What Would Happen If Humans Vanished From the Planet? Video Shows “Lights Out. Nature Takes Over.”

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 69 comments

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    After the crisis, there could be nothing left of human populations.

    There is no doubt that a disaster big enough to wipe out humanity exists – the threat of an EMP, a plague-level outbreak event, a total nuclear war, it doesn’t really matter what it is. Even if there were survivors, the larger forces at work will undo the artificial forms that now dot the landscape and define our culture.

    How long would it take for nature to reclaim the vestiges and ruins of civilization that would be left on the planet after a mass extinction event in which humans no longer existed on earth?

    These events would be catastrophic at magnitudes truly unimaginable in today’s society, and yet the danger is real, however unlikely they may seem.

    This is a stunning look at how fragile our world really is, and how close we are to the brink of a drastic “reset” on a truly global scale.

    The late Michael Ruppert warned of the coming collapse on a scale not expressed by many others who see what is coming:

    We’re at the zero point of systemic collapse. That’s really the point at which it becomes clear that we are experiencing living through a system’s failure of human industrial civilization.


    I would argue that it’s already begun, especially with the crime wave that’s now coming, not just against police officers. But, I’m also tracking violent crime and the predators who understand that there’s a much lessened law enforcement presence out there. They’re feeding on this energy of collapse, are coming out aggressively looking for victims. It’s very important that you learn how not to be one.

    We also have climate collapse, mass extinction, the Gulf of Mexico – it’s absolutely clear that the Gulf of Mexico is dead – and the people who have been exposed to that are very sick and dying. That’s not coming back. [Editor’s Note: Add to that the impact of Fukushima and other disasters.]

    There is nothing we can do to prevent it [collapse]. No matter what we do…The last three words that I spoke at the biggest lecture I ever had at the University of Washington Seattle in 2005 – the last three words were Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

    Read more:

    Ruppert: We’re at the Zero Point of Systemic Collapse

    25 Signs That Middle Class Families Have Been Targeted For Extinction

    Looming Doom Report Says ‘Humans Extinct By August’

    Peak Pollination: Global Collapse of Food Supplies Approaches As 30% of Bee Colonies Wiped Out In the Last Year

    Unprecedented Mass Die Offs as Pacific Ocean “Turning Into a Desert” Off California Coast


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      1. Whatever happened to that asteroid that was to hit close to PR?

        Hard to predict the future, though many try…

        • eppe, I don’t think it hit yet. We’re still here.
          Thinking about a move to Georgia though, to be safe..
          Was it HCKS who said it was going to hit, guaranteed?
          Ah, predictions, Yogi!

          • Ketchup, seeing you would be on the front lines, it would make a mess.

            Georgia is nice, wide range of topography.
            Way too many transplants, but we adapt to many. Traffic sux though…

            • Those who’ve blown their OPSEC will be toast first. That’s a Given.


              • As usual, wrong again.
                The lone swamp rat will be eliminated early in the game, probabally neighbors.
                As for opsec, the first time you posted, you were on the list, and after reading the tripe you spew, that moved you up to the top of the list.
                But considering you evolved from space bacteria, what can one expect???
                So you can pull your head out of my ass and give it up.
                Go fuck with someone else.

            • Eppe, I just got home an hour ago but I’ll be back in July right before the convention. something tells me this next trip could be the bugout. If a false-flag takes place at the convention, then I’ll already be at the BOL and it’s definitely the bugout. I’ll treat this next trip as the bugout. something’s in the air; I can feel it.

              • braveheart ive been reading and folling yall for a couple of years now. now I’m not real smart on a lot of things yall talk about but I know that the economy is in terrible shape and going down the tubes! but what do you pay attention to that really tells you things are at their worst and its time to go?

