What the Fed, IMF Are Really Engineering: “Their Goal Is to Create Instability”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com website.

    Editor’s Comment: In the big picture, it is so utterly clear that the table is literally tilted and the contents are sliding down with gravity – the monetary policy is rigged so as to transfer wealth and power to the insiders at the top who recruit and place their selected officials in institutions like the IMF and Federal Reserve. There, the terms of loose money, and easy loans that will later cripple the debt-holder are used as economic weapons; their primary objective is to keep populations under the yoke of servitude and neo-feudalism.

    The chains are invisible, but true independence and freedom has never been so far away for so many who are treading water just to stay alive, and have no chance of financial sovereignty or direction over their personal destiny.

    Lost Faith In Central Banks And The Economic End Game

    by Brandon Smith

    We live in strange economic times, stranger perhaps than at any other point in history. Since 2007-2008, the globally intertwined and dependent fiscal system has suffered considerable declines in every conceivable area. Manufacturing around the world is in a slump, from Japan to China to Europe, with the minimal manufacturing accomplished in the U.S. also fading. Consumption is falling, most notably in petroleum and raw materials. Employment is truly dismal, with the U.S. posting over 94 million people as “non-participants” in the national work force.

    High paying jobs are disappearing, and the only jobs replacing them are in the low wage service sector. This problem is becoming so pervasive that certain more socialist states including California and New York are attempting to offset the loss of sustainable income jobs by forcing retail and service companies into paying an inflated minimum wage. That is to say, states hope to stop the bloodletting in wages by magically turning low paying jobs into high paying jobs.

    As anyone with any economic sense knows, you cannot have a faltering consumer sector in which people are buying less and force service based companies to pay their employees far more per hour than the job is worth. Those companies will simply lay off more employees, cut hours or shut down entire branches of their operations in order to maintain their profit margins. Either that, or those companies will go out of business.

    One sector, though, has continued to reap certain benefits (for now), and that is equities. There is a good reason for this.

    The stock market is a kind of Pavlovian control mechanism, a mental trigger in the minds of the masses that dominates their perceptions of the world’s financial health. The drooling public sees green lines and they hail impending “recovery;” they see red lines and suddenly they begin to wonder if all is not well. As the former head of the Federal Reserve Dallas branch, Richard Fisher admitted in an interview with CNBC, the U.S. central bank in particular has made its business the manipulation of the stock market to the upside since 2009:

    “What the Fed did — and I was part of that group — is we front-loaded a tremendous market rally, starting in 2009.

    It’s sort of what I call the “reverse Whimpy factor” — give me two hamburgers today for one tomorrow.

    I’m not surprised that almost every index you can look at … was down significantly.” [Referring to the results in the stock market after the Fed raised rates in December.]

    Fisher went on to hint at the impending danger:

    I was warning my colleagues, “Don’t go wobbly if we have a 10-20% correction at some point…. Everybody you talk to … has been warning that these markets are heavily priced.”

    Central banks have focused most of their efforts on levitating the Dow as well as energy markets for some time now.

    Why? Because the general public does not pay attention to any other market indicators. They do not care that equipment giant Caterpillar is having the worst profit period in the company’s history. They do not care that the Baltic Dry Index, a measure of global shipping rates and thus a measure of global orders for raw goods, continues to bounce around well below its original historic lows due to crashing shipping demand. They do not care that according to the World Economic Forum, oil demand has dropped to levels not seen since 1997. They do not know nor do they care to know. Their only barometer for economic danger is the Dow, and central banks know this well.

    Something has changed recently, though. Why, for example, did the Fed go against its long-time mandate of manipulating equities into positive territory by committing to the taper of QE3? Why did they then later commit to hiking interest rates, an action they KNEW would cause a massive downturn in stocks?

