What Will Happen First, An Economic Collapse or Martial Law?

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Headline News | 302 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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        • Thanks AP, will check it out now.

          • Ecclesiastes 3:8

            A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.

            Isaiah 25:8

            He will swallow up death forever; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces, and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, for the Lord has spoken.

            The last sentence of the article is perfect, “My advice is to focus on your relationship with God.” That is something we all have the power to make happen. God speed.

            • If you think religion will shield you from SHTF you are so wrong.

              • I pity you son.

                • Religion is a form of mental escapism, as it hijacks the mind from any rational thinking.

                  • Actually those who have a relationship with the living God are the most sane people in the world, as those who claim not to believe in God are choosing to live outside reality.

                    I love reality.

                  • So, your reality is, “only from the mind of Minolta”? You do not seek the mind of God? Good luck with that.

                  • Yeah Grafique -Religious people with a Relationship with God are real Sane people?? Flip on the TV and watch the Genocide unfolding in Gaza today. 1 in 5 dead are innocent children being murdered. How does your twisted mind think up that shit? Jews can rationalize anything for their Zionist scam. Christians are no better. Just Google these 2 word together. “Christians Genocide” The slaughter of Native Americans Mayans and Aztecs by the Spanish ring a bell? Entire civilizations destroyed because of their brainwashed relationship with God.

                  • Here is a simple way to describe Religion is Fraud.

                    OK lets say you are a Full blooded America and Full believing Christian, raised as a child went to church every Sunday, and now you are an adult and post your faith on this website that Christianity is the true Religion. To you that seems normal and just,… right? OK, let say you were born in Iraq and you were raised a Muslim. You read and memorized the Koran every day and prayed to the east twice a day, and you proclaim your religion and Allah is the King and your savior. OK that by itself also seems normal right if you were born in Iraq. OK lets say you were born in Viet Nam or in China and oh, you were raised from a child to worship and praise Budda. And that too seem normal cause that what you are raised to believe. Same with Israel, and you became Jewish..

                    So my point here is that you believe anything you were conditioned to believe. You were brain washed to believe that particular Religion depending on where you were geographically born. You are just a dumbed down product of your dumbed down environment. Garbage in Garbage out. And people are sooooo stupid to profess their beliefs, and are willing to kill others who disagree. You see the problem here with Religion and the Fraud it Professes? And that my friends your lesson for today. Don’t be stupid. This is “Religion” and this is your “Brain”. Any questions. Now go in peace and think about that. lol

                  • We believers know that God exists. We’ve seen Him work in our lives and the lives of others. At times I’ve felt God’s words in my mind that guided me or answered what I was praying about.

                    The Bible is filled with hundreds of prophesies that were literally fulfilled in every detail.

                    Just the fact that the Jews have survived as a race for 1900 years after they lost their land is proof enough that God exists. And the fact that Israel continues to defend itself against a billion Muslims who want them all dead is further proof that God exists.

                  • I think it’s interesting that a great number of our colleges and universities were at one time religious institutions founded by ministers and churches.

                    I guess they lacked rational thinking.

                    But of course, our universities are putting out such mental giants now, aren’t they?

                  • well look at it like this WWT

                    you were either created by the living God ,or you evolved from a monkey ,i choose God ,i know his love ,and his blessings ,so have a bannana ,and STFU

                • I have a question for Highspeedloafer.

                  Would it be reasonable to assume that those 66 plus million White Europeans, most of whom were Christians, that the jewish Bolshevik Communists slaughtered when they took over Russia in 1917 were probably praying their asses off right up to the moment when Lazar Kaganovich and his henchmen put a bullet into the back of their heads?

                  66 million people, all praying at the same time – wouldn’t that catch the attention of the Big Guy in the Sky?

                  Why, I would think that with that many Christians praying – if the so-called ‘Power of religion’ really has the strength that you claim it does – wouldn’t that have been a prime opportunity to see it save 66 million people from being murdered by the jewish Communist butchers?

                  • Tucker, I hear that same line of reasoning all the time. Superficially, it makes sense, but only to those who can only see the “here and now”. When you understand spiritual laws, suddenly it all makes sense.

                    The spiritual law you need to understand first is that “it is appointed unto man to die once…”
                    The next spiritual law you need to understand is that Time and Destiny are in God’s hands, not ours. What appears a defeat to us is actually part of God’s plan.

                    God has many times saved people from certain death. He has even raised people from the dead.

                    Another spiritual law you need to understand is that God is greater than you, and it’s not your place to question him. God doesn’t conform to us; we conform to God.

                    Most people think that the “here and now” is all there is, and the laws they understand must prevail everywhere. That’s he view of the blind.

                    Do you want to see miracles? Do you want to see prayers answered? First you must submit to and follow him. God reveals himself only to those who seek him.

                  • Graf- Your Bible will not do anything for you in SHTF. You will die on your knees praying to your savior. lol I see a New World Civilization rise up from the ashes, that peaceful with out any religions. Mother Earth will need a lot repair from the Religions raping and blowing the shit out of it for the last 2000 yrs. Today Mother Earth weeps for Heroes to rise up and save it.

                  • The Russian communists weren’t Jews. That’s the usual Nazi propaganda. Very few people are Christians. Perhaps 5% of the US. The rest are culturally Christian but they’re not real believers.

                    Yes, at times the church has suffered immensely at the hands of oppressive governments. But despite the persecution the church thrives. It discourages the casual believers and makes the true believers even bolder. Nobody is confused by false Christians because they’re few and far between.

                    They’re a reason Jesus said to pick up your cross and follow Him. Christians were murdered by the millions during the Roman Empire. But those Christians are in heaven now with their risen Lord.

                  • Tucker:

                    Just like the United States, the Russian people paid no attention to important events usurping their government and lands.

                    The real God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, who wants us to live in peace and harmony, is being obliterated by TPTB. When citizens allow satanic forces to highjack their government and their lives, that is called “choice”. All of us, for generations, have allowed leaders to govern us who care not for peace and harmony, who lust for greed and power, thus we see the mess we are in.

                    Whether you choose to believe the Bible or not, Jesus foretold what is happening to the America that we love.

                    The Holy Book, the Bible is written for all who truly accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. For the most part, those who don’t are the ones lusting for greed and power and ownership of the world.

                    I know Tucker, that you have TPTB figured out. Know that Jesus said “Woe to those who say they are Judah, and are not.” He tells you they are the seed (children of Satan).

                    The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was carried out by this seed and now they have their eyes on the final prize, America.

                    A quote by Willis A. Carto that I am sure you will agree with, Tucker:

                    “The purpose of history, as I see it, is to UNCOVER the forces which move the pawns on the chess board of the world. This, AND ONLY THIS, is REAL history, and anything else in the final analysis is of NO INTRINSIC VALUE.”

                    Jesus Christ in “that book” told you who the forces are and we dumbed down people choose to ignore it to our peril.

                    Watchmens Bible Study at biblestudysite dot com have quetions and answers concerning the real chosen people, the end times of Revelation, and warnings about the Kenites, the ones who say they are Judah but are not.

                    You might change your mind, Tucker, if you go there and see some real truths.

                    To all you who want to know more about Jews and their real beliefs go to the Virtual Jewish Library, look up what they think and are taught about Christ, Christianity, and their g-d. You may begin to wonder what the hell your teacher/preacher is telling you each Sunday abut the self chosen.

                  • POG uses the teachings of men to justify hatred of God’s Chosen People.

                    The Bible says something entirely different.

                  • It’s not about how many people pray at the same time, wanting the Big Guy in the sky to keep them alive. It’s about hitting those prayer bones, praying to Jesus Christ, to heal yourself and your country from all of the straying from the Word of God. If you’ve never been there, then I can truthfully say that I can feel sorry for you. Don’t know the exact scripture, but “those that are ignorant, let them be ignorant still”. It’s just Biblical.

                • Highspeedloafer,

                  I never said religion would shield me from SHTF, but it will save my soul if I believe in the Lord and live the way he intended man to live. Our time on this earth is minuscule compared to eternity when we leave this tortured world.

                  It is a shame that you and so many others will not feel the comfort and the gifts that God can provide when things seem so hopeless. My belief in God has been the guiding light in my life and so far it has helped me through the darkest of times. I am humbled and grateful that the Lord resides in my heart and my life. I wish you well.

                  • Highspeedloafer,

                    I seem to have made a mistake, my post was intended for Acid etch. A thousand apologies. Wish I could take it back.

                  • Swing,am a firm believer in religious freedom,and if religion attacked would like any other rights fight for that right,unless a religion calls for sacrificing people/puppies,well,you get the idea.I am a spiritual person but am not tied to any of the major religions as though some good words/actions there also seems for many a right to kill/plunder/maim throughout history in name of religion,want no part of it.I do not claim to know what awaits folks on other side if anything,if my actions though are not good enuff to be welcomed,frankly,really do not want to be there.

                  • God helps those who help themselves. I do not rule out Divine Providence.

                  • I am much more concerned with this Ebola thing than I am the economy. And either one will bring about nmartial law….even healthy people will be quarantined if Ebola comes to amerikka

                  • Do you Religions Folks ever connect the dots? Like when your Religions promises you everlasting life if you believe, but then the Church in the same sermon asks you to donate your assets and estates to the church upon your death. Ever connect the dot here on this? lol

                  • “God helps those who help themselves,” is NOT biblical in origin, but pagan.

                    Unsurprisingly, there are talmudic and koranic variants of the concept.

                    In the talmudic version, “tikkun olam,” man “heals” the world on his own even against God. Zionism is a salient example in which man chooses to override God’s punishment of dispersal/diaspora. This explains why some Judaic sects (e.g., Neturei Karta) oppose Zionism as much as they oppose Jesus Christ.

                    In the Islamic version: “For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah . Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.” Koran 13:11

                  • I’ve actually seen a Bible stop a bullet before,some would call it dumb luck….Unless you were the benefactor of course.

                • First will come the white horse of conquering Socialism. This is where we are today.
                  Next will come the red horse of widespread war and rumors of war.
                  Third will be the black horse of economic collapse and famine.
                  Following comes the pale horse of widespread plague and pestilence.
                  Next is the persecution of Christians.
                  Sixth are great earthquakes and natural disasters.
                  The Bible says that these days will see the deaths of 1/4 of the people on earth.

                  We can see the beginnings of each of these already –
                  – America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia are already mostly socialist.
                  – The underlying ingredients for wars are already in place.
                  – National economies are being held together by the most fragile policies.
                  – Terrible viruses are threatening to break out worldwide.

                  These are outlined by Jesus in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.
                  The parallel scripture is Revelation 6.

                  All this which is coming to a head at one time is the end of the age in which we live. Soon the time in which anyone may freely come to God will be finished.

                  The Bible has a 100% accuracy rate in predicting the future. Why wouldn’t you pay attention to what it says for our near future?

                  • Acid, just remember that when you’re at your very lowest, when you’re alone and hurting, Jesus will accept you. All your words and thoughts against him don’t matter because his mercy and forgiveness are sufficient for even that.

                  • Christians, it’s getting very dark. Jesus specifically chose for you to be alive in these days. Let your light shine.

                  • If there was just “ONE Person” who can come forward and tell us he received everlasting life that he was promised if he was a believer. I mean there should be at least 1 person out of hundreds of millions over the last thousand years, who believed in Christ and made it to the promise land right? Any body know of any body a few hundred years old. Any ministers, any priests,nuns, Cardinals, Popes. Any of them that come forward since they got ever lasting life? Let me know Grafi when you can find one real witness who is older than 200 yrs old. Otherwise shut the hell up, your religions crap is as phony as you.

