What’s Behind the Riots? A Federal Police Force: “Everything else has been nationalized, so why not the police?”

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 156 comments

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    Michael Brown. Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. And who could forget? Trayvon Martin.

    It’s no secret that the likes of Attorney General Eric Holder, his replacement Loretta Lynch, President Obama and Al Sharpton have been dwelling upon these cases, while others with similar dimensions and often more tragic circumstances remain ignored. Scores of members in Congress joined in the chorus as well.

    But why are they driving these cases at all? These are not altruistic players. What is their agenda?

    In the wake of the chaos of riots and the mass movement of protests taking over cities across the nation, a clearer picture is beginning to emerge.

    All the justified anger over police abuse isn’t brewing more justice, but more power for the federal government.

    Let’s rewind…

    Police abuse has become so epidemic that the streets are filling with protests against its most publicized cases.

    Yet, who gave police the tanks, weapons and military equipment of war? The Pentagon, under its surplus program.

    Who trained police to regard every individual as a potential terrorist in America? Homeland Security and the FBI issued the definitions, wrote the propaganda, put out the memos and conducted the training exercises.

    Who funded police to increase arrests and fill the jails with non-violent offenders? Washington and their federal grants, that’s who. It’s what paid off local police departments to do so.

    The Justice Department and Washington want more control over local police forces, and may be building a national police force as well. They are trying to change things, once again, through a popular groundswell and a series of civil rights lawsuits.

    The St. Louis Dispatch reported:

    Spurred by the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting and other recent cases of deadly encounters involving police, Congress in its final hours of work for the year passed legislation requiring states to report deaths of people arrested or detained by police to the attorney general.

    The measure requires states that receive federal aid for crime control, law enforcement assistance and other programs to report on a quarterly basis the death of anyone in police custody. It imposes penalties for states that don’t comply.

    Godfather Politics made the case for this data reporting legislation as a means to an end – to use evidence of systematic racism in police departments to, in turn, justify federal reform. Ultimately, the U.S. could even see a national police force using the leverage of federal aid money to establish control. Is that the dream that Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders had?:

    And in typical fashion, this is how the feds always co-opt the states: money. One could just picture the feds saying, “You didn’t actually think there would be no strings attached when you took our money, did you?”

    Now to the untrained eye this may not seem like a big deal, but to the trained eye, or some would say, to the wacky conspiracy theorist that sees things that aren’t there, this is indeed another step toward their goal.

    All we want to do is compile some data, crunch some numbers, that’s all. It’s not like this data would ever show us tendencies toward racism. That’s not what we’re actively looking for as an excuse for the Justice Department’s civil rights division to sue you into submission. No, we’ll let you decide the outcome of the inevitable civil rights lawsuit against your city’s police department.

    Those behind this scheme must maintain this level of hatred toward local police to achieve their goal.

    Everything else has been nationalized, so why not the police?

    This national police force can’t happen all at once. No one would ever accept that. Like all leftist ideas, it must be incremental and opportunist. The architects, whoever they are, must be prepared to react when a “good crisis” arises so as not to waste the opportunity. Opportunities like Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and Tamir Rice.

    A National Police Force? Before that becomes a visible, oppressive uniformed SS force imposed across the country (perhaps it will someday), it will rear its ugly head from the inside-out, using more federal money to address the problem-reaction-solution at hand, using federal policy to establish federal control over police.

    The trend is already underway, and with dangerous consequences. Consider what has already happened under Clinton’s crime bill and Bush’s PATRIOT Act…

    President Clinton instituted a sweeping federal initiative to reform police, famously pledging to put an additional 100,000 police on the streets by 2000 through COPS, the Community Oriented Policing Services launched in 1994.

    In theory, it addressed some of the same problems that Obama, Holder and the Ferguson case are attempting to address. Following the 1991 Rodney King beating and subsequent riots, the Justice Department began to use “pattern or practice” lawsuits against police departments. Only a few short years later, the COPS program used federal dollars and the guise of “community policing” to grant huge “gifts” to thousands of police departments, and with it, strings attached.

    And with it, a backlash of the surface intentions of the program:

    Many departments that have gotten large amounts of money from COPS, such as New York and Chicago, have been plagued with persistent complaints of excessive force against suspects—the opposite of what community policing promises.

    At best, the COPS program was a misguided solution to crime. As Slate pointed out, violent crime peaked in 1994, just when COPS was introduced, and murder was already falling by 1991:

    A 1999 investigation by the Chicago Tribune that looked at the nation’s 50 largest police departments found “no correlation between the growth in the number of officers and crimes rates since 1993.”

    But, of course, centralized power was the real agenda.

    The Heritage Foundation pointed out the unconstitutional concentration of federal power under the COPS program, seriously infringing upon the separation of powers framed in the Constitution:

    Federal grant programs that fund the routine, day-to-day functions of state and local law enforcement are of questionable constitutionality. When Congress subsidizes local law enforcement in this manner, it effectively reassigns to the federal government the powers and responsibilities that fall squarely within the… constitutional authority of state and local governmentsthe federal government was never understood to have a general police power.

    Reuters just published a report warning of the “unintended consequences” of the Justice Department “fixing” what is wrong with Ferguson and the other cases:

    In the aftermath of the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York, protesters across the nation are looking to Washington for action and answers.

    While arguing that the federal government “can and should” influence changes in criminal justice policy, Reuters also points out the drastic damage that has already been done:

    One piece of federal legislation, the 1994 crime bill, has played a pivotal role in the incarceration epidemic. The law, which was designed to reduce crime, gave states $9 billion to pass laws that would increase time spent behind bars.

    The result, however, was an explosion in state prison populations that has made the United States the world’s largest jailor. The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population, but 25 percent of its prisoners. This has immense fiscal, economic and social consequences — each prisoner costs taxpayers, on average, $30,000 a year, and inmates with criminal records, even for minor offenses, face significant challenges re-entering society. The racial disparities are also vast. One in three black men can expect to spend time behind bars.

    Today, the federal government annually sends states and cities more than $4 billion… What the federal government chooses to fund, however, creates incentives for local police. For example, Washington’s funding priorities have supported mass incarceration by concentrating on the number of arrests and seizures police make, rather than tabulating the number of offenders diverted to mental health or drug treatment programs.

    The federal government would indeed love to establish a viable national police force.

    The feds are now, with the left hand, scolding police for their shameful examples of excessive force and civil rights violations while, with the right hand, giving local departments new toys, “gift money” and ideology to regard average citizens as mortal enemies and potential terrorists.

    Some form of a national police is underway, and it doesn’t look pretty.

    In steps towards that end, the feds have drastically increased their “joint efforts” and “shared visions” with local and state police in the wake of 9/11 and the creation of Homeland Security as the overarching umbrella organization. Expensive and technological advanced Fusion Centers have been set up across the country to share information up and down the chains of command and across jurisdiction, allowing local, as well as private, police to use federal data not only to track criminals, but to profile individuals before they become suspects and without warrants – including political activists and community groups.

    More recently, the use of “sting ray” technology and other forms of extrajudicial cell phone data collection has been used controversially by local police and other entities – and these new toys have been given to departments by the FBI, under the Justice Department, with the condition of oversight and training by the feds.

    A Justice Department presentation on COPS identified how increasingly, the approximately 18,000 local police departments are entering into private-public partnerships with the more than 2 million private security/police forces and the 90,000 federal law enforcement officials in a “shared vision” that includes plenty of shared data and power.


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      1. Story today already? What time do you get up in the morning Mac?