    The jawboning of stocks in March back from the brink actually tells us a lot in terms of the central bank’s intentions. First, it tells us that the Fed does not intend to use tools such as rate cuts and stimulus measures to buy back market optimism. Rather, they are relying solely on investor faith that central banks are not going to leave them high and dry. They have decided to use manipulative language alone, rather than the manipulative monetary policy we have grown accustomed to.

    Second, the action of the Fed in raising rates has torn away the veil and shown the public stocks truly cannot survive without central bank support. The moment the Fed leaves markets to their own devices, the only things left for investors to turn to are the fundamentals, and of course the fundamentals are ugly beyond belief. Thus, stocks begin to plummet.

    As I point out in my article “Markets Ignore Fundamentals And Chase Headlines Because They Are Dying,” some of the greatest market rallies in U.S. history occurred during the onset of the Great Depression, and all of these rallies were based on a false sense of public faith that recovery was “right around the corner”. The rally this past March is no different. There are no fundamentals to back it, it was built entirely on faith, and soon it will implode as similar rallies did during the Depression.

    Just in the past week alone, certain signs are bubbling to the surface to undermine the facade of the recent dubious rally.

    For anyone who was betting on oil markets to continue their rally past the $40 per barrel mark, there was a lot of bad news. Saudi Arabia crushed optimism by announcing that it would not be entertaining a “production freeze” proposal unless ALL other oil producing nations, including Iran, also agreed to it.

    Iran then doubly crushed optimism by announcing an increase in production rather than committing to a freeze.

    Russia then administered the final blow by releasing data showing that their oil output had risen to historic levels, indicating that they will not be entering into any agreement on a production freeze.

    Besides a recent overly optimistic (and rather suspicious inventory draw) which has caused a short term rebound, all indicators show that oil will be headed back to the lows seen at the beginning of this year.

    Why do oil markets matter? Well, it would seem that stocks for the past few months have been loosely tracking oil. When oil has taken a dramatic turn to the negative, so have stocks. This may be a purely psychological correlation, but that is kind of the point. ALL stock market movements are purely psychological today, and when psychological optimism fails, the fundamentals strike hard. So far, oil is solidly back in volatile territory, and equities are following.

    In fact, most of the world is beginning to feel tremors yet again in stocks as central bank meeting and announcements are having less and less affect on positive psychology.

    Asian markets were trounced the past week with a return to volatility as Chinese and Japanese central banks were either unable or unwilling to slow the tide. European markets followed, with some market participants coming to terms with the nature of the recent rally:

    “The market is missing confidence,” said Mathias Haege, who helps oversee 300 million euros ($342 million) as managing partner of MaxAlpha Asset Consultant in Frankfurt. “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what central banks are doing if economic growth doesn’t accelerate and corporate earnings continue to shrink.”

    And there you have it. Stock markets are in no way a measure of economic health at this time, they are only a measure of investor confidence in central banks, and that confidence is failing in light of extremely negative fundamentals.

    So, I ask again, why have many central banks and the Federal Reserve in particular pulled back from their usual tools (near zero rates and stimulus) at a time when investor faith in the economy is falling?

    Recently, Wikileaks published a transcript of an internal International Monetary Fund (IMF) discussion that provides some answers. The general thrust of the document shows that the IMF deliberately set the stage for a return to instability in Greece this summer with the intention of destabilizing the EU, and more specifically cornering Germany. The goal? To essentially force the EU to allow the IMF to take a more commanding role in the economic affairs of the supranational body.

    Far too much attention is paid to the criminality of national central banks like the Federal Reserve, but the Federal Reserve is nothing more than a franchise, an appendage of a greater banking syndicate with the IMF, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the World Bank leading the way.

    What many people do not seem to understand is that national central banks are expendable in the minds of globalists like those at the IMF. They are nothing but institutions on paper. Their true assets are unknown because they have never been audited. They can be destroyed or absorbed on a whim if globalists see greater gains as a result. The Wikileaks documents support the assertions I wrote in my article, “The Economic End Game Explained,” that central banks, led by the IMF and the BIS, are deliberately creating instability in global markets in order to create a crisis large enough to substantiate total centralization of power in the hands of those same institutions.