                  • WWTI, I am not about to shut up. If anything, you motivate me to speak more.

                  • Grafigue, I can agree 100%!

              • Spot on Acid. Lots of stupid people clinging to their Babble Bibles. Like some magical myth is going to save them. Do not put your faith into anyone or anything, but to yourself. The rest is just pure fantasy.

              • So hows that Bible Religion working for ya so far? Bwhahahaaaaa…

                • WWTI, it’s working out great!
                  Here’s a story for you –

                  Two friends stood looking into the black darkness. One day, one of the men turned and saw a beautiful light, which revealed things he had never seen before.
                  “My friend!” he exclaimed, “You must turn and see this light!”
                  “No,” said the other, “I don’t believe it’s really there.”
                  “But this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I can see clearly for the first time!”
                  “No,” said his friend. “I have this darkness all figured out. I refuse.”
                  “I have to get closer,” said the first man, and he walked toward the light, and his friend was left staring into darkness.

                  I love you, my friend!

                  • Graf. The light in the darkness is a big ass train about to run you over.

                  • Look, my friend, there’s a beautiful light!

                • The world would be a lot safer with out any religions polluting the minds of good but naive people.

                  • Yeah…because atheistic secular governments have such a stellar record of human rights.

                    Whowuddathunkit…..You don’t have a clue.

                  • you know ,im glad this subject was opemed up ,because just listen to the hatred for christians ,now close your eyes ,and take out religion ,and put in any other subject say gun control ,open borders ,and these anti christian trolls sound just like the liberal left haters ,im surprised some one here hasent said that us christians cling to our guns ,God ,and country ,im sure if we continued this thread another few days they my suggest that we be extermanated ,i never ask anyone to except my beleives ,and i dont trash anyone that chooses not to ,but just listen to those on here trash those that are beleivers ,and there is a very simple reason ,the Bible says that the word of God is a sweet savior to those that beleive ,but a foul stench to a unbeleiver

                • It’s working out great. I’m a mature Christian. I have peace and joy regardless of what happens in my life. God is always there regardless of what happens and God is good. Life usually doesn’t get easier when you become a Christian. It often becomes harder because God uses the difficulties and tragedies to make you into the person He wants you to be. I have family waiting for me in heaven. My first wife died when she was 30. She’s there along with our two stillborn children.

                  • Barncat:

                    Your comment about the Communists who butchered Russia not being Jews, is a PROVEABLE LIE……

              • You’re right, Acid. All of these bible thumping religious fanatics who we hear calling talk radio shows that are discussing the endless list of disasters that are currently destroying this nation never have any intelligent sounding or useful proposals regarding what needs to be done to fix these problems. All these morons can offer up is some pathetic, naive line of baloney that ‘We all need put our faith in Jeebus’ and pray that he comes to pull our cherries out of the fire.

                This is nothing more than a lame excuse cooked up by lazy people who do not want to take the responsibility to roll up their sleeves, oil up their squirrel rifles and decide to do what’s necessary to clean these tyrants and criminals out of our government.

                Praying is their excuse for doing nothing. It is their excuse for being cowards.

                • Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools

                • Actually, every prepper I know is a Christian. They all work, vote and do everything in their power to try to turn the tide.

                  Saying they do nothing is really just a way to insult people you don’t even know, isn’t it?

                  • You better start praying harder Grafi, because soon SHTF. Then you Religious folks will soon realize Darwin was right. The fittest adapts and survives. Religion is like a club that takes anybody, the lost souls that can’t muster up enough self confidence to believe in themselves. Its a lazy mans guide for direction. Point and go. It robs and pollutes the mind, disabling it for acceptance of any rational thought. Grafi is Stage 3 disabled.

                  • Oh, I’m much farther along than just Stage 3! I passed Stage 3 years ago!

                  • This is to Pissed of Granny: I always thought that the Jews were the elect that the good book speaks of. In my older age, I believe that it has been shown, through faith, to me. The Jews don’t believe that Jesus ever walked among us, still waiting for his first coming. I know he was here and is still here. I think, that the true Christians are right here, not in Israel. They are the ones that betrayed him, not us. People in different countries are Christians too, but they are getting killed at a rapid pace. It’s pitiful. Christians had better unite and stand up for our Lord. I, unlike the Jews, am waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus.

                • As the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) makes quite clear, quietism (abandoning your free will to just let events roll over you) is NOT Christian, but a heresy.

              • If you think arrogance will shield you from shtf you are so wrong.
                As my father would say, there are no atheists in foxholes.

                • @Eagle. You were brainwashed at a nearly age singing “Onward Christian Soldiers marching off to war.” blah blah. The Military loves religious people. They are already identified and trained to be Dumb and Ripe and Gullible. Accepts orders without question. Perfecto!!! Sign em up. Ever wonder today why 1/3 of returning Vets, consider suicide? Because they were lied to used and duped into thinking they were fighting for America’s Freedoms. Sad to say. It was all for Exxon and BP and Wall Street Profits.

              • If you think arrogance will shield you from shtf you are so wrong.
                As my father would say, there are no atheists in foxholes.

              • Eisen; where do you get your secret knowledge?

                • Eisen; where do you get your secret knowledge?


                  …from “the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”


                  Read the Protocols yourself & decide if their contents fit hand & glove with the orchestrated global misery, engulfing humanity today!

                  • Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

                    These are the ones controlling the banks, media, governments of the world. It is clear as day Satan was cast down and is in charge of this world. A blind man could see that.

                    Google “God in a nutshell.”

                • In that dark place where his head is stuck.

              • Perfect example of the overall problem. Satan IS at work.

              • Acid Etch,

                Besides giving me a solid moral compass, God has pulled my ham from the fire more times than I can count.

                Do not discount the inspirational and spiritual advantage religion can provide during a survival situation.

              • Dear Acid Etch,

                Religion will not shield you from squat. Religion is that which gets created by man after man figures out that others can be controlled by perverting the relationship between The Creator and The People.

                Salvation, however, shields you from EVERYTHING.

                “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

                But, it doesn’t necessarily make it “easy”…

                The Creator loves you! Don’t let others get in the way of that.


                • While FALSE religions do indeed “pervert the relationship between The Creator and The People,” Jesus did found ONE Church, a visible Church to govern (Matthew 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23).

                  Among those FALSE religions are the ones who teach that every man can be saved by making up his own “truth.”

                  • John Q., have you ever thought about it, that the worst kind of religion is the religion seasoned with a little bit of the truth? I agree with your comment. Plenty of those kind of churches around!

                • @munchkin52

                  Here are a few things that experts tell us about Satan’s favorite tricks:

                  • that he doesn’t exist,
                  • that he mixes a carefully concocted brew of lies and truth,
                  • that he enjoys tricking his own minions.

              • If by shield you mean protect from the bad things when SHTF, then you are correct. Shit happens to every one, zero exceptions.

                However by religion (Christianty) It WILL allow me to face reality objective. It gives me the courage and peace of mind in dealing with the shit and evil. It means that I do NOT fear death. Death has been conquered and it is not the end since, Jesus the Messiah, who rose from the dead and being killed and stone dead on the cross.
                BTW, when things do go full bore fugly, and all the breaks are off, I already know that I am a dead man walking. I’ve already delt with that bite of reality.

            • Ecclesiastes 5:8
              If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

              John 3:16

            • Got to hand it to the Babble verse poems and poetry section here. Its a nice illusion that can kidnap a person’s mind from reality. Sooner or later though, reality checks in and you have to face your personal problems.

              • Christians are the ones who HAVE faced their personal problems.

                Love ya!

            • There is no such thing as a god

          • All that’s left, is for the announcement it has gone airborne…and then we get to live (or die) by Steven King’s- “The STAND”.

            Mike Noyes, of Action Aid, said: “This is the worst Ebola outbreak the world has ever seen.

            “The most worrying thing is not just the numbers of people dying, but how long it is going on for.

            “Most outbreaks last six weeks to two months. This one began in February and is speeding up.

            “If anyone could answer the question ‘Why?’, we might be able to stop it. Instead, the reach of the spider web of infection is growing.”

            • How about what will happen first? Martial Law, Economic collapse, War, Outbreak, EMP attack of from the Sun, Terrorists using weapon of mass destruction, Black Swan?

              Pick your choice. Let’s face it everybody, the world is a big fat mess and getting worse by the day. I have had people from young to old tell me that not during their lifetimes has there been such utter turmoil and looking like something catastrophic is ready to happen. Even people that have lived through the depression and WW2 say now is much worse. It is like the world has gone insane and the effects of this insanity have not even begun to appear yet.

              • amen BI, and I pray we all come out on the other side intact, to rebuild the once great USA….

              • BI got your email — I have that article loaded up and almost done editing. Should be up before Monday. Thanks so much!

              • …and on the other hand, their are so many who have never had it so good.

                All of a sudden, millions will have no idea where to go.

                Those who do not appreciate or understand how the earth works will be gone.

                Let me add…finally, an issue that will NOT be racial.

              • Has the world gone insane or is the evil one making his presence known worldwide. It has to be total chaos before the evil one will provide the false answer to this that has developed. Then the “lie” will be believeable by those of the world. But those who have the Holy Spirits precence in there life will be able to decern the truth.

            • The problem with this outbreak, is that it reached a major urban area. In previous outbreaks, they managed to contain it in relatively small rural areas. Because of the relative isolation of these rural areas, the people who were exposed to the virus was limited….AND THEY, FOR THE MOST PART REMAINED IN THE AREA WHERE THEY WERE INFECTED. (this is important) As a result, the epidemic “burned itself out”.

              Because it takes up to three weeks for symptoms to appear, the fact that it has reached urban areas is much more critical.

              That’s why this Sawyer fellow who boarded two planes and was in four different terminals, and was vomiting and had diarrhea is such a critical problem. He was literally “hot” with the virus. So who knows how many people were infected at those locations. And what compounds it is…..who are they, and WHERE did they go? We won’t know until they get sick. And since early ebola symptoms are shared with countless other more benign diseases…..well…..you see the problem there.

              This is indeed some scary stuff.

              • re: Peace Corps workers who contracted Ebola

                Their bodies shouldn’t be allowed back into USA. Tough shit.

                • Hugh Janus: You’re absolute lack of compassion for others as expressed by Jesus in Matthew 25 says it all. Of course if you come out and say that you’re not a Christian I’ll understand, it’s everyone for himself, right? If you profess to be a Christian then you’re just another one of the many phonies I’ve exposed here on this site. There are some real ones here and they are known by their words, as well as their deeds. You sir are NOT one of them, you have convicted yourself by your very own words. There is no way you’re going to square that circle you phony!!!

                  • The definition of compassion is NOT allowing a body full of a deadly virus back into the USA. That’s LIBERAL compassion….which in reality is compassion toward nobody.

                    Bleeding heart compassion gets people killed. There is NOTHING compassionate about that.

                    If YOU want to show compassion then go for it. Don’t be a moral coward and expect others to pay the price for your compassion. THAT is phony Christianity right there.

                    I love it when people expect OTHER people to foot the bill for THEIR generosity. What hypocrites.

              • The NWO Jews will be killing Christians as you will see church congragation being infected with Eboli and wiped out. Right after 9-11 is when I stopped going to church, and areas of large gatherings. I remember standing in the back for a quick exit if needed. That’s when the light clicked on inside of me realizing religion is one big fraud.

