What Well Is BP Showing the World?

by | Aug 10, 2010 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    An interesting video via Jeff Rense that suggests the capped well we have seen on mainstream news may not be the same well that was leaking oil after the rig disaster.

    We hate to keep hounding on the BP oil disaster, because from all mainstream indications the well has been capped and there is supposedly no oil leaking into the Gulf. However, when we come across points of interest such as this one, we find it necessary to share.

    After all, most of our readers are here to garner as much information as possible about current events to help determine future trends (yes, we stole that line from Gerald Celente). The more we know about man made disasters, the better we can prepare.

    After watching this video, we found it hard to believe. So, we looked up recent news reports from mid to late July to see if the videos being shown in the news were in fact showing coordinates for what is referred to as “Well A.” According to reports, “Well A” was actually shut down because of a drilling problem and was already capped. “Well B” is the well that we have all become so familiar with. It turns out that the videos in this Al Jazeera report do show the coordinates near “Well A”, as opposed to the actual well that was supposedly leaking the oil.

    Either the coordinates were inaccurate in the videos the rovers were taking or they were inaccurate in BP’s Exploration Plan dated February 23, 2009. Or, the rovers images we are seeing are from “Well A,” which was already reportedly capped prior to the leak!

    Notice the coordinates:

    BP’s Initial Exploration Plan Dated February 23, 2009:

    Well “A” coordinates are X: 1202803.88, Y: 10431617.00

    Al Jazeera report dated July 14, 2010 show capped well coordinates are X: 1202 770.66, Y:10431626.14

    Notice the extremely close proximity of the coordinates. Remember, “Well A” was supposedly never leaking because it had already been capped!

    Since everything BP said in the first several weeks of the accident was pretty much found to be either false or grossly inaccurate, it is hard for us to overlook this as a simple mistake.

    We’ll have to leave this one for our readers to decide, as we are not experts at the specifics of oil drilling or mapping.

    For some additional information on this, we refer readers to this interesting discussion on the topic of Well A and Well B as well as the accompanying four part video that further explores the specifics of BP’s wells, their coordinates and the aforementioned discrepancies.

    The first video in this article depicting the discrepancies between the rover coordinates is dedicated to Matt Simmons. Simmons, as you may know, was an outspoken critic of BP and the government’s response to the oil leak, going so far as to suggest that there were multiple leaking wells, sea floor seepage, and the possibility of volcanic, steam or methane driven Tsunamis resulting from the pressures of extreme deep water drilling. He was also one of the first to suggest that BP’s well was leaking upwards of twenty times the initial BP estimates, which was later found to be very close to the actual amount. He was no friend of the oil giant or those who stood to make billions from the spill fallout, though it has been reported that he stood to make quite a bit of money in the event BP’s stock collapsed as he was shorting the market. (His short sell never materialized as the stock remained more or less stable)

    Matt Simmons was found dead in his hot tub on or around August 9, 2010. Initial reports indicate he experienced a heart attack in the hot tub which led to accidental drowning. Though it may be a coincidence, an informed Zero Hedge contributor pointed out that Bernie Madoff’s one-time partner Jeffry Picower had an eerily similar accident in October of 2009, having first experienced a heart attack in his pool and then drowning accidentally. Picower was reportedly complicit in Madoff’s multi-billion dollar fraud.

    Though the incidents may be in no way related, nor is foul play officially suspected, we find the accidental deaths to be of interest.


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      1. I knew they were going to get him.  On Rense.com there are some more videos about this. 

      2. because no old man has ever had a stroke or heart attack in a pool or hot tub and drowned… hey lets investigate Orville Redenbacher’s death too!

        Chicken Littles want us to believe that EVERY and i do mean EVERY DEATH of someone with THEIR agenda (the chicken littles of the world) is MURDERED and never dies of natural causes. give me a break. THINK people. where is ANY proof of ANY conspiracy?

        Some of you like to talk about the foundations this country was built on, well INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY is ONE of those foundations – it even applies to those you don’t like. so build a bridge and get over yourselves. even if it WAS a ‘conspiracy’, does it matter? if it DOES matter, why aren’t YOU doing something about it?

