What the Constitution Says – Were Senator Paul’s Rights Violated When He Was Detained by TSA?

by | Jan 23, 2012 | Headline News | 234 comments

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    The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

    Constitution of the United States
    Article 1, Section 6 

    Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was refused entry into a secured area of the Nashville Airport today after he reportedly rejected a TSA pat-down. According to the Senator, he was “detained” by TSA and forced to miss his flight. Mr. Paul cited the U.S. Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 6 that clearly protects Senators and Representatives from arrest if they are on their way to, or returning from, a session of their respective House.

    US Sen. Rand Paul says he was stopped briefly by TSA agents security at the Nashville airport when a scanner found an “anomaly” on his knee.

    The Republican who frequently uses the airport about an hour from his Bowling Green, Ky., home told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that he asked for another scan but refused a pat down by airport security. He said he was “detained” at a small cubicle.  He was later escorted out of the airport by local authorities and missed his flight to Washington for a Senate session. .

    Paul’s communication director Moira Bagley, (@moirabagley,) tweeted at about 10 a.m.: “Just got a call from @senrandpaul. He’s currently being detained by TSA in Nashville.”

    The TSA responded to today’s incident:

    “When an irregularity is found during the TSA screening process, it must be resolved prior to allowing a passenger to proceed to the secure area of the airport,” according to an official statement released by TSA. “Passengers who refuse to complete the screening process cannot be granted access to the secure area in order to ensure the safety of others traveling.”

    Source: CS Monitor

    Putting the ethics, morality and Constitutionality of TSA groping aside for the moment, did the Transportation Security Administration’s detainment and subsequent refusal to allow Senator Paul aboard an airplane that was to take him to a Congressional session violate Article 1, Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution?

    The law was likely written to prevent politicians from having their rivals unjustifiably detained as they travelled to vote on important legislative matters.

    The importance of this section is further emphasized by the Articles of Confederation (Ratified March 1, 1781), which acted as a bridge between the newly found government of the colonies and the U.S Constitution (1789), and in which Article 5 provides for the same protections as the US Constitution:

    Freedom of speech and debate in Congress shall not be impeached or questioned in any Court, or place out of Congress, and the members of congress shall be protected in their persons from arrests and imprisonments, during the time of their going to and from, and attendance on congress, except for treason, felony, or breach of the peace.

    Even before the ratification of the Constitution, delegates from the original colonies understood the importance of allowing representatives of the people to travel to and from their sessions without being hindered – unless they were committing a felonious crime or breaching the peace.

    It seems, by all accounts, that the Transportation Security Administration has grossly overstepped it bounds. Despite what TSA leadership and officers may think, or what our views may be about how the situation was or should have been handled, the Constitution of the United States is very clear on these matters.


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      1. first?

        • Please remove this children comments so we don’t have to wade though the rich99 satire to get to the true discussion.

          • Maybe Rand is attempting to get the masses to follow suit?

            If everyone said “NO” to the groping and the frying of their nervous systems, the whole scam would come to an end, immediately.

            TSA needs a “strong” message. Like “FUCK OFF”!

            • He waited until he was placed in a cubicle and not allowed to leave (yet they say he was not detained) before he told them who he was. He wanted to see what a non-government citizen would go through in a similar situation. So, obviously, by not stating his congressional position, he was making a point.

              However, after stating who he was, they still didn’t allow him to go through until later after booking another flight. He didn’t trip the body scan on that 2nd attempt.

            • EuroAm: You’re absolutley right, but most sheeple would rather go along to get along becasue they just want to get to their destination, so it would only be a few with the “cojones” to say no.

          • How about we just remove you Mike and fly you for free to some third world country. Ever been water boarded?

            • Actually yes I have been water boarded. It was part of my training so I had an idea of what I might happen if I were ever taken hostage or captive in “The third world”. And waterboarding is easy compare to what they actually do to a “US citizen” when in there care.

              And if you could come up with some new statements some may read yours again for the humor. Because all that come from you is a laughable thought.

            • If other people are water boarded we can blame you? SERE?

            • Is that the best you can do to bait a person. I will admit you caused me to go off topic just as I complain as you do. For that I am wrong. But you are just a sore on this world. I wish you and I could truly debate. I enjoy good debates, yours would be for the humor. I could learn more of the new obscene world being used that days.

              And how does any of my training I received have anything to do with blame.

            • It’s okay, Mike, we all know that YOU actually contribute valuable insights. It’s sometimes difficult to ignore the trolls….they are so darned persistant! 🙂

            • Daisy, you are so viceous!

            • Part of my charm, Kevin, part of my charm. 😉

          • Paging Mike Hunt. Paging Mike Hunt.

        • This “event” and the individual involved is being over analyzed. To make “an example” of a highly public figure that openly vocalizes opposition to the unconstitutional non-ethics of the TSA, is “uncut” propaganda.

          If THEY will prevent a member of congress from flying because he refuses to “comply”…”THEN THE REST OF YOU BETTER PLAY BY THE RULES AND GET BACK IN LINE”.

          This “incident” is simply TSA sumpremacy on display. “We don’t care who you are, we got you by the short-n-curlies”. And THEY DO until enough “average Americans” refuse…every single day.

        • Why?

          YOU’RE AN IDIOT

      2. appears to be

      3. imho,,,, This will not receive much MSM press.
        Anyone remember Hillary Clinton saying she would not subject herself to a pat-down ?

        • my guess is it will get lame stream media attention after Rand goes on a major bitch session before congress. He has already been very outspoken on the TSA.
          Me thinks the TSA just picked a fight they are gonna reget…at least I hope that’s the case.

          • Search,,,, Clinton: I’d Avoid Airport Pat-Down if Possible ,,,, if link doesn’t work.


            The media doesn’t want people to get wind of things like Constitutional Rights & Freedom. The only way Ron Paul will become president is for freedom loving Americans to write his name on their ballot. A genuine effort will be made by the PTB to keep him from being president.
            I believe this country needs a leader that will defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. Voting out every elected official that allowed the NDAA to become law should be on every American Citizens mind when casting a ballot this year. Vote while you still can.
            Gear Up & Good Luck

          • And don’t forget he’ll be aided with his message by the most anti-TSA congressman out there…his papa.

          • There will be no heat – look in tomorrow’s lamestream press to see what sort of out rage is expressed on this matter. I suspect none. The Obama administration will shield their toadies from heat just as they have Holder, et al.

        • I think it was the TSA screener who refused the pat down on Billary…?

        • I doubt Hillary could find someone who’d be willing to do it.

          • hahahahahahaha i just urinated on myself

          • Don’t be so quick to discount that. Bet there are plenty of butch lesbians working in the patdown lane just salivating over the possibility. Napolitono would need a stick to beat them off of her if she ever chose to travel via public aviation.

            • Ha-Ha!

            • That was coffee-on-the-screen worthy! 😆

            • Oh, lordy! I done spit my gum across the room! That was funny, I don’t care who you are!

            • Actually I bet Napolitano already keeps a stick with her when she travels. Its called a softball bat…

        • I’m sorry, I could care less who you are in stature. If I gotta get searched…. He needs to drop “TROWEL” like everyone else……..! End of story !

          • That’s the point though , old crow, you don’t HAVE to be searched either!
            Stand up for your right to tell them NO, and/or refuse to fly.

      4. You want to do what with my junk…

        • I wouldn’t mind getting frisked by a curvy TSA agent in a private room so I can put my junk in her trunk.

          • What if she has a flat tire.

            • Pump it up.

      5. Really? Ya think a senator might be a terrorist? What the hell kind of dog and pony show is this shit? I would refuse the scanner and the pat down. Both are a clear violation of the 4th amendment guarantee to be secure in my person, property and effects. There is no just cause or exigent circumstances.

        Welcome to the police state, which is only going to get progressively worse until we let these swine feigling psychopaths know we’re not going along with this horse shit anymore.

        “oh noes, we have to be safe. They’re only trying to protect us.”, said the slave to anyone that disagrees.

        I’ve got news for you. Life isn’t safe. You could slip in the shower and break your neck. You could step out your front door and be struck by lightning. A small meteorite could smash through your roof and kill you where you sleep. You could eat some bad food and die. Yet, we’re supposed to believe these idiots can keep us safe from terrorism? Yeah, sure.

        You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack. You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack. There are many, many more listed on the site below.