                • If the light in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

            • What confuses me about all you Christians is that you seem to be the biggest preppers. What are you getting prepared for? If everything is in God’s hands, then your prepping is a sign of your lack of faith in him and his plans for you. Would Jesus prep and If so what would he have ?

              • Chicken Biggy: It seems you have struck a raw nerve among the vast hoard of phony Christians. At least 11 of them have convicted themselves, more to come for sure, by their actions (red thumbs). A true Christian fears nothing and no one except God. They expose themselves so readily it’s comical. They’ll dress that pig up and put lipstick on her but she’s still a pig and they’re still as phony as a $3 Bill. They’re not real Christians, they’re just fans who play at it, sort of like watching sports but never really playing the game. I expect the same, and some will even give their names. Good one pal!

              • You are right Chicken Biggy. Why do Christians Prep? Or why should they Prep If God will save them and give them ever lasting life? What’s the reason for prepping then? Maybe Jebus will bring 2 loafs of bread to feed the masses, and turn some of that water into wine. So its either they seek a backup plan cause they know that religious shit isn’t true. Or they really are not believers. Which is it?

                There must not be any Christian believers if there are all of these funerals going on, cause they were promised everlasting life. Why plan for funerals if they believed. This reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials. That was pretty twisted BS too. Humans are sooooo Gullible.

                • Christians prep because it is only prudent to be prepared for bad times (man made or natural disasters). The Bible does command Christians to be wise and to seek wisdom. Christians are to put their faith in God, and not to the test. God did create a cause and effect world, with one of the pieces of reality being that God has ZERO obligation to shield any one from the natural consequences of their own stupidity.
                  Now if you want examples of human gulliblity, try the irrational belief that social problems can be solve via passying more laws. That governments can spend more money than what they take in or don’t have without consequences. That some thing is “too big to fail” That there is such a thing as a free lunch, That there is no difference betwen men and women. That war, crime or poverty can be abolished, that humans can create a utopia on earth, that Islam really is a religion of peace.
                  I’ve seen your kind before and have heard it all before; you enjoy mocking Jesus the Messiah and those who would follow him. Dude there is nothing new under the sun. I’m niether impressed or intimidated.

              • @Chicken Biggy…..


                Real faith is acting on what you believe God wants you to do.

                Real faith is not passive. It is active.

                Your idea of what faith is, is a common misconception among those who don’t understand.

                Using your logic, Noah would have never built the ark. He would have simply let God save him when the flood came.

                The story of Joseph is another example. God revealed through a heathen Pharaoh that there would be 7 years of plenty, followed by 7 years of famine. Joseph acted upon that knowledge to PREPARE for the years of famine. THAT is faith.

                I condemn so called “Christians” who adopt the attitude that says, “I have faith that God will take care of me, so I’ll just do nothing.” That’s not faith. That’s tempting God. It’s the equivalent of jumping off a 10 story building and expecting God to save you. In fact…when Satan tempted Jesus, he used that very idea as a method of temptation.

                Failing to act on clear warnings…be it directly through the Bible or through every day events, demonstrates a LACK of faith.

                • Amen Walt

                  that is the story that i use on family memmbers that tell me my faith is weak , that and the parable of the 7 foolish virgins ,my faith is not weak ,on the contrary ,i pay attention to all the signs around ,and take the nessacery steps ,when a hurracane comes my way ,i dont set back and say ,i will not batten down my place because god will take care of me ,he has given me a mind and hands to do that which is nessary to save my life ,if i expected God to take care of me everytime the wind blew ,then i would have to start calling him the goverment

                • Walt K: Sure, just say whatever you want, you can twist and turn any passage to fit whatever you want it to say. By the way, what verses are you using to support this little homily? It’s a book of mythology your bible, it even procures (steals) others stories like Noah. That story was ripped off from Gilgamesh which was written more than a 1,000 years before Moses supposedly wrote about it still leaving a difference of 5 centuries between the events. Since you’re into magical thinking tell me this; how is it that Moses was the author of the first 5 books of the O.T., which were written in Hebrew, yet Hebrew as a written language didn’t exist until nearly 4 centuries after the time of Moses. And speaking of Moses, why is there no archeological evidence of the Jews ever being in Egypt as slaves and in the numbers the Bible says, and also why is there no evidence of them being in the dessert for any time, let alone 40 years. Oh, I know, it was magic again, like them eating magic food (manna) for those 40 years since the dessert has no food. I know, facts can be a real bitch, especially when they fly in the face of your special fantasies. Facts trump beliefs; that’s why we know that the world doesn’t have corners, is not built on pillars, and the sun doesn’t go around the earth-all of which was believed until explorers and science proved otherwise-facts proved the bible wrong on these issues and it continues to do so. Time to grow up sonny boy.

          • All that’s left, is for the announcement it has gone airborne…and then we get to live (or die) by Steven King’s- “The STAND”.

            Mike Noyes, of Action Aid, said: “This is the worst Ebola outbreak the world has ever seen.

            “The most worrying thing is not just the numbers of people dying, but how long it is going on for.

            “Most outbreaks last six weeks to two months. This one began in February and is speeding up.

            “If anyone could answer the question ‘Why?’, we might be able to stop it. Instead, the reach of the spider web of infection is growing.”

            • It won’t have to go airborne. Granted….that would make it worse. But just the fact that it has reached major urban areas is bad enough.

              • I think it may already be airborne. The health workers that are contracting the disease are taking level three contagious disease precautions when treating patients, yet are still contracting the disease. How long is going to be before they either run out of health care people or the remainder just say I’m not doing this any more, it’s too dangerous? Kind of like the doctors in Tokyo that are moving out of the radiation hot zone in hopes of limiting their exposure to radiation poisoning.

            • Chris Mathews made a comment after 9-11 that stuck with me when everone was driving around with US flags on their cars etc. Paraphraise- He said about the increased patriotism, that for many, even the poorest are waving their flags. He asked, “Why is that?” “Cause that’s all they got!” And that is true about religion, why they cling to it, because that is all they got. Just like patriotism, which is bacially brainwashed propaganda, religion too is a set of beliefs, absent of any facts or proof.

              • That’s all I’ve got? If only!

                The more I decrease, and the more he increases, the better life gets!

                • Why are religious people so stupid?
                  It is common knowledge that religious people are less intelligent than those who aren’t religious. Religious people blindly follow what they are told by their holy book and or church.

                  Countless studies prove time and again that that dumb people are attracted to religions.

                  I know the discussion goes back and forth with what amounts to pretty meaningless bickering about the interpretation of this or that text. Who created god? Would a loving god send billions of people to hell? Or for that matter why would god create a person destined for hell in the first place? My god is the true god simply because i believe it to be so! If god created all things as you religious freaks claim, how come he created evil? How stupid are you when you continue believing, when what you believe in has been proved wrong? Why do you want to frustrate and mislead your children? Why does this holy book contradict itself on virtually every page? Why do religious people deny the claims of any other god but their own? some dictator in the past was an atheist. A child survived its a miracle! What about the other 1 million children that died today? Bla, bla, bla, etc, etc, etc. its never ending.

                  Believing in religion is the clearest proclamation anyone can make that they are a complete moron.

                  Lets take a second to let this sink inn, since religious people obviously are severely mentally challenged, how should we treat them? should we classify them as mentally handicapped? give them special education in childhood etc Or should we treat them with the utmost disrespect, scorn them like the infectious festering cancer that they are?

                  I say we should disrespect them, without their faith many of the atrocities current and in history, would not have happened.

                  for example the war in Afghanistan and Iraq would never happen without religion . No one kills other human beings as joyfully and easily as religious people, suicide bombers, the American electorate, school and church killings, the list of stupidity or maybe I should say madness fully anchored in religious belief is virtually endless.

                  Secondly people can free themselves from religion, and by pestering them and making life as a religious nut as hard as possible more people will free themselves since it wont be lucrative to cling to moronic ancient superstitions anymore.

                  Just today i had the joy of turning down an religious nut as an applicant for a job, he had put on his CV that he was a christian.

                  I will harass any religious person i meet to make his life as a moron problematic, so that they can free themselves. those i have helped so far, are eternally grateful.
                  Source: WordPress

                  • What’s this about “eternally” grateful?

                  • whowuddathunkit….

                    You are truly a legend in your own mind.

                    But you aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are. Your sophomoric arguments are proof of that.

                    “studies prove…” Really? What studies? By whom?

                    If you want studies….do some research on which ideology has killed the most people throughout human history…religious or secular. (here’s a hint…religion has NOT been responsible for the most deaths)

                    You parrot the arguments of the faithless, but I dare say you have not spent a moment in objective study regarding the issue you claim you know so much about.

                  • give it a rest ,why are you even here ,other then the fact that your a troll setting at your desk just being misserble and seeing how much hate you can spew ,i only wish i could be there the day that the Lord puts his hand on you ,its going hit you hard ,and so you know it ,he will ,and there wont be anything you can do about it except fall to your knee’s and cry ,and tell him how much you love him

                • Lest anyone be too smugly convinced of their own righteousness, a review of the Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican (Luke 18:9-14) is in order:

                  But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth? [9] And to some who trusted in themselves as just, and despised others, he spoke also this parable: Two men went up into the temple to pray: the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican. The Pharisee standing, prayed thus with himself: O God, I give thee thanks that I am not as the rest of men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, as also is this publican. I fast twice in a week: I give tithes of all that I possess. And the publican, standing afar off, would not so much as lift up his eyes towards heaven; but struck his breast, saying: O God, be merciful to me a sinner. I say to you, this man went down into his house justified rather than the other: because every one that exalteth himself, shall be humbled: and he that humbleth himself, shall be exalted.

              • So much hate for Christians…and why? Christians are not perfect (the world killed the only perfect One)but we are forgiven. As a Christian we are taught to believe in God and we put our faith in Him. Does it hurt anyone if that is how I believe? The unbelievers don’t have a place to put their faith and so they go through life believing whatever floats their boat. The day of Judgement comes……you unbelievers better hope us Christians have it all wrong. Otherwise…..it will not be so good for you. You will spend eternity wishing you had really listened when your heart was so full of hate towards Christians. I pray your eyes are opened and your hearts are softened.

                • Why would anyone seek to tear down the Bible and Christ believing Christians?

                  Why do you think they seek to tear it down, remove it from schools, discredit it, make altered translations of it, misquote and inaccurately interpet it?

                  No other book in the annals of time has ever been so laborously attacked as they have attacked the Bible. Why?

                  They don’t attack the Koran, or the Talmud, the Vedas, or the Egyptian Book of the Dead–no where to the degree that they attack the Bible. Why?

                  If it is just a novel full of advice on how to live a decent moral life, written by some old sheepherders, fishermen, and various other eccentric religious quacks, impersonators, and self appointed Prophets and Apostles, then why do people so vehemently seek to discredit it?

                  What’s it to you if we Christians choose to believe in a fable?

                  The Bible is REAL alright, VERY REAL, if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t hate it so, nor would people feel so threatened by its words.

                  • PO Granny. All religion is removed from schools because it pollutes the mind for any real rational thinking. Religion teaches Hate. Look up Christianity and Genocide. History is riddled with Religions Genocide. Just look today what is going on in Gaza Today. Killing innocent children. Jews are one of the most hateful people out there. so much for loving thy neighbor. Israeli Jewish Soldiers shoot at Palestinians water tanks they have on their house roofs as target practice, and joke about it. Oh how loving is that. F-n Monsters is what they are. They deserve death.

