What Leftists Have Planned For The Anniversary Of Trump’s Election Will Be Funnier Than Their Initial Reaction To His Win

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 63 comments

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    No one can forget the melting down of leftist snowflakes last November when liberals around the world saw Donald Trump’s name scroll across the bottom of their TVs declaring him the 45th president of the United States. But wait, they aren’t done yet…

    There’s a big protest or event of some kind planned by liberals on the anniversary of Trump’s election, and like the infamous women’s march, it will accomplish exactly nothing.  All leftists are invited to “come, express your anger” on the anniversary of the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. So in order to accomplish nothing, other than spewing a bunch of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (and the left is supposed to care about the environment), liberals plan to scream at the sky.

    According to a Facebook invite from Julia Helene and Johanna Schulman, residents of Boston are invited to drag their Trump-weary selves over to Boston Common for a good old-fashioned session of screaming. The event, which is titled “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election,” reportedly has 4,400 pledged attendees with another 33,000 interested. “Come express your anger at the current state of democracy, and scream helplessly at the sky!” the description reads.

    Check out the event here.

    As seen in the comments to the invite, leftists outside the Boston area are hoping to plan something similar. “I’ll be screaming in L.A.,” reads one comment. “Wokest Event of the Year,” reads another. “Anyone planning on screaming in Vancouver?” another man asked.

    Other liberals found the event so profound and relevant, that they shared their favorite quotes about screaming. One such liberal wrote: “The absurd is born of this confrontation between the human [scream] and the unreasonable silence of the world.” — Albert Camus

    May you all have the best time, and scream so loud your voices go hoarse.  A week off from the whining will be a win for everyone else.


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      1. Their pathetic display will be obscured by the collective horrah of joy for a year without Luciferin leaders from hell. Only thing that would make the day better would be george soros funeral arrangment.

        • I argue that Satan has both his left wing and his right wing.

          judaism DOT is/trump.html

          • It is true that both sides have failures, Hist, but if you think there is moral equivalency, say, in supporting the abortion of almost 60 MILLION people in this country with pro-life, sorry, but you are way off base. Similarly, while every person on the planet is imperfect, the LEFT **murdered** over 100 MILLION last century. Given that the Bible calls Satan a murderer, with all due respect to you, I think you have a prime suspect right there.

        • Story goes that Soros has given all of his money to his groups. Maybe he is already terminally ill, or possibly he thinks someone might take him out.
          Either way, his billions are already in the pipeline to further screw with freedom.

        • And one for a female we don’t like

      2. Boo-f**king hoo.

        • Someone call a WAAAAAMBULANCE!

          • The broads in Boston are gonna have to bring a lunch…. and an umbrella that day.

      3. What happened to the November 4th event? Not over throwing the Trump Pence regime? instead yelling uncontrollably at the sky a few days later.. It’s like an NFL kickoff – no one cares anymore.

        • Hide in the bushes and plink them in the head with a bb gun lol. Give em something to cry about!

          • Or throw a bunch of smoke bomms at them. Or stink bomms if you can find them lol.

            • Maybe one of those water balloon launchers filled with dog shit? Urine filled ballons? ink bomms?

              • Genius, I think Nov. 4th is still on. My ‘liberty tools’ are on standby.

                • G & D

                  I think it is on also.

                  Given word that there may be a call up to assist larger cities in the area incase it gets out of hand, if it happens.

                  I don’t go to Shitcago very much or Joliet or Aurora. But if I have to I will be taking extra tools with me.

                  I don’t think anything will happen, but if it does watch your 6!!!


                  • HAHAHAHA! You called it “Shitcago”… ROFLMAO! I thought I was the only one that called it that.

                    Funny, that.

                  • Sarge, I hope you can avoid shitcago.

        • Pretty sure Vancouver is in Canada. So I’m not really sure why anybody would protest there. Weren’t all the flaming leftists going to move to Canada?

          Off topic: Read about a college “class” on unlearning “Toxic Masculinity”. Any guy who signed up for this “class” wasted their money because they didn’t need it. They were never masculine.

          • There is also Vancouver Washington. My grandmother was born and raised there.