        I don’t need, want nor will I accept your false sense of security. It is a lie. We know why you are really doing this. Control and subjugation. The jig is up.

        • Or a rogue SWAT team could burst in and shoot you dead when you mistake them for a bunch of home invasion robbers and go for your gun, all because some jackass gave them the wrong address for the guy growing pot in his garage. What are the odds of that one?

          • Nah that never happens…oh wait except for, never mind to many to list 🙁

          • Well, I don’t specifically about the exact scenario you described, which is what happened to a former Marine in Arizona I believe. However, you are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.

            • I would have to say that if you were sitting in your house minding your own business then there is not much difference between the former and the latter.

            • The only terrorists Ive ever had trouble with were cops…

            • Is it ONLY eight times???

        • Hell 99% of senators are terroristS “when they say they want a lawyer, tell them no lawyer for you” lindSEY grahm TERRORIST-a person who employs terror or terrorism esp as a political weapon. I get terrorfied every time I see that barber boxers face on tv or in a picture, it makes me want to vomit!

        • Greetings,

          It has nothing at all to do with keeping anyone safe.

          Not long ago I was crossing into the US from Tijuana and the border guards were just questioning me and poking about my car. Right at that time a group of 5 or 6 Mexicans ran past my car, crossed into the US and continued running down the middle of the street. Not a single one of those corrupt and worthless border guards so much as lifted a finger to stop these men. They just continued questioning me about where I had been and what I had done.

          I refuse to fly btw unless I’m going to Europe or somewhere so far away that I can’t do it by car. I was delighted to see another airline file for bankruptcy and I can not wait until they all go under.

          • Be careful what you wish for as you will not like what you get. If all the airlines go bankrupt there will only be TSA Airlines, and I’m quite sure you won’t like that!

            At this point, yes, agree with you, I refuse to fly except by private plane (I’m a pilot with instrument & multi-engine ratings) or by NetJets. If everybody in America would just stay home and say we’re not going to fly again until the TSA is abolished, they’ll save $$$$$$$ and then “maybe” we can be rid of the TSA.

            Vote for Ron Paul. He WILL abolish the TSA very quickly after being sworn in.

        • The problem is that by the time the people get off their ass and revolt about these encroachments into our freedoms we won’t be able to revolt. The frog will be cooked in the pot.

          Now is the time to stand up for ourselves not next week … not tomorrow.

          It was easier 10 years ago to stand up in another 10 we won’t be able to say what we think out loud.

      6. The idiots at the TSA KNEW it was Rand Paul so this is their little payback game for Rand and his father being so vocal about the grope-downs. We never hear much about the TSA anymore and the issue has just kind of calmed down. The sheep are now accustomed to getting felt up by sickos. That was the TSAs plan all along. The NWO wants to foist all this shit on us. They know we will bitch for awhile but then we will all calm down and go away. They laugh at us behind closed doors and maybe we deserve it. One day we are going to regret being so apathetic.

        • The worse part is ALL the sheep fell right into line within months, 1 year max???

      7. Silly Senator, don’t you know you have to be a criminal to be exempt from the law?

        • Actually you just need a big bushy beard and man-jammies.

          • If you’re gonna complete the look, don’t forget the diaper on your head.

            • Those are called Sikhs and last I checked they were not a threat to anyone except Gandhi.

      8. I respectfully disagree. Arrest is very different from prohibiting access to a single mode of transportation. I’m no TSA fan, believe me, and I think Paul is spot on with his criticisms. But this provision in the Constitution is clearly not being violated here. Sen. Paul was neither arrested nor detained. He was simply prohibited from boarding an aircraft. That is not the same thing as detention or arrest.

        • I stop you from doing what you want to do and force you to do what I want you to do, I have detained you, which is the same thing as an arrest.

          • Aircraft travel is not protected. Show me where a private company must transport you anywhere if they choose not to. It is your choice to board a plane so it is their rules.
            Now in your private car or walking down the street that is a whole other issue.

            • Mike yeah that MIke – I agree. I just don’t fly. I did enough flying in the 90s to last me a while.

              If more people would consider alternatives, maybe Greyhound would improve their services, schedules, etc., and people wouldn’t refer to it as “ridin’ the dog”. Maybe we’d end up with a decent passenger rail system in the US again.

              Need to fly for business? Nope, video conferencing has been invented. Need to fly to visit family? If they don’t live a day’s ride away, likely is, they’re not *really* family.

            • Mike I agree with you to a point. The Airplane corps do have the right to not let you fly on their planes. IMHO though, the TSA not the airline blocked Paul’s access. Peace

            • WRONG!! It’s not airline rules. IT’s FAA rules! That’s the problem. TSA isn’t an airline it’s the GOV

            • That isn’t the case since the airlines has no control over the TSA. Once the airline sells you a ticket, they have agreed that you may board their aircraft. The TSA preventing you from boarding doesn’t have a damn thing to do with airline policy.

              And while on the subject, I have not boarded an aircraft since the assholes made me throw away a brand new can of deodorant after I had already flown halfway across the country with it in my carry-on bag. Reason: It weighed .5 ounces more than the legal limit.

        • Alfred, while the airline reserves the right to refuse service, and the state the airport resides in may have the right to determine how the airline conducts its business….the federal government has no right in impeding your constitutionally granted travel amongst the states, that right is reserved to the several states.
          The government is not granted the power to either arrest or detain an American engaged in travel from one state to the next.
          Be it on foot, bike, horse, motor vehicle, on an airplane or even on a magic carpet.

          Sadly most Americans either do no realize this fact, or are simply to complacent and apathetic to stand up.

          Either way the TSA is unconstitutional, and needs to be dismantled.

          • “impending”? And the constitution doesn’t “grant travel”. The Senator was neither arrested nor detained.

          • here we are all the arm chair patriots. if this is going to change it has to start with us. bitching here won’t do any good.

        • If rand Paul wasn’t DETAINED, how come he missed his flight?

          • On Ron Paul’s Facebook page Dr. Paul state:

            “My son Rand is currently being detained by the TSA at the Nashville airport. I’ll share more details as the situation unfolds.”

            So “detained” is definitely the applicable word.

            • Simply claiming one has been detained doesn’t mean you have been. His characterization of the event was not accurate.

          • Because he chose to remain there and argue for the ability to go through a second electronic screening. He could have left the airport at any time.

        • You are incorrect.

          • he is also the North end of a South going horse. But give up he has no idea of anything

            • Neither clever nor substantive. Engage to argument intelligently or concede the point. (By the way, I can’t be insulted by cliches. They are prima facie evidence of unoriginal thinking. That horse line is older than my grandpa.)

      9. Had it been a democrat in Paul’s place and had there been a republican in office, the TSA would have been the bad guys and the MSM would be calling for the end of the TSA. Sadly, this will get no play at all from msm.

      10. TSA exceeded the bounds of the constitution the minute it was created. The sad part is that it’s workers are so stupid they don’t know what they are doing to the People and themselves.

        You can not perform a lawful function from within an unlawful office.




        • must keep prepping… I need more ammo, wait, I also need more salt, dang i need more beans. AAAHHHHH I cant take it. Grin, just kidding. Is anyone else having a very weird day? It is the middle of jan and it is 45 degrees in northern michigan, and we had a thunderstorm this morning. I guess it goes along with the way the weather has been this last year. I need a beer.

          • You got the weather we had last night in Illinois. Saturday morning I was digging my beehives out of a 2 foot snow drift and today they were out flying around. WTF is up with the weather lately??

      12. suddenly I’m wanting to re-read, “The Rise And Fall of The Third Reich”, but damned if I know why? Just came to me outta nowhere. And now the song, ” I Got A Feeling”, just pops into my head outta nowhere. Strange.

        • Try the “Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire”. We are in a similiar situation to what the Romans went through as they started devaluing their coinage due to trading hard currency for cheap crap imported from China. And an imperial leader who disregards the laws of the republic to rule by fiat.

          • MHM don’t forget, ever expanding military campaigns and looting the treasury.
            But yeah I agree the parallels of the Roman empire and the US republic are eerily similar.