            • Not in the mountains of Georgia …which are just the southerly end of The Smokies (lesser in elevation but plenty high and not very populated for those willing to drive gravel roads miles from power lines, phone lines, etc). Same way for SouthEast TN (up in them thar hills), nothing but Christians, churches and gravel roads. Same thing for Extreme Western NC. All “mighty” mountains, much of it NEVER ventured into by LEOs nor Game Wardens …(they go in but never come back out). ANYPLACE in Northern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Nova Scotia is almost void of people (as you approach Canada roads turn to gravel then mud then ‘ruts’ (from the older wagon days). Cold? Yeppers! But wood is plentiful and cheap compared to MOST other places.
              Alaska is one I cannot speak for, having never been there on foot, …only a flyover. I doubt anyone “off the beaten path” ANYWHERE in The USA has much to fret about. “They” (whomever they turn out to be), are scared shitless of the woods and have been since they were children. It will be fun making childhood nightmares come true as they sleep? 🙂 It is next to impossible to fight an enemy you cannot see, hear or smell. Weapon of choice …compound bow and/or “weapons of silence” (knives, spears, blow-darts “tipped” w/your choice of poisons, “jaw” traps, trip-wires (use them to ‘trip’ whatever you have available).
              You can EASILY TELL IF THERE IS SOMEONE (OR SEVERAL) APPROACHING as the woods will first go “very quiet”, then you will see the ‘skittish’ animals (like deer) running in the exact opposite direction (giving YOU the knowledge of knowing where they’ll come in from). If you are not “made” …so much the better as evasiveness if your best friend. If you are trapped, RESIST THEN ESCAPE. If you are caught, ESCAPE ASAP.
              There are nothing but “no-brainers” when it comes to battles …especially “on your turf and on your conditions.” So, if you can, set up your BOL to ‘steer’ them away to ANYWHERE but directly down YOUR road, path or trail. (I would cover all three “to the max” …(remember the damned satellites are able to read a letter in your hands from 140 miles OUT IN ORBIT). That a “no shit” truth. (So, they can even pick out a well-beaten path, so have MANY that do nothing but make huge circles). 🙂

          • Ketchup, you can’t go wrong with north GA. You just need to be on your Ps and Qs and prove yourself to the people there.

            • BTW Ketchup, I’m skeptical myself about HCKS. We’ll see.

              • I was kidding about Georgia, guys. You have your slice of heaven on earth and the wife and I have ours here and we’re not going anywhere.
                I think it’s one of the safest places to be. It’s got $ issues and all but local law enforcement will melt away like Saddam’s army when SHTF. Gangs, another story, but we’re remote and could ditch into jungle for a time..
                Being hidden in the mountains has it’s advantages.

                But, today I’m not thinking about any of that. Surf has come up and I’m off to catch a few waves and forget the world’s troubles for a while.

                • Cowabunga dude.
                  Kula has a killer place also.
                  One day an asteroid named ‘wormwood’ will hit earth and screw up everything, but till then “surfs up”…

        • I can honestly say many things I have done will exist 20-30 million years or longer. I know of one 200# chunk of stainless steel and Tungsten I lost over 8,000 ft below Surface. It’s got over 200 ft of cement over it. Plus drilling mud. Sucker cost about $8,000 20 odd years ago. Actually I have several, but that one I know exactly where it is and it’s going to stay there. Geologists have made lots of marks that will last; Go see the Iron pits in UP Mi

        • http://www.thedailysheeple.com/boom-blue-cross-blue-shield-requests-whopping-60-rate-hike-in-2017-thanks-to-obamacare_062016











          MACAU PORTUGUESE $91,376

          HONG KONG BRITISH $50,936

          JAPAN AMERICA $32,480

          TAIWAN DUTCH/SPANISH $21,571

          SOUTH KOREA AMERICA $27,513

          SINGAPORE BRITISH $56,319


          MAINLAND CHINA — $8,239




          I AM A RACIST



      2. I think this guy is jumping the gun!Somebody will probably survive and with the info available will reboot in a few generations and rebuild. Lets don’t quit before the game begins….it might be an upset!

        • This article is a little sillier than most however, if you wanna know what happens after shtf, read the bible.

          • Thank you sir. Agree completely!!

        • Got all your electronics safe in your Faraday Cage and EMP Proffed? This Sat it could be lights out.

          Watch issued for possible solar storm Saturday
          Posted: Jun 02, 2016 9:06 AM EDT

          By: Adam Del Rosso

          BOULDER — The Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a watch for a possible moderate geomagnetic storm Saturday thanks to activity on the sun.

          Forecasters say storms of the magnitude forecasted could generate fluctuations on power grids and impact high frequency radios. It will also increase chances of seeing the northern lights.

          Current forecasts have the lights reaching as far south as Northern Illinois, however clouds could impact any views.

          Space weather is generated by charged particles that come from the sun and interact with Earth’s magnetic field.


      3. The History Channel series, Life After People was very interesting.

      4. Curious that the most adaptable creature ever
        to have occupied Earth, would totally disappear.
        Maybe you could make it happen with some sort
        of Genetic targeted weapon. Like the Movie
        “12 Monkeys”.
        ( which I wouldn’t put past many Liberals).
        One thing I’m pretty sure of, is that in about
        5 Billion years or so, this little rock will
        no longer exist.
        Keep in mind all the stuff that makes up Earth
        came from the inside of other stars, that no
        longer exist.
        Prep on!

