from a city of 150,000 and they can all leave in 360 degrees. No need for them to come our direction.

                  Look for popcorn from a local farmer. We get it for cheap. He calls when he is hauling and we just scoop it up off the ground where it is spilled. Usually, we get about 30 lbs for helping him move farm equipment between fields. That lasts us about year and half depending on much we give away. Make sure you have plenty of peanut oil to pop the corn and Flavacol. We also like butter, but that could be hard to come by during an event.

            • TO ‘GOD CREATED AN IDIOT’ : Im a long time CHRISTIAN TOO! a Christian ‘IS’ a PREPPER. The ONLY thing UR insured, with UR attitude is a slow, miserable DEATH – 4 U &/b> FAMILY! – moron – and U HOPE – ur salvation!

              GET WISE: GOD helps those who help themselves!
              – or how about this one: CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED.

              When DISASTER STrikes – GOD EXPECTS u to 1)take care of ur Family; 2) OWN A GUN! 3) DO … SOMETHING! To paraphrase JESUS: ITs a dangerous world. Be Prepared.


              sheesh. WHAT A MINDSET. : /

            • It should be noted, that in the 9th ward of NO during Katrina, due to the failure of a dam, the entire area was flooded to very high levels. People were swept away from their homes on the highest floors of their houses. Among the worst was a 4 yr old pulled out of her fathers arms, and a woman sucked away no matter how hard her husband held her.

              So one needs to be in a place that this sort of thing doesn’t happen.

              It is not all about the “masses” running you over.

          • The Media Sure Pumped out this Snowy Day Fear Porn in the North East, like they were going to get 20 feet of snow and be iced in until the spring Thaw. Then what happened? Not much. That’s OK, at least people are waking up and starting to prepare more than not for emergencies. Some areas in CT for about 20 inches of snow.

            Growing up in the Midwest we just called that another snowy day. I can only recall just a few snow days during my entire childhood when they closed the schools. Why we walked uphill both ways in 2 feet of snow just to get to go to school and were happy as a lark for recess to go make a snowman. lol The MSM today needs to jack up the hype like it is Armageddon.


              This one is a little different…
              Two Different Versions…
              Two Different Morals

              OLD VERSION
              The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

              The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

              Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.

              The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

              MORAL OF THE OLD STORY:
              Be responsible for yourself!

              MODERN VERSION
              The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

              The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

              Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.

              CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.
              America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

              How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

              Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper and everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green…’

              ACORN stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s house where the news stations film the SEIU group singing, We shall overcome.

              Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper’s sake, while he damns the ants.

              President Obama condemns the ant and blames President Bush 43, President Bush 41, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope for the grasshopper’s plight.

              Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

              Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

              The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar and given to the grasshopper.

              The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant’s old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn’t maintain it.

              The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again.

              The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle, once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

              The entire nation collapses, bringing the rest of the free world with it.

              MORAL OF THE STORY:
              When the ethic and value of hard work and personal responsibility are removed from society, the result is not a good one.

              • KY Mom, that modern version is the “politically correct” version of that story, but your points are very well taken by me. If a “grasshopper” showed up at my doorstep, he wouldn’t be hopping any more.

              • I’m saving that for later, thanks Ky Mom.

              • OMG,…..LOL !! did you write that ?? unfortunately true but very funny and clever,…..well written.

              • Mac,
                over 100 thumbs up posts to 2 thumbs down or so should be put in a hall of fame or something. Any way to archive them into a greatest posts or something?

            • @WWT,
              Honestly, I’ve been trying to figure out the hype. I cannot find out any reason for redirecting the sheeple’s attention by the MSM.

            • GOTTA GET THOSE RATINGS! says the news..

            • WWTI,
              On this one I agree with you. Snowpocalypse….! really? It was just another snowstorm, some folks had to shovel more than others but I think the MSM has turned into a bunch of little girls. If you don’t own a generator or two your a dumbass, If you don’t have a food pantry like everyone used to have your a dumbass, alternative ways to cook and the ability to scratch cook are a necessity. All you need is common sense and your own water supply and septic along with the above. I connected a lot of dots yesterday and believe things are ramping up quicker than we anticipated. I could go on and on but the bottom line is. Have your ducks in a row everybody and stay aware and vigilant…

            • We got about 18″ here. In line with weather channel estimates. A local NYC/CT channel predicted 44″ and the local hospitals and govs ran with it. Even fox said their team showed the storm pushing further east at 2pm Monday. Oh well.

              We called my mother in law today to tell her snow thrower giving some probs and that mini me was sick with flu and she needed to get her other grandsons to come shovel her walk. She emailed my son anyway telling him to come tomorrow. My husband called her and told her she had to get over it. That were out of here soon and she’d better get used to calling someone else.

              (No one ever call us unless they want something–I imformed hubby over a year ago that when SHTF I’ll have a pack for her and his sister, but then they’re on their own. I’ve done what I could)

              • Npph, glad to hear you’re doing OK. Hope you make it back to Dixie soon.

              • I have a 7′ deep snow drift in my front yard…. This was definitely more than “just another storm.”

            • We’re just outside Concord, NH and we only got 11 inches and for this the entire state government closed down.

            • WWTI, 30+ inches on the ground here in southern Maine.

          • 72 hours, gee whiz Batman, If the TV is off; it’s going to be a real bore those last 70 hours waiting for the looters. Got salt, pepper, Soy sauce, onion powder drying racks

            • What are you gonna do ? Shoot the looters, season them up and dry the meat ? LOL

        • OK, how did you quit the insurance scammers? I have to drive to work 6 days a week and if I am stopped for any reason and don’t have insurance on my car, it gets impounded and I lose my license to drive and then goes my job. So please enlighten me on how I to can stop paying for my car insurance? Yes I could walk 40 miles each day both ways but would like a better answer than that

          • Most states you can get by with a Bond instead of insurance.

            • Where do you go to do that??

              • Texas does that, but you have to send $50,000 to the State. They keep it as your “insurance”. You can get it back when you quit the bond program. But who the hell has $50,000 to just give to the state? Better off buying a junker car and get the minimum liability insurance. Only costs about $30 a month.

                • I’ll say !

                  Thanks for the info.

                • In some states you can insure a motorcycle to satisfy state insurance requirements. I knew someone who insured a scrap motorcycle, basically parts and title. After that, it doesn’t matter what you drive, you have insurance and the DOT is satisfied…for a whole lot less.

                  I’ve heard of people insuring mopeds and making it work.

                  Get familiar with your laws and Get Creative.

          • Ride a Bike, No license or Insurance required. Electric Bike’s don’t need license plates and are covered under home owners insurance. So no vehicle insurance required. It will pay for itself in a year or 2.

            • Really not practical for most people.

              Ever tried to bike 20 miles to work then pick up a weeks worth of groceries on the way home while it’s below freezing and icy or in a heavy rain?

              Should work out well for the welfare crowd, though. Things always do for them, or so it seems.

            • WWTI, that’s what the elites want—to push all of us peons off of their roads and onto bikes or walking, because of all of their requirements and laws. They don’t want anyone but the rich to be able to afford to drive.

              I will not comply. Gimme my ticket and go away…I have just as much right to drive my car as anyone.

          • “So please enlighten me on how I to can stop paying for my car insurance? ”

            Adobe “InDesign” and a good printer…”Progressive” ID card (might be one method; think outside their box);

            But most importantly, be extremely mindful of ALL laws while driving. and, as Gods Creation implied, “Remember the Golden Rule” while always being “present”. It’s a great exercise for containing the Ego and taming the Mind. Besides, we create our own Reality, i.e. what comes our way is a result of our past actions, i.e. as one sows, so shall one reap, i.e. stay invisible at all times, on all levels.

            But then, again, it’s not for everybody, since most are good slaves who abide by a system that intentionally reams them and one that instills Fear intentionally. It’s the Fear that brings attention to itself. Sad commentary on a dis-ease that runs rampant in America and why we’re in this predicament in the first place.

            • Are you really trying to tell everyone that you print out a fake insurance card? ROFL. Because the minute you cause an accident that I’m in and you don’t have a real insurance policy, I’m suing you for everything you have.

              It’s all well and good to preach you have bucked the system but most of us live in a real society that, while it may suck, we actually pay insurance so that when an accident happens with people like you that don’t, WE aren’t sitting out on our ass with no car or uncovered medical bills.

              • “Are you really trying to tell everyone that you print out a fake insurance card?”

                Did I say that’s what I’m doing? I thought I said “one method might be”, but maybe I’m misinterpreting what I thought I said. What did I say, “Arkaden”? Please correct me if I said something different than what I thought I said.

                I thought I also said, “Think outside the box”, which was the point.