            • I was going to mention a mercenary army which is subjegating large swaths of the planet but I figured there would be plenty of former service members who would be offended by the idea that they are “mercenary”. As a former service member myself who has been all over the globe as part of the armies of occupation I will say that most of those who serve could be called mercenary. Those who say they are serving because they believe in freedom and because they are protecting the US are either lying or do not really have a good understanding of why they serve. Those who fight in combat fight to stay alive and to defend their buddies on their left and right. Fighting for freedom is a Hollywood fiction. The military pays good compared to the civilian job prospects of many if they were to get out, its a steady paycheck with good benefits and post-service bennies. Serving outside CONUS at an overseas base or in an undeclared war belies the imperial nature of the modern military.

              Rome too had a period when they were into their decline when the military increasingly served for pay and plunder, and was employed not in defense of the Republic but as conquering armies of an empire bent on stealing resources from its neighbors to prop up a declining economy.

            • Moon- I remember a talking I got, about the army in my mid teens, very simular to what you posted. I am not a vet, so If I would have posted that I would have had 25 thumb downs and the boot of tyranny on my neck. Great post!

            • Read up on financial history from the Romans down to today. You’ll learn that no nation which debases its currency down to worthless fiat money (fancily printed toilet paper) lasts. NONE. All go down.

              And definitely not a one has lasted 200 years+.

              We’re going down, folks, and there’s not a thing any of us can do about it, but I do suggest vote for Ron Paul, by writing in his name if necessary. This may help.

          • Actually, there are more similarities to the Third Reich than there are to the Roman Empire – though I’m not discounting those at all. “Bread and circuses” indeed.

            Still, the fallen economy, the rise to power, the erosion of rights, the popularity of a certain individual (trying so hard to trigger Godwin’s Law here)…

            The similarities are stunning.

      13. Im not sure what the point of this is? … it is getting some msm…. i saw a little thing on the top of the screen on CNBC…. this is getting too weird.

      14. If this would have been pelosi or any of those other ass holes they wouldn’t have blinked an eye. Oh wait, they have the air force to haul their shit. Or their own jets…..

        TSA suck!

      15. seems a “breach of the peace” is anything that counters the patriot act, the big questionable pile of rules that “keeps us safe” by allowing intrusions like TSA strangers patting down people’s junk. is mr paul allowed to carry a water bottle onto the plain? baby formula? more than 3 cigarette lighters? or do senators get to carry box cutters and plastique around?
        something questionable on his knee? he couldnt pull up his cuff? was it too much of a hassle to even take off his shoes? i dont understand making rules that you dont in turn follow. i say act like a citizen or take a train. or dont pass stupid legislation. i’m putting my nickel on paul doing this on principle/for attention. if we’re lucky, they’ll repeal a bunch of crap. i’m doubting it…

      16. I have great amounts of respect of the Paul family. That being said, the gov’t created this mess and I am tired of officials assuming they should get special consideration because of their titles. I am glad he was detained and only wish every one of the others would have to go through the same process. They should get no better or worse treatment than I do.

        • I agree Mike. This is their Frankenstein.

          • This is all political, can’t you see this?

            • anonymous
              yes, but in what way.. are they screwing ron paul over?

          • correction: IMHO, it is OUR frankenstein. We are supposed to be in charge and we allowe dthis to happen.

            We allowed the Constitution to die and die it did!

          • Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: For the experiment to be a success, all of the body parts must be enlarged.
            Inga: In other vords: his veins, his feet, his hands, his organs vould all have to be increased in size.
            Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Exactly.
            Inga: He vould have an enormous schwanzstucker.
            Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: That goes without saying.
            Inga: Voof.
            Igor: He’s going to be very popular.

            • Roll in za hay, Roll in Za hay!

        • Mike the point is, not detaining Senator Paul is the TSA’s Constitional duty. If the TSA can’t even get it right with a specific Constitutional exemption for members of Congress, what hope do the Citizens have? The system is a cluster F¥€<.

      17. Why start worrying about the Constitution now?

      18. the Gestapo…er, TSA, just stopped another major “terrorist” from blowing up himself and others at the airport. Our “wonderful” security measures will ensure that our lives are safe in the hands of these confident baffoons.

        for if they can’t resolve a technical clitch on thier own equipment then you will not be allowed on the plane unless you allow them to touch your groin.

        • Rachel: Do you have a link for that story?
          If someone tries to dismantle the TSA, we will see a major arrest. They will have to show us how valuable of a resource they are. When the Patriot act was up for renewal is when they arressted that cab driver in Denver. Have not heard anything more about him, but they had to show us how much we needed the patriot act.

          • mike
            theres a big difference between some cab driver in denver and rand paul….. who knows whats going on here…. they would not likely set rand up that way unless they are trying to wreak havoc.

            • sorry to blow this eeder, but exactly this kind of mindset brings societies to elitism and negligence towards public liberties…
              “oh, it’s just a lowlife muslim from Iran”
              “oh, it’s just a lowlife frenchie”
              “oh, it’s just an illegal alien”
              “oh, it’s just a homegrown terrorist”
              “oh, it’s just a nutjob prepper”
              “oh, it’s just a cab driver”
              “oh, it’s just another cab driver”
              “oh, it’s just some few dissenting homegrown terrorists”
              “oh, it’s just a thousand crazy veterans”
              “oh, it’s just a million or so of nutty libertarians”
              “oh, it’s just about everyone else who disagrees with our Glorious Leader”…
              you gotta see where that leads. if you allow those bastards get away with one cab driver who disappears into the night – don’t get surprised if they whisk away Dr Ron Paul… you must fight for every compatriot! or else…

            • what I meant to say is – no one, not even FOREIGN people should be treated the way they are treated by USA government without DUE LAW PROCESS! every human being, even if he is baby eating terrorist, should be tried and only if found guilty, should they face punishment (whatever that would be)

            • guirza
              i didnt mean it that way.. what i meant is it is a big differnece between the fbi setting up a cab driver in denver , and setting up rand paul. i dont think either should be hassled in this way.

            • ups sorry then,…. probably I mistook your connotation on that one… my apologies eeder

        • Meanwhile a 20 year old middle eastern man cruised right through security screaming “Allah Akbar” and “Death to the Infidels” while waving the kuran.

          The TSA agents let him through because they thought if they were nice to him, he’d like us better.

          Peace through political correctness.

          • C’mon Mr. Blutarsky, that would be racial profiling! You can’t go after the obvious.

      19. The Constitution of the United States of America means nothing to these fools/radicals/communists/dictators.

        They have an agenda to implement darn it! Stop getting in their way!

      20. Years ago, after the 911 attacks and 2 hour security checks to get on a plane, I thought they came up with a pre-screening system for people that traveled a lot to be able to bypass the whole “body search” line. What happened to that? I stopped flying so I’m out of the loop but wasn’t there a pre-screened program or was it flushed?
        Maybe I imagined it….

      21. Did we ever identify the Well Dressed Man who was so very helpful, no passport required, and he was ultimately walked right through security over objections, to droopy drawers? What a farce!

        We can reclaim our Citizenship through the Constitution, or we can be Subjects, as in, we are subjected to whatever the King/Govt. says we will be subjected to without a word from the Serfs.

      22. so glad senator rand stands on the constitution…

        like father…

        like son!!!

      23. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that his dad wants to shut the TSA down? Maybe sending him a message…who knows? Ron Paul 2012!

      24. Mac,
        As you said, Article 1 section 6 was written to prevent this from happening. The first thing I thought was the TSA, BO and DOJ will find ways to do just about anything to prevent Republicans from voting; thus further undermining our Constitutional Rights through detainment.

        It starts slowly with them testing the waters, writing and passing laws that suite their purpose, then detaining our travels by land, sea and air. The one thing that is certain – FEMA camps await us!

        Our future FEAM lodges will be full of formaldehyde and Aspergillus Niger (a nasty mold). These alone will kill thousands and the government will say that the companies that made them are responsible. What a country!

        Like I said before – There ain’t much a man can’t fix, with $700 and a 3006.

        Looking down the road or up in the air, I caught this from the AP while researching China/Iran relations. I’m trying to get a better handle on the New War Orders from the NWO.

        BRUSSELS (AP) — “The European Union formally adopted an oil embargo on Monday against Iran and a freeze of the assets of the country’s central bank as part of sanctions meant to pressure the country to resume talks on its nuclear program.

        Diplomats said the measures, which were adopted in Brussels by the EU’s 27 foreign ministers, include an immediate embargo on new contracts for crude oil and petroleum products, while existing contracts will be allowed to run until July.”

        Is UNTIL JULY the time TPTB gave us to get ready or have the 27 foreign ministers spoken for the Banker Barons?
        You have been warned – or have you?