                • Christians are so Hypocritical. If they taught you to love thy neighbor and forgiveness they why does do Christians bomb the hell out of every other nation that is not christian? Christianity teaches HATE because you pray to a Jealous God. Its even says so in your Bible. Religion is Pure Proof Humans are Dumb and Gullible.

              • Really? the same Chris Matthews that got the tingle in his leg when Otartded got elected? that Chris Matthews? Oh how creditable is this information you offer. Notice the lack of a question mark! So you put your faith in Chrissy the Hissy and tell us what we should not believe in. Your funny honey..

              • @whowuddathunkit….

                “….religion too is a set of beliefs, absent of any facts or proof.”


                There are plenty of facts and proof. The unbeliever simply refuses to acknowledge them.

                If an unbeliever applied his logic to an automobile, if asked who made it, he would reply….”No one. It just came into existence on its own.”

            • The Stand,can I be trashcan man!

          • No problem. If its 30K and that sticks… shit is going down in less than 30 days. Your talking a hospital does about 150 beds. The preparedness drills we used to do talked about a global transfer time of less than a week for a virus to circle the globe. Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open. Once one case has been announced in the US you may want to consider bugging out if you have a location. If not be prepared to fight for what you have…. Airborne Ebola could seriously f@ck some sh&t up.

            • I think about that a lot; we are definately a lot closer to the end than the beginning. We will not have the luxury of time once a case is announced here. The fact that this idiot was on multiple flights while he had to know he was sick should give everyone pause. So we know about this fool because he had the misfortune of dying, what about the others who made it to the US or wherever they happen to reside around the world, and are at this minute infecting others unknowingly? The long incubation period means pandemic could already be here and it will be weeks before it is obvious. And by then it is too late to flee.

              I, and probably most of this audience are dependent upon going to work each day for economic survival. Stop working and you and your family will shortly be without shelter; hopefully you have stashed food away. How does one make the call that the risk of being premature is less than the risk of being dead? I am prepared for martial law, economic collapse, and even feel confident in being able to survive nuclear war, but I am not prepared for biological warfare and feel it is futile to even try. I might be able to if it was just me but I have a family and they most certainly could not maintain the discipline necessary for the length of time required. I am afraid that if it came to pandemic, I would have to flee as far from population centers as possible, even if that meant abandoning my preparations. I used to teach CBRN when I was in the military; biological warfare is no joke and a pandemic nasty enough to shut down all economic activity means the end of society, and negates everything a military would be fighting for anyway. All other concerns would be subordinated to survival. A truly horrific “The Road” kind of world…

              • Hey Moon.

                All that military training will pay off.

                All I have are images of large crowds of people running and pushing. Like the video’s of people running for Sec. 8 housing or pushing in the doors at Wal-Mart at Christmas for a stupid toy. Many can not purify water to drink and they spread germs without care.

                They are now warning the public in Florida that there is FLESH EATING bacteria in the warm waters.

                We also have an ameba that eats the brain. Not Kidding!

                Don’t drink the water. Drink Beer. ;0)

                • Sling,a brain eating amoeba is obviously not a threat to the socialist/progressives!As for drinking beer,well,still trying to stay sober,the world ends that though may be a shelved idea,till then,will avoid the alcohol.

                  • Poor amoeba is going to starve to death…

              • It’s good to be a Hillbilly right now, But I’m seriously considering…Hermit Mode.

            • Armed,though admittedly bad enuff I thought the ebola was a touchy/feely disease,i.e.,don’t hand things around,watch doorknobs ect.

        • Patrick Sawyer was sick, knew he was sick, and chose to get on an international flight to get to the US, presumably so he could die with his family, or something.

          So just one arrogant, egotistical prick has put thousands of people at risk, if not far worse.

          Close the border, quarantine anyone coming from Africa, and shut down air travel.

          • How many might have come across our southern boundary ( its no longer a border)already infected is an unknown.

        • Today from Rappoports nomorefakenews dot com:

          “To exert control over the population and obtain compliance (stay indoors, don’t travel, avoid contact with people who might be ill,etc.) they will say anything.

          Every so-called “pandemic” is a test: how well will the population follow orders?

          That’s the whole point–The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control are the spear points of the operation. They float the lies and the lies about lies.”

          Read Rappoports total article at nomorefakenews dot com. Get his free articles delivered to your e-mail. It would serve the SHTF community well if some of his articles would “see the light of day” here at SHTF. He has no advertisers so can be truthful about GMO’s, vaccines, big pharma, politics, etc., subjects that most posters here seem to be quite interested in.

        • Wow great inflation chart. I just got done reading the book “Nine Meals To Anarchy” by Farrell Kingsley. If you haven’t read it yet read it! The best book I have ever read. You will be a believer that the collapse can happen in one day when the SHTF!. After you read this book you may learn good lessons about deciding when is the best time to bug out of the big city or leave where you are.

      1. Boycott corporate everything. Support local people/business…to hell with globalism.

        Take matters into your own hands and live or die by their satanic fucking hand.

        It is a battle for your soul…control your destiny.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • @ lastmanstanding…….

          I truly do not believe that society in general would or could follow through with your idea…which I find extremely ” SANE “…logical….and is what will work…because whether people want to see Reality or not…that rumbling sound you hear off in the distance is the warning and it is getting louder by the day..but most people have simply been conditioned to the sound and it is just that most of society just refuses to listen ….

          I don’t get away from my house very often..I mean I don’t go out but maybe twice a month or so away from my work…I work at home…shops out back…and I only deal with very few people…so I don’t interact very much with the general populace…so someone like myself would notice changes in peoples attitudes….temperments…etc more readily than someone who gets up and goes to work and runs around all day…..
          And for the last few months when I do go any where I have noticed that people/society is getting just a little bit closer to the edge…folks are about to BLOW !!!

          You are profound in your thinking….I think that there is something extremely ” Demonic ” at hand.

      2. Basically, this article has historical precedence.
        War has been the modus operandi of failing economies
        for centuries. The US isn’t poking the behinds of so
        many other countries with a stick because we like them.
        It’s becoming very obvious where this is all headed.

      3. I think it will be a multitude of many things within a 8-12 weeks timespan… But what do I know?????

        • If the economy crashes and Martial law declared in 8-12 weeks I will give you all the ammo I have. There will be no clamp down until people stand up and resist. “They” will not clamp down on the U.S. people because everyone is sitting on their couches watching tv like the control grid wants us to. Unless the American people stand up in the next 8-12 weeks then all that will happen will be continuous scandal after scandal. “Everyone waiting for something to happen, everyone’s waiting for something to see, lunatics waiting for bigger disasters, everyone’s waiting for news on TV.”-Iron Maiden.
          We are sitting in a corner just like they want us to so they feel no need to clamp down.

          • Earnest,as a fan believe this Maiden song really covers it,Two Minutes To Midnight:

            Kill for gain or shoot to maim
            But we don’t need a reason
            To Golden Goose is on the loose
            And never out of season
            Blackened pride still burns inside
            This shell of bloody treason
            Here’s my gun for a barrel of fun
            For the love of living death

            The killer’s breed or the Demon’s seed,
            The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
            Go to war again, blood is freedom’s stain
            Don’t you pray for my soul anymore?

            2 minutes to midnight,
            The hands that threaten doom.
            2 minutes to midnight,
            To kill the unborn in the womb.

            The blind men shout “Let the creatures out
            We’ll show the unbelievers.”
            The napalm screams of human flames
            Of a prime time Belsen feast … yeah!
            As the reasons for the carnage cut their meat and lick the gravy
            We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies.

            The killer’s breed or the Demon’s seed,
            The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
            Go to war again, blood is freedom’s stain
            Don’t you pray for my soul anymore.

            2 minutes to midnight,
            The hands that threaten doom.
            2 minutes to midnight,
            To kill the unborn in the womb.

            The body bags and little rags of children torn in two
            And the jellied brains of those who remain to put the finger right on you
            As the madmen play on words and make us all dance to their song
            To the tune of starving millions to make a better kind of gun.

            The killer’s breed or the Demon’s seed,
            The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
            Go to war again, blood is freedom’s stain
            Don’t you pray for my soul anymore.

            2 minutes to midnight,
            The hands that threaten doom.
            2 minutes to midnight,
            To kill the unborn in the womb.

            It’s all night

            It’s all night

            • Very true. Damn I love Iron Maiden!

            • The song has references to the Doomsday Clock, the symbolic clock used by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. In September 1953 the clock reached 23:58, the closest it ever got to midnight. This occurred when the United States and Soviet Union tested H-bombs within nine months of one another.

              I loved playing that song in my high school garage band

              • Run to the hills….run for your life!

            • ht tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPbqQOf41Qc

      4. Culture Shock will engulf most of us. I just hope we can organize to fight ‘Them’ instead of each other….they want us fighting, in turmoil, and in civil unrest….lousy days ahead….

        • Ugly, many of ‘them’ are supported by “them” and can’t live without “them”. “them” can go to hell.

          Unfortunately, many have sold out to satan and will get exactly what they deserve.

          We get what we sow…bring it.

          • No doubt. We are being played. Many will fall for the snares that are out there. There is a purging coming. Need to be ready. The folks that feed from Them will soon become useless eaters….yes, we will reap what we have sown….

            • The fastest way to crash America is through job loss and mass unemployment. So if people cannot pay their bills, TPTB forecloses and takes it all. Be debt free ASAP, and if that means sell your house now, do it and downsize before the crash. Soon America will be one big Flea Market Yard Sale.

        • In SHTF- Basically anyone wearing a uniform will be the enemy.

      5. Hmmm. THAT is *the* question.

        -If the Ebola scare goes full tilt by becoming airborne, then martial law first. Game over.

        -If the BRICS nations continue with their momentum…which it looks like they are, then Economic CRASH, followed closely by riots, full economic collapse followed by martial law.

        Lots of variables and don’t forget-

        “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”
        ~Robert Burns, Poet

        • Just saw this comment on another site and thought it very timely-

          “Any one see any extra info in the first few minutes of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The pandemic spread that killed off humanity? Any coded message?”

          • Charton Heston…Planet of the Apes final scene. “YOU FINALLY DID IT GDAMIT,… YOU BLEW IT ALL TO HELL” DAMN YOU!!

            “OUT MY COLD DEAD HANDS”

            • Sad that the extent of your wisdom comes from “Planet of the Apes”.

        • Stay away from crowds

      6. I’d like to see the paradigm broken, then maybe the people so full of trust in govt and authoritarian rule will make up. Then again, this cycle has been going on for centuries, so maybe not. History has always held the intelligent, empathic, and truth seekers in minority. One major difference in this cycle is that it seems humanity has reached critical mass with the massive amounts of destruction done to the environment and ever decreasing amounts of easy energy. Oh, and the fact we can bomb ourselves into oblivion.

        Meanwhile, I can’t even get my friends to buy a simple water filter. Fun times ahead.

        • Yeah I just found a Steripen UV water purifier. Never knew they existed. 4 lithium batteries and you can purify 8,000 liters. Less than 40 bucks.

          John 3:16

        • @Truthisall. Your friends already have a water filter. Its called their kidneys. Lol.

      7. Economic collapse. The vast majority of Americans will keep on keeping on until their livelihoods vanish. Only then will they become angry enough to threaten the government enough to make martial law necessary. By then it will be too late. And once martial law is imposed, it will become the dictatorship that Obama prays to Allah for. Unless we are lucky enough to have a Pinochet.