                But I’ll go on to say this. Sounds like you play by their rules. Which is your choice. But I prefer higher rules to abide by. And like I said, but it probably went over your head, I said follow the Golden Rule. That doesn’t mean do it when it’s convenient and not do it when it’s not convenient. It means treat others as you wish to be treated ALL THE TIME. One breaks a Law of Nature, one has to take responsibility for their action. Pay the debt and keep it clean, or don’t, and then be negatively compensated. I’ll let you figure out what that means according to your own level of consciousness.

                PS Just curious. At what point during THE “collapse” Arkaden, will you stop paying insurance? In fact, that’s a question for anybody. And, if you’re one of the few still needlessly paying into that corrupt system, when the proverbial shells begin really dropping all around you, what will convince you stop supporting THEM…at what point? The reason I ask is, The System, in my mind, collapsed a long time ago. It just so happens, food and gas are still available and affordable for most, for the moment.

                • There’s a big difference between not supporting “the machine” and screwing over your fellow man because you don’t feel like paying insurance / funding “the machine”- which doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone else. Do whatever you want as long as you are the only one that it affects. But as I said, the minute your “defiance” affects me in a negative way, I have a problem with that. The Golden Rule is fine but try using in in a court of law. Just being practical. I’d love to live in the world you describe but it doesn’t exist.

                  To answer your question, I’ll stop paying insurance when there’s a clear, unquestionable collapse of society. When there is no job for me to work at, when there is no rule of law, I think it will be pretty clear to anyone when the time to postpone paying for non-critical services is. Until that time, I’ll continue to pay, so that when the jackass texting and driving slams into me, I am sure that my life won’t be experiencing it’s own little SHTF by getting a replacement car.

                  • “To answer your question, I’ll stop paying insurance when there’s a clear, unquestionable collapse of society. When there is no job for me to work at, when there is no rule of law, I think it will be pretty clear to anyone when the time to postpone paying for non-critical services is.”

                    Well, you’re right. I totally agree, but our perceptions of the timing of the event(s) are not in sync. You see, I believe the collapse has already taken place; a complete breakdown of our society and rule of law. So, based on my logic, it was clear to me sometime ago to postpone paying for “NON-CRITICAL SERVICES” (as you so eloquently called the scam) , whereas you think it hasn’t happened yet. Seemingly you want more “proof”. So, you keep paying your hard earned fiat currency for “non-critical services” and I’ll take mine and invest it in provisions I deem more suitable for circumnavigating through the “storm”.

                    In the process of you driving to your job, please stay away from my bumper. I can always be found in the slow lane, enjoying the journey.

                    • So European, you decided that the collapse already happened and since youre up shits creek and your fan got covered, you go WROL and make everyone else cover your ass. You call it your logic. That aint a defense for the courts or the law or any of us who have to pay the system.

                      Your a weasel.

                      I aint worked since June last year. Went as Galt as the law allows. But we still pay the insurance on the truck.

                      Part of my insurance payment is to cover uninsured people who are driving illegally. Thats you.

                      So you expect taxpayers and the working class to cover your selfish ass because YOU decided you aint abiding the law. What else are you conning taxpaying Americans out of?You aint nothing but a cheatin weasel with an excuse to take from others.

              • “while it may suck, we actually pay insurance so that when an accident happens with people like you that don’t, WE aren’t sitting out on our ass with no car or uncovered medical bills”

                And that is your right. You’ve prepped for an auto accident. I’m happy for you.

                My problem is that it is just one more law forced down the throats of the poor, without their consent. Where it is wrong is when it keeps poor Joe over there from driving to work. When I started out as a carpenter’s apprentice, I couldn’t afford car insurance so I was driving illegally. Imagine trying to take my tools and tool boxes on the bus, concrete filled clothes, hard hat and all. Not being able to afford insurance yet, meant I couldn’t legally do my job.


                As long as I don’t drive impaired or carelessly, I have a right to drive just like everybody else. If I dent your fender, I’m responsible for fixing it.

                I’m one of those people who believe if I own a car and it is road worthy, I have a RIGHT to use what I own for it’s intended purpose. Driving is only a privilege, because some elites say it is. I didn’t agree to that. I didn’t vote for it. It just got shoved down my throat one day, against my will.

                • And all the thumbs down voters to your post are either too young to know how forced car insurance affected so many lives overnight so badly, or are sheep buying into the “we’ll take care of you” scheme. Add to that the fact that they’re still flipping burgers and screaming for fifteen bucks an hour, and have never worked a real job for real pay. You and I might be back to an entry level minimum wage job as the economy really crashed and nobody seems aware of it yet, but we’re applying an actual work ethic and doing the job we have as well as we can possibly do it, over and above the required minimum and are slowly climbing up the ladder again, this time with hard time preps stored away for the time when even the menial jobs are gone along with the fiat money.

            • You really are simple minded fool. Too funny.

          • You can pay for a “bond”. It’s $30,000 here in California. You put this bond in an escrow account and it’s used in case of a car accident and you are at fault. You do have to put up a lot of money but the money is yours and you get it back if you never wreck your car. No monthly payments.

            • Actually it’s $35,000 here in CA (I recently paid my registration and read the text on the paperwork that arrived in the mail). In my case, to save money I simply paid off my car completely a while back and maintain a modest level of coverage on it. I follow a solid maintenance schedule and keep it in tip-top condition so it will last many years (my previous car was 20 years old before it gave up the ghost). The cost savings from being content with an older, but reliable, car more than compensates for any hassles of the insurance. It’s much more effective on your wallet to save $500 per month by not having to make a new car payment, than the worry about trying to trim off $50 per month from the insurance.

              My $0.02

            • Liability is the issue. 30 grand will not even cover legal fees. You clowns must be driving shopping carts.

            • HA! And who here would blindly trust THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA with $30,000 bucks? With the kooks, weirdos and uber-greedy, tax-hungry politicians running THAT nut-palace? Not I…..

          • At least make sure you are only paying for what is absolutely required by state law. Depending on how wealthy you are, on top of that consider at least a min. amount of liability coverage to protect yourself in case you are at fault in an accident. Drop everything else from the policy.

          • Or if you think you can pass for mexican just say “no entiendo? Tengo medicaid, quiere mi tarjeta?” when thy ask for your insurance and license. It seems to work for my coworkers no matter how many times they get pulled over while in the country illegally.

          • Depends if your state requires auto insurance, mine(NH) doesn’t.

            • And me living next door in Maine, have been hit 3 times by morons from NH without insurance!

        • Guns and LOTS of AMMO used with many high capacity magazines. Post No Trespassing Signs, motion detector lights and alarms, barbed wire, for tangle foot, para-pits with bamboo pungi sticks. Broken Glass and 4×8 plywood with 3 inch 16 penny nails pounded through as a platform spike rack to place at your front door and choke points. Trip wire attached to flash bangs and or 12 G rounds of 00 Buck. 330 Conibear spring traps, hatchets, machete, cross bow, and set all of this outside of throwing distance in case they throw moltov cocktails at your dwelling. You too can throw moltov cocktails back at them out side your perimeter. Moat with alligators and rattle snakes, and train every single person in your group to know how to load and fire accurately all firearms. If all else fails, read from the top again.

          • I will add, buy your sand bags now, they are great bullet stoppers. Set a few up strategic foxholes with sand bags, and get a few ready to place on exterior walls inside your house. especially if you have wood frame construction and flimsy hollow doors like the one in the home invasion video in that SHTFPlan article a few days ago.

            Oh yeah, for cannibalism, stock up on meat tenderizer and BB sauce. Buy a tenderizer hammer to pound out the gristle. lol

            • You know what else is great bullet-stoppers?

              Piles of zombies.

          • I’ve had a stack of empty sandbags on hand for years. It’s a good (and cheap) resource.

            I would make the mention that the term “high-capacity” is applied to magazines by the MSM and the gun control crowd. They’re actually referred to as simply “standard capacity” within the firearms industry and firearms owners. If a particular firearm was designed to be used with, say, a 20-rd mag, then that’s the standard for that model. A smaller 5- or 10-rd mag would therefore be a “reduced” mag, contrary to what the gun control nuts would like to have everyone think.

          • hope i dont accidentally invade your house WWTI LMAO

        • Once the stored food runs out and the wildlife has been decimated, there will be cannibalism. Disgusting, but it happened.

          When Stalin starved Ukrainians, people would trade their children to others for food since it was eaiser to kill and each a stranger’s child.

          This could become a real, absolute nightmare. Hell on earth I suppose.

          • Watch the Ytube Vid about Stalingrad and cannibalism. They ate their own soldiers, and did not care if they are their own or the enemy’s bodies, as hunger overcomes vanity.