      5. If the trolls vanished, then I could say, HALLELEUJAH! LOL!

        • I would hope certain posters here would disappear too.

          Hope you had a great trip…

          • Eppe, would one of those be WWTI by chance? LOL. the trip was great as usual and I’ll be back in July right before the convention. BTW, I’m treating the next trip as the bugout. Can’t help thinking a false-flag at the convention. something’s in the air; I can feel it. we’ll see. One poster I wish would come back is Be Informed. we could all use a dose of his wisdom right now. Hey, has anyone heard from Genius? Hope he’s OK.

      6. How long for nature to take over?Well,was it a planet killing asteroid/nuke war that ended the human race?If the answer is yes nature probably also fucked,even in the depths of the oceans.Just say a 100% Captain Tripps,eh,a few centuries should hide the majority of the garbage of the human race.I would say the true old stuff made of solid rock blocks ect.,may last long enuff for the greys to visit and at that point actually be impressed assuming they were not following our history!

      7. aren’t there something like 400 nuclear reactors ?

        what happens when humans aren’t there to keep them from melting down ???

        • Then we all go tits up.

      8. There’s no way mankind can be wiped off the planet and still have advanced lifeforms on the planet. An EMP won’t annihilate the human race. It would have little to no effect on a lot of people in the third world.

        • An EMP would devastate Africa, as much of that continent is completely dependent upon food aid.

          • obviously you never fucking gone in africa ever..

            they grow their own food you fucking morron.

        • That is correct. 3rd World countries with NO forms of electronics would not have a clue if the power to the earth was ‘cinched’. Life would go on with or without electricity. Always did so why should the loss of it change much of anything?
          Rebuilding it would NOT be as bad as people would have you believe. Yes, it may take years to recreate large transformers, but hell, most folks would make their own juice using damns, generators, solar or just live “old fashioned” and screw the electricity. Horses don’t need to be plugged in overnight …for one.

      9. Ketchup, its wasn’t just me it was most of us.. trolls are concerned about my grammar..

        Sarge just mentioned that he had BOL one and BOL 2.. he is certainly prepping to another level..

        Brave bought a 590A1 street cleaner a few months back.

        Aim short, miss small..



        Dead as phuck October 2016-2019..i am lucky if I even last that long..

        • HCKS, we’ll all be struggling to survive what’s coming. If you have ANY kind of place to bugout to, I would do so before the convention. I’ll be going back to the BOL in July right before the convention. If a false-flag takes place there, then that’s it. I’ll be staying put at the BOL. if you stay in Houston, you ARE screwed. get out of there if there’s any way possible.

        • HCKs- don’t go all nihilistic on us:) You have a much better chance than most.

          That vet that shot up the town a few days ago… that was either a bad case of PTSD or programming. That guy went TO Memorial on the day before Memorial Day to make some kind of statement.

          Stay positive. Do some things that are fun. Things may be better than what we expect, or worse than what we fear- but none of us are wrong here. We are all correct to whatever degree the future unfolds. If we hit a slow unwind like Venezuela, we who prep just a bit will be way ahead. Same thing with an emp. At least we will know what we are facing and not have to go through a learning curve. I have a feeling that many people will be at their finest… along with the folks who will not be. And I guess I am fatalistic to some degree. After all, we all die. But, it is really something to have hope past this life.

          Bringing fried chicken Friday to a charity in the area. Enjoying the basic building blocks of human life right now in the present.

      10. just gets better and better

        Third Veteran Dumped By Trump Because Of Military Service

        h ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-fires-veterans-military-service_us_57509590e4b0c3752dcd08cf

        back on topic
        when Toba erupted
        it is estimated that the human population on earth was reduced to as few as 20,000
        happened once
        can happen again

        and if the guys who keep the nuclear power plants running are killed ?

        that could contaminate the entire planet for thousands of years

        • Satori – I have only prepped with about a 60 day supply of Potassium Iodide. 10,000 Yrs, is a long time. I need to get more. Start checking all your preps for expiration dates. Drugs, food, chapstick, and I now hear using SPF Sunblocker will reduce sperm count in men. Or rub some more on your balls to avoid getting a chick pregnant.

          ~WWTI… Reporting from the Big Green Swamp.

        • …try (at least) 450,000 years. Seriously.

      11. Ask the Mayans how extinction works? Any Mayan out there, raise your hand!!


      12. Dafuq does Trump have to do with anything in this article? And quoting the Huff post? That would be a double dip of douchebaggery… Relax my man….

      13. There are nine billion people on the planet, living in just about every ecosystem available. There is no way all of us are going to die off, it’s just not possible without a cockroach-level extinction event.

