What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Headline News | 314 comments

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      1. -Good to see you are still with us Dave. 😉

        Everyone else…get your money OUT of your 401K and take the tax hit… better than losing it ALL to the money grabbers!

        Buckle up…it get’s rougher as the clouds approach.

        • Pieces of paper with dead presidents on them… Makes you think about Mushroom, and his saying 10 dollar bills in #10 cans…

          Thanks Mac for all you bring to us on this site. I would suggest most all here, at the bottom of the list of dates, there are older posts, go to some of the oldest (4+ years and older) and see what some have said over the years. Some of the ‘newer’ people here would be amazed at what and who has posted here. Mushroom died a few years ago, we are told, but some of the things he posted are still relevant today. RIP Mushroom…

          10 dollar bills in number 10 cans….

          • This is for all of us older folks here, I hope no one is offended, but what the hell… Dedicated to Mushroom

            >> > An elderly gentleman had serious hearing problems for a number of
            >> > years. He went to the doctor, who was able to have him fitted for a set
            >> > of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%.
            >> > The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the
            >> > doctor said, “Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really
            >> > pleased that you can hear again.”
            >> > The gentleman replied, “Oh, I haven’t told my family yet. I just sit
            >> > around and listen to the conversations. I’ve changed my will three
            >> > times!”
            >> > —————————————–
            >> > Two elderly gentlemen from a retirement center were sitting on a
            >> > under a tree when one turns to the other and says: “Slim, I’m 83 years
            >> > old now and I’m just full of aches and pains. I know
            >> > you’re about my age. How do you feel?”
            >> > Slim says, “I feel just like a newborn baby.”
            >> > “Really!? Like a newborn baby!?”
            >> > “Yep. No hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet my pants.”
            >> > ————————–
            >> > An elderly couple had dinner at another couple’s house, and after
            >> > eating, the wives left the table and went into the kitchen.
            >> > The two gentlemen were talking, and one said, “Last night we went
            >> > to a new restaurant and it was really great. I would recommend it very
            >> > highly.”
            >> > The other man said, “What is the name of the restaurant?”
            >> > The first man thought and thought and finally said, “What is the
            >> > of that flower you give to someone you love? You know… The one that’s
            >> > red and has thorns.”
            >> > “Do you mean a rose?”
            >> > “Yes, that’s the one,” replied the man. He then turned towards the
            >> > kitchen and yelled, “Rose, what’s the name of that restaurant we went
            >> > to last night?”
            >> > ——————————–
            >> > Hospital regulations require a wheel chair for patients being
            >> > discharged. However, while working as a student nurse, I found one
            >> > elderly gentleman already dressed and sitting on the bed with a
            >> > suitcase at his feet, who insisted he didn’t need my help to leave the
            >> > hospital.
            >> > After a chat about rules being rules, he reluctantly let me wheel
            >> > to the elevator.
            >> > On the way down I asked him if his wife was meeting him.
            >> > “I don’t know,” he said. “She’s still upstairs in the bathroom
            >> > changing out of her hospital gown.”
            >> > —————————-
            >> > A senior citizen said to his eighty-year old buddy: “So I hear you’re
            >> > getting married?”
            >> > “Yep!”
            >> > “Do I know her?”
            >> > “Nope!”
            >> > “This woman, is she good looking?”
            >> > “Not really.”
            >> > “Is she a good cook?”
            >> > “Naw, she can’t cook too well.”
            >> > “Does she have lots of money?”
            >> > “Nope! Poor as a church mouse.”
            >> > “Well, then, is she good in bed?”
            >> > “I don’t know.”
            >> > “Why in the world do you want to marry her then?”
            >> > “Because she can still drive!”
            >> > ————————————————–
            >> > Three old guys are out walking.
            >> > First one says, “Windy, isn’t it?”
            >> > Second one says, “No, it’s Thursday!”
            >> > Third one says, “So am I. Let’s go get a beer.”
            >> > ———————————————
            >> > A man was telling his neighbor, “I just bought a new hearing aid. It
            >> > cost me four thousand dollars, but it’s state of the art. It’s
            >> > perfect.”
            >> > “Really,” answered the neighbor. “What kind is it?”
            >> > “Twelve thirty.”
            >> > —————————
            >> > Morris, an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a physical.
            >> > A few days later, the doctor saw Morris walking down the street
            >> > with a gorgeous young woman on his arm.
            >> > A couple of days later, the doctor spoke to Morris and said,
            >> > “You’re really doing great, aren’t you?”
            >> > Morris replied, “Just doing what you said, Doc: ‘Get a hot mamma
            >> > and be cheerful.'”
            >> > The doctor said, “I didn’t say that. I said, ‘You’ve got a heart
            >> > murmur; be careful.”

            • Eppe:
              Thanks for the laugh I’m only sixty so It looks like I have about 20 years or so!;-)
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • Amen brother, like I always say “It’s not the age, it is the mileage and terrain”….

                • Eppe, I just got home and read your latest. I’m 57 and under better circumstances might have another 20. It will be a miracle if I just make it through the ‘reset’.

                  • Brave, you will make it, if you got to, you can always come hang with me and my possee at the compound. Seems some think that we will be eating each other, but I know that you are better than that. You got the ‘gumption’ to survive, and that is what it takes. I always wonder the thinking process of some, but I can tell when some are for real, or just blowing smoke up someone’s ass…
                    Just being ‘for real’….

                  • braveheart, You Can Reverse your aging and heal/reverse the damage life has done to your brain heart lungs kidneys and liver by simply eating a non-dairy non-gmo non-sugar healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and acidic foods, taking organic supplements and minerals.

                    i suggest you look into the healing properties of Ginseng AminoAcids L-carnitine L-lysine Cq-10 K2m7 Vitamins Curcumin Ginger Nutmeg Peppermint CoffeeBean MarijuanaColdExtract HempOil OliveOil Pepper SeaSalt ColloidalSilver BakingSodaTonic Cinnamon FishOils AloeVeraTonic KumchaTea etc etc.

                    Homeopathic Herbal Medicines work they truly will heal your mind and body from devastating injuries and ravaging disease, i know from my own very near death experience.

                    hint: also purge detox your intestinal track and colon. by fasting, a liquid diet and colon flush.

                    your body is a self repairing healing machine at any age if you fuel it properly and flush out the bad oil regularly.

                    a detoxed body is a happy body.


                  • Beware the three G’s. garlic~ginseng~ginkgo……..they thin the blood= bleeding and bruising. Great for everyday use unless you are alcoholic, on blood thinners or risk of trauma (getting shot when SHTF)

                  • Cara: I appreciate the efforts of Dave Hodges and Brandon Smith in the Liberty Movement. Unfortunately they do not have a fucking clue about finance/economics with NO formal education or experience in the industry.

                    Their irrational rants about a “dollar collapse” only plays into the hands of the PTB who want the American people ignorant about how finance/economics and the dollar works in America so that the PTB can continue to rape Americans financially.

                    When the dollar doesn’t collapse (and it won’t) it will destroy any credibility these guys had about the police state, FEMA Camps, etc. And that would be a shame because they could be important voices for personal liberty, Constitutional Rights, and American Freedoms.

                    The “dollar collapse” so often articulated by these fools in Alt Media, is and will be limited to the poor and middle class wage and salary earners: those who do not have the means of production to generate increasing revenue in a capitalistic society.

                    They are the blind, leading the blind. 🙁

                • @ Eppe Very good, enjoyed it very much as I am pushing 70.

                  • The dollar is NOT going to collapse. Those who claim it will are insane, including Dave Hodges. The economy will collapse again as it always does in the business/economic cycle.

                    Dave must be taking internet classes from the Brandon Smith School of Economics.

                    An economic collapse is not a dollar collapse. The dollar is the life blood of the NWO. It is the instrument by which they conduct their business and facilitate global commerce. The percentage of trade in other currencies will grow as the global economy grows. That is only a natural phenomena, in a smaller, more interconnected world.

                    Before the NWO enticed Russia and China and the larger Soviet Bloc countries around the world to join their Club, they conducted trade between themselves without affecting the USD one iota.

                    They will still use the dollar, if not so much. The intent of the NWO is a basket of currencies including the Yuan and Rupee eventually; so that all nations can trade in these major currencies as fungible instruments.

                    The currency market is a $50 TRILLION a DAY market. If anyone thinks that there is going to be a single world currency anytime soon, or that the major corporations that hold 41.2 trillion dollars in cash are going to dump the dollar, they are fucking nuts and have underestimated the FED.

                    That is not a defense of the FED. That’s reality whether you like it or not. A downturn is coming. Dollars will be king in the next depression. Save ten dollar bills in number ten cans. Pick one: 🙂 , 🙁

                  • $1.2 trillion dollars. The 4 is a typo. My bad. 🙁

                  • The author, Dave Hodges, seems to be mixing his disasters. He cites the hyper inflation of Germany, Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe as historic examples we can learn from and then goes on to say all services will stop and we will start eating each other. In his historic examples, the people survived. The civilization survived. It changed and many suffered but they did not become canabalistic nations.

                    Economic reset does not equal destruction of the entire system. The powers that be would not allow that anyway.
                    His version may have been fun to write but it is not helpful if it is not accurate.

                  • @DK…..I want whatever the fudge you’ve been smoking

                  • NPPH: I have been “smoking” business, finance, economics and banking for forty years.

                    You are what you smoke. 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “NO formal education or experience in the industry”.

                    Economics is NOT an “industry.” It’s theory!

                    “a capitalistic society.”

                    America is not “a capitalistic society.” It’s now a Fascist/Socialist society.

                    “The dollar is the life blood of the NOW.”

                    Globalists (the NWO) don’t need the dollar! The dollar is nothing more than a vehicle. The elite are able to transcend fiat currencies; the USD included.

                    “I have been “smoking” business, finance, economics and banking for forty years.”

                    So tell me DK, where did you receive your PhD in Keynesian economics? The University of Phoenix??

                  • YMWW: You said, ““NO formal education or experience in the industry”. Economics is NOT an “industry.” It’s theory!

                    Yes economics is “theory”. And business, finance, and banking is based upon these “theories”; and they have been since man invented a complex society.

                    The fact IS that neither of these guys have any experience in the industry and no practical application of finance and economics beyond keeping a checkbook. They simply do not have a fucking clue.

                    I said, “a capitalistic society.” You said: “America is not “a capitalistic society.” It’s now a Fascist/Socialist society.”

                    This statement by you is true and I have pointed that out here many times before. You can find it in the archives.

                    Still the Fascists that control the World Economy use capitalism as the basic principles for THEIR activities; including the benefits of wealth that accrue from their ownership of the means of production.

                    I said: “The dollar is the life blood of the NOW.” You said- “Globalists (the NWO) don’t need the dollar! The dollar is nothing more than a vehicle. The elite are able to transcend fiat currencies; the USD included.”

                    This statement by you is true. But it is their vehicle. It is the chosen vehicle of the NWO. The NWO PTB could use sea shells instead of the dollar; or poker chips of various denominations to substitute for the dollar. Whatever VEHICLE they use, must function as the dollar system does now (in which they already hold their wealth). But why replace the dollar when the system is in place and it is working so successfully for them?

                    I said: “I have been “smoking” business, finance, economics and banking for forty years.” You said:
                    “So tell me DK, where did you receive your PhD in
                    Keynesian economics? The University of Phoenix??”

                    No. I have a BS in Real Estate and an MBA in Finance from ASU. I have also run 15 major markets nationwide for a Big Four Bank that is still standing. I held four professional licenses in real estate, mortgage banking, and securities before an early retirement. I have put together a leveraged buyout, written my own real estate syndication, sold $100 million in apartment loans to Wall Street as a secondary market trader, and discovered a gold and platinum mine: of which, there are only six others in North America. Mine is the 7th.

                    What is your claim to fame, dumbfuck? 🙂

              • Northern Reb.

                Counting years too?

                I’m 60 also. ;0)

                • I can see 60 if I’ve got my glasses on…

                • N.R. Sling Eppe RB
                  I’m 60 and act like I’m 35/40.
                  I have always said I will grow old but NEVER grow up.
                  AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                  • “I will grow old but NEVER grow up.”

                    I cain’t stand the variations of that slogan. I understand Why you say it, I understand the meaning, but at the same time, it’s the Very definition of what’s wrong with the Boomer Generation: they’re Toy’s-R-Us Kids and they don’t wanna grow up and understand what The Fed and The B.I.S. are doing to the world.

                    Ya catch my drift?

              • No, Northern Reb. You only have 10 years. I am 70 and I know.

                • I feel the “60 is the new 40 comment coming”,and then perhaps a ad for “erectile dysfunction”!

            • Anyone who thinks that once the USD collapses that some country such as China or Russia will embark on the Gold Standard is delusional. Many say that the Yuan will become the next world’s reserve currency backed by Gold. Not so fast.

              The problem here is that all of the economies around the world are deeply in bed with Keynesian economics. That is polar opposites of the Gold Standard and is why it’s time the two have clashed the currency was decoupled from Gold and became a Fiat currency.

              So you may say well let’s get rid of Keynesian economics. You would have RIOTS in the streets and Govt’s toppled. Govt’s is what drives most of the economies growth which is why Keynesian economics are embraced the world over.

              So what happens when the dollar collapses……..the SHTF and everyone collapses around the world.