        • PinoCHET! *salutes*

      8. How will Obama (or his Marxist Jew pals) “steal” our 401(k) accounts? The money is already in the 401(k) accounts, so are they planning to actually remove our funds by force? Or is the plan more subtle?

        • It won’t be Obama, or any of his “Joooo” pals. It will be Congress, which once Cantor is gone has no Jewish members. That’s right – zero.

          • Old Coach:

            As usual, conveniently overlooking the senate and the myriad of appointments of this administration and most other appointments beginning at least by 1913 when the Feral Reserve was foisted on us.

            Dont need me or Old Coach to tell you what the truth is. Google Jews in Senate, Jews in the present administration, Jews in past administrations, etc., etc.

            Wouldn’t want to accept half truths. Our congressional representatives are only half the problem. There is also a senate and administration to consider.

            • The Senate by the Constitution cannot change banking law. Only the House can do that.

        • Quenten – They will change the tax laws to cannibalize your 401K. They already tax it for early withdraw. If you don’t have the Cash in your hand it is not really money. If a Planned EMP destroyed the digital accounting, how would you ever collect anything? Poof Gone!!! Just ask the people in Greece that has their savings account confiscated. You could cash out your 401K take the tax hit, pay off all your debt and buy a year of food, guns and ammo, some land or livestock and feed. And what ever is left over, then buy as much gold and silver as an inflation hedge.

        • They will take over all funds and issue you a card with a set amount that you will have to spend. anything leftover at the end of the month disappears. If everyone spends all their allotment it keeps the economy going. No chance to save anything.

        • If you’re blaming the Jews you’re looking in the wrong place.

          • Where do you look for the blame Grafique? You seem to know a lot, so explain to us where the blame really should be placed.

            • granny, perhaps we should place blame at the feet of those who preach hatred, bigotry,and ignorance to serve their own twisted agendas.

            • Primarily with Satan.
              After that, I blame the spirit of Socialism which is conquering the world.

              People who have no spiritual sight look around for someone to blame and all they can see is other people who are also blind and deceived. What they don’t see is the spiritual warfare going on all around us. Our eyes aren’t made to see that realm.

              All you folks who blame “the Jews” are deceived. In spite of all God’s promises that he would restore the Jews in the last days, you have taken it upon yourselves to decide that God can’t do what he said he’d do.

              I don’t blame you, but I sure can’t understand it.

              • There are hundreds of very specific verses warning us about who assists Satan. Indeed the Bible “blames” the synagogue for their “leaven,” “doctrines,” and behavior as Deicides and the “adversaries to all men.”

                The bible mentions that in the End a remnant converts and is saved.

                There is NO bible verse, not one, that gives a free pass or blanket amnesty to all the wicked, freeing them now or later from criticism, exposure, or opposition.

                • Never said there was. You’re putting words in my mouth.

                  • These are YOUR WORDS VERBATIM:

                    “In spite of all God’s promises that he would restore the Jews in the last days, you have taken it upon yourselves to decide that God can’t do what he said he’d do.”

                    You made a FALSE and EXPANSIVE CLAIM that “the Jews” would be restored by God and you FALSELY claimed authority in “ALL God’s promises.”

                    You made a general statement about “the Jews” as though it is applicable to all. Contrary to your claim about “ALL God’s promises,” NOWHERE does God make any general promise that “the Jews” will be saved in the End Times. There is only VAGUE and TANGENTIAL suggestion that SOME will be saved in Luke 13:34-35 and Luke 21:24.

                    As for Romans 11:25-26, the Messiah did indeed come for the purpose of saving ALL Israel, but the Israelites who rejected their Messiah frustrated that purpose, hence the Gentiles were “grafted in” to the root, Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, Savior, Messiah.

                    Grafique, you teach “another gospel” as St. Paul warned in Galatians 1:8-9.

              • You say you study a lot. Take a peek at biblestudysite dot com, questions and answers; subjects written with Bible scripture to back it up.

                If you blame Satan, does he have worker bees here on earth, and if so, who are they?

                Have you researched socialism to any depth to find out what it is, what it was born from, and what the end goal is. It is just a nice name for Bolshevik Communism and you know how well that worked out for Russia and its citizens.

                • Of course the “worker bees” are people who fight against God and the Church. But I don’t blame them. They’re deceived. If they knew there was a Hell, they’d turn in an instant.

                  I believe that Christ’s Blood paid for all the sins of the world. The Bible says, “Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sins of the world!”

                  So if all sins are paid for, what will send a person to Hell?
                  Simple – they were never born again. They remained dead in their trespasses and sins. They were never made alive in Christ.

                  That’s why I don’t blame the deceived.

                  • Grafique:

                    Do you believe that you are required to believe in Jesus Christ and that you ask for forgiveness of your sins in order for your soul to be saved come judgement day?

                    There will be exceptions to this, someone who has not heard of Jesus Christ, small children, people who died before Jesus Christ, the Messiah, brought his message of salvation to the world.

                    Because you are so adamant about being a scholar, who are the souls who will be judged and then cast into the lake of fire where their very soul is blotted out forever? Are they not the ones who continued down through the ages who scoffed at the idea that Christ was the Messiah and do so as we speak?

                    Just one more question…..what do you say to a person that you know does not believe in Jesus Christ?

                  • Granny,

                    Grafique speaks with a forked tongue. With one fork he insists he reads and understands the Bible so well that the Jews in general will be saved.

                    With the other fork of his tongue, Grafique ignores/denies the numerous verses in which God judges the Pharisees and their followers, “proselytes” (…children of hell twofold worse than the Pharisees themselves-Matthew 23:15):

                    axe laid to the root (Matthew 3:10)
                    cast into the fire (Matthew 3:10; 7:19; Luke 3:9)
                    condemned (Mark 16:16)
                    cut down (Matthew 3:10)
                    in vain do they worship me (Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7)
                    judgment of Hell (Matthew 23:33)
                    the kingdom of God shall be taken from you (Matthew 21:43)
                    woe (Matthew 23:13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25, 27; Luke 11:42, 46, 47, 52)
                    wrath (Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7; 21:23; St. Paul in I Thessalonians 2:16)
                    you do not enter the kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 23:13)

                    Saved, eh???

                    What part of fire, hell, vain worship, kingdom of God taken from you, etc. doesn’t Grafique understand?

                  • Grafique you are so twisted and delusional. Your brain is branded with stupidity. Thanks for the laugh though. You are pure proof Religion pollutes the mind.

                    So do you also hear voices in your head. So does God talk to you? Id like to see that tape recording, transcript. lol

            • Blame idiots like yourself!

      9. This is a false choice. Collapse or martial law? There are infinite possible outcomes ranging from bad to great. The likely outcome will be an attempt to inflate our way out. Pay back fixed debt with worthless money, then tighten. It could work and it could collapse.

        Stagflation? Depression? Lost decades? So many possible outcomes.

        How are “we” going to unite? Few on this site trust more than close family and friends. How do we find each other?

        • As US Shopping Malls turn into Ghost towns, they will be taken over for enhanced FEMA Camps.

        • Argentina just defaulted on their Nat debt, and is sending a ripple through the Bond markets. My advice is Get ALL OUT NOW of the stock market. Pigs get slaughtered.

          • Thanks, heard it from you first.


        Bolivia declares Israel ‘terrorist state’, scraps visa exemption agreement

        Bolivia has declared Israel to be a “terrorist state” and renounced a visa exemption agreement with the country in protest over the ongoing Israeli military offense in Gaza which already killed more than 1,300 dead and left over 7,000 wounded.

        Canceling the 1972 agreement which allowed Israelis to travel freely to Bolivia “means, in other words, we are declaring (Israel) a terrorist state,” the country’s President Evo Morales announced.

        Morales explained that Operation Protective edge clearly shows that “Israel is not a guarantor of the principles of respect for life and the elementary precepts of rights that govern the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of our international community.”


        • You go and report back, if the drug gangs don’t strip you naked and kill you. I’ll stay here.

        • The world is awakening to the Zionist war criminals. I just hope Iran wipes them off the map in 11 days as the said they could do, and wipes out the command and control of the NWO. It Americas only hope.

        • This is just another example of how extremely people are deceived.

      11. I’m as ready to continue along with my regular life as I am to fight to protect my family my preps and my neighbors from theft and harm (why my neighbors? because who wants to live in a wasteland of abandoned and looted homes and dead bodies after the dust has cleared??)

        • Depends on if you have neighbors that give you problems.



        has been since ISRAEL DID 9/11.

        first comes the chicken then the egg. there will be a very destructive an entire CITY GONE NUCLEAR bomb BLAST FALSE-FLAG first. then the crash and then it turns martial law medieval.


        • Nations across the Globe are pulling all of their Ambassadors out of Israel. France Britain, Many South American Nations. Israel is going to be wiped off the map soon.

          • I hope so!

        • That’s not what the Bible says. That’s only what one blind, hate-filled mind sees when looking into darkness.

          • @Grafigue

            Who are you to tell people what the Bible says, Brother?

            First off, unless you have been through seminary training and can read scripture in the original languages, plus a complete Masters level Christian History course, you know nothing!

            Secondly, how many Commentaries by other Theologians have you consulted before announcing you Biblical nonsense. Luther?…Calvin?…Mathew Henry? ANYBODY?

            There is an old saying, “It’s better to keep your mouth closed and have people think you might be stupid, than to open it and prove that they are right”.

            The garbage that you are pouring forth IS NOT CLASSICAL CHRISTIANY, it is Dispensational Theology/Heresy, which was pull out of thin air by John Nelson Darby, and sold to the the public by such Conmen as D.L. Moody, Billie Sunday, C.I. Scofield, Hal Linsey, and John Haggee.

            If you and Barn cat really-REALLY cared about your Christian Faith, you would research what I’m saying here, and abandon Dispensationalist CRAP!

            • Thanks, Sinner, but I have studied all this for many years. I’ve read many books which present all sides of the topics, and I’ve taught courses on end times prophecy.

              More importantly, though, in all things I pray and listen to the Spirit’s guidance. I specifically pray (as Paul prayed in Ephesians) for light in my understanding. I learned long ago to listen when God directs me.

              I wonder if you can say the same. The Bible makes it plain that God has blessed and will bless the Jewish nation of Israel. You don’t really believe that God has been thwarted in his plans for Israel, do you? Is your opinion of God so small and weak that you think his intentions can be defeated by man?

              • Also, God didn’t produce the Bible so that it can’t be understood. It can be, when scripture is compared with scripture. Don’t let the world interpret the Bible for you.

                • Grafiq is a clown, a shill preaching Fraud.

              • @ Grafique,

                You are not sufficiently discerning about which “spirit” is guiding you.

                Yours is “another gospel” about which St. Paul warns in Galatians 1:8-9.

                • I reject your assessment of me.

            • That sounds extremely authoritarian to me. You common folk surely cannot interpret the bible. Only special training does that. So…. You’re suggesting medieval time ideas that only elites can truly understand things?

              • Is every bonehead his own little pope?

                That foolish approach finds the world with over 30,000 Protestant sects with mutually exclusive “truths.” Protestantism, like Judaism, diabolically ignores the Law of Non-Contradiction.

                Sad to say, such diabolical Judeo-Protestant disorientation even finds the nominal post-Vatican 2 Catholic Church in diabolical “Who am I to judge?” disorientation.

            • That sounds extremely authoritarian to me. You common folk surely cannot interpret the bible. Only special training does that. So…. You’re suggesting medieval time ideas that only elites can truly understand things?