    This should not be news to anyone, but unfortunately it is. Back in 2012 IMF head Christine Lagarde made this revealing statement:

    “When the world around the IMF goes downhill, we thrive. We become extremely active because we lend money, we earn interest and charges and all the rest of it, and the institution does well. When the world goes well and we’ve had years of growth, as was the case back in 2006 and 2007, the IMF doesn’t do so well both financially and otherwise.”

    If the IMF is engineering a financial crisis in Europe in order to gain more power and influence, why wouldn’t the Fed be doing the same for the IMF in America?

    The ONLY explanation that makes sense in terms of the Fed allowing an incremental removal of support from U.S. markets is that their GOAL is to create instability. The jawboning and exploitation of false hopes acts as a kind of steam valve, slowing the crash to a manageable pace.

    The loss of faith in central banks and their ability to support dying markets is indeed occurring. However, this is not the whole story. The fact is, the loss of faith is MEANT to happen, and it is useful to globalists at the IMF who now seek to replace hundreds of central bank franchises across the globe with a single governing entity overseeing the financial administration of the entire world. That is to say, the IMF is creating the problem so that they can offer themselves and their authority as a solution.

    Just as the international bankers use stimulus and rate policy as tools, so, to, do they use chaos.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com website.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected] If you would like to support the publishing of articles like the one you have just read, visit our donations page here.  We greatly appreciate your patronage.


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      1. What happens when the elites at the top become selfish and concerned only about themselves? Revolutions and war have been the end result in past times. I don’t expect the present time to be that much different from the past, including Ancient Rome and France and the Reign of Terror.

        One more day to get ready.

        • Arent they already?

          • “If the IMF is engineering a financial crisis in Europe in order to gain more power and influence, why wouldn’t the Fed be doing the same for the IMF in America?”

            Brandon, the FED doesn’t work for the IMF.

            The IMF is a FUND. It can only lend money with the approval of its Members, the FED being the biggest and most powerful. The IMF works for the FED. Until you grasp this truth you will never understand the Great Game.

            As I have revealed here before, the FED is at war with the BRIC’s. The BRIC’s challenged FED GLOBAL POWER. The NWO FED has quietly taken down all of them. They are all in the toilet.

            China decided that it wouldn’t keep its agreement with the NWO FED / US Shadow Government, who created the “Chinese Miracle”. When the CCP decided that they were not going to play by the Agreement, the NWO FED crushed them.

            You and others thought that Chinese membership in the IMF would be the end of NWO FED power. LMAO !!! The Chinese Yuan is weighted at 10% of the SDR basket. To complete its membership obligations, China must let the Yuan be priced by the GLOBAL MARKET (giving up control over its currency) rather than the daily PEG; and it must allow Chinese Capital to flow across borders freely. These two REQUIREMENTS for IMF membership will eventually drain China of its real wealth: jobs and gold.

            As wealthy Chinese investors look for offshore safe havens to which they can transfer their wealth (Vancouver etc) the drain of cash from China is adversely affecting the Yuan FX; and China must sell US Treasuries (THE form of NWO Wealth) to prop up the value of the Yuan. Doing so dramatically drains its currency reserves.

            China will not be able to compete with India (in Asia) or Mexico (in the America’s) for world exports, and the Yuan will be turned into confetti for backstabbing the NWO FED. Eventually, China will have to go on a gold standard in a desperate attempt to stem hyperinflation. HYperinflation could very well come to China. Then, all of the gold will flow to those holding the Yuan; just as France attempted to get gold for paper dollars in the late 60’s.

            In the end, China will have to exit the IMF or leave the gold standard they are working towards. Serious unrest is coming to China. The population has known nothing but prosperity for 25 years. The HEADS of the masses are in a bubble and the little rich kids there are totally consumed with conspicuous consumption.