      4. Screaming is going to change anything? Help anything?

        Maybe these losers should really attempt to find out why MILLIONS of us voted for and support Trump.

        Maybe they should think of this: We don’t support Trump because of Trump, but rather Trump and US support the same ideas/ideals and these big babies should take a look at what they are.

        But no. they are too stupid.

      5. We should try clanging pots.

      6. If only Obamacare could be repealed on that day, or the border wall construction started, or charges filed on Hilary, or Loretta Lynch indicted for obstruction, what a glorious day it would be! That is just the beginning of my wishlist! Let’s make it a day of celebration!

      7. James, well said. All the liars promoting Obamacare, like Ezekial Emanuel, Jonathon Gruber, etc.. In jail would be icing on the cake.

      8. Aww yes, the snowflakes will be in tears for the whole day, LMAO. Awesome…..

      9. Again with the Left & Right Coast nutcazzes – coming up on a year and an eazy 7 to 15 years to go – reality needs to hitting at some kind ….

      10. They should make sure to set up plenty of changing stations. Diapers generally need changing after crying fits.

      11. The November 4 protests are all happening in liberal cities. Not one is happening in a small southern or midwest town.

        • Do you have info on which cities? Thanks

          • Newsweek calls it all fake, but the Antifa’s own website lists the dates, times, and places.

            ht tps://refusefascism.org/protests-and-events/

            The Atlanta event calls for everyone to bring pots and pans. I guess their screaming won’t be enough noise.

        • Archivist, I’ve heard through my local sources that my city is on that list. And I can’t get time off to go back to the BOL during that time frame. Let’s see if Nov. 4th becomes ‘interesting’ in my area. I also have a libturd mayor and my share of his minions here.

      12. The planned event may gain plenty of traction in a world of post-nuked Iran or NK.

      13. Unless you live in a rural area, you don’t have much ground space for gardening. I have a small area and have put in raised beds. I have quite a large supply of spaghetti sauce from tomatoes that I have grown over several years. Problem is that it is too easy to steal. Growing seedlings and producing compost are feasible.

      14. We didn’t vote for trump. At least I didn’t. I was simply voting against the establishment and the liberals media endorsement of hellery. It was a big fuck you middle finger aimed at the powers that be. As far as the candidate Trump He isn’t any great prize. We had a choice between a stack of turds and a pile of poop.

        • I would take TRUMP a billion times over Crooked Killary and over any other DemoRAT for that matter people!

          • Old Guy,

            I started out supporting Trump like you. But, as soon as I started learning the truth about this guy and getting past the lies they tell about him, became a full-on supporter.

            The simple fact is this: He’s a little rough around the edges and he’s having to play “Washington Asshole Games” but he’s still our Donald. Every day he’s in office, I support him even more. With every tweet and every speech. I never thought I could be so proud to have voted for this guy.

            Like I said, he’s a little rough around the edges and a little off color sometimes but he’s just amazing. He’s made some mistakes here and there but nothing I can’t live with.

            I’ll vote for him again unless he makes some huge mistakes. The Trump train is still at full steam.

            • Net Ranger, there’s a bunch of passengers on that train known as Obama/Hillary supporters that need to be dumped somewhere. That’s why none of the agenda is getting done. Especially his WH staff along with son-in-law and daughter.

      15. Some seven years ago, I voted with my feet. I left the country.
        Soon,… real soon,… there will be plenty of late sleepers trying to swim across the pond!

        • Swim? LOL! I’ll PAY to fly them to your socialist outpost just to be shed of them sooner. Or maybe they want to book passage on the Queen Fairy? One torpedo is a small expense compared to supporting thousands of liberal zombies for their entire lives.

      16. Drop NAPALM on all of those idiots heads and end this insanity once and for all!

      17. America lost the Cold War. America was infiltrated by Marxism through movements like feminism.
        Betty Friedan was a Communist mole.
        After 8 years of smooth talking Marxist Obama the leftists are having a mental breakdown.
        There will be no safe spaces for these leftist elite stooges when shtf.

        • The educational system is where the war was lost. It began with the corruption of young college-aged peoples’ minds in the post-WW2 era who then became teachers and professors to infect more empty heads.