        • Dead on right, Mac.

          About a month ago Obama said this

          “What I have confidence in is that if we do a better job of training our law enforcement to be sensitive to the concerns of minority communities, then over time trust can be built in part because minority communities typically are subject to more crime,” he told Stephanopoulos.
          “They need law enforcement more than anybody, and there are a lot of communities in my hometown of Chicago, for example, who want to actually see more police in, but they want to make sure the police are trained so they can distinguish between a gangbanger and a kid who just happens to be wearing a hoodie but just otherwise is a good kid and not doing anything wrong.”

          Obamas words are on a bunch of articals, just search the first line. I saved that quote because he just ratted on himself. Looks like Chicago will be all in. Surprise surprise.

          Also, the number of criminals being released from prisons means they are back out on the streets. What a cycle they made. Turn them loose, new crimes committed, rearrests take place, then off they go back in prison.
          In other areas this is churning.
          Its just another illusion. But War on Criminals gives the opportunity to militarize police even more. And it all keeps the money trough piled high so all the corrupt politicians keep their pockets lined and all the John Q Publics think the police are doing a good job protecting them from the criminals.

          • “What I have confidence in is that if we do a better job of training our law enforcement to be sensitive to the concerns of minority communities, then over time trust can be built in part because minority communities typically are subject to more crime,” he told Stephanopoulos.

            Translation: You must hold minorities to a lower standard than white people. A black man is going to be a black man and there is no getting around it other than to ignore what you would prosecute a white man for.

            We are a nation of laws, they just don’t pertain to everyone the same. All pigs are created equal, some just more so.


            • “We are a nation of laws, they just don’t pertain to everyone the same.”

              Borax Obola is a Lawless Lawbreaker and he even dares Congress to impeach and remove him! What does that teach Americans when even their own President is a Lawbreaker?

              • Given that every President we have had since 1913 (Kennedy lone exception) has been a puppet utilized by the criminal banking cabal, Americans must have had piss poor examples for quite a while.

                Impeachment will do absolutely nothing to alter the current course the U.S. is on. The fact that you still believe in this false notion of the left/right paradigm is startling. It wouldn’t matter if Jesus himself were in office. He would be nothing more than a puppet doing the bidding of his master’s. The President is not even close to having the amount of power people believe they possess. The Jewish banking cartels OWN them.

                • Smooth Criminal: “Given that every President we have had since 1913 (Kennedy lone exception) has been a puppet utilized by the criminal banking cabal, Americans must have had piss poor examples for quite a while.”

                  “Congress serves the same masters as Obama.”

                  Can you provide the evidence that convinced you beyond a reasonable doubt that there’s a criminal banking cabal that’s the *real power* behind the President and behind Congress?

                  • Research the “Federal Reserve”. Notice how it came into being. Notice what it’s function is and how much power it wields. Look at the revolving door between banking employees and federal treasury employees…

                    Anyone with an IQ as big as his waist size, should be able to figure it out..No math involved.

                • SmoothCrim is Correct, & FreeSlave is wrong again and a paid shill representing the ZOG. Kennedy was our last Great President and the Jews Murdered Him. See JFK’s June 4th 1963 EO-11110 Ending the Loan Shark Activity with the KABAL Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation and not any Federal Agency. That is Fraud by Title.

                  • WWTI,

                    Two questions:

                    #1: Can you provide the evidence that convinced you beyond a reasonable doubt that there’s a criminal banking cabal that’s the *real power* behind the President and behind Congress?

                    #2: Can you provide the evidence backing up your claim: “Kennedy was our last Great President and the Jews Murdered Him”?

                    • Free ASSLAVE….You always ask for evidence for your listed crap. Don’t play the jooo game with some of us since it won’t work.

                    • WOW free slave, you are most assuredly a government shill. You quote things I simply did not say and the evidence is right in front of everyone’s face. People at SHTF are not dumb.

                      1. You said I made this claim “Congress serves the same master as Obama”-no where did I state that.

                      2. You said “Kennedy was our last great president and the jews murdered him”-Once again never fucking said that.

                      You are a pathological liar as I have perused your comments for a while.


                  • I think this is one of the best articles Mac has posted, since I’ve been coming here.

              • Another (taxpayer paid) million dollar Obama vacation

                Cutting back during these tough economic times…

                Apparently Barack Obama was NOT talking about himself when he told the American people the following…

                “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.”
                Barack Obama

                “But I want you all to know, I will NOT rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one — and I’m not talking about just any job, but good jobs that give every American decent wages and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream.”
                Barack Obama (2009)

                Obama to take ANOTHER vacation – 17 days in Hawaii
                -Washington Examiner

                • While MANY American families continue to struggle to survive in any way they can, the Obamas live like kings … at taxpayer expense.

                  Obama Family $40 Million Travel Tab

                  “Judicial Watch released a report revealing that vacation travel costs to transport the first family around the globe have (already) topped $40 MILLION.”

                  -American Thinker

                    • Karmageddon,

                      What a rude and ignorant post.

                      I do read and comment here on Shftplan most days, so do MANY other people.

                      You know NOTHING about me. I don’t sit in front of a computer all day and night.

                      Also, I am NOT fat.

                      Happy trolling!

                    • If you want to name a frequent poster, try wtti. Just for fun I counted his comments on this story, out of 147 total he has 18, and this is nothing new either. That sorry bastard does the same on every article, has NO life at all, and it always, ALWAYS degenerates into the same tired out diatribe about how he hates negroes/jews,and almost everybody else but loves to suck up on his good buddy sargy dale.

                • Smooth Criminal said:

                  The fact that you still believe in this false notion of the left/right paradigm is startling.

                  KY Mom, you’ve been strangely silent on this subject for the last week or two. Are you starting to open your eyes and see there is precisely ZERO difference between where the Republicans are taking us and where the Democrats are taking us?

                  Braveheart, no need for you to step in and make another fool of yourself. You did a pretty good job in that other post. 🙂

                  • Billy Hill,

                    The current administration is socialist/communist.

                    “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism” according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

                    Obama told us what he wanted to do. Remember this?

                    In a speech in Colorado Springs, Obama said, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
                    WND dot com

                    I believe the Obama administration is BEHIND the agitators in the riots. We KNOW Eric Holder dispatched the (CRS) Community Relations Service to Florida after the Trayvon Martin shooting, then last August to Ferguson, Missouri to INFLAME racial tension, rather than minimize it.

                    It is no mistake that TV reporters were in Ferguson to film the violence and buildings, cars, etc. BURNING. The ‘plan’ is that at some point Americans will PLEAD for safety from the violence and control then will be established.

                    • Billy Hill said:

                      Are you starting to open your eyes and see there is precisely ZERO difference between where the Republicans are taking us and where the Democrats are taking us?

                      KY Mom said:



                  • Billy Hill, I was simply stating some facts, despite how you see it. KY Mom is NOT trapped in the false left/right paradigm. KY Mom provides a valuable service to us here and has earned my utmost respect.

                    • Braveheart, see KY Mom’s comment here admitting she thinks Republicans will provide a little more hope than Democrats. She referenced my hero Ron Paul, who is a RINO (he has always struck me as more independent or conservative than Republican and only ran as a Republican out of necessity)


                      And you’re absolutely correct, she DOES provide great info and is a very smart lady. That’s why I have such a hard time believing she can’t see the forest for the trees.

                      Either way maybe now you’ll sit down and be quiet since you (hopefully) realize we’re on the same team and I’m not just pulling these comments out of my ass.