        Y’all Beware!

      25. eeder: I agree and was only using the cabby as an example of how they will work. I have to admit my first question when seeing the headline was “Why Him?” I have not heard of any other member of congress having issues. Then I asked myself “If he were toeing either party’s line like they want would he have been detained?” Those are likely questions I will not find answers for.

      26. Looked right at it (FEAM) and missed it – FEMA.

        Y’all Beware!

      27. Do you really expect the TSA to even care about the constitution let alone know whats in it?

      28. Evening all

        Do you feel that this TSA business is going to start affecting the economy? If visitors are indecent.y assaulted I am pretty sure that they will spread the word at home and less tourists will arrive.

        Sounds mad but maybe this is the way forward, if the politicians are to listening to their own people maybe they will listen to others, is there no way that us foreigners can contact you officials and point out that we are not coming due to the indecent assault that goes on at the airports.

        I can say for sure that when the British come to the United States they come with fat wallets, orientals are the same, much money is spent. If enough people stay away the economic damage will soon be noticed.

        The downside is that non-violating Americans will be affected also.

        The two big questions are:

        How many vacationers actually know what they are going to face at the airports?

        How can it be made sure that they find out they will be assaulted ?

        I love your country, but this is really not a good way to start a holiday….do they behave the same at airports such as those near Disneyland or is that exempt due to the fact that it is a major revenue earner?

        Sadly I prefer real America to Micky mouse so I would probably not be exempt, and with my temper this may not be a good thing, and I have to say if they touched my little girl there would be blood all over the place…and it would not be ours in the first instance.

        The so called civilised world is so uncivilised it makes me sick.

        Take care

        • burt,
          im not sure any of us know what to think anymore.

        • Burt, thanks for your kind words about our country. I have relatives in London that I have always wanted to meet but I will not fly while the TSA groping policy is in place. My answer to your question about if groping will effect the economy. Our economy is dying by a thousand cuts so it would be really hard to say. Consumer spending is down so everyone is feeling the pinch. To try to put that fine of a point on it would be hard to do. I will say this though. My friend went to Florida for Christmas and he told me the airport(Ohare) was packed. There are enough idiots in this country with money burning holes in their pockets that getting cancer or a rub and tug is hardly a detriment to their insatiable desire to spend money. The sheep line the building at mcdonalds to buy their poisoned frankenfood. The sheep pack the local wally world to get their chinese made garbage. The sheep pepper spray and trample each other in the desperate attempt to get their hands on the latest shit-for-brains gadget that hits the market. That is just a few examples of how the majority act. The coherant ones are tucking in and stocking up as they see the edge of the cliff coming. I don’t know what else can be said. We are here because we are like-minded and plan on surviving but the rest of the herd is going to wake up in deep kimshee one day. I guess anymore the only good thing left in this country is watching the perpetual idiot show.

          • Hello Blackriflewarrior

            I go to London a fairbit….not over keen truth be told, constantly busy and noisy, I prefer a quieter climate. I see your point, it raised something I had not considered….Americans not flying will affect your economy, and the economy of the destinations you would have visited…talk about knock on effect. And now that you have said that I have to say in retrospect, there are generally not as many Americans about as there usually is, could just be the economy, but maybe you are ne of many refusing to fly, who is to know?

            I find it odd that supposedly the greatest minds in a country, yours and mine, do all these things to “prevent terrorism” when logically any terrorist worth his or her salt would commit their act by a different route.

            I am not overly bright, but just going about my everyday life I can see so many gaps in UK security that it scares the bejesus out of me and makes me wonder just what TPTB are doing with their time.

            Take care

            • Anonymous. I too have noticed a lot of gaps in security in this country as well. What the name of the game, I believe, is to get us all to bow down and comply to whatever the the bigshots want to do. I worked at a refinery nearby and we had to enter the main gate through very stict security were there was no vital parts of the plant, but on the other side of the plant where all the propane is stored and where the catalist cracker is, the gate is wide open. Any terrorist with a car bomb could level the whole place. It bothered me the whole time I was there. Its almost like they were asking to be attacked. We are governed by a bunch of sick-minded control freaks and they want us to just accept their security, at the price of our liberty, without question. I have never met anyone who ever intended any type of terrorism, in fact terrorists are very much hated in this country. We all just want to be left alone to live our lives, raise our families and go about our day to day lives. But the government thinks otherwise. All my best to you and yours Sir.

        • Talk show host Neal Boortz had his camera stolen by TSA agents last year. Here’s his account.

          “So I go through the security, the metal detector detects my titanium knee, and I’m in the Plexiglas bullpen waiting for a groping. While there I saw this TSA agent grab my backpack out of the x-ray machine, reach in, grab my camera and iPod, and disappear. I stood in the bullpen screaming at him, but it didn’t help. By the time I got back there with a supervisor this agent had “gone home for the day”.”

          These people are thieves. There are thousands of accusations on the internet about them stealing stuff from people. If you yell & make a scene you risk getting arrested – and they know it too.

        • Burt yeah, I’d say it effects the economy. As stated by others plenty of the sheep willingly accept the scans and pat downs and would probably accept more so long as they get to their destination to spend their FRN’s they way the boob tube told them too. But many are refusing to fly, when at all possible.
          Although I thing your government is as equally bad as ours, I love the people, the culture, and the experiences I have had on my two trips across the pond to your Isle….but for economic reasons and tyrannical reasons as well I don’t see getting pissed in a pub with some chaps from the country again anytime in the near future.

          To bad because I was pretty sure on the third go around I would get the hang of driving in the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road…hell I do that sometimes here after a few to many 😉

        • Please help us out here in the Colonies. Tell all your fellow Brits not to come to America until the TSA is abolished. There’s lots of nice places all over the world to go on vacations.

          Truly, we’re in horrible trouble in the USA.

      29. Don’t complain about it if your not gonna do something about and protesting doesn’t work. You van reason with the drunk for just so long before you have to throw him into the street.

      30. I know alot of people are going to say this is a repubican against democrat thing. I think this goes way beyond that. Both parties protect each other, they know that if they are the majority today further down the process they will be the minority. They protect their careers. They are all in the same social circles in DC and many times in the same secret societies. The BS they spew on sunday morning talk shows is political theater in my opinion for our benefit. They want to give us something to argue about at the local vfw while they get rich off the system. Any threat to the current system is a threat to both parties equally.
        The Pauls have been a disturbance to that system. I am curious if this isn’t a subtle warning to them that the system will be protected.

        • I am beginning to fear very much for Ron Paul’s safety. He needs to have a lot of security and watch his back.

          There is widespread belief that John F. Kennedy was assassinated to prevent him from doing things the establishment/status-quo did not want; although it’s often dismissed as conspiracy theory.

          I, for one, will be heartbroken if this wonderful, dedicated man is killed to prevent him from becoming President. The closer this appears to become reality, the more danger he’ll be in.

          Be careful, Ron!

      31. Rand Paul said “under article 1, section 6 of the United States Constitution, It’s unconstitutional for you to detain me”.
        TSA agent said “duh, the constitution? What’s a constitution?” as he turned to his comrade and said “did you see SpongeBob yesterday? That was funny.”

        • He thought Rand Paul said, “constipation” …

          • I was going to make a funny about there being a banjo on his knee …. hehe

            But seriously, Rand Paul was on the radio just now, they played a sound clip, basically they found an “irregularity” with his knee, and he offered to show them his leg, pulled his pants leg up, “but then they wer’ent interested in my laig…” so I don’t know. It sounds like they were either trying to make an example of him or they actually didn’t know who he is and have strict and rigid rules they have to follow, any irregularity means you go back for the full grope.

            The problem is, they were given a job, to make the airlines secure. Then they weren’t allowed to use the most useful tool: racial/cultural profiling. The airlines ARE very vulnerable. The airlines, like just about all of our society, were not designed with the thought in mind that we’d have enemies operating inside our perimeter. If we’re going to allow Mustapha Hotstuffa and all his ilk to come here and traipse around, then it means this kind of screening on the airlines. There’s no solution to this, stop the screening and wave everyone on through and maybe planes go boom.

            So in a way I don’t blame the TSA for wanting to “check the freshness” of people’s “plums”, I’m just glad I don’t have any need to fly any more.

            Spongebob IS funny!