              • Dollars in # 10 cans will be as worthless as a credit card. Gold has been salted with tungsten so that could be a problem not to mention who would take gold when everything/one is eating each other after 15 to 20 days? No, the only thing I can even consider is living like an animal in the woods in debris huts and trying to “keep of the menu.” Being mobile is going to be the only way to survive as the defend the strong hold is not an option. Cannibals… PEOPLE BECOMING Cannibals. Get your head around that.. the basement scene in the movie- The Road. Everything must be abandoned except maybe a good cart with a bunch of caches in the woods away from populations. For all those on this board saying “let it come” you have to be insane.. READ what Dave just wrote and consider he might be optimistic. 100 million cannibals is going to be damn hard to hide from. I hope I don’t become one, but it could be a possibility.. hunger makes people desperate.

                • .02, not to be disrespectful in any way, but I have been reading doom and gloom way before SHTFplan has been around. So far, none of these things have happened yet, as a worst case scenerio. I do wonder when all these things will come to fruition, but being prepped and ready is a smart thing to do.
                  P.S. I heard that humans taste like pig…
                  Just kidding ya on the pig…

                  • Fine Young Cannibals

                    “She Drive’s Me Crazy”.

                    Cannibals will be about the same problem as those who would kill you for your supplies. A threat is a threat, is a threat.

                    If they eat you while you are alive then they are Zombies.

                  • eppe.

                    Hannibal Lecter: A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

                  • Absolutely NOT TRUE eppe. These things have not happened HERE. People were digging up the dead and eating them in the Ukraine not long ago. There are old pictures online of children sleeping with half consumed bodies if you want to take a look. It has happened in many places it just hasn’t happened globally all at once. I too have been in tune with d n g for years but this time really is different. I cant see how the center will hold, can you?

                  • .02, please post these sites, I really would like to see them, and I am sure others would be intrigued to see such things, if they could stomache them. I am not doubting you, crazy shit happens everywhere, and tribes around the world are cannibalistic, and I do respect what you are saying, but if there are sites, please post…
                    Do you at least like my jokes???

                  • h ttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Books/581/communism-in-ambush/chapter/56


                    h ttp://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/04/a-congo-mother-survives-cannibalism-to-save-her-children-why-her-photo-matters/256405/

                    h ttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_incidents_of_cannibalism

                  • 02,can see perhaps the harvesting from the already dead like the story”Alive” but the scene from the road(read the book before movie!)perhaps but not on any large scale.I do believe there will be such a die off any with basic hunting/foraging skills will have abundance if not fighting foreign armies ect.,which is a good possibility.

                • @.02
                  I agree with you. anyone saying that they want this doesn’t understand the implications of the after. we are no longer the strong spirit of americans we once were. compare the population percentage of weak individuals with the population of the 1930’s, and we are not even close as a comparison. our country has sold out our manufacturing base, our education system has dumbed down to 6th grade equals graduation, we have no individual thought process anymore, we have spoiled lazy fat fu*ks demanding equality and handouts, a generation of pill popping / pain killing / sleep enhancing / feel good / heroin based whatever you want to call it pX, floride in the water, gmo as food, fiat as wealth… how in the world has it lasted this long is beyond me.
                  but to wish for it to end, complete insanity on another scale. use your time wisely, buy what you need, and will need, expect no electricity, no gas at the pump, and no reality like you’ve ever imagined.
                  the article I read above was good, it was very close to what I’ve been thinking, and feeling for awhile.
                  so many will be blindsided that even canning or making your own bullets will not be ready. there is no safe.
                  here is my prediction:
                  dow goes down 1000 points in one day (near future)
                  dow goes down 2000 next
                  3000 next
                  3000 next
                  2000 next
                  governments will rally
                  checks in the mail, what mail?
                  the big correction is close, and it is scary. don’t wish for this, It will be nothing but might is right, and damned right wrong in every way.
                  all I want is more time, and it’s not for me.

                  • db427: The volatility of the DOW was predicted 45 years ago in a book called: The Wall Street Gang by Richard Nye and it explains what is happening today.

                    Its all about profit. Follow the money. 🙂

                • Prior to 1931, New York Times reporter William Buehler Seabrook, allegedly in the interests of research, obtained from a hospital intern at the Sorbonne a chunk of human meat from the body of a healthy human killed in an accident, then cooked and ate it. He reported, “It was like good, fully-developed veal, not young, but not yet beef. It was very definitely like that, and it was not like any other meat I had ever tasted. It was so nearly like good, fully developed veal that I think no person with a palate of ordinary, normal sensitiveness could distinguish it from veal. It was mild, good meat with no other sharply defined or highly characteristic taste such as for instance, goat, high game, and pork have. The steak was slightly tougher than prime veal, a little stringy, but not too tough or stringy to be agreeably edible. The roast, from which I cut and ate a central slice, was tender, and in color, texture, smell as well as taste, strengthened my certainty that of all the meats we habitually know, veal is the one meat to which this meat is accurately comparable

                • Remember the Donnar Party Story??

                  – Evidence reveals what the Donner Party ate during their final days of being snowbound in the Sierra Nevada.

                  – After eating the family dogs and other animal meat, some members ate bones, hides, twigs and string.

                  – Human bones were not recovered but researchers believe some Donner Party members resorted to cannibalism.

                  Now times this hunger by 320 Million People.

                • Man, that’s pretty rough, people becoming so hungry they become canadians.

              • What will happen when the dollar collapses?…. The sun will come up the next mourning shining on me topping off magazines and checking perimeter. Will most likely freshen up the edge on the ‘ol Randall. Of course I’ll make myself the usual breakfast of deer steak, eggs and “scald-your-mouth” coffee. Might be able to find a biscuit or two to sop it all up with.

                • P.O.
                  definately that Randall No 1 will be a constant and useful companion, you get yours the traditional way ( Fort Bragg , Camp Lejeune ) ? Best knife for the coming festivities doesn’t go bang and is always loaded , coupled with a PVS 14 you can hunt cannables at night.

                  In my 2 cent opinion ( not worth much ) being mobile could be the best option, the critical point being KNOWING when that critical time frame occurs ( when the food situation goes bat shit crazy and the Mau Mau’s go on the warpath and start filling the stew pot) all kidding aside the 15 to 45 day period post collapse will be the most critical. Total avoidance of every one till things shake out will be the key to preserving life and limb. Think fast and light with the ability to BLEND in with your environment leaving no trace of your being there. Move in an irregular patterns, always check your back path (J hook your rear path ) use Time Distance Weather and Terrain to your advantage and cover for your stealth camp. You can hide in areas that would not be imaginable to the average person , you only need 18 ” of dense cover to conceal a prone person using typical camouflage techniques. avoid all likely routes of travel and natural lines of drift (paths, clear areas , roads )

                  A pack with a medium capacity 2800 to 400 CI is a good start keep it light , only pack items that have multiple use, tarps , poncho liners , canteen with stove ( heavy cover has a neat titanium set with cup and cover NRA members get a discount) . Tarps and hammocks ( Hennessy explorer) are good 3 season shelters and are light weight when set up with rappelling rings and carribenners can be set up and taken down in a few minutes. Tarp tents with stoves are ideal for winter use ( kifaru Paratarp and Parastove light weight , personally used down to 5*F keep the temp at 75* F use the right wood very little smoke at night . ( use for cold remote areas not likely to be under observation) have an adequite rugged sleep system ( MSS cannot be beat ) rest is even more critical when under stress for clear thinking. Clear thinking will do more for your survival when the rest of the population is going berserk .

                  Food , mountain house freeze dried is good ( Oregon freeze dry produced LRRP patrol rations for the military). It’s tasty, filling and has the calories needed you can pack 14 days worth easily
                  ( weighs about 5-7 pounds !) 10 lbs 21 days worth. requires water if this is a problem in your AO alternates may work better for you , for the rest of us a Katadyne pocket filter and boiling easily take care of that problem.

                  All in all you have to choose what is right for your circumstance , continue to ask questions and learn, Most Importantly USE YOUR GEAR determine what works for you before the balloon goes up. I do not have all of the answers use this as a primer to develope your own plans.
                  Prepare for the worst hope for the best use your time wisely.

                  We may all soon be playing out our own version of ” THE WALKING DEAD ” do not end up in TERMINUS.


                  RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                  DO NOT BECOME “LONG PIG”

                  Semper Fi 8541

                • In the end only Preppers and the Meek shall inherit the earth. Every day, work on your preps folks.

            • I just created a folder called Eppe’s jokes. Please keep them coming.

              • I try not to overload everyone with too many jokes, but I could write a book of them all…
                Glad to make some smile, just makes me wonder why I get thumbs down, but I guess that is the “humor is in the mind of the beholder”….

                My wife’s quote…

                • Keep them coming, Eppe. Better to be overloaded with jokes than some of the other stuff that goes on here. Getting kind of burned out on the dollar stuff. Figured Mac would be all over the American Taliban story.

            • Thanks, I needed the laugh. I’m 67

            • eppe says: “Dedicated to Mushroom”

              From what I recall, most everyone here at the time hated that s.o.b. and his Fed loving suggestion to bury #10 cans.
              He was like an early version of DKK. They both seem to have loved the empire and the benefits they get from it, so long as they control the purse strings, or feel like they do?

              Why they get upset about all the cats that show up at their backdoor when they put out catfood every night, I’ll Never understand.

            • This is waste, why would you post this?

          • Well, I’ m sitting here after 12 hours out in the gardens today..yes a day off.. and the temps were 70 which is perfect for Massachusetts..

            Anyways Mr Hodges.. as I sit and munch my black bean and organic salad drizzled with extra virgin olive oil to summon some comments….

            I must agree, for once ,on several of your points presented….

            Federal Reserve..# 1 enemy of the people..100%!!!

            Collapse of the dollar and subsequent collapse of America?

            That remains to be seen. and I doubt it will happen by accident..by design? yes….

            Who will come to rescue us?

            No one!!!

            Will the feds allow us die and wither and then swoop in to gather/round up the remaining fodder?….most likely..

            First..before any collapse.. the feds must eliminate the threat of 90 million gun owners..perhaps operation chokepoint is one of many programs in queue..or other such policies unknown to us..

            Until then Mr Hodge..we we prevail,as best we can..

            Resolve is the number one priority amongst us here..and that. I assure you will be our motto..


            • We “will” prevail…


              it’s late


              • Never to late to head to the hills of N.H. Posse,of course,would be helpful if you had say, friends or perhaps FAMILY! in the region.

                • if heading to northern n.h., vermont or maine just keep in mind folks disappear up there permanently.

                  • True John,but noticed most disappear because there is breathing room.I have said before and will say again,though perhaps a 1/4 mile more apart I seem to notice for most part you know your neighbors up there better then folks jammed together and for most part friendly and willing to help one anothert

                  • Im from Maine. Let me give a word of advice. Don’t come here. If not from a far northern state, you won’t survive the first winter. Don’t even begin to think anyone up here could offer any help. We’ll be to busy trying to survive now. Only gonna be worse, post collapse.

            • Good evening, Possee, and AMEN to your comments. BTW, OT, but have you heard anything from NinaO? No updates on his site since March 23 and it’s still up. Facebook Page claims the feds got him, but I question that one.

              • braveheart

                Good morning….

                I have not heard anything from the mysterious Nina Orket.since then either..nor would I speculate to any snatch and grab by the feds..

                Trust all is well in your neck of the woods..

                Spring has finally arrived here ,though 3 weeks behind in average temps,and have been feverishly planting our extended vege beds for the past few weeks..

                Now it’s off to work today and then on to the 2nd p.t. job..fortunately ,being a chef for 35 years allows steady work so far..especially @ close to 62 years..and I thought I’d be retired by now..

                Gotta love this recovery…yeah right!


                • ;0p pssszzt

                • Howdy, Possee. If I hear anything on him, I’ll let you know. It’s strange.

            • Did that yesterday brother…weather in Montana is the same.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • lastman..

                I’ll trade you my land for yours..even Steven..

                Massachusetts is akin to living in the outskirts of ancient Rome..vile, corrupt,insatiable taxation,high cost of living,and home of a traitorous gang of political and banking fools..
                Barney Frank
                (Tax it all) Deval Patrick
                (Granny aka fake Indian)Liz Warren
                Larry Summers

                just to name a few

                Have heard Montana is the real deal..


                • Posse ,read my above post!

                • Want to visit? Probably can arrange correspondence via Mac.

                  Got a nice place for you and the wife to stay.

                  Let me know. lms

                  • I’ll do the cookin…

            • JFK would agree with you. He directed the Treasury to start printing and bang. Central banks control everything.

        • In the enduring prophecy of Porky Pig,

          tha tha tha that’s all, folks!

          • He said, “God, make it a dream”. As he rode his last ride down.

            “30,000 lbs. of Bananas”.
            by Harry Chapin.

          • “One day cock of the walk…next a feather duster.”

          • Why is it than whenever someone speaks of currency collapse they mention Germany and Zimbabwe then instead of explaining what happened historically they shift to natural disasters we’ve experienced here and take a giant leap into Waterworld. While dire for sure there is no reason to expect our experience will be that much different.

            Sure we’re the world reserve currency, but that just means we’ll recover more quickly and the fact we have procedures in place to nationalize everything from the oil wells, refineries, power generation, fertilizer, and farming. The EBT system is already set up in all fifty states and can be expanded to become the new currency without even changing the retail cash registers.

            Though fat and spoiled today I believe Americans can become every bit as resilient as those in Zimbabwe today and Germany before them.

            • Ha! Bizarre quote of the day, “Sure we’re the world reserve currency, but that just means we’ll recover more quickly and the fact we have procedures in place to nationalize everything”

              Maybe having an ‘understanding’ is not as common as I thought?