            In a word, they have become “AMERICANIZED” seventies style.

            The coming DEPRESSION is designed by the NWO FED / SHADOW PTB to foment instability in China and these bastards will, and have been, sacrificing the American Middle Class to achieve that end.

            While the IMF would like to carve out a special place for itself in Europe; comparable to the FED, it has no power to create money and it will be pushed aside and fall victim to the EU Central Banking Authority.

            While I agree with you that: “That is to say, the IMF is creating the problem so that they can offer themselves and their authority as a solution”.

            In the end because of the legal limitations of the IMF as a fund, it can never achieve that goal. Instead, it will be used by its members as an independent weapon against countries like Greece, then discarded when its usefulness has ended.

            That moment may be fast approaching with the revelations in the Panama Papers Dump. 🙂

            • Oh here we go again, DK Goober at the fillin station giving his thoughts on Global Monitary policy. Its like an ADD patient on psychotropic medication therapy. Here’s DK Johnny!! Taking another stab at it. DK is the dope who thinks the Yuan is pegged to the US Dollar. As if the foreign exchange of each currency never changes. So wrong. But since DK is so smart and this is his only audience to present his financial inaptitude, well that pretty much explains it.


            • Yeah right ….. you are basing you assumptions on that America is in excellent condition ….

              Sorry to say but .. first take out the log out of your eye before you attempt to take out the splinter in someones else eye….. The world is loosing faith in the Dollar and that’s is some mayor problem…

              China HAS something to offer…. America has NOTHING to offer …


              • China has systemic problems in the structure of its quasi capitalistic system; just like the euro zone has with 28 central banks.

                Until reforms are made in Chinese financial structures, it will continue to have BIG problems in its capital and FX markets. China must free its currency to market forces by September 2016 to be a Member of the IMF. When that happens, the rush by the wealthy Chinese to get their Yuan into dollars will look like a Chinese Fire Drill, and the Yuan will be on the road to becoming confetti; its coffers drained of dollars and treasuries.

                At that point, maybe next year at this time, the Chinese may consider some sort of “gold standard”; or at least have some gold woven into the fabric of their currency to boost the Yuan. Mark your calendar.

                The corruption in China permeates the economy, exceeding even our own in America, which is built into the system and legalized. In a world of midgets even a dwarf can be King. The YUAN is PEGGED to the dollar by the China Central Bank, every day. Don’t believe me ??? Google it. 🙂

                No the world is not losing faith in the dollar. That’s an internet meme. Use of the dollar is required to belong to the Club and participate in the NWO financial system. The dollar IS under attack in an attempt to undermine the Empire, by our competitors and adversaries, as would be expected. water on a duck’s back.

                King Dollar is still the best looking horse in the glue factory. Get use to it. Its not going away without nuclear war, Pole Shift, or a MASSIVE CME. 🙂

                • Isn’t the yuan still pegged to USDollars (call petro-dollars)? Or, did that change in the last six months?

                  • Yes the Yuan is PEGGED and ADJUSTED to the DOLLAR by the Chinese Central Bank Authority …..

                    EVERY FUCKING DAY !!! 🙂

          • Isn’t it obvious people? Cash/gold rich nations will buy up the US at bargain prices after the crash. It won’t be an emp or disease that culls us, just slavery and malnutrition. Its an old investment banker strategy, divide and plunder.

          • Where’s JFK when we need him? Oh that’s right. The FED Bankers Murdered him because JFK tried to stop the FED from being the loan sharks to the US Economy. The banking cartel of psychopaths will not stop at anything to retain control and power. Here to tell you they can all die like everybody else who gets a bullet to their heads. Just need to do it. Just bomb the shit out of their palaces and enclaves. Then simple the debts are erased as well as the problem.


            • ouch! how is this a reply to anything ‘wtf’ ? educate me, is this an example of trolling? is this a progressive fed troublemaker? who in tarnations is talking shooting? but you? this is a cycle, like everything else. don’t panic fella. this is just an example of the wrong end of the basic 4 market structures. The same market structures have been around since Sumeria and will persist when the roaches take over.