        • Actually about 7.25B. Microorganism will finish us. Something like 99% of species that ever existed are extinct. Human in their present form have existed for what, 100K years? If you believe this planet is 4.5B years old, humans don’t even merit a footnote in the history of planet Earth.

      14. This is a take off the TV Series “Life After Man”. Before giving up TV I watched it. Not bad. However, contemplating all the ways that could bring about the complete annilation of mankind seems like a very bad psychological terror game perpetrated against a fearful population. What is constructive about this article? If everyone is dead and gone, the struggle for survival is over. If you and one or two people are left, one of the oldest fantasies around, depending on the character and intellect and age and sex of the survivors, life will be good or bad. Will they do right and create Paradise, or will they fall into temptation and create hell. As always, life is what you make it.

      15. super volcano
        h ttp://www.metatech.org/wp/earth-changes/super-volcano-historys-greatest-secret/

        just recently a new super volcano was discovered in the arctic

        • ALL OVER THE WORLD, if one were to dive down to the seabeds, they’ll find thousands and thousands of volcanic vents pumping BOILING WATER into the cold sea-water (with sea-life living happily within it all).
          The point I’m trying to make is that there are far more undiscovered volcanoes beneath our oceans that could “blow” at any time to our complete surprise (and dismay).
          We, as prepper, don’t give a damn about what happened to earth in the past, as there is nothing to be gained from that knowledge (with an eye to survival). Different world, different people, different ideas and MURDEROUS MINDSETS exactly as JFK told The USA “at the onset” of his short career as POTUS. To THINK that they have been plotting our demises since that time would indeed be correct, yet all it has taken for us to remain “untouched” is the knowledge that we are armed and shall not bow down to ANYTHING that remotely suggests that we’ll be disarmed. If I become disarmed, then it means I am dead ..and “died free” right? Righto!
          Do not allow your focuses to be ‘scattered’ in all directions as they wish you to do (as in: become confuses and unsure). Every day that passes gives at least ONE prepper a ‘one-up’ as compared to yesterday.
          DO assume the Internet will disappear this year (and when it does there will be many nasties to follow). Tucked away in a BOL off the beaten path will suffice nicely as compared to being in a cellar of downtown NYC …or at least it works for me. I’ve no interest in urban warfare and the uncertainties of it. Guerrilla-warfare tactics keep “popping up” as the most likely form of warfare we’ll quite likely face.
          Lastly, “they” can broadcast bullshit and articulate “this and that” to their heart’s content …and it changes nothing. We’ll still be armed to the teeth, well-prepped and educated in WAY more than those who have never heard of “preppers” except in “bizarre” ways (meant to deter them from learning the truths of this world …as Venezuela has just learned the hard way). THEY WERE NOT ARMED AND HAD NOTHING TO START WITH …so of course they are leaving with nothing as well. One needs to put everything on the table in order to determine the ‘real’ scenario of “what is going on” and “what is bullshit, fear porn and the like.
          I agree there MUST be something in the works, and of course it MUST be aimed at taking down one of the remaining candidates, or perhaps both …which would mean Hillary is unconcerned (as she always seems to be), because, perhaps?, she KNOWS there will not be an election. There have been two others in government that have stated, before leaving, that “they expect a major and natural disaster to happen followed by “necessary implementations enacted by our government in the interests of National Security. That’s their way of saying YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE TARGETED in all ways and means. I’ve been ‘harping’ since last year there quite likely will not be any election, knowing it would turn into illegal declarations of Martial Laws (in the cities to begin with as country folk have FAR better options to work with in repel such thinking). But …if nothing happens at all, then once again it has all been no diff than Y2K coupled with ‘fear porn’. Many are saying THIS AND THAT exist …but how many have “SEEN” what they claim to be the cold, hard truth? Like, why can’t I see Niburu or the supposed 9th planet that orbits every 10 or 20k years?
          Don’t allow your asses to be buried in bullshit or you’ll make errors. Stay on course and listen to your “gut instincts always”.
          …and go buy some more primers, 500 to 1000. They make great little “powerpacks” just as a ‘blank’ (and at point blank will kill on its own, or will propel small objects than bullets in a makeshift ‘tube’ rather nicely ….”improvised munitions” read up!. Seriously…

      16. Well, judging by how fast my front yard grows in Springtime…no time at all! Oh…did I forget to mention, I hate yardwork?

      17. People always think they are more important or have a greater impact on the earth than they do.

        If you mapped the world on population, you would be surprised at how little 7 billion people make any mark on the land. even at 7 billion, there would be over 5 acres of land for every person if you actually divided it up.