              Keyword: Human Action.

        • What life savings? Pursuant to Proverbs I lent my fortune to the Lord who will repay me. Not in currency, but according to 2 out of 3 Gospels in homes and family and farms like I left behind.

          Will the tall hardwoods on my land collapse? Will my off-grid home that provides its own heat, meat, power, and water devalue? My food storage, armory, agricultural tool, and silver Eagles are not so easily confiscated.

          • No,,,, the tall hardwoods may not collapse but they surer than shit will burn great…. along with your off grid home. And if anywhere in the USA people will be eating people, it will be right smack in the Middle of West Virginia where you are. Good luck with that.
            I hear that boys are already eating their sisters.

        • This is so poorly written, it’s hard to believe the author is a college professor.

        • Good advice! I cashed in my 401k and my IRA recently and invested in survival supplies. Every day is another day of preparing for what is coming.

        • You guys say the same shit EVERY dsmn year !!

          • At least we are consistent

        • Guys, I have a real nice job. Six figures.
          I automate shit.
          The worse things get the more mistresses I stack up.

          Just saying.


        • It’s all been planned. UN “peace keepers”…Russian and Chinese will invade.

          The US is going down.

          At the core of this..
          The Jewish bankers.

          I used to have a contracting business and often doubled their bids out of spite.


          They are satan..and have enslaved your children’s future children.

        • This article is pure fiction. I’d like you actually research the conditions of a currency collapse and hyper-inflation scenarios. I’m not saying it is going to be fun, but really you think America will result to cannibalism within three weeks. Gas stations won’t be out of gas! People just won’t be able to afford it. They will voluntarily not buy gas and they will stop using electricity because they can’t afford it. People fear change and even though the dollar will be nearly worthless people will still use it as a means of exchange. Do some research on other super powers losing their role as the reserve currency. It won’t be fun but you’re taking things way to the extreme. England lost its reserve currency after world war II. Which ever country is able to bail us out will then take over the role.

          Regardless a garden is looking better and better and gold and silver will be a great investment for easy bartering. You have to be ready to take advantage of the cheap assets you will be able to acquire after the collapse that will make life once it returns to normal very easy. I still plan on retiring at the age of 50 and I’m not going to let a currency collapse stop me.

        • Why not leave one’s 401(k) money parked in a money market mutual fund instead? When the market takes a dump, as it will, one can then shift the money to discount-priced mutual funds. This is what the Jews do.

      2. Thanks to Obama, we’re screwed.

        • Obama is but a tool….you can attribute all which is coming to more “shadows” than you can count…

          • It’s hard when you can’t really see the face of your enemy. And, yes, there are many.

        • Don’t be fooled, the re-pubic-cans are just as responsible. We now have the kingdom (government) and serfs (sheeples). Freedom is long gone along with any idea of privacy in America. Oh and did I mention freedom of speech gone with libtard PC thought tyranny.

          • JUST STOP making anything a “democrat” or “republican” issue….it is Far bigger than all of them….Don’t You Get It Yet???

            • Yes, it’s called an oligarchy with a side of fascism…

              And we are on the menu….

              • Well, they’d better bust out the big pot, because this old hen is gonna need to be boiled…

                • Lobster or frog? 🙂 😉

                  • old hen.

                  • Touché… love ya girl….

                    I know you’re never discouraged by anything anyone says…

                    And that’s to be admired… 🙂

            • It is a population overshoot problem from the availability of cheap easy energy. No one is to blame as this mass die off about to set upon the earth is nature at her finest. The earth has somewhere around 5 or 6 die offs (extinction level events) BEFORE humans ever set foot on her. Now it is just a matter of time and time is running out fast. The extinction of plants and animals is accelerating according to some blogs/sites @ 10,000 species a week. The methane clathrate in the arctic is about to let loose and that would actually be a bonus compared to being hunted as food by the hordes of cannibals. One thing I always wondered tho, what keeps the cannibals from eating each other when they are sleeping?

              • One thing I always wondered tho, what keeps the cannibals from eating each other when they are sleeping?

                Professional Courtesy.

                • Famous Last Words! What did the Queer say to the Cannibal? Trekker Out. Sorry Slingshot, Couldn’t Let It Pass.

                • Why don’t sharks attack lawyers?
                  Professional courtesy.

                  Why bdon’t lawyers go to the beach?
                  Cats keep trying to bury them.

                  • What are 100 lawyers who have been sunk in the ocean?

                    A good start.

              • Anyone claiming 10,000 species going extinct every week is an idiot, no question about it.

                Could happen in the future, but it is not happening now.

              • No, there aren’t mass extinctions going on. That’s all hysteria from the environmental movement. I’m more concerned about my own survival than about some plant or insect going extinct.

              • If a cannibal eats a chinaman, will he be hungry again in an hour?

            • Sen Bonner is totally worthless! Cry baby alcoholic with a tan.

            • No, FOB< they don't get it.

              This is not something along party lines.

        • Remember Sarah Palin’s remark concerning Obamacare, how there would be “Death Panels” and how the MSM and the Democrats dispelled that redicules idea. Sorry my mind was wandering there for a minute. Anywho, I wonder Who or What entity made the decision to put certain Veterans on a waiting list until they died. I’m sure it was just a mistake and those Vets were merely overlooked by accident by TPTB. Trekker Out. C’mon Sarah, Death Panels?

          • My husband did two tours in Nam…he was in from 67 to 77….In 2001 the Vet counselor here told him he had indeed been exposed to agent orange….early in 2001 he was given an appointment in the hospital in Fayetteville…he died Aug 3 2001….but, because he had NOT BEEN diagnosed in a VA hospital, there were no benefits for me or our 16 year old son…..

            ps…yes, there are those who are “bean counters” and determine the loss ratios….

            • @fob
              Would that be Fayetteville, Arkansas? Just curious as I am a little north.

              • Yes the hospital he had the appointment with was in Fayetteville Ark…..

            • You have a valid case if he has a dr.(or VA counselor) stating he was exposed and had ailments due to exposure.
              His medical records are accessible to you; if he had dr. visits for any ailments.

              • Notify your state representative–that is what they are for.

                • JayJay wrote, “Notify your state representative–that is what they are for.”

                  Ha! I thought you were wiser than that.

                  Your state representative is for bamboozling you and making you think you have a voice when you do not.

                  Keyword: Oligarchy.

            • SO sorry to hear about your husband.

              My FIL has educated me on the “Rainbow” agents from that era of time which was buried next to where our soldiers slept and leaked into drinking water.

              SO sad. FIL attends town hall meetings on this very subject regularly.

            • Try veterans of foriegn wars and many vet leagues. Wounded war organizations will listen. No guarentees. Yes my spelling sucks. Sorry for your lose. As in any war “they” wait untill enough vets die so the costs are down. Vets now are breathing fine glass like sand.No opion at this time from VA even though dust worse than asbestes .
              These organizations are NOT answering machines or computer generated voices. They are for real humans.
              Bless you. Your son should get education grant. Please let everyone know how this turned out.
              If any help WHO helped the best. Please let me know.

            • That’s a sad tale, Feisty Old Broad.

              “They” are bastards.

              It’s Chemtrails 101?

              I wonder what 2.0 will look like?

            • Feisty,sorry about your husband.My mum was a doc in VA over 20 years,despite glowing peer/unit head reviews she and other docs let go which I am determined was due to age.The bean counters in VA suck and should be fired or perhaps killed but many docs/nurses/ specialists/hell across the board workers in the VA system truly care about their patients and patients well being and recovery,these folks along with the patients just need a better place to achieve their goals.

            • I wish to thank all for any and all input….and I will explore all of your suggestions…
              Thank You…one and all

          • My Dr. who is one of my hunting buddies came over Sunday and we started talking about scheduling appointments. He got red in the face(pissed) because the Hospital just instituted a new software system to be compliant with the GOV. He explained that the old fashioned(paper) way he was able to see 20 patients per day. The GOV way he is only able to see 14 and is booked 30 days out. Cutting the number of patients a doc can see by 30% and then adding 10 million patients. Nice way to create a shortage. Ofkmecare is pure EVIL.

        • Confederate, you make very naive or simplistic statement.
          Of course il duce is not helping, but he did not start it, and he is just a front man, a puppet.

        • That’s his job.

      3. “What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?”

        Who the fuck cares. We are now trading terrorists for deserters and the libtards have completely turned our country into one giant turd bowl. You can have the shithole for all I care. Most are so greedy,lazy and complete fucking idiots there is no return anyway. The only fix is to return God and moral values to our once great land and anyone with half a brain knows there is chance of that without washing the land with blood. Fuck it, might as well take what one can get grab a beer and watch the comedy act collapse.

        • So, maddog…you say “who cares”….I say, YOU DO, but do not know how to go about taking care of yourself or attempting to make things better for the generations to come….no shame in not knowing…the shame is in knowing and not doing….

          • I’ve done all I’m gonna do, fuck it. You do it. I know plenty and that’s why I’m done, fucking around with the bullshit. I did my time in the service and at the Bundy Ranch – it did nothing to change anything. Tag, you’re it. I’m going Gault, Adios.

            • Good for you…at least you are honest…I WILL do it and so will many, many others…regardless of their ages, or infirmities, I bet six-pack will be there with guns upon his walker to defend and protect this Republic……the bundy ranch was nothing but a test run….some testing the waters….
              I wish you well and happy and healthy…all the days of your life…..

              • FOB, uh, sixpack is a female, but braveheart will stand and fight.

              • ..I’ve got a carry-all underneath the seat for extra mags…and night-vision…I can’t run, but I can still knock the eyes off a bullfrog at 20 yards or so.

                • Uh 6,exactly what threat did the bullfrog pose?!

                  • He wouldn’t get in the pot?

                  • Either he’s dinner, or he’s interrupting my beauty sleep.

                • @sixpack….my apologies for calling you a man….your moniker is generic and I was unaware of your gender. I admire you.

                  • No worries— I’ve been generally seen as “one of they guys” anyway and no, I’m not a lesbian. I just always believed in pulling my weight on the job, and my chosen career was as a heavy construction carpenter. In my line of work there was only two choices—be one of the guys or be the useless princess…

                    I’m nobody’s princess.

            • @ maddog,
              I think you are right. I’m not sure there is anything left to save. Call me John G. I’ll see ya on the beach.
              Via con Dios, amigo.

              • We will NEVER get our economy up and running until we start manufacturing and that is NOT gonna happen; China owns this nation now and is just sitting waiting for our collapse for our resources.
                Dave Hodges spelled it our for us.

                All congress needs their heads whacked off with a guillotine–cry??
                I think not. Our losses here are too great for wasted tears for psychopaths, liars, thieves, and murderers.

              • Nothing left to save? Really? Then GO, for if you really feel that this Republic is not worth “saving”…..Living for and dying for…then you, indeed, have no place here….
                If you are not willing to give all for this Republic, and her generations to come….then please do not return here when all is said and done…
                Shame on you….

            • My sentiments exactly. I am not going to worry any more. We as a country deserve what we get. We stand for such shit as is exposed every fucking day and we do nothing. It is almost comical at this point. You guys out there take what you can to survive down the road.

              The churches in the country have let me down, The Pope is encouraging transgender lifestyles, gay/gay marriage, and socialism. My own Methodist church (no longer attending now) allowing gay/gay benefits. No one stands for principle any more. It all comes down to popularity and money. Our youth are becoming retards. Aw hell, I am just rambling again. Sorry.

              • As I stated earlier Gonetoolong, compromise and tolerance are destroying the nation.
                Think about it.

          • FOB

            I hope they all eat themselves alive and if I lived through it I will not help them till they have a change of attitude. Take a look at the picture above and that says it all.

            • slingshot…I believe that all will be returned to them many fold….sadly for them. ALL have a choice. I prefer not to rely on the “choices” made by man…so I am relocating to a place where I can see what is approaching on the horizon….
              Have Faith, Have Courage, Have Sisu

        • maddog – pretty well spot on with your assessment buddy! Stuff all you and I can do about what’s gunna happen – and as goes the US, so goes Aussie. I still firmly belive we here are poised to better handle the meltdown due to our size and population but both countries have their “for and against”.

          And like the inevitable pandemic, it’s not a case of “if” but “when”.

          I don’t obsess about it, just prep away and enjoy life along the way. If it all turns to manure my kids and grandkid and I will have a fighting chance. If “it” gets kicked down the road a bit longer and I don’t live to see the meltdown, big deal. At least there will be a heap of useful stuff on a choice few acres my kids will thank me for one day (and hopefully will realize the “Old Man” wasn’t so crazy after all :-).

          maddog, like you I am disgusted with what my country has become and all for the short and fleeting popularity of temporary leaders. Been a long time since we had a leader in Aussie who was a true statesman – probably the same with the US.

          To the many on this blog, and Mac, I have become fond of over the past year or more – take care.


          • My exact feelings, I just may not express it as well as others. Take Care Aussie and good luck!

          • It “ain’t over til it’s over”…..what a pessimistic lot here…..get over YOURSELVES ….defeat is not an option…and I do not care what Country you live in. How pathetic are you? You are defeated before the battle is fought? Are you going to ALLOW the NWO to take over YOUR Country??? How disappointing to find so many WEAK minded individuals on This site….
            I will NOT curl up, give up, or end up….a victim of the NWO…

        • Who the fuck cares.? Oh suuuuure.. you will not be giving 2 shits about hostage situations after a month of no power. You wont remember SHIT about anything except keeping your head down and trying to figure out how to get water without getting killed, roasted and shat out on God’s green earth. As Hitlery said, (concerning so called terrorists) what difference does in make? If you make it a month without power, you damn well better feel blessed.