                • ky mom

                  he always goes to Hawaii its his second hide out and that’s where he takes the millions of tax payer $$s he steals from us

              • FreeSlave, here you go again with your moronic comment. Obama is just a half bread version of the previous presidents who were and are the puppets selected by your beloved Zionist tribe excluding Kennedy. Every single DHS program, contacting and multi million dollar so called surveillance is owned and operated by the ZOG in control.

                Your zionist brother Gruber called Americans stupid but truly his comment was directed at you and species like you.

                You really are a true meaning of useful idiot.

                • Stolz – to expand on your comment, the DHS which is Hijacked by the ZOG Jews have given out Billions in grants and 95% of that grant money has been given only to Jewish Organizations. Not Christian Organizations, Not any other Americans, but JEWS. and just feeding their own ZOG Kabul Cult at US Tax Payers expense. There are plenty of links out there that outlines this massive Fraud and corruption. Go Fetch. I am getting tired of doing all this research for all you lazy Fckers. Not referring to you Stolz, or Sixpack or KY Mom. You all bring plenty of facts to the table as well and post links. Thanks,.

                  • WWT.. BINGO.

                  • Some of the DHS grants are:

                    DHS gives grants to state and local governments for Emergency Medical Personnel and for Firefighters to obtain critically needed equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, training and other resources needed to protect the public and emergency personnel from fire, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and related hazards.

                    DHS provides funds for projects to reduce or eliminate risk of flood damage to buildings that are insured under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on an annual basis. Disaster assistance is financial or direct assistance to individuals and families whose property has been damaged or destroyed as a result of a federally-declared disaster, and whose losses are not covered by insurance.

                    I guess you deluded fools think that state and local governments, firefighters, doctors, and folks whose property was destroyed are all 95% Jewish. Quite a feat since Jews are about 2% of the total American population.

                    • @sharonsj

                      taxes are a transfer of one persons wealth to anothers gain. Whatever it takes to take money from the working class and give it to the rich and the freeloaders. Were bilked from both sides.

                      DHS plays that game and even has other agencies under it to help along. For one thing Look at all those nonprofit organizations tied into DHS where the CEO makes millions in salary and benefits. DHS brings in Red Cross and the percentage of donations to what gets spent on people in disasters aint that great.
                      Oh by the way, Red Cross CEO is Gail McGovern. Shes Gail Rosenberg.
                      Dont matter if jews are 2% of the population, the links are all there. Aint no different than seeing how blacks make up a minority too but look how many are in prison. Or dead.

                    • No it is you the foolish one sharonsj for they are speaking of ONLY the DHS-NON profit orgs Cash grant payouts, and YES several documented proofs on several bonafied websites has this exact cash dollar amount figures for each of the aprox 5-6 yrs now since DHS has Paid out Cash Grants to JEWISH orgs which the grand total to date now exceeds 95+% of the entire dhs total grant budget paid to NON profit orgs.

                      Like you stated jews equal less than 2% of national POP yet jews orgs recieved a whopping 95% Plus of TOTAL DHS Grant Budget for EACH Year since the grant funding program began!

                      Facts do not lie…jews lie…Alot and quite Often!…But easy to aquire DHS cash Grants info paid out to JEWISH orgs at such an enormous disparity when compared to the insignificant total of jew populations at less than 2% nationwide shows just how ZOG run and 100% corrupt Our entire form of fed govnt is.

                      Zionist jew run american fed govnt has changed what was a Republic form of govnt in America, invented and began and funded by mainly WHITE European stock folks, with a main method of govnt based upon christian principals, into now a nation that has NON whites running rampant, destroying all that prior was built by whites, into a zog aka zoinist occupied govnt, that is now best described as …

                      The “Jewnited Snakes of Zionist jew occupied, Black Run Govnt of AmeriKwans”

                      Just remember to always Thank those 60-Million “jewdeo-christian” Imbecils who are either too stupid to comprehend what a huge Oxymoronic word term that really is, or are also too damn stuborn to simply finally Admit that with tons of proof evidence supplied by many wide awake jewized up folks here and at many other websites now, that yes indeed no other non political folks has assisted in this hyjacking of america by zoinist/jewish orgs and persons, and their home base of safty for jewish criminals, Israel state, more so than those 60 million delusional jew-firsters. Which are so damn delusional now that even actual biblical verses and proper biblical interpretations cannot seem to cause any of them to awaken to this national travesty and abject Traitorism at large.

                      They refuse to admit that they are assisting right wing neocon jewry,as well as the leftist Bolshevik jews, in the jewish zio creation of what most folks call the “Antichrist System”….Their mass delusions run so deep that the fools actually think God is going to bless them for doing all of this jew based crap!

                      Meanwhile every nation jewry infests, experiences this same tactic of jewish origin…IE: jews use lies, deceptions, scams, swindles galore to create massive nationwide friction…Especially of the Racial type friction seen today in the “Jewnited Snakes of AmeriKa”.

                      Then same jewish orgs whine and cry that antisemitism is running wild across the nation and that creates the need for such Huge cash grants of 95%+ of the total DHS yearly budget going to ONLY jews and jew run orgs so to fortify their jewish orgs HQ’s and synagouges of Satan, as Christ called them.

                      And some idiots like them 60 million deluded fools think it reasonable for such a small portion of general POP to recieve several Hundreds of Millions in FREE Cash grants that never need be repaid, to use to buy steel entry doors and bullet proofe windows etc as precaution “Incase” of some fantasy minded attacks upon their jewish orgs buildings or properties. This is a prime example of mass jew Paranoia. Likly due to jews know that They were the main major actors in the total destructions of aprox 40,000 total of christian churches across the entire eastern european landscape during their jewish Soviet Bolshevik Run USSR. It is akin to how a typical Thief always worries His stuff is going to get stolen! Self perpetrated Paranoia and the ype of which Only Many Centuries of jewish teachings and thinking can fully understand. Or as one of their Own rabbis recently comented on, and I am paraphraseing here..”jews always whine and complain of mass antisemitism in litterally every nation that has hosted them…Yet when one really understands the jewish mindset and ways jews operate within such host nations, one can see that in fact such antisemitism is always brought with jews into each host nation as jewry carries it into every place they go”.

                      Indeed antisemitism never exists untill jews themselves Cause it to occure!…Where zero jews are at also is zero antisemitism!..Except of course for how jews call every goyim who speaks truth on jewry in general an antisemite also. aka an antisemite is any goyim jews hate! And goy Truth tellers Top jewrys list of who they label with that word in order to stiffle free speech that out’s jewrys Many falsehoods and scam swindles etc.

                      Am still researching for proof info on how much of that huge cash number goes deep into jewish persons and pharisee rabbis personal pants pockets each year, since obviously after that very first years cash to buy steel entry doors or bullet proof windows they cannot possibly need buy new doors or windows every year right!

                      Let me know when you get jewized up better so I can provide you with info on another massive huge jewish scam hoax of “Kosher Food labelings” etc!! That alone nets a couple hundred combined jew rabbis aprox $3-Billion per year profits in the jewnited snakes of ZOG/usa alone! plus much More profits from the other 200 nations, or close to all of them, paying jew bribe cash based on Kosher labelings to stop their nation or stores from being boycotted and labled as an antisemite store for refusal to pay rabbis kosher labeling swindles!

                      Just TWO of the Thousands of jewish run scams or swindles slowly ruining and bankrupting every nation that ever allowed an infestation infiltration of jewry within its borders…For more ifno research the 109 nations to so far Boot out jewry, some nations haveing had to do so as many as 4-5 times!