      3. At least he did not die a cowardly slave.

      4. Those guys at Jiffy Pop had something to do with Redenbacher’s death – I know it!

        It’s too controversial to discuss at this web site, however, if I were a bettin’ man, I’d say the same guys who offed Redenbacher had something to do with Simmons and Picower. 🙂

        I am not trying to declare BP guilty of Simmons’ murder, but thought I’d mention it since the video itself was dedicated to him. I agree that there is really no proof in terms of conspiracy surrounding Simmons’ death.

        The BP rover coordinate video story is quite interesting, though. I’d say that given all of the info that has come out over the last several months regarding many different aspects of the BP spill (even if the rover story is eventually proven inaccurate), there is certainly a “conspiracy” of sorts in progress… money, power, politics, economy, depopulation…. name your poison…

      5. Mr. Slavo. Should you or anyone discover the truth behind these videos and the deliberate manipulation of the facts you will have earned a world of respect but it will be short lived as people soon forget.
        Should you wish to be a part of solving the greater crime of mass murder, one nations betrayal and the finacial and psychological rape the minds of the entire world population then I implore to listen and act.
        If  you really put your journalistic talents to work and those feelers out into that world for connections I’m sure you will be able to prove one thing that has elluded everyone to date.
        I’ve asked everyone I know and now I ask you to question… “what happened to the mysterious missing aircraft fuselage debris of flight 175  from the rooftop of WTC 5 on 9/11?” Nobody seems to care!
        I do because that single piece of planted evidence was used to seer into the minds of the collective human consciousness the official storyline, that a “commercial airliner” impacted WTC 2.
        I say bullshit to that and I’ll bet anyone dimes to dollars an untampered with high resolution aerial/satellite photograph will show otherwise. A photo of the rooftop prior to the “specialized clean-up crew”  getting onto the scene that is. 
        Until then all of these worldwide deliberate disasters, or otherwise, are simply going to keep on happening and the majority of people’s minds are just going to keep on glazing over after primetime…

      6. I don’t think for a minute that Simmons died naturally.  What he was saying was polar opposite to what the BP/Govt via MSM was reporting and his former buddies took him out.  An industry insider with decades of experience or BP, who are you going to believe?  I am very surprised that he didn’t do the research to find this document that proves that two wells were at least planned for but his theory is supported by it regarding a staged event over here for MSM and the real problem elsewhere with no cameras on it.  Although a confirmed member of the CFR, he was getting old.  When you get old you start to reflect on your humanity and if he’s a believer, your salvation.  He couldn’t stand by and remain quiet because he understood the ramifications of BP’s actions (or lack thereof).  He claimed that the Gov’t has evidence of the BOP with the well casing shot up through it.  Where is it Salazar?  What about the as-built documents confirming whether one or two wells were actually drilled huh Ken?  This document this guy found IS the smoking gun and the guy does a great job breaking it down in the videos.  The original planned dates contained in the permitting document clearly show that Well A was planned for April through July 2009 while Well B was planned for April through July 2010.  It makes perfect sense that Well B was the one that blew up on April 20th if in fact both were drilled.  The coordinates for the rover are within a few feet of the specified coordinates of Well-A and that would make sense since it is reporting its location not that of the well it is shooting.
        Assuming the coordinates on the rover are reporting their location accurately, where do we stand now?
        1)      This is all bunk.  There was only ONE well drilled (Well A) and BP really capped it over the past two weeks, just like on TV and the ROV coordinates are reporting incorrectly.
        2)     There were actually two wells drilled, in reverse sequence.  B-well drilled in 2009 and capped, A-well drilled in 2010, blew-up and was capped just like on TV.
        3)     Two wells were drilled and while BP was staging a make believe event over here at A-well for TV (which was really capped in 2009) they were covertly stopping the flow over there at B-well (top kill, junk-shot, static kill, et. al.) under the cover of darkness and were successful.
        4)     Two wells were drilled just like in the permitting document.  A-well was capped in 2009, B-well blew-up, spewed millions of gallons of oil and gas into the Gulf, they took Simmons’ advice, nuked it without telling us and now it is forever fixed.
        5)     Two wells were drilled just like in the permitting document, A-well was drilled and capped in 2009 just like the document planned, B-well went horribly wrong, blew-up caused the massive submerged oil lake and is now having Corexit shot at it all day and night to keep it from coming to the top affording the opportunity for satellites to shoot pretty pictures showing no new oil on the surface.
        I’m picking 5 and I’m guessing there will be a BP presence at the B-well in perpetuity shooting Corexit at it 24/7 until the reserve exhausts itself destroying the GOM in the process or they take Simmons’ suggestion and nuke it.  If I lived in the GOM region I would leave regardless of whatever you believe is really going on down there.  You’ll never get the truth and you might just be the subject of the biggest scientific experiment ever.
        R.I.P. Matt Simmons!