            • Interesting…I realize that cases of Tobasco sauce will be great bartering items.

          • very possible that will happen, but with the right sauses its very eatable, like pork??

        • “”””Funny thing is though, for all of us, the food WILL run out someday. “””

          If a person or group prepped right and stuck with the master plan, they’ll never run out of anything. WTSHsTF, they should have went right into their plan without even hesitating, start the gardens, set up the defences, get the water back up going, everything just like it was pre WW2 again.

          • “If a person or group prepped right and stuck with the master plan, they’ll never run out of anything.”

            I’m assuming your implying ‘sticking with the “master” plan’ as, aligning oneself with the ‘Creators Laws of Nature’ Plan. Ultimately, that could very well be the only way to make it to the other side….infinite resources (and support) there, for sure.

          • Understood, and acknowledged. For those WITH a full master plan, the problem with a garden or a waterwell is it will either get noticed, or word will get around. I submit the BIGGEST problem will be security. The bigger the prize, the bigger the risk of threats.
            If you have no choice but to operate these assets visibly, just understand, you will require bigger DEFENSIVE assets to secure it. Handguns and bolt action rifles AIN’T gonna do it. Neither will 500 rounds of ammo if the emergency becomes a protracted one. You’re going to need serious firepower, AND the manpower to operate it.
            We’re talking area-denial level weaponry here, like RPK’s. At least one or two night vision mounted scopes wouldn’t hurt either. If I’m moving to subjugate the compound of another, I would do it at night.
            RPK’s are balls-on accurate, and they fire the 7.62×39 cartridge. The good news? It is cheaper to amass in bulk than most others. From $220-$240 for a case of 1000 rounds.
            Again, the bigger the new infrastructure you plan on creating, the more firepower you’ll need to secure it. Life-saving as they are, they are magnets for the zombie and roving marauder set. Just my 2 cents worth…

            • “the problem with a garden or a waterwell is it will either get noticed, or word will get around”

              Guess what? If my neighbor needs water and my well is working, HE GETS SOME WATER! For Pete’s sake, what is wrong with people? I’ll bet some people would try to keep others from taking water from THEIR river too. It’s not like being asked for some water you have stored up in containers for a shortage, we’re talking about water that runs under his property too.

              IMO, that’s just taking selfishness to a whole new level. I would be assisting my neighbor in getting his own well up and going, and I’d expect him to pass along the kindness.

              Even if a stranger came asking for water, I’d give them some from “my” well, then firmly send him on his way.

              The government does not own the rain and neither do individual people. GOD OWNS THE RAIN.

              STOP THINKING LIKE A globalist ELITE. They think they own everything—even US.

        • Not here in Mass.

          of the entire populace of massachusetts

          6,547,650 total

          combined all licenses issued for ccw,fid




          • Excellent WELL DOCUMENTED post, Possee. Well done.
            Chum them in, with inviting and friendly snow men….

        • Don’t have life or health insurance. Belong to healthcare ministry instead. Have minimum car insurance by law. But just don’t have the guts to drop fire insurance on my house because I live in a very dry, fire hazard area.

          It’s hard for me to believe that people don’t even have enough emergencies supplies for a few days, never mind for months.

        • I can kill over twenty thousand of them.

        • Most White people will simply curl up and die, they have long been conditioned to do so. They will not be the ones trying to kill you.

      2. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

      3. But remember when you ask the Guberment they will tell you it is Bush’s fault, and that there is a FEMA camp you can go to if you are not prepared for the storm. (you may not get out of) When we all know it is their own damn fault! And they call the Prepper community NUTS?

        I’ll bet that maybe less than 1% of the people in these pictures are already prepped and they where just adding something for eats so they don’t have to get into there stash.

        All of them people standing in line who is prepping the generators, getting gas, working on heat sources,and getting things out and ready? They sure as hell aren’t.
        I can see topping off the gas tank of your car, and getting gas and some propane tanks, but to wait in lines like this is nuts!

        Aren’t you very smart people on this site happy you are prepared!

        Just think when the crash comes and the shelves are bar. You might have to deal with a horde like this. Now you see why I’m at the reloading bench, and am going to order some more slugs latter today.

        Stay PREPPED, it will save your lives! Thank God that they had warning of the storm.


        • We can lay the blame for the obama turd popping up from the Oval Office toilet bowl squarely on this cocaine brain damaged, 9-11 false flag authorizing, lying, war mongering, sadistic torture okaying slab of maggot infested hyena excrement from the Bush Crime Family.

          This treasonous war criminal son of a bitch left office with a 22 percent approval rating, and the fact that it took 8 years for the majority of the conservatives who voted for this RINO, neo-con, Israel owned, donkey fellating loser to realize what a slab of shit he was is a clear testament to just how inattentive and ill-informed the average kwanzombie on the street is about the shit that matters most. This greasy asshole put such a foul smelling, rancid stench on the Republican party brand name that we wound up putting a virulently anti-White, hate filled Mulatto Communist in the White House.

          Even the GOP establishment finally realized that Jorge Wmd Boosch was a filthy, plague carrying, diseased cockroach and nobody running for office anywhere in the country on the GOP ticket wanted this piece of shit to get anywhere near their campaign rallies or stump speeches.

          But, hey – according to some of these nose picking morons on the right, morons who clearly have no clue whatsoever on what the differences are between a RINO and a neo-con and a traditional, legitimate conservative – would have us believe that only liberals on the left hate and despise the Bush Crime Family.


          • TUKER, YOU ARE SO RIGHT.

          • Well Said Tucker. And now these GOP Grease Balls like Boehner, wants to invite Netanyahoo, to come to speak at congress in March to give the US Puppet Congress their marching orders. These F*ckers never learn. I don’t like the GOP or the Dems, Both parties are polluted with criminal corruption hellbent on perpetual war to fleece the tax payers for their criminal MICM Military Industrial Complex Mafia Buddies profit. It is sickening what our country has turned into. We need to start hanging these treasonous bas-terds.

          • Good one Tucker

            BUT the media is to blame as well

            IF obola was white he would not have been elected BUT because he was black the leftest media helped hide his past from the GDP ( generally dumb public ) & promoted the race card for anyone who questioned his birth – education etc.

          • Tucker:

            Well done. You used ALL the correct adjectives in the dictionary to describe this despicable family,

            And the pitiful public, with their short lived memories and their GMO/vaccinated brains are having another one of the satanic bastards foisted on America.

            May heaven help us!!

          • I kinda, sorta get the feeling that maybe you don’t like bush too much? just a teensy bit anyways LMAO

        • This is only one reason I prepare. I’m debt-free; no loans, or credit card bills or any of that BS, so I can get more supplies at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. Prepping is my top priority and I refuse to let anything else interfere with it. How many times have we ever tried talking to other people about prepping only to get the brush-off? The last time I tried talking to anyone was right after Katrina and still received the brush-off. That was my last time talking to anyone about prepping. I’m only responsible for me and my own. I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYONE ELSE’S FAMILY. IF YOU DON’T PREPARE, THAT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT. IT’S BAD ENOUGH MY TAX DOLLARS GO TO SUPPORT THE USELESS EATERS IN THE FREE SHIT ARMY. IDON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO GIVE UP TO ANYONE WHO REFUSES TO PREP. IF SUCH PEOPLE COME TO MY DOOR AFTER TSHTF, I CAN AND WILL GIVE THEM “LEAD NUTRITION”, AND THAT’S IT. Sorry about the all caps. I’m not in the best mood this morning. Bottom line is, if you don’t prepare, then you have screwed yourself.

        • Good Job Sgt Dale. You know it was much easier over the last few years to do good research when buying preps, and not a hard hit on the wallet, if you buy a little at a time. These people in the photos stress levels just went up 1000 points, and they freak out, not sure what to do first. Prepping reduces your stress level, so when an event is about to happen you already have everything in place, little to no stress, and get to watch the hordes freak out. And just keep on doing your reloading, with loaded weapons close to you, and you just keep smiling.

      4. 911 call in East Hampton at 11:00 last night:

        “911 – what’s your emergency?”

        “It’s SNOWING and we’re out of arugula!”

        (Yah, so I stole it. It’s too good not to pass on.)

        • @Old Coach…did you see the article at Info Wars? It’s about people stocking up on kale. Go figure. I even saw pictures on the web yesterday of stores selling out of baked goods. Personally, if I had to go to the store, (I don’t) I would get all the canned goods I could along with flour and yeast. Water is a given but if you got that much snow…hence, water should not be your problem.

          • Yeah watch out for the Flash Mob Kale Riots.. ha!!

          • Get a good sourdough starter going now. And wheat berry is a must for any prepper.