              • Eagle 1, the Bible is meant to be understood by anyone who seeks. The poor and humble are those to whom the announcement of Jesus’ birth was made first. When Jesus walked the earth, he intentionally chose poor, downtrodden sinners as his disciples and friends.

                I wish all you folks could understand the deep, powerful wisdom in the pages of the Bible. I’ve been studying it for years and the more I understand, the deeper it gets.

            • here’s your judea luciferian jew false god and religion at work…

              “IDF IsraehellDefenseForce jew Sniper operating in Gaza Admits On Instagram to cowardly Sniping Murdering 13 unarmed innocent Gaza Children in cold blood.”

              current Gaza Palestinian eugenic massacre counts:

              1,300 dead palestinian women and children and rising.

              7,600 wounded and maimed palestinian woman and children and rising.

              *all justified by jews by a israehell jew mossad false-flag fake kidnapping and murder of 3 jews. jews killed by their own jew mossad to frame the gaza palestinians.


              “they’ve been doing such things since the false judea jew religion was created 2300 years ago.”

              And now as of yesterday israehell has just activated 16,000 more idf troops to continue the gaza genocide and the whores of judea zog amerika congress has just agreed to give/ release to jews of israehell more bombs and billions more money to continue to destroy genocide gaza palestine.

              And you say i’m dark and hateful??? ummm yeah okay.

              “Israehell idf jew cowards only make war on defenseless Palestinian women and children.”

              ISRAEL jews DID 9/11 AND MORE.



              p.s. – the jews now living in/ destroying ONCE FREE Palestine “ARE NOT EVEN REAL JEWS”. it’s is the Palestinians who carries real jew blood of ages past and the blood of
              jesus of nazerus.


              • IDF Sniper Admits On Instagram To Murdering 13 Gaza Children

                An Instagram post by an Israel Defense Forces sniper boasts of murdering 13 Gazan children in one day. An IDF Combat Engineering Corps Soldier, specifically, David D. Ovadia posed with a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.
                Ovadia posted his comments on the Instagram account of Palestinian Sherrii ElKaderi.
                The image was quickly screen captured in case Ovadia came to his senses and realized that he could be prosecuted for his admission of war crimes. It is unclear and perhaps unlikely that the Barrett was used in the commission of such crimes, as this weapon is usually reserved for the best of the best marksmen. In any event, Ovadia is in active deployment and openly confesses to killing Gazan civilian children. While not specifying what weapon he used, the posting of himself with the .50 caliber rifle was obviously meant to be visually intimidating to Palestinians.


                • Wow.

                  • WOW!

                    For another WOW read up on the Noahide Laws soon to replace our Constitution as soon as Grafique’s self chosen can have their “false flag” big enough to implement martial law.

                    Grafique, know how the Jewish religion spells GOD? G-D. Why? Because they do not believe in the Christian God and/or Jesus Christ. How on earth can you support a religion that does not believe in Jesus Christ?

                    Because you have studied for years then how on earth have you missed all the scriptures telling you that you must truly believe in Jesus Christ to be saved. And also the scriptures that Jesus Christ was the Messiah and he and his father, GOD, are one.

                    If you do not believe in Jesus Christ/God; but you believe in G-D then who is that God? Is it Satan/Lucifer?

                  • POG, you are quick to point out the sins of the Jews, which are many.

                    Just so you know, you’re working against Christ, who does not impute to any man their sins. Satan is known as “The Accuser”. If you also accuse, you’re working with Satan.

                    Every man sins, including me and you. God hates all sin, including mine, yours and the Jews’.

                    But National Jewish Israel will survive and prosper. God has promised it.

                  • Grafique, first off I think Eagle1 was being sarcastic. Secondly I know you and Barn Cat are trying to fight the good fight, but there comes a time to shake the dust off your feet and move on. The Atheist and the Anti-Semites have scales on there eyes and even as Prophecy is being fullfilled they are unable to see it. As it says in Proverbs 26-4 “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him” Trekker Out. Magna est veritas et praevalet!

                  • What a double-standard hypocrite you are, Grafique!

                    When posters here cite verifiable evidence that the IDF intentionally snipes children, you damn us as anti-semites, “Haman,” “Sanballat,” etc.,

                    BUT when an IDF sniper ADMITS to targeting NUMEROUS children you blandly minimize the sick crime.

                    In your bizarro-exegesis it is a heinous sin to recognize genocide, but perfectly routine to commit ADMITTED genocide of CHILDREN.

                    More of your diabolical disorientation.

                  • See my post above regarding the imputation of sin.

                  • @Mountain Trekker –
                    I am not answering fools according to their folly. I am answering them with truth.

                    I wonder, do you ever try to get those who curse God’s People to stop?

                  • You spread lies within lies, Grafique.

                    (1) NOBODY here has “cursed God’s people.”

                    GOD HAS STATED HIS OWN JUDGMENTS, hundreds of them in the Bible that you claim to have studied and understand.

                    (2) Since the temple veil was torn, God’s people are the New Israel of the New Covenant. Those that God describes in Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9 are not His people, but those who, allied with Satan, oppose and blaspheme Him.

                • Take the guns, tanks, planes and rockets away from both sides and issue swords , clubs and knives.

                  Good old Biblical carnage would cure it all.

                  • Yep take away the USA Welfare payments to Israel and they would be dust. Thus proving that zionist religous crap is just a bunch of fraud. Duping the dumb and gullible.

          • “Forgiveness is between them (zio-jews) and their God. It’s my job to arrange the meeting.”


      13. It’s almost irrelevant what the particular scenario is, minus a small amount of specialized equipment and know-how for a specific survival situation. You’re not prepping for an economic collapse or a pandemic, because you can’t do anything to stop that. You prepping for people’s reactions to these events.

        Instead of spending time learning about why the middle class is disappearing, spend the time reading about first aid and how to can and dehydrate.

        • You are right Acid- learning first aid and how to rehydrate is much more important info than peoples opinions on the end of the middle class. But remember one thing: those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

          I think most preppers out there have a concept of life after SHTF & WROL and I think many look forward to the rebuilding of a ‘responsible’ society. It’s good to know why the world is going to shit- maybe next time (if there’s a next time) we’ll get it right.

      14. Part of your preps is being physically fit. I’m sick of watching prepper shows and looking at people with a huge gut hanging out talking about “survival of the fittest”. You have to be your own doctor. That means ridding yourself of health problems and dependence on medications. That means training martial arts and doing cardio, resistance, and core. That means sparring a weapons training.

        • OK, Rambo

        • Acid. On a positive note Fat people make bigger targets and a bigger splatter. Oh the horror to come..

        • Those big guts are like a camels hump. those folks will be able to live on just water for three weeks. they will get skinny pretty quick. of course they will have to lift up a large sheet of belly skin to urinate.

      15. One of my preps is a motor scooter. If our SHTF is not full-blown combat, which it probably won’t be, a scooter uses up the least amount of gas and is very useful.

        • A bicycle is a good tool to have as well.

          John 3:16

        • Acid, how about a big bike a 26 incher or what ever they are, one with balloon tires not the ones with the little thin tires. The VC in Nam used them to move tons of supplies. Might come in handy to make a platform to haul 5 gallon buckets of water up from the river. Uses no gas and you can ride it. Trekker Out.

          • Interesting bit of history: After WW2 Japan had no transportation system left. People were foraging for food, because there was nothing in the markets, because there was no way to transport anything. No gasoline, so no cars or trucks. Rail lines blasted to smithereens. Likewise many roads.

            Soichiro Honda had a small company before the war that made piston rings. As soon as he could manage it after the war ended, he started to make bicycles. A bicycle extended a person’s foraging range by several miles. Then he designed a little internal combustion engine for his bicycles. There was no gasoline, so it ran on turpentine. From that humble beginning grew what we know today.

            I agree with whomever it is that’s using EisenAcid’s login name there. Wheels beat feet every time.

          • Old man,

            I ride my mountain bike regularly through the rough terrain of Appalachia. That’s why my butt looks so good. I love me a mountain man. Acid out.

            • AE Sometime I just have to laugh even though your humor is perverse. Their is no doubt about who you are. Trekker Out.

              • “There” not “Their”

          • A bug out bicycle and a bike trailer. Those 2 wheel game haller carts for @$50 makes a nice conversion and can haul 300 lbs of gear. I am building a bike pull cart out of it as we speak. It is also EMP Proof.

          • @Mountain Trekker…ironic you should mention bicycles. My newest issue of The Backwoodsman has an article on how to build a S.U.B aka the Scout Utility Bicycle. Supposedly the Swiss Army is still the only army that will deploy troops on bicycles.

            Google for images of the bike. The guy that wrote the article is Brad Kruger.

            He even rigged it to use as a blind. Cool stuff.

        • I can picture you on that liquor cycle.

          • Wif his wittle special helmet.

            • At least Acid offers prepper tips, unlike you other trolls on here that offer nothing but BS comments.

              • You must be the brother from another mother.

        • Picking up a brand new 200cc enduro…in the concrete jungle…you need a fast horse.,or just fast enough to hit and run. It has always been a priority to get a enduro for its versatility and mpg..now more than ever…good advice acid

      16. Yep, shipping illegals to Hawaii,
        Buncha stupid fuckers in government.


        Weve got tons of mexicans, all doing landscape or construction, almost NONE licensed, work for peanuts undercutting licensed local contractors, i turn their asses in whenever i can, screw these POS scammers

        • Kula… Got any labor unions out there? Get organized and join one and picket job sites with illegals. Follow those bitches home till they leave the island.

        • Hey brother.

          You should see my garden…I might be a farmer yet!

          The farmer will be back on top shortly…and I’m NOT talking about the big gmo, diesel dependant guys.

          I just want to be left the hell alone.

          • This week I ate new potatoes ,pork chop, green beans, corn on the cob, tomatoes, fried squash, bacon & eggs, goats milk. rabbit, deer burger,lettuce &cantaloupe. my wife made pickles also. and all thathome grown food listed was grown & processed entirely by us. No middle men or government parasites who had ought naught to do with our growing it received any nickles in their pockets. not one taking parasite received a single penny from the fruits of our labor. And that puts a smile on my face.

            • Excellent!
              Every time i read this kind of thing it pushes me to work a little harder at my own gardens

              • Have already pulled over a dozen tomatoes from my plants , I started them early inside the house, I kinda have to because im pretty far north
                been a cool summer, plenty of rain , but not as hot as usual

                rabbits have gotten to my pepper plants and I have only gotten 2 peppers .. I had to move them up those lil buggers ate the flowers..no pepper flower no pepper

                my carrots sucked..lol soil too dense , the carrots look silly as heck.. Lesson learned for next year

                no cucumbers yet, started too late with those

                • I have nematodes in most of my fields, so can only do carrots in certain spots, they come out all knotted up of with a wild medusa looking bunch of roots, is a bummer. Want to do onions but been getting way too much rain

              • lastman is GOING to be just that.

                Along with the rest of you.

                Fuck it brothers…no one lives forever.


        • Next thing you know they will combine the Hula with the Mexican Hat Dance. Ole’

          • Yea i dont think so.
            The hawaiians are already agitated with whats going on, any attempts by TPTB to try and elevate some other group will be met with harsh resistance. But we have an commy bummer s asss kissing washington insider governor who was elected by the unions,
            Im hopeful that since he turned on the unions right after being elected that they will remember and dump his ass in favor of an island son instead in november.