        • Those closest to the book entries creating new fiat money are the ones that get rich.

          Legislators and Wall Street are the two most prosperous groups of people, How they work together to steal from the public by inflation is hidden by the FRBNY. Ref.

          Instability is a by-product of the Ponzi scheme that will result in self-destruction of the economic system.

      2. the people who really run the world are some evil
        mother F_CKERS

        no morals
        no conscience
        $$$ and power are their only goals
        they start world wars,they destroy countries,bring down governments and have literally destroyed tens of millions of lives-

        Wikileaks Reveals IMF Plan To “Cause A Credit Event In Greece And Destabilize Europe”
        Largely predetermined, “scripted” and deliberate acts…

        h ttp://www.infowars.com/wikileaks-reveals-imf-plan-to-cause-a-credit-event-in-greece-and-destabilize-europe/

        • When is it enough?
          I see people all around me, more bigger fancier, cars houses money shit!
          I buy stuff, usually materials or tools thst could be used to make, build, produce other stuff,
          But some of these people, own nothing, and mostcan do nothing other than shuffle paper. For what?

          • Yep, I’ve seen this happening as well in my area too.
            I suppose some people have found ways to get their hands onto some “easy” but probably High Interest Rate Loans.

            I guess the … “keeping up with the ‘Jones’s” is back in Play for some?

            • I like the folks who need to hold 3 jobs just so they can afford the payments on their jacked up Dodge 3500,,,
              Live in a crappy house with 25 other people but drive a truck that they dumped 75k into.
              We really have the extremes here, immigrants working 3, 4, 5, part time jobs, sending every spare dime back to the PI or Thailand, then on the other side is the richie riches, own 5 homes and think everyone is beneath them, theres the in betweeners like me, but for most its a fine line between making it and struggling.
              We have the last remaining sugar plantation closing by about october, a large hotel and golf course closing mid july, were talking close to 2k jobs, doesnt sound like much but when you really consider the numbers it is significant and scary,
              So yea, the government here says unemployment is low, but the reality is that almost ALL the visitor industry and food service etc are low paid part time jobs it comes into focus, everyone i have spoken with who works in retail with very few exceptions are also low paid part time, no benefits etc,,,
              Needless to say most of them are blindly rooting for bernie or hitlery,,,
              What a mess

          • It is never enough to those that have been indoctrinated into believing that the establishment has their best interests at heart. They see a climb in the stock markets and a leveling of the gas prices, and believe it is because a few politicians have made the right decisions to keep the economy churning in the right direction.

            They follow the liberal mass media’s continual rant that the economic woes are over and there are jobs waiting for the sorry asses to get off the couch and just take them. Therefore the 5% unemployment rate has to be correct because the news and gov leaders say it is.

            They have access to easy credit via bank issued credit cards, and loan companies on every strip mall.

            The mentality of “keeping up with the Jones” is now turned into , “I am better than the Jones, so I deserve the best”.
            The, “I’ll buy today, and worry about paying it back later” has resurfaced in America with a vengeance.

            When the IMF, does their thing in Europe, to bring down the middle class; the Fed Reserve is awaiting their chance to bring down the middle class in America. it could happen this coming June if they raise rates and it causes a big sell off in the markets. Time will tell, and some think it could happen this year.

            Things are not as good as they seem for the majority of Americans. The economy is being propped up by unstable people and practices.

            • We have stepped into the quicksand.

              • It is only going to be “propped up” for a bit longer (and they really could care less what fails between now and then). THEN, just a ‘tad’ before November comes along, let’s pick August (for the hell-of-it), during those days they’d only need to place major cities under Martial Law (unenforceable out in the country …heheh), “nix” the election …and then “surprise” every American who has had their head buried in the sands supplied by Uncle Sam. For them, it should be like taking candy from a baby. But when it comes to us …they’ll prolly leave that to “imports” with more experience.