      4. When that event happens, it wont be good anywhere. But at least keep your distance from crowds. Where people are going, do an 180 in the opposite direction. We have been in a meltdown phase since 2007. Soon to follow will be the collapse phase and basically no recovery, thus much desperation from hundreds of millions….

        • Ok, I can bug out with a years supply of food (counting my trapping, hunting, gathering, fishing skills) into an area of plentiful water. Lets say I get lucky and make it 6 months without getting eaten. When you see a person after 1 month of shtf, do you just shoot them figuring they are cannibals to last this long? After 6 months? Do you figure anyone after a year is definitely a cannibal? Anyone have any answers?

          • .02

            I would say that after 6 months of not having a balance diet there would be some bad side effects on the body. Vitamin deficiency/scurvy.

            • You can get a balanced diet from nature if you know where to look/forage. The natives didn’t have wal mart ffs.

              • The natives didn’t have several million others in those woods foraging either, my friend.
                Best you stock up on some beef stew and chicken dumplings, sir.

          • Issue is what will a safe time frame be. I think there are two answers depending on the collapse type. If the gov is smart and actually trying to fix things. One winter; if not 2 winters. If Fort Knox still has Gold and the gov balances it’s budgets, this thing will be bad, but over quickly.
            My thinking goes this way: None of the big cities can survive even 90 days and there is no way to fix them. If the gov is smart it isolates them and allows them to die quickly. If this happens over 100 million die in less than 3 months. Most of the Gov spending problems are cured, we have enough food and energy for all that’s left.
            If the gov does nothing or close to that, same thing, only it takes 2 winters. After two winters with no organized help, well over 200 million are dead. The survivors are tough smart and there are lots of land, and food to go around.

            • Paranoid wrote, “If the gov is smart and actually trying to fix things.”

              AhHaHaHa! “actually trying to fix things”, too funny.

              They may be able to hire some Very smart Mo-Fo’s to help them, but to call them smart? I don’t think so.

            • Paranoid, just burying those 200 million is what will kill us that prepared. 🙁

              • Why bury them? There is no need to. Rotting bodies are disgusting, but they, of themselves, do not present any danger. No germs come from the bodies that the people didn’t have. It takes no more time for nature to get rid of 200 Million than 2. Out in the open in warm weather a month and it’s mostly gone. In the South the fire ants don’t even take that long. In fact, living people make more risk , with bad sanitation the dead ones.

          • I’d figure he might be a cannibal, if he approaches with his knife and fork at the ready…unless you’ve got something roasting on the spit.

          • What would Jesus do? Shoot?
            Have a good, long think about that before you answer, American.

      5. Excellent, all encompassing article. Although, if after only 15 days you want to chew off my arm or leg, you are really a poor prepper. And will not live long!!

        The way everything is manipulated the collapse could be happening now and no-one would know. Until the internet is turned off, or the power grid, then it will be apparent.

        Here’s a serious question that I want serious comments on. Not just beans, bullets, bandaid answers. Assume that’s been taken care of.

        If a person has a fair amount of spare cash, what does everyone think would be the best investment to come out the best after the world turns around?
        molon labe

        • WIprepped.

          Tools to manufacture and repair. Nuts, bolts, screws, nails. Can you remove a broken bolt or stud in an engine block. Solder a wire.

          Being able to read and understand what you are reading.
          Mechanical drawings or wire schematic. Learn how to fabricate items or cast molds. Money well spent.

          • Engine block with no gas????? Bad planning.

            • Really???.

              Diesel runs on vegetable oil. Just an example of a skill set.

            • Alcohol is better then gas as a fuel and men have made alcohol for a really long time 🙂

        • A stripper well you can operate yourself…

        • Wlprepped

          1. Anything you cant easily make – tools, guns, ammo, powder, primers
          2. Anything that will aid in food production – more tools, seeds
          3. Possibly gold or silver but I’m not so sure about that. I have some gold but it’s more to bribe my way out of a sticky spot.
          4. Skills you don’t have and that are rarely needed now for subsistence living – farming, animal husbandry, mechanical skills
          5. A never give up attitude and a big helping of compassion


        • Hand powered tools. Mostly woodworking and carpentry tools, etc.

          Any hardware to repair or build existing pumps and machinery.

          Nuts, bolts, nails, tubing, PVC pipes and connectors, one way valves to pump water from well heads, and “how to” books of old technology.

        • In today’s urban jungle, I buy books and gain knowledge. I am a teacher of all sorts of skills. As I see it, if you have knowledge and can teach others, then you have value. Not just short term, but long term value. I have been blessed with a very broad skill set from primitive skills to machinery, automobiles, farming, ranching and technology.
          It has taken a lifetime to acquire these skills, but learn all you can.
          Off the shelf items I would buy if I didn’t already have them are hand tools, battery powered tools recharged by solar power, assorted parts, tap and die sets, spare bits, fasteners, bulk water treatment and storage. I am NRA certified in multiple firearms skills, first aid, emergency response and various military and Technology skills.
          Barter knowledge, skills, and training for goods. Network within your community, so people know you have those skills.

        • Desalination plants for both brackish and saltwater, with hundreds if not thousands of filters for use in the first years…

          Knowledge of how to purify large quantities of water naturally…

          Knowledge of waste management and sanitation…

        • The world wont be turning around in your lifetime. There is nothing left.. we are at Peak Everything. Humans are going to devolve back into hairy murderous apes forming roving tribes. Maybe a horse will survive.. but probably not. If this shit goes total madmax 450 million people (mexico canada us) will devour everything including insects.

          • .02 wrote,”If this shit goes total madmax 450 million people […] will devour everything including insects.”

            Yeah, yeah. I think you got that backwards.

        • Cannot say, depends on type of collapse. Usually I would bet on primarily a financial collapse. Something like the great depression with the money gone bad. In that type of thing I’d go with junk silver and American Eagles, (Silver and Gold depending on how much you have) In a worse case, short of total mad MAX, I’d suggest individual care items; Soap, Tp, drugs, coffee, tea, antacids, vitamins Those kinds of things would be in big demand. Ultimately you would want to start your own little store. Get started on historic stock and work into new production as it comes along. In Mad Max you just go for survival stuff, either find friends or hide till it’s over.

          • hide till it’s over. lol.. good plan..

        • @WIprepped

          two things.
          first would be solar power, for whatever your needs are. second would be silver, for the next need. about $19.00 an ounce right now. I can’t see you going wrong with silver or gold, but gold is hard to get into.
          if you have land, I would also go with hand tools, anything that is tried and true.
          hardest part of hand tools is figuring out exactly how they work, and don’t forget a sharpening stone. may seem silly now, but hey, isn’t it all.
          we have forgotten more then we know, look at things in farm sales, and figure out what they were intended to do. I wish you well my friend.

        • That’s the WHOLE PHUCKING PROBLEM that got us into this mess…….
          “INVESTMENT”………the want of ” more and more”…..never being satisfied.
          Tell you what to invest in: love of self, love of family, love of stranger.

        • Don’t know if this is one of those answers you didn’t want, but…
          After that I think I’d look at generators, stockpiles of ceramic water filters, all sorts of how-to books.

      6. If one decided to pick through the above and discard what appears “way out there” not because of its improbability but rather its effects what remained would still be terrible.

        The global ramifications are frightening as the cop on the beat (ok corrupt cop but cop none the less) leaves his post with nations around the globe that got financially burnt with a USD collapse and unable to buy food and energy.

        Regardless none of this will end well.

        • Well, well: If a collapse does happen, or even a serious economic downturn, I’m wondering just how many of you ‘good Christians’ will help those who are in need, say children and the elderly. Judging by all the rhetoric I’ve seen here over the past few years, I’m not holding my breath. Most of you here, there are some exceptions, as with most of American society, are Christians in name only. Convenient, or Fair-Weather, Christians are what most folks really are. The moment you’re really put to the test, it’s everyman for himself. I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to find that biblical passage that says “screw all those that didn’t prepare”. Now don’t go getting angry with me, these are the words that you’ve been spewing for years. I must admit though, I do enjoy rubbing your noses in it. Virtually all of you have said at one time or another that you’d shoot someone before you’d give them any food for their hungry families, and yes, families include the sick, the elderly and children. The anger will definitely come from the phony Christians who’ve been stung by the fact that they are phonies, convicted by the very words they’ve spoken here and elsewhere. Any real Christian, and I’ve actually met a few, would never be offended because the gospels don’t teach greed and hatred, not even towards an enemy. True Christians really want to know WWJD in any situation?

          • Sorry; but IMHO most of this problem is CAUSED by people who want someone else to solve their problems. The last 75 years has been the richest time in the history of the world, with by far the best medical care the world has ever seen. And yet we have more people with their hands out NEEDING any thing you will give them. If we had said “NO work, No eat” to LBJ’S Great Society we would not be in this mess. That and refusing to take responsibility for anything, and letting the Bankes steal all they could get IS the problem

          • Professor Higgins.
            Why blame Christians? Why not just blame yourself for not doing anything….what will folks like you do? Instead of blaming, get active….

            • There IS Biblical precedence for preparing yourself and being left behind by the ones that prepared…..Noah and his family prepared for years, subject to ridicule, and the 5 foolish virgins that did not bring their own oil for their lamps and were left behind because they did not prepare. I get so tired of the “Christian” guilt trip…always spouted by someone that sees what’s going on but doing nothing to prepare for their own needs. All the while they have the best clothes, fancy phones & cars, McMansions and eat out every meal with fake fingernails and $100 haircuts!

              • Gosh…I have never known a true Christian who was concerned about cars, fingernails, mansions, et al. Those whom I know….are in the KNOW. They care about far more than the now….and they help those in need….without any fanfare or accolades….they just DO it….

            • Ugly: You’ve missed my point entirely, I’m not blaming Christians for the economic problems this country. What I was talking about is the daily venom spit out on this and like sites where so many ‘so-called’ Christians say they’ll shoot anyone who approaches them after a collapse, even if it’s a man, and yes, a man who failed to provide for his own family, who desperately needs a little something for his children. Most here would let those children starve and others here often reply with a resounding “Amen”. These responses are in direct conflict with the gospels of Jesus Christ. If you don’t practice the teaching of Christ then you’re not a Christian, you’re just a fan.

          • I personally do not see these events taking place in a small to medium size town. Americans have always come to gather in tragic events. And American ingenuity will prevail in a crisis. In towns of 20,000 or less, most people tend to know their neighbors and will work with each other to get through what ever has to be done. We’re not going to be turning on each other at the drop of a hat as most of these articles seem to infer. And yes as a Christian I will help the sick and the elderly but I adhere to all of the scriptures, If you don’t work you don’t eat. And I’m pretty sure that most of the people that have been living on the government dole tend to be people that don’t work. Now life in a big city is a whole nother story. You most likely will have to take care of your own, and if that means using a gun or what ever means, so be it. NO Professor Higgins you don’t reason with a Rattlesnake, that may be Obama’s MO but that ain’t the way it works in the real world. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • Professor Higgins asked, “I can’t seem to find that biblical passage that says “screw all those that didn’t prepare.”

            You need to look harder. For one, try the story about the girls with lamp oil?
            There’s a few other stories in there too, if you try.

            Anyway, what do you mean by saying, “Virtually all of you have said at one time or another that you’d shoot someone before you’d give them any food for their hungry families, and yes, families include the sick, the elderly and children.”

            I Never said that. I guess it depends upon what you mean by the word, “Virtually”?
            Anyway, I get your overall point, it’s like when Durango Kid said he was a Christian but then threatened to kill me for speaking my mind about freedom and liberty… a lot of people take that in stride and shrug it off as if it’s not a contradiction.

            I wonder about them too.

            • helot: Perhaps I’ve exaggerated a bit, but over the years I’ve seen so many here that have said, in one way or another, that they wouldn’t lift a finger to help those who haven’t the foresight to prepare. These same folks have said that they would even go so far as to shoot those who even approached them. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you, or any true Christian, that was not my intention. My statement was directed at those whose first response to any challenge is to threaten violence and to let to let the innocent suffer. These people know who they are and my comments were directed at them. The ones who are afraid and would withhold all charity in times of crisis. The ‘oil lamp’ story is about salvation Matt 25:1-13, I was merely talking about acts of kindness towards others as in Matt 25:31-46.

          • Here Here…….well said Professor.

          • Et Al: It seems, at least as of 08:30 on 6/3/2014, I’ve managed to anger at least 3 phony Christians by my comments. They’re like roaches, they hate the light because it exposes them for the filthy little creatures that they really are. I’ve noticed that none of them have bothered to challenge me directly by posting any counter argument or direct attacks. They know that once they do that others will know who the phonies are by name. The others responses I’ve received have been thoughtful and informative from those that are likely true Christians. But the ‘red thumbs’ are most likely from the actual phonies who just pretend to be Christians. A tree is know by the fruit it bares, Matt 12:33-35 and Luke 6:43-45.

          • “””I can’t seem to find that biblical passage that says “screw all those that didn’t prepare”””

            OH, ye of little faith–here it is; read it carefully, folks. It is all in the Bible if you only look.