                      Globally jewry equals around .02% of world population, yet they want You to believe all their combined total Boot-Outs, and overall troubles has all always been caused by that Other 99.08% of worlds peoples due to, jews are 100% innocent always while that other 99.08% of Goyims are mean, nasty, evil nazis!..What a huge Laugh once one gets jewized up eh!

                • Billy Hill, I’ll apologize right now for misinterpreting part of your remarks as an attack on KY Mom. It’s just that she has never given me the impression that she is still in the false left/right paradigm. I’m glad to see there are some things we could have common ground on after all. Take care.

                  • Apology humbly accepted, braveheart, thank you. We have way more in common than we have in conflict.

                • Stolz: “Obama is just a half bread version of the previous presidents who were and are the puppets selected by your beloved Zionist tribe excluding Kennedy. Every single DHS program, contacting and multi million dollar so called surveillance is owned and operated by the ZOG in control.”

                  Stolz and WWTI, your claims are in desperate need of supporting evidence.

                  Where’s your evidence? Class dismissed until the blowhards put up.

            • Still waiting for comments to post 2 articles back. Need to find a new posting system that approves comments faster or Hey how about “Freedom of Speech” with no moderation. What a novel concept.

              • I strongly disagree whoddo, what you are in dire need of finding is a ” life”, nuff said.

                • Grow some balls and come of the shadows Anon. You pathetic twit.

                  • Ok, how about I make my name something really smart like Whowuddathunkit! I’m sure that’s your real name too, unless the Zog jews who killed Kennedy stole your real name. What a psychotic, lonely, pathetic old man you really are, you must be close to death’s door, but that may be wishful thinking on behalf of a lot of posters here.

              • WTTI:

                And I am still in moderation, by you, waiting for you to answer my question:

                Was your comment that you would vote for Elizabeth Warren, the truth or sarcasm?

                If it was the truth you have failed to vet your statement. A five minute search of the internet shows you she walks lock step with wall street.

                Her harangue in congress about the revision of Dodd Frank was nothing but that. She chose that speech to keep moveondotorg contributing to her campaign. They are her second largest contributors. She KNEW the bill had enough support WITHOUT her vote; thus she could carry on with her deception.

                She is a left wing loon…..even worse than Hellery. Is that even possible?

                Waiting to hear from you WTTI. Hope it was sarcasm.

          • If the Blacks don;t want the Cops in their neighborhoods then stop committing 75% of the Crime and shootings in America.

            SOLUTION: I know how to fix this entire matter. Just pull ALL the COPS “OUT OF ALL” Black Neighborhoods for 6 Months and just set up a checkpoint nobody leaves or gets in and see how well Blacks SELF-Police themselves. Lets try this for 6 months and see where they chips fall. Any comments on what the results will be??? Tell me what you all think. I will post my answer in a few hours below this post.

            • There is a way to cut down on black crime. Quit taking police reports when called in by black people. Do not respond to black on black crime. Tell black people that since they refuse to assimilate into “normal American culture” then they cannot expect American culture to be a part of thier lives. Easy – Peasy.

              What is needed is a little blue flu in black areas.


            • what we really need are t-shirts to counter all this “dont shoot” “cant breathe” nonsense, to ones that state: “won’t shoot and will allow you to breathe if you can act humane and obey the law like the rest of us do”.

              might be a bit long, so it would have to be a front to back…then again…i doubt any of those savage criminal apes could hold attention that long to read it…that’s IF they can even read…

          • obama played the people very well.

            get them rioting agaisnt local authority, have the feds come in and straighten out the locals.

            meanwhile, a big police presence is second nature now; so when police come down like a hammer; most people wont even slow down to see whats happening.

            this country is so over as founded. its past england socialism and is steadily on its was to a russia thugocracy now.

          • NEWS FLASH: Obama to give WH Speech at 12 Noon Today – to Begin Normalized Relations with CUBA. This is pretty Big News. Well Well Well… After 50 Years later of Failed US Foreign Policy Re: CUBA

            • Obama cant accomplish shit w/ his foreign policy. He wont cross his own red line and he still leads from behind. He wont listen to the previous commanders and theyve mostly all gone.
              Obamas foreign policy is a reflection of his homosexuality. He leads like a queer, always ready to take it up the ass.

              • you have that wrong my friend.

                he intends to make you(the american citizen) take it up the ass.

                think i’m wong ? obamacare, amnesty, increasing the debtload over 100% and killing job growth in all kinds of industries.

                i would’ve thought i’d have to go to prison for that, turns out i don’t even have to leave the couch.

                • until the white people stand up for each other like the black people and the Hispanics do, the government will do anything they want to.. Nixon said someday the silent majority will stand up and things will change. there are only about one million LEO in the whole country, there’re are probably one fifty million silent majority after the loud minority are silenced, blacks and Hispanics will march with the silent majority as many of them don’t like the direction the country is going.

                • @Lena
                  my post was about 0bama’s foreign policy. Sorry you missed that point.
                  Your right about what hes doing to us though.Here in the USSA he is the mulatto dick-tater. His power is coming from the known far left commies and his favorite plug-in Valerie.

                  On the home turf, it didnt take long to see what he was up to and what he wanted to take control over. I quit my job in June and we aint got an income now. When I left, I cashed out too. This is the last year we pay taxes and its only for half a year of wages. Went Galt. Cant force a poor man to pay tax on Obamacare when there aint no income. Cant force any tax unless theres a refund coming anyway (until the bastards or 0Bama changes that law).

                  Amnesty, aint that some shit now? He says 5 million. We know its for all 20 million or more. Kiss America goodbye. We aint exceptional, weve become 3rd world.
                  Its gonna be a damn hard road for the younger folks. All I can say we all got to adapt and we got to realize well all have less of most everything. Best bet is get some land, get some new skills, and figure out a way to have a second job off the books or get a second job going. I have a feeling post-industrial will become 3rd world shithole and being a repairman will be one of those nice side businesses to start up.
                  Anyone whos got the mechanical smarts should start designing and reinventing useful objects. One way is to start making old style cookware and utensils. Another is w/ hand tools.
                  Mechanical, plumbing,welding and blacksmithing are solid trades. Manual operation items that dont take electricity or batteries. Items that are durable, not made to break after a year.
                  Who here is set up to perk coffee w/out electricity? Who can toast bread w/out electric toasters? Who knows how to handturn a compost pile? Who can reload? Who hand mashes their taters and dont use the electric mixer? Electric gadgets come from China and they aint built to last. Besides that, electric will necessarily skyrocket (0bama says so). Put those 2 together and we have a need for more basic hand tools. Some of us here have the skill to use a rocket stove, some of us built our own. Who uses a solar oven? Who knows how to take a throwaway fresnel lens from a projection tv and turn it into a solar oven? Rebuild and remake, recycle, learn how to build the better mousetrap and take it a step further. Unplug the kitchen gadgets, use clocks that hand wind, use less lights. Make it by hand, get power from the sun. Take power from the beast. Time for those of us in the know to fight back as best we can. Dont feed the beast. Dont comply. Dont give in.
                  There aint no left and right. Theyre just the feet that holds up the beast.

                • White genocide is the main Gaol and agenda in the “Black Run Jewnited Snakes of AmeriKa” For that Is the Only certain method they can use to Hyjack the many God granted Blessings given to Whites, and transfer it all into the hands of Edomite Khazar jewry.