      7. Fantastic comment Jeff. Great assessment.

        No further questions your honor.
        Diogenes — I hear your frustration and am right there with you. You may be able to convince every individual American, one by one, that the official Pentagon reports are not what happened that day. But would anyone really do anything in terms of holding people responsible for it and the subsequent cover-up?

      8. Comments…..Those who enter these secrect socities resemble the quote of getting cought in the web of the balck widow. CFR,ADL, Skull & Bones etc. etc. the list goes on forever, these groups are all offshoots of Masonary, the higher up the totem pole, the less likely you will leave alive. The CIA and Mossad’s favorite practice is the heart attack in water, be it pool or tub, this approach works best in a autopsy, for it shows the victim acutally suffered a heart attack.
        The reallity is they shove a lubricated hot iron up your ass, causing the temperature to rise beyond the bodies limits, then they take it out throw you in the water, bingo instant heart attack without a scratch.
        I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of these type of heart attacks in the future.

      9. hello, Nico from Belgium here

        (First : sorry if I write mistakes, I had english lessons 30 years ago)
        In Europ we believe that BP is lying all the way, don’t trust them.
        Corexit is forbidden here , it is very dangerous , you get cancer from it but only a few years later.
        So don’t eat anything coming out of the gulf of Mexico, it will kill you in a couple of years.
        There is something strange about the Gulf ,BP can not be trusted AND your government is even worse. 
        We believe here that is going to get much worse for the American people.  There is a lot  in the main stream media about everybody who is against the USA.  We here are NOT against you, the people, but your government is corrupt and tells complete bullshit.

      10. Good grief Sam.  If you aren’t a novelist you missed your calling.  Is there any science to back this up?  Where the hell did you hear that?

      11. Sam, I’ve been in EMS for 15 years – please tell me you’re being facetious…. PLEASE tell me you’re not serious…

      12. I want to thank Nico for his input on this site. It’s good to see someone from another country coming on here and not bashing us as Americans, but seeing things the way we here see them……that we’re being snowed 24/7.

        As far as Simmons….he was killed I’m sure of it. When I saw his interviews the last few months I honestly wondered how long it would be before he was murdered.

      13. Mel from the veritasshow.com was going to interview Simmons this week.  Mel, with James Fox, has been one of the most courageous voices in this entire fraud.

        coincidence that Simmons was killed right before he was to speak on Veritas?  not after how viral veritas videos have become for actually reporting on the truth.

        James Fox better be careful as well.

      14. Comments….. Jeff,Sketch, let me just test your biochemical skills, name the two elements that cause a change in body temperature?  I’ll give you a hint, the one that causes the temperature to rise as you should know causes the veins to expand , and the other causes the temperature to fall causes contraction. BTW I have lots of friends and relatives in the medical field, one of them is a neurologist, I can honestly tell you his dumber the dumb.
        great reaction from you and jeff, it reminds of the phrase ” It has nothing to do with understanding if it goes against the grain of thought”.