      32. wonder what votes Rand missed this morning in the Senate…

        • You might be on to something here. Is it possible that obama and reid coordinated this so that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the Senate today?

      33. What constitution???

      34. I know that a lot of people are saying, “Why him? Why Rand Paul?”

        I suspect he was not actually singled out. Some anamoly caused the scanner to go off. The agent said to him that they had to pat him down, and Rand said, “Hell no.”

        Because Rand Paul is who he is and he knows his Constitution backwards and forwards, he is the best person on earth for this to have happened to. HE will have a field day raising high holy Hades about the entire thing and bring some well-deserved negative publicity to the abuses of the TSA.

        Bring it, TSA. You picked the wrong dude to try and grope!

        • I agree Daisy and I am trying not to let paranoia get the best of me. Maybe others have just not said anything publically. But all members of congress should know the constitution.
          The only two people I can think of off hand that have raised hell with the TSA is Jesse Ventura and now Rand Paul. Am I not thinking of others?

          • Maybe the others are

            a.) Not flying commercial
            b.) Meekly getting groped

        • But, let’s go further.
          I have been receiving emails lately about the damage we women are receiving through mammograms and dental x-rays..and the implications aren’t nice.
          I stopped mammograms a few years ago–I’ve had my share; and plan on only oral exams now at the dentist, if possible.
          So, aren’t frequent passengers being subjected to waaaay too much radiation??
          Imagine one of these scans weekly.

          • How about if you were flight crew and multiple flights a day not including dead head transits before the pilot unions had the rules changed.

          • Every time I fly and walk by the scanners and observe the TSA clowns hanging around those scanners especially at the open ends I laugh because in a few years a lot of these jokers are going to have all kinds of nasty health problems. Tough shit for them.

          • I heard the TSA is looking into health effects the scanners may have on their people, but there can be no such ill effects because they have always maintained that the scanners are perfectly safe for the people actually walking through them.

        • It’s really too bad that others in the airport didn’t immediately start raising hell and refusing to be scanned as well.

          That would have been the perfect time to start a TSA revolt.

        • lets hope its just that daisy

      35. So we are supposed to have a different set of rules for politicians? We may as well have different airports for the privileged. Perhaps throw a “whites only” sign up since he is in the south.
        I’m not sure what the point of this article is but if we commoners have to play by the rules, he does to. No one likes a “do you know who I am?” blowhard. Shame on Rand Paul for thinking he is above the law.

        • You missed the point of this article entirely–it is the law that is being tweeked..not privileges.
          Paul tried to justify the law..quoting the law…showing the ineptitude of the TSA employees present not being cognizant of the law.
          Pay attention.

        • That’s the point there is a different law concerning their transit to and from their respective houses. It was deemed as so important as to be included in the Constitution. He doesn’t think he is above the law, he’s only trying to live under the law that we already have.

        • You have actually read the US Constituion…Have’nt you?

      36. I like Rand Paul and he didn’t vote for the Patriot Act and he is working to try and dismantle the police state. The real story should be about a public servant traveling by the same means and being subjected to the same bullshit as the rest of us. If more of them were forced to do so and didn’t have special privileges then this kind of crap would never get off the ground.

        Robert Heinlein has some of his characters in his classic novel of libertarian revolution “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” discussing what kind of government they would implement now that they were in charge. One of the suggestions was a congress consisting of two houses, one of whose sole purpose was to eliminate legislation passed by the other house. Our current government will be gone within our lifetimes. The natural compulsion of too many people is to want to control what their neighbor is doing and this impulse must be stomped out in whatever replaces the government. It would be a waste of the lives of all those who have died and who will die in the efforts to overthrow our oppressors if we just replace one group of controlling bastards for another.

      37. Burt,

        If you come over, take a chill pill. If TSA will search an elderly, frail grandmother in a wheel chair, your daughter is not off limits – I actually saw this happen. I started to say something, was told to mind my own business or you might miss your flight!

        Don’t bring any cupcakes either. Google: TSA ridiculous and see how ridiculous it is!

        Y’all Beware!

        • Hi Y’all

          Under normal circumstances I am that laid back I am horizontal. But anyone touching my baby will see just how fast I can go vertical. It’s a mom thing lol(just for the record I am female lol)

          I fully intend to come over at some point, I would love my girl to see the magnificent natural wonders that I have seen,to look at the buildings and see things she has only seen in books.

          And of course, let’s not forget the people, I have been to lots of places and I have to say that I genuinely found the United States to be very friendly and the people very welcoming.

          Can’t wait to come back……so much more to discover and sadly I feel not enough time to do it in.

          Take care

      38. So, you want to sniff my colostomy bag? I’m only 80 and I want an appology from a dimtard after he reads the Constitution out loud.

        • I apologize for misspelling apology. Get them Mac.

      39. update

        I just saw on Drudge Report that…

        The White House sides with TSA in the Rand Paul standoff.

        • Isn’t Obama supposed to be a “specialist” in Constitutional Law?

        • Thats a suprise..NOT!…..barry sides up with anyone and anything that is abnormal/perverse or just plain stupid…especially if its anti America….cant wait to hear hes gone in more ways than one… 🙂

          • Then be sure to tune in to the Livestream Thursday morning in Atlanta, Jahgia at 8:00 central; can’t wait to see what the judge does when the fraud doesn’t show up!!

            Come on, judge with steel b***s–kick some more a##, like you did when you told his attorneys, oh, yes, gentlemen, the fraud will set aside time for my court–less golfing, more courtside!!

        • Duh? You expected something else from Oblama Fudgepacker? lol

      40. The purpose of the TSA gropings is to discourage travel into an out of Amurika, and thus contact with foreigners and their “dangerous” ideas. Another, more sinister purpose is to make it plain to the Murkin sheeple that they don’t even own their “own” bodies.

        The implicit PSYCHOLOGICAL message of the REGIME is this: “You belong totally to us, and we can do with you WHATEVER WE WISH. There is NO part of YOU that is off-limits to US.”

        For males, this violation of personal space backed by the threat of incarceration is UNCONSCIOUSLY perceived as a form of castration, and for women, as a form of RAPE. When the concept of personal space (i.e. the psychologically sacrosanct nine square feet around one’s physical body) is violated enough times, the unconscious result is “getting used to it” and thus, the diminution of the sense of a separate SELF. This expected reaction is reminiscent of a victim of gang rape who simply ceases to resist.

        Amurika is a stinking pit of filth, and to paraphrase the Book of Revelation, it is a cage full of all manner of “unclean birds.” The question that remains is whether such types are in the majority.

        • I agree with what you’re saying, Ahab.

          The government is attempting to induce “Stockholm Syndrome” in its victims by making them so accustomed to intrusions on themselves and their privacy that they no longer put up a fuss, and in fact, begin to feel safer and more comfortable with the invasions than without them. They are being programmed to think “It’s all for my own good.”

          • @Daisy,

            My belief is those crapping on us may have the idea of desensitizing us to being crapped upon. When the stench is everywhere, what does a little more running down our head really matter? But the real trick is going after the young because they will never know that their was a time when they were not being crapped upon and will feel uncomfortable when they are not swimming in it. You and I are old enough to remember when the air was not fouled but at some point we will be gone and replaced by those who will regard the stench of tyranny as a normal state of affairs. That is what this is all about; conditioning the young to their enslavement.

            • Great analysis, Moon! The differently engineered younger generations here will function as loyal bureaucrats and shepherds for the regime, and will DISPASSIONATELY engage in crushing the ideologically “deviant,” as if the regime’s “truths” were self-evident. In fact, I think they are even beginning to speak a different LANGUAGE, namely, computer and text-messaging jargon learned from formative years spent on the internet, text messaging, etc., and absolutely NOT spent reading BOOKS from the “old” era.

              Remember Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, who used very young children (who had no recollection of the old, pre-Pol Pot society) as bloodhounds to root out and dispatch ideological “enemies.” This they did by fingering people AT RANDOM and suffocating them in the “Killing Fields” by placing plastic bags over their heads with their own childlike hands.

          • Well said, Daisy. FEAR is the element being used to move the sheeple into a new “comfort zone” — and that includes fear of the “terrrists” as well as the regime’s own security forces.