      5. And they say preppers are crazy !!!!! What a bunch of morrons….. I was siiting in my living room and laughing to see those chickens without heads shopping almost a black friday !!!! Well I hope a small percentage learn they’re lesson ???

        • Buggymak, don’t hold your breath on that one. Maybe a small percentage will, but most of them will still be the same.

        • I bet over 50% of all those last minute supplies will go to waste/spoil once the storm threat has passed.

      6. i’d be careful about that going door to door looking for shtf aid, food or clean water.

        one never knows… who just might be waiting on the other side of that front door or in the basement.

        there’s some houses folks will learn quick to steer clear of when da’ shtf… cause rumors start to spread of unexplained disappearances of strangers and the neighbors constantly smell mouth watering bar-b-que cookin’!

        “Long Pork… it’s what fer’ ‘din din’ Zog Amerika!”


        • Taz! You are a bad American!


          But, in reality, helping people directly will not be within the realm of reality. Maybe family, by blood and by faith, but not to strangers that show up at your door. Too much risk.

          If you want to be charitable, buy a few bags of triple cleaned wheat. Keep some 2 liter bottles around. Fill with wheat, drive to a location, drop it off in a hidden location thats not easily found. When someone comes to your door, tell them, “I hear that someone is planting bottles of wheat around and tell them where one might be.” Be sure and don’t tell them that you put it there (OpSec) and be sure its not too close to your location. A few blocks away if in the city (you shouldn’t be there!) and at least a half a mile away if rural.

          In this way, you can help keep people alive. Never put the wheat in the same place twice so as to not be monitored. If you have people that are giving you problems and are looting, stealing, whatever, put a note on the bottle: Courtesy of the [name] family, [address]. Hehehe. Cats are skinned many ways.

        • Taz
          You are a moron.

      7. trouble posting this morning.

        • Oh there will be a lot of trickery going on out there during SHTF. You will see little children or hot looking women knocking at your door, and when you look out the window, they look helpless and in need, so you open your door, and suddenly out from the bushes or corner, jumps 5 big guys, ready to pound you into the ground and live in your house with your preps. Don’t get suckered into opening your door for anybody, unless you know them for sure. Talk through a window, not an open door. Barricade your front door with furniture.

          Yesterday I had to call the Cops, some black guy about 25 6 ft tall is walking down my street, he has no shirt on, wrapped in a bed comforter, and carrying a duffel bag. He stops in front of my house, and just stands there in the middle of the road looking down the street for 20 mins. I’m like WTF? is he homeless, lost or on drugs, is he scoping the vacant house across the street from me to shelter in? Is he ready to pounce. OK so 20 mins later after I called the Non-emergency 911# the cop pulls up, and basically did nothing, and drove away, then 10 minutes later he walks down the road and does the same thing in front of this chicks house I know. I called her and said look out your window. She freaked, and I said call the cops again, so she did, they came and basically threw him on the ground, evidently he claimed he was kicked out of his apartment, looked drugged out, and he told the cops he was Jesus. A few more cop cars came then took him away. So there you go PO Granny, Jesus returned.

          IN SHTF, WROL and No Cops around, I would probably go out there and tell him to leave or get his ass beat with my expandable baton, or hatchet. Heavy duty trash bags and to a dump site. So folks, the Zombies are out there already. I’m glad I sold my house here in the city, and am just a few weeks to closing on this place, then moving out to my new several acres of remote BOL here in FL, that I will close on a few days later, it is extremely remote and secure and the last piece of property about 7 miles out off the main road and is just dirt roads. I am going to try and buy up a few more acre parcels next to mine, to control who the F lives there. Then gate off the entire end point. It is surrounded by 3 sides pond, swamp and dense flooded out thickets, of tend of thousands of acres of state and federal park lands. A freshwater pond on one side leads out to a canal that leads out to a river a half mile away. Amazing kayaking or small pontoon boat is ideal, for additional escape routes. Once I am living out there I will get to know the entire area like the back of my hand. Lots of islands, and hidden places to camp for free if I wanted. Yeah alligators and snakes are out there. lol

          • Sounds awesome WWTI…just remember to prep some mosquito spray!

            God Bless,

            • Proposed experiment in Florida, using mosquitos…

              “Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.”

              “Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood.”

              the experiment…
              “…using a mosquito as a drug to cure disease,”


              • key word in this mistake


                we never F-ing learn do we?

                • The beatings will continue until morale improves!

                  Loosely translated:

                  Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it.

                  Stylized translation, Mark Twain Style:

                  History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.


                  Keep trying the same thing over and over expecting different result.

          • WWTI:

            Have I replaced EPPE in your line of fire WWTI?

            You post great prepping info WWTI. You and I are on the same wave length as far as TPTB. You posted “to let God sort them out” awhile back.

            When I questioned you about your “God” statement (because you are adamant there is no such being) you conveniently skipped any answer. Why was that WWTI?

            You usually seem to have an answer for everything else, why no answer?

            If you ever get squared away about the Bible/Jesus/ Revelation, the who/what/why, your eyes will be completely opened to the total truth.

            Be a stand up guy, like you claim to be, and answer my question about the “God” you were talking about.

            Do you and Lucy, the 1/2 ape, 1/2 human that you believe in have an ‘ooze God’ that connects your DNA to hers? You see, WWTI, that your DNA is entwined with hers if that is what you believe. Congrats on that!

            Keep posting your prep/defence ideas and leave Jesus Christ out of the discussion. To date He is way out of your league.

          • @ WWTI LOL your 7:25 post

          • I see you are as popular as ever.

            Good luck on your new property. Sounds kind of brackish to me.

            Too damn hot and humid down there my friend. I hear some of them skeeters can carry away small children.

      8. What is up with all the Doom porn NAZI perverts? Taz; Go take your meds ,stop humping the dog, and put your tin foil hat back on. If you really think the Zog cannibals and zombies are gonna’ get you , then shoot yourself. You’ll feel better , and make the word a better place.

        • The conversation in the first video reminds me very much of the welfare class. I’ve had several kids/friends that I’ve mentored. The welfare lifestyle is like a drug addiction. Once they get into that mode you can never get them out of it. They’re only release is not working.

          Learn to love your work. Once you do, its hard to just chill out, because, relaxing, taking it easy and being entertained is “work”. The harder you work, the more fun you have and then, when you rest it will feel good but you’ll want to get back to work as soon as is appropriate.

          This is the opposite of what the depended class feels. Myself, I LOVE my work. Sure, not every day, but, most days. By the time monday rolls around, I’m chomping at the bit to get to work and get cracking. This is why you want a career, not a job. I’m an IT guy. I love getting paid near $100k, but, even if it was $30k, I’s still love the work.

          Most Americans don’t seem to understand this. There are very few true ants. Most are grasshoppers acting like ants because they can’t figure out (or have been shamed against) how to get the ants to support them. Most people I know, though they appear antlike, would retire today and take SSI disability if they could get it. Not me! They can chop my arms and legs off. If they can get me to a keyboard and zip-tie a pencil to my tounge, I’ll figure out a way to do something in IT.

          Too many people are just the opposite. I know people that try to get SSI disability because they have a bad cold.

          The last real vacation I took was 5 years ago because every day I work is a blast. I take a few weeks off a year to recharge my batteries, but, just don’t tell my boss that most every day I’m logging in and checking up on the systems and doing maintenance.

          Its high time the welfare class get hungry. I’m as charitable as the next guy to people who have bad circumstances, however, multi-generational bad circumstances is bullshit!

          Cut the benefits. Bring on the jobs. We should have a welfare program, we should have a jobs program. Oh

          • NetRanger, you sound like someone from the “old school”. I am too. I first learned how to work when I was only 8. I helped Mom and Dad around the house, then moved on to doing odd jobs for elderly people in my neighborhood. Used to mow yards, rake leaves, run errands, even had a paper route at one time. I’ve always done for myself wherever possible and wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, it’s time for the freeloaders to be cut off. Charity should never be confused with welfare. Go back to what it used to be; if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

            • I am never afraid of any kind of work. Every job, I learned a new skill, and throughout the years I have saved a bundle fixing my own sh!t. I have even helped other people get their business up and running, and in a mentoring status, and I still can learn something from them or more computer skills or marketing, etc. And they appreciate my help as well. I even one time in my younger years helped a traveling circus in town, take down all their tents and pack it up for $40 cash for a few hours work. What the heck. And that Trapeze Chick had one hell of a body on her. WOW… Got paid to see some eye candy.