            • WWTI, I just saw the article and saw the video of Alan Gross after being released from Castro’s gulag. The trade embargo against Cuba was originally put in place to protect US corporations against the Castro brothers who are notorious for not paying their bills. The Castro regime owes BILLIONS in debts to certain Canadian and European corporations. I almost shit on myself when I read the article. My wife first came here from Cuba in 1967 after losing half of her family to Castro’s butchers. This act of normalizing relations with the Castros spits in the face of the Cuban exiles who left and are still living. It spits on the graves of those who have left and have since died and on the remains of those who left but never made it to our shores. It spits in the faces of those who are still stuck in that hellhole and still have to experience terror and oppression on a daily basis. Obama just gave the Castro regime a new lease of life. One more reason why that BOY in the WH needs to go! It also insults the memory of my dear beloved wife who is no longer with me.

              • RB- I am still evaluating all the facts on Cuba. Russia just forgave Cuba’s Debt a few months ago. I am aware there that were Americans who owned property and assets in Cuba when it was Hijacked by Castro in the 60’s and lost on that move. Buyer beware. I am sure many Americans like the Indians lost land too by Corrupt Regimes. Hell you could give New York and the entire Ohio Valley back to the Native American Indians and it still would not be enough payment or reparations. US Corporations can go F-Off, its time to bring Cbans into the 21st Century and buy some new cars. Of course they are Broke as hell. So I assume US Corporation will exploit Cuban cheap labor. Lots more to discuss on this one. Lets see what unfolds.

                What I also do know is Cuban’s Make one Hellava Cigar and Can’t wait to smoke some up. I bought Cuban Cigars in Mexico and also Canada. Some of the best.

                • WWTI, those Europeans and Canadians who extended credit to the Castro brothers were screwed royally. They found out the hard way. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THE CASTRO BROTHERS. YOU WILL ONLY GET SCREWED.

              • BUT BUT , Obama needs to show solidarity with other socialist dictators or he will be thrown outta the club !

              • RBH, I understand where your hatred of Castro comes from, but IMO, NO COUNTRY should be so powerful as to be able to financially ruin any other country for it’s own agenda…and it was for the U.S.’s own agenda that those sanctions were imposed 7 decades ago.

                Not then, and not now. It’s a violation of a country’s sovereignty. It’s globalism at work, plain and simple.

                • Sixpack, I agree with you about not ruining other countries’ economies. The irony here is that the trade embargo has been a joke to a large degree. Example: There were boocoo American-made cars on the island when we finally broke relations with them on Jan. 3, 1961. Mexico, which also still buys all of its cars from the US, still had full relations with Cuba. When Kennedy slapped on the embargo, The Cubans could no longer get car parts from the US. HOWEVER, Mexico still had the same types and models of cars that Cuba had and began supplying parts to them. This continued on up until the 80s. Washington knew about it but never did anything to stop it. We were and still are selling all types of products to Mexico. The Mexicans can turn around and sell those products to anyone they choose, including Cuba. I’m not necessarily standing up for Washington, but they did not ruin Cuba’s economy. Castro ruined the economy by turning the island inside out with his brand of socialism. Before Castro, Cuba had one of the strongest economies in all of Latin America, one of the highest GDPs, one of the lowest infant mortality rates, etc. Cuba was a much better place to live before “Hurricane Castro” came in and ruined everything. It just took 50-plus years to bring the island down to the level it’s at now. Nope, the trade embargo was a joke all along and everyone knew it but wouldn’t admit to it. It was more political symbolism than anything else. I’m not disputing your points at all. Just pointing out who the real culprits are in ruining Cuba financially. No way the trade embargo would have ever worked.

              • Cuba doesn’t need the US, they have a great trade with Canada, Russia and Europe, they also have a thriving tourist trade

        • Trevon Martin? Another Black Hoodie Thug Killed by his own stupidity. When you go and attack a Man and bash his head on the sidewalk, think about that he may have a gun and shoot your ass. Funny how home burglaries went down 95% in Zimmerman’s neighborhood after the Thug Trevon was killed. sounds like a Blue Print Neighborhood watch program 100% effective. Roll that out Nation wide.

        • Want to know who is behind the Riots? The Race Baiting MSM that feeds the seeds of hate, stirring up hate for the police, hate for whites and praises the chaos that the Blacks stir up. The World is a stage. I sit back as a non-participant and watch the Idiots all fight each other.

          This is part of the bigger picture to instill Fear into the main public which will call for the police to be Militarized. It is a false flag which will cause Martial Law and the revoking all of the US Constitution.

          I can hear the chants now from the idiots sheeple “USA USA USA” as they strip Americans of all their rights and guns.

          WAKE UP PEOPLE and don’t buy into this Mayhem propaganda hype. Stick to the US Constitution the Law of the Land. Love it or leave it.

          • 🙂

          • @WWTI
            my sentiments exactly and we aint alone:

            Stand with liberty! Not police, Not rioters. The zombie apocalypse is not what they say! Those zombies are the mindless citizens who follow what they are told no mater how vile.
            ht tp://callmegav.com/2014/11/police-or-protestors/

            Gavin said “Things are bad America. But don’t worry, the government will fix it for the sake of “national security”. This is a ploy America. It’s time to wake up. Pray for liberty, stand principled, turn off the mainstream news and start rightly dividing the words of truth and liberty. Be prepared to protect your families friends; because it’s not over yet. We Stand!”

      2. When asked about why he was allowing tens of thousands of immigrants to enter the country in direct violation of current and well established immigration laws, Eric Holder responded that the country needs immigration reform because we are a nation of laws and everyone needs to follow those laws. He never actually addressed why he was allowing the law to be broken nor his negligence in prosecuting its violation. He just reinforced the fact that we are a nation of laws while obviously and overtly breaking the law himself. To believe him at face value is being a practitioner of Orewellian doublethink.

        Another example of is Holder’s willful disregard to a congressional subpoena and continued contempt for the very legal system he purports to be the top attorney for. Again, finding no contradiction or conflict with such a flagrant disregard to logic is an example of doublethink.

        • Spot on Sterling. I find it Amazing and actually astonishing the Chief people like Holder in charge of upholding the law, are the biggest law Breakers. “Fast and Furious” comes to mind. Holder should be sitting in Prison right now as an accomplice for the death and murder of the immigration Officers that were killed by the Guns Holder approved to walk across the border. It is a proven fact the guns used were part of Fast and Furious. Where is the accountability to this crime of MURDER??

          • For Holder’s involvement in Fast and Furious, he should be charged with the capital crime of treason as he aided and abetted the enemy in the ‘war’ on drugs.

        • My Immigration Program would be to Post signs that clearly say, You cross this line you will be shot. Then shoot the Fckers when they cross the boarder. I assume the word would spread pretty fast and the illegals would avoid breaking our laws again.

      3. Another spoonful of socialism , GULP .

        When the hell is congress gonna enforce seperation of powers ?


          Couple Gets Locked In Keyless Car
          New Zealand couple didn’t know the electronic locks could be unlocked manually.

          A couple in New Zealand almost died after spending 13 hours locked inside their new car last month. Now they are speaking out about their ordeal to try and prevent other older drivers from suffering the same fate.

          On the evening of November 5, Mollieanne, 65, and Brian Smith, 68, were in their keyless Mazda3 hatchback when they realized they had left their transponder key fob outside of the car. They didn’t think the car could be unlocked without the fob. They also left the car’s manual in the house.