      3. Want to double your money? Fold it in half, and put it back in your pocket.

        • LOL!

        • That’s what I was always told when I was younger.

      4. i don’t think the fed are doing this it is rothchild that is doing this with soros , i read this report, remember who owns are these fed banks in the west, rothchild, and he is making the policies right now and given oders to Yellen and the other fed banks leaders. Time to get rid of these fed banks

      5. “The loss of faith in central banks and their ability to support dying markets is indeed occurring.”

        Putting FAITH into an illegal World Banking Institution(s) should of never been integrated from the very beginning of it’s existence.

        Burn the Institutions & hang the bankers!

      6. Create the problem and then offer the solution. Same playbook used to create the Federal Reserve.

        Knowing what they’re doing is the easy part. Fighting their virtual omnipotent power is another story. That virtual, given time and their efforts will be complete. Thats the goal.

        • The Hegelian dialectic problem reaction solution… congress is infested with nwo globalist communists.

          People are so brainwashed drugged up and dumbed down that the USA will collapse.

          We will have a full blown tyranny and the morons of society will welcome it in the name of safety.

          • Generations of Americans, certainly from the depression onward, largely trusted that their government, in the end, was looking out for their best interest.

            Animal House Video. Nine seconds of truth.

            h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOXtWxhlsUg

      7. blah blah blah
        Never have so many typed so much and said so little.
        Christ, what a load of vapid, inconsequential WHINEING.
        Pop a top, sit in your underwear, and spend another wasted evening posting useless empty comments on shtfplan.
        You assholes are Pathetic.
        For fucks sake get a life already.

        • Your comment is so funny and rather stupid. The very people you curse at for doing the same thing you are doing is like talking to a tree.

          We don’t give a shit that you and your types have a bug up your ass about our pissing and moaning here at SHTF.
          Because; we know that intertwined in all the bitch sessions, that we feel we deserve, we also bring forth some good and useful information. Sometimes it requires a little sifting through the various comments and commentaries, but it is there.

          Yes, we vent and we get worked up at each other sometimes.
          However; when it all comes down to the brass tacks of it all…we understand, with all personal attacks aside, that we have a common enemy. That is what keeps us all on the same page, even though we sometimes, have personal differences on some opinions.

          Coming together on a few things can overcome animosities over a lot of things. We come here to partake of a communion of a varied lot, and show more tolerance than you will ever find on any other site. I have called out homosexuals and atheists, but I don’t wish any suffering for AE or wwti. WE find their opinions and comments distasteful sometimes, as they do mine.
          But, we are all still here and tolerating each other. That makes us unique. I pray for all my SHTF friends, and enemies, and the site owners as well. There may come a day when we need each other more than we realize.

          So, Barker, you either be with us; or against us, and just keep your barking to yourself.

        • The name Barkley is as ridiculous as the space wasting comments you post.

        • Sounds like you would fit right in.

          • Screw you and your asinine comment anon dude.

            • Hey anonymous, what makes you less asinine with your space wasting idiocy?

              • Anon,
                Barkley’s comment was crude and derogatory. Sometimes I respond to those types of comments and sometimes I don’t. Kind of like me driving down the road and someone gets too close to my bumper. If I’m in a good mood it’s their lucky day. Makes one wonder why you would defend Barkley.

                • Maybe because you make such an arrogant ass out of yourself? Are you in a good mood now?