          • Excellent post, there should be NO free rides,
            I have always been a worker, am tired of busting my hump to have to pay it out to the government, they spread it arount to places it shouldnt be going, so been far less motivated to reach potential with the business end, so am taking it a little slower and easier, working around the property and basicly smelling the jasmine,
            The lib idiots i know cant understand why i would adopt this tac
            I dont know what took me so long to wake up

          • “Its high time the welfare class get hungry”

            BINGO! I’ve always thought this. Hunger is a great motivator for finding either employment or gainful living at the very least. In the great depression, hunger was REAL, as were the potential dangers (ie: starving to death). Nowadays, the threshold for being considered “in poverty” or “going to bed hungry” are laughable. You’re only hungry in this country if you want to be. In virtually any case, there are multiple “safety nets” available. We’ve become the most pampered generation in history, and it has made us weak and whiny entitled brats for the most part.

            The coming re-set will be stunning and deadly to the vast majority of sheep who think the Fedgov will be waiting there with loving arms.

            • Got a big RPK and other toys that will guarantee the maggotry will stay on the OTHER side of the water barrier and bridge.
              Dicking with us is an error in judgement they will commit only one time….

      9. Bank on it. When it comes it’ll mostly be neighbor or other family members you’ll have to fend off. Chances are you’ll have to watch them die or they’ll watch you die.

        • PO’d Patriot – I left all that immediate Family Chaos up north when I moved to FL 20+ yrs ago. So ALL I need to deal with is Phone call drama stories. I have a couple of sisters (religious freaks,) one who thinks she is born again, like a virgin. haha So don’t have to deal with that bubble head mentality very often. So when SHTF, I doubt if they would even try to come to Florida to escape the winters when the grid collapses for years on end. Life is about decisions, and all the thousands of them you made over your life time, (good or bad,) that got you to where you are today. If you complain about most anything it is usually your own fault. That’s taking responsibility for your own Sh!t in life, including jobs career, where you live, making financial decisions, etc.. Prepping or not…

      10. We know it will be a kill or be killed situation. Take out that person before they get to the front door and yes I know they will use anything to get food like babies in the arms don’t be fooled a tough dissensions’ will have to be made in that event ask the LORD for help. Anyone coming to your door is not asking for a cup of sugar to borrow. For me it boils down to if you look like food you’ll be eaten! What you do and how you handle what’s coming is going to be a personal burden on YOUR SHOULDERS and no one else.

        • @Copperhead

          I understand opsec, situational awareness and all that. If things get bad we must have a meticulous approach to security. But just shooting anybody that may approach you or come to your door. If we go there then we’ll be no better than the bad ones. I don’t want to sound naïve but I believe we must always remain good stewards to God, Nature, and our fellow man, unless they try to harm you and then put them all in the dirt. But how could we expect to ever get back to a better world when we just shoot any poor wayfaring stranger in need or weary traveler. Who knows maybe it’ll get me killed one day…or maybe it won’t. Just my thoughts.

          • Richard Head.

            My home, my land, my stuff, MY RULES. I have stood enough of the ridicule and until things get back to a shade of normalcy from a reset, I rule. You just have to read the comments here to understand what waits ahead. Including mine!

            I will admit it. I am a grumpy old bastard and getting worse.

            • Slingshot, I’m the same way. I work too hard and too much to have accumulated what I already have. Tired of working my ass off so my tax dollars can go to support freeloading scum aka the free shit army. I’ve got supplies for me and no one else. If you don’t prep, tough shit.

          • @Richard Head

            Yes understand where your coming from, I guess what I should have said is if the ones coming at you look like trouble then take them out as for as you can from you. Please keep in mind that if you let them any of them get to the door it is to late. You must react to each situation differently, use common sense in any event.

      11. Uh….Mac you might want to delete some of these. For some reason they weren’t going through this morning.

        • Oh maaaaaaaan… Have you got some fat finger thang going on? lol.

          • I think the post repetition is our fault… having some server hiccups this morning. We’ve removed all the duplicates and are working to resolve the issues now.

            Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.


            • Thanks Mac for the clean up in isle nine. Didn’t mean to dribble all over the place.

              • They make Texas catheters for that…LOL.

                True story…
                Junior Circulating nurse to the urologist (after a scrotal procedure) ” Dr. do you want a medium size scrotal sling?”
                Urologist ” my God woman, no! Always give them a large, you want to give him a complex?”

                Another true story,

                An anesthetist, who’ll remain unidentified (

      12. Further down in the article under the related reading section is
        a reference to ex-military soldiers plan to raid preppers.
        Do not fear this. Just because a person has served in the military does not make them 1st class pros in dwelling entry: Although there are some that are but far and few.

        Jackasses come in all forms.
        As I said, do not fear, have plenty of bullets but most of all self determination to live, probably the most important.
        Once again, a community effort of like minds is the best security in scenes as posted here.
        If possible, leave no survivors…

      13. Last night, while making a routine check on the bank account online, I discovered that my account had been compromised to the tune of $700.

        Of course, I called the bank and notified them of the fraud and the pending monthly transaction about to debit the following day. They were cordial and helpful and notified me that I would be refunded the cash and all fees incurred as soon as the pending transactions (two) had passed and issued a new check account card ASAP.

        I bring this up for a several reasons. First, this is not the first time my account has been compromised over the years, nor will it likely be the last. Unfortunately, it is the price of doing electronic business that every so often this occurs. Secondly, the pics above in the article reminds me of Cyprus and the bail-in solution that all of us have been slated for.

        While dealing with a compromised bank account is always sucktastic, because I pay anything that needs paying immediately and withdraw in cash all my needs for weekly living expenses, keeping only the necessary amount of money in the account, the thief was not able to steal my livelihood and peace of mind and cause me and my family untold amounts of stress due to a cash shortage.

        This advice has been repeated here and elsewhere, but I thought it bears repeating, since it’s always a good reminder to guard your money. 15 minutes with the bank rep and I should be good to go in a couple of days once the money gets back in.

        Furthermore, I still needed a bit of a drink to calm down from the adrenaline rush of seeing my fake electronic money deep in the negative. Imagine what the hell this is going to look like when we people have no access to their money and get bailed-in.

        It’s going to be a suckfest on a whole new level. Keep preppin’!

        • Gawain12, I’ve been through the same thing once myself. Afterwards, I started keeping most of my money in a safe at home and only enough in the bank to pay certain bills every month. Most of my personal transactions are cash only. Every year when I get my tax refund, only 10% of I is deposited in the bank and the rest goes into my safe at home [PRIVATE BANKING]. So whenever we get the “haircut”, they’ll get a lot LESS from me than they hoped for.

          • Private banking FTW!

          • Absolutely agree on the “private banking”. We have our legal tender, as well as our “capital reserves” in our private bank. So, we do not give a crap about the Cypriot-Haircuts coming soon.

        • Funny you mention Cyprus….. A hardcore anti-gun country. You need a license from the govt to even own an AIRSOFT gun there! No shit….
          So given that, do you think the Cypriot govt would have had the stones to confiscate over 60% of their citizen’s bank accounts had the Cypriots been ARMED?? I’ll wager NO…..
          I think the ONLY reason WE have not yet been financially raided of our private retirement accounts, is BECAUSE WE REMAIN ARMED.
          Consider NYC for a moment… It can be NO coincidence that the city itself, AND the surrounding states, are anti-gun meccas. ALL the scumbag financiers and leftist media scumbags live and play there! Delaware, New Jersey, New York state proper, and Connecticut ALL surround NYC. The less armed, pissed off people post-SHTF hunting down political, financial and media scumbags, the better in their eyes. This is NO accident….. Layers of insulation, people…
          Same with DC, the political epicenter of America. DC is vehemently anti-gun, just like NYC. Surrounding DC? Maryland and Virginia. Maryland has already succumbed to anti-gun douchebaggery.
          Next in line? Virginia. Northern Virginia is ALREADY a progressive cesspool. A shame, since I grew up there. This new commie governor they have, McCauliffe, has PROMISED to come after the guns. It’s coming….. Again, insulation for the political class for when the bottom falls out. The less armed people coming for their heads in retribution post-SHTF, the better for them.
          DC metro, and New York metro will be 2 of the WORST places to be when the bottom falls out. Not just because of the population densities there, but because those will find the heaviest concentrations of GOVT ASSETS there to PROTECT the financial and govt class, AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PEOPLE. And to THAT end, the people will be treated harshly and brutally.
          The North Anna Nuclear plant on Lake Anna, Virginia, has been rated most dangerous nuke plant on the entire east coast. Not because it is not mechanically sound, but because of it’s PROXIMITY to DC. When the SHTF, they are going to create a likely 15 to 20 mile protection ring around it to secure it. Meaning, ALL those people living there currently INSIDE that imposed 20 mile buffer, will be thrown OUT of their homes. Thousands of people. And guess what the security forces will use to HOUSE AND QUARTER their personnel? You guessed it… The vacated homes of the ejected. It’s coming…..
          As far as DC metro and New York metro are concerned, when the bottom falls out? Be somewhere ELSE….