            • @Ahab,

              You ever read Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear”? Kind of the same argument that he makes, that in order to control us our rulers have to make us afraid and focus that fear. During the Cold War the fear was communism and nuclear annihilation, then with the end of the Soviet Union the fear changed to global warming and climate change. Now the fear that is being used to keep us in line is terrorism. I guess that those of us here who discount terrorism as a fear are ungovernable or we would not be reading a site that is anti status-quo in nature…

            • @ Moon — I’ll have to check that Crichton book out.

              An interesting couple of questions just occurred to me — namely, a) what specific physiological changes are induced by a low-level and CHRONIC state of fear, b) what COGNITIVE changes are involved and c) what, if any, are the effects of the additive-laden American diet on these changes?

        • Yes, a few of the unclean birds have managed to peck their way to the upper roosts where they are free to crap at will on the rest of us. Time to put them back in their places, make them wade through the same crap we do.

        • I got groped by a pretty German lady security officer in Germany years ago. It was really quite nice.

          • Forgot to mention, this was in the Frankfurt airport I think, security was pretty serious, they had these cops going around in twos, with these machine guns that had a sort of harness, that held them onto their chests but they could swing their arms freely.

      41. Im completly against the pat downs. However if we are required to do it then so are they.

        Go Ron Paul. 😀

      42. The obama administration just announced that they are siding with the TSA. Why am I not surprised?

      43. I have to take a flight the end of this month. I haven’t flown in three years, because of TSA..but I have no choice because of a family situation.
        I won’t be able to be as brazen with TSA as I would like, I cannot afford to miss my flight, my family would never forgive me, so I will have to suck it up a little….but if I am told to go through the scanner I will refuse.
        Then when taken for the pat down, I will pull out my pocket constitution point to the 4th amendment and politely ask to see the search warrant issued by a court do to probable cause….should be interesting!

        • You will be on Fed property with Fed regs. Let it go or don’t fly. If you had a copy of Fed Airport laws you would reconsider.

          Ron P. is the best man but he would be better as SecTresury. He has almost completed his job. This is a fluid enviroment. Newt will give the president a run for office. Only the diehards and useless eaters will vote Dem. Do you think the president will mention how much in debt this country is during the State of Union “Jack in the Box” applause address?

          As the great Aretha Franklin sings “THINK”.

          • Civilian airports are not federal property. They do have to comply with FAA regulations.
            Constitutionally speaking the federal government does not have the authority to impede an American citizens right to travel amongst the states, unless a crime is involved.

            • I’m flying next month as well, RSW3, and also can’t afford to miss the flight. It will be a teeth-gritting experience, I’m sure. I plan to take my videocam and make sure the whole thing is recorded. From what I’ve read I’m well within my rights to do that. You might consider a recording device yourself. 🙂

            • I am sad to say that you are wrong on all three statements but I understand your feelings.

            • Once one crosses the line into the TSA area, you are on fed regulated property and your rights HAVE changed. That changed when hijacking occurred years ago. Show me an airline that flies VFR and not into IFR regulated controlled airspace. Most airline aircraft are CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet) which are subsidies to airlines. A degree in Aviation Operations or Aviation Administration deals with FAR part 121/141.

            • Daisy,

              I hope it is a cheap video camera, cause they will not let you video, they will not let you use your cell phone to record anything and chances are you will never see you camera again. It is what it is.

              And Rand Paul will raise hell for a day or 2 maybe then the whole thing will disappear. MSM will drop this by tomorrow.


            • Rich99, you must be quoting some statutory law that I didn’t vote for, don’t recognize, and don’t comply to.

              I know the TSA roots go back to the 70’s, but the false flag boogie man attacks in 01 made a cancer of a for the most part benign abc agency.

              regardless of whether we agree fully on the topic…at least we agree that the TSA sucks in a big way.
              I gave you a Thumbs up to ya on that.

          • Rich99
            1) Civilian Airports are not federal property…fact…sorry to burst your misconception bubble
            2) Yes they are subject to FAA regulation.
            3) The Federal government does not have the right to restrict an Americans travel amongst the states…fact!
            See 14th amendment, or see more than a half dozen Supreme court cases backing that up.
            The patriot act of course changed that…but then I digress the patriot act is unconstitutional…therefore the federal government does not have the right to restrict travel amongst the states, unless certain criteria is met, and all that criteria requires more than just ah “hey were gonna grope you because we want to”.
            I’m not arguing the point that they do it, I’m simply arguing the point that they don’t have the authority to do it unless we comply.

            • #3 They do if you fly on a FAR 121 or 141 airline. I wish you luck enforcing your rights when you cross the magic line into the TSA. Why are you being so stubborn. I like it less than you do. You have no idea how much less.

        • A neighbor flew out of Louisville, or Lexington rather than use the Nashville airport last summer–she researched and found the info of who had scanners and who didn’t.

        • Be careful to not pass gas during the wrong part of the pat down. Either that or invest in some traditional Muslim clothing.

      44. Traveling with my 80 year old mom to Florida the TSA searched her and wheelchair more than ahalf hour for a bomb material! Those idiots will do anything sorry but THE TERRORISTS WON!

      45. If this is the case, then how did that 64 year old lady get on a flight just last week or ywo with a loaded .38?

        the TSA says they cant let anyone get on if they detect an anomaly..well dont you think a .38 revolver would be concitered an “irregularity”

        these TSA clowns are an embarassment..an embarassment to the entire country and US as a human being

      46. Rules don’t apply to most of the politicians they sidestep this by going in special lines or private jets this was a problem in the begining when TSA started now you don’t here about except when they get in line like Paul did, rules only apply to the average person not politicians (health care,SS,medcare,inside trading,TSA,NDAA,bribes or should I say donations,it goes on an on an will keep going until you vote the crooks out.

      47. You know what I would say, right? How about this:

        “Under common law, I am a man. I do not consent to this and I waive the benefits. What you are about to do violates the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the united States. If you proceed you have broken the law. If you break the law, you will be jailed. May I proceed or are you detaining me?”

        I would then demand that they call a law enforcement office to the area to monitor their treatment of me. I would inform the officer that I am a natural person born, a resident of the state of ???? and that I feel that the TSA is about to unlawfully search me without probably cause and/or detain me against my will and I would appreciate his assistance to make sure the laws of the united States of America were followed.

        I bet they’d waive me on through. (…in fact, there have been people what WERE waived through because of this.)

        You just have to handle it correctly.

        • You want to get to us on how that works out. I’m sure we all would appreciate hearing how your theory holds up in practice.

      48. Paul just made headlines, do you know how many times a day this happens to Citizens?

        Everyone needs to start saying NO TO GOVERNMENT. Our government is completely and totally out of control and I not sure we will be able to rein them in. The TSA is just a bigger symptom of what they have done to America in the name of our safety.

        Lets go to extremes on our Citizens and give the Terrorist a pass.

        Mike Yes That Mike, water boarding was good enough for us; why isn’t it good enough for terrorist? God forbid we use water born spacial disorientation or drown proofing on them.

        Ronald R. said it best in his 9 scary words. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” Every time the government wants to help or protect us we loose more of our rights.

        Its time to start saying NO to any more government, taxation, regulation or fees. City, County, Local, Town, Perish, State or Federal; ENOUGH!!!

      49. all i can say is
        RON PAUL 2012

      50. alfred – please remember the 9th amendment – not all of our rights are herwithin listed (i.e. the right to travel)

        • I fully understand that, but the Supreme Court has constently ruled that driving is a “privilege,” not a right. Why would flying be any different?

      51. @Burt,

        I met many from the UK that flew to Orlando and had a great time with Mickey and Minnie.

        I was fortune and close enough to drive.

        Take care,
        Y’all Beware!

      52. I am still amazed how the masses tolerate sexual abuse at the airports. If I had “pat-downs” or an x-ray scanner at my front door, no one would come into my house again, and that’s a reaction I would expect.

        • Well then don’t fly.

          • Duh. I don’t.

      53. If this was a democrat, the news would have lit it up like a Christmas tree… or should I say Holiday tree…

      54. O/T
        Lots of earth quakes lately, oh and a CME..weeeeeeeeeeeee

        • Things are ramping up in many areas.

          You know that feeling ou get, you know something is coming, and that it’s not good, but you don’t know what it is or which corner it lurks behind.

          Nasty feeling, more so because I know there are many holes in my preps that I just cannot afford to fix yet.