        I’m sorry but if the human race was wiped out this weekend, the earth wouldn’t not even notice and climate change would continue along exactly as it is now because people also contribute jack to that, less than 1 percent of CO2 that is less than 1 percent of the atmosphere.

        don’t know if the coming world debt defaults will wipe out all the people, but the planet wont even notice.

      18. Brave, trust me friend, I am working in all sorts of contingent type plans.. good one Satori. Educate the dumbass masses and let them know what has happened..

        Satori is telling the truth, that happened in the past before.

        My scientist friend told us about that thing that happened in the past where barely 20,000 humans were on the globe and people are on here talking crap to me.. this planet will become a post human environment..


        • HCKS, glad to hear you’re working on some contingencies. If you can, get some property 100-200 miles away from any urban area. The further away you get, the better your chances of survival.

      19. This has to be in the top 5 dumbest articles.


      20. *Cake Mix +1 Ingredient Emergency Desserts*

        When the lights go out, a little dessert makes everything better. These are one pan, quick and easy, cake-mix + one-ingredient-desserts. They will calm any child (young or old) and fix any sweet tooth during an emergency. They are good enough to eat without frosting so they really are just mix+1 ingredient.
        If this is your first time making such a cake, I recommend the Angel Food and pineapple as your first – it’s fail proof. Then experiment with what your family likes and add a few to your food storage. There are recipes all over the Internet. Search for “dump cake.” Here are a few of my family’s favorites:
        • Angel Food Cake Mix + 1 can Cherry Pie Filling OR Blueberry Pie Filling OR Apple Pie Filling. Puree the pie filling. Any fruit-based pie filling will do. (Pumpkin will fail!)
        • Angel Food + 20 oz crushed pineapple, OR peaches OR apricots, OR fruit cocktail, undrained, Puree fruit. Any soft fruit in the pantry will do but apples aren’t my favorite.
        • Brownie Mix + 15 oz Black Beans. Don’t drain beans. Puree or mash beans with a fork.
        • Brownie Mix + 12 oz Diet Coke
        • Carrot Cake Mix + 12 oz any Diet Soda (Ginger Ale is my favorite)
        • Chocolate Cake Mix + 15 oz Pumpkin Puree
        • Lemon Cake Mix + 12 oz Diet 7UP or Ginger Ale
        • Lemon Cake Mix + 15 oz Mandarin Orange Segments, undrained. Puree or mash oranges with a fork
        • Orange Cake Mix + 15 oz Mandarin Orange Segments, undrained. Puree oranges.
        • Orange Cake Mix + 12 oz Diet 7UP
        • Red Velvet Cake Mix + 12 oz any Diet Soda (Cherry coke is my fav)
        • Spice Cake Mix + 15 oz Pumpkin Puree ******YUMMMM******
        • Spice Cake Mix + 2 cups Applesauce (cinnamon applesauce is also yummy)
        • Strawberry Cake Mix + 12 oz Diet 7UP
        • Yellow Cake Mix + 15 oz Pumpkin Puree
        Do NOT make cake mix according to instructions on the box. Lightly coat pan with cooking oil or spray. Dump in the +1 ingredient then spread cake mix on top. Mix well.
        Disregard cooking time. Cook until golden brown, or when cake pulls away from pan sides or when an inserted toothpick comes out clean…whichever doneness-test works best in your circumstances.
        Desserts may be cooked in a traditional oven, a Sun Oven, or a Crock-Pot (on low). Cooking times in traditional oven will be less than on the box.
        NOTES: If it seems too dry, add a couple of tablespoons of water, juice or butter – whatever you have. Two ingredient cakes don’t rise as much as regular cakes but they still taste well and have good texture. Regular soda (Coke, Ginger Ale, Mountain Dew, 7-UP, etc.) can replace diet soda. Cheap sodas work just as well and taste just as good as brands. Home-canned foods can be substituted for store bought. Add walnuts, pecans, almonds, coconut, spices or anything else you have on hand…”mix+1 ingredient” is just for the hard times. Also makes cupcakes.
        Cakes are generally moist without the need for icing but some (like red velvet) benefit from adding ice cream or whipped topping if available. (IMHO)
        Buy cake mixes around the holidays, when they go on sale. After bringing the mix home from the grocery, freeze it for three days. This kills any possible flour bugs. Then open the box, cut off the instructions and trash the box. Next, open the mix bag and slide a vacuum seal bag over it. Now the mix bag has its open end on the bottom. This way, when you vacuum it, the mix doesn’t get sucked up into the seal. I like to seal mixes so they lay mostly flat; thus stack easily into a plastic tote. I include box-instructions in the vacuum bag, just in case I want to make it the “regular way.” I have cake mixes that are nine years old and still good.