        • Excellent comment. Identity theft happens. You are lucky that you monitor your accounts closely and alerted the bank immediately. When this happened to me, the bank treated me like a thief, and it took 4 months to get my money back.

          I have only kept amounts in the bank that will be used for clearing bills since that time – over a decade ago. Excess comes out and is converted into food, water, shelter, tools and silver. Asking for cash in any amount over $500.00 from my bank, or any bank recently, is greeted with blank stares and an unwillingness to part with larger cash amounts, regardless of my balance.

          Liquidity is an illusion. Bank on yourself. Buy a safe. Bail-Ins are real. True diversity of assets HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STOCK MARKET!

          I will be trading a pound of rice and a cup of salt for 1 troy ounce of silver. When you feed your kids with it, that silver you purchased will show its true value.

          Many of us are awake. We are not the lone wolves we appear to be.

      14. We see this run on grocery stores every time there is a serious winter storm coming. Shelves emptied in hours. How much more warning do the unprepared need?

        • See the same thing in Hurricane prone areas.

          Go figure.

      15. Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I have no sympathy for those people who are packed into the Northeast. They have opted to live in a crowded region, glued to their smartphones, totally dependent on a complex supply system.

        Stereotyping, I know. But I have little doubt they consider me an unsophisticated occupant of flyover country, so screw them.

        • What’s ironic to me is that so many of them moved there from elsewhere. Me, I moved OUT when they moved in.

        • @Obtuseangler: Really? I agree with having no sympathy for sheeple who are hunting for that last loaf of bread. As my First Sergeant used to say,” If you’re looking for sympathy, you’ll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.”
          To paint those of us here in the Northeast as having chosen to live in close conditions or looking at you as some unsophisticated rube in flyover country is beneath you. I’ve read your posts before and respect you. Know this- I am not a bigoted elitist. I live in a small town where we look out for our own. We’re not all bespectacled nerds buffeted by events. My town has about a ninety percent rate of firearms ownership, a lot of farms and miles of woodland leading to some of the finest fishing areas in the country. Sure we have our share of ivory tower liberals but most people here are just like you. When I went to the store yesterday to buy gas, I heard guys talking about the market being out of bread. Sure I laughed as you might have. I had four loaves at home. I imagine even where you live, you have people staring stupidly at empty bread shelves.

          • Fair enough. I’m in a hotel in Arizona this morning with nothing to do but watch business news. Been listening to stock market wizards in New York moan that low oil prices and a strong (relative to the yen and euro) dollar are dragging down profits. I had those guys in mind. Sorry.

            • No offense retained. Enjoy the decent weather while I shovel snow with my sons.

          • Same here Overwatch.

      16. It’s nice to be able to just hunker down when things like this happen and know we’re just fine and don’t have to run out shop. Silly city folk!

      17. And so it begins.

        Reading some of the comments from reports on the snow storm and the people are bitching already about it not being a big deal. Seems the weather service got it wrong. Costs everybody money and time with some discomfort in their life. Truth be known, Not Enough Death!

        It you have your shit together it would not matter if the weather service was short in their predictions.

        • My thoughts exactly. I’ve had folks look at me like my coocoo got out of the clock but I just smile and shrug. Then again there are several folks in our little city in western Wisc that are just as “nuts as me” When folks ask me what all the food is for I just say it is for a food storage shelf. Their interpretation is probably different than mine. Here’s a suggestion on water filters. I use Sawyer water filters, they work great and are easy to back flush, which extends their life. They are easy to find on the web and have few videos to explain their use plus They are all portable. Cheers

          • Old Nam Vet, I changed over to Sawyer filters myself last summer. They’ve got more life than my Katadyn and give me better tasting water. I’ll keep the Katadyn and its extra filters as a barter item. In post-SHTF, someone will be only too happy to get the Katadyn, BUT NO WAY I’LL GIVE UP EITHER ONE OF MY SAWYERS.

          • Thanks ONV and Maverick … I’ve been looking at the Katadyn for a while, but with your conversation above I just ordered the Sawyer with extra 32oz bags. I very much appreciate the conversations on this board and we can all use additional input from time to time.

            Very Best,


            • Serenabit, you made a wise choice. You will love the Sawyer. It gives me better-tasting water than the Katadyn and will last longer.

            • I own both. The Katadyn is superior in that the filter surface area is much larger and it can process a lot of water in a short time. The filter also has activated carbon inside, which is lacking on the Sawyer. Other benefits are the long tubes for both drawing water and dispensing it. Extend filter life by using a coffee filter on the intake.

              Downside on the Katadyn is the filter cost and minimal long term use compared to the numbers Sawyer advertise. They both have their uses. The Sawyer wins on cost, weight and size as well.

        • @slingshot

          I think the weather service and the friggin non-stop media got it just like they meant to. Hey at least they quit talking bout those stupid footballs

      18. We trained regularly for civil order breakdown and what to do if the food supply did not come back online within a few days. I remember never having any qualms about aggressively rounding up thieves and, if necessary, executing them. A thief is a thief, I do not care if they have an American passport.

        As for how predatory people can get, this is not a surprise. I fear for any woman under the age of 40: they are basically open bait for rape gangs etc. In the age of the smartphone, this stuff gets loaded to the web pretty fast and these people do not care what it does to the victim (a recent case of this is in court right now). Just imagine when prisoners go on the loose or people in mental institutions? Then give these predatory psychopaths access to all the ‘fun’ electronic toys we have these days. Not a pretty sight…

      19. Good story! People who now live in comfortable, yuppy homes in downtown areas will be very vulnerable. You don’t think all the starving, half crazy people are going to just walk by as they see you inside, nice and warm like a Norman Rockwell painting with the family, and not want a piece of ‘dat?

        The police will quickly lose control – they already have heaps of paperwork to do for any call-out and will be over-loaded within a few hours in an shtf. Once saw an aggressive black man trying to get inside hotel. He claimed he needed to pee but the door woman wouldn’t let him in. Eventually, the police car arrived but the cop was terrified of the guy so he just blasted him with the loudspeaker.

        “Back off from the car!!! Now!!! Back off!!!”

        “I got’s to piss man!!!! I am going in!!”

        “Back off!!! Now!!!”

        It went on for ages and the cop never got out of the car. Now that happened during our benign, peaceful times. Imagine how that would have played out under different circumstances.

      20. The scary thing is this is with a forecasted event. People have time and know in a few days the government will have the roads plowed out and pizza will once again be delivered to their doorstep.

        In a real SHTF event expect Katrina…nothing less. Why? Because that was a SHTF event and we got to watch what happens. Even after the hurricane beat up New Jersey it was a bit civilized because 10 miles away it was life as usual for the most part and it was small enough that FEMA could set up tents and bring in water.

        We have seen how inadequate FEMA is in larger scale calamities like Katrina. Now imagine a grid down EMP situation. Anarchy is right.

        Imagine if people knew that 200 miles away conditions were as bad or worse…that there was no government on its way with fresh water trucks…are you ready to be on your own for not only a day, week or month…what about a year?

        What will you do when the neighbor 6 year old girl shows up hungry? Gonna shoot her to protect your supplies? Or if she is picking a few beans and carrots out of your garden? Going to shoo her off hungry?

        I don’t see how anyone can fully be prepared for everything, but everything helps. A food pantry may get you fed past the first round of panic where you can stay put. A skill learned now may be able to provide food on the table.

        So many people like those mentioned in the article are the type that will wait until the water is needed to dig their well. Wouldn’t it be nice if at the time you need water that your well was already functional?

        Just some thoughts.

        God Bless,

        • Norse Prepper, good to see you back and your points are very well taken by me. It’s too bad 99% of the population won’t take our advice to heart, but that’s their own fault. No cure for stupidity.

        • Imagine what it will be like when we are under attack by long range bombers dropping tens of thousands of tons of explosives on the infrastructure,
          Its happening elsewhere, why couldnt it be here?
          IMHO its not if, but when, if we become embroiled in an all out world war again we will not be as lucky as we were last time, just think of the pictures of the big cities across Europe laying in ruin,
          Scary stuff

        • Always enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes. One of my old favorites. I ended up buying the “Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book” (1995) by Watterson years ago. Still leaf through it from time to time to get a chuckle.

      21. Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out, and leave the remains for the crows.

        F*** ‘EM!!

      22. The wealthy know difficult times are ahead.

        Panicked super rich buying hideouts in event of civil uprising…

        “Robert Johnson, president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, told people at the World Economic Forum in Davos that many hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes.