      15. Matt Simmons was a friend and a fellow Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. I believe:
        1. BP is lying to cover their ass and their owners who include the British Royal family.
        2. Matt Simmons was telling the truth about the wells and the seabed and they whacked him to shut him up.
        3. The theory of Peak Oil that Matt Simmons was so vocal about is incorrect and there is plenty of oil but the supply is being controlled to maximize profits for the banksters who own the oil companies, and now they want to control demand through cap-and-trade.

      16. @ Sam

        let me give YOU a lesson in basic ANATOMY. First, sticking a red hot poker up someone’s butt would cauterize everything within an inch on all sides – INSTANTLY, and give 4th degree burns. Secondly, your AORTA goes down your spine and branches off into the illiac arteries. Sticking something like that up someone’s can  – as you suggest would likely blow lower abdominal aorta (known as a Triple-A) and the person would be dead before they hit the ground – the only part you got right was the MI (Myocardial Infarction) – as there would be no blood left to pump, thus sending the heart into fibrillation to the point of PEA (look that one up yourself – as it seems you do such good research yourself).

        You obviously have no idea about the physiology of burns. you’re stuck on convection and transfer rates, but haven’t thought about the actual biology involved… start with the ‘rule of 9’s” and work from there – and allow yourself to acknowledge the fact that you just make stuff up and argue to win, not to learn… while you’re at it, look up the benefits of lithium for people with your condition.

      17. Comments…..Jeff thanks for the prescription, but I seem to keep a good PH ballance without taking Alkalines or Acids of any kind, I don’t have Alzeimers my nerotransmiters seem to function OK, and depression and headaches are not a problem.
        So give me a little more credit here I din’t say anything  about RED hot, no kidding if we did that it would result in what you sayt, but let’s just say we raise the body temp. to 40 c which is the same as a fever then take that person and put him in cold water, say 15-20 degrees c what would happen in that instant , especially someone Simms age who judging by his complexion did’nt look like he had a good heart to begin with. 
        I cán tell you first hand the Iraelis like to use temperature as a torture tool as well, one person told me they put him in a steel shipping container used as a make shift prison, when the hot desert sun hits it, the people inside feel like their in a oven, and when the guards want to piss, they would piss through the holes in the containers, so the prisoners would breath all that foul hot air, at night when the temp. drops the container would cool down very fast and they would freeze. 
        No I don’t make stuff up and I don”t argue to win but I do like a ligical debate, that’s why I enjoy this site, there is alot of smart people here who just dón’t babble like the mainstream.
        Jeff , my nephew and I are putting together a book that deals with the bodies fermentation abilities, I will send you a copy when it”s done, you won’t be disappinted.

      18. Comments…..Sketch, the first part of my top post was meant for you I see that I put jeff by error.  Just a note off topic, the MES system and health care in general would be a lot better off if people out there were better educated on proper diet  and healthy living. I have a friend in MES. He tells about the calls he attends it’s mostly self inflicted injuries or bad health. My view if people were better educated about diet  and live a moral life the MES system would be used for what it was meant for like accidents not in our control.

      19. @ Sam

        It simply does not phisiologically work that way. how much more plainly can I say it? People do that all the time to stop or prevent febrile seizures, heat stroke, etc… – (i.e. put them in cold water baths or take them out in the snow to drop their core temp). the ONLY way it could work is if you had an underlying or co-morbid condition. You can not compare a metal box which takes time to heat up and cool down, to a human body which reacts at a more macro and cellular level…. I’m done with this conversation. you believe what you WANT to believe – the rest of us will deal with facts.

      20. @sam
        You mistakenly directed your comment to me.  Just to clear things up, you are having this dialogue with Sketch not me.  He sounds like he’s got a medical background.  I dont.  You too have at it.

        Good to hear the Colonel has the same perspective on Simmons, sad as it is.

      21. Jeff…thanks. Yes, I agree with you about Matt Simmons. I do not agree with him on Peak OIl as good as that theory sounded. The banksters are in charge and they wnat to control both supply and demand to maximize profits. Oh yeah, and Al Gore, he wants cap-an-trade to buy and sell carbon credits, it ios not ablout ‘global warming’, yet another myth. I think Big Al should start goiung to the gym and get his weight back down under 300.

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