        • “They will calm any child (young or old)”

          So will the back of my hand…..

          • Yohan is John in German. Hey there John-boy!

      21. The summer of rage is coming people. The way protesters are coming out against trump supporters is gonna turn ugly I’m thinking blood like a river soon. I’m preparing to be a no call no show at work. Not gonna be out in the streets when society breaks down. Forget economic collapse emp thinking the gimme dats are gonna start attacking the patriots. The stronger trumps support the bolder they will get. keep the shotty by the door.

      22. The fact that we are alive now. Might prove that we always get depopulated before we can totally destroy the planet ?

      23. The world would be a better place.
        The water will be pure again, the forest green, the oceans not polluted.
        Humans are a cancer.

        • Are you starting with YOURSELF? Your children? Who, mon ami, do you propose to bump off? You Malthusians are both ignorant, and no better than Nazis.

          As a matter of fact, the AIR is MUCH cleaner than several decades ago, and given the slight increase in CO2 – which has has ZERO global warming effect, in fact ZERO increase sine 1998 for use who aren’t intellectually dishonest like you apparently are – vegetation and trees are at an all time high.

          Wired.com notes about the acid rain emergency of yesteryear, which was the 1980s version of AGW: “In the 1980s it was acid rain’s turn to be the source of apocalyptic forecasts. In this case it was nature in the form of forests and lakes that would bear the brunt of human pollution. The issue caught fire in Germany, where a cover story in the news magazine Der Spiegel in November 1981 screamed: “THE FOREST DIES.” Not to be outdone, Stern magazine declared that a third of Germany’s forests were already dead or dying. Bernhard Ulrich, a soil scientist at the University of Göttingen, said it was already too late for the country’s forests: “They cannot be saved.” Forest death, or waldsterben, became a huge story across Europe. “The forests and lakes are dying. Already the damage may be irreversible,” journalist Fred Pearce wrote in New Scientist in 1982. It was much the same in North America: Half of all US lakes were said to be becoming dangerously acidified, and forests from Virginia to central Canada were thought to be suffering mass die-offs of trees (in fact, the use of coal, and later oil, stopped the destruction of forests in early America, and later the destruction of whales. Fertilizer made from natural gas also halved the land requirements for agriculture and freed it for wildlife, more trees, national parks, and more.) Conventional wisdom has it that this fate was averted by prompt legislative action to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions from power plants. That account is largely false. There was no net loss of forest in the 1980s to reverse. In the US, a 10-year government-sponsored study involving some 700 scientists and costing about $500 million reported in 1990 that “there is no evidence of a general or unusual decline of forests in the United States and Canada due to acid rain” and “there is no case of forest decline in which acidic deposition is known to be a predominant cause.” In Germany, Heinrich Spiecker, director of the Institute for Forest Growth, was commissioned by a Finnish forestry organization to assess the health of European forests. He concluded that they were growing faster and healthier than ever and had been improving throughout the 1980s. “Since we began measuring the forest more than 100 years ago, there’s never been a higher volume of wood … than there is now,” Spiecker said. (Ironically, one of the chief ingredients of acid rain—nitrogen oxide—breaks down naturally to become nitrate, a fertilizer for trees.) As for lakes, it turned out that their rising acidity was likely caused more by reforestation than by acid rain; one study suggested that the correlation between acidity in rainwater and the pH in the lakes was very low. The story of acid rain is not of catastrophe averted but of a minor environmental nuisance somewhat abated.

          Another report by the Finnish Forest Research Institute in the April 3, 1992 issue of Science magazine stated that there was a 25 to 30 percent increase in the growing stock of forests in Austria, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and West Germany between 1971 and 1990.

        • No it won’t. Bears defecate in the woods. Arthur Evangelista, noted that the 2010 eruption of Eyafjallajokull in Iceland emitted, in four days, enough CO2 in four days to negate every single effort mankind made that year to reduce CO2. But this volcano was a piker compared to Mt. Pinatubo, which when it erupted in the Philippines in 1991 “spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in its entire 40 MILLION YEARS on earth.” And this doesn’t include that fact that, as he notes the “bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.”

          I am sorry if I sound harsh, but it is true: You Malthusians are leading the charge for the implementation of modern Nazism – all predicated on utter, abject **extreme** ignorance.

      24. ooops I forgot one the AIR will be clean.

        • You Malthusians are truly and actually evil.

          Yep, bears will stop defecating in the wood, volcanoes will stop spewing all kinds of noxious fumes, killer whales will cuddle up to seals to play with them instead of eating them etc. etc. etc.