            • The Unions should be crushing this illegal labor pool. You should call and ask what the hell are doing about it.

              • The unions are already making noise about people doing illegal contracting, so are many licensed contractors, but people keep hiring these dirt balls because they are cheap. When they get caught by the county or state they just disappear.

      17. I already cashed out my 401k and the checking account gets emptied as soon as the check hits. Unfortunately paper paychecks are a thing of the past. As far as anyone knows we are always broke.

      18. I think it’s a moot point. They both go hand in hand.

        If we have a collapse. Martial law.
        If they implement Martial law. It will collapse the economy.

        If they DO try to keep the economy going and introduce a new currency. $100 in modern coinage will suddenly be worth significantly more. Silver and Gold will probably jump in value too. Have both.

        • The price of gold has remained the same for hundreds of years. Its the dollar that depreciated. If the dollar goes to zero and for million dollars you can buy a 1 Oz coin. Is the gold worth more or is the dollar worth less. And then what do you base golds value on? Answer what ever the person on the street is willing to trade for a gold 1 Oz coin. It may be 3 chickens and a sack of rice if the gold holder is hungry enough.

      19. Aloha, Illegals!

        Aloha Illegals???


        most zog amerikans day dream of vacationing in hawaii… NOW THE ZOG FEDGOV IS SHIPPING ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM THE TEXAS BORDER TO FRIGGEN HAWAII!!!



        The federal government is shipping “unaccompanied minors” to the Paradise of the Pacific.

        Immigration attorneys in Hawaii tell me at least eight illegals have been dropped off in their state – and they’ve been told to expect more.

        “We have lots of attorneys happy to take these cases pro bono if needed,” said Clare Hanusz, chairperson of Hawaii’s chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “If they cannot afford representation, we will definitely find someone to take the case.”

        The boys and girls arrived by jetliner — and were quickly taken away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We don’t know if the kids were flown first class or coach. ICE won’t comment.


        SIMPLY CRAZY!!!


        • We have tons of locals who need help, yet these stupid government jackasses ship ILLEGAL ALIENS here????

      20. This site is hacked with Java Bugs and Pop-Ups like no other lately. FAIL.

        This article has fail grammar and fail editing.

        This site pushes advertising to survive. Mac does not give a rat’s ass. This is divide and conquer.

        I come here for the comments, as I love to troll other’s, everyone’s thoughts, as they are valid in forming a group thought pattern.

        I have recently added 250 pounds to my food supply. What have you done?

        Are we prepping or are we just attacking each other?

        Must we bring religion and the bible into EVERY fucking post? I believe but I do not push those on you.

        • Townsaver.

          We are united, yet divided. Doesn’t make any sense does it? No leader. Just a bunch of people trying to figure out what is going on. Preparing the best they can.

          • Sling,the govt. has done much to divide the people with so called racism/money/economic status,hell,the list is endless.Yes,it would be nice if folks put aside the nonsense and stood together,but,as a bunch of divided folks will be harder to track those that resist!

            • WD

              Six of one and a half dozen of the other. Pros and Cons.

              How many can adapt to various situations. Are they even able to identify a problem. Are they capable of a visual conception to correct it being doing so. Does one have the ability to improvise? Versatility.
              Most of all, are you able to make a life or death decision.

              Each decision to group or stay single will alter the course. That is the chance we take. it might be better to be in a group at one time and single the next.

              Making decisions are a Bitch. Especially when you make them for others that Can’t.

              • Before, not being.

        • Townsaver, here’s why I bring “religion” into every post –
          God is intimately involved in the affairs of men. He knows how many hairs are on the head of each person in the world.

          You, and most people, think that God and the spiritual are just another topic in a crowded life. During the week you work and watch a little TV, on Saturdays you cut the grass and play a little, in your spare moments you look at your favorite sites on the internet. To you, God is just an afterthought to which you give a little attention when you can spare it.

          Not to me. God is constantly increasing in me. Real, true Power is in Christ. The more God increases in me, the more I see the futility of the world and people who turn their backs on the King.

          Look at it this way – the Spiritual is more real, more actual, than the physical. How can I make such a claim? Because the Spiritual was here before any material substance, and will be here when the material has passed away. The phyical was brought into being by the Word. Those who base their lives on the physical, and turn a deaf ear to God, will be the biggest losers of all Time.
          Maybe that’s okay with you.
          Not me.

      21. I’m going to go home and soak it in side’er.


      23. All we can do is “Prepare” the best we can.
        Get out of all paper assets.
        Put your savings into “Physical” Silver or Gold.
        Stock up on Food, Water, Water Filters, Medical Supplies, Guns and Ammo, Sleeping Bags for each member of your family, Heirloom seeds, ex.
        Do these few things and your family will be better off than 95% of Americans when TEOTWAWKI/SHTF comes.
        Get a Bible and study it daily.
        I believe we are in the birth pangs leading up to the Great Tribulation. Seven years of Hell on Earth!

      24. I would not want to be a banker if my money disappeared on their watch. I think the bankers have gotten away with to much for to long. The bought and paid for a the law to be passed that says it is ok to steal our money, but those that lose their money might not see it that way. They might pass a law that calls for thieving bankers to suffer harsh consequences for making their depositors suffer. Call it the STOLEN DEPOSIT-DEAD BANKER LAW. Unfair laws are passed because we do not stand up to them.

      25. With everything going on in this world, I coin a phrase from Keith Jackson: WHOA NELLIE!!!!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!! TSORIITA!!!

      26. What is going to happen first?

        I don’t care!

        I do not care for the thousands of jobless people. How is that hope and change doing for ya? The money is not worth anything. People still be doing stupid shit and you know damn well people are going to freak when hardship or danger knocks at their door. I mean how long is it going to take people to understand that something is wrong and has to be corrected.
        Depending on how things unfold, dictates my reaction. Two things common is that I will lock down the property and open the gun safe. I am not stressing over nothing.

        • @Slingshot

          2015 is going to be a very bad year, I think. I agree with you 100%, time to circle the wagons and call in the dogs.

      27. Just keep prepping,opsec in mind. Batten down the hatches when it hits and cache some stuff elsewhere cuz somebody will make sure you share whether its the govt. or a nosy neighbor. Be prepared to protect yourself or have a place to go.

      28. my thoughts ( if anyone cares)
        if we go down financially , ML will be right on the door step
        it will come as a double whammy , there wont be any warning
        one probably wont happen with out the other right behind it
        I dont think it will look like we think it will, it will be a mind fuck just like everything else they have done to us in the past
        ML like we think it should look like .. it wont be anything like that.. in some ways to some degree with us already living in a police state , were already half way there
        Dont give up anything

        • VRF

          Don’t worry overmuch per ML and a nationwide lockdown…the regime lacks the manpower & what little bit they do possess, is of questionable allegiance.

          They will “GREEN-ZONE” a handful of critical infrastructure…but beyond that, I think we’ll be on our own.
          Life however, in the cities, will be a near death sentence!

          Prepare and good luck / God’s Blessings to all.

          • I believe, we see it the same way

      29. This could be a very nerve racking fall /winter sickness scenario, ,
        Flu season will start in a few months, TB reports coming in from our border, and Ebola maybe rearing its ugly head here,,, I was just reading that if you happen to survive after getting Ebola, you are still infectious up to 2 months after the fact,,
        Really glad my son is home schooled….I’m not looking forward to the coming season,,,

        • Lice on the invaders, rats in streets, Typhus a coming.

          Is this biological warfare, or what?

      30. So many straws,only one camels back,(feeling bad for the camel!),whatever hits it is to best of ability what folks prepare for mentally and with goods ect.All that can be said/done in end is fight evil in whatever guise it comes in!

      31. Leadership.

        Will you sit back and let others make decisions for you?

        Will you step forward and take charge?

        Would you rather be single or with others, with rules of course.

        • This is not a poke at your post, It could be looked at as support for your words


          Nobody in a team wants to hear someone beat their chest as to how much better they think they are than anyone else in that team

          If, that person was in fact so great, the others would already know that and would have made them their leader

          in closing
          If you are not their leader than obviously you’re only as great as you think you are and should keep it to your dam self, and get back to work.

          I have run across so many people in my life that think they are so much better than all those around them.. talk a big line, until that one day they are told to step up to it.. and they cant, because they never could and never did

        • @ SlingShot….

          Know anyone looking for a helluva perimeter man ….

          I have friends and locations….but realized a long time ago they are asleep at the wheel !!!

          Most of them Stone Cold Drunk Key Board Commandos who couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat !!! Have zero experience with or about anything !!! More a liability than an asset…They have become more of a concern than what is happening around us….

          Good Perimeter/CQC guy available….with everything he needs….

          Now lets get those cards and letters sent in folks !!! Time is awastin !!!

      32. Some might remember the “Minute Men Project” from back in 2005? They were volunteers who helped out the Border Patrol then.

        The head guy for the Minute Men was on Christian radio yesterday asking for 3,500 able bodied men to re-start the unit.

        See ya’ll on the Border…pray, please.

        • Its sorta ironic. We pay taxes but then have to form volunteer groups to do the job. I see the same things at the county and local level where I live. my HOA pays the police extra money so they’ll patrol our neighborhood of about 2000 homes. And we pay at the door to be able to use the county parks. Why are we paying taxes again?

      33. If the writing is on the wall, if the shit is about to hit the fan, then why do American’s just wait for it all to play out? There should be tens of millions of people in the streets letting it be known that the evil plans of those at the top are completely unacceptable. Where is the unity of mankind hiding and why? If we don’t speak up together in public all over America, then we are finished. The enemy can be dealt with by the people. Let their intent be shown against the protest and the meek and afraid will join the masses.

        • The courts won’t return us to the Republic and the Constitution and neither will the POS pres, the Senate nor the Congress.

          That leaves the people sans lawyers.

          Yeah, most are commies.

          Got flour? And a shotgun?

      34. @everyone…after I left here I went to Rawles site and he had this link to Daily Mail. Please take a moment to read it. The images are poignant. It is about a doctor’s take on working with ebola virus and working inside the “hot suits”.
        The more disturbing aspect is one doctor saying the virus needs more attention and if it effected the West it would get more. WTF?

        Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2710174/In-stifling-hot-suits-silent-death-lurking-fear-mistake-fatal-Brave-doctors-terrifying-insight-battle-crucible-biggest-Ebola-outbreak-history.html

      35. “You are probably asking what can you do? The short answer is nothing”- You couldn’t be more wrong, there is MUCH you can do to prepare.

        “In reality, there is nothing that you can do to stop this coming train wreck. My advice is to focus on your relationship with God” – Really? It’s the Gods and religions that got us in this mess in the first place.

      36. Ok I attended a livestock auction this week. they sold a few hundred feeder cattle. The 400 pound calves where fetching about $3.00 per pound. after they sold the feeders they take a 30 minute break. Outside the loafers where exclaiming about how high the calves sold. most where about 20 or more years younger than me. I stated they weren’t actually high. I told them I remembered the very first feeder calf I ever sold. And I sold it at the very same auction way back in 1967. and it brought 27 cents per pound. and I went to the Red Bird gas station and filled my dads truck up at 19 cents per gallon. the truck was a 1964 model that cost $1500 cash brand new. All I got was dumb looks. It was like they didn’t want to even think about that money is inflated more than 15 times what it was in 1967. We bought land on credit owner finance at 4% in 1967 for $50 per acre. I sold that land a few years ago for $2000 per acre cash. and it sold reciently for $2500 per acre. Im guessing it will be economic collapse due to inflation of money created out of thin air by the fed. Im surprised that the Kickcanastan economics has lasted this long.