          Take care

          • I know what your saying

      55. RWS III, Patriot One, NetRanger (thanks for the site) RICH99,

        If you go and push the issue at the airport, make sure you bring a video camera along and go early enough to waste 2 ½ hours.
        Understand your rights and offer a local TV station to come along. American citizens are delayed with this TSA BS.

        Another way is to pick a series of days during the year, inform the media, airlines and TSA you will not be flying. So do without our business! Try a similar approach that they did with OWS. We just don’t need to camp out. Come back another day. Find out about the rules and regulations as they refer to demonstrations. Just a thought . . . .

        Y’all Beware!

      56. TSA are delinquents and miscreants. One of the worse airports is the Las Vegas one, where the cupcake was taken by a hungry Smurf err… TSA Agent, when they first created them it as full of high school drop outs and former felons, even after two job screenings it seems they still have some. And more recently TSA agents were caught stealing passengers expensive watches and rape and theft o passengers cash. As the Constitution says Senator Paul should sue because he cannot be detained when on a his way to a SEnate Session. and That agent and his supervisor needs to be sued for violating a Senators rights.



        • The term “democracy” was purposely left out….we are NOT a democracy and thank God for that it would be even worse than it is…We are a REPUBLIC,(at least founded as such)ruled by Law(a constitution)democracy always fails and the 51% murder the rights of the 49%…democracy = tyrrany of the masses….most of the founders understood this and reacted accordingly.

        • @ET
          Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner…in a republic the sheep is armed.

          Another way of looking at it, a posse determines that someone rustled some cattle…maybe that someone is you maybe it’s me…so they take a democratic vote….all in favor of hanging raise your hand. All hands are raised except the accused…all say innocent raise your hand, one hand is raised by the one accused.
          Now, same situation but with a constitutional republic, all the posse vote to hang, but the sheriff shows up and says now wait a minute boys…this fella is entitled to a trial by jury.
          Democracy sucks!

      58. Too bad that it wasn’t some incredibly pro-TSA senator who missed an important vote that it happened to. Senator Paul is so anti-TSA anyway that probably nothing will come of it. Or if it does then they will just turn the idiot that did it into a scrapegoat.

      59. We must realize that government is the employer of last resort, consequently, it hires mostly losers, whether they be those who cannot get a real job or those who do not know how to find one. As one who held several government jobs early in my career, because of low confidence, but eventually found that it was vital to get away from the corruption and do real work.
        Government employees are the least well educated, least aware, least intelligent part of the population. Add to that that the upper management of the large bureaucracies consists of out-of-work politicians who cannot get a job as a CEO of some large company.
        Of course, they know nothing about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Law. My cat knows more about these things than they do.

      60. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… Mayonnaise.

      61. What constitution?

      62. That’s due to the fact that the U.S.A. is a “Republic”, not a democracy.

      63. oh so sad that TSA stopped and detained one of our elite members of our society. Really the government folks are the ones that gave TSA there power right? Therefore they need to live by the rules and regulations they CREATED!!!!!!!

        • You’re missing the point, Sherie.

          Rand Paul is not suggesting he is “elite”. He is protesting an organization that should not exist. Unlike many other members of congress, he doesn’t fly in private planes or otherwise bypass the TSA.

          He is standing by the Constitution, and by doing so, standing up for the rest of us. He can make news by nature of his position, whereas for the rest of us, it’s a lot harder to get the press to take notice when our rights are trampled upon.

          Do you see what I mean? 🙂

          • I think what bugged Rand was, they found an irregularity with his knee, and he pulled up his pants leg and let ’em look at his leg, and they didn’t care about his leg by that time, they wanted to do the full grope.

        • Point here is that the one they detained didnt support it…safe bet the bull dyke janet,princess polosi or harry the reid will never be detained!(I do agree that they should be detained and should have to live by the same rules as everyone else!)

        • @ Sherie — Your instincts are good, but your facts are WRONG.

          The law creating the “Transportation Security Administration” was passed by the 107th Congress and signed into law by Dubya on November 19, 2001.

          Rand Paul, who was at that time a practicing ophthalmologist, was elected to his US Senate seat (from KY) in 2010.

          OTH, I wager that we will NEVER see such “luminaries” as Senators Lieberman, Levin, Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, Lautenberg, Wyden or Blumenthal subjected to the same treatment. I wonder why.

      64. The last time I flew, I got a $50 upgrade to first class. I considered the rub down and hand job I got in seatle by tsa as a bonus!

      65. Greetings Everyone!
        Dr. Paul’s experience shows how worthless Congress truly is.Mr.Obama’s ongoing support of TSA shows the REAL MAN behind the oh-so friendly wide toothy grin.He’s merely a modern day slave to the UBER-RICH(and THEY never get searched because they have their own planes etc…)Obama is supposed to be CIC so why hasn’t he been pulling Ms. Nappie into the office for a chat?Because he a made man.I’ve seen that look before,he knows that elected or not he’ll be kept most comfortable for present services to the PTB.It could very well be the elections are already rigged and a foregone conclusion.No matter,HIS kids automatically get accepted into Harvard(like George W numb-nuts)no matter what their SAT scores are.Millions for speaking engagements,a library for his stuff and a footnote in a Chinese history school book.He doesn’t care and neither will the “other” guy,whom ever wins that circus clown derby.I won’t be surprised in the least when “something” happens and the US undelares War on Iran.And the elections are “suspended for the duration of the emergency”.I wouldn’t look worried either if I knew what was in the future.And it was all watermelon and puddin’ for me.
        best to All

      66. the TSA. We hate it and it hates us. Rand has given the evidence of the Tyranny it represents.
        Burn it to the ground and scatter the ashes.

        Liberty or Death!

        • How many will actually vote with their wallets and not fly? Or fly the very minimum they can manage, at least?

          A lot of this is like a bunch of guys sitting around complaining about the lousy pizza a certain shop makes, and then just going and ordering it for lunch again the next day.

      67. Well this all boils down to which law trumps!! Which takes precedence TSA’s rules and regulations or the Constutition? I guess we will see.

      68. Is it just me or are you tired of NBC moderators asking Romney and Gingrich the majority of the questions in this debate (1/23/2012)?

        How contrived can a company such as Nothing But Crap be with their pre-directed questions?
        In the next debate, I’m putting a stopwatch to their unfair and unbalance questioning and if you want, we can inform all networks of their embarrassment to us as Americans.

        Y’all Beware! NBC – Nothing But Crap! That’s MY fair and balanced opinion!

      69. What counts in this is the practical reality: TSA now has lost, big, by antagonizing those who appropriate its funds. TSA got away and could keep on getting away with brutalizing “nobodies” but the first congresscritter or congresscritter’s kid they mistreated would be their last.

      70. I’m not defending the TSA, but let’s look at some things.

        1) Being detained is not the same as being arrested.
        2) The TSA is not law enforcement and have no powers of arrest.
        3) Rand Paul was on his way to a speech for some Right To Life group, not the floor of Congress.

        Therefore, by looking at the facts stated above, no, his rights were not violated. No, I am not a lawyer and no, I am not defending the TSA. I hate the TSA myself, but this is all just being blown out of proportion.

      71. Rand Paul may try to use this to generate support for abolishing the TSA. Only problem with that is that you can’t free ‘willing’ slaves. Far too many Americans are just apathetic and ignorant. They are beyond hope. I wish is wasn’t so, and I’m not giving up on our country. But the fact is, the people who cherish freedom, and are willing to embrace the responsibility that goes with it, are a minority. Perhaps after the bread and circuses are gone, enough of the masses will once again discover the value of freedom…but I ain’t holding my breath.

      72. Today is the State Of The Union Address,I’m guessing we are in store for some more Al Green’Barry White ,then the first Ole Lady comes out for an Ike and Tina Turner Encore.At least he found something he can do.

      73. TSA…trying to prevent a terrorist/known American Senator from getting on a plane and yet neglecting the Ticket windows,lobby, curbside, and parking garage. This is not security. I can only hope this kind of news doesn’t leak out to the rest of the world…stupid is as stupid does!

      74. Speaking of Bread And Circuses, here’s a few items from the news today…

        Texas businessman Allen Stanford is on trial in Houston. He’s accused of taking billions from investors, telling them it was in an offshore bank, and spending it on himself. He says he made real, honest investments. The prosecutors say it’s one of the biggest Ponzi schemes they’ve ever seen. If convicted he’ll spend life in prison. If he’s acquitted, he’ll be named the new head of the Social Security Administration.