      18. They can’t be yelling at God. They do not believe in God. Maybe they should yell down instead of up.

        • They’re yelling at the drones overhead.

      19. Let them stamp their little feet. It changes nothing.

      20. Oh well…. stupid is as stupid does.
        Why do we allow these idiots to live rent free in our minds???
        Reading this kind of stuff wastes precious time.
        But…we need to know what kind of crackpots we live with.

      21. Any place in Arizona on that list? A guy I know is going batshit. Claiming Special Forces is on standby in case they’re needed by the FBI. Let’s just chill out people,the only cities affected are the usual suspect ones

      22. Well, Well, November is just going to be FULL of STUPID! FIRST there’s THIS IDIOT IDEA…THEN, there’s the Nov. 4th Invitation to RUMBLE by ANTI-FA, (et al…asking for SERIOUS PAINS…What MORE will November bring?? PROBABLY some uncomfortable JAIL TIME on the 5TH…Though it COULD escalate on the 4th into a dangerous Melay of HURT & PAIN…(all due to Anti-Fa’s DESIRE to fight)…But, they’re REALLY NOT READY for a REAL BRUISER yet…So, who knows…Wait’n see! PREpare!…BEWARE!…BE AWARE!

        • CG, if antifa is really serious there will be blood running in the streets…..THEIRS.

      23. I’m planning to attend one of these demonstrations just so I can meet intelligent, attractive women.

        – Said no man, ever.

      24. Seeing a bunch of loons sitting or standing around screaming and crying will be reminiscent of a North Korean funeral….everyone crying for no good reason, ‘cept in NK you get arrested for not drying hard enough! Maybe we should take a cue from them…………

      25. It is pretty clear that the winner of the US election was Goldman Sachs, not Trump. I thought Trump would win and was happy he did. Why? The US had a gorilla and a gay in the White House for 8 long years who was a total fraud: a fruity black man who pretended to be a lefty but in fact was doing the bidding of the big banks. At least Trump is Trump: a giant heap of New York BS, a freewheeling, pussy grabbing Alpha male who reeks of testosterone, likes money, likes his hot daughter.

        I won’t be wearing a pussy hat on the anniversary of his inauguration; I will be deep inside one after having a couple high balls of single malt, preferably one of the hot interns we get from the Swiss finishing school.

        • FT, I appreciate your candor, but….
          that was gross! Lol

      26. I sound my barbaric yawp from the rooftops of the world. Walt Whitman

      27. the description of snowflakes is precisely what they want the people who they rule over to be like. it is these minions place in life to provide the taxes that they may spend to show their benevolence to the ones who contribute to their elections. these people provide the mindless who follow them about in their controlled fall. as their rulers fall true panic sets in for they have no direction. their infallible leaders have failed. the pity is that between them all none function without government permission.
        So say I

        • did jou get permission to post that?

      28. Just toss fire bombs into the crowds of these flipping lunatics!! DO America a true solid!

      29. Snow-Flakes

      30. Does this mean they are giving us reason to have a boatload of them 5150d?
        When people stand there and howl at either the sun or the moon it is generally considered to be an outward indication of some inward mental imbalance.

      31. Go to Boston and watch a bunch of hillary loving Mass-holes scream at the sky? No thanks, we get enough of these idiots here in NH. God how I wish there was a border wall at the Mass / NH state line!

      32. If they are on their knees screaming they better hope I don’t need to go to the bathroom.

      33. when trump gets reelected there will be suicides

        maybe not mass suicides

        but suicides nonetheless

        probably hundreds

        maybe thousands

        enough to be reported on

        enough to make headlines

        • Not a loss, in my book. If those of us who believe in our Constitution and the Republic for which it stands could endure 8 years of monkeyshine, and the Libtards opt-out after 1 day or a year, or 8 years – who really gives a popcorn fart?

      34. What has become of our society? The moral compass isn’t just broke, it’s smashed….. Can you imagine what are counties enemies think of how pathetically weak our society has become from displays like this? I have been reading on this site for a while, but this is my first post. I think we are all on the same page here with seeing the country prosper again and taking care of our own first. May god give us the strength to survive and protect our loved ones. I fear there are troubling times ahead with the collapse of morals and deciency we are witnessing in this country.

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