          They told the Otago Times that stress, the lateness of the hour and lack of information from the salesperson all contributed to trapping them in their new car for 13 hours.

          Blaring the horn didn’t help because of the fireworks from Guy Fawkes night. They also attempted to smash the window with a car jack, but it was no use.

          The couple were freed at 7:45am the next morning by a neighbor. By then, Mollieanne was unconscious and her husband was having difficulty breathing. Attending physicians at the emergency room later told the couple that another half hour trapped inside could have killed them.

          Brian had methodically checked for a way out of the car, but thought the only way to unlock the doors was with the key fob.

          ”Once I found out how simple it was to unlock it I kicked myself that I did not find the way out … I had this mind-set that I did not have the transponder [so I could not get out],” Brian Smith told the Times.

          Since going public the couple have heard from five other older car owners who have had similar experiences. The Mazda dealership the Smiths bought the car from told the Otago Times they will strive to better explain new technologies to older customers in the future.

          SOURCE: http://autos.aol.com/article/couple-gets-locked-in-keyless-car/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl17%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D583099

        • So where is the Outrage of all the Killings in Chicago, majority Black on Black. Where are the Race Baiters on this?

          Chicago Shootings – YEARLY TOTALS as of Dec 9th 2014

          JAN. 1, 2014 – DEC. 9, 2014
          2,3461 shooting victims

          JAN. 1, 2013 – DEC. 31, 2013
          2,185 shooting victims

          Source w/ Map : http://crime.chicagotribune.com/chicago/shootings/

          • Rahm will use those numbers to bring in more MRAPS. Chicago will be the first fully militarized police dept in Amerika. USSA! USSA! We’re #17!

            “Never let a manufactured crisis go to waste.”

        • Congress serves the same masters as Obama.

      4. F*CK THE POLICE!

        • The police are the only thing holding some semblance of order in our gangsta infested nation. The new “National Police Force” is designed to go into an area, thump heads then go home. The new force is a result of local police being threatened by nasty little gangstas. You bring in a couple of hundred law enforcement officers who have anonymity, they can jack up the gangsters without having to worry about reprisals. It’s interesting that our officers now have to wear masks to conceal their identity. Just like mehico.

          Time to break out the old bumper stickers…

          “America, Love it or leave it.”

          Taking back America one street at a time.

          • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

            – ben franklin

            • Fooku
              It’s a matter of balance. You want chimps breaking down your door at 4:00 without police interference, be my guest. If you want the same chimps looting and burning down businesses, be my guest. Not in my back yard however.

              So the liberties you wish for include lawless behaviors such as looting robbery and killings? When one person’s liberties infringe on others liberties…that’s why we have laws.

              I really don’t have any troubles with my liberties. I am blessed with liberties. As long as your liberties don’t infringe on my liberties we won’t have a problem.

              • If only we could be sure it was chimps at 4:00 AM and not the SWAT team looking for some monkey who lives three streets away…….

                • 🙂

                • Any chimps breaking down my door 4:00 AM will be dead chimps at 4:01 AM, and buried dead chimps by 5:00 AM, with no 911 dialed ever.

      5. Hmmm…this could also explain why the big news media is constantly smearing the protesters by equating them with the criminals, the looters, arsonists, etc. Real protesters want justice, they do NOT want people to be attacked or robbed or have their property smashed. The criminals and govern-MENTAL agitators are not the same people as real protesters. If the big media and the govern-MENTAL manipulator types can make it look like huge crowds of people are rioting etc., it would make a convincing argument for their corporate owners to bring in larger forces, more beholden to ‘national’ control rather than local.

        • Ben
          What “justice” do they want??? What is their agenda??? It seems to me that all of the folks who were killed by the PO-PO lately were engaged in criminal activity of some sort. So I don’t really buy into the narrative. Do they want the police to back off and let them do their criminal activities?

          I think that the “national police force”, if it does exist, would be the fed’s answer to help shore up the overwhelmed local police forces.

          • You like the mainstream media, sound like think the protesters standing off by themselves not hurting anyone, however right or wrong they are, are the same as the people smashing, robbing and setting things on fire. They are not the same people. This isn’t about the police conduct, it’s about smearing people that are protesting big out of control government. Can you name a time in recent history when the corporate owned government wasn’t smearing someone? for profit?
            I really don’t know what justice each individual protester wants? Your certainly free to go ask them what they want.
            As far as the police backing off from the criminals, have you seen some the news videos, like I saw on Headline news? Where a black masked person was smashing out a window, obviously a cop. That’s why the police back off from the criminals, it’s there own pals. Have you seen how many police there are? They are obviously NOT overwhelmed. And do you think that federal forces, (big government) is really going to fix things, when big government with it’s communist welfare programs caused the problems over the long run in the first place?

            which is more American…big government and big military? and the big communist redistribution of wealth to pay for that big government and big military?
            or limited government and limited military?

          • rednek101, “justice” is when the punishment FITS the crime. When people don’t get their hands cut off for stealing a loaf of bread. When people DO spend their life in prison for cold-blooded murder. When politicians go to prison for fraud and/or treason.

            Without “justice” the law means nothing.

            • 6
              Well said. Our system is not perfect by a long shot but it has been one of the best in the world. Current political divisiveness and agendas have damaged the system. This needs to be corrected….at any cost… before we lose any more ground.

              • Absolutely.

          • Rednek almost sounds like dhs itself. personally dontneed that kind of protection that rednek is trying to sell here. We have our ways of dealing with shit like that in Arizona. We donneed militarized goon police here.

            • AZ
              No no no…the rednek is prolly on a DHS watchlist somewhere. Not trying to sell anything here.. Militarization of the police has already happened. URTs (Urban Response Teams) already exist. If you live out in the sticks you don’t and won’t need this type of s***. In the burbs however concentrated populations of chimps will get out of control.

      6. In my little chunk of the third rock from the sun, more and more people are starting to wake up to what the HELL is going on. Some voted for the idiot in charge both times. I guess the first screwing was not enough, went back for the second and now found out he gave them an STD (Screw The Dimwits). With that said, the rug is starting to be pulled out from under our feet in full view now. We need to start building gallows on the mall in WASHINGTON TODAY.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America

      7. It seems the joke about the worst thing that can happen after any problem. Is for someone to come up and state im from the government and in here to help. is true.

        • How about that poor Blond White Girl like 18 Yrs Old who was set on fire. They raped her, then sprayed Gas up her nose and mouth to kill her and set her car on fire. There are some sicko MF-ers’ out there. Where are the race baiters on this story looking for her killer or killers.

          • notice how they are not telling us who they suspect in her killing..

            they know.. they just arnt saying it,, because its exactly who you think they are

          • @WWTI

            You and everyone else needs to read this detailed account on this case. Obvious who murdered her. where is the justice for her?

            ht tp://theconservativetreehouse.com/2014/12/13/mississippi-burning-day-6-the-murder-of-jessica-lane-chambers-exposes-massive-problems-in-panola-county-mississippi/

          • I live in Mississippi where the 19 year old cheerleader was set on fire. There are pictures in an article an investigative reporter wrote of the “sweet innocent cheerleader” kissing a bluegum cotton patch gang member she had been dating since she was 17. It’s sorta like the old Grand Dragon of the Klan said when that idiot Howard stern tried to bait him about the OJ Simpson case, “Sometimes these white sluts get what they deserve”.