        He said: “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”

        Drudge Report

      23. People fighting and rioting for food comes as easy in the large cities as them fighting for the newest Air Jordan tennis shoes.

        Country folk will survive.

      24. Great article on conservative treehouse today. Govt. spying on you in your car. They have a data base for you already. Nationwide.

      25. Dow falls nearly 400 pts on earnings, durable goods

        “U.S. stocks dropped sharply on Tuesday, as corporations reported earnings that disappointed and orders for U.S. business equipment unexpectedly declined in December.”

        “Orders for business equipment fell 3.4 percent last month.”

        “will have to revise the Q4 GDP estimate.”

        cnbc dot com

      26. I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. Matthew 35,36. This is the way to live a worthy life. Lord have mercy.

        • They better learn to graze like cattle then. Thinking more on that I’ll even eat greens myself. Guess they’ll have to find their own too.

      27. The Brown Shirts are coming!
        History does repeat itself as its nature is cyclical and yet we continue to ignore the signs that lead to catastrophic events!
        The American citizens are like an ostrich, in that when events occur, if it does not effect us personally we have a tenancy to discount the activity as being irrelevant (to us), and therefore express little of no interest, saying nothing.
        This has a name, and its called Apathy!
        Government : socialist / communist depends on apathy to promote their evil agenda; example P.C. police = restriction of our First Amendment rights.
        Americans are smug in that they believe that personal liberties and freedoms are only restricted in other countries and would never happen in the U.S.
        This is a wake up call America, since 911 government has grown tremendously, and much of our liberties and freedoms have been infringed upon, and/or restricted; all under the guise of security! We have met the enemy, and they are us!
        Apathy = self surrender of our Constitutional Rights.

      28. Defacto MARSHALL LAW in Northeast.

        State Travel Bans in Effect. If you go out, you will get ticketed and possibly arrested. And the masses are in full compliance.

        State governments, under the auspices of “safety” and “in the spirit of “making the state’s cleanup job easier” through use of the Travel Ban have literally shut down capitalism on a mass scale.


        It is your job to work for the people. The people pay all year for fire, police, ambulance services, etc. In an inclement weather event, your job will be harder and you will persevere and meet the demands of the people….because they pay for you. And if you don’t meet the demands, you get fired. Plain and simple.

        To do your job, you DO NOT coral the people. You do not restrict capitalism. AND FOR GODS SAKE, YOU DO NOT ARREST PEOPLE FOR TRAVELING WITHIN AMERICA. My god, you don’t even arrest immigrants illegally traveling in America, what gives you the gumption to arrest the citizenry.

        So what if a person is traveling, walking around in a blizzard. Of course they’re idiots….but that is not your job to judge. You rescue them if necessary. You accommodate them. Why? BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY PAID YOU TO DO THAT. REMEMBER WHO YOU WORK FOR.

        Remember state governments, it is your job to work for us, not for us to make your jobs easier. You can recommend, publish information, etc., but you cannot arrest and most certainly put a defacto lockdown in place.

        State Governments. Know your role. We the people first, the government second. Otherwise, we the people have got an oligarchy on our hands that will require remedy.

      29. According to the constitution, the federal government is supposed to provide for the common defense. But it hasn’t gotten around to protecting us from the bombs that Kim Jong-un is planning to lob in.(<parody please stick with me on this) That’s because it’s so busy telling me how to how to take a shower or how many gallons my toilet can have to flush with

        Its insanity people

      30. AS always great article Mac.
        Wish you had referenced my web site in the article.
        As all my “How To” info is now totally FREE. I truly feel at this late hour it’s more important to save people than to make a buck.
        Keep up the good work and God Bless you.

        • Tny Lamb, Thank You

      31. ht tp://photographyisnotacrime.com/2015/01/texas-police-arrest-cop-watchers-one-armed-even-though-no-laws-broken/

        One day they are going to need us.. and we wont be there to help them.. and it will be all their own fault

      32. global warming strikes again.. just look at the bikinis on the east coast

        another killer blizzard story .. what a dam joke

      33. While I share the same, positive work ethic as most, the economic reality facing tens of millions of us is like a giant game of musical chairs and we have become the odd man out. I am 57 and am finding out that I can’t get prior, well paid jobs that would have been easy and for which I am overqualified. Now I’m the wrong age, gender, or color. Period. So lots of old white guys may be looking at very meanial work before actual retirement, whatever retirement is now. It is estimated there are more than 90 million people either underemployed, employed part time but seeking full time, or just working at a job well below their ability. Remember when an immigrant from a 3rd world country was working as a cab driver and in talking with them you find out they were a doctor in their home country? Remember thinking what a loss for society and for their family? That’s becoming our reality now. Many people in our country are former professionals that can’t get comparable work. This is the great failure of this society – so much underutilized human capital, so much limited achievement. The fundamental reason? We long ago abandoned the capitalistic system for crony capitalism (aka national socialism), with its associated inefficiencies. Trillions of dollars of this nation’s wealth were malinvested. And like a bridge to nowhere, you can’t move it to a better location. The malinvestments must be written off before growth can return. We have many trillions of malinvestment. Our zombie banks do not lend because there are no credit worthy borrowers. It is much worse than the MSM paints.

        I recommend preparing as best one can, being as flexible as possible, and investing in hedges (physical assets, not retirement funds). It’s like knowing Pearl Harbor will happen, but without the certainty of a date. It can drive you crazy if you let it, so don’t. Everything in moderation.

        I find my preps to make sense with the times. I can’t ever afford a bunker but I’ve done all that is possible given my reality. The rest is out of my hands.

        For those who are lucky enough to work in their chosen field and earn whatever it is they are worth – look around. How many cannot say the same? Many, I believe. Too many for a country to be successful. Our nation of opportunity is becoming something quite different for about 100 million of us. And a good work ethic will not get us a job in our profession, trade or field when there are so few jobs.

        Did you want fries with that order?

      34. I had a job at a well off grocery store in Minnesota when I was in college and every time there was news of a winter storm, the shelves were cleared out of batteries, water, and”duraflame” fireplace logs. Three inches, ten inches, didn’t matter. Always older people too. If they haven’t learned by then, the people now won’t either.

      35. The supermarket here in Maine close to my house looked like a refugee camp. I didn’t need anything just some dog food for my two clowns . It struck me as how stupid these masses are as we go through this every winter. I have months of supplies in and am not worried in the least . Take care people.

      36. Backup plan, backup plan, backup plan and even the best laid plans can fail so a couple of options for backing up the backup plans exemplify prudence.

        Having had to endure two 10 day disasters in previous years, one which we were wholly unprepared for and the next we were so comfortable riding it out… gee, I wonder why.

        For this ‘storm’, we were so over prepared it was comedic the outcome was pretty much a dud. We could’ve provided for probably the entire immediate neighborhood of 8 full families for a solid week or more.

        However when nature decided to roll through, even if it was to be a complete disaster for weeks, we laughed. We were even welcoming the power going out for a week again, pipes freezing and even deal with the local and state travel bans (which are entirely unconstitutional by the by even in a state of emergency). Would have been a nice monkey wrench in our routines, just for the fun of it specifically because we had an arsenal of entertainment and a bottle of whiskey ready and waiting for a snow burial.

        It’s mildly disappointing, actually, but it’s for the better that it didn’t come to that. There are quite a few special needs neighbors near us and while we could have helped tremendously, risks are still there and it’s unwise to taunt the fickle finger of fate like that.

        Hope everyone in eastern Massachusetts and Maine is okay. You guys got what we were expecting. Good thing it wasn’t worse.

      37. What I’m going to say goes against my faith,upbringing,and nature. These folks who are not and never ready for anything going south will have no pity or help from me. I’ve spent a lot of money and sweat on my preps when I could have doing other things with it.And these people who feel their entitled to other people’s stuff had best not come around my place. The door will be closed. I get physically ill every time I hear people who demand from others what they are to lazy to work for. I’m not talking about the elderly,sick, or disabled,however they too have this feeling of entitlement. No,no, they made their bed,now they get to lie in it.

        • Southside, I agree and have developed a similar plan. It was a tough decision for me also, but after a lot of thought and soul-searching, I felt I had no other choice. I too am totally repelled by anyone who has that feeling of entitlement. Like you said, they made their own bed so they can go lay their stupid asses on it.

          • Be careful with that “I prepped, they didn’t – fuck them” attitude. It is dangerously close to those that proclaim “I will take what I need by force”. You had best have a means to defend what is yours. If in doing so you turn into a wild animal, than civilization is not going to return, ever. Compassion and empathy created society, not hoarding and me and mine first.