        • A friend owns a fast food restaurant in the west suburbs of Chicago. He says his meat distributor has to pay $4 a pound for beef. He has to pay about $4.50 a pound to that guy this week. He has to charge about $7.50 for a beef sandwich to make money this week. He thinks he may have to remove beef sandwiches from his menu because people won’t pay that much for that sandwich. His rent at the Mall food court is $8500 per month. You read that right.

          • Simple. Oatmeal or cardboard… I think that’s what DonMickels does. My kids won’t even eat the food we bought there. More seriously, let him sell Ebola kits. That’ll bring in the press at least.

            Ebola folks. Batten down.

      37. For whom the God’s wish to destroy, they first drive them crazy. Not too far off the mark.

      38. Over the last several days there have been quit a few corps. announcing major layoffs. Unemployment report for this week is up. Almost all new hires are low paid part time workers. They have a very dim outlook for their future. To make matters worse, the Pew Hispanic Survey indicates that immigrants are displacing Americans in the work place. Americans, for the most part are being phased out.

      39. Off topic: Daughter in late stages of labor…had my plane ticket bought to leave Monday…baby is almost three weeks early. Prayers appreciated. *sigh*

      40. Both at same time. Fed Treasury will text Barry to pull spark plug some Friday evening. Stop peeing on it and it won’t hurt so much.

      41. Neither will happen for a very very long time ……..ya gonna say I’m full of shit ??? REALLY ??
        How many years already have I stated this …..when will you people wake up to this bullshit

        • They’ll NEVER wake up Rich, that’s the entire point. If doom porn will not be real, then they must DREAM it to be real. What a waste of time and lives.

      42. Adding to my previous post. My point was to prepare for several results and scenarios. There may not be a total collapse. Invest in items that can be utilized if there is a long period of stagflation, inflation (likely), depression and collapse.
        If you agree with me that inflation is the biggest threat, then buy an asset that leverages and buy it with a fixed loan. Do not pay off anything now that is on a fixed note. You will be able to pay it back with inflated dollars. If your house rate is 4% and a CD ends up paying 12% then pocket the spread.
        Also if there is a total collapse, your investments will be worth next to nothing. Why sink money into it now?

      43. Aren’t we already in a modified martial law situation? Almost total surveillance of the public. Police everywhere. SWAT teams ready to pounce at a seconds notice. IRS able to freeze your accounts without warning. Smart meters on your house, or else. The government can shut down your water, electric, banking, food, gas, transportation without warning. You better be carrying ID’s if you get stopped while walking down the street. Land of the free? I think not.

        • Big black X on the f’ers doors.

          That’ll be about every door in the blue states and many in the red states.

      44. Chicago PMI drops 10 basis points in one month. Numbers not seen since the Lehman Bros. collapse in 2008. Here it comes. I mean, here it is.


        The only way an economic collapse can occur is if another currency becomes the default currency of the planet.

        For a while there, it looked like china was making a play to be the default currency, but on Sept 6, 2013, President Xi Jinping stated in an address at the BRICS conference that he desires the Yuan to be part of the default basket of currencies that comprise the IMF Special Drawing Right….not the worlds default currency. And this can / will occur sometime in 2015 when the currency allocations are reviewed.

        Even if the NWO succeeds in making the Special Drawing Right (SDR) as the default global currency, as long as the dollar is in that basket of currencies (currently, it is the largest component percentage wise), there will be no economic collapse.

        The FED can print as many dollars as it wants. Social Security Direct Deposits will be funded. Medicare will be funded….and so too will welfare.

        It is important to note that welfare is an extremely profitable venture to fund. For every dollar the US Treasury borrows to fund welfare, the TPTB (ie private shareholders in the Fed and the BIS) earns 1.97 in return (calculated based upon 3o year treasury note).

        As for our debt….everyone always moans about the debt…but they never say who we owe. The answer is simple….we owe the federal reserve. They hold the debt. It is almost a fictional amount though as the debt is not a time dependent instrument. Furthermore, the debt can be inflated away if necessary.

        Martial Law on the other hand….well that may happen within a month or two thanks to ebola.

        • I guess you have no clue or working for the NWO…they want a total reset…everything you talk about pertains to the current process of an economy. The aim is to eliminate it…and to enslave…not continually fostering the current sham..but to destroy it. ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS CERTAINLY FIRST, ENSLAVEMENT SECOND, PANDEMIC THIRD…sadly… No one escapes..not even you

          • I’m sorry anon, but you are the one with no clue. You state that economic collapse is first….but that leads to chaos, unpredictability, randomness, variability, tribal uprisings.

            If the NWO wants collapse, how will the NWO then accomplish enslavement? The NWO is comprised of 250 or so oligarchs…how will they enslave millions. They can’t pay the millions of “enslavers”…there’s no economy. And, a few cannot physically control the masses. So how does the enslavement component of your hypothesis work? It doesn’t.

            As for the pandemic????? A controlled pandemic…I’ll give you that. But a exponential, random propagation pandemic…..no way. They’ll destroy their market and their workforce.

            Finally, You ARE ALREADY A SLAVE today. You just get to choose your master. After you pay for housing, food, and essentials, you have nothing leftover. Plus, you can’t escape. You’re tied to your paycheck…..or your monthly social security check…or your weekly welfare check. It doesn’t matter if you go on vacation, or are free to go visit grandma on the weekends. You’re always coming back to quarters.

            Collapse is the last thing the NWO wants. They need order.

            • Your making too much sense for these guys , they only see what they want to see and. That’s DOOM

        • And with a broad paintbrush..you shout with your assurance of “NO ECONOMIC COLLAPSE”. Everything you point to support your argument stems from the current way of how things operate. You truly are the one eye man in the kingdom of the blind if anyone listens to your comfy assurance. As if to say…everything we have now will go on in infinitum., as long as the feds print money is so fucking absurb it makes me squeamish how many zombies there are. The feds do not run the NWO…the NWO wants a total destruction of how things are done..not to perpetuate it..and printing fake money drives the whole economy to collapse..I guess you love the F.S.A…must be some business for you, Inflating the debt away!!!!????…you must live in a high castle in the alps if you think we that will solve the debt problem. Funny how you think that we all have to suck it up and pay..even in a inflated cost of goods and services..The American people do not owe a damn thing to anyone but themselves. The Fed families should pay the debt out of their own pockets…better yet..that whole damn institution should be abolished and those thieves hung from the highest yard arms.
          Pandemic is just frosting on the shit pile..with no economy there are no doctors and it will just accelerate the world economies into collapse.

          Live Free or Die

          • Talon,

            You’re response makes an invalid assumption; that if there is no economic collapse, that things will be all rosy.

            That can’t be farther from the truth.

            You, and I, along with millions of others will suffer economic depression; much worse than what we are experiencing now.

            This is not form an economic collapse however. Rather, it is from a controlled devaluing of our participation in the economy.

            I’ll explain. The dollar is based upon the full faith and credit of the united states. You hear that all the time but what does it really mean?

            It means that you, I, and millions of others drag our asses out of bed each day and participate in the economy. It doesn’t matter whether one is working (producing goods and services), in retirement (social security, medicare), or on welfare. Everyone still participates in the economy.

            And, that individual participation has a unit of worth.

            However, every time the federal reserve prints money, that worth is devalued bit by bit. And that is where the pain comes from.

            It is not an economic collapse, it is a devalued worth.

      46. Who the HELL are these supposed elites that are engineering every frigging hypothetical calamity from ebola pandemics in the USA to confiscation of IRAs/401k to martial law to NWO to A,B,C,D et seq. I have a hard time believing there is any such group because it would be next to impossible to control the blowback from such a calamitous collapse such that it did not risk incinerating the “elites” in the backdraft. Remember, Marie Antionnette had her head lopped off by the guillotine after she told the masses to eat cake. It aint any different now.

        The bigger “problem” is that all of these calamaties are beyond the scope that any man can effectively prep for and as the man said at the end of the above-article, there is NOTHING we can do to stop this. NOTHING.

        All we are is dust in the (all we are is dust in the wind). . . . . . DEEEE-pressing S-it.

      47. On Saturday, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the city cannot prohibit individuals from carrying firearms in public.

        • TALK ABOUT THE WILD WEST IN D.C.??????

      48. Collapse

      49. The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want; and he has never let me down, also The Lord helps those who help themselves, so back to my canning. You all may have your own opinions about many things the Bible included but sitting at your computer fussing with each other about what is right and what is wrong to believe isn’t helping anyone; most will still believe what they believe when you are all done with your calling each other names and putting others down for what they believe or don’t, in the end most will not change their mind so wouldn’t it be more profitable for you to work on your preps and whatever else you are going to need or do to get through the coming events. We cannot stop, change, or reverse the incoming tide best we be ready.

        Sometimes I think I must be dealing with a bunch of kindergartners, yes an exchange of opinions are a good thing and sometimes we can even learn from that exchange but guys time is short, especially when it seems to go nowhere; enough said.

      50. Does anyone here know the situation with .22 cal ammo shortage? All the ammo came back but .22lr. Online prices are ridiculous being $80-120 for 500rds. Wal-mart still sells the 500rd case for $24 but all the old people are buying it up as soon as the truck gets there. This bullshit.

      51. This was a really good read, however, someone should have proof-read this article before it was published. It is becoming apparent every day that the collapse is near. I have been a Marine for 11 years and instead of retiring with a pension at 20 years, the Marine Corps is urging senior enlisted to voluntarily separate with a lump buyout. It has become so bad, that Marines are being denied promotions and are being bought out to forgo retirement. What’s so bad is the ones who are bought out are the lucky ones. Most Marines are just being show the door with nothing but empty promises.

      52. Really, 3 hours later, still in moderation??? This is the reason I won’t comment too often on this website.

      53. Time for me to leave this once great site.
        Maybe someone will start a SHTF2 site. NO RELIGIOUS BULLSHIT ALLOWED,just “How were going to survive what’s coming.”. ByBy.

        • @ Wink

          Your plan seems like less than half a plan.

          As best I can discern, it is the genocidal anti-Christians who have put us in the situation we are now. If you have no affinity for the Ten Commandments, no love of God, and no love of neighbor, how can the society you rebuild from the ashes be any better than the moneylenders’ syphili-zation?

      54. When I juxtapose this statement from the article:

        n no civilized country in the world do the banks have the right to steal money from citizen depositors. However, in America, this beta test was already being accomplished as ex-Goldman Sachs CEO and ex-senator and ex-governor, John “the Don” Corzine, stole 1.2 billion dollars from secured deposits from MF Global, lied to congress about his actions and today is enjoying the fruits of his thievery.Let’s not forget that the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals who just ruled that banks can steal the money of its depositors and it is legal! This would have been a SHTF moment in every other Western country, but Americans are taking this grand theft on their backsides, sipping a beer and bemoaning the performance of their favorite NFL team. THE ELITE HAVE JUST ANNOUNCED THEIR INTENTION TO DIRECTLY STEAL YOUR WEALTH BY USING THE FORCE OF LAW.

        With the conclusion of the article:

        You are probably asking what can you do? The short answer is nothing! You can somewhat soften the blow by getting your money out of the bank as much as possible. Stop shopping the WalMarts the Kmarts and the other slave marts and shop locally. In reality, there is nothing that you can do to stop this coming train wreck. My advice is to focus on your relationship with God.

        I don’t know that the second alternative is much better than the first.

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