          Staggering the ignorance found on the internet.

          Too harsh? You need to understand it is these types that are behind the Agenda 21, faux global warming, etc. etc. push to turn us into a fascist world. IMHO, it isn’t harsh enough. And it is totally incongruent with observed scientific fact.

          Not to say we don’t need to make improvements. I think of that big plastic patch in the Pacific for starters. But don’t give me this Malthusian krap. Malthus was wrong then (London will be totally covered in horse manure 8′ deep by 1900), and is still wrong today.

      25. Is anyone else tired of hearing nothing but ‘Doom and Gloom’? Yet those of us who call ourselves ‘Patriots’ take no offensive action against the tyrants. I made tremendous sacrifices over 8 years to support the ‘Liberty Movement’ only to discover that it effectively does not exist. The only glimmer of hope is Oath Keepers but they are defensive in nature.

        Forgive me, I am a old coot who has grown tired. Wake me up if we ever decide to fight for liberty.

      26. Humans are too much like cockroaches, viruses, fleas and rats. They will never be wiped out completely unless the entire planet explodes. There will always be a couple that survive who will hook up and produce more cockroach children and soon, another 8 billion cock humans will be shucking and jiving around infesting and destroying the earth. The cycle will repeat itself every so often.

        • Are you, yourself, a “cockroach?” Or are you special and different, just like in Lake Woebegon?

          Of course, the end goal of you misanthropes are that the poor unwashed masses lifestyles, in good old discredited Malthusian style – is abolished (our “dear leader” lifestyles, of course, will not be impacted at all. The Leajet leftists, the limousine liberals, the Hollywierd hypocrites, Michelle Obama’s uber-luxe vacations, Barack Obama’s hundreds of golf outings – all of that, as we saw in the Soviet Union, will be exempted). Here’s Strong again: “Current lifestyle and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air conditioning and suburban housing – are not sustainable. A shift is necessary which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations.” (Agenda 21 here gets joined with the Trans-Pacific Partnership… the even uglier fascist step child of Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (大東亞共榮圏 Dai-tō-a Kyōeiken) that brought us the Rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbor and millions of deaths across the “trans-Pacific.

          Apocryphal, but still a fun story: In the late 1970s, Leonid Brezhnev’s elderly grandmother, who had lived in pre-communist Russia, comes to visit him at his communist headquarters. Leonid is beaming with pride as he introduces her to all his aides and servants, shows her his gold plated desk, his 15 Zil limousines waiting, all with engines running, pictures of all his well-appointed dachas in exclusive, VIP areas across the USSR, etc.

          Finally, at the end of the day, all the assistants, aides and servants leave. The old granny very nervously and carefully looks around to make sure absolutely no one is anywhere near, then leans over and very, VERY quietly whispers in Leonid’s ear:

          “This is all very well, Leonid…. BUT WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME!?!?”

          I was going send this email to Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama, “Mr. Solyndra” George Kaiser, or any of Obama’s czars, cronies or corruptocrats, but I don’t think they’d get it. Meanwhile, compare this fable to the real story at OWS here http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-november-16-2011/occupy-wall-street-divided

          Apocryphal, but still a fun story: In the late 1970s, Leonid Brezhnev’s elderly grandmother, who had lived in pre-communist Russia, comes to visit him at his communist headquarters. Leonid is beaming with pride as he introduces her to all his aides and servants, shows her his gold plated desk, his 15 Zil limousines waiting, all with engines running, pictures of all his well-appointed dachas in exclusive, VIP areas across the USSR, etc.

          Finally, at the end of the day, all the assistants, aides and servants leave. The old granny very nervously and carefully looks around to make sure absolutely no one is anywhere near, then leans over and very, VERY quietly whispers in Leonid’s ear:

          “This is all very well, Leonid…. BUT WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME!?!?”

          I was going send this email to Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama, “Mr. Solyndra” George Kaiser, or any of Obama’s czars, cronies or corruptocrats, but I don’t think they’d get it. Meanwhile, compare this fable to the real story at OWS here http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-november-16-2011/occupy-wall-street-divided

          • @TEST
            Actually, I’m not a cockroach. My ancient ancestors are of a much higher order than cockroaches. They hail from a distant galaxy many light years away which was destroyed by a supernova. They escaped. I wound up here… not by choice. So, don’t take offense at my suggestion that humans will not be destroyed because they are like cockroaches. Actually, they are worse than cockroaches so please don’t get your revolutionary panties in an uproar. Chill out man, kick back, enjoy it while you can.