            That said of course defend what is yours, but that hungry beggar that you so despise, may have the skill to repair your wind generator, fuel pump, well pump etc. People will die, suffer, and be generally unpleasant. Society starts at home, just like everything else.

            Also note no religion required in my rant. You can still just be an honest, good caring person. God is not required, even if he continues to work thru you.

      38. After Katrina the police in New Orleans looted as much, if not more than the average people did. Then again, their job is to loot the people for the bankers and the government; what is sad is how many people support and even worship that bullshit commie job. Enforce the rules of ‘the party’ and wear a shiny badge and mouth-breathing assholes will bless the farts from your sphincter.

        You have more to fear from crooked police and military BEFORE the SHTF, much less after. The worst gangs will be made up of ‘law enforcement’ and military types who wipe their asses with the Constitution for a living…

      39. If you watched any of the docs of katrina it was the cops that barricaded themselves in a walmart and shot to kill anyone trying to enter and cops that that dragged and beat and raped and murdered women in a hotel they controlled

      40. Pages of reaction, and none — NONE — of thinking who — WHO — is causing all this evil. The government employees are just flunkies, bought/bribed by folks who can afford to buy and bribe.
        The OWNERS. And it is the OWNERS, the excessively rich folks, who are responsible fore their businesses’ actions… polluting, lying to build the radiatiion-poison-plants that are now starting to fall apart and have thousands of TONS of radioactive waste piled in corroding tanks, now exploding while the government employees, our employees, lie to us about it. And the rads seeping silently out and into us and our kids, with slow=developing cancers, just like in Chernobyl, and Fukushima… millions dying, horrible mutations,..
        The OWNERS have monopolized and propagandized our Media, so 90% of us do not know what is really going on, as the USA is pushing us toward wars…
        …and our reactions are here. Prepping is good. A few can survive, at least.
        But how much better would it be if a very few, completely anonymous, intelligent and capable persons, would track down and park the evil doers’ families, the corrupt causers of all this bad stuff, and stop them, and try to turn this thing around!

        • Too late.

          People get (and even elect) the government they deserve. You don’t like what is going on? When was the last time you ran for elected office? Went to your kid’s PTA meeting? Attended a County Commissioner meeting? Have you ever wrote your congressman? Your County Manager, Sheriff or Planning Commission?

          No? Didn’t think so. Crying on the interwebs is never going to change anything, thou venting is healthy.
          YOU are causing this evil, because you take no direct action against it. You condone it thru inaction. Want someone to blame? Your own personal GWB? Look in the mirror, look at your parents, your grandparents.

          Every flaw and contention you have with the world exists within yourself. Treat it at the source, and watch the world change around you. Be the change, live the change. I know it sounds like liberal hippy bullshit, but truth is truth. Quit blaming anyone for anything, look back at yourself, work on that, and watch everybody else “change”.

          Miracles happen everyday.

      41. The biggest threat to those who are truly prepared in a real emergency will be the local government. In a true long term emergency your neighbors will demand that the local sheriff or militarized police gather the resources of the community for all to share. You might think you will be able to resist them and at first you might but after turning away the newly appointed resource organizer, who wants to inventory your supplies and arrange for there donation to the community storage center it will quickly escalate. You wont be able to resist when they show up with heavy armament and in mass. You might be facing a tank or two in your driveway along with 50 heavily armed soldiers. You will be labeled a hoarder as your neighbors will cheer and clap and convict you as a criminal as the government forces bust down your door and in the name of the people takes your supplies…

        • This is the point when self reflection fails, and you go ahead and ignite things to ease the mob’s suffering.

          You can not reason with a hornets nest. You can not defend. So, option 1: let the horde rob you blind, treat you like a criminal for preparing, and be an outcast…

          Or, take option 2: NO ONE SHALL HAVE EXCALIBUR, BUT ME!!!

          Both pretty shitty, but one feels more glorious yes?

      42. Living in rented accommodation I shall lose my home after the collapse so I’m already prepped. I think my chances in the East Anglia countryside will be greater than those who are forced to stay in their homes, however reinforced they can make them. Ours is a murderous species and I would not want to be committed to one place past which many packs of predatory bandits will roam. No-one can defeat them all. I plan to stay out of sight as much as I can by living as though behind enemy lines. After the dregs have killed each other off we can properly organise the rebuild.

      43. Three classes of enemies you might face when SHTF: Scavengers, Nomads, Warlords.

        The scavengers will typically be poorly organized and will try to scavenge anything they can find to survive, they might be looters or beggars but can be still be dangerous and may attempt to entrap you if given the right opportunity to take by force. The nomads will often be highly mobile and well armed groups of gangs. The warlords have organized control over a territory or a valuable resource with lots of minions working for them and underlings under their protection.

        Some examples: Carnegie from Book of Eli is a warlord, the cannibal gang from The Road are nomads, the looters by the abandoned HMMWV in After Armageddon that the family thought was National Guard were scavengers.

      44. all I have to feed them is LEAD lots of it

      45. Toilet paper? we dont need no stink’in toilet paper…Really, get a garden bug sprayer and go euro. Much cleaner for those MRE runs and you dont end up with a bunch of brown streaked paper laying around…can also leave in the sun for a hot shower after a hard day of zapping zombies…

      46. … and speaking of snow….

        Of course, global warming is all about computer models – except the warmers’ models have been consistently wrong. They tried “climate change,” but even the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters never could buy into that blatant fabrication. They also tried blaming the free market, and that is still in play (yes, they really think everyone can all live off of everyone else). So…. what is the BIG GREEN MONEY cabal to do?

        “OK…let’s try ‘2014 was the hottest ever.’ I’ll bet we can get the gullible to buy into that!” is the latest leftist ruse. The problem is, the satellite data – which is a zillion times more reliable than thermometer data (including the famed placing of thermometers over black asphalt scam) shows 2014 was nothing worth reporting. Even with the thermometer data, there was a merely a few hundredth of a degree difference between the years, well with the margin of scientific error. Heck, even the Climate Doofus of the Year, Seth Borenstein at the Associated Press was forced to issue a correction and noted the low probability that 2014 was the warmest and conceded that the hundredths of a degree difference “falls within a margin of error that lessens the certainty.” In fact, astrophysicist Dr. David Whitehouse said “The NASA press release is highly misleading…talk of a record is scientifically and statistically meaningless” and the RSS (Remote Sensing Systems) satellite dataset shows ZILCH, NADA, ZERO global warming at all for 219 months from October 1996 to December 2014 – more than half the 432-month satellite record (see http://www.climatedepot.com/2015/01/03/the-great-pause-lengthens-again-global-temperature-update-the-pause-is-now-18-years-3-months/ for more details).

        And yes, that big snow on the East Coast was due to global warming. Same as if there had been record warmth, record drought and of course, record cold (cf. last year’s polar vortex, which was caused by – yup, you guessed it –global warming. In fact, there has been ZILCH global warming now for 18 years. http://www.climatedepot.com/2015/01/24/media-retreats-ap-issues-clarification-on-hottest-year-story-claims-fall-within-a-margin-of-error-that-lessens-the-certainty/

        So.. why the big push? Simple: a.) they think, like Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber, that Americans are stupid, and have forgotten ClimateGate I and II; b.) they only have two years left with Obama to get their agenda completed; c.) there are BILLIONS in BIG GREEN MONEY behind this, including favs of yours and mine, like Goldman Sachs, George Soros, carbon billionaire Al Gore, etc ; d.) finally, and most importantly, if you control energy, you control everything it touches, which is… well, everything. A socialists dream, and a great way to redistribute all your wealth you worked so hard for (don’t worry! Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama and all her Learjet leftist cronies won’t be affected – just us poor unwashed masses here in flyover country.

        • I find your lack of faith, disturbing.

          Didn’t you know Al Gore invented the internet?

          I saw that hockey stick graph. It was pretty clear that a Power-Point Presentation is all that is required for scientific consensus.

          Climate Change is REAL. It has been changing for 4.5 billion years, and will continue to change for another 5-10 billion years, when the sun bloats up into a red giant, consuming the orbits of the planets out beyond Mars.

          I hope you are prepping your ancestors for that!

      47. The good thing about the clueless, never planning ahead sheep is that they will NOT have enough ammo for their guns when they try taking your supplies by force…

      48. I bought over $500 in NBC MOPP gear for the Ebola hoax….boots, gloves, coveralls, respirators etc. I’ll be using that to bury and burn the piles of these useless, unprepared eaters as they pile up on my perimeter; felled by high-caliber suppressed rifle fire.

        Nothing challenges your will to loot and pillage than the Alpha-looter’s head exploding all over you from a trigger-squeeze 1000yds away…..and no echo.

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