            I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

            • The above was for Professor Higgins, friends. 🙂

          • Professor Higgins…screw you–as some here say.
            What do I care that the useless eaters, the welfare moochers die??
            A good lesson for this nation if it carries on after this collapse. Carry your own weight.
            Listen, and listen well.
            This nation was built on substance that carries in certain genes.
            Like Gene, my husband, who leaves in the morning to work where he can–after open heart surgery, carotid surgery, pain in his legs and back that VA can’t seem to find enough time to alleviate due to incompetence, taking prescriptions for seizures, and having vision in only one damn eye from a stroke.
            Don’t you even dare TRY to make me feel sorry for the POS that steal our money and throw it away on useless crap.

            Don’t you ever try to judge me and mine until you walk in my and Gene’s shoes, sir.

            • Uh, heck, thanks to swinging Richard for reminding me–Gene also has an inoperable aneurysm in the base of his neck–once again, don’t preach to me, Professor Higgins.
              Hard to list all his ailments at times. 🙁

          • The problem Dear Professor is that we have NOT followed the Gospel and teachings in greater society as in “Teach a man to fish”, “let them gleam the stubble of the field”, etc…and yes, “The poor will always be with you”…

            • Master–I so agree with you. We just throw them the darn salmon.

            • Christians, based on bible teaching, are called to be generous with others. But the information that we on this site have, has also been given to all other Americans. Some choose to prep. Some choose to play.

              Noah was not required to load the entire village onto his ark even though it was large enough. God told him who to load and he did that. The 5 virgins were given as an example of living the faith and being ready daily and they were not required by God to give their oil to those who played and failed to prepare. “Teach a man to fish” and “let them glean the stubble of the field” demonstrate charity to others in allowing them to feed themselves by their own work/hand. It does not say feed those who refuse to work. It says feed those who are disabled. And it is a reminder that we are all required to work for our own keep. It does not say your must provide for the entire world. It says you must provide for yourself and your family. This is not a lack of charity but a point of common sense and it affirms each persons dignity and self worth.
              Those who attack Christian values should learn what they are first. Charity is key but common sense and work ethic are also keys and also required of each of us.

        • Kevin2 wrote, “Regardless none of this will end well.”

          Nice tag line, however; I think All of it might Very well End well. [Loaded sentence, that.]

          For one, Just think: The Bastards run out of other people’s money, they can’t do Jack, seven billion sovereign nations appear in the form of family units… oh, this Can end well.

          … Yeah, the Jack boot Can wind Up stomping on the face of humanity forever, how-freaking-ever; who likes that, and will put up with it for long?

          I mean, you ever see a geek/nerd get pissed at being in a head-lock from a bully? … Sometimes they do what it takes Not to let it happen a second time.

          • helot

            Many governments failed and quite often the successor was worse. NAZI Germany and the USSR are prime pretty recent examples. Going further back the French Monarchy followed by Napoleon.

            The US was pretty much the exception.

            I’m certainly no fan of what we all have now but the concept of true self government might not be valid. What percentage of Americans know within 50 years when the Civil War took place? What percentage know who their elected officials are? We come to BBs like this because were starved for a somewhat intelligent conversation and even here you pull your hair out if you have any. Thanksgiving dinner with extended family? Mention “oil peg” and you get a blank stare. Federal Reserve, “That government place that has our gold in Ft Knox”, is the reply. Superbowl, now were on to something. Golf, bogies, on par, yep we got something here for sure.

            The few have controlled the many because the many are sheep and for the most part if fed they don’t know and don’t care to know. Its “food and circus” along with “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The masses will gladly sub contract out all the decision making and security issues for that “food and circus”; always have, always will.

            I’m a cynic. I think history proves me correct.

      7. Garden is in . Freezers are full. Canning jars are canned. Fuel and water . Check. Guns and ammo, check. I will be off line for a few days to repair a aneurysm found during a recent bout with the stomach flu. Good luck to all . Will be back soon God willing.

        • Good luck in your recovery. Sometimes rest and relaxation is the answer….

        • Good Luck, swinging.
          Prayers for you tonight.

          • thanks guys. prayers always welcomed.

        • Dear swinging richard,

          I Do hope you check out the health stuff at lewrockwell.com
          The clot-buster info might help ya.
          Not too mention the magnesium and K2 info.

          Also, Jon Rappaport writes about how the medical system is a killing machine… don’t fall into their trap, they’ll kill ya and fuck you Up big time if you let them.

          That way there be monsters.

          • thanks helot, will do.

            • You’ll do fine; Gene had one they found during carotid surgery.
              He was home late the next day.

              You are in our prayers.
              Gene does not take the statins–we just stack them on a shelf. You might want to research the side effects of those.
              We take lecithin each day for artery cleansing, no statins.

        • Have no fear, it’s a walk in the park…
          I know cause mine is doing well.

          • Fyi…

            I had a triple A stent installed last Sept…
            No serious complications except maybe post op edema…
            The aneurism has already shrunk by 25%…
            The surgeon said it was one of his better “jobs”… 🙂

      8. If you have an alternate living location, you should plan to go soon…I and others will help those on their way, if it gets to that point….
        Be Well, Be Well Prepared, And Be “paying attention”….

      9. what will happen, If he even tries to overthrow the government the people will at that point stop all work and go after him like there is no tomorrow if he would try to overtake it totally. You can see it blacks now hate more whites and more and more hatred. I see it more and more on the east coast in PA. Obama has people so divided and the dumb will believe him since they have nothing to lose but free money. When that happens they will steal and go out of control and thats when violence will happen. Whites will do it too and so will the mexicans. Money and rich people will be nothing, the power of people in groups will then be powerful. Be ready friends. It could happen soon or not for many many years. Whats your thoughts on the timeline??????????????

        • Once the stores are looted and empty, a month of hell on earth before it settles down some. Did not say it would stop.

        • The only timeline I have is for myself and my family….I do not believe that this economy can continue to sustain itself on nothing backing it….I am moving. I am relocating to where my family is…where my heart is….where my hopes lie…when all collapses and some finally realize they have been “duped”….there will be such violence that will be too horrific to behold…people will be hungry (number 1) they will be so confused they will accept anything the government has to offer them in order to return them to “their” reality….never to happen…
          Number 2….could go several ways…..

        • Clint, good to hear from you. We still have a long hot summer to get through. If we’re fortunate, MAYBE noting will happen during the summer, but I’m not counting on that. the way things are shaping up, I say we have months; no way we could have years. I’ll be surprised if the midterm elections take place. Regardless, my prepping is continuing and everyone else’s should be also.

        • Clint.
          Don’t worry, just prepare. The major collapse could happen in the next 8 months or it could last another 5 to 10 years. This I am assure of is that anybody that is living 2-10 years from now will see it. Once you see food inflation of the necessary stuff such as eggs, milk, meat, potatoes, grains, rice, double in price in one year then you will know the time has arrived….

          • One year? Hell that is happening now. It is soon going to be doubling each week.

            • yes good to hear from you too man. Once inflation hits it will be harder and harder to do anything and more cutbacks and then a snowball effect. We are getting close, prices for items are getting close to out of control, gas is way to high and too many “fake” wars are near. Watching on history on demand the hitler ww2 from the start to end and I see Obama trying to see what he can get away with and now he’s going out of control while we allow pelosi types to remain in power to unstop him, I know both parties are bad but they better realize the public is that close of snapping.

            • Dad sold 7 calves today for over $5k. Biggest calf was 580# smallest 285#

          • 9 cans of baby formula cost about 80 dollars for me last time, now it costs 160. I’d say that’s doubling. That was within the span of 4 months

        • clint hospo asked, “what will happen, If he even tries to overthrow the government?”

          How about, he ignores the gooberment and just lives his life without it? Nevermind that whole, “If he even tries to overthrow the government” Fuck that!

          Ending Tyranny Without Violence


      10. Maybe it’ll give us the chance we need to get our freaking noses out of the worlds butt’s and straighten out our house for a change.

        One thing for sure….the gangster life will come to a quick end in the cities.

        • Really??? wrote, “One thing for sure….the gangster life will come to a quick end in the cities.”

          It’ll be just like after The Prohibition Days of the 1930’s when alcohol was made legal? Al Capone would loose his edge and Budweiser beer trucks would stop shooting it out on the streets for territory?

          My wonder is, Why can’t people see how government creates that violence?


        • Hey Miguel, I think you’re on the wrong site. We read and speak English here. Have a good day.

      12. One of the main reasons for the collapse is the high price and lack of “conventional” oil. Cheap easy oil is the only way capitalism and growth to pay debt and usury works.

        “For it is an unpleasant fact that according to our best estimates, total fossil fuel reserves recoverable…are likely to run out at some time between the years 2000 and 2050…”

        Admiral Hyman Rickover USN

        in 1957…

        • I for one, and many like me…do not need fossil fuel….so go on with your thoughts with THAT in mind…

        • 1957 estimates of recoverable oil reserves are not valid today.

        • Keep in mind that Rickover was a major advocate for nuclear plants, and had a vested interest in convincing the world that his pets were a necessary wave of the future.

          And of course it turns out that he was wrong.

        • JRS wrote, “Cheap easy oil is the only way capitalism and growth to pay debt and usury works.”

          You seem really confused there.

          …And you know what crony-capitalism is?
          And fascism?
          And you’re aware of the opposite, Austrian Economics?

          Anyway, I’m more of a view of a, oh what’s that they call it? Where the earth replenishes the oil in the ground… where oil is not from dinosaur bones? Where Peak Oil is a load of shit, especially in light of the long known technology called fracking.

          Believe what you want, but think about what I said.
          Research the Hell out of it, even.
          Just don’t call cronyism or fascism, capitalism.
          It Just ain’t so.

          • I have said before that oil could not have come from decaying plants or animals. You can check it out. Find the list of elements and their percentages in oil. Then compare it with the list of elements and their percentages in plants and animals. You will find elements in plants and animals that never show up in oil. Where did those elements disappear to? Also they are drilling oil wells almost completely through the crust of the earth. There were never any plants or animals 5 or more miles deep in the earth.

            Russian scientists say that oil is produced by the earth continuously. We may be reaching an equilibrium where we will have a limit as to how much we can get each year, but they say the oil will never actually run out. Because of the difference in composition of oil compared to plants and animals, I believe the Russians are probably right.

            • Sorry Archivist, that should have been a “thumbs up”. I think you’re right that the earth is continually creating oil. That makes sooo much more sense than the ” fossil fuel” theory.

          • helot, fracking is doing more damage to the earth than good.
            Research that.
            And the ‘energy return on energy invested’ is not a good thing considering water use, etc.

      13. Just get ready for the STHF!!!
        It’s coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
        That why we prepair for the worst and pray for the best. We all know it is coming.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB.

      14. JRS

        That was before the petro dollar.

        The high cost of oil increased demand for US Dollars and allowed the US to print more and dilute it into the world. The 1973 “Arab Oil Embargo” was a staged event to increase the demand for dollars. The increased cost at the pump was nothing compared to the advantage of so much increased dollar demand. Our greatest export became pretty pictures of historical figures on very high grade paper.

        If fracking facilitated energy independence for every nation the demand for dollars would drop like a rock.

        This is the big picture.

      15. Bring it on! dont have anything to lose, so broke ate what little preps I had. Glad Im old and got a chance to live…

      16. Here is the timeline of the One World people (the new world order):

        The Dollar will collapse shortly after one or more False Flags.

        All the governmental people and all the elite will head, under guard, to one of the hundreds of underground cities underneath where we all live.

        Food distribution centers will be seized.

        Power will go off.

        The Internet shut down.

        The dollar will be replaced temporarily by the Amero.

        Christians will be hunted down and killed.

        All other Americans (& those who resist) will be duped or rounded up by force into going to the Fema camps or their nearest NFL stadium where they will be guillotined or put in gas chambers.

        Gold and Silver will be outlawed unless conjoined with the Mark of the Beast, an RFID chip.

        Canada, the U.S. and Mexico will form the North American Union (the NAU) and then be handed over to the Antichrist.

        Got your food? your water? your flashlights?

        Got them hidden and made redundant?

        And what is YOUR job and MINE?

        a- Keep yourself and your loved ones alive;

        b- Under NO circumstances accept ANY RFID chip; it will disable your free will and consign you to Hell and Hell is for ETERNITY;

        c- Do not renounce your faith in Christ under ANY circumstances;

        d- Think like a Chess player;

        e- Do NOT be manipulated into taking out and firing your weapons: elude these evildoers at all costs.

        MOST IMPORTANTLY: pay CLOSE attention to what Christ tells you during The Warning. Say all you want, but The Warning WILL happen. Only God the Father knows that timing. THOSE instructions will save your life, and more importantly, your SOUL.

        – the Lone Ranger


        • The Lone Ranger:

          Who are these “one world people” that you write about that are planning the demise of Christians by fema camps, guillotines, etc. according to your post?

          Who are these evil “haters” planning the demise of so many people on this planet? Are they nameless, faceless spooks, Lone Ranger, or are they walking talking human? beings?

          You have been posting here a long time, showing us what the enemy has planned for us. So, hopefully in that amount of time you have some idea of who these “one world people” are.

          Are they the ones behind legislation of the Patriot Act and legislation to take away our guns? Are they the ones behind the ACLU trying to erase Jesus Christ from all memory in America?

          How much of the legislation to destroy the constitution and our rights coming out of the District of Communists is being sponsored and pushed by these “one world people”? Can you possibly name some names so we can begin to recognize who the enemy you post about is?