      27. As Blaise Pascal once noted, once science is divorced from ethics, scientists will use their skills to pursue power, not truth. What is behind the global warming – and other Malthusian scams? The same thing that was behind the global cooling scare of the 1970s: The 1974 Club of Rome report titled, Mankind at the Turning Point stated, “The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” Their solution was simple – engineer a massive reduction in population and utterly change the socio-economic system through centralized planning via total government control. And yes, this does smack of being called “The Final Solution” to me, too. This “man is the enemy” was reiterated by the Club of Rome in 1993, as well, when they stated in their The First Global Revolution, downloadable at http://www.scribd.com/doc/2297152/Alexander-King-Bertrand-Schneider-The-First-Global-Revolution-Club-of-Rome-1993-Edition that “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

        “We came up with the idea??” In other words, a conclusion had already been reached, and now they needed to create a “reason” to support their unsupported – and as Julian Simon provisionally demonstrated, possibly false – a priori assumptions. Do not try this technique in any school paper you may attempt, or you will be failed!

        As Robert Zubrin observed, to the warmers – and other leftists – , “… each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated thought or act is menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation.” Perhaps it is put most clearly by the World Wildlife Fund Living Plant Report of 2012, which Lewis Page summarizes in the May 16, 2012 edition of the Register that “economic growth should be abandoned, (and) citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty.” The rich, of course, are especially bad, as the Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, by Rosalyn McKeown, found at http://www.esdtoolkit.org/ tells us: “Generally, more highly educated people who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.” Of course, individual rights are verboten, given the Malthusian threat to the earth. As Harvey Ruvin, Vice-chair of International Committee for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI), a group that wants to impose the green agenda on everyone has noted, “Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.” Pol Pot, move over. (Incidentally, the Malthusians might want to get a clue, as between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, is thrown away each year according to a recent report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled ‘Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not’, found at http://www.imeche.org/Libraries/Reports/IMechE_Global_Food_Report.sflb.ashx. Of course, per the usually PC Time Magazine, the Malthusians are doubly wrong, as “…it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually — likely within our lifetimes — fall.” http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/01/11/overcrowding-nah-the-worlds-population-may-actually-be-declining/

      28. … and just to follow up my post above, Are these people alone? Hardly. Maurice Strong, (who, taking his own advice, died last year) the leftist hero of global governance, and former Secretary General of the UN’s Conference on Environment and Development, stated in his 2000 autobiography, Where We Are Going, that by 2031, two thirds of earth’s population might be wiped out. A tragedy? Not to the left. He describes this possibility as “A glimmer of hope for the future of our species and its potential for regeneration” (think the evil Professor Weston here in CS Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra). As James Delinpole observes about Strong’s comment: “See: It’s perfectly OK to fantasize about the deaths of maybe 5 billion people – as long as you show at the end that you really care: you’re thinking about humanity.” Exactly what the leftists said as they wiped out over 60 million in the Soviet Union, Pol Pot with his millions in Cambodia, or Mao with his toll of perhaps 20 million. And this will be done with or without your consent, as Strong again notes: “Our concept of ballot box democracy may need to be modified (Agenda 21, anyone? I think we can agree “Abolished” will be the operative word, not “modified,” once the left is through) to produce strong governments capable of making difficult decisions, particularly in terms of safe-guarding the environment.”

        trong’s United Nations Environment Programme (which survives him) also had a decidely socialist mandate, stating in their 1976 report “Private land ownership is a principal instrument of accumulating wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice Public control of land is therefore indispensible,” and “public ownership of land is jsutified in favour of the common good, rather than to protect the interestes of the already privileged.” And for good measure, Strong also wanted a “collectivist global government.” Unknown is whether Strong wanted a Pol Pot style collective, a USSR style collective, or a Maoist collective. We can be sure, however, that the private property and zillion room mansions of the Hollywood Learjet leftists won’t be affected, nor the leftist limousine liberals in New York’s Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard, nor Michele Obama’s uber luxe monthly vacations.

      29. Conclusion to this video is entirely incorrect.

        After 300M years, the Sun will be fusing more Helium than Hydrogen, and no forms of Eukaryotic animals will be able to survive on the the planet surface.


      30. “Eerie”? More like Liberation Day for Nature! As for power plant meltdowns– Chernobyl melted down and the region is said to be “uninhabitable” by humans, yet animals flourish there, unmolested by humans. Sure, Man has booby trapped the earth to “not be able to survive without him”. It can’t survive WITH him!

      31. What would happen if humans suddenly vanished ? The IRS , their state department of revenue and their creditors would probably be really pissed off and hire skip tracers and bill collectors to find them and make them pay !!!

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