            • Here is the link to the article on the Mississippi burning.www.the conservative tree house.com2014/12/13/mississippi-burning-day-6-the-murder-of-jessics-lane-chambers-exposes-massive-problems-in-panola-county-mississippi/#more-93791

              • Mark and EOTS, I read the article along with days 2-5. While I agree the girl did not deserve to die and my condolences to family and friends, she should never have been involved with any black male, period! Those relationships don’t work out at all. Plus, if Jessica had been black, she still would’ve been just as likely to have been killed. Black males are evil.

            • no one deserves to die that way, and the fact that its being covered up is sick

              what if your kid was killed this way just because they were a white person?

            • Howard Stern is just another stinking member of ‘that tribe’.

            • You are sick!

      8. OFF TOPIC
        Has anyone else noticed that the Leftist Libertarian Loons of Kevin 2, 6Pack, Whowouldhavethunkit, ect seem to always wait until the non-Libertarians post before they attack those with either a pro-American/anti-Russian point of view?


        It’s almost as if they’re paid government trolls sent here to spread Marxist propaganda????,…..just say’n.

        • THEIR not THEY’RE

          • I think you were right the first time: ‘they are’ = they’re, v. the plural possessive ‘their’

            But it is early, and the coffee has not sunk in yet.

          • Actually ‘they’re is correct. It would read as ‘Its almost as if THEY ARE’ ect. Their is a ‘possesive’ term meaning ‘belonging to’.
            You gotta love English.

            • It’s etc., not ect.

          • Naw, it’s just that they have no thoughts of their own. Their objective is to break things, not to build anything.

          • Sinner…If your going to correct someone’s grammar make sure your right, in this case your not….(They’re=They are)Their is posessive

        • Sinner- WRONG Dolt Paid Shill. I am not lefty or a righty, just a truth seeker that will call out the paid shills like you who spew BS. 6Pack also speaks the truth. Our Government has been Hijacked by the Kabal. If you support that, than you are Anti-American. Maybe we need to cancel your dual citizenship passport and send you back to the Zog pigs who sent you here. I love my country called America, and despize the Shills like you hellbent on creating chaos and spreading hate and divide. Lay of the Meth Sinner, since your brain has also been hijacked and fried.

          • btw/ Sinner, my family has been in this country called America since 1638, just 18 years before the Pilgrams landed, and a slight part of me is Native American (Mohawk).(Man-eater butchers) We built this country (NY Skyscrapers) you are tying to tear down with our freedoms. I will take you call you out every time, and take you A-holes out if I get the chance in SHTF. You are now on my list. Call me Anti-American you freak? What boat did you just get off from?

            • Whodoo, you’re full of bullsh$$! Go ahead and prove your statements about your heritage or shut the fuck up.

      9. If the power is not abused, there could be advantages in having a national police force along the model of the FBI. Shared information and resources could help solve crimes, especially when state lines are crossed. I think there should be a code of conduct for both the LEO and the people being questioned. These young unarmed black men are hardly innocent. Their actions contributed to the escalation of the situation.

      10. “… a private force that’s just as powerful, just as well funded as the military.”

        Ring a bell anyone? The Liar in Chief told you all about this before he was elected. The people wanted this.

        I’m honestly not sure why anyone is surprised about this. In true Islamic fashion Obama told you what he was going to do then did it.

        Oh wait! I know… the Republicans will save us!

        ROFL MAO!!

      11. We had another strong solar flare early this morning. It was an M8.8, not quite X class.

      12. ok boys,we have sensitivity training at 10,goose stepping lessons at 11. Polish them boots! The government will issue new brown shirts at noon.

      13. good article. Take a look who is heading up US customes and border protection: A former Police Chief. coincidence?

      14. Right out of the TSA playbook, You can’t professionalize unless you federalize.

        As if changing the payer name on the paycheck will fix things. It just provides absolute cover for greater abuse

        • If you change the word “federalize” for “unionize” I’ll agree 100%.

      15. OK, everyone, the idea of a national police force is nothing new. There has been at least a proposal if not an actual plan for such a force since the 70s. Back in the early 70s, Congress created the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration [LEAA] to give federal aid to local, county, and state LE agencies. The program was so plagued with problems it was ended in the 80s. The current militarization of LE started back in the 90s. The FBI was brainwashing local and state LE with their BS before 9/11. I used to think the FBI would be the core of a national police force before 9/11. After 9/11, when the DHS was created, I knew right then they would eventually become the American Gestapo. If a national police force is created, rest assured there will be PERMANENT CONFLICT BETWEEN THEM AND THE PUBLIC. The federal govt. created all of the problems in law enforcement we have now. Washington DC has sown the seeds of conflict between LE and the public. A lot of people on both sides will die. I don’t want this conflict any more than anyone else here does, but I will NOT let a rogue cop have his own way with me. I’ll leave it at that.

      16. Am reading Enemies Foreign snd Domestic, Braken,
        Were almost there, just lacking the catalyst,
        Wonder when we will see it?
        Small arms treaty? Some other FF? Tis the season, what better way to get the sheep outraged so they scream for more control

        • Kula, I have that entire Bracken series. those 3 books were HARD to put down.

      17. It is as clear as crystal that the govt contributed to the destruction of my family. Plus they killed my dad, so they can suck this STRAIGHT WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE’S COCK! And swallow. I DO NOT PAY INCOME TAXES FOR A REASON.


          • so am i, but you can believe if any illegal or muslim seriously threatens me; if i think i can kill them and dump them in the gulf of mexico without being found out; i’ll do it and sleep well that night.

            if my own country wont protect me, i’ll do it myself.

            • Our Founding Fathers are shooting off random rounds in their graves.

              • I’ll bet its a real b1tch reloading those muzzleloading muskets from inside a tiny pine box..

            • lena, Any muddy canal with gators, will be gone in a day or so. Problem solved.

          • Christians can fight back..I hope your not thinking because your christian that you have to take shit laying down

            this Christian sure as heck doesnt

          • IOWA… Did you find a new place to live? Hows it going?

            • I got an apt Monday. I think I’ll make it if another straw doesn’t land.

              • Howdy, Iowa. Glad to hear things are looking up for you. You’ll be just fine. take care.

      18. ​Once upon a time, an elected leader wanted to become dictator.

        But there were local police all over the country who would stop his plans. Many local police has even opposed publicly his plan to seize guns of citizens.So he came up with a plan:

        1. First, pre-position local police with military equipment, especially mine resistant vehicles in areas where police never face bombs.

        2. Attack the local police as racist, trigger happy etc. He incites riots, and stops local police from preventing violence.

        3. Then……….. only a national police force can solve the riots.

        A national force loyal only to Dear Leader.

      19. If anybody here thinks that Obama is going to leave office without some type of executive order gun ban, you be sleeping. Don’t count on the Republicans to stop it. Even GW Bush said if congress brought an assault rifle ban to his desk, he would sign it.

        • Bring it,,,,
          I hope they try some crap like that,,,
          there will be the usual assholes who will call me a sociopath for wishing for that, SO WHAT, I COULD CARE LESS WHAT SOME PASSIVIST GARBAGE THINKS OF ME!
          Bring it I say, lets get this over with so my kids and families kids have a chance,
          Money and posessions can be replaced, our liberty will take BLOOD to reinstate.
          The blood of patriots and tyrants.

          • Right on!