          You seem to be quick with scathing remarks of “hater” and “hatred” yet I find in your posts horrible predictions of what is coming to America and I find myself ‘hating’ to think about them coming true, and ‘hating’ those “one world people” you say will cause all this turmoil.

          Surely with the connections John Leery and Maria have with Jesus Christ he has not left them in the dark. Are they not sharing that most important information with you. Is Jesus Christ just telling them beware of the “one world people”?

          • Pissed Off Granny,

            1. Who are the one world people?

            Answer: The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Masons. Christ told John Leary these very groups take their orders from Satan himself. I find that very very scary! Satan has deceived them and made them false promises. Satan has told them we (“the useless eaters”) are the enemy. No, Satan is the forever enemy of God and of humans.

            2. Are they the ones behind the legislation you mentioned?

            Answer: Yes, they and others they “manipulate”. They have infiltrated and infested all levels of government.

            3. How much of the legislation is sponsored by the one world people? I will give you a few of many examples.
            – Play backwards, “Yes we can”. Listen to it on youtube backwards. It will chill you.
            – The plan to confiscate guns is based, we are told, on all the shootings but in reality it is designed to disarm citizens once Martial Law is declared and enforced by foreign troops, among others.
            – Our current president signed an executive order giving him/the government the right to go into your home and seize whatever food, water, energy, ammo, etc. etc. you have in the event of a national emergency (that is, martial law).
            – 35,000 scientists signed a statement that was given to our president saying/proving/showing global warming is a myth, a LIE! Global warming is a manipulation designed to destroy more of our liberties and “control” us, just like 9/11 was done by our government to pass the [anti]-Patriot Act which has destroyed much of our Liberty.
            – Once you deposit your money in your bank, the LAW says the BANK owns it! Try getting a huge sum out of the bank. They will give you grief to no end and you will be blocked at every step. Hodges had a recent article about this at his site: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com
            – The [un]Affordable Health Care Act of 10/1/13 requires EVERY American within three years of that date to have implanted in them “a Class 2 Implantable Medical Device” which is an RFID chip which is the Mark of the Beast. Those who do not take the Mark, that chip, will be rounded up by a military force legislated in that Act and taken to a Fema camp and killed.
            – Monsanto, who gave us GMO food, which causes diseases in humans and grotesque tumors in lab rats, is protected by the law. Our elected leaders fight against having GMO food LABELED so we can AVOID buying it! ANOTHER plan by Satan to “destroy” humans.

            Right now, as we speak, there are homeless people being rounded up and taken to the crematorioums in the Fema camps to be killed. All over our country people are reporting seeing less homeless people. That is the reason why.

            Dr. Peck in his book on evil people writes, “We see the velvet glove that masks the fists of fury”, meaning, these “nice” people are not GOOD people! They use charisma and “niceness” to tell us all the above is for our own good yet they are some of the means by which Satan wants to destroy us and take our souls to Hell by us hating, killing, etc.

            Peck also wrote, “The truly evil do not reside in jail.” So true.

            If you and I hold up a convenience store and get $25., we’ll do 20 years in prison or more. But if you work on Wall Street and rob everybody, guess what? You get “bailed out” and rewarded!
            You already know about one former governor who cannot account of hundreds of millions of dollars missing that people gave his company, yet no charges were filed!

            Yet, in another book Dr. Peck wrote, “Glimpses of the Devil”, he made an incredible statement that Satan can NOT accomplish ANYTHING without a human body = without human beings COOPERATING with what Satan wants (which is the destruction of the human race and taking to Hell as many souls as he can through enticing them to do his destructiveness).

            I hope this answers your excellent questions!

            – the Lone Ranger

            “The truly evil do not reside in jail.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D. in “People of the Lie”.

      17. One of the MAIN problems IS that history books have been edited to TEACH our kids that the F-R is part of the government. It was called the ‘Federal Reserve’ instead of Bank of America for a specific REASON.

        The idea behind it was so that people never KNEW that our government was always in debt. HOW can a government be in debt IF they print their own money and had assets to back it?

        The F-R was a plan long in the making. Whoever planned what we’re going through now was brilliant. Create the F-R, take us to paper money backed by gold, decouple us from gold and go to full fiat money that not ONLY was accepted by the citizens without any asset backing it, but BY THE WORLD without any asset backing it. To get the world to accept took MUCH internal work and time. 100 years of time.

        This fruit has come to bear and what it bore is horrible.

      18. Well, I guess if you can’t come up with something new, articles from 4 years ago will work….

      19. I read way to much, going over hundreds of pages of information, speed reading class paid off I guess. Anyway, most information has to be sifted through, and none can be set in stone. The one thing that makes it past the sifting every time is coruption. So sooner or later it will fall apart. There is no other way to deal with it, because this is going to touch everyone on the planet, and that is adapt or die from what comes. Those that prep, will adapt well, those that don’t prep will be the first to go…

        • Hundreds, thousands of possible events could happen, not all can be covered. Money is just a tool, like any other tool, it can be replaced. It is what you can get done with the tools at hand that counts. Do I see a fortress made of gravestones in a future dark ages, no. Do I see everything clicking along like it has been, no. Will I adapt to whatever happens, yes…

      20. Defend Life, Stand the Line and hold.

      21. As far as I’m concerned it has already collapsed.
        The Q.E’s took care of that.
        The Leaches and Zombies will go nuts and try to take everything that is not nailed down. The worst part about it is you will have to use your firearms, and more than likely take a life to protect you and yours.
        Now is a good time to buy gold or silver, and extra food and water.
        The power grid will then go down.
        This is why I prep!

        • Went junking last weekend and picked up another grease gun. Always looking for stuff I can use now or add to the stash at our other property.

          Glad the Mrs. and I have the day off to make final preps. for the big storm later today. The Weather Channels Tornado truck is in Grand Island. Everything that isn’t nailed down has been put away. Off to pick some more gas, change oil in the Generator, and then take a peak in the gutters.

          • Storm update. Now that the storm/tornado has passed and the power is back we are in clean up mode. Major damage to our trees, flattened our garden, minor damage to some of our buildings, stole my burn barrel, dropped trees on some of our fences, and our house looks like a Chea Pet. Leaves stuck to all sides. Many of our neighbors had more damage. Grain bins blown away, hundreds of center pivots crashed, major crop loss, 3 of our friends lost their roof, others lost windows and out buildings, but as my neighbor reminded me this morning we are still standing.

      22. Articles like this makes me prep more!

      23. It is not so much what the world will look like when the dollar collapses as much as what will the world look like BEFORE the dollar collapses. To get to the point in which the dollar collapses, the U.S. would have to have had used up all the remaining options that it has. That is unlikely. You are more likely to see some catastrophe that takes all attention away from the dollar collapses. Can anyone say regional or world war?

      24. Someone said something about the “gold” in Fort Knox, is there really gold still there?, I have read articles that say there has not been gold in Fort Knox for many years, what do you all think?

        Living in the country as I do I feel that those of us who have prepped and learned hunting,food growing & raising skills have a better shot at making it then those who have put it off until tomorrow always thinking that they have time to do it all. My garden is growing well thanks to the rain we have had so far this spring and each week I get a little bit closer to my goal with my other preps, a bag of rice here a can of coffee there it adds up quicker then you would expect. I have added another item over the past couple of months in the form of vitamin pills to help supplement what I will be eating when the time comes just in case I don’t get a well balanced diet. Walgreen’s have a BOGO sale quite often on just plain everyday vitamin caps along with Blackberry extract caps to build up your immune system a body could do quite well. Guys, I know it is going to be tough going but the folks on this site are,for the most part, doers and with a little luck and the help of our awesome Lord we will make it, just remember to keep your eye on the prize; life whatever it may be. Remember the pioneers made it on so very little just what they grew, raised, hunted,and made with their own two hands so can we if we try.

        My husband and I are blessed he is a EMT, great mechanic, & woodworker and I am a retired teacher & fiber artist, so along with our prepping and farming skills we are pretty well set as far as the skills department goes I think we will do just fine, also the mountains where we live will help us a lot too.

        I wish everyone on this site the very best in the days and months ahead.

        • “””those of us who have prepped and learned hunting,food growing & raising skills have a better shot at making it”””

          Maybe after the ‘die off’???
          You won’t be out back tending the garden at first with millions roaming, looking for food–maybe later.
          Your turnips WILL need to be protected–so, forget that.
          Mallard–the best price and assured quality is puritanpride.com; free shipping. All our herbs and vitamins are bought there, esp. elderberry extract.

          At times, during their sales I get tablets extremely cheap.

          I get my antibiotics at Thomas Labs and just finished a round for an ear infection. Yes, I know the speech and lesson about taking antibiotics often, but it was a bad one. I hadn’t had one in many years.

          Good luck and hope the post helps you save money.

      25. Ummmmm do you own fort knox gold???

        Cool, enjoy that thought because nobody else does. Please tell me how you collect it. .

      26. the Zionist Amerika fedgov who is the largest employer in Amerika will be the last man standing in the end and its over paid full benefited full retirement leaching employees , contractors and subcontractors will hold on tooth and nail to the bloody bitter end to its Zionist dogma as long as they get that fat gov fedreserve fiatmoney paycheck.

        they and their enforcer gestapo DHS law enforcement will become your greatest physical threat to your preps, property, you and your children as the end nears.


      27. What always strikes me as odd about these “collapse seniaros is there all semi written from the extreams of a city and suburb point of view.. Now take this into account.. it all goes tits up and you live in a small isolated state like wyoming the dakotas or any central state.. there is agriculture a few wind turbines hydro electric dams and coal plants.. the farms still are there cows and the whole 9 yards and the trains still rumble through alot of small towns and cities.. Farmers still have to move product the power still needs to come on.. Honestly i think its kinda all stupid.. I don’t see it going to some apocolypic mad max sceen except for the corridors and larger citiess. the smaller towns and such 40,000 or less with infrastructure within 100 miles.. Bismark nd has 2 coal fired plants near by 1 hydro electric dam 3 wind farms and oil.. These states will seperater after the first fall .. and close in on themselves the cites will become indendant city states reliying on the area of ther controll and the smaller towns and agrictulture will go to supply them. while the rest of the country goes to hell. I honestly think you will see the US break into 5 or 6 smaller countries.. like “SeaTac, Jefferson, ” ie Washington, Oragon, northren california, “Utah nevada colilition” Idaho Utah Nevada. Mon-Dak Montana North south dakota Wyoming, Colomex Colorado Newmexico parts of arizona and nebraska, Texas republic, Texas olkahoma arkansaw kansas Nebraska, The south, ” no explination there. Great lakes teritories, with former canda states, New Egland, and such.. Yeah there will be a break down but i see this division happen within months or weeks of the US collapse there might be some civil conflicts but i can not see any other scario where the us dosn’t break up. With so many sates having bi-laws of session in there state constiution or measures on ballets i can not justify a total riot and warfare based collapse with out looking at states seasing and controlling there own reasources and intrest first for the safety of ther population..

        a side note.. southren california .. and parts of arizona are going back to mexico.. i don’t see a solution to that become a wreched hell hole.. the same can be said for parts of the north east metroplex from pitsburg to washingotn .. too many people and no infrastructure..

        these evetns will be caticlysmic.. there will be blood but i dont see a all out slauter and canabilistic march across the land.. Just upheaval as the country tears itself apart and realines into smaller more managable units that devide along states and regional belifes intrest, resources and infrastructure.

        • My negative comeback for itsallrelativein the end..
          those coal plants still running on what??
          trains delivering how paid? How engineered?
          The employees paid how??
          A special chit that they spend at the ‘company store’??
          Cause chinamart is closed!
          How long will that feed for livestock last?
          Those states so self-sufficient will be overrun with refugees.
          What then??
          Will it end with National Guard against National Guard???, because ND isn’t the only state with those.
          You don’t see an all-out slaughter across the land?? 🙁
          You have children??
          What would you do to feed them??
          One ranch does not feed a thousand–and that’s being very optimistic with that figure.

          Just some thoughts from a simple-minded little country girl from Kentucky.

          • Most likely a state based curency will develope after a barter system takes place.
            most coal plants in the upper west are built ontop of there own coal deposits. ie they run off of there local stock.

            Trains will probaly be paid out in dividens of product deliverd.. ie coal oil wheat or a meat alotment from cattel. also most rail companies are subsidised by the oil fuel and resource conglmerates.. These have not collapsed durring times of economic upheavel due to there vital role as durrable infrastructure..
            A side note most diesle electric locmotives are enginered to function at a time of emergency as a electrical power plant. Most rail companies can also durring a time of unrest reclame all functioning and viable steam locomotives for use.. There has been alot of sidline refurbishing of steam locomotives funded by larger rail companies through donations to local rail musumes.

            I am fairly shure the local populus or self seficiant states will guard there own land as well as a governate orderd recall of the states national guard to stand in for the state as a local millitia or millitary..

            Some states already have trade and sucession plans to split the union if a economic or goverment collapse takes place.. These borders have already been drawn..

            yes I undersand there will be a huge die off this is seen as a 30 percent loss of any sufficient state’s populous.. those numbers increase as a state is more urban with less land or resources to support its own population.

            Climate kills. depending on the time of the year if the collapse happens.. less people will make it to self suficent states durring the winter time.. also due to a lack of food reserves the die off in these states will be larger..

            the invers is accepted if it happens in the summer time

            Antiquated but viable infrastructer. Most self suficiant states run anywhere from 10 to 20 years behind the technology curve or have relied on not changing there infrastructure.. this makes it less prone to digital or other technology bassed attacks. ie most rural states hold on to working items longer with less of a replacement span.. automobils and heavy equipment are usualy 10 to 20 years older than most ubanized areas.