        • I’ve had my life already. I’ve already lived the greatest majority of it unless I’m going to get another 59 years! Longevity is NOT an attribute found in my genes. Perhaps in my son’s jeans, but not mine. Dad made it to 65 and died two days after. He lived the longest of any …so far. I figure 70 tops (not counting ‘lead’poisoning).
          So, for fuck’s sake YOU get a life already and quit bitching about how I live mine. I don’t bitch about how you’re wasting yours by pissing people off with your ignorance do I? Does anyone here? No …again, fuck off and good riddance. (You’ll be back in an hour or less anyway). Damned nerds…

      8. It’s so messed up. I’m surprised we made it this far. I’m just wondering how long can this go on for. People are broke living on borrowed $ from collapsing banks. They can’t extend credit by raising their credit limit if people are barely making the minimum payments. my son is 11 and chase sends him credit card offers. they must be pulling names out of a hat. To offer a child a credit card knowing they have no way to pay is predatory. They wanna destroy his future wealth. I don’t even have a credit card myself. Don’t want one either got my own $.

        • Parents need to run credit checks on their kids. Many kids identity and credit are stolen annually, and they never check it until they are adults and try to apply for credit the first time and discover they had 20 credit cards and a few car loans taken out under their name. Parents also steal their kids credit using the same name but Jr and Sr is added to blur the credit theft. Lots of identity theft occures at your doctors office. What’s your social security number again Mr Jones?


      9. The end game is simple. They want it ALL. Higher prices for most everything is by design.

      10. Interesting analysis Brandon,

        If I understand you correctly, you are saying that we are entering a new period where the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS) is starting to eat it’s own….. ie. each government central bank whose governing bank is the BIS.

        So generally speaking, in 20 years there will probably be only say 20 central banks (G20) left to run world governments.

        This is interesting in that as governments lose control of their respective currencies, war usually results….and due to the amount of central banks being gobbled up by the BIS, it’s sure to lead to world war.

        This would be a very scary phase we are entering.

        • CS: Think of the BIS as the Board of Directors for the Rothschild Banking Cartel; akin to the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve … who are the Governors of the Regional FEDS.

          All of these are STEERING COMMITTEES to make policy and give direction to the Organization(s) under them.

          The US FED represents the largest economy, protected by the most powerful military, and therefore has the MOST influence in setting the direction, policies, and rates.

          There will always be independent government banks for each nation state. When the bank goes away, it is because the nation state has been assimilated.

          That process is the underlying cause of the deliberate unrest in Europe; designed to transfer more power to the European Parliament: for borders, defense, security, and most import, european financial policy.

          That process is intended to turn European Nation States into “the several states”. 🙁

      11. Excellent and informative. Thank you.

      12. “As I point out in my article ‘Markets Ignore Fundamentals And Chase Headlines Because They Are Dying,’ some of the greatest market rallies in U.S. history occurred during the onset of the Great Depression, and all of these rallies were based on a false sense of public faith that recovery was ‘right around the corner’.”

        Here’s some lyrics from the Depression that talk about that “corner”:

        “Just around the corner,
        there’s a rainbow in the sky,
        So let’s have another cup of coffee,
        and let’s have another piece of pie.”

        “Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee” by Irving Berlin, 1932.

        Here’s a 1932 recording by Phil Spitalny:
        ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syvLVpPTYEc

        I think I’ll have a slice of peach pie tonight.

        • So, a whole lot of money is going to be lost, and then made by those who designed things so that they’d end up with ALLLLL the damned money. Now what? World War will be waging, and man will probably “self-extinct” all over a STUPID (worthless) concept called ‘money’.
          If everyone is THAT frigging “down and out” perhaps we’d all be far better off by just telling the government to go ahead and push the damned buttons. THAT WOULD FREAK THEM OUT …now wouldn’t it?!?
          Let’s all “push like hell” to nuke the world in totality, making NO PLACE CAPABLE OF SUSTAINING HUMAN LIFE …and watch them run for the hills, or ‘into’ the hills. Then seal the doors and get on with our lives? lol…

      13. Both the FED and the IMF are infested by jewish bankers who only lend money out to governments with lots of strings attached like being nice to puffs and letting more immigrants in to the host country.

        They make us weak as Israel grows strong and pulls the strings, so weak that they can pull of a 9/11 and the sheep cannot do a thing about it.

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