        Solar flares are heading this way. Major energy bursts from the sun are expected to begin hitting earth Tuesday. Don’t know if there will be any damage, but my cb radio sure is working better now. I’m getting bear reports from Barstow all the way to Shanghai.(break one-nine. how’s the traffic lookin’ through Jupiter?)

        Senator John ‘I-coulda-been-a-contender’ Kerry showed up at a press conference with black eyes and a broken nose. He says it happened while playing hockey. Personally, I think maybe Teresa cought him squeezing the wrong ketchup bottle. However it happened, I will say this- seeing a politician with a bruised, busted face…..just makes me feel warm all over.

        Some police depts around the country are using a new siren. It’s called the ‘Howler’ and puts out a heavy dose of low-frequency radio waves. You can feel the vibrations from a couple hundred feet away. (kinda like gangsta rap, but with a better rhythm).Some people worry about the possible health effects, but the cops say it gets people’s attention when they’re otherwise distracted by headphones, cell phones and such. There is one down side, and this may keep it from ever being fully accepted- it’ll knock the frosting off an eclair two blocks before you get to Dunkin Donuts.

        A dead, 40 ft whale has washed ashore in Ocean City, NJ. At first sighting, some people simply thought the governor was out for a swim. Then the horrible stench began filtering in and, as one witness said, “We knew it wasn’t him. Even politicians don’t smell that bad.”

      75. How would we approach this if a Muslim Congressman (like Keith Ellison) refused airport screening? Does this mean that a Congressman cannot be stopped if speeding on I-95 on his way to Congress?
        We are mostly objecting to TSA intrusion on our persons. As long as air travel or even driving is a privilege rather than a right, then a revocation of that privilege is not the same as arrest, even if the effect of keeping a legislator out of Congress is the same.
        Maybe the 21st Century solution is to have Congressmen remain in their home district with video conferencing and votes conducted online. That would put an end to the convenience of K Street and make our reps much more accountalbe to their constituents.

      76. Yes, this was a breach of the US Constitution.

        As are many things happening today, yesterday and tomorrow. All across our country we are being assualted and it has been going on since pre WWII. With most of the “progressive” progress taking place within the last two decades.

        It is a sad state of affairs.

        I’m not voting for the pillsbury doughboy larvael salamander, nor will I vote for the “ken” doll. I will vote for Ron Paul, and if he does not get the nomination, I will write him in on the eventual presidential ballot.

        So, I guess you figured I will not vote for the Obamanation. Yoy got that right. I don’t believe he is overtly homo, but do think he has bi tendencys, not that would be an issue for me as a presidential candidate, but does speak immensely on his morals and his personality, honed during the 60’s wearing flowers clithing and a floppy hat. I cannot get that picture out of my mind. He has got to go.

        Still will not make me vote for the other two “business as usual” republicans. Ron Paul or nobody at all.

      77. Well, yet another(2 today) nail in the coffin for the dollar. China and UAE to trade in local currencies for oil. Sorry no link.

      78. The TSA are simply exercising the unconstitutional powers they were granted by congress. They are testing the limits of those powers and will continue to ratchet up the “enforcement” of their “rules” and detaining of “suspects”. Rand Paul lifted his trouser leg and they could clearly see there was no “anomoly”, but they detained him anyway. Why? Because they COULD, (not that they were supposed to). They were basically telling him and everyone else, we don’t give a rats behind who you are, this is our show and you WILL comply. I’ve travelled all over the world and I can tell you the system we have here is by far the worst of the bunch. At least in the majority of overseas locations you’re treated with courtesy and respect. Here you’re treated like a felon, unless of course you are one, and people who should be looked at more closely are passed right through without a worry in the world. It’s an upside down system for sure. I firmly believe the entire TSA is nothing more than a make work organization for minorities and the lower class. Ever notice how many “TSA” agents are minorities, (especially black). You can’t tell me the TSA is representative of society in general. Most of the “agents” I’ve had to deal with couldn’t pass a 3rd grade entrance exam. I rarely fly anymore, (unless I absolutely have to), and the TSA is the main reason. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who will do ANYTHING about the current state of affairs. The rest of the field on both sides are just lifelong politicians who love the power and benefits of the office. Nothing to see here, move along, (oh and while you’re at it bend over so we can violate your “Rights”)!!!!

      79. Some of the comments addressed the idea that the TSA is here to protect us from terrorists getting on the planes. How did they get into this country? If we would spend more effort sealing our southern border and using the drone technology to protect the border vs patrolling farmers and american patriots in the northern plains this might be more helpful.

        The use of TSA is not to just look for dangerous weaponry and bombs but to train we the people that it is ok to forego our constitutional rights and freedoms. It is just a first step in what has become a long line of activities by the government to control its citizens and make us more passive in the violation and removal of our freedoms.

        This is not a Democratic or Republican issue, but an active effort to further empower the government appointed overlords to intrude into each and every area of our lives that allows us our freedom. This is just another act of training for the supression against any future insurrections against our rulers.

        Think about it. When traing a puppy do we allow it to run free and do what it wants or do we praise it for doing what we ask it to do and reward what we deem as wanted behaviors? Do we train the do in one session? Do we add more advanced “freedom” when we are sure that the dog will return to us no matter what the consequences?

        We are not pets or animals to be trained. We are free People. Let us try to keep it that way. Way to go Senator Paul. If we don’t stand behind his efforts and if we are not interested in non- violent civil disobedience then all I can say is WOOF WOOF WOOF.

      80. Just loooove how this forum works. If enough people disagree with you and click the “thumbs down” button, your comment is hidden. Attaway to squash out diversity of opinion! All I said was, even though I despise the TSA and that I DO think they violate our Constitutional rights in several ways, I do NOT think that the author of this piece is correct in asserting that this provision of the Constitution was violated. But if hotheads who can’t stand disagreement don’t want to consider opinions that differ from there own or take the time the THINK about what a poster is saying, oh well.

        • So please tell us how you think that the TSA didn’t violate the US Constitution? Please give us proof that they did not violate.

          I think that the article makes a valid argument showing how the TSA violated Article 1 Section 6 of the Constitution.

          Did you read the article? Did you read the section in the constitution that was cited in the article?

          • Of course I read the article. My point is that the writer of this article has not properly interpreted this section of Article 1. I’m not saying that all of what the TSA does is constitutional, only that in THIS instance, it doesn’t appear to have violated THIS provision of the Constitution. And since I’m an attorney, I’ve read the Constitution a couple of times before.

            • I certainly understand your point…what we’re dealing with is semantics and what the founder’s original intent was… Senator Paul was, by all accounts, detained by TSA. When they put you in a room or cubicle and force you to stay in said room, that is detainment… Thus in my view, the question is not whether or not he was detained, but whether or not the founder’s use of the word arrest is equivalent to our use of detainment… I guess we’ll have to leave that to the courts to decide…

              Definitely a worthwhile discussion, tough.



      81. One thing that I notice whenever a goverment agency violates our constitution is that they are never held accountable. The buck never stops here! No person is identified and held responsible. Any law without penalties is no law at all. That includes our constitution. Senator Rand Paul had a good teacher in his father, so he is part of our hope for the future if we ever succeed in muzzling our out of control federal goverment. God bless him.

      82. Hey, if our frigging Congress doesn’t know anything about the US Constitution how do we expect TSA management and supervisors to know anything about it?

        Also, the actions of the TSA are just like the actions of their leader, Mao Obama. He has eluded and done everything possible to avoid abiding by the U.S. Constitution. It comes from the top leaders of the government down to the federal workers and management.

      83. To understand what the powers that be, are doing in the western,so called`civilised world`,Google,”The Frankfurt School”,a method of brainwashing the populace, Joe Stalin originally commissioned a few boffins to develop the plan in the 1930s. Compare it to today,really scary!

      84. Rand Paul is my Senator and I had a chance to meet him and talk to him about the incident. I expressed my disappointment in his reaction to the TSA. I personally expected more righteous outrage on his part. For my part, as a highly decorated veteran of this country whose father was shot down over Bastogne and spent 7 months in a German POW camp, when I must pass through a full body scanner and am told that I must raise my hands over my head, I do as I am told and as my father did when captured – I raise my hands with middle fingers extended. I am totally disgusted with the paranoia infecting my country about its own citizens. In every society there must me groups that you can trust to “do the right thing”. TSA is not one of those groups.

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