            Guns to people ratio. Larger in most rural areas.

            Nusance animals..

            Most rural areas atm have a surplus of Deer Rabbits coyotes skunks ducks and other game animals that in a pinch or sever cases can agument the local food source..

            home remides and tradition rural areas are full of old Tricks word of mouth knowlege and home spun inginuity to get things running grown fixed and taken care of..

            Stubbroness. Too dam stubron to quit till they drop dead attitude.

            and if you aint from here turn yer ass around mindset.. most rural states will know who is who over 100 to 500 square miles of family ties relitives and whos who the local network of family cousins frends of family usualy spreads state wide.

            i can think of countless more items that will make these areas weather a collapse better than the urban corridors.

            • In the event of collapse its political triage time where a nation dissolves into have nations and have not nations. The NE and major cities become a liability with hoards of what Kissinger himself described as “useless eaters”. The powers to be have no need for a liability but plenty of need for energy and food. The question of, “get paid how?” misses the point that how were presently getting paid. Our money right now is just a creation out of nothing. The real wealth lay in food, energy, raw materials and hopefully a merger of it all into indigenous manufacturing.

              Nations formed out of practical necessity and dissolve for the same reasons.

      28. The interesting thing about viewpoints such as that from john snow is, the people working for the so-called ‘FedGov’ won’t be motivated to do ANything If their paychecks don’t buy Jack. Think about That!

        Humpty Dumpty, and all that. Plus, how did ‘Animal Farm’ end? I.e. The Soviet. Where is The Soviet today?


        • Soviets?
          Making MASSIVE ENERGY DEALS with China that completely bypass the $US.
          Russian folk are extremely tough.
          12 months after The Event, methinks many more Russians will have survived than Americans.

          • not trying to dispute what you are saying really. But I keep hearing the same line from people about the “Massive Energy Deal” made between Russia and China.

            They agreed to a $400 billion deal. Sound pretty impressive. Buts its over a 30 year time period. So in other words it is a $13+ billion per year deal. Not chump change but not “massive” IMHO.

            Just my .02

      29. History and recent and current events tell us all we need to know about how the population will respond to this event. Public order will break down very quickly and roving gangs will loot on mass for days. Urban areas will be distinguishable for the black smoke rising above them. We saw this in the UK in 2011 and we can see this in countries from Turkey to Egypt.

        International bodies pay their people in US dollars so a US dollar collapse would mean significant delays to the UN and other agencies being able to respond.

        Expect the police and the military to pull back and evaluate the situation from afar. As in, ‘let it burn’ will be the song they will sing. After a week or two, the police and military will then strategically regain control of cities etc. But this will be a slow process and fixated on major assets and economically essential places (airports, food factories, banks, the stock exchange, etc.). They won’t make it a priority to secure most neighborhoods.

        For the general civ pop, they will have to digest a mean gruel of media alerts offering advice. It will be cold comfort when outside on the street vicious youth gangs battle it out with more established ‘man gangs’ – ethnic business mafias, latino gangs, crime syndicates, drug gangs etc. This will be the first big cull as the youth gangs are obliterated by the more vicious and better organized ‘man gangs’. Expect to see hoodie-wearing youth hanging from lamp poles as an example to others. It just takes one of the youth gangs to gang-rape the daughter of one of the ‘man gangs’ and then that is it: they are done.

        The police and the military will be hanging back and letting this street-level power struggle play itself out. Scum killing scum will be the objective. Once that is done, the state authorities will gradually move back in, but only for booty prize areas that are worth it.

        There is already a significantly well resourced state apparatus of military bases, secret compounds, etc. that are networked using Internet 2.0 all over the world. That is where the politicians and high-level business folks will retreat to for the crisis.

        “Dude, who is that old guy splashing around in the plastic kiddie pool with the hot blonde in the bikini next to the mess hall?”

        “Dude, that’s George Soros, man.”


        • “Dude, who is that old guy splashing around in the plastic kiddie pool with the hot blonde in the bikini next to the mess hall?”

          “Dude, that’s George Soros, man.”

          BANG! BANG! BANG!

          “C’mon, lets get the girl out of the pool before her lovely white bikini gets permanently dyed pink.”

      30. This Dave Hodges creep is a disinfo agent who’s in the same basic category as Alex Judas Jones.

        I have a rule – anytime I start to read an article which has a headline that predicts doom & gloom, or which pretends to be a lead-in to an article that exposes the evil going on in our world and then identify the perpetrators of said evil – the second I see the name of Hitler being used, I stop reading and go elsewhere.

        Dave Hodges, just like Alex Judas Jones – is running cover for the real perpetrators of 99% of the evil going on in our world and neither of these two turds has an ounce of credibility.

        • True story Tucker.

          That blame it on the Nazi’s, the PTB, the banksters, and the “one world people” should give people a heads up that the article being written is not going to touch the real truth.

          Exposing the true “one world people” would mean the immediate demise of the lucrative careers of people such as Alex Jones and Dave Hodges.

          You have set the correct “bar” for yourself as to whether you want to waste your time reading something that you know from the beginning wont be the truth. Oh, they worm around the edges of what is wrong with America to keep the sheep lapping up their half assed verbage; but will NEVER dare touch the truth.

          The truth is out there. Just a few keystrokes will send you to article after article if you truly are interested in truth.

          I find a lot of truth at biblestudysite dot com. No PC crap there.

      31. I don’t think TPTB want a collapse. I think they have things working exactly as they want them. The 97% theft is a key example. Americans prodigiously produce wealth; but, who can serve a master who skims 97%?

      32. This article is spot on.
        For new readers to this site, you need:
        1. A minimum of one year food supply.
        2. Water filters.
        3. Fully stocked medical kit.
        4. Sleeping bag of each family member.
        5. Camping supplies.
        6. Guns and plenty of ammo of every family member.
        7. Read your Bible daily!

      33. Media Silent as Guns Used to Save at Least Seven Lives Since May 25

        “As mainstream media outlets continue to support gun control by focusing on the three persons Elliot Rodgers shot to death, they have not bothered reporting that guns have been used to save at least seven lives since May 25.”

        Breitbart dot com

          • KY Mom

            The last woman was the bravest and did the most risky shooting intruders that claimed to be police. That is a split second decision and you damn sure better be right. If your wrong your either dead there and then or in prison as the legal system does not want to hear, “They identified themselves as police but i did not believe them”.

            I don’t know the penalties but a criminal using that as a shield to facilitate a violent crime should get 10 added years just for the impersonation. Conversely police should be required to present themselves in such a way as to limit to the best of their ability that there is no confusion about who they are. Too often the undercover types dressed as criminals, acting like criminals can be very honestly confused for being criminals. “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck” the reasonable conclusion is, “its a duck”.

      34. I wish people would not refer to federal reserve notes as U.S. dollars, weren’t U.S. dollars defined as gold or silver coin? Unless they are referring to U.S. Corp. dollars, I guess that would be different. And if it’s the U.S. Corp., then isn’t the U.S. military really the U.S. Corp.’s military?

        If there isn’t enough gold and silver to power an economy as huge as the U.S., not to mention Europe, Asia…etc. Maybe considering amending the Constitution to include other metals, maybe gems too, that seems to me a more lawful thing to do than the creation of the federal reserve and it’s debt based monetary system.

        As far a “collapse”, it could be fixed by quickly replacing the frn’s with something like Lincoln’s greenbacks that are NOT debt based, or slavery based.
        because as long as there is something to be used as money people will grow food for money, people will make cars for money, refrigerators, pots and pans…and on and on.

      35. On a side note,I die feel free to not only utilize whatever supplies I have but if can be done safely,hell,eat my corpse or just feed it to the dogs.I am a organ donor,just taking that to the next step,I am dead so if needed like the idea of keeping others moving forward.

      36. Economic collapse has occurred in other nations and the lights still stayed on. In Belarus people continued going to work with the promise of a future pay check. Farms in the US would still farm and in very short order an internal currency would appear. Imported goods which are considerable in scope and quantity would disappear.

        The first 6 months is rock and roll time.

        The US has food and fuel. Imagine those nations W/O food and fuel that are holding on to a large amount of dollars that have a fraction of their former value.

        • K2,
          I really like your perspective on this. What I can’t stand is the Goofs who seem to look forward to an event like this happening.

          I live in a small town with almost no crime, until yesterday. I witnessed a robbery at our local Loews Store. The weird thing about it was that the thugs didn’t take cash, but instead ran out of the store without paying with a kart full of fertilizer, veggie seeds, and other stuff for a garden.

          Times are tough, and K2 is right, they’re going to get tougher.

          • Educated Sinner

            I read the book Surviving Economic Collapse about what happened in Argentina and talked at length with my friends wife that grew up under communism and was in her mid 20s when the USSR collapsed. These are real world observations and experiences that are quite valuable.

            Everyone is focusing on the domestic which is closest to you. However the international will have great effect on this. In the above scenario you can bet on imported goods being far too expensive and therefore out of reach. This translates to about a 1/3 cut in oil supply unless the US annexes the Canadian source. I see gasoline on a need basis like in WWII. Food will be bumpy initially as labor strife makes distribution problematic. The good news is there is enough to go around. Getting things fixed will be the order of the day and the Junk Yard will be a very important place.

            Those that say, “Ill move”, I have one question; “To where”? What nation has sufficient food and basic energy. Really how much gasoline do you use for necessities? How much food do you throw out? How much do you produce yourself and how much could you produce yourself?

            • Kevin 2;
              I think your statement “people continued going to work with the promise of a future pay check” is key.

              That is what I see happening here. I hear a lot of suggestions that people won’t show up for work without a paycheck, I disagree. I think people will cling to any chance of continuing their normal life.

              Just the promise that they will be paid will keep them working. For a little while at least.

              • Vital necessities like food, utilities and energy would see to it that their employees and their families got food. Unfortunately a great amount of modern employment is not a necessity. Lights more or less would be on. Sewer and water would function too as all of these are not labor intensive.

                I suspect a new currency would appear and the old USD abandoned thereby shafting all of the countries that held the USD prior to collapse. Barter and gold and to a lesser degree silver would be used locally. My wives friend said gold was always good and I read the same about Argentina. While things would never again be the same for the first 6 months I believe if your outside of the necessity employment your own your own to a great degree.

      37. Disease will wipe out many – even the worst type of organised gangster can’t do much with D&V. In every major conflict disease kills more than bullets.

        Cholera, dysentery, infected foot blisters etc will finish off many. I do not think cannibalism will happen as quickly as 3 weeks in, however I do think the first epidemics & health problems caused by poor sanitation & hygiene will.

        After disease I see fire as the next biggest risk for most of us. The envious, the spiteful and the insane will simply burn you out of your retreat if they cannot access your preps. hey they may simply set your home alight for the sheer fun of it. With no emergency services around, many of us will lose everything due to fire.

        Assuming you can use your preps to remain on the down low for the initial collapse, 3 months in you should be able to be silently living off your stored food without attracting attention. Stupid stuff like cooking smells will attract the human vermin to your door. I wouldn’t advise anyone to break bread for at least 12 months after a collapse as the smell is mouthwatering down the street, even in good times. Roasting meat is another no, no. Ensure you have some foodstuff to hand that require no prep or cooking more sophisticated than a tin opener for the initial period.

        If you hear civil disorder is breaking out in your area, then this is NOT the time to join the last minute raiders of walmart for extra candles. There comes a point where if it is not already in your stores, you either don’t NEED it to stay alive or it’s just too damn late and you’ll need to go without for the duration.

        Longer term vermin will be after your garden. In the UK we have an ongoing issue with poultry red mite even today during good times. the first harvest will be critical, many of us will fall by the wayside at this point.

        Vermin, hygiene, fire and sanitation control are not as exiting to talk about as street fights and raw violence, but if you have excellent OPSEC, and are in a good location these will be your true enemies, wearing you down via attrition.

      38. When inflation starts to get bad, American companies won’t be able to buy parts or inventory from other countries because they’ll be concerned about what will happen to the value of the dollar in the next 30 or 45 days. So American companies will be forced to shut down. Stores like Wal-Mart and Target will have empty shelves.

        People focus on the final stage of hyperinflation when the power grids go down. But the early stages will be dangerous too. You might have people outside of Wal-Mart trying to rob people going in or coming out. Besides, filling up their grocery carts and rushing for the door.

        When food prices double from what they are now, there’s going to be serious hunger in this country.

        • Food prices have already been going crazy. Expect to be paying almost double for fresh produce later this summer. The California drought (and others) have not gone away.

          J.M. Smucker Boosts Prices On Most Coffee Products By 9%
          (from ZeroHedge site)

          It took the Fed long enough but finally even it succumbed to the reality of surging food prices when, as we reported previously, it hiked cafeteria prices at ground zero: the cafeteria of the Chicago Fed, stating that “prices continue to rise between 3% and 33%.” So with input costs rising across the board not just for the Fed, but certainly for food manufacturers everywhere, it was only a matter of time before the latter also threw in the towel and followed in the Fed’s footsteps. Which is what happened earlier today when J.M. Smucker Co. said it raised the prices on most of its coffee products by an average of 9% to reflect higher green-coffee costs.