            I knew I could count on you

            the other day Kevin2 thought it would be better to hand this down to our kids and our grand kids .. so I called him a coward

            I still think that act and voicing it as such is cowardly .. If the few generations before us would have ever done something about 1/2 this shit we are dealing with it may have made the road a bit smoother

            handing it down to the next generation is asking for failure without a doubt .. they dont even know what the constitution or bill of rights say let alone the pre-amble .. and that is also by design .. the PAB would rather fight the next few generations coming up.. not this one for sure, and thats why we have to disappoint them and kick them in the dick every chance we get

            • Exactly,
              The illusion that we can use the system and vote it back to reality,,,
              WE are so far beyond the ballot being any useful tool,
              I know so many older conservatives who say theres nothing we can do but vote for the right people,
              Those days are long gone.
              We will continue to see this creep toward a locked down state of existence,
              18 TRILLION in debt
              More and more legislation to steal your assets
              More and more infringement on rights,
              Rights that are not supposed to be infringed upon mind you,
              More and more take from those who work to support those who dont or who are newcomers,,,
              I say screw that crap,
              NO MORE

              • Kula, braveheart is of the same mindset at this time.

              • Howdy Kula, I agree with you guys. This is a slow burn by design, if we dont deal with this I’m afraid the ones even just a few years younger just dont have it in them…well anyhow Marry christmas and Happy New Years..

          • It cant be helped Kula…wish it could but being it cant Im with you,lets get this thing going so as it can be fixed…aint no way to fix it when its being kept alive and defended by TPTB…as a wise man once said if theres to be war let it be in my time so my kids may know peace! REB

      20. Oh yeah, WW3 is already in progress. Early stages. Cyber war practice. Financial war, full blown. Surrogate wars, Syria, Ukraine, etc. Soon the real thing. Nukes? Maybe. The shooting starts much sooner than anyone expects. Brace yo’ self. It’s here.

      21. For those complaining about no preparedness articles. Ten ways to to kick the police state in the face over @ The Daily Sheeple.

        • They can Google preparedness articles if need be.

          • trust me, no one comes here for the recycled preparedness articles from other websites. Once I learned where the material was coming from, I simply bookmarked those sites.

      22. Obama wants to normalize relations with Cuba. There are laws on the books that Obama will ignore and Congress will look the other way. Why? The Globalists want to steal a long time ally of Russia. WW3. A nuke deal with Iran? Why? The Globalists want to steal another ally of Russia. WW3. Does it make sense now?

      23. It has become in this admin that blacks have more rights than any other race. It follows the big 0’s church doctrine along with equality, which is not equal, social Justice which has no justice, healthcare laws that make us worse off, an education system that does not educate, regulations and taxes that hurt businesses and economy, and a hate America theme which is causing depression, riots, woes, and an uneducated populace of dependency to follow the tyrant leader.

        I have found a place to live that does not feel the brunt of his policies, and police only go after the bad guys and save lives for those who need help. If police are nationalized, the bad guys will be helped and the good guys will end up imprisoned. It is proven this potus does the opposite of what is right and good with God, an embodiment of evil. Pray for our country.

      24. seriously? “Loretta Lynch”..? That’s like a bad southern joke….

      25. Badges are the modern day REDCOATS.

        I can list a whole list of exact emulation, and things far worse than what redcoats did.

        Just following orders is not a valid excuse, but a lack of ethics, values and morals.

        If even 10% percent of daily duties entail actions against the constitution and the spirit in which it was written, then only a TRAITOR would choose to be a cop.

        Civil Asset Forfeiture
        Swat Raids in non peril imminent circumstances
        Drug prohibition
        Seat belt tickets, and the like
        Participating in a FOR PROFIT prison (fascist gulag)
        Using weapons against protestors

        • Yes….and we have some wolves in sheeps clothing right here, and plenty of statists to lick their badges and boots. And the worst part is they claim to be Christian and to worship Yahweh. And they claim to be patriots and fed up with the system.It’s like being in the twilight zone listening to them and their supporters. Our country has already been infiltrated and over run a long long time ago by many different factions and faces on all sides. The greatest experiment is done, over, dead and will never be revived…..EVER, not like it was and was meant to be. The cancer sickness has been bred into the majority of people….even a bunch here at sites like this have had this bred in them and taught the BS from childhood. The cancer is too wide spread.

          • Did your parents have any children that lived?

            • No it sounds like when bj& sf was born the throw out the baby and kept the afterbirth

            • no………… moron

          • Your absolutly right and I am a christain and Patriot and hate the hypococy others spew on these sites sickens me. Don’t know if people will ever wake up or not and that scares the hell out of me. Because not all a cop has to do is start yelling put down the knife and without a true witness as to weather or not you had one your dead or beat. I fear anytime I see one I think is he gona try to detain me for no reason? Or heaven help me I get pulled over for nothing or even if it is a light out or something am I going to make it home? Never mind them wanting to go home what about our rights to be able to go home too?
            Like the guy I just seen pulled over for some tag expired, but he’s exempt since it’s a dealers car or something like that. But when the guy tryed to show that to the cop he garbbed his arm and who doesn’t try to pull away when not doing anything wrong but he tryed to pull away and got tasered. Lot owner yelled at the cop but got threatened so he backed off but still yelled. The guy he tasered was in his 70’s So ya I fear them I don’t respect them not at all. I respect they have absolut power ove weather I live or die but other than that no! Good point. You find me a hypcrit!

      26. John Adams, the second president of the United States, once made the following statement:

        “Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

      27. With regard to the looters, etc., The people who should be dealing with the looters and such is the owners of the various business, cars and trucks, is to blast the criminal perpetrators into oblivion…under the legal umbrella of defending themselves and their property. If the police wanted to be REAL Americans, they would prevent anyone from interfering with said blasting. However, they should be prepared to arrest anyone that accidentally hits an innocent bystander.

      28. Same story, different date, all the same. No comment.

        Wait, I do have one. How did a gang of thugs in blue get more authority than the people that pay/elect them?
        OK, let me answer that one, THEY DON”T WORK FOR YOU. They work for the controllers/politicians/state to instill fear so that the masses will follow any law they deem legal. No matter how draconian/inhuman that law may be.

        Will it end? NO, It’ll only get worst as the system collapses around their feet.

      29. anyone else but me ever watch those NWO videos on Youtube?
        One of the main things mentioned in those video’s is exactly this, but not so subtle. Meaning the Police are to be Nationalised under some name can’t remember: But then handed off to the UN! So is this the same thing then?
        Call me a Conspiracy nut but this smells like one. If not it’s a perfeclty open agenda with well planed out steps in advance and both sides are playing right in. Which is why exaclty we should of Indicted Willson and that other cop who killed Garner!
        So as I said this is really a subtle way of doing all this so it doesn’t look like anything other than something normal, and maybe look like it’s doing something good. SO ya the rioters may have been usefull Idiots, but so has all the others who blindly followed Willson, and truly believe he was innocent. I’ve read those Court transcripts, and more witnesses said they saw Brown with his hands up at least shoulder heigth and only walked towards the cop/Wilson rather than rush him.
        Since I never followed that crowd I can’t say I was duped but others were and think you should investigate for yourself. Might want to question the validity of those that call the Sandy hook thing a hoax they might actually be on to something. Seems to me these cases have truth in them but since the pubic has already made up their mind on what that is truth is getting hidden!
        Again this story goes along with what I seen in those videos, but instead of calling it outloud a move to nationalise cops they do it this way!

      30. There are already “Homeland Security” cars running around with “Police” written on them and Federalist cops riding in them. They’re trying to acclimate the people to get used to such a thing. The people are more likely to defend themselves from any accosting by police than to succumb to such authoritarianism. The people must govern themselves and defend themselves from those who won’t govern themselves and who try to rule over others.

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