        • Chinamart and robberies in grocery carts may not be a concern.
          Surely, chinamart has plans to lock their doors during any sign of a national disturbance.
          And another thought.
          Haven’t they considered that the govt. will confiscate their food distribution centers early on??
          Makes it clear why you find only one or two of your favorite stir fry sauce on the shelf now, doesn’t it?
          They ain’t stupid! 🙂

          • Why chinamart is bombing–went for watch battery and links removed from another because we don’t have a jewelry store here.
            Needed a play snake. Not there anywhere. They are ‘seasonal’!!!
            Play snakes are seasonal??? When?? For Easter baskets??
            Why chinamart is ALWAYS my last choice for shopping for anything.

          • Very interesting perspective, JayJay. I had not thought of that. Minimizing inventory in hopes of minimizing losses due to government confiscation!! Thanks for sharing that. I am aware of people complaining more and more about the lack of food items on the shelves lately!

      39. FYI
        Fernando FerFal at “The Modern Survivalist” has a pretty good perspective the effects of a currency collapse, as he went through a couple while living in Argentina.

        I believe Mac featured his book a few years back.

        • One story in the book that jolted me was when the bad guys take over a house in the middle of a neighborhood and at night attack house after house inside that neighborhood killing and taking whatever they wanted. Since there was no electricity all the houses were dark and no one knew who the marauders were.

      40. What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?

        The same things that have always happened!


      41. “Fuck It” gonna buy a pontoon boat with a stripper pole and a kagerator…. might as well go down with a smile….

      42. The simple and correct thing to do, is to arrest the banksters, who engineered this collapse.
        Forgive all debts.
        Fire the Federal Reserve.
        Print ONLY money backed by SOMETHING, Gold, Silver, Land etc.
        Wipe out and make illegal immediately all derivatives.
        Do what Iceland did and in a couple of years we will come out on top again. (But NO the Banksters have to be paid, can’t have any broke banksters). But it’s ok to have broke people, but NOT Banksters.

      43. Everyday is a Holiday and every meal a banquet.

        What’s with all the sandbags, Slingshot?

        Don’t you know the flood is coming, John.

        But there is not a single cloud in the sky.

      44. Prepper Tip

        Another item to check is the SCREENS on your windows. In a SHTF situation in summer, the air conditioning won’t be working. You will want to be able to open the windows and have good screens to keep out the bugs.

        Store some extra screen and learn how to replace it when needed.

        My parents never had air conditioning in their home in the country. Trees shaded the house. They always opened the windows in the evening to let in cool air. (in later years, they also had several fans around the house.)

        • kmart.com/10-in-portable-battery-fan/p-089W006203288001P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1


          For night and sleep only! 🙂

          • You know–after thinking this through, when TSHTF do we really want to open our windows at night?
            I live in a very rural area now and don’t open my windows at night now!!! 🙁
            Think about it!!!

        • KY Mom;
          you must have been reading my mind this weekend. Just picked up some screen material to replace the last of my existing screens. Plus extra screen for later.

          Don’t forget to buy new spline. Its so much easier to replace it than try and reuse the old. Spline tool is also handy but not required.

      45. What happens when the dollar collapses? Damn. I thought it already had. Since 1970 the dollar has lost over 90% of its buying power. What used to cost 10 cents now costs a buck. I know, I know. They mean when the dollar won’t buy anything at all. I’ve got a lot of practice at buying much less, already.

      46. Look I’m sorry but everybody and their dog knows what it will look like when the COLLASPE HAPPENS.
        All these stories are the same just different author’s. Total madness will be the game of the day. If you are not with your group or not at your bug out location you more than likely you will not make it. You are on your own, and prepare for that. I not going to fall for; it will be a slow process, then the slow part is just about over, and when the masses wake up a little more it will hit full force. Death and misery will rule for the first month or two then it will really get bad. This is when the Government Thugs will start, because if you made through the first two months then you must have something on the ball and they will want everything, so you see we are truly on our own in this world. Put your hand in HIS and love your family like there will be no tomorrow because there just may not be. Soon it will be past time to button your lip, and watch what you’re doing, so if you can, fall off the face of the earth now. Hunker down and wait, I don’t think you will be waiting long. Just thinking as the river rolls by!

        River Rat at the ready!!!

      47. Saudi Arabia Reveals Surge In MERS Deaths: One Third Of Infected Patients Die

        “AP reported that according to the latest Saudi data a whopping 282 deaths have been confirmed as a result of 688 infections: a fatality rate of 40%!

        Circa says that Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry reported on June 3 that “after reviewing its records, it “discovered” 113 confirmed cases of MERS not previously included in nationwide totals. The discovery brings the country’s total cases to 688; the death toll was raised to 282 from 190.”

      48. Pulled my savings out. Took the tax hit. Now prepping for the endgame. America has been slaughtered by the Bush-Obama puppet regimes. Forever will this be known and remembered.

      49. Get right with God. Accept Jesus. I know many of you will throw rocks at me for saying this but it’s all true. America is under judgement right now. The Rapture is coming. If you don’t know what it is search the internet.

      50. The repeal of Glass Stegal WAS during Clinton but it was a mostly passed by Republicans. Any who supported it are traitors.

        • No difference in political party’s. I heard Clinton yell at the top of his lungs “NO NAFTA” at a UAW get out the vote rally. He also signed China Free Trade. The man did more against organized labor (and labor as a whole) than any Republican ever did.

          Its interesting how the party faithful Democrats find any excuse for for him and still hold Slick Willy in high regards. He did what Republicans proposed and they still get the blame.

          I believe if Clinton ran again he would win. Anyone believe in the concept of self government with an electorate as ignorant as ours?

      51. I have lived through 300% inflation. It is rough but it does separate the men from the boys. It turns everything upside down. It also creates vast opportunities if you can keep a cool head and razor sharp focus. Many just hit the bottle and drink themselves to death. Others wallow in self-pity.

        But you can have a lot of fun as well (fun is something not mentioned on here but fun still happens). People’s perspectives change so they want to party hard (think women sleeping with you every night after going to the disco to forget their miserable home life). Like in war, everything is more intense, relationships travel a thousand miles in one night. Good girls go very bad very quickly.

        If you are an adventure and adrenaline junky like me, then you will love it. If you are a sad sack who shuffles to the same boring job every day and jumps at your own shadow, you will absolutely hate it.

      52. When The Dollar Collapses?
        Gold/Silver will go through the roof (as will lots of other stuff). Right now, metals are on sale! $1250/oz of gold? Pfft! That’s nothing! Time’s coming when it will be 10K, 20K, 30k/oz or more!
        Don’t be kicking yourself then, wishing you had bought just a few 1/10th oz pieces!

        • Same goes for silver.

      53. People’s perspectives change so they want to party hard (think women sleeping with you every night after going to the disco to forget their miserable home life).

        And of all posted here, this is your train of thought?
        Sad. Depressing and why this nation is in deep chit.

        • @JayJay…Frank’s only preps are a years supply of Viagra, apparently. LOL!

          • Good, maybe he will choke on that plastic!! 🙁

      54. thinking about buying 2.5 acres and putting a trailer on it as a bug out location. Neighbors on street with similar or larger sized lots. Any suggestions?

        • Burt;
          On the surface I would say absolutely go for it if you have the money, etc.

          But the realist in me says:

          Is it close enough to your current home that you could get there easily?

          Are you going to use it on a regular basis? for camping, etc?

          Could you trust the neighbors to keep an eye on it when you are not there?

          Are you going to maintain heat and air conditioning in the trailer to preserve your preps. Heat is a food killer.

          These are just a couple of my thoughts. For me, I’m in South Jersey. I would love 2.5 acres and a trailer in say the Poconos. But its 2 hours away, and most likely I would never make it there if I had to bug out quickly and fight against the masses to get there.

          I could go east towards the Pine Barrens but I think Night Breaker has dibs on that section.

          Of course If I were considering a permanent move in the near future I may overlook all the negatives with the hope that things hold on long enough for me to move to the BOL.

          • Ghost Rider

            You have to consider how long you could stay in the Pine Barrens. If NYC doesn’t get you the hoards from North Jersey will.You might want to rent a storage bin in say WV and take a week to get there planning a route off the beaten path.

            I was a Jersey guy that bailed out of there in 91. Friends stayed and would show me their new place in rural NJ but in the end its still NJ.

          • Ghost Rider, the location is in the “Eastern Redoubt” of the Cumberland Plateau of TN. A little over a hour away. Getting there on foot would be a real struggle though. Don’t know any of the neighbors, so that is a BIG unknown. Keeping it mowed would be a pain as well. In your situation, bugging out early sounds to be the only good option. Beat the rush.

      55. This is one of the most extremist,”out there,” fear-inciting articles I have seen come down the pike in quite some time.

        Yes, an economic downturn is coming on, and appears to have already started.

        Yes, college graduates are finding no job offers at graduation time.

        Yes, retail spending is receding.

        Yes, the prices of oil and gasoline are affecting the prices of virtually everything American consumers buy, so inflation is there, whether the gov’t wants to admit it or not.

        But the scenario this guy lays out, and the swiftness with which he suggests it could happen, is a tad too much to be credible, in my view. I think it targets mainly the lives of the working class, and is not representative of the current concerns of the upper class.

        This is still America. This is still the country that despises Obama and everything his Communist objectives stand for. This is still the superpower of the world, like it or not China and Russia.

        Things like what this author suggests may happen don’t happen in America simply because of the shear overwhelming strength of our country.

        I do think there could well be significant increases in crime and serious violence, drive by shootings, looting, etc. in certain medium and large city areas. I think the response will be to cordon off those areas to contain the violence if it gets so bad that it threatens the civilized areas of any given city. I think the police presence in the civilized areas will increase to protect the civilized areas.

        But I do not see the dollar “collapsing” any time in the foreseeable future, simply because the dollar’s strength is based on more than just the actions of the Federal Reserve. This guy seems to have something of an ax to grind, and his writing is surprisingly simplistic given his biographical background.

        I just don’t put much stock in this article, given its extreme claims and heavy dose of suggestive fear.

        I think we’d be better off getting organized to take back the U.S. Senate in November so that impeachment can proceed with all due haste.

        • My sentiments exactly !!!

      56. Is there a good website for drop in $ buying power. I know some guys did a GREAT page one time where they priced things over decade in Labor Hours. It really showed how working for a Labor hour buys you less and less. With welfare state, it might be you have to adjust the Labor hours for all the freebies the takers are taking from the rest of us. Of course, then you’d need to adjust down for the accumulating debt etc as those could be calculated per person against their labor hours. I wonder if one includes debt (fed,state,county,city,hoa) accumulation then are many people actually making NEGATIVE!

      57. If the DOW starts tanking and they close the floor for a cool off period. Get your spare cash and be ready to head to the store. If they restart the market and it continues to tank and they close it again. Best be heading to the grocery store for one last load.

      58. national debt rises about a trillion per year. Divide by, say, 100M households then we are saying debt increases $10,000 per year per household. Plus state/county/city/hoa/church/etc debt. That’s interesting.

      59. Yea everyone! I want to let you know that If Dave Hodges weren’t so thin skinned, rude and condescending I’d be the first to give him credit- but when he is asked an honest question about his sources or challenged on any point he lashes out and will not answer – No, he is not trust worthy . I’d rather listen to Brian Williams on NBC.

      60. The time to go to the store is before everyone else is going to be wanting to go, AND if you go to the store when everyone else goes, than you run the risk of people wanting what you got in your cart if it’s out of stock on the shelf. But people are not all alike, and from my experience, there’s a lot of people, in the event of a collapse, would would still want to work with others as a sign of the desire to have a moral and civil locale to reside in, and there would also be a lot of adc (aid to dependant children) people that would probably go zombie on you with no concern for long term consequences. What I mean by adc people are those that will have kids just so they can get government assistance, as if you could have a civilised society with people stealing from each other, directly or indirectly.

      61. I’m just gonna say it.
        Those that planned will be getting all the tail they want.


      62. With all rapidly approaching, I hope that no one loses their capacity for adapting….may it be from a warm, comfortable home to a tent somewhere in the wilds….HOME is where the heart is….and stuff is just stuff…..LOVE is all there is…it is with you in Life and is the only thing you take with you in Death….
        Be happy to adapt….you will be amazed at how you can make a tent a “home”…:)

      63. “History shows that cannibalism will set in by the beginning of the third week” Really, in the third week of a financial collapse. Could someone site the source for this? Could it be just fear mongering?

        • No douchebag, go find the source yourself. Google is your friend.

          • Google spies on preppers and political dissent, use duckduckgo, use duckduckgo!


        • Oh my GoD!!!! you are not going to get any source material from Dave Hodges-

      64. “The dollar will soon be useless! So send all you soon-to-be-useless dollars to our prepper sponsors!”

      65. “From this point on, the effect cascades like a roaring tsunami racing across the open ocean.”

        Nice imagery but… tsunamis do not “roar” in the open ocean. In fact, a tsunami can pass under a ship and no one on board will feel or hear a thing. It is not until the tsunami, which is really just a shock-wave, reaches shallow water that a very large wave is created. In deep water, there is no water wave, just the racing shock-wave.

      66. I thought the information Hodges put forth about Americans turning into cannibals was quite extreme. I say that only because I have read other accounts of the dollar crash scenario that are quite different.

        In Weidermer’s book, Aftershock, he has a whole chapter describing the details in the US after the dollar crashes, which is QUITE DIFFERENT.

        So I decided to write a blog post, contrasting the 2 views, called “Pick Your Poison”

        I’m not sure if links work here without code, but here is the link to it:


        Check it out if you couldn’t sleep after reading this article and need a